New materials for the construction of vehicles include carbon fibres,graphene composites,buckypaper,fullerenes and especially carbyne which is at least 200 times stronger than steel with a tensile and compressive strength of 130GPa and 361 GPa respectively and at least 86% lighter.These can improve the efficiency of batteries and strength yet make them lighter and thus move faster improving fuel and charge efficiency of vehicles including large ones making them go much longer on a single charge than traditional ones.They will also protect them from external damage such as in the off chance they are involved in an accident improving safety.Compressed bamboo which as strong as steel can be used to replace metal frames in bicycles,cars,whee;chairs,boats and light planes.Hemp composites can replace fibreglass and other metals in vehicle construction again to negate the need for mining ores.If possible genetically engineered bacteria can produce the same fibrous material as Cannibas sativa allowing it be grown onsite of Selene factories on a commercial scale.Graphene paint of all colours sprayed on them will increase the strength of all materials used(hemp,bamboo,steel and carbon composites) by at least 200 times,preventing rust while adding no weight to the vehicle.

Advances in automation in car factories have allowed for the near complete automation in the construction of cars from start to finish including the production of wheels,bumper symbol,hood ornament and tyres all of which can be produced on site with genetically altered bacteria growing plastics,rubber,wood and other materials.Hemp could also be produced on site but it may have to be grown elsewhere and ordered in.If possible genetically engineered bacteria can produce the same fibrous material as C.sativa allowing it be grown onsite of Selene factories on a commercial scale.Unfortunately this is limited to preset designs of a specific brand of car being produced by a company.Further advances in automation and artificial intelligence would allow for people to make their own custom made designs for all of these vehicles possible by 2029 with no human labour.

A consumer will simply design a vehicle on a computer using Pandora or use pre-existing models uploaded on cloud network named Selene after the goddess of the moon who rode on a chariot with these consisting of those produced by other consumers or exiting models created from the catalogue produced by corporations since the beginning of the 20th century as well as Formula 1 and NASCAR designs with the interior also designed.They can then customise and choose the colour,type of tyres(with bacteria producing the rubber using wastes on site),alloy wheels,hood ornament,seats,bumper symbol make modifications to those existing models from both reality and fiction and thus uploaded up to the network and thus used and edited by others i.e.Ferrari’s,the various Austin Martin models from the James Bond movies and those from other movies,television shows,YouTube videos,music videos,video games and even those in retail outlets as well as museums making them available to the public.This can be done via Aphrodite product recognition software or handheld scanners scanning the exterior and interior of the vehicles or them being driven through a four dimensional “gate” scanner similar to car washing machines scanning all sides including the bottom(that is located in either a community centre as well as in buildings currently used as retail outlets) with other scanners for the interior and exterior modelled after those that paint vehicles that can enter windows and scan the interior.Otherwise handheld scanners can be used.This will apply to those already owned by the public but also those currently in retail outlets,museums and factories and also to other vehicles such as private jets,motobikes,bicycles,boats,yachts etc.Toy cars in Zegarus will be up scaled and sent to Selene and vice versa.

Fittings in the car such as hood ornaments,alloy wheels,engines,tyres,dashboards,licence plates,batteries and seats etc can also be designed on the same software and again shared on the same network that in turn can be downloaded and further modified making every aspect of the vehicle completely custom made with them in a sub folder for each type of vehicles(cars,motorbikes,yachts).Existing ones of all of these can be scanned into these subfolders with subfolders within Selene housing these for all vehicles to be then placed and on designed vehicles by selecting them or scrolling through them in a sub menu within Pandora and also Selene itself.Engines will divided into gasoline,petrol,vegetable oil,electric and hybrid.They can also be produced on site or in close proximity using genetically engineered bacteria creating rubber and bio-printed leather and other textiles as well as plastic components also made on site all in space efficient miniature vats and machinery.Hemp and other materials can be ordered in or grown on site in hydroponic farms to make them grow faster.If possible genetically engineered bacteria can produce the same fibrous material as C.sativa allowing it be grown onsite of Daedalus factories on a commercial scale.Graphene,buckypaper, bacteria based wood(for flooring) etc can also be produced on site with machinery adapted to produce all of these aforementioned natural and synthetic materials used when they are needed rather than having separate machinery for each one making the factory more space efficient.Alloy wheels and other part composed of metal can also be composed of carbon composites to save on the need for mining.There will also be a sector in the sub-network containing all designed engines available that are designed by engineers with software aiding members of the public how to build the best likely engine and alter sizes and shape of existing ones to best fit the vehicle.Thus when one view and chooses a vehicle within this folder its specs such as horsepower and km per charge or litre will be detailed and logged on the onboard computer and the file within Selene.It is is merely a case of replicating this process in these vehicles (bikes,motorbikes,trains,planes,helicopters and boats/yachts).Licence plates will be customisable on both front and back with the unique serial and licence plates number logged on the onboard computer and will be read by sensors within traffic networks and also surveillance cameras linked to the traffic networks and can be checked by law enforcement using warrant software.These plates could be composed of graphene and project these plates and different moving loops or designs downloaded from Hephaestus.The e-licence plate will also be logged in the onboard computer alongside the vehicles unique serial number in electronic form with this registered to the Home AI of the current owner allowing the owner of a vehicle to be tracked by investigators using warrants and will be registered to the name of them with the name changed to that of the new owner when traded away and may even be able to determine its current location and where they travelled for certain journeys as Ophion will keep track of all logged e-licences.This will be registered upon manufacture and also upon modification of existing vehicles that are fitted with autonomous driving and also onboard computers.It will be stored in ones Polis account and Hestia database.A person with multiple vehicles will have the same e-licence in all vehicles with this applying to all terrestrial vehicles,cesnas,private jets,yachts,speedboats,motorbikes,bicycles,recreational vehicles.This can allow for a vehicle found at the scene of a crime,stolen vehicles,those found by themselves etc to be traced back to the owner.When one trades it away it will be registered to the new owner with one even having it sent to new vehicles if they are getting a new one and are recycling the old one or when traded away with in this case the new owner given a new one when they receive it with if a person dies then it registered to the new one managed by Hestia.Thus all vehicles owned by someone even in the case of those that own multiple vehicles will have the same e-licence stored in Polis and the vehicles onboard computer.This would eliminate current databases of vehicles allowing the servers to be recycled with existing and new ones managed by Hestia transferred to Hestia with investigators able to scan Hestia with a warrent to see who owns which vehicle and it constantly read by Ophion.Private vehicles such as cars,CEOs as and yachts etc will be driven by ones Home AI via fragmentation with buses driven by a combination of Helios for inter city and inter country buses and in city buses driven by AI that managed bus stations for each bus,taxis will be driven by AI in charge of taxi ranks,aeroplanes will be driven by individual pilot AIs,cruise ships by individual captain AIs,delivery vehicles for factories and farms driven by the same AI that manages the farms and Aphrodite buildings,restaurants that driven by restaurant AIs with those for mining operations driven by Plutus and so on

Quality control of both tyres and seats have been automated with further advances allowing this to be done for all components with the results viewed in real time via the consumers Hephaestus account and also logged in their order receipt and logged into the onboard computers in a folder detailing results of quality tests and simulations with any defective products recycled on site and.Safety tests can be conducted by software via virtual model simulations which take into account the shape,size,type of tyres and materials of which the car is composed of as well as the effect of various speed in an accident on the cars structural integrity (ie the seats) and the onboard passengers with or without safety belts on.Once the car passes every possible test carrying out every possible scenario i.e.performance in rainy or snowy weather when taking different types of maneuvers,passing through tunnels,it is verified for use and these simulations and results are sent to the consumer who can view them.The software can give suggestions on modifications to characteristics such as tyre type and size to ensure maximum security and safety until this is achieved based on a universal grading system(based on percentage and letter system A:81-100%,B:65-80%,C:49-64%,D:33-48%,E:17-32%,F:0-16%) that will be present in the internal computer(in a menu and sub menus detailing this information as well the date of tests,date of manufacture,plant each part was produced in,kilometres per charge or litre,number of battery charge cycles,the type of engine and battery,engine strength,schematics of the engine,engine type;battery or conventional,total mileage and other important relevant information a regarding its manufacturing such as results and recordings of simulations and specifications of all internal components).Using VR indistinguishable from reality can allow for these simulations to be done in all situations from first or third person and allow one to test drive vehicles.A universal version of the European Union energy label for vehicles containing this and other relevant information on the computer with menus showing how much battery charge is left as a percentage of 100% and how many charging cycles are left in the battery alongside brake fluid levels and oterh important fluids and petrol or diesel in the case of fuel or hybrids.The software will perform these prior to production also recommend changes to the shape and size so as to allow the safest vehicle to be produced but also allow them to choose a different engine that would fit that vehicle they designed and possibly even build a custom made engine that is the most powerful engine possible(or fits the consumers specifications with the engines they choose altered in shape and size to fit the vehicle by Aphrodite) for that vehicle based on shape and size.The vehicle is then produced and then charged and leaves the factory and drives by itself to the consumers residence via roads,ferry,mag lev etc.stopping off at charging stations should it need recharging(it will plan its route based where these exist and the amount on the way to the consumer download from the wire showing the location of all of these)with the estimated time of delivery relayed in the consumers Hephaestus account.Each vehicle will contain an unique digital lock and the moment it is produced an unique administrative digital key to it will be sent to an app that contains a library of the consumers digital keys either instantly or by the owner registering that digital key upon its arrival with it through Hestia interacting with Selene register itself with the consumers Home AI app.When trading away an unwanted vehicle the consumer can remove digital access from all other people that have daughter access and then direct it to drive to the new homeowners house address and then once it arrives their administrative access will be removed and the new owner can register it to their digital keys and this will both apply to motorbikes.Renting them will involve them driving to the address of the person with daughter keys sent to the home AI app.For helicopters these will drive to the nearest helipad in the area or the garden of the consumer,person it is traded or rented to with aeroplanes and jets parking at the nearest airport.With regards to yachts,jetskis and boats driving out of the factory into the ocean and rivers and parking at the nearest boatyard with this also applying to trading and renting with the location and time of arrival relayed to consumers with the consumers also having the option to have it transported to them in trucks,delivery vehicles with carriages or trucks etc.This can be of the case of factories by the sea with those inland having the vehicle on specialised delivery vehicles that hold them and then either deliver them to the persons address to be transferred to their own trailer,have the persons own private vehicle with their own trailer collect and deliver the vehicle or have the jetski or yacht etc delivered in these owned by the factory to the ocean where the boat etc is deposited in the ocean and then parks at the nearest available space in the nearest dock.Bicycles and motorbikes will be delivered in trucks.Trailers of all types for boats,animals,livestock etc will be designed and stored on Selene with these transported as part of delivery trucks or vehicles etc or can be collected in person or by their own vehicles with them and existing ones fitted with microchips to be detected by vehicles using Ophion.The vehicles distance to the consumers address in cms,metres and kilometres as well as seconds,hours,days,weeks and months will denoted alongside its current GPS on a map.When recycling it they will using a menu inside,biometrics and passcode have it automatically drive by itself with noone inside to the nearest vehicle recycling plant either in the factory it came from or a stand alone metal recycling centre with seats and other components removed.3D printing can take a role here with parts like the dashboard being produced in this manner.This process of making custom made vehicles will eliminate planned obsolescence and cyclical consumption since the vehicle will last ideally a lifetime.

Later on factories that produce vehicles can have extensions underground them to contain machinery that reverses the construction process disassembling the vehicle allowing for each component to be recycled such as tyres which can be transported to onsite pyrolysis factories that produce waste that can be used to produce new tyres on site via rubber and hydrocarbon(or bio based equivalents) or vegetable oil producing bacteria meaning tyres will be produced and recycled onsite of vehicle factories or have vats where rubber/hydrocarbon/oil degrading bacteria break it down it its basic elemental components that bacteria that create rubber can feed on to produce more rubber in a looped cycle if quality control tests determine it is not of good quality and cannot be reused.The same two methods could apply to plastics and carbon/hemp composites.Bacteria to break down tyres must be engineered to break down both rubber and other components such as hydrocarbons and oils.Seats can be designed to be installed using screws meaning vehicles recycled here can be removed easily and stored on site and inventoried in the factory AI to give consumers the choice to reuse or order them separately for other uses ie. homemade seats them with photos taken and other quality control measures carried out to give consumers an idea of what quality they are in using the same aforementioned grading system also logged in their file in the factory AI.Thus seats should be made of the highest materials to last indefinitely with leather(ideally bio-printed leather) and other textiles(via genetically altered bacteria) grown again on site of vehicle factories to cut down on transportation costs using industrial wastes as a food source.Other components such as alloy wheels and engines would also be logged and stored here and in order to ensure this works all seats,wheels,tyres,engines can be treated with liquid glass internally and externally and other similar treatments to make them last indefinitely and thus be reusable.If factories dont have these features then the vehicle will drive itself unoccupied to a specified recycling centre for vehicles where all components such as seats etc will be removed and transported to the nearest vehicle factory where they will be inventoried.All parts of vehicles such as tyres,seats,alloy wheels and batteries etc will be constructed onsite of vehicles factories.

All of this can apply to the construction of all vehicles such as boats,motorhomes,yachts,snowboards,skate boards,skis,trains,planes,bikes,racing cars,formula 1 cars, and motorbikes.Again these designs can be custom made,uploaded to networks and go through the same stringent virtual tests as cars with 3D printing playing a large role in manufacturing of components such as engines or metal screws and fasteners for all types of vehicles onsite of the factory where it is produced using metal,carbon fibre,rubber,plastic and other material printers.Again planes,helicopters,flying vehicles will have simulations done to ensure its strengths in accidents and in certain weather conditions,altitudes and other scenarios before being built with the plane subjected to real world diagnostics and structural tests in the manufacturing plant with robots connecting to it to ensure it is fully functioning with this stored in the onboard computer and relayed to the consumers Hephaestus account or airport AI with regards to aeroplanes including scramjets.All boats,motorbikes,planes and vehicles should be composed of hemp or strong carbon composites to make them light and thus energy efficient but also save energy in mining virgin metals..Any external or internal parts of them not composed of these materials should be covered in a layer of graphene paint and then a permanent layer of liquid glass to make them water,rust,dirt and acid proof and resistant to wear and tear and thus theoretically last indefinitely.Biosynth technology can replace all wiring and metals in onboard computers with plastic etc being biosynth plastic.

3D printing can allow for parts of mechanically manufactured vehicles to be produced much faster and cheaper. However entire vehicles can be designed on software and then printed out and assembled.These include cars,motorbike,bikes,skis,snowboards,skateboards and kayaks among many others.The main benefits are that production can be localised with lower energy costs in production and transportation as well as the vehicles being produced much quicker.The same virtual simulations carried out for factory made vehicles should also be applied to 3D printed vehicles.Helmets for bikes,bicycles etc can be 3D printed or composed of graphene.

•All vehicles will be electric with batteries composed of either lithium-ion,Sodium composites or graphene/buckypaper composites or a mixture of all three can to improve space and efficiency as lithium ion batteries degrade over time and are expensive.Plastics and these synthetic compounds like graphene can replace any rare metals present in vehicles that are expensive and environmentally damaging in their extraction and production.Research will be done into using different nanomaterials like graphene and other single atom hexagonal allotropes of all other elements,nanotubes as well as schwarzites and buckyballs of each atom thick allotropes especially stanene and graphene as well as silicene and those composed of two or more elements,plastic nanomaterials doped with carbon nanomaterials,gel nanowire and biosynth technology and also electronically conductive bacteria to improve the amount of energy that can be stored,charging times,output,lifespan etc thus making them more effective in not only storing energy in community packs and buildings but also in vehicles and electronics.Improved versions of Storedot technology will also be involved alongside schwarzites and nanomaterials of all elements that have structures similar to graphene.Theoretically the biosynth technology present using bicompatible microbes could include recombinant DNA from E.electricus and electrically conductive bacteria like Geobacter metallireducens,Shewanella oneidensis using their ability to generate and store electricity alongside scratch DNA to improve this can be part of this as well as DNA to express neural tissue from humans.Magnetospirillum DNA will also be included to replace Niobium,Tantulum,Cobalt and elements in them that are magnetic.The electroconductive pilli and nanowires of microbes and the bacteria they gain this from including G.metallireducens,S.oneidensis tweaked to produce silicon,graphene and borophene nanowires for better transfer of energy will be utilised as well as these bacterias ability to generate electricty.Scratch DNA will also be used to accentuate these phenotypes and also replace the use of rare earths and Lithium etc.Motor oil would be be replaced with sugar and protein water with sugar and proteins created by bacteria to keep the microbes and tissues alive with future generations not reuiring this.Research can be made into nanomaterials including schwarzites of all 94 elements that can be combined with carbon graphene scwarzites that can store electricity in large amounts,improve this ability in carbon based schwarzites and also if nanotubes,sheets and buckyballs that house biosynth tissues and nanocrystals of Storedot technology can be spread over the entire vehicle including roof,sides,bottom and trunk to increase surface area.Sheets of hybrid biosynth tissues and Schwarzites can be spread across the body of the vehicle in layers for example in the trunk,under seats and the entire internal body of the vehicles with all parts of the vehicles internal body and frame housing layers of biosynth tissues with or without schwarzites with these tissues housing the same DNA to store electrical energy as well as the same tweaks of DNA to transmit electricity and also house nanoprocessors,wifi,DNA digital storage,RAM etc connected to each other and the sheets in the trunk etc that also have these tweaks with the onboard computer also housing DNA to store nanoprocessors,wifi,DNA digital storage,RAM and electricity.If perfected this will allow all parts of the vehicles internal frame and surface area,trunk,onboard computer all connected to each other to exhibit nanoprocessors,wifi,DNA digital storage,RAM and electrical storage and transmission thus allowing the vehicles to house extra amounts of obscene nanoprocessors,wifi,DNA digital storage,RAM and energy storage thus the entire internal frame,onboard computer and trunk etc as a single massive hybrid onboard computer and battery spread across the entire body of the vehicle giving obscene levels of RAM,nanoprocessors,DNA digital storage,biosynth WiFi and energy storage all at once with this applied to private vehicles,public vehicles such as buses,taxis and even both cruise ships and aeroplanes and even space stations and interstellar vehicles.This would render the concept of their not being enough space for normal sized batteries as having the entire internal area housing these will increase internal surface area with the larger the vehicle the larger the internal surface area for the battery.If possible miniaturised forms of dimensional transcendentalism researched to house more areas to house batteries and even space in the trunk and seating areas to house luggage and passengers applying to private,public vehicles,aeroplanes and cruise ships.All three technologies Storedot,scharzites and biosynth tissues will be merged together so that all energy intaken is stored by them in one large mass and shared together and transferred between each other.Storedot technology and biosynth technology will utillise space not taken up by schwarzites to increase surface area in between them and ontop of them designed by AI namely Steropes and Daphne.Steropes,Brontes,Arges and Daphne will carry out intensive research into battery and supercapitator technology using supercapacitors,schwarzites,storedot technology,biosynth technology combined for  not just for wall and community pack batteries but also for electronics such as laptops,smart devices etc and vehicles such as private and public vehicles and also cruise ships and aeroplanes that will take a few minutes to charge and would last for several days,weeks,a month or even a year or even more on a single charge with by 2029-2045 them being viable to ensure all vehicles on the road can be electric powered by geothermal and other renenwable sources of electricity with solar increasing in efficiency at capturing the suns energy by this point to allow them to charge homes and vehicles with self charging technologies also integrated into them to alleviate strains of the grid.Thus by combining improved Storedot technology,schwarzites of graphene and other nanomaterials,supercapacitators,gel nanowires,biosynth technology in particular biocompatible microbes that express both human neural tissue and that from E.electricus,S.oneidensis and G.metillreducins using its ability to generate and store electricity and electroconductive pilli and nanowires,Magnetospirillum DNA,scratch DNA etc will create batteries for private and public vehicles including aeroplanes and cruise ships and even those for electronics and wall batteries and community packs that charge in a few minutes,are lighter than normal ones,last decades and can store vast amounts of energy thus making electric powered private and public vehicles and even aeroplanes and cruise ships feasible by 2029-2035 making them competitive with gasoline powered vehicle engines that can be powered by geothermal,renewables and also self charging technologies.Those in aeroplanes and cruise ships would be dispersed across the vehicles body with the vehicle using self charging technologies and may be hybrid vehicle with planes composed of graphene would be 86% lighter and thus more likely be able to be fully electric due to them and the batteries themselves being lighter.Self charging technologies would include graphene,see through thermo-piezoelectric materials and quantum dot technology in windows with the entire body having graphene and thermo-piezoelectric materials in the body with this making the plane and ship lighter and able to survive impacts better with cruise ships having VAWTS and wave pistons underneath them with the batteries used in a rotary system wherein one that is used up is charged while another is being used managed by the plane and ship onboard computer.Solar arrays can using splitters can at night direct energy to any planes at night.If need be since 90-95% of the worlds flights will be made redundant by Oceanus very few if any flights will take place at night with those that do being usually ones where the majority of the flight will be during the day with Eos planning them based on supply and demand trends with the faster times of ram/scramjet planes reducing them to a few hours rather than twenty hours and also meaning more of these flights can take place during the day going back and forth using one or three planes.The vast majority of the remaining fights by aeroplanes will done during the day and reduced from 9-23 hours to 2-4 hours and if not will be those that cross time zones wherein it will transition from day to night or vice versa.Most if not all electronics will utilise these such as smart devices,laptops and even allow for them to be integrated into smart televisions and lamps etc to allow them to be able to utilise self charging technologies similar to those used by vehicles to at least alleviate strains on the grid.Wall batteries in homes and also in community packs will be able to store large amounts of power very quickly and thus be used in a rotary system for several weeks or even months when charged by solar,VAWTs etc and thus alleviate strains on the grid and also meet energy needs in blackouts and in areas when charged by these and also solar thermal,wave pistons etc where geothermal would be dangerous.Those in electronics such as laptops,smartphones etc will charge in minutes and last longer between charges.They may even allow for A,AA,AAA batteries that need to be added to compartments and readded with others that are potentially toxic in all types of electronics flashlights,toys etc to be replaced with rechargeable ones that charge quickly,last for decades and also store vast amounts of energy.These will be possible for for self charging technologies to be integrated into smart televisions,lamps etc to alleviate strains on the grid and even create versions of A,AA,AAA batteries that can be used for older and newer electronics that hold large amounts of energy and are rechargeable.These like wall batteries will be ordered in from Talus.Existing vehicles will be able to have gasoline engines replaced with both electric batteries and autonomous driving technologies and an onboard computer via having them sent to Selene factories that will retrofit these via robotics.These same vehicles and new electric ones will be able to have the old battery removed and replaced with more efficient ones over time.All of these and new battery technologies will be combined with each other and if perfected will negate the need to mine for Lithium,Niobium,Tantulum,Cobalt,rare earths and Sodium ever again or reduce the amount needed that are environmentally destructive in extraction and geographically scarce thus making these batteries for electronics,vehicles and community packs etc cheap and ubiquotos especially since carbon is abundant via carbon sequestration of all remaining reserves of fossil fuels,pyrolysing dead plants and also microbes requiring to be fed sugars and proteins.This would render Lithium and possibly Sodium and even Niobium,Tantulum,Cobalt obsolete and worthless to all electronic companies and governments by 2029 since carbon for graphene nanomaterials and schwarzites can be found almost anywhere in the world and there is at least 114.275Tt present in that from carbon dioxide from fossil fuels etc and a further 2.42Pt from Mars and Venus with more coming from picotech fabricators.Bicompatible microbes that express human neural tissue,nanowires,electroconductive pilli,magnetism etc can be grown onsite of Talos and Talus factories around the world using just sugar derived from bacteria and alongside schwarzites of graphene etc could replace Lithium,Sodium,Niobium,Tantulum,Cobalt,rare earths in batteries for vehicles,electronics and also wall batteries and even in solar panels.Thus Lithium would be used primarily for fusion power prior to dyson swarms with its use in treating depression negated by microbes producing neurotransmitters and also applying CRISPR treatments.Ideally it will be used to be converted into both Helium-3 and Tritium for fusion power from 2045-2100.Lithium if needed could be mined from seawater using deaslinisation plants as it is more abundant in the worlds oceans – there is only 3,000 years worth of Lithium in the Earths crust while the oceans contain 60,000,000 years worth with other environmentally destructive elements also gained from the ocean via desalinisation plants with as stated then eventually replaced by nanomaterials,schwarzites etc and biosynth technologies.If possible nanomaterials and schwarzites from other elements with the same structure as graphene will be researched in order to increase their efficiency,power output etc.Ideally until Lithium,Niobium,Tantulum,Cobalt and Sodium etc can be fully replaced by biosynth technology and graphene schwarzites or picotech fabricators are availible vehicles will continue to use carbon neutral synthetic oil and gasoline or even that from the crust that will be sequestered meaning the first generation batteries that houses some Lithium,Sodium,Niobium,Tantulum,Cobalt will be used primarily for electronics with storage batteries for community packs negated by geothermal,fission,fusion,wave,tidal and remaining fossil fuels replacing solar and wind with those for homes being only for those in areas that are in wilderness areas and also those in those affected by natural disasters ie high priority ones decided by Steropes.Recycling Niobium,Tantulum,Cobalt,rare earths,Lithium and Sodium from old electronics and electric vehicles and even solar panels,HAWTs etc including electronics and vehicles scrapyards and landfills will alleviate strains on mining with allotropes with the same structure as graphene and schwarzites of them will make them more resource efficient and allow those of more abundant elements to replace them.This should start as early as 2020-2029.Picotech fabricators will in time create any elements that are destructive in their extraction by the mid 21st – 22nd century without damage to the environment on an unlimited scale.The ocean floor could be mined if deemed to more environmentally sound than mining the Earth alongside extracting minerals from seawater with the Asteroid and Kuiper Belt and also Oort cloud also mined by Plutus to alleviate strains on mining them from the Earth with this potentially harbouring millions of years worth of precious metals and rare earths.Other nanomaterials and schwarzites from all other 92 elements will be investigated to replace Lithium and Sodium and increase their energy storage density and also other properties.Wall batteries will be ubiquitous alongside these batteries for vehicles and electronics without relying on rare earths,being less environmentally destructive and able to charge in a matter of minutes and able to store large amounts of energy from solar panels and VAWTs on roofs to alleviate strains on the grid and do so very quickly with those of note to those used in areas that rely on community packs with those in areas prone to natural disaster will be able to store large amounts of energy especially from hurricannes via VAWTS,lightening bolts and in time even from the energy from earthquakes.This will also make them lighter and thus viable for aeroplanes and cruise ships to be powered entirely by fast charging batteries that use self charging technologies built into the vehicle thus making them carbon neutral and not require gasoline.Also by this time Arges wall batteries in both homes and community packs will be sufficiently advanced to be able to store large amounts of energy better than current models and even quicker making them viable for storing energy from VAWTs and solar panels etc on homes and community packs with it also improving vehicle batteries to make them able to store large amounts of energy for longer periods of time and take only a few minutes to charge.Combining these different technologies together will make them powerful batteries and supercapacitors that can store large amounts of energy and take minutes to charge as well as lasting decades.By 2029-2045 all public and private vehicles on the road and all cruise ships and aeroplanes would be fully electric.This would mean electric vehicles would be competitive with gasoline powered vehicles with coupled with solar panels being able to absorb more of the suns energy will make it possible for solar panels on roofs of private and communal homes to power batteries and provide direct electricity at the same time alongside thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes.Them being lighter and more efficient could allow for all cruise ships and aeroplanes to be fully electric at this point with the batteries being dispersed along the vehicles body and used in a rotary system with self charging technologies recharging them during their journey.All electric vehicles such as private and public vehicles and also aeroplanes and cruise ships will be powered by geothermal and renewable sources of energy and also self charging technologies with those powered by fossil fuels negated by biochar programmes.Community packs will be able to be house more batteries that can store more electricity much quicker from VAWTs,solar panels and also combined power sources ie solar thermal power,VAWTs,microhydroturbines etc in areas where geothermal and fossil fuels are not an option.Old batteries in homes and public buildings and community packs will be replaced with newer more advanced models and old ones recycled with old batteries in vehicles replaced by driving ones vehicle into Selene factories to have automated machinery replace the battery or how to videos shown how to do this at home with them properly recycled and have newer ones added.Existing vehicles of sentimental value will be retroffited in the same way.Batteries in existing electric and hybrid vehicles and gasoline engines in existing vehicles could be replaced with newer types saving on the energy of making a new one by driving them into factories.New vehicles be fitted with the SMFIR technology from Kaist Olev vehicles allowing them to be charged from the wireless charging road technology with any existing electric vehicles fitted with this by sending them to the factory.Automated vehicles could follow this line when making journey ideally when it is implemented in towns,cities and villages.Hybrid and fuel(and possibly electrical)engines can be coated externally and internally with liquid glass and graphene paint in order to prevent corrosion and rusting and thus make them last indefinitely and prevent staining by oil and other materials.Existing cars with fuel engines and even hybrid can be driven to factories and placed on a conveyor belt where hybrid,electric vehicle batteries are fitted into them with the old engines and batteries are recycled with this done by a vehicle collecting from a residence and depositing it there or by one driving or pushing it one the belt system with in initiating by interacting with smart devices to ensure noone is on board.The old engine will be recycled with in time even this done in petrol mechanic stations and also at home.New vehicles will have their old degrading batteries replaced with newer ones by the vehicle driving to the factory by itself and its onboard computer alerting the factory to have it replaced with a similar or newer type of battery decided by the consumer with this done when the battery is reaching the end of its lifecycle with it recycled.Ideally batteries especially lithium ones should be be coated in graphene paint or covered in graphene casings to protect them from explosions.They could also have onboard computers added this way by smart devices interacting with the factory AI via Hephaestus and Hermes initiating this.Diesel and petrol engines may exist with them fueled by gasoline etc grown at home via bacteria.

•The glass of windshield and windows can be fitted with switcheable glass technology operated by onboard computers or smart devices

•The body and glass will be composed of self healing metals and polymers that repair themselves whenever scratched or dented.All parts of the exterior can be composed of strong carbon composites including graphene with a layer of graphene paint on it to add extra strength.This will not only make them lighter but also increase strength against external forces negating the need to repair them but also again make them safer protecting passengers from any accidents say those where the vehicle has to make split second decisions to slow down and stop into a wall and side of the road that occur especially if combined with graphene in the windows with them also protecting them from rust.The tyres will be composed of self healing rubber polymers which will prevent or lessen the intensities of tyre ruptures.Graphene can also be integrated into the matrix of the tyres or on the exterior to further strengthen it against damage and/or black graphene paint can be sprayed onto the internal and external layer tyres during manufacture or at home with a permanent layer of liquid glass also sprayed on the tyres internally and externally to negate cleaning them and ice and water affecting grip.This will prevent any ruptures in tyres from occurring since graphene and graphene paint are 200 times stronger than steel with graphene paint applied internally and externally to existing tyres at home to allow them to be used.Nanosensors inside tyres can allow the pressure to be relayed to the onboard computers for warning to be sent.In time 3D printed tyres will negate the need for refilling them with air.If layers of graphene and other strong carbon composites are mixed in with the windshields and windows silica matrix bonded together it will make them shatterproof against debris or attack and even bulletproof with the body also bulletproof if made of carbon composites.Having this in the glass encasing the headlights and interior lights will serve the same purpose.This will not only negate the need to repair them but also improve safety of passengers as accidents that do occur will prevent damage to the car and passengers provided seatbelts are worn.These measures should be installed in all manually operated vehicles such as NASCAR and Formula 1 vehicles with Formula 1 vehicles having a retractable windshield containing graphene for protection.

•The body and all glass(inside and outside) as well as the tyres and alloy wheels(again inside and outside) will be coated with a permanent hydrophobic anti-dirt coating like liquid glass reducing the need for it to be washed saving on water,labour and energy spent performing these tasks as well as to repel oil.Liquid glass can be used to make it hydrophobic and will also prevent fog and ice from forming negating the need for de-icer and the need to be cleaned saving water labour and energy.To deal with the interior seats and surfaces they can also be coated with liquid glass and research can be done to produce a coating that can be sprayed on to carpets under seats and in the boot similar to liquid glass that prevent dust and dirt becoming lodged in their fibres.This will make it waterproof,dirt and acid proof as well negating the need for cleaning saving labour,energy and water.Carpets can be avoided and thus replaced with metal plates or wood(gained for example from bacteria based wood made on site) allowing them to be cleaned easier and sprayed with liquid glass removing the need for hoovering out the car and save more labour and energy.The engines,internal wiring,tubing and other internal components can also be treated with a permanent layer of this to prevent the build up of dirt and also make them hydrophobic and oleophobic meaning rainwater will wash them out with them composed of graphene or have graphene paint on them to make them resistant to damage with graphene in their matrix to make them indestructible.Internal components can be covered internally and externally in a permanent layer of graphene paint and liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning them,improve their resistance to external forces and rust,acid,stains etc.Graphene paint can be applied to not only charge it but to also render it rust and corrosion free indefinitely but would obviously be under the coating of liquid glass with these applied to prevent graffiti being applied.This permanent layer of liquid glass should ideally be done in the factory where its made with each component done there and this treatment being done mandatorily.Existing cars can be treated at home by the consumer with the liquid glass also protecting leather from UV damage.Permanent layers of liquid glass on the tyres will prevent water on slippery roads affecting their grip and keep them clean indefinitely with this ideally over a layer of graphene paint which will prevent ruptures.Nanosensors inside tyres can allow the pressure to be relayed to the onboard computers for warning to be sent.Also permanent layers of liquid glass on the interior and exterior of the windshield,windows and all parts of the interior and exterior will negate the need to clean them indefinitely or even wax them saving on water and energy worldwide as well as deicer since any dew or mist will not collect on windscreens etc and may even fall down into the flooring underneath them.

•Graphene in the windscreen linked to the onboard computers can allow for touchscreen computer and video screens that stream files and the internet/wire from the onboard with the option of computer monitors that can retract into a compartment in front of the seat formerly reserved for passenger or move over to the driver with GPS maps of their journey,menu screens to listen to audio playlists,view video playlists movies and play games via wireless video game controllers or smart devices,receive AMBER/criminal/natural disaster alerts as well as stream the internet from smart devices via cellular access, have apps for internet browsers/YouTube etc and other video sharing site as well as other video/social websites websites,intranets(where they can download files and maps of the area)and live information feeds from each network of the wire all controlled by smart devices and onboard touch screen computers.Both would be controlled by smart devices.They also carry on live Iris chats with friends,families as well as doctors/Paean with the windscreen acting as screen for showing medical files and data and access live and logged news and radio feeds from Pheme and also media such as movies,video games,television shows,music,books etc from Dionysus.They can also will also and read e-books,e-textbooks,listen to audiobooks etc as this will be connected via e-newspapers,home AI,wireless external hard drives and other smart devices where they can stream and transfer this data from.Other menus will allow one to use apps on smart devices thus allowing them to remotely control conditions in the home,scientific experiments and networks,machinery such as 3D printers,recirculating aquaculture systems,hydroponic systems, etc.Video files that would be in all computers and in time through connection to Paean that can be streamed to smart devices or viewed on the windshield would be how to first aid videos which give information on how to perform CPR and other basic first aid in the case of an accident or they find someone on a street.Also videos on basic repair i.e. replacing tyres would be present as well as interacting with smart devices via similar operating software allowing for diagnostics of the car to see where problems are.Smart devices will also be able to interact with these allowing each occupant to view their own video files and menus independent of others or in time the monitor may disappear and the smart devices may just stream and interact with the onboard computer and hard drive inside the the vehicle.

•They will also be fitted with sensors and computers allowing for autonomous driving capabilities to reduce accidents and fatalities.Old vehicles can be sent to factories and retrofitted with these technologies via ordering them or driving them into the factories with new models retrofitted with newer technology.A person may simply need to input the exact address wither through voice command(via Siri),through the onboard computer or smart devices and it will drive there which can altered in the event of an emergency or change in plans with charging stations approached if the battery is low.In other words before setting out on the journey the computer will measure the amount of battery left and use the maps from the wire/internet to locate the nearest charging station and include that and any others it may need to stop at for its journey by estimating the amount of charge it would use during the course of the journey and temporarily alter course to charge and then return to the journey.Multiple addresses can be input and the order of them visited can be arranged by passenger or set to visit each one with the closet one first and so on.Otherwise a general search can do this i.e. have the computer search for the nearest charging station in the area before or during a journey.It will also avoid routes that have low lying bridges over them if the vehicle is very tall with it streaming the data on the height of the bridge from Artemis to avoid accidents.Frequent and favourite places to visit can be saved on an onboard app for quick selection as well as list of names of people who have daughter key access to the vehicle to whom the owner can send it to drive to their GPS address meaning or this can apply to someone who doesnt have daughter keys.Making a link with a persons smart phone with the digital keys to the vehicle or by making a link to the person during a phone call while they are in their home or standing in the driveway can save that persons address to the cars onboard computer.Polis accessed by links via Hestia and Iris will also find their address or the Home AI of a friend even before sentient can via authorisation be linked to the Home AI of a friend or friend of a friend or someone they wish to meet and have the GPS location and address of the home sent to that persons home AI and this list of favourite places with like all other cases the persons name and the address saved on this list alongside a photo from Brauron and satellite images.Otherwise one can have their Home AI send via Hestia through emails,Eros and Agora their home addressees and its GPS location to a prsons be saved.New address will be added via typing in address or saving the exact GPS location they are parked at i.e. the exact GPS location of a friends house via the friend denoting this on their smart devices when they are at their home and through Hestia sending it to the vehicle owners AI,the vehicle owner parked at the place or viewing spot or marking a place on Brauron maps(or 3D maps from the wire) and the vehicle parking at the nearest parking spot.Google lens can also take pictures of a building and have its location saved with internet searches of places online have their address added via interacting with home AI while on the internet using the universal search engine.Otherwise a friends house or favourite spot can be saved onto this list when the the person is saved in the exact GPS spot.They can order the car to pull over if they wish to do so in an emergency or other incidents and stop the journey for a while and then restart it or have the vehicle return home or even go to a different destination at any point using menus.They may even if they need to use toilets order the car to temporarily change direction or even backtrack and look for the nearest public building such as vertical farms,hospital,bar,nightclub or public amenities that have toilets or even public toilets via interacting with all linked buildings and toilets within Hermes through their building AI  by simply ordering it to look for the nearest restroom with it resuming the journey when ordered to.A person using Hestia linked to Iris can send address to others in audio,video calls and instant messages in encrypted form to send it privately which will be added to the onboard computer of their vehicles via Hestia.Public amenities,restaurants, nightclubs,factories, infrastructure buildings such as energy plants,wastewater plants,hospitals,different types of farms,mines,forests and factories that have their unique symbol on Artemis maps and other maps on the wire can using smart devices linked to the onboard computer be selected and saved onto their list of favourite locations or go straight to the at location.Also these journeys can be planned and ordered with selections to address also made remotely via smart devices linked to them via the home AI app they are registered to.To make it easier each of the worlds hospitals,vertical farms,public amenities,communal and private homes and indeed all buildings worldwide will have their address,GPS location and global postal code saved on their onboard computers allowing through Ophion and the rest of the wire have automated vehicles have links made with any building around the world to allow them to instantly be driven their once linked to it and Ophion.Ambulances,delivery vehicles for restaurants,farms and factories will utilise this too.Alternatively if the vehicle is parked at home or in a carpark consumers can use smart devices to call the vehicle to their location via connection to the smart device through the home AI – the vehicles would drive to them if they become lost,in emergencies,arriving in their home country from airports and seaports this would have to be done in advance with the vehicle interacting with the wire and thus computers on cruise ships/seaports and aeroplanes/airports or their app organising their continental and intercontinental travel) or if it suddenly gets dark with their distance in time and metres visible.In other words when a person is leaving the country via airports and seaports they can be programmed to drop the person at the entrance or side of them and then drive back home to their driveway and when the person is arriving home from a cruise or aeroplane trip the owner can order the car to leave home and arrive at the seaport/airport when they arrive there in person on the spot or at a set time i.e.the estimated arrival of the person arriving home input into the home AI app or interacting with the app responsible for managing holidays and travel with the home AI app giving the exact GPS location of both the smart devices and the vehicle and the time left in the vehicles journey to its location and/or smart device(and thus owner) as well as its distance to the owner in kilometres,metres and centimetres from the parking spot of the vehicles via interactions between the smart device and vehicle with all of this information being relayed in the Home AI app next to each other.Furthermore the smart devices of the vehicles owner,next of kin and those given daughter keys and authorisation by Hestia can have the vehicle drive to their GPS location and address of a buildings via wire access from anywhere in the world to pick up.It can also interact with vertical and community farms and factories and pick up orders of food and manufactured goods.From this app it can also measure the distance(in kilometres,metres and centimetres),time(in days,hours,minutes and seconds) and location on GPS map the vehicle is to set destinations and return trip if the vehicle is ordered to pick up food and other deliveries from vertical farms,community centres,factories interacting with the building AI for specific orders logged in the vehicle or picking up a person from anywhere in the world(in this case the person being picked up would also have access to this information via being linked to it from having access to a daughter key and how far it is from their smart devices again in the same time and distance measurements via their digital key app so they can locate it when it parks and through GPS maps.This could be done by having the vehicle programmed to park at a set spot,carpark or sent to the GPS location of the smart device of the person who has the daughter keys to the vehicles selected on a menu of locations in the vehicles sub menu in the home AI app ) by itself programmed by the owner.This could also be done with people who have no access.The location of the cars current GPS location can also be ascertained via the home AI app if stolen,to look for it when it is parked in a large carpark(indoors or outdoors) unwarranted journeys,looking for it in a or if someone wanted to know how far a family member is on a journey.Journeys can be recorded,logged and kept in the hands of the consumer for analysis of trends and record of journeys as well as monitor the journeys of others who have access the vehicle onto apps on smart devices and the onboard computer with this stored in the home AI.This can allow for a persons accumulated distance travelled by the vehicle logged by date over hours,days,weeks,months,years,decades etc in kilometres,metres,centimetres with analog odometers replaced by a menu in the onboard computer with the speedometer on the main screen and charge/fuel meters replaced by digital versions with values either as traditional gauge and full values in terms of speed with fuel/charge gauges shown as a percentage of full capacity,gauge and litres/volts.This information will only be privy to the owner but can also be accessed by police in criminal investigations (with the appropriate warrant) wherein the data is transferred to smart devices to check on alibis etc.All of these features can be integrated into self driving helicopters,private jets and yachts and in fact all kinds of vehicles.By interacting with news reports,radio feeds and weather networks they will be able to determine which roads are icy and adjust their speeds and man-oeuvres.Otherwise the passenger can input that the roads are icy from a menu that has a list with this amongst other conditions of the road such as wet,flooded,dry etc.All vehicles will be controlled by the consumers Home AI since registered to them.This will not negate the need for seatbelts and airbags still there for safety reasons.

•As detailed later on in the management of cities all autonomous vehicles will interact with traffic and surveillance systems,radar and sensors and chips placed in directional signs(which can be replaced with graphene/glass signs that can house these more securely) allowing them to make the most efficient and fastest journey to be made with the decided route made by the passengers.These networks will also read the speed of the cars allowing those in front and behind them to allow for overtaking to be done more smoothly in line with markings on the road in essence allowing the vehicles to interact with each others onboard computers and sonar like sensors(and 360 degree 3D mapping cameras on the roof) detecting vehicles in all directions via the traffic network acting as a relay with trailers also having microchips and sensors also present on their back.Each onboard computer will relay the size and shape of the car they on to the traffic network and thus this will be relayed to all vehicles in close proximity on that road.When vehicles are entering highways or other major roads they will interact with the network that will give them right of way when it in turn interacts with all vehicles on that area to allow it to make the transition when it is safest to so.It will also ensure that ambulances and emergency vehicles will be given right of way by slowing other vehicles down and diverting traffic when they are going to and from hospitals and fires.This would work in a chain like system with onboard computers interacting with all vehicles in front of and behind at least several kilometres ahead them in a chain like system with ones Home AI and Ophion acting in a fragmented form.Thus ones Home AI will be responsible for driving the car with them actively playing a role when wire access is availible via satellites using wifi and also quantum compassing.If a person suffers a heart attack mid journey or other ailments then using onboard computers or trough vital signs relayed to the onboard computer via smart clothing cameras a persons vehicle will be given right of way when driven automatically to hospitals with both healthcare staff alerted to the arrival and parking space of the passenger including the identity of the driver and picture of the car via smart devices and guided to their location.The traffic system will be connected to the global surveillance systems and traffic light systems worldwide to further improve traffic flow but also allow vehicles to interact with cameras in open carparks and streets and computers/sensors or again nanocameras in multi-story carparks showing where available parking spots are closest to the destination via a map the driver can bring up via the wire and the city central AI.The estimated time of arrival(in days,hours,minutes and seconds) and distance(in kilometres,metres and centimetres) will be determined and shown by interactions with traffic systems, and all cars present on the roads of the city,town,village and the speed of these cars (via traffic networks)and the drivers car etc.Speed will automatically adjust with interactions with sensors placed in speed signs(which can be replaced with graphene/glass screens to house the sensors more securely from vandals) and interacting with nearby(if not all) vehicles via the traffic networks.The traffic network will be streamed by the onboard computer from Hermes with interactions between it,GPS satellites(including those on solar planes and in time quantum compassing),Artemis,the Midgard System,terrestrial based GPS via environmental sensor terminals,the vehicles onboard computer and the onboard computers of all other vehicles connected with the traffic network itself.If connection to Hermes and thus the network or the network becomes the target of cyberterrorism or a virus subroutines within the onboard computers will automatically either force the car to pull over and stop or continue on as best as it can.The city AI streamed from the wire will manage the traffic system within its region and will shut it down to prevent any cyber attacks and threats from spreading to the rest of the network which will manage traffic world wide as a whole but micro managed by city AIs that will be merged together with other city AIs globally.Terrestrial based GPS systems in atmospheric and water sensors,sensor terminals and other stationary devices connected to the wire in the wildernerness and oceans can act as a means for this traffic system to connect and manage the flow of vehicles including boats with all traffic will being visible to the public via Hermes on local,regional,national and global levels.Carpark AI will stream maps into the vehicles onboard computer showing all available free spaces on each floor when they enter them or are in close proximity which they can see by scrolling through each floor on a menu,up an down arrows or as the driver enters each floor.The driver choosing a specific carpark as their destination stop point when choosing the destination can choose which spot to park in.E-tickets downloaded and stored on the onboard computer or smart devices will replace conventional tickets saving on paper and the need to validate and pay for them.The onboard computer will interact with sensors in front of it to show that that place is taken.With regards to roads in the wilderness and rural(and possibly all roads including those in villages,towns and cities) areas it will connect to and interact with the Artemis network of the wire containing a map of all the worlds roads,highways,tunnels,bridges etc.Sensor terminals can be placed at certain points in sensors used for measuring environmental conditions forming a land based GPS system via interactions between the vehicle,the sensors an the wire allowing for this streaming to take place or download the maps of the country they are in and going to be in and showing their location on the map.The sensors on the vehicle will interact with these environmental sensors and the wire maps to show their exact position and estimated time of arrival.The Home AI app can be used to locate the vehicle in open/multistory carparks and streets using GPS and the same technology as google maps linking to the car.Bicycles and motorbikes can also have cameras on their front(or use cameras ontop the retractable graphene visor of helmets) as well miniature onboard touchscreen computers inbetween the handlebars that interact with traffic networks via the wire and can also stream the wire through both touchscreen capabilities but also voice control with improved versions of Siri to stream data and access certain parts of the wire with them interacting with wireless earphones.They will also have sensors with all of these added to ensure automated vehicles will be able to interact with them preventing accidents with helmets streaming the Ophion system or at least readings of the location of vehicles behind them and in front of them.By 2029 a square inch of bicomapatible microbes will house roughly 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB RAM and 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors making onboard computers extremely powerful and even making handhelds and smart devices as powerful as them especially when stacked ontop of each other and when combined with nanomaterials and neural tissue formed by the microbes etc.Tianhe-2 the worlds most powerful supercomputer by comparison has a processing RAM 1024TB or 0.000000001024YB with all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined containing roughly 6,635TB or 0.000000006635YB of RAM.Thus one square inch will contain about 11,303,692,539,563 – 226,073,850,791,258 times more RAM,processing power and storage space than all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined.A single cell sized one could hold 30,000 processors if 100nm processors used with smaller processors between 1-5nm holding more power in a smaller or same space allowing for 1,500,000-3,000,000 processors to be implemented to be implemented into them.Theoretically each square inch could contain as much as 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors alongside the 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB of data storage and RAM.This biosynth technology will allow for powerful onboard computers to be present in all types of vehicles such as private cars,cruise ships,navy vessels,aeroplanes,public vehicles,those used as ambulances,firefighter trucks,those used in mining,agriculture,seabreachers and also even motorbikes that have the same processing as a human by 2029 and even by 2045 have more computing power than all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet thus allowing them to make quick snap decision and via biosynth WiFi present have all vehicles in the air,sea and on land controlled by the sentient Ophion in a controlled manner preventing traffic jams,delays and accidents on roads,in the air and at sea.Having dozens if not millions of them stacked ontop of each other in the onboard computer dispersed along the vehicles body will vastly increase their processing power exponentionally accelerating the point that all vehicles on the road,in the air and sea are fully automated with no human control.By 2029-2045 most of not all vehicles worldwide will be autonomous and controlled by the sentient Ophion as detailed later on.Existing vehicles of sentimental value will be retrofitted with these by hand or driving them onto a production line in automated factories or by hand at home or by specialists and as time goes by newer models will replace older ones or using biosynth wifi have upgrades sent over time.The onboard computer will be in the front of the vehicle on the dashboard and will have various parts spread out along the vehicle including the trunk and the entire body of the vehicle itself as both mini computers but also sheets of biosynth tissues and Graphene/silicene etc to increase surface area and will be connected to each via wiring.Thus by at least 2029 level 2-3 that is partial automation can be achieved with level 4-5 that is full automation by at least 2029-2045 via intensive research done by Daphne,Ophion and Urania allowing the sentient Ophion consisting of satellites,linked surveillance cameras,chain linked onboard computers cameras and sensors on vehicles and linked surveillance systems on roads and by parking spaces to control all vehicles on the road,in the air and on the oceans on a global scale.

•Cars can be modelled specifically to cater just to passengers who are wheelchair bound or a mixture of both.

•When one is scheduled to go to the airport or to special events such as live performance art and booked events their Home AI will alert them to the when the best time to go at taking into account the current and projected traffic flow based on its own studies and alert them several hours or even days beforehand as to the best time to leave with them even giving them right of way if they are late.

•Cameras on board to allow for the recording of vehicles travel routes and journey as well as smart rear view mirrors.Both of these can record traffic in front of and behind the car in case accidents occur or material of interest to the public or consumer.Also it can aid in the use of theft or unwarranted journeys taken by the consumer or relatives.Cameras can be monitored remotely via apps which can give its GPS location and through an app can be ordered to return to ones home if an unwarranted journey is taking place by the person who has administrator.This app would only be able to extract this information for vehicles registered under their name.Cameras on cars and interactions between onboard computers can interact with onboard computers of other cars(linked with the consent of passengers in both vehicles) and traffic systems to “lock onto” another car that the passenger wishes to follow i.e a friend or next of kin when travelling together.In the case of police cars this would communicate with traffic networks(which will control,guide and track traffic of automated vehicles like air traffic controller towers do in airports from within Hermes on a local,regional,national and global scale as part of the Midgard System) and other cars to allow them to speed up and give them right of way over other vehicles as well as them having the ability to lock onto any vehicle they wish without consent of the other vehicles passengers but only with authorisation of registered personnel and they could lock onto vehicles also tracked by drones or with GPS tracking devices attached to vehicles or inside individuals.Ambulances,fire trucks and other emergency vehicles will also be able to speed up and given right of way.

•All of the glass in all windows will be fitted with quantum dot solar cells and sheets of graphene,while the body will be coated with graphene paint and the wheels composed of thermo-piezoelectric materials that convert heat from the sun and the friction on the road into energy with graphene paint on these alos generating electricity and making them puncture proof.Ideally the graphene sheets should be under the quantum dot solar cells sing it absorbs 2% of light that passes through it and it will also allow for touchscreen computer screens but also making it shatter and bullet proof.Also miniature motors attached to the wheels that create electricity as they move and solar panel covered sun roof can also power the vehicle.The graphene paint,solar panels,miniature motors, quantum dot solar cells and sheets of graphene also convert sunlight,kinetic energy and heat into electricity all of which could eliminate the need for charging stations at all if sufficiently advanced or at least reduce the strain on the grid gaining power from movement,artificial and natural sunlight as well heat from the sun and surrounding environment particularly if the batteries have quick charging,SMFIR batteries.This could allow a vehicle to left outside during the day and gain electricity while parked and while moving and allow them to park in the middle of nowhere where there are no charging stations and charge during the day with this pre planned by the vehicle as well as done before it gets dark.Research can be done into nano film thermo-piezoelectric metals or coatings that cn also allow the body of the vehicle to generate electricity from the suns heats while the dashboard could also be composed of thermo-piezoelectric materials (and the seats having layers of this material under the textile they are composed of ie leather,seacell etc)to generate further electricity especially on hot days or due to the greenhouse effect.See through thermo-piezoelectric materials can also be developed and integrated into the glass windshield and windows to generate electricity from the suns heat when mixed with a quantum dot matrix and placed alongside the above mentioned technologies.Thermo-piezoelectric technology will be integrated into the tyres allowing them to generate electricity while the vehicle moves and also when stationary.Nano-generators that use the piezoelectric effect to convert sound waves from ambient noise and ones own voice can also be incorporated alongside the aforementioned methods to charge electric vehicle batteries especially when parked in a densely urbanised and noisy areas.Carbyne sheets or lattices can be also be used and mixed into the silica matrix as it too conducts electricity and is much stronger than graphene making it shatterproof.Bacteria based batteries can also be utilised that use bacteria that are hybrids of Shewanella oneidensis and Geobacter metillreducins that convert chemicals and also sunlight into electricity to charge batteries or even run them outside of bacteria in emergency situations.Electroconductive pilli and electrical impulses from S.oneidensis and G.metillreducins could be crated by them interacting with suitable metals in the devices to generate electricity with them having scratch DNA and DNA from plants to house chlorophyll to convert sunlight into electricity with electroconductive pilli releasing this into the panels.Biosynth technology could also play a role in self charging technologies of all types such as quantum dot technology,solar panels,thermo-piezoelectric with these involving microbes forming clusters or tissues within these across the sheets of solar panels,quatum dot technology and see through thermopiezoelectric technology and quantum dot technology with others in thermo-piezoelectric materials engineered to release energy from heat with this also applying to solar thermal panels and solar panels.These would be engineered into using elements within these electronic,vehicles and materials as energy acceptors to carry out these reactions and them released as waste and utilise carbon dioxide and also water vapour to carry out these reactions and can be upscaled into solar panels.These would have recombinant DNA from G.metallireducens,S.oneidensis and other bacteria that produce electricity and also electroconductive pilli with scratch DNA added to increase the amount of electricity they produce.Recombinant DNA from Electrophorus electricus would also be added to increase the electricity created alongside scratch DNA.This would all alleviate strains on the grid.Ideally the batteries would only charge automatically when they reach a preset level after pulling over on the side of the road,when parked or by voice command with vehicles pulling over to the nearest stop to do this with them automatically altering their journey if the determine they need to charge with this determined at the start of a journey.Nighttime and long journeys would have the vehicle determine the level of battery required beforehand and charge during the day or divert to the nearest charging station with vehicles parked in an area for long periods of time ordered to recharge to before journeys that would take place at night.Also they will decide to go to the nearest charging/filling station at the beginning of journey if low on fuel or electricity with the level visible and time left in charging it also visible.Vehicles will also be able to be charged at home in garages that use wireless inductive chargers and those built into walls and those at Phaeton stations.

•Lights inside and in the headlights will be either LED or CSYS LED lights that can last between 11 years(96,360 hours) or 37 years(324,120 hours)respectively of continued use.These energy efficiency bulbs will use less energy from the battery and also are much brighter.Headlights will automatically turn on via cameras,sensors detecting that it is dark and cloudy,dusk and nighttime with them turning off when it is bright and dawn/daytime during driving.Interior lights can be turned on by the smart devices interacting with the onboard computer and accessing the menu containing the option to do so.They could also turn on/off by interacting with traffic networks and weather networks interacting with each in Hermes.UV lights in the interior that use narrow range UV wavelengths that bake the interior to sterlise them without damaging human skin can perform sterilising sweeps initiated by the home AI or the owner at desired times via the Home AI app.Having liquid glass on the vehicles interior will protect bioprinted leather from damage.

•An onboard computer that can be from anywhere remotely controlled and accessed via the Home AI app on the smart devices,laptops and other electronics.Home AI will also be integrated into the computer thus allowing the consumer to control aspects of the house from this dashboard computer, and smart devices in the car and interact with their Home AI.The doors will be automatically locked during journeys and open only in emergencies or any crashes that occur.Otherwise this system of locking and unlocking will be voice activated.Seat belts will still be present and it will be mandatory for passengers to wear them for their safety should any accidents or tight turns occur especially in icy weather and when vehicles need to stop to avoid collisions with animals and humans with the onboard computer not starting until at least all passengers in the front are wearing them with it puling the vehicle over automatically when they are removed with the exception being motorhomes.The onboard computer can be created at home via Raspberry Pi or smart devices that can be integrated into the vehicle but ideally these will be those constructed at the factory.The computer will built into where radios and cigarette heaters and chargers are allowing one access to Dionysus,Pheme and the rest of the wire with it as well able to download media such as movies,television shows,video games and music playlists when wire access is it not availible from these networks and have access to all sectors of the wire and internet.Alternatively the onboard computer can be accessed via smart devices and computers and will have a folder that can unlock/lock them with it permanently fixed into the car upon manufacture with the consumer designing the shape and size of and its location when designing it on Pandora.The computer will be ieally dispersed in vehicles as different unit components spread out along the different parts of the vehicle as small boxes or laptop sized units or sheets of graphene,silicene etc all connected to each other with these replaced by more powerful ones via driving the vehicle into the factory line.Older vehicles can be retrofitted with these via sending them to factories with old computers in new vehicles replaced with newer more advanced models either by hand using instructions form the Home AI and Gaia through smart devices or by again sending it into the factory.Otherwise the onboard computers can be ordered in and fitted in at home in both cases with software updates from Hestia done overtime and the old computers recycled.By about 2045 a laptop or computer system unit will have the same computing power as all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet allowing them to store large amounts of data as well as be able to stream Ophion from satellites,house their and the Home AIs fragmented forms and also be able to interact with adjoining vehicles and smart devices wirelessly and also be able to make split second decisions instantly better than a human can with this built into the car as a series of sheets in the trunks spread out or in separate components there and in other parts of the vehicles connected to each other.This split second decision making will also be improved by them interacting wirelessly or through Ophion with all other vehicles with the computer containing wifi transmitters to interact with all smart devices and vehicles kilometres ahead to allow for it to prevent accidents done while connected to Ophion or not.Biosynth wifi using minute levels of energy will interact with nearby vehicles,smart devices and stream Ophion,Brauron and the rest of the wire and internet.This computer can download and store media such as movies and television show and even video games for when wire access is not available with data from games sent to ones Dionysus account etc when access is again available or through cellular calls via Iris or piggybacking nearby devices linked to the wire.This can bring up any aspect of the wire when access is availible or through cellular settings within it or piggybacking other devices and even using biosynth wifi in it.This includes Pheme,Ophion,Iris and Dionysus with them able to download media and stream and download data from laptops and smartdevices with radio stations streamed via satellites and biosynth wifi allowing them access to all of the worlds stations and store music playlists from ones Dionysus account and devices.Otherwise one will have videos of movies,television shows and podcasts saved on laptops and smart devices.Iris video calls can be brought up via them linked to smartphones or through themselves,Seats will be custom made to suit the exact curvature of the driver determined by X-Ray scans from patient files,mobile scanners built into smart devices or made of a shape memory material which can adapt itself to the curvature of the spine for each individual in the car.Information such as the odometer relayed as its totalled lifetime in centimetres to kilometres,spedommeter(analouge and digital),horsepower,grading from simulations,tyre pressure,breaking fluid,levelds,diagnostics etc can be brought up through menus with this done remotely through smart devices and computers as it would be registered to the Home AI app allowing the Home AI to communicate with passengers via it.Existing vehicles can have them added to them by driving them onto a conveyor belt with smart devices interacting with the factory AI to initiate this via Hephaestus or Hermes when noonoe is in the vehicle and also have electric batteries added with old batteries and engines removed for recycling.They will also have to have nanocameras on the front to see out the window and one on the back to see outwards alongside sensors and radar installed.Otherwise they can have 360 cameras installed on the roof or a special compartment fitted into the roof.This would be for vehicles that are of sentimental value which can be driven manually with existing vehicles owned by the public scanned into Selene and then recreated in factories with autonomous driving features and the old ones recycled or them retrofitted with these.Newer onboard computers will be fitted into the place of old ones by hand once ordered or by automated factories with them since registered to the Home AI allowing for information including addresses and also video files from Dionysus and Pheme and also photos etc to be sent to and from all other registered devices and also ones Hestia cloud with them utilising nanoprocessors and biological hard drives and new software updates downloaded over time.All cameras linked to the onboard camera will be Hestia be linked to the global database of missing persons and criminals.Onboard computers of all vehicles such as cars,yachts,boats,helicopters will relay GPS signals constantly to the wire allowing those lost in the middle of nowhere to be found with those involved in accidents to send alerts to Prometheus of their location and nature of accidents either by the persons onboard or automatically.

•It must feature wireless charging docks for smartphones instead of the cigarette charger socket and ideally this would be powered by graphene/quantum dot/thermo-piezoelectric matrix to alleviate the strain on the car battery.Self charging technologies in smart devices and laptops will negate these alleviating strains on the vehicles batteries.

•Automated features for the passengers can exist and also such as nano thin television screens that can provide entertainment such as movies and television shows streamed from Dionysus or even external harddrives with apps connecting them to Pheme allowing them to connect to the worlds televison stations ans internet sites.Dionysus will also allow video games to be streamed and played on backseat monitors,onboard computers and windshield with smart pads,smart phones or wirelless video game controllers.

•Smartphones and/or smart bracelets could replace the use of keys.Siri voice commands and/or a special app dedicated to holding all of ones digital keys could be used on both devices(these digital keys app would also include keys to your home and electronics) with the owner having a registered account on the app.This app would have the toughest firewalls and cyber security preventing hacking by others.Access to a vehicle can be restricted to the owner or given to to others such as relatives,friends and next of kin by use of this app that allows them to send the unique digital code to the app on their smartdevices thus adding it to their library of digital keys.The owner of the vehicle would have administrative access over the digital key meaning their devices/app can bypass those of others if the vehicle is stolen by the other party for an unwarranted journey and cause the car to stop at the nearest parking space and/or automatically return.Furthermore this app and account can be accessed on computers and other devices.If one falls out of favour with one of these people the digital key can be revoked from them by the original owner remotely via the wire.Digital keys to house doors and gates may also be stored on the onboard that open them and disable security features when they drive into the house yard.Again daughter keys to houses and gates can also be stored on the vehicles of next of kin,friends and relatives etc.To add extra security biometrics can be applied like retinal scan and voice activation with the administrator allowing those with daughter keys to save their biometrics on their key within their app.Police officers may only bypass this system only with a warrant given to search or confiscate the vehicle.This can be replicated with laptops and homes etc.The vehicles will interact with the Home AI and open any garage doors automatically negating any separate switches and only leave the garage once it is fully opened with the garage door closing once it has left the home grounds.Otherwise digital keys within the vehicle will automatically when ordered to the homeowners position or when they are initiating a journey when inside with tha same applying to gates.

•Automated aeroplanes and boats would be interacting with ocean and air traffic networks with their onboard computers allowing them to locate themselves on a GPS map and alert emergency services in the case of emergencies as detailed later on.These and motorbikes,bikes,helicopter,manual terrestrial vehicles will also have the same features of autonomous vehicles ie sensors,connection to Ophion and onboard computers to communicate with all automated and manual vehicles and Ophion to prevent accidents with the also also relaying to drivers the location of other aerial vehicles to them and relay their position to other vehicles via sensors and Ophion.In the cases of motorcyclists i.e. Moto GP racers,formula 1 and NASCAR drivers and motorcyclists they practice lessons and exams in could have the same software used in autonomous vehicles could be used to replace instructors as it would measure their success in navigating courses next to driving schools as well as those in the real roads or practice ones against automated NASCAR or other vehicles on a race track.Since NASCAR and formula 1 drivers will only be driving in their respective courses they could practice driving on F1 and NASCAR courses against a group of autonomous vehicles of varying levels of AI as well as VR training in simulation booths,or VR simulations indistinguishable from reality with varying levels of AI on courses and in the case of simulations for motorbikes on roads with simulated automated vehicle traffic with both private jets and cesnas tested in the sky.These VR simulations using the time dilation effect can allow one to practice any vehicle they want and master them in a short amount of time with this including cesnas and private jets in the sky,motorbikes and bicycles on the road with other AI controlled vehicles with these also harbouring the lessons and tests that one must do in order to qualify for a licence.These lessons and practice drives would measure the students ability to deal with all types of situations on the road and sky with this including different weather situations,different road conditions and different traffic conditions.They would also take home eye test exams as detailed later on with the results in their patient file linking to the software and their Themis account that would house their e-driving license with this software and its results also linking to their Themis accounts.Theory books for all vehicles on the rules of the road etc could be created including old ones from around the world to be studied and then tested on at any time through the app with repeats also done instantly with the a pass rate being at least 85% and them present in Selene.This could also apply to motorcycles,cesnas,helicopters,yachts and jet skis and small aircraft to measure their accuracy via audio feedback and taking momentary control in the case where an accident may occur also applying to Cesna and those wishing to fly small planes.If a person in a helicopter and cesna etc is having an accident their GPS location,projected path will be relayed to nearby emergency services and the AI will take over and try to ensure they avoid any homes on the ground with any homes in their path alerted to this to allow the occupants of them and vehicles to escape with the AI taking over in conditions that would lead to an accident.These onboard computers on manual aircraft would be linked to Ophion allowing them to determine the presence of all automated and manual aircraft and prevent the driver from heading into the direction of other vehicles and them also giving suitable paths visible on the screen as to the desired location.They would test them on virtual road systems (through Artemis)and virtual sky tracks on the augmented windscreen as well as in the real road for motorcyclists with smart glass and lenses and wireless earphones relaying guides and performance tips from a universal AI named Selene.Real road exercises would follow a preset map decided by the software of different levels of difficulty beginners to expert and performance following the universal colour code and progress charted on a graph over a set number of lessons taken whenever the driver wishes to take them with the same applying to tests.Theory will also be tested both on the spot and exams taken at anytime with these tests and theory books that they study streamed on e-newspapers and computers with them done at anytime.Thus the test would be done at home on smart devices,laptops and computers with buildings used as centres to test students will be converted into homes and if they fail can be done straight away and organised to be done at anytime with webcams on devices used to allow Hestia,ones Home AI etc preventing them from cheating.They would be given a e-drivers licence for these manual vehicles stored in their Themis account which will link with onboard computers on manual vehicles authorising them to start the vehicles and will be stored on the onboard computer of vehicles.This will eliminate traditional driving schools and Departments of Motor vehicles which can be turned into homes once the carpark is dug up as the software Selene will be downloaded through the wire onto any vehicle including autonomous ones and motorbikes from Hephaestus with this also applying to bicycles and ideally once the person gains their vehicle this software would over ride Hestia ensuring they learn how to drive before going on the road.Ideally though it would run through Hestia.This can be available to any member of the public to preserve driving skills should any theoretical technological collapse prevent autonomous vehicles from being used or to act as backup when access to Ophion is not possible.

•Helmets for NASCAR,Formula 1 vehicles,bicycles and motorcycles can be linked to rear view mirrors(and traffic networks,the wire and GPS systems in the case of bicycles and motorcycles on the road) and fitted with graphene in them to facilitate augmented reality with maps of the roads,courses they are on similar to video games showing location of all cars including themselves and measuring distance between the driver and other drivers(for safety – and other information normally found in racing games such as their lap/overall time,what position they are in ie.first,second,third etc and lap number) and rearview images in the corner which can be voice activated or through implants.Also visible will be oil and brake fluid levels.They will also be used for those driving on the road with autonomous vehicles relay the vehicles behind them,ahead of them in narrow roads with bends and their distance as well as readings from nearby Zackee Gloves and also traffic lights with them able to switch to long range IR illuminator or night vision automatically at night taking readings from Theoi Meteroi with a camera on them at the front and back recording their journey for safety reasons should accidents occur etc.Thus helmets with augmented reality in the visors will show their location on a map in a corner similar to driving games with vehicles on the road behind and in front of them on this with the distance of vehicles in front and behind them and even those coming from turns to their sides shown with these worn by motorcyclists and cyclists as it would stream Ophion and alongside miniaturised onboard computers relay their location and vehicle type to all autonomous vehicles with directions and actions of vehicles in front and behind them relayed to this and their helmet.A view of the road behind them via cameras will also be present with these brought up by voice command.This can also be replicated with both skiers and snowboarders in googles and helmets improving safety and navigation of slopes in hobbyists as well as those competing in the Olympics and other competitions with it in these cases of winter sports show a map of the course they are on where they are and where other competitors or recreational skiiers/snowboarders are currently placed on it an the location in comparison to other racers in the form of friends via interacting with the linked googles.In all cases these helmets could be fitted with sensors to measure the amount of damage they receive from bangs to the head during accidents and can allow the players to compete against virtual skiiers,snowboarders and drivers of varying levels of AI.Also these people could wear smart clothing fitted with smartarmour and sensors to prevent damage to their body and measure vital signs during accidents.These helmets can be composed of graphene to absorb shock damage from collisions and the interior fitted with layers of armourgel(smart armour) to prevent even more damage to the skull on impacts due to their strength with the glass also having a graphene matrix to prevent it shattering and debris damaging the wearers face.The wearer also wearing smart armour alongside smart clothing to prevent injury and constantly measure vital signs relayed to onsite paramedic drones with Helite Airbag Vests also worn.This helmets and clothing could be complimented by iron shavings suspended in oil that upon impact turn stiff as a board and are pliable to the shape of the wearers body as well as provide extra protection to injury from sharp objects and debris in a car crash.Otherwise layers of graphene in between the smart armour and clothing which can protect the body from force equivalent to a bullet can be used.Having NASCAR,Formula 1 and Moto GP vehicles composed of strong carbon composites and the windows be a matrix of silica and carbyne will make the vehicle and windshield incredibly strong and resilient and make it able to survive severe accidents with little damage and thus lower the chances of severe injury and death when combined with smart armour headgear and clothes.All NASCAR,Formula 1 and Moto GP vehicles in their official competitions will not have the ability to autonomously drive but their onboard computers will relay their location to the other drivers as well as the health of the car and levels of electricity and state of tyres to the driver.Miniature cameras built into them can record the viewponit of the driver and record it for fans(which viewers can switch between via in menu on Dionysus during live recordings) when put on their YouTube account.Compartments in the vehicles can contain FireICE that is released the second a fire occurs detected by nanosensors or activated manually by the driver though the use of electric vehicles will prevent this.Otherwise autofireman.The protection measures detailed earlier ie.graphene paint on tyres and body(also composed of graphene)alongside graphene within windshield and windows can prevent casualties by protecting drivers from impacts.As stated earlier Formula 1 vehicles should have retractable windshields with graphene in its matrix to protect them from debris etc.Helmets would also be coated with liquid glass.

All of these features and more can be applied to other vehicles such as bicycles,motorbikes,boats,yachts,jet skis,planes,private jets,cruise ships etc.All of these would have their own onboard computer including miniaturized ones for motorbikes and bicycles with all of them except bicycles and motorbikes having autonomous travel capabilities allowing for them to be registered and controlled by the Home AI and used digital keys.Motorbikes could with future advancements be fitted with autonomous driving capabilities.All except bicycles will have self charging technologies and use hybrid,electric or gasoline engines with speedboats and yachts even having miniature VAWTs that be stored in compartments and attached when they need charging with them even having miniature wave piston chargers underneath them.Piers can have wireless energy chargers either underwater,where it docks to charge it from behind or the same automated charging hose for electric vehicles including those on pit stops on the pier net to the stop with these activated by the home AI app and onboard computer interacting with it.Yachts,boats including speed boats as well as cruise ships and jetskis will have the turbines cornered off by grating coated in liquid glass that prevent them damaging or killing humans and animals.Jetskis,boats,yachts etc can be powered by gasoline or be electric with them charged by wireless energy inductive chargers underneath spaces at piers,automated connectors similar to those at electric charging stations that can connect to them automatically or by hand with them connected to the grid with the place where the door to the charger on the boat above the water level. Motorhomes can be fitted with luxury fittings such as marble or diamond furniture table tops with them also having autonomous driving and onboard computers with furniture including beds and electronics designed and ordered in from Talus and Daedalus etc.Ideally motorhomes will use steamers,halogen ovens and solar grills in place of ovens and microwaves etc to reduce the chance of fires as well as make them space efficient with these replaced by tanks that grow algae from human sewage for human consumption with built in graphene sheets and super high intensity UV lights also in these to also treat water in looped cycles.Dish and clothes washers made redundant from liquid glass on clothing and cutlery will also be used to house these sewage and water treatment plants with nanosensors detecting levels of pathogens to make them safe to consume with water collected from rainwater collectors on the roof that can be opened and closed when needed by the onboard computer.Gas created would be expelled or stored in a compartment where it can be used as energy to power the vehicle or expelled.They can also have docks to dock with sewage and water treatment plants that vehicles used to collect waste from septic tanks can connect to.They can drive 24/7 stopping at charging stations or the open to charge.It will also stop at vertical farms and water treatment plants to collect water,food and even at factories to collect orders of manufactured ordered and selected by the passengers or have delivery robots and vehicles sent to their current or expected GPS location.Also sharing motorhomes will allow tourists to travel over a region they are visiting.

All manufacturing hubs will have singular buildings that produce all types of vehicles on each floor ie one for terrestrial vehicles including motorhomes,one for yachts and jetskis as well as speedboats,one for cruise ships.Those for Cruise ships and aeroplanes including commercial and private ones will be if possible onsite of aeroports and cruise ships managed by their own separate AI and Selene.This could be a layout of each floor creating each type or each floor divided into factories for each type with all components such as seats,onboard computers,batteries,tyres,wheels etc made onsite of each section or floors with normal and vehicle elevators allowing vehicles and components to be transported up and down.This will allow existing factories that produce one component to be converted into homes.Motorhomes will also be constructed in the same factories as terrestrial vehicles or their own one.These will be operated by the Selene software and will be multistorey ones having roof and underground extensions with in time maybe even ideally them being large wide buildings allowing each floor to create each type of vehicles with elevators allowing both parts and finished vehicles to move up and down thus allowing automated vehicles to move out of the factory,charge and then drive away.All raw materials such as carbon composites,rubber latex,hemp composites etc will be produced on site using ordered in carbon and genetically altered bacteria.

If damage occurs despite the precautions taken above then repair can be done by hand with smart devices communicating with onboard computers to run diagnostics giving the person an idea of where a fault has occurred and why.The computer will also warn the user of problems that may occur that may be minor at first but may become worse without maintenance.Next it will also guide them through how to fix them via how to videos either from YouTube or in time those generated by the computer/home AI related to that problem with parts such as tyres etc. ordered in by the consumer with smart devices,smart contact lenses and glasses relaying steps on the screen and via augmented reality.Ones glasses,lenses and cameras on devices will allow the AI to see through the eyes of the owned and tell them what to do by seeing what the engine or other parts are currently like alongside reading diagnostics.The onboard computer would have a full map of each component in the car giving them suggestions on which component(s) to check with regards to each problem presented with onboard diagnostics being performed on the onboard computer via smart devices similar to how on carries out on computer with a simple “run diagnostics” menu and other easy to find and initiate programs and different types of diagnostics on smart devices performed on the entire car or certain section.Since smart devices and home AI will be linked to vehicles these diagnostics can be done remotely with cybersecurity protecting it from outside hacking to protect privacy.Diagnostics can be done at anytime or programmed to be performed routinely at set times to ensure is no problem at these set times which diagnostics,the date of the diagnostic and its results logged on both the onboard computers and in apps on smart devices linking to car.Any tools or vehicles components needed can be ordered in from the factory or even better gained from plastic,metal,rubber 3D printers.Ideally all materials used in the construction of a vehicles should be both self repairing/healing and be made to last as long as possible at least several decades to limit the strain on human labour for repairs.Otherwise in time fully automated mechanic/auto repair centres can be put in place of auto shops and convenience stores with the onboard computers interacting with robots to sort out any problem with the same and/or similar machinery used in factories that construct vehicles.These would also house automated pickup trucks that can connect to broken down vehicles automatically(due to them losing power or tyre punctures) or by the passenger with them contacted via Hermes or the Phaeton on the onboard computer or smart devices with the nearest repair shops built into petrol stations listed on a map that they can select with them then choosing what the problems the vehicle has and then their GPS location will be sent automatically and the passenger can have it sent to either the repair shop,a charging station or their home depending on their choice by automated pickup trucks.This universal app would be called Phaethon linking them to petrol stations with repair shops.As detailed earlier having the body of the vehicle composed of carbon composites and have graphene paint on it with self healing rubber and graphene into the matrix of tyres(again alongside graphene paint)should make them indestructible.

Any necessary oils and hydrocarbon based fluids that would need to be refilled could be designed to have specific components and ingredients with them sourced from genetically altered bacteria and produced onsite of the factory where they will be ordered from via Hephaestus.Bio-based alternatives may suffice.The container of these since 3D printed in the factory will allow the consumer to choose the size of the container and thus how much they want since they will also design and save the container on Hephaestus.In time nanotech fabricators will allow this to be made at home.These bacteria and thus oils,fluids etc can be grown and produced locally at home and community centres in vats and refilled by hand.The hydrocarbons can also be used to fuel old cars that still run on gasoline.

For cars that take part in NASCAR and Formula 1 racing the pit stop could be a computer that communicates with onboard computers and fixes any problems via robots.It will be able to accurately measure the level of brake fluid,oils,charge left and other fluids etc and diagnose any problems that the driver may not be aware of and repair it then and their with the onboard computer informing the driver of these and allowing them to do make the decision to visit the pit stop when they feel it is necessary.It is simply a case of automating the work currently done by humans here through a variety of technologies such as automated chargers or inductive wireless chargers and robots and biosynth that can change fluids and wheels.

As stated before any type of custom made car will be able to be produce with enhancements in Artificial Intelligence.Allowing for a wide variety of designs to be created suited to the needs of the consumer.

However as technology advances flying vehicles both private and public will become commonplace with the Aeromobil 3.0 being the closet we currently are to producing flying cars.Existing flying vehicles such as the Aeromobil series will be availible by 2029 that are dual ones that can go up to 200-300kmph allowing for in city and intercity trips to be made but require roads to park and take off but proper ones will be availible by 2045-2100 that are shuttle based ones that can lift off vertically without copters and wings and use devices that emit a field of altered physics around them to lift off.These will be able to fly at all heights in the atmosphere between 1-10km with them able to go 500kmph thus allow them to bypass normal roads and travel above urbanised areas and also oceans and all wilderness areas.Dimensional transcendamentalism can be used by them to house large areas of seating for dozens of people in them.This technology once perfected would allow roads to be negated with only in city roads present that would be used as walking paths or turned into publicstreets or remaining use by normal terrestrial based vehicles.It would eliminate traffic jams,congestion as all vehicle led would be controlled by Ophion would have wide spaces to travel and could go as high as 1-10km meaning billions or trillions of people could travel at once and there would still be kilometres of open space between them with them replacing private jets and possibly even commercial airline travel once they can approach similar speeds but will definitely alleviate strains on traffic levels on roads and highways and the need to build more of these infrastructure projects with them able to land at airports,on rooftops of hospitals and other buildings as well as the need to build more airports and expand existing ones.This should definitely be possible if vehicles could hypothetically be safely fitted with modified jet,ramjet and scramjet engine technology,interstellar technology or similar equivalents to accommodate air travel and traditional electrical engines to accommodate dual terrestrial road travel.In time a dimensional field can be emitted by devices of altered physics that allows for stable vertical lift off etc.These will alleviate the stress on airports may even allow them to become smaller or disappear and be converted into underground mag lev/hyperloop stations allowing more land to be reforested.Flying vehicles including public ones should be equipped with sonar or other technology that repels birds from them that can expand outwards in all directions a significant distance to them to prevent accidents relating to birdstrikes Other vehicles may double as boats and “drive” on water.Public versions of underwater vehicles will exist that are similar to buses and taxis etc.

These underwater vehicles can dock at underwater city airlocks,underwater train stations while flying cars can allow one travel over oceans stopping at sea based charging stations,airports and floating cities in the air and sea(as well as take off and land on highways,bridges and roads).In time it may even be possible to produce vehicles that can travel on land,in the air,over and underwater with in time newer more advanced propulsion methods allow for more fluid flying vehicles.New more compact designs of land based vehicles may allow for more vehicles to travel on roads at once.Amphibious vehicles will have to have all external and internal surfaces covered in liquid glass and graphene paint to prevent rust and damage from water and the oceans acidity while flying cars will have to be treated with a film that repels electricity to protect them from lightening strikes.With regards to amphibious vehicles further research needs to be done to improve underwater speeds like attaching motors from jetskis and motorboats allowing for automated amphibious buses or tour pods that can do tours of coral reefs,deeper waters and also coastal areas at the same time with large amounts of people with underwater vehicles would have sonar,magnetism that could be turned on/off that would repel sharks,whales and other animals that be threat.All types of underwater vehicles including bathyspheres for underwater cities would have to have the glass be composed of pyrex and graphene matrix to survive the pressure of the ocean especially at lower depths with security features that automatically release a buoyant sea air bag(alongside traditional airbag) on the outside similar to children swimming armbands should an accident occur such as a breach in its hull,glass,structure,the passenger suffers a heart attack or loses consciousness(via interactions with implants and smart clothing or menu on the onboard computer) or if the vehicle runs out of power(at which point a button or switch in a compartment can be activated by the passenger manually)to force the vehicle to the surface and alert it to emergency services or drive to the nearest onland or sea based hospitals.Graphene can be included into the matrix of these to increase their strength.Private and public underwater vehicles such as bathyspheres,seabreachers,submarines and even jetskis can also be designed here to.Public versions of underwater vehicles will exist that are similar to buses and taxis that can house dozens of people at once to underwater cities.

All vehicles whether flying,underwater and normal ones both private and public ones will integrate dimensional transcendamentalism to house more seats for people.

Platforms integrated into Euthenia and the digital keys system that will allow people to lend their vehicles to friends and other members of the global community when they are not used like say when on holiday with a single global platform within Euthenia facilitating this with all vehicles subdivided by type and subtype.This could also apply to yacht,boat,motorbikes,motorhomes,helicopters and private jet sharing programs that can be integrated into ideally Euthenia to allow people to share these vehicles at certain times of the year they are not using them with the vehicles driving to the person who wishes to uses it either to their home or local pier/boatyard/airport.This would be of note to people with multiple vehicles.It could also allow people to share cars with tourists visiting a specific area and even permanently trade them away and would allow existing yachts,private jets and other vehicles to be shared for set periods of time in the year until automation becomes fully automated and also negate the need for creating too many vehicles saving on energy and resource costs.Sharing of motorhomes will allow a person to travel on the road with the vehicle travelling 24/7 while the passengers are asleep in the accommodation.Sharing of motorhomes when they are not used on a regional,national and global scale with tourists will allow a person to travel on the road with the vehicle travelling 24/7 while the passengers are asleep in the accommodation stopping at local sewage plants to remove sewage and also water used in the sinks and showers.VR indistinguishable to real life will allow one to own and create an infinite amount of vehicles from scratch thus negating issues such as energy,limited storage space and resource expenditure and even allow them to control them manually in dangerous situations without the fear of death such as drag races and stunts.This will also allow one to try them out in simulations before ordering them to test their speeds,manoeuvrability.