All work in hair and nail salons will be fully automated from start to finish with this done by biosynths and not just automated.All hair and nail salons will house garra ruffa fish pools to give people foot peticures with these fed algae and synthetic skin routinely to prevent starvation and also house sunbeds and tanning salons in one roof that are all automated and managed by the AI in charge of them.Tanning salons will consist of automated sunbeds that will be controlled by the salon AI that batches one in UV light for a set period of time based on one’s skin type and time with it also linked to Paean to give them their recommended dosage of UV light based on their genetics.Spray on tanning booths will be automated and present as well.To get a desired haircut the sentient Narcissus app will be used to design all types of hairstyles designed by the public on it similar to Pandora with these saved into the Narcissus app that one can choose and divided by male and female.Existing hairstyles in movies,pictures etc will be scanned into this database by the AI Narcissus.These hairstyles will be designed on a mannequin head with one able to scan in exiting hairstyles on their head using smartphones.The sentient Narcissus app will be used to book appointments at each salon and operate all machinery with ideally each town,city and village will house one multi story building that acts as an all in one hair,nail,garra ruffa,sunbed salon where one can get their entire beauty treatments with them all called Narcissus with a statue of Narcissus in the lobby that are open 24/7,365 days a year with existing multi-storey one’s renovated through luxury refurbishments and roof etc extensions and them all have luxury refurbishememts and Narcissus will be the universal sentient operating software of all hair etc salons.Each one will have an AI with an independent personality,avatar and legal name that can be called through their phone number and will operate all machinery and manage bookings and linked to the Narcissus app