Summary of Anti-microbial

Anti-microbial strains:
These modified leukocytes anti-microbial strains will comprise of the anti-viral,anti-fungal,anti-bacterial and even anti-helminthic strains can be created from scratch that are biocompatible with and intentionally seek out pathogens such as MRSA and HIV through bacteriophage and virophage DNA and that of Bdellovibrio,M.aeruginosavorus,Paramecium,C.elegans,Cafeteria roenbergensis and scratch DNA but is benign to humans again through human proteins on its surface which can transfer genetic material such as plasmids and chromosomes via bacteriophage and leukocyte receptors,that can transmit only CRISPR gene treatments that remove resistance to previous CRISPR treatments permanently using gene drives,remove their pathogenicity and ability to illict immune responses using gene drives,remove their ability to mutate permanently or even undergo mitosis and replication,remove their resistance to every existing antibiotics/anti-viral/anti-fungal compounds they have gained immunity to permanently as well as those at their disposal and prevent them from reproducing and replicating either by themselves or infecting specific cells inside the host by altering their receptors and glycoproteins or introduce suicide genes that cause them to undergo apoptosis or even genetic faults that kill it or weaken them into specific pathogenic bacteria to allow the primary immune system to fight them within populations of livestock and patients.Other effects done by CRISPR would be to make a pathogen especially new ones and viruses and even exiting ones like HIV susceptible to one or all compounds at their disposal to kill them,remove radiorestance or any developed resistance to extreme conditions applied to them,remove their pathogenicity using gene drives with new genes for CRISPR treatments added to the microbes via upgrades,with old ones removed or them added to the same genome with the nanomachines and Paean telling them what treatments to apply with the removal of CRISPR treatments for all strains done via upgrades with genes used via this created by 3D DNA printing.Both anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains would use these against the pathogens they are designed to fight of such as HIV,superbugs but also other ones outside of these and new ones including fungi of all types to limit the genotypes in their nucleus.Anti-cancer strains will use suicide genes and those that stunt the growth of tumours and also make them susceptible to the compounds at their disposal.Suicide genes will be gained from terminator seed technology used by Monsanto with endolithic bacteria DNA halting the growth of them or those made from scratch to them prevent them undergoing mitosis,the prevention of them mutating would involve mutating blocking genes made from scratch by Phanes and also from those found in nature with advanced gene derive technology ensuring this is permanent.Other CRISPR treatments can be used created from scratch extrapolated by Phanes that prevents them undergoing replication and mitosis by inhibiting or removing the genes that allow this to happen and even remove receptors and glycoproteins that allow them to infect cells in the humans body.Those that make them susceptible to the compounds may have to come from pathogenic or ideally benign bacteria,viruses and fungi that the compounds can kill specifically DNA that expresses their outer phospholipids and protein coats with it ideally being DNA from benign species whose phospholipids and protein coats do not cause immune responds,cause pathogenicity and also allow it to infect key cells such as leukocytes,neural tissue with these genes even applied to both endo and ecto parasites.Bacteriophage DNA in phage therapy may also be part of their genome allowing for them to have receptors of these with them injecting suicide,resistance removing genes and also bypassing the cell wall to insert antibiotics including penicillin and CRISPR treatments.The anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains would have receptors engineered into them that allow them to only interact with the receptors and protein coats of all viruses and bacterial pathogens to exchange CRISPR treatments via horizontal gene transfer with if need be them directed via Paean once the species has been determined to evolve via induced evolution those to interact with the specific species with this done to prevent them applying these to the hosts cells.Automated microbiology labs that expose pathogens either viral,bacterial or fungal to large amounts of the compounds at their disposal will be done in tests to force the micro-organisms to adapt to them thus allowing for CRISPR treatments to be made that remove their resistence and also make them and other compounds susceptible to them.CRISPR treatments would occur during phagocytosis as well as horizontal gene transfer and also by simple interactions with the pathogens by interacting with the cell wall either when the cell walls are dissolved by compounds that destroy them,through DNA from micro-organisms and from scratch that exhibit horizontal gene transfer or if the CRISPR treatments can penetrate them similar to viruses and bacteriophages and virophages using the same receptors and delivery methods on them with these designed by AI cross referencing DNA from the global database of patient files,from Physis and scratch added by upgrades and 3D DNA printing.Specific specific proteins to apply CRISPR treatments to each species of pathogenic bacteria,fungi,virus and parasites and the genotypes to express these proteins will be extrapolated by AI namely Phanes and Paean to be applied when needed with their structure and the genes to express them stored in the Physis file of each species in Physis with the DNA structure of these induced by induction of the evolutionary process of taq polymerase and Cas-9 or the structure synthesised by microbes to ensure that the CRISPR treatments to kill off,stunt the growth of viral,bacterial,fungal and parasitic pathogens instantly without problems

The use of pathogen specific endolysines,anti-microbial and anti-viral compounds,CRISPR treatments to remove resistance,undergo apoptosis,become susceptible to compounds at their disposal etc for both viruses,bacterial as well as fungal pathogens would render all anti-microbial,anti-viral,anti-fungal compounds and drugs defunct indefinitely with synthetic ones created by this strain when needed and would be by law free.They would fight off pathogens the second they enter the body thus eliminate them the second infections occur alongside immunising patients against whole groups of pathogens and all strains increasing survival rates from serious infections to almost 100% making humans immune to all forms of pathogens.Both immunising against pathogens and also these microbes will also be able to fight off infections in people battling chronic infections like HIV with those suffering from HIV will have protease inhibitors etc synthesised on demand.As a result of this medical costs to all patients would be almost zero with regards to medications.

Anti-bacterial,anti-viral,anti-fungal and anti-helminthic strains will utilise CRISPR treatments to cause pathogens to undergoe apoptosis,become sucseptible to compounds at their disposal etc applied via horizontal gene transfer with them also applied by bumpers with theses strains only engineered to interact with the cells of pathogens.They will be engineered to only interact with their desired group and not human cells.Anti-bacterial strains will be enginered to only interact with bacteria,anti-viral strains engineered to only interact with viruses and do on to prevent them applying CRISPR treatments designed for pathogens affecting the patient.CRISPR treatment a form pathogens could be applied by bumpers that allow them to be synthesised and released in large amounts in the bloodstream that bounce off human cells and interact only with pathogens that can allow for hundreds or millions of pathogens to be treated with them at once.Taq polymerase and Cas-9 will be used by augmentation,ageing and anti-bacterial,anti-viral,anti-fungal and anti-helminthic strains to recreate strands of DNA used in CRISPR treatments over and over again under instructions through biosynth WiFi from Paean.

New synthetic compounds to inhibit and kill bacteria,viruses,fungi and parasites and to treat everyday conditions,cancer and neurological conditions can be extrapolated by AI analysing the structure of their phospholipds,receptors in the body and surface proteins and then have them stored on Physis in their file to be downloaded with them created by relevant strains of microbes via anabolic and catabolic reactions and applied via bumpers and phagocytosis.Scratch DNA can be extrapolated by them to produce these once DNA is downloaded by evolutionary induction.These will be developed to create compounds that synthesised in the body in the bloodstream or onsite of tumours,neurons and pathogens to deal with drawbacks of natural compounds that by cytotoxic and break down in the body.Existing synthetic compounds that inhibit or kill tumours,bacteria,viruses,fungi,parasites and treat neurological and everyday conditions will be stored here in Physis with AI seizing patents on them and them created by anabolic and catabolic reactions.All synthetic compounds will have their structure downloaded onto the digital DNA storage of each strain of microbes and created by anabolic and catabolic reactions on demand with them released onsite of receptors,tumours,pathogens etc or released as bumpers to prevent overdosing and side effects and toxicity.Anti-microbial compounds and DNA would use Cas-9 or taq polymerase to detect the genome of only pathogens and not beneficial bacteria which the vectors would exit with these native bacteria also made immune to these genes,endolysines and anti-microbial compounds in the genome capsids.This would also apply to lemon juice and romidepsin and also natural compounds that cause side effects with them all also applied during phagocytosis with these bumpers allowing the whole lymphatic system and bloodstream to be flooded with anti-viral,anti-microbial and anti-cancer compounds without causing any side effects except increased urination and possibly defection to remove excess.Any effects that the body would experience would be counteracted by the microbes treating symptoms by modifying healthy cells to be unaffected and or treat the cells on the effects by creating counter proteins with contradictions done by breaking down the synergistic compounds.Bacteria could be exposed to the compounds that cause side effects to allow them to produce genes to counteract them to then be added to patients who are at risk of requiring said compounds ie their geographic location,where they are going on holiday etc and thus allow the hosts cells be unaffected with this done in automated labs against all natural and synthetic compounds for strains that fights off all pathogens whether viral,bacterial or fungal and parasites.Thus exposing bacteria to compounds that cause side effects to humans will be done to create new genes to counteract these that can be added to the genome of patients thus meaning the natural or synthetic compound will affect only pathogens,parasites and tumours or everyday conditions such as gout,zits etc to ensure that side effects will be avoided with the microbes also applying all compounds whether natural or synthetic to the site of action or to the surface of parasites and pathogens and as nanoparticles to prevent overdosing,synergistic effects and limit side effects as it will be applied directly to where it is needed as nanoparticles and not taking up space in the bloodstream.Thus the nanoparticles will be created directly onsite of where the problem is occurring and not flooding the bloodstream and will be instantly used up with any excess not used broken down by the microbes into benign compounds straight away or flushed out of the body by having them covered in proteins thus limiting side effects and also synergistic effects.Furthermore bumpers can be used to eliminate side effects.Otherwise the compound could be applied during phagocytosis and horizontal gene therapy when the microbes attach to the surface of tumours,pathogens and parasites rendering healthy cells in all parts of the body to be resistant to the compounds used with this removed from tumours.This will also limit synergistic effects with the microbes also breaking down any alcohol and grapefruit juice and any other natural or synthetic synergistic compounds detected by the microbes and implants turning them into benign compounds to prevent any interactions before and after applying the compounds with Paean instructing patients not to consume alcohol and other synergistic compounds when and before he applies both natural and synthetic compounds.Alcohol and grapefruit juice will be broken down by other strains while the bumpers prevent the compounds interacting with them with the levels of alcohol and grapefruit measured in the body by implants.The fact that only a small amount of the compounds will be applied will limit overdosing and synergistic effects with the microbes breaking down any excess into benign compounds.Protein bumpers will also allow for them to be applied in a way to limit side effects and synergistic effects as large amounts of them can be released into the bloodstream and interact only with tumours and pathogens as well as desired neural and muscular tissue and bounce off regular cells and are unable to interact with other compounds such as grapefruit juice etc that cause synergistic effects and thus be flushed out of the body.All synthetic compounds both existing and new ones to treat viruses,bacteria,fungi and parasites including those not only on Earth but also on colonies and planets across the universe and everyday ailments such as gout,acid reflux,diarrhoea and neurological conditions will have their structure uploaded to Physis to be stored forever and when needed anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-helminthic strains and those to treat everyday conditions and neurological conditions will be able via biosynth WiFi download their structure and store them in their biological DNA digital storage and then have them produced by anabolic and catabolic reactions in required amounts onsite of the pathogen and parasites outer structures and onsite of receptors in the body to avoid side effects,overdosing and synergistic reactions with or without bumpers using nutrients gained from food intaken by the body.This use of protein bumpers could be used to transfer suicide,susceptible and resistance removing genes as well as others such as to remove their pathogenicity,preventing them undergoing mitosis to pathogens when flooding the bloodstream to kill or modify millions of bacteria at once alongside horizontal gene transfer to allow for the pathogen to be killed off by microbes using antibiotics or them taken in pill form.Again these would be designed to attack specific or whole orders of bacteria and viruses and not beneficial ones due to the mini vectors detecting the specificity DNA of only pathogens by taq polymerase and Cas-9 and exiting beneficial bacteria cell walls and human cells with them released into the bloodstream etc and then interacting with the cell wall and once inside would change the DNA via CRISPR allowing this to alter pathogens and even tumours to allow the microbes to them release anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds in the bloodstream with this more efficient than doing this during phagocytocis as it would allow for countless pathogen cells to be altered at once and allow for the microbes to carry out their work.Ideally both DNA strands and anti-microbial compounds in bumpers would have Cas-9 and other proteins that house it and taq polymerase to read the DNA allowing only pathogens to be affected and beneficial bacteria ignored or beneficial bacteria could be made immune to the proteins that can only be suited to pathogens whose DNA would be read first by base microbes and then who would signal to the anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains to create specific protein bumpers for each pathogen that can interact only with its specific cell wall using possibly recombinant DNA from bacteriophages.Base microbes would do this for known and also new pathogens.Thus these bumpers would not only prevent the anti-viral,anti-cancer and anti-microbial compounds affecting healthy cells and also beneficial bacteria it would also prevent the compounds as well as DNA from being broken down by the body before it enters the tumours or pathogens and reaches the site of action and also allow them to be flooded around the body in large amounts using the lymphatic system and bloodstream to reach hard to reach places.Before microbes are perfected and to compliment them the compounds and genes to treat cancers,HIV and resistant pathogens DNA and compounds could be injected into a persons bloodstream covered in these bumpers with them tested on animals this way.Ideally though genes from scratch could be applied to the hosts cells to make them immune to the compounds.For those to fight cancer,HIV and pathogens like MRSA one could have every single one of billions or even trillions of microbes releasing large amounts of it in the body flooding all systems and it would affect the host at all except of course possibly forcing them to urinate excessively to remove it.This would mean that a person could be cured of tumours and all types of viral,bacterial and fungal infection without even noticing it before symptoms and seroconversion occur.AI such as Phanes and Paesn will cater to extrapolating compounds to be added to anti-microbial strains that are subdivided into those that fight off bacterial infections,viral infections and fungal infections.Paean and Phanes will analyse the genome and surface proteins of all species of pathogens such as virus,bacteria and fungi as well as parasites and extrapolate synthetic compounds and antibiotics and then upload their structure to Physis to be downloaded by microbes

Antibodies to viruses and bacterial such as tri-specific antibodies that attack 99% of HIV strains can be gained by having the structure of these antibodies analysed,charted and added to the Physis file of HIV to allow them to be downloaded or the DNA storage of antiviral strains and synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.If possible Phanes,Paean and Epione analysing the antigens and other surface structures of all known pathogens and parasites on Earth and newly discovered ones on extrasolar colonies will extrapolate synthetic antibodies that can be stored on their Physis file to be downloaded on the the DNA digital storage of anti-bacterial,anti-viral,anti-fungal and anti-helminthic strains through biosynth wifi and synthesised using catabolic and anabolic reactions with the same done for even venoms for plants and animals of all types.All strains of each species of viral,bacterial and fungal pathogen and parasite will be analysed and the antibodies stored in their Physis file with the structure of the antibodies downloaded into digital DNA storage when infections are detected by base microbes and in the case of already infected individuals of chronic infections such as HIV.This would be done alongside immunisations to create super antibodies that attack critical parts of a pathogen and can destroy them more easily alongside those from immunisations.This would be easier than getting DNA from patients and having to expose patients to the specific strains which could be impossible as these antibodies occur in only specific conditions with it also allow the antibodies of all other pathogens to be stored once analysed by Paean,Phanes etc with it available to all patients instantly and also can be done to new pathogens invivo once their genome is scanned by base microbes.It can also be done to parasites both known and new especially deadly ones and can allow them to be created on demand in both chronic and newly infected patients simply through access to wifi with this also doing so for strains of HIV outside those that N6 and tri-specific strains work on and work alongside immunisations to quickly defeat infections.Known antibodies of HIV such as N6 and tri-specific ones will be added to their pathogens species Physis file to be downloaded into microbes and then synthesised.Thus the outer structure of all known and new pathogens whether viral,bacterial or fungal including all strains and even parasites surface protein antigens will be analysed especially the antigens by Phanes,Paean etc to allow for synthetic antibodies to be extrapolated by them and their structure stored in the pathogens and parasites Physis file and then downloaded onto microbes and synthesised by anti-bacterial,anti-viral,anti-fungal and anti-helmitic strains on demand using anabolic and catabolic reactions once their structure can be downloaded into the relevant strains of microbes within DNA digital storage in using biosynth wifi in both new and chronic infections once the specific strain is analysed by base microbes scanning their genome.This will be done for all of them including V.major,Y.pestis and even those that cause minor illness.It will also be done for all species of bacteria,fungi,viruses and parasites on Earth and other planets across the universe once they are discovered including those that affect animals that could be potentially become zoonoses to allow them to be downloaded should they be become a threat.The patient would be told to consume specific fats,proteins etc to provide elements for the microbes to antibodies to be created this way.New pathogens and parasites when they have their genome scanned invivo and in labs will be analysed for their antigen structure to be then have antibodies extrapolated instantly and then redownloaded once CRISPR treatments prevent them undergoing mitosis.Existing known antibodies such as the aforementioned N6 and tri-specific antibodies to fight HIV and other pathogens created by specific populations of both humans and animals will have their structure be added to this database to then be downloaded and created by them.Even antibodies created in response to all known vaccines including Polovirus,Ebolavirus etc will be added to this database once extrapolated by AI and also infecting vaccinated patients and taking blood samples with antibodies for parasites extrapolated.Phanes will extrapolate genotypes for each synthetic antibodies extrapolated to be added to microbes through biosynth WiFi and the patients genome including bone marrow via gene therapy to allow them to allow the patients leukocytes to create themselves through chemical signals from microbes and Paean with these stored in Physis.Paean will analyse the outer structure of bacteria,viruses,fungi,parasites to extrapolate synthetic antibiotics,anti-viral,anti-fungal,anti-helminthic synthetic compounds that can kill them but not harm the patients cells which can be stored in the species Physis files and them synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Phanes can extrapolate DNA to express these compounds that can be downloaded via WiFi into relevant microbe strains.Paean and Phanes will also analyse their structure extrapolate endolysines and receptors specific to each species and strain of pathogens whether bacterial,viral and fungal and even if possible those for parasites that will be stored in each pathogens Physis file and then downloaded when needed speeding up the process of the anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains creating relevant endolysines for pathogens.AI will extrapolate synthetic compounds to treat each pathogen and parasite that can be stored in their Physis file and them downloaded into microbes and created by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Receptors for anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains to interact with each species of pathogens including viruses,bacteria and parasites will be extrapolated and changed by biosynth wifi to adapt to new infections.Endolysines for each species and strains of bacteria,virus,fungi,parasites will be extrapolated to be downloaded when needed.Also extrapolated by Phanes will be genes that can make the host resistant to them from scratch ie those that prevent pathogens particularly viruses and parasites infecting and damaging specific cells and organs to be applied to the host and then stored in Physis in the pathogens and parasites file to be downloaded when needed with existing genes present.Genes to prevent each toxin interact with a patients cells can be extrapolated.DNA from asymptomatic carriers can be analysed.The genotypes that expresses surface proteins of immunising strains will be analysed and extrapolated with the common proteins of entire taxonomic ranks extrapolated anf stored in their Physis file.Also CRISPR treatments for preventing them undergoing mitosis,replication and also apoptosis as well as those to counter resistance to all new and existing compounds will be extrapolated and stored in Physis for them to be downloaded when needed.Parasites will also have their genome and outer structure analysed for this.AI could also instead of analysing the outer structure of pathogens and parasites could instead have Phanes analyse their genome or do this alongside analysing the outer structure of them to determine the synthetic compounds and antibodies with analysing their genome allowing them to more effectively extrapolate compounds,antibodies and the scratch DNA to express this.All of this by 2023-2029 onwards may take at least a few hours or few minutes per species with fragmentation allowing them to do all species worldwide within a few months or days.All newly discovered species of microorganisms and parasites across the universe will undergo this.Counterproteins,enzymes and antivenom to all toxins,poisons both natural and synthetic and even to date rape drugs,toxic gases/liquids/solids etc and heavy metals and pesticides etc will be extrapolated again via AI extrapolating them from analysing the compounds structure all stored in Physis etc will be extrapolated this way too and stored to be downloaded instantly and synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions to allow the toxin to be neutralised.Thus the structure of all known poisons,toxins etc from heavy metals,those created by poisonous plants and animals in their leaves,fruit,stings and bites etc will have their structure analysed by AI namely Paean etc and them then extrapolating the structure to counterproteins etc which will be added to the Physis file of that element and plant and animal etc that produces them in subfolders.Bumpers for each species and strain of pathogen and parasite as well as compound will also be extrapolated this way and downloaded.The AI will also do this to create synthetic compounds to fight viral,fungal and bacterial pathogens and parasites with these stored on the augmentation sub network in Aesculapius and them also downloaded with if possible the AI also extrapolating scratch DNA to add to microbes to create these and counterproteins.These counterproteins,antivenom,antibodies,bumpers and endolysines etc will be stored in the pathogens,parasites and compounds file within Physis and will be downloaded when need via wifi,public wifi,cellular access to the wire and even satellite wifi allowing them to be created and stored on digital DNA when needed and deleted when not to allow for them to be synthesised in the body via catabolic and anabolic reactions when the specific pathogen or poison is detected.Thus AI will starting in 2023/2024 scan the outer structure and DNA of all species and all strains of parasites,non pathogenic and pathogenic micro-organisms whether viral/fungal/bacterial etc and that of all poisons,toxins and synthetic compounds to extrapolate synthetic antibodies,synthetic antibiotics/antiviral/anti fungal/anti helminthic compounds,bumpers,endolysines,receptors,counterproteins,antivenom whose structure will be stored in relevant folders in Physis to be synthesised on demand using catabolic and anabolic reactions by relevant strains or when possible scratch DNA can be created to synthesis them and also counter CRISPR treatments to resistance genes with them also stored in Physis in the pathogens,parasites,elements and plant and animals file to be downloaded instantly via wifi and stored in digital DNA storage in the relevant strains once the base microbes determine the genome and structure of the invading pathogen,parasites,toxins etc and induce all of the microbes of these strain to awake from endospores and then create these genes via inducing evolution of the strains genome via wifi and taq polymerase and Cas-9 or the antibodies,bumpers,counterproteins can be synthesised via anabolic and catabolic reactions.All of these antibodies,counterproteins etc structure and genotypes of scratch DNA will be added to the file of each species and strain of bacteria,fungi,virus and parasite and poison in Physis and once detected by base microbes the structure will be downloaded into the digital DNA storage and then synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions.Work on this can start as early as 2023/2024 by proto Paean and Phanes doing this using the worlds supercomputers merged together or networks within universities and hospitals around the world.The patient once they are infected or in the case of existing infected patients will be required to consume specific fats,proteins and carbohydrates by Paean in specific amounts to provide the necessary elements for these to be synthesised.If possible genotypes can be extrapolated by Phanes and Paean from scratch to be added to both microbes and the patients own genome to express the production of antibodies,bumpers,antivenom naturally both before and during infections.Work on this done by proto Phanes,Paean etc can begin as early as 2023 using computers and networks around the world so as to be finished by 2029.All of this wil be done for all existing known species aand strains of fungi,viruses and bacteria including both pathogenic and non pathogenic species and strains.When any new pathogens arise from zoonoses etc then the new strain can have all of this information extrapolated within about 24-168 hours to be distributed globally through 3D DNA printers.This will be replicated on each colony outside of Earth once phylogenetic trees and their version of Physis is set up.

Bumpers to transport compounds fight off pathogens,parasites and tumours and also deliver CRISPR treatments will be extrapolated via AI.Compounds like melittin and lemon juice could be created by them released in the bloodstream as nanoparticles with natural or synthetic bumpers synthesised by the microbes that dont affect the host but only the pathogen with the same applied to other compounds to fight pathogens and also tumours especially synthetic ones that harm the host including chemotherapeutic compounds etc to fight HIV and MRSA with this meant to interact with only tumours and the pathogen by them interacting with their unique surface proteins and structures and not the hosts healthy cells rather simply bouncing off them preventing the compound affecting the hosts cells with the bumpers attaching to the unique surface proteins etc of pathogens and tumours and insert the compounds into the pathogen or tumours interior or surface by tricking the pathogen or tumour into believing it is food or other nutrients key to its survival or be synthetic versions of receptors that it needs for replication or reproduction where the compound will be used up with excess ones not used up released by flooding the lymphatic and bloodstream would be flushed out during defecation and urination and collected in sewage treatment plants to be turned into benign substances or used to treat pathogens there alongside the other measures or would be broken down with the compounds and bumpers recycled.The excess bumpers if natural ones could be used up as energy by both the microbes and the host with synthetic ones collected in sewage treatment plants.These bumpers could be natural or synthetic proteins possibly buckyballs and lectines as well as other oligosaccharides synthesised by the microbes that interact with the unique surface proteins of pathogens or tumours acting as a delivery system that forces the anti-microbial,anti-viral and anti-cancer compound onto the surface or interior of them to allow them to work while ignoring and unable to react with the unique phospholipids of healthy human cells and would break down once the compound it delivered is used up or be flushed out of the body though urine and feces.These natural or synthetic bumpers would be created by anabolic and catabolic reactions by microbes surrounding the anti-viral,anti-cancer,anti-viral etc compounds that surrounds the compound and would be done to ensure the compound interacts only with tumours and specific species of pathogens and also parasites preventing cytotoxicity and would also be fond to ensure they would not break down in the body in the bloodstream etc due to as stated they would bounce off healthy cells and only interact with desired pathogens and parasites that will be suited to interact with their specific cell walls,phospholipids etc by tricking them into believing they are food to allow them to be forced onto the surface or internal cytosol and if not used up will be flushed out of the body through urine and feces to be broken down by algae in sewage treatment plants and radiation etc treatments or be broken down by microbes and turned into benign compounds like nutrients.They would be those unable to illicit an immune response and also contain proteins from the human body.This would also be used to transport compounds that break down in the body particularly the bloodstream very easily thus allowing them to survive the pH,temperature and even internal homeostasis of the entire body preventing them being transported to the site of action.It would also prevent the compound being used to attack viruses,bacteria etc to not induce cytoxicity thus harming the patient as they would when in contact with a human cell or tissue bounce off them until they come in contact with the pathogen etc and would if not used up be flushed out of the body through urine,feces etc with the bumpers themselves unable to break down in the body or interact with human cells.Endolysines could use this to interact with only pathogens and not beneficial bacteria with CRISPR treatments delivered this way as well attacking only pathogens as well and not human cells.The use of bumpers would allow anti-viral,anti-bacterial etc compounds to be synthesised in large amounts in the bloodstream by microbes,be transported across the bloodstream and also lymphatic system and thus attack large amounts of tumours,pathogens and parasites at once in one go and without affecting the hosts body at all.These bumpers would allow the compounds to be synthesised and released in large amounts and spread across the entire body through the lymphatic and vascular systems and hard to reach places without breaking down or inducing cytoxicity and thus causing damage to the patient with the bumpers either natural or synthetic synthesised by them at the same time as the compounds are synthesised.Thus bumpers would deliver compounds to specific pathogens and tumours etc as by interacting with their phospholipids and bounce off healthy human cells but also allow them to travel to them without breaking down due to stomach acids,compounds and pH in the blood etc allowing them to travel all around the body until they find their target pathogen and force themselves into the pathogen or excess flushed out of the body through urine,feces and sweat.It would also be used to primarily transport compounds that would irritate or be toxic to humans cells and thus be used to transport it safely around the body without damaging the host.These attack the surface proteins and phospholipids or trick them into believing it is food and would bounce off human cells.Beneficial bacteria such as gut flora would be unaffected.The bumpers would allow millions of bumper coated nanoparticles of anti-viral/anti-microbial/anti-cancer compounds and also endolysines and CRISPR treatments to be released by millions of microbe at once to use the lymphatic system and bloodstream to reach hard to reach places and also attack viruses,bacteria,fungi all around the body at once with excess flushed out of the body in the form of sweat,urine and feces.Research into the best natural oligosaccharides or protein for each compound including those from humans and for each species of pathogen etc can be started in animal trials using animals with human recombinant DNA using their proto microbes based on their leukocytes starting as early as 2023with those used in humans being human proteins/lecitins/oligosaccharides that dont cause an allergic reaction or contain human proteins with this done simultaneously worldwide.Microbes should be by 2025-2029 be able to determine via base microbes to scan the genome of pathogens strains to create suitable bumpers that bounce off healthy human cells and beneficial bacteria and only affect the desired pathogen.The bumpers used in studies by Washington University of Medicine used for melittin should be investigated as a possible vector to be synthesised by microbes.Synthetic bumpers can be synthesised using anabolic and catabolic reactions.AI will scan the outer structure of all species and strains of pathogens,parasites,toxins and also tumours and extrapolate unique bumpers for each one with them synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions and through scratch DNA.CRISPR treatments can be applied to pathogens etc using bumpers that allow them to be synthesised in large amounts to affect hundreds of pathogens at once.CRISPR treatments to treat ageing and also augmentations could be released this way allowing millions of cells to be treated at once with cells already containing the DNA rejecting excess DNA which would pass through the cell and then enter another with again excess flushed out as treated cells would have built in markers that prevent the secondary DNA being reapplied.CRISPR treatments used by anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal and anti-helminthic strains to cause pathogens to undergoe apoptosis and become susceptible to compounds at their disposal will use bumpers to allow them to be synthesised and released in large amounts to affect to thousands of millions of pathogens etc at once with again them bouncing off human cells.These bumpers when synthesised ontop of anti-viral,anto-bacterial and anto-cancer will allow millions of these compounds nanoparticles to be synthesised by microbes on demand to floor the bloodstream that bounces off healthy human cells but interacts with any pathogens and tumours they interact with to them kill off large numbers of them at once and excess bumpers flushed out through feces and urine.CRISPR treatments for humans either anti-ageing treatments and augmentations will be synthesised to affect hundreds or more cells at once with anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains synthesise them in large numbers to interact with pathogens and after the genome of countless ones at once while other bounce off human cells and excess flushed out of the body by feces and urine.This mass synthesise can be done by microbes on demand via Biosynth wifi.Bumpers will be needed to be also be suited to the compounds transported so it will analyse the structure of them to be customised for them.These could transport anti-viral,anti-cancer,anti-helminthic,anti-microbial compounds as well as endolysines and even CRISPR treatments acting as a mini vector and since bypassing the cell wall and applied in copious amounts would possibly negate issues of the pathogens gaining resistance with any resistance formed negated by CRISPR treatments to remove this also applied by bumpers.Having base microbes scan the genome using taq polymerase and Cas-9 would allow for the bacterias cell wall and genome to be ascertained thus allow for them to determine the species and strain and then download from Physis produce protein bumpers suited to pathogens either specific species and strain or whole orders and families of them and not beneficial bacteria thus allowing DNA,endolysines and also anti-microbial and anti-viral compounds to be sent to the correct pathogens with the protein bumpers containing DNA passing out of beneficial bacteria or bumping off the cell wall.If possible all major pathogens would have their genome and outer cell wall scanned by Phanes and Paean beforehand to program into base microbes to then signal to anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains what bumpers to produce once they scan their genome.Nanomachines,Paean,DNA digital storage and also neural synapses in the microbes could remember forever the specific proteins to be used for specific or even all pathogens with the same for them learning the correct universal or species specific endolysines to be used.If possible like endolysines they could have receptors or proteins that interact with only desired pathogens and not beneficial bacteria with beneficial bacteria having DNA in the genome capsid to protect them from the specific bumpers in their genome capsid.If possible base microbes could scan the DNA of pathogens and then create protein bumpers suited for that specific pathogen or have this already built in via upgrades with other microbes sent these proteins through chemical signals,Paean and also horizontal gene transfer or creating bumpers in large amounts that seek out and interact with anti-microbial and anti-viral strains to then cause them to replicate these bumpers to house CRISPR treatments,endolysines and anti-viral compounds.

Protein and oligosaccharide bumpers or those that have structures similar to the receptors they interact with will be used to flood the bloodstream with the DNA acting as mini vectors by intercepting the cell wall and then placing the gene in the exact spot with if need be Cas-9 part of these bumpers with the strains of microbes housing the Cas-9 protein in them for those applied via horizontal gene transfer.The surface and receptors of the microbe interacting with that of the pathogen will also determine this alongside signals from Paean determining what to apply and when.Protein bumpers can also act as mini vectors to bypass the cell wall and apply their CRISPR treatments alongside horizontal gene gene transfer during phagocytosis.Advanced gene drive technology will make these alterations permanent to any pathogens applied and thus allow a modified pathogen and its successors through mitosis to be unable to attack certain cells ie leukocytes,be benign and lose its ability to induce an immune response or caused damage to the host,remove resistance to the entire genepool to antibiotics,render them unable to replicate and mutate permanently,modify it to become susceptible to compounds at its disposal with if possible two or more CRISPR treatments added to the pathogen at once to improve success in curing infections especially new pathogens but also existing ones such as superbugs and HIV with gene drive technology used for effectiveness.If possible all of these CRISPR treatments can be applied by microbes flooding the lymphatic system and bloodstream with protein bumpers containing these that would interact with only the unique cell wall walls of viruses and not human cells.This would allow millions of pathogens to be altered at once with multiple genes added with advanced gene drive technology to each one in separate bumpers or super bumpers that contain multiple strands of DNA to be inserted at once thus disabling them at once in multiple ways while the other microbes or the same ones can then apply anti-viral and anti-microbial treatments at once by being flooded in their bumpers it is done with the excess bumpers flushed out of the system.This protein bumper system would act as means to release the DNA strands into the pathogens interior body and thus alongside Cas-9 hidden in the bumpers will put these genes into their specific place with the protein as a mini vector.Beneficial bacteria could be engineered with the same protective CRISPR Cas-9 methods as S.pyogenes against them and the proteins suited only to the walls of pathogens and even have proteins on them.These bumpers synthesised by both anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains would be composed of proteins or oligosaccharides dependant on the species of pathogen and parasite determined by implants and base microbes collecting DNA and relaying it to Paean once using taq polymerase and Cas-9

Bumpers both natural and synthetic can be extrapolated by AI analysing the DNA and surface proteins of all species and strains of pathogens whether viral,bacterial and fungal as well as parasites and would allow for each compound to be thus be stored in each species file Physis and be downloaded when an infection occurs.This use of bumpers would be used in dealing with chronic and serious infections such as MRSA and HIV where the pathogen is in large numbers in all parts of the body and tumours in hard to reach places in the body such as the brain,prostrate and other parts connected by the lymphatic system and bloodstream and can be used also next to pathogens or tumours again to prevent it breaking down in the body.The opposite method flooding is where the compound can be released as nanoparticles without bumpers and would be used to prevent the compound causing damage to healthy cells and preventing it breaking down in the body as it would naturally bounce around the body and would be used primarily in close proximity but could be using the the lymphatic system and bloodstream.If possible universal bumpers can be created that attack and intercept all bacterial pathogens and viruses including both gram negative and positive bacteria that dont affect beneficial bacteria either through specificity or even by having beneficial bacteria have immunity added via inserting DNA into genome capsids to cause the bumpers bounce off them by giving them the same cell wall structures as both healthy cells and microbes with them also preventing certain compounds not just affecting healthy cells eliminating side effects but also preventing them breaking down in the body before they reach the intended target.Bumpers that interact with the surface proteins of microbes can be used in upgrades to ensure they interact solely with them and not pathogens with their also bumpers used to interact with human cells to transfer augmentations and also anti-ageing treatments.To prevent the off chance of them becoming pathogens that would be immune to even microbes beneficial bacteria could have genes added to their genome capsid that prevent them mutating naturally without CRISPR treatments applied in the form of upgrades to develop the ability to cause harm to the host species with them also given immunities to the anti-microbial compounds used by microbes held in their genome capsid with if need be CRISPR used to remove this ability to mutate but its still preserving their ability to create genetically divers progeny.These bacteria would also be given immunities to all antibiotics,anti-microbial compounds,radiation,antibodies etc via upgrades to the genome capsid DNA.DNA that using CRISPR through bumpers would remove resistance to antibiotics,cause apoptosis and also cause pathogens to become susceptible to anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds at their disposal,prevent it mutating and unable to undergo replication and mitosis would be delivered into tumours and millions pathogens using these protein bumpers allowing for millions of pathogens to be affected at once and then allow the pathogens to be affected by flooding of antibiotics and anti-microbial compounds.Endolysines can be delivered this way alongside CRISPR treatments using gene drives that remove resistance,pathogenicity,ability to undergo mitosis and mutations,undergo apoptosis as well as make them susceptible to compounds at their disposal etc as detailed earlier on can be delivered this way ensuring they enter the pathogen cell and no healthy cells.They could as stated trick the pathogen or tumour into thinking it is food or nutrients key to their survival and also be a shell like structure that covers them but is broken by the tumour or pathogen once inside and them then killing them with the DNA or even endolysines unaffected or ideally the protein would act as a mini vector themselves to deliver DNA alongside the Cas-9 protein in the bumpers,endolysines and also anti-viral,anti-microbial and anti-cancer compounds directly to the site of action whether in the inside or exterior of tumours and pathogens and then break down after application or be flushed out of the body to ensure the DNA and compounds is delivered efficiently.In the case of DNA the protein bumper would house the DNA and also Cas-9 that needs to be used to have it delivered to the correct area with in the case of compounds and endolysines the bumpers would deliver it to the cell wall or even its interior where it would immolate it from the inside out and attack the pathogens DNA from the inside out beyond repair.DNA strands that attack them in multiple ways ie make them susceptible to compounds to the microbes compounds,unable to be pathogenic,have genetic faults that would be deadly to ,unable to attack the host or infect cells including leukocytes,prevent them undergoing mutations and mitosis,remove resistance to all antibiotics and make them susceptible to compounds at their disposal,add suicide genes etc will ideally be applied through super bumpers that contain two or more DNA strands added with advanced gene drive technology that carry out these functions and then once the pathogen is disabled and rendered inert as much as possible leaving it susceptible to both the primary and secondary immune system the microbes then can apply one or more compounds in one bumper and also super bumpers that contain two or more compounds as well as endolysines to attack them at once both externally or internally with other compounds that dont need bumpers applied at once together to ensure maximum efficacy.These DNA treatments will disable pathogens by causing many to undergo apoptosis,others to be unable to infect cells such as leukocytes for replication,unable to undergo mitosis thus keeping their numbers stable and under control and unable to be able to gain resistance to radiation,make them be able to be killed by the anti-microbial and anti-viral compounds as well as remove their resistance to existing antibiotics at once ideally multiple ones at most and thus keep infections under control while the immunised primary immune system and other microbes attack them all at once with all weapons at their disposal.Those that mutate rapidly such as MRSA and HIV will have genes that disable their ability to do so and also those that prevent them being able to infect leukocytes by removing their GP120 glycoproteins.Superbumpers can deliver two or more genes to the pathogens with all types of DNA attacks would be delivered at once via them and the bumpers being flooded around the blood and lymphatic system.Flooding of the lymphatic system and bloodstream would be the most efficient method to allow DNA,compounds and endolysines to as it allows for millions or billions of pathogens to be affected instantly added with advanced gene drive technology and then allow the same or other microbes to use secondary compounds ie those that the pathogens and tumours are now susceptible to via altering DNA and even removing resistance.If possible pathogens will be bombarded with both resistance removing genes,those that prevent it undergoing replication or mitosis,and modifying genes and compounds that can now kill it at once to kill it instantly.The various strains would create unique bumpers for both the unique compounds and pathogens and could be either natural or synthetic as well as being bumpers for natural or synthetic compounds that can negatively affect healthy cells.AI such as Paean and Phanes will analyse the outer structure of all species and strains of bacteria,viruses,fungi and parasites and tumor types to extrapolate bumpers unique to each of them individually that don’t affect others or human cells that will be stored each species Physis file to be downloaded onto DNA digital storage on microbes and created by anabolic and catabolic reactions with it also extrapolating scratch DNA to allow for this to be created by downloading DNA into the microbes genome again stored in each species Physis file.These bumpers would be used to transport the natural and synthetic compounds to prevent it breaking down in the bloodstream and also preventing cytotoxicity in the case of those that can cause damage to cells and tissues and thus pain as well as organ damage that could be fatal.If possible Phanes could extrapolate scratch DNA or have bacteria exposed to the compounds that causes them to undergoe evolution to develop genetic mutations and countermeasures that can be added to the genome of patients thus prevent the compound carrying out an allergic response or damage to the body thus allowing natural compounds that don’t break down in the body to be released in large amounts to interact with the pathogen and tumour.

Starting in 2029 AI such as Phanes and Paean will analyse the outer structures and surface proteins of all existing and new fungal,viral and bacterial pathogens and parasites from across the world to extrapolate bumpers,synthetic antibodies,synthetic compounds,natural and synthetic bumpers and antibiotics which will be added to their Physis file with this allowing them to be downloaded into relevant strains of microbes upon infections within minutes or even seconds with this done for all non pathogenic bacteria,viruses,fungi and parasites as well as those for all pets,livestock etc.This will also be done for all newly discovered bacteria,viruses,fungi and parasites etc from across the universe prior to them becoming pathogens so as to allow them to be downloaded upon infection within minutes and seconds.Similar to how the AIs Gnome and Alpha fold were able to extrapolate millions of new proteins and nanomaterials within hours expediating scientific advancement by 800 years in a few hours Phanes and Paean even in a proto form or both Gnome and Alpha fold will be able to similarly extrapolate millions of antibodies,synthetic compounds and genotypes to express them for each individual species of bacterial,viral,fungal pathogen and parasite.They can also scan Physis for genes in all species of animals,plants etc and extrapolate what each individual gene expresses to extrapolates anti-bacterial,anti-viral,anti-fungal and anti-helminth compounds for each species of individual species of bacterial,viral,fungal pathogen and parasite

The hosts native cells using scratch DNA could be made immune to the cytoxic compounds using scratch DNA with the same done to beneficial bacteria.This can be done by using bacteria that are human bacteria hybrids containing human DNA exposed to the anti-viral,anti-microbial compounds in increasing amounts and then causing them to undergo evolution to pick out desirable genes.Genes can also be extrapolated by Phanes.These genes will be added to all cells in the body during an infection and them making the patient immune to synthetic and natural compounds thus allowing the compounds to be released in large amounts without inducing cytotoxicity and immune responses without bumpers.They can be removed after the infection is cleared.

The anti-bacterial,anti-viral,immunisation strains will work alongside the primary immune system by having Paean through biosynth WiFi have anti-bacterial,anti-viral,immunisation strains synthesises chemical signals via inducing the evolutionary path of microbes through biosynth WiFi produce the genes in their genome that allows them to synthesise of the chemical signals for all leukocytes as part of the primary immune system to control them thus giving Paean the ability to indirectly control the primary immune system by using biosynth WiFi tell the anti-bacterial ,anti-viral,immunisation strains synthesise chemical signals to control all actions of the primary immune system thus allowing the primary immune system to participate in battles against bacterial pathogens with all actions of the primary immune system to be controlled by Paean to speed up the battles and alleviate strains on the anti-bacterial strains and prevent the primary immune system becoming lazy

New pathogens whether viral,fungal or bacterial and even new parasites could also be modified via CRISPR applied to the pathogen either viral,fungal and bacterial to become susceptible to the anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds at the microbes disposal,remove their pathogenicity and ability to undergo mitosis etc or cause them to commit apoptosis during phagocytosis or by flooding the DNA added with advanced gene drive technology in protein bumpers that act as a mini vector to place the DNA in correct areas of the pathogens genome allowing millions of pathogens to be affected at once with this also used for existing pathogens outside of MRSA,HIV to limit the genotypes in the microbes.These CRISPR treatments using advanced gene drive technology applied to existing superbugs and newly discovered pathogens can involve removing resistance to one or all antibiotics,undergo apoptosis,be susceptible to compounds at their disposal,prevent them able to undergo mitosis,make them undergo apoptosis,make them benign thus preventing them being pathogens and not able to damage the host,remove their ability to mutate permanently,introduce faults etc with these released at once to allow each pathogen to be affected by multiple treatments.New pathogens and parasites may also require upgrades alongside them using suicide genes etc and those that make them susceptible to the a compounds at their disposal.Patients immune to radiation can be exposed to levels of radiation of between 2,000-20,000Gy to wipe them out.They could have DNA extracted via base microbes or phlebotomy robots in hospitals to have the DNA wirelessly sent to Paean and other AI to be analysed for proteins to create upgrades to be immunisations for all patients around the world including the infected patient and also for anti-bacterial microbes to create endolysines specific to them via signals while the microbes use CRISPR to make them susceptible to all compounds at their disposal and keep the host also alive to allow them to be cleared of them within 24-168 hours.The DNA taken from them by base microbes will also be shared with immunising strains to then synthesise the proteins on their surface to then be shared with dendritic cells in all lymph nodes with the microbe that receives the DNA would undergo rapid replication to travel to all lymph nodes and active an immunised immune system to fight it off with it also sharing the DNA to anti-viral anti-bacterial strains to create schematics to create endolysines.If sufficiently advanced the base microbes could through horizontal gene transfer intake and then read its DNA and wirelesly send the genome of the pathogen to Paean and Phanes that could scan its genome adding it to Physis but have genotypes downloaded wirelessly to strains that synthesise proteins to immunise the host and those that create endolysines with them wirelessly sent the genes that produce the relevant proteins to be shared with the dendritic cells by Paean while other microbes cause other microbes to undergo apoptosis and keep the host alive while the primary immune system is immunised and activated.In time advanced base microbes would be able to scan the genome itself using taq polymerase,Cas-9 and CRISPR to copy its DNA and signal to the immunisation strains to prepare the relevant genes and thus proteins through chemical signals,nanomachines,protein bumpers or horizontal gene transfer to prepare the relevant genome with them also using this to make other anti-microbial and anti-viral strains create endolysines and unique protein bumpers.Thus base microbes could be advanced enough to scan the genome of new foreign pathogens and send it to Paean and other microbe strains while other strains cause pathogens to undergo apoptosis,keep the body alive and also use CRISPR and other methods at its disposal until base microbes can scan through genome to give strains that immunise the primary immune system relevant genes and arm others with bacterial strains given DNA to produce endolysines.The DNA of these new pathogens would be uploaded to Physis to allow for AI namely Phanes to extrapolate genes that are needed to express common proteins for immunising strains and the immunising strains in the body would then receive these by wifi,immunise the patient and activate the immunised primary immune system with by 2045 onwards this taking a few minutes from the second is infected.Existing pathogens in the body will have genes added that prevent it undergoing replication and mitosis and undergro apoptosis and in the case of viruses have large strands of DNA removed to allow for the immunising strains to recive genotypes you immunise the primary immune system.Thus one could be immunised within minutes to then have the immunised primary immune system activated within an hour of the microbes discovering the infection.The same procedures will apply to new parasites.This could also allow the pathogen to be analysed and created in labs using 3D DNA printers to allow them to be tested against all natural compounds from plants and animals both from Earth and colonies.Furthermore them once the genome is scanned or when the surface protein antigens are detected will prepare lysins specific to that species or strain to be then synthesised by all microbes.The genome of the new pathogen and parasites will be uploaded to Physis with its entire genome analysed in minutes and Phanes and Paen will determine genotypes for immunising strains and also synthetic antibodies and compounds to kill them within minutes as well that can be downloaded into immunising and other strains within minutes.New colonies will have the common genes and proteins of all taxonomic ranks of micro-organisms analysised and created to create immunisations of them for all civilians on Earth and interstellar vehicles etc so as to prevent them mutating into human pathogens as seen with SIV mutating into HIV.All livestock and animals will be immunised against their pathogens to prevent them becoming zoonotic diseases.Synthetic compounds to treat them can be created by them carrying out anabolic and catabolic reactions using excess nutrients in stores etc and also bio based compounds,plant and animal oils and hydrocarbons created by the same strain or the body from CRISPR treatments as well as amino acids synthesised by the body and diet.The microbes would also steal genes or be upgraded with them to produce specific proteins from new pathogens once their genome is scanned into Physis to share with the memory helper B and T cells as well as weakening some of the pathogens to be destroyed by the primary immune system to allow them to kill them in another infection similar to vaccines.It would also apply to pathogens such as viruses,bacteria and parasites that may become resistant to melittin and all anti-fungal/microbial/viral compounds at their disposal with it even as stated making pathogens such as MRSA,N.gonorrhoeae through this modification permanently susceptible to all of the antibiotics such as colistin,β-lactam antibiotics and penicillin etc that are currently ineffective via gene drives.It would also work with all viruses to limit the genotypes added to the anti-viral and anti-bacterial strain and could allow any virus or bacterial pathogen to be killed by the compounds at their disposal as CRISPR treatments during phagocytosis would change the pathogen whether bacterial or fungal pathogens genome making its exterior and interior structures be able to be destroyed by the compounds at their disposal with the same done to tumours with suicide genes also added.For this to work ideally first asymptomatic carriers including pets and livestock that carry them should be treated with the permanent resistance removing treatments so that those in vulnerable humans that can affected by them can not only use this resistance removing ability but have the microbes use these antibiotics colistin,β-lactam antibiotics and penicillin against them using recombinant DNA from yeasts etc alongside those from Russian Brown Frogs,phytoplankton,hypochlorite,lactic acid,alcohol and reactive oxygen for maximum effectiveness.New pathogens and parasites could also be modified to become susceptible to the anti-viral and anti-microbial at the microbes disposal,remove their pathogenicity or cause them to commit apoptosis.Genes would be applied to them to express the same external structure of both viruses,fungi,bacteria and even parasites they are designed to fight off ie express the same phospholipids as benign bacteria to allow anti-bacterial compounds to be used or in the case of viruses express the same external structure as HIV without the GP120 glycoproteins and apply melittin and lemon juice particles.If possible having them express the same structure of benign Rhinovirus,HPV,Orthomyxoviridae strains than them expressing that of HIV as it would be much safer in order to be destroyed by them using cyanovirian-N etc.Parasites can be made to express the same internal and external structure as other parasites susceptible to the compounds used or even those as bacteria and viruses to be destroyed with the same done to fungi.This would involve DNA from these benign bacteria and viruses etc added to the pathogens genome.By applying suicide genes and those that prevent them being able to replicate and undergo mitosis would keep their numbers low preventing them causing sickness and damage to the patient and this done via horizontal gene transfer and also bumpers with this allowing for base microbes to scan the DNA of the new pathogen and send it wirelessly to Paean and Phyisis who will determine the proteins on it that would be relevant to immunising strains with immunising strains receiving the geneotypes via Paean wirelessly inducing the evolution of genotypes in this strain to synthesise the proteins on the surface or them collecting samples and them sharing them with dendritic cells to whom they will initiate in large numbers to then initiate relevant memory B and T cells and plasma cells in large numbers and the primary immune system now immunised will be signalled by the microbes through Paean to then fight off the remaining pathogens thus allowing one to be protected for life the next time it is encountered with this protecting patients from new pathogens whether viral,bacterial or fungal or even benign ones that could mutate before they can become pathogens as seen with SIV mutating into HIV or Cowpox virus became V.major and V.minor and would protect them against those they are not immunised against on Earth or on other colonies.This and making them susceptible to the compounds at their disposal via CRISPR treatments would ensure that they can fight off new infections they have not immunised the primary immune system off or newly discovered ones.Their genome would also be used to determine antigens on their surface and allow AI namely Phanes and Paean to extrapolate antibodies that can then be synthesised by microbes through wifi.All new micro-organisms such as fungi,bacteria and viruses discovered on Earth and on new planets will be scanned by Physis,Phanes and Paean will be done by automated programs managed by Astreaus that will scan all micro-organism into their version of Physis which will then have Phanes scan all of them for their potential for pathogenicity and also genotypes for useful proteins allowing for them to have upgrades and anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds developed prior to humans arriving.The common proteins of whole families and orders of all bacteria,fungi and viruses will be analysed by space station AI to create superproteins that immunise one against all fungi,viruses and bacteria allowing one to when they arrive on the planet will be immunised against all pathogenic and non pathogenic ones especially those that have the potential to mutate into deadly pathogens.All known compounds from plants and animals on Earth and other colonies and planets will tested on them in automated labs and also in simulations with all compounds present in Physis and the genotypes from the animals and plants they arise from here in the species file to then add them to microbes via upgrades.To make them susceptible to these compounds already present the microbes could add DNA from a virus or the bacteria that causes them to express the protein coats or phospholipids of known ones that are destroyed by the compounds ie new viruses and also ones outside of HIV could have CRISPR treatments containing DNA/RNA from known pathogens applied to them that cause them to express the same protein capsid and exterior structure of HIV without GP120 glycoproteins to allow allowing melittin and lemon juice to be applied or ideally the same protein capsid and exterior structure of benign Rhinovirus,HPV,Orthomyxoviridae strains to have cyanovirian-N applied with new bacteria and those outside of MRSA could have DNA from added to them that makes them express the same phospholipids and also internal structure benign bacteria affected by these compounds and then allow the microbes to apply its anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds.This and also the ability to remove resistance to new and existing anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds will allow the microbes fight off pathogens that the patient is not immunised against and also kill off any new pathogens discovered in new colonies off of Earth and also as stated fight off viruses,bacteria and fungi outside of those the compounds at its disposal are designed to fight off.This would involve DNA from these benign bacteria and viruses etc added to the pathogens genome.New parasites will undergo this as well.Base microbes could extract the genome from those kept busy by the microbes that surrounding them or this be done by all types of microbes via horizontal gene transfer and then upload their DNA to Paean via wifi to be analysed and then used for developing proteins for immunisations and also counter compounds to be added.The patient and uninfected ones could then be given upgrades either at home or via wifi as soon as possible against the pathogen and any new strain with AI determining the proteins needed to immunise against all possible strains with the pathogens also given CRISPR treatments to prevent them mutating,undergoing replication or mitosis and prevent the pathogen killing the host while key organs are repaired and kept alive.All of these CRISPR treatments will be housed in the microbes as ribosomes and in particular plasmids that can be replicated using taq polymerase and Cas-9.This would allow them to attack virtually anything not just new pathogens on both Earth and on other colonies that would adapt to become human pathogens like HIV evolved from SIV but also to attack viral and bacterial pathogens outside of the main ones the compounds are able to or are designed to destroy on Earth thus extending their range of efficacy without the need to add new genotypes with them able to fight off new infections and even chronic infections instantly thus speeding up the time it takes to cure the patient before it can cause fatal damage to them.This would also apply to both fungi and parasites both existing and new with it only applying to pathogens and not human cells via differentiating between the unique surface proteins of human cells and those of pathogens with ideally this done by the them having receptors that recognise pathogens as well as parasites and not human cells and also the genes to be used suited only to fit into the genome of only viruses and pathogens as well as parasites and not human cells with them doing this alongside resistance removing gene transferred and then use its anti-viral and anti-microbial compounds in unison to prevent pathogens become resistant and CRISPR treatments to remove and prevent resistance and also weaken them will also be applied at the same time to again improve success and even prevent resistance to existing and new treatments.If possible other anti-viral compounds such as lemon juice,vinegar(or similar compounds) can be synthesised and even virkon could be applied by them synthesisng it if shown not to be toxic to humans especially when applied by phagocytosis to HIV virions and other pathogens that it kills or compounds with similar structures and viricidal qualities that are benign to humans synthesised by them or using recombinant DNA from plants and animals via upgrades.The hosts native cells using scratch could be made immune to the compound or the microbes could synthesise the compound covered in protein bumpers that interact only with HIV thus not affecting the host when flooding the bloodstream as nanoparticles with the same applied to lemon juice and melittin.By 2029 the microbes will be able to clear new infections of new pathogens,parasites and toxins with at most a week or even just 24 hours with by 2035-2045 onwards most of not all infections of pathogens,parasites and toxins will be cleared from the body within a few hours of not a few minutes before the patient even realised it occurred.