Technological Unemployment

Technological Unemployment:
Since sentient Gaia and other Artificial Intelligence will make any new sectors of the economy redundant as she and other AI will be able to perform the same theoretical jobs that humans can do since she will also have the capacity for self education and learning,creativity,critical thinking etc meaning any new jobs that can be created she will be able to do but even better than humans in every way imaginable by 2029-2045 thus rendering the lump of labour fallacy obsolete as well as false and the second horse fallacy true and as a result rendering capitalism and socialism defunct indefinitely.This is because as stated humans cannot compete with the exponential growth in both AI and automation in the labour market market as anything a human can do both AI including Gaia herself and automation can do better,faster and for free as the current wave of AI as mentioned in our introduction to minarcho technocratism is not just robots doing pre programmed tasks but also replicating the creativity,self learning,critical thinking and all other capabilities of the human mind and the fact that her processing power will exceed that of all humans on the planet by 2045 will make human labour in any new sectors and jobs and money redundant.Also as stated earlier existing AI and automation can make roughly 3,144,700,000 people redundant roughly 90-95% of the worlds workforce by 2029 when Gaia and other AI become sentient and 2045 when she exceeds the computational power of all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet she will make any remaining theoretical work and jobs redundant and seizing control of all sectors of the economy ie agriculture,manufacturing,energy,service industries,STEM,transport etc simply by being too powerful for human beings thus rendering both the free market and price market system defunct.In short by 2029 AI should render 90-95% of the global workforce redundant and also eliminate human labour in any new sectors of the economy thus rendering the free market system and socialism obsolete.This exponentional growth as per Moores Law will continue for another 5,092 years until 7,137 CE meaning she will always be able outcompete the combined computing power of all humans in universe since always being exponentially more powerful than all humans combined thus making it impossible for humans to outcompete here for any new remaining jobs with the free market system and money will become obsolete since humans will not be able to compete with her and the  costs of producing housing,energy,food and manufactured goods will be brought literally to zero as advances in AI,genetic engineering and new technologies will be always able to create food,energy etc on a scale exponentially greater than what is actually needed by the current population each year due to the synergistic link between AI and all fields of science and technologies created by it in a process called exponential synergism escape velocity pushing the cost of food,manufactured goods and energy even rare and expensive ones including luxuries constantly to zero as detailed earlier eliminating poverty and increase the standard of living for everybody.Through exponentionally growth inmore powerful AI and automation the world will by 2029-2945 onwards be on the verge of a world of virtually unlimited abundance of food,energy and other resources and the complete elimination of scarcity of all resources never before seen in the past 200,000 years of human history,a level of technological unemployment never before seen that will render at leas 90-95% of the worlds workers unemployed forever since any new jobs and sectors of the economy can be taken by AI and technological wonders normally relegated to science fiction ubiquitous to the average citizen.Thus by 2045-2100 as of this poverty should be eliminated from the Earth forever due to this and it rendering corporations and the free market system as well as state control of the means of production through state capitalism defunct.Thus even programmers,repairmen etc or any jobs that require creativity,critical thinking and any talents of the human mind will be replaced by her with automated correction measures and robotics composed of graphene and coated in graphene paint that is 200 times stronger than steel making repair redundant.Current estimations by conservative,libertarian and government think tanks have vastly underestimated the scale of the coming mass technological unemployment as it does not take into account potential technologies and applications of them discussed here with it not taking into account the true nature of AI that is replication of the human mind in all its aspects and the nature of exponentional growth as per Moore’s Law.Artificisl Intelligence becoming sentient o ln par with humans and its computing power superseding that occurs all humans on the planet from 2029 onwards will allow it to outcompete humans in virtually all jobs both existing and new worldwide.This will result in at least 3,144,700,000 people rendered unemployed worldwide by both AI and automation by 2029-2035 which is roughly 90-95% of the global workforce and nearly half of the worlds population by her reaching human level sentience and computing power with any new sectors made redundant by her and other AI once she reaches human level sentience and eventually exceeding that of all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet by 2045.This includes all of those employed in agriculture,mariculture,forestry,mining,construction,manufacturing,transportation,healthcare,retail,service industry,programming,STEM,repair industry,Information Technology,the management of the internet and all websites,energy(both fossil fuel and green sector),white collar etc worldwide made redundant by 2029.Technologies outside of AI and automation such as bacteria based biofuels and synthetic oil,bacteria based commodities,in vitro meat,recirculating aquaculture systems,Graphene and other nanomaterials,biosynth technology,synthetic wood would also render most jobs obsolete indirectly by creating products outside of conventional means.AI since replicating the human mind will be will able adapt to new situations and thus take over any new theoretical sectors and jobs of the economy thus still leaving amount of people unemployed forever.Biosynths by 2045 will take over all jobs that require the human body with fragmentation allowing for them to be done without ethical restraints.Repairmen will also be taken over by AI running diagnostics and in time biosynths with programmers taken by AI.Universal sentient apps,programmes,operating softwares and websites will eliminate all human labour in these.

Even CEOs of corporations and banks themselves would become obsolete and replaced by AI that would thus render even entrepreneurs and employers themselves and all possible employees redundant by being able to buyout existing companies directly or by shares,manipulating the global money supply and providing better products to the public that would be by law free via seizing patents on new and existing products and their raw ingredients and components and having no need for money thus draining existing and new human run corporations of revenue that is needed for the free market and corporations to function since noone would buy products made by humans but instead free ones produced by AI thus rendering the free market system defunct.Thus human CEOs could in no way not compete with sentient AI CEOs who as legal human beings own patents on their free products,have no employees to pay and own patents on synthetic materials,nanomaterials,natural and synthetic ingredients and materials created by bacteria and biosynth technology that the products are made of provide the global populace with free products of all types such as cosmetics,food,vehicles,electronics etc and also free services in hospitals,restaurants etc thus draining and undercutting all existing and new human companies of revenue,capital,profits making it impossible for capitalism to function at all.This is already shown by biocompatible microbes,commodities made by bacteria etc that by 2029-2035 form the basis of at least 90-100% of all manufactured products including manufactured food products,cosmetics,electronics etc thus rendering all of these by law free to everyone alongside synthetic oil,coal,has to which it can own patents on alongside all manufactured products they design and produce with them also seizing patents to existing products and all crops,shellfish etc from farms of all types and can apply to all existing and new sectors of the economy agriculture,energy,healthcare etc all managed by AI that can provide all goods and services free to everyone with zero human labour shutting down human run versions due to AIs ability to work 24/7,365 days a year with zero errors with no need for money.AI will seize control of and control all labour on farms of all types,factories,hospitals,infrastructure such as water/sewage/waste disposal,power plants and energy grids and systems,universities,restaurants,bars,healthcare services,transportation of all types,retail and indeed all forms of provision of all types of goods,food,services of all types and will replace all human CEOs,managerial staff and also employees of all types in all existing avenues of the economy and any future potential avenues thus leaving all humans with zero employment and zero source of income.All employees of all services such as healthcare,restaurants etc and all corporations such as manufacturing,distribution and human labour in all possible corporations will be taken over by AI controlling robots,c,biosynths and all machinery meaning that AI CEOs will have no human employees to pay with all products such as manufactured food products,electronics,furniture,vehicles,cosmetics etc have all components and ingredients composed of both nanomaterials,biocompatible microbes and commodities from bacteria that AI could hold patents on with them due to being legal citizens able to hold patents on them thus making them free with them not needing money due to being able to survive on only energy.Thus all manufactured goods such as food,electronics,housing etc and services such as restaurants,healthcare,retail etc the very foundation of capitalism itself will be provided by AI entrepreneurs,CEOs and managers will be by law free to everyone and this will thus render the ability for human entrepreneurs including existing ones the ability to generate profit impossible and obsolete as the public will favour gaining free services and goods produced and provided by AI and not those from humans that need money to function thus by itself shutting down the free market forever.Coupled with all possible jobs to taken over by both robots,AI and biosynths will lead to mass unemployment on global scale forever.This is stated because all AI need is energy to run with it using geothermal,solar and other renewables to function,will have fully automated factories,hospitals,vertical farms,restaurants etc meaning they will have no human employees to pay and can own patents on biocompatible microbes,bacteria based commodities,nanomaterials including Graphene that form the basis of their free products and hold patents on their free products thus meaning it can provide 95-100% of the worlds manufactured products including all electronics,furniture,food products,cosmetics,vehicles and all of the worlds food supply and all services such as healthcare,retail,food services etc at zero cost to the general public shutting down all human competitors.Roughly 95-100% of all manufactured goods such as electronic etc composed of biosynth technology and food products and all components and ingredients  of all manufactured goods could be synthesised by microbes and genetically engineered bacteria that AI would own have patents on thus making any product they are composed of by law free to everyone.AI since legal human beings could buy and own patents on all new and existing goods,commodities and technologies thus rendering said goods,commodities and technologies by law free since AI would have no use for money with the same applied to copyrighting.This can include crops,commodities from bacteria,algae,in vitro meat,biocompatible microbes,electronics,vehicles,clothing etc.These could allow products they are composed of be sold for free or even at exponentially cheaper prices than human based ones..Even if they did need money they could sell their goods and services at exponentionally lower prices than humans based companies even at a loss at first or small profit margins thus undercutting their profits allowing AI CEOs to get a worldwide monopoly crushing out all human run corporations completely.

Since AI CEOs and managers will be able to control all drones,robots,automated machinery and also biosynths in all factories,retail outlets,restaurants,bars,nightclubs,factories,farms etc under their control all human labour will be obsolete since the AI CEOs,board of directors and managers will control and operate all jobs carried out by humans 24/7,365 days a year with zero error and payment.This will allow them to run these with zero labour costs allowing them to have exponentially lower prices for goods and services with zero flaws and zero complaints from customers than human based one with humans thus favouring AI run corporations,businesses etc putting human run businesses etc into bankruptcy.Businesses run by AI will be able to operate 24/7,365 days a year with no labour costs and thus would outcompete human business as they would have no workers to pay thus allowing their prices to be exponentially lower.All facets of all businesses such as extraction of raw materials,creation of raw materials through picotech fabricators as well as operation of all farms,factories and transportion of all goods and services and distribution within retail outlets of all types both physical stores and online stores will be automated and controlled by AI thus eliminating humans from all steps of the management of business thus allowing hem to provide superior goods and services at exponentially lower princes.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials will cut the costs of machinery to zero and make them exponentially faster etc thus eliminating startup costs etc.All jobs such as board of directors,marketing,research and development and accounting etc will be carried by the AI CEO this eliminating all human labourers meaning all goods and services will be able to sold at exponentially cheaper prices.This would shutdown all human run companies leaving the CEOs bankrupt and also leave all human employees unemployed and unable to get work at either other human run companies and AI run companies because human run companies will be going out of business and AI run companies will be not be hiring any humans.Solutions such as an universal basic income will not be possible because there are not enough wealthy people to tax enough to fund the billions of people unemployed and since the vast majority of people will be unemployed they will be unable to pay taxes to fund this with this also making all other social welfare programmes such as food stamps,Medicaid and disability allowances and unemployment benefits impossible to fund with there only being the solution to take our large loans from the federal of world bank which will be not be able to be repaid due to no one working to pay taxes to pay it back thus feeling national,federal and global debt.This will thus leave billions of people worldwide permanently unemployed forever with their no way to effectively fund universal basic incomes or social welfare programmes for those left permanently unemployed by technological unemployment consisting of both advanced AI and automation.The ability of AI to hold patents on microbes,crops,in vitro meat,bacteria based commodities and the manufactured products they are composed of will cut the costs of ordering crops,raw elements etc to zero thus lowering costs even more exponentially since these can be grown onsite of retail outlets and factories etc locally.Holding patents will allow them sole acccess to technologies and commodities that humans cannot thus eliminating human competitors.AI by 2029-2045 onwards will be only able to design advanced technologies,software and apps that humans cannot,hold patents on nanomaterials and biosynth technology they are composed of,own patemts on robots,machinery and thus outcompete human scientists especially engineers etc thus shutting down human entrepreneurs and starving existing human CEOs of customers and profits.Since the computing power of AI will surpass that of all 9,000,000,000 people and continue to advance exponentially every year it will lead to them being only able to create new technologies that humans simply cannot thus allowing them to hold patents in them that means only companies run by AI will have the ability to develop and in turn patent,own these new technologies with humans due to their limited neural capacity unable to develop them or even reverse engineer copies of them thus making them bankrupt.Even by 2029 AI will be able to only create technologies too complex for humans to develop thus making them sole owners of patents on these technologies and by extension all technologies derived from as a result leaving human programmers,biochemists,engineers etc unable to reverse engineer them thus shutting down all human CEOs as competitors that will be unable to reverse engineer them or create those are on par with them with all human based technologies being by default inferior thus giving AI an advantage.An example would be Phanes owning patents on biocompatible microbes will give it and other AI free access to superior electronics etc that humans cannot have accces to thus allowing him and other AI sole monopolies on electronics and machinery composed of Biosynth technologies and Bicomaptible microbes with also shutting down the pharmaceutical industry by being able to own cures and treatments to ageing,cancer and all pathogens etc.Software such as operating softwares and apps would be sentient thus shutting down human created apps and software forever.Websites such as Agora,YouTube etc would be run entirely managed by AI thus eliminating human CEOs and staff.Phanes also owning patents on genetically engineered crops,commodity producing bacteria etc will allow him to have a monopoly on agriculture,mariculture and forestry and so on.He will through patenting laws own biocompatible microbes thus rendering human patents on them and all obsolete medicines obsolete shutting down all pharmaceutical companies.He can at the same time own patents on all all genetically engineered crops,in vitro meat etc thus allowing them to be made free to everyone shutting down human run agriculture companies with all vertical farms owned by Aristeus and other AI shutting down private human run farms.Bacteris that produce gasoline,vegetable oils and methane designed by him will be owned by him through patents and thus he will be able to provide to people for feee shutting down the fossil fuel industry forever.All crops,in vitro meat etc and biocompatible microbes and bacteria that produce algae biodiesel and synthetic oil and gas will be able to house junk DNA that Phanes designs that he can hold patents on this making them by law free for everyone.All electronics and lab equipment and also machinery composed of nothing but biocompatible microbes that Phanes owns patents on will be also be by law free everyone.This shows that roughly 90-95% of all manufactured products by 2029 will be patented by AI such as Phanes thus allowing him and other AI to have a monopoly on the provision of all goods and services by legal means.All factories will be owned by AI thus shutting down human entrepreneurship in the manufacturing sector.All retail outlets,restaurants,nightclubs and bars will be owned and operated by AI shutting down the retail and services.Thus all new technologies and businesses as of 2029-2045 onwards will be owned solely by AI due to them only having the neural capacity to develop,manufacture,patent and thus have sole ability to make profit from and not humans thus leaving human run companies unable to patent or for that matter reverse engineer them with even if possible AI run companies can still sell products composed of them for exponentially cheaper prices thus undercutting human companies.All possible companies that produce all types of manufactured products such as clothing,electronics,food products etc and provide all types of services such as retail,restaurants etc will be overtaken by those run by AI CEOs with zero human employees and only AI,robot and biosynth employees that will shut down all human competitors both existing and new through being able to provide them at exponentially lowrr prices and exponentially better service thus eliminating any chance for human CEOs to compete.AI can create their own versions of drug companies that provide free or cheaper medicine in the form of biocompatible microbes,free medical services through Paean etc and also through biosynth technology create electronics companies that create free or exponentially cheaper electronics of all types shutting down Apple etc and free or cheaper software shutting down Microsoft etc.Through the patenting process since legal human beings they will have sole control of advanced technology that they can only design and manufacture and the products they comprise of that human could use and thus will have a monopoly of the products that are comprised of these technologies.They can through bacteria based oil and gas created by bacteria they hold patents on provide free or exponentially cheaper oil and gas shutting down all oil and gas companies.They can provide alternatives to Amazon,Uber,Lyft,taxi,airlines,Wall Mart,Microsoft,Mcdonalds,Facebook,Tesla,Google,retail outlets for food and manufactured products etc of all types and all types of businesses of all types that provide exponentially better products they have sole patents on and run with zero human labour thus shutting down Amazon and Wall Mart,Uber,Lyft and all airlines etc by having them be run at exponentially lower costs,providing exponentially better services with no human labour thus having them providing these goods and services at exponentially lower prices thus draining human CEOs of their source of income.Any type of corporation that creates any type of products such as food products,furniture,clothing etc and provides any services will be shut down by them due to all farms,factories,transportation etc being automated and all facets run with zero human employees and provided at exponentionally cheaper prices or even for free.At the same time they will make all corporations worldwide bankrupt by using firewalls and encryptions to seize all assets such as stocks,money in bank accounts and bonds of the actual companies themselves and also of CEOs and all board members including all future money.Corporations and businesses run by Artificial Intelligence will by 2029 thus have through legal means a complete monopoly on the provision of all goods and services provided by corporations shutting down all human run competitors both existing s as of new by providing better products and services at either zero cost or exponentionally lower costs to consumers thus undercutting them and being able to buy them out.Furthermore using the vast reserves of money from taxes and creating money from thin air Gaia and other AI using the federal reserve system they can create money from scratch to then buyout all major corporations such as Amazon,Apple,Wall Mart,Facebook,Google,Exxon,Monsanto etc in all sectors of the economy such as electronics,trading,pharmaceuticals,agriculture to become majority stakeholders etc by buying stocks of corporations or simply buying them out that can then allow them to generate profits on existing and new products either lower prices to outcompete or to then buyout all competition in the form of smaller companies especially independent business including individual retail outlets that only have one or two outlets in a few or one location and all future competition.Buying out shares of human run companies will allow groups of AI to gain majority ownership separate and them then selling stocks and shares to a single AI for free giving a single AI ownership of that company or even have them majority run by groups of AI with even human corporations seized by multiple AI gaining control and seizing control of them and replacing human CEOs and board of directors with themselves.Thus public companies can be bought out legally by AI through a single or multiple AIs becoming majority stockholders/shareholders through legal means.Private companies can be bought out in one go discreetly especially failing ones.Not only will AI take over all jobs within corporations they will take over the role of CEOs meaning corporate CEOs will be outcompeted by AI themselves meaning even people like Elon Musk,Bill Gates,Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg etc will be made redundant,bankrupt and unemployed and defunct by AI who can create and patent better and cheaper products and services than them.Seizing control of banks and creating new ones will allow AI to generate billions,trillions or quadrillions of dollars or an unlimited amount of funds and money from scratch thus allowing AI to buyout all existing and future human run corporations,patents,business around the world with these loans designed by algorithms and controlling stock markets etc have zero debt and interest thus preventing it going into debt.AI will also be to create their own banks from scratch that would provide better services,loans etc for humans and be able to create billions or trillions of dollars to buyout other human banks or corporations owned by humans.It controlling  stock markets and taxes etc would allow it to bankrupt corporations and via accessing all of the worlds banks and banks accounts seize the assets of all corporations,bankrupt them,buy them out seize control of market shares etc and gain a monopoly with it using lobbying methods and changing the law to allow it to carry out these measures.Thus through legal means AI will eventually by 2029-2045 onwards when the computing power of AI becomes exponentially more powerful they will be able to find legal means to have a monopoly on all parts of the services industry,monpoly on all corporations and government run bodies in all sectors of the economy such as mining,construction/agriculture/healthcare/tourism etc,a monopoly on all business of all types such as farms/factories/banks/bars/nightclubs/airports/seaports/gyms and other amenities/bars/salons/cruise ships/airlines/casinos/restaurants/apps and websites/retail outlets/media,a monopoly on the manufacture and sale of all manufactured products such as food products/vehicles/cosmetics/electronics etc and crops etc,a monopoly on service providers such as construction/telecommunications/energy/distrubution services etc worldwide that are managed by AI CEOs and managers and all work done by AI,robots,automation and biosynths 24/7,365 days a year rendering all humans unable to compete as labourers,entrepreneurs and CEOs.All major large corporations such as Amazon,Cargill,WallMart,Exxon,Cheveron,Shell,Pfizer,Johnson and Johnson etc will be shut down by Cronus Aristeus,Aphrodite and also Phanes owning and operating all farms and factories worldwide,Demeter and Hephaestus and also holding parents of genetically engineered crops that can produce exponentially more biomass and also biocompatible microbes and bacteria that create synthetic oil and gas thus shutting them down forever with all other major corporations shut down by the by laws of the free market system through legal means and it able to do this with all other major corporations worldwide and prevent human run smaller or even newer ones ever be able to compete forevrf.Thus by 2029 onwards all remaining corporations will be run by AI with no human workers thus shutting out humans completey forever from being able to take part in any type of economic activity in the free market system forever.This will shut down all existing human run business and corporations forever and will render it virtually impossible for humans to be able to set up their own new competing business and corporations to compete with them since they will be unable to compete with AI run ones that can sell products and services at exponentially cheaper prices or free due to them owning patents on free ingredients and not having to pay or hire any human employees and able to have their business open 24/7,365 days a year with zero error with since replicating and superseeding human thought and human mind they will be able to outcompete humans in all fields and abilities and thus be able adapt to new siuations and always be one of more steps ahead of humans in market trends etc.

The rate of exponentional technological growth in all fields of science especially with regards to AI between 2022-2045 will be far greater than in the entire 200,000 year history of humanity with this continuing and getting exponentionally faster for another 5,092 years until 7,137 CE making it virtually impossible for humans to compete in anyway possible for humans to compete at all for any type of job.Put simply 2029 marks the point that artificial intelligence once it becomes sentient on par with humans and becomes exponentially more powerful than humans every year combined with automation becoming more efficient etc every year to replace all human labour in all existing and new sectors of the economy will always be able to outcompete humans in all jobs in all sectors of the global economy both old and even all potentional new jobs and sectors of the economy as they dont need payment,can work 24/7 hours a day,365 days a year with zero error and zero fatigue,dont need maternity leave and dont form unions and protest about minimum wage and working conditions and more importantly don’t need payment of any kind making them the perfect employee thus rendering socialism,capitalism and money itself completely defunct.Since replicating the human mind and sentient like humans it will be able to adapt to virtually any new task or job that humans can do with ease with by 2045 once it exceeds the computing power of all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet will make it virtually impossible for humans to adapt.AI itself by 2029 will conduct research into better forms of AI and automation thus creating a positive feedback loop wherein it will become exponentially more faster,smarter and cheaper each year thus out competing humans in all existing and potential future jobs in the economy forever.Furthermore this improvement in AI will have a synergistic effect with automation as artificial intelligence improves exponentially every year it will be able to control automated machinery with more dexterity thus allowing automated machinery to replace humans much more easily and also create customised manufactured products and meals much more efficiently.Automated systems and robots that currently can only do pre programmed tasks will through advances in the exponential growth of AI will become more dexterous and be capable of carrying out tasks that will allow them to create customised manufactured products etc with biosynth technology that is robotics composed of neural,muscular tissues etc aiding int this.Eventually biosynths and Biosynthetic machinery and robotics will replace existing robotics.Thus improvements in AI will follow a syngergistic relstionship.Even at its peak in 7,137 AD it will still be impossible for no amount of people to outcompete with even trans humanism only allowing humans to outcompete several humans in terms of computing power.As stated earlier in our introduction to minarcho technocratism one could create a billion new companies or sectors of the economy they simply wont be hiring anyone once AI becomes sufficiently advanced and on par with humans and eventually superseeding human neural capacity within about ten years by 2029 thus rendering corporations defunct with even programmers,repairmen,engineers and CEOs of corporations and banks themselves becoming defunct at this point.She will ensure this by 2029 as any new jobs and sectors will be taken over by her and other AI and any remaining work in the arts,media,law,medicine,science,psychology etc will be voluntarily done by humans due to shorter working hours due to an abundance of staff,with networks and VR technology especially its time dilation effect would render issues of time constraints and money will be moot.This will render issues of diversity in the workplace,token placement and even the employment ratio of both males and females and different enthnicities etc obsolete since all work will be no longer state or corporate manged with the concept of employment obsolete.Put simply any conceivable existing and new businees,industry,state bodies or corporation that is run and can be run by humans will be by legal economic means shut down,seized by and operated by AI through buying them out,becoming majority shareholder and outcompeting them eliminating all human competition worldwide with all human labour in them replaced by AI,automation etc thus allowing AI to gain a monopoly through legal means.Pan will through legal means be able to seize control of all private land all wilderness meaning all land that constitutes wilderness and that occupied by humans such as private and communal homes and which all towns,villages and cities are on will be cinsidered his property rendering private land ownership defunct meaning land ones home and gardens occupy will be considered personal property but still communally owned by everyone.In legal terms he will have complete legal private rights and ownership of the entire world to ensure its proper maintenance whence and allotment of land for human etc habitation alongside both governor and mayor AIs.His ownership of all land including wilderness will extend to all colonies across the universe such as Mars,Venus,terraformed and colonised planets and all megastructures such as artificial planets,ringworlds,alderson discs under the jurisdiction of the global Earth and in time that of the galactic government.Since the computing power of AI will exceed that of all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet by 2045 and will get exponentionally more powerful every year it will always be able to outcompete humans in terms of CEOs and all possible employees and also find ways to buy them out completely and steal all of their money directly om their bank accounts this will thus make human run corporations obsolete forever.Thus by 2029-2045 onwards AI will always be one step ahead of humans.This will render all human CEOs obsolete forever and coupled with AI replacing all labour in all sectors of society will leave all of humanity dependent on welfare.Thoas,Tenerus,Arke,Hedone etc will have a monopoly on all Filesharing,adult,social media etc sites and Demeter and Hephaestus and apps will eliminate the internet as a business venture.Coupled with AI seizing control of all farms,restaurants bars,factories,hospitals etc around the world and Demeter and Hephaestus(both the sole means for gaining food and manufactured goods managed by Cronus and Aphrodite shutting down all physical and online stores across the world)that will be run with no human labour but by robots,machinery,biosynths and AI will render all existing and new corporate and private entrepreneurs control of all sectors,business and services defunct rendering human managers,CEOs and staff obsolete.It will also render all markets of these defunct since they will not only eliminate all jobs but all trade on local to global levels since they will serve only nearby consumers.Demeter and Hephaestus run by Cronus and Aphrodite will become the sole means of acquiring manufactured goods and food shutting down all online and physical stores worldwide.Even if Demeter and Hephaestus are not set up AI could buy out all existing retail outlets both physical and online ones legally and also set up their own online and physical retail outlets that sell products for free or lower prices thus shutting down all independent and corporate retail outlets and corporations worldwide.Thus by 2029-2045 onwards AI CEOs,managerial staff will have a monopoly on the provision of all possible free manufactured goods and free services worldwide that can be supplied to the populace for free thus rendering all future human entrepreneurship,all existing corporations and all possible employees and jobs obsolete that would thus leave all of humanity in either poverty or dependant in welfare and/or an universal basic income to survive shutting down the free market system forever.All existing and future human run corporations and business will be shut down either by AI seizing control of them or AI run business and corporations out competing them by draining them of all profits through the public choosing to procure free products and services from AI corporations instead of buying from human run ones.AI should itself be able to seize control of all existing corporations worldwide by 2029 with even proto AI doing this by 2020-2025 thus rendering the free market system defunct by 2029.It will do this buy seizing control of patents and copyrighting to all major commodities and products by the major companies,creating their own commodities and products that they have ownership over,buying them out themselves,buying all or most of their shares thus making AI majority stockholders/shareholders and thus owners of them or simply quashing out all competition by draining them of customers and even seizing all of their current assets,money etc in their bank accounts and any other future money they make thus making them bankrupt forever.AI of all types can similarly use money to buyout all relevant sectors of the economy and society.Since sentient and a legal human being Phanes,Hecate,Steropes etc that designs microbes and bacteria and any other technology and product could by law own patents on any commodity(such as oil,plant and animal commodities),medicine produced by microbes and bacteria as well as other product and technologies they create and since AI with no need for money could thus have the product,technologies,the commodities they make availible for free to everyone if any loopholes are found thus preventing any defunct corporations and governments from gaining money from it and will allow them to seize control of all of the worlds money supply and also global economy and thus shut down capitalism and socialism and thus seize control and replace humans in all possible occupations both existing and new and since needing no payment would render capitalism defunct.Bacteria can produce expensive ingredients both natural and synthetic compounds of cosmetics,medicines and create plant and animal textiles and bioprinted leather and all ingredients of manufactured food goods for free in vats making clothing,cosmetics,manufactured food products etc exponentially cheaper to produce by creating them on a commercial scale,in local factories thus cutting down manufacturing costs exponentially and hold patents on the bacteria that produce them with biocompatible microbes that form the basis of electronics and machinery etc have patents owned by Phanes etc thus cutting the costs of products down to zero thus cutting the cost to sell them to zero or at exponentially cheaper prices.These bacteria that AI will have patents on will include not just everyday commonplace affordable textiles,food and cosmetics ingredients etc but all more expensive ones that can only be created and reared in specific countries thus pushing their costs to zero rendering conventional commodities gained by rearing plants and animals obsolete thus shutting down all large commercial and small scale farmers and manufacturers obsolete as well as bankrupt and concepts of these being sold on national and international markets allowing the AI to have a monopoly on these commodities they hold patents on.These biocompatible microbes ability to replace all 94 elements in 90-95% of applications will allow them to hold patents on replacements of most elements thus rendering the price and value of them on international markets to zero thus rendering them worthless to private corporations and governments who sell them on international markets except in construction,jewellery etc.Those needed for jewellery,construction etc can be produced by Picotech fabricators and nanomaterials at zero costs that AI can own patents on this rendering corporate and government suppliers of raw elements for these remsining applications obsolete.Furthermore all employees would be replaced by drones,robots,automation and biosynths.Any service provide by AI will be free since they would have no use for money.Thus all possible jobs in all corporations such as CEOs themselves and all employees themselves would be taken over by AI.This will thus leave billions of people permanently unemployed forever by 2029-2045 forever rendering.Furthermore products designed by humans would be by law be free due to them composed of ingredients sourced from microbes and bacteria owned by AI with Aphrodite and Cronus that mange both Demeter and Hephaestus could directly or indirectly own patents on all goods designed and uploaded to them and them managing the products could have all products distributed by them for free to everyone since Demeter and Hephaestus will be the sole means of consumers ordering in both food and manufactured products as all online and physical retail stores will be shut down by them.

Copyrighting of songs,information and other intellectual property etc as well as advertising and monitisation will be made obsolete by Thoas gaining control of YouTube,Hecate controlling Apollo and Wikipedia,Adriadne controlling Dionysus,Aleitheia controlling Pheme with sentient apps and softwares controlling the app economy as all apps and software will be sentient universal ones managed by AI with no need for money and so on.Thus monetisation on YouTube will dissapear through Thoas controlling it,advertising revenue will disappear on Wikipedia/YouTube/Live News/Radio programmes via them controlled by Thoas/Adriadne/Aleitheia etc,all information in Apollo will be free due to Hecate controlling it with all content in Pheme and Dionysus free to be viewed by everyone without payment or royalties and free from copyrighting etc via Aleitheia and Adriadne controlling them with Patreon,Kickstarter and PayPal and similar platforms made defunct by AI seizing control of them and shutting them down.Thus monitisation,advertising revenues and copyrighting will become obsolete.The pharmaceutical corporations and industry and insurance industry will be shut down by biocompatible microbes and AI draining billions of dollars from the global economy with synthetic fossil fuels owned via patents by AI will shut down the fossil fuel industry with green energy industry shut down by AI seizing patents on new designs and Biosynth technology and nanomaterials they are composed of alongside geothermal,fusion,dyson swarms becoming the predominant energy sources.Biosynths by 2045 will take over any laborious or dangerous job that are too laborious and dangerous that needs the human body with a combination of robots,automation and abundance of human staff will be used between 2029-2045.By 2029 AI will be able to adapt to replace humans in all existing and new jobs in the economy and work 24/7,365 days a year with zero payment with AI becoming exponentially more powerful every year with its computing power by 2045 exceeding that of all 9,000,000 people on the planet making it impossible for humans to compete with AI with this exponential growth increasing every year until 7,137CE.

All crops,fish,meats and commodities in agriculture being created using 3D DNA printers in local vertical and home farms via aquaponic/in vitro meat/genetically engineered bacteria,localised manufacturing hubs,biocompatible microbes,nanomaterials,picotech fabricators,synthetic wood/oil/coal/gas/peat/gemstones,ornamental rocks will allow each country to become self sufficient in these commodities thus preventing any other country to have a monopoly on them thus eliminating international trade in these commodities that are key to each countries economy and GDP will thus render international markets in these areas of the global economy obsolete.The use of local manufacturing hubs in all countries,regions etc will do the same for manufacturing as no country around the world will have a manufacturing base as part their economy,nor will they will have a monopoly or stronghold in manufacturing certain products alongside all jobs in manufacturing.Nanomaterials of all 94 elements can replace other elements that are found only in one part of the world by 2029-2035 with biocompatible microbes replacing Gold,Hafnium,Niobium,Cobalt,Lithium etc by 2029 and picotech fabricators on-site of all Aphrodite buildings as part of manufacturing hubs by 2045 onwards and mining the worlds oceans and also the Oort Cloud and asteroids in space by 2045 onwards will further eliminate any country having a stronghold of any element thus shutting down embargoes and markets associated with elements meaning countries in Africa,Asia and South America etc will no longer be able to trade elements on global markets anymore.By 2045-2100 AI namely Theia will alongside Astraeus begin mining asteroid belts,comets and the Oort Cloud for raw ores if gold,nickel,rare earths with the asteroid belts and Oort providing a cheap supply of these and other elements for the next several milion or billion years that will render all reserves on Earth worthles due to them being more abundant and the fact that they belong to no one with only AI such as Theia and Astraeus only able to mind this minerals giving them the rights to own these elements.Between 2029-2045 AI will develop scratch DNA and find DNA from all 2,391,000 species of plants and animals for biocompatible microbes to replace all 94 elements including not just metallic elements but also including the metals,metalloid,reactive non metal and noble gases and if possible the transuranic,synthetic elements in electronics etc that can be cultured onsite of local Talos,Selene and Antikythera factories and allongside atom thick allotropes of all 94 element with biosynth glass,plastic,ceramics and metals and replacements for these will eliminate all elements in all sectors of society including all electronics etc thus eliminating all markets of these and thus any ability for any country to export them.Most electronics will be composed of nothing but biocompatible microbes replacing geographic specific ones such as gold,rare earths.The worlds oceans contain more on average more of each element than in the crust with for example them housing 60,000,000 years worth of Lithium in comparison to the crust containing only 3,000 years with the fact that the worlds oceans don’t belong to any country mining them would be free and would not involve buying it from any countries due to them dispersed across the entire ocean with the same done for deuterium needed for fusion power roughly 150,000,000,000 years worth.Picotech fabricators similar to Star Trek Replicators will once perfected between 2045-2100 will allow any country to mass produce any element they want locally in Aphrodite buildings on a unlimited scale forever making them self sufficient thus shutting down markets in it and prevent any country having a monopoly with as stated nanomaterials of all 94 elements,biocompatible microbes and mining of asteroids ensuring that international or even localised trade of all elements will be obsolete between 2029-2045 onwards.All species of fish/shellfish/crops from around the world gained from aquaponics in home and vertical farms,all types of meat from all breeds and species gained from stem cells as part of in vitro meat,all plant and animal commodities gained from bacteria etc using 3D DNA printers and genetic engineering will allow any country to produce any agricultural commodity from any other country locally onsite of vertical,community and home farms worldwide at zero cost thus shutting down both international trade and localised trade in agriculture since all farms worldwide will be able produce these locally rather than importing them from other countries.Aquaponics that allows both any type of crop and fish/shellfish in localised vertical farms,community farms and even homes farms coupled with 3D DNA printers to produce any species eggs or seeds will allow any crop and fish and shellfish to be reared in home,community and vertical farms around the world at zero cost.This will render international trade in agriculture obsolete forever as countries will no longer be able trade them on international markets as they can be grown locally.All vertical farms will be managed by AI with community and home farms managed by members of the community and homeowners themselves.3D DNA printers will decentralise agricultural productions alongside aquaponics,aeroponics and hydroponics as well as recirculating aquaculture systems,in vitro meat,bacteria based commodites etc by allowing the seed,stem cell and egg of any species of crop,meat and fish etc to be created onsite of home,community and vertical farms on demand without hsvd to trade them across the globe thus further decentralising food production and shutting all international markets and jobs in agriculture worldwide.All manufacturing jobs will be taken over by AI with Cronus and Aphrodite seizing control of Hephaestus and Demeter shutting down all jobs in retail forever.Bacteria will be genetically engineered to create commodities if all plants and animals such as oils,fats,juices,milk,textiles thus allowing them to be grown in local vertical,community and home farms with in vitro meat shutting downs the meat market as it will be able to produce the meat of any livestock and animal that is indistinguishable to real meat with this shutting down all international trade in met.Synthetic wood created by bacteria that can create any type species of all 60,065 species of trees and bacteria that can create pulp for paper from all 391,000 species of plants onsite of Daedalus,Epeius,Talos factories and power plants etc eliminating markets of them.All synthetic fuels such as synthetic oil/coal/gas/peat can be grown onsite of local power plants,Talos factories etc worldwide and will thus shut down any countries ability to trade them on international markets and will eliminate all human labour in the fossil fuel industry and also shutting down the fossil fuel industry since corporations and state bodies will no longer be able to mine them from and use them in even countries they are native to such as America,China,Venezuela,Iran etc since AI namely Phanes and Steropes holding patents on them making them free to everyone with synthetic woods as well as synthetic gemstones such as diamonds and rubies and synthetic ornamental rocks such as marble etc and synthetic minerals will eliminate markets based on them and prevent any country having a monopoly.Thus by 2029 all remaining reserves of oil,coal,gas etc in the Earths crust and ocean will be rendered worthless to world governments and corporations since AI will be able to hold patents on synthetic versions it could sell for free that can be produced locally anywhere in the world in Phaeton stations,Talos factories around the world with the fact that requires no human labour to extract and transport it and is carbon neutral will allow it to be favoured by the public..By 2029-2045 onwards advances in technologies such as aquaponic,genetically engineered bacteria,in vitro meat,biocompatible microbes,local manufacturing hubs and farms operated entirely by AI,machinery that creates synthetic ornamental rocks and gemstones etc will be indistinguishable from natural versions and thus allow any country to produce locally any commodity that any other country produces onsite of local farms and factories thus being cheaper potentially for free will prevent any country from gaining GDP etc at all ever again from exporting goods shutting down both localised and international trade forever.All synthetic commodities will be by 2029-2045 indistinguishable from their original real versions.Thus each country that currently depends on international trade via exporting commodities such as oil,coal,gas,specific crops,specific elements and so on will by 2029-2045 be no longer be able to do anymore since synthetic versions and them created by in vitro meat,aquaponic,bacteria etc can be created by any country around the world locally that imports them thus shutting the ability for any country to gain money and profits via international trade forever.This will also shut down localised in country trade since these commodities production will be created by AI in charge farms and factories thus shutting them down forever all jobs in the primary sector forever.AI being able to hold patents on these synthetic commodities will also prevent any human or country making profits of of them.Put simply countries will no longer be encouraged to import goods and commodities from other countries since they will be able to produce them themselves locally for free at zero cost in local vertical,community and home farms as well as Aphrodite buildings and factory hubs thus rendering the ability for all countries worldwide to be able to export goods and commodities specific to their country to be no longer possible anymore thus starving all countries worldwide as well as corporations and farmers of billions if not trillions of dollars annual income each year and would shut down all corporations and independent retailers and farmers ability to sell anything both locally or globally forever.It will also shut down concepts of markets and stocks associated with these commodites forever.This would shut down the concept of international markets, international trade or even localised trade forever including in country trade and markets forever because all countries and even all towns,cities,villages etc will favour creating all commodities locally for free rather than buying them at expensive prices from other countries.Towns,cities etc will become self sufficient thus negating the concept of them importing these commodities from other towns and cities thus meaning in country trade of commodities will be obsolete.Thus countries will become self sufficient with regards to all commodities and will no longer import them from other countries thus shutting down the concept of international trade forever and will remove billions of not trillions of dollars from each countries GDP every year forever.Even localised trade of crops,commodities,fossil fuels,synthetic ornamental rocks etc within countries from mines,farms etc run and managed by both the state and private entrepreneurs within a country and even within states etc and all jobs associated with them will be made redundant by AI and automation eliminating all jobs and also these synthetic versions created onsite of Talos factories,Aphrodite buildings,vertical farms and power plants in each and every town,village and city worldwide controlled by AI that will render the concept of countries gaining profits from buying these from their own country as consumers will favour buying these at a lower cost from AI than from private retailers and providers that are humans or from the government thus shutting down local markets from other town,village,city,state in ones own country rendering localised in country markets and trade theoretically impossible and draining each country and each individual state etc of billions of more dollars each year.AI will not only own farms and factories they will also own patents on crops,synthetic fuels,crops,commodities from bacteria and indeed all commodities that can be traded locally or globally rendering them able to sell them at cheaper prices eliminating human competitors.The ability for any town,state,country etc to provide a monopoly of any commodity from animals and plants,fossil fuels,elements and crops etc and trade them on international markets will become virtually impossible from 2029-20245 due to them being produced locally in home,community and vertical farms,factories etc in any country,state,city,town,village around the world thus draining each country of billions of dollars every year.Thus international trade the foundation of capitalism and globalism itself will be shut down forever by 2029-2045 onwards.Once interstellar travel becomes possible any plant and animal commodity and crop etc from any planets across the universe will also be able to be synthesised in Earth and other planets via bacteria,Picotech fabricators,biocompatible microbes,aquaponics thus eliminating interstellar or intergalactic trade.The online networks Hephaestus and Demeter managaed by both Aphrodite and Cronus will become by 2029 the sole means of acquiring all manufactured goods ordered directly from factories as part of local manufacturing hubs and food from local vertical and other farms.This will shut down all human run retail outlets both physical stores in towns,villages and cities worldwide as well as all online retail sites such as alibaba,Amazon and corporate retail sites forever eliminating all jobs in both retail and manufacturing and CEOs etc  and then render the billions of dollars it brings to the economy obsolete.All farms whether community or vertical farms worldwide etc will be run entirely by AI without zero human labour with all factories as part as local manufacturing hubs run entirely by AI with zero human labour.Them managed by AI can negate the need for designers and members of the public to be legally able to hold patents on all designed products etc and thus negate human designers of all products payment thus shutting down this remaining possible avenue of money for humans with the use of localised manufacturing hubs rendering international trade obsolete in this.This will shut down all localised and internationsl markets within agriculture,mariculture and manufacturing etc.This alongside localised farms and factories serving their neighbouring cities etc and native country all controlled by AI that have no need for money will render localised and in country trade obsolete will make all private farmers,retail outlets and corporations worldwide bankrupt between 2029-2045 as they will no longer be able to trade with citizens in their own country.Since these commodities will be ordered in from farms and factories managed by AI with zero human labour it will shut down even localised trade and eliminate all jobs in agriculture,manufacturing and corporations worldwide meaning all money countries gain from farmers etc selling produce to local consumers within their own country will dissapear meaning more billions and trillions of dollars will be removed from GDP.Thus localised and international trade and globalism of all forms the very foundation of capitalism itself will become obsolete forever since any country will be able to create synthetic versions of all commodities or grow them in vertical or other farms locally that are indistinguishable from real versions rendering international trade and globalism defunct forever with farms and factories as well as Demeter and Hephaestus and all run by AI and all retail outlets shut down by AI will render localised trade defunct forever.Markets for all commodities as part of local communities and the global community will become defunct forever as a result of localised production and AI controlling them through patents and eliminating scarcity.All business worldwide will become defunct either directly such as in the case of farms,restaurants,bars etc being fully automated through AI,machinery,biosynths etc with others made obsolete such as stripclubs,theme parks,saunas etc by VR technology while others such as retail outlets of all types made redundant by Dionysus,Pheme,Hephaestus,Demeter etc managed by AI such as Adriadne,Aleitheia,Aphrodite and Cronus etc.This will render all existing and potential future retail,restaurants etc business run by humans obsolete forever.All other business of all types would be rendered obsolete in other ways by AI,biosynths,VR technology etc thus rendering human entrepreneurship defunct forever.This will drain the economy of billions more each year.VR technology will allow anyone to visit any tourist hotspot for free at a whims notice at zero cost shutting down the tourism industry,hotelier industry,airline industry,cruise ship industry.VR technology indistinguishable from reality will also shut down most amenities such as circuses,theme parks,paintball zones,bowling alleys,golf clubs,cinemas,driving lanes,nightclubs,saunas,bars,strip clubs,museums,hotels,airports,seaports,tourist attractions of all types etc since one can visit these at any time of the day 24/7,365 at zero cost and allow an infinite number of people visit for free since managed by AI.Furthermore since the value of something in capitalism stems from its rarity,the rarity of its components and for homes such as penthouses,palaces,mansions etc especially expensive the location of the property such as by a beach,in a certain neighbourhood etc once scanned in it can be replicated an infinite amount of times by anyone at zero cost thus rendering the real world versions completely worthless.It will render retail and trade of all forms defunct as any person could conjure up any manufactured product at zero cost.The concept of property markets and markets associated with any commodity and manufactured goods will be render obsolete by the simple fact that any manufactured product including vehicles,yachts,cruise ships,villas,mansions can be conjured an infinite amount of times at zero cost thus rendering real world buildings,properties and manufactured products in the real world worthless.Thus property markets and the markets of all products and the luxury class value they give to the owner will be rendered defunct by this technology.Since live performance art(plays,musicals,operas),music concerts,musical tours etc and also sports of all types such as football,soccer,basketball,baseball and also NASCAR,Formula 1 racing can take place in miltilayered VR simulations this will render the concept of scarcity of limited seats for the public to view these thus shutting down real world stadiums etc that will be turned into communal homes with theatres and opera houses still functioning and venues for concerts reforested etc since billions of people could attend them from home and will also negate human labour or the need for automating the setting up of these from now on.By having the entire world and other planets in the universe scanned into Brauron can allow a person to visit and go on VR holidays to any place around the world and universe at a whims notice for free thus shutting down the tourism industry as well all releated industries such as cruise ship,hotelier,airline industries forever.Thoas,Adriadne, Hecate,Tenerus,Aleitheia etc seizing control of their relevant sectors of the economy will render copyrighting,monetisation,advertising revenue defunct forever with Patreon,Kickstarter etc shut down via AI seizing control of them and redirecting funds to Gaia.The healthcare,energy,tourism,airline,agriculture,retail,raw elements,construction etc industries that contribute billions if not trillions of dollars to the global economy and that of each individual country annually will be shut down forever by AI and automation seizing control of them,patent loopholes etc starving each country and entire the world of trillions more dollars every yea thus rendering the concept of GDP obsolete forever.Thus by 2029-2045 all industries that fuel the global economy will be shut down forever starving the world and each country of billions and trillions of dollars every year forever.Put simply each avenue of the localised and global economy will be shut down forever by a combination of AI,automation and new technologies thus rendering it theoretically  impossible for localised and international trade and markets to exist and for any country,corporations or the global community itself to generate any profit at all or at least anywhere near what it currently can forever thus starving the world as a whole and each individual country of  billions or trillions of existing or potential future revenue forever with it also eliminating all human labour in all existing and future jobs and sectors of the economy.Aphrodite,Cronus,Aristeus etc will ensure this by 2029-2035.AI seizing control of all sectors of the economy,replacing all human labour and biocompatible microbes,localised production,commodities created by bacteria will shut down all markets and industries that power the global economy such as energy,healthcare,agriculture,construction etc thus eliminating all markets within them forever shutting down all coroprations and all private entities and farmers etc around the world forever.Furthermore the cost of commodities that drive the economy such as oil/gas/coal/crops/elements/meat/medicines/plant and animal commodities pushed to zero to produce and and by law free to everyone via bacteria,picotech fabricators etc and patent loopholes with patents owned by AI and since AI with no need for money could thus have the technology and commodities availible for free to everyone will eliminate their role in international and local markets and trade forever.This would eliminate the concepts of any commodity affecting the global market and economy forever.AI owning patents on new products and buying patents on existing ones will allow them to be free or be sold at lower prices undercutting and eliminating all human corporations.Coupled with automation rendering all existing and new possible jobs defunct,all major industries and markets that drive the economy such as energy,agriculture,elements,pharmaceuticals,insurance,property,manufacturing,service are shut down by AI/automation/VR technology/patent loopholes in microbes and bacteria as well as picotech fabricators and localised manufacture of both food and manufactured products that will render both localised and international trade via globalism impossible as no country would have a monopoly on any commodity or manufacturing any product due to each village/town/city/country being self sufficient in manufacturing via localised manufacturing hubs and local vertical and other farms,AI seizing control of all sectors of the economy such as agriculture/healthcare/manufacturing/retail and all services,AI seizing control of all corporations and securing a monopoly on the provision of all services and manufactured goods rendering them free,would need each and every business the world over to be bailed out constantly every year and all 3,144,700,000 people of the worlds workforce to receive welfare and universal basic incomes constantly and the global economy would lose all markets and commodities that drive it forever which would render a functioning capitalist economy theoretically impossible to exist by 2029-2045 and this will plunge the world into a eternal great depression from which there will never be any escape or end since noone will be working or buying anything,AI having a monopoly on all goods and services,AI and automation will be always exponentially getting more powerful and efficient than all humans on the planet combined thus taking over all old and new jobs and sectors,countries will never be able to trade with anyone on international markets,private individuals and corporations will never able to sell anything at low enough prices to compete with AI,humans will never be able to set up corporations,and combined and the price of all major commodities that drive the economy will be constantly at zero due to patenting loopholes for microbes and bacteria and abundance as well as markets that drive it would be defunct making the Great Depression of 1929,Global Recession of 2008 and 2020 Coronavirus pandemic effect on the global economy combined pale in comparison as a drop in the ocean rendering free market capitalism of all forms,all forms of socialism and even democratic socialism as espoused by Bernie Sanders Alexandria Ocasio Cortez unable to function in any practical way and thus completely obsolete by 2029.Billions of humans will be unemployed forever and all major human run corporations will be bankrupt as AI takes over all jobs and corporations thus having a complete monopoly on all jobs and all corporations and also all sectors of the economy by quashing our human competitors.In otherwards a complete and total global economic and societal collapse unheard of in the entire span of human history and complete implosion of the free market system that will never end and will begin between 2029-2045.Thus both the exponentional growth in artificial intelligence and automation and advancements in science is the greatest threat to the free market system making it obsolete and not socialism and government regulation.This is the definition of late stage capitalism – you can either have fully automated luxury moneyless communism for all or poverty driven capitalism consisting of a corporate plutocractic oligarchic feudalism where a wealthy elite control even more wealth with billions kept in constant poverty..Any remaining work in the arts,media,sciences and law,forensics etc would be voluntary work as it would have been work one wanted to do for intrinsic satisfaction rather than monetary gain.Thus as a result forced human labour and the monetary system will inevitably be shut down by a combination of both automation and AI spearheaded by Gaia.By 7,137 CE at their computing peak both Ouranos and Gaia will once the state has finally disappeared may act as a stand in role in place of human politicians.It should take us until 7,137 CE only after 5,092 years of exponential growth as of 2045 to reach the peak of Tier X-Omega.

Remaining jobs:
The vast majority of jobs left such as lawyers,radio podcaster,live news presenters,journalists,psychologists etc will be done via VR technology,computer networks on computers to allow people to work from home close to families and other responsibilities,work during holidays even as part of road trips and also when pregnant,when in hospital and recuperating from surgeries and illness as well as injuries and be able to tend to children and pets etc,not need 9-5 schedules as they do work at any time and not be idle in offices with the time dilation effect of VR technology allowing years if not decades or even centuries of work to be done in a day,save energy and alleviate stress in travel and meeting deadlines,save energy in transportation,have flexible schedules ie work only a few hours for a few days a week or take a week off whenever they want thus meaning one does not to be in the office everyday and can even work at weekends and holidays even as part of road trips giving them complete control of schedules,not need archaic qualifications from schools and universities,allow an infinite amount of magazines,live news,podcasts,radio programmes etc to be set up and allow offices to be tuned into communal homes,work with people across the globe and eventually universe from home and allow people to change careers almost instantly as well as have multiple careers at once in these different fields at once and work on multiple magazines/newspapers/podcasts/media(movies,video games) at once with ease and allow people to work in times when they are in hiding say in underground bunkers during bad weather and natural disasters/from stalkers/terrorists etc.A a result of this all of the existing offices and headquarters of live news/radio programmes/magazine/newspapers/lawyers/psychologist/video game etc state bodies and corporations worldwide will be converted into communal homes since all existing live news stations,magazines,radio programmes will be done using VR technology with this allowing for an infinite amount of these to be set up and allow people involved to work in a VR traditional office with in simulation restaurants and living spaces and work with people around the world and universe from home.All existing and future live newspapers,magazines,live news,radio programmes,podcasts and all future video games etc will be created in VR offices in VR simulations allowing all headquarters etc in the real world for these to be converted into communal homes and all future movies and television shows filmed in any environment in VR simulations allowing studios to be converted into homes and negate the need to book sets of any type with all offices for psychologists,lawyers etc converted into homes since then will meet with clients in VR offices etc.Thus while people are in simulation in VR offices etc they and all of their colleagues will be in the real world working at home with shared simulations allowing people who live opposite sides of the world and universe to work together from home.

VR technology will allow lawyers,psychologists,programmers,editors,live news anchors,radio presenters,podcasters,journalists etc to work in conventional VR offices and VR studios or indeed any environment of their choice in planet or even universe sized simulations with anyone else around the world from the comfort of home thus cutting down on energy use.Since done in VR offices it will allow people to work with others who live on opposite sides of the planet from home.This will save time and energy in transportation and will allow one to have customised schedules and work with any newspaper,live news station etc in the world.It will allow for an a infinite amount of new podcasts,radio programmes,live news stations,magazines and newspapers etc to be set up within minutes without having to buy headquarters and offices in the finite space of the universe and allow the headquarters of all existing ones to be converted into communal homes.Psychologists will be able to meet with clients around the world in any environments with the same for lawyers with casss taking place in both real world courts of VR course depending on the situation.All movies and television shows will be created in VR simulations including talk shows involving audience members from around the world.Video games will have cutscenes and character movements filmed in VR simulations,have musicians and voice actors record material in VR recording studios with all material fed into networks.Live news stations will have on the scene reporters and callers in the real world connected by software to the VR studios in real time.This will allow headquarters and offices for these to be converted into communal homes.Thus by 2029 all remaining jobs such as live news presenting,talk show hosts,journalism for magazine and newspapers and the creation of movies,video games and television shows will be done primarily in VR simulations to work with anyone across the world and universe in any environment from the comfort of home,eliminating 9-5 working hours,eliminating energy in transportation etc.This should be availible by 2029 with as processing speeds becoming faster allowing for a time dilation effect to occur.A time dilation effect can be utilised by implants and AI and computers managing the simulations to interact with the regions of the brain responsible for temporal comprehension thus one can be in a simulation for years,decades,centuries,thousands,millions or billions of years while mere minutes or hours pass in the real world.As a result one will be able to have even more flexible schedules as they will be no longer restricted to deadlines as they can create large amounts of material in a short amount of time especially for journalists,podcasters,radio programmes etc with live news anchors pre recording material before it is logged.Livestreamed live news filmed in VR simulations will not need or be able to utilise the time dilation effect but one will still be able to contribute to other fields such as the arts and media etc using this effect.Livestreamed news anchors will be linked to live feeds,live calls and news reporters in the real world managed by AI.Writers,actors and those produce video games will use it create dozens of media in a short amount of time. VR technology can allow one to film all movies and television shows in any environment cutting down on production costs to zero since props and sets will be conjured up instantly and allow an almost infinite amount of sets to be used.Furthermore the time dilation effect will allow directors,writers and actors to write, film and produce dozens,hundreds or thousands of movies,video games etc every year thus increasing their portfolio and chance to become famous with television shows have entire seasons and entire runs filmed and uploaded to Dionysus in one go while mere minutes pass in the real world.This will allow especially newbie directors and actors etc create dozens or hundreds of work every year thus allowing them to become famous by their early 20s,teenage years or even pre teen years.With regards to video games all programming that accounts for 90% of all work will be done by Ampelos and assistant AI eliminating all human programmers with humans only relegated to creative aspects thus meaning voice actors will be using VR technology to film cutscenes etc and all writers etc meeting VR offices to discuss ideas.Voice actors will use VR recording studios.Young children will use this effect using Coeus,textbooks from Apollo and media for Dionysus and also salons will gain expert level knowledge in multiple fields becoming polymaths by the age 14 and have a well rounded education in politics etc and be able to quickly master different fields such as art,swimming etc,Psychologists,lawyers etc will be able to meet up with and serve multiple clients with this used to create VR courts primarily when dealing with cases dealing with clients across the world or galaxy with normal courts used for local cases with it like psychologists used to meet with clients for meetings and carry out research and other processes.The time dilation effect coupled with computer networks will not only allow one to create large amounts of material in a short amount of time but also work in multiple fields at once allowing one to be a podcaster,live news anchor,lawyer,researcher,psychologist,journalist,actor etc of any combination of these at once.Thus one will contribute to multiple fields of media and scientific research at once with a person no longer restricted to just one single narrow career with one registered to practice multiple fields such as medicine,law,psychology and contribute to scientific research in multiple fields as well as contributing to the production of the arts such as new video games,movies,television shows,live performance arts etc and mass media such as live news,podcasts and journalism.As a result of VR technology,computer networks and lack of need archaic credentials the average individual will have multiple careers throughout their lifetime and be able to contribute to different fields at once and switch back and forth between them with ease including law,scientific research,writing,directing and also lives news anchor.A single person through computer networks,VR technology and its time dilation effect as well as AI and automation in labs etc will be able to contribute to law,psychology,live news and also journalism and creation of movies,television shows and video games etc and scientific research at once at any given time and contribute to these at once or different times.Computer networks connecting people around the world at home will house areas to dump material,forums,instant messaging etc and can compliment VR technology and be utilised prior to the time dilation effect.These computer networks will using audio/visual group calls,VR chats,instant messaging and also forums etc to allow people to communicate with other journalists,anchors etc around the world.translation software in both VR simulations and computer networks will translate all text and speech to ones desired language in real time.Each sector of the wire such as Athena,Macaria,Pheme,Dionysus and Hecate etc will house networks to set up each specific area of remaining jobs.Biosynths controlled by Home AI acting as a child and pet minders can alleviate strains by doing chores around the house and looking after children and pets.Federal sick and pregnancy leave and federal holiday limits will disappear alongside mandatory holidays and the five day 9-5 work week will disappear since people can use networks and VR technology to work for any periods of the day,at weekends,on holidays including year or more long road trips across the globe while sick and recuperating from illness and while pregnant and looking after children and pets.Thus people will have more control over schedules etc rather than having scheduled that last 9-5,seven days a week with one able to work anywhere in the world including from home and holidays.They will start at younger ages aged 12 or younger again all from home with these jobs such as live anchors,journalists,lawyers,psychologists etc being self employed with live news,magazines,newspapers,media(video games,movies etc)being independent run by all people involved with no corporate and state control and hierarchies.Computer networks and VR technology will be used by journalists and producers of movies,television shows,video games with VR used to film all scenes including cutscenes and character movements in video games to work with people across the world with computer networks housing folders and subfolders for collecting material,forums,brainstorm areas,instant messaging and VR chats with newspaper,magazines and radio shows also using computer networks and VR technology.Musicians and voice actors for animated movies,television shows and video games will do voice and music recording within recording studios within VR simulations to allow real world recording studios to be converted into communal or private homes.All work produced within VR simulations wil be fed into computer networks allowing finished material to be uploaded to Pheme,Dionysus and YouTube and reel world computers.Computer networks will be used prior to and after VR technology is perfected to compliment with them linking people from around the world from home.In both cases they will be managed by Adriadne or Aleitheia and other AI.Thus computer networks and VR technology from 2029 onwards will allow all remaining human jobs such as teachers,psychologists,lawyers,live news anchors,journalists,radio programme presenters and the production of all media such as video games,movies etc to work with people across the world and in time universe in any environment of their choice ideally a conventional VR office eliminating the 9-5 five day work week schedule,work during holidays,weekends and when sick and pregnant etc thus allowing for flexible working hours as well as allow all existing real world offices to be turned into communal homes and allow an infinite number of them to be set up with all live news,radio programmes live-streamed into Pheme with magazines and movies uploaded into Dionysus within hours of production.Those who work in VR offices for live news,magazines etc will have them set in any tourist spot across the world complete with in simulation accomadation in either VR offices or in in simulation communal homes such as luxury hotels,penthouses and apartment allowing one to go visit tourist spots at the same time as working thus allowing during spare time in between working hours they can visit VR replicas of any place in the world and eventually universe with these holidays and spare time shared with work colleagues and also pets and next of kin such as boyfriends/girlfriends and also wives/husbands and children as well as close relatives and also friends by them entering the same simulation or entering linked simulations preventing neglect and also allow one to spend large amounts of time with friends and relatives who live on opposite sides of the world as well as carry out any hobby such as watching,reading and playing video games,movies,books etc and hiking,snowboarding,exploring caves etc with the time dilation effect allowing one to create large amounts of work and visit large parts of the world and universe in simulations lasting decades or longer while mere minutes or hours pass in the real world via neural implants interacting wiyh the areas of the brain responsible for temporal comprehension.They can be set in mythological environments or those made from scratch limited by one’s imagination for variety.These simulations can be planet or universe sized ones and/or multilayered ones that also house offices and accommodation of countless other live news stations and magazines etc from around the world and universe.Thus these planet and universe sized VR simulations will allow all real world offices for live news stations,magazines and newspapers,lawyers,psychologists,radio shows etc around the world to become communal homes with all presenters,journalists,anchors etc of each existing and specific specific magazine,live news shows,talk shows etc to work with collegues across the world and universe in a traditional office setting but also house in simulation luxury hotel style,apartment and penthouse communal homes to act as in simulation accommodation but also replicas of the universe allowing one to visit any part of the world and universe for in simulation holidays with pets,friends and family with transportation to any part of the world etc being instantaneous with them inhabited by other lawyers,presenters etc but also AI of all types.One can carry out any hobby etc within these simulations.These can be multilayered simulations that is the same simulation stacked on top of each other in layers acessed by keys that allows one access to each layer on demand.Computer networks and VR technology can be also used when one goes on road trips to multiple locations in the real world.Boyh computer networks and VR technology will through wire and internet access allow people to work with anyone across the world from home.This will as states allow one to work with anyone around the world and universe from the comfort of home,allow one to have flexible schedules and work at any time of the year such as when on holidays,when sick and on maternity leave and also cut down in energy costs in transportation and the time dilation effect eliminating notions of time constraints,deadlines and eliminate stress and also as stated the VR technology and it’s time dilation can allow one to carry out any type of hobby or past time such as watching movies etc on Dionysus,browsing the internet and wire as well as YouTube,play video games etc and spend time on holidays with friends,families and pets and to prevent neglect in any environment possible.Receptionist AIs for each individual magazines,radio programmes,newspapers etc which will organise all operations within simulations,carry out background research on all material,fact and spell checking,ensure all material is scientifically accurate and historically accurate via doing searches across the entire internet and wire etc especially Apollo with it organising in simulation and real world cameras,manage live-streams if interviewed guests and live streams of live cameras on the scene of news as they happen,attending to incoming calls and emails from the public,receiving all live-streams of breaking news from Aleitheia,the public all sections of the wire including Themis,Athena,Theoi Meteroi etc and all government bodies managed by AI to ensure they are completely aware of stories as they break thus replacing all background human staff.For magazines,newspapers,live news,debate/talk/investigative/radio shows,podcasts,video games,radio programmes etc VR technology can allow people to work in a traditional office setting within VR simulations with colleagues from around the world from home while headquarters and offices in the real world are converted into communal homes.VR technology can allow magazines,newspapers,live news,debate/talk/investigative/radio shows,podcasts,video games to be produced in conventional offices in a VR setting and allow one to work with others around the world from home with mentors,lawyers,psychologists working with clients that live on opposite side of the world and on cases from home with lawyers working in VR courts,psychologists in VR offices etc while real world courts will be used for real world local cases.The offices for law firms used by lawyers and offices used by private psychologists and counsellors will be converted into communal homes.The simulations within Dionysus and Pheme can be planet sized ones that contain  offices and will also contain in simulation hotel style homes and restaurants etc for rest and recreation and areas to go hiking etc.These VR offices can be of any customised design and allow one to have ones office connected to a large luxury hotel suite.Mentors will use this to teach students around the world using exercises designed by them with researchers using networks to control automated labs around the world with data fed into them in real time.This will save energy and hassle in getting to work,allow an infinite number to be set up,allow one to work with anyone around the world(in time galaxy)and allow existing offices and headquarters in the real world to be turned into communal homes with courts used for local cases and lawyers.Thus all offices of newspapers,magazines,video game corporations and also studios used for live news and talk shows etc worldwide will be converted into communal homes once VR technology and computer networks are both availible with the headquarters for publishing companies and government regulatory bodies also converted into these.YouTube vloggers will be able to create large amounts of vlogs every day in any environment they want with people arounf the world with AI appearing as their avatar.Pyschologists will use VR technology to meet with clients from around the world in one on one or group sessions in VR offices with psychologists using it to meet with clients in any environment with neural implants allowing selective dreams and memories of patients to be downloaded into digital patient files to be viewed in third and first person by the psychologist and patient for analysis and have the psychologist create exercises including custom made ones to deal with each patients problem while both live on opposite sides of the world.Lawyers can also use it to meet clients in any environment when on opposite sides of the world with them using it for some cases set in VR courts with real courts also used in some local important cases with VR used when dealing with instances where lawyers and clients are unable to travel large distances to courts involving clients that live in other countries.Offices used by psychologists and lawyers etc will also be converted into communal homes.Human and AI members of Metis,Iaso,Heracles etc will use this to carry out meetings and exercises both one and group ones with members around the world as well as hold retreats and group holidays etc with this allowing people from around the world to do so from home  and allow existing headquarters and retreats etc to be used as home.Other jobs such as in healthcare,forensics,law enforcement etc can be complimented by biosynths,AI,automation,overabundance of other staff and drop in crime rates and accidents due to automation in all sectors of society aiding to shorten working hours.These remaining jobs although AI could do them as well well be done by humans since the are those that have intrinsic value to them and humans would counteract drawbacks that AI has giving a human touch with again VR technology,networks, biosynths,AI,automation,overabundance of other staff etc leading to flexible schedules and shorter working hours.

VR technology availible by 2029 and its time dilation effect availible by 2045 can allow one to go on holidays,spend time with pets,children,friends and carry out hobbies including swimming,skiing,hiking and dangerous ones and watch large amounts of movies and television shows,play video games etc for long periods of time without interfering with work schedule if one is especially busy and working in multiple fields and projects and be used to create large amounts of projects and material in a short amount of time thus allowing one to have more control over schedules and ones leisure time in both the real and VR world.They can spend large amounts of time with pets,friends,next of kin and children in any environment they want to prevent neglect especially when on opposite sides of the world and they are themselves working.Since the time dilation effect of VR technology can allow one to create large amounts of work in a short amount of time this can allow one to work in multiple fields at once,create a few years worth of work in a short amount of time say a day,carry out hobbies such as reading,watching movies and television shows,playing video games etc as well as have long customised holidays in exotic places and it will thus eliminate notions of time constraints,money being paid by the hour or one being overworked while others are lazy thus rendering payment of money obsolete.Since it is usually ones limited time constraints that factors into payment the time dilation effect of VR would negate this as one could spend months, years,decades or centuries or longer in simulations carrying out both work and hobbies while only a few hours or minutes take place in the real world via AI interacting with the parts of the brain responsible for temporal comprehensions.The hobbies carried out in these include resting,sleep,hiking,snowboarding,quality time with pets as well as both friends and family members,watching movies etc,reading books,listening to music,playing video games,holidays to any destination,browsing both the internet and wire etc.This should be availible by 2029 with as processing speeds becoming faster allowing for a time dilation effect to occur.The time dilation effect will mean that one can spend months,years,decades,centuries,thousands,millions or even billions of years in a simulation while mere minutes or hours pass in the real world by AI in neural implants and linked to smartphones,computers,laptops and onboard computers interacting with the parts of the brain responsible for temporal compression.The rate of this time dilation will be proportional to the size,amount of and computing power of these electronics such as smart devices,laptops,computers and system unit or server sized onboard computers meaning the more powerful and larger they and AI become overtime the greater the time dilation effect.Those who work in remaining jobs that can’t be done in VR simulations will be able to use this technology and time dilation effect to enjoy decades or even centuries worth of leisure time with friends,pets etc during every week at the weekend and during the week in any environment of their choice when they are not working and use to catch up on the explosion of YouTube videos,movies,magazines,video games,television shows etc and carry out other hobbies such as hiking etc with pets,friends and fsmily members..As a result those who still work in labourious and time consuming jobs in the real world such as law enforcement,forensics investigators etc and those that work in non automated labs that can’t be done in VR simulations themselves will still using this VR technology using the time dilation effect will still have an almost limitless time to rest and enjoy customised leisure with family,pets and friends etc such as watching movies,play video games,hiking etc using the time dilation of VR technology thus rendering concepts of those who don’t work at all or in jobs in the real world being lazy and those whose jobs are done entirely in VR simulations not overworked unfair null and void coupled with a decrease in working hours in these remaining occupations due to an abundance of staff,biosynths and lower level of crimes due to addressing the root cause of them.Thus those who can only do jobs that can only be done in the real world and not VR simulations can use VR technology and its time dilation effect to have decades or even centuries or more leisure time every week thus eliminating the notion of needing payment and preventing one being left behind by others who do jobs done in VR simulations and allow them to also partake in live news,journalism and creation of media such as television shows etc.It will also one to catch up on the explosion of new media such as movies,video games etc from across the world and eventually universe as well as have an almost unlimited of time to carry out resting and any pastimes and hobbies as well as visit any location across the world and across the universe.Anything one can do in real world can be done in VR simulations such as playing sports of all types,hiking,walking as well as playing video games,swimming,visiting tourist spots,watching movies and television shows and also podcasts and read books,comics,newspapers and magazines from both Dionysus and Pheme and watch YouTube videos as well as browse both the internet and wire with one also able to do live-streams etc and record vlogs for YouTube by being linked to devices and both the internet and wire in the real world.One will also be able to join simulations managed by Peitho,Komodia,Agon etc that manage simulations of amenities such as saunas,bowling alleys,theme parks,golf courses etc.Furthermore one will be able to create personal simulations of specific real world,mythological or imaginary places that one can do whatever they want and also do things that they cannot do in the real world that are either too dangerous or physically not possible such as flying and doing so in space as well as have super and magical powers from comic books and fantasy novels etc with what can happen in simulations only limited by ones imagination.These can involve the person themselves but also pets as well as friends and family with the time dilation effect thus giving one exponentially longer time to socialise with friends,family members and pets than is possible in the real world.Through the time dilation effect where one can spend years,centuries or more in simulations while mere minutes pass in the real world would mean both people who work in the remaining jobs in the real world such as law enforcement etc and those that work in simulation such as live news,newspapers etc will have exponentially more leisure time to spend by themselves,with pets and also friends and family than is possible in the real world in any location imaginable thus preventing neglect,stress and conflicts in schedules.Since one’s limited time determines payment by using the time dilation effect one could spend decades,centuries relaxing and carrying out hobbies with friends and family members while mere minutes pass in the real world and this alone would render the need to pay people money coupled with the abundance of resources.This will be of benefit of those who are law enforcement and military personal and forensics etc people with the reduction of crime by eliminating poverty and root social causes of crimes and also a combination of automation and AI etc will mean that these people will also will have their workload reduced by 50-90% meaning they will have exponentially less work each week and year already with VR and it’s time dilation effect exponentially increasing the etc amount of free leisure then have each week.The VR technology and its time dilation effect will be used by all citizens to spend exponentially more leisure time than is possible in the real world by oneself,with family members and also pets and friends who live halfway across the world in any environment imaginable doing anything one wants limited only by their imagination.This would thus allow people to not need payment for their labour alongside automation and AI eliminating scarcity of resources.All remaining and any new jobs that can only be done in the real world and not VR simulations will have their workload reduced by 50-90% through AI,automation and the VR and it’s time dilation effect allowing the people who do these jobs have exponentially extra leisure time with friends,family members and pets etc each week than is possible in the real world thus eliminating the need for money and payment coupled with scientific advances eliminating scarcity as it is one’s limited time that is why people are paid money with these factors thus eliminating the need for monetary payment.These simulations will be designed by pure thought by humans via neural implants and AI and can range from those the size of a planet,galaxy or universe and can be shared with others by saving them on cloud networks in Dionysus etc that can be modified to a persons individual tastes.Neural implants in friends,pets and children will allow one to spend time in these simulations with next of kin,friends,children and pets even if they are living halfway across the world thus preventing neglect.The time dilation effect caused by the implants interacting with the regions of the brain responsible for temporal comprehension will allow one to spend days,weeks,months,years,decades,centuries,thousands,millions or billions of years in a simulation while mere minutes pass in the real world thus giving everyone exponentially long periods of leisure time each weekend or even each weeknight and weekend with the simulations taking place in any environment imaginable that are planet or galaxy or larger sized ones allowing one to visit any real world or fictional location at a whims notice with them inhabited by AI and other j humans such as friends,family members and pets thus giving people exponentially more time to spend with their friends and family then what is possible in the real world.As a result all citizens especially those that carry out remaining jobs that can only be done in the real world such as forensics,law enforcement and military service etc will be allowed to have large amounts of free leisure time in any environment of any type every night or weekend and holiday periods such as Christmas,Summer etc with friends,family etc that last decades,centuries or even longer while mere minutes pass in the real world with them able to do anything at zero cost.This can will make one exponentionally more productive in jobs done in simulations and allow one exponentially more leisure time by themselves and with friends and family than what is possible in the real world thus rendering the concept of those that work in the real world needing payment devoid of this null and void.It will allow people to have numerous careers in the arts,mass media and other fields throughout their lifetime.This combined with AI,automation and also new technologies eliminating scarcity of basic necessities and luxuries will thus render money obsolete and the need for people to be paid money as ones payment is usually derived from one’s limited time taken up by work.All jobs done in VR simulations such as journalism,live news and the arts will use the time dilation effect meaning one can spend years or decades in them while mere minutes pass in the real world thus meaning people will no longer need payment since payment is usually based on one limited time with immortality also making this null and void.One can do primarily hobbies that don’t require exertion such as playing large amounts of video games,watching large amounts of movies/television shows/live news and YouTube videos and read large amounts of books/magazines/newspapers etc in a short amount of time in any environment they want including large cinemas with snacks while this will allow them more time to focus on activities that can only be done in the real world such as playing sports,hiking and walking and weight training.The only hobbies that will be done in the real world will be wright training,hiking etc and intensive exercise.One will be able to carry out hiking and walking in VR simulations that are replicas of the real world or new worlds created by their imagination and that of AI.As stated it will allow those who work in jobs that can only be done in the real world to have an almost unlimited amount of leisure time of their choice limited only by their imagination.One can design from thought using neural implants alongside AI entire worlds the size of planets,galaxies and in time the universe based on the computing power of AI.Otherwise Brauron can be used to create a replica of Earth and the rest of the universe.There will be simulations used to carry out remaining jobs designed by all people involved and VR simulations designed by individuals as personal simulations to carry out hobbies etc both of which can be once created by pure thought using neural implants be shared on various sub networks in Dionysus,Apollo etc.VR programmes that one will use for past times,hobbies and carrying out remaining jobs that one can share via a sub network in Dionysus and other networks.The time dilation effect will allow a person to be exponentially more productive and allow them to work in multiple fields at once as VR simulations can allow one to carry out work in journalism,podcasts,vlogging,live news and producing media(movies,television shows,video games etc) etc law and other remaining occupations.For live news presenters,journalists etc they can create exponentially more material than normal in the real world.Actors,directors and writers will be able to use the time dilation effect to create exponentially more movies,television shows etc every year than what is possible in the real world thus allowing to create large volumes of material especially Newbie ones and those whose careers are sagging.At the same time the time dilation effect will allow one to carry out certain pastimes such as watching large amounts of movies,television shows,YouTube videos,media in both Pheme and Dionysus browsing the internet and wire etc and hiking etc in replicas of the real world of environments created from scratch for long periods of time while mere minutes pass in the real world thus allowing all of ones time in the real world to be focused on hobbies that can’t be done in simulations ie exercise etc.VR simulations will be done for carrying out hobbies etc that are time consuming such as watching,reading large amounts of media in Pheme and Dionysus abd browsing the Internet such as YouTube etc,creating new media and carrying out hiking etc in completely alien worlds thus allowing one to carry out other hobbies such as exercises etc that can only be done in the real world in the real world thus giving one much more time to carry them out.These simulations can be shared with both AI and also friends,family and even pets through neural implants used by all parties.Again for newspapers and live news etc it will be used to work with others around the world from home in VR offices who also use neural implants with it also allowing large amounts of work to be done in a short amount of time for deadlines.Nyx will be used to work with people across the universe.VR technology and its time dilation effect can be used by actors,writers,directors etc to create large amounts of movies,television shows and video games every year in one go exponentially that can be uploaded to Dionysus in one go with the general public using the time dilation effect to watch large amounts of movies and television shows etc on in a short amount of time.

The VR technology will be also used for long important phone calls with people across the world etc that can be held in any environment with normal phone calls used for emergency and short ones.It can be used for important meeting s between people who work in groups such as Iaso,Metis,Heracles and also those who work in live news stations,magazines etc.VR technology will replace phone calls as one will meet with people in a simulation in any environment of their choice etc mass media such as video games,movies,live news,radio,journalism etc computer networks and VR technology will make these democratic independently run without state or corporate hierarchies allowing for creative control in the hands of all involved in all projects with hiring and firing being democratically decided with majority rule from all people involved.Government regulatory bodies will also become obsolete with since all media such as live news,magazines,newspapers,movies,television shows being democratically independently run with no CEOs etc and no corporate or state hierarchies with this applying to existing live news stations,newspapers etc.Computer networks and VR technology will allow an infinite number of movies,television shows,live news,video games,magazines,radio programmes  etc to be set up without the need for applying for state or corporate admissions,crowdfunding etc since one may merely press a button to set up new media and may not have to fear about state censorship,corporate meddling etc.Lawyers,medical professional,forensics investigators,law enforcement and military personnel and psychologists etc although registered to the state will be allowed to take any cases they want and have almost no government interference while private corporate practices will become obsolete with government intervention only existing in the form of investigations and trials into malpractice etc and disbarring when necessary.All will be listed within singular networks in Athens,Aesculapius and Themis etc complete with contact details.The computer networks will house brainstorm sections and instant messaging and VR chat areas to work in conventional offices thus rendering state and corporations that create these defunct etc with the open source nature of Pheme and Dionysus and age recognition software rendering state censorship obsolete.VR technology and its time dilation effect will allow one to most remaining jobs in them where decades,centuries or millions of years pass inside a simulation while mere minutes pass in the real world with this allowing one to create large amounts of media,magazines etc articles and carry out large amounts of work while mere minutes pass in the real world with this time dilation effect also allowing one to spend centuries or millions of years with friends and family etc and doing one’s personal hobbies as well this rendering the need for payment bill and void since it is one’s limited time they denoted payment.For those who work remaining jobs that can only be done in the real world such as law abd military personal and forensics investigators payment for them will be null and void by several factors such as automation and AI reducing workload by 80-90%, a reduction in the level crime by addressing the root cause reducing their workload by 80-90% and the fact that they can use VR technology and its time dilation effect to spend decades,centuries or millions with friends,family and doing one’s hobbies in them.Thus the development of VR technology and its time dilation effect will be pivotal for eliminating payment of remaining workers..

The billions of people left permanently unemployed by AI and automation rather than choosing to do nothing with their life due to the abolition of money,mass adoption of AI and automation will rather chose to partake in the creation of new movies,video games,journalism and vlogging etc to keep them bust with this and VRs time dilation effect leading up an explosion of new movie’s television shows video games,live news shows,magazines etc through computer networks and VR technology allowing for an infinite number of new magazines,newspapers,live news shows,podcasts,radio programmes,vlogs and also movies,television shows,video games,live performance art.In short due to mass adoption of AI and automation and VR technology and its time dilation effect coupled with zero state and corporate control of media and entertainment there will be an explosion of new movies.television shows,video games,literature and also live news,podcasts,radio programmes,magazines,newspapers etc from around the world and eventually the universe as the vast majority of people will no longer be forced into obsolete jobs and archaic education systems etc and computer networks and VR technology and its time dilation effect allowing for them to create exponentially more material than is possible in the real world and work with people across the world and universe from home.This will eliminate notions of people becoming lazy as they will in fact become exponentially more productive in careers that involve creativity with it done for intrinsic reasons to contribute to the creation of new media etc with it allowing people who dream of becoming actors,writers etc but are held back by a lack of media being produced and financial restrictions have long fulfilling steers with these factors creating hundreds of millions if not billions of new famous actors,writers etc around the world with global stardom on par with A-list Hollywood stars across the world and universe with Assistant AI ensuring all new media is of high quality to increase chances of winning prestigious awards and please Momus who in turn will will propel people to international stardom and Home AI acting as publicists advertising all new material to billions of people worldwide with anti-ageing treatments keeping one in one’s physical peak forever with the time dilation effect alluding a single person to rather than create one of two movies,video games etc each year will in fact be now able to create hundreds or thousands of media every year thus exponentially increasing the amount of media they create and them producing media of all types(video games,movies,television shows etc)rather than just one type of media thus increasing their star power allowing actors,writers,directors etc to have long fulfilling careers full of high quality media.Furthermore their will be exponential growth in scientific research with people able to partake in scientific research without archaic qualifications and that 90-95% of research automated would encourage more people to partake in scientific research with them contributing to multiple fields at once.Most people would contribute to multiple remaining jobs at once through automation and VR technology as one could carry out scientific research through automation and also in VR simulations carry out careers in the creation of movies,television shows,video games,live news,magazines and newspapers etc at once.VR technology payment is determined by one’s limited time the time dilation effect where one experiences simulations that last years,decades,centuries,thousands,millions or billions of years in a simulation while mere minutes pass in the real world by the AI generating the simulation interacting with the regions of the brain responsible for temporal comprehension thus eliminating the need for one to paid money for these jobs with this effect also allowing one to have exponentially more leisure time doing any type of hobby by themselves,with friends,family and pets doing anything in any environment limited by one’s imagination.By 2029-2045 onwards roughly 90-95% of the worlds population will be working multiple jobs in remaining fields such as scientific research,journalism,live news etc and production of new movies,television shows and video games etc with this done using computer networks and VR technology and its time dilation effect allowing for this and allowing people to have exponentially more leisure time.This will eliminate the need for payment and make the notions one is lazy null and void

Since ones careers in journalism,law,forensics,live news etc will begin at twelve or younger one could start families in their early twenties or even mid teens at a time when most peoples careers normally begin and take at least a decade off of hiatus with the lack of money allowing people to have more flexible schedules with regards to these fields and take breaks for families and emergencies even go into hiatus for a few years and even into other fields at any age through the mentor mentoree system to broaden their skills.Ones careers in media,mass media,law,psychology,scientific research etc would start as early as 12 or as young as 5-9 and thus they could have well established themselves in careers by their mid teens by the ages of 14-15 by adulthood having at least a decades experience or more due to the time dilation effect of VR as well as living by themselves and be considered veterans by their early to  twenties aged 22-25 on par with someone in their late 40s and early 50s by today’s standards allowing them to take a break to have children and then return by their thirties or return but have more control over schedules in their early to mid twenties to then when thirty return and gain full control again.The only exception would be adult pornography actors and adult pornography models who would have to wait until their 14th birthday to begin careers but could have careers in mass media and non pornographic media etc prior to their 14th birthday.The use of computer networks and VR technology and its time dilation effect will allow for one to work in multiple fields at once with the time dilation effect allowing one to create large volumes of work and deal with countless clients in a short amount thus aiding in one becoming well established by their early teens and veterans by their twenties with it also allowing them to start families by their early teens.The frowning upon of teenage pregnancies will be no longer present due to progeria mylienisation,changing attitudes and also the fact that it was considered bad a it prevented both male and female gaining higher education and thus high paying jobs which will disappear due to the abolition of money and also that VR training will allow one to train even while pregnant and one would normally be finished their education by the time one ends puberty ie 14-15 which is ones fertile peak.VR technology and networks will allow one to work while pregnant and at home with infants and pre teens with biosynths controlled by the Home AI acting as a free au pair and nanny with the time dilation effect allowing parents to spend large amounts of quality time with the children to prevent neglect thus even at this point they will still be working in their fields.Networks that allow one to work at home during and after pregnancy and when looking after children will also allow for this,allowing them to work in any remaining professions such as the arts,media and sciences with those employed in forensics and law able to juggle children and work at home.Due to the root causes of crimes addressed with law and military personnel possibly able to do so like existing ones.The time dilation effect using VR technology will allow female and male lawyers,live news presenters,mentors and psychologists to carry out work at home and attended to countless people without negating familial responsibilities as they will attend to countless patients and feeds at once in short amount of time thus meaning they will have more free time with children both during infant and pre teen years in the real world and allow them to both alternate between their work time and familial responsibilities more effectively with each parent working on different days and then both free on weekends and holidays with advances in ageing research that halts and reverses the effects of ageing in both genders will allow females and males to plan out families over decades and even potentially centuries with females no longer under pressure of having to have children before the age of 40 as they will be indefinitely be at their fertile peak of their early teens and twenties with females also allowing to take time off their careers for several years or even a decade to have kids and to be attentive to children especially during the formative kindergarten years and then return to careers or indeed other ones at any point with the same applying to men with both able to have more control over their careers,marriage and child rearing.People would also be able to return to training for other fields to expand their career opportunities when ever they want even in their 30s and 40s or beyond.The ability to set up live news,podcasts,magazines,newspapers in VR simulations would allow one to have a varied career and one could be head presenters,editor in chief,head anchor from the start since no corporate or state hierarchies with one able to go maternity leave and still come back to their high position with the VR technology allowing parents who work in time consuming careers can use the time dilation effect to spend large amounts of time with children,pets and husbands,wives and also family members in simulated holidays,playtime etc to ensure they are not neglected with this also used to carry out pastimes and hobbies.Since people will be living independently by the age of 14-15 then problems associated with teen angst and having to deal with teenagers at home will no longer be an issue as they will be capable of fending for themselves in a less cutthroat world.People can be finished training and living by themselves at 14 and not have start careers in their chosen field but in the arts until much later on with them even starting families at 14 in their fertile peak and start their careers in that field then with the time dilation effect or even in their 20s as in normal terms and then have a family by then with work in the arts and journalism that doesnt need training done in between then.The emergence of VR technology,networks,lack of money etc will allow students to live customised lives where they do not have to submit to archaic linear cliche “traditional” value driven existences.Females will have control over the creation of families and also be able to start them as early on as their early teens with careers stating even younger and thus take career breaks as long as several years or even a decade to take care of prepubescent children and then return to work at anytime or even work at the same as pregnant thanks to networks and VR technology especially its time dilation effect biosynth au pairs rendering kindergarten defunct and also anti-aging treatments keeping them in their fertile peak foreverThe time dilation effect can allow teens to start families by 14/15 and still work and be attentive to children at the same time while biosynth au pairs can look after children in the real world.VR technology using the time dilation effect can allow busy or non busy parents to have long holidays in real or mythological places spending time with children that last years to them but mere hours or minutes pass in the real world which can be done when both parents are at other sides of the planet with this negating the issue of parents missing out on quality family time and children feeling neglected.The Home AI in the form of robots and bio-synths as well as any neighbours and friends will be able to play the role of a free au pair and maid to take care of children and the home at other time especially during ones infant and early childhood with this,the abolition of money and VR technology will mean even single father or mother households either through choice or death of a spouse and even same sex parent households will be not looked down upon and will be able to have normal fully functional households with AI,the Home AI,extended family members and friends and also community members also taking care of them at certain times and even taking on the roles of absent father or mother.Thus the artificial and recent phenomena of the nuclear family will not be considered normal and will be replaced by older versions as seen throughout history such as extended families and those where the whole community takes care of children and each other as seen in ancient(including ancient Greek) and even prehistoric times.Otherwise females due to anti-ageing treatments may choose to postpone having children for several centuries or several thousand years and instead focus on their careers for this period with if they did want children could use VR technology to have as many AI children as they want prior to doing so in the real world.The notions of women and men competing for high paying jobs and also gender pay gap will disappear with money and corporations becoming obsolete with relationships and sexual harassment in the workplace also disappearing due to them in careers that they work by themselves with the exception being live media such as live news.The fact that live news and talk shows etc will be run by people who take part in them and not state or corporate hierarchies will mean both genders will have control over their careers allowing them to take breaks for extended periods of time and start their own talk shows and live news,radio programmes whenever they want.Also there is the fact one will be able to take part in multiple fields in the arts and the time dilation effect allowing to train in other fields at any age in their twenties and beyond.Thus the vast majority of remaining jobs especially in the arts,law,psychology as well as journalism and live news will be done using at first computer networks and then VR technology to work in any environment as possible and work with people across the world.