The manufacturing of electronics like clothing is centered in developing countries like China leading to repetitive working conditions and long working days with in the case of Foxconn workers literally live in the factories.Like sweatshops the pay is low and working hours are long as well as dangerous.Accidents are common and conditions such as repetitive strain injury can develop through performing routine hand movements all day long.Large amounts of energy is expended on transporting them across the world.Then of course there is the problem of cyclical consumption and planned obsolescence which can lead to the ever growing problem of e-waste where western electronics are dumped into rivers and towns polluting the grounds.Another major problem is the production of product specific apparatus that only work on certain brands or models or indeed problems arise when an apparatus must be bought from only the electronics producer even though more cheaper variants which are blocked by software i.e. IOS 8 for iPhones and iPads as well as iPhones and iPads becoming blocked to a single user indefinitely limiting trading to others and thus bricked and the case of copyrighting causing consoles to be bricked when hacked.This can be wasteful as they require large amounts of energy to produce and transport as well as the fact they loose efficacy over time and need to be replaced.Electronics are not waterproof/water repellent and can be damaged by drinks,toilet water and food.A common problem with smart devices is that they fall into toilets,pools,oceans and soon break down overtime and cannot be returned.

Other recreational goods such as sport items and also musical instruments require very high levels of skill in their production and are not fully automated.