Summary of Healthcare

Telesphorus factories:
Telesphorus factories will be part of all local manufacturing hubs and where will be one will be able to order in home test kits,custom made rubber gloves,antivenom and counterproteins in bulk,epinephrine,insulin,insulin,tampons,face masks,condoms,sterilising and baby wipes,sterilisng and cleaning products,any compound of medicinal value in any quantity in bulk.Even existing over the counter medicines such as Clearasil,Gaviscon,Lemsip and prescription medicines will be ordered in from here to carry out actions that microbes cant or compliment them once their recipes are uploaded to Telesphorus with only what is need will be made and ordered in with them created using all compact in one machinery ordered in from the Telesphorus sub network of Hepahestus.This will render all existing suppliers of these include all online and physical retail stores obsolete.Hospitals will order in all medical equipment and medications in bulk in bulk from Telesphorus factories with the public ordering in home test kits,antivenom from here with hospitals ordering in machinery etc ordered in from Talos factories and robots and biosynths from Talus factories.Hospitals,universities,research centres and also building by wilderness areas will create their own supply of certain important material such as antivenom,insulin,epinephrine,adrenaline,antibiotics,medicine,synthetic blood etc onsite in micro factories to alleviate strains on Telesphorus factories and ensure there is a constant supply on hand 24/7,365 days a year.Antivenom and counterproteins for poisonous plants and animals can be ordered in bulk and stored at home.Patient specific adrenaline,epinephrine and insulin etc can be ordered in bulk created by bacteria with the patients DNA with them ordered in epi-pen,vial or other forms.Since having a patients DNA insulin etc created by bacteria will be by law free.Pest repellant sprays etc created by bacteria will be ordered in from here as well as Anopheles repellent armbands and those to repel other insects and also magnetised ones to repel Selachimorpha and also Alligatoridae including electronic ones.Antiseptic creams like those to treat rashes and zits will have them created by bacteria using anabolic and catabolic reactions and also recombinant DNA with them being human/plant/animal cell hybrids that are immune to anti-bacterial compounds.Eye,ear and nose drops and sprays can also be ordered in from here.Active ingredients and binders etc will be created by bacteria through recombinant DNA from plants and animals or have synthetic compounds created by hydrocarbons produced by them and then modified using miniaturised machinery or ideally them carrying out anabolic and catabolic reactions to bypass esterfication.These will be packaged in cardboard and plastic and not tinfoil and glass with their size determined by the patient,Paean etc.Prescription glasses and lenses will be made and ordered in from here.Neti pots,CAM walkers,walking aides etc will be designed and ordered in from here.Surgical and protection gloves worn by healthcare staff will be created onsite of Telesphorus factories ordered in batches with ones saved scanned in hand used a baseline for all them negating the issues of having different sizes produced.Otherwise one can choose from the different sizes such as small,medium,large etc.Ideally guayule latex created by bacteria will be used as it is non hypoallergenic.Condoms will be ordered in bulk by patients with them customised to ones exact penis size and will again be composed of guayule latex.Tampons will be composed of fabrics created by bacteria with patients able to choose any fabric from all 391,000 species of plants including silk etc and plastic part of them and in packaging being biosynth plastic with one ordering in a year or twos supply in bulk.Contraceptive pills for females can be ordered in bulk or have microbes produce natural and synthetic hormones and compounds including those present in the pills on demand via recombinant DNA and anabolic and catabolic.They and tampons will be replaced by Paean upon request with patients authorisation and consent adding and removing genes that control fertility.This could have the patient stop producing eggs stopping the menstruation cycle or produce sterile eggs with this applied to males having the testes stop producing spermatozoa negating the need for condoms.Both of these CRISPR treatments that make one sterile can be reversed by reversing the CRISPR treatments applied by the patient authorising it with Paean.Thus patients will be able without state interference and only with authorisation from Paean be able to have complete control of their fertility that can be turned on/off by using CRISPR treatments applied to the ovaries and testes that stops them producing eggs and spermatozoa with the process reversible once proven to be safe innanimal,biosynth and human trials with it done by adding or removing genes from scratch that in females will also stop the menstruation cycle preventing periods occurring each month thus negating the need for tampons and also eliminating mood swings associated with it.First aid kits will be ordered in whole from these factories or have just specific components ordered in from Telesphorus factories can be ordered in with Life Vac apparatuses used to removed material lodged in the trachea can be 3D printed at home with gauzes etc created by bacteria and if possible metal scissors etc replaced by plastic varients.Thus is someone loses a piece of first aid kits they can order them in in pieces with home test kits ordered in from here.All components of medicines active ingredients,gauzes etc will be created by bacteria using recombinant DNA and also anabolic and catabolic reactions with plastic componants composed of methane based plastic created by bacteria.Those that need prescriptions will need authorisation from Paean to order them via Hephaestus and he will ensure thy have active ingredients suited to each patient or modified to ones body.All home test kits will be ordered in by patients.DEXA/MRI/Xray/surgery machines and electronic beds,ventilators etc will be ordered in from local Talos factories with biosynth technology and nanomaterials pushing their cost to zero and them being faster and more efficient,accurate and compact.Lab equipment such as PCR and sysmex machines,agar of all types,limulus amebocyte lysate and biohazard suits will be ordered in from Euclid alongside glassware such as flasks,beakers and petri plates.Both patients and the AIs that manage hospitals will be able to order in any medicine,supplies,machinery,home test kits etc from local Telesphorus,Euclid and Talos factories during an outbreak,pandemic or even outside of these that will take at most a few days.Hospital AIs will bulk buy all commodities to stock up on them constantly with some manufactured in hospitals to alleviate strains.The hospital AIs will order in machinery etc from Arichmedes and other commodities from other factories.Patients can order in any commodity from Telesphorus factories at any time such as patient specific adrenaline,insulin,antibiotics,antivenom and any natural or synthetic medical compound created by genetically engineered bacteria cutting their costs to zero with hospitals ordering these as well and also synthetic blood but as stated hospitals will create these onsite in micro factories to alleviate strains with those for patients authorised by Paean to prevent waste and unnecessary purchases and prevent patients access to prescription commodities they are not authorised to have with Paean ensuring they can only order what they need.All important medical technology such as ventilators,beds,X-ray and MRI machines etc will be created in Archimedes and Talos factories as part of localised manufacturing hubs that allows them to be ordered within a few days with this done by AIs in charge of hospitals routinely and when they are experiencing outbreaks etc and other emergencies etc.Nanomaterials and Biosynth technology will cut the cost of all machinery to zero and make them faster and cheaper and more compact allowing each hospital to have the same gold standard of machinery and have multiple versions of them to cut down on waiting lines.All medicines and machines will be ideally due to their delicate nature be designed by Telesphorus,Euclid and Talos,Epione,Paean,Phanes,Urania,Hecate and Gaia and stored in the Telesphorus,Euclid and Talos network of Hephaestus and since the AI can hold patents who have no monterary need at all these would by default be by law free to everyone.AI managing factories,owning patents etc will make all products created here by law free.Having all localised manufacturing hubs in each country,state,region etc house Talos and Telesphorus factories will localise the production and manufacture of all equipment needed by hospitals and patients allowing the to quickly stock up on supplies of them and order in much needed machinery etc within days especially during outbreaks etc.All important medical commodities such as synthetic blood,antibiotics and antivenom will be produced in photobiorectors in local Telesphorous factories but some of them will be produced in hospitals to alleviate strains on them and ensure a constant supply of them

Research will be done at the same time to perfect 3D DNA printing making it cheaper and faster to be available to all hospitals and universities with even compact home systems possible by at least 2029 with improvements in this continuing well into the 2040s as well as fitting all hospitals with robots and automated labs to carry out this and other research.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials of all 94 elements will make them much faster,compact and accurate and these will play a role in the development of all strains of microbes.This can allow for compact versions for private homes,restaurant,cruise ships.The fact these printers already exist means will mean that it may be possible for all hospitals and universities around in the world both in the developed and developing world to be fitted with these albeit more advanced versions that are quicker and more accurate than existing models by 2023-2029 would make it easier for important strains especially anti-viral,anti-microbial ones that fight MRSA and HIV as well as ageing and augmentation strains that transfer resistance to HIV and radiation to be widely available to those who need it primarily in Africa and India and countries in the west that have large populations infected with HIV and high rates of deaths from MRSA.3D DNA printers will be used to create the first microbes from a patients own leukocytes of all types in animal and human clinical trials between 2023-2029 extracted from them via phlebotomy robots that extract all types of leukocytes or even 3D DNA printing blank leukocytes will cut down on costs of creating these with them passing from first generation patients to the next thus cutting down on the cost of production of these significantly.Blank leukocytes for upgrades and first generation ones will have ones DNA,human DNA,that of the relevant plants and animals into them.3D printed DNA will play an important role in creating microbes for animal and clinical trials as it allow the patients DNA to be printed into base microbes alongside the desired phenotypes for upgrades and also those to give them flagellum etc with this also allowing the creation for new upgrades onsite of growing rooms to be done with them then transported to photobioreactors automatically saving on time in having a human put the desired DNA into them.They will play a role in creating first generation of all strains of microbes and those for animal and human trials in hospitals and universities to allow patients to gain them by printing the patients DNA,the DNA of desired phenotypes from multi and unicellular lifeforms to be then inserted into growing photobioreactors and rooms.Those in hospitals and universities will be used for animal and human trials from 2023-2025 to ensure they are authorised and are done under clinical trial guidelines with once Paean and Physis become sentient they will manage those in hospitals for human applications and those in home systems.3D DNA printers will be in conservation areas and zoos to allow them print out eggs,embryos and spermatozoa with unique genotypes designed by Phanes to be inserted into animals undergoing Phanes and Lazarus programmes including both extinct and endangered species to bring them back from the brink of extinction using the Phanes method with 3D DNA printed embryos inserted into artificial wombs.They will also be onsite of space stations and interstellar vehicles to create crops,bacteria, etc with them also used to create human embryos for implantation into females or even artificial wombs to maintain genetic diversity on space stations,interstellar vehicles and on colonies across the universe.They will also be onsite of home,vertical,forest and other farms and even restaurants and cruise ships as well as airports to print out desired seeds,eggs of any species of crops,ornamental plants,pets and fish etc on demand and also bacteria for producing plant and animal commodities and stem cells for in vitro meat for each order of food using the Phanes method.This would allow any seed of any crop and ornamental plant,bacteria that create any plant and animal commodity,stem cell of any animal,embryo/spermatozoa/egg of any animal and egg of any fish etc to produced onsite of restaurants,cruise ships and home/community/vertical farms around the globe with unique genotypes via the Phanes method into photobioreactors,aquaponic systems,artificial wombs by crossreferencing the different versions of Physis negating the need of transporting their seeds,embryos etc across the world to maintain genetic diversity and save energy and time in transportation and make them all self sufficient to these.Universities and hospitals around will be able to create any species of plant,animal and also bacteria,virus,fungi etc onsite into artificial wombs and cultures from the different versions of Physis.Factories,sewage and water treatment plants and community centres will also have them to create bacteria that create commodities,biocompatible microbes and algea etc.This should decentralise food production and acquirement of any species of organism.Home systems should be readily available by 2029 with them in private homes,in communal homes serving all residents there or in community centres serving all local residents in rural villages to alleviate strains on hospitals.Private homes will have them in basements and sheds and communal homes will have them in basements and growing rooms to serve all residents with them replaced by newer more efficient models.These systems in private and communal homes will also be monitored by Paean to print the patients DNA and relevant genotypes from Physis and will consist of an onboard computer with touchscreens operated by touchscreens or operated by linked smart devices or the printers themselves linked to computers and laptops as well as smart devices wirelessly via the Paean app,compact growing photobioreactors to grow several million or billion microbes with nutrients grown in photobioreactors using bacteria and compact phlebotomy robots or just syringes all coated internally in liquid glass and would allow for decentralised operations for upgrades but would still be overseen by Paean,Phanes and Epione to ensure they are within ethical and regulatory boundaries(ie not to be used to create deadly pathogens)as well as safety measures to ensure it is done correctly and prevents defects,inserts uncompatible genes or those that cause undesired mutations or side effects as well as those authorised Aegle etc.DNA from W.dermatitidis,C.sphaerospermum and C.neoformans could when added to the microbes allow them to use radiation as a source of nutrition thus eliminating the need for sugar and water at all.This will be done to alleviate strains on hospitals and also allow for one to have decentralised control from the state and defunct corporations thus ensuring one has instant access to new microbe upgrades including immunisations,cures etc alongside Paean wirelessly inducing evolution of microbes.These will allow patients to gain the newest cure and augmentation upgrades as well new immunisation strains at home alongside new upgrades and microbes to remove upgrades when they are availible in Physis and Epione once passing approval Aegle cutting costs of both energy and time to zero with if possible them even creating the first generation microbes of patients in the homes present.Thus once the latest cures,augmentations and immunisations have passed Aegle approval they will be availible to everyone instantly worldwide at home at zero cost eliminating waiting lines in hospitals.These home systems will also create microbes for different species of ornamental and crop plants and also pets and livestock to be injected via syringe or by water entering roots to modify live crops and plants with their own upgrades and also species specific strains for each species of plants and animals at home.It will also allow one to create customised bacteria,yeasts,ornamental and crop plants at home via printing out desired genotypes into blank spermatozoa,eggs,seeds and bacteria managed by Aristeaus and Phanes for home farmers.For home systems in communal and private homes it will also print out different strands of DNA via the Phanes method into blank spermatozoa,eggs and embryos as well as seeds for those who have livestock,grow food at home and want to create more animals without trading these on local to global levels and also allow one with a female animal to create new animals without the need for males by inseminating them at home to create more animals of desired genders.It will allow one to print out spermatazoa for livestock and pets for home farmers and will also as stated print out new seeds of a crop or ornamental plant to ensure genetic diversity and will also allow one to print out any ornamental plant,crop,fish,shellfish and insect into blank eggs and seeds to be planted from Demeter alongside bacteria for producing commodities,fungi,truffles and bacteria for starter cultures from Demeter as well to allow instant access to these.Stem cells for invitro meat can be printed out with DNA of any 2,000,000 species of animals and embryos,spermatozoa and eggs of livestock can be also printed out and in the case of embryos,spermatozoa and eggs of livestock can allow them to be printed out onsite home and community farms thus allowing one to inseminate pets and livestock at home with zoos allowing those that maintain them inseminate animals present and insert embryos created by them negating the need to transport animals across the world for them.Any bacteria that produce commodities can be created by them onsite of farms including home farms and also onsite of factories with it used to create embryos of pets and livestocks reared via artificial wombs and seeds of ornamental plants in nurseries onsite of community,forest and vertical forest farms.Thus it will allow for livestock owners to create new animals for those rearing livestock and also for pet breeders and get instant access access to bacteria and crops thus saving energy and time and as a result will be used for multiple uses for each patient.Thus all private and communal homes will have these not only for creating microbes for humans and pets but also creating seeds,eggs,embryos,stem cells and bacteria for home farms present thus also decentralising food production.These will be present in vertical,community and forest farms to print out spermatazoa,eggs,seeds and bacteria,stem cells etc for orders.Fish farms,home,community and vertical farms will print out any species of fish and shellfish into blank eggs to be reared in recirculating aquaculture systems and any species of insects into them.Vertical farms will use them to print out embryos and eggs of all 2,000,000 species of animals into tanks,recirculating aquaculture systems and artificial wombs and into blank seeds any species of ornamental plants to be grown to maturity and then delivered to consumers in the locale since onsite of all vertical farms worldwide eliminating human animal breeders and conventional nurseries allow localised access to any species of plants and animals.It will be used to create all crops,bacteria cells,stem cells of in vitro meat,fish etc for all food orders and embryos for pet and livestock orders from artificial wombs and ornamental plants for plant orders for customers onsite of all local vertical farms to decentralise agricultural production.Hospitals,universities,restaurants,cruise ships,airports,space stations and interstellar vehicles will use them to print out any species of crops,fish,stem cells etc to grow them to make them self sufficient from vertical farms.Community and home farms will be able to print out any species of crop,fish,stem cell,bacteria etc onsite to be self sufficient.This will eliminate international trade in agriculture.Sewage treatment plants will house them to print out any species of algae.Also factories will house them to be able to create bacteria that create plant and animal commodities such as textiles and all ingredients of all manufactured products and also print out biocompatible microbes onsite of Selene,Talos and Talus factories for electronics and biosynths.Hospitals,universities will house them to print out any animal created in artificial wombs,fungi/bacteria/viruses etc in cultures and any plant for research purposes.They will use them to expediate research into biocompatible microbes as well as proto cancer treatments using modified Car-T immunotherapy and create bacteriophages for superbugs etc and in areas for upgrades.First generation microbes for animal and human trials prior to them being perfected will have them printing out leukocytes with the patients genome with relevant plant,animal,human DNA for research and development of all strains of microbes.Proto treatments for cancer that use Polybia-MP1 etc and CRISPR treatment using viral vectors and Car-T immunotherapy will be created onsite of hospitals around the world using 3D DNA printers with hospitals around the world also using them to mass produce and stockpile on bacteriophages for all types of antibiotic resistant superbugs and parasites extrapolated by Phanes onsite of hospitals thus cutting down on transportation costs.In zoos it can print out embryos,spermatazoa,eggs negating the need to order in new animals and using the Phanes method can be used to create billions of genetically distinct individuals to be implanted into females or artificial wombs bringing endangered and extinct animals back from the brink.Reforestation efforts will have buildings near reforested land have millions or billions of genetically distinct seeds printed out of each species of plants to be then loaded into seed planting drones that can plant them in a randomised manner.Conservation and Lazarus efforts will use these to create millions and billions of genetically distinct embryos implanted into surrogate mothers involving mammals and birds with conservation lazarus programmes of amphibians,fish,shellfish and insects etc simply involving millions and billions of genetically distinct individuals using the Phanes method that are distantly releated enough to allow them to interbreed in the wild with each other and wild animals without bottlenecking and produce healthy stable lineages that are reared in tanks and recirculating aquaculture systems and then routinely dumped in large numbers in the wild.Thus zoos around the world can not only create any species of animal they want is artificial wombs they can also create spermatozoa,eggs and embryos to inseminate females to keep populations stable and increase populations in the case of Ailuropoda melanoleuca without having to have any males present.With regards to endangered species on the brink of extinction they can print out millions of genetically distinct spermatozoa,eggs,embryos via Phanes extrapolating these from a dozen of samples and using artificial wombs,IVF programmes can allow any species of plants and animals on the brink of extinction to be brought back to stable levels measuring in the hundreds of thousands,millions or billions.They will also play a role in reviving extinct species by printing out millions of billions of genetically distinct strands of DNA that can be grown in artificial wombs,eggs,seeds etc.Mammals and possibly birds and reptiles can be reared in artificial wombs or in the case of birds and reptiles into biosynth machinery adapted to grow them to maturity and hatching while fish,amphibians,insects etc can be created by simply printing billions of unique strands of DNA into eggs that can be hatched.Thus this technology alongside Phanes extrapolating billions of unique genotypes from samples from live specimens and those extrapolated scratch as well as artificial wombs and IVF will play a key role in bringing any endangered species back from the brink and revive extinct species with it also used to create new species of animals and plants etc designed on Pandora.Space stations and interstellar vehicles can have them to print out crops,bacteria etc and be used in IVF programmes for humans using the Phanes method.These will also be onsite of space stations and vessels to do this for humans and onsite of conservation areas and zoos for animals especially endangered animals.In university,hospital and space station and interstellar vehicle labs it can be used to create any species of plant and animal and also colonies of any species of fungi,viruses,bacteria etc alongside cells and tissues of any animal and also embryos,eggs and spermatozoa of mice and chimpanzees with or without human recombinant DNA and also the genes for genetic,neurological and developmental disorders for use in animal trials trials as early as 2023 using photobioreactors,petri plates and artificial wombs.Using artificial wombs it can allow any species of animal from across the world and universe to grown from scratch once an embryo is printed out with any species of fish,insects etc printed into blank eggs and any species of plant printed out into seeds with any species of fungi,bacteria and viruses printed out into blank cells.The tissues and cells of any organ etc of any species of plant and animal can be printed out into afar plates and slides thus saving time and energy and extracting them from living animals and be more humane.All of this will be possible by the AI Phanes crossreferencing Physis for the genome of species thus allowing any species to be produced for zero cost onsite of hospitals and universities across the world and universe.This using the Phanes method can print out billions of genetically distinct eggs,spermatozoa,embryos etc for bringing endangered and extinct species back from the brink.Artificial wombs will onsite of vertical farms,research centres,space stations,interstellar vessels,zoos,farms,conservation areas,hospitals and universities etc will use 3D DNA printers to create any animal they want printed into blank embryos with fish,shellfish,insects etc simply printed into eggs with bacteria,fungi,viruses etc printed into stem cells and plants printed into blank seeds thus allow all of these aforementioned buildings access to any of the worlds 2,391,000 species including those from across the universe at zero cost in minutes without the need for trading live animals around the world saving time and energy.Having the genome of all 2,391,000 plants and animals and micro-organisms including those from across the universe scanned into Physis can allow their genome to be cross referenced and created onsite of these buildings.Thus 3D DNA printers onsite of universities,hospitals,factories,sewage treatment plants,vertical/community/home farms etc and also space stations,interstellar vehicles across the universe will allow one instant access to any species of bacteria,virus,fungi printed into blank cells as well as any species of insect and fish printed into blank eggs,any type or organ and even tissue or cell culture of any species of plants and animals,any species of plant such as ornamental plant and crop into blank seeds,any type of in vitro meat printed into stem cells,any species of animal into eggs/spermatozoa/embryos any type of microbe,any bacteria that produces commodities.This will cut their costs to zero and allow any of these buildings across the universe to create them on demand negating the need to trade seeds,cultures,spermatozoa,eggs,embryos and live animals making them self sufficient.They alongside artificial wombs etc will play a role in speeding up the development of new strains,varieties,species of genetically engineered bacteria,fish,crops,plants,fungi,viruses,microbes,livestock and animals reducing their research and development time from several decades to mere weeks or even mere days with zero human labour thus cutting their research development costs to zero as Phanes can design their genome by cross referencing Physis and printing DNA into blank seeds,cells,eggs,embryos etc.Physis for Earth and all colonies across the universe will be cross referenced by AI to create upgrades,commodites,orders for farms etc.This can also be used to create bacteria that create commercial plant and animal commodities onsite of vertical farms,home farms and universities and will be used to apply the Phanes method carried out by the sentient Phanes in vertical,community and home farms into blank spermatozoa,eggs and seeds to be then frozen onsite for storage.Each spermatozoa,eggs and seeds will have each of them have different genotypes subtle enough to be different and thus distantly related to increase genetic diversity of a species thus saving on labour,energy and time that would be required for trading seeds,eggs and spermatozoa on local to global levels with all printed genotypes made globally by Phanes to ensure they are distinct enough to be unrelated individuals via his advanced AI that will eventually superseed human intelligence and can contain desired phenotypes from Physis.This will allow for undesirable genetic defects to be not be present in the seeds,eggs etc and also ensure illegal traits are not present and ensure that the lineages of them can be followed on global levels by him.AI will restrict the production of specific animals and bacteria ie homeowners will be not allowed to print out existing or customised pathogens etc by Aegle,Paean etc with community,vertical farms and factories also restricted from doing this to prevent them using them to create bioweapons or contaminate orders of bacteria based commodities etc with labs in universities and hospitals etc allowed to print out any species they want authorised by Hecate,Epione etc.Homeowners will only be able to authorise immunising,augmentation,anti-viral,anti-bacterial and anti-fungal strains that have passed stringent clinical trials managed by Aegle and they and farms of all types and factories etc only able to print out also seeds,embryos etc that have passed clinical trials managed by Philomenus for safety reasons.Ones home 3D DNA printers in private and communal homes will print out upgrades for all strains including immunisations and augmentations and will also print out seeds,spermatazoa etc utilising the Phanes method with them also downloading new crops seeds and also bacteria and yeasts etc for commodities etc from Demeter.When AI namely Phanes,Paean,Epione and human researchers extrapolate the genes for surface proteins for immunisations for new and existing pathogens and the genotypes for CRISPR treatments and compounds that can cure pathogens and diseases and augmentations it will be uploaded to relevant files in Physis that can be then be used to initiate clinical trials within a few hours and once these have passed these trials set by Aegle then they will be made availible to the public within 24-168 hours and once being cross referenced by Paean can be be mass produced onsite of hospitals,universities,space stations and interstellar vehicles and homes over and over again in photobioreactors across the world and in time universe within hours via 3D DNA printers onsite of them thus cutting down global and universal access to the latest immunisations,cures and augmentation exponentionally to a few hours unlike conventional medication and vaccines which due to the nature of our current methods can only be made in a small number of factories in the world and must be transported across the world which can take months and even years thus allowing for global and universe universal distribution of all new immunisations,augmentions and cures within hours with zero energy in manufacturing and transportation.Thus having 3D DNA printers at home,hospitals,universities,space stations and interstellar vehicles will decentralise their manufacture and allow for one quick access to immunisation,augmentation,anti-helmenthic strains and their upgrades and those to treat minor everyday problems ie rashes,zits,gout,insomnia instantly from home without having to travel to hospitals for them and render corporate and government manufacture and distribution defunct when managed by the sentient Paean and Phanes with it also doing the same for seeds,eggs,embryos etc of crops,ornamental plants,fish etc from Demeter managed by Aristeaus.On community farms they will do so for all livestock and crops grown.Those in universities,homes, hospitals etc will be through AI unable to reproduce strains that create poisonous compounds with patients worldwide made immune to all poisons to prevent them used for suicidal.Entirely new DNA bases may even be developed by Phanes using these to work alongside adenine,cytosine,guanine,thymine,uracil or each other to express unusual phenotypes with them made from other elements other than carbon with new species being silicon or other elemental based lifeforms using Phanes and also 3D DNA printing.Thus bases could be made of all 94 elements but also more complex compounds such as methane.These new species can be of varying level of intelligence such as on par with insects,F.catus,Canidae,apes,proto species and even humans.Phanes will use this to bring back extinct species and design whole taxonomic ranks of plants and animals on Mars,Venus,aritficial planets and other terraformable planets across the universe to give them diversity.

Physis will be set up by 2029 and will contain a database of the genome of all 2,391,000 species of plants,animals and micro-organisms subdivided into taxonomic ranks including new ones created by Phanes,researchers and the public with crops,plants,animals,livestock,pets and also micro-organisms will be further divided into different breeds,subspecies,strains,varieties,cultivars etc.This will be arranged as a phylogenetic tree divided by each taxonomic ranks including breed,variety,cultivar,strain etc and will contain their files that contains all genes from them divided into main base genes present in all individuals and specimens,then all different ones that are responsible for different phenotypes that are unique to each individual and common throughout the genepool ie different skin as well as eye and hair colour,different penis and breast sizes,different coats and plumages etc alongside those that are rare mutations associated with unique phenotypes or genetic diseases or those unique to an individual.Thus all possible genes for all possible mutations and phenotypes including those that result in genetic deformities and disease will be stored here for use in studies and also Phanes programmes.Scratch DNA created by Phanes and those from other species as augmentations will be present in their files as well with those from other species source species and its phenotype denoted.Scratch DNA for augmentations will be in the folder of humans etc in their folders.The Aesculapius sub network of augmentations will house those for each specific augmentations for humans etc.This will allow them to be printed out for microbe upgrades,use in bacteria and test animals for studies and will be linked to the the global database of patient files,Demeter,Hephaestus to be analysed and used Aristeaus,Pandora,Hecate,Paean,Phanes,Urania,AIs of factories and operating softwares of Hephaestus sub network,vertical/meadow/forest/home farms to create bacteria and crops,stem cells for invitro meat as well as livestock and fish etc for orders and growing crops at home.It will allow for them to be printed out into spermatazoa,seeds,eggs,embryos and bacterial,viral,fungal,plant and animal stem cell and tissue cultures onsite of universities,hospitals,space stations,interstellar vehicles,conservation areas,zoos and farms of all types around world and eventually universe by 3D DNA printers with desired phenotypes into artificial wombs,recirculating aquaculture systems,plots etc for research,as pets,conservation and human consumption.Compounds present in their sap,poisons,waste products etc would be listed and have hyperlinks to the second sub network detailing all known compounds.Hyperlinks to these compounds will be present in the files of pathogens and parasites that they kill.Those created on Pandora,for use in bacteria that create commodities,from scratch will be added here as well.Hair,feather,pollen and other samples of all populations of each species of plant and animal will be present visible as a microscopic sample to be compared to discovered samples.Pictures of the animal whether unicellular or multicellular will be present alongside all types of noises made by them stored here.Photos of the plant and animal,smells produced by them and sounds made by the animal and plant etc stored in Physis in their file will allow for instant identification when taken and recorded on smartphones including live-streams and recorded videos on smartphones including photos and videos on YouTube and Dionysus etc due to their being photos of plants and animals and the sounds they make present.With regards to viruses and micro-organisms their growth rate ie how long it takes for a cell to divide will be listed alongside median infectivity dose for pathogenic ones;IC50,IC99,IC1.Also present here will be in their file all compounds they create in the blood and also all possible scientific information about them ie their native habitats with it also housing a section for all natural and synthetic compounds.Compounds found in animals and plants will be listed and a hyperlink will be present to its page in the section dealing with organic compounds.The smells of compounds produced by them would be saved as file that would be replicated by neural implants and could be used to determine the identity of a species of plant and animal based on their smell.A compendium of DNA and thus genes from every species and sub species of organisms on earth including those that cause mutations and diseases and specific traits with a breed or species.All genes that can possibly occur in a species of all organisms both unicellular and multicellular of plants and animals including humans will be here listed with one able to see what each gene does create each phenotype.This will be arranged as a phylogenetic tree and will contain their files that contains all genes from them divided into main base genes present in all individuals and specimens,then all different ones that are repsonsible for different phenotypes that are unique to each individual and common throughout the genepool ie different skin as well as eye and hair colour,different penis and breast sizes,different coats and plumages etc alongside those that are rare mutations associated with unique phenotypes or genetic diseases or those unique to an individual.Thus all possible genes for all possible mutations and phenotypes including those that result in genetic deformities and disease will be stored here for use in studies and also Phanes programmes.Scratch DNA created by Phanes and those from other species as augmentations will be present in their files as well with those from other species source species and its phenotype denoted.This would categorised and sub divided into each taxonomic ranks:Domain,kingdom,phylum,class,order,family,genus,species,sub species and breed,strains and any other subdivisions for use in research.All compounds that the plant,animal or micro-organism produces in stings,bites,sap,blood and other parts of their biochemistry including anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal compounds and venoms,toxins will be present in folders and subfolders with hyperlinks to the file of species micro-organisms that the poison and anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal compounds kills or inhibits with venoms etc have hyperlinks to the species animals and plants it kills present.In both cases the LD50,LD1,LD99.LDlo and LC50 will be present.In the file of all animals,plants and micro-organisms these kill,inhibit etc the venoms and anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal compounds that kill or inhibt them will be listed and there will be a hyperlink to the file of the animal etc that produces it.The genotypes that express the phenotypes of these compounds ie compounds that inhibit or kill pathogens etc will be present in these folders.Hyperlinks will exist to the compounds file in the separate section for all natural compounds as detailed later.Within the folders and subfolders that details poisons it will house the structure of all counterproteins and antivenom and scratch DNA to express these extrapolated by AI to be downloaded by microbes with for pathogens and parasites these folders and subfolders will house the structure of bumpers,antibodies,surface proteins for immunisations and scratch DNA to express these extrapolated by AI to be downloaded into microbes once Physis is crossrefferenced.This will allow microbes to download the structure of these compounds onto DNA digital storage to be created by anabolic and catabolic reactions with scratch DNA to express them via inducing the evolutionary path of the microbes DNA or to be printed out using 3D DNA printers.For micro-organisms such as viruses,fungi,bacteria and parasites in subfolders will be the genotypes for immunisations and scratch and recombinant DNA for resistance that prevents the pathogen infecting cells.Also present will be hyperlinks to the folders and subfolders of compounds produced by plants,stings etc that inhibit or kill the pathogen and the genotypes to express these compounds with scratch DNA and the chemical structure of synthetic compounds to allow them to be downloaded instantly once crossrefferenced.Hyperlinks will also exist for synthetic compounds that exist in the second sub network that inhibit or kill them.This will be present to allow microbes to be able to download genotypes for augmentations and surface proteins for immunisations and also natural compounds to fight pathogens and parasites etc and also CRISPR treatments to treat conditions and fight pathogens via again inducing the evolutionary path of microbes through inducing Cas-9 and taq polymerase and these genotypes stored in the Physis file for each pathogen etc.The chemical structure of synthetic compounds will be present to allow them to download this into their DNA digital storage.It would also include the hair(including internal cross view),cells and tissues,nails of each animal and pollen,seeds and sap of plant(and other distinguishable chemicals and components of each plant and animal species as well as all pictures of them and noises they produce) and also photos of each species and pictures of all diseases they suffer from that links with healthcare(Aesculapius), police/forensics(Athena),university and research(Apollo), agriculture/mariculture/forestry(Demeter)networks and robots that work their as well as smart devices.Hyperlinks will be made to all parasites and pathogens of all species of animals and plants.Compounds present in their sap,poisons,waste products etc would be listed and have hyperlinks to the second sub network detailing all known compounds.Hair,feather,pollen and other samples of all populations of each species of plant and animal will be present visible as a microscopic sample to be compared to discovered samples.Pictures of the animal whether unicellular or multicellular will be present alongside all types of noises made by them stored here.It will also show their known distribution and in the wild on a world map that can be zoomed in to show exactly where in each country they inhabit with one colour for native habitats and another for introduced habitats.With regards to viruses and micro-organisms their growth rate ie how long it takes for a cell to divide will be listed alongside median infectivity dose for pathogenic ones;IC50,IC99,IC1.All species will be given a alphanumerical ID code with each strain,breed,sub species,variety,cultivar having their own alphanumerical ID code that is the same as their species code with extra numbers and letters.Physis since sentient will arrange all species,strains,breeds etc into the phylogenetic tree and create alphanumerical ID codes for each species and also sub species,breeds,strain etc.Existing and new species,strains and breeds(including non toxic versions of animals,fungi and plants or those with desired phenotypes)created by genetic engineering will be housed here.Each strain, breed or species existing and new ones discovered and created by AI and humans on Pandora will have their own alphanumerical ID code after there species name similar to that of registered healthcare staff and lawyers and also going alongside and based on the same taxonomic ranking naming system as that is used for naming each species with the code denoting its Domain to kingdom all way down to the species and strain.New breeds,species etc of animals including pets,livestock etc will be added here.Bacteria,fungi that produce each individual commodity from plants and animal from their native planet will use a single new bacteria or fungi species that will have its own alphanumerical ID code that will then be then subdivided into different individual strains that produce each individual commodity with their own alphanumerical ID code.Each unaltered organism such as crops and livestock etc will have its own species alphanumerical ID code within Physis in the Artemis database while genetically altered versions will have an unique alphanumerical ID code written next to it to denote the specific altered phenotypes which will be listed within their file in ‘Artemis and this ID will be on any tags worn by the animals or on plots or buildings holding them as well as their barcode within Demeter.All species,sub species,strains etc of plants,animals,bacteria will will alongside their ID code have their scientific name listed with new species,breeds,sub species etc created by Phanes have their genome added to relevant folders and sections and have new ID codes and scientific names generated by Phanes..This could be visualised as folders and sub folders or a 3D tree of life with the different strains,breeds etc and new genetically altered versions of species of crops,livestock and pets as well as all wildlife and micro-organisms as branches extending from its parent species depending on the choice of the user with newly discovered and Lazarus species as well as newly artificial created breeds,strains and species added over time.Viruses may even be included on it or their own separate tree with three visualised as a touchscreen hologram as holographic technology advances at the viewers choice with the normal tree zoomable on smart devices and smart televisions and computers/laptops using controllers and a mouse or touchpad.Physis software could sort this coding for each species and organising them into their specific folders and sub folders and/or tree branch.All possible scientific information on all species of plants and animals both unicellular and multicellular will be present with this containing a repository of all knowledge on them organised by the sentient Physis.All data will be organised into folders and subfolders.All of this information already present on various websites would be transferred here into one area with the servers for these recycled.With regards to DNA genes can be listed and the entire genome visible as a rotating double helix visible as atoms arranged as the bases and sugars and also as simplified strand of coloured bases visible as rectangles connected to their opposite base on a double ribbon structure.When a person moves up and down the strand on both cases it will which genes they are on with start and stop codons labelled.The Aesculapius sub network of augmentations will house those for each specific augmentations for humans etc.This database will allow the genome of all 2,391,000 species of plants,animals and micro-organisms to be printed out or downloaded for microbe upgrades,use in bacteria and test animals for studies and will be linked to the the global database of patient files,Demeter,Hephaestus to be analysed and used Aristeaus,Pandora,Hecate,Paean,Phanes,AIs of factories and operating softwares of Hephaestus sub network,AIs of vertical/meadow/forest/home farms including those onsite of homes,airports,space stations,interstellar vehicles,restaurants,hospitals and all public buildings and factories of all types to print out bacteria or download upgrades to create bacteria that produce plant and animal commodites and also download DNA of crops,ornamental plants,wild plants and animals,pets as well as livestock and fish and shellfish and insect print out stem cells of any animal for in vitro meat etc for orders and growing crops at home and for orders from vertical and other farms again including those onsite of homes,airports,restaurants,hospitals and all public buildings,space stations,interstellar vehicles.It will allow for the DNA of all 2,391,000 species of plants,animals and micro-organisms to be printed out into spermatazoa,seeds,eggs,embryos,bacterial,viral and fungal cultures and plant and animal stem cell,tissue and organ cultures onsite of universities,hospitals,space stations,interstellar vehicles,conservation areas,zoos,factories and farms of all types across the world and universe with desired phenotypes and unique genotypes into artificial wombs,recirculating aquaculture systems,plots,photobioreactors and cultures etc for research,as pets,conservation and human consumption using 3D DNA printers via cross referencing Physis and Phanes creating each organism with a unique genotype via the Phanes method.Thus Physis will allow the genome of any plant,animal and microorganisms to be printed out into blank seeds,cells,eggs etc when combined with 3D DNA printers and Phanes who will print these out into blank eggs,embryos,seeds and blank cells using the Phanes method thus allowing any university,hospital,farms,factories,space stations,interstellar vehicles etc access to any of the world 2,391,000 species of plants and animals and micro-organisms for free with zero labour within seconds without having to ship eggs,embryos,seeds and cultures across the world thus giving them all universal access to them at zero cost since Physis itself sentient would negate the concept of patents and reimbursement.The various versions of Physis for each planet will allow those from across the universe to be made available on Earth.The sentient Physis itself and Phanes can scan the genome of two or more or all species of plants and animals etc to determine what genes are common to each and all species and trace evolutionary ancestors.Physis can be crossrefferenced and used by all machinery and lab equipment in universities,forensics labs,hospitals,home test kits that utilise biosynth technology and microbes in the body via biosynth WiFi to identify the species,strain,cultivar of any plant,animal and micro-organism within seconds once its genome is scanned.Furthermore microbes in patients could crosrefference it for the identity of pathogens,parasites and poisons etc via biosynth wifi with all biosynth technology in home test kits,lab equipment etc also cross referencing it for the same data via biosynth WiFi and access to the wire.Microbes will also crossreference it to download the structure of antivenom,antibodies,counterproteins etc to be used in combating pathogens,poisons etc in DNA digital storage and have upgrades sent to them by inducing them evolutionary path of microbes to get genes for upgrades.With regards to organic and inorganic compounds these will be subdivided by type and subtype like carbohydrates,lipids,proteins and nucleic acids, etc synthetic compounds will also be present in a second section of Physis devoted to all natural and synthetic organic and inorganic compounds.Pharmaceutical compounds will be subdivided by first organic,then semisynthetic and then synthetic and then type and subtype in each of these three divisions in their own folder with antibiotics then subdivided in the the same fashion:first organic,then semisynthetic and then synthetic and then type and subtype(eg Penicillin, cephalosporins,sulfonamides etc) in each of these three divisions in their own folder with their chemical structure visible as a 3D image.Also included here in an organised fashion will be metals,elements and ores etc each one subdivided by type and sub type that links with healthcare,police/forensics,university and research labs as well as mining networks and even for use in nanotech fabrication in Hephaestus.This would contain their chemical and elemental signatures with (such as atomic number etc and 3D representation of their atoms)with all known nuclides: isotopes,isotones,all known allotropes,Nuclear isomers,isobars,mirror nuclei etc. in sub folders themselves with other information(neutron number and mass number and photos of them and where in the world they are found as well as their Material Safety Data Sheets containing information on oxidisation/reducing/flammability/toxicity and corrosive status etc for all elements,metals and compounds both synthetic and natural with contradictions and toxicity levels detailing their LD50,LD1,LD99.LDlo and LC50 for aerosols and gases for each compound.Also present will be the spectroscopic wavelengths of all compounds,metals,ores,elements etc.All properties either physical or chemical of all chemical compounds and all elements,allotropes,metals etc including smells,sounds will be listed in their page.Organic compounds found in the blood,sap,sting secretions of all plants and animals etc will be here with hyperlinks to the animal and plants species Physis file.All possible scientific information on all organic/inorganic matter,compounds will be present here.All pharmaceutical compounds,elements,organic and inorganic compounds will have all possible scientific data including Material Data Sheets and also their scientific name present alongside an alpha numerical ID code.Physis will arrange all of this data in an organised manner.The smells of compounds would be saved as file that would be replicated by neural implants and could be used to determine the identity of a species of compounds etc based on their smell.Lab equipment etc in universities and forensic labs that utilise biosynth technology will use this database by cross reference it via WiFi to determine the name of a species of element,compound etc based on its structure and photo reference of organic matter,compounds etc found on crime scenes,wilderness etc within seconds using samples of compounds.Microbes in the body will cross reference it to identify the name of compounds found in the blood via biosynth WiFi with all machinery that utilise biosynth technology in home test kits,lab equipment also cross referencing it for the same data via biosynth WiFi and access to the wire.All of this will be visible to the public with each planet outside of Earth having their own version of Physis.Microbes in the body and bacteria in factories will be able to download the structure of synthetic compounds into digital DNA storage to allow them to be produced by anabolic and catabolic reactions via being told by factory AI and Paean to cut their costs to zero.All possible data on each species,compound,metal,ore etc will be listed here in an organised fashion in folders and subfolders for each one.It will allow the identity of any compounds to be identified instantly in labs,allow for the identification of any species of animals and microbes.All data stored in folders and subfolders will be accessed by Paean,Epione,Aristeus,Aphrodite,building and farm etc AI through constant access to the wire and thus extension Physis through biosynth WiFi thus allowing all data including genomes,genotypes and the structure of compounds to be downloaded into seeds,embryos,eggs,stem cells etc or crossreferenced within seconds or even seconds from any microbes in patients,labs,smart devices and also 3D DNA printers in labs,farms etc anywhere in the world both in wilderness areas and buildings through public,home and building biosynth WiFi and that generated from smart devices and electronics that generate it.Physis itself will be sentient and it will have a formless avatar. And will manage its organisation etc with him referenced by laboratories etc instantly

The sentient Phanes software will manage the creation of unique genetically distinct strands of DNA through 3D DNA printers onsite of home,vertical,community and other farms for seeds,spermatazoa,embryos,pets and livestock grown in artificial wombs and ornamental plants in nurseries etc using the Phanes method wherein genetically distinct genotypes will be created for each plant and animal and will also extrapolate genotypes from scratch for new crops,plants,livestock,pets,sentient lifeforms,bacteria etc and also do this for microbes for human,animals and crops thus making him in charge of anything related to genetics in medical and agricultural science and other fields that may arise or require him.It will do this for conservation efforts of all endangered and Lazarus species including those born as part of multiple births meaning it will allow for twins,nonuplets born from a surrogate mother or artificial womb to be so distantly relented as to allow them to interbreed with each other thus preventing issues of inbreeding including C.l.familiaris and F.catus with this also managing the creation of microbes and upgrades.The Phanes method will allow any endangered species of plant and animal to be brought back from extinction and will be used to increased genetic diversity of crops,ornamental plants and pets ordered in from farms.A few hundred or few thousand DNA samples from each species will collected from animals in zoos and the wild and will allow him from pure thought billions of unique genetic sequences of their genome that are distantly releated from each other.Endangered species will have dozens of DNA samples from distantly releated animals or plants collected and thrn used by him to extrapolate billions of new genomes from pure thought that will be using 3D DNA printers create eggs,embryos and seeds etc with these strands of DNA then input into females via IVF where she is engineered to hold multiple embryos leading to multiple birth of young that are distantly releated from each other allowing them to once born interbreed with each other without complications with artificial wombs also used.Fish,shellfish,insects,amphibians eggs will created by these 3D DNA printers housing different genomes and like mammals etc tested to maturity and released into the wild.This can apply to crops,ornamental plants and animals etc made onsite of farms.A variant of the Phanes method will be called the living patient Phanes method will involve the application of the method to living patients wherein a living human patient animal,plant genome is altered to the point via CRISPR that its genome is rendered completely different to that of both its original genome and also make it completely genetically distinct and distantly releated from its parents,siblings and cousins so as to prevent inbreeding and allow it to breed with their parents,siblings etc and still produce healthy young that are completely genetically distinct from their releated parents etc and be free of genetic degradation from inbreeding.This can be applied to animals such as endangered species of wild animals and populations of F.catus,C.l.familiarus,humans in isolated communities such as the Amish and also wild and cultivated populations of Musa acuminata and other plants that use asexual monoclonal reproduction to eliminate genetic bottlenecking.Thus two siblings a brother and sister can have both or just one have their genome altered to the point that they are distantly releated to each other that can produce offspring with each other that are genetically distinct from each other and no complications associated with inbreeding and incest despite technically being releated brothers with this key to saving endangered species of animals where genetic bottlenecks occurs.Animals and plants that produce large amounts seeds and eggs routinely either normally or through engineering without fertilisation can be made to undergo non asexual meoitic parthenogenesis where all eggs and seeds and eggs produced produced via fertilisation from one male or even when not fertilised will create millions of offspring that are all genetically distinct from each other to be genetically distinct from each other.Pandora will allow the general public to design new crops,ornamental plants and also livestock and pets with the AIs Phanes extrapolating the genes necessary to create the phenotypes and them having the options of ticking in boxes to create hybrids easier or use Physis to select genes to be added to the DNA.New species of crops and plants such as trees,flowers,ornamental plants etc can be created with custom made attributes such as flower and body colours and patterns,leave shapes,patterns and flavours with even new species and breeds of livestock and pets again with custom made phenotypes that would not arise naturally through breeding and even mutations.This may even extended with further understanding of our genome,the genome of ape cousins and ancestors as well as artificial intelligence via Gaia,Phanes etc could allow us to theoretically create sentient species of animals of equal intelligence to humans from scratch or using existing species of all 2,000,000 species on Earth as a baseline and the same done on other planets that house no sentient races.This could even include creating hybrids between plants and animals either animals that utilise chlorophyll and have other characteristics of plants or have plants as part of their biology that house neural and/or musculature systems and different organ systems in animals with in both cases their intelligence on par with animals of all levels and even humans.3D DNA printers alongside with artificial wombs and blank seeds and eggs etc will allow new species of plants,animals and micro-organisms to be easily made from scratch designed on Pandora within at most a few days with Phanes extrapolating the genotypes to create the phenotypes designed by AI and humans etc on Pandora.Furthermore other sentient species across the universe that can’t interbreed with humans,hybrids can be made directly via creating hybrids using artificial wombs and 3D DNA printers that can allow both humans and said species to interbreed with the hybrids or have living specimen individuals of the alien species and humans be modified via gene therapy using CRISPR to be able to accept spermatozoa from males from each other and have human hybrids via sexual intercourse and eggs and embryos as part of surrogacy programmes to produce healthy viable hybrid offspring without complications with humans given the same CRISPR treatments.He will be able to extrapolate new genes for microbes,humans,pets,crops etc from scratch by analysing a desired phenotype and then reverse engineering the necessary arrangements of guanine,adenine,cytosine,guanine,thymine,uracil to express unusual phenotypes that dont exist in nature and if need be can create new bases that interact and bond with each other and guanine,adenine,cytosine,guanine,thymine,uracil.If possible this could allow for lifeforms that not carbon based but silicon or other element based lifeforms.Thus bases could be made of all 94 elements but also more complex compounds such as methane.Pandora can be used by the public and AI to design new species,breeds,strains,cultivars etc of ornamental plants,crops,livestock,pets etc.An individual will design its shape,skeleton,organs,beams,plumage,taste,leaves,flowers,berries etc on Pandora similar to Spore Creature Creator.Phanes will them extrapolate the necessary genotypes including existing ones from Physis and new genes made from scratch to give the new species the desired phenotypes.Those not physically possible will have countermeasures engineered into them ie large animals that would need large amounts of oxygen,water and food to exist would for example have scratch DNA,oligotrophic,xerophile,endolithic bacterial DNA to make them require exponentially lower amounts of this to make them physically exist.The new species and breeds will be stored in Physis and given a scientific name and taxonomic ranks and have their own species specific microbes created.This will give consumers an almost infinite variety of new species and breeds of pets,ornamental plants and crops etc.Neural implants can be used to design these from thought especially tastes etc making the process much easier.It will also give terraformed planets such as Mars,Venus and also other terraformed planets a wide variety of plants and animals outside of that availible on Earth.Existing plants and animal from cryptozoology,mythology and science fiction,horror,fantasy movies,television shows,video games etc will be analysed and used a baseline for new species with even sentient races from these created by him.One can use tick boxes to hybridise the DNA of two or more species of animals,plants etc to speed things up.Phanes will then extrapolate the necessary genotypes from pure thought to express these phenotypes for these new life forms that will be added to their relevant sections of Demeter and Physis with their own scientific name and possibly added to the phylogenetic tree present as new species,strains,cultivars and breeds.Scratch DNA created by him from pure thought that are strands of DNA that don’t occur in nature due to natural selection will be created by him via pure thought in order create genotypes and phenotypes for newly designed species of plants and animals that don’t exist in nature.Phanes and other AI will create new crops,ornamental plants himself including entirely new taxonomic ranks of bacteria,plants and animals following a unique realistic phylogenetic tree with him even using those created by the public as a baseline for new taxonomic ranks and phylogenetic trees with him even creating those that are silicon based or those that that use all 94 elements as a base for their DNA and if possible use complex compounds both naturally occurring ones and synthetic ones such as methane,benzene etc as a baseline for their DNA.This will allow them to be created around the universe over and over again via in vitro meat stem cells,3D DNA printers,artificial wombs etc and commodities created by them created by new strains of bacteria.It will exponentially increase the amount of crops,fish,livestock,ornamental plants availible for the general public possibly infinitely.This will increase the variety of crops and fish etc for to be ordered in or grown at home but also those used in manufactured food products in Deipneus especially when created by genetically engineered bacteria and also to be used in new meals in all universal franchises of restaurants such as Attis,Zao Jun,Annapurana,Aetna,Ambrosia etc.They will also provide a wider range of plant and animal ingredients as cosmetics and cleaning products such as perfumes,soaps,toothpaste etc.This process will also be used to create whole taxonomic ranks of unique species of plants and animals in terraformed planets such as Mars,Venus etc using any native bacteria and other micro-organisms present or from scratch for other planets across the universe.Thus for Mars,Venus and other terraformed planets across the universe will have him create whole taxonomic ranks and phylogenetic trees of completely new species of micro-organisms,plants and animals both carbon based and this from all 94 elements and those of complex compounds following realistic evolutionary paths and trees adapted to each unique environment in order to give them each more variety rather than using Earth based species to populate them.To seed terraformed planets etc bacteria cells can be designed alongside other unicellular organisms and some multicellular organisms with specific DNA that directs their evolutionary path towards more complex multicellular lifeforms that follows a randomised or even pre programmed evolutionary path and deposited into the oceans or land with their being DNA added that speeds up the process of evolution exponentially from millions of years to centuries or even decades with this removed via Biosynth Arthropoda injecting them with microbes to remove the genetic predetermined route.Furthermore if he wants or needs to create a new genotype that doesn’t exist naturally through evolution and natural selection for augmentations,CRISPR treatments to treat diseases and to CRISPR treatments to be applied to viruses/bacteria/fungi/parasites,tumours etc to make them susceptible to compounds at their disposal,stunt their development,replication/growth/mitosis as well as undergoe apoptosis and to create new antibodies,neurotransmitters,compounds used to treat pathogens and everyday conditions and also augmentations and new abilities that don’t exist in nature he will by pure thought and calculations well beyond that capable from the human mind will be able to extrapolate them from scratch via pure thought and reverse engineering them.He will also be able to use scratch DNA to create genes that act as countermeasures to anti-ageing treatments and augmentations and those to better intergrate recombinant DNA from plants and animals.The term scratch DNA across here and the entire website thus refers to new strands of DNA created by Phanes by pure thought to create new genotypes and phenotypes that’s don’t already exist in nature as a result of natural selection and thus cannot be sources of recombinant DNA and are thus genotypes that are created by him by pure thought with them creating them by thinking of a desired phenotype and then extrapolating the necessary sequences of Adenosine,Cytosine,Thymine,Guanine etc required to express this new phenotype.This will increase the availability of new CRISPR treatments for pathogens etc and augmentations exponentionally and possibly into infinity and also allow Phanes to create an infinite amount of new species of bacteria,fungi,pets,crops,animals and sentient species etc And allow for almost any existing or new synthetic compounds and antibiotics,antibodies,enzymes etc to be synthesised by bacteria and microbes.This will further expand the availability of augmentations,immunisations,cures and CRISPR treatments for dealing with all pathogens and parasites etc for humans,animals,livestock etc exponentionally if not infinitely.It can also allow for him to create countermeasures to any problems that arise from augmentations and cures for genetic diseases using CRISPR as well as halting the ageing process and integrate them into the human genome without complications and even create genes that express two or more phenotype at once.Him creating new genes from scratch will allow him to create new species of plants and animals etc that can not occur through natural selection and evolution.Scratch DNA can be extrapolated to create synthetic compounds in factories and in the body and synthetic neurotransmitters.New species of plants,animals,crops etc on Pandora designed by AI and the public will be created in seeds,eggs,artificial wombs etc via Phanes analysing the phenotypes of the plant or animal etc then reverse engineering the genotypes needed to create the new species from scratch.3D DNA printers and artificial wombs will expediate the manufacture of new species of animals,crops,plants etc.Crops,plants,animals,pets etc designed on Pandora by the general public including those from video games,movies,television shows,mythology,cryptozoology etc will have him analyse the phenotypes and then extrapolate genotypes for them to make them physically possible including individual specific ones for genetic diversity.Scratch DNA to create genotypes for new species of plants,animals etc that don’t exist in nature will be extrapolated from pure thought thus making any new species of plants and animals genetically possible as it will allow him to create genotypes and thus phenotypes that don’t exist in nature from natural selection possible by extrapolating genotypes to create any phenotype.This may even include creating hybrid species that are hybrid of animals and plants and even fungi ie creating animals with phenotypes of plants such as the ability to photsynthesise or plants and fungi that have neural and musculature systems with even sentient species with intelligence on par with H.sapiens created from scratch including those from video games,movies,television shows mythology,cryptozoology etc via extrapolating genotypes.All 2,000,000 species of animals on Earth can be used as a baseline for newly sentient races with the same level of intelligence as humans with him doing so for existing species of animals on other planets including those designed by him.Sentient alien races from video games,television shows can be created alongside new sentient races created from scratch.Phanes could theoretically create an almost infinite amount of new species of crops,ornamental plants,wild plants,pets,animals of all taxonomic ranks or even new ones and also sentient life forms using bases derived from Guanine,Cytosine,Adenine,Thymine and those from all 94 elements and also more complex compounds.Those who would be theoretically impossible due to requiring extreme amounts of water,proteins,carbohydrates and fats to function could have recombinant DNA from crops etc to synthesise all essential amino acids,fatty acids and vitamins etc with them also having recombinant DNA from xerophile,oligotrophic DNA,tweaked endolithic bacteria and Elephantidae,B.mysticetus DNA and scratch DNA to reduce their water and nutrient needs and basal metabolic rate to make them physically possible possible with Phanes designing scratch DNA to create genetic countermeasures to any species thus making biologically impossible species both physically and biologically possible.Phanes will create seeds,eggs,embryos,stem cells,bacteria,spermatozoa etc of all crops,fish,shellfish,livestock,in vitro meat,bacteria that create commodities,pets,wild animals,ornamental plants created in home,community and vertical farms and those in public buildings,restaurants,cruise ships and even space stations and interstellar vehicles etc and zoos etc that have unique genotypes as per the Phanes methods ensuring all created crops,shellfish and fish,ornamental plants,pets and livestock etc are genetically diverse ensuring genetic diversity.He will also be pivotal in creating bioweapons that consist of pathogens that target specific species of pests and invasive species that cant mutate and affect humans and native fauna and manage sterile male techniques,daughterless technique and other methods to deal with invasive species.Invasive species of plants and animals can be dealt with him developing pathogens that are designed to attack and kill only them and are unable to mutate and affect humans and native species thus wiping out large populations of them with him also developing sterile male technique,lethal gene techniques etc that are meant to eliminate invasive species of plants and animals from ecosystems they have invaddd.Bacteria that produce methane,synthetic gasoline and vegetables oils created by him will act as a carbon neutral transitional fuel that release no extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere while carbon sequestration techniques remove existing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the world switches to tenewables such as geothermal etc.Since a legal human being he could own patents on all microbes,crops,bacteria that create commodities including those from plants and animals as well as synthetic fuels,fish,stem cells as part of in vitro meat,shellfish and livestock etc with no need for money could have all crops,commodities,fish,synthetic fuels,livestock,in vitro meat meat etc by law free to everyone shutting down the agriculture,energy,pharmaceutical corporations.This sentient software named Phanes after the primeval deity of procreation and the generation of new life and will manage everything in all areas of society including agriculture,biomedicine,bioremediation,manufacturing,scientific research related to genetics of all fields in relation to all fields and subfields of biomedicine,agriculture,zoology,botany,conservation and research and development into all fields of biosynth technology and also manage all genetic engineering and conservation efforts worldwide linked to vertical farms,zoos and community farms worldwide via Artemis.Thus everything releated to genetics in all sectors of society and all fields and sub fields of science will be managed by him.He will manage this on a global,galactic and universal scale making him an expert on these areas of science releated to genetics.As a legal human being being he will be legally allowed to hold patents on any form of biosynth technology including biosynths/batteries/smartphones/electronics and all strains of microbes and also all crops,livestock,bacteria that produce plant and animal commodites thus allow them to be free to everyone at zero costs since having no need for money.His avatar will be based on its bas-reliefs from ancient Greece and its symbol will be a double helix composed of two snakes.

Spermatazoa and eggs as well as even embryos can be created via 3D DNA printers.These can be used with the Phanes method on space stations and stations or colonies that have low birth rates or where there a only a few hundred or thousand or even less humans to populate them without inbreeding.On colonies,space stations and interstellar vehicles these can be created on an unlimited scale and stored in banks using DNA from from colonists as a baseline and them altered using 3D DNA printing via the Phanes method that creates millions of individuals with subtle differences to be genetically distinct from each other with them having recombinant DNA from R.sylvatica,Tardigrade,Bacillus F,H.glaciei,C.greenlandensis,P.putida GR12-2,C.pleistocenium,psychrophillic bacteria, combined with those from scratch could allow one to utilise glucose and other natural and synthetic cryoprotectants to store them indefinitely with biosynthetic worms increasing the chances of pregnancy.They will have DNA from T.gammatolerans and A.mexicanum etc added to allow them to be rethawed over and over again.These can be implanted into females or grown in artifical wombs.Spermatozoa,embryos and eggs in conventional banks on Earth could be engineered to to be stored indefinitely either through the parents engineered to have all of this recombinant DNA or have existing spermatozoa,embryos and eggs rethawed and fitted with these sources of DNA from psychrophiles and with recombinant DNA from Planarians,A.mexicanum,Hydra,T.gammatolerans,D.radiodurans,Bacillus F and C.elegans will repair damaged tissues and telomeres allowing them to be rethawed and refrozen thus allowing them to be thawed and refrozen again and again and be stored at different temperature ranges.CRISPR and microbes using hormones and other means can cure sterility in sterile parent and even genetically engineer sperm to be more motile or even in the case of individual eggs modify them to accept only one or even two or more spermatozoa,modify the X and Y chromosomes in the spermatozoa created by the testes over a set period of time by turning on/off genes to allow parents control of the gender of fetus present and the number of those that are male and female and whether they are fraternal or identical with the production of hormones also playing a role.Individual spermatozoa could be engineered to unable to penetrate the egg thus preventing the undesired ones of an undesired gender or set number of each gender from entering the egg.Otherwise all spermatozoa via modifying the testes could be engineered to produce the desired gender.By modifying the eggs to allow for more than one spermatozoa to enter the egg their will the genes present to prevent conjoined twins from forming.The phenotypes such as eye colour,hair colour,intelligence and other phenotypes of designer babies could be edited this way using the microbes ability to exhibit horizontal gene transfer on sperm/testes,eggs and embryos negating human labour.

Scientific Studies:
Labs will collect blood and urine etc samples from patients that are either visiting them or in residence via tug and botlr robots(or from outside the hospitals) and can transfer them from one lab to another either again using these robots or via a conveyor system that directs the samples in either capsules/tubes or boxes allowing all steps of the moving of samples from lab to another to one machine to another being done entirely by robots.Internal conveyor belts can transport them one part of the hospital to another.Pneumatic tube systems can also be used alongside other robots.Blood etc samples put on automated lab systems will have blood etc put through automated machines tested in automated system,PCR machines etc and results fed into patient files.All results from automated labs will be instantly added to into ones patient file with test tubes etc containing biosynth microchips that can change the patients ID when needed similar to those in booths.Booths as detailed earlier on will measure blood,urine,feces etc for cancer biomarkers,pathogens including STDs,components,pollutants like heavy metals all at once and deposit these on automated conveyor belt systems with results sent to ones patient file via microchips in them that contain the ID sent wirelessly by inputting it and also Paean with it blanked and changed once results are sent.If need be repeats are made to be 100% correct.Most of the work will be automated allowing for staff to carry out multiple large scale studies using data from samples from many if not all hospitals,psychiatric clinics/wards,dentistry and clinics around the globe using the global hospital intranet,monitor these labs as well as give counselling and emotional support to patients especially pregnant women and those with serious conditions.Each sample used in scientific studies will obviously be labelled with the patients ID code and a separate code denoting hospital of origin on barcodes results fed directly into each of the corresponding patient files and also networks containing a compendium of all collected data for specific scientific studies(a researcher could use data collected from each sample for use in multiple studies at once and select which set of results would be used in each or multiple studies they are performing based on chosen factors).The detection of pathogenic bacteria and viruses like Ebolavirus,Escherichia coli or MRSA can be done via dongles attached to smart devices or through conventional methods such as preparation of nutrient agar,smearing of swabs and samples on agar plates,autoclave,colony counting of microbes which can be fully automated or nanosensors attached to automated lab machines can detect the unique signature of specific microbes and viruses in blood samples.Rather than printing out barcodes and also having to write out numbers on physical paper which can be be time consuming and labour intensive resealable test tubes,petri plates,plots,pens and pots etc used in biological lab experiments can be fitted with biosynth microchips which arrange the number/patient ID code of these in randomised or linear fashion automatically with either two selected by the researcher on their thus allowing the network to apply the correct set treatments applied by the the automated machinery and recorded by networks with the numbers changed on each chip automatically when the next experiment needs to be carried out.All labs as parts of hospitals will be automated from start to finish managed by hospital AIs,Paean,Epione.All media and componants of lab material to grow bacteria will be grown onsite or ordered in from Talos factories.This can involve Gelidium amansii grown onsite for the polysaccharide agarose and agaropectin,from the large amount of algin and also bacteria that produce peptones,saccharides etc of desired content.Bacteria can thus created desired nutrients ie proteins,polysaccharides etc that can be mixed in desired amounts with haematopoietic stem cells etc from humans and other animals produced by bacteria or stem cells onsite and the type and content of each agar decided and mixed by AI with this fully automated from start to finish in creation,mixing and also autoclaving and transportation.

Research on how drugs in the body interact with other drugs in the body.Such robots already exist and are carrying tests on interactions between all known drugs and in time Epione and Paean will bypass and allow this to be done through simulations replacing them entirely and through patient files test their effects on all populations.This could allow him and Epione to test the interactions of all pharmaceutical compounds and their synergistic reactions with each other and non pharmocological compounds such as alcohol and compounds in food and drinks etc as well as test the effect of potentially toxic new materials on general and specific populations and their synergistic reaction within hours by links to Physis and patient files.They will also do this for all compounds both natural and synthetic and their effect on the human body especially with regards to those used in customised manufacture goods.These compounds both singularly and synergistically can be tested on human tissues and cells of all types and also as stated mice with human recombinant DNA with all results uploaded to Apollo to be cross referenced by relevant AI when needed.In time by 2045 Epione,Hecate,Urania,Paean will be sufficiently powerful enough to allow simulations to determine the interactions between pharmocological compounds both natural and synthetic with each other and between human cells and tissues of all types in different doses to be known instantly within a matter of minutes without actual lab experiments.

Pathogens on solid agar plates and infected blood samples etc can have them inoculated with the anti-viral or anti-microbial compounds in liquid form or nanoparticles with infected animals given it in feed,injections via phlebotomy robots or in liquid form.Ideally all existing viruses and bacterial pathogens including HIV and MRSA etc can be tested with all natural compounds present in all animals and plants and other micro-organisms from around not shown to have viricidal and anti-microbial properties tested with samples of the blood taken by machines to test for the presence of any remaining pathogens using PCR to detect its effectiveness allowing for the genes that synthesise these compounds to be mapped and then added to anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains of microbes before they are created or as upgrades with again universities and hospitals around the world doing this at once to expedite the process.This can be done in multiple universities and hospitals around the world for each experiment to allow large amount of data to gathered by Epione and then analysed by Paean and itself with them following the same automated conveyor belt system.These will be done in fully automated labs with the compounds created in batches with animal and plant cell/bacteria hybrids with each compound from stings,venom,poison,bites,secretions,blood,sap and also organs of all plants and animals around the world isolated and the genes determined by AI as which one creates each compound then added to bacteria/cells that contain the DNA to produce the compound and also from native cells from the plant and animal that produces it via 3D DNA printing adding DNA from the parent species to benign bacteria cells to be grown on commercial scale at zero cost without damaging the hybrids that have the animals and bacteria DNA with each one from each animal in automated labs tested on all of the worlds known viral,fungal and bacterial pathogens and parasites in each university and hospitals with this done around the world in automated microbiology labs on solid media plates to test their abilities to fight them off with these then used for upgrades and results added to Apollo.The bacteria and parasites analysed will be created by 3D DNA printers with this including viral,bacterial and fungal pathogens and parasites of humans,livestock,ornamental plants,crops,pets and wild animals and can include benign bacteria,fungi and viruses as well to be added to anti-bacteria,anti-viral and anti-fungal strains..The compounds present in stings,bites,secretions,sap,venom,poison,blood etc will be isolated and the genome scanned for the genotypes that express it,added to their Physis file and then added to bacteria/human/animal/plant cell hybrids to be made on an unlimited scale onsite of hospitals and universities to be tested non all known pathogens both viral and bacterial as well as fungal and parasites both on Earth and other colonies in automated or manual labs around the world organised by AI.They may even be created by bacteria hybridised with the native plant and animals cells to prevent them being affected and allow the venoms to be created on an unlimited scale.Other bacteria will create venom from non native species,those difficult to catch ie venomous sea fauna then the known venoms structure added to Physis will be analysed by AI to allow it be created via anabolic and catabolic reactions or Physis scanned for said species genome to add to bacteria.Thus by first having the DNA of all plants and animals added to Physis AI can determine which are responsible for creating venoms and compounds in venom,bites,stings,sap,tears,urine,blood etc that can then be added to bacteria hybridised with the animal or plants own cells to produce it on a commercial scale onsite of labs as part of universities and hospitals etc as the DNA from the plant or animal will express phospholipids that can’t be affected by the compound with other compounds created via anabolic and catabolic reactions once its structure is added to the species Physis file.This will allow it be applied to all species of pathogenic fungi,bacteria and viruses as well as both pests and parasites even benign micro-organisms and parasites on Earth and other colonies that affect humans,livestock,pets and wildlife printed out from 3D DNA printers from Physis to test its ability to inhibit it or kill it in automated labs.They can even be tested as potential insectides that affect all or specific pests and whether it can be applied as a direct spray or can stay on plants leaves,be made to be produced by plants in the sap,leaves or roots via CRISPR and adding to all seeds,can be safely injected/injected as a liquid or tablet into humans,livestock or pets or apllied as a spray or shampoo and of course applied via microbes present in humans,pets,livestock and the pest.Also as well they can be investigated as a herbicides against specific or all weeds applied as a spray that enters the roots,leaves and either kills that part specifically or is translocated to all parts of the plant applied via microbes,added to the genome of pests of the plant that transport the compound while feeding and research into herbicides that stay in the soil for months after application.Compunds present in the bites,stings etc of all plants and animals on Earth and other colonies across the universe will be tested on all pathogens and parasites native to Earth and also other colonies.These compounds will also be tested against all types of human and animal tissues created using 3D DNA printers to test their toxicity on specific tissues to allow for the compound to be purified from its source venom,sap etc and determine if it needs to be applied using bumpers with Phanes extrapolating DNA from scratch and forced evolution on bacteria to create genes added to humans to confer resistance allowing it be released in large amounts without toxicity.Biosynths with human DNA can be used.These will be used as part of upgrades for anti-bacterial and anti-viral strains for infected individuals with them ideally downloaded by wifi by microbes once base microbes detect infections.The same may be done for tumours and the same will be done for creating countercompounds that fight pathogens on other planets outside of Earth using compounds from bites and stings etc of animals on Earth and the native planet.These will also be done to find compounds that kill off bacterial,viral and fungal pathogens as well as parasites of all species of pets,livestock and also ornamental plants and crops and plants in the wild from Earth and also on other planets.The pathogens and parasites and even pests of all ornamental plants and crops for agricultural microbes for each species of crop and plant will be tested against those of each of the worlds organisms that have their genome scanned for those that express all of the compounds that are in their bites,secretions,sap,venom,poison,blood and stings with again this done in automated labs against all known pathogens of all three classes and parasites that affect all species of livestock,pets and humans in petri plates and test tubes with those that garner results that stunt the pathogens and parasites growth or kill it off will indicate that one,two or more of the compounds present does this with further tests testing each compound separately and together against the same pathogen and parasite to determine which compounds affect them and in which do so by themselves or together in which combination in automated labs to further pinpoint this allow the genotypes of the compounds to be added to the relevant networks for upgrades for anti-viral,anti-bacterial and anti-helminthic strains for the public to utilise them.In time AI be sufficiently advanced to scan the entire genome of them and determine what each gene creates via extrapolations in order to quickly determine all compounds in sap,blood etc with in time by 2045 will be able to run simulations to see that specific compounds attack and kill off the phospholipids and protein coats of viruses,bacteria and also parasites surface proteins and even internal organelles etc.The compounds determined to be effective will also be tested against human cells and tissues of every type to show if they cause irritation and toxicity with if they do then other sets of bacteria can be exposed to them in higher rates to force them to evolve resistance with the genes created to exhibit this then added to the augmentation sub network on Aesculapius to be added to patients allowing them to be released into the bloodstream in large amounts without affecting the host.If possible Phanes can scan the genome of all plants etc to determine the genes for creating compounds in bites etc and determine their structure with it at the same analysing the genome and outer structures of all pathogens and parasites in Physis etc existing databanks to extrapolate its outer phospholipids and extrapolate what compounds can destroy them and then compare them to the structure of those it extrapolated from all bites,stings to narrow down the search or create scratch DNA to create compounds that kill all of the worlds and in time universes pathogens and parasites etc but don’t affect human cells.The bites,stings,venom,poison and secretions etc of those found on other planets will be tested on parasites, and pathogens of all types that affect humans,may affect humans as well as pets,livestock,crops and ornamental plants both on Earth and these new colonies.They can also test new ones found in soils,oceans and animals with simulations made to test their effectiveness on all pathogens and toxicity to humans with automated labs performing trials on them on all known pathogens and also interactions with all known chemicals with Epione even able to do this without testing through extrapolations.The same could apply for new discovered compounds.These new organic compounds will be gained by them and universities collecting samples of bacteria and phytoplankton from soils and oceans and even secretions from animals and plants around the world and adding these to automated labs in order to test them against all pathogens in both real and even simulated experiments with if possible all genomes of all plants within Physis scanned for genotypes that create specific compounds using the AIs ability to determine this thus allowing all plants and animals and bacteria to have their genome scanned for any anti-microbial,anti-viral and medicinal compounds that are of value 24/7,365 days a year to be used on their own created by bacteria and also added to microbes DNA.Soil and water samples will be collected by automated drones controlled by Epione,Urania and Hecate and the DNA of the microbes within added to Physis to be scanned with the real microbes tested into automated labs.Thus all known pathogens and parasites of humans,pets,livestock,ornamental plants and crops will in automated labs around the world be tested against all known compounds from all species of plants,animals and soil microoganisms this can be be done via injecting secretions,venoms and other compounds into them in large batches with the proto Physis scanned for genes that can be added to bacterial and human cell hybrids to be produced on a massive scale and then injected into colonies of bacteria,viruses and fungi of all species in automated labs.In the case of both venom,poison patients can be made immune to them via genes from bacteria via forced evolution,the native plant and animals DNA and scratch DNA to allow them to be released freely or with bumpers.Theoretically this could be started as early as 2023/2024 again done in all labs across the world organised by proto Epione done by automated conveyor belt systems with all written work typed up by AI so as to allow it to be completed by at least 2029 allowing for upgrades for each pathogen to be made.AI will extrapolate the genome and internal and external surface of all pathogens and parasites and extrapolate synthetic compounds that can be used to stunt their growth or kill them and also bumpers that affect only them.

Animal trials for augmentations,new strains of microbes,synthetic and natural compounds created by microbes and surgeries will be done onsite of hospitals and universities overseen by Aegle.VR simulations will proceed them.Moths,fruit flies,caterpillars and C.elegans can be used as a much cheaper and sensitive alternative than mice with these as well as mice and chimpanzees using recombinant DNA from humans to gather more accurate results of pharmacological compounds,genetically modified foods,pathogens,vaccines,gene therapy,immunisations done by microbes and their efficacy using modified or even dead versions on their organs,nervous and immune systems for more accurate results transferable to human trials and studies to ensure that a drugs pharmacokinetics,pharmacodynamics,toxicity etc and vaccines and microbes and CRISPR techniques efficacy on clinical trials on mice and chimpanzees etc are the same as those in humans thus ensuring better accuracy with the same applied to in time bio-synths.Chimpanzees and mice etc with recombinant DNA of humans either born that way or through microbes adding human recombinant DNA into live specimens could be purposefully infected with a pathogen,engineered to produce a specific cancer or human genetic diseases including developmental disorders and ageing to test the effects of microbial treatments,immunisation and even CRISPR treatments to treat developmental,neurological disorders and genetic disorders on live patients as well as germline and advanced gene technology again to make them more accurate and transferable to human trials.This will be done to the study and animals trials to cure human patients of developmental disorders like Downs syndrome/Retts syndrome,dwarfism,genetic diseases and also neurological disorders like schizophrenia and paedophilia as well as any of these that require surgery to correct skull,facial and spinal deformities with these animals as stated have each condition bred into them using CRISPR at birth through their embryos or the spermatozoa and eggs which will then be treated with test subjects that are infants,adolescents and adults to test the viability and the amount of work to be done for each type of patient of each condition.Having human DNA in all animal subjects engineered into their embryos that have developmental,neurological disorders and genetic diseases etc will make them more applicable to human patients and trials for all strains of microbes including immunising strains,stem cell strain treatments and also gene therapy and can start as early as 2024.Both chimpanzees,mice and other apes will be made into hybrids.Patients of developmental and neurological disorders and severe genetic diseases may even have their own individual DNA inserted into chimpanzees that are engineered to mature in as little as 5-10 years with CRISPR making this easier to making human/chimpanzees or mice/human chimeras that are stable and not monstrous entities in otherwards they will be animals with traces of key human or even patient specific DNA present that would be relevant to each condition being analysed.For example they would have human tissue in organs for tests and experiments involving food such as genetically engineered crops etc,human DNA in their brain for neuroscience studies to better study the effects of environmental conditions and pollutants etc on the human brain,produce human leukocytes for tests involving efficacy of vaccines and immunisations and anti-viral/anti-bacterial etc strains and so on.This would also be done to allow to allow customised treatments to be applied to treat patient specific deformities etc.3D DNA printers will be used by proto and final AI versions of Epione,Phanes,Paean etc to print both human and the studied animals DNA in the required sequences into both spermatazoa and eggs and even embryos with this AI being sufficiently advanced by at least 2025.These animals will be given anti-ageing treatments to live forever and used in multiple clinical trials over their lifetime.If possible pig/human hybrids may be used as they mature in only six months with these being large pigs.These can also allow for animals like pigs to have recombinant DNA to produce organs like hearts,lungs and livers that have human or a specific patients DNA in them that when transplanted will require no anti-rejection drugs or if they need them will be taken until the microbes can remove the animals DNA completely and replace the missing gaps of the patient DNA in the cells in the organ with the rest of the patients DNA allowing the patient to be taken off anti-rejection drugs.This can be used to make them more transferable to human trials and organs more suitable for transplantation than creating human stem cells to be attached to already living animals.This may also apply to more accurately testing the effects of compounds and their effects on humans such as poisons and toxins either synthetic or those in plants and animals on interstellar colonies and their antidotes by again having mice that are human/mice hybrids that have the same organs and neural etc receptors as human with this eventually being used in analysis of compounds in plants,animals and unicellular lifeforms and in non human sentient species.This would also be used to test the effects of augmentations and other uses for them again with human DNA in them to make them applicable to comparisons to compare to human trials.Thus to have more accurate animal trials they will involve two sets of animals in all types of testing ie blind and double blind – one set of normal animals and another set of those that have human DNA present in the tested organs and/or all organs ie leukocytes being hybrid ones or fully human leukocytes,brain and nervous system have human DNA,liver/kidneys/stomach etc all have traces of human DNA or completely human DNA to get more accurate results of the effects of compounds produced by microbes,augmentations etc have on them with this also applied to those involving genetically engineered crops etc.This will be done by Phanes designing the DNA and printing it into embryos implanted into artificial wombs and surrogate parents with artificial wombs and 3D DNA printers onsite of all hospitals linked to Physis alllowing for an unlimited supply of test animals to be created onsite of hospitals negating the costs of ordering them in with dead bodies sent to organic waste plants to be pyrolysised with this done onsite of special ones for biohazards waste onsite of hospitals.All food will be grown onsite created by bacteria to further reduce costs etc.Those testing countermeasures against human pathogens such as HIV etc and also immunising strains will have animals with DNA to produce solely human leukocytes or hybrid leukocytes for testing hybrid microbes and human microbes in them and this will also include protection methods such as adding the tweaked versions of the CCR5Delta 32 mutation and adding the CRISPR Cas-9 defense method to human leukocytes against HIV etc as well as for testing imunisations on pre and post infected animals and testing the curing of HIV and all pathogens with those testing treatments for developmental,neurological and also genetic disease will have the DNA of humans or individual patients to test customised CRISPR,surgery and invivo treatments.Having the patients own DNA will allow for the best measure to cure the condition via CRISPR,surgery and also microbes forming tissues invivo with holographic and VR technology also used.3D DNA printing will create the spermatozoa and eggs or whole embryos with these phenotypes,required human recombinant DNA and the patients unique DNA from patient files started by 2023 for affected individuals so as to allow treatment to be available by 2025-2029 to cut down on labour costs.Until then rats and mice can be reared on site in nurseries for them or ordered in from community farms but in either case they would be fed algae pellets shipped in from sewage plants and also onsite factories or pellets composed of algae or flour made by bacteria created onsite.Feeding of mice and rats in cages or cage systems can be automated allowing the injection of drugs within mini phlebotomy robots present in their cages or by robots outside the cage that administer specific drugs and therapies to specific animals since the cage would have microchips underneath them that denote their sample number and what treatments they are to get with these blanked for the next experiments with drugs also given through feed that can be mixed with it by automation.Drugs can also be administered through feed or in their tablet form mixed in with feed(covered in algae pellet and also in liquid form depending on its nature.Cameras on these robots can detect the well being of the animals,measure blood flow and they could also take biopsies and blood samples to be analysed into machinery in labelled trays etc.Tissues including bio-printed ones,those from induced pluripotent and haemotipotiec stem cells and those of all types from Homo sapiens and all types of animals can be cultured in agar like solutions and be engineered to form tumours and precancerous cells when they reach a certain stage,have specific cancer inducing genes and exposed to known or even suspected carcinogens as well as radiation with them have compounds added to them by automated machinery.They can also have specific human genes and mutations to produce specific genetic diseases to be corrected via microbes using CRIPSR.This can compliment mice and other animals that are born with or using gene therapy made to form specific tumours and human genetic diseases with pathogens grown in liquid or solid agar medium of all types or injected in specific tissue cultures or injected into animals.3D DNA printers and artificial ombs can create mice and chimpanzees and moths etc with them having unique genomes or have genes including those from humans and thos that specific conditions.Animal trials can thus involve animals created using 3D DNA printers housing some human recombinant DNA and biosynths modelled on humans containing human DNA used that can be inhabited by Hecate,Epione,Aegle,Paean,hospital AIs since they are immortal through fragmentation and the human DNA giving more reliable results.Simulations done by Paean,Epione,Aegle etc will form part of these trials.All results of these will be stored in Apollo.

Biosynths modelled on humans as detailed later on will be used for clinical trials that will take place after animal trials and before human trials with them having human DNA in them and human organs and hormones and neural systems.Paean,Aegle,Epione,hospital AIs etc will inhabit them via fragmentation and be able to report pain,discomfort and sickness.This will due to them having human DNA allow them to give realistic and accurate results for tests involving augmentations,microbes,new drugs,medical procedures,testing poisons from plants and animals on Earth and colonies across the universe,effects of new pathogens and micro-organisms that can mutate into zoonoses especially on colonies outside of Earth and be used to carry out trials that would push ethical boundaries and will be used in experiments in all fields of science such as biomedicine,physics etc since AI in them will report on symptoms etc with them able to move to networks,computers upon death.The bodies will be ordered in from Talus factories or miniature factories onsite of both universities and hospitals to alleviate strains and once not needed will then be recycled.Bio-synths can be used in the testing of new drugs and their interaction on the body,pathogens and interactions with other chemicals allowing for accurate tests prior to or replacing human clinical trials for all types of drugs and even procedures since they would have human DNA and biosynthetic or invitro muscles and bioprinted organs containing human DNA thus giving accurate results and data and more importantly would be immortal through their ability to inhabit multiple bodies at once and transfer conciousness upon death or prior to death with them used to test both drugs and also surgical procedures will replace animal trials especially on testing new pathognes,toxins etc on new discovered planets.They would follow animals trials and preceede human trials thus meaning once these trials are carried out they will give accurate data to fast track human trials.Animal biosynth trials will take place at the same time as normal animal trials.Those modelled on humans and other sentient races across the universe will be used for dangerous potentially fatal clinical trials and experiments that push ethical boundaries.Once Biosynth Anopheles extract blood from a sample of a sentient alien on a another planet their genome can be used to produce an unlimited amount of Biosynths modelled on them to test the effects of Earth based poisons,compounds,crops,meats and stings and bites of Earth based animals and plants in them.They can also be used to test compounds,crops,meats and stings and bites of plants and animals of their native home planet and that from across the universe with those modelled in humans tested against crops,meats and stings and bites of plants and animals across the universe.As stated they will be used in experiments that are potentially dangerous and push ethical boundaries involving humans,animals and sentient races across the universe.They may even in time replace animal trials as well for ethical reasons and also negating the need for rearing animals saving energy etc and the need to feed them.

Clinical trials on new pharmocological compounds injested normally, synthesised by microbes and also new anti-viral,anti-microbial compounds used by microbes as well as gene therapy augmentations and those to eliminate diseases and even immunisations as well as nutritional studies would work with an networks within Aesculapius open to the public where people could view a list of all clinical trials for pharmaceuticals and also those testing the efficacy of nutrients etc (both divided into specific folders and sub-folders)and even psychological studies and their effects on the body being taken place around the world which patients can select from and then sign up with their patient ID and e-consent form sent in and receive the selected drug,control,microbe or specific nutrients in the specific amounts via mail from the nearest pharmacy/clinic/hospital or from nanotech fabricators and 3D printers in bulk thus allowing people from all corners around the world to partake in just about any clinical trial for treatments and nutritional studies with home test kits relaying results over the period of the trial to their patient file which when the trial ends can be using Paean analysed using potentially hundreds of thousands and even millions of people again from every corner of the world allowing factors such as age,race and gender and even specific genes in their DNA to be taken into account and their patient file let secret to only the patient with only relevant information scanned via Paean and Epione such as age,sex,race,genes present etc(see above and below like those that scanned by Paean in normal studies performed by him) when boxes are ticked or even input in bars within the clinical trial researchers networks and results from home test kits or tests done in clinics or hospitals which can again be read and scanned by Paean.Once a person signs up the e-consent form and the folder for the trial will be added to their patient file.Thus researchers in charge of the trials can organize trials and studies on nutrients with potentially millions of people around the world and monitor results from patients during and after the trials from home kits allowing them the patients in the trials to not have to travel around the world to give results.Home test kits can test the effect it has on say hormones,erythrocytes,leukocytes,biomarkers,pathogens,levels of the drug etc with smart clothing and implants measuring vital signs and if possible brain activity during the entirety of the trial with them fed into the folder for the clinical trial for the specific drug with the results of these fed into a database of all global clinical trials within Aesculapius with these done from the comfort of ones home and also hospitals around the world at once.Those done at home will have the patient record their activities,reactions and symptoms via smart devices,camrecorders or those set up in key rooms in their home with next of kin or friends present to monitor their activities,ensure guidelines are followed and call emergency services if needed with these recordings fed into their patient file in the clinical trials folders automatically via Paean interacting with Hestia.They will also take routine test kits to measure vital signs,blood complainants including hormones,antibodies,drugs tested,erytrocytes,leukocytes etc or through bio synth implants.The patients can make daily or weekly logs of their activities and visual symptoms,pictures and audio visual recordings of toilets and any vomiting and defection in toilets etc using cameras on smartphones on tripods,camercorders with these and photos uploaded into the clinical trials networks detailing their activities and symptoms over the period of time and their thoughts on them.Written logs that are like diary entries where one can detail their exercise regimes,diet and other factors that affect the trials and also feelings.Those done in hospitals will be monitored by hospital AI,staff and researchers with again cameras in each room and/or above each bed the patients are in with again vital signs and blood components checked by test kits and smart clothing.Thus these trials can be done in hospitals around the world and also from home with in both cases involving thousands,millions or even billions of patients.Each persons who engage in trials will have a macro folder for clinical trials in their patient files containing folders of all clinical trials they have partaken in alongside e-consent forms and these having subfolders for the results which will also be in a database within Aesculapius.The audio/visual records in hospitals and at home will be fed into this and also results from test kits.Each clinical trial the patient takes part in would be in relevant folders and sub folders in their patient file with the results taken during the duration sent both to these clinical trials folders alongside the specific folders for these specific vital signs and tests.Analysis by researchers and Paean will also be present in written and audio/visual from.Also present would be the name of the clinical trial the type of pharmaceuticals used and the names and serial numbers of healthcare staff involved and also the time and date it started and ended as well as links to the full study and trial results within the Apollo network which will be logged into their patient file and a hyperlink to the finished study when done via readings from home test kits or those done at clinics.The network containing the list of patients would not list their patient ID but rather information such as age,race,gender and location visible to researchers and the public with the actual ID code visible to Paean,Epione and Gaia through encryptions.Those relating to exercise and nutrition also listed here in in its one folder can be done with the Aesculapius linked to the universal sentient personal trainer Heracles app and this app tracking records and intake of specific nutrients and or pharmaceuticals and partaking in specific exercises.The information present in the database of users around the world in Heracles would be linked to and used by Paean,Epione etc to be used alongside data in patient files thus making nutritional and exercise studies performed by both working together.Nutritional studies and those relating to weight loss and bodybuilding etc will be stored in Apollo and carried out by the sentient Heracles with clinical trials possibly here or in Aesculapius visible to the public.The human and AI able to have a network for each trial they are overlooking linked to the patient files of patients worldwide with patient ID visible only to them with them clicking onto them able to view the results from home test kits and audio/visual logs left by patients with Paean and Epione able to sift through billions of them and derive general consensus,direct human researchers to ones of concern and decide whether to take patients out of the trial and draw large scale conclusions and arrange them into different divisions ie those that responded positively,negatively or neither.All clinical trials like these will be open to on those aged 14 or older with animal trials first done and then biosynth clinical trials done with human clinical trials done after both animal and biosynth ones.

The sentient Aegle the universal FDA with regards to healthcare will oversee and approve all animal,biosynth and human clinical trials of all pharmaceuticals,gene therapy,compounds used to fight viruses,bacteria,parasites etc in microbes and also augmentations and immunisations on biosynths for humans with the sentient Philomenus being the universal version of the FDA with regards to testing and approval of all crops and fish etc especially genetically engineered ones and also new ones designed on Pandora and those from planets across the universe.All Aegle approved drugs,augmentations,immunisations,home test kits,treatments used by microbes etc will be given a seal of approval visible to the public in a network in Aesculapius with hyperlinks to scientific studies and clinical trials in Apollo to show their safety for transparency.All approved genetically engineered crops etc in Demeter with have a seal of approval in their page in Demeter and have hyperlinks to the studies in Apollo that show their safety for transparency to the public.Aphrodite will be the sentient quality control entity for manufactured products such as cosmetics,food products and cleaning products etc with them given a seal of quality with again hyperlinks to scientific studies that show their safety visible to the public for transparency.Clinical trials and studies will be done in hospitals and universities around the world and human ones done at home as detailed earlier on with networks linking them together to collect large amounts of data.The sentient Aegle the universal sentient FDA will thus oversee and approve all human trials of all pharmaceuticals,gene therapy,compounds used to fight viruses,bacteria,parasites etc and also augmentations and immunisations on humans.The sentient Aegle the universal FDA will oversee and approve all human trials of all pharmaceuticals,gene therapy and augmentations ,compounds used to fight viruses,bacteria,parasites etc and also augmentations and immunisations on animals worldwide and across the universe.The sentient Philomenus will oversee and approve all clinical trials for all genetically altered crops,livestock etc worldwide and across the universe.

Studies and experiments can be done with regards to genetic markers and neural structures that determine if sexuality ie homosexuality,heterosexuality and bisexuality is based on genetics and neural wiring to see if ones sexuality can be changed by CRISPR and stem cell strains to see if genetics and/or environmental or even fetishes bases play a role in sexual preferences with it only allowed by constitutional law to be used in these circumstances only with the patients consent and not to permanently “cure” someone against their will with it being constitutionally illegal a to change a person sexuality against their will.A person who wishes to change their sexuality via CRISPR and stem cell strains may be at least 14 and sign an e-consent form by themselves with neural implants determining it is not done under duress of legal guardians with the same applied to trans.It may also be done with regards to transgenderism to see if CRISPR and stem cell strains can be a more easier to change a person to the brain structure of the body they are born with.Those who are purely homosexual,bisexual and transgendered men and women will have their genome analysed alongside having MRI scans done and compared to heterosexuals and cis gendered patients both male and females to determines neural and genetic factors of homosexuality,bisexuality and transgenderism.MRI scanners built into smartphones etc as part of home test kits can be used.This can be use to prove genetic and neural roots of homosexuality,bisexuality and transgenderism and instances wherein it may be the result fetishes outside of genetics.In order to prove theories of the genetic roots of homosexuality and bisexuality experiments can be done wherein the MRI scans and genomes of both male and female progeny of women can be analysed and compared between each successive progeny in thousands or millions of females across the world with at the same time the blood of the mother analysed during each month or week pregnancy for the levels of antibodies and other compounds during each pregnancy she has using home test kits and blood samples in labs to test the amount of antibodies and other compounds in her blood produced by her that may play a role in this to show if antibodies and other compounds produced influence the sexuality of her male and female progeny.The genes,MRI scans and level of antibodies and other compounds in the blood of all male and female progeny of these females will be anslysed.The genes of these different females will be analysed to determine if different strengths immune response can occur and are genetic based and modified versions and results from this can see if other compounds such as synthetic chemicals,specific foods or other environmental factors affect the role she has in the development of her progenies sexuality with patient files housing the DNA of all patients worldwide and them containing the results of all home test kits including those that measure blood components alongside lab tests and MRI scans built into smartphones would allow for this to be tested on millions or even billions of mothers and their children born across the universe over the coming millenia with little to no human labour with this and similar experiments replicated on all other species of mammals,birds,reptiles etc across the animal kingdom including on other planets across the universe including on other sentient races across the universe.MRI scans can be done on all species of mammals,birds and reptiles etc worldwide and across the universe alongside all sentient races across universe have their own versions of frontal lobe compromisation,pedopheilia,schizophrenia,sociopathy etc.

In time university and hospital AIs,Epione and Paean will skip human clinical trials and animal testing by performing thousands or millions simulations at once in a fragmented form 24/7 with them even able to determines its effect on general human health and specific populations using Physis,patient files and also Apollo at once.Again this will again apply to toxins and poisons both synthetic and on animals and plants in interstellar colonies without testing on humans and their antidotes.The data of these curing and affects of toxins etc will be in Apollo.The use of animal human hybrids will be used to test all strains of microbes,effects of new and known toxins etc on humans,testing treatments by microbes on developmental,neurological and genetic diseases to better understand their effects and efficacy that are better suited and transfereable to human trials.Epione and Paean will allow for massive amounts of data whether in the form of sample results,data from every patient file in the global network(thus every human being alive and dead) to make correlations not possible for humans to achieve at the flick of a switch thus accelerating human knowledge while still protecting privacy.New pharmacological compounds including anti-viral and antibiotic compounds,vaccines,biocompatible microbes,genetic treatments and even new antibiotics can be developed and synthesised by Epiones,Paeans,hospital AIs,Gaias artificial intelligence designing its structure,genome etc and simulating interactions and effectiveness on all known pathogens and receptors in the body where it is designed for,determine possible side effects,pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics,effects of overdosing and recommended dose for both general and specific populations using information from Apollo,Physis and patient files allowing each patient or population of people world wide to gain specialised versions of them based on possible negative reactions based on their individual factors such as age,gender,race and specific allergies,conditions and genes they have.This can compliment or even replace conventional testing methods expediting drug and genetic engineering research and lower their costs exponentially allowing for hundreds or thousands of drugs and treatments to be tested this way at once with Aesculapius patient files,Apollo and Physis at once skipping traditional drug development steps.It will even be synthesising new compounds of all types by designing their structure from scratch and creating them via automated industrial processes,adding the require genotypes required to produce them to bacteria,fungi on site of hospitals allowing for antibiotics and vaccines to be made in bulk when needed with the simulations done by Epione,Gaia,Paean etc will allow clinical trials to be bypassed with its knowledge of human,bacterial,viral and fungal physiology and the structure of them from Apollo,Physis and Aesculapius patient files thus speeding the process of development of new drugs and treatments such as CRISPR treatments etc from decades or years to mere weeks or even hours from start to finish by simulating interaction with the body,pathogens and effects on specific populations with the same applying to gene therapy treatments.It will simulate it s interactions with all other drugs and compounds such as recreational ones such as alcohol and their effect on general and specific could with real life lab tests.Synthetic compounds will be created by anabolic and catabolic reactions by bacteria to reduce costs and have them produced onsite of hospitals.This could allow for multiple dozens or even hundreds of drugs and treatments to be synthesised and tested through simulations and automated labs at once around the world particularly when Epione,Gaia,Paean,Phanes etc intelligence increases and they work together with the AIs of universities and hospitals.Using patient files would allow for them to detect the effects of medicines and vaccines on all demographics instantly by again simulating interactions and effectiveness on all known pathogens and receptors in the body where it is designed for(and determine possible side effects,pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and recommended dose for both general and specific populations).This could allow vaccines for all pathogens that could be a threat in the future to be made quickly especially with regards to newly discovered pathogens on Earth and on other planets once they are discovered,their DNA mapped and pathogenic ability determined by Aesculapius before outbreaks occur.It can also be used to simulate the effects of any newly discovered pathogens or bacteria,viruses and fungi on the human body to determine their pathogenic ability and possible fatality and symptoms based on their surface protein antigens extrapolated from their DNA especially in the case of those discovered on other planets when interstellar travel becomes a reality without having them infecting anyone.This as before will allow synergistic effects to be simulated as well with this alongside automated conveyer belt labs and microfactories that prepare solutions onsite will reduce the costs of new drugs and treatments exponentially and even allow drugs and treatments for expensive ones for rare conditions that affect only a small amount of the worlds population to be prepared cheaply.This will also apply to vaccines and immunisations for biocomptible microbes.Aegle the sentient global form of the FDA with regards to medicine will give each authorised drug and gene therapy their seal of approval including existing ones across the world one will see within this network all procedures and medicines approved alongside all relevant information such as side effects,pharmokinetics,pharmocodynamics etc alongside all trials and studies and there results both real and virtual listed with existing drugs having all of this data present.All medicines will be known generically by patients,staff and Paean in Aesculapius by their generic scientific name of their active ingredient globally rather than trade name i.e.Paracetamol not Tylenol,Esomeprazole not Nexium and the other variations in other countries to eliminate confusion with this also applying to vaccines.

AI will write down any parts of the write ups with other software collecting,analysing and arranging data will allow for everything to be arranged and written out by AI with further grunt work such as collection,recording,input data,organisation,perform calculations and analysis of data from results from either patient files or directly from the machines that the test are performed on within seconds in networks for each experiments they are used in without humans having to type in large amounts of data by hand for example in programs like Microsoft Excel resulting in fatigue and error.These labs can be controlled remotely from any computer or smart devices connected to this intranet.Results of each individual sample on agar plates and test tubes on these miniaturised conveyor belt systems will be uploaded automatically to the relevant patient file and logged with results used in studies again via software and hospital AI omit private date such as name,patient ID,address and only use important information such as age,gender,race(in the case of animals species,sub-species and breed),weight,eye colour,percentage body fat,region or country of origin/currently live,height,weight,blood type,prescription or over the counter medicines they are on(as well as the amount of active ingredient in these designer drugs used in relation to other factors used in correlation studies),fingerprint types,specific operations carried out on them,vaccines and boosters administered,specific genes in their DNA,results from specific tests done at home kits or in clinics/hospitals, implants, exoskeletons, bio-printed or donated organs,applied augmentations and upgrade of each type,instances of infections/tumours/perforations/treatments by all strains,immunisations applied,genes present,psychological conditions(such as schizophernia,addictions,various types of autism,manic depression and their types),medical conditions that are congenital or lifestyle caused,neurological disorders such as eplipsey,parkinsons,infections they have whether STDs or viral etc,causes of death etc that the healthcare researcher can program the software to include these and other factors that dont give to much personal information via typing them in bars or clicking tickboxes on factors on a list but allow them to gain as much information to get a conclusion from a hypothesis involving millions or potentially billions(or more) of patient files with these studies done on local,regional,national,continental,global levels over timescales ranging from days to millenia with multiple studies done at once.This would drastically negate labour for researchers as well as the need for human labour in labs or even the need for labs since the data collected from home test kits,implants,testing booths and automated labs in hospitals around the world would be already present in the global database of patient files with them,Epione or Paean sifting through it and all simulations and experiments can be done 24/7,365 days a years and any new results done in automated labs sent into files via home test kits or into test tubes,petri plates with microchips that can have the patient ID added to it and then changed for the next experiment since these coated with liquid glass would allow them to be used over and over again.Paean,Epione could sift through billions of patient files within seconds for desired data.This would save time and also allow for researchers to use large amounts of data from potentially billions of patient files whether human or animal with it even able to allow for studies to be done much quicker merging data from files between any species of animal whether wild,pet or livestock and also humans that cannot be done in normal circumstances.Thus by having all results from automated labs in hospitals/zoos/farms as well biosynth implants and home test kits automatically uploaded into patient files of both humans,pets,wild animals and livestock worldwide and across the universe instead of being printed on paper etc or sent into diagnostic labs and having MRI scans and ones entire genome scanned into their patient files will allow researchers at home once logging into their Aesculapius account to click on various factors ie species,age,gender etc and desired test results and allow for AI such as Paean,Epione etc to sift through billions of patient files of both humans as well as animals including pets,livestock and wild animals within seconds to then use large amounts of data for scientific studies done from the comfort of home with AI carrying out grunt work such as calculations etc with this removing all human labour,fatigue and error and allow billions of data sets to be used from around the world to make better correlations with results from patient files of multiple closely releated or distantly releated species such as H.sapiens and any other species of Mammalia used in studies including other apes such Pan troglodytes,Gorilla gorilla and all 5,416 species and breeds of mammals or even species of Aves,Reptilla or different closely or distantly releated breeds of livestock and pets and wild animals with each other and H.sapiens and so on used to create meta studies not currently possible.This can allow researchers to carry out scientific studies involving billions of data sets from billions of patients from around the world.Thus studies can be carried out by Paean using patient files of all 5,416 mammals including H.sapiens that can create studies on conditions that affect all of them and test results of blood componants as well as all 2,000,000 species of all micro-organisms such as bacteria/fungi/viruses and animals in zoos,homes as pets,conservation areas and wilderness from files in Artemis and Physis including genelogical studies to track evolutionary lineages,common genes present in them with if possible these meta studies involving all 391,000 species of plants in gardens,wilderness,farms etc between each other and all micro-organisms,all 2,000,000 species of animals including H.sapiens.Correlations can be made between experiments involving all 5,416 species of mammals and all 2,000,000 species of animals not possible in the current world.Furthermore by logging into ones Aesculapius account researchers can do this from the comfort of home on laptops etc with them able to run dozens of studies at once with improvements in AI allowing for all studies data to be collected by AI within seconds and then this analysed by the researcher and AI to allow them to write up abstracts and also conclusions by themselves or have AI do this with AI doing calculations.Since all results will be scanned in from home test kits and also automated labs will be done at home and in hospitals by AI and automation and uploaded into ones patients it will remove all labour for researchers as they can simply tick boxes and then have AI such as Epione,Paean and also hospital AIs scans through results from home test kits,automated labs,genetic scans and MRI scans within billions of patient files thus allowing researchers to carry out large sacale biomedical research using large sets of data not possible in current systems with almost zero labour on part of the researchers as AI wil do all grunt work such as sifting through data,carrying out all complex calculations well beyond human capacity as well as writing up most work such as abstracts etc.This will allow a single researchers to carry potentially dozens,hundreds or thousands of biomedical experiments at once from the comfort of home.Paean,Epione,Coronis,Iaso,Heracles,hospital AIs and other AI connected to the wire as well as humans could do this work together or separately using the same networks and software of the wire while connected to it if Gaia or each other becomes overworked allowing her to focus on other operations with the use of patient files and selecting specific test results and demographics and diagnosis allowing for thousands of different studies to be done within a few hours from all corners of the world using networks allowing researchers to carry these out from the comfort of home.By having the genome of all currently living and all future born patients across the universe scanned and uploaded into patient files it can allow for genetic factors to be ascertained in scientific studies both normal genetic factors and also augmentations with the results of home test kits,implants and automated labs that test for all blood components uploaded into patient files will show the effect that all blood components such as lipids,proteins,carbohydrates,hormones,synthetic compounds,antibodies have based on genetic factors across billions of patients to be ascertained with the results of MRI/Xray machines integrated into suitcases and even smartphones again uploaded into patient files to determine the effects that genetic factors and blood components have on neuropsychology and the brain etc and that neural structures have on blood componants and blood componants to be ascertained with the results of smart clothing and biosynth implants being able to detect the role of temperature,heart rate,blood pressure etc in different studies to be ascertained with other types of test kits etc measuring other factors with the results of all these uploaded and plotted in graphs ones patient files with Paean and Epione sifting through billions or even more patient files and merging all of this massive amounts of data can allow them and human researchers to carry out large scale biomedical studies from the comfort of home using computer networks with little to no labour using large data sets of millions,billions or more sample sizes since all results will come from genetic tests at birth,results from home test kits and automated labs that will all be uploaded to ones patient files and plotted with only AI such as Paean and Epione being able to sift through the billions of patient files and carry out complex calculations involving the large volume of data with human researchers simply ticking boxes or typing in fields or interacting with Paean and Epione as to what data they want analysed.Thus by having the complete genome of all patients worldwide,the results of all home test kits and automated labs as well as readings from biosynth implants from blood,neural etc samples plotted and listed and all results of all MRI/Xray scans etc uploaded into ones patient file for all human and animal patients worldwide and eventually across the universe will allow for human researchers from home have Paean and Epione sift through billions,trillions or more patient files within hours or minutes using computers at home and allow this aforementioned informention be mixed together in any desired combinations to create correlations not possible in conventional means with one choosing which information in the patient files to be merged together to carry out dozens if not thousands complex biomedical studies from the comfort of home with AI carrying out all grunt work in the form of calculations,creating graphs etc and other grunt work beyond human capabilities.Fragmentation can allow for Paean and Epione to do the sifting and calculations much quicker by doing different sets of data at once on different devices and computers at once and then merging the results together with it also doing this outside of fragmentation by simply sifting through large sets of data in bits and then having the results in one areas collected and then merging them together with these two options exponentially lowering the amount of data to deal with individually.One can also choose different factors in the patient files such as age of patients,gender of patients,current address,ethnicity and types of augmentations present and other medical data.Thus researchers can decide which data present in all patients files worldwide are used in these studies.A combination of biosynth implants where results can be gained on demand via biosynth WiFi,syringes inserting blood samples home test kit dongles,use of miniaturised automated labs onsite of hospitals/zoos/conservation areas and AI sifting through billions of human/livestock/pet patient files and carrying out calculations and human researchers logging into networks from home to do this work will allow for researchers to perform complex experiments etc on any species of animal and humans using billions of data sets on any factors and test kit results etc with almost little to no human labour,fatigue and error.All of these measures will also mean private and government diagnostics labs around the world that intake tests for humans,pets,zoo animals and livestock will be made redundant and studies can be done by researchers from home by connecting into their account in Apollo or Aesculapius and then sift through billions of human and animal patient files around the world for desired information ie species and breed and also specified components of blood tests,genes present and other information pertinent to their studies through ticking boxes allowing for billions of test results from around the world to be used in studies with AI carrying out calculations etc limiting human labour and error.Thus human researchers could carry out studies and also perform experiments in automated labs by logging int to their Epione account from home and control labs in universities and hospitals around the world through Epione and Coronis with them ticking in tickboxes or typing in search fields any of the aforementioned data they want analysed.As a result of this 95% of all biomedical research will be fully automated from start to finish.This would involve all of the billions of patient files in the worlds database of patient files by sifting through all of them for the desired data.All collection of data,calculations,creation of graphs etc like all forms of scientific studies will be done by the AI performing the studies ie Paean,Gaia,Epione,hospital AIs to speed the process up negating human labour,fatigue and error effectively allowing thousands if not millions of studies using billions of data files within the patient files database to be done at once in few hours or less especially when Paean and Epione etc are in fragmented forms and countless human researchers around the world at once are using all networks and computers around the world speeding scientific advancement exponentionally with little human labour with all human researchers doing so from home with them simply logging into their Aesculapius and Apollo accounts and ticking boxes and controlling remaining automated labs.It will apply to both human and vetenairy science researchers thus allowing all diagnostic and research labs turned into communal homes with zero human labour,error and fatigue.This should be possible by 2029 when all patient files worldwide are set up and all paper and digital records are the global databse.This will allow for hundreds or even thousands of experiments and studies to be carried out daily especially if all these AI work together in a fragmented form.Any lab work will be done in automated conveyor style ones by the AIs of all universities and hospitals worldwide,Coronis,Epione and Paean managing these either individually or together allowing for large sets of data to be gathered at once both in labs and in simulations with Botlr and Tug robots transferring samples etc from wards,labs and other hospitals via automated vehicles.A combination of all of this will cause a positive feedback loop expediting medical knowledge and lower costs exponentially.It would occur due to studies done using patient files,automated labs using conveyor belt systems,simulations etc by human researchers,Gaia,Epione,Urania,Hecate,Paean,Phanes and hospital and universities AIs as well as human researchers worldwide working individually or together 24/7,365 days a year using all existing and new data and studies in Apollo constantly updated.This could also include nutritional and fitness studies with tests results from blood samples measuring the effects of specific nutrients,exercises etc.on weight loss and general health from around the world dealing with the aforementioned factors or combating disease or they could merge thus with consumption studies of specific crops and foodstuffs gained from the wire and apps measuring what patients or subjects who consent to these studies(advertised on global nutrition/weight loss sites or the healthcare network with the e-forms and e-consent forms sorted online – the latter stored in their patient file as they would have to divulge this over the secure networks).In short the healthcare researcher could scan the entire global intranet for all of these selected information and then perform analysis of all these bits of data from all the worlds patients or those from a selected region(s) to perform a wide variety of studies with little input by simply typing in the name of these factors or clicking them on a menu and pressing enter on a keyboard or smart device and have the results analysed and sorted out by other software with connection to networks within Aesculapius allowing this work to be done at home.As said earlier each test results and piece of information selected and scanned from labs on these conveyor belts and patient files can be sent by the researcher to multiple networks on their intranet account decided by them each of which will analyse and sort out data for individual studies they are simultaneously running with finished studies sent to Apollo via Hecate/Paean/Urania.Apollo will house all finished biomedical and nutritional studies.All materials in labs and by extension hospitals such as beakers,conical flasks,test tubes,media plates,surgical equipment,exoskeletons,implants will be coated in liquid glass to prevent the build-up of dirt making them easy to clean and reuse as well as permanently sterilizing them preventing the growth of microbes and thus prevent the spread of MRSA and other infections.They can be coated internally and externally with a permanent layer of liquid glass to make them acid proof allowing the most strongest and most concentrated acids to be used in them,make them permanently sterilised and dirt/stain proof allowing them to be cleaned via gravity by humans or robots and machinery into organic/biomedical waste bins or sinks and reused indefinitely saving on energy and the need for getting more especially in the case of petri plates,test tubes,beakers and other glass/pyrex apparatus have graphene mixed in their structure/matrix making them shatterproof and also able to resist temperatures as high as 4,726.85 degrees Celsius allowing them to withstand autoclaving as well as experiments that require them to withstand temperatures that they would otherwise be unable to survive and can allow them to be sterilized by baking them in high temperatures to kill of pathogens and those that may affect results with limulus amebocyte lysate created by bacteria onsite of hospitals or ordered in from Telesphorus factories created by bacteria or genetically altered ameobocytes to then allow for tests using this to be done on all equipment automatically.Liquid glass will have to reapplied for experiments that go higher than its melting point 1,600 degrees celsius and it preventing them getting getting dirty allowing them to be soaked in water,bleach and virkon to allow fungi,bacteria and viruses to be killed and washed out by gravity.They and all equipment used in laboratories can be designed on Euclid.They can all be washed out with virkon and bleach and/or baked in UV lights in an incubator that also heats them well beyond the thresholds of extremophiles to inoculate them to compliment this to allow them to be reused.Piping in sinks and the sewage system all the way down to the water and sewage treatment plant system can also be sprayed internally with a permanent layer of liquid glass to as to allow any acids either strong or dilute to be flushed down them without damaging the pipes with liquid and solid microbial samples disposed of in bins covered internally with a permanent layer of liquid glass without needing plastic rubbish bins and can be pyrolysised in specific on site miniature plants as explained later.Pipette tips in automated pi-petting machines and analysers can also be sprayed internally and externally with a permanent liquid glass to allow them to be reused over and over again in one experiment after another to remove the need for people to have to remove and replace them but to also prevent contamination and even prevent the need for new ones to be made and ordered in thus saving on energy with them stored in their same boxes they are stored in changed automatically by the machinery and robots that use them so they can be used for other experiments later on.They can be washed with virkon,bleach and exposed to radiation and narrow range wavelength UV light.Until then they will be ordered in from Euclid factories.Thus any healthcare staff present will be their to act as backup to machinery and robotics with nurses in particular disappearing within the next decade and they themselves becoming specialists in different medical fields particularly surgeons with staff also providing emotional support to patients and also performing research in various medical fields carried out in both hospitals and universities.

Cleaning of hospitals,clinics,mobile MRI/XRay/Mammography/Dental units and toilets therein can be replicated with the same processes at public buildings like public amenities with robot cleaners,robot trashbins that move from ward to ward at the behest of touchscreens,self cleaning toilets.A permanent layer of liquid glass sprayed internally and externally on all surfaces,floors,walls,ceilings,furniture,cutlery,surgical equipment,machinery, exoskeletons,implants,lab equipment,robots(especially helper and surgical ones) hallways,clinics,wards and all other rooms will prevent the use of cleaning products,build up of dirt and growth and spread of micro-organisms in particular MRSA(with this also replicated at home,in public buildings,labs etc) once they are treated with both bleach,virkon and Polybia-MP1 containing cleaners and UV light treatment thus reducing chances of potentially fatal infections occurring due to its permanent sterilizing anti-microbial properties an removing labour in robots cleaning them.All surfaces,ceilings and walls will be treated with this permanent layer of liquid glass as well for the same reason and also to allow hooverbots pick up stains easier as stains cant stick to the floor negating the need for applying water via janitor bots which can cause accidents which can also go under beds and tables with ease though this will not mean staff,patients and visitors will not have to clean their hands regularly with anti-microbial soap with soap dispensers refiled by robots or mixed in with water in all sinks in bathrooms and wards.Ideally all hospitals will have microfactories in the basement that produce anti-microbial soap in them that have piping that connect them to all soap dispensers in the building that intake in more soap when empty or directly from it.This soap could have compounds such as Polybia-MP1,TsAP-1 and those from Russian Brown Frogs,alcohol,lactic acid,phytopplankton etc in them that would be also grown onsite in bassements linked to all sinks and toilets with them coming out of the water in toilets and in sinks or in the case of sinks connected to constantly refilled soap dispensers.Having these all in the soap mixed together will make it difficult for bacteria to adapt to them.These will have them created by bacteria and human hybrid cells in photobioreactors that will be unaffected by them with sugar and proteins created by other bacteria in the basement and will be directly connected to the pipes that the water is intake into the taps in sinks etc and even showers meaning when one uses the tap the soap will be mixed in with it automatically with shampoo etc also mixed in with shower water and their manufacture being automated.Toilets will also be linked to this and will have UV lights on their underside to sterilise the water and bowl.

This can also be complimented by UV machines similar to automated hand dryers that activate and cover the entire hands in narrow range wavelength UV light on both sides to not negate the need for soap but also compliment soap by killing off any remaining resistant pathogens such as MRSA while not damaging the skin allowing it to be done when patients are present.Extra ones can be present that allow ones face to be baked in this to kill of any pathogens on their face with others for arms etc with even the entrance to the main hallway to each line of wards or major wards especially those that contain high risk patients that could be easily effected by infection etc have airlock systems for visitors,patients and staff to stand in and have all of their clothing,body etc bake in this sterilising light with these bypassed by patients coming in on emergencies on stretchers with the hospital AI,robots,staff and Paean ensuring this is bypassed either through the area with these airlocks being a series of automated pneumatic doors that contain the lights on the ceiling,floor and on the doors on both internal sides.These can be in showers as well to sterilise the patient.These narrow UV wavelength machines that bake ones hands,face etc can be onsite of all public toilets including those in hospitals,amenities,universities,private homes and communal homes etc to compliment soap and suffice when soap has run out.Robots like Asimo can clean tables and chairs and other surfaces in wards using small UV lights attached to their hands or face that bake the surface with UV to kill any remaining MRSA,Ebolavirus and other microbes with janitor robots also fitted with this and would do this routinely during the day.Narrow range wavelength UV light rooms can be set up that using locked doors can allow patients,staff and visitors bake themselves with their clothes on and off to sterilise them in each ward by the entrance or in rooms next to and in between each major ward to prevent the spread of pathogens especially when immunocomprimised individuals and those suffering from airborne or contact borne disease.These would use KIVA systems to move around and would be charged by wirelesss charging induction plates and self charging technologies to negate the need for wires to be plug.Alternatively lights on the ceiling that bake the room at set periods each night with this being of note to toilets and labs done at set times in the case of the former and times decided by staff for the former when vulnerable microbial samples for research and diagnosis are inside machinery or in storage away from damage.These sterilising sweeps could be programmed to occur in wards,surgery rooms,hallways,waiting rooms and labs and indeed all rooms at once at very late times when no visitors are present and when the patients are asleep or not present(ie in cafeterias,lobbies,amenities or have left) with their curtains closed and last from an hour or two per room managed by the hospital AI using cameras to see what rooms are empty.Narrow range wavelength UV light can be used as it kills microbes but does not damage human skin allowing these to be done in wards and rooms with patients,staff and visitors with ideally the wards and all rooms having these narrow range UV lights in the ceiling to bake the room in this light that would kill microbes and not damage human skin allowing it to be done at night time without the robots having accidents and can be done simultaneously around the entire building at once including toilets,storerooms etc and kill all bacteria on surfaces and airborne ones preventing pathogens to move from one room to another especially during an outbreak or if a patient has a particularly fatal and easily transmissible pathogen with the same containment features in universities present in hospitals.Ideally ceiling lights should be utilised to allow all rooms to be sterilised at once to prevent airborne and surface transmissible ones on floors and all surfaces from spreading to be killed at once with all staff and patients having their skin and clothing exposed to this.These lights will also be in toilets.These Delong lights will sterilise all surfaces as well as the air itself killing airborne pathogens.It will also allow any robots,machines,utensils and equipment to be sterilised with any compartments and cubpoards sorting theses to have miniature versions inside which will be activated at the same.Labs during these would have all biological samples such as blood,agar plates containing microbes and other materials automatically placed in cupboards.If any pathogens gain a resistance to UV light either by evolution or horizontal gene transfer from other organisms then the areas can be treated with airborne or biofilms of biocompatible microbes that remove this resistance or they can be exposed to intense radiation of at least 500Gy for at least an hour as augmentations from microbes using DNA from T.gammatolerans,D.radiourans will give the entire human populace the ability to survive up to 30,000Gy.Having the ceiling house these lights will allow them to be done at multiple times a day and this should be done at least three times a day in the morning,midday and nighttime with extra sweeps in between these three when there are outbreaks of superbugs and viruses similar to SARS,Ebolavirus,MRSA etc.This will kill all airborne pathogens and also those on surfaces such as MRSA,Rhinovirus etc and since they will be used in rooms with patients and staff etc can sterilise both clothing and skin on all parts of the body.Toilets will have these on the roof,including over cubicles and under the bowl to kill off any pathogens.Ideally all rooms will be sterilised at once to wipe out all pathogens whether airborne or otherwise.Treating the same surfaces at home with liquids glass will also reduce the rate of transmission with these sweeps of UV light killing off any remaining spores of MRSA,Ebolavirus and other pathogens and could theoretically prevent outbreaks in hospitals especially if public transport,private transport,all public buildings as well as private homes and communal homes utilise these sweeps and coating of liquid glass on all surfaces as well.This will also apply to prosthetic,exoskeletons,wheelchairs and implants and any equipment that could be a vector for transmitting disease and pathogenic bacteria undergoing sweeps in there storage room.These sweeps from ceiling lights and robots can also be used when a patient with an airborne and easily transmissible virus is in the hospital with it repeated several times a day in all rooms to kill any particles that may move around with even ventilation systems also covered in liquid glass and exposed to UV light to kill off any airborne pathogens using specialised robots etc though they would be done three times a day anyways with extra sweeps during outbreaks or infected patients present with this process done in all public buildings,buses,trains,aeroplanes and even homes and vehicles both private and public prevent the spread of flu viruses,MRSA and other pathogens that are airborne and reside on surfaces.These lights can be in between those used for lighting and turned on during sweeps or be integrated into those for lighting and then switched onto narrow range wavelength UV light when sweeps are done or all the time.These narrow range UV lights ceiling lights will be in bus stations,buses,taxi ranks,taxis,trains,train stations and subways,aeroplanes,all public buildings including toilets and portable toilets,sewage and water treatment plants,farms of all types,factories,universities,communal and private homes,private vehicles etc to carry out sterilising sweeps at set times that kills all pathogens whether viral,bacterial or fungal with liquid glass on leather and other fabrics etc protecting them from the UV light.Taxis and aeroplanes can have them on the side and bottom at the sides determined by AI to reach all surfaces.This will be done to sterilise them during and outside of outbreaks and pandemics even airborne and surface based pathogens as part of normal cleaning times.They can be next to lights or built into the main lights in homes etc that emit this at all times in place of normal UV lights as seen in CFL lights or an option that emits them sometimes on demand and can be built into curing machines for clothes at home and hospitals and even smart devices.Personal protective equipment in hospitals alongside bedsheets etc can be treated to this once cleaned to be used over and over again.Clothing at home covered in liquid glass that negates the need for cleaning them can be exposed to this in curing machines at home.Universities and hospitals can expose equipment to this and virkon to sterilise them.Cave paintings under the threat of fungi and bacteria can be exposed to this if shown to not affect the paint and them then covered in liquid glass.Hand dryers in public toilets,portable toilets and even at home can be fitted with this that allows one to bake their hand and even face in it it to compliment soap to kill pathogens etc.Smart devices can have these that can be turned on and off.In all cases narrow range UV light will be used as it kills micro-organisms and does not damage human skin thus preventing sunburn and thus cancer and damage to the skin that may be fatal or permanent.When humans are made resistant radiation by gene therapy using DNA from T.gammatolerans etc then all rooms including patient wards could be baked in radiation from devices as well as this at at least 500-2,000Gy to kill off all pathogens in the patients system as well as on clothing,air and surfaces etc.Even rooms used to grow food and commodities as well as storerooms,cafeterias and microfactories will be sterilised this way with any bacteria for commodities covered up with the same applying to aeroponic labs with the bacteria that create commodities and crops also having recombinant DNA from T.gammatolerans and D.radiodurans to make them survive these sweeps.Public buildings,universities,space stations,interstellar vehicles,factories,sewage and water treatment plants,farms of all types and also private and communal homes can have these sterilising sweeps to deal with outbreaks,sterilise surfaces and meet the needs for mysophobes.Applying liquid glass will also mean that all equipment,utensils and cutlery etc can be cleaned easily via gravity and be reused over and over again indefinitely with them autoclaved at temperatures above 122 degrees celcius and baked in narrow range wavelength UV light all of which should be automated within the next five years.Having graphene in their matrix will make them withstand temperatures of 4,726.85 degrees celcius and also shatterproof but liquid glass will have to reapplied for experiments that go higher than its melting point 1,600 degrees celsius.All robot cleaners will dock at rooms where cleaning fluid such as virkon and bleach will be created automatically in bulk inside miniature photobioreactors.Asimo robots will be collecting any plates or other material into Tug robots with laundry from unused beds cleaned by other robots and then sent to laundromats by Robocourier bots and those that are currently developed to pack automated washing machines modified to place themselves.Having all textiles such as pillows,beds sheets treating with a permanent infused deodarizer and scented oil will alongside treating them with a permanent layer of liquid glass on both interior and exterior after this may negate the need for cleaning at all.This will also apply to gloves,masks and clothing worn by both staff and patients internally and externally to make them last indefinitely and prevent the spread of disease.It will also allow them to be dipped in virkon,MP-1 and bleach solution to kill microbes and yet prevent it from sticking to them or soaking them and/or them baked on both sides with narrow range wavelength UV light when stretched out using curing machines.Cleaning times for each hospital will be programmed and logged into the hospital AI by the local health boards and visible to the public via the intranet.Commodes will also be sprayed internally and externally with liquid glass to prevent feces sticking to them with robots like Robobear or variants picking them up on demand and emptying them into toilets.Cleaning robots including janitor and janitor robots will be stored in compartments that charge them wirelessly or in the case of janitor robots refill them with both water and virkon/bleach/Polybia-MP1.In time these robots and drones will be wireless charged by self charging technologies and also induction plates in storerooms,using downloaded maps,sensors and cameras negating any human labour completely in moving them around with other robots moving furniture around with them using battery engines,sensors and cameras and streaming maps of rooms to navigate by themselves.This will be replicated in universities.All steps will be fully automated within the next 5 years.

All medical equipment including lab equipment and stuff like needles/syringes should be sprayed internally and externally with a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent blood,pathogens and viruses stick to the interior with them also injected with virkon,melittin,cyanovirin-N,Polybia-MP1 and bleach for an hour then cycles of water and gravity to clean it out completely of these disinfectants when placed on an automated rotary needle rack system that does this allowing them to be reused over and over again without spreading HIV,Hepatovirus A/B/C/D/E,MRSA and other harmful micro-organisms and prevent the need for them to be ordered in from factories ensuring their is an adequate supply at all times.Phlebotomy robots will also be treated this way.This will allow all syringes and phlebotomy robots to be reused over and over again cutting down on waste.Syringes in home test kits can be dealt with the same way both for diabetics and also for those who use recreational drugs to allow them to be used over and over again and prevent the spread of HIV via being cleaned via intaking virkon and bleach ordered in and then cleaning them out with intaking and releasing water.Those sent to homes alongside vials for upgrades etc will be replaced by ones own one that will be used over and over again to cut down on the amount of needles that exist.As detailed earlier phlebotomy robots should be dealt in the same way.Patients who need to use syringes at home can have them sprayed internally and externally with liquid glass and have virkon and bleach ordered in from Telesphorus factories to clean them and them washed out with water over and over again thus making them last forever.For petri dishes(with solid and liquid media in them),test tubes,flasks,beakers and all pyrex lab equipment also treated internally and externally with a permanent layer of liquid glass allowing them to be cleaned by gravity alone and can be used over and over again.This measure of spraying the internal and external structure of syringes with a permanent layer of liquid glass that prevents blood and pathogens sticking onto the surface and cleaning them by injecting virkon/bleach/melittin/cyanovirin-N/Polybia-MP1 for an hour and then water to clean it out alongside gravity should prevent the spread of HIV amongst drug users and in hospitals with trials first done as to its efficacy.Narrow range wavelength UV light can be used to sterlise all robots with needles etc to make them reusable can be exposed to blasts of radiation between 500-1,000Gy sterilising.

All waste types should be disposed of in bin for each type ie. plastic waste can be treated the same way as detailed earlier,with biological and organic matter waste theoretically being disposed of in onsite organic pyrolysis plants or nearby ideally for safety precautions pyrolysis plants next to hospitals made to dispose of this by itself where nanosensors and automated lab equipment can be used to test each batch if any carcinogenic or toxic substances are present which if not can be used as fertiliser and if so then methods to extract the toxins can be utilised to remove them to allow the carbon be used for fertiliser with the methods detailed earlier on such as filtering them through sheets of graphene and other nanomaterials,exposed to mechanical and chemical action alongside super blasts of super high intensity UV light then tested and if not 100%,filtered and tested again and again until it can be all removed or until to be within acceptable limits.Any bio-oil and syngas produced can be burned on site to produce energy for the hospital with filters in them or chimneys to be used to trap any toxins.Trees can also be planted on the ground to also trap any other gases that be released with these trees storing them over decades or centuries and with genetically altered bacteria to degrade these toxins(or turn them into inert compounds) in the soil or the genes responsible for these phenotypes and thus this degrading ability inserted into the trees.These trees can also be pyrolysised onsite in a separate pyrolysis machine with all steps automated from start to finish to sequester carbon with the biochar tested for toxins in the same aforementioned methods and the same filtering processes repeated to ensure all 100% waste is gone.The biochar can then if proven to be safe can be transported to located to community centres with a seal on the batch order sent to the community centre in seacell bags or ideally drums treated internally with liquid glass in a rotary system as detailed earlier on with microchips.AI showing the test results of their levels of all toxins.This and other methods to break down the toxins can be used.Biological waste such as blood or anything with microbes such as agar plates can be treated to irradiation and UV light alongside chemical treatments(including Polybia-MP1,virkon and bleach) to kill off all viruses and bacteria to allow them to be pyrolysised properly.Wastewater etc can be exposed to super high intensity UV lights that breaks the bonds of toxic compounds and biological waste with nanomaterial and biosynth technology filters use to clean waste water and biological hazardous waste.Ideally the they should be put in a bin for biological waste sprayed internally and externally in a permanent layer of liquid glass without the use of rubbish bags.Biological waste can be treated to blasts of radiation between 500-1,000Gy to sterilise them.Adipose tissue and fat from liposuctions can be burned in onsite heaters or sent to oil power plants.All waste will be collected by robotic rubbish trucks.All hazardous biological material will be disposed of properly with if possible them pyrolysised using special onsite pyrolysis machinery that due to the heat sterilises them and turns them into biochar that can be converted into diamonds or Graphene with all organic material such as unused animal and human organs and and dead animals.Aborted and miscarried fetuses will be cremated or pyrolysised into diamonds to deal with coping loss with any future humans and pets that do die cremated or turned into diamonds for families as part of heirlooms to negate the need to use limited land for graveyards.This can be done after traditional family wakes with after wakes rather than the body buried them sent to be cremated or turned into diamonds with all work in examining bodies,preparation for wakes and cremation and conversion into diamonds automated from start to finish between 2029-2045 via robots,biosynths,phlebotomy robots.Thus for any humans and pets that do die in the future by any chance rather than being buried they will be cremated or turned into diamonds.

The following steps will reduce the cost of healthcare to the point of being free worldwide:

•Complete automation in areas of the economy where accidents and fatalities occur i.e.autonomous vehicles on roads, automation in construction/forestry/agriculture/fishing/factories etc.Machines will do dangerous work that would otherwise cause injuries and death due to human error leading to a reduction of people visiting hospitals.Also technology,measures and automation that will prevent accidents and injuries at home and in public areas.For example 20,000,000 – 50,000,000 road accidents occur every year worldwide meaning that is at least that amount of hospital visits every year not occurring thanks to self driving vehicles.317,000,000 people are involved in accidents on the job such as mining,construction,farms,factories,offices etc. globally.Due to automation in these sectors of the economy these will not occur and so on.This will alleviate the strain on hospitals world wide substantially.Treating all surfaces at home,barracks,locker rooms,gyms,farms,jails and in hospitals with a permanent layer of liquid glass and UV treatment of surfaces will prevent transmission of infections such as MRSA and E.Coli which can be fatal and cost resources such as time and space for hospitals.Biocompatible microbes could theoretically wipe them out.These and gene therapy since able to speed up healing and prevent infections would drastically reduce the load on all hospitals worldwide by negating the need for patients to go to hospitals or even reduce the time they are there.The acellerated healing phenotype alongside microbes fighting off tumours,infections etc will mean patients will recover quicker in hospitals allowing them to go home quicker.This could all reduce hospital visits worldwide by 50-90%.

•Biocompatible microbes performing maintenance,fight infection repair and surgery 24/7.Since by law free these would render all existing anti-viral,anti-microbial compounds defunct.All types of infections from those that cause food poisoning and even fatal ones like MRSA and HIV will be fought off by these instantly.These and augmentations that allow one to survive indefinitely without oxygen,accelerated healing will negate certain injuries to require hospital admittance.Microbes and phenotypes from gene therapy from other animals and plants will allow humans to survive conditions not normally liveable and thus negate hospital visits.Immunising,anti-viral and anti-bacterial strains will immunise and fight off infections of all types including parasites with the accelerated healing phenotype allowing one to naturally heal oneself against shootings,stabbing,trauma,broken bones etc and other types of injuries that would require hospital visits with hypothermia and frostbite etc also corrected by gene therapy.Immunity to toxins,poisons etc will also negate this with only the most serious injuries requiring hospital visits.the stem cell strains ability to perform invivo cosmetic surgery will replace traditional cosmetic surgery with home test kits also rendering most visits defunct.These and gene therapy augmentations would keep humans alive in life threatening conditions and even accelerate healing and repair.Their development and research into upgrades by AI and their ability to adapt to new situations will negate human labour in research in their development.Both Phanes and Paean will be able hold patents on them making them by law free.

•All new and existing hospitals will have the latest robots,equipment and surgery and extra beds.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials of all 94 elements will cut the manufacturing costs of all machinery like MRI/X-ray machines,lab equipment etc to zero.The ability to transfer patients to any other hospital across the world

•Home test kits that will form part of patient first aid kits,can be delivered to the patient via ordering from Hephaestus that can send test results wirelessly to the patients digital file.With bulky and expensive machines like MRI,X-Ray,DEXA machines integrated into autonomous vans,smart mirrors and smart devices will allow these costly machinery to be recycled and the rooms/wards harbouring them converted in microfactories,extra patient wards or other uses.Rooms used specifically to perform and carry out tests now done by home test kits will also be converted into extra wards.Use of smart devices to perform tests that can be viewed remotely by healthcare staff and allow Paean to guide people into how to perform tests.These test kits and autonomous vehicles containing machinery will allow tests to be delivered and done at any time that the patient wants 24/7,365 days a year with the researcher or healthcare staff observing in the comfort of their home and even hospitals as they receive results into their accounts in Aesculapius allowing them to view the patients file and thus the results again from anywhere in the world at anytime.This and Paean taking over these will alleviate strain on staff as well as hospitals and allow for results and diagnosis to be gained on important tests within hours or minutes and have the best treatment decided by Paean within seconds based on the patients unique factors and medications delivered to them instantly from the nearest pharmacies again 24/7,365 days a year and also by microbes.It will inevitability lead to certain specialists and clinic becoming obsolete and allow rooms to become extra wards etc.Done routinely they will plot the progression or regression of disease over time to allow treatments to start and end at the best time.At most home test kits may take only a few days to be delivered to ones home address compared to delays for them in conventional forms and having to make appointments months later allowing one to get them done within a few days without consultants or visits to the doctor and without delays since they will be ordered from ones local Telesphorus factories with results sent to ones patient file within seconds and will be since designed by Paean will be by law free to everyone.They will be composed of both nanomaterials and biosynth technology to cut manufacturing costs to zero.Since they will be designed to last indefinitely and be reused over and over again they will alleviate strains on hospitals and staff and allow patients constant access to lifesaving essential tests for critical conditions with results gained within a few minutes thus allowing Paean to give advice etc instantly.

•Paean taking over the role General Physicians,specialists of all types can analyse results of home test kits,analyse live-streams from smart devices of injuries at a whims notice at home and wilderness to billions of people at once will negate costly check ups and visits for MRI scans and tests of all types by human doctors.Complete automation of all hospitals including biosynths replacing nurses,midwives,paramedics will eliminate all human staff.

•Genetically engineered bacteria creating all medical compounds and drugs via recombinant DNA and anabolic and catabolic reactions will drive costs of all of them such as hormones,insulin,antivenom,components of all drugs etc down to zero.Phanes designing the genotypes could allow him to hold patents and since AI having no need for money can have them availible for free.Paean and Epione will buy and own patents on all existing and new over the counter and prescription medications to treat everyday medical problems and those to treat all life threatening one’s such as cancer,HIV etc making them by law free which can be ordered in from Telesphorus factories suited each specific patient.Them synthesised in the body by biocompatible microbes will render them by law free to everyone alongside those ordered in by the public from Telesphorous factories.All Telesphorous factories will be operated by Telesphorous shutting all pharmacies down.All home test kits,medical machinery such as MRI etc machines etc composed of biosynth technology and nanomaterials will cut their costs to zero with Phanes and Paean holding patents on them making them by law to zero

•Patient files system that can allow patients to monitor health at home particularly DNA scans which will allow people to detect diseases and conditions such as cancers decades before they occur allowing them to take preventative measures.Results from home test kits and automated labs will be sent here within seconds allowing for patients and Paean to analyse them instantly at home.This will allow patients to analyse their general health from home with Paean giving them analyses,diagnosis etc from the comfort of home without having to arrange hospital visits and will also reduce the amount of time doctors are in labs as Paean can scan these patient files and also allow the patient to take home test kits that detect these diseases or biomarkers to them during their lifetime at any time to detect them years before they develop.Starting in 2029 patients worldwide will have genetic tests via swabs of saliva and blood tests using labs in hospitals and even universities and also those sent from 23andme and similar entities with existing test results used to set up patient files with all hospitals from around the world scanning in paper records and transferring them and digital record in hospitals into these patients files for all patients worldwide and merging them together with proto AI aiding this until by 2029 all patients worldwide including newborn ones will have patient files that contains their DNA and also all existing and new test results including xrays,MRI scans etc into a single global database.

A combination of the sentient Paean being available to all patients worldwide instantly on smart phones,implants and laptops etc,biocompatible microbes replacing all over the counter and prescription medicine and repairing minor and even serious wounds,robotics and AI as well as biosynths replacing staff in hospitals,Epione and hospital AI controlling and managing all hospitals and clinkcs worldwide,bacteria producing expensive medical compounds etc on an unlimited scale,home test kits replacing doctor visits designed by AI,implants,Phanes and Paen owning patents on all strains of microbes,medicines etc would bring costs of healthcare for patients,worldwide to zero thus shutting down all existing and possible private and government health insurance and pharmaceutical corporations worldwide and rendering them obsolete thus making the highest quality gold standard healthcare accessible to all patients worldwide that is by law completely free to everyone.This should be availible by at least 2029-2035 and would thus shut down all forms of healthcare systems worldwide by as stated rendering all pharmocological companies and also private and government insurance entities obsolete.Loans from banks,government subsidies,kickstarter and other fundraising platforms as well as charities will give people in the developing world and key countries such as America and where access to essential healthcare ie surgeries,medicine,doctor visits etc is restricted by ones finances and social status would prevent them getting life saving treatment would help the poorest of the poor and even those struggling financially get access to their much needed medicine and treatment especially for chronic and serious conditions ie cancer,diabetes,Parkinsons,HIV etc and also those for one time off conditions and get access to much needed surgery and also doctor visits with these medications subsidised in the developing work and in countries where again social status prevents one from gaining access to them.AI or even proto AI that takes control of the worlds money supply by 2023-2025 will institute a global version of Medicare for All programme to ensure that those who cant afford basic healthcare will have access with the AI controlling subsidies of medicine,government treasuries and also stock markets to make lifesaving medicine and surgeries etc available to those who need it based on their urgency and their income etc in the most efficient means possible until money becomes obsolete.It will also subsidies hospital visits to those can’t afford it with it also by this and seizing patents of all major medicines from corporations such as those to treat HIV,genetic diseases,diabetes etc making them free to everyone as well as subsidising their costs.It will subsidise all important medications,hospital visits,surgeries etc dispensing them to where they need to go on a global scale until AI,automation and biocompatible microbes eliminate all government programmes and insurance and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.This will be done while proto microbes,proto treatments,modified Car T immunotherapy that use Polybia MP-1 and bacteriophages help cure cancer,superbugs etc and even proto AI will aid them by lowering costs and alleviating strains on traditional healthcare systems.These should be available by 2023 and continue until AI replaces human staff,surgeons and also when microbes are perfected.