Maps streamed in devices will show the symbol for each room and lab as well as showing robots as unique blips preventing accident.These robots will use cameras,sensors and interactions between smart devices and badges to locate researchers and visitors as they too will stream maps to prevent accidents with researchers and visitors shown as unique blips with their initials with the symbol for all rooms and labs present with their location of their badges and smart devices relayed to the building AI which to be sent to maps streamed by researchers,visitors and robots.This would apply for universities,labs and all types of schools macro managed by Mnemosyne similar to the system in hospitals.

An universal statue of Urania the sentient operating software of all universities and technical colleges across the world and universe will be on the grounds of all universities,technical colleges and laboratories absorbed by them worldwide including all military and government ones with the statue ideally in the lobby of the main building of campuses entrance with her avatar based on her statues and her being the sentient operating software that links all universities,technical colleges and laboratories worldwide and across the universe.Each university,technical college,laboratory etc around the world will be managed by an AI that has their own independent personality,legal name and avatar that would manage all operations including automated kitchens,automated labs,lights and robots as well as containment procedures with simulations done for all possible problems carried out to create countermeasures.They will act as assistants to all researchers and can interact with the AIs of any other university,research centre and hospitals and farms around the world and universe instantly.Holographic receptionists will also have independant personalities,avatars etc and wear universal uniforms with these measuring resource use and also manage orders etc with landline phones present.The AI will control all buildings as part of the campus and all robots,biosynths and automated machinery etc.This will apply to even new universities

Drama halls and theatres will be left as they are to host productions of live performance art and education in this field for local students with these theatres given 1080p cameras in the centre to allow productions to be logged into Dionysus.Theatres in high schools will also have theatres kept and have cameras placed there.All theatres,opera houses etc in the real world will have extensions on the roof,side and if possible underground to house Venetian suites and communal kitchens etc to allow them to become drama schools outside of live performancesThose that dont have drama schools and theatres will have them added in extensions.Visual  arts schools such as those for physical art ie ceramics,painting etc will have these set up in new building or even underground extensions.Existing drama and audio/visual arts schools by themselves and onsite of universities will be left as they are but will have underground,roof and side extensions to house luxury venetian suites for researchers and dormitories renovated into them with them ordering all material from Pygmalion and Oxylus factories.Culinary schools,dancing schools for all types etc will also be added in extensions to all technical colleges and universities.Thus each university and technical colleges around the world will have extensions to house drama schools,audio/visual and art schools and theatres and also culinary schools and dancing schools that teach all dancing styles and even fighting styles if possible to house areas for local students to meet.This will be done by side,roof and underground extensions.All real world art,cooking,drama,dancing etc schools on the grounds of universities and by themselves around the world will remain open in the real world with them housing accomadation via underground extensions with this applying to those on campuses of existing universities and stand alone schools of this types.All universities that don’t have these will house these via extensions.Cooking,drama,dancing and art schools by themselves outside of universities will remain open and have luxury renovations as well as side,roof and underground extensions to provide not only living spaces in the form of Venetian suites,communal kitchens and kitchens,amenities.Extensions will house extra rooms for each school types classses.They will be operated by an independent AI with its own avatar and name etc and AI holographic receptionists.The sentient operating softwares will be those that manage their networks ie Terpsichore,Matton the sentient operating software of all culinary schools,Myron of Eleutherae the sentient operating software of all art schools of all types,Terpischore the sentient operating software of all dancing schools and so on.Those on the grounds of universities will be managed by a separate AI and linked by their sentient software with the sentient operating softwares statues on their grounds with those not found in universities but by themselves will be managed by their own AI,linked to others around the world by the sentient operating software with a statue on their grounds with at first underground and roof extensions housing extra rooms and living spaces.Physical real world schools will not be replaced by VR technology but complimented by them with these real world visual art/live performance art/drama schools and dancing and culinary schools ideally still teach local students in the case of those of historical value with students of all ages able to join without mandatory educational perquisites and at any time of the year.This will used for real world interactions and local students with VR technology used for classes involving those from around the universe.All paints,crayons,pastels etc will be created on site in semi automated factories that are part of extensions to cut down on transportation or ordered in from Pygmalion and Oxylus factories and like the networks that connect them to the rest of the world will not have grading but allow students complete control over their work.Paper will be ordered in from Oxylus factories and scanned into Apollo or the paper can be made onsite suing red algae and other textiles as well a cellulose from bacteria.Smartpads and e-newspapers will replace paper with all paper products streamed and saved on them negating the need for paints etc with the international students getting accommodation via home sharing or extensions in these buildings that house hotel style suites for them.The sentient operating softwares Myron of Eleutherae,Euterpe,Thalia/Melpolieme will manage and link all of these and statues of them will be present with AIs in charge of each of these schools.Those onsite of universities will remain and be separate from university and its building.Home sharing programmes through homes in the local area can also be used.Accommodation for students who wish to be there in person can be gained via Euthenia in local communal homes and private homes through home sharing or trading.Unused rooms or extensions can provide living spaces with miniature apartments for two or more people with the AI of each building having independent personalities,avatar and name with the receptionists uniform being universal for each department and the specific deity or figure in the lobby.Underground and roof extensions can present to houses a hundred suites.These options underground and roof extensions can be present to allow each university house departments or even entire building sized areas for drama halls,dancing,visual arts schools etc giving each university access to these making them both areas of both scientific and artistic development.With regards to artists who produce physical art such as paintings,sculptures etc once finished they can scan it into Apollo for it to be downloaded into e-posters with them also sent to a universal modern art museum VR simulation that has infinite floors thus allowing any artist to gain instant international exposure with one subscribing to their favourite artist.Those created in simulation can be sent here too.With the lack of need for financial survival there will be an explosion of new art of all types such as paintings,sculptures,holoscupltures that are both homemade scanned into Hephaestus and Apollo and those designed on Pandora with these VR museums catering to this explosion with the simulation allowing portal keys to allow one to quickly move to a desired museum within one building.Ideally simulations will consist overtime of a single building dedicated to one artist divided into wings for each type of art with extensions added overtime as they create new art.This would be a planet or galaxy sized multilayered simulation that will house entire cities devoted to the physical arts.Myron of Eleutherae will arrange all of these simulations.Universal statues of the deities associated by them will be in the lobby of departments and schools in universities and they will also be the sentient operating software linking them all worldwide with one of Urania in universities.Students of all ages as young as 5-9 and older will take part in these.

Anthropology,archeaology departments especially of those of historical value will remain with the offices of staff turned into labs and them given their own Venetian suite and office hybrid with buildings for these departments kept and possibility have the suite onsite of them including in roof,side and underground extensions.Salons and mentoring will replace traditional classes of these.Departments for humanities will remain but the classes used by them will be replaced by VR technology and converted into labs etc.

All classrooms and lecture halls will be converted into extra laboratories and departments for each field of science.Classrooms and lecture halls will be renovated again into labs with these labs and existing labs remodelled to allow automated lights out labs to be made improving efficiency since people would be skipping the primary,secondary,graduate and masters level of education and the mentor system,VR technology and networks as well as Apollo would render them defunct allowing them to be converted into labs.Those in the main building with labs will be turned into laboratories and those in areas with amenities and offices etc in separate buildings from labs will be turned into office/suite hybrids.Roof and underground extensions on the main buildings with labs will provide extra areas to house labs of all types going as high or as deep as possible.This will give existing universities more labs with the fact of them also building extensions on the roof,side and underground to house even more laboratories compensating for the loss of labs from corporate entities and also government labs turned into homes if done in universities worldwide with the classrooms merged together by breaking down all walls into large laboratories.Large classrooms and lecture halls with steps that go upwards can have the steps removed entirely from the base of the floor to the top and them converted into multi floor labs that use added elevators or stairwells to send material up and down them with the flooring composed of graphene and other strong carbon composites infused in self healing foamcrete.Thus these will be turned into two floor laboratories of roof or underground extensions.Classrooms can be when merged together they will become more laboratories.Chairs and computers will be recycled or traded on Euthenia alongside tables once scanned into Hephaestus with extensions to labs made on roofs or underground.Computers in libraries and class rooms will be recycled and traded away once scanned into Antikythera as researchers and visitors will be using their own laptops and devices connected to Apollo and their networks and the building AI.Retail outlets will be cleared once scanned into relevant networks of the wire and the contents recycled and turned into storerooms,lounges or even other uses if large or torn down if small.All stairs will be replaced by sloped stairwells to prevent accidents and allow robots to go up and downstairs with elevators installed into new and existing universities to allow robots to move from one floor to the next and also provide researchers with a different means of travel.Ideally classrooms in the main rooms including those for performing laboratory experiments will converted into labs for research.Classrooms and sections of universities that deal with business,fashion,liberal arts built into them that are not separate buildings will be converted into extra laboratories.Classrooms and lecture halls for all obsolete courses made redundant by salons,Clio and also the mentor,metoree system can also be converted into extra labs when merged together,have carpeting removed,computers recycled with furniture scanned into Hephaestus and recycled especially in the case of non Ivy league universities to give them more scientific labs and departments for more fields ie electronics,neuroscience,robotics,microbiology,agriculture,horticulture and botany,entomology,biochemistry,marine biology,artificial intelligence,physics of all fields and also even biomedicine labs with these and existing labs fitted with the most efficient and powerful machinery with this attracting more students across the world to them and also allowing students to do research into different fields.All hospitals via extensions will have biomedicine labs of all types including those that dont for microbiology,biosynth technology.These laboratories will be designed to house all equipment related to that field with agricultural labs even having nurseries,greenhouses and hydro/aeroponic rooms with marine and river biology labs housing recirculating aquaculture systems.Side,roof and underground extensions to all universities and even extra buildings on their grounds will also house extra labs.Extra laboratories can be added to all universities on the roof,one the side and also underground to accommodate more experiments and also more people with the obsolete classrooms and non historical libraries can be converted into extra labs by merging classrooms together.Classrooms in the main building will be converted into extra labs by merging them together with other into extra labs and them also having roof,side and underground extensions in other parts of the main building and even underground sections underneath the entire main campus as deep as possible with the main building going as high as possible through roof extensions.It will allow for universities to conduct research into all fields such as neuroscience,horticulture,botany,agriculture,microbiology,marine biology,artificial intelligence,biomedicine,horticulture,entomology,electronics as well as robotics all fields of physics with this of note to those outside of the “Ivy League” thus allowing them to have labs devoted to all fields of science with the most advanced machinery and have students and researchers of these fields come to them.All hospitals via extensions will have biomedicine labs of all types including those that dont for microbiology,biosynth technology.

.Agriculture science labs onsite of all universities will use hydroponic,aeroponic,aquaponic and even soil based pots,fields on the grounds of them,greenhouses etc for research into each method of agriculture with research in this field also done onsite of all types of farms worldwide with all species of plants created using 3D DNA printers into blank seeds allowing any of the worlds 391,000 species of plants including hybrid crops and new ones to be printed into blank seeds with those from other planets across the universe created here as well.Soil and water and other media based micro-organisms will be printed out into blank cells for studies involving their effect on yields etc.This will be done on studies to increase yields,relationships with soil and water based micro-organisms,different agriculture techniques,application of foreign or new DNA,creation of hybrid crops as well as new ornamental ones and creation of bacteria that create animal and plant commodities as well as ways to increase yields.Greenhouses can also be used with vertical farms around the world creating studies and community,home and forest farms doing them in the outside open with nanosensors taking in soil,climate and other readings.Insect pests and pollinators can be printed into eggs via 3D DNA printers released into indoor and greenhouse plots to test the ability of pest repellence.Horticulutre and floriculture labs may also be present in botany labs with these rearing new species of flowers and ornamental plants with botany labs integrated into agriculture labs.Vertical,community,forest and even home farms will conduct studies by themselves and with each other around the world alongside universities to render state agricultural labs obsolete.Dendrology and the study of trees and forests especially jungles will be done via researchers at universities next to them or having trees grown in fields next to them.Universities in landlocked areas will have marine biology departments via recirculating aquaculture systems and aquaponic systems with 3D DNA printers allowing for any species of macro and micro algae,Anthozoa,phytoplantkon and even any species of all 33,000 species of fish,as well as all 62,000 Gastropoda species,11,000 species of Cnidaria,all 7,385 species of Amphiba(Anura, Urodela,Gymnophiona),all 55 species of Hydrophiinae,all 7 species of Chelonioidea,all known 67,000 species of Crustaceans,all 20,000 species of Bivalvia,all 7,000 species of Echinodermata,800 species of Cephalopod as well as new species and hybrids with each and other animals from other phylum to be created onsite for studies releated to them in terms of behaviour,diet,immunology,diseases and diet as well as related to mariculture and aquaponics to increase yields and creating hybrids with regards to using CRISPR to confer resistance to disease and also increase growth rates,remove poisons,biomass and those that are hybrids create the meat of traditional terrestrial based livestock such as Suidae,Bovidea,Phasinidae and larger and smaller species of fish etc onsite of recirculating aquaculture systems and aquaponics in home,vertical and all types of farms.Customised new species of fish and Anthozoa can be monitored in these.These recirculating aquaculture systems will be used for research and scientific studies releated to ichtyology,herpetology,malacology and similar fields of zoology when dealing with species from Earth,other planets across the universe and also new ones created from scratch by Phanes.They may also be used for botany research such as floriculture,horticulture and agriculture when using aquaponics when dealing with species from Earth,other planets across the universe and also new ones created from scratch by Phanes.Universities by the sea,rivers and lakes will have departments that study native species with exotic ones reared in indoor recirculating aquaculture species.These systems can be in universities and research centres across the world and eventually universe including those in space stations and interstellar vehicles.They may also breed endangered species using the Phanes method as part of conservation efforts.Zoology departments will exist for all species and types of animals onsite of universities especially through artificial wombs,3D DNA printers extensions to house large indoor areas for pens and areas for them to roam.Zoos and conservation areas will be used for conducting zoological research linked to each other and also to universities.Any species of all 2,000,000 animals including pets and livestock can be created using artificial wombs including new ones onsite of zoological departments in pens,recirculating aquaculutre systems and tanks etc for study and all types of scientific studies.All animals will be fed food created onsite such as bacteria based flour and other commodities,algae and invitro meat to cut down on resources.All feces and urine will be collected and added to the sewage line or onsite miniature sewage line to create a lopped system for algae as feed.Any species of micro-organsims whether parasites,bacteria,viruses,fungi and those that live in soils,water,lakes,rivers and oceans etc can be created in microbiology labs using 3D DNA printers on demand including those that produce plant and animal commodities once their genome is uploaded to Physis.Microbes for each species of plants and animals will also be created through 3D DNA printer.Entomological labs could print out any of the 1,000,000 species of insects for study and also for horticulture and agriculture labs.Zoological labs may be created that analyse all 2,000,000 species of animals including new ones merging entmorphological and veterinary labs where any species can be monitored and experimented on for biomedicine,behaviour etc.VR technology and even them monitored in their native habitat.Pan will monitor all wilderness areas around the world such as jungles,forests,deserts,rivers,lakes and oceans via controlling biosynths modelled on native species of animals for behavioural studies.This may even involve livestock created from 3D DNA printers with them reared in pens outside or even in underground pens with methane gas collected and burned or sent to local power plants with air vents providing oxygen alongside nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide with them fed crops grown onsite using hydroponics etc or ordered in from farms as well as bacteria based flour,algae etc with feces collected and added to the main sewage line.All labs will be able to print out chimpanzees and mice into artificial wombs for any type of scientific studies negating the need to order the in from the wild and pet stores with chimpanzees engineered to mature more quickly with them created in batches.These may or may not contain traces of human DNA in key desired areas designed by Phanes.All hospitals around the world via extensions will have biomedicine labs of all types including those that do for microbiology,biosynth technology with this allowing to carry out research in fields related to biomedicine.

Agricultural research may be relegated to universities in automated labs with them also onsite of community,forest and vertical farms.Universities can grow crops in soil based nurseries in pots or in hydroponic and aeroponic media for studies with universities around the world sending in data from their nurseries both soil and non soil ones into their university AIs and then networks in Apollo allowing for data to be collected from multiple universities around the world.Fields around them can also be used to grow crops.Greenhouses onsite of universities can also be used.Lbs in universities can grow crops through aquaponics,pots with soil and aeroponic and hydroponic media.All steps in shredding organic material,extraction of DNA and organic and inorganic compounds and unicellular organisms in leaves,crops etc can be automated from start to finish.Cameras can be placed in greenhouses,indoor labs and outdoor fields to monitor plant growth and health by having both normal and thermal imaging etc cameras built into them monitoring them in both spectra at once vis dual cameras.Nanosensor data and also yields via weighing each individual crop will be fed into the AIs and Apollo network alongside camera readings both normal and thermal imaging.Home,forest,community and vertical farms will grow crops via soil,aero/hydroponic and even aquaponic methods with the readings from soil nanosensors,Theoi Meteroi(to determine the effect of climate and weather on crops and their nutrition levels) and those in hydroponic and aeroponic media will be again fed into farm AIs and also networks in Apollo with the yields of each crop alongside again readings from cameras will also fed into these.Studies on livestock including fish and shellfish will be conducted onsite primarily on farms ie home,community and vertical as well as universities with the type and amount of animals feed noted by weighing scales or automated feeders alongside readings from implants as well as nanosensors in pens and recirculating aquaculture systems,yields of meat via weighing scales with weights of individual livestock/shellfish/fish or in the case of Phasianidae,Bovidae etc after being slaughtered and before being cut up with all data from all farms fed into the farm AIs and then into networks into Apollo.Having all data from all home,forest,community and even vertical farms on local,regional,national,continental and global levels combined can allow for large amounts of data larger than just from one state or corporate lab for large samples with different factors taken into account for each study such as climate,weather,soil types via readings from Theoi Meteroi with the GPS locations as well as address of each home,community,forest and vertical farms fed into this as well via the farm AIs.Thus home,community and vertical farms around the world can contribute to agricultural studies by taking the account different climates,soil types etc and readings from atmospheric and soil nanosensors as well as different agriculture methods such as conventional methods,organic farming,hydroponics,aeroponics,aquaponics etc and different types of fertilisers on both normal and GMO crops,fish,shellfish,livestock and results from digital weighing scales fed into networks combined from around the world with agricultural labs onsite of universities using greenhouses,aquaponics,potted plants etc.Home,vertical and community farms can have cameras present to monitot growth and health via thermal imaging at once via dual cameras.All crops,fish etc that have genetic engineering added will have the genes present added denoted.Those involving algae will be done onsite of sewage and water treatment plants with those involving invites meat and commodities from genetically altered bacteria.Weighing scales should be digital ones that automatically feed data into the networks via wifi with the work done by researchers living onsite of community,forest and vertical farms and also homeowners.Home farms can contribute research using networks.Networks will all data from all home,community and vertical farms across the world to be collected and analysed by AI.Studies and research into new crops,new farming methods,genetic engineering and commodities from bacteria will thus be relegated to universities and also home,community,forest and vertical farms.Each community,forest and vertical farms will contain living spaces including Venetian style suites and also communal kitchens for researchers with the vast majority of work being automated with the living spaces and suites will allow even married researchers or those married to other to live there permanently.Agricultural labs whether corporate or state owned will be turned into homes as studies on crops and creation of new strains can be relegated to universities and farms of all types.Soil and water testing labs will be made redundant and turned into homes via nanonsesors in soils and waterways as part of Theoi Meteroi with food testing labs etc also made redundant.The land around these will be reforested as far back as possible.The sentient Hyancinth will link farms of all types to Urania. Due to advances in smart devices,software bots,miniature cameras for remote viewing(or infra red to monitor health) and automation this could again allow massive studies on a global scale allowing for a more accurate studies involving massive amounts of data.Computer networks Those involving livestock will be detailed later.These can be monitored and controlled on site or remotely using computers and smart devices and software bots collecting ,arranging and evaluating data eliminating the needs for humans write down,type in and calculate data themselves allowing one or two people to do the work that would other wise take thousands in large multiple studies done by one person.This will allow more accurate correlations and conclusions to be made advancing scientific research at an accelerated rate.Agricultural science research will be conducted on all types of farms whether vertical,meadow,forest,community and even home ones using nanosensors in recirculating aquaculture systems and aquaponic,hydroponic and aeroponic systems and photobioreactors etc.Agriculture science will also be conducted in universities around the world via aquaponic,aeroponic,hydroponic systems and photobioreactors as well as greenhouses with marine biology and maricultural studies done using recirculating aquaculture systems.The sentient Hyancinth will link universities to farms of all types.Agricultural labs by themselves whether corporate or state owned will be turned into homes and the land reforested as studies on crops and creation of new strains can be relegated to universities and farms of all types through extensions.Soil testing labs will be made redundant and turned into homes via nanonsesors in soils and waterways as part of Theoi Meteroi.Food testing labs will be negated by all food products being homemade,condition such as levels of heavy metals measured via soil nanosensors,sterility measures and nanosensors in vertical farms and humans immunised against all food,water and soil borne pathogens including even coliforms and also made resistant to heavy metals.Invitro meat,bacteria based commodities and food grown in sterile conditions in farms of all types will negate the need for food testing labs with the levels of nutrients and pollutants etc measured constantly via nanosensors in the soil and also aero/hydro.aquaponics media.Narrow range UV wavelength lights can sterilise all surfaces with raiation treatments also used both to sterilise surfaces with it also used to give crops etc nutrition via radiosynthesis via recombinant DNA from radiotrophic and radiorestant DNA present.Also these may be relegated to universities in automated labs with them also onsite of community,forest and vertical farms.Universities can grow crops in soil based nurseries in pots or in hydroponic,aquaponic and aeroponic media for studies with universities around the world sending in data from their nurseries both soil and non soil ones into their university AIs and then networks in Apollo allowing for data to be collected from multiple universities around the world.Studies on fish and shellfish will be done in onsite recirculating aquaculture farms.Nanosensor data and also yields via weighing each individual crop will be fed into the AIs and Apollo network alongside camera readings both normal and thermal imaging.Home,forest,meadow,community and vertical farms will grow crops via soil,aero/hydroponic and even aquaponic methods with the readings from soil nanosensors,Theoi Meteroi(to determine the effect of climate and weather on crops and their nutrition levels) and those in hydroponic and aeroponic media will be again fed into farm AIs and also networks in Apollo with the yields of each crop alongside again readings from cameras will also fed into these.Vertical farms can carry out studies on this and other fields.Studies on livestock including fish and shellfish will be conducted onsite primarily on farms ie home,community and vertical as well with the type and amount of animals feed noted by weighing scales or automated feeders alongside readings from implants as well as nanosensors in pens and recirculating aquaculture systems,yields of meat via weighing scales with weights of individual livestock/shellfish/fish or in the case of Phasianidae,Bovidae etc after being slaughtered and before being cut up with all data from all farms fed into the farm AIs and then into networks into Apollo.Having all data from all home,forest,community and even vertical farms on local,regional,national,continental and global levels combined can allow for large amounts of data larger than just from one state or corporate lab for large samples with different factors taken into account for each study such as climate,weather,soil types via readings from Theoi Meteroi with the GPS locations as well as address of each home,community,forest and vertical farms fed into this as well via the farm AIs.Weighing scales should be digital ones that automatically feed data into the networks with the work done by researchers living onsite of community,forest and vertical farms and also homeowners.Studies and research into new crops,new farming methods,genetic engineering and commodities from bacteria will thus be relegated to universities and also home,community,forest and vertical farms.Each community,forest and vertical farms will contain living spaces including Venetian style suites and also communal kitchens for researchers with the cast majority of work being automated with the living spaces and suites will allow even married researchers or those married to other to live there permanently.All agricultural research will be conducted by universities alongside home,community and vertical farms with universities housing in extensions areas to grow crops via aquponics,hydroponics,aeroponics and also potted plants alongside greenhouses.Vertical farms will conduct research alongside home and community farms with nanosensors in soils and aquaponic systems and hydroponic etc systems to measure moisture content,pH,levels of nutrients,pollutants etc constantly that are fed into networks wirelessly with these slso present in systems in universities,Labs in universities and also vertical,community and home farms will house weighing scales to measure the weights of crops,fish etc with them being wireless scales that send results to networks instantly without human error etc.Home and community farms can run studies on the effect of climate and different soil types on crops etc via interacting with Theoi Meteroi with results of weather related to networks etc with this done on local to global levels.Corporate and government labs used as research labs will be turned into communal homes as it is dhifted to universities etc.

Government labs used by the military etc including secret ones worldwide will also be linked to each other by Urania and still operated by the government but in all cases will be seized by Urania,Perseus and Adikia who will decide which information is released to the public and these AI will oversee all research of all types conducted here with these having roof,side and underground extensions to house more labs.Those as part of bases,government agencies and even the Pentagon and its equivalent will be although managed by the building AI will be linked to other labs and universities by Urania.Secret ones owned by corporations will undergoe the same with those onsite of corporate headquarters turned into suites since they will be turned into communal homes.All research into AI,electronics,vehicles and all types of components for manufactured products of all types will relegated to universities or even Aphrodite buildings and even factories by both AI and humans.She will seize control of secret labs worldwide by using the internet to hack their security systems,break firewalls and then take full control of them with her and Gaia gaining their location form government databases.Those onsite of hospitals worldwide will be managed by Epione with the sentient Coronis linking them to Urania.Corporate labs that are by themselves will be absorbed by universities managed by the AI of the nearest universities or even become independent laboratories or even new independent universities managed by their own separate AI and all cases managed by Urania.Laboratories in headquarters of corporations will not be used as universities but will become part of the communal homes that the headquarters is converted into.As stated agricultural labs both private and government run will be converted into communal homes.Research bases can be set up on the outskirts of wilderness areas and on deep sea oil rigs and on floating cities etc.

With regards to micro and algae readings from nanosensors and yields will be taken from sewage,water and desalinisation plants around the world with them and universities performing studies on these with community and home farms performing studies on those on small microalgea systems onsite of them.These studies will allow the best way to optimise their growth in these systems.Sewage and water treatment plants of all types will also having living spaces for researchers as well.Studies on micro and macro algea can be done in universities,farms and also sewage and water treatment plants.Microbiology labs in universities and hospitals will be able to create any species of bacteria,fungi,virus and parasites insures in demand wuth them grown inside photobioreactors to create large amounts of them in a short time

Biosynth machinery and nanomaterials will make all lab equipment more efficient,accurate and compact as by 2029 a square inch of bicomapatible microbes will house roughly 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB RAM and 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors.The use of biosynth technology in both machines will as detailed later on allow them to house as much as 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB of storage space and RAM and even 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors in each square inch replacing large bulky circuit boards etc increasing their speeds and allowing more space for all parts.Nanoprocessors from graphene,stanene etc will be in them alongside neural/graphene/silicene/borophene tubules with motors being smaller using nanomaterials or them placed on the outside. Tianhe-2 the worlds most powerful supercomputer by comparison has a processing RAM 1024TB or 0.000000001024YB with all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined containing with all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined containing roughly 6,635TB or 0.000000006635YB of RAM.Thus one square inch will contain about 11,303,692,539,563 – 226,073,850,791,258 times more RAM,processing power and storage space than all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined.Nanomaterials of all 94 elements like graphene will also be present.A combination of both nanomaterials and biosynth technology will replace expensive scare elements in them and make them faster,cheaper,more accurate and compact.These will be small enough to fit into smart devices as dongles or within them,held in vehicles and carry around and will use both nanomaterials and biosynth technology to analyse data in real time in minutes and using biosynth WiFi send data instantly.Pipette and other parts such as needles can be made compact using nanotechnology with thinner pipettes and holders for them or them replaced by nanothin needles with the area where blood samples are held will be consisting of nanothin holders with nanomaterials etc within them making them compact and thin with graphene other similar nanomaterials alongside biosynth sensors and even tissues etc forming part of them to make them compact and more importantly accurate.Biosynth sensors using base microbes will take the place of most bulky sensors in conventional machines with spectrometers etc also being composed of nanomaterials and biosynth technology that may even replace them.This biosynth technology and nanomaterials for both Sysmex and PCR machines in labs in hospitals,universities and also forensics labs will be much more cheaper,energy efficient,compact and also much quicker and accurate than existing technology and can make them compact enough to be attached to laptops and smart devices and brought onto the site of crimes and also areas whose soil,etc are being analysed in vans and private vehicles.It will also form the basis of biosynth implants formed in vivo.All types of lab equipment in hospitals,forensics labs etc universities will utilise this technology both the ability to detect DNA via using Cas-9,taq polymerase etc and C.elegans to detect the owner of DNA and compound structure of micro-organisms,patients,crime victims,unknown species of animals,compounds found in a crime scene,compounds found in the environment in ppb,ppt etc and cross referencing the compound and DNA in Physis and Aesculapius.This includes PCR machines,DNA analysers,Sysmex machines,all types of chromatography machinery,all types of spectrometers,gel electrophoresis and indeed all types of machinery used in all types of labs such as universities,hospitals,forensics labs and space stations and interstellar vehicles and space stations will utilise biosynth technology based on base microbes,those with recombinant DNA from all 2,391,000 plant and animals etc and those on other planets as well as scratch DNA to give them abilities to further enhance all of these lab equipments capabilities and also give them other ones and even make them cheaper and more accurate by replacing rare earths and expensive metals as well as make them more compact and faster especially when combined with nanomaterials from all 94 elements.In PCR machines and DNA analysers in hospitals,forensics labs and aboard space stations and interstellar vessels it will be used to determine species of micro-organisms,suspects,crime victims and the genome of newly discovered species of multi and unicellular organism using DNA samples from blood,semen,cells of all types and sample media of all types via using horizontal gene transfer to copy DNA present in the cell into the base microbes and then using Cas-9,taq polymerase and biosynth WiFi that is then cross referenced with Physis and patient files.Machinery onsite of forensics labs,universities and hosiptals that are used to determine the name and amount of a compound from blood,water and other media samples will utilise the base microbes ability for meschanduction and reverse meschanduction to not only determine their name via biosynth wifi that cross references Physis and can give the levels of them in ppm,ppb,ppt.It will give them all obscene amounts of RAM,processing power,biosynth WiFi per square inch and when combined with nanomaterials from all 94 elements make them faster,cheaper and compact and replace expensive elements.These could potentially be small enough to fit in ones suitcase,vehicle and even attach to ones computer,laptop,smartphone etc or even built into them.Furthermore it can allow these machines to be all in one versions both in labs and also those attached to laptops and smart devices that house two or more of them in one machine and device.MRI and X-ray machines can use biosynth technology based on DNA from Magnetospirillum,G.metallreducens,G.sulfurreducens,S.oneidensis,E.electricus,Apidea,Hymenoptera,Chiroptera and scratch DNA as well as nanomaterials of all 94 elements to generate magnetic fields and other biosynth based technology to replace certain elements and make them faster and compact.Both microbes as part of biosynth technology combined with nanomaterials will replace rare expensive metals such as Niobium,Lithium,Hafnium,Gold,Cobalt,Copper etc in these and all electronics using neural tissues and those from plants and different animals,bacteria,fungi etc and if possible allow for all in one test kits including amalgamations of the aforementioned ones to be fitted into not only mobile machinery but also those that are dongles that can attach to smart devices or even be built into them.It may even allow for them to be part of miniature labs at private and communal homes and even community centres similar to the failed Edison machine created by Theronas with these more compact systems in private and communal homes and community centres as well.Ideally rather than being a all in one machine they would be split into different models of the same compact size with nanomaterials,nanoprocessors and biosynth technology allowing as many as possible related machinery placed in each one designed by AI with consumers choosing what goes into each one.Since a single square inch would hold more processing power than all of the worlds current supercomputers allowing for compact biosynth PCR and Sysmex machines and even Theronas Edison style machines to be possible as this would replace large sections of processing units etc present in failed devices.Motors could be composed of nanomaterials and biosynth machinery to make them compact inside or on the outside.Nanothin needles could be used with biosynth technologies and sensors for blood components either or multiple that are only another square inch wide composed of base microbes and nanomaterials could replace sensors,spectrometres and other bulky componants.All parts of spectrometers,Sysmex machinery could be composed of both base microbes and nanomaterials making them each significantly compact enough to fit inside a device that can be lifted around by one person with ease.This all in one Theranos style machinery could be be possible using biosynth technology and nanomaterials that could be onsite of hospitals,universities and private and communal homes around the world.All components will be covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent stains building up with AI developing measures to make it possible.More advanced machines will take the place of older ones by AI,remaining staff and also automation with all processes of these two machines being fully automated and controlled by the Hospital AI.All future lab equipment for use in hospitals and universities around the world to carry out tests on blood,urine,feces samples and pathogens and even food,liquid and gas samples such as gas chromatography,spectroscopy will be composed of nothing but biosynth technology and nanomaterials to make them faster,more accurate and cheaper.These will be small enough to fit into smart devices,vehicles and carry around.This will thus give all hospital and university labs the same gold standard lab equipment.Thus nanomaterials of all 94 elements and biosynth technologies combined with each other will make all lab equipment faster,cheaper,more compact and both nanomaterials of all 94 elements and biosynth technologies will form part of sensors,spectrometers and nanoprocessors all internal componants of them.Boyh biosynth technology and nanomaterials will allow all of the most advanced machinery to be onsite of all universities and technical colleges around the world rather than a select few eliminating elitism and at the same allowing all researchers access to the same gold standard equipment.

All universities will have biomedical labs that will in some universities compensate for the loss of medical schools  on there grounds and also those in the vicinity once they are turned into communal homes.All zoos,conservation areas and also even wilderness areas ie jungles,forests,deserts,beaches will contain research centres that will conduct research on local flora and fauna,climate etc with them housing underground and roof extensions to house labs and will work with universities.All hospitals worldwide will contain labs in place of obsolete rooms and also on extensions that will conduct biomedical research.All universities and research labs will have 3D DNA printers that will print out any species of seeds,eggs,embryos and bacteria,fungi etc on demand by cross referencing Physis making them self sufficient negating the need to trade them on local to global scales.All universities and research labs will house artificial wombs allowing them to create any species of animals on demand to negate the need for ordering them in.

.All hospitals via extensions will have biomedicine labs of all types including those that dont for microbiology,biosynth technology with it used to house larger areas for them.Computers in labs and classrooms would also be dealt in the same way for the same reason and will thus be recycled since they would be replaced by the researchers own one with them turned into either labs or suites when merged with other rooms.Technical colleges around the world will remain functioning and house large areas of laboratories for the latest scientific research with non historical libraries on these turned into suites for researchers and tourists with them having underground extensions to house these and extra laboratories with classrooms merged together to form extra laboratories giving each one these labs of all types ie neuroscience,microbiology,physics etc with this applied to all universities worldwide.As a result of merging obsolete classes and lectures into labs,extensions on the roof/side/underground give all universities and technical colleges around the world and universe departments for all fields of science with Hecate,Urania,Coronis,Hyancinth linking them together and all farms and hospitals across the world and universe to allow for them to carry out linked and large scale experiments.Thus as a result of this and also all universities having the latest,most powerful and cheapest lab equipment students and researchers need to no longer be accepted to the Ivy League or travel across the world to get access to labs of any type of science of their field and allow them to do research into multiple fields with networks,Hecate,Urania,Coronis and Hyacinth allowing for experiments to be taking place in multiple labs across the world with all data fed into them and arranged for large scale studies and experiments and large amounts of data to be analysed and used.Extensions on the side,roof and underground and non historical libraries will house luxury Venetian suite/office hybrids for researchers.It will thus make all universities and technical colleges around the world have the same equal gold standard in terms of departments and lab equipment they have.Since state and corporate labs related to agriculture will be made redundant by vertical farms etc then they can be transferred to universities and them converted into homes and land reforested.This will apply to all universities and technical colleges worldwide.Thus through roof etc extensions and converting classrooms into laboratories all universities and technical colleges worldwide will have departments for all fields of science.

In short through extensions and merging classrooms together all universities worldwide will have departments for all fields of science.Thus all universities and technical colleges worldwide will have labs and departments for all scientific fields such as neuroscience,artificial intelligence,agriculture,mariculture,microbiology,marine biology,biomedicine,chemistry,physics of all fields and so on through side,roof and underground extensions with them all having the latest lab equipment including those that utilise nanotechnology and biosynth technology.This will allow any university the ability to contribute to all fields of science individually and collective through computer networks and allow any student the ability to study any field of science at any university including local ones and prevent elitism.

Symbols for each field and sub field of science will be universal and be related to that field subfield while the symbol used for the Themis network will be for law with medical fields having their own symbols for each folder but Aesculapius Rod being the symbol for the folder containing all medical fields.For example an E.coli cell for microbiology,a galaxy for astrophysics,solar system for astronomy,DNA molecule for genetics,hydrogen atom(as a Bohr diagram)for general physics,chaff of wheat for agricultural science,dog paw for veterinary science,fish for ichthyology,microchip for electronics including robotics and so on.These will also be their symbols on maps and the signs on their relevant school and lab buildings around the world as well as on scientific studies past and future in Apollo and in the case of hospitals and universities the symbol on internal maps and doors to specific labs.It will also be their symbol watermark on all scientific papers(alongside the universities symbol) and watermark in the background of the folder and also on apps connecting to them.The aforementioned symbols will be on signs,maps,robots,doors etc for them with universities will have Apollos wreath on all robots that maintain them ie cleaning ones etc.

All material in retail outlets especially those in museums onsite of universities will undergo renovations into communal lounges or suites once the material is sent to local community centres.Small retail outlets that sell food and sweets in universities themselves will become storerooms or lounges etc decided by the AI that runs it with small restaurants also made into this with them merged with each other.Large restaurants and retail outlets on the campus of large universities especially multistorey ones will become either extra communal homes and residential areas or even extra laboratories..Computer rooms will be redundant by researchers and trainees using their own computers with computers in here recycled.Dormitories and all student housing will undergo luxury renovations and will be merged together to form Venetian style suites with them having roof and underground extensions to house more suites.Most colleges especially in America,Asia and Middle East should already have amenities such as pools,basketball courts and stadiums with if not can have these in underground extensions underneath the dormitories and also buildings converted to hotels with these catering to researchers and trainee ones alongside local athlethes.Dormitories and student accommodation of all types will be renovated into luxury Venetian style suites for the general public,tourists and researchers including student researchers by merging them together and also roof,side and underground extensions.Both dormitories and also these suites in place of offices and those in extensions will be luxury ones that follow the theme of the locale and will use silk,bioprinted leather and kebonised wood with them having luxury ensuites or communal toilets converted into luxury toilets.Communal toilets in all buildings will be given luxury renovations.All other parts of the universities such as cafeterias,communal toilets,lobbies,hallways and even labs etc will undergo renovations to be upgraded to luxury standards and facilitate the statue of Urania with the furniture in all areas will also be of luxury ornate ones.All rooms in all universities left over ie communal cafeterias,offices,storerooms and other will undergoe luxury renovations and fitted with relevant robots.These refurbishments can include kebonised synthetic wood and synthetic ornamental rocks on flooring/ceilings/filings/futniture,bioprinted leather seats and terraces and balconies added to certain areas.This will apply to all universities and technical colleges worldwide.Mentors and permanent researchers would still use their own offices present or these could be renovated for other uses such as bedroom since personal computers could be used to store the data normally held on these and would allow access to the intranet and wire and would allow researchers to stay there overnight for important experiments.Offices of redundant staff such as secretaries,deans,administration officials etc will be renovated into living spaces such as bedrooms for researchers alongside desks etc. or they could be converted into spas,saunas,jaquizzis when merged together.Extra extensions can also be made to create living spaces.Ideally any small buildings housing classrooms on the grounds of colleges of all types will have roof extensions to allow them to be converted into these Venetian style suites that have offices added to them.The main office would be connected to the door in the hallway and in the office would be luxury furniture and flooring,personal computer connected to the intranet of the building and Apollo etc as well as the entire wire and intranet.Also present would inside the office would be a door leading to their Venetian sized luxury suite and en suite designed by each researcher with some even having balconies.Extensions on the roof,side and underground of these buildings will allow them to house them for all researchers with them guarded by digital keys and them managed by the university AI.If there is no small buildings then these will be built on the grounds of the university and also in underground extensions etc.Offices in the main building will be merged together into labs.All of their paper products,notes,books and records will be scanned and uploaded to Apollo or their personal cloud in the university AI protected by passwords etc.All paper and digital files in the offices of researchers and professors would be scanned into the university AI or personal intranet with their intranets replacing paper files etc.This would make offices more spacious with even papers and records in libraries etc scanned into this.These can also be on roof,side and underground extensions as well as with the suite being the Venetian standard – 60.387 square metres.The offices of professors will remain but like all rooms in universities will undergo luxury refurbishments with those of obsolete staff such as law,business and other obsolete subjects etc staff and deans etc will be converted into living spaces for researchers or they can be merged with other offices,storerooms etc and have extensions as to make them bigger making them large enough to each contain a desk,sizeable room,ensutie and even suite for a bed with if need be them created on roof extensions and underground ones to house this space of a large office,Venetian ensuite and en suite connected to each for each researcher accessed by one door using digital keys with them being luxury style suites,en suites and offices customised by them with the old offices if next to each other merged together and turned into extra labs.If possible underground or roof extensions or even a separate building can be built that houses both offices and Venetian style luxury suites designed by each researcher to their specifications and tastes that house not just a bedroom but also a small living room and even balcony with smart televisions,closets and their office housing a desk and personal effects.These extra buildings can be composed of materials other than concrete for aesthetics including wood with some being completely underground.The original rooms can be merged together with each other or storerooms to make storerooms bigger to house machinery and robots or be mini labs,luxury lounges for eating and socialising etc decided by the researchers.Excess classrooms not converted into laboratories will be converted into these with them allowing the offices to be right next to living spaces where researchers can live as permanent residents getting meals from cafeterias or orders from Demeter and also manufactured goods from Hephaestus etc or for short periods of time allowing them to be in close contact to laboratories.Meals from restaurants and automated cafeterias will be delivered to them via biosynths and Tug and Botlr robots and these offices can be used as permanent homes for the researchers.Non historical libraries once all materials are scanned into Apollo will be remodelled into these offices/suites hybrid for researchers by recycling computers,recycling bookstands and defunct scanned in textbooks as well as removing carpets and replacing it with kebonised synthetic wood or ornamental rocks etc,filling in open spaces on the top floors to house more space for suites and then building in suites.Historical libraries such as those in Yale,Harvard,Oxford,Trinity College etc will be kept once books are scanned in with any relevant historical books from other universities sent to these in extensions this will allow one access to them from anywhere in the world once scanned into Apollo,Dionysus,Themis.Roof,side and underground extensions will be be built in the case of other universities with dormitories etc also used and have roof and side extensions to house these with these not just catering to permanent researchers but also trainees and in time new ones allowing them to be in close proximity.All universities buildings that house staff offices etc can have roof and underground extensions as deep or high as possible to house these luxury office suite hybrids with existing offices of in one building merged together to form these and extensions housing more floors of these.Those in buildings containing labs and classrooms may be in extensions or turned into storerooms and labs if an extra building exists moved there and if none exist then they can be in extensions.Underground areas encompassing the entire campus can house these alongside amenities and labs.These underground extensions can go as deep as possible and as stated across the entire surface area of the campus.The cloud network containing all textbooks and studies in Apollo will make lending books obsolete and thus allow libraries to be converted into living quarters like luxury hotel style suites.Computers in libraries and computer rooms will be recycled or traded on Euthenia since a researchers own personal laptops and smart devices can replace them allowing libraries and computer rooms made into suites and also labs.These obsolete buildings absorbed by them can be also made into hybrids of both extra laboratories and living spaces for researchers and the public providing shelter and education with dormitories turned into permanent residences for researchers,mentors,students the general public which can then be shared with others via Euthenia.New dormitories can be added to existing universities via extensions or adding new buildings via Daedalus.Thus each main researcher will have their own luxury Venetian suite and office hybrid on campus that can act as their permanent home meaning their existing home can be traded away via Euthenia.Accommodation for researchers including trainee ones will be a combination of office/suite hybrids,suites in renovated libraries,dormitories and residential colleges renovated to luxury standards and also permanent residences and home sharing programmes in the surrounding town and city.All universities and technical colleges worldwide will have luxury refurbishments in all areas such as in lobbies,lounges,communal toilets,cafeterias(fitted with automated robot chefs),hallways and so on and a universal statue of Urania placed in the lobby of them all around with new buildings or roof,underground and side extensions housing luxury Venetian suite and office hybrids for researchers.Thus all universities and technical colleges will have the same gold standard for accomadation for researchers and trainees and at times members of the public and tourists.The staff and AI in charge of the universities will decide which rooms will be turned into labs,which will be turned into suite/office hybrids and those for tourists and also those visiting.Other parts of universities can have underground extensions to house suites for tourists.


Student recreation areas such as pool areas,pools,television rooms used by them as well and given luxury refurbishments.Existing amenities on universities like pools etc can be used by staff with in those without them they will have them added in roof and underground extensions that house saunas,jacquizzis,gyms and pools for all researchers underneath the suites or the entire area.All other parts of each universities will undergoe luxury renovations including labs,cafeterias,hallways,lobbies making them on par with luxury hotels with the creation of labs,suites etc with any gardens and the obsolete sports fields renovated into hybrid crop and ornamental plant gardens when the seating areas are demolished.Sport stadiums and both sports and running track fields can at first be replaced with VR technology indistinguishable from reality and gyms thus allowing the stadiums to be demolished and turned into gardens and running track and sports fields to be reforested or turned into gardens and light fixtures etc to be torn down and recycled by 2029.Otherwise they can be moved underground where they currently are.Indoor gyms using this extensions will be wide enough to house seating for spectators,house the same space for all sports and tall enough to allow balls to go as high as theoretically possible determined by AI at least a hundred or so metres if not a kilometre.There will be devices for each sport in a single hallway either in an underground extension or a single device housing all of them via a matryoshka doll structure such as basketball,baseball,American football,soccer and even running tracks for each countries sports with locker rooms for them with if possible one court used for multiple sports and biosynths changing the seating and also material inside.Existing interior stadiums that exist as buildings on university grounds can have roof extensions to have extra courts and stadiums present.Roof,side and underground extensions,obsolete rooms can be used to give all technical colleges and universities the same gold standard amenities including recreational areas,spas,saunas etc.

Cafeterias like in hospitals will be automated including retrieval and cleaning of dishes and the menu will be programmed by researchers working there and the university AI with cleaning and ordering of ingredients done like in universities managed by AI.Ideally extensions would be used to house places where food is grown.Some ingredients such as vegetables,in vitro meat,commodities from bacteria,fish and shellfish can be grown onsite in recirculating aquaculture systems with aquaponics ideally used,aeroponic and hydroponic greenhouses,photobioreactors etc located on the rooftop,extensions,spare rooms automated cafeterias serving delicacies such as lobsters,sushi,caviar etc including self service ones.An entire floor including in underground extensions could be devoted to growing all hybrid crops via aeroponics,fish and shellfish via recirculating aquaculture systems,commodities via bacteria in photobioreactors,in vitro meat with eggs coming from biosynth machinery or created via textured vegetable protein with hybrid crops and fish used to make them easier to grow.3D DNA printers will be present.These will be grown on the roof of the building and also in spare rooms and even roof extensions.Extra crops including fruit trees and hybrid crops can be grown in any fields and gardens on the university grounds and in pots in the lobby,hallways etc with VR indistinguishable from reality will allow sports fields to be turned into more gardens to grow ornamental and crop hybrids.Hybrid an normal crops will be grown via aquaponics with fish engineered to produce the same meat as any livestock alongside in vitro meat with eggs created by biosynth machinery and TVP with all condiments such as buns,bread,cheese etc created onsite and stored in fridges alongside excess food produced with excess food produced also stored here with waste disposed in organic waste bins.Algae intaking sewage from the building will engineered to produce the same texture and taste as any type of meat to create mince,steaks etc.Ideally all ingredients should be from animals and plants immunised against all pathogens to prevent food poisoning and allergens be removed from all crops.Miniature radiation machines can be present to expose food and ingredients to high doses of radiation to to sterilise them with crops,fish etc have radiorestence added to negate any effects this will have on taste.This will make them self sufficient from vertical farms.Researchers and AI in charge of the universities will decide which meals to make with all meals present in existing universities,communal homes,hospitals added to Hestia linked to Urania.Meals from the universal franchises of restaurants in Hebe will be linked to Urania.All cafeterias and eating halls will be given luxury tiling,furniture etc.By 2029 all work in these cafeterias will be automated.In time one will be able to preorder meals to be made with those living in nearby housing on the grounds of them also having them delivered by Botlr and Tug robots.Researchers and residents in accommodation on the grounds of universities will be able to have meals delivered to them via Tug and Botlr robots similar to room service in hotels.Meals from universal restaurants can also be delivered to them.Even the washing of dishes will be automated

Each university will house in them areas to grow all food via 3D DNA printers,recirculating aquaculture systems that use aquaponic,photobioreactors for producing commodities from bacteria and in vitro meat.They will also have in basement stored it biosynth batteries to store energy from the grid etc during blackouts alongside micro-gas turbines that power the building with electricity,airconditioning and heating alongside thermo-piezoelectric covered geothermal pipes to ensure a continuous supply of electricity and alleviate strains from the grid.3D DNA printers in the areas to grow food will make them self sufficient in bacteria,in vitro meat,seeds abd eggs for crops,fish and shellfish.All work in these growing rooms such as harvesting crops,fish,commodities will be automated from start to finish.3D DNA printers will be on site of all restaurant farms worldwide to make them self sufficient in terms of seeds,bacteria cells and eggs if fish and shelfish

Recirculating aquaculture and aquaponic systems can be used to rear crops,fish and shellfish in roofs or in spare rooms as well as gardens,sheds and greenhouses.Aquaponics will be used since it rears both vegetable and fruit crops abd fish abd shellfish at once

Photobioreactors will be present in the basement and also rooftops that grow bacteria that create plant and animal commodities as well as algae and in vitro meat.Photobioreactors will be present in the basement and also rooftops that grow bacteria that create plant and animal commodities alongside in vitro meat and also algae using sewage collected from the building.To grow algae on-site of universities can have their building programmed to have a certain amount of their sewage in the form of feces and urine fed into photobioreactors at universities that will grow algae in them and using interior radiation machines irradiate the desecration etc sterilising it with the algae engineered to be resistant to radiation thus allowing it to be sterilised.The university can also import a set amount of feces and urine in the form of sewage from other public buildings and homes etc that is by interacting with the AIs of sewage treatment plants the farms can import sewage from sewage treatment plants at set times when toilets are not used that will be deposited into photobioreactors.The AI will stop intaking sewage once they are full and will intake more once the photobioreactors are emptied.Since universities will be empty of people most of the time their toilets will be idle thus meaning that sewage can be imported into the photobioreactors vis the sewage line with this done by adding a new series of pipes connected to the sewage treatment plants by robots etc or the existing pipes dug up,have a section removed and it connected to the photobioreactors.The algae will undergoe the same level of engineering as those grown in sewage treatment plants and will be engineered to break down toilet paper.This will make universities self sufficient in algae for fertiliser,feedstock for fish etc with it alleviating strains on sewage treatment plants if adopted by all home,community and vertical farms.These photobioreactors will also be present on-site of universities to culture bacteria,fungi,viruses for study and also componants of agar and anything rte university needs.

Ideally all universities will have microfactories using photobioreactors in the basement that produce antimicrobial soap in them that have piping that connect them to all soap dispensers in the building that intake in more soap when empty or directly from it.This soap could have compounds such as MP-1 and those from Russian Brown Frogs in them.This can also be complimented by UV machines similar to automated hand dryers that activate and cover the entire hands in narrow wavelength UV lights on both sides to not negate the need for soap but also compliment soap by killing off resistant pathogens such as MRSA while not damaging the skin allowing it to be done when patients are present.Extra ones can be present that allow ones face to be baked in this to kill of any pathogens on their face with others for arms etc.Cleaning will also be done in the same way as in hospitals and other public buildings with all surfaces covered in a permanent layer of silica glass to prevent stains and spread of pathogens with sterilising sweeps of all rooms including labs done by mobile UV robots that reside in the same storeroom or ideally on ceilings similar to in hospitals.Sweeps of labs would be done when bacterial or chemical samples being studied are being autoclaved,processed or in storage with narrow wavelength UV used as it does not damage human skin allowing it to be done with humans around with these deployed instantly when any pathogens are released by accident especially airborne ones.Narrow wavelength UV light sterilising sweeps will be made in all rooms in the university or lab to kill off all bacteria,viruses and fungi etc as it can only kill them and not damage human skin with lights on ceilings fitted with this in all rooms including those integrated into those used for lighting and the narrow wavelength light feature turned on during these.Other measures such as automatic graphene watertight doors and cornering off the air conditioning systems and graphene within windows and glass sealing containment measures that lead any infected or compromised personnel into areas where they can be monitored and fed through decontamination systems and airlocks with gaseous antimicrobial agents and narrow wavelength UV lights to decontaminate any robots or personal in biohazard suits.All labs windows will use glass infused with graphene in multiple layers due to its extreme strength – about 200 times stronger than steel to strengthen the glass against breaches with this also allowing for augmented reality graphene paint and composites will be part of all walls.All pens housing animals and all watertight doors and even walls should have graphene in their matrix,be composed of it or composites of it due to its strength and also high melting point 3,652 – 4,626.85 degrees celcius.The animals and microbial samples if they get out of control can killed off via exposing them to large doses of radiation that humans would made immune to with watertight doors in each room.Robots that have narrow range wavelength UV light will be allowed through and sterilise the entire lab until AI nanosensors detect that pathogens have disappeared.Ideally the ceilings of these and all rooms will be fitted with these lights and the same applying to other rooms in the universities surrounding them that bake the room and all rooms in narrow wavelength UV light that will kill all airborne pathogens without damaging human skin allowing for all airbone and surface pathogens will be destroyed in all rooms at once preventing their spread this will thus sterilise all rooms at once and sterilise any humans and clothing inside inside.Animals can also have biosynth implants formed in labs that will allow their movements to be tracked 24/7 if they escape and also allow sedatives suited to their size and species released on demand or them even kill the animal if need.If humans are made resistant to radiation via recombinant DNA from Thermacoccus gammatolerans can allow them to be put under intensive doses of radiation of up to 1,000Gy to kill off pathogens since T.gammatolerans can survive blasts of at least 30,000Gy to sterilise them if they become infected and also as part of containment procedures.This can also be used to sterilise researchers going in and out of labs.All rooms can be exposed to both narrow range wavelength UV light to sterilise the air and surfaces with them also sterilised with radiation of doses of up to 2,000-10,000Gy to kill off any pathogens and escaped animals or only in desired rooms with all biosynths,humans and other sentient aliens made immune to radiation via recombinant DNA from T.gammatolerans that means all pathogens and escaped animals will be killed off and human and alien researchers spared.Ideally scientists should have the genome of all micro-organisims via Physis mapped to allow microbes to create immunisations for them and all people on Earth and other colonies should outbreaks occur.This would involve all common proteins from all taxonomic ranks of micro-organisms to ensure effectiveness done beforehand before human scientists and citizens arrive and information sent by Nyx etc to Earth thus allowing all humans,pets,wildlife and livestock to be immunised beforehand to contain outbreaks should they stow away to Earth.All citizens and researchers going back and forth will be steriliesed using narrow range wavelength UV length radiation or if made resistant to radiation can be blasted to large doses of it up to 1,000Gy to kill any microorganisms inside them that are not native with all packages also irradiated.Nyx will allow all data on all experiments to be tranferred back and forth between Earth and other colonies and space stations in real time and also allow all data from their version of Physis etc to be streamed and allow any species or even specimens of plants,micro-organisms and animals to be recreated on Earth in universities etc using artificial wombs and 3D DNA printers.Ideally all observed and allied sentient and non sentient species would be immunised against all Earth based micro-organisms using the common proteins method whether pathogenic or not from Earth and other colonies in the same way when stations arrive and when samples are taken with all discovered orders of bacteria and viruses etc have their genomes scanned to create immunisations for humans and non humans on all colonies including Earth to prevent unnecessary outbreaks or allowing the micro-organisms whether viral,bacterial,fungal adapting into strains or new species that would become pathogens to humans via mutations to them similar to Human Immunodeficincy Virus became a human pathogen from Simian Immunodeficincy Virus and Cowpox virus became Variola major/Variola minor.This would include observed lower tier species with all humans immunised against Earth based micro-organisms even when observed and have their skin sterilised by narrow range wavelength UV light.The station AI should have mapped all micro-organisms,animals and plants for poisonous compounds and created versions that are separate species that are docile,have no toxins and can be used for commercial products such as livestock,pets,crops and ornamental plants with Nyx used to send the genetic data to be created on Earth etc using 3D DNA printing.If animals or pathogens breach labs then sweeps of this level of radiation in all rooms or where it is or cornered can be applied to kill the animal or pathogen off especially if it poses a threat to the outside worldwide with implants relaying their GPS location and also applying sedatives to put them to sleep with it also releasing microbes that release these in large doses and cause key organs to undergoe apoptosis.All animals will have biosynth implants that relay their GPS location to the lab AI 24/7.These can also via biosynth wifi release either sedatives into the blood stream of animals that affect only them managed by the university AI should they escape or get out of control and attack researchers.Since any DNA sequences of microbes studied would be in the different versions of Physis dead microbes could be synthesised by advanced technology and the Lazarus method with ideally all labs having them in secure storerooms away from sterilising sweeps.The same with dangerous lifeforms.Any pathogens will have their DNA be stored in Physis to be replicated via 3D DNA printing with the same done for any animals via artificial wombs especially those with specific genomes of interest.Rooms that separate labs will house areas that spray suits with antiviral and antimicrobial mists with them also baking the persons suit in narrow wavelength UV light with the person being baked in this when unclothed to allow ones entire skin to be sterilised.All doors will be watertight ones made of graphene due to its strength with building AIs managing containment procedures.Ideally labs used for highly pathogenic microbes in particular viruses etc and any dangerous animals should via underground in extensions that are cut off by a series of watertight graphene doors with oxygen coming from tree rooms with these labs having their own ventilation systems separate from the university and other labs and even the outside world with them all having UV lights at set points to kill off all airborne pathogens with water systems also having UV lights.All windows etc would be graphene infused to make them shatterproof and integrate augmented reality and heat proof with them covered in a layer of liquid glass to negate cleaning.All glass windows in labs will be as stated have multiple layers of graphene in its matrix,all watertight doors will be composed of it and all walls etc will be composed of self healing foamcrete infused with graphene or composed entirely of graphene composites or have graphene paint on them with all vials,beakers and containers for pathogens,bacteria,viruses,fungi,tissues and all kennels etc for animals composed of this or have graphene in its matrix.This is because it is 200 times stronger than steel and has a melting point of 3,652 – 4,626.85 degrees celcius.Ideally they would be underground labs that are in isolated areas such as wilderness or underwater laboratories connected by internal mag lev/hyperloop and transporter technology systems that can be cut off depending on the severity of the biohazard controlled by the university AI to allow alarms to be spread to quarantine the area and have their own power source such as trigeneration micro-gas turbines that use bacteria based oils in looped systems that collect and reuse carbon dioxide emitted,gasoline,methane,thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes that can provide power 24/7,365 days a year and Storedot batteries that will power key systems for at least several weeks using excess energy from these sources.This can act as an extra security measure as large areas can be created to have large labs,large containment areas and security features,large living spaces in the form of Venetian suites and communal kitchens and living areas and large areas for test animals to be stored and roam around rather than have them be cramped into small cages.It can include large areas to contain fires and explosions with firefighter biosynths/robots present,sprinkler systems that use both water but also FIREIce that puts them out faster with the sprinkler system using a nozzle system so that only areas with a fire will have it applied to contain them quicker and eliminate waste with AI controlling this to effectively contain them.This can be made onsite via bacteria through anabolic and catabolic reactions and ensure it is constantly refilled.This can include large areas to allow large batches of humans and biosynths to decontaminate via radiation treatments and also hide lounges and decontamination areas.All doors present in these areas and not just in labs will wartertight graphene doors with all glass have many layers of graphene in its matrix to make it shatter proof and all walls,floors have graphene in its matrix and have graphene paint on them to make indestructible.They will have storedot batteries powered by trigeneration systems to provide power to these areas 24/7 with internal mag lev systems or transporter technology that allows only human and biosynth researchers to use them.In time nanomaterial meshes and biosynth technology that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen can be developed with the carbon separated and used for production of graphene with their being a room that grows trees specifically to provide researchers there with oxygen in this separate system as well as food alongside hydroponic systems.All food will be grown in these areas.Biosynthtic technology and nanomaterials that passively separate oxygen from carbon dioxide will provide oxygen and digital smart windows provide scenery.This would use scratch DNA,that from chemosynthetic bacteria and plants could allow them to do so passively without sunlight with biolumescent plants and moss that also able to do so via this via this DNA.Biosynth trees could be present that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide passively without sunlight.Biolumiscent moss and biolumescent biosynth trees including biosynth lights and CSYS lights can provide lighting and oxygen to ships.This can cut down on energy costs for lighting and also life support systems with the moss spread on walls in strips and ceilings in all rooms with biolumescent plants and trees in rooms as well.Smart devices linked to the station AI can using biosynth wifi present in all cells of the moss,plants and trees can be used to turn on/off the genes for the lights whenever they want with voice command with them fed nutrients and water via biosynth water systems built into ceilings similar to veins,arteries and capillaries composed of biosynth technology that feeds them nutrients and water and them having oligotophic,xerophile and Firmicutes DNA.This can reduce energy costs in lighting and life support systems.Roof,side and underground extensions can not just provide extra labs,containment areas to normal labs in normal departments such as agriculture,mariculture,zoology etc but in aforementioned underground labs,government labs and those in interstellar vehicles and space stations can house building or even city sized biohazard labs specifically meant to be large to contain pathogens,biohazards,dangerous animals and dangerous technologies that can lead to massive explosions that can be contained in them.Ideally micro-gas turbines will be present inside the devices to generate electricity 24/7 and alleviate strains on the grid especially large city sized areas with biosynth batteries present.AI will develop security measures such as sterilising researchers made immune to radiation with large doses of radiation,watertight doors that lock down labs,living areas and the entire area itself with biometrics,Phanes activation gene technology etc provided threats are contained or neutralised.Thus if breaches occur it would be possible for them to be contained,people to escape via transporter technologies and secure areas to hide.These explosions,fires,biohazards will have noticeable effect on the outside world with the space station,interstellar university labs AIs controlling everything inside to get humans out of them or if possible humans controlling blank biosynths and those also occupied by AI via neural implants.Biohazard suits would with graphene in the visor for strength and augmented reality to receive messages and environmental readings from nanosensers on external devices and on the cloth with the cloth also having graphene and spider silk interwoven into its matrix for strength to prevent tears that would contaminate the researcher or the environment with silicene and nanosensors particular biosynth ones would allow for environmental conditions to be relayed to the visor and AI of the university and lab.This is due to it being 200 times stronger than steel.Nanomaterials combined with biosynth technology that separate oxygen from toxic gases and prevent viruses and other pathogens can be part of built in gas masks.Both these masks and nano-sensors would utilise biosynth technology.Oxygen tanks could be in time be replaced by it stored in nanomaterials in the clothing or external clothing and released on demand or in time nanomachines.Tanks will also be replaced with filters in masks that consist of both nanomaterials and biosynthetic materials and tissues similar to those in the lungs that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide and have plant and scratch and other toxic gases and allow for the toxins to be removed as benign compounds with them also preventing airborne pathogens entering the lungs.The gasmasks will have nanomaterials and biosynth materials to prevent toxins entering them and letting only oxygen in with the oxygen from carbon dioxide and other toxins be separated from them with the other elements removed through the action of nanomaterials and catabolic/anabolic reactions carried out by them forming tissues similar to the aveoli in lungs designed using plant and chemosynthetic bacteria DNA without sunlight to separate toxins into oxygen and the other elements used as energy acceptors and disposed of by combining them with carbon from carbon dioxide exhaled with carbon dioxide exhaled have the oxygen separated to be reused.Biosynth nanosensers can be built into the suits have DNA from C.elegans,human neurons and DNA from W.dermatitidis,C.sphaerospermum,C.neoformans,Paracoccus denitrificans S.oneidensis,E.electricus,G.metallreducens,G.sulfurreducens,piezophile DNA present that can detect the temperature and levels of oxygen,carbon dioxide and other gases and also radiation and air and water pressure as responses to changes in radiation and air and water pressure would create an electrical charge that using scratch DNA can relay different levels.Any animals infected with or without pathogens especially for study would be tagged with internal RFID or bio synth implant chips to ascertain their location 24/7 to prevent them escaping with the doors in these labs and those leading outside including windows will be closed instantly with if possible hunter drones that would hunt them and only them down trapping and capturing them or killing them.These implants will release sedatives on demand with biosynth ones moving around and synthesising sedatives ensuring they dont run out with the sedatives synthesised by anabolic and catabolic reactions and recombinant DNA in levels suited to the exact species and individual animals.Thus all studied animals especially alien ones and dangerous ones will have implants that release sedatives of poisons on demand and track their GPS location 24/7.Ideally the surrounding urban areas would be put under quarantine if an outbreak occurs and it escapes the quarantine measures of universities and the cities environment baked in the same UV light that kills off airborne pathogens and those on streets and buildings with sterilising sweeps done in sewers etc.Perseus will be and automatically be alerted to any breaches to put them under quarantine with these measures also applied to hospitals.Fires would be dealt with by the nozzle system that travels on ceiling railsystems gaining access to rooms to put out fires using FireIce as well as miniaturised versions of firefighting robots equipped with FireIce.Humans made immune to radiation can allow unicellular and multicelluar plants and animals to be exposed to doses of radiation of 500-2,000Gy of radiation to kill them and not humans with the DNA of all samples kept on record to be recreated via artificial wombs and 3D DNA printers.This can also be used to sterilise researchers going in and out of labs and can if a breach occurs pathogens will be sterilise via narrow range wavelength that sterilise the air and surface in all rooms at once with researchers immunised against them and the immunisations stored in labs and hospitals around the worldwide beforehand to contain outbreaks including those that could mutate to affect humans.Escaped dangerous and infected animals can be dealt with them all having biosynth implants that relay their GPS location 24/7 and can release sedatives and poisons on demand using biosynth wifi with radiation sweeps of 2,000-20,000Gy applied to either specific rooms or all off them to kill them off with this replicated with pathogen breaches with humans made persistent to radiation unaffected.These measures would also be on space stations and interstellar ships in the future as well as in hospitals and would also apply to labs studying chemical weaponry with stations observing highly pathogenic microbes and dangerous animals being separate from research stations as well as those housing citizens and military etc and have built in measures to warn other stations and colonies including Nyx as well as pods containing the ships AI that would be sterilised and only leave when empty.Once interstellar travel is possible space stations can be set up orbiting empty solar systems alongside habitable ones specifically for dangerous biohazards and moons,planetoids etc and entire terraformed or Hell class planets used for these with large complexes that can be separate from planets,stations and moons etc containing citizens with these having measures to prevent biohazards leaving the stations and allow unaffected researchers access to escape pods with the bases and stations constantly inhabiting the wire allowing for countermeasures to any security breaches to be controlled and monitored remotely through Apollo and Astraeus via Hecate and Astraeus alongside Gaia.Ideally space stations should be used as they would be isolated and still communicating with the rest of the galaxy instantly with all researchers on Earth etc immunised against all Earth and foreign non pathogenic and pathogenic bacteria using the common proteins method that would protect them from all possible strains of all orders,families of bacteria,fungi and viruses as an extra measure that wouldn’t negate the need of biohazard suits that would also prevent them becoming carriers to spread them with ideally all towns,cities etc in the surrounding region immunised as well to compliment not replace containment measures with the genotypes put into Coronis and also Epione to be availible to all cities etc hospitals worldwide should animals or water etc spread the pathogen with all areas in quarantines have all food deliveries on local to global levels irradiated to prevent the spread of them.All species of plant,animal and micro-organisms will have their DNA uploaded to Physis to be recreated in any lab on Earth with individual specimens with unique gneotypes for analysis will be present in the station or lab AI to be recreated using artificial wombs,3D DNA printers.3D DNA printers onsite of universities and hospitals will print out any species and strain of bacteria,virus or fungi on demand when needed once the genome of all of them are uploaded to Physis alongside microbes of any species of any plant,animal and even of humans.These will also print out the DNA of plants and animal of any type into seeds,spermatazoa/eggs/embryos of any animal as well as for onsite artificial wombs to create them.This will allow any university around the world access to any species without having to catch them in the wild. 3D DNA printers and artificial wombs will allow all observed and studied test animals,pathogens and also discovered non sentient animals and plant life to be recreated using the Phanes with those with specific genotypes of interest recreated in new animals or exact clones.Animals can also have biosynth implants formed that will allow their movements to be tracked 24/7 and also allow sedatives suited to their size and species released on demand or them even kill the animal if need.All species of plant,animal and micro-organisms will have their DNA uploaded to their planets version of Physis to be recreated in any lab on Earth with individual specimens with unique gneotypes for analysis will be present in the station or lab AI to be recreated using artificial wombs,3D DNA printers.Nyx will allow all data on all experiments to be transferred back and forth between Earth and other colonies and space stations in real time and also allow all data from their version of Physis etc to be streamed and allow any species or even specimens of plants,micro-organisms and animals to be recreated on Earth in universities etc using artificial wombs and 3D DNA printers.When interstellar travel is possible then AI will add all microorganisms whether viral,bacterial and fungi into its version of Physis to allow for the common proteins to be ascertained via common genes to all orders,families etc which will be relayed to Earth etc so as to allow all citizens and researchers both visiting and on colonies to be immunised should they make their way back to Earth etc with all people travel to and from stations,bases and other planets decontaminated via narrow UV lights to sterlize any skin and clothing and also radiation of up to 1,000Gy with the researchers and civilians made immune to radiation via DNA from T.gammatolerans.Humans will be immunised to all pathogens and even benign bacteria and viruses as well as fungi on all newly discovered planets to prevent them adapting to pathogens similar to how HIV evolved from Simian Immunodeficiency Virus.All items sent to and from stations will be irradiated to kill pathogens.The relevant genotypes will sent to Earth and all colonies ASAP to allow all humans on Earth and other colonies immunised using the common proteins method.Animals both on Earth and other planets can have their behaviour and tenancies towards humans etc in all situations analysed using VR technology in any environment imaginable in solo or group simulations to prevent human casualties.

As detailed earlier all surfaces such as walls,floors,surfaces,windows,furniture,seats will be sprayed with a permanent film of liquid glass that repels dirt and water and bacteria.This will make work by hooverbots and janitor bots that patrol rooms and halls at set times with the janitor bots docking at rooms in these amenities that house factories for virkon and other cleaning fluids like bleach that are made in miniature photobioreactors in bulk.The janitor robots can be followed instantly by a machine that dries up the liquid.Having the floor covered by a layer of liquid glass will prevent the growth of microbes as well as make it stain proof meaning only a vacuum may be required to remove all stains since they cannot stick to the floor preventing accidents as well as saving time.These can have miniature UV lights on the bottom that kill any remaining bacteria.All robots will be able to interact with automated doors and lifts that open when they approach them allowing them to clean the place when the amenities are empty.

Glass windows will be sprayed with liquid glass internally and externally to prevent water sticking to it and fogging as well as the build up of dirt.Otherwise window cleaning robots can be used.If possible windows in all amenities can be replaced with quantum dot technology windows coated in liquid glass.

Robomow will be stored in compartments of parks,botanical gardens,stadiums etc in the same shed or room as other cleaning robots.It will cut grass at set times when they are not used and they will use maps streamed from the AI to cut them without the need for setting down wires with them saving how much they have cut before recharging inside its compartment vi a wirelless charging conductive plate with them also covered in graphene paint and quantum dot technology to gain energy from the sun on sunny days with thermo-piezoelectric materials gaining energy from the suns heat.The grass cut alongside any leaves can be collected by other robots and transported to community and home farms by automated vehicles where it can be used as livestock feed.