To reforest denuded and deforested land such as in the tropics such as the Amazon,Africa and Asia and even islands such as Rapa Nui and parts of the world where intensive agriculture has desertified otherwise fertile soil reforestation project can be put in place managed by Pan with this even apply to soils that are naturally poor and thin.Thus all land currently used for agriculture especially in the developing world and tropics due to improvements in this sector such as home,community and vertical farms,in vitro meat and commodities form bacteria with land used for mines including open pit mines,deforested land due to climate change primarily droughts,abandoned neighbourhoods of extremely low quality housing,grasslands surrounding cities and abandoned areas will be reforested indefinitely once tarmac and roads are dug up and diverted to allow animals more home and reverse climate change by acting as carbon sinks.Even heavily irradiated and contaminated areas will be reforested once they using CRISPR are made immune to radiation and all contaminants.

The tropics will be reforested first due to their role in homeostasis and biodiversity between 2025-2029 with by 2035 all other parts of the world reforested.This is because by 2029 all of the world will have switched to more sustainable agricultural practices and will use all agricultural land as biochar sequestration programmes however they too could be reforested too since biochar programmes would use artificial trees in the desert and also Bambusoideae etc engineered to intake over a hundred times more carbon dioxide than normal requiring in total only 1% of the worlds surface area combined.Organic matter to substitute for soil can be created via a combination of pyrolysised biochar from bacteria based fossil fuels,composted food waste created and mixed in large automated soil factories that can create this on an industrial scale in close proximity to the reforested area using animal skeletal remains,animal and human feces and urea as well as algae fertiliser that can be spread on the ground and compacted into the ground by automated steamroller machines with a layer of grass set into this by machine to keep the soil intact.Pan will organise these programmes.In time picotech fabricators could create organic,inorganic matter and minerals etc to be mixed together.Current methods developed in China that use plant material mixed in with and to create viable soil can be pursued until then.Ideally this material will be created on a commercial scale by bacteria and spread by tractors over large areas or acre by acre and thoroughly mixed in with the soil and water to form this mixture in entire fields rather than in one or two spots where trees or crops are planted thus ensuring all of the sand is converted into soil.This will be done by whole fleets of these doing whole acres next to each other on all edges of the desert allowing the land to be done much quicker with the trees and other native plants planted straight away by fleets of drones and tree planters.All steps will be automated from start to finish and controlled by Pan.This would ensure stable food security in all parts of the developing world such as Asia,Africa and the Middle East indefinitely making them able to be self sufficient in food production without relying on international aid or be under threat of starvation due to crop failures caused by droughts and also extended the Congo and other forests in these areas to the entire country.To trap rain water automated diggers can dig deep holes in areas around the land being reforested where rainwater and that collected from urban areas storm drains,flood/tsunamis tunnels,desalinisation plants or vehicles that transport it from sucking up water from flooded areas as well as collected from large storm drain systems(after being stored and treated of course in all three cases)can be trapped and the soaked into the soil and spread into the water table aiding in the permanent growth of vegetation and promote transpiration with biochar and woodchippings keeping water in the soil.Picotech fabricators if perfected could create large volumes of water to fill the ground water and these holes and also large amounts of soil containg organic and inorganic matter.The holes can be covered by white mesh or covering that covers the holes and reflects heat ensuring none of the water evaporates due to the suns heat ensuring all of the water seeps into the soil but a pipe with a covering that open and close can be installed to pour more water in over the coming years in order to keep the soil wet and to also prevent plants dying when droughts or heatwaves occur until transpiration can create rain clouds.Empty and exhausted groundwater supplies and aquifers in these areas can be replenished via water shipped in from desalinisation plants,local water treatment plants,flood tunnels(once treated) pumped underground to allow them to return to the hydro logical cycle in a sustainable manner.Ideally this should be started at the very edges of forests especially in the case of rainforests and in small pockets at the edge of urban areas with both closing in on each other over time with small pockets in between them also optionally set up again closing in on themselves over time.Alternatives include the building of natural dams in rivers of these drought and desertified areas ie. the Amazon Basin or Colorado River where the water builds up and is forced to leach sideways into the surrounding soil similar to what is being done with Project Blue Alternative.This should be done until weather patterns stabilise to ensure bountiful rain and when carbon dioxide levels return to pre industrial levels of 280ppm which will make the areas less prone to severe droughts and these plants all have recombinant DNA from xerophiles and oligotrophs to lower the amount of water needed as well as Firmicutes DNA and those from planarians,Hydra,Bacillus F etc to repair damage to telomeres.This method of turning deserts into arable land can be replicated on other planets across the galaxy including Mars and Venus.

Planting of various species of native trees and other vegetation including bushes,flowers,weeds and ferns etc can be randomized via fleets of large,medium and small robot Treerover planters and seed planting drones that plant seeds with a whole fleet of these robots of different sizes allowing for whole forests to be replanted using randomized pre programmed programmes decided and cont by Pan.Fleets of drones that plant seeds will also be part of these.Using fleets of both will speed up rates of reforestation exponentially with the soil prepared beforehand with if possible robots first laying down native grasses to keep the soil intact.As much as a hundred or a thousand drones can replant entire forests in place of agricultural land possibly in a week or month.They will be planted in a randomised way to replicate the natural aesthetic that normally occurs with this ensuring the future distribution of future generations follows this with if in some cases dirt tracks left alone and programmed for places used for walks.Existing woodlands,forests and jungles will be analysed by drones and Silviaterra on sattilites to analyse normal distribution of trees,flowers,ferns and even weeds.There will be fleets of both that plant each species of trees,bushes,ferns,wildflowers etc native to an area in a randomised fashion programmed by Pan to ensure there is enough of each species planted randomly to ensure natural survival with Physis and Artemis referenced for all species that grow in the area including endangered ones and those that are part of Lazarus programmes.In the case of islands miniature desalinisation plants can be built on them or water shipped in with nanosensors in the soil measuring environmental conditions.All plants especially rare ones will be reared in vertical farms using hydroponics and 3D printers using the Phanes method to rear large numbers of plants ideally set up by areas that are being reforested to allow all species of plants such as ferns,flowers,bushes and trees to be reared in large numbers and then transported to the areas to be reforested.Phanes,Pan and Artemis will decide what plants are to be replanted where and in what numbers and what spot in randomised fashion.3D printed seeds using the Phanes for each species of tree,ferns,bushes will negate the need for growing them in hydroponic fashions as these can be instantly created with several million or billion genetically distinct specimens of each species with the location for each tree species,ferns etc will be decided by both Pan and Artemis marking their exact GPS spot on a map of the reforested area with these AI viewing these areas through existing and new satellites including those used by Google Earth and government agencies and this programmed into the drones and TreeRover robots with their being fleets for each species of plants.The AI will using satillites decide where in the world reforestation will take place especially farmland and then decide which roads in existing and new reforested land will be rerouted or moved underground and also where to remove hedges.Bambusoideae,C.juncea and genetically altered nitrogen fixing C.sativa can be integrated into these reforestation programmes alongside nitrogen fixing bacteria or ideally used as the primary plant for initial plantations as it can be first be used as a means to produce biochar and sequester carbon dioxide and fix nitrous oxide into the soil which can in turn create more soil and fertiliser(taking only 2-3 years to mature with C.sativa taking 4 months),uses little water,fixes nitrogen into the soil,and improve soil quality,holds soil intact allowing for the plantation of native species of trees to be more effective in long term secondary programmes after it.These plants can also be a permanent part of reforested areas or the nitrogen fixing ability can be transferred to other native plants and native bacteria in the soils with the relevant nitrogen fixing bacteria are added to the soil during this phase with this done to enrich the soil with nitrogen and also allow.This primary plantation phase can be also used to remove any toxic metals or pollutants from the soil and can be repeated several times with the two crops mixed in together to improve their ability to rejuvenate soil with nanosensers bored in the soil and feed readings of pH,nutrient and pollutant levels,moisture content and other environmental factors into Artemis.These would also be harvested and pyrolysised and used to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.If possible nitrogen fixing ability of this and C.juncea will be engineered into all plants in the reforestation process.Fertilisers like in forest farms and community gardens can be applied by robots and shipped in from pyrolysis plants and sewage treatment plants.As stated Bambusoideae and genetically altered C.sativa that can fix nitrogen can be integrated into the second phase and be harvested as a food crop by researchers when the land has returned to its natural state.This Bambusoideae when the area is reforested will be harvested and then pyrolysised allowing the carbon dioxide it collected to be sequestered.During the primary and secondary plantations treated water from flooded areas,desalination plants,those collected from large storm drain systems can again be used during this period for several years to a decade to encourage vegetation growth until normal rainfall patterns resume and still be used when they return to normal during heatwaves and droughts.In time the white covering can be removed and the holes refilled with soil.Earthworms and any soil beneficial bacteria can be bred in labs in large numbers and then applied to the soil to improve its quality.Larger versions of the treerover can be used to replant various native trees,shrubs and other plants with smaller versions of this technology replanting smaller plants such as flowers and ferns at once in an area both in a randomised fashion.Replanting trees,ferns etc in a randomised manner will be done to replicate the randomised nature of normal woodlands and not artificial ones in current methods thus making them normal forests,jungles etc that is adept to local flora and fauna and gives a better aesthetic.All forests reforested will have grass laid down by automated machinery and then trees,ferns and all native plants including crops made redundant by genetically altered bacteria planted by a combination of both robot tree planters and also seed planting drones with seeds created by 3D DNA printing and then planted by fleets of these in a preprogrammed randomised manner decided by him with each drone etc in the fleet planting the seeds of one species.This should start as early as 2029 with him at first deciding which of this land worldwide will be first used for biochar programmes which will then eventually be permanently reforested.All replanted trees etc will have extremophile DNA etc in them to survive different climates.

Drones would be more effective at planting different types of tree species as well as bushes,grasses and ferns as fleets of these can be utilised with each drone having a different species of bush,tree,ferns,crops etc in their seed bank with them able to each plant the seed in the exact pre programmed and randomised GPS location decided by Pan in stable pre determined numbers with them also depositing the seed in biodegradeable media that encourages growth.All species will be planted in a randomised manner to replicate the natural random manner of forests and not artificial look of existing projects with obviously the desired path built into the reforested area.This will give the reforested area a more natural look and will be done as far back as possible to existing forests etc including those used for forestry to make them bigger for wildlife and also for hiking and Agoge training and also increase the amount of land for wildlife and carbon sinks.Endangered species of plants and animals of all taxonomic ranks will using the Phanes method be brought to more stable levels.Crops made redundant from bacteria based commodities and localised farming will be replanted in their native area as well.This can all apply to land restored to native grassland and meadows with Gaia through Pan and Apollo deciding which areas should be returned to grasslands and meadows and which to woodlands and jungles/rainforests.All of these steps can be fully automated from start to finish and controlled and monitored within Artemis by Pan with nanosensors in the soil and atmospheric poles being monitored globally and linked to automated reforestation and water systems.These measures can also be apply to reforesting islands and areas that were deforested in ancient times such as Rapa Nui and in modern times where intensive agriculture has denuded the topsoil in all continents and can help turn areas with naturally thin and poor soils to be turned into native forests.Fertiliser and water drones will patrol them routinely and give them fertiliser and water during dry spells and through the first few once a month to provide nutrition during their first few years.Trifolium,Bambusoideae and C.juncea and other native nitrogen fixing plants can be planted in between the plants or their DNA can be added to the trees and ferns planted and relevant bacteria added to the soil.Nanosensors in the soil and on poles will measure the progress of these efforts.Biodegradeable water cocoons can also help with retaining water with drones controlled by Pan constantly patrolling these reforested areas to constantly monitor progress with thermal imaging aiding in them monitoring plant health.Atmospheric poles can also house both cameras overlooking.The live feeds will be logged into Pan visible to the public and used as timelapses and the trees can undergoe engineering to increase growth rates which will make them reach maturity within a fraction of the time it normally does and thus by reaching maturity earlier intake more carbon dioxide and this engineering shut off via genes or microbes in seeds.Phanes coupled with 3D DNA printers can make millions or billions of genetically distinct seeds of all plants such as ferns,flowers and trees of each area that are distantly releated enough to allow for stable interbreeding with them planted in pre-programmed fashion via fleets of these drones managed by Pan.These seed planting drones will work in fleets of several hundred or several thousand for each area to exponentially increase the amount of trees etc planted thus exponentially increasing the rate of reforestation.A single person can plant 800 trees over 2 acres in one day.A single seed planting drones controlled by Pan will be able to plant 19,200 trees in a day with a hundred to a thousand seed planting drones planting 1,920,000 – 19,200,000 trees in a day..These seed planting drones will plant not just native trees but also native wildflowers and also native bushes,native wildflowers,native ferns and even native weeds and other plants to prevent a moncoluture and make the reforested have the normal aesthetics of a reforested area.All of these drones will be controlled by Pan who using Brauron will decide the exact location each species of trees,bushes,ferns and flowers are planted in a preprogrammed randomised manner with him deciding the ideal number of each species in each area..Each reforested area including jungles and forests will have a hiking path made of dirt tracks planned and not have trees planted with if possible robots etc forming a first track that is wide enough for humans to walk but not wide enough to disrupt trees and fauna or create islandisation.They may depending on the area be just dirt tracks or be covered in small amounts of pebbles or even porous asphalt pavement thst contains pores small enough to allow rainwater through.Seed planting drones will be used to reforest large areas of former forest land especially hilly areas with them doing so in fleets of a hundred or a thousand with tree rover robots working in fleets to treforest smaller areas of land that are flat and they are capable of traversing.This will make reforestation easier with all plants such as ferns,weeds,bushes,wildflowers planted in a randomised manner and not just trees replanted in order to maintain the original layout.Recombinant DNA from xerophiles can make plants especially trees used in this reforestation process survive droughts and lower levels of water such as in droughts and areas naturally dry with DNA from oligotrophes allowing them to deal with lower levels of essential nutrients with both of these increasing their chances of survival during initial plantation projects with capnophile DNA added to possibly increasing the amount of carbon dioxide they sequester from the atmosphere with it interacting with the phenotypes from oligotrophs and xerophiles alleviating any stress caused by each other.DNA from psammophiles can be used to allow them to survive initial plantations when soils are sandy with other extremophiles such as halophiles,alkanophiles,acidophiles etc allowing them to survive any soil type.DNA from Firmicutes could allow the cells in each plant to form endospores to survive extremely low levels of water in droughts etc and reform when it and nutrients are available provided they have DNA from A.mexicanum,Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans,Hydra,Planarians to repair telomeres.Using gene drives can allow these phenotypes to proliferate throughout the area preventing forest fires and water stress during droughts with it spreading into existing wilderness.This alongside disease resistance would ensure survival rates during the first decade of the trees life with them also given fully functioning primary immune systems and innoculated with species specific microbes.Microbes present will allow for upgrades to be added to them over time via biosynth WiFi from satillites and drones etc.If possible all trees and other plants planted on reforested land will be given genetic engineering to increase growth rates to the point that they grow faster than normal and thus reach adulthood in a much quicker timeframe.Trees that normally take decades or centuries to reach maturity can be engineered to reach maturity in a decade or few years.This can involve scratch DNA and recombinant DNA from fast growing Bambusoidea,E.coli and C.perfringens..To prevent the trees becoming too tall etc they will be engineered to stop growing once they reach maturity and normal heights and this will not include any DNA to increase leaf growth such as from F.japonica etc with this fast maturity rate removed from the trees via microbes present in them and biosynth WiFi edited out to prevent it passing onto future generations and prevent them ageing too fast as this will mean they will reach maturity for the first generation and thus once newly reforested land of forests and jungles are formed they will age,reproduce and be replaced by new generations at a normal rate and it will ensure that the newly reforested land will be reforested fully within a short period of time for biodiversities sake and that for hikers.All trees,ferns,bushes and wildflowers will undergoe this level of engineering to reach maturity very quickly.This will possibly increase the amount of carbon dioxide they intake and remove out of the atmosphere.Adding Xerophile and oligotrophic DNA will reduce the amount of fertiliser and water needed for them to be used by as much as 99%.Extra fertiliser created by Picotech fabricators or algae can be used to accomadate the high growth rates alongside water from Picotech fabricators and also from rivers and desalinisation plants with if possible DNA from T.gammatolerans,W.dermatitidis,C.sphaerospermum and C.neoformans can be added to them to induce extra growth from radiosynthesis,that is,to use the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation into chemical energy for growth.Oligotroph and scratch DNA can reduce both fertiliser and water needs.Tweaks can be made to do this with other types of radiation including UV radiation allowing them to gain nutrition from the sun and that from artificial lights and radiation devices to increase growth rates.Devices and lights that emit gamma,UV and other radiation can be in patches of reforested land with it also used to use UV radiation from the sun to prevent devices harming any animals.The DNA can be tweaked to allow it to use radiation instead of nitrogen,phosphorus and water thus eliminating the need for these eliminating strains in algae fertiliser etc with this again removed when they reach maturity.Thus it may be possible for land to be reforested and reach full maturity of a fully mature primevil forest,jungle etc within at most a decade or even a few years with microbes present in the trees,ferns etc via biosynth WiFi removing this fast growth rates once the plants reach maturity with this preventing it being a permenant part of the genepool.This will not only increase the rate that forests are restored to a primevil state but also increase the amount of carbon dioxide they remove from the atmosphere as part of carbon sequestration projects with the carbon dioxide they intake kept in a looped cycles as once the tree dies new tees born after them will intake the carbon dioxide they release once they decay.Meadows and grasslands reforested will have drones plant seeds of native wildflowers,ferns,bushes and even weeds in a randomised manner with grass laid down by automated planters.All artificial stone and plant hedges in reforested areas such as forests, meadows etc will be demolished with stone hedges recycled and plant hedges torn down and pyrolysised and stumps removed with this done to retain the natural aesthetic of fields that are reforested into meadows and forests.If possible all trees and plants in existing wilderness such as jungles,rainforests and woodlands will have DNA from Firmicutes,xerophiles,oligotrophs,aforementioned bacteria and multicelluar lifeforms that exhibit telomere repair,oligotrophs and xerophiles added to them via injection via swarms of Anopheles biosynths or inbreeding using biosynths and insects.This will reduce their chances of die off alongside recombinant DNA from other plants,from scratch,Tardigrade,T.gammatolerans,mesophiles,thermophiles and psychrophiles can also be added and like xerophiles be used to allow trees and other plants in reforested areas to prevent or lower effects of fires,adapt to climate change of the Anthropocene,natural changes in the climate over the coming millenia as well as cold snaps,dry spells and alterations to normal patterns during the year and any climatic changes caused by geological events such as volcanic eruptions,changes in the planets rotation,milankovitch cycles or even meoteorite impacts as well as gamma ray bursts alongside low levels of ozone or radioactive sites,that may alter the weather.Resistance to viral,bacterial and fungal diseases including fungal and plant rot etc can also transferred to all types of plants that are reforested.They will also be injected with species specific microbes to allow their populations to be ascertained and give them abilities like fully functioning immune systems that can be immunised with them passing from one generation to the next via seeds.This level of genetic engineering can be introduced into all types of plants and even animals for all existing deserts,forests,rainforests and jungles worldwide for the same reasons and also prevent forest fires in areas like the Amazon and Austrailian outback etc with gene drives ensuring the spread of these phenotypes with simulations within Phanes,Artemis and Pan determining the rate of this spread by insects and other animals that spread pollen and seeds.Biosynth arthropods and aves can be programmed to spread these phenotypes over large areas 24/7 in large swarms using pre-programmed pollination programs or injecting them with microbes that use horizontal gene transfer to give this phenotype to living plants to spread them to wilderness areas for the same reason.All areas undergoing reforestation efforts will have fleets of drones present alongside 3D DNA printers to mass produce seeds of the reforested species of plants.Native animals such as insects,birds,mammals,earthworms etc of all types will be researched from historical records and also fossils etc to be deposited in these reforested areas with them created by 3D DNA printers and artificial wombs etc and deposited in large batches with Phanes creating unique genotypes for each species that are distinctly releated enough to allow for safe interbreeding with Pan and Artemis determining the ideal population size for each species to be deposited into each reforested ecosystems.

Urban prairies will be reforested or used as community farms.Golf courses and driving lanes worldwide made redundant by VR will be reforested also as far back as possible with any buildings present converted into homes or demolished.Even golf courses by hotels and country clubs turned into communal homes will be reforested with both these and normal golf courses reforested as far back as possible with building by driving lanes demolished or turned into homes and country clubs also converted into homes.Race tracks of both NASCAR and horseracing,stadiums,fields used for ploughing field matches and agricultural events will be reforested alongside land used for events made obsolete by VR technology will be reforested.Theme parks attractions once scanned in will be torn down and buildings turned into communal homes and them visited in VR simulations with golf courses and driving lanes even those on the grounds of hotels and country clubs converted into permanent homes will be reforested and visited in VR simulations.Funfairs and amusement arcades etc will also follow suit.VR technology would allow certain amenities etc to be demolished and the land reforested or turned into homes with others made obsolete by the abolishing of money following suit.Sewage and water treatment plants and other important infrastructure including certain power plants such as fusion,fission,fossil fuel and even geothermal will be moved underground to allow the land to be reforested and them even serving underground communities.Small rural towns and villages should be of note with all land not occupied by homes being reforested as far back as possible with native trees with even large mansions and palaces both occupied and abandoned will be reforested with them and small homes housing trees and also luxury amenities like koi ponds,pools etc ergonomically designed by AI and humans.Even large open spaces that house homes gardens will be reforested as these will house forest farms in front and behind homes especially mansions,palaces especially abandoned ones that will be renovated providing their gardens with hiking areas and also forest farms that house crops that extend to existing woodland.Having large garden areas of houses large or small next to woods reforested will make it picturesque and allow the trees to protect the building from wind etc with all land around them reforested as far back as possible including land in front of other homes as these can have gardens in VR simulations and also have pools in underground extensions etc with them connected to the main roads etc via underground roads or forest walkways.Roads that criss cross them will be reforested and moved underground and house areas that lead to the surface to buildings and housing estates etc and even lead to the basement underground extensions of private and communal homes with only the main roads of towns and cities left on the surface that lead to underground roads in surrounding wilderness areas with the these roads reforested or replaced with walking paths in reforested and wilderness areas accessed by the main roads of towns etc with these roads also leading to underground communities.All paths into wilderness areas like mountains and also forests etc will have biolumescent trees dotted along them to provide nightlights with these being ones that are long living using the same anti-ageing treatments as humans and also are disease resistant and also be native subspecies unable to mate with each other and native plants as they will form a chain along pathways all the way or every few metres and miles to act as a guidance to those on the roads and walkways and guide those lost in the woods to the roads with these having flowers and fruit produced to feed nocturnal animals including arthropods etc.All existing and reforested land will have trails decided by Pan with them being covered with interlocking permeable pavement to allow water to drain into them to prevent them becoming slippy but still look natural.This would lead to all homes in the area either underground or over ground and also research centres.All roads made of tarmac in forests,jungles etc including those that leads to research centres,buildings manged by Pan,homes etc will be dug up and reforested or replaced with dirt tracks to prevent islandisation etc with these replaced with underground roads that lead to them and new buildings with them leading to the basement and underground parking area or pop up by them or have stairwells leading to the surface with these also leading to underground communities.Access to these buildings on the surface would be by walkways.If need be homes in the woods and even towns,villages and cities etc could have underground carparks and garages for vehicles to park with the garages connected to the surface via stairs with boring machines creating new roads these roads also serving underground communities.With regards to small towns and if possible cities this system of underground carparks and garages used with the possibility of all roads on the surface within the city limits reforested with grass or lined trees improving the safety of pedestrians with them acting as dirt tracks similar to those in forests.These underground roads would also serve underground communities.The use of underground roads will allow areas surrounding towns,villages,cities and protected areas ie Stonehenge,Nazca lines and all deserts to be reforested and replaced with walking areas and dirt tracks that fit more into the natural scenery and allow for hiking and walking to be done safely and preserve the beauty for hikers as the roads once dug up will replaced with dirt tracks.Vehicles that will be autonomous the windows and windshields can have pre recorded video streams played in them to allow travellers to view the original view with the underground tunnels housing CSYS lights and chargers charged by thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes that also generate biosynth wifi that allows the wire to be streamed namely Ophion with these underground roads being largely straight lines that make only a few turns making them easier for autonomous vehicles to navigate by themselves and wifi.Bioluminiscent moss can be present that stretch outside to gain sunlight to be charged.These would also be in jungles,forests,deserts etc and can utilise graphene bridges across rivers etc that can allow vehicles to cross them and people to walk on them to travel across them and prevent islandisation with this applying to all forests worldwide and even newly reforested area.Areas used for forestry will become permanent woodland due to synthetic wood,kebonisation and paper etc created onsite of Lotis,Epeius and other factories by bacteria that will render forestry defunct thus allow the buildings to be used as housing for Pans building,research centres or demolished and the roads dug up and replaced by underground ones and also walkways that will be reforested as far back as possible.This and localised agriculture and in vitro meat will render deforestation of the Amazon defunct indefinitely.Airports made obsolete by Oceanus and Erebus will be torn to form large botanical gardens and in the case of those in the outskirts of cities reforested as far back as possible designed by Pan and Antheia.Agricultural labs will be replaced by nurseries in universities and also using community,home,vertical and hybrid farms allowing them to become homes and all land reforested with nurseries onsite of vertical and other farms will become homes and land around them reforested with Tulipa,Rosa,tree and other ornamental plant outdoor nurseries in India,Holland etc will be reforested
indefinitely due to those onsite of vertical farms.

Roads in wilderness areas and protected areas like by Stonehenge,Nazca lines etc will be replaced with underground ones and reforested with as detailed earlier and later on them even in place outside of towns,villages and cities with them popping up on the outskirts to allow them to be reforested.They could also go underneath lakes,rivers and bypass existing roads with these underground roads going underneath wilderness,rivers,mountains,towns,cities etc making the journey shorter by skipping large portions of the original route couldnt go and allowing roads to be dug up and reforested on the outskirts of towns,villages and cities to be reforested and some left as walking dirt paths for hikers and cyclists considering land surrounding cities etc will be reforested as well.It will allow dangerous roads on mountain and hillsides and those in rural areas that can only house one vehicle to be reforested and bypassed again going in a straight line.Most if the original roads will be reforested completely after being dug up with some as decided by AI turned into hiking paths for humans and cyclists especially those in reforested land.This pattern will apply to other colonies across the galaxy and will also allow them to serve underground communities.Highways that involve roads above other roads will be demolished once these are moved underground.Most roads and roundabouts will be reforested with main roads decided by AI made into dirt hiking tracks to prevent islandisation with underground automated carparks by homes both private and communal,public areas and hiking areas allowing one access to the surface by stairwells that lead to small buildings that house lounges.Access to these to these underground roads for people in cars that have accidents to and from the surface will be via stairwells dotted around the place in small buildings housing lounges with them having possibly walking and cycling lanes separated by a border to allow people to use them underground without fear of being hit by a vehicle with them serving underground communities that also have stairwells leading down to them.Watertight doors can also be present that can be closed during flash floods and tsunamais with porous tarmac present that allows rainwater etc pass through to groundwater,preventing floods and them also self healing variants.Storm drains and pipes that lead to flood tunnels that utilise.Buildings in towns and cities whether private and communal homes,public buildings etc will have underground carparks for them that lead to the home via doors to basements and stairwells and even to underground communities again via stairwells with public underground carparks underneath parks,communal homes and public multistorey carparks and underground communities.With regards to small towns and if possible cities this system of underground carparks and garages used with the possibility of all roads on the surface within the city limits reforested with grass,porous pavements or lined trees improving the safety of pedestrians with them acting as dirt tracks similar to those in forests and cater to only pedestrians and cyclists.Having roads outside cities,towns and villages and wilderness dug up and reforested worldwide and some left into dirt tracks and replaced by underground roads will allow hikers and cyclists to use them in a safe manner as only they will be present on them and retain natural beauty,not encroach on nature and allow vehicles to bypass current overground roads and then make journeys shorter as they will go under wilderness and also lakes,rivers,mountains etc with since underground the majority of the journey would be a straight line limiting turns making it easier for satellite,wifi and sensor controlled autonomous vehicles to navigate them with graphene in the windows or VR simulations in neural implants or google glasses projecting the original view to passengers.Power to them can come from via carbon neutral thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes and trigeneration systems powering biosynth wifi,coolant systems,lights and energy to wireless chargers and Phaeton charging stations dotted around them with lights even negated by either biolumescent moss that is given sunlight via it extending to the entrance and even Ophion controlling via satellite saving on wiring.The moss would also separate carbon dioxide into oxygen alongside biosynth nanomaterials that do so passively in the presence of carbon dioxide.Pipes dotted around at the surface that face downwards at a slant that prevent rainwater,floodwater and snow entering can provide oxygen and cool air with these at the buildings dotted around containing stairs and lounges.This will also allow them to serve underground communities that are built around them at the same time with borers creating new roads with areas shut off during flash floods,storms and tsunamais.This will negate countermeasures to deal with snowy and rainy weather and vehicles avoiding animals,cyclists and pedestrians with them having permeable pavement and storm drains to drain water that seeps in with them cut off during flash floods via watertight doors and the water redirected into groundwater via automated and passive processes.The roads on the surface can be dug up,most reforested and others replaced with dirt tracks for hikers especially since the land surrounding and within cities and towns is going to be reforested.Access to these to this from the surface will be via stairwells dotted around the place.The digging up of roads,moving them underground that go in a straight line and bypass the original route making it shorter and replacing them with hiking footpaths will be done to prevent the newly reforested areas suffering from islandisation and roadkill with homes dotted along the roads will have underground carparks added that allow one to enter these underground roads directly or through a separate underground road that leads to other undergrounds roads with the hedges that separate fields with roads torn down as well.All surface roads replaced by underground roads will have the tarmac etc dug up and most will be reforested with some turned into hiking paths in reforested areas with these hiking paths composed of dirt tracks that are like normal dirt tracks in forests,national parks opened to the public for hiking that not only go through reforested areas turned into woods,forests and meadows etc but also connect different towns,villages and cities together like the normal original roads for both walking pedestrians and cyclists rather than autonomous vehicles to prevent islandisation,roadkill,urban heat effect and water to enter the groundwater.Pan etc will plan the layout of these new hiking paths that pass through reforested wilderness but also connect towns,cities and villages with him and Tyche and governor AIs planning the location and journey of underground roads.Remaining roads worldwide in cities,towns etc will be step by step replaced with self healing porous asphalt by automation which will repair themselves limiting potholes while they will allow rainwater to pass through preventing flooding and replenish groundwater with future potholes detected by drones routinely circumnavigating them and marking their GPS location with cameras on automated vehicles doing this as well and repaired by existing robots designed to do this.This will be done only when AI can determine if it is feasible by 2045 onwards and a advanced enough to have all work done worldwide by robots etc.AI and biosynths with it planning out the layout of underground roads and hiking paths worldwide with it ensuring it doesn’t interfere with Oceanus with it developing countermeasures to all possible problems.These flying private vehicles,flying buses and flying taxis etc with once ubiquitous flying vehicles will allow all underground roads and highways to have tarmac dug up and filled in with soil and rock with all roads and highways outside of villages,towns and cities dug up and reforested with a few going through wilderness areas,national parks and even those connecting different cities,towns and villages together will be turned into hiking dirt tracks and paths.Thus even major roads that connect villages,towns and cities around the world will be dug up the tarmac recycled and turned into dirt hiking paths as only pedestrians,hikers and cyclists will be using them with them turned into hiking paths since no vehicles will be using them to allow water to return to them and them maintained by drones routinely scanning them to ensure they stay safe.Only major roads will be converted into hiking paths with minor roads,bypasses etc dug up and reforested with those with roundabouts and dual highways and those with multiple levels above other roads demolished completely and reforested with their being singular hiking paths in between each major city,town,village etc.Roads within cities,towns and villages will no longer be used for parking and driving with flying vehicles parking at home on the homes ground and with regards to communal homes and mega hotels in city and town centres will utilise automated public multi-storey carparks or automated carparks underground,on the grounds and even roofs of and built into communal homes and mega hotels.Communal homes and mega hotels can house through roof extensions one floor on them or a small area on the side or even an elevator on the kerb of the building that existing conventional vehicles park.When one drives into town to visit public amenities,restaurants,bars and nightclubs one can be dropped off and their flying vehicles returning home and for return journeys one can through their Home Ai on smartphones call their flying vehicle to their location to be driven back with this also availible with terrestrial based automated vehicles by 2029 prior to the development of flying vehicles.One can have their vehicle pick them up on the grounds of the public building in nearby fields and wilderness areas,public streets and plazas,on the roofs of public buildings and communal homes etc and on roads turned into hiking paths etc.Since all roads within cities,villages and towns may no longer be used by terrestrial vehicles they can be replaced with dirt tracks or porous permeable tarmac or pavement that allows rainwater to pass through to groundwater with them used for pedrestrians and cyclists that will allow for people to walk from one place in a city to another with them similar to public streets and plazas allowing hundreds of people to walk in any direction or in organised rows in both directions without traffic lights,without the need to look for traffic in both directions since all vehicles will be flying ones.The use of flying private vehicles and public transport will mean most of not all in city,in town and in village journeys will be done by walking with journeys to homes on the outskirts and also nearby villages,towns and cities also done on foot.This will be done to reduce energy expenditure and use for 90% of ones journeys,for health reasons for more exercise etc.Between 2045-2100 flying cars and flying taxis,buses etc that use devices that generate a field of altered physics for lift off will render all roads obsolete including underground ones and those within towns and cities that can be dug up,reforested and filled in.Thus once flying vehicles are perfected all underground roads will be refilled with soil and rocks with it eliminating the use of terrestrial roads on the surface.At the same time 90-95% of all roads worldwide will have the tarmac dug up and reforested with hedges and stone walls separating them from reforested land broken down as well to connect them back with the reforested meadows,grasslands and forests to prevent islandisation.These will be primarily highways,bypasses and excess roads.The remaining roads that connect homes in suburbs and outskirts of towns,villages and cities that connect them to both their neighbours homes and also to neighbouring towns,villages and cities and connect all towns,villages and cities together will have tarmac dug up and turned it dirt track hiking roads present in wilderness areas to allow rainwater in and prevent islandisation and flooding.These will be used by only hikers,pedestrians,motorbikes and cyclists and will be much narrower enough to house two way traffic and will be used for hiking and travelling to and between towns,villages and cities in ones country by foot,motorbikes and by cycling and possibly motorbikes.AI will decide which roads to reforest and which to turn into dirt tracks and if need be add extra dirt track roads to ensure all cities,towns and villages in a county,state and country are connected to each other by these dirt track roads giving people the option to travel to any city,town and village on foot,motorbikes or by bicycles.All speed signs and traffic lights will be recycled with signs giving directions replaced with graphene ones that show proper direction based on the remaining and newly added roads.If possible all stone walls and hedges will be removed to allow ease of passage into reforested meadows,grasslands and forests etc.Roads within all towns,villages and cities will be again have tarmac dug up and made narrower if possible but replaced by porous self healing tarmac,concrete and asphalt allowing rainwater through to groundwater and prevent flooding and provide strength with these used by again only pedrestrians,motorbikes and cyclists with traffic lights and speeds signs removed and recycled since no terrestrial vehicles will exist with them used in the same way as pedestrian streets,pedrestrians zones,pedrestrian malls within cities that are streets and roads as well as public squares and plazas where vehicles are prohibited and where the public can walk freely in any direction alongside cyclists and motorbikes.AI,robotics and biosynths by 2045 onwards will be advanced enough to dig up all roads,reforested them,turn them into dirt tracks and replace in city ones with porous concrete and tarmac with zero human labour bringing costs to zero.Most roads outside of towns will be dug up and turned into hiking paths with hedges etc by roads will be torn down by machinery to make all reforested land havd the same natural look and prevent islandisation.Most roads within towns and cities may also made into hiking paths with only a few replaced with porous asphalt and tarmac.All public roads,squares and plazas however will be replaced with porous concrete etc.All future colonies across the universe including Mars,Venus and other terraformed planets,uninhabited planets,those inhabited by alien races including their homeworld and also artificial planets,ring worlds,alderson discs etc will utilise this system of having neighbouring homes etc connected to each other and neighbouring towns,villages and cities and all towns,villages and cities connected to each other by dirt track roads used for hiking,walking,cycling and motorbikes and roads within towns,villages and cities using porous asphalt,tarmac and concrete covered roads used by pedrestrians,cyclists and motorbikes rather than having too many roads or even having underground roads once flying and interstellar vehicles become ubiquitous.Once perfected it could allow billions or even trillions of vehicles to fly in the air anywhere between 1-10km above ground leaving kilometres of open sky between vehicles with Ophion managing traffic in an efficient way to prevent accidents and still leave skies open with highways formed in the sky for the majority of journeys other them bypassed for shortcuts with all vehicles still travelling at speeds between 200-500kmh sky highways with this allow vehicles to bypass routes taken by normal vehicles over wilderness,cities and even oceans with the fast speeds compared to terrestrial vehicles that can legally only go between 30-100kmph depending on the road cutting down on journey times even further.These highways in the sky can be orderly ones that are in multiple layers going in opposite directions as stated go over wilderness,urban areas and even oceans with them going at level just above trees,mountains and buildings up to 10km with them allowing speeds of up to 200-500km with in emergencies and for ambulances vehicles can bypass them skipping entire sections of them.Ophion will manage the structure of these and all traffic of flying vehicles on a global scale.Existing models of flying cars such as the Aeromobil series 3.0 and 4.0 etc are proto hybrid versions that use rotor blades and retractable aeroplane wings that can go in between 200-300kmph that can although need roads to land on can bypass large amounts of roads outside of and in urban areas as they fly above ground high enough as cesnas etc thus allowing them to reduce traffic in normal and underground roads by bypassing them.Fully formed versions should not require wings,rotor blades but rather use dimensional fields of altered physics created by devices in them to lift off and levitate etc.Public transport versions such as buses and taxis and rented coaches etc as well as ambulances,police vehicles variations can be developed.Flying versions of ambulances,delivery vehicles for restaurants,vertical farms and factories etc will exist and will park on the grounds of private homes and roofs etc of communal homes etc.In time flying vehicles will be replaced by those that are capable of interstellar travel and travel between colonies within a solar system with their being versions of these that are private vehicles,taxis and buses alongside scramjets,cruise ships and will use ship generated wormholes,Erebus and hyoerspace to travel between colonies and solar systems and eventually between galaxies with these interstellar vehicles capable or re entry into the atmosphere of Earth,Venus and other planets without burning up by slowing down or being composed of graphene to allow them withstand the immense speeds of reentry.Their will be highways for these in between colonies in a solar system and in hyperspace,wormholes and Erebus with these used for both interstellar journeys but also double as flying vehicles on Earth and other planets.All traffic for all flying and interstellar vehicles on Earth,Mars,Venus,all colonies including alderson discs,ring worlds and terra formed and colonised planets across the universe and in between them will be controlled by Ophion.

Urban forests will form part of every town and city worldwide to lower temperatures and increase transpiration and also improve air quality and scenery.This transpiration will be of benefit to roof and urban community farms and surrounding forest farms within each major city thus improving yields and alleviating strains on water treatment plants.Whole islands of patches of grass separated by roads will have the roads and pavements dug up to form large forests that can even extend to those on the outskirts with areas full of decaying abandoned private homes,blight,poor neighbourhoods and slums in areas such as Detroit,New Delhi will be demolished and turned into forests,the roads dug up with the work such as demolishing buildings,digging up concrete and roads etc will be automated and the trees planted in a randomised manner.This will be after once people move out. Cities and towns worldwide that suffer urban sprawl and have slums and low quality housing estates can once people move out into buildings such as abandoned buildings of all types and also obsolete buildings of all types such as schools,corporate headquarters,supermarkets,banks,skyscrapers converted into luxury hotel style communal homes with up to fifty roof extensions and those on retail sites worldwide including in cities outside their own home city and country have these slums and low quality housing estates demolished and reforested.This reforestation will apply to slums etc on the outskirts of cities with low quality homes etc within cities ie near rivers and near central business and commercial districts will once demolished be replaced with tall luxury hotel style communal homes.Those that decide to stay will have luxury refurbishments,roof,side and underground extensions as well as merge with neighbour homes to make them compact mansions and all land surrounding them reforested and roads moved underground turned into hiking paths with regards to those on outskirts with those those in cities will have sizeable gardens and communal homes built around them.Abandoned and obsolete buildings of historical value will be kept and converted in private or communal homes.These hotel style homes will have roof and underground extensions to deal with a growing population alongside to make cities and towns more compact and dense with nanomaterials from all 94 elements including graphene etc and dimensional devices that alter physics used to allow this to happen.Abandoned modern ghost towns in China,India etc experienced excessive construction booms without regulations and business codes including Burj al babas that have large swaths of homogenised homes including those that have buildings including villas and mansions that are decaying can be demolished and reforested and tall luxury hotel style communal homes that use Venetian suites – 60.387 square metres built in place as they are more compact allowing for large amounts of people to be present and allow the vast majority of the abandoned areas reforested.Otherwise ideally underground communities can be built in place and the entire area demolished and reforested.Suburbs where the vast majority of people move out can be demolished with if a few people stay can add extensions and also merge with other neighbouring houses to make them miniature mansions and once all other buildings are demolished the land reforested.Buildings demolished will be scanned in to be replicated elsewhere on Earth and the galaxy and also in simulations to preserve unique architecture even that of low quality homes which can be modified to more luxurious standards.All roads will be dug up forming only one single underground road in between them,the surface roads dug up and some converted into hiking dirt tracks and those that led to other cities etc replaced with underground roads.Areas in cities particularly Detroit that have alot islands of grass,blight and slums that are separated by roads that criss cross them will have the roads dug up,blight and slums demolished and them reforested as as far back as possible or turned into large parks and botanical gardens when merged together.All material from demolished buildings,dug up roads and bridges including concrete,tarmac,wood,glass,tiling,piping and wiring including those underneath the buildings and those in any adjoining roads etc will be recycled and reused by automated machinery.Concrete,stone and glass will be ground into its base elemental components to create more concrete etc with wood pyrolysised to create fertiliser and also graphene and other carbon composites for use in electronics and construction with tiling,piping,tiling and wiring melted into its base elemental component once sent to relevant recycling buildings.Asbestos and other toxic materials will be removed and then allow the building to be demolished with it recycled for elemental components.If only a few people stay merge and renovate homes,the surrounding area can be reforested and roads dug up.Historical abandoned homes and buildings and those that can be made into communal homes can be kept and refurbished to luxurious standards and the surrounding area can be reforested and roads dug up.All land surrounding towns,villages,cities even on islands as well as land surrounding abandoned buildings and obsolete ones renovated into new homes worldwide will have all land reforested as far back as possible including agricultural and desert land reforested as far back as to even existing woodlands extending as far back as possible to improve scenery and air quality and combat climate change and even act as flood defences with even islands and ares of decaying buildings on the outskirts and part of cities reforested with roads criss crossing them dug up and also reforested to allow them to have large internal woodlands with roads diverted.Underground roads can allow surface roads dug up and reforested and some made in dirt tracks and these able to bypass original roads making them shorter by going underneath rivers,mountains,wilderness,rivers etc.Soil samples will be taken via drones and Mars Curiosity robots to analyse pollen and dead organic material alongside historical data to determine what was originally in place prior to human settlements in the area ie meadows,grasslands,forests,jungles and the exact species of plants determined to have grown there with hedges made of stone and bushes removed,pyrolysised and recycled to give the new meadows,forests etc a more natural shape and once roads are dug up fields merged together and Pan and Antheia deciding where to place hiking paths.Even fields next to and as part of the gardens of small homes and existing occupied homes and those converted into communal and private homes from abandoned and obsolete buildings will be converted into forests etc based on these samples to provide residents with large areas for nature walks and hiking.All plants will have extremophile DNA and the accelerated healing phenotype to allow them to survive sudden shocks in the weather ie droughts,heatwaves and prevent or lessen forest fires intensities..They can also have resistance to viral,fungal and bacterial pathogens added via scratch and recombinant DNA passed down to each generation via advanced gene drive technology and any invasive species of birds,mammals and insects removed via measures as detailed later on.Forests that have sections died off etc for other reasons will have dead trees cut down,be pyrolysised and the land they took up reforested with new trees.Native species trees,bushes,ferns,wildflowers,crops with no repellance to pests and weeds will be planted in a randomised manner to replicate a natural look with existing land used for forestry and reforested areas planted with non native plants that are not in a randomised manner will be cut down and pyrolysised and replanted by fleets of seed planting drones with 3D DNA printers creating millions of not billions of seeds with unique genotypes using the Phanes method.Native species grass for meadows etc will be replanted using seed planters and tractors laying out carpets of grass from nurseries with them having native species of weeds,crops and wildflowers replanted in a randomised manner.This will retain a more pristine and natural look to reforested land.All reforested land should have only native species of trees,ferns,weeds,wildflowers etc with all invasive species cut down and pyrolysised and turned into biochar for its uses and then have native species replanted.Slums and areas of blight and low quality housing in all cities will be demolished and reforested as far back as possible once occupants move to hotels and those derived from supermarkets,banks,corporate headquarters,shopping malls etc and abandoned buildings.Those that decide to stay can renovate homes to luxury standards and then add side,roof and underground extensions and merge their homes with that of neighbours who move out.Roads that criss cross areas of urban blight and also islands of grass in cities will be dug up forming only one single underground road in between them,the surface roads dug up and some converted into hiking dirt tracks and the entire area reforested as far back as possible once the blight is demolished.Open and both normal and automated multistory carparks in all villages,cities and towns around the world including those in place of communal homes derived from supermarkets,schools etc and public buildings,restaurants,nightclubs,hospitals,universities,public amenities etc can be demolished,dug up and replaced with underground automated carparks and them dug up and turned into parks and gardens or community farms.Thus car parks on the ground of all public buildings and those turned into hotels and existing hotels will be dug up and turned into gardens with them moved underground into automated multi-storey car parks.Large multi-storey car parks can be turned into homes or demolished and land turned into parks or reforested and replaced with multi-storey automated underground car parks.Public squares,plazas can be dug up and turned into gardens and parks with public streets by residential areas derived from retail outlets can be dug up and turned into either strips of plants or turned into normal walking paths with grass,gravel and porous asphalt etc.Golf courses and driving lanes both those by themselves and those on the grounds of hotels and country clubs converted into permanent homes will be reforested since visited in VR alongside urban prairies.Playgrounds and funfairs can be demolished dug up and turned into parks or community farms or permanently reforested due to them visited VR technology once scanned in.Those by existing and new wilderness will be reforested into forests.Piers that house funfairs will be turned into residential areas once the scanned in attractions demolished.Theme parks attractions once scanned in will be torn down and buildings turned into communal homes and them visited in VR simulations and land taken up by attractions will be reforested and visited in VR.Other amenities made obsolete by VR such as paintball zones will be turned into homes and the land reforested once they can be visited in VR simulations.Sewage and water treatment plants and desalinisation plants,recycling plants and other infrastructure buildings can be moved underground and the main building demolished and deforested.Open landfills and vehicle and electronic scrapyards will be recycled and the land reforested with underground landfills recycled and refilled with soil.Underground ones will be dug up and have waste recycled by robots and the land reforested to prevent the material going to waste with all future waste recycled.Existing plastic will be burned in pyrolysis power plants with methane based plastic that is biodegradeable replacing it.E-waste will be recycled with organic waste pyrolysised in pyrolysis power plants to generate electricity and create diamonds and biochar.Vehicle graveyards of all types boat,vehicles and military ones will once they are scanned in will be recycled and the land bioremediated and in the case of those with tarmac it dug up and reforested alongside normal ones with all contaminated rivers,lakes,soils and forests undergoing bioremdetiation programmes managed by Pan bringing them to a pristine state.Abandonded trailer parks,vehicle graveyards etc will have tarmac etc dug up and then reforested once the vehicles are recycled once scanned into Selene etc.Vehicle graveyards of all type will have all vehicles recycled once scanned into Hephaestus with those in woods have the soil bioremediated with the vehicles scanned into Hephaestus once restored in Pandora.Those in open areas will also have the vehicles scanned in and any tarmac and roads dug up and reforested as far back as possible with the vehicles recycled or if in good condition sent to community centres to be traded on Euthenia once fitted with autonomous driving and electric batteries.Military plane and commercial aeroplane graveyards will also be done in the same way with any buildings demolished or converted into homes once the land surrounding them is reforested.Boat graveyards will also have the vehicles recycled once scanned in with the water bioremediated with any piers dug up and returned to a natural state with abandoned piers also treated this way.Abandoned trailer parks will follow the same steps as vehicle graveyards with in time if nomadic tribes gain full accommodation will render normal trailer parks with trailer parks replaced by areas set aside in each town,village and city as well as underground areas underneath them and in underground communities.Vertical gardens as part of all public buildings including communal homes,hospitals etc and can improve air quality,allow cool air to rush in,negate the urban heat island effect,improve transpiration and rainfall.Asclepias will also be planted in large amounts routinely by drones in home gardens,parks and also in meadow and forest farms as well as green belts roundabouts and the side of roadways and highways in areas where it is important to Danaus plexippus to ensure it can be stable with them also engineered to feed on invasive plants and weeds.The lawns and grounds of amenities,universities and public buildings of all types will have them planted here by drones as well.These Asclepias plants can also be planted in pots on rooftop gardens of communal homes with if possible a hybrid between Asclepias and small shrubs and bushes or even something as tall as a Cupressaceae,Abies tree with pleasing orchid like flowers during blooming season that regrows after being eaten using the same accelerated healing phenotype in humans via recombinant DNA from Planarians,Ambystoma mexicanum,Hydra,T.gammatolerans,Deinococcus radiodurans,Bacillus F and C.elegans will repair and regrow damaged tissues can be created using CRISPR making the plant larger to feed more larvae especially if planted in packs with them easier to grow and more aesthetic in gardens and parks and even roofs of communal homes and public buidings.These could be engineered to produce non toxic fruits for humans allowing them to be planted in forest,meadow and grassland farms and community and home farms.They will have inedible green stubble to carry out photosynthesis while the leaves are regrown.This will be in areas where D.plexippus resides and in areas it migrates with the same done for other plants that are necessary to migratory insects and birds and mammals including those that hibernate during the winter.Weeds can also be hybridised with Cupressaceae,Abies tree with pleasing orchid like flowers during blooming season that regrows after being eaten using the same accelerated healing phenotype in humans and produces non toxic fruits can be planted in home gardens and parks etc once pests have been engineered to feed on them rather than crops.Crypts and graveyards for both pets and people around thew world including military ones and also those part of churches and also those by themselves will have all headstones,mausoleums etc recycled and the bodies dug up and converted into diamonds then sent to next of kin including great grandsons etc as well as in some cases even museums and  with them turned into large memorial gardens designed by Pan and Antheia complete with ponds,benches,trees,bushes and also beds of wildflowers etc managed by Thanatos with a statue of him in them and also having a large pillar with the name of the people once buried there.This will allow memorial masses to be held there and all future dead humans and pets will be turned into diamonds and these will provide areas for nature to reside and cool air to rush into cities and towns.This will allow for cool air to rush in,provide place for nature to reside,hiking and allow for memorial masses be held in them routinely with small ones have walls separating them from surrounding fields broken down and merged with them to become largeish memorial gardens.Abandoned graveyards and mausoleums will have the mausoleums renovated or removed and headstones recycled with the bodies turned into diamonds and the land reforested with dying trees pyrolysised and them replaced with new woodland.These would if by woodlands be turned into memorial woodlands again with a pillar.If possible both small large crypts and graveyards in cities,towns,villages and military ones will be completely reforested as far back as possible and have a pillar for memorial masses with again walls broken down.Those by woodlands and large military graveyards will be turned into memorial woodlands with a pillar present.Those beside churches and in the centre of towns will have them turned into memorial gardens with a pillar.An universal statue of Thanatos will be put in place of them next to the pillar or entrance to them.Future dead pets and humans that do die will be turned into diamonds via pyrolysis to be kept at home and save energy in producing headstones and land to house them with this done after wakes.These urban forests will be within all cities and towns worldwide and also all land surrounding them connected to each other and also new and existing parks including those derived from human graveyards and vehicle graveyards of all types and landfills including both vehicle and electronic scrapyards by digging up roads and them replaced with underground ones and diverting other roads.All work can be automated by 2029 with Pan,mayor AI and Antheia designing these reforested areas with plants planted in a natural randomised manner with the layout of hiking trails,reforested areas,parks,underground roads etc planned with native trees,wildflowers,ferns,weeds and shrubs etc planted.This will provide areas for hiking,improve air quality,allow cool air to rush in,negate the urban heat island effect,improve transpiration and rainfall in summer months to prevent heatwaves and protect them from storms and floods especially flash floods and monsoons with native plants planted with them hybridised with fruit and nut trees to provide extra crops and native animals once undergoing conservation efforts using the Phanes method will be moved to them with wild bee nests set up to allow crops in home,community and these farms to be pollinated.Future homes will again be underground communities or aforementioned ones that are built ergonomically.Ideally all reforested areas like existing woodlands etc will house porous asphalt that allows water return to the groundwater and prevent the ground being mucky and slippery for hikers allowing it to be traversable and safe when traversing them

All land currently used for agriculture worldwide in the tropics,North America,Africa,Asia and Europe and so on will be reforested and turned into alongside existing woodlands,jungles,meadows into hybrid farms with this including grasslands as well with local flora and fauna genetically engineered to adapt to the new conditions with seed pods added to them to provide food for them alongside their ability to produce millions of seeds every few hours.By 2029 as detailed earlier on the world should have switched to invitro meat,vertical/community/home farms,bacteria based commodities as detailed earlier to allow for all land used for agriculture worldwide to be reforested and still feed a population well beyond the 11,000,000,000 expected by the end of the century and sequester carbon dioxide with the tropics like the Amazon first reforested as they play an important role in carbon sinks and homeostasis of the planet etc while all other land used for agriculture will be used for outdoor plantations of Bambusoideae which can then be reforested when carbon dioxide levels return to 280ppm.By 2100 automation and AI as well as biosynths,geothermal and fusion power as well as dyson swarm,acellerated healing,in vitro meat,3D DNA printers,biosynth machinery,bacteria based commodites,hydro/aero/aquaponics,home farming,recirculating aquaculture systems,entomorphagy,picotech fabricators that create fertiliser and that gained from sewage and water treatment plants,algae from these for food,food from picotech fabricators,3D DNA printers,genetic engineering that increases yields and growth rates as well as seed productivity and accellerated healing,genetic engineering livestock to produce more meat and eggs,hybrid farms of all types,hybrid crops, etc would increase agricultural productivity well beyond what is needed to feed a growing population with so by 2045-2100 when all of these are developed worldwide the agricultural productivity ratio will skyrocket producing a unfathomable ratio of agricultural productivity.If all of these are perfected by the end of the century and beyond then the ratio could climb as high as at least between 1,000,000,000:1 to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000:1 for the 11,000,000,000 expected by then and thus eliminate scarcity of food worldwide even in the developing countries of the world once they reach a western standard of living while still allowing all land worldwide used for agriculture to be reforested thus bringing the price of all food including the most expensive ones to zero following an exponential growth curve in synergistic synchronicratism with AI development as per Moores Law.By comparison currently 37% of the worlds surface is used for agriculutre and the best we can do is a a ratio of at least between 30:1 to 40:1.Unaltered versions of all types of vegetables and fruits whether root,vine or tree (ie.,Solanum lycopersicum,Lactuca sativa,Vitis,Citrus,Solanum tuberosum) should be planted in all of their native environments such as meadows,grasslands and forests in randomised measure and even in countries where there pests thrive with these like those grown for human consumption in community and home farms will have pest repellance engineered in them to be harvested as extra fruits grown permacultural method.These will be planted mainly in countries they are native to and not foreign countries where they are an invasive species.Weeds will be planted here in large numbers or as part of tree hybrids with the acellerated healing phenotype.Pests will be engineered to be only able to feed on weeds that are planted regularly by drones to allow them to eat them as food with them also allowed to feed on unalterd crops that are planted regularly that dont have repellance etc.This will be done to ensure pests of these crops do not go extinct in the wild causing an imbalance in the ecosystem ie. if Aphidoidea go extinct then Ladybugs would go extinct.Furthermore crops that are made redundant by commodities made from bacteria such as Linum usitatissimum,Gossypium herbaceum,Hevea brasiliensis,Agave tequila,H.brasiliensis,Triticum,Hordeum vulgare,Elaeis oleifera,Attalea maripa,Theobroma cacao,Glycine max and all types of crops with no repellance will be planted in stable numbers in their native habitat with them made resistant to fungal diseases to return them to their native habitats.All types of crops even those grown in home farms,vertical farms etc will be replanted as well including all types of varieties and cultivars.Large numbers of livestock made redundant by in vitro meat,milk from yeast and bioprinted leather will be released to their native habitats in grasslands and also woodlands as well.Asclepias and other important weeds and plants will be planted in copious numbers in rows,in between trees in areas where they are in the path of the migration of members of the subfamily Danainae with them modified as detailed later engineered to be able to feed on them absorb the poison that will still be toxic to their predators who may also be engineered to be susceptible to this ensuring no imbalance in the ecosystem while still being edible to humans.Trees that are hybrids of Asclepias that will be able to regrow after each season are evergreens and feeding using the acellerated healing phenotype will be created to feed large numbers of Danainae.Asclepias will also be planted in large amounts routinely by drones in home gardens,parks and also in meadow and forest farms as well as green belts roundabouts and the side of roadways and highways in areas where it is important to D.plexippus to ensure it can be stable with them also engineered to feed on invasive plants and weeds.The lawns and grounds of amenities,universities and public buildings of all types will have them planted here by drones as well.These Asclepias plants can also be planted in pots on rooftop gardens of communal homes with if possible a hybrid between Asclepias and small shrubs and bushes or even something as tall as a Cupressaceae,Abies tree with pleasing orchid like flowers during blooming season that regrows after being eaten using the same accelerated healing phenotype in humans via recombinant DNA from Planarians,A.mexicanum,Hydra,totipotent stem cells and C.elegans,T.gammatolerans,D.radiodurans,Bacillus F will repair and regrow damaged tissues can be created using CRISPR making the plant larger to feed more larvae especially if planted in packs with them easier to grow and more aesthetic in gardens and parks and even roofs of communal homes.These could be engineered to produce non toxic fruits for humans allowing them to be planted in forest,meadow and grassland farms and community and home farms.They will have inedible green stubble to carry out photosynthesis while the leaves are regrown.

All of this will will allow all areas of the world used for agriculture worldwide to be reforested thus increasing the size of wilderness areas worldwide for both biodiversity,carbon sinks and also hiking etc and tourism with Pan managing the reforesting of all of this land into jungles,forests,woodlands,grasslands and meadows based on soil samples,historical data etc to what they were prior to deforestation and them reforested up until existing woodlands etc with him removing artificial hedges made of plants and stone in order to make them more natural.Even existing meadows and wilderness will through historical data and soil samples will be returned to their ancient primeval states based on what they were prior to human settlements.Underground roads will allow those in jungles,forests,woodlands,grasslands and meadows surrounding towns,villages,cities and protected areas and all deserts to be reforested and replaced with walking areas and dirt tracks that fit more into the natural scenery and allow for hiking and walking to be done safely and preserve the beauty for hikers as the roads once dug up will replaced with dirt tracks.Airports on the outskirts of cities etc will be returned to wilderness such as lakes or parks that fit in with the surrounding reforested area and those in cities turned in large botanical gardens and parks.Theme parks will be torn down buildings turned into communal homes and them visited in VR simulations with golf courses and driving lanes even those on the grounds of hotels and country clubs converted into permanent homes will be reforested and visited in VR simulations.VR technology would allow certain amenities etc to be demolished and the land reforested or turned into homes with others made obsolete by the abolishing of money following suit.Sewage and water treatment plants and other important infrastructure including certain power plants such as fusion,fission,fossil fuel and even geothermal will be moved underground to allow the land to be reforested and them even serving underground communities.Low quality housing such as ghettos and projects,council flats etc and even suburbs will undergo gentrification projects charted in seasons of Restoration Nation that turn them into luxury high quality residential areas for the original occupants coupled with roof extenstions.Low quality housing estates in cities and towns including suburbs may also follow this with them having all buildings have roof,side and underground extensions to make them mini mansions or even merged with neighbours homes if they move out to other homes in the area with if only a few people stay or all move out the unoccupied homes demolished and land reforested.Low quality housing estates,suburbs,slums,shanty towns and ghettos may have all people living there move into abandoned and obsolete buildings renovated into luxury hotel style communal and private homes allowing them to be demolished and the land reforested with future homes being underground communities or luxury communal skyscraper high hotel style homes built in their place.Any one who stays can merge their houses with as many as that of their neighbours and add extensions and merge kitchens,living rooms etc together to make them bigger or turned into other rooms and have gardens merged with extensions with the land around them reforested or communal homes connected to them making them miniature mansions with excess roads dug up.Areas in cities like Detroit that have large areas of blight will be demolished and reforested to surrounding wilderness with all roads dug up as part of this.Slums in all major cities as well will be demolished as people there move to better accommodation with the land reforested.Low quality housing estates and even suburbs in towns and cities around the world can have once all or most of the occupants haved moved to communal homes derived from retail streets,banks,hotels,skyscrapers,shopping malls and other obsolete buildings and abandoned ones in their area or around the world as detailed later and earlier on will allow the low quality estates to be demolished and the land reforested to as far back as existing and reforested land.Even if a few people stay they can add roof,underground and side extensions,refurbishments and merge nearby homes then the rest of the homes can be demolished and reforested with the excess roads dug up and reforested.Otherwise the buildings once demolished can have large luxury skyscraper hotel style communal homes built in their place and all remaining land reforested with roads dug up and reforested.Future homes will be underground these reforested areas and existing wilderness.Even islands that have large areas of low quality homes like the Isle of Man,Lanzarote,Gran Canaries,Hawaii etc will have whole low quality suburbs demolished as locales move into existing and new hotels and have underground and underwater communities also with roads dug up and hedges
removed.Cities that suffer urban sprawl can have all buildings in areas outside of retail streets/outlets and central business districts demolished and have tall luxury hotels put in place to house those from poor neighbourhoods with this and underground communities used to make them compact in both new buildings and underground communities used to increase density.Slums and low quality housing estates will be demolished,roads dug up and the land reforested and the occupants moved into abandoned buildings and communal homes derived from supermarkets,skyscrapers,hotels and newly built hotels including mega hotels in place of retail streets.Only homes wherein the original homeowner decides to stay and renovate will stay standing and communal homes built around while allowing enough land for sizeable gardens.In housing estates and suburbs if most people leave then remaining residents can merge two to ten homes and their gardens together via breaking down walls and hedges made of stone with this including roof,side and underground extensions to become miniature mansions.Entire housing estates and suburbs can remain with communal gardens made out of adjoining fields surrounding them.In all of these types of private homes and council flats garden renovations will be done where seating is added,new plants are planted,koi ponds and water features are added.Homeowners can still have gardens but the land surrounding gardens will be reforested and small gates placed at the end of the garden that then leads them to the reforested land for scenery and hiking with a hiking path connecting this gate connected to their garden to the main hiking path in the reforested land.These reforested areas in the case of homes with small gardens in rural areas will act as extended gardens where one can walk,hike and sit down in on seating added.Areas that were originally and will be reforested as meadows and grassland can have ornamental plants ergonomically dotted around them and seating added to act as dual meadows/grasslands and gardens.Small fields surrounding rural homes separated by fencing can be made into gardens by removing fencing and stone walls to be made larger.Homes right next to each other in the same field that don’t involve the merging of homes can have them share the same garden as well as sharing underground extensions.VR technology can allow one to escape to any sized garden including those with their own home replicated in simulations.If possible part of the reforested land behind and encircling the remaining homes that decide to stay including housing estates consisting of a large field can be kept as an extra large garden for them that contains flowerbeds and trees dotted around designed by the AI Antheia and residents.The size of this garden will be dependant on the amount of homes in the area with in the case of one of two homes it being a small field by with regards to housing estates it can be a large field surrounding the entire estate and act as a large communal garden used by all of them accessed by gates at the back of their gardens that will be as stated have flowerbeds,benches,ponds and trees dotted around it in a semi reforested state and a hiking path with at the back of this a gate leading to the main reforested woodland that stretches out as far back as possible in all directions to existing woodlands.In cases where all residents move out of slums,low quality estates etc then all buildings will be scanned in,demolished,roads dug up and the land reforested.If possible once the low quality houses are demolished roads will dug up and large communal hotel style homes will be be built in place and them forming over the same area as whole islands as roads are diverted either around them or underground to deal with the needs of a growing population.Underground communities will be set up in all towns,cities and villages to make them compact with this and improvements in agriculture will allow all land surrounding all towns,villages and cities worldwide to have all land surrounding them to be reforested as far back possible and returned to primeval wilderness as determined by soil tests etc such as forests,jungles,meadows etc thus giving them sizeable areas to provide scenery,transpiration,good air quality and hiking with it also making them compact and densely populated.Otherwise the land they occupy can be reforested.Abandoned buildings and obsolete ones such as schools,retail outlets of all types,corporate and government headquarters,banks etc especially those of historical value around the world will be renovated into luxury hotel homes for the poor charted in Restoration Nation as detailed earlier on in both the housing and Restoration Nation sections and made water and energy efficient.All major cities and towns will have retail streets turned into mega hotels that take up entire streets that are at least fifty to a hundred stories high and them allowing people to move into them from surrounding low quality areas.These mega hotels and hotels derived from supermarkets,hypermarkets,casinos and also offices and corporate headquarters and all buildings made obsolete by the wire,manufacturing hubs and the abolishment of money will be turned into large luxury hotels with luxury communal living rooms/lobbies and also amenities and automated dining halls and amenities both indoor and outdoor and those on roofs.Corporate headquarters will also be converted into communal homes alongside buildings used by publishers of books,magazines,offices for corporations and lawyers and all professions made obsolete by VR technology and networks within Pheme and Dionysus.Each room will be the same size as the standard suite in the Venetian hotel – 60.387 square metres enough to house living spaces for even married couples an ensuite,mini living room and bedroom customised by each residents with these including terraces and balconies with the communal amenities and even VR technology that allows one to escape to any environment including large presidential suites,mansions,palaces will compensate for the lack of private living rooms and kitchens with them all having room service while communal dining halls,living rooms and bars etc will give them sizable recreation areas to rest.Entire families will live in separate suites in these hotels,motels derived from obsolete and large abandoned buildings.Existing hotels will have roof extensions to house extra Venetian sized room to ensure existing suites are made to the same size as the Venetian standard by merging two or more rooms or splitting large ones with them all customised to the tastes by those who move into each one.Even bottom of the barrel hotels as well as motels,hostels,bnbs etc worldwide will be made into luxury communal homes through luxury refurbishments,roof and underground extensions,merging rooms will be charted in seasons of Restoration Nation.Casinos will also be converted into communal homes with those that are merged into hotels especially in Las Vegas will have casinos and all retail outlets turned into extra suites with museums moved into proper museums.Retail outlets in casinos and hotels will be converted into extra suites and amenities once the items are scanned into Hephaestus and also taken home.Hotels,hostels,bnbs etc will as detailed earlier on become permanent homes with them all even bottom of the barrel ones given roof extensions and luxury renovations,roof extensions and modified so that each room is the same size as the Venetian standard – 60.387 square metres thus meaning even married couples will have rooms to meet their needs for closets etc with the amenities present ie pools,saunas and gyms and communal living room lobbies acting as other rooms in traditional homes with one able to escape to palaces,wilderness etc through VR.Infant and pre pubescent minors will have their own suites.Thus all hotels,bnbs,motels around as detailed earlier on will become permanent homes for residents there from around the world with room swapping and also all private homes in the suburbs including those derived from abandoned and obsolete buildings housing roof,side,underground extensions to house amenities bedrooms for tourists in all major tourist hotspots around the world allowing even large families to stay in different homes in the same neighbourhoods thus allowing traditional tourism to continue once hotels,motels,inns etc are converted into permanent homes.All people worldwide living in mansions,villas and those in the upper and lower middle class or in lower class that even live homes in the suburbs and rural areas will have roof,side and underground extensions to house extra bedrooms and amenities alongside luxury refurbishments for tourists to compensate for the fact that hotels,motels,inns etc becoming permanent homes as an entire family could stay in multiple houses in the same neighbourhood with even residents in hotels etc trading away or swapping rooms when on holiday thus allowing traditional tourism to survive.Thus all central business districts,retail streets etc worldwide due to money becoming obsolete and the wire will become major residential areas upgraded to luxury standards alongside Las Vegas,Silicon Valley etc.Wilderness areas reforested will be as stated be reforested as far back as possible and future communities will be underground communities and homes and those that as detailed earlier involve homes mostly underground with windows,balconies that pop up allowing for wilderness ares to function as both homes and areas for biodiversity.Underground communities will be built underneath all new and existing reforested wilderness to allow for humans to and wilderness to occupy the same space.All lakes,rivers,soils etc in all existing and new wilderness and all of the worlds oceans will undergoe as detailed earlier bioremediation programmes to remove pollution of all types such as rubbish,plastic patches and also even radioactive material and heavy metals etc to return them to pristine condition sewagee treatment plants,rubbish collection and recycling managed by AI will prevent future pollution with Theoi Meteroi sensors in the soil,atmospheric poles,rivers,lakes and oceans will constantly relay in real time the pH,temperature and levels of pollutants even pathogens 24/7 visible to to the public with deviations from the normal ranges corrected by automated procedures carried out by Pan with him monitoring all wilderness areas for rubbish and pollution as well.These sensors will be in all wilderness areas and also in all towns,cities etc worldwide to be visible to the public and also predict or even plan out the weather more effectively by the sentient Theoi Meteroi.Pan will organise the reforestation and bioremediation projects worldwide and thus will allow all towns,cities and villages worldwide to have sizeable areas of virgin and primeval wilderness ideally those that were in their original place ie meadows,jungles,forests,grasslands with as stated all towns,villages and cities worldwide by rivers,lakes,beaches,coastlines etc have new coral reefs set up.Both of these will allow them all to have an increased biodiversity value,hiking areas,tourism value and value to those who live there permenantly.Pan will mange these via sensors in the soil,lakes,rivers and on atmospheric poles and also through biosynths modelled on native animals and humans to detect and cleanup pollution including rubbish and also other automated and prevent illegal poaching and logging and also alongside the sentient Artemis carry out behavioural studies on all flora and fauna and log their populations with Phanes and Artemis carrying out conservation efforts to increase their numbers or even cull them if they get too low or high.Nanomaterials including graphene and others of all 94 elements will play a role in allowing cities to go higher thus making them more compact and dense with underground communities underneath them further increasing density with support columns have these bored into them or put on roofs in layers.Devices that emit dimensional fields that create a bubble with altered physics could be on every few hundred floors to make them lighter and allow more floors to be ontop then what is normally allowed.Tall luxury hotel style communal homes that use Venetian suites – 60.387 square metres will play a role in allowing cities to go higher thus making them more compact and be the predominant home in cities,towns on Earth and on colonies across the rest of the galaxy.Future private homes will be cottage,suburban home style homes,tall ones and underground ones that take up less space on the surface that house these devices.Underground communities will be built underneath all new and existing reforested wilderness allowing all reforested land to house communities underground with even homes designed to be underground that have windows and balconies that pop up at the top with stairs etc and even underground roads allowing access to both underground homes and communities.Underground communities will also be underneath existing towns,villages and cities worldwide and underneath existing and reforested wilderness with them using VR technology and also digital smart windows to allow one to have sizable homes and escape to any environment while still increasing the density of them.Underwater communities will be able to be constructed at the lowest depths of the ocean and along the coasts of all major towns using geothermal power,carbon scrubbers,nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide,internal gardens and even forests with them through pyrex infused with graphene,liquid glass that repels water and prevents the acidity of the ocean eroding stone and steel structures and even graphene composites will allow the large underwater sections of the earth to be colonised.Floating cities will also be created above underwater communities and in other parts of the ocean including those that can float constantly and move across the ocean with oil rigs old and new converted into hotel like buildings and also connected to underwater communities.All of these methods and technologies will make towns,cities and villages around the world more densely populated preventing human encroachment once all land is reforested with vertical farms etc preventing further deforestation.By 2029 invitro meat,vertical/community/home/forest farms etc will allow all land to be reforested and still feed a population well beyond the 11,000,000 by the end of the century to fed.This will all increase the carrying capacity of the Earth and still allow for large amounts of the Earth in each country to be returned permanently to primeval wilderness for biodiversity,hiking,tourism and carbon sinks as well as increase the standard of living to all instantly by 2029-2045 especially those on the lowest socio-economic levels including those who live in slums,low quality housing estates and even the homeless with Pan,mayor AIs etc managing this.

Low quality home estates in towns,villages and cities worldwide and all islands worldwide like Gran Canaria,Mauritius will be demolished and the land reforested while residents move into hotel style homes derived from abandoned and obsolete buildings.This alongside reforestation of agricultural land through imprisonments in agriculture will give all islands,towns,villages and cities sizeable wilderness areas.

Pan will organise the reforestation of graveyards,agricultural land,airports,urban prairies,woodlands surrounding towns and cities etc worldwide by 2029 into forests,jungles,grasslands and meadows.All reforested areas such as airports,agricultural land,urban prairies,graveyards etc will be reforested as far back as possible to existing wilderness thus increasing their size for wildlife as well as carbon sinks managed by Pan.Roads will as stated be dug and replaced by underground ones that pop up or have carparks at key buildings like homes and research centres with walkways composed of permeable interlocking pavement or even just dirt tracks and bioluminescent trees that allow for hiking.Roads in all wilderness areas and those outside of towns,cities around the world will be reforested and moved underground with them replaced with dirt tracks once dug up.

Skyscraper hotel or apartment style homes will become the predominant communal home and predominant homes worldwide.Those modelled in hotels will house suites the same as the Venetian standard roughly 60.387 square meters enough to house a king sized bed,en suite and enough closets for married couples with these homes having communal living rooms in the form of the communal lobby,communal gardens on the grounds of them and also communal rooftop gardens,communal dining halls,communal automated kitchens and communal amenities like pools,saunas etc.To eliminate human labour botlr,tug and other robots providing room service will be present alongside other robots etc eliminating all human labour in kitchens,room service and also communal amenities like pools,saunas etc with all of hotel style homes and their amenities,suites and kitchens etc being luxury style ones on par with the Venetian in Las Vegas.All human labour will be eliminated by 2029.The buildings build for the homeless and poor will be if possible tall as original World Trade Centre twin towns destroyed in 2001 or even Burj kalifa.Those as tall as the World Trade Centre could holds 1,240,000 square metres (13,400,000 square feet) with Venetian standards suite being 60.37 square metres (650 square feet)thus allowing these to hold at least 20,534 suites as much as 20,534 – 41,068 people if 1-2 people are in each room.The Pallazo Standard is slightly bigger at 720 square foot or 66.8902 square metres and could hold 18,537 – 37,075 people.The average Americans bedroom which is considered one of the largest in the world is 12.262 – 18.58 square metres(132 – 200 square foot) and most master bedrooms are 20.8103 – 32.51 square metres(224 square foot to 350 square feet) meaning residents will have large bedrooms larger than in normal homes at least two or three times bigger than a master bedroom and five times bigger than a normal bedroom enough to meet the needs of married couples and hold an en suite with a toilet and shower,king sized bed and large closets for clothes with those by the sides housing balconies.These hotel style homes will have automated communal kitchens,automated communal dining halls,communal amenities such as pools and sauna etc and a communal lobby acting as a communal living room with them having one to five extra floors than the World Trade Centre to house these communal amenities and lobbies on the ground floors.Hotel style homes may need extra floors to ensure an equal dispersion of communal kitchens and dining halls to deal with the ability to serve 18,537 – 41,068 with food with if need be there being the option of meals delivered to each suite.Botlr and tug robots will deliver meals to suites with these added to existing hotels and motels as well as obsolete buildings etc converted into permenant homes.Kitchens will be automated by using chef robots etc and biosynths.Underground basements can house these extra floors.Otherwise each persons 60.37 – 66.8902 square metre suites can in place of living rooms house a closet and also miniature kitchen with a microwave,countertops,sink and fridge.The suite can be modified into a micro suite that is 60.37 – 66.88902 square metres and is larger than most modern day micro-apartments.Micro-apartments that are 60 square metres could in these buildings hold 18,537 – 41,333 people,Those that are 50 square metre apartments could hold 24,800 – 49,600 people with 40 square metre apartments housing 31,000 – 62,000 people.Those that are 30 square metres could hold 41,333 – 82,666 people with those that are 20 square metres holding 62,000 – 124,000 people while a 10 metre squared apartment would hold 124,000 – 248,000 people with the lowest possible for theoretical comfort would be 5 square metres and could hold 248,000 – 496,000 people.Hotel style homes will be modelled on hotels with the Venetian and Pallazo standard of 60.37 – 66.8902 square metres(650 square feet) that is larger than most American normal and master bedrooms will be the bottom baseline style home with again these hotel style homes will have communal living room/lobbies and them having automated communal kitchens and automated communal dining halls.Other communal homes built including in the same size as this model will be luxury apartment blocks on par in luxury quality to billionaires row in America such as One 57,432 Park Avenue,252 East 57th Street,Central Park Tower etc and similar high end luxury apartment buildings around the world thus giving the poor currently living in slums,shanty towns and even the homeless quick access to high quality housing.The largest mansion in the world called The One is 9,754 square metres and houses 21 bedrooms that creates 127 apartments that can hold 2,669 – 5,339 people.The largest apartment in the world is the Sky Penthouse La Tour Odeon which is 3,251 square metres and has 8 bedrooms creates 381 apartments with it capable of holding 3,051 – 6,102 people.Apartments that are the same size of Buckingham Palace the home of the royal family in Britain that has an internal surface area is 77,000 square metres with 332 bedrooms it creates 16 apartments that can hold between 5,346 – 10,692 people.If they contain 1,021 square metre apartments with six bedrooms found in the Continuum South Beach Penthouse 2 in Miami that is the second largest apartment in the world at then they can house 1,214 apartments with at least 7,286 – 14,573 people in each sets of buildings if they are 1-2 people in each bedroom.Apartments that are 3,530 square metres that hold 40 bedrooms can hold 351 apartments that can hold between 14,050 – 28,101 people.Other models can include apartments that are each 929 square metres(10,000 square feet) that house 14 bedrooms as well as bathrooms and also living rooms and kitchens with 1,334 of these in these buildings that can house at least 18,686 – 37,373 people in each set of buildings of 1-2 people are in each bedroom.Some models can involve having them divided into 1,049 square metre apartments with 40 rooms and 20 of those being bedrooms which leads to it holding 1,182 apartments that can hold 23,641 – 47,283 people if 1-2 people are in each bedroom.If apartments are 522 square metres with 12 bedrooms could create 2,375 apartments and house 28,505 – 57,111 people if 1-2 people are in each bedroom.Having the apartments be 522 square metres with 14 bedrooms means there can be 2,375 apartments with 33,256 – 66,513 people if 1-2 people are present.If they contain 507 square metre apartments with 14 bedrooms then there could be 2,445 apartments which could hold 34,240 – 68,481 people if 1-2 people were in each bedroom.Buildings that contain apartments that are 547 square metres with 19 bedrooms then they can contain 2,967 apartments with them able to hold roughly 43,071 – 86,142 people per set of buildings if each bedroom has 1-2 people.An apartment that is 1,923 square metres and holds 68 bedrooms can hold 644 apartments in both buildings and in turn hold 43,848 – 87,696 people if 1-2 people are in all bedrooms.If an apartment is 290 square metres with 12 bedrooms then at least 4,275 apartments can exist and hold 51,310 – 102,620 people is 1-2 people are in each bedroom.If an apartment is 290 square metres with 12 bedrooms then at least 4,275 apartments can exist and hold 51,310 – 102,620 people is 1-2 people are in each bedroom.If an apartment is 290 square metres with 12 bedrooms then at least 4,275 apartments can exist and hold 51,310 – 102,620 people is 1-2 people are in each bedroom.If the apartments are 547 square metres with 30 bedrooms this could create 2,266 apartments that could house 68,007 – 136,014 people.If the same 547 square metres apartments houses 19 bedrooms it can hold 43,071 – 86,142 people if 1-2 people are in it.Micro-apartments that are 60 square metres could in these buildings hold 18,537 – 41,333 people,Those that are 50 square metre apartments could hold 24,800 – 49,600 people with 40 square metre apartments housing 31,000 – 62,000 people.Those that are 30 square metres could hold 41,333 – 82,666 people with those that are 20 square metres holding 62,000 – 124,000 people while a 10 metre squared apartment would hold 124,000 – 248,000 people with the lowest possible for theoretical comfort would be 5 square metres and could hold 248,000 – 496,000 people.The size of the apartments and number of bedrooms will determine the number of apartments and number of people that can be present ranging from 2,669 – 136,014 people.The internal surface area of each apartment as detailed here and others that house between 728,600 – 13,601,400 and are between 547 – 77,000 square metres which is the internal surface area size of most luxury mansions,villas.penthouses,palaces etc currently owned by the wealthy top 1% or those that are vacant can be found on luxury home retail sites meaning most of not all people from all towns and cities could fit comfortably in one building in luxury large sized apartments currently owned by the wealthy and upper middle class meaning even the poor who live in slums and low quality housing estates or even the wealthy themselves will not be cramped with only existing luxury apartments and hotels etc converted into hotel style homes will remain.These apartment models can be used for apartment blocks housing not only bedrooms but also kitchens,living rooms and other essential rooms but also amenities like pools,spas,home cinemas,jacquzzis and hot tubs with most bedrooms large enough to house double,queen and king sized beds,closets for two people and smart flatscreen televisions with cribs for infants held in parents bedrooms or living rooms etc with children old enough to not need cribs will sleep in their own double,queen and king sized beds with if possible pre teen children sleeping in the same bed with siblings of the same age until they move out in their teens into other apartments etc.These apartments will house large families,large amounts of friends and groups of unrelated people with them sizeable enough to house large living rooms and kitchens and bedrooms for privacy.The building might need mechanical floors so we may have to add an extra eight floors thus bring it up to 123 floors to ensure that there is 110 floors of apartments or suites and also separate floors for amenities and lobby etc with them and floors for mechanical areas for elevators,electrical systems etc to ensure that 20,534 suites or up to 504 – 2,735 apartments and up exist alongside amenities,communal kitchens etc and up to between 2,669 –136,014 spaces for people to exist.The amount of apartments in a set of buildings and how much people they can store is dependent on the size of apartments in square metres and number of beds especially double,queen and king sized beds that can hold present.AI can possibly design new apartment models different than the aforementioned ones with different sizes in terms of metres squared and number of bedrooms with sizeable amounts of space in living rooms and different amount of beds that are adequately sized to increase the amount of apartments and people present.If possible rather than having alll buildings apartmeng models have the same layout of rooms the decided apartment model can have the size of each room modified and its location and layout modified thus giving variety with bedrooms made larger or made smaller to house more bedrooms or other rooms made smaller,larger or removed together and the amount of space they occupy shared equally to all bedrooms thus making bedrooms equally larger or add extra bedrooms with other rooms have this done.This modification can be done to add amenities or make certain rooms more spacious etc.Instead of using a single apartment model ie design,size and amount of bedrooms in each building then its possible for AI to extrapolate thousands of different combinations of different apartment models that are of varying sizes,varying numbers of bedrooms to be used in each set of buildings to increase variety and more importantly increase the amount of people present potentially more than 136,014 people or house various combinations that house between 2,666 – 136,014 people.Other skyscraper homes will have larger apartments that house families or unrelated people of varying sizes.Large apartments if possible can be remodelled into a series of micro-apartments if it can be shown that they can increase the amount of people present.All building types whether hotels or apartment blocks will be purely luxury buildings with luxury furniture,luxury furnishes and flooring etc with silk etc created by bacteria and synthetic wood also created by bacteria used.This will ensure that even the bottom baseline housing for the poor and homeless moving into them will be of a high standard on par with the wealthy above what even most middle class suburban residents have until technological advances caused by the exponential growth of the computing power of AI will increasing the living standard of all people in all types of homes including even those occupying these buildings.These buildings can be built next to each other or be two separate buildings set some distance apart or be one building with the same internal surface area.They will of course have to be built in areas with stable ground,where wind does not affect them and where they are not an eyesore or where they will affect aeroplane traffic with them designed not to be eyesores,to be given stable foundations including by digging deep foundations and basements into the ground,designed to not be affected by the weather including wind their construction be be authorised and managed by Tyche and Daedalus with all work carried out by AI,automation and biosynths.They can have different internal and external designs that are unique to each country and city etc but with them having the same internal surface area of 1,240,000 square metres (13,400,000 square feet).The World Trade Centre was 417 metres with other proposed tall skyscrapers include -Mubarak al-Kabir Tower – height will be 3284 feet (1,001 meters). Azerbaijan Tower – height would have been 3,440 feet (1,050 meters).Edison Tower – First proposed in 2015, this tower is to be built in New York City.Its height will be 4,300 feet (1,310 meters).Sky Mile Tower – Its height will be 5,577 feet (1,699 metres).Taller buildings would thus in turn to a larger amount of suites and apartments in the aforementioned options by a factor of between 2.4 – 4 times larger than the baseline World Trade Centre thus allowing each building to house exponentially more people than just the baseine World Trade Centre model.These could house as much as 17,486 – 544,056 people each if they had their internal surface area similar to the World Trade Centre and was this 2.4 – 4 times bigger than it with an internal surface area of 2,976,000 – 4,960,000 square metres.The tallest theoretical structure could be 8,849 metres with an internal surface area of 26,040,000 square metres and could hold 153,006 – 2,856,294 people.This is roughly one metre taller than Mount Everest.All major cities will house these and even coastal cities with even islands that suffer urban sprawl such as Lanzarote,Gran Canaria,Cayman,Mauritius,Hawaii and other densly populated islands that suffer urban sprawl will have urban sprawl demolished,reforested and these tall buildings built with only luxury mansions and palaces especially historical ones left standing with abandoned buildings of historical value kept and converted into homes with large ones converted into communal homes via adding roof extensions.Historical obsolete buildings such as schools,supermarkets,hypermarkets and shopping malls,hotels,motels etc will also be kept and converted into communal homes via roof extensions.The type of building whether hotel style of apartment will be dependent on the place they are put in with small towns of at least 10,000-25,000 people will have Venetian style Hotel style homes present with large towns and cities with populations in between 25,000 – 1,000,000 will have apartment style homes with cities with populations above 1,000,000 will have a mixture of both.The number of bedrooms and rooms in each apartments will be uniform in each set of buildings but the layout of rooms and interior design and architecture of each room will be unique to each apartment with the possibility of each apartment being of different sizes and different number of bedrooms in each apartment in each building and the current population of a town or city will determine what uniform size of apartments etc or what type of apartment,what size and number of bedrooms in each one will be chosen.Those in towns can be built in the outskirts and have all poor people living in low quality homes and ghettos from that town and also from all surrounding towns and even villages added to them thus meaning that populations from entire surrounding towns and villages can be filled into them thus allowing all homes in these surrounding villages and towns to be demolished thus making villages and towns exponentially smaller until only business districts that include retail outlets that will contain supermarkets etc and hotels are left and then will be given roof extensions to make them similar buildings.People especially poor people can even be transferred or move into apartments in different countries and islands etc across the world.This may negate the need for each and every town and city to have them.All of these buildings housing apartments and suites will be luxury style ones with them fitted with type G sockets and the British electrical systems and water and energy efficiency measures.Once built all availible suites and apartments will be advertised on Euthenia for free or through bidding wars with people using loans Kickstarter,Patreon and also saving up universal basic income.Hotel suites in existing hotels,motels and also apartments and suites in rennovated abandoned and ovbsolete buildings will be advertised on Euthenia as well.The original World Trade Centre took 14 years to be built with advanced in AI,automation and Biosynths reducing this to between 5-10 years with if possible them built in place of existing slums etc and the residents living in luxury motorhomes or with homes of friends of friends,releated family members etc or moving into mansions on retail sites bought using loans etc.Most islands,towns and cities could have their entire population fit into one or two buildings with most cities needing at least 6 – 1,217 of these to house their entire population.These buildings can be built next to each other or be two separate buildings set some distance apart or be one building with the same internal surface area or different sized buildings with the same internal surface area of varying heights.They can also be buildings with less than 110 floors as in the original World Trade Centre and be between 10-50 floors or less but still have the same internal surface ares and have them spread out over a large area in a city as much as several kilometres especially in large cities with them as a result of this have roof extensions over time to increase their carry capacity and internal surface area by a factor of at least 10-100 times with them also being a series of disconnected buildings of varying heights and internal surface area that are dispersed across a city or town.They can come in various shapes,sizes and heights designed by AI for each individual cities,towns etc population and geography etc with roof extensions added overtime.Other models can be developed that are compact and be able to house large amounts of people.The World Trade Centre each individual building took up space equal to 4,019 square metres wide and 0.004019 square kilometres and thus combined were 8,038 square metres and that is 0.008038 square kilometres.The World Trade Centre buildings can have their shape modified to be spread sideways across a large area or different shapes but still have the same internal surface area of 1,240,000 square metres.Buildings that take up to 100 times more space in the Earth and spread across 100 times the surface area of the World Trade Centre would take up only 0.8038 kilometres squared.The buildings can be one single building spread out over 0.8038 square kilometres would have 100 times the internal surface area of the World Trade Centre that will be of 124,000,000 metres squared thus allowing a one floor building spread out across this area to house 100 times more apartments and people than a normal building the size of the World Trade Centre.They could house 100 times more people since housing 100 times the internal surface area per each design of apartments on one floor with their height either shorter than the world trade centre and if so then they can hold exponentially more people by adding more floors to as high as the World Trade Centre.If so a building that takes up only 1.24 kilometre squared that is only one floor high could house between 266,900 – 13,601,400 people and if more floors are added to the same height as the World Trade Centre could house even more.Adding 10 floors could allow them to hold 2,669,000 – 136,014,000 people per building while adding 100 floors can allow them to hold 26,690,000 – 1,360,140,000 people per building and so on.Thus a single building that takes up 0.8038 square metres could house the entire population of whole cities as well as even entire states or if possible entire countries and continents with some continents requiring at least 4-5 buildings.Buildings would be left with excess apartments left empty to cater to a cities,countries or even the worlds growing population needs for the coming centuries or even coming thousands of years.These 1.24 square kilometre homes will become the predominant homes across the world and even in colonies across the universe including Mars,Venus etc and other Earth type planets and megastructures such as artificial planets,ringworlds,Alderson discs.Otherwise a series of separate buildings ranging from 10-100 buildings could be built that are spread outwards similar to the single building that would be spread out across a wide area or in close proclximity to each other that each contain 1,240,000 – 12,400,000 square kilometres and combined house 124,000,000 metres squared that are then have up to 10-100 floors.Other singular buildings or those that are separared but hold the same combined internal surface area can use other buildings as a baseline including the aforementioned ones such as Mubarak al-Kabir Tower – height will be 3284 feet (1,001 meters). Azerbaijan Tower – height would have been 3,440 feet (1,050 meters).Edison Tower – First proposed in 2015, this tower is to be built in New York City.Its height will be 4,300 feet (1,310 meters).Sky Mile Tower – Its height will be 5,577 feet (1,699 metres).Taller buildings would thus in turn to a larger amount of suites and apartments in the aforementioned options by a factor of between 2.4 – 4 times larger than the baseline World Trade Centre thus allowing each building to house exponentially more people than just the baseine World Trade Centre model.Them spread out similar to world trade centre model could hold exponentially more people on one floor spread out on 0.8038 square kilometres or slightly more.AI will be able to design new models of buildings that when spread out over 0.8038 square kilometres or more or less on one floor can hold exponentially larger internal surface area and thus exponentially larger amount of apartments and buildings and thus hold exponentially more people on 10-100 floors.Mag lev elevators can be added that can go upwards,downwards and sideways to be faste and more energy efficient than conventional elevators to allow the internal area used by the elevators in the original design to be used for more living spaces of apartments with the inner cores structural design modified for each different design of these buildings.The internal surface area of each apartment in buildings that have one floors as detailed here and others that house between 26,690 – 1,360,140 and are between 547 – 77,000 square metres which is the size of most luxury mansions,penthouses etc currently owned by the wealthy top 1% meaning most of not all people from all towns and cities could fit comfortably in one building in luxury large sized apartments currently owned by the wealthy and upper middle class meaning even the poor who live in slums and low quality housing estates or even the wealthy themselves will not be cramped with only existing luxury apartments and hotels etc converted into hotel style homes will remain.The amount of people 2,669 – 136,014 that can fit in one floor is the population range of most towns and small cities meaning their entire population can be moved into one single building that takes up 1.24 square kilometres.As stated adding 10 floors could allow them to hold 26,690 – 1,360,140 people which is within the population range of most cities.Adding 100 floors could hold 266,900 – 13,601,400 people again within the range of all of the most populated cities.This 1.24 square kilometres is only a baseline as much better compact,designs that are able to take up even just 0.8038 – 0.88418 square kilometres of land that can hold the same or more people can be developed by AI.The use of large apartment style buildings that are spread out over areas ranging from 0.803-1.24 square kilometres will allow the vast majority of people living in slums and low quality housing to move into them thus allowing the low quality housing to be demolished and reforested with this making cities more compact alongside underground communities etc with this as stated this will give each town,village and city worldwide large sizeable areas of wilderness for hiking and walkabouts as part of Agoge trainees.Only abandoned and obsolete buildings of historical value such as schools,retail outlets,hotels corporate headquarters etc that will undergoe luxury rennovations,converted into communal homes through having roof extensions and homes that people wish to stay in that will undergoe luxury renovations and house roof extensions and also existing luxury apartments and mansions especially of historical value will remain standing alongside churches,government buildings and also sewage treatment plants and hospitals etc will remain with if possible hospitals built near the new buildings and remaining communal homes and then demolished decided by the public.Private homes and apartment blocks also of historical value and where people wish to stay will also remain,rennovated to luxury standards and house roof extensions and merge with neighbours and the land around them reforested.Building them in place of slums and ghettos will help make villages,towns and cities compact with them built in small towns allow people to be moved from islands and large cities into smaller towns,villages and small towns can have them built to have people from other countries cities,towns etc and islands moved to them.They can be built in the outskirts of towns and cities and then most if not all people from low quality housing estates,slums and ghettos etc will move into them and allow all low quality housing estates,slums,ghettos that the new residents come from to be demolished and the land reforested thus making them more compact and have large areas of reforested land.As stated only obsolete buildings such as supermarkets,hypermarkets,retail streets,schools and existing hotels alongside both abandoned buildings and existing apartment blocks especially those of historical value will remain to be converted into private homes and hotel and apartment style communal homes with these sized apartments and hotel suites through roof extensions and given luxury refurbishements.All buildings converted into private and communal homes derived from these will be luxury homes.All obsolete and abandoned buildings will be converted into these luxury style apartment and hotel style homes with amenities and the Venetian or Pallazo standard with roof extensions added to house more rooms.All of these abandoned,obsolete buildings and those on retail sites etc and hotels and motels etc and their rennovations into luxury private communal homes will be charted in the universal home flipping show Restoratiion Nation.Other buildings such as vertical farms,churches and government buildings key to the functioning of city and town will remain with if possible sewage and water treatment plants moved underground.The only private homes as part of estates and suburbs that remain will be those where people decide to remain and merge their homes with those who move out combined with roof and underground extensions making them miniature mansions with them also having luxury rennovations and adding amenities and have garden renovations.This should make most towns and cities densely populated especially when combined with underground communities but at the same time have 50-90% of their surface area demolished and reforested making them house large areas of reforested land that improves air quality,negates the heat island effect,transpiration,rainfall patterns etc and gives them each sizeable areas for hiking etc.All tarmac on roads,concrete/wiring/wood etc from all demolished homes will be recycled.All demolished buildings will be before being demolished will be scanned into Daedalus to be preserved for future media such as video games,movies,television shows and to be used as the baseline for future homes across the universe and VR simulations.Thus these will allow the majority of all large towns and cities to have all low housing estates,slums,shanty towns etc demolished,roads dug up and the land reforested with original ecosystems such as meadows and forests giving each city and towns sizeable areas of reforested wilderness,urban forests etc for increasing transpiration,improvement in air quality and negating the urban heat island effect and provide areas for hiking.Slums,shanty towns,ghettos and low quality housing estates will once people have moved into these and even intermediary shelter will be demolished and the land they occupied reforested.Rural communities in Africa etc will have these luxury homes built.Existing ghost towns full of homogenous villas etc that are abandoned and crumbling due to being built without adhering to building codes will be demolished once scanned in and replaced by tall luxury homes either apartment style buildings in billionaires row or Venetian or Pallazo hotel style homes.Ghost towns in China will be rennovated and given to the homeless etc in Africa and China.Abandoned buildings will be renovated into luxury communal hotel style homes once given extensions of up to 50-100 floors and the poor witl book places in them.Abandoned private homes will be rennovated and given luxury renovations and extensions and traded away.Obsolete buildings like supermarkets,hypermarkets,retail outlets etc once communities become self sufficient through manufacturing hubs and vertical farms and both Demeter and Hepheastus will be once given 50-100 roof extensions converted into luxury communal hotel homes with amenities communal kitchens and dining halls and Venetian or Pallazo standard suites.Even islands that suffer from urban sprawl and overpopulation will through this be able to have large amounts of its wilderness returned.All demolished buildings will before being demolished have both their interior and exterior scanned in by drones etc into Daedalus to preserve them for use in media and VR simulations.Abandoned and obsolete buildings can be converted into either hotel style or apartment style buildings both luxury ones with them also given rennovations to make thrm water and energy efficient and type sockets.Only those who wish to stay in low quality housing for intirinsic reasons will stay and can have homes of neighbours who move out merged together and have roof extensions to form miniature mansions complete with luxury refurbishments while all other buildings are demolished to create large gardens and wilderness.Only residents who wish to stay in there old homes will stay and add roof,side and underground extensions,possibly merging with neighbours to become miniature mansions with the land occupied by demolished buildings reforested.There rennovations will be charted in episodes of Restoratiion Nation.People will be allowed sizeable gardens but their gardens will house gates that lead to reforested wilderness with it meadows,forests etc that even in the case of forests can house benches and flowerbeds in the reforested land acting as extended communal gardens with the reforested meadows and forests housing hiking paths that leads to other towns,estates etc thus acting as extensions to this.For islands and coastal communities only existing mansions will remain.In some cities areas of low quality housing estates and non residential areas and districts with no historical buildings will be demolished.Having existing obsolete buildings and skyscrapers such as hotels,corporate headquarters and retail outlets converted into these through roof extensions through roof extensions to go as high as possible could make existing central business districts buildings house this much people or as near to it.Existing obsolete and abandoned buildings and existing council flats and apartment blocks etc especially of historical value that are not as wide or tall will be preserved and given roof extensions as high as possible and house these sized apartments and suites alongside luxury rennovations and made energy and water efficient.All existing hotels and motels and obsolete buildings such as supermarkets,hypermarkets,corporate headquarters and banks etc worldwide will become communal homes with rooms merged together to form either hotel or apartment style homes with them having these universal sizes with people booking spaces to merge them and modify them to their personal tastes with roof extensions of at least 50-100 floors adding more rooms of this size to be modified by people that book them.Existing hotels,hostels and motels after having roof extensions of up to 50-100 floors will have two or more rooms merged together to form the Venetian or Pallazo standard of 60.37 square metres and larger suites divided in two to form this size abd all of those in roof extensions being of this size with them given luxury rennovations and housing closets,smart televisions and a king sized bed.Some may even house miniature hot tubs to house 1-2 people similar to existing hotels.Hotel style buildings will will include those derived by existing hotels,motels etc that have roof extensions of 50-100 floors that will use the Venetian or Pallazo standard of 60 – 66.8902 square metres with them if they go high enough may have extra communal living rooms and communal automated kitchens and dining halls and amenities to cater to those in the higher floors.These hotel style buildings can also be derived from obsolete buildings like supermarkets,retail outlets etc and also abandoned buildings once given 50-100 roof extensions with them all have either the Venetian or Pallazo standard suites enough to cater to married couples and a single person with them housing communal lobbies acting as communal living rooms,communal kitchens and dining halls all automated and amenities like pools and saunas etc.In all hotel style homes both those derived from existing hotels etc and also new buildings and both abandoned and obsolete buildings all human labour will be eliminated through advances in AI and automation with communal kitchens and communal dining automated using chef robots,room service carried out by botlr and Tug robots and Biosynths replacing all human staff.Lobbies will act as communal living rooms with amenities such as pools etc kept and added.Those that go high up as possible will on every few floors have extra automated kitchens,dining halls and also extra amenities.Hotels that have golf courses will have them reforested once VR technology allows them and others to be visited in them.Country Clubs and resorts and spas usually relegated to the wealthy will become hotel style communal homes as high as 10-100 floors with the Venetian or Pallazo standard with golf courses reforested once VR technology is perfected.Existing golf courses outside of hotels will be reforested once VR technology is availible with any buildings present converted into private or communal homes.Abandoned buildings will have them rennovated to liveable standards and given luxury standards.Those that are of extremely low quality that cannot be rennovated once their internal and external structure is scanned into Daedalus will be demolished to make way for new hotel or apartment style luxury homes in place of them including those in the same architectural style but with larger apartments etc.while residents stay in homes of other citizens and luxury motorhomes temporarily or move into those from rennovated obsolete buildings.Obsolete buildings such as corporate headquarters,banks etc that are in large buildings and skyscrapers will have roof extensions of as much as 50-100 floors to become luxury hotel or apartment style buildings.Primary,elementary,middle,secondary and high schools etc across the world will become hotel or apartment style buildings after 50-100 roof extensions.Retail outlets such as supermarkets,hypermarkets etc will also become these with entire retail streets where buildings are sprawled over large sections of plots of land may have all buildings on them merged together by adding doors or breaking down walls and any alleys have extra sections added to fill them that act as hallways or extra sections of rooms that merge all buildings into one large building.Buildings separated by roads can have roads dug up and diverted around them to bridge them together with the roads replaced by underground roads or they can have large archways that cover the entirety of the areas separated by roads that acts as hallways or part of the building that houses extra floors above it housing extra suites,apartments and amenities allowing the roads to be still used by traffic.These buildings will cover large areas of cities and towns and through roof extensions of about 10-100 floors can become large apartment complexes of the aforementioned apartment sizes or hotels with the Venetian or Pallazo standard that can cover as much as a hectare or more becoming mega hotels and mega apartments.All buildings that take up a plot of land can be merged into All abandoned buildings and obsolete buildings such as supermarkets,hypermarkets etc will be converted into communal homes once given roof extensions after luxury renovations.All of them will become luxury hotel or apartment style buildings.At the same time they will make renovations that improve the water and energy efficiency such as replacing taps,toilets and showers with those that use 98% less water,remove asbestos etc and replace it with fungi insulation and hempcrete that reduces energy waste by 90% and triple plyed windows as detailed in the energy section.Also at the same time all sockets and electrical grids will be converted to that of Great Britain Type G.The renovations of these obsolete and abandoned buildings into luxury apartment and hotel style homes will be charted in episodes and seasons of Restoration Nation.Their rennovations will be charted in Restoration Nation.Other existing obsolete buildings such as retail outlets,supermarkets,corporste headquarters,high schools etc will be converted into apartment blocks that will contain groups of apartments of different sizes ranging from 547 square metres to 1,021 square metres or bigger with varying amounts of bedrooms or even micro apartments ranging from 30-60 square metres.All of these hotel style and apartments from existing buildings will be luxury style ones with them fitted with type G sockets and water and energy efficiency measures.Graphene paint and sheets of Graphene placed on exisring floors and new floors added alongside Graphene fibres in concrete etc with concrete,foam create and in steel trusses fitted with sheets and nanotubes of Graphene can give existing buildings and new floors added extra strength due to it being 200 times stronger than steel thus allowing these buildings to go high as possible and house on every few floors extra amenities such as pools,gyms,saunas and have existing suites house miniature hot tubs.Graphene paint painted on existing and new floors and on roofs ontop of steel and concrete will make them 200 times stronger than steel allowing them to go higher and hold larger weights for heavy amenities such as hot tubs and pools etc.Multiple sheets of Graphene can be placed on existing and new floors underneath new flow flooring to hold large weights due its strength to hold amenities like pools,jacuzzis and hot tubs in communal amenities or even private apartments.This placed on existing and new roofs will increase the amount of floors thst can be added to allow buildings to go as high as possible.Future buildings including the large mega apartment blocks that take up 0.803 square kilometres and existing buildings that need roof extensions can use trusses and girders composed of Graphene and other carbon composites due to it 200 times stronger than steel thus allowing it hold larger weights and also go as high as possible potentially allowing buildings that a base similar to the World Trade Centre and aforementioned buildings both when normal or spread out over in the 0.803 square kilometre model can allow them to go potentially 200 times taller due to it 200 times stronger especially when coupled with Graphene sheets and paint on each floor with existing buildings using Graphene paint and sheets of Graphene and new floors using Graphene trusses and girders possibly able to 200 times taller than normal.It will allow the floors of each buildings to carry heavy loads such as pools,jacuzzis and hot tubs including those in private apartments and suites.The aforementioned new buildings constructed to house new luxury apartments including them modules on the World Trade Center and highest theoretical building of 8,849 metres will use graphene sheets,paint and girders etc so thry could go as high 94,200 – 1,769,800 metres within the troposphere.The use of Graphene sheets fibres and paint and trusses etc will be used in the construction of the aforementioned new apartment buildings including those spread out over 0.8083 square kilometres that house apartments to increase the loads they can carry and height they can go.Existing buildings that includes abandoned and obsolete buildings rennovated into communal homes that will have roof extensions will use Graphene sheets and Graphene paint on existing floors and roofs abd use trusses and girders composed of Graphene etc to increase their loads and how many floors they can hold.Underground and underwater communities will be built to further increase population density of towns,cities and villages.VR technology and other emerging technologies will cater to materialism with VR technology will allow residents here own an infinite number of palaces,mansions and if they wanted suburban homes and their original homes etc renovated.Coinciding with the exponentional growth of AI from 2029-2045 onwards new hypothesised technologies will potentially increase the internal surface area of private homes and potentially even apartments and hotel suites in hotel and apartment style communal homes.Once money becomes obsolete and VR technology is ubiquitous corporate headquarters and offices for live news stations,newspapers,magazines etc will become communal homes.The poor who live in slums and homeless will using patreaon,Kickstarter and universal basic income and loans from Euthenia gain permenant residence in hotels and motels across the world through Euthenia with them also buying homes including luxury ones across the world all transferred to Euthenia.Abandoned and obsolete buildings will have spaces booked in them and one moving into them when built.Once aforementioned skyscrsper style hotels and apartment blocks are built all availible suites and apartments will be advertised on Euthenia for free or through bidding wars with people using loans Kickstarter,Patreon and also saving up universal basic income.Hotel suites in existing hotels,motels once merged and also apartments and suites in rennovated abandoned and ovbsolete buildings will be advertised on Euthenia as well.All vacant homes in retail sites including luxury homes will alongside abandoned homes and obsolete buildings will be added to Euthenia where they will gained by people bidding for them using universsl basic income,loans,Patreon and Kickstarter.Low quality homes on retail sites will be added to Euthenia and once bought will berennovated to luxury standards and given amenities and aldo roof,side and underground extensions.Hotels and motels as well as hostels and inns etc will be turned into permenant homes due to homesharing replacing them allowing the poor and homeless to using money from Patreon,Kickstarter and Universal basic income to buy permenant residence in suites present.Spaces in hotels and motels worldwide will be integrated,advertised and traded away permenantly in Euthenia.Rooms in existing hotels and motels will be merged together to form the Venetian or Pallazo standard and roof extensions will be added to house extra rooms of this size to compansate for the merging of rooms.Roof extensions can be added to existing and future communal homes to go as possible.All this coupled with the reforestation of agricultural land will make towns,cities and villages more densely populated and compact and have land formerly occupied by low quality homes demolished and reforested giving them sizeable areas of wilderness.All of these anbandoned,obsolete buildings and those on retail sites etc and hotels and motels etc rennovations will be charted in the universal home flipping show Restoratiion Nation.This will be planned by Mayor AI,Tyche and residents with historical buildings given roof extensions to house this amount of space of the Venetian or various apartments as closely possible.Programmes to fund gentrification programmes of private and communal homes and obsolete and abandoned buildings around the world gotten by the poor via bidding using Patreon/kickstarter and loans into energy and water efficient ones with luxury renovations etc will be funded by her by handing out loans to fund electricians,construction workers etc and also training programmes and also demolishing low quality,decrepit buildings and slums to be reforested or replaced with tall luxury communal homes will be managed by her and Daedalus.In short these AIs will upgrade all poverty stricken ghettos,rural communities worldwide in Africa,India,China and even in first world countries such as Europe and America etc to luxury 21st century standards in terms of housing,infrastructure such as roads/bridges/sewage and water treatment plants/agriculture/energy systems by using all of the worlds money thus eliminating poverty worldwide between 2029-2060.The work will be a combination of AI,robots and human etc to cut costs and her and other AI as well as international groups ensuring the work is not sloppy.Ideally workers will consist of those from developed countries and measures devised to ensure the finished hotel style homes,roads and bridges etc are up to rigourous standard.During the transition to new permanent residence the homeless and poor living in slums may be provided by Euthenia and Gaia temporary shelter in luxury mobile homes and recreational vehicles.The poorest of the poor and homeless will have Euthenia bank accounts set up and receive like every one else an universal basic means tested with them receiving large incomes as high as $200,000-$1,000,000 a year to pay for essentials such as food,new clothing,electronics.They may even be given temporary residence in vacant homes around the world or even taken in temporarily for a few months or few years by members of the public such as average citizens as well as CEOs,celebrities etc who live in suburbs,mansions,palaces,apartments and condominiums for as long as a year or few years.They can also be given temporary residence in luxury mobile homes and recreational vehicles with them given donated food and electronics and clothes and accces to showers and baths.In all instances they will be supplied with laptops,electricity and internet access and also showers etc and baths as well as showers and possible work in remaining areas of the economy before fully automated.Volunteer groups and charities that works with the homeless and poor will approach them to give them temporary accomadation and help setting up bank accounts with Euthenia as well as acces to electronics and even food and clothing as showers and baths.All slums and ghettos and shanty towns and low quality housing estates once the residents have moved out to new homes or temporary residence will be demolished and land reforested or tall luxury communal homes will be set in their place.They will also use temporary residence in luxury motor homes and mobile homes.Charities and funding from Euthenia will provide with the money to buy new clothing,electronics,food etc until self sufficient..All people that live in slums,ghettos and shanty towns will will be moved into vacant homes,home sharing programmes,luxury mobile homes and recreational vehicles while their slums etc will be demolished by Perseus and luxury hotel style homes,condominiums built in their place.Volunteer groups that work with the poor and homeless will track them down and provide the poor with the tools to set up bank accounts to avail of the universal basic income,find temporary accomadation etc with them also tracking down homeless people on the streets to be directed to shelters etc to avail of these programmes.Universal Basic income and also Patreaon,Kickstarter will allow the poor and homeless to book places in hotels,motels,private homes and renovated obsolete and abandoned homes as permenant homes advertised in Euthenia.All hotels and motels worldwide will become permenant homes with home sharing similar to couchsurfing integrated into Euthenia replacing hotels for tourists thus allowing poor people and homeless move into them and them given luxury rennovations.All buildings such as existing private homes,Council flats and apartment blocks and obsolete and abandoned buildings worldwide will undergoe luxury rennovations that give them luxury furnished,luxury furniture etc on par with top end hotels and apartment blocks with the ultra wealthy homes and also have rennovations that make them energy and water efficient and convert them to Type G plug systems etc

People living private homes in the suburbs,cottages and apartment blocks as well as council flats around the world will use patreaon,Kickstarter,universal basic income to carry out renovations in their homes such as adding roof,side and underground extensions for amenities and bedrooms for tourists,buying new luxury furniture,vehicles,clothing etc and also luxury furnishings to kitchens,bedrooms etc composed of ornamental rocks,luxury synthetic hardwoods and even precious gems and metals like diamond,silver,gold etc and adding extra bedrooms for tourists and also amenities such as pools and jacquzzis etc and renovating gardens to luxury standards.Those with second homes will have extensions to house extra bedrooms and be traded away permenantly with the extra bedrooms allowing original owners to come and go as they please as part of home sharing programmes with them also visited in VR simulations.Council flats especially low quality ones and apartment blocks will alongside having luxury rennovations and amenities added will also have roof extensions to house extra larger apartments and flats and allow those on lower floors to be merged together to make them bigger and occupants that stay either move upwards or to other homes.Council flats and apartment blocks of especially historical value can follow two options either have them made to the Venetian or Pallazo standard of 60.37 – 66.8902 square metre with communal kitchens,dining halls and amenities or 1,021 square metres or other sized large apartments with six or more bedrooms by merging them together.All of these will have luxury rennovations with outside cladding removed and replaced with luxury synthetic wood etc or have them painted bright colours etc to look much better.Homes in towns and cities as well as islands where residents that stay will have roof extensions and merge with that of neighbours who leave by breaking down walls that separate those that are separated by walls or adding doors.Those separated by fencing,hedges and small walls in the suburbs will have fencing and walls torn down and then have extensions that connect the homes together with the rooms that connect buildings modified into the new extensions by making the extensions that connect homes part of new enlarged living rooms etc or with those separated by some distance will have extensions that connect the homes together again with rooms modified.Roof extensions will make them miniature mansions.These renovations of private homes and apartments where people stay and all obsolete buildings and abandoned buildings as well all of historical value will include luxury refurbishements,remodelling rooms,roof/side/underground extensions to add amenities such as pools etc and bedrooms for tourists etc and converting them to Type G sockets and electrical systems as well as being fitted with energy and water efficiency measures such as hempcrete and fungi insulation to reduce heating waste by 90%,triple plyed windows to reduce energy waste and also water efficient showers,water faucets and toilets that use 98% less water and also have new luxury furniture and new electronics added will be charted in the universal house flipping and renovation show Restoration Nation for historical purposes and fans of house flipping shows.Council flats etc will also have luxury rennovations etc.At the same time all council flats and private homes and all obsolete buildings converted into hotels will make renovations that improve the water and energy efficiency such as replacing taps,toilets and showers with those that use 98% less water,remove asbestos etc and replace it with fungi insulation and hempcrete that reduces energy waste by 90% and triple plyed windows as detailed in the energy section.Also at the same time all sockets and electrical grids will be converted to that of Great Britain Type G.These renovations will be done to not only improve the energy and water efficiency of existing homes but increase the standard of living of residents by adding extensions to house amenities and bedrooms for tourists and luxury refurbishments and will be charted in episodes of Restoration Nation presented by amateur presenters and the homeowners themselves.All private homes,public buildings obsolete buildings and abandoned buildings will be scanned into the Daedalus sub network of Hephaestus before and after renovations to preserve them for media such as movies etc set in VR simulations and also as baselines for new homes etc across the universe.People who live in low quality housing estates will like the homeless and poor in slums bid for places in luxury homes,hotels etc around the worldwide.Low quality homes on retail sites can be bought and then given luxury rennovations and extensions thus making high quality homes for new homeowners.Thus not only will the standard of living of the poor and homeless will be increased exponentially but the standard of living of those in the middle class who live in apartments,suburbs,Council flats and cottages will be upgraded exponentially through luxury renovations.This combined with all government programmes carried out by AI including Gaia,Epione etc will eliminate poverty worldwide by funding the upgrading of all slums,ghettos,rural communities in Africa,Asia,Middle East etc into luxury’s 21st century communities.Public buildings such as bars,nightclubs,hospitals and restaurants will be given renovations to make them water and energy efficient but also given extensions and luxury renovations and refurbishments etc.Restoration Nation will chart the renovation of private homes,obsolete and an abandoned buildings into luxury homes.It will also chart luxury renovations of public buildings such as hospitals etc.

All areas in the developed world ie Europe,America,Russia and the developing world in Africa,The Amazon and Asia can begin reforestation projects starting in 2029 by which time 3D DNA printing,the Phanes method can be perfected alongside the use of vertical farms,genetically altered bacteria,in vitro meat,entomorphagy,community and home farming which would allow for them to be reforested would be perfected and set up by this time.Ideally all trees reforested would be hybrids of them and fruit and nut trees to allow the land to be reforested but also provide food for humans as detailed earlier on.Using fleets of drones controlled by Pan to plant seeds of the trees of multiple and also native ferns and bushes can be done with the fleets having each drone fitted with the seeds of each species with the Pan software sentient by this point planting them in pre programmed GPS locations for each species with this done simultaneous in all areas across the world allowing for all land used for agriculture and reforestation projects to be done at once with ideally as detailed early on these first using a mixture of fast growing S.babylonica,Bambusoideae and native trees that are equally engineered to grow faster and intake more carbon dioxide than normal in carbon sequestrian biochar techniques with the land permenantly reforested with hybrid trees once carbon dixoide levels reach 280ppm while artificial tree projects also are carried out.The tropics ie the Amazon as well as all other rainforests and jungles across the world will be reforested as soon as possible indefinitely.Reserves of fossil fuels such as oil,coal and gas will be extracted by Steropes using the boring of underground holes and even adaptions of the hydraulic fracturing method where pipes extract the fuels from stations several kilometres away from the reserves to limit damage to the environment with this of note to ANWAR,Caspian Sea and tar sands of Venezuela and Canada.

If possible heavy rains and water rich hurricanes from the Gulf could be sent to areas prone to heatwaves during these periods with if possible sent to the Sahara and Sahel with the last of them reaching the Middle East more frequently to push it through an artificial wet period thus increasing the amount of grassland and forest cover with this making these areas more liveable and increase the amount of people able to live their with ideally this being before they reach catagory 4 or 5 status with if possible the same applied to areas covered in large deserts such as the Middle East receiving the last of these rains or if possible them receiving monsoon rains that would otherwise flood entire areas of India with this applied to all desert areas around the world with any native flora and fauna engineered to adapt to the new climate and conditions with new species of plants and animals created to thrive there.Plants as part of the reforestation efforts can be engineered to thrive in the unique soils.This new green Sahara and Sahel will be managed by Theoi Meteroi and the changes done to the change it causes to the rest of the planet with again other areas in South America,The Middle East etc have this replicated by using other rain rich weather systems existing or new to make them able to house rainforests,human settlements and also agricultural belts primarily forest jungle farm belts.Theoi Meteroi would carry out simulations as the effects of alterations using readings from all networks and subsystems within it taking in all factors and carrying out the best actions allowing it to control the global weather and its systems and thus climate over decades or even millenia thus giving it control of its accurate forecasts over these long periods of time.Xerophile,oligotophic and Firmicutes,Hydra,planarians,Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans etc DNA added to these plants will ensure their ability to survive longterm and thus if possible all deserts worldwide such as The Austrailian Outback,Gobi,Arabian,Sahara,Atacama,Great Basin Desert including Death Valley,Mojave Deserts could dissapear indefinitely covered with forests,jungles or at least grasslands by the mid to late 22nd century mitigating and reversing desertification and climate change with it also making land used for home and community farms have farming viability on par of the agricultural belts of the devloped world.This would be done in advancements in geoengineering,picotech fabricators creating water and nutrients managed by Theoi Meteroi with it replicated on other planets in the universe such as Mars and Venus.All work in this can be automated and controlled by Pan and Aristreaus with them converting whole acres in different parts of the desert at once thus speeding the process up to eventually enclose them up using fleets of ploughs and drones and robotic tree planters.If done collectively at different parts of all deserts then all of the world deserts will be reforested by the mid to late 22nd century.Until then desalisation plants can direct water via underground pipes to the parts of the Sahara etc being reforested bit by bit.The sand of the Sahara deserts can be shipped to over
exploited beaches around the world and also the beaches it naturally fills up and also the Amazon via the natural wind systems once the phosphorous is extracted and spread over it artificially step by step by automated aeroplanes in a controlled manner to allow for the land to be reforested step by step with this done by a series of automated trucks and boats as well as theoretical transporter technology and picotech fabricators transporting them to beaches around the world with the stone deserts reforested first as per reforestation projects.Possibly the Amazon will be served with phosphorous etc via aeroplanes or fertiliser drones flying over it and dispersing the extracted phosphorous and nitrogen in controlled bursts with in time this created by picotech fabricators.If possible the large reserves can be stored in underground stations,tunnels or those dotted in and around it and then extracted and delivered by fleets of aeroplanes,fertiliser drones or even underground irrigation systems connected directly to the surface with as stated when the fertiliser is sieved out.Ideally though all trees in the Amazon will be inoculated with microbes to fit them with xerophile,Firmicutes and oligotrophic DNA to reduce the amount of the fertiliser and water they need with engineering and also further engineering to micro-organisms in the soil to hold these nutrients longer or permanently ie containing DNA from nitrogen fixing bacteria to interact with all plants in them(with them having DNA from plants that interact with these bacteria)and plants that degrade can be done to ensuring the nitrogen and phosphorous is kept in the soil without leaching once a plant dies allowing plants growing in the place of dead ones place to reuse it with the trees and plants also engineered to intake atmospheric nitrogen.AI will create ways via engineering the micro-organisms in the soil and trees to store the nutrients in the soil once they die preventing them leaching.If possible the trees could be spotted by drones and biosytnhs in the area and then the plants collected once ther GPS location is marked and them pyrolysised in centres on the outskirts devoted to this and the carbon and nitrogen as well as phosphorous will be spread over the exact same spot and a new tree of the exact same species created using 3D DNA printed seeds by these centres planted using drones in the same spot.This will ensure that the levels of trees are constant for each species and also that the carbon dioxide and phosphorous etc will be recycled continuously recycled and kept in balance with this also ensuring the trees dont release carbon dioxide when they die with any organisms that require the need to feed on dead material given other material spread onto the ground or even if need be trees fully grown via hydroponics and then cut into wood and these wood boards spread on the area to feed microganisms and also decomposing multicellular lifeforms.By 2045 Theoi Meteroi,Pan and Artemis will be able to accurately determine the amount of phosphorous is scattered by the winds and replicate it properly to allow the sands to be removed,fertiliser sieved out,silica grains spread over the beaches it fills up and also exploited beaches with in time the beaches it fills also filled by those created by picotech fabricators and the sand used for electronics etc.When reserves do run out in 1,000 years then picotech fabricators can create it onsite of the Amazon to be continually dispersed in the Amazon and any oceans with the heat and sunlight reflecting effects countered by the continual release of calcium carbonate aerosols.By the year 3,029 or so as well as even a few centuries before that picotech technology will be able to create another 55,000,000 years worth of sand enriched with nitrogen etc with ease and to dump in the Sahara with the sand tested by 2029 for the exact composition of the sand analysed for its nutrient content for replication.Theoi Meteroi once controlling the global weather will ensure the remaining and new sand will be diapered over the Amazon and Atlantic alongside rains to feed both with water and nutrients.This can be done by underground communities underneath the Amazon creating it and pumping it through irrigation systems or having planes disperse them routinely.The worlds oceans fertilised by the Sahara will be fulled by both plankton etc engineered to release the nitrogen and phosphorous upon death or being released as faeces and urine from sea fauna that eat them and their predators or again picotech fabricaotrs creating the nutrients in large amounts and spreading them out in the ocean in aeroplanes.Picotech fabricators will allow nitrogen and phosphorous to be created onsite of vertical,community and home farms in large amounts to alleviate their scarcity alongside recycling them from sewage treatment plants using micro and macro algae.At first the stoney deserts will be reforested with once the sandy deserts are cleared and stored in areas across the world to use the silica for its various commercial uses will be reforested with the phosphorous cleared beforehand to be routinely spread over the Amazon in controlled bursts.Otherwise since the sandy deserts consist of only 15% of the Sahara,70% stoney and 15% transition zones then the sandy deserts can remain to allow it to naturally refill the Amazon with nutrients with nutrients created by picotech fabricators will be spread over it once these supplies run out 1,000 years from now and the rest of the desert reforested when all of the sand has blown away but this will also be done to retain the sandy sections aesthetics.Thus at least 85% of the Sahara could be reforested with the remaining 15% reforested once the sand has fully blown away or more sand containing phosphorous created in large batches to feed the Amazon for another 55,000,000 years and shipped to the area indefinitely.If possible swarms of biosynths can inject all trees and plants in the Amazon can be injected with microbes that apply CRISPR treatments that apply tweaked DNA from W.dermatitidis,C.sphaerospermum and C.neoformans that allows it to use UV radiation from the sun to induce cellular growth and replace the need for nitrogen and phosphorus thus eliminating fears of the Amazon running out of fertiliser with this applied to trees in other tropical areas at threat of nitrogen and phosphorus scarcity that will also extend the period to develop sufficiently advanced Picotech fabricators and power sources that can create sufficient enough nitrogen and phosphorus for the next 55,000,000 years with this done by 2100-2200.If perfected then all of the the Sahara could house at least 980,000,000,000 trees all of which will be fruit and nut crop hybrids that will be used to provide food to a growing population.If they are only grasslands then they still can be used as permaculture grassland/hybrid gardens to grow crops with all deserts planted with native trees and plants hybridised with crops.Areas like The Austrailian Outback,Arabian Desert,Namib Desert,Death Valley will be much easier to reforest this way and with less of an impact of the global climate and the sand there sieved for fertiliser spread over there respective linked areas and also the silica used for commercial products.All land underneath these will be used to house underground communities.Theoi Meteroi will be 2045 be able to fully determine the effects that this would have on the global climate if each desert individually,each in every group or if all of them are reforested this way with reforestation starting on the outskirts and the stoney deserts by at least 2029 both to reforest it but also to allow community gardens and home farms to be set up for local agriculture thus allowing people in Africa including the Sahel,Sahara and also by the Namib desert and also Middle East to be self sufficient in crop production negating dependancy on foreign aid with the same done for areas by the Atacama Desert,Austrailian Outback and Death Valley.They would also be able to determine countermeasures to any effects it may have on the global climate and ecosystems with this greening of the worlds deserts can start as early as 2029 managed by Pan,Artemis,Theoi Meteroi and Aristeaus.If need be to cater to the extra plants in these jungles and grasslands extra carbon dioxide from bacteria based fossil fuels will be pumped into the atmosphere decided by AI to allow them to grow yet also maintain a carbon dioxide concentration of at least 280ppm as these new jungles etc in place of all deserts worldwide if left unchecked could bring  the concentration of this gas below 280ppm which could cause problems worldwide with AI determining how much carbon dioxide to release into the atmosphere to ensure they can thrive in equilibrium yet still keep levels at 280ppm.If need be these plants will have the same level of engineering as Bambusoideae used in carbon sequestration programmes with Theoi Meteroi,Pan,Phanes deciding the level of engineering for each species of plant with simulations determining this and any extra carbon dioxide removed by automated sequestration programmes and also some added via burning bacteria based fossil fuels.This will be done once carbon sequestration technology has returned levels of the greenhouse gas back to 280ppm and will be outside of those to sequester carbon dioxide released by finite fossil fuel plants and geothermal power plants.If need be synthetic greenhouse gases like Perfluorotributylamine,Nitrogen trifluoride,Sulfur hexafluoride created onsite,captured and inserted into the atmosphere and them kept in a way they stay for decades more than normal if not indefinitely.These have a global warming potential roughly 17,200-23,000 times more powerful than carbon dioxide and last roughly 740-3,200 years whose levels can be measured and released in levels every few thousand years with the desired levels required measured in simulations.Theoi Meteroi may also take into account water released by transpiration from forests fed water from the underground desalinisation pipes with it also having to add more water to the hydrological cycle via picotech fabricators and remove excess via capturing this to be used in looped cycles and also turned into other compounds.Simulations on this will start between 2029-2045.All local flora and fauna will be engineered to be able to adapt to the new reforested land ie those that rely on the colour of the sand to hide in can be engineered to the same colour as tree bark,foliage or leaves and those that survive on lower levels of water engineered to be able to facilitate the increased levels of rainwater and those pumped in,different temperature and humidity ranges with if need be new species of trees,ferns,bushes and even insects,mammals,lizards and birds can be created from scratch to increase biodiversity.Living animals will be engineered by CRISPR and interbreed with those created in labs with these new phenotypes to pass them onto young via advanced gene drive technology.If possible animals that are endangered in other parts of the world in their natural habitat can be moved to these new grasslands,meadows and jungles with this including Ailuropoda melanoleuca and Panthera tigris can be moved to these new areas as underground communities underneath them will mean they will be permanently reforested with these animals and their staple food sources engineered to adapt to these areas.This will not mean that reforestation and conservation efforts in their native habitats will be negated.With regards to Schistocerca especially Locusta migratoria,Chortoicetes terminifera all of the plants can be given the accelerated healing phenotype similar to that in humans with the plants given DNA from totipotent stem cells,A.mexicanum,Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans,Hydra,Planarians to repair telomeres and also tissues meaning plants would be able to repair tissues an thus leaves etc after swarms and plagues.Humans and in time biosynths will use nets to catch large amounts of them to eat as food once with any toxic species made non toxic to humans via engineering either the pest to not produce the toxin or humans to be immune to it and also spread Metarhizium acridum with all native and new predators of the pest and indeed all animals engineered to be immune to the fungis toxins etc.Ideally they will be caught with nets without having to use M.acridum increasing yields of edible biomass with the plants in these areas also engineered to be able to grow without sunlight using chemosynthetic DNA and/or have chlorophyll laden stubble or tendrils etc on the surface that are inedible to the pests and thus be able to carry out photosynthesis until the leaves grow back.Catching the pests via nets and not using M.acridum will allow for large amounts of edible biomass availible that has higher protein than beef and crops.Schistocerca yield about five times more edible protein per unit of fodder than cattle, and produce lower levels of greenhouse gases in the process.The feed conversion rate of Orthopterans is 1.7 kg/kg,while for beef it is typically about 10 kg/kg.The protein content in fresh weight is between 13–28 g/100g for adult locust, 14–18 g/100g for larvae, as compared to 19–26 g/100g for beef.The calculated protein efficiency ratio is low, with 1.69 for locust protein compared to 2.5 for standard casein.A serving of 100 g of Schistocerca gregaria provides 11.5 g of fat, 53.5% of which is unsaturated, and 286 mg of cholesterol.Among the fatty acids, palmitoleic,oleic and linolenic acids were found to be the most abundant.Varying amounts of potassium,sodium,phosphorus,calcium,magnesium,iron and zinc were present.This will be sent to cities and towns in the surrounding area in Africa,Austrailia etc to be eaten as feed for humans providing an abundant source of protein rich feed alongside algae.Satellites as part of Astreaus,Aristaeus,Nephalai and Pan combined will track the swarming and plagues of Schistocerca across the world to initiate automated procedures to capture them.All three of these measure will reduce damage caused to the newly reforested area by L.migratoria,C. terminifera without the use of pesticides that damage the environment.Catching in seasons once every year manged by reading from these satellites will ensure that a certain percentage will be left to prevent overharvesting with the yields being large enough to feed locales for several years with those printed out in batches at home farms will allow the wild specimens to recover with if need be large numbers using the Phanes method will be released to keep populations stable.Thus eventually all deserts world wide will be reforested indefinitely in either forest farms that are hybrids of crop and native trees or permaculture grasslands.If any negative effects occur in other countries ie decreased rainfall etc that lead to deserts then these can be countered by them undergoing the same reforestation efforts and the reduction of carbon dioxide levels back to pre-industrial levels of 280ppm.If need be extra water can be added to the hydological cycle created by picotech fabricators on large scales to be added to reforested areas (with this also creating required nutrients on a large scale such as phosphorous and nitrogen) alongside moving of hurricanes and even monsoons to promote transpiration and the alterations done by Theoi Meteroi in order to ensure the global climate is manageable to prevent other areas becoming too wet,dry,hot or cold.Calculations would be made as to how much water to add and its effect on the global system over years,decades,centuries and if need be the extra water can be removed from the hydrological system to correct any flaws with this used to alter the weather to benefit both humans,crops,forests and wildlife.This can be done by extracting water from the atmosphere,ocean etc and adding them to looped systems ie loop sewage,water treatment plants,separate the hydrogen and oxygen for commercial uses and also sending them to colonies etc.Any that escapes from looped sewge and water treatment systems will be counteracted with Nephalai constantly measuring the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere.If possible pipes from desalinisation plants could also be used to transport water from the ocean surrounding the upper half of Africa to the centre of this reforested area to promote transpiration again alongside the movement of weather systems.The same methods of creating grasslands or jungles from deserts can apply to the Arabian Desert,Gobi Desert,Atacama Desert and also Austrailian outback by moving monsoons and also other weather patterns including artificially created ones with all of the plants and animals living in these areas having DNA from oligotrophic and xerophile recombinant DNA to require less water and nutrients.By the time the desert is reforested the rainfall of the area should increase substantially by itself and the lakes filled up by this with the pipes pumping water in these to increase rainfalls itself and it eventually returning to the ocean with the salt extracted during deaslinisation returned also at the same time either onsite or through sewage and water treatment plants once it is used for commercial purposes or released in controlled bursts.Thus the desalinisation pipes will continue to pump water to these reforested areas mainly during drier months with these powered by geothermal plants and them using graphene sheets to reduce energy costs by 99% with all deserts fed by desalinisation plants by the ocean in the countries they are in or are next and they will eventually return to the ocean through the hydrological cycle through transpiration with the transpiration and evaporation also making more clouds rich in rain making making the weather patterns stable.When the Earth wobbles and a new natural wet season arrives then these desalinsation pipes will stop working.Rivers and lakes will be filled with water from these desalinisation plants underground piping after they are used by locales in landlocked areas for showers,taps etc and treated thus increasing their volume making them more viable to wildlife of all types including fish with them returning to the ocean or through evaporation will create more rain rich clouds with this pumped into them at the highest point and furthest point inland.Thus ideally all landlocked areas in desert areas will also intake water from desalinisation plants and have the treated water pumped into lakes and rivers to increase their volume and thus the amount of plants that can grow near them and also increase evaporation and even the volume of the water.The ancient lakes and seas of Africa such as the Quattera depression can be created by pipes pumping large amounts of desalinated water into them or boring machines creating canals connecting them to the ocean to create seas with local flora and fauna fitted with halophile DNA to tolerate the high levels of salt in the water.If need be extra water will be pumped into these lakes and rivers at the highest point of their source river to further increase evaporation.The planting of forests,grasslands forming around these will increase evaporation.Parts of the developed world ie Europe and America can have this system of water used from deaslinisation plants in order to alleviate strains on lakes and rivers and supply water during heatwaves with this again once the water is treated is put into lakes and rivers to eventually return to the ocean.If possible geoengineering that is releasing benign chemicals into the atmosphere above these close via automated drones can force them to release the rain over dry areas creating a looped cycle and ensuring that the levels of rainfall is constant.Reducing carbon dioxide levels back to 280ppm would make rainfall patterns more stable.Rain rich hurricanes and tropical storms from the Gulf can be pushed here to ensure adequate rainfall through geoengineering managed by Theoi Meteroi that feed the Sahara with the leftover feeding the Middle East.These would ideally be when the storms are at least category 3-4 holding enough rain and not too strong in terms of wind power with the Middle East have monsoons that normally hit and cause deadly floods in India be redirected here.If need be new tropical storms created by geoengineering can be pushed to these areas to exclusively feed these newly reforested areas and feed India and the Gulf of Mexico should they become negatively affected by being starved of heavy rains from the aforementioned systems with these being much less powerful storms and monsoons spread out more evenly throughout the year ideally at night to prevent them overtaking cloudy weather carrying and depositing the same amount of water thus allowing jungles etc to still flourish possibly all year long but still not cause severe flash floods that can cost human lives and damage human settlements as stated the rains can be spread out more evenly controlled by Theoi Meteroi.As a result monsoons and hurricanes will disappear but replaced by smaller less intensive weather systems that deposit the same amount of water over the same area over the year.By 2045 Theoi Meteroi and reducing levels of carbon dioxide to 280ppm will be able to more accurately control this.The use of marine cloud brightening can be used to create clouds of rain that would be pushed towards deserts or anywhere for that matter and also block heat from the sun controlling the intensity of storms and hurricanes and indeed all types of weather systems.Marine cloud brightening will be modified to have the salt removed and readded to the ocean so that the clouds formed only contain pure water that will eventually return to the ocean via the hydrological cycle once falling as rain.This can have rain and snow rich clouds created by them pushed by currents and the atmosphere to any part of the world and also be used to lessen the intensity of monsoons,hurricanes etc by deflecting heat from thee sun that powers them with them powered by VAWTs and wave pistons and activated by satellites as part of Theoi Meteroi.The use of underground pipes feeding water from desalinisation plants to desert and non desert areas will also be used to control the weather as transpiration and evaporation form plants,crops and also rivers etc created by them will affect the climate.The other geoengineering techniques created by Hecate,Theoi Meteroi etc to control the weather on a local to global scale will be utilised by the sentient Theoi Meteroi.Any water added to the hydrological cycle by picotech fabricators can be removed by catching the level created from the ocean,atmospheric water vapour etc and converting it into hydrogen and oxygen,sub atomic particles to be changed into other elements but also stored energy or adding them to looped systems instantly if they cause alterations that may negatively effect the global environment with simulations to determine there effects.Water collected in flood and tsunami tunnels in areas affected by storms,flash floods,monsoons etc could have the water or most of it transported to these areas and pumped into the ground via vast irrigation systems.

Areas affected by natural disasters such as tsunamais,mudslides,avalanches and volcanic eruptions can be rejuvenated by bioremediation and reforestation projects.Areas affected by mudslides,avalanches and volcanoes can have the mud and pumice etc dredged and then trees replanted to speed up natural reforestation efforts returning the area to its naturally beauty much quicker than nature can with native trees by robotic planters and the pumice etc spread over the area sparingly and slowly to ensure it does not build up causing toxicity with soil manufactured nearby also spread over affected areas.

Reforestation will be managed by the sentient software and universal environmental entity Pan named after the god of nature,the wild,shepherds,flocks,goats, of mountain wilds and its symbol will be trees and a Pan flute which will also be the symbol for the app of the same name allowing people to view biochar and reforestation projects around the globe/solar system/galaxy.This symbol will be on all machinery,buildings,greenhouses,signs,robots and even artificial trees used for reforestation and biochar projects.This will be the operating software of all buildings used by it with it once sentient having it appearance based on its statue with ideally no statue on their grounds since they will be either demolished or converted in vertical farms or communal homes.He will replace all government environmental groups and environmental corporations with their headquarters becoming homes with his avatar based on his statue and he will carry out all work worldwide alongside Gaia and Theo Meteroi who will both be sentient too with him also doing this on other colonies and carry out the terraforming of planets alongside Astreaus.He will thus manage all biochar sequestration programmes,reforestation programmes,all cleanup and bioremediation programmes and terraforming programmes and even maintain all wilderness areas and forestry areas on both Earth and all extrasolar colonies with the statue of him only on buildings next to conservation areas and major wilderness areas of tourist value managed by him.All work in biochar sequestrian projects involving genetically engineered Bambusoideae,C.sativa,S.babylonica in the open fields,in greenhouses and macro algae farms alongside spraying the atmosphere with calcium carbonate aerosols,bioremediation and reforestation will begin as early as possible ideally 2025–2029,automated from start to finished globally managed by the proto Pan software that will become fully effective by 2029 when he becomes sentient and should all be finished by the later half of the century between 2060-2100.He will decide where the indoor and outdoor plantations involved in carbon sequestration programmes alongside those involving macro algae in the ocean will occur globally by 2029 with a network visible in the wire that the public can view all projects relating to carbon sequestration taking place around the world is visible to the public showing where indoor and outdoor projects are taking place,what plants are grown with them able to access cameras in each floor and also each field and read readings from internal sensors measuring carbon dioxide and oxygen levels and also temperature and readings from Theoi Meteroi.All greenhouses whether skyscrapers or small ones in homes and roofs of buildings and underground communities will visible as blips with cameras with normal and thermal vision and nanosensors detecting temperature/levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen,how much dry ice is created and used as well as shipped to other places(and thus how much carbon dioxide is being removed from the atmosphere) in both of them on local to global levels in all rooms will be visible to the public when they click on them with all artificial trees visible as blips where one could see how much oxygen they are taking in.Outdoor plantations will marked as blips or coloured in regions on local to global level with able to choose them and also view through cameras on them and read readings of the nansensors.The amount of biochar produced by each organic pyrolysis plants and even miniature mobile ones will be fed into them.Seaweed farms will also be marked with them also having cameras and also readings from nanosensors that measure pH,temperature of the atmosphere and ocean and amount of carbon dioxide in the ocean and atmosphere will be present.The location of artificial trees and the amount of carbon dioxide intake in by them will also be visible for each individual trees with.The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere alongside calcium carbonate aerosols will be constantly relayed to Theoi Meteroi and thus the public.All of this information will be visible within the Pan network managed by him on local to global levels on a map and graphs.Proto programmes will start between 2020-2025 managed by local,state,county,national governments and even the IPCC with them like eventful programmes being fully automated from start to finish and them involving miniature mobile pyrolysis units and them and all automated electric vehicles used to plant,harvest and transport the material being solar and VAWT powered to make them carbon negative with them being fully fledged between 2029-2035 and carbon negative by being powered by geothermal power and organic pyrolysis plants being used as well.Thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes will also power them as well.Mobile pyrolysis units and also organic waste plants will be visible and one could view how much tonnes of plants they take in and how much biochar they produce and thus how much carbon dioxide they intook from the atmosphere.All of this information will be fed into Pan in real time as different graphs for each building,farms etc.All work in all plantations indoor and outdoor and in macro algae farms around the world will be automated from start to finish by 2029 controlled by Pan,Theoi Meteroi etc.Organic waste pyrolysis plants as part of recycling and manufacturing hubs would be set up by 2029 in most towns and cities worldwide and will intake all plants as part of carbon sequestration techniques of remaining reserves of fossil fuels that will also pyrolysise organic waste and also remaining landfill waste and possibly even rubber,latex and remaining non methangenous bacteria with until then mobile pyrolysis units can be onsite of community centres in towns and cities worldwide with them used by both outdoor and indoor projects.These mobile units will still continue to create biochar to alleviate strains on pyrolysis plants.A combination of switching to geothermal,carbon sequestration programmes and covering the upper atmosphere with calcium carbonate aerosols will reverse global warming,reduce levels to pre industrial levels of 280ppm and thus avert the worst effects of climate change by the end of the century.All of these will be fully automated and controlled by Steropes,Pan and Theoi Meteroi by 2025-2029 leading to more efficient planning by these AI,preventing corners from being cut and also ensure they are done worldwide.This proto Pan software will also manage the first steps of cleaning the oceans of plastics and other wastes as well as restoring boglands.A single universal programme will be set up that details the reforestation,bioremediation,conservation(taking place on farms,zoos etc using the Phanes method) and carbon sequestration projects that take place around the world.Pan,Theoi Meteroi,Gaia,Steropes will by 2029 ensure that all carbon sequestration programmes both indoor and outdoor are taking place in desired places around the world at once and that calcium carbonates are spread across the atmosphere inc cycles and that geothermal begins to replace fossil fuels in the desired parameters with governments initiating proto versions of all of these starting in 2020.

3D DNA printers will be able to expediate the creation of plants used in bioremediation projects abd carbon sequestration programmes from several years to mere days by AI cross referencing Physis for these genes and printing it into blank seeds.The seeds of these plants will be designed to be small ones to allow them to be planted easily by seed planting drones.Between 2045-2100 it should be possible for all environmental damage caused to the biosphere of Earth such as deforestation,pollution,anthropogenic climate change,invasive species,extinction of species etc to be reversed completely.Rather than injecting existing plants with vital vectors to inject CRISPR treatments new plants will be created from scratch via 3D DNA printers creating the seeds.Each area where reforestation programmes are taking place will house a building that houses all robots and also living spaces for resale archers who keep track of all progress with them also housing 3D DNA printers