Sports & Toys

This process should be used to produce soccer,basket and baseballs and possibly even cricket and baseball bats.To prevent the need for human labour in the case of ball making designs could be painted or printed on or through computational hydrographic printing.Stitching can be done by autonomous miniaturised versions of the DaVinci Robot that is advanced enough to sew thread on a grape.Robot hands can be developed for mimicking any other actions that require the human hand.A permanent layer of liquid glass and grapene can be sprayed onto metal sports items to prevent rust and cleaning.Textiles like rubber and cloth and also plastics should be grown on site via bacteria to cut down on energy.Cricket,baseball,hockey sticks,tennis rackets(including the netting) and other sports bats as well as golf clubs,billiard cues,fishing rods(and baits and hooks) can be composed of graphene/carbyne or strong carbon composites to save resources for mining metals and harvesting wood and make them virtually indestructible with the same applying to hiking,mountain climbing and bungee jumping ropes and gear.Existing ones can be strengthened by graphene paint to prevent rust and make them last indefinitely and also indestructible.Both will also given them touchscreen capabilities.Tables for billiards and Foosball and other table based sports can be designed here with the wood type chosen with the option of carbyne used and all components and balls also custom made.Those made of graphene will have touchscreen capabilities and have menus that contain results from past games and league tables from around the world.The balls for all team based sports that dont have bats or rackets like basketball,rugby etc. can also be custom made and in their specific folders and subfolders and be composed of either bioprinted leather,biorprinted reptile skin or plastics.Helmets for all sports can be composed of graphene and also sheets of smart armour in the interior to prevent head injuries.All sports items will be stored in the cloud network Diagoras after Diagoras of Rhodes.

Jungle gyms,playhouses,square and dome climbers and other outdoors can be designed on Pandora and made by machine and assembled by machine or hand with them composed of either wood or graphene(that can stream different stationary or mobile designs and wallpaper via the Hephaestus) with certain parts made of plastic through 3D printing or again carbyne.

Exercise machines will be designed on Pandora with existing ones scanned into the Diagaros network with them made piece by piece in Diagoras factories with weights also made this way.

3D Printing due to its ability to utilize a wide variety of materials such as plastic,wood,metal,cardboard and many other substances can be used to produce a wide variety of custom made toys and sports apparatus.With regards to sports it can produce baseball and cricket bats,golf clubs,golf balls,bowling pins,bowling balls and many other sports equipment.All toys will be stored in the network named Paidia after the goddess of playtime and amusement.

Jungle gyms,playhouses,square and dome climbers and other outdoors can be designed on Pandora and made by 3D printing and assembled by hand piece.

3D printing can allow for custom made dolls,collectable figurines and action figures based on oneself,a loved one,statues,fictional characters or a celebrity using handheld/smart device/body scanners or photos taken from the internet,digital photographs,old family albums and smartphones and other media living or dead in person or from stock footage and the same media as those used in product recognition software.Selfies can be superimposed onto the face of action figures and collectable figurines.The software and body scans can have the entire body including the face printed out and in the case of action figures and collectable figurines include the clothing present on the individual scanned in via product recognition software.Any clothing for dolls can be digitally knitted or hand sewn and designs can be created exclusively for them in the same manner as those made for humans on computers.Those present in the Arachne sub network for human wearers can be scaled down to the size of dolls and figurines and vice versa.Hair can be composed of human hair and dyed fibres from bacteria or textile fibres sewn in by miniaturised Da vinci surgery machines or by hand.Figurines of video game characters can be gained by extracting files from games past and present while those from movies can involve the actors in clothing being scanned in with Pandora moving them into different poses chosen by the consumer and then re uploaded to Hephaestus and then edited by others.Aphrodite can be used to get figurines of characters from older video games,movies,music videos etc that dont have one.Otherwise the consumer could have themselves scanned in a different pose on smart devices and have the Pandora software align the figurine to that pose.Body scans from Dionysus can be used for making figurines etc with the possibility of clothing from Hephaestus to plant onto figurines etc.Existing figurines and action figures can be scanned in and uploaded to Hephaestus.Scanners can be built into smart devices including smart phones.These can be self painted using non-toxic homemade paints or through computational hydrographic painting.

Other toys can also be designed and printed out and assembled at home with all electronic versions of toys within the electronics networks within subfolders in Antikythera.

Doll houses can be printed with regards to the actual house frame and any furniture and this can extended to toy towns and cities as well as build yourself airplane kits.Models of houses and buildings from media extracted from them using product recognition software and real life ones from Artemis and Ictinus can be stored here or those made from scratch on Pandora.Models of entire towns,cities and villages can also be created using Artemis.

Cardboard boards can be replaced with a graphene board that streams boards from different ones in Hephaestus with any cards or money(or other paper products) used replaced by graphene cards or smart devices that stream cards from different games the same can be applied to the box containing it which can stream different box covers from Hephaestus designed by the public.In short the player can stream the box cover,cards and board of any game they wish to play negating the need to physically order in new games with any pieces of the games they wish to play made on their local or home 3D printer and stored in the box or small labelled seacell/silk bags for each game saving on time and energy in the transportation and also space of having to store multiple board games with it also applying to jigsaws.This can also apply to making electronic versions of existing and new games.If any pieces become lost then they can choose to have that piece ordered in or printed out in set amounts ie two or more iterations of a missing board game piece rather than print more than is needed controlled by the Home AI app.Diffferent versions of each games pieces can be printed at home with one ordering in small seacell bags to hold pieces if lost or separately.Instruction booklets for board games and all toys will be in electronic form streamed on e-newspapers etc with cards of all games such as Cluedo and also tarot cards and playing cards for remaining card games will be streamed on Graphene/biosynth cards to prevent them wearing down etc.Thus cards for board games can be streamed on Graphene/biosynth cards used for all board games with them also streaming tarot and playing cards.All of these Graphene/biosynth cards will be ordered in from Paidia or ideally Antikythera factories by themselves or part of games with them streaming and downloading onto biosynth hard drives cards as part of board games and also decks of playing cards and tarot cards with all existing designs of both playing cards and tarot cards online and scanned in and those designed by the public stored in Paidia and simply downloaded onto them in a matter of minutes saving time and energy with those printed onto actual paper cards ordered in from here as well with them having Graphene or strong textiles like spider silk integrated into them for strength and covered in liquid glass to make them last forever with pulp and ink etc created by bacteria.Board games like Cluedo that need paper to write down notes or cross out names will have said paper streamed on linked smart phones using adonit pens.Pictionary etc and those that need whiteboard can use Graphene whiteboards and adonit pens or have pictures etc streamed in real time to the smart devices of all players.Boards of all board games can be Graphene/biosynth ones ordered in from Antikythera that can stream the different versions of boards of each game and all games.To negate the need for pieces graphene/biosynth boards with touchscreen capabilities will allow one to move pieces on them without actual physical pieces with cards on linked smart devices or graphene cards and menus on both allowing one to switch between them.To negate the need for physical pieces they will be within the Graphene/biosynth board that one uses the boards touchscreen capabilities to move them around rather than ordering them in and them never getting lost with voice command also used and in some case bags etc being digital ones stored in the Paidia app on smart devices.The map and board can be changed to and from 2D/3D versions.The board will be an universal size but it can be zoomed out or in to make it appear larger or smaller for the type of game played.These would allow one to play localised multiplayer games and also online ones with players across the world via the internet or wire namely the Paidia app.Graphene/biosynth board and deck of cards with one may have to order in another set of cards for some games or the Paidia app can store extra cards that are randomly generated with a normal deck of cards catering to the main cards in a game with secondary smaller cards that are rewards etc given for certain actions given automatically since these are usually randomly generated.Paper money for games like Monopoly can be stored in e-wallets and given as rewards automatically or sent to others etc automatically as punishments with the Paidia app.For games like Scrabble the pieces one has will be stored in the app allocated randomly and one would select a letter listed orderly and tap in it and then tap on the square they want to move it to.Video games that come with DVDs,videotapes like Atmosfear will have the video streamed on linked smart devices and smart televisions with specific scenes played at certain times managed by Paidia with older videos etc of Atmosfear games scanned into the Paidia app with those on YouTube transferred here.Cards as part of the main deck of graphene/biosynth cards that are usually handed out to players randomly will be allocated by the AI Paidia.The AI Paidia will manage the randomisation of cards,allocation of e-money etc via fragmentation.All instruction manuals etc will be in electronic form with all old ones for old games scanned in here to be streamed on e-newspapers etc.As stated Graphene/biosynth playing cards and Tarot cards will be played using all existing designs from online and physical ones scanned and transferred into Paidia and new ones designed into the network with one able to download any deck they wanted within minutes.Trading cards such as Baseball and other sports cards and Pokemon,Digimon etc trading and other existing and future trading cards will follow suit with all existing cards scanned in from physical cards and online databases to be downloaded within minutes and one able to trade and play games with people around the world wirelessly.The combination of Graphene cards streaming cards as part of games,boards streaming boards of different games,smart devices streaming paper it may be possible for all of the worlds board games to be downloaded at home within minutes once one has gotton the Graphene cards,board etc in one go from Antkythera factories saving on the need for machinery present and saving on time and energy with their being an universal Paidia app for smart devices that contains all of world past and new games and all versions of boards etc old and new streamed and downloaded onto linked cards etc from Paidia within minutes via WiFi and Bluetooth.The app will be holding not just the data of all boards,cards etc for all board games but also all versions of each game including new ones designed by the public that instead of ordering in new pieces,boards,cards for each board games one could simply downloading the data files for each one into their account with one having an account that houses all data etc for each game in their library that consists of all games they have downloaded with it for each game played showing which pieces one has,which cards one has and money etc in e-wallets and items in bags.The app will have people set up accounts that hold for each game one plays all e-money,cards,paper pieces and also all pieces for each character stored on linked smart devices,e-newspapers etc.All old game boards,cards,pieces etc for old games including all versions will be scanned into the app with new versions of each game made by the public designing new boards,cards,pieces with there being a macro folder for each game that holds all versions of each game with new board games designed by the public uploaded here.This app will be linked to the Paidia network and then streamed and downloaded within minutes.Paidia will manage allocation and randomisation of cards and money etc.All boards etc made of graphene etc will be stored in a single universal cardboard box labelled with the word Paidia ordered in from Lotis or as part of the board ordered in from Antikythera factories.The cardboard box can have Graphene and biosynth technology integrated into it for strength and stream any box cover.All types of board games such as Cluedo,Chess,Snakes & Ladders,Monopoly,Atmosfear,Jigsaws etc will be electronic ones.Jigsaws will be electronic ones on smart devices,computers,smart televisions,Graphene/biosynth boards etc with all existing jigsaws around the world scanned into Paidia including from memories accessed by the Paidia’s app.New jigsaws will be developed by AI and the public.A macro jigsaw game in the Paidia app containing all existing jigsaws scanned in,those made by the public from photos etc will be made allowing to play an almost infinite amount of jigsaws with new ones added over time with them created within a public network in Paidia that is always open to the public.One would use photos from the internet,paintings from Apollo etc and from thought and designs made on Pandora,decide the size of the photo etc and thus the size of the jigsaw and the size of each piece and thus the amount of pieces and then either design each piece individually or have Paidia do so with when downloaded on will have all pieces randomised and a photo for reference.One will download new jigsaws from the Paidia network via the Paidia app within minutes and store hundreds or thousands of them in their app at a time with one able to save progress and continue on later on with ones progress between 0-100% relayed in real time on a bar with one able delete them or start all over again at a whims notice.In time board games,card games,chess and jigsaws will eventually be replaced by electronic versions a universal game called Paidia within Dionysus played on on consoles,computers and smart devices allowing one to play with people in close proximity and/or around the world saving on resources such as energy to produce paper,cardboard,pieces and in transportation with remote communication done with headphones with microphones,codec technology etc.VR versions of board games will inevitably be made.Supplementary reference books,e-instruction and booklets will be in their subfolders within Dionysus for all electronic board and card games since they are video games.

Existing jigsaws,board games and chess boards and sets can also be done this way with the cardboard structure or playing board and box printed out with custom design/pictures/photos printed on and custom made pieces and alterations made to well known games both in design but also rules and even new variations etc.This would mean new board games or versions of existing games will be developed by the public.Existing ones can have the board,box and all items scanned in with handheld scanners and saved onto Hephaestus with alterations made to them by for example using photoshop to change the board following the same pattern as all types of manufactured products with any pieces such as dice and character pieces stored in subfolders allowing them to printed out if lost.Different versions of board games ie the various iterations of Monopoly,Cluedo etc will be within folders in a macro folder alongside altered versions made by the public with them open source games that can be modified by the public to create new versions.The box,board,cards and pieces etc of them will be scanned into Paidia.Those that require VHS tapes or DVDS to play such as the Atmosphere games will have the video files downloaded onto their computer,smart devices including smart televisions and Home AI cloud to play in tandem at certain points especially when people are playing with this easier once Home AI becomes sentient or graphene playing boards are used with the same applying to games such as Dungeons & Dragons.Thus the Home AI linking both the graphene board and cards to the nearby televisions,computers and even smart devices will play relevant parts or stream them in relation to the progress of characters on the board.Lego pieces can be designed on computer and printed out in a variety of shapes,sizes and colours with all the pieces of lego sets and statues etc can be scanned in and stored in one area in the products file with individual lost pieces can be chosen and printed out with ideally and them designed here with for future statues etc a persons body and structures can be scanned in using smart devices and then Pandora can be turn it into different pieces.Manuals and supplementary reference books and booklets for all games and toys and even cards can come in electronic form downloaded on ones personal Hephaestus account or smart devices and can include instruction,information and safety manuals in only the owners language and will be stored in the games and toys subfolders within Hephaestus with existing ones scanned in and Babel fish software and google translate used to translate.

Other toys like paintball guns,toy guns,toy weapons and prop guns can be 3D printed.Thus paintball guns can come in the shape of all types of weapons such as pistols and heavier weapons from video games and live action media using product recognition software and extraction of files from video games.

Merchandise as detailed later on from all media like video games,television shows and movies etc such as props,action figurines,statues etc can be printed and also altered and stored with all toys in Hephaestus with originals developed by the producers of television shows,video games and movies.These would be gained from the files present in networks use to create them or scanning the actor in their clothing or extracting files from older games.Clothing merchandise will be held in the clothing sub-network of Hephaestus with uniforms and costumes in one area of the sector once scanned in while normal shirts and jumpers can have designs of characters,symbols or words created using designs from the design folder.Models of locations in media such as video games and movies,movie sets as well as real life locations such as geological features,entire cities,structures and even locations from media such as video games and movies etc can be in the case of real life places gained from Artemis while those from fictional media would be gained from the files present in networks used to create these media as well as Dionysus with this also applying to older media or scanning in movie sets or software that can measure and make a copy of those from old movies similar to reverse google tango software.Props can also be scanned in.Memorabillia related to media and toys including rare,limited edition and expensive ones in private collections and museums can be scanned in here and replicated for the rest of the world.Halloween,Christmas, St.Patricks day,Mardi Gras and other festival releted costumes will be in the toys section.

Items present in all other sub networks of Hephaestus can be downscaled to the size of toys or as components of toys such as parts of doll houses and vice versa.Any missing or broken parts can be printed out individually as most toys that are 3D printed will be printed in parts and assembled by hands.

As before for sports apparatus this would be for when automation or 3D is insufficiently advanced and gain skills especially with sports bats.

Some toys can also be homemade with advances in automation making the made in factories.

With regards to playing cards,tarot cards,baseball and trading cards,board games these can be done through a silkscreen or on computer with software,laminated and printer allowing for a wide range of customization for example using faces(or places) of the creator or others put onto characters in tarot and playing cards.Computers and smart devices can allow these to be printed at home,in a factory,community centre or at the home of a friend.These too can be designed,altered and shared via cloud networking with existing rare cards and decks scanned into Hephaestus making them more available to the public with new ones developed by the public stored here with those on the internet to transferred by Aphrodite and the general public and the originals stored in museums.Those from media such as video games and movies etc can be gained by Aphrodite.Electronic versions of these games on smart devices can allow for these to be played online with people around the world or in the real world card sized sheets of graphene/silicene can allow for moving playing, trading(including pokemon), baseball and tarot cards to developed which can have specific designs on both sides downloaded into them from Hephaestus.Trading cards can be traded wirelessly over large distances using the wire.They can allow tarot,playing,trading, baseball etc to be downloaded or streamed onto them from Hephaestus via biological harddrives when needed meaning a person may only have to get one deck and have access to all the designed decks of all types from Hephaestus available when needed stored in their Hestia cloud with the possibility of the designs being able move and interact with players.Rare physical cards especially those autographed can be scanned into this database and sent to relevant museums.Since entire decks can be streamed into them a person will only have to get one deck of graphene cards once saving on the amount of paper needed to be produced for new decks controlled by the Home AI app.Poker chips can be even customised and stored on Hephaestus in a subfolder for playing cards.All existing playing cards,tarot cards,trading cards(such as sports and pokemon etc)in physical form can be scanned into Hephaestus with those on existing websites transferred to the relevant network(and the servers recycled) allowing the public access to rare and hard to find cards with Adonit pens allowing sports stars to place signatures onto graphene based cards and photographs allowing them to be saved on ones personal cloud.All of these will be grouped by entire decks with future tarot and playing cards designed by the public.These can be used in digital video game trading games and as items in other games.Cards as part of board games can also be designed and stored on these with them streamed when needed.

Paints,chalk and pastels used for painting toy,faces and paper can be done at home with non toxic substances alongside play-doh,glue,glitter glue etc.Paints also used for art classes and for painting for adults say in art schools can also be made at home alongside glues such as glitter glue.Both dolls and dollhouse can be made as gifts for younger relatives.These can be scanned into Hephaestus.Paint brushes can be 3D printed and the fibres made from genetically altered bacteria that produce keratin in their cell wall which can be assembled at home.Otherwise the hair can come from collected human hair from salons or home cut hair.Genetically altered bacteria can be used to produce colourings,dyes and any compounds needed via recombinant DNA from plants and animals aor through anabolic and catabolic.

Eventually these may be phased out by children and adults in favour of sketchpad and painting software namely Pandora on smart devices saving on resources for the production on paper and other materials and allow people to save work on their computer,Apollo or a personal cloud