Sculpture,Paintings & Ceramics

Significant advances have been made in the advances of technology that allow for sculpture forming to be done much quicker than humans can with much more precision and allowing fora wide variety of sculptures and busts to be formed easily.These can be either designed on a computer using Pandora using ones face from a photo or be from existing well known sculptures from museums,palaces,government buildings,temples,religious buildings and castles to be scanned into Pygmalion replicated with customizations made to these including posting ones face or those of others onto them using selfies and pictures via Autocad and photoshop merged together into Pandora.Since art will have cultural value rather than monetary value all private art collections of paintings,statues,pottery, relics,antiques and other physical art in the possession of private individuals will be returned to public art galleries and will be scanned into their relevant sub-networks of both Hephaestus alongside Apollo allowing the general public to have easy access to them via replicas with the pages of all items in Apollo having a link/hyperlink to its counterpart in Hephaestus and vice versa.The exception would be those of familial value like heirlooms which can be too scanned into both Apollo and Hephaestus to be shared and edited by the general public at large while the original can be kept at home.Thus the contents of all art galleries and all famous paintings,pottery,relics,engravings,jewellery artefacts and other physical art will also be uploaded to both Apollo and Hephaestus to be viewable and obtainable for the general public via replicas with statues at home scanned in and them cross referenced by Watson/Image Raider who will scour the Internet,Apollo and retail sites that sell them for the name and artist with homemade ones titled by the artists with Watson in time giving titles to those that don’t.See through graphene paint can be applied to stone statues to make them indestructible if graphene cannot be integrated into the matrix and also placed onto them.Any water used should be collected through porous flooring,robots etc to allow it to be treated using graphene sheets,bacteria in onsite water treatment facilities and returned to the hydrological cycle by being poured down sinks or even into nearby rivers.

Also any destroyed or lost statues of cultural value ie those that used to reside in Mosul Museum,Hatra and Nimrud as well as the Bamiyan Buddhas can be recreated through robotics for both cultural conservation and replicas of the public made available via Aphrodite product recognition software using archival footage and photos of them.These in turn could be customised.To recreate existing models they would have to be scanned into a computer using a series of handheld scanners(these can also be used to put in a model of oneself) with destroyed statues recovered using a mixture of video archival footage and computer software like Watson and product recognition software to recognize the specific contours to each statue.Sculptures for ceremonies like ice sculptures for weddings and gravestones for funerals can also be made the same way.These designs like those regarding clothing and furniture can be uploaded onto a cloud network named Pygmalion after the greek sculptor where custom made versions with alterations being made.Automation of pottery is not fully possible yet requiring much human labour and is negated by 3D printing.Meanwhile the automation of making bronze and other metal sculptures is not possible yet so it is only a process of replicating the human handling of molten metals by machine though ceramic casts can be printed with this happening within the next 5-10 years.Until this is fully automated advances and in 3D metal printing become sufficiently advanced then this work must be done on a personal level for home statues or on a community level for statues in the locale.However the engraving of metal blocks is possible with milling of metal blocks also sufficing.Real 3D scanned maps of buildings such as homes public buildings,historical sites and wilderness environments such as beaches,caves,forests etc present in Artemis can be downscaled into statues and home ornaments etc.

Statues,reliefs,friezes and gargoyles built into the interior and exterior walls of churches,temples,archaeological sites and other buildings and in museums as well as standing stones can also be scanned in and replicated this way with reliefs and friezes turned into full statues via Pandora and Gaia finishing them off which can be added to the section of statues.This can be reversed to created friezes from statues and can also allow any damaged statues to be recreated in full should they be chipped,worn,missing pieces and have entire sections filled in by Pandora deciding the likeliest combination to allow consumers access to both the original broken version and the version as it was when it was first made.Repaired full versions would be made for all statues in all public buildings,municipalities etc.Those from video games,movies and other media can be gained via Aprhodite and extracting files.Furthermore statues that are inside government buildings,part of monuments/buildings and in the open in public squares etc including large ones and as stated earlier all statues and busts in museums,temples and mansions et can also be scanned into Pygmalion and replicated or even altered such as for example The Terracotta Army,Michealangelos David,the Maoi statues(including underground bodies)of Easter Island,Venus De Milo,The Statue of Liberty,The Great Sphinx,Christ the Redeemer.Larger statues and monuments in the open like Christ the Redeemer,The Great Sphinx,Statue of liberty and even the Eiffel Tower can be done via a fleet of aerial drones that scan them in using attached scanners on them that will wirelessly scan them from all sides into Pygmalian with these also to scan in large statues in public squares as well as gargoyles,friezes and statues ontop of tall buildings.Friezes from each building will be copied and transferred into their own section for friezes with the same for statues and gargoyles on them in both Pygmalion with them copy and pasted onto building in Ictinus.They can modified in size,clothing and facial features with again ones face superimposed using selfies and the pose even changed using scanners lined to Pandora.The consumer can decide what material the product is composed of including marble,glass,crystal,any type of stone,precious gems including diamond and rubies,quartz,ice and many more with those that are heavily eroded replicated as they are or replicated in a more smoother fashion.Statues can be made more easily by as stated one scanning oneself or others in a specific pose with clothing from Arachne superimposed onto them.Existing statues in this network can be altered by scanning a person in a different pose and then having the statue changed to this pose by the Pandora software to make it easier with again clothing from Arachne superimposed.Body scans from Dionysus can also be used and with regards to dead people product recognition software can have people or just their faces scanned in from photos and video files and altered with the pose and clothing changed in the same method as already detailed.The same can be applied to those of animals.Product recognition software can allow poses of people in photos,video files,movies,television shows etc be added to the database with files from video games extracted of characters,items,animals etc and in game and in movie statues and sculptures also used which in turned can be altered.The size of these outside that is available from each designed product can be selected and altered by typing it in a bar within the pieces file and previewed using Brauron that can allow one to preview it at home before manufacture while still not creating another file.Thus a person can have miniature of any statue or monument etc created in their home and all friezes,frescoes,reliefs,statues in museums worldwide once scanned into Hephaestus will be more readily available to the public.statues can easily transformed into friezes and mosaics via Pandora.A person can scan themselves or their family and even pets into this cloud network for a statue in all materials such as ice,metal or stone can be done as well.

Paintings from museums,castles,temples,government paintings,religious buildings,caves(such as at Lascaux and Maros),homes and palaces can also be done by robotics with replicas of famous paintings(including those that are lost but only exist as pictures on the internet such as those that were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and others that are destroyed and lost via Aphrodite) to become more widely available to the public once scanned into Hephaestus with alterations done using Pandora and pictures/selfies from smartphones, and digital cameras or changing colours.Frescoes on walls of famous buildings can be replicated piece on paper or on ones home or wall in public.These alterations could also include via new software that allows for inverting,different types of painting styles ie.water colour,oil,pastel,crayon,cubism etc.cartoonising(into different cartoon styles such as in the style of specific disney/PIXAR movies,The Simpsons,Family Guy etc.,)changing the painting style of famous paintings and custom made paintings.Photos and selfies could also be made into paintings along with homemade work done paint software on computers(which themselves can have selfies added to them)via uploading the photo/selfie onto the program.Smartpads and other devices like e-newspapers can be used to draw paintings from scratch without the need to order in paper and allow mistakes to be corrected and have ones work uploaded instantly to Hephaestus and modify others peoples work downloaded onto them more easily.Work inside networks for movies,video games and other media within Dionysus can be transferred into these sub-networks.These paintings and posters can be uploaded at the same time or transferred within this sub network to sectors of the other sub-networks of the secondary sector that house designs to be printed,etched or painted on other manufactured goods.Photoshop,speedy painter etc integrated into Pandora will allow for custom made paintings and posters to be made here.Apollo would house unalterable work by famous and budding artists.Paintings and sketches can be in the future be done on Pandora on computers and laptops or on smart pads,e-newspapers or graphene sheets on stands of various sizes with Adonit pens that change colours and even styles such as pencil,charcoal,pastel,crayons and even paintbrush of different sizes and types with any colour chosen on a colour wheel with the graphene sheets having touchscreen abilities and the size chosen from A 0-10.These can be saved on ones Hestia account to be worked on later before being uploaded onto both Pygmalian and Apollo negating the need for paper and actual paints etc to be manufactured and used.

Algae paper should ideally be used with a wide array of machinery and robots available to create them.Selfies can be used to transfer ones own face onto existing works of art.Product recognition software can add paintings and posters from photos from internet images,pictures,video games,video files,music videos,television shows and movies etc as well as those uploaded from smart devices or physical photos scanned in to be added to the database.which in turn can be edited or used as they are.Paintings at home can be scanned in using scanners and photos which will cross reference the artist and title from the Internet,Apollo,database of artists and retail sites that sell them via Watson/Image Raider namely Aphrodite with homemade paintings titled by the person who made them with in time Watson/Gaia giving title to those that don’t.Existing paintings,images,posters etc on the internet can be transferred by the public or have them added by Aphrodite scanning them with those at home added via photos uploaded to Pandora and also scanning via scanners.Pandora can again allow to change the pose of characters.In time neural implants and other mind reading technologies will allow for paintings and images created from thought to be then created by machine.Any water used should be collected through porous flooring,robots etc to allow it to be treated using graphene sheets,bacteria in onsite water treatment facilities and returned to the hydrological cycle by being poured down sinks or even into nearby rivers.

Posters and paintings can be done on graphene posters that can be developed that stream or download multiple posters/paintings switching between them at set time periods or at the behest of the home AI app where they can be stored which would save on the energy needed to produce the paints and paper(and also producing and transporting the finished poster/painting to the consumer as the poster would only have to be ordered in once and stream/download an infinite number of posters/paintings from Hephaestus and Apollo instantly) as well as integrating movement into them similar to those seen in the Harry Potter series with interactive characters,environments,weather with advances in artificial intelligence.They would also last a lifetime and allow new posters/paintings to be download or removed instantly over time via the home AI app with excess streamed from hard drives.Otherwise entire paintings and posters can be made from scratch using photos and selfies taken on smart devices and digital cameras as well as photos from the internet which again can be made into specific styles as mentioned above.Posters from old and new television shows,video games and movies as well as live performance art can also be placed here including versions of old movies from around the world and altered versions of them can also be created with even album covers and book covers of all old and new books and albums.Album covers and posters in homes will be scanned into this network with rare ones once scanned in sent to museums.Rare photographs in private collections will be scanned into Apollo and streamed and replicated for the public with those in private art collections sent to museums.Frescos can be replicated on walls can be replicated on walls of other buildings and carried by robots by having the fresco painted onto a photo of the wall within speedypainter et.All original artwork alongside other physical art will be stored in Apollo.As a result all private art collections of famous paintings will be returned to museums.

The main use for 3D printing is this part of the manufacturing sector is in ceramics,plastics and with improvements in metal printing bronze statues.As stated earlier automation in ceramics factories still need significant human labour but 3D printing can override this.Again cloud networking can allowing for vases from ancient civilizations even as far back as those from prehistory that reside in museums,palaces,temples,homes and castles can be scanned,replicated,printed,washed,glazed and painted by machine(spraying it on, or with brushes or other means) or computational hydrographic painting for the public with them delivered directly to the consumer with other custom made designs uploaded.Again Aphrodite could also aid in restoring lost or destroyed ceramics.The items that could be printed range from fruit bowls, vases,cutlery, candlesticks, statues,fossils,skeletons of humans and extinct and extant animals in museums etc.To cut down on human labour placing these objects in the kiln must also automated or have the products printed inside a large kiln.The products can vary from cutlery,statues,vases,garden plant pots and candlesticks.Advances in 3D metal printing can allow metals like bronze to be produced in this fashion although plastic composites can replaces bronze.Like before people can be scanned in and have ceramic or plastic sculptures of varying sizes.Paintings can also be printed on paper using the same technology used to print designs onto clothing.Research can be done to miniaturize these ceramic and metal printers.Real 3D scanned maps of buildings such as homes public buildings,historical sites and wilderness environments such as beaches,caves,forests etc present in Artemis can be downscaled into statues and home ornaments etc.As as result of this pottery,vases,antiques and other similar physical art will be returned to museums and thus scanned into Apollo and Hephaestus allowing them to be replicated by the public.Graphene paint should be used to paint ceramics and pottery to make them shatterproof and thus indestructible.Graphene integrated into its matrix may also allow moving images and video calls to be incorporated into it streamed from the internet and the wire.As a result all private art collections of famous ceramics will be returned to museums once they are scanned in Hephaestus with those also in museums and archaeological sites also scanned in.Any water used should be collected through porous flooring,robots etc to allow it to be treated using graphene sheets,bacteria in onsite water treatment facilities and returned to the hydrological cycle by being poured down sinks or even into nearby rivers.

This take the place of making sculptures in all materials as a means to develop skills and also take the place of making metal statues until automation and 3D metal printing become sufficiently advanced.These can be scanned into Hephaestus to be replicated by thew general public.Any water used should be collected through porous flooring,robots etc to allow it to be treated using graphene sheets,bacteria in onsite water treatment facilities and returned to the hydrological cycle by being poured down sinks or even into nearby rivers.

So in short automation should be done for stone,polystyrene,wood and ice sculptures.Large commercial scale ceramics production should be done by 3D printing with metal statues done by hand or in group efforts until technology can sufficiently replicate this process via automation.

Brauron linked to Aphrodite can allow for consumers to virtually try out ceramics,sculptures and paintings in their homes and choose from existing designs in the cloud network.Ideally Orion a more updated version of this within Artemis linked to Hephaestus and Hestia.Rare and historical items in private art collections will be returned to museums with them then scanned in alongside existing physical art in all of the worlds museums,mansions,private homes,government buildings into their relevant sub networks in Hephaestus where they can be replicated by the general public and modified making them more widely available with this applying to new artists.Unalterable versions of all art will be housed in Apollo with this including new budding artists.All new art such as sculptures,paintings,ceramics created by artists whether by hand or through Pandora and through automation will be instantly availible on Pygmalion and Apollo.Homemade art including paintings,ceramics etc can be scanned into these networks.Due to the lack of conventional careers and economic responsibilities there will be an explosion of new artists of all types in sculpting,ceramics and painting both homemade and done on Pandora that will be instantly available to the public.All paintings and other art from art shows,online YouTube series and magazines that teach people how to do paintings can be added to these networks via Aphrodite with them used to teach newbie artists how to create them with work done by students in the Exekias network in Apollo.