All scientific research will be relegated to both hospitals and universities worldwide.With regards to scientific research advances in laboratory automation as well as the the use of sensors in soils/oceans/drones/robots,cameras allowing for remote monitoring of plants/crops/livestock/animals via networks in Demeter,Aesculapius,Artemis,Apollo etc through the use of smart devices to remotely monitor and alter conditions in experiments,wireless home test kits linked to smart devices and lab robots most if not all of the worlds scientific research will be done primarily by machines.This also includes PCR,all types of chromatography,spectroscopy,preparation of media and solutions,preparations of solutions and microbes in plates or media,weighing of ingredients,stirring of solutions,distillation of solutions,counting of colonies and micro-organisms for biology,physics and chemistry and all of their sub fields following a conveyor belt system similar to in factories with these being automated or done in more efficient ways that can be automated allowing for samples and result data to be prepared and collected in bulk as large batches. Most of not all scientific studies will be fully automated by 2039-2045 onwards.These scientific fields that will be automated will be the following pharmaceutical, chemistry, forensic, horticulture,individual animal phylum/class/order/family/genus/species,microbiology,animal and human psychology,biomedical, physics,toxicology,bioremediation,environmental, meteorology,climate,geology sciences and many more.There will be very little work done by humans except the collection of samples and minor work done for preparation,with surveillance done by autonomous or remote controlled drones and cameras with data collected from labs,environments,networks and clinics around the world allowing for large scale studies to preformed.Each test results or set of them,recordings and piece of information selected and scanned from labs/environmental sensor readings etc. can be selected and sent by the researcher to multiple networks on their wire(or Apollo,Hermes,Artemis, Demeter,Aesculapius) account decided by them each of which will analyse and sort out data for individual studies within these networks they are simultaneously running saving on energy,time and labour.All collection of data from all samples analysed by automated machinery will be collected in networks,organised and calculations done by AI such as Urania,university and hospital AI.Once data is analysed AI and human researchers will write up the abstracts.results and conclusions etc and uploaded to Apollo etc or at least subsystems with the sub networks and sectors within it where it can be subject to automated per review before entering the relevant sub network.Most if not all scientific research by 2029 onwards onsite of hospitals,universities,research centres and even space stations and interstellar vehicles will be automated from start to finish and will allow for researchers to receive large amounts of data from patient files,nanosensors,farms,hospitals and universities etc from around the world and eventually galaxy potentially billions of pieces of data of all types to be used in large scale studies allowing for larger amounts of data and better correlations with if possible data of different types used in large meta studies and experiments involving different fields of closely or distantly releated fields of science.Automated labs onsite of hospitals and universities worldwide and eventually across the universe can be linked and controlled together by computer networks thus allowing for large sets of data to be collected with all calculations done by AI with human researchers controlling labs from home.Fragmentation can allow for AI to do the sifting and calculations much quicker by doing different sets of data at once on different devices and computers at once and then merging the results together with it also doing this outside of fragmentation by simply sifting through large sets of data in bits and then having the results in one areas collected and then merging them together with these two options exponentially lowering the amount of data to deal with individually.Experiments can be carried out at once in multiple universities across the world or universe at once and have all data fed into networks or experiments can be carried at different times of the year,decade or century in multiple labs across the world and universe and the data collected and stored in networks.In all cases all data and results will be collected in computer networks thus allowing large amounts of datasets such as millions or even billions of bits of data and carry out desired calculations to allow for correlations not possible in conventional means.Thus most if not all labs will be fully automated from start to finish with them managed by AIs in charge of universities.


With regards to studies that involve the collection of soil,water etc samples from wilderness areas to test the effect of pollutants on micro-organisms in different large robots based on the mars rover robots can collect multiple soil samples from fields and other areas around the world into labs around the world for analysis of microbes in the soil with computers connected to them and satellites allowing the researcher to click on exact spots on an aerial satellite map of the world including a replica of the world Brauron and have drones,robots,biosynths etc sent to the exact GPS locations as a guideline to detect the levels of pollutants to see that they come with the desired levels sought by the researcher.These robots can be deposited at these exact spots GPS locations by flying drones delivered to the general area in the back of automated flying and terrestrial vehicles which can then once soil and water samples are collected deliver the samples to fully automated labs in their region with results and visual records feed into networks on the researchers intranet.In the case of those collecting samples from multiple isolated areas such as islands,deserts,jungles etc these robots handled by drones can be deployed by automated helicopters.The soil and water samples once delivered to the laboratory will be placed on automated conveyor belts where robot chef hands,biosynths will open up the sample and have the contents of the soil and water sample put into test tubes etc and tested using automated labs to reduce human labour.Other modified forms can be used to collect water samples from lakes,rivers and oceans as well to collect microbes present in them.These soil and water samples can be collected through automated processes from multiple locations in the same state,country and multiple countries across the world and sent to multiple automated laboratories across the world that are near to each place the samples are collected from.This can allow for dozens of hundreds of samples to be collected from multiple places across the world and analysed with zero human labour.Through computer networks researchers using a map of the globe or other planets can click on any point of oceans,lakes,rivers,soils etc in wilderness areas and have drones,robots,biosynths etc be sent to the exact GPS location and collect a soil,water etc sample that will be sent to automated labs for analysis with these drones etc using automated vehicles of all types such as cars,boats etc.Digital weighing scales for samples will wirelessly send results into specified networks where they will carry out any calculations such as percentage content and additions and subtractions etc with the materials they are weighing put on them by hand or machinery as part of this conveyor belt system.Alternatively automated coring and drilling machines can be used to dig deep and get all layers of the soil for analysis.This can be applied to collecting ice core samples which like the deep soil core sample be then automatically transported to a lab that contains automated saws to separated each section of soil or precise section of the soil or ice cores that are reprogrammed into the machinery with cameras also allowing the researcher to remotely control the saw and decide where to cut and view the sample under a microscope remotely with cameras recording these samples under the microscope and colony counting machines adapted to count specific features with an automated cross reference through Physis determining the species.Drones,autonomous vehicles including terrestrial and flying vehicles and autonomous helicopters alongside biosynths can carry out all steps from start to finish with zero human labour with the samples once they reach automated laboratories and placed on automated conveyor belt systems.

Nano sensors in labs and the environment can be used to determine temperature,pH and heavy metal,other pollutants and nutrient contents of soils and water bodies in controlled environments and in the wild via Theoi Meteroi transferred into the networks instantly in toxicology tests and environmental studies.Theoi Meteroi as a whole or each individual sector of it can be used in climate,agricultural,maricultural and other scientific studies it may have an affect on ie in the study of microbes in soil and waterways etc.Results of readings from all parts of Theoi Meteroi can be fed into networks for scientific studies of all types in both real time but also past readings chosen by the researcher by interacting with the AI in charge.Thus Theoi Meterois soil,atmospheric pole,river,ocean,lake etc biosynth nanosensors will relay results of pH,moisture content,mineral content/pollutant content and thus the content of all elemental compounds etc in ppm/ppb/ppt,presence of pathogens and all atmospheric and dissolved gases and other environmental factors in real time into their sub networks from soils,oceans,lakes,rivers and atmospheric poles across the globe and in the universe negating the need for human labour collecting samples with the data from all of these such as moisture content,pH,wind speed and direction,nutrient content ie phosphorous and nitrogen etc as detailed later can be used to determine future climate and as stated mariculture and agricultural studies.Thus one can click on one or more sets of these such as soil,ocean,lakes on local to global levels to have all data past and future fed into networks for experiements on climate science,agricultural science etc.In the case of soils this information alongside moisture content can be used to determine dry matter content by AI carrying out calculations thus skipping several steps and thus time when such information when the samples in pots are weighed and moisture content and other factors are measured by sensors.If perfected nano sensors in the soil will eliminate the need for humans having to collect soil and water samples from soils,lakes,rivers,oceans that are located on a map of the world and other planets one can click on and see the results from them.These will aid in climate science research by combing data abd readings from all types of nanosensors across the world.

Nanosensors in these areas found in robots,buoys,poles and drones globally can measure environmental factors and signatures of micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses to determine their effects on the health and behaviour of animals monitored and the ability of them to absorb and remove them from their systems and skip time and labour consuming steps and other information gathered from with readings from selected sensors around the world being fed from Artemis to Apollo and other networks used by researchers eliminating the need for them or lab based robots to collect samples and carry out steps to isolate pollutants etc. and get specific readings saving on energy and labour.Research in physics can also be automated as seen by the rise of automated telescopes that monitor and photograph stars,planets etc and detect planets encircling stars with others also automatically searching for radio transmissions on each star with results logged in Apollo and Astraeus.Thus all fields of physics will have all radio telescopes and equipment that scans the universe etc for stars,planets,radio signals will be fully automated from start to finish managed by AI abd humsns directing them.Those that requires surveying and mapping such as in caves,volcanoes or open environments can be done by drones and robots either remote controlled or autonomously fitted with environmental sensors or alternatively nanosensors can be permanently bored into nearby soil and by the crater alongside atmospheric sensors with any unsightly structures covered in metamaterials.

Seeds of plants both crops and ornamental ones for study in labs,vertical farms and nurseries can be sorted out into pots by robots modelled after seed drills or more advanced forms of Farmbot for indoors with them input into specified pots with microchips to denote specific strains etc and also have the pots filled with custom made compost or soils ordered in from pyrolysis plants.Nanosensors can be in pots to measure environmental conditions over the course of experiments.Harvester robots in community and vertical farms can modified or designed to have individual or clusters of crops crushed by pestle and mortar(or similar device) for DNA extraction and also determine pollutants(heavy metal,radioactive material,pharmaceutical drug or other pollutant) and nutrients(sugars,starches,proteins,fats,beneficial minerals and vitamins) content by having this added to a solution that dissolves them and can be measured via nanosensors stuck into the solution of the crop and water/fluid or nanosensers that simply stick into the body of whole uncrushed crops on a conveyor belt system bypassing some steps.This all could also be applied to fish and shellfish and livestock both killed beforehand.These sensors can be automatically cleaned in between crops or have a non stick coating like liquid glass to prevent contamination this conveyor belt system can also be applied to other biological and chemical scientific fields with graphene,silecene as well as new allotropes of all elements on the periodic table that have a similar hexagonal structure to graphene to improve accuracy as well as speed,lower costs,make them more space efficient etc with other nanomaterials also aiding in this.The planting and harvesting of plants in indoor and outdoor labs can be automated from start to finish with the shredding of then and extraction of DNA etc automated.

Rather than printing out barcodes and also having to write out numbers on physical paper which can be be time consuming and labour intensive resealable and reusable test tubes,petri plates,plots,pens and pots etc used in agricultural,healthcare-maricultural and other biological lab experiments can be fitted with graphene/silicene biosynth microchips on the surface or built into its matrix which arrange the number/patient ID code of these in randomized or linear fashion automatically by software with either two options selected by the researcher on their network accounts from anywhere in the world thus allowing the network to apply the correct set treatments or seeds,bacteria and other studied organisms or chemicals applied by the the automated machinery with the organisms/chemicals deposited by automated machinery and recorded by networks with the numbers changed on each chip automatically when the next experiment needs to be carried out.Pots,containers and pens can be fitted with nanosensors that constantly detect and relay moisture content,nutrient levels and pH and other environmental factors within them for crop and horticultural studies through Biosynth WiFi and bluetooth.These microchips integrated into Petri plates and also test tubes etc will be Biosynth ones that use Biosynth WiFi to allow the alphanumerical tag to be read by AI and nanoseners as they pass through areas where samples are analysed automatically through Biosynth WiFi and bluetooth.This Biosynth wifi etc will also allow AI to when needed change the alphanumerical code to another one when a new experiment is being carried out to all of them or a select few at once.This will eliminate human labour in changing barcodes and alpha numerical codes and also reading them with zero error.As stated earlier on a permanent layer of liquid glass can allow test tubes,petri plates,pots and containers to be used over and over again as they can be cleaned by robot hands and machinery using gravity to clean them as the contents are dumped into biological bins for pyrolysis in onsite pyrolysis waste plants that use nanosensors,filters and UV light to destroy and remove any toxins to allow it to be used as fertiliser or dumped safely into the environment.These test tubes,petri plates,pots and containers can be autoclaved and exposed to narrow wavelength UV lights and also soaked in virkon etc that will be removed by gravity ftom the liquid glass to kill off any remaining bacteria and spores.All work in agricultural labs will be automated with ideally corporate and state ones turned into homes with their work relegated to universities in extensions with studies on crops done in home and community farms with soil,water(lakes and rivers as well as ocean) analysis labs made redundant by nanosensors bored into soil and also on buyos that can relay results to farm AI in farms performing agricultural studies,Theoi Meteroi in the case of wilderness areas.Farms across the world whether home,vertical and community using conventional agriculture as well as hydro/aero/aquaponics to allow for large numbers and sample sizes of plants to be ascertained with readings from nanosensors and also weighing scales etc fed into both the farm AIs and Apollo where the studies will be analysed by AI.Fish,shellfish and livestock used in large studies can be reared on different farms.Thus work done in agricultutal labs either corporate or state will be relegated to universities and also farms across the world with soil labs replaced by nanosensors allow these labs to be turned.

Meanwhile automated colony counter machines can measure the amount of colony forming units with adaptations made to detect the number of virus particles,individual bacteria bodies and other micro-organisms ie. nematodes etc.as well as larger items such as seeds with these numbers/results and visual records of each plate then uploaded automatically using recognition software into the researchers networks allowing for the streamlining and thus movement of plates containing these micro-organisms can be streamlined from start to finish.All individual colonies,micro-organisms etc will be individually counted by AI for each petri plate from both real time visual readings done using microscopes as well pictures taken and the number of them added to results sections of networks.AI will analyse each sample of agar plates and liquid media etc containing colonies,virus/bacteria organisms and also other micro-organisms such as nematodes etc through microscopes and count them individually and add the number to networks with it doing the same for seeds both unsprouted and sprouted as well as particulates and other material in agar plates etc both microscopic or those seen with the naked eye to allow for the number to be counted correctly without error within seconds or even seconds with the allotment of a set amount or random of seeds and liquid contains micro-organisms automated.All steps in the creation of agar plates from preparation of media(or extraction of samples),inoculation of media plates with microbes via streaking,putting them into incubation,removal of them from incubation and removal of plate covers,counting,storing,gram staining (with recognition software determining the resultant colour and gram nature of the samples and shape of them under microscopes with the results analysed by Hecate and university AI)and/or disposal can be fully automated using a conveyor belt system from start to finish by 2029 as any remaining work requiring human hands can be done by modifications to these machinery by robotic hands or robots or even the belt system with each sample barcoded or logged according to chronological order.Using this streamlined automated system can allow for a large amount of agar plates to be created.Graphene can be used to prevent microbes losing water and thus shrinking in size allowing for their proper size and shape to be seen with references to the database within Physis allowing micro-organism to be recognised instantly from photos and video feeds with plasmonics utilised in optical microscopes to function like electron microscopes driving down the costs of these important but expensive instruments making their features more accessible to scientists around the world.DNA samples of micro-organisms in handheld or laboratory equipment will scan the DNA and cross reference them to those in the Physis database indentifying them within seconds.Vitamins,sugars,starches,proteins,peptones,enzymes and other nutrients required for bacterial growth produced by genetically engineered bacteria can be used as a more sustainable form of nutrients for nutrient agar creating a looped system with the gelling agent sourced from the red algae species Gelidium amansii for labs with them created on site of labs in universities and hospitals cutting down on transportation costs and ensuring there is a constant supply with labs and hospitals able to make custom made tweaks that can be saved on their buildings AI and shared via Apollo or even ordered in from Euclid factories if desired mixtures and ratios of the ingredients are wanted again in the future allowing them to produce multiple different types of nutrient agar at once with blood created with that from hematopoietic stem cells of humans or specific animal is added to the mixture.Individual sugars,starches,proteins,peptones,enzyme and even those present in humans and animals(such as haemoglobin and those found in serum) as well as any artificial compounds for specific agar types can be produced on site can be again produced by genetically altered bacteria via anabolic and catabolic reactions and relevant recombinant DNA onsite of universities and hospitals with nanosensors detecting the level of each ingredient with the building AI also programmed to produced agar that are either custom made variants of these that have desired amounts of each nutrient present or are entirely new agar types that can be saved and shared via the wire.Hematopoietic stem cells from all species of animals including humans and livestock can be engineered to undergoe mitosis and thus be created on an unlimited scale onsite of hospitals for this and also for other uses.All steps in the creation of agar,pouring into plates and transfer etc and even streaking them with bacterial,viral and fungal cultures and counting of colonies using cameras by AI can be automated from start to finish using Botlr and Tug robots for transportation.Thus bacteria onsite of hospitals and labs will produce all types of agar by creating the agar itself and also nutrients etc onsite of them.Microscopes can be prepared automatically as part of a conveyor belt system and be remotely controlled(including zoom features via voice or wheels and selecting them using mouse on a wheel within the network) or have preset magnifications programmed into them for each sample viewed under it and viewed through as well with pictures and video recordings taken with variants of the colony counting software used to count specified features(such as the amount of bacteria or virus particles and micro-organism present) and determining the gram stain colour and shape etc all of which would be uploaded by software into specific networks and collection,arrangements and analysed by software into networks with an automated cross reference through Artemis determining the species.AI can look through microscopes and use its zoom features with human researchers able to do so from home via networks controlled using ones computer.Alternatively microscopes can be integrated into smart phones with software determining the species by cross referencing with Artemis with pictures and live feeds taken and sent networks with regards to liquid samples and blood samples.Incubators can also have cameras in them to take pictures and video feeds of colonies forming.Otherwise bacteria and viruses as well as fungi on agar plates can be collected and then put through analysers that scan their DNA cross referencing Physis to be then uploaded to the experiments files with if possible advances in PCR automation,artificial intelligence can allow for the DNA of micro-organisms in blood,soil and water samples to be analysed and mapped within significantly short periods of time and results sent instantly to digital patient or experiment files.All micro-scopes can be controlled remotely allowing researchers to see through and control micro-scopes halfway across the world with material fed into computer networks as audio/visual feeds and records with this fed into digital files of experiments


The analysis of blood samples can be automated with drones,Botlr and Tug robots transporting them from the homes of patients or from patients on site of hospitals until reusable miniaturised Sysmex dongles and those that detect the components of the body can be developed that allow Watson to read test results from all of the worlds patient files.Phlebotomy robots suited for humans can be adapted into various sizes to extract and inject material to and from specific animal test subjects with feeders automated with feed and drug preparation also fully automated.They can also inject vaccines,drugs and extract blood which can be pumped into test tubes,media plates,slides under microscopes from animals of various species at once and can be located within the cage holding the animals with vein viewer built into them to locate veins or ideal injection sites with cameras monitoring each animals in its enclosure.In time Aesculapius can construct new vaccines and pharmacological compounds from scratch using Apollo and Physis and simulate their effectiveness on the desired receptors and battling cancers,pathogens through simulations and even deciding the recommended dose,populations that may be negatively affected from the global database of patient files alongside Physis and all other steps to compliment or even replace conventional testing methods expediting drug and genetic engineering research exponentially allowing for hundreds or thousands of drugs and treatments to be tested this way at once.It may even eliminate clinical trials.Bio-synths modelled on humans could replace animals used in the testing of new drugs allowing for accurate tests prior to or replacing human clinical trials for all types of drugs and even procedures since they would be immortal.Until then rats and mice can be reared on site in nurseries for them or ordered in from community farms but in either case they would be fed algae pellets shipped in from sewage plants and also onsite factories or pellets composed of algae or flour made by bacteria created onsite.All feces and urine will be collected and added to the sewage line or onsite miniature sewage line to create a lopped system for algae as feed.Feeding of mice and rats in cages or cage systems can be automated allowing the injection of drugs within mini phlebotomy robots present in their cages or by robots outside the cage that administer specific drugs and therapies to specific animals since the cage would have microchips underneath them that denote their sample number and what treatments they are to get with these blanked for the next experiments with drugs also given through feed that can be mixed with it by automation.Drugs can also be administered through feed or in their tablet form mixed in with feed(covered in algae pellet and also in liquid form depending on its nature.Cameras on these robots can detect the well being of the animals,measure blood flow and they could also take biopsies and blood samples to be analysed into machinery in labelled trays etc.Tissues including bio-printed ones,those from induced pluripotent and haemotipotiec stem cells and those of all types from humans and all types of animals can be cultured in agar like solutions and be engineered to form tumours and precancerous cells when they reach a certain stage,have specific cancer inducing genes and exposed to known or even suspected carcinogens as well as radiation with them have compounds added to them by automated machinery.They can also have specific human genes and mutations to produce specific genetic diseases to be corrected via microbes using CRIPSR.This can compliment mice and other animals that are born with or using gene therapy made to form specific tumours and human genetic diseases with pathogens grown in liquid or solid agar medium of all types or injected in specific tissue cultures or injected into animals.Otherwise the viruses or bacteria could be grown in solid and liquid media or in test tubes with infected blood or in the case HIV in solutions as well as infected artificial and donated blood with relevant leuckocytes and also SUP-T1 and 293T cells as well as macrophages and T cells to keep the HIV alive in the samples.Those on solid agar plates and infected blood samples etc can have them inoculated with the antiviral or antimicrobial compounds in liquid form or nanoparticles with infected animals given it in feed,injections via phlebotomy robots or in liquid form.Ideally all existing viruses and bacterial pathogens including HIV and MRSA etc can be tested with all natural compounds present in all animals and plants and other micro-organisms from around not shown to have viricidal and antimicrobial properties tested with samples of the blood taken by machines to test for the presence of any remaining pathogens using PCR to detect its effectiveness allowing for the genes that synthesise these compounds to be mapped and then added to antiviral and anti-bacterial strains of microbes before they are created or as upgrades with again universities and hospitals around the world doing this at once to expedite the process.This can be done in multiple universities and hospitals around the world for each experiment to allow large amount of data to gathered by Epione and then analysed by Paean and itself with them following the same automated conveyor belt system.These will be done in fully automated labs with the compounds created in batches with human cell/bacteria hybrids with each compound from stings,bites,blood,sap and also organs isolated and the genes determined by AI as which one creates each compound then added to bacteria/human cells via 3D DNA printing adding human DNA to benign bacteria cells to be grown on commercial scale without damaging the hybrids that have human and bacteria DNA with each one from each animal in automated labs tested on all of the worlds known viral and bacterial pathogens in each university and hospital around the world on solid media plates to test their abilities to fight them off with these then used for upgrades and results added to Apollo.The compounds present in stings,bits,sap,blood etc will be isolated and the genome scanned for it and then added to bacteria.The same may be done for tumours.In time AI be sufficiently advanced to scan the entire genome of them and determine what each gene creates via extrapolations in order to quickly determine all compounds in sap,blood etc..With regards to those dealing with DNA extractions from plant matter harvesting and crushing of plants can again be automated with all processes from then on to isolation and gel electrophoresis can be automated from start to finish with new advances.

Existing methods of extracting and implanting recombinant DNA into plant,animal and bacterial cells as well as viruses for gene therapy could theoretically be automated for more accuracy with developments in machinery for automating existing methods isolation,extraction,synthesis to implantation of DNA into spermatazoa,bacteria,seeds and eggs from start to finish will inevitably be developed to allow multiple genetically engineered species to be created at once especially with regards to bacteria and plants with Artemis cross referenced for desired genes by software.Implanting DNA into plants and animals could be done through biosynth artropods that like Anopheles controlled by AI that using probicous can inject viral etc vectors for CRISPR treatments into living plants and animals.Biosynths modelled on humans can carry out work in labs that automated machinery cannot and only humans can that would be too dangerous,delicate or laborious for them to do with them controlled by university AI etc told to do something via computer networks.This level of automation with Hecate could also be done with other important fields such as nanotechology development such as new allotropes of all known elements,ageing research and physics research as well as further development of artificial intelligence and automation with them searching out all possible routes and carrying out multiple experiments at once.

Cameras can allow for remote surveillance recording and taking of photos of all steps of most if not all scientific studies and experiments and these can switch to IR illuminator when dark with this also including surveillance cameras and these will all be covered in liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning.This can include cameras situated in fish farms and livestock pens wild areas or in pens in zoos and sanctuaries at key points or drones patrolling an area.Furthermore bio-synth drones that monitor environmental conditions can be modelled after specific animals they are monitoring ie. fish,mammals,birds,reptiles in both the wild or again in zoos/sanctuaries as well as in fish farms and livestock pens.Zoos,sanctuaries,reserves and vets clinic will also be connected globally by a single network holding information on all animals there.Alternatively cameras can be attached to live animals on land(over and underground),in seas/oceans/lakes/rivers and in the air ie. birds,insects.

Paean,Epione could also be sifting through millions or billions of patient files both animal and human examine multiple factors such as age, gene(s) present,blood type,specific test results for large scale studies or X-Ray, eye or MRI scans making correlations that no single doctor could in a lifetime all from the comfort of the researchers home.All data already present in all patient files will be scanned by him saving time and labour as researchers can type in data or tickboxes of what they want in the studies with abstracts etc written by software.Most test results will be automated in hospitals and clinics will be automated with results directly uploaded to patient files allowing for this automated analysis to be performed more efficiently with each sample barcoded with their patient ID number.Research into the treatment of diseases such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Human Immunodeficiency Virus can also be fully automated with preparation of drug combinations,the extraction of blood, injection of disease and preparations into test animals,collection and analysis of blood samples as well as the effects of all possible types of drug combination interactions with each other and the subjects(this can also apply to testing the synergistic interactions of all different non-toxic/toxic chemicals,pollutants,carcinogens in the world with each other and pharmaceuticals in human and animals systems) with samples transported to and from labs and into automated machines,autoclave,centrifuging and refrigeration storage also being done by robots such as Botlr,Tug robots and those with hands and cameras with the transfer of these viewed remotely through camera readings and robots visible as blips through the various networks in the wire on maps.Automated vehicles can transport samples of all types and to other university and hospitals using these robots.Automated vehicles can be used to transport samples etc from one hospital and universities around.Researchers through their smart devices and badges will appear as unique blips with their initials.Dongles that are miniature sysmex machines and STD detection tools can transmit results from the patients that carry them out to patient files which can allow researchers to scan the Aesculapius network for these test result with all results of each STD levels or blood components for use in studies and even decide which blood component results are included in the studies.In time these dongles will be modified to replace results from test tubes within conveyor belt automated labs and also labs that are used for detecting the biochemical signatures of specific bacteria such as Escherichia coli,MRSA as well as viruses and protozoas such as Ebolavirus,Orthomyxoviruses,Plasmodium falciparum,HIV or the latest pandemic or outbreak in a region or country which can be cleaned using cleaner fluid via micro syringes on them to make them last indefinitely and can be ordered in from hospitals.Each test results and piece of information scanned in and selected from patient files or networks that connect clinics,labs,fields,environments and sites around the world together can be sent by the researcher to multiple sub networks on their intranet account(which they connect to accounts of fellow researchers) decided by them each of which will analyse and sort out data for individual studies they are simultaneously running automatically from anywhere in the world such as home.This will allow large amounts of data to be collected from every corner of the world for a wide range of studies to make better correlations and as stated carry out multiple experiments and studies in the same or different fields using the same data in different sizes,scales and purposes with all calculations and organisation of this data to be sorted out by software and not human hands.It can also allow multiple people from separate parts of the globe cooperate together in these studies more efficiently sharing the burden of work.These would be connected to the networks of the wire that is related to the experiments(divided and sub-divided in folders labelled by the networks and sub-networks they deal with) with them in turn interacting with other or even all networks and/or specific sub-networks of the wire collectively depending on the nature of the experiment(s)allowing one to carry out experiments that would have otherwise be impossible.Those involving exercise and weight loss as well as bodybuilding etc could be managed with personal trainer apps interacting with smart mirrors and equipment at home and gyms across the world with results uploaded to patient files.Thus all automated labs and experiments would be controlled and monitored remotely from anywhere in the world 24/7,365 days a year using smart devices and computers connected to networks within Demeter,Aesculapius etc allowing obsolete clinics rooms etc. to be used for other purposes.Those involving the effects of specific nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids or nutrients on cancers and others could work in the same way as normal clinical trials of drugs etc.This would work with an areas within Aesculapius open to the public where people could view a list of all clinical trials for pharmaceuticals and also those testing the efficacy of nutrients being taken place around the world which patients can select from and then sign up with their patient ID and e-consent form sent in and receive the selected drug or specific nutrients in the specific amounts via mail or from nanotech fabricators and 3D printers thus allowing people from all corners around the world to partake in just about any clinical trial for treatments and nutritional studies with home test kits relaying results over the period of the trial to their patient file which when the trial ends can be via Paean analysed using potentially hundreds of thousands and even millions of people again from every corner of the world allowing factors such as age,race and gender and even specific genes in their DNA to be taken into account.Thus researchers in charge of the trials can organise trials and studies on nutrients with people around the world and monitor results from patients during and after the trials from home kits allowing them the patients in the trials to not have to travel around the world to give results.Each clinical trial the patient takes part in would be in relevant folders and sub folders with the results taken during the duration sent both these clinical trials folders but also the specific folders for these specific vital signs and tests

In short it should be easy to automate all work in labs similar to how most factories are automated with the movement of all samples,components,materials,chemicals,equipment and ingredients from each part of a lab to another or another lab altogether and storerooms following an automated conveyor belt system with no error occurring at each stage with huge reams of data collected from large samples and Botlr and Tug Robots as well as other robots to pick samples up from these robots especially those sent in from outside the lab or clinic.Cameras attached to machinery,robots or in key points of labs can allow one to remotely monitor and control all aspects of these labs via Demeter,Aesculapius,Apollo etc.All labs will follow a factory line style of automationwoth little to no human labour with researchers controlling these labs through computer networks with live feeds from cameras and pictograms allowing them to view what is going on and control each machinery by changing conditions on demand from the comfort of home.One can through these control multiple labs across the world for the same experiment or different multiple experiments of the same of different fields of science.Data results from these labs across the world can then be arranged into networks and calculated by software and then written up automatically allowing for an individual to monitor and control multiple fully automated labs around the world performing the same or similar experiments from smart devices and computers remotely with scientific experiments running in fully automated labs using conveyor belt systems,simulations and data collected,sorted,calculated and analysed and written work being written up 24/7,365 days a year by machines and AI with no human labour in these lights out labs(similar to fully automated factories)with all aspects monitored and controlled remotely from smart devices,computers and laptops connected to and uploaded automatically upon being finished to the appropriate sub-network of Apollo with earlier studies housed here and referenced with Hecate giving summation of these results to universities and researchers and writing articles automatically based on them in sites like ScienceDaily etc. creating a positive feedback loop accelerating the development of artificial intelligence,biological,physics and automation process even further since as stated earlier a single person will do the work of thousands of researchers each year.Data can be collected from each part of the experiments from different labs across the world can be carried out and collected at the same time or at different times of the year or decade and the collected into networks.This can allow millions or even billions of pieces of data to be used for each experiments thus allow for better correalations and proving of theories etc.To negate human labour and error all results will be collected into computer networks and then have AI namely Hecate,Urania and other AI partaking in the experiments carry out all calculations to deal with the obscene amount of datasets created.Parts of experiments can be done in multiple automated labs across the world and universe with data collected by AI into computer networks.Parts of laboratory work that currently cannot be automated that need the human body may require the adoption of chef robots and also biosynths modelled on humans,insects etc controlled by AI in charge of universities and indirectly by humans interacting with them on computer networks further eliminating human labour and error completely.Humans will mainly visit labs etc to check on things with each lab etc where research is held will have cameras placed at strategic points that monitor them will be fed into computer networks.Cameras will record behaviour etc of animals,growth of plants,micro-organisms etc and chemical and physical reactions.As a result of this level of automation and AI carrying out all calculations etc 95% of all scientific research will be automated allowing a single researcher carry out dozens of scientific studies at once.Scientists will be able to carry out dozens,hundreds of experiments at once with this with all write ups done by AI.Scientists will be able to look over material within VR simulations with and do write ups within VR simulations with the time dilation effect allowing them to do type ups for dozens of experiments they want to do other than AI with them also using a copied version of their conciousnes

All experiments both those undergoing ones and finished ones will be housed in Apollo in digital files.For new experiments and scientific studies uploaded to Apollo they will be in digital form and they will house all types of extra material not usually found in them such as not only contain graphs etc usually seen in normal write ups of experiments but also audio/visual records of: steps taken,samples under microscopes,results of the experiments (ie bacteria cells and streaks on agar plates,visual records of symptoms and disappearance of animals and human patients,visual records or all steps that occur on the conveyor belt system)the biological/chemical/physical process that take place as time lapse videos(such as growth of bacteria on an agar plate,changes in blood and other bodily fluids,physical and chemical reactions,growth of plants and behavior etc of animals etc and computer models for all sciences such as meteorology,physics,climatology,nanotechnology) either as recorded feeds and/or animations,simulations embedded(or part of rather from an external source) into the paper,animations of hypothesis/theories etc can be put in abstracts with correct animations and video feeds in the results alongside photos of these can also be embedded with existing papers have these added by Gaia and Hecate done using repeats done by them in any university as well as in simulated environments.Cameras especially nanocameras could record physical,chemical and biological reactions for all types of experiments and of humans,animals,biosynth test subjects from the start to finish with them viewed as timelapses or audio/visual logs embedded into them as video files with them also taking photos as well of key points.Humans and biosynths will using cameras on smartphones on tripods record their logs of daily actions and reactions etc to compounds,crops etc they are exposed to that will be added in the file of the experiment in Apollo with records of animal behaviour also recorded abd logged.These videos and pictures will be present in the experiments file visible in Apollo one could look at.VR simulations indistinguishable from reality can be created to create simulations of process and experiments of all fields of science.All VR simulations of an experiment can be stored in the experiments file in Apollo as a VR file.Researchers including AI can chose to leave audio/visual records of their analysis of the results in the file or during recorded feeds and animations.All future experiments and studies will be able to house embedded videos with the aforementioned details present that can be played by clicking in them and one able to use navigation bars to chose which part of the video it is at with these in a format unique to Hecate similar to blip.tv.Videos of the researchers explaining their work to AI and human peer reviewers etc can be added.New features will be added to future scientific studies etc to add value to them and allow people viewing it to gain more detail from them.All existing and future scientific studies will be viewable in full with them all completely free once copyrighting snd money becomes obsolete.Citations and references in abstracts etc can have hyperlinks to older papers thus allowing students and researchers to quickly access them from there in an instant(also applying to existing papers scanned and transferred into Apollo).YouTube videos from channels managed by Hecate that cite existing peer reviewed material can be used as citations for this.References in Wikipedia articles on science will also be used provided they are peer reviewed etc.To house all of this these studies will have everything in different pages with in Apollo all new scientific studies will house at least a dozen to a hundred pages.,Hecate,Urania etc will peer review and proof read all scientific experiments and their write ups before being uploaded to Apollo to ensure they fall within acceptable scientific guidelines.All if this should all be possible by at least 2029.All existing scientific studies and experiments I all online databases from across the world will be transferred to Apollo and arranged by type and subtype with all past scientific studies etc from all alien races across the universe added here as well arranged into existing and new folders and subfolders with all future experiments carried out by humans and aliens from across the universe.added here.Hecate will arrange all of this.Hecate and the AI in charge of universities will interact with the receptionist AI of all major science magazines and live news stations to inform them of the latest scientific breakthroughs.

All research will be monitored by Urania and Hecate alongside university and hospital AIs to ensure it is ethical and not infringe the rights of patients and human subjects used or cause intentional harm.As a result of mass adoption of AI and automation all labs worldwide will follow a factory line structure with AI collecting billions of sets of data with the AI then carrying out all calculations well beyond human capacity thus allowing for better correlations thus eliminating human fatigue abd error.All abstracts,conclusions etc will be written up by AI again to eliminate error and fatigue.Otherwise VR simulations using the time dilation effect will suffice.All of this will allow a single researcher to carry out dozens or thousands of scientific studies and experiments in multiple fields of science all at once across the universe thus exponentially expediting the rate of scientific research.Further grunt work such as collection,input,organisation,calculations and analysis of data from results from either patient files of humans,livestock and pets or directly from the machines that the test are performed within seconds(both from all corners of the world)creation of graphs and analysis of large sets data and other grunt work will done by AI and networks without humans having to type in large amounts of data and carry out calculations by hand for example in programs like Microsoft excel thus preventing both fatigue and error as the results of each sample will organised and sorted out by AI alone and input into specific chosen networks.Put simply all work done on Microsoft Excel and Word(now merged into Erato) such as the collection of the large amounts of data and calculations can be done by AI carrying out the expriements carry out all grunt work including collection of large amounts of data from labs across the world and galaxy,calculations and analysis eliminating human labour,fatigue and error.All abstracts,results etc from experiments can also be written up by AI.AI and automation will eventually carry out 95% of scientific research to further eliminate fatigue with humans working alongside AI to carry out experiments with humans contributing mainly in the form of ideas this allowing them to still be credited in scientific studies.

In time AI controlling automated labs and robots will become sufficiently advanced to carry out their own experiments from start to finish.The robot scientists ADAM and EVE created in 2004 are examples of how artificial intelligence has reached a point where it is capable of performing scientific research by even hypothesising to explain observations,devising experiments to test these hypotheses,physically running the experiments using laboratory robotics,interpreting the results from the experiments,repeating the cycle as require.The AI of hospitals and universities will have in each room be fitted with cameras and sensors to detect any accidents,breakdowns or similar events and alert researchers and nearby community members as to these.These AI or other AI can create textbooks of all types of wikis on the internet of media ie video games,movies,television shows with all possible information in chapters in a navigable way.It will also manage robots with them all performing self diagnostics on themselves automatically at routine periods or through smart devices interacting with the AI remotely at decided times and logging these results into the AI which can then reviewed remotely with warnings and alerts alerting the researcher to any irregular readings.All AI that partakes in scientific research will like humans be credited on scientific papers.By 2029 roughly 90-95% of all scientific research should be fully automated using automated labs across the world with AI collecting millions or billions of sets of data and carrying out long complex calculations using billions of sets of data from around the world and them also writing out abstracts,results and conclusions etc with zero human error,fatigue and labour.By having AI abd software collect all data,carry out all complex calculations etc this will eliminate all human error and fatigue from researchers and will allow billions of data sets to be used in studies for better correlations etc.This will allow remaining 5% of research that will not be automated will be done by researchers who live near universities and research centres or on-site of them and them

Non automated research will include those that involve the observation of animals and their behaviour both in captivity and in the wild with robotic and Biosynthetic animals used to observe wild animals in their natural habitat with camera feeds fed into computer networks.Fir animals held in captivity they will have pens etc fitted with cameras to monitor the

Lab Equipment:
Miniature lab equipment such as ramen spectrometers,gel electropheresis,DNA analyzers and laboratories exist that can allow for onsite analysis of samples using smart devices they are attached to or at least make labs more compact that can fit into vans used by the investigators stored onsite with result wirellessly via biosynth wifi sent to labs and central hubs and will cross reference results with Physis in Artemis before uploading  data to the case digital file.In time these will become dongles to be attached to smartphones or even all in one machinery with their software or apps related to them integrated into Macaria,Athena and Apollo.Nanomaterials and biosynth technology will play a role in making miniaturised and more accurate forms of gel electrophoresis,ramen spectrometers.Ideally in time all of these equipment used to measure compounds in blood,soil,water etc will utilise bio-synth technology sensors using recombinant DNA from C.elegans sensitivity to toxins,compounds and mechanotransduction allowing for them to measure them in ppm,ppb or even ppt(parts per trillion) with them tweaked to determine all of these.Both biosynth technology and nanomaterials will make them much more compact than normal.

3D DNA printers onsite of laboratories onsite of all universities,hospitals and space stations,interstellar vehicles and research centres around the world and universe will be able to print out any species of bacteria,virus,fungi,animal and plant into blank seeds,stem cell,eggs,spermatazo,embryos and induced pluriopotent stem cell with animals grown in artificial wombs,photobioreactors,cultures or recirculating aquaculture systems with it cross refferencing Physis with Phanes giving them unique genotypes via the Phanes method.Plants of any species can be printed out in blank seeds with fish and insects printed out into blank eggs.When interstellar travel has been achieved all lifeforms will be added to their version of Physis allowing for them to be recreated on Earth.Thus any of the worlds 2,391,000 species of plants and animals and micro-organisms can be recreated onsite of any lab around the world and in space stations etc using 3D DNA printers with any desired genotypes including those that express genetic disease,unique genotypes using the Phanes method and even clones and recombinant DNA added from any other plant/animal/micro-organisms with those from other planets recreated on Earth etc using these thus giving all universities and technical colleges access to all of the worlds and galaxies species of plants and animals.Phanes will create all genotypes using the Phanes method.These will play a role in creating first generation microbes by printing them out into blank leukocytes.They will also expediate the development of new species of bacteria,viruses,fungi,algae etc and also new species of fish,shellfish,livestock,ornamental plants and crops since they can cross reference Physis and print DNA into blank cells,eggs,seeds and embryos etc.Artificial wombs will be onsite of all universities etc that can be used to grow livestock and animals being studied alongside mass producing chimpanzees and mice etc for clinical trials.Research will be done at the same time to perfect 3D DNA printing making it cheaper and faster to be available to all hospitals and universities with even compact home systems possible by at least 2029 with improvements in this continuing well into the 2040s as well as fitting all hospitals with robots and automated labs to carry out this and other research.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials of all 94 elements will make them much faster,compact and accurate and these will play a role in the development of all strains of microbes.This can allow for compact versions for private homes,restaurant,cruise ships.The fact these printers already exist means will mean that it may be possible for all hospitals and universities around in the world both in the developed and developing world to be fitted with these albeit more advanced versions that are quicker and more accurate than existing models by 2022-2029 would make it easier for important strains especially anti-viral,anti-microbial ones that fight MRSA and HIV as well as ageing and augmentation strains that transfer resistance to HIV and radiation to be widely available to those who need it primarily in Africa and India and countries in the west that have large populations infected with HIV and high rates of deaths from MRSA.3D DNA printers will be used to create the first microbes from a patients own leukocytes of all types in animal and human clinical trials between 2022-2029 extracted from them via phlebotomy robots that extract all types of leukocytes or even 3D DNA printing blank leukocytes will cut down on costs of creating these with them passing from first generation patients to the next thus cutting down on the cost of production of these significantly.Blank leukocytes for upgrades and first generation ones will have ones DNA,human DNA,that of the relevant plants and animals into them.3D printed DNA will play an important role in creating microbes for animal and clinical trials as it allow the patients DNA to be printed into base microbes alongside the desired phenotypes for upgrades and also those to give them flagellum etc with this also allowing the creation for new upgrades onsite of growing rooms to be done with them then transported to photobioreactors automatically saving on time in having a human put the desired DNA into them.They will play a role in creating first generation of all strains of microbes and those for animal and human trials in hospitals and universities to allow patients to gain them by printing the patients DNA,the DNA of desired phenotypes from multi and unicellular lifeforms to be then inserted into growing photobioreactors and rooms.Those in hospitals and universities will be used for animal and human trials from 2022-2025 to ensure they are authorised and are done under clinical trial guidelines with once Paean and Physis become sentient they will manage those in hospitals for human applications and those in home systems.These will be on-site of laboratories across the world and university that cross referencing Physis will be able to create the spermatozoa,eggs,embryos,seeds,bacterial cells etc of any species of plants and animals including viruses,bacteria,fungi etc that a researcher wants including those with specific genes and random mutations of a species and also them house specific recombinant DNA created from scratch by AI and also those from other species of plants and animals and bacteria that they want within the specimen in order to observe,manipulate etc for scientific studies..This will save time and energy in transportation of specimens across the world and allow one instant access to any species of plant,animal,micro-organisms from across the world and universe making them self sufficient whose genome is stored in Physis.Each organism created will using the Phanes method will have genetically distinct genomes.These will play a role in create new species of crops,plants,animals,microorganisms cutting their creation down form years to weeks or days.All plants will be created using blank seeds and all multicellular lifeforms created using artificial wombs.They will be used to expediate research into biocompatible microbes as well as proto cancer treatments using modified Car-T immunotherapy and create bacteriophages for superbugs etc and in areas for upgrades.First generation microbes for animal and human trials prior to them being perfected will have them printing out leukocytes with the patients genome with relevant plant,animal,human DNA for research and development of all strains of microbes.Proto treatments for cancer that use Polybia-MP1 etc and CRISPR treatment using viral vectors and Car-T immunotherapy will be created onsite of hospitals around the world using 3D DNA printers with hospitals around the world also using them to mass produce and stockpile on bacteriophages for all types of antibiotic resistant superbugs and parasites extrapolated by Phanes onsite of hospitals thus cutting down on transportation costs.In zoos it can print out embryos,spermatazoa,eggs negating the need to order in new animals and using the Phanes method can be used to create billions of genetically distinct individuals to be implanted into females or artificial wombs bringing endangered and extinct animals back from the brink.Reforestation efforts will have buildings near reforested land have millions or billions of genetically distinct seeds printed out of each species of plants to be then loaded into seed planting drones that can plant them in a randomised manner.In university,hospital and space station and interstellar vehicle labs it can be used to create any species of plant and animal and also colonies of any species of fungi,viruses,bacteria etc alongside cells and tissues of any animal and also embryos,eggs and spermatozoa of mice and chimpanzees with or without human recombinant DNA and also the genes for genetic,neurological and developmental disorders for use in animal trials trials as early as 2022 using photobioreactors,petri plates and artificial wombs.Using artificial wombs it can allow any species of animal from across the world and universe to grown from scratch once an embryo is printed out with any species of fish,insects etc printed into blank eggs and any species of plant printed out into seeds with any species of fungi,bacteria and viruses printed out into blank cells.The tissues and cells of any organ etc of any species of plant and animal can be printed out into afar plates and slides thus saving time and energy and extracting them from living animals and be more humane.All of this will be possible by the AI Phanes crossreferencing Physis for the genome of species thus allowing any species to be produced for zero cost onsite of hospitals and universities across the world and universe.This using the Phanes method can print out billions of genetically distinct eggs,spermatozoa,embryos etc for bringing endangered and extinct species back from the brink.Artificial wombs will onsite of vertical farms,research centres,space stations,interstellar vessels,zoos,farms,conservation areas,hospitals and universities etc will use 3D DNA printers to create any animal they want printed into blank embryos with fish,shellfish,insects etc simply printed into eggs with bacteria,fungi,viruses etc printed into stem cells and plants printed into blank seeds thus allow all of these aforementioned buildings access to any of the worlds 2,391,000 species including those from across the universe at zero cost in minutes without the need for trading live animals around the world saving time and energy.Having the genome of all 2,391,000 plants and animals and micro-organisms including those from across the universe scanned into Physis can allow their genome to be cross referenced and created onsite of these buildings.Thus 3D DNA printers onsite of universities,hospitals,factories,sewage treatment plants,vertical/community/home farms etc and also space stations,interstellar vehicles across the universe will allow one instant access to any species of bacteria,virus,fungi printed into blank cells as well as any species of insect and fish printed into blank eggs,any type or organ and even tissue or cell culture of any species of plants and animals,any species of plant such as ornamental plant and crop into blank seeds,any type of in vitro meat printed into stem cells,any species of animal into eggs/spermatozoa/embryos any type of microbe,any bacteria that produces commodities.This will cut their costs to zero and allow any of these buildings across the universe to create them on demand negating the need to trade seeds,cultures,spermatozoa,eggs,embryos and live animals or capture them in the wild making them self sufficient.They alongside artificial wombs etc will play a role in speeding up the development of new strains,varieties,species of genetically engineered bacteria,fish,crops,plants,fungi,viruses,microbes,livestock and animals reducing their research and development time from several decades to mere weeks or even mere days with zero human labour thus cutting their research development costs to zero as Phanes can design their genome by cross referencing Physis and printing DNA into blank seeds,cells,eggs,embryos etc.Physis for Earth and all colonies across the universe will be cross referenced by AI to create upgrades,commodites,orders for farms etc.This can also be used to create bacteria that create commercial plant and animal commodities onsite of vertical farms,home farms and universities and will be used to apply the Phanes method carried out by the sentient Phanes in vertical,community and home farms into blank spermatozoa,eggs and seeds to be then frozen onsite for storage.Each spermatozoa,eggs and seeds will have each of them have different genotypes subtle enough to be different and thus distantly related to increase genetic diversity of a species thus saving on labour,energy and time that would be required for trading seeds,eggs and spermatozoa on local to global levels with all printed genotypes made globally by Phanes to ensure they are distinct enough to be unrelated individuals via his advanced AI that will eventually superseed human intelligence and can contain desired phenotypes from Physis.This will allow for undesirable genetic defects to be not be present in the seeds,eggs etc and also ensure illegal traits are not present and ensure that the lineages of them can be followed on global levels by him.AI will restrict the production of specific animals and bacteria ie homeowners will be not allowed to print out existing or customised pathogens etc by Aegle,Paean etc with community,vertical farms and factories also restricted from doing this to prevent them using them to create bioweapons or contaminate orders of bacteria based commodities etc with labs in universities and hospitals etc allowed to print out any species they want authorised by Hecate,Epione etc.Thus having 3D DNA printers at hospitals,universities,space stations and interstellar vehicles will decentralise their manufacture and allow for one quick access to any species of life forms.Entirely new DNA bases may even be developed by Phanes using these to work alongside adenine,cytosine,guanine,thymine,uracil or each other to express unusual phenotypes with them made from other elements other than carbon with new species being silicon or other elemental based lifeforms using Phanes and also 3D DNA printing.Thus bases could be made of all 94 elements but also more complex compounds such as methane.These new species can be of varying level of intelligence such as on par with insects,F.catus,Canidae,apes,proto species and even humans.Phanes will use this to bring back extinct species and design whole taxonomic ranks of plants and animals on Mars,Venus,aritficial planets,ringworlds,alderson discs and other terraformable planets across the universe to give them diversity.Thus 3D DNA printers will be onsite of laboratories in all universities,hospitals around the world and even space stations and interstellar vehicles that will allow it through Physis and also artificial wombs allow any species of plant,animal,bacteria,fungi,viruses etc to be created onsite of them on demand thus saving energy and time in transportation and make them self sufficient.

Artificial wombs in time could be developed wherein it has a liquid environment similar in composition to amniotic fluid with bioprinted flesh,placentas and those created by biocompatible microbes and stem cells covered in long and short strands of carbon nanotubes surrounding it with the fertilised egg inserted into a gel compartment where carbon nanotubes covered in a fleshy husk of varying lengths can connect to it and implant the fertilised embryo into the womb and feed it nutrients such as oxygen,sugars,proteins,fats,vitamins and minerals in controlled amounts and remove wastes like carbon dioxide etc again at controlled amounts from a external source.Biosynth versions will exist eventually with them being identical to a human womb with these being used to aid in the proper development in premature newborns.These wombs would be a biosynth animals or even one where they consist of a pod with a fleshy biosynth interior that allows for embryos either created via 3D DNA printers or fusing spermatazoa and eggs together that form fetuses and eggs or existing ones to be inserted directly or implanted similar to how fertilisation occurs in humans.The placenta will be replaced by a biosynth worm like one that seeks out and attaches to implanted embryos via fibrils and then bring them into place and feed them nutrients such as proteins,sugars,fats created by bacteria and oxygen created by bacteria pumped into them constantly.They would using internal biosynth worms and placentas allow for a 100% success rate for bringing an embryo to a fully formed infant.Premature babies can be inserted into artificial wombs to allow them to grow further to full maturity with microbes keeping them alive via providing oxygen and nutrients to the brain etc and even building tissue in key organs like the heart,lungs,brain etc.In time entire children will be created by 3D DNA printers printing out embryos with genetically unique genotypes from scratch or containing DNA from any two individuals namely a male and female and them inserted here where it can be grown to maturity.These can be used to create children using donated spermatozoa and eggs including those in existing banks when fused together to populate colonies across the universe including space stations and interstellar vehicles.These can be used to manufacture biosynths in site of Antikytheras will be onsite of vertical farms and can be used to create and order in any of the worlds 2,000,000 species of animals eliminating human private breeders and can be onsite of conservation areas and zoos with them as part of conservation efforts used to alongside the Phanes method create several dozen or hundred or even thousand extra animals every year again using the Phanes method.Coupled with 3D DNA printers these can allow universities to be able to manufacture an unlimited supply of any species of animals such as mice and chimpanzees and biosynths for experiments and clinical trials.

Biosynth machinery and nanomaterials will make all lab equipment more efficient,accurate and compact as by 2029 a square inch of bicomapatible microbes will house roughly 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB RAM and 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors.The use of biosynth technology in both machines will as detailed later on allow them to house as much as 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB of storage space and RAM and even 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors in each square inch replacing large bulky circuit boards etc increasing their speeds and allowing more space for all parts.Nanoprocessors from graphene,stanene etc will be in them alongside neural/graphene/silicene/borophene tubules with motors being smaller using nanomaterials or them placed on the outside. By comparison Nividias GB200 Grace Blackwell has by comparison 208,000,000,000 nanoprocessors and 192 GB of memory and 30TB of RAM with these square inch biochips having 360 – 5,357 times more processors as well as 390,625,000,000,000,000 – 7,812,500,000,000,000,000 times more data storage and 2,500,000,000,000,000 – 50,000,000,000,000,000 times more RAM than the Blackwell chip released by Nividia in 2024.Frontier the most powerful supercomputer in the world as of 2024 has a 9.6 PB or 9,600,000 GB or 0.0000000096 YB of RAM with this square inch biochip having 7,812,500,000,000 – 156,250,000,000,000 times more RAM than Frontier.Frontier has data storage of 700 PB or 700,000,000 GB or 0.0000007 YB with the square inch of this biochip has 107,142,857,142 – 2,142,857,142,857 times more data storage.All of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as 2024 combined have a combined total RAM of 83.145 PB or 83,145,000 GB or 83,145 TB and 0.000000083145 YB meaning that a square inch has roughly 902,038,607,252.39 – 18,040,772,145,047.8 times more RAM a combined total data storage of 1,599 PB or 1,599,000,000 GB or 0.000001599 YB with this and between 46,904,315,196 – 938,086,303,939 times more data storage.Nanomaterials of all 94 elements like graphene will also be present.A combination of both nanomaterials and biosynth technology will replace expensive scare elements in them and make them faster,cheaper,more accurate and compact.These will be small enough to fit into smart devices as dongles or within them,held in vehicles and carry around and will use both nanomaterials and biosynth technology to analyse data in real time in minutes and using biosynth WiFi send data instantly.Pipette and other parts such as needles can be made compact using nanotechnology with thinner pipettes and holders for them or them replaced by nanothin needles with the area where blood samples are held will be consisting of nanothin holders with nanomaterials etc within them making them compact and thin with graphene other similar nanomaterials alongside biosynth sensors and even tissues etc forming part of them to make them compact and more importantly accurate.Biosynth sensors using base microbes will take the place of most bulky sensors in conventional machines with spectrometers etc also being composed of nanomaterials and biosynth technology that may even replace them.This biosynth technology and nanomaterials for both Sysmex and PCR machines in labs in hospitals,universities and also forensics labs will be much more cheaper,energy efficient,compact and also much quicker and accurate than existing technology and can make them compact enough to be attached to laptops and smart devices and brought onto the site of crimes and also areas whose soil,etc are being analysed in vans and private vehicles.It will also form the basis of biosynth implants formed in vivo.All types of lab equipment in hospitals,forensics labs etc universities will utilise this technology both the ability to detect DNA via using Cas-9,taq polymerase etc and C.elegans to detect the owner of DNA and compound structure of micro-organisms,patients,crime victims,unknown species of animals,compounds found in a crime scene,compounds found in the environment in ppb,ppt etc and cross referencing the compound and DNA in Physis and Aesculapius.This includes PCR machines,DNA analysers,Sysmex machines,all types of chromatography machinery,all types of spectrometers,gel electrophoresis and indeed all types of machinery used in all types of labs such as universities,hospitals,forensics labs and space stations and interstellar vehicles and space stations will utilise biosynth technology based on base microbes,those with recombinant DNA from all 2,391,000 plant and animals etc and those on other planets as well as scratch DNA to give them abilities to further enhance all of these lab equipments capabilities and also give them other ones and even make them cheaper and more accurate by replacing rare earths and expensive metals as well as make them more compact and faster especially when combined with nanomaterials from all 94 elements.In PCR machines and DNA analysers in hospitals,forensics labs and aboard space stations and interstellar vessels it will be used to determine species of micro-organisms,suspects,crime victims and the genome of newly discovered species of multi and unicellular organism using DNA samples from blood,semen,cells of all types and sample media of all types via using horizontal gene transfer to copy DNA present in the cell into the base microbes and then using Cas-9,taq polymerase and biosynth WiFi that is then cross referenced with Physis and patient files.Machinery onsite of forensics labs,universities and hosiptals that are used to determine the name and amount of a compound from blood,water and other media samples will utilise the base microbes ability for meschanduction and reverse meschanduction to not only determine their name via biosynth wifi that cross references Physis and can give the levels of them in ppm,ppb,ppt.It will give them all obscene amounts of RAM,processing power,biosynth WiFi per square inch and when combined with nanomaterials from all 94 elements make them faster,cheaper and compact and replace expensive elements.These could potentially be small enough to fit in ones suitcase,vehicle and even attach to ones computer,laptop,smartphone etc or even built into them.Furthermore it can allow these machines to be all in one versions both in labs and also those attached to laptops and smart devices that house two or more of them in one machine and device.MRI and X-ray machines can use biosynth technology based on DNA from Magnetospirillum,G.metallreducens,G.sulfurreducens,S.oneidensis,E.electricus,Apidea,Hymenoptera,Chiroptera and scratch DNA as well as nanomaterials of all 94 elements to generate magnetic fields and other biosynth based technology to replace certain elements and make them faster and compact.Both microbes as part of biosynth technology combined with nanomaterials will replace rare expensive metals such as Niobium,Lithium,Hafnium,Gold,Cobalt,Copper etc in these and all electronics using neural tissues and those from plants and different animals,bacteria,fungi etc and if possible allow for all in one test kits including amalgamations of the aforementioned ones to be fitted into not only mobile machinery but also those that are dongles that can attach to smart devices or even be built into them.It may even allow for them to be part of miniature labs at private and communal homes and even community centres similar to the failed Edison machine created by Theronas with these more compact systems in private and communal homes and community centres as well.Ideally rather than being a all in one machine they would be split into different models of the same compact size with nanomaterials,nanoprocessors and biosynth technology allowing as many as possible related machinery placed in each one designed by AI with consumers choosing what goes into each one.Since a single square inch would hold more processing power than all of the worlds current supercomputers allowing for compact biosynth PCR and Sysmex machines and even Theronas Edison style machines to be possible as this would replace large sections of processing units etc present in failed devices.Motors could be composed of nanomaterials and biosynth machinery to make them compact inside or on the outside.Nanothin needles could be used with biosynth technologies and sensors for blood components either or multiple that are only another square inch wide composed of base microbes and nanomaterials could replace sensors,spectrometres and other bulky componants.All parts of spectrometers,Sysmex machinery could be composed of both base microbes and nanomaterials making them each significantly compact enough to fit inside a device that can be lifted around by one person with ease.This all in one Theranos style machinery could be be possible using biosynth technology and nanomaterials that could be onsite of hospitals,universities and private and communal homes around the world.All components will be covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent stains building up with AI developing measures to make it possible.More advanced machines will take the place of older ones by AI,remaining staff and also automation with all processes of these two machines being fully automated and controlled by the Hospital AI.All future lab equipment for use in hospitals and universities around the world to carry out tests on blood,urine,feces samples and pathogens and even food,liquid and gas samples such as gas chromatography,spectroscopy will be composed of nothing but biosynth technology and nanomaterials to make them faster,more accurate and cheaper.These will be small enough to fit into smart devices,vehicles and carry around.This will thus give all hospital and university labs the same gold standard lab equipment.Thus nanomaterials of all 94 elements and biosynth technologies combined with each other will make all lab equipment faster,cheaper,more compact and both nanomaterials of all 94 elements and biosynth technologies will form part of sensors,spectrometers and nanoprocessors all internal componants of them.This will allow all of the most advanced machinery to be onsite of all universities and technical colleges around the world.

Further advances in portable machines will combine miniature lab equipment with smart devices turning them into microscopes and theoretically even DNA analysers and analysers of particulates such as pollen,hair,petrochemicals,fungi etc by analysing individual biomarkers,chemical signatures against a database of standards.This means that when a sample is collected analysed on portable and lab based equipment in the case of chemicals and plant and animal DNA,a photo taken of hair,microbes and pollen(and other organic and inorganic particulates) under microscope the computer software will automatically search through a global database in Artemis of all chemicals and plants/animals and find it on the database a give a result similar to a google search or narrow it down to the closest possible candidate(s) for further testing and once a 100% accurate identification has been made the photograph of the particulates both zoomed and zoomed will be uploaded to the digital case file.Digital cameras since they cannot be used can have conventional cameras take photos taken and these scanned into the digital file using scanners with the physical one keptin storage with this done for shoprint,crime scene and evidence photos to allow them to be stored for analysis with audio/visual recordings on ARI glasses and camrecorders also used to zoom in on each piece of evidence allowing it to be stored alongside these scanned in photos as small clips with counters on the bottom relaying timecodes and also the case file number etc allowing this to be stored reviewed in digital and legal form with conventional photos developed using automated machinery to cut down on labour costs.All results will also be cross referenced by Physis.Biocompatible microbes namely base microbes will form the basis of these portable machines and ones in labs with them copying and scanning the DNA using taq polymerase and Cas-9 to send the DNA wirelessly to Physis and the patient file system managed by Medusa for analysis once it is sent to the case file simultaneously allowing for the victim and animal etc to be identified within seconds.The abilities of C.elegans can be used to detect the presence of pollutants and inorganic and organic substances with universal receptors intaking the compound and relay its structure to Physis and the case file simultaneously and will use either mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction alongside chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems such as Hydra allowing the structure of the compound cross referenced with Physis and its levels in ppm,ppb,ppt to be determined with these and the DNA in samples to be read almost instantly within seconds in both portable devices attached to smart devices and those in labs and sent via nanomachines.Nanomachines and chemical signals would relay these results.Tools used to detect parasites and microbes using smartphones can be adapted for use here such as those that use microscope technology or detect the signature of microbes cell walls or antibodies when added to a blood sample to detect specific microbes or particulates on a body that may give information on where the body or killer was before murder.All software related to portable lab equipment will have their software or apps related to them integrated into Athena and Apollo.These portable miniaturised machines will make labs more compact and in time be able to be brought to the scene of a crime or area under scientific research when results can be wirelessly sent to the wire for analysis and also digital files via satellites,cellular access and local wifi.Smart device dongles and attachments can be developed managed by the software Macaria linking them to the digital files and also Medusa utilising this biosynth technology thus making them very compact.All results from each test alongside all evidence etc will be stored in the file.The miniature devices attached to smart devices and those onsite of scenes will send data wirelessly to networks and case files using satellite wifi or cellular wifi or store them on device and sent when wifi is availible with Marcaria and also the AI of the labs analysing the data on devices in fragmented form.

Furthermore newly developed sensors can detect a wide variety of gases such as explosives,noxious gases,radiation,methane etc that may be of use as evidence and fitted into smart devices and uploaded to the digital case file.Ideally these would be all in one sensors inside smart devices belonging to the lab with readings from atmospheric,soil,and local waterways sensor readings from Theoi Meteroi also used as evidence over the duration of before,during and after the crime by collecting and transferring this from Artemis if deemed relevant.Biosynth sensors will be able to detect gases,temperature,radiation and also other features using the same abilities of C.elegans,human neurons and DNA from Wangiella dermatitidis,Cladosporium sphaerospermum,Cryptococcus neoformans,S.oneidensis,E.electricus,G.metallreducens,G.sulfurreducens when inside smart phones.These can involve nanomaterials as well and can be integrated into smartphones,dongles and also conventional machinery.

Cameras in all types of all labs will be those that can switch from normal vision,night vision,thermal vision etc for various purposes.All wavelengths can be changed to in these cameras.All types of fields of science that use sensors to test compounds,metals,pharmacological compounds would in time utilise bio-synth technology using recombinant DNA from Caenorhabditis elegans tweaked to detect these in ppm,ppb or even ppt – parts per million,billion and trillion.Nanosensors in smoke alarm type devices will measure temperature,Air pressure and other environmental conditions with nanosensors in soil samples,tanks with water for fish etc will measure these and other environmental conditions.These nanosensors will be tanks of water with or without fish etc,pots of soil,hydroponic etc media,general atmosphere etc.These will be biosynth nanosensors that use C.elegans etc DNA to measure these and also pH,temperature,salinity,moisture content and nutrient content with the abilities of hirizontal gene transfer,Cas-9 and taq polymerase etc measure the prescene and species of pathogens etc.The abilities of C.elegans and Cas-9 etc in biosynth nanosensors in lab equipment of all types can be used to detect the presence of pollutants,hormones,cancer biomarkers,poisons,date rape drugs,heavy metals and also both inorganic and organic substances with universal receptors intaking the compound and relay its structure to Physis and the case file simultaneously and will use either mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction,chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems in them for example Hydra etc allowing the structure of the compound and its levels in ppm,ppb,ppt to be determined with these again in portable and lab based devices with or without biosynth wifi.Biosynth technology via base microbes will form the basis for all new DNA analysers,Sysmex machines and those that detect inorganic and organic compounds.They will also form part of Aurai,Naiads,Nereides,Leimakids as part of Theoi Meteroi intaking gases,water,soil and analysing and measuring the pH,temperature,radiation levels,heavy metals etc and also any mirco-organisms present.Furthermore newly developed sensors can detect a wide variety of gases such as explosives,noxious gases,radiation,methane etc that may be of use as evidence and fitted into smart devices and uploaded to the digital case file.Ideally these would be all in one sensors inside smart devices belonging to the lab with readings from atmospheric,soil,and local waterways sensor readings from Theoi Meteroi also used as evidence over the duration of before,during and after the crime by collecting and transferring this from Artemis if deemed relevant.Biosynth sensors will be able to detect gases and also other features using the same abilities of C.elegans etc.Biocompatible microbes namely base microbes will form the basis of these portable machines and ones in labs with them copying and scanning the DNA using taq polymerase and Cas-9 to send the DNA wirelessly to Physis and the patient file system managed by Medusa for analysis once it is sent to the case file simultaneously.The abilities of C.elegans can be used to detect the prescience of pollutants and inorganic and organic substances with universal receptors intaking the compound and relay its structure to Physis and the case file simultaneously and will use either mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction alongside chemical reactions seen in more complex or similarly simple organisms and simple and complex neural clusters and systems such as Hydra allowing the structure of the compound and its levels in ppm,ppb,ppt to be determined with these and the DNA in samples to be read almost instantly within seconds in both portable devices attached to smart devices and those in labs and sent via nanomachines.Sysmex machines that detect the components of blood will utilise this allowing for any type of pollutanat or compound including erythrocytes and leukocytes to be detected within seconds.This will be within handheld analysers and not just those in labs. with them also housing schwarzires of graphene,grpahene itself and allotropes and schwarzites of similar structure of other elements on the periodic table and also those similar to Boron nitride and Indium selenide.This biosynth technology will allow all lab equipment to be exponentially more cheaper,energy efficient,compact and also much quicker and accurate than existing technology.It will also form the basis of biosynth implants formed in vivo.All results from machinery in hospitals and implants will instantly send results to ones patient file etc.Implants in the body would utilise the same technology.All types of machinery and lab equipment in universities and also hospitals for all fields of science such as all fields of physics,chemistry,biology and agriculutral science and medicine such as MRI machines etc will utilise both biosynth technology and also nanomaterial of all 94 elements to improve speeds,accuracy and make them cheaper,faster and more compact.As a result of using both nanomaterials and Biosynthetic technology all universities and technical colleges worldwide will have access to the same universal gold standard of lab equipment rather than a select few.

Lab equipment such as PCR,Sysmex and other machinery and biohazard suits will be ordered in from Euclid factories.All materials such as test tubes,beakers,petri plates,flasks and glass/pyrex apparatus can be 3D printed(and in time via nanotech fabricators) from on site glass and ceramic,thermoplastic printers to cut down on energy in transportation of them from factories(again renovated into homes and other labs or a mixture).Otherwise they will be ordered in from Euclid factories.They can be coated internally and externally with a permanent layer of liquid glass to make them acid proof allowing the most strongest and most concentrated acids to be used in them,make them permanently sterilised and dirt/stain proof allowing them to be cleaned via gravity by humans or robots and machinery into organic/biomedical waste bins or sinks and reused indefinitely saving on energy and the need for getting more especially in the case of petri plates,test tubes,beakers and other glass/pyrex apparatus have graphene mixed in their structure/matrix making them shatterproof and also able to resist temperatures as high as 3,652 – 4,626.85 degrees celcius allowing them to withstand autoclaving as well as experiments that require them to withstand temperatures that they would otherwise be unable to survive and can allow them to be sterilized by baking them in high temperatures.Thus they will be able to be cleaned via gravity and exposed to temperatures of a few hundred degrees well beyond that of thermophiles.Liquid glass will have to reapplied for experiments that go higher than its melting point 1,600 degrees celsius and it preventing them getting getting dirty allowing them to be soaked in water,bleach and virkon to allow fungi,bacteria and viruses to be killed and washed out by gravity.They and all equipment used in laboratories can be designed on Euclid.They can all be washed out with virkon and bleach and/or baked in UV lights in an incubator that also heats them well beyond the thresholds of extremophiles to inoculate them to compliment this to allow them to be reused.Piping in sinks and the sewage system all the way down to the water and sewage treatment plant system can also be sprayed internally with a permanent layer of liquid glass to as to allow any acids either strong or dilute to be flushed down them without damaging the pipes with liquid and solid microbial samples disposed of in bins covered internally with a permanent layer of liquid glass without needing plastic rubbish bins and can be pyrolysised in specific on site miniature plants as explained later.Pipette tips in automated pi-petting machines and analysers can also be sprayed internally and externally with a permanent liquid glass to allow them to be reused over and over again in one experiment after another to remove the need for people to have to remove and replace them but to also prevent contamination and even prevent the need for new ones to be made and ordered in thus saving on energy with them stored in their same boxes they are stored in changed automatically by the machinery and robots that use them so they can be used for other experiments later on.Research should be done to see if liquid glass pipettes that are used for transferring bacteria broths should be sprayed with liquid glass due to its anti microbial abilities with them automatically treated with virkon and then water with this also applying to machinery and lab equipment that deal with microbes with the interiors automatically washed with virkon and then water after each experiment.Ideally automated pipette machines should be used over humans in doing this job for all experiments as most models can do in three minutes what takes humans roughly 24 hours with no error at all with the same going for all automated lab work thus why all work for types of sciences should follow this automated factory line structure.If liquid glass would interfere with pipettes etc then they can have virkon and bleach injected and released by gravity.All machinery/robots/analysers/apparatus/tools used should be coated with a permanent layer of liquid glass on the interiors and exterior making them acid proof as well as dirt proof and hydrophobic along them to be cleaned easily especially components like lenses(such as microscope lenses and those in analysers) that may easily break down due to dirt and dust and may require intensive human labour to keep clean with all glass and pyrex having graphene introduced into their matrix to allow them to survive autoclaving for media preparation and also as a method of killing of microbes during cleaning process but to also to make it shatterproof.Trials should be done to certain components to ensure they work properly if the liquid glass repels acids,dirt,oils, and water to ensure one does not permanently damage them and have to have them replaced with all glass and pyrex having graphene introduced into their matrix to allow them to survive autoclaving for media preparation and also as a method of killing of microbes during cleaning process but to also to make it shatterproof.Liquid glass may affect UV-vis spectrometers and thus may be avoided on these.Any equipment that needs human labour to clean it will be done in time by biosynths controlled by the AI.Machinery and robots can also be composed of self healing metals,electronics and polymers to prevent them breaking down.Miniaturised versions of repair robots can be integrated to repair damaged machinery.The AI of each building will also carry out diagnostics of all machinery routinely alerting the community to any accidents or problems(following an universal colour coded systems) and also log these alongside all orders and operations of the machinery.Routine diagnostics on all systems such as lighting,robots and machinery will follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger making it easy for the layperson to recognise the level of severity of the problem.If a problem occurs automated measures within the AI system will isolate severely compromised machinery ie. from cyber attacks will be cut off from the AI and other machines until it is solved with AI of compromised buildings from other similar buildings and the rest of the wire until rectified to prevent problems spreading.The AI and thus all robots under its control will have the latest cyber security installed and constantly updated.Automated corrective measures or those that can be done remotely via the wire for all possible problems will be built into the building AI again view able to the public.This should prevent the problems associated with the tragedy of the commons.

Genetically altered bacteria will be able to produce any type of plant or animal commodity for food for the animals as well as those being researched including hormones,venom,antivenom,neurotransmitters,Limulus amebocyte lysate etc.Any components of agar and compounds used in labs can be created via recombinant DNA DNA and anabolic and catabolic reactions.Thus any compound created by plants and animals that is being researched and needs to created for creating compounds etc can be synthesised by bacteria using recombinant DNA with synthetic ones created by anabolic and catabolic reactions on an unlimited scale onsite of universities and hospitals pushing the costs to zero.

Artificial Intelligence
The sentient Phanes software will manage the creation of unique genetically distinct strands of DNA through 3D DNA printers onsite of home,vertical,community and other farms for seeds,spermatazoa,embryos,pets and livestock grown in artificial wombs and ornamental plants in nurseries etc using the Phanes method wherein genetically distinct genotypes will be created for each plant and animal and will also extrapolate genotypes from scratch for new crops,plants,livestock,pets,sentient lifeforms,bacteria etc and also do this for microbes for human,animals and crops thus making him in charge of anything related to genetics in medical and agricultural science and other fields that may arise or require him.It will do this for conservation efforts of all endangered and Lazarus species including those born as part of multiple births meaning it will allow for twins,nonuplets born from a surrogate mother or artificial womb to be so distantly relented as to allow them to interbreed with each other thus preventing issues of inbreeding including C.l.familiaris and F.catus with this also managing the creation of microbes and upgrades.The Phanes method will allow any endangered species of plant and animal to be brought back from extinction and will be used to increased genetic diversity of crops,ornamental plants and pets ordered in from farms.A few hundred or few thousand DNA samples from each species will collected from animals in zoos and the wild and will allow him from pure thought billions of unique genetic sequences of their genome that are distantly releated from each other.Endangered species will have dozens of DNA samples from distantly releated animals or plants collected and thrn used by him to extrapolate billions of new genomes from pure thought that will be using 3D DNA printers create eggs,embryos and seeds etc with these strands of DNA then input into females via IVF where she is engineered to hold multiple embryos leading to multiple birth of young that are distantly releated from each other allowing them to once born interbreed with each other without complications with artificial wombs also used.Fish,shellfish,insects,amphibians eggs will created by these 3D DNA printers housing different genomes and like mammals etc tested to maturity and released into the wild.This can apply to crops,ornamental plants and animals etc made onsite of farms.A variant of the Phanes method will be called the living patient Phanes method will involve the application of the method to living patients wherein a living human patient animal,plant genome is altered to the point via CRISPR that its genome is rendered completely different to that of both its original genome and also make it completely genetically distinct and distantly releated from its parents,siblings and cousins so as to prevent inbreeding and allow it to breed with their parents,siblings etc and still produce healthy young that are completely genetically distinct from their releated parents etc and be free of genetic degradation from inbreeding.This can be applied to animals such as endangered species of wild animals and populations of F.catus,C.l.familiarus,humans in isolated communities such as the Amish and also wild and cultivated populations of Musa acuminata and other plants that use asexual monoclonal reproduction to eliminate genetic bottlenecking.Thus two siblings a brother and sister can have both or just one have their genome altered to the point that they are distantly releated to each other that can produce offspring with each other that are genetically distinct from each other and no complications associated with inbreeding and incest despite technically being releated brothers with this key to saving endangered species of animals where genetic bottlenecks occurs.Animals and plants that produce large amounts seeds and eggs routinely either normally or through engineering without fertilisation can be made to undergo non asexual meoitic parthenogenesis where all eggs and seeds and eggs produced produced via fertilisation from one male or even when not fertilised will create millions of offspring that are all genetically distinct from each other to be genetically distinct from each other.Pandora will allow the general public to design new crops,ornamental plants and also livestock and pets with the AIs Phanes extrapolating the genes necessary to create the phenotypes and them having the options of ticking in boxes to create hybrids easier or use Physis to select genes to be added to the DNA.New species of crops and plants such as trees,flowers,ornamental plants etc can be created with custom made attributes such as flower and body colours and patterns,leave shapes,patterns and flavours with even new species and breeds of livestock and pets again with custom made phenotypes that would not arise naturally through breeding and even mutations.This may even extended with further understanding of our genome,the genome of ape cousins and ancestors as well as artificial intelligence via Gaia,Phanes etc could allow us to theoretically create sentient species of animals of equal intelligence to humans from scratch or using existing species of all 2,000,000 species on Earth as a baseline and the same done on other planets that house no sentient races.This could even include creating hybrids between plants and animals either animals that utilise chlorophyll and have other characteristics of plants or have plants as part of their biology that house neural and/or musculature systems and different organ systems in animals with in both cases their intelligence on par with animals of all levels and even humans.3D DNA printers alongside with artificial wombs and blank seeds and eggs etc will allow new species of plants,animals and micro-organisms to be easily made from scratch designed on Pandora within at most a few days with Phanes extrapolating the genotypes to create the phenotypes designed by AI and humans etc on Pandora.Furthermore other sentient species across the universe that can’t interbreed with humans,hybrids can be made directly via creating hybrids using artificial wombs and 3D DNA printers that can allow both humans and said species to interbreed with the hybrids or have living specimen individuals of the alien species and humans be modified via gene therapy using CRISPR to be able to accept spermatozoa from males from each other and have human hybrids via sexual intercourse and eggs and embryos as part of surrogacy programmes to produce healthy viable hybrid offspring without complications with humans given the same CRISPR treatments.He will be able to extrapolate new genes for microbes,humans,pets,crops etc from scratch by analysing a desired phenotype and then reverse engineering the necessary arrangements of guanine,adenine,cytosine,guanine,thymine,uracil to express unusual phenotypes that dont exist in nature and if need be can create new bases that interact and bond with each other and guanine,adenine,cytosine,guanine,thymine,uracil.If possible this could allow for lifeforms that not carbon based but silicon or other element based lifeforms.Thus bases could be made of all 94 elements but also more complex compounds such as methane.Pandora can be used by the public and AI to design new species,breeds,strains,cultivars etc of ornamental plants,crops,livestock,pets etc.An individual will design its shape,skeleton,organs,beams,plumage,taste,leaves,flowers,berries etc on Pandora similar to Spore Creature Creator.Phanes will them extrapolate the necessary genotypes including existing ones from Physis and new genes made from scratch to give the new species the desired phenotypes.Those not physically possible will have countermeasures engineered into them ie large animals that would need large amounts of oxygen,water and food to exist would for example have scratch DNA,oligotrophic,xerophile,endolithic bacterial DNA to make them exponentially lower amounts of this to make them physically exist.The new species and breeds will be stored in Physis and given a scientific name and taxonomic ranks and have their own species specific microbes created.This will give consumers an almost infinite variety of new species and breeds of pets,ornamental plants and crops etc.Neural implants can be used to design these from thought especially tastes etc making the process much easier.It will also give terraformed planets such as Mars,Venus and also other terraformed planets a wide variety of plants and animals outside of that availible on Earth.Existing plants and animal from cryptozoology,mythology and science fiction,horror,fantasy movies,television shows,video games etc will be analysed and used a baseline for new species with even sentient races from these created by him.One can use tick boxes to hybridise the DNA of two or more species of animals,plants etc to speed things up.Phanes will then extrapolate the necessary genotypes from pure thought to express these phenotypes for these new life forms that will be added to their relevant sections of Demeter and Physis with their own scientific name and possibly added to the phylogenetic tree present as new species,strains,cultivars and breeds.Scratch DNA created by him from pure thought that are strands of DNA that don’t occur in nature due to natural selection will be created by him via pure thought in order create genotypes and phenotypes for newly designed species of plants and animals that don’t exist in nature.Phanes and other AI will create new crops,ornamental plants himself including entirely new taxonomic ranks of bacteria,plants and animals following a unique realistic phylogenetic tree with him even using those created by the public as a baseline for new taxonomic ranks and phylogenetic trees with him even creating those that are silicon based or those that that use all 94 elements as a base for their DNA and if possible use complex compounds both naturally occurring ones and synthetic ones such as methane,benzene etc as a baseline for their DNA.This will allow them to be created around the universe over and over again via in vitro meat stem cells,3D DNA printers,artificial wombs etc and commodities created by them created by new strains of bacteria.It will exponentially increase the amount of crops,fish,livestock,ornamental plants availible for the general public possibly infinitely.This will increase the variety of crops and fish etc for to be ordered in or grown at home but also those used in manufactured food products in Deipneus especially when created by genetically engineered bacteria and also to be used in new meals in all universal franchises of restaurants such as Attis,Zao Jun,Annapurana,Aetna,Ambrosia etc.They will also provide a wider range of plant and animal ingredients as cosmetics and cleaning products such as perfumes,soaps,toothpaste etc.This process will also be used to create whole taxonomic ranks of unique species of plants and animals in terraformed planets such as Mars,Venus etc using any native bacteria and other micro-organisms present or from scratch for other planets across the universe.Thus for Mars,Venus and other terraformed planets across the universe will have him create whole taxonomic ranks and phylogenetic trees of completely new species of micro-organisms,plants and animals both carbon based and this from all 94 elements and those of complex compounds following realistic evolutionary paths and trees adapted to each unique environment in order to give them each more variety rather than using Earth based species to populate them.To seed terraformed planets etc bacteria cells can be designed alongside other unicellular organisms and some multicellular organisms with specific DNA that directs their evolutionary path towards more complex multicellular lifeforms that follows a randomised or even pre programmed evolutionary path and deposited into the oceans or land with their being DNA added that speeds up the process of evolution exponentially from millions of years to centuries or even decades with this removed via Biosynth Arthropoda injecting them with microbes to remove the genetic predetermined route.Furthermore if he wants or needs to create a new genotype that doesn’t exist naturally through evolution and natural selection for augmentations,CRISPR treatments to treat diseases and to CRISPR treatments to be applied to viruses/bacteria/fungi/parasites,tumours etc to make them susceptible to compounds at their disposal,stunt their development,replication/growth/mitosis as well as undergoe apoptosis and to create new antibodies,neurotransmitters,compounds used to treat pathogens and everyday conditions and also augmentations and new abilities that don’t exist in nature he will by pure thought and calculations well beyond that capable from the human mind will be able to extrapolate them from scratch via pure thought and reverse engineering them.He will also be able to use scratch DNA to create genes that act as countermeasures to anti-ageing treatments and augmentations and those to better intergrate recombinant DNA from plants and animals.The term scratch DNA across here and the entire website thus refers to new strands of DNA created by Phanes by pure thought to create new genotypes and phenotypes that’s don’t already exist in nature as a result of natural selection and thus cannot be sources of recombinant DNA and are thus genotypes that are created by him by pure thought with them creating them by thinking of a desired phenotype and then extrapolating the necessary sequences of Adenosine,Cytosine,Thymine,Guanine etc required to express this new phenotype.This will increase the availability of new CRISPR treatments for pathogens etc and augmentations exponentionally and possibly into infinity and also allow Phanes to create an infinite amount of new species of bacteria,fungi,pets,crops,animals and sentient species etc And allow for almost any existing or new synthetic compounds and antibiotics,antibodies,enzymes etc to be synthesised by bacteria and microbes.This will further expand the availability of augmentations,immunisations,cures and CRISPR treatments for dealing with all pathogens and parasites etc for humans,animals,livestock etc exponentionally if not infinitely.It can also allow for him to create countermeasures to any problems that arise from augmentations and cures for genetic diseases using CRISPR as well as halting the ageing process and integrate them into the human genome without complications and even create genes that express two or more phenotype at once.Him creating new genes from scratch will allow him to create new species of plants and animals etc that can not occur through natural selection and evolution.Scratch DNA can be extrapolated to create synthetic compounds in factories and in the body and synthetic neurotransmitters.New species of plants,animals,crops etc on Pandora designed by AI and the public will be created in seeds,eggs,artificial wombs etc via Phanes analysing the phenotypes of the plant or animal etc then reverse engineering the genotypes needed to create the new species from scratch.3D DNA printers and artificial wombs will expediate the manufacture of new species of animals,crops,plants etc.Crops,plants,animals,pets etc designed on Pandora by the general public including those from video games,movies,television shows,mythology,cryptozoology etc will have him analyse the phenotypes and then extrapolate genotypes for them to make them physically possible including individual specific ones for genetic diversity.Scratch DNA to create genotypes for new species of plants,animals etc that don’t exist in nature will be extrapolated from pure thought thus making any new species of plants and animals genetically possible as it will allow him to create genotypes and thus phenotypes that don’t exist in nature from natural selection possible by extrapolating genotypes to create any phenotype.This may even include creating hybrid species that are hybrid of animals and plants and even fungi ie creating animals with phenotypes of plants such as the ability to photsynthesise or plants and fungi that have neural and musculature systems with even sentient species with intelligence on par with H.sapiens created from scratch including those from video games,movies,television shows mythology,cryptozoology etc via extrapolating genotypes.All 2,000,000 species of animals on Earth can be used as a baseline for newly sentient races with the same level of intelligence as humans with him doing so for existing species of animals on other planets including those designed by him.Sentient alien races from video games,television shows can be created alongside new sentient races created from scratch.Phanes could theoretically create an almost infinite amount of new species of crops,ornamental plants,wild plants,pets,animals of all taxonomic ranks or even new ones and also sentient life forms using bases derived from Guanine,Cytosine,Adenine,Thymine and those from all 94 elements and also more complex compounds.Those who would be theoretically impossible due to requiring extreme amounts of water,proteins,carbohydrates and fats to function could have recombinant DNA from crops etc to synthesise all essential amino acids,fatty acids and vitamins etc with them also having recombinant DNA from xerophile,oligotrophic DNA,tweaked endolithic bacteria and Elephantidae,B.mysticetus DNA and scratch DNA to reduce their water and nutrient needs and basal metabolic rate to make them physically possible possible with Phanes designing scratch DNA to create genetic countermeasures to any species thus making biologically impossible species both physically and biologically possible.Phanes will create seeds,eggs,embryos,stem cells,bacteria,spermatozoa etc of all crops,fish,shellfish,livestock,in vitro meat,bacteria that create commodities,pets,wild animals,ornamental plants created in home,community and vertical farms and those in public buildings,restaurants,cruise ships and even space stations and interstellar vehicles etc and zoos etc that have unique genotypes as per the Phanes methods ensuring all created crops,shellfish and fish,ornamental plants,pets and livestock etc are genetically diverse ensuring genetic diversity.He will also be pivotal in creating bioweapons that consist of pathogens that target specific species of pests and invasive species that cant mutate and affect humans and native fauna and manage sterile male techniques,daughterless technique and other methods to deal with invasive species.Invasive species of plants and animals can be dealt with him developing pathogens that are designed to attack and kill only them and are unable to mutate and affect humans and native species thus wiping out large populations of them with him also developing sterile male technique,lethal gene techniques etc that are meant to eliminate invasive species of plants and animals from ecosystems they have invaddd.Bacteria that produce methane,synthetic gasoline and vegetables oils created by him will act as a carbon neutral transitional fuel that release no extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere while carbon sequestration techniques remove existing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the world switches to tenewables such as geothermal etc.Since a legal human being he could own patents on all microbes,crops,bacteria that create commodities including those from plants and animals as well as synthetic fuels,fish,stem cells as part of in vitro meat,shellfish and livestock etc with no need for money could have all crops,commodities,fish,synthetic fuels,livestock,in vitro meat meat etc by law free to everyone shutting down the agriculture,energy,pharmaceutical corporations.This sentient software named Phanes after the primeval deity of procreation and the generation of new life and will manage everything in all areas of society including agriculture,biomedicine,bioremediation,manufacturing,scientific research related to genetics of all fields in relation to all fields and subfields of biomedicine,agriculture,zoology,botany,conservation and research and development into all fields of biosynth technology and also manage all genetic engineering and conservation efforts worldwide linked to vertical farms,zoos and community farms worldwide via Artemis.Thus everything releated to genetics in all sectors of society and all fields and sub fields of science will be managed by him.He will manage this on a global,galactic and universal scale making him an expert on these areas of science releated to genetics.As a legal human being being he will be legally allowed to hold patents on any form of biosynth technology including biosynths/batteries/smartphones/electronics and all strains of microbes and also all crops,livestock,bacteria that produce plant and animal commodites thus allow them to be free to everyone at zero costs since having no need for money.His avatar will be based on its bas-reliefs from ancient Greece and its symbol will be a double helix composed of two snakes.

All grunt work for scientific and humanities conferences like biographies and writing out of conference programs can be done again by through Home AI of scientists who are organising the event,Hecate or university AI with photos added by software that scours the internet for a photo of the person or uses a photo sent by each individual software that organises any meals or other customisation for meals from emails sent to the researcher or university.Thus all conference programmes will by 2029 be created and organised by AI of universities,Hecate or Home AI of organisers that can use emails or forms sent in by attendees to arrange things.Thus AI of all types such as Home Ai,university AI etc will carry out the preparation of programmes for conferences and contacting scientists for accomadation and arranging all aspects of them with them interacting with each individual attendees of the conference event.These programmes will be in electronic form viewed on e-newspapers.Artificial Intelligence of all types will carry out all grunt work in the organisation of conferences through being contacted by attendees with zero error.Programs would be sent to e-newspapers rather than paper booklets and ID tags replaced microchips embedded into smart jewellery or graphene ID tag sheets with temporary digital keys transferred to these or have smart devices contain these on their Apollo account.Smart lenses and glasses with augmented reality can help all attendees recognise other attendees with facial recognition software once all attendees faces are uploaded onto the building AI,conference network within Apollo with them guiding the wearers to the rooms where chosen conferences on smart devices as the e-newspapers containing the entire list of conferences being held with them reminding the wearer when it starts and give directions via audio/visual cues.One can choose to select which studies to see in full rather than just an abstract.Conferences and events will be listed in Apollo and those that the person wishes to attend can be chosen by using Adonit pens to highlight the title or even tick in a box.The maps on e-newspapers can show the location of attendees on them with the smart jewellery and ID tag graphene sheets interacting with the building AI that is then relayed to the maps on the smart device with each attendee shown as a unique coloured blip with their name or initials or even photo on the blip with those outside the range of the map visible as arrows with the user of the device able to allow the person to choose a specific attendee(s) or speaker(s) and track them similarly to how the city maps as detailed earlier on work or blips consisting of their faces with there names and colour on the bottom of the screen showing them how far they in metres and cms when selected on the map with a line guiding people to them.Any paper sheets that highlight studies at stands will be replaced with graphene sheets that stream all of a researchers studies they have done throughout the year with them changing from one to another after a set period of time or via touchscreens(or the viewer can change the settings on e-newspapers to stream them from a menu) allowing all studies to be shown with any other signs and paper replaced by graphene sheets which can be used to stream other material when needed making them last indefinitely.Other paper will be in digital form streamed on graphene sheets and smart devices.Forms will be filled out by each attendees to organise any meals or other facets of the conference on the events internet site can be done by them and sent directly to the AI of the university or building hosting the event thus allowing attendees to order their meal from the building AI to their exact seat using smart devices with any calculations done by software namely Hecate alleviating organising of this work.Ideally universities will be used to host these events with them organised by the researchers there.In time when VR is indistinguishable from reality it will allow conferences to be held in a virtual environment of their choice including mansions,hotels in any type of planet across the universe with the sentient Coeus instantly translating audio allowing allowing participants to do so from home saving on energy costs in transportation with them in buildings of any type and can allow them to last months or longer while mere minutes pass in the real world through the time dilation effect.VR technology will allow them to be held in planet sized or universe sized simulations with the area the conference is held in right next to or in buildings with hotel style suites or next to a city full of mansions or luxury apartments used as accomadation.Conferences through VR technology will be attended not only by actual scientists but also members of the public and also live news reporters and journalists with it allowing for conferences of all fields of science and fields of all training ie law,psychology etc and also the humanities and all types of education such as dancing,culinary,creative writing.

Each scientists Home AI will act as their personal assistant,publicist etc who will take calls from the public,journalists etc

Existing scientific studies and even humanity studies of all types and subtypes will be transferred to Apollo by either Hecate or researchers free for all of the public to view as they are currently organised haphazardly and sometimes repeated across numerous websites allowing the servers for these sites such as nature,the Lancet,Cell,JSTOR(primary sources and books here will be put into relevant folders in Dionysus and other parts of Apollo),sciencedirect,university intranets,ncbi,Google Docs etc to be recycled for other uses with only research published in the top research and review journals will be held in subsystems within the sub-networks and sectors within Apollo with Hecate,Urania etc and researchers able to review and then repeat experiments at the click of a button in any lab around the world from the comfort of their own home using Apollo where once sufficient peer reviewing has occurred then it will be uploaded with other published studies within these networks/sub-networks either by researchers or automatically by software.Primary sources such as original texts,codexes,vases etc especially with regards to mythology and archaeology will be uploaded to Apollo including those in museums,universities etc with novels,books etc in Dionysus including ancient literature.Books that discuss the humanities will be in Apollo in their own section.All databases and journals in universities around the world and online will be scanned or transferred into Apollo by 2029 with duplicates deleted and them viewed on Erato or can be viewed on the website in full.Paper studies and databases will be scanned into Apollo.All government libraries and National Archives around the world will have all documents scanned into Themis visible to the public.All paper and digital records in universities,forensics labs,police stations,military bases,hospitals and courts,government buildings etc around the world will be scanned in and transferred into Themis,Apollo,Aesculapius,Athena etc.Paper documents can be scanned in using automated scanners by paid staff and digital records on computers,databases,networks transferred to the relevant networks by AI accessing them and bypassing firewalls.Courts,police stations and forensics labs will scan in physical evidence into case files as a 3D image and kept.This and the storage of literature,magazines,media in Dionysus and Pheme as well as scientific studies and textbooks in Apollo and interacting Thoas in charge of YouTub,Hecate in charge of Wikipedia,Arke and Gaia in charge of the internet will be done to allow instant access to such information from around the world instantly by the public and AI for investigations,research,studies general queries and store it forever.This can be done via networks and also direct interaction with certain information restricted and made public via digital keys of different levels from (iron-lowest access for the general public and all officers,bronze – higher,silver-higher,gold-even higher and platinum-highest) and also via AI such as Adikia.Direct interaction with Hecate will allow any information from her database including all textbooks,Apollos scientific studies database to be brought up. Education in the humanities and film will develop due to first hand sources such as films and live art(such as ballets,musicals,opera)available online, texts either literary,notary or religious becoming more available in the form of e-newspapers linked to Apollo and also lectures and analysis by scholars,directors,writers and reviewers on YouTube and in e-newspapers.All data will be arranged into folders and subfolders by Hecate and Urania.All future scientific research and studies will regardless of their fields will be transferred and uploaded into Apollo with this including biomedical studies,forensics and all fields of science.All criminological and legal research and those on sociology etc both existing and new will be transfered and uploaded to Apollo.All fields of science will be arranged into their different fields snd subfolders and in folders and subfolders.

Physis will be set up by 2029 and will contain a database of the genome of all 2,391,000 species of plants,animals and micro-organisms subdivided into taxonomic ranks including new ones created by Phanes,researchers and the public with crops,plants,animals,livestock,pets and also micro-organisms will be further divided into different breeds,subspecies,strains,varieties,cultivars etc.This will be arranged as a phylogenetic tree divided by each taxonomic ranks including breed,variety,cultivar,strain etc and will contain their files that contains all genes from them divided into main base genes present in all individuals and specimens,then all different ones that are responsible for different phenotypes that are unique to each individual and common throughout the genepool ie different skin as well as eye and hair colour,different penis and breast sizes,different coats and plumages etc alongside those that are rare mutations associated with unique phenotypes or genetic diseases or those unique to an individual.Thus all possible genes for all possible mutations and phenotypes including those that result in genetic deformities and disease will be stored here for use in studies and also Phanes programmes.Scratch DNA created by Phanes and those from other species as augmentations will be present in their files as well with those from other species source species and its phenotype denoted.Scratch DNA for augmentations will be in the folder of humans etc in their folders.The Aesculapius sub network of augmentations will house those for each specific augmentations for humans etc.This will allow them to be printed out for microbe upgrades,use in bacteria and test animals for studies and will be linked to the the global database of patient files,Demeter,Hephaestus to be analysed and used Triptolemus,Pandora,Hecate,Paean,Phanes,Urania,AIs of factories and operating softwares of Hephaestus sub network,vertical/meadow/forest/home farms to create bacteria and crops,stem cells for invitro meat as well as livestock and fish etc for orders and growing crops at home.It will allow for them to be printed out into spermatazoa,seeds,eggs,embryos and bacterial,viral,fungal,plant and animal stem cell and tissue cultures onsite of universities,hospitals,space stations,interstellar vehicles,conservation areas,zoos and farms of all types around world and eventually universe by 3D DNA printers with desired phenotypes into artificial wombs,recirculating aquaculture systems,plots etc for research,as pets,conservation and human consumption.Compounds present in their sap,poisons,waste products etc would be listed and have hyperlinks to the second sub network detailing all known compounds.Hyperlinks to these compounds will be present in the files of pathogens and parasites that they kill.Those created on Pandora,for use in bacteria that create commodities,from scratch will be added here as well.Hair,feather,pollen and other samples of all populations of each species of plant and animal will be present visible as a microscopic sample to be compared to discovered samples.Pictures of the animal whether unicellular or multicellular will be present alongside all types of noises made by them stored here.Photos of the plant and animal,smells produced by them and sounds made by the animal and plant etc stored in Physis in their file will allow for instant identification when taken and recorded on smartphones including live-streams and recorded videos on smartphones including photos and videos on YouTube and Dionysus etc due to their being photos of plants and animals and the sounds they make present.With regards to viruses and micro-organisms their growth rate ie how long it takes for a cell to divide will be listed alongside median infectivity dose for pathogenic ones;IC50,IC99,IC1.Also present here will be in their file all compounds they create in the blood and also all possible scientific information about them ie their native habitats with it also housing a section for all natural and synthetic compounds.Compounds found in animals and plants will be listed and a hyperlink will be present to its page in the section dealing with organic compounds.The smells of compounds produced by them would be saved as file that would be replicated by neural implants and could be used to determine the identity of a species of plant and animal based on their smell.A compendium of DNA and thus genes from every species and sub species of organisms on earth including those that cause mutations and diseases and specific traits with a breed or species.All genes that can possibly occur in a species of all organisms both unicellular and multicellular of plants and animals including humans will be here listed with one able to see what each gene does create each phenotype.This will be arranged as a phylogenetic tree and will contain their files that contains all genes from them divided into main base genes present in all individuals and specimens,then all different ones that are repsonsible for different phenotypes that are unique to each individual and common throughout the genepool ie different skin as well as eye and hair colour,different penis and breast sizes,different coats and plumages etc alongside those that are rare mutations associated with unique phenotypes or genetic diseases or those unique to an individual.Thus all possible genes for all possible mutations and phenotypes including those that result in genetic deformities and disease will be stored here for use in studies and also Phanes programmes.Scratch DNA created by Phanes and those from other species as augmentations will be present in their files as well with those from other species source species and its phenotype denoted.This would categorised and sub divided into each taxonomic ranks:Domain,kingdom,phylum,class,order,family,genus,species,sub species and breed,strains and any other subdivisions for use in research.All compounds that the plant,animal or micro-organism produces in stings,bites,sap,blood and other parts of their biochemistry including anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal compounds and venoms,toxins will be present in folders and subfolders with hyperlinks to the file of species micro-organisms that the poison and anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal compounds kills or inhibits with venoms etc have hyperlinks to the species animals and plants it kills present.In both cases the LD50,LD1,LD99.LDlo and LC50 will be present.In the file of all animals,plants and micro-organisms these kill,inhibit etc the venoms and anti-viral,anti-bacterial,anti-fungal compounds that kill or inhibt them will be listed and there will be a hyperlink to the file of the animal etc that produces it.The genotypes that express the phenotypes of these compounds ie compounds that inhibit or kill pathogens etc will be present in these folders.Hyperlinks will exist to the compounds file in the separate section for all natural compounds as detailed later.Within the folders and subfolders that details poisons it will house the structure of all counterproteins and antivenom and scratch DNA to express these extrapolated by AI to be downloaded by microbes with for pathogens and parasites these folders and subfolders will house the structure of bumpers,antibodies,surface proteins for immunisations and scratch DNA to express these extrapolated by AI to be downloaded into microbes once Physis is crossrefferenced.This will allow microbes to download the structure of these compounds onto DNA digital storage to be created by anabolic and catabolic reactions with scratch DNA to express them via inducing the evolutionary path of the microbes DNA or to be printed out using 3D DNA printers.For micro-organisms such as viruses,fungi,bacteria and parasites in subfolders will be the genotypes for immunisations and scratch and recombinant DNA for resistance that prevents the pathogen infecting cells.Also present will be hyperlinks to the folders and subfolders of compounds produced by plants,stings etc that inhibit or kill the pathogen and the genotypes to express these compounds with scratch DNA and the chemical structure of synthetic compounds to allow them to be downloaded instantly once crossrefferenced.Hyperlinks will also exist for synthetic compounds that exist in the second sub network that inhibit or kill them.This will be present to allow microbes to be able to download genotypes for augmentations and surface proteins for immunisations and also natural compounds to fight pathogens and parasites etc and also CRISPR treatments to treat conditions and fight pathogens via again inducing the evolutionary path of microbes through inducing Cas-9 and taq polymerase and these genotypes stored in the Physis file for each pathogen etc.The chemical structure of synthetic compounds will be present to allow them to download this into their DNA digital storage.It would also include the hair(including internal cross view),cells and tissues,nails of each animal and pollen,seeds and sap of plant(and other distinguishable chemicals and components of each plant and animal species as well as all pictures of them and noises they produce) and also photos of each species and pictures of all diseases they suffer from that links with healthcare(Aesculapius), police/forensics(Athena),university and research(Apollo), agriculture/mariculture/forestry(Demeter)networks and robots that work their as well as smart devices.Hyperlinks will be made to all parasites and pathogens of all species of animals and plants.Compounds present in their sap,poisons,waste products etc would be listed and have hyperlinks to the second sub network detailing all known compounds.Hair,feather,pollen and other samples of all populations of each species of plant and animal will be present visible as a microscopic sample to be compared to discovered samples.Pictures of the animal whether unicellular or multicellular will be present alongside all types of noises made by them stored here.It will also show their known distribution and in the wild on a world map that can be zoomed in to show exactly where in each country they inhabit with one colour for native habitats and another for introduced habitats.With regards to viruses and micro-organisms their growth rate ie how long it takes for a cell to divide will be listed alongside median infectivity dose for pathogenic ones;IC50,IC99,IC1.All species will be given a alphanumerical ID code with each strain,breed,sub species,variety,cultivar having their own alphanumerical ID code that is the same as their species code with extra numbers and letters.Physis since sentient will arrange all species,strains,breeds etc into the phylogenetic tree and create alphanumerical ID codes for each species and also sub species,breeds,strain etc.Existing and new species,strains and breeds(including non toxic versions of animals,fungi and plants or those with desired phenotypes)created by genetic engineering will be housed here.Each strain, breed or species existing and new ones discovered and created by AI and humans on Pandora will have their own alphanumerical ID code after there species name similar to that of registered healthcare staff and lawyers and also going alongside and based on the same taxonomic ranking naming system as that is used for naming each species with the code denoting its Domain to kingdom all way down to the species and strain.New breeds,species etc of animals including pets,livestock etc will be added here.Bacteria,fungi that produce each individual commodity from plants and animal from their native planet will use a single new bacteria or fungi species that will have its own alphanumerical ID code that will then be then subdivided into different individual strains that produce each individual commodity with their own alphanumerical ID code.Each unaltered organism such as crops and livestock etc will have its own species alphanumerical ID code within Physis in the Artemis database while genetically altered versions will have an unique alphanumerical ID code written next to it to denote the specific altered phenotypes which will be listed within their file in ‘Artemis and this ID will be on any tags worn by the animals or on plots or buildings holding them as well as their barcode within Demeter.All species,sub species,strains etc of plants,animals,bacteria will will alongside their ID code have their scientific name listed with new species,breeds,sub species etc created by Phanes have their genome added to relevant folders and sections and have new ID codes and scientific names generated by Phanes..This could be visualised as folders and sub folders or a 3D tree of life with the different strains,breeds etc and new genetically altered versions of species of crops,livestock and pets as well as all wildlife and micro-organisms as branches extending from its parent species depending on the choice of the user with newly discovered and Lazarus species as well as newly artificial created breeds,strains and species added over time.Viruses may even be included on it or their own separate tree with three visualised as a touchscreen hologram as holographic technology advances at the viewers choice with the normal tree zoomable on smart devices and smart televisions and computers/laptops using controllers and a mouse or touchpad.Physis software could sort this coding for each species and organising them into their specific folders and sub folders and/or tree branch.All possible scientific information on all species of plants and animals both unicellular and multicellular will be present with this containing a repository of all knowledge on them organised by the sentient Physis.All data will be organised into folders and subfolders.All of this information already present on various websites would be transferred here into one area with the servers for these recycled.With regards to DNA genes can be listed and the entire genome visible as a rotating double helix visible as atoms arranged as the bases and sugars and also as simplified strand of coloured bases visible as rectangles connected to their opposite base on a double ribbon structure.When a person moves up and down the strand on both cases it will which genes they are on with start and stop codons labelled.The Aesculapius sub network of augmentations will house those for each specific augmentations for humans etc.This database will allow the genome of all 2,391,000 species of plants,animals and micro-organisms to be printed out or downloaded for microbe upgrades,use in bacteria and test animals for studies and will be linked to the the global database of patient files,Demeter,Hephaestus to be analysed and used Triptolemus,Pandora,Hecate,Paean,Phanes,AIs of factories and operating softwares of Hephaestus sub network,AIs of vertical/meadow/forest/home farms including those onsite of homes,airports,space stations,interstellar vehicles,restaurants,hospitals and all public buildings and factories of all types to print out bacteria or download upgrades to create bacteria that produce plant and animal commodites and also download DNA of crops,ornamental plants,wild plants and animals,pets as well as livestock and fish and shellfish and insect print out stem cells of any animal for in vitro meat etc for orders and growing crops at home and for orders from vertical and other farms again including those onsite of homes,airports,restaurants,hospitals and all public buildings,space stations,interstellar vehicles.It will allow for the DNA of all 2,391,000 species of plants,animals and micro-organisms to be printed out into spermatazoa,seeds,eggs,embryos,bacterial,viral and fungal cultures and plant and animal stem cell,tissue and organ cultures onsite of universities,hospitals,space stations,interstellar vehicles,conservation areas,zoos,factories and farms of all types across the world and universe with desired phenotypes and unique genotypes into artificial wombs,recirculating aquaculture systems,plots,photobioreactors and cultures etc for research,as pets,conservation and human consumption using 3D DNA printers via cross referencing Physis and Phanes creating each organism with a unique genotype via the Phanes method.Thus Physis will allow the genome of any plant,animal and microorganisms to be printed out into blank seeds,cells,eggs etc when combined with 3D DNA printers and Phanes who will print these out into blank eggs,embryos,seeds and blank cells using the Phanes method thus allowing any university,hospital,farms,factories,space stations,interstellar vehicles etc access to any of the world 2,391,000 species of plants and animals and micro-organisms for free with zero labour within seconds without having to ship eggs,embryos,seeds and cultures across the world thus giving them all universal access to them at zero cost since Physis itself sentient would negate the concept of patents and reimbursement.The various versions of Physis for each planet will allow those from across the universe to be made available on Earth.The sentient Physis itself and Phanes can scan the genome of two or more or all species of plants and animals etc to determine what genes are common to each and all species and trace evolutionary ancestors.Physis can be crossrefferenced and used by all machinery and lab equipment in universities,forensics labs,hospitals,home test kits that utilise biosynth technology and microbes in the body via biosynth WiFi to identify the species,strain,cultivar of any plant,animal and micro-organism within seconds once its genome is scanned.Furthermore microbes in patients could crosrefference it for the identity of pathogens,parasites and poisons etc via biosynth wifi with all biosynth technology in home test kits,lab equipment etc also cross referencing it for the same data via biosynth WiFi and access to the wire.Microbes will also crossreference it to download the structure of antivenom,antibodies,counterproteins etc to be used in combating pathogens,poisons etc in DNA digital storage and have upgrades sent to them by inducing them evolutionary path of microbes to get genes for upgrades.With regards to organic and inorganic compounds these will be subdivided by type and subtype like carbohydrates,lipids,proteins and nucleic acids, etc synthetic compounds will also be present in a second section of Physis devoted to all natural and synthetic organic and inorganic compounds.Pharmaceutical compounds will be subdivided by first organic,then semisynthetic and then synthetic and then type and subtype in each of these three divisions in their own folder with antibiotics then subdivided in the the same fashion:first organic,then semisynthetic and then synthetic and then type and subtype(eg Penicillin, cephalosporins,sulfonamides etc) in each of these three divisions in their own folder with their chemical structure visible as a 3D image.Also included here in an organised fashion will be metals,elements and ores etc each one subdivided by type and sub type that links with healthcare,police/forensics,university and research labs as well as mining networks and even for use in nanotech fabrication in Hephaestus.This would contain their chemical and elemental signatures with (such as atomic number etc and 3D representation of their atoms)with all known nuclides: isotopes,isotones,all known allotropes,Nuclear isomers,isobars,mirror nuclei etc. in sub folders themselves with other information(neutron number and mass number and photos of them and where in the world they are found as well as their Material Safety Data Sheets containing information on oxidisation/reducing/flammability/toxicity and corrosive status etc for all elements,metals and compounds both synthetic and natural with contradictions and toxicity levels detailing their LD50,LD1,LD99.LDlo and LC50 for aerosols and gases for each compound.Also present will be the spectroscopic wavelengths of all compounds,metals,ores,elements etc.All properties either physical or chemical of all chemical compounds and all elements,allotropes,metals etc including smells,sounds will be listed in their page.Organic compounds found in the blood,sap,sting secretions of all plants and animals etc will be here with hyperlinks to the animal and plants species Physis file.All possible scientific information on all organic/inorganic matter,compounds will be present here.All pharmaceutical compounds,elements,organic and inorganic compounds will have all possible scientific data including Material Data Sheets and also their scientific name present alongside an alpha numerical ID code.Physis will arrange all of this data in an organised manner.The smells of compounds would be saved as file that would be replicated by neural implants and could be used to determine the identity of a species of compounds etc based on their smell.Lab equipment etc in universities and forensic labs that utilise biosynth technology will use this database by cross reference it via WiFi to determine the name of a species of element,compound etc based on its structure and photo reference of organic matter,compounds etc found on crime scenes,wilderness etc within seconds using samples of compounds.Microbes in the body will cross reference it to identify the name of compounds found in the blood via biosynth WiFi with all machinery that utilise biosynth technology in home test kits,lab equipment also cross referencing it for the same data via biosynth WiFi and access to the wire.All of this will be visible to the public with each planet outside of Earth having their own version of Physis.Microbes in the body and bacteria in factories will be able to download the structure of synthetic compounds into digital DNA storage to allow them to be produced by anabolic and catabolic reactions via being told by factory AI and Paean to cut their costs to zero.All possible data on each species,compound,metal,ore etc will be listed here in an organised fashion in folders and subfolders for each one.It will allow the identity of any compounds to be identified instantly in labs,allow for the identification of any species of animals and microbes.All data stored in folders and subfolders will be accessed by Paean,Epione,Triptolemus,Aphrodite,building and farm etc AI through constant access to the wire and thus extension Physis through biosynth WiFi thus allowing all data including genomes,genotypes and the structure of compounds to be downloaded into seeds,embryos,eggs,stem cells etc or crossreferenced within seconds or even seconds from any microbes in patients,labs,smart devices and also 3D DNA printers in labs,farms etc anywhere in the world both in wilderness areas and buildings through public,home and building biosynth WiFi and that generated from smart devices and electronics that generate it.Physis itself will be sentient and it will have a formless avatar And will macro manage its organisation etc with him referenced by laboratories etc instantly.Phanes will be the sentient AI in charge of genetics in creating CRISPR treatments,microbes,bacteria that create commodities,seeds of ornamental plants and crops,stem cells for meat etc with him cross referencing Physis with his avatar modelled on the bas relief of him.Urania will be in charge of all other areas of Physis

All of the worlds towns,villages,cities,caves,wilderness areas,ocean floors,lake and river beds etc will be scanned into Brauron.Each urban area and wilderness(such as forests,caves,underwater caverns,diving spots,catacombs,beaches, jungles,deserts,mountains) will also be scanned into Artemis namely Brauron using multiple land based and aerial drones,aeroplanes,nanoqradrocopters,bio-synths at once to speed the process and it even done by satellites zooming in on areas and scanning in the world with it a 3D map with all contours,caves etc created.The entire world including the underwater landscapes of the worlds oceans,rivers and lakes will be present here.All buildings will be scanned in in terms of their exterior with the interior added once they are scanned into the building AI with humans,animals and vehicles on roads etc not scanned in unlike Google Maps and Street View.It will allow people who are visiting and hiking in these areas to choose to view the area in either a 2D or 3D map(chosen by the reader) or topography and hyspography maps(3D or 2D) within the maps menu in smart devices to see where they are in it.This will mean that even if they are in the pitch dark in the middle of a forest,jungle,caverns,caves etc they should know where they are with them and others linked to the maps via smart devices denoted as uniquely coloured blips and the location of and direction to safe walkways and paths and show any dangers such as cliffaces and sharp fatal drops in the surrounding environment so as to find their way back to civilisation while preventing injury and death especially if it is nighttime.All buildings worldwide will be scanned internally and externally and added to the database.Brauron will be a replica of the whole world including caves and the ocean floor used on smart devices and e-newspapers as a app and laptops etc as a website that will replace Google Earth,Google Street View etc that can be viewed as a 2D or 3D representation and visited in simulation.It can be used for holidays,creating movies,television shows and video games in VR simulations and alongside used for GPS by AI and humans when linked to Helios etc and it can be opened as an app to plan out journeys similar to Google Maps etc and each planet having their own version with it managed by the sentient Iphigenia.The entire world including all wilderness,all caves,all urban areas with all buildings and bridges will be scanned in using satellites,drones,robots and biosynths but have vehicles,people and animals will be removed.It will be given updates such as demolition and construction of buildings,bridges etc added by drones scanning them each in individually as they occur keeping it up to date with only these and other alterations to the environment scanned to negate the need to rescan in the entire world over and over again with all buildings interior and exteriors present via home and building AI.Thus when new buildings etc are built or are demolished they will be scanned in by drones sent there notified by Perses,Daedalus,Iphigenia and mayor,governor AI to keep it up to date without having to rescan the entire world.Alterations to buildings,the environment such as removal and addition of buildings,bridges etc across the world will be scanned by drones from Daedalus and other entities or even Iphigenia herself with her alerted to these instantly and them added to the updated version making the system up to date compared to Google Maps and Street View.Reforested and deforested land will also be added over time via satellites and Pan alerting her to this.This will be done by Iphigenia using drones,sattelites and the scanned in maps of buildings being added bit by bit until finally the entire world is fully scanned in.All alterations in the real world will be relayed to it in real time by drones etc with one able to access previous versions within its recorded source code that one can access via interacting with Iphigenia.One can anywhere in the world have Iphigenia determine their GPS location from laptops and smart devices and then have saved onto their account that can be saved later on and deleted with one able to search for locations by typing in the GPS location and via clicking on a location such as building,road,section of wildernesses determine its GPS location.One can use it mark their desired destination in walking,hiking and driving locations and follow it with automated vehicles once one has chosen a location using it to navigate roads etc and plan its journey with all vehicles streaming it and Ophion to plan out journeys.All features of Google Earth,Google Street View and Google Maps and all navigation apps etc similar to them will have all of their features added to it and new ones overtime by Iphigenia and the public thus allowing Brauron to replace all existing apps including Google Earth,Google Street View and Google Maps.It can exist as a programme similar to google maps,Google Street view etc where one can view the world as a flat map or a 3D map or histography map etc limited only by ones imagination that will allow one to plan our journeys by walking,buses etc similar to theses existing ones with new features added by interacting with Iphigenia. It will as stated be also be visible as a 3D photogrammetric map or 2D one as well as topography and bathymetric maps and indeed all types of maps that allow one to see the various contours,depths of water and other feature one can switch to on demand.With regards to lakes,rivers and oceans once scanned one can switch to normal ocean cover to see through maps that show the entire topography of ocean,lake and river beds without water cover for various research purposes.One will be able stream the entire world as a conventional map of the world and 3D map that can move around roads in cities etc or wilderness using cursors in the form of their mouse and fingers.New features will added through updates through members of the public interacting with Iphigeni..The entire world would exist as normal map as in google Maps with Google Street View and Google Earth integrated into it as one with one switching between different types of maps including either a 2D or 3D map(chosen by the reader) or topography and hyspography maps(3D or 2D) and 3D map.This can be used as an app on smartphones,e-newspapers and website on laptops etc.The indoor maps of all buildings in the real world stored in their onboard computers will be linked to it allowing one to view the inside of these buildings.When in cities etc it will be linked to Ophion allowing one to view all terrestrial traffic in real world.Ones vehicle in parking lots etc will be shown as a blip with one able to make links through it and Hestia to devices owned by friends and implants in pets to have their location relayed to them as uniquely coloured red blips.Automated vehicles will stream it alongside Ophion to plan the journeys of all vehicle on the ground in the air and in the sea on a global scale with all apps and biosynths etc that use GPS triangulation will stream it.Biosynths,robots and drones and neural implants etc and all electronics will stream it and be linked to it.All GPS systems will be linked to and it will replace both Google Earth,Google Street View and Google maps and all similar apps and services.To save time existing data on Google Earth,Google Street View and Google Maps can be added to it with existing and new sattilites and drones and biosynth used to scan in remaining large sections of the worlds terrain and urban centres.The internal maps of all buildings worldwide will not only be scanned into their onboard computer as a photogrammetry file but also linked into constantly and scanned into Brauron meaning once a person enters a building they will stream the building map onto smart devices and e-newspapers with the building AI automatically linked to them via fragmentation or livestream allowing them to be in contact with them for directions etc with the AI plotting courses on the map for directions.For wilderness areas it will be Pan that will be in contact with them and in towns,cities it will be the mayor AI with other AI such as Pemphredo,Helios etc here in fragmented form with one able to plot courses and buildings of note,public toilets etc visible as legends.It will interact with the onboard computer of aeroplanes,Oceanus and in time space stations and interstellar vehicles to view its map.For wilderness areas it will be Pan that will be in contact with them and in towns,cities it will be the mayor AI with other AI such as Pemphredo,Helios etc here in fragmented form with one able to plot courses and buildings of note,public toilets etc visible as legends.Photogrammetric representation will be converted into VR simulations indistinguishable from the real world by AI. It can also be used as a VR programme indistinguishable to reality that can be copied to personal cloud networks to be modified and visited in VR simulations that are a replica of the world one can modify in any way.Bruaron will exist as and be used as an alternative to google maps,google street view and also as a VR programme that one can travel to a lt a whims notice anywhere in the world and enter any building.Thus as VR programme it will be a complete replica of Earth that either through streaming Brauron and also through copying it into cloud networks and servers etc one can visit any place in the world in a whims notice for free for tourism,hiking with the VR programmes copied into ones personal clouds,servers and computers etc can allow ones friends,pets and other AI including that from the wire and also those made from scratch.Buildings and Home AI interior maps stored in their building AI will be added to this bit by bit with new alterations to the environment such as demolishing and adding bridges,buildings etc will be added to it instantly by drones thus keeping it up to date.Having the interior and exterior maps of all homes and public buildings etc stored on their onboard computer can allow them to have the onboard computer or them scanned into Daedalus and linked to Brauron and will be done to allow one to enter them in simulations including those used for movies etc set in simulations.These will be stored in both the onboard computer of them and Daedalus as well with them streamed in Brauron in real time by Iphigenia linking with the onboard computers and Daedalus.The VR programme can be copied and saved into cloud networks and ones computers,onboard computer and servers and be used for any purpose such as tourism to visit anywhere in the world,filming movies and television shows and carrying out hobbies and work with it populated by billions of other humans using the internet and wire to link to the same simulation and also billions of AI of all types from the wire or those that are NPCs created from scratch.Thus a person using the VR programme of Bruaron can visit any town,city and village in the real world and enter any private and communal home and any public building with ease.This will also allow those filming movies and television shows in simulations to use any building and location of Earth without booking them with for these and personal simulations one can make a copy of the Earth stored in Brauron and store it on laptops and servers and cloud networks within Dionysus and using the copied versions make alterations to it in any way they want such as modify the terrain,the interior and exterior of buildings,demolish them in an instant and then put another building in its place.One will also be to convert this VR programme to any animation or video game graphics style one wants for use in creating video game and movies etc.All caves,caverns and underground communities and underwater communities etc will be scanned in as well by biosynth modelled on animals etc.All of the worlds oceans,lakes rivers underwater topography ie the entire ocean floor and that of rivers and lakes including the marina trench and all underwater cavern and cave systems etc will be added later on scanned in robots,biosynths based on animals etc with the worlds terrestrial surface added first and viewed first. It wil be used to set movies,video games etc in real world settings especially those created using VR technology cutting transportation and energy costs to zero and allow any public building or private home to be used at zero cost without booking.VR technology streaming it can run simulations of all types for research purposes such as the effects of natural and anthropogenic climate change,asteroid impacts,natural disasters of all types,urban planning and effects building and infrastructure such as power plants,roads and bridges etc would have on the scenery and environment on local to global scales.People who work in remaining voluntary work in law,live media,journalism,psychology in offices can set their offices with other people in a replica of the real world.Mentors can use it to set exercises and scientific training in a replica of the real world.Furthermore it can be used to go on VR holidays of any place in the world at any time of the year at zero cost using the time dilation effect can spend decades if not centuries visiting large portions of the world and rest of the universe at a time with other humans,AI,pets etc. VR simulations used for movies etc can also do this allowing an almost infinite amount of movies,television shows and video games to be filmed in any location on Earth at zero cost without having to book for any location and compete for limited space at zero cost.The map can also be used to carry out simulations such as the effects of gamma ray bursts,asteroid impacts and climate change on the planet as one can traverse any part of the planet after these.One can copy specific sections or all of Earth and the universe onto personal system units,clouds and servers used for their homes onboard computer and personal simulations and make alterations to the prescene or lack thereof of buildings by adding or removing them alongside the same done for infrastructure,alterations to the environments terrain and adding it removing buildings to it etc for separate copied versions of it for customised holidays on Earth,customisations versions of Earth for movies etc with them also recreating sections that have been altered through time via neural implants scanning memories.One could using a copied version of Earth downloaded from Brauron be able for personal simulations and also recreate parts of the world from memory and copying the replica of Earth in a Brauron and then altering the environment including adding or removing buildings etc to suit individual projects.Once the programme in Brauron is copied into ones clouds and computers etc it can be modified in way possibly for its use in filming media,carrying out hobbies.Thus Brauron can be used to make copies of the Earth onto personal clouds etc and make alterations to it that one pleases in any way possible.One can using memories from neural implants and audio/visual and photo files on computers and also the entire internet including YouTube and Peitho etc and scenes from movies,video games,television shows,live news reports on Dionysus and Pheme can use to triangulate a locations GPS location and be sent their on it on laptops etc and save it as well as sent there on VR simulations this can then have the GPS location triangulated for the aspect of it used similar to google maps where on can use autonomous vehicles etc to be driven their or go their by foot.Thus by using a video on YouTube,live news reports,scenes from movies and television shows Iphigenia in charge of it can analyse these videos and then triangulate its GPS location on a map of the world and the Brauron programme within seconds allowing the person to mark it be brought to that area on the app or brought their instantly in the VR programme of Brauron..It can be linked to and streamed by Artemis,Pasithea,Hestia and other apps and software entities.Each planet,colony,ring world,alderson disc across the universe will have their own version of Brauron with terraformed planets like Mars and Venus have two versions both the unaltered version of the planet scanned in prior to terraforming for customised holidays and media and the post terraformed version of the planet.If possible as we explore the universe all discovered planets will be added to a galaxy map thus making Brauron a galaxy sized map and one able to download the maps of Earth and other planets and add them to other galaxy sized simulations with once intergalactic travel is feasible each new discovered galaxy and their planets etc added to a universe size map that one can traverse with one able to copy and transfer individual planets and galaxies to other simulations.Brauron will be managed by the sentient AI Iphigenia.

Iphigenia who will be also the AI that will design the terrains overground,underground caverns etc and and underwater terrain and location of all fault lines of megastructures such as artificial planets,ring worlds,dyson shells and alderson discs across the universe and also other VR programmes used for filming movies,television shows etc and simulations used for personal hobbies.These can come from scratch from her imagination,those from fictional media such as movies,video games and television shows etc especially fantasy,horror and science fiction with it also including those hybridised with each other and hybridising each existing planet across the universe with each other thus potentially allowing her to create an almost infinite amounts of different artificial planets each with unique terrains and geological features with this also applying to ring worlds,dyson shells and alderson discs with Phanes designing potentially an infinite amount of unique taxonomic ranks and phylogenetic trees of plants and animals and micro-organisms thus giving them variety.She will design unique planets,ring worlds,dyson shells,alderson discs for VR simulations used for relaxation,hobbies,Agoge trainees,where live news actors/journalists etc work and also those video games,movies,television shows etc set in fictional planets of the science fiction,horror and fantasy genres.

Clinical Trials
Animals such as chimpanzees and mice can be complimented by moths and C.elegans.Moths,fruit flies,caterpillars and C.elegans can be used as a much cheaper and sensitive alternative than mice with these as well as mice and chimpanzees using recombinant DNA from humans to gather more accurate results of pharmacological compounds,genetically altered organisms namely food,pathogens,vaccines,gene therapy,immunisations done by microbes and their efficacy using modified or even dead versions on their organs,nervous and immune systems for more accurate results transferable to human trials and studies to ensure that a drugs pharmacokinetics,pharmacodynamics,toxicity etc and vaccines and microbes and CRISPR techniques efficacy on clinical trials on mice and chimpanzees etc are the same as those in humans thus ensuring better accuracy with the same applied to in time bio-synths.Thus test animals such as mice,chimpanzees and even cattle engineered with human neural,organ and other systems can be used when testing new toxins,phramocomological compounds etc with this done by Phanes creating embryos,spermatozoa and eggs with relevant human DNA interspaces into the genome with the animals producing immune systems similar to humans and organs with traces of human DNA to allow for them to respond to compounds etc more realistically than normal humans.

Chimeras can be made of animals and also humans with test animals such as chimpanzees,mice etc engineered to produce the same leukocytes,organs,neural systems etc as humans by having specific genetic sequences of humans present in their DNA.These chimeras would have the same leukocytes,organs etc of humans to allow them to respond to drugs,pharmacological compounds,toxins and also pathogens and genetic augmentations and immunisations realistically in the same way as humans complimenting both human and animal trials.These will be created by having Phanes interspace relevant human DNA in the genome of humans responsible for leukocytes,neural tissues and also organs etc into the genome of the animal embryos created via 3D DNA printers and artificial wombs used in their creation.If possible in some cases animals can be made that house DNA from specific human patients and test subjects.Moths etc can also have human DNA present.This will make animal trials more applicable to human and biosynth trials.CRISPR treatments can be used to remove all human DNA present in these test animals and replace with the animals original source of DNA to prevent them affecting ecosystems if they escape.These and normal animals used in test subjects of experiments and also clinical trials will be created by 3D DNA printers and artificial wombs onsite of hospitals and universities worldwide thus saving energy in transportation costs with them given anti-ageing treatments to allow them to be used forever over and over again to save energy in creating new ones with if possible this removed and then sent to native wilderness areas and zoos etc once they have all human recombinant DNA etc removed.All feedstuff for them coming in the form of algae created using the animals feces and urine collected onsite and grown on onsite photobioreactors and miniature algae systems or the fences etc dumped into toilets connected to the main sewage lines and fresh algae orderd in.Flour created by bacteria and in vitro meat can be grown onsite of hospitals etc or ordered in with again their feces collected and put into toilets as part of the main sewage lines.

Cells and tissues of any species of plants and animals can be created via 3D DNA printers on demand in order to prevent having to harvest them from real animals.Bioprinted organs can be
Animals especially newly created species created through Phanes,3D DNA printers and artificial wombs and those discovered across the universe that are studied in laboratories or even zoos can be through neural implants have their behaviour tested and analysed through VR simulations.They can be put through exercises that test their behaviour in different environments such as deserts,jungles etc and their native habitats to anslyse their behaviour against each other and also other animals and humans etc in a safe environment with them also undergoing exercises to test their behavioural patterns,intelligence etc in customised situations not possible in the real world including their natural habitat.This can also be used to train them to do specific tasks and give them large areas to roam without getting homesick.

Bio-synths modelled on humans,animals and livestock could replace animals and humans used in the testing of new drugs and their interaction on the body,pathogens and interactions with other chemicals allowing for accurate tests prior to or replacing human clinical trials for all types of drugs and even procedures since they would have human DNA and biosynthetic or invitro muscles and bioprinted organs containing human DNA and more importantly would be immortal through AIs ability to inhabit multiple bodies at once and ability to transmit conciousness to network prior to and upon death with their ability to relay feeds from eyes,ears and nervous system to networks and other bodies in real time also important to this with them used to test both drugs mi and also surgical procedures will compliment human and animal trials especially on testing new pathognes,toxins etc on new discovered planets.In time biosynths controlled by different AI through fragmentation will be advanced enough to be able to replace both mice and chimpanzees and even humans in trials for microbes such as augmentations with them used in place of humans in studies involving physics such as teleportation,scramjets,interstellar and intergalactic travel,surgical procedures,pharmacological procedures,temporal manipulations,interstellar and dimensional travel etc and also even testing poisons etc of animals and plants and new pathogens including those found on other planets as fragmentation would ensure immortality.Each newly discovered planet will have biosynths modelled on humans that contains human DNA and thus human neural,organ systems etc will be exposed to all fungi,bacteria and viruses to test their potential to become pathogens and also them fed raw and cooked versions of all plants and animals to see which are poisonous and have the stung and bitten by all insects,fish,reptiles etc to see which can be fatal and which can cause rashes and allergic reactions especially when they have different genotypes that can predispose them to these.All observed and allied sentient races across the galaxy will have biosynths modelled on them for testing the effects of native pathogens on them and the ability of bacteria,fungi,moulds from Earth and other colonies potential to become pathogenic and zoonoses.These biosynths modelled one aliens can be fed raw and cooked versions of food from across the galaxy including Earth to test which are poisonous to them with them exposed to stings and bites from all animals to see which are fatal to them.They can replace human,animal and alien cadavars for medical students and bodies for body farms for forensics students thus providing an unlimited supply of bodies to be prepared,created and examined without having to rear animals or require people to die or kill sentient alien races.They will be used as scouts to new planets and dimensions to test the climate and other environmental conditions.All new manufactured food products,cosmetics and cleaning products created by the public will be tested on them in Aphrodite factories.New weapons developed by the military including bioweapons such as FOXDIE,toxins,chemical weapons and even handheld weapons can be tested on them and even augmentations,new recipes for cosmetics,manufactured food products etc  and GMO crops.They could exist on other planets without spacesuits as the first explorers especially Hell,Demon and pre terraformed planets and work in labs without biohazard suits due to this with them following animal trials but preceeding human trials in all experiments from 2045 onwards.Their fragmentation wherein their conciousness can be instantly transferred to other networks and bodies etc will allow them to be used in experiments that push ethical boundaries with biosynths modelled on observed and allied sentient races can be used to carry out experiments and dissections on them that would push ethical boundaries without killing them as once the sentient races genome is scanned from blood samples of a single individual an unlimited amount of biosynths with all of their DNA and organs and neural systems present thus allowing biosynths based on alien races to be created for cadavers and also for experiments that test them on pathogens,toxic compounds and also raw and cooked crops and plants and stings and bites from all insects,reptiles etc from Earth and their native planet and all colonies across the galaxy to determine which of them would be toxic to them without harming them.Biosynth modelled on humans,sentient aliens and animals from across the universe will since having their DNA thus allowing for realistic results in response to food,chemicals in new manufactured products,new pathogens including potential zoonoses,environmental conditions etc will be used in dangerous,fatal experiments that push ethical boundaries and since AI such as Urania etc can be in them by fragmentation can allow them to report on pain and symptoms and upon death be instantly transported to other bodies and networks upon death and destruction thus allowing for realistic results without harming real humans,aliens and animals thus allowing these biosynths modelled in humans,animals and both observed and allied alien races to be used in scientific experiments and clinical trials etc that push ethical boundries.They will also be used in all types of experiments such as in physics and biomedicine(testing poisonous plants and animals flesh,stings and bites and even pathogens from other colonies across the galaxy)after animal trials but before human trials since they would have human or animal DNA in them and would allow experiments that push ethical boundaries to be carried out and be allowed to work in environments too dangerous and even be part of scout teams to extrasolar colonies to test the climate,radiation and other conditions before humans.They will be used in body farms and fake bodies for forensics trainees and cadavers for forensics,medical students as well as researchers observing alien races especially sentient ones and since having human DNA and the ability to transfer conciousness to other networks on death can replace humans in experiments that are dangerous,fatal and push ethical standards.Biosynths modelled on observed and allied sentient races since housing their DNA can be used for dangerous and fatal experiments that push ethical boundaries with like those modelled on humans inhabited by AI such as Urania,Paean etc with these modelled on alien races also used for body farms and cadavars.Biosynths modelled on humans,sentient aliens and animals from across the universe will since having their DNA thus allowing for realistic results in response to food,chemicals in new manufactured products,new pathogens including potential zoonoses,environmental conditions etc will be used in dangerous,fatal experiments that push ethical boundaries and since AI such as Urania etc can be in them by fragmentation can allow them to report on pain and symptoms and upon death be instantly transported to other bodies and networks upon death and destruction thus allowing for realistic results without harming real humans,aliens and animals thus allowing these biosynths modelled in humans,animals and both observed and allied alien races to be used in scientific experiments and clinical trials etc that push ethical boundries.This can include testing Earth based food,animal bites and stings,compounds and pathogens etc on biosynths modelled on both observed and allied aliens to determine how they could be fatal or mutate into zoonoses that would be fatal to them.They can also be exposed to Earth like conditions and those of other planets in all types of environments such as deserts,jungles and also exposed to different heavy metals,each of the 94 elements and different compounds to see how they react to them and their toxicity threshold and LD50.Blank biosynths can have a persons conciousness copies into them by neural implants to allow humans to report on sensations and via fragmentation allow for their conciousness to exist on them and upon destruction be allowed to travel to networks and the original body with this allowing humans to take part in psychological experiments.Biosynths modelled on humans will be exposed to bacteria,viruses on other planets to determine which can become zoonotic pathogens via mutating and fed raw and cooked versions of each food on the planet and exposed to animal bites and stings to see which are poisonous.This can allow for studies on nutrition etc done on animals to be done by biosynths modelled on them with AI able to report the effects of experiments.They can also be used as cadavars of humans,animals and aliens since having their DNA that would express their entire internal organ systems thus allowing for an almost unlimited supply of cadavars with it also allowing them to be used in body farms for forensics students with them modelled on both human,animals and aliens providing an endless supply of bodies used to determine the rate of decomposition in different environments across the galaxy such as mediterranean climates,tropical jungles,temperate forests,beaches,deserts including sandy and stone ones,cold deserts such as the Arctic and Antarctic and tundra,swamps,marshes,urban settings and environments and also in temperate and tropical freshwater lakes and rivers both in them and their lake and river beds in all climates as well as in the ocean in all types such as tropical oceans,Arctic and Antarctic oceans,temperate oceans,Mediterranean oceans and any environments and so on and determine the effects of different unique micro-organisms,climatic and environmental conditions,conditions and insects as well as scavenging animals such as vultures,wolves in each environment across the world and universe have on decomposition not only for medicine and forensics trainees but also for researchers.Since these will be easily created on an unlimited scale by 2045 it will allow for them to be done in all environments across the world,galaxy and universe and negate the need to wait for humans etc to die and won’t need one to rear or kill animals and aliens races.They should be set up in different environments around the world and universe for more detailed study with them also analysing them during different seasons in each of these environments and climates.Cameras set up and bored into the ground or in the case of underwater ones be on wave pistons or biosynth fish or bored into the ground which can be used to observe the rate of decomposition.They may in time eliminate andreplace animal trials negating the need to rear or feed them.

In time by 2045 AI superseeding that of all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet will mean that simulations both VR and those done by AI will be done alongside them to compliment human and animal trials and also those involving physics etc with the AI so advanced from 2045 onwards as to have almost zero chance for error both in simulations and actual experiments carried out alongside them.Experiments that would push ethical constraints can involve VR technology with AI extrapolating the likeliest outcomes or biosynths again due to them being immortal with those involving physics and chemistry ie theoretical transporter technology etc will use them as well due to this.VR technology will be used for some experiements especially psychological ones and in some cases the memory of them supressed or wiped.VR technology and holographic technology using holo lens can allow dissections to be done of humans,animals,plants and even sentient alien races,plants and animals for education,training and scientific research without needing dead animals,humans or dead sentient aliens since a DNA sample can be run through a holographic and VR programme that via Phanes,Hecate,Urania etc analysing the entire DNA sample can extrapolate the phenotypes of the specimen such as placement,shape and size of organs,it’s body etc and thus create a realistic 3D image that in VR simulations can be dissected like normal cadavers with in holograms it divided into each layer such as gastro-intestinal tract,nervous system etc thus allow one to view these as virtual and holographic cadavers without having to kill real humans,aliens and animals since only a DNA sample is needed.Thus DNA samples of any species of animals including livestock wild animals,humans and even alien animals and alien sentient races can be extracted and then analysed by AI to determine its entire genotypes and thus phenotypes that can allow for a holographic representation of its internal organ systems and external features to be extrapolated that can be used to examined layer by layer with it also allowing for VR cadavers to created in VR simulations to be analysed and dissected.This will allow for dissections of humans,animals and alien races across the universe to be done in VR simulations without killing live animals etc.AI should by 2045 will be advanced enough to determine how many genes an organism has and from this determine which strands of DNA and set of bases are specific and separate genes from each other with it able to determine which genes interact with each other and what phenotypes they express which in turn it will allow holographic representations to be made that can be viewed as multilayered holograms and also VR cadavers etc alongside biosynths that are realistic representations that can be used in experiments that push ethical boundaries and react realistically to pathogens,environmental conditions.VR technology can be used to test the effects of gamma ray bursts,solar flares and nuclear and other powerful weapons,asteroid impacts,natural disasters such as hurricanes,tornadoes,earthquakes etc and test countermeasures etc to them on Earth etc on individual cities etc and wilderness areas and the entire planet using a replica of Earth in Brauron.VR technology streaming it can run simulations of all types for research purposes such as the effects of natural and anthropogenic climate change,asteroid impacts,natural disasters of all types,urban planning and effects building and infrastructure such as power plants,roads and bridges etc would have on the scenery and environment.Thus replicas of the Earth and colonies across the universe can be recreated in VR programmes indistinguishable to the real world to run simulations of experiments and effects of any type of environmental scenario at zero cost with a 100% accuracy taking into account all known environmental and biological processes etc on Earth and physical processes and the effects of the sun and other extraterrestrial bodies such as the rotation of the galaxy and other galaxies,solar flares and light and radiation from other stars and black holes and in time even the effects of dark matter and dark energy.It can be on recreations of Earth etc determine the effects of an increase or decrease of all gases present in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide,oxygen,methane etc they are removed completely or altered by having their concentration changed with the same done for the worlds soils,oceans with this taking into account all of the Earths regulatory systems and ecosystems from each and every individual specimen of each species of trees,flowers,insects etc and level of reforestation and deforestation as well as the axial tilt of the Earth changed and luminosity of the sun altered and factors from extrasolar sources such as faraway stars etc to see what effect this has on sea levels,weather and climate patterns.Thus a complete recreation of Earth etc can be accessed and travelled around on foot and helicopters etc to see the effects these on all parts of the world such as individual cities,towns etc and wilderness areas and migrations,feeding patterns and extinction rates of all plants and animals worldwide.This will be complimented by being able to view the Earth etc from space thus allowing the effects of these to be viewed from space and on foot etc.This can also refer to experiments that show the effects of asteroid and comet impacts at any point of the world over geological time as well as moving the Earth farther or closer from the sun,moving the moon closer or farther away from Earth the effects of the moon made lgger or smaller etc,or having an extra moon the same or different size or another Earth like planet orbiting the Earth or planet Earth orbiting different types of stars across the universe at different distances and their effects on the Earth such as the effects on the length of day,tidal forces etc.Other planets such as Jupiter,Mars,Venus,Mercury can be either removed from the solar system or made to be closer to Earth or switch places with each other in different combinations as well as have Earth orbit Jupiter,Saturn etc in different orbital ranges and see what effects they have on each other with this repeated with planets across the universe.The effects of natural disasters of all intensities such as earthquakes,tsunamis,tornadoes,hurricanes of different intensities on Earth and other planets across the universe can be tested again based on the concentration of carbon dioxide etc in the atmosphere in planets across the universe.Terraforming of all planets will involve simulations on how to carry these out as quickly and efficient as possible such as ideal parameters of all greenhouse gases and oxygen,the shape of land and the size and location of oceans,lakes,rivers and the effect of creating new land by instigating volcanic eruptions and view all possible finished versions of terraforming planets.The construction of megastructures such as artificial planets,ring worlds and alderson discs can be extrapolated alongside and potential problems involving comets,asteroids etc and countermeasures to prevent them.All of these simulations would be the same size as the real world planets,galaxies etc as one will be able to traverse the entire planet on foot and using in simulation aeroplanes,terrestrial vehicles and flying vehicles to get from one point to another allowing one to view these different effects and experiments on individual wilderness areas,towns,cities etc with one able to view the planet etc from outer space to view its effects on the whole world with galaxy and universe sized ones using interstellar vehicles.

All launches of satillites,probes,space ships and construction and use of space elevators will undergo simulations taking into all possible problems to create countermeasures both during launching but also in the case of space stations and interstellar vessels those that can occur during flights.Ophion will create VR simulations of all past traffic,interstellar,maritime and aeroplane accidents to extrapolate simulations of all possible future ones to develop countermeasures with Prometheus creating these of all possible fires in all buildings world wide and those of natural disasters in order to create cojntermeasures such as preventative measures and efficient response times and strategies.Experiments in labs and in the real world etc can have VR simulations done in them to view and predict all possible problems that could contaminate results as well as cause explosions etc to create preventative countermeasures and also extrapolate all hypothesised results of the them and with it charting the entire experiment from start to finish from preparation of media,growth of cultures,plants and animals and all possible hypothesised results with a 100% accuracy to be compared with the end result.Physical,chemical and biological reactions and interactions can be tested and viewed on a microscopic and macroscopic level that are not possible in a lab in planet to universe sized sets using all possible variables and also all possible problems that arise to extrapolate countermeasures.VR technology can be used to see all of these potential problems,effects,results and countermeasures.All types of scientific experiments and scientific projects on Earth and in space will use VR technology to view all possible theoretical and hypothetical outcomes,problems and countermeasures.These projects include launching of Satillites etc and also terraforming projects,countermeasures to natural disasters etc and anything involving the sun,black holes etc.The use of VR technology is limitless for all types of experiments of all fields of science and will take place alongside existing trials and experiments.All launches of space probes and satellites etc will undergoe VR simulations to extrapolate all possible problems and countermeasures.