On the Nature of Immortality

When dealing with immortality there is the common argument that one would eventually see and do everything to the point that life would become bored and thus seek death over the monotony of existence.Two instances in media I have seen this extrapolated is the Q from Star Trek and the representations of Heaven and Hell in The Good Place.For those of you who are not Trek fans the Q are an immortal,omnipotent,omniscient race in Star Trek who after billions of years of immortality,omnipotence and omniscience have become of existence to the point that they spend their time in complete silence and boredom as everything that could be said or done has been said if done.The reason for this is of course their omniscience as unlike humans and other races they inhabit a higher dimension that gives them omniscience to the entirety of existence.It is implied in the episode Q2 that time works different than in the universe as while the character Q disappears and then reappears about less than an hour later he explains that years have passed.There are other indications in other episodes that that they experience time differently than humans and view it as the past,present and future occuring at once and that their omniscience extends to the entire universe with it implied that they can view the future before it happens though they can be at times surprised at things happening later or earlier than normal.Then of course it is implied that this omniscience extends not only to the franchises universe but in fact all universe that exist in the multiverse.Therefore they can see the past,present and future across the entirity of the universe and across all realities that exist and thus see everything that possibly exist at once.This would be very boring very quickly.Knowing everything that happens across the entire multiverse and of course all of the future etc would be boring very quickly.Considering the universe is at least 13,700,000,000 years old and there at least 200,000,000,0000 galaxies I hardly think you could bored of it in that short amount of time.What makes life for us mere mortals beareable is the unpredictability of reality in that we cannot know what the future holds and we are only aware of what’s going on in our local section of the universe and indeed multiverse due to our limited neural capacity and spatial awareness.None if us can tell what exactly is happening in any other part of the world much less the entire universe.Read a book,watch a movie and comment on it and you’ll realise that there will be new movies and books etc produced after it and not just from humans but all sentient races across the universe.Then of course you can be considered an expert on something or a polymath that doesn’t mean you know everything.Try and name every single person that is alive or has lived,try and name every movie,video game,television show(and their episodes),books etc that has been produced.Try and name every single species of plants and animals that exist both their general name and scientific names.Try and learn every single language on Earth roughly 6,500.Now upscale that to the rest of the universe or even multiverse.The answer is you can’t.Knowing everything is impossible.Even experts and polymaths like myself can only know so much on the subjects we are skilled at – that’s where Wikipedia comes in..The human brain can only remember or process a limited amount of information.This is due to the fact that the human memory is finite.We have recently discovered that the human brains capacity for storing information is actually much bigger than what was previously thought like internet size big but we only remember what is relevant and necessary to our survival hence why if we were to live forever we would still remember important things like the dates of our birthday,that of friends,anniversaries and our favourite things and important experiences relevant to our existence that shape us who we are.We cannot remember every single second of every single day of our existence which is a good thing as eventually our brains would clog up with junk information and collapse in on itself and we would begin to forget everything.It is only memories and experiences relevant to us that we remember while everything else is forgotten.Our brains thus prioritise what is important.It evolved to remember specific facts relevant to our survival.That is what makes existence bearable over omniscience.This at least makes immortality bearable.Those with actual eidetic memories do to a certain degree have shortcomings in other faculties of their neural functioning.People even in our limited lifespans do enjoy consuming the same types of meals,foods and flavours,carrying out the same hobbies and pastimes,as well as digesting the same types of entertainment and their genres and tropes such as soap operas,fantasy,science fiction,heroes,characters,vampires,aliens,magic and sorcery etc even if they repeat themselves.Emerging technologies such as VR technology wherein one is allowed to do whatever they want would possibly eliminate boredom forever.Thus if one were immortal then one would never get bored of the same entertainment they digest,the same as me foods they consume and same hobbies they carry out.Then of course there is the fact that once we do become immortal their are limitations to it such as limitations to the acellerated healing phenotype,limits to radioresistence and limits to toxin tolerance meaning we could still die if exposed to sufficient physical trauma etc outside the limits of genetic engineering thus giving us enough to fear death.Furthermore there is the fact that the Q are omnipotent which again would kinda get boring after a while because when you are in control of all matter and energy in the universe that would leave you in a position to be bored.Many a tyrant and dictator dreams of being a god with unlimited power,omniscience and pure immortality but when combined together it gets boring after a while to the point that being left inside a quasi immortal shell with the limitations of a mere human seems desirable.

The second media The Good Place details the characters present in two versions of the afterlife – the bad place based on hell and the good place based on heaven.In both places the residents have become bored in their different ways.In the bad place it is implied that those that are sent their and doomed to suffer eternal torture have become used to the torture they experience abc thus have become numbed,desensitised and bored.Their demonic torturers are also implied to have become bored of their jobs and have to find new ways to torture people.Ted Dansons character Micheal idea of tricking the main characters that they are in the good place only to torture each other for eternity is only given the go ahead due to being completely new from the usual fire,brimstone,dismemberment routine.In the Good Pace modelled after heaven it is a lush paradise where each person gets what they want instantly and are allowed to experience pleasure in all of its forms including organs on demand and clothes that clean themselves.People have become hedonistic pleasure zombies from getting what they want all the time and thus are stuck in a daze.This only found out when Hypathia reveals to them that paradise looks good on paper but it eventually wears thin when it goes on forever.It is implied that they are not stretched or stimulated creatively or intellectually and are thus become bored with paradise.All that is expected of them is to have sex,eat good food,play video games and that’s about it.There is no conflict of intellectual stimulation.The fact that no one has entered the Good Place in over 500 years has made things worse as there are no new people to interact with.The demons in charge of dispensing torture to those unlucky to enter the Bad Place have become bored of doing the same thing over and over again.There is no variety in what is left for them to do with this part of rte reason Micheal was allowed to carry out his experiment of tricking people into thinking they were in the Good Place to torture each other for all eternity was because it was something new.It’s probably because they lacked imagination and thought the Bad place should be all fire and brimstone.This presents the problem of eternal paradise and eternal hell as eventually too much of either becomes unbearable.Once the main characters arrive in the good place they soon make reforms to give the residents meaning through discussing philosophy and expand outside of their pleasure bubble they give them something to live for by being taught to take up new things and engage in debate where they may be challenged where they may not always win but sometimes fail at their goals.They learn that too much of a good thing is unbearable but having a variety and balance of new things to do makes it a true paradise.Life on Earth is only bearable through conflict whether it is that involving others and everyday problems and chores we must do to get by rather than having things handed to us on a plate.Life has its ups and downs as well it being unpredictable and that’s what makes it exciting and bearable.

Thus it is our limitations and potential infinite possibilities and everyday struggles that makes immortality a desirable option.The common denotation of debunking infinity and probability is the card deck shuffle excuse.Each deck of cards has about 52 cards shuffle them enough times and you will get every possible combination an infinite number of times.This is what you get when dealing with finite amounts of number.Infinity is the exact opposite of this – it isn’t even a number it’s a word we use to describe a concept that literally goes on forever with no boundaries.Thus we can if we use an infinite number we can get an infinite number of outcomes.Take genetics for example it has been proven that each male and female couple could through sexual reproduction create at least 64,000,000,000,000 genetically distinct offspring.If each one of those had children with any other 64,000,000,000,000 offspring of another couple this could lead to another 64,000,000,000,000 offspring which then in turn leads another 64,000,000,000,000 with any other person leading into infinity.This means there is an infinite number of people that could potentially exist meaning you could never really meet everyone that could exist and that just with humans and not taking into account other sentient races.This could in turn lead to an infinite number or variety of manufactured products such as clothing,towels,electronics,dolls,action figurines if they had human bodies and faces of every potential person on them or modelled on them.This could also lead to an infinite number of video games,movies,television shows etc.With regards to music there are only a finite amount of combinations of songs based on the finite amount of musical notes that we can hear.Its estimated that we will run our new music in about a few hundred years despite the fact that are currently several hundred million songs in existence as of 2022.This only takes into account the fact that most songs are usually five minutes long on average with increasing the length of songs to an hour or even twenty four hours or longer exponentially increasing the variation with then of course there are musical notes outside the audible range of humans.If neural implants and genetic engineering could increase the amount of sounds we can hear it should increase the amount of musical notes and thus combinations of them exponentionally potentially into infinity depending on the range of the hertz scale with the range of colours we can perceive being limited to 10,000,000 colours which stretch into infinity if the electromagnetic spectrum goes on forever.If not then other universe must have an infinite amount of different hertz and electromagnetic spectrum scales.There is of course genetics leading to an infinite number of species of plants and animals given the potential for an infinite number of genes to be present in cells.This can increase exponentially when using bases derived from all 94( or pontential more elements) and more complex compounds.With regards to terrain of planets whether they are those made artificially and in VR simulations or that occur naturally in our reality or all realities the similar principle of genetics can be applied to planets.Similar as to how in genetics two individuals can create up to 64,000,000,000,000 genetically distinct individuals using three metres of DNA who can in turn create 64,000,000,000,000 genetically distinct individuals when cross breeding with any other two individuals thus leading to an almost infinite genetically distinct individuals Iphegenia can do the same when designing planets with her taking the terrain of two existing or new planets created by her and thus create progeny designs by making hybrids between two planets.Since planets are at least a billion or more times larger than a strand of DNA and the amount of surface area of Earth being at 126,000,000,000 acres with the amount of land being 37,800,000,000 acres then this hybridisation of planets can lead to at least 2,419,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 – 8,256,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different planets when hybridising only two planets with each one of those hybridised with another planet created from hybridising any two other planets that can in turn create another 2,419,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 – 8,256,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets that in turn can lead to another completely different 2,419,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 – 8,256,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets and so on into potentially infinity thus leading to an infinite amount of artificial planets created by her with ring worlds,dyson shells and alderson discs since between 1,000,000-1,000,000,000 times larger could increase variation per planet by this much.This variation can be further increased exponentially when she instead of making hybrids with only two planets can make hybrids between three,four,five,ten,hundred,thousand,million or even billion or even more different planets together alongside planets that are created by her from scratch and even additional geological formations etc added to these hybridised ones from scratch by her thus exponentially increasing the amount of possible hybrid combinations of progeny planets exponentially and in proportion to those being hybridised potentially into infinity with again ringworlds,dyson shells and alderson discs exponentially increasing this variability by 1,000,000 – 1,000,000,000 times.As for the multiverse if there are an infinite number of realities then their would be an infinite number of humans present in inhabited ones with if my theories are true and each universe wavelengths and thus phenotypes are determined by mathematical equations both those that can be comprehended by humans and those that cannot then there would be an infinite number of laws of physics that leads to an infinite number of chemical elements,chemical compounds and thus infinite number of lifeforms and technologies.Considering I have a very high success rate of at least 97% in predicting.This if true could lead to it being virtually impossible to ever know everything or see everything thus giving researchers or humanity itself an eternity of discovery.

Immortality and eternal youth are as gift that should not be squandered due to the fact that humans don’t naturally live to be at least 500 – 1,000 years old is unfair especially since normally most of your life is wasted away in school by the time you finish college and start your careers and it’s a reason why several decades is not enough time to live a full live when it’s mostly wasted away on college and forced servitude in obsolete jobs.In prehistoric times our natural limits was too short and even today it’s too short even to carry out basic passing in one’s genes to another generation and other spiritual matters – this is not good as living longer in fact this long would give higher chances of success of passing on one’s genes to future generations allowing for dozens,hundreds of offspring to be created especially given the cutthroat nature of the wilderness in prehistoric times as pathogens,injuries,accidents,malnutrition and death at the hand of natural predators etc would still be prevalent.Humans would still have children sparingly over decades and centuries but it would increase the success rate of creating more offspring.For all species it would increase the timespan to create as many healthy offspring and potentially increase the number of offspring as although one would wait decades or centuries to have children thus slowing population growth in the short term it would over long term increase the amount of offspring one had.Considering the cutthroat world of Mother Nature that is riddled with disease is pathogens and parasites and also animal predators,malnutrition and exposure to the elements this would be more desirable in evolutionary terms as to increase succes of any species of passing on their genes and still preventing overpopulation and prevent extinctions as although one would eventually grow old and infirm weak and die it would mean populations of species would be in their fertile peak much longer otherwise species including humans could take sevearal decades to reach physical and sexual maturity.For humans it would allow us to see more of the world and universe and contribute more to the world in all possible ways.Had humans naturally lived this long it’s possible people would have more time to do everything they wanted and needed with it still considered short as 500 – 1,000 years is still pretty short in geological terms that is it’s still nowhere near the length of geological timescales of geological periods on Earth that last tens or hundreds of millions of years and the universe lifespan that ranges in billions of years.Maybe for non human animals this is acceptable but for sentient being who has the capacity to understand the nature of reality through science and philosophically with the gift of wanting to achieving dreams and goals in life this is unfair and a mistake on the part of evolution.Animals as far as we don’t know lack the concept of goals,abstraction,imagination and understanding reality the way we do thus making us unique and us worthy of existing as long as we choose though they could if made immortal be made sterile with them usually dying off more from pathogens,parasites and predation rather than old age with it primarily pets kept immortal and wild animals have other humane options for their conciousnes.As detailed here if humans did naturally lived 500-1,000 years then you have more time to do the things you wanted to do in life including the little things and have long periods you didn’t have to work and more time to get your ideas through the door,sleep around,see the world,correct one’s mistakes in life and ensuring the survival of humanity and you would have at least to wait until you are least 500 – 650 years old to finally retire and consider yourself to old for anything as stated most people under this evolutionary path who are alive today who are in their 40s,50s,60s and even 90s could have made to at least 2400 – 2987 CE.Evolution really screwed up especially since I detailed already if we evolved to live to 500 – 1,000 years it would actually have benefited the individual,society at large and even the planet.If the goal of evolution by natural selection was to increase the chance of passing int genes to future generations then having us have such short lifespans was a fatal mistake as longer lifespans would lead to animals including humans living long enough to have more children but also sparingly enough to prevent overpopulation.Having evolved longer lifespans in the range of 500 – 1,000 years would have been in the best interests of natural selection as it ensures long enough lifespans wherein one is in their fertile peak for decades or even centuries at a time thus allowing for more children to be born from the same two parents or ideally for the sake of increasing genetic variation it would have giving more time to have both individuals have se with and create offspring with as many sexual partners as possible but at the same time allow for offspring to be born sparingly to slow down population growth to a sustainable rate that is it would take exponentially longer for populations to grow to levels where it could negatively affect the biosphere and the capacity for the species to sustain because offspring would be born later..One could through their lifetime lasting this long give birth to at least 100-900 children through one or more sexual partners If a women and possibility double this is a male abd up to a billion using donated sperm and IVF thus increasing the chance of increasing genetic diversity abd driving evolution.Conversely in a normal lifespan it’s at least a dozen at most that you can give birth to and thats only with multiple births if your woman and if your a man it could be through IVF by donating sperm you could give birth to a few thousand or million.Species that live at most a few decades are at an evolutionary disadvantage as they have a shorter lifespan and shorter window of fertility thus exponentially decreasing the survival of their species.Despite this long lifespan people could still die from pathogens,animal predators and murder etc but at least one could have the chance to live longer than normal and stay in a youthful state with their fertile peak for exponentially longer thus increasing exponentially their chance of creating as many offspring as possible and this why it doesn’t make sense for humans etc to have evolved to live for several centuries or at least a 1,000 years as living exponentially longer than we do go.If the whole purpose of evolution by natural selection is to live as long as possible to spread as much of your genes to create the most amount of offspring then why is it hey we only get such a short amount of time to do so before our biological clock starts ticking and our fertility drops abc our bodies then begin to break down completely to the point it just shuts down and dies from senescence,?The vedas do state that during the Kali Yuga the average lifespan of the highest lifespan is roughly 100 years old as it if some predetermined divine decision at the behest if God or this was due to the influence the Kali Yuga itself that is the reason why humans did not evolve from endolithic bacteria and thus instead of living for centuries or thousands of years at a time it’s possible that the dark forces of the Kali Yuga itself are responsible for influencing humans evolving to live only at most a 100 years.Showing yet again they are for telling events yet to happen after they were written with them predicting that in thx other Yugas that is yet to occur the lifespan increases exponentially to the point that it’s in the 100,000 of years.My immortality cocktail arriving the golden age is evidenced that immortality is predetermined as part of the Yugas.

To determine the root cause of immortality in nature it is simply a case of analysing evolutionary biology.It is possible the extreme conditions on the early Earth could be the result of long living bacteria mainly species from the Archaea bacteria some dating as far back as 3,700,000,000 – 4,100,000,000 years on the 4,540,000,000 year old Earth may have their inability to age due to lack of nutrients and water,mitochondria,extreme doses of radiation leading to the need to exhibit genetic rejuvenation forcing them them to evolve such phenotypes that was inevitably lost to much more complex multicellular lifeforms as conditions on Earth changed with nutrients,water becoming more plentiful,with a more pronounced ozone layer and requirements of the use of mitochondria to facilitate the needs of multicellular lifeforms resulting in cellular degradation in the coming geological periods including the current Quaternary as it would have been a major drawback particularly not having mitochondrial metabolism.This is evidenced by the ability of these functionally immortal extremophiles that are the oldest organisms that exist to this day having survived on Earth so long primarily in extreme isolated regions and have been able to adapt to live in the current geological period surviving the previous mass extinctions such as gamma ray bursts,climate changes to both extreme highs and lows,meteorite impacts which would have resulted in a scarcity in nutrients,water,sudden fluctuations in climate that are unpredictable and extreme levels of radiation from the sun and other source while more complex lifeforms lacking these due to them having no evolutionary or biological purpose would have and did perish on the whole with if possible only those multi cellular lifeforms that survived being the baseline between extremophiles/immortal lifeforms and more complex lifeforms surviving with facets of this only for this to be lost again on the whole due to being spoiled to favourable conditions for life such as stable and predictable climate,lack of cosmic and solar radiation as well as an overabundance of water and food with however small examples of complex multicellular lifeforms with adapted mitochondrial metabolic processes will exhibit biological immortality or at least slightly longer lifespans in comparison to humans alongside closely related species and also exhibit immunity to certain diseases prevalent in H.sapiens and other animals such as cancer and neuro-muscular degenerative genetic conditions or those that result in development disorders survive to the current geological periods.This is how only a few species exist today exhibit biological immortality and immunities to diseases like cancer and genetic diseases mainly being ones that were and continue today to be exposed to extreme pressure,radiation,carbon dioxide rich environments and also lack of water and nutrition as well as oxygen or are direct evolutionary successors to those that survived conditions in previous five mass extinctions events that exhibited these pressures or their own species having been exposed to these in the past geological periods and intermediary periods between extinction events or even during the current geological period.A species that develops extended lifespans in comparison to others including closely related ones,immunities to certain diseases especially cancer and genetic based diseases and also exhibits biological immortality is either the result of them themselves having being exposed to extreme conditions over geological timescales or they may have inherited this from their evolutionary ancestors or cousins who themselves were exposed to more extreme environmental conditions.This seen in Heterocephalus glaber,Spalax judaei,Spalax golani that dont get cancer as well as the prescence of cellular regrowth due to developing countermeasures from low oxygen and high carbon dioxide environments both in the present geological epoch or from ancestors directly or their evolutionary ancestors and cousins that survived the previous mass extinction events that had extreme conditions and even ability to revert to a younger age as seen in Planarians,Hydra,Turritopsis dohrnii,ability to regrow limbs in Ambystoma mexicanum lack of ageing shown in Nephropidae all of which can only die of exhaustion from moulting,predators and pathogens again a result of living in extreme environments and their ancestors either directly or their evolutionary ancestors and cousins.With regards to the family Elephantidae its likely not to themselves being exposed to harsh environmental conditions but rather their ancestors having done so possibly during the previous mass extinction events when environmental conditions were extremely harsh.Species that live in spoiled conditions favourable to life that exhibits extended lifespans and also immunities to diseases like cancer and biological immortality have likely gained this from their evolutionary ancestors that were the same species of them or progenitor ancestor cousin species that survived any of the prey five last mass extinction events that was carried onto the species or passed onto the new species that evolved from them since then even though the species that evolved these traits due to being exposed to these extreme conditions have since gone extinct.Thus species that exist today that are species that recently evolved after major extinction events inherited these abilities to be resistant to cancer,exhibit longevity and biological immortality from now extinct species that did evolve these phenotypes through direct exposure to these extreme conditions either during the five mass extinctions or by living harsh conditions during the last geological periods..For those that dont exhibit biological immortality,longevity and immunity to cancer etc that survived the last five mass extinctions its possible that these phenotypes of immunities to cancer etc was lost through various reasons over millions of years through being not dominant genes and being weeded out over millions of years through evolutionary processes developing new genes and traits that eliminated immunities to cancer etc due to the finite amount of space for genes and DNA eventually the rise of new mutations and phenotypes that became dominant eliminated biological immortality etcThey could be weeded out as since no longer needed living in more spoiled conditions immunities to ageing and cancer were therefore lost in favour to other phenotypes that gave them an evolutionary advantage over the rest of the plants and animals..Enodolithic bacteria,T.gammatolerans,Arachae all of which can live for geological periods,evolved to survive cosmic radiation possibly of the Ordovician–Silurian extinction event and also are progenitor bacteria from the early years of planet Earth being the first lifeforms to evolve in the pre Cambrian period when conditions would have been inhospitable to life in all periods following the Cambrian explosion due to constant bombardment of cosmic radiation on the Earth live in the very depths of the ocean floor.In the case of endoliths they can survive by feeding on traces of iron,potassium,or sulfur as well as some carbon.Whether they metabolize these directly from the surrounding rock, or rather excrete an acid to dissolve them first,remains to be seen.The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program in 2013 found microscopic trails of endolithic bacteria in basalt from the Atlantic,Indian,and Pacific oceans that contain countermeasures that allows to have slowed their metabolism to the point that they age once every 10,000 years with some specimens 100,000,000 years old due to specific genes in their DNA.Photosynthetic endoliths have also been discovered.Most of their energy is spent repairing cell damage caused by cosmic rays or racemization,and very little is available for reproduction or growth.It is thought that they weathered long ice ages and extreme conditions in the distant past in this fashion,emerging when the temperature in the area warm.There are dozens if not thousands of different species of endolithic bacteria discovered around the world in rocky soil environments on land and underwater of different environmental conditions with them exhibiting different lifespans and also different rates of metabolism and mitosis thus proving gene protecting theory as seen by the fact that closely related species of the same genus or taxonomic ranks that live in different levels of extreme environments create different levels of extremophile organisms via gene protection theory.With regards to Bacillus F there are specimens that are 3,500,000 years old likely by development of telomere repair due to living in the extreme cold conditions of the Siberian permafrost.This long living bacteria are in contrast to most species of bacteria that undergoe mitosis every few minutes or hours and live on average several weeks or at most several years.This is similar to how different extremophile bacteria and even extremophile multicellular organisms have different ranges of extreme environmental conditions to each other that they can tolerate as their different levels of extreme ecosystems conditions ie hear,cold,radiation exposure,racemization etc produces through evolutionary adaptations organisms that have different levels of tolerance to environmental conditions such as radiation,pressure,salinity etc and in turn exhibit different ranges in lifespans compared to not only each closely related species that of the same genus that live shorter lives but also to distantly related species that are not part of the same genus thus proving gene protection theory.The fact that closely related species that don’t live in extreme conditions don’t exhibit the same long lifespans and immunities to cancer proves gene protection theory.Multicellur and unicellular organism that reside in more harsher ecosystems develop better resistence to these conditions that in turn exhibits in evolutionary adaptations that result in longer lifespans in comparison to closely related organisms of the same genus or taxonomic rank.This shows that these extremophile bacteria evolved evolutionary countermeasures to exhibit unusually long lifespans in comparison to most species of bacteria.

Similar evolution of slow metabolism of certain large mammals as seen in Petos paradox that was necessary to their survival both in preventing their cells from burning up their body due to their size as well as conserving limited food supplies and even slowing or eliminating the development of tumours such as Elephantidae,Balaena mysticetus and Balaenoptera musculus and other long living animals could be a result of these pressures including colder temperatures and in the case of B.musculus and similar large sea mammals survive the fact that water is better at removing heat away from them via conduction and gene protection thus ensuring longer than normal lifespans of not just Elephantidae,B.mysticetus and B.musculus but also H.glaber and of course Archaea bacteria for their taxanomic ranks and size as seen by Elephantidae,B.musculus and also H.glaber and Archaea(such as endoliths undergoing mitosis every 10,000 years and living for millions of years)living in their cases significantly longer on average than their counterparts and also not suffering not just from cancer but also other age related physiological effects that are not present or delayed in comparison again to other counterparts both their size and also taxonomic rank and even H.sapiens with this also present in other biologically immortal species.For example B.musculus live on average 80-119 years and B.mysticetus that live for 200 years compared to most other whales live on average 30-60 years while H.glaber live as long as 30 years or even forever compared to other moles and rodents who on average live at most 2-6 years.Most species of shark live on average 20 – 30 years while some species of Greenland Sharks can live for at least 400 – 500 years and don’t reach sexual and physical maturity until they reach 150 years old.With regards to Elephantidae live on average 70 years in comparison to their nearest cousins the Hyracoidea who live on average 12 years(Sirenia live at most 70 years as well) with most species of bacteria live only twelve hours compared to Archaea like endoliths,Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans,Deinococcus radiodurans radiodurans an that live for millions of years and undergo mitosis in the case of endoliths every 10,000 years alongside oligotrophic and xerophile bacterium.Examples of this can be seen in the Plantae kingdom as seen in the extreme lifespans of both Pando clonal colony of Populus tremuloides(aged 80,000 years) and Pinus Longaeva that can live for at least 5,067 years old both of which can live in areas that other shorter living plants cannot grow in with P.Longaeva growing in high elevation dolomite soils and P.tremuloides growing only at 1,500–3,700 m above seas with them likely successors to plants that survived harsher conditions in Earths geological past.Pando the large 80,000 year old clonal colony has these conditions met since it is 2,697 metres above sea level and is in an area of semi arid climatic conditions with the last establishment of seeds of that species not occurring roughly 10,000 years ago during the last Ice Age with although gene protection does not apply to individuals it does highlight the conditions the species experiences over millions of years and this protection can be applied to individuals of a species whose genes are already forced to undergo protections that increase lifespan of them applied to themselves with the fact that the area suffers severe forest fires.Thus we can see evidence of gene protection in all domains;Archaea,Bacteria as well as Eukarya and its major kingdoms;Plantae,Protista,Animalia and Fungi that creates species that are very long lived in comparison to relatives due to their environmental pressures.The fact that extremophiles and there evolutionary successors have significantly longer lifespans and are immune to cancer and other genetic diseases and slow metabolism adapted in large animals are the result of and proof of gene protection does exist and can be proven.Thus genes from species both unicellular and multicellular lifeforms that have slow metabolism would play a role not just in rejuvenating telomere length and degradation but also slowing down metabolism in H.sapiens and other species to slow the ageing process and also rates of obesity but also play a role in creating larger versions or species of small species of all taxonomic ranks including H.sapiens whose size is limited by fast metabolisms.H.sapiens being a relatively young species that only appeared roughly 315,000 years and survived the recent glacial period whose influence extended only over northern Europe during the period of 110,000 – 11,700 years ago and H.sapiens only left the planes of Africa 37,500 years ago and appeared in the areas affected by the last glacial period 30,000 years ago and migrated to the Americas via the Bering Strait roughly 13,000 – 16,500 years ago near the end of the last Ice age with lack of evolutionary environmental pressures such as water and nutritional scarcity due to Africa being abundant in food to hunt,extreme temperatures in both directions that would have been inhospitable to any life and the fact that the earliest members of H.sapiens were resistant to ultraviolet radiation due to the levels of melanin in their body that prevented damage to the skin from prolonged exposure to the sun may have resulted in the flourishing of cancer and other genetic based disease including neuro-degenerative ones that could have been weeded out had H.sapiens been exposed to more extreme pressures for longer periods of time longer than several hundred or thousand years such as those exhibited in Europe during the last glacial periods such as low temperatures,more scare animals to hunt leading to extremely lower levels of nutrition which if prolonged enough could have increased the average lifespan and likelihood of H.sapiens not exhibiting diseases that arise from detrimental random mutations that would have been otherwise been suppressed due to the harsh environmental conditions preventing the mutations but also the fact that they would have likely perished in these conditions as most of these diseases such as neurological disorders(paedophilia,schizophernia,Epilepsy),developmental disorders(cerebral palsy,downs syndrome)neuro-degenerative disorders(motor neurone disease,alzheimers and also parkinsons etc) or indeed any type of genetic disease and cancer serve no real evolutionary purposes and would have let them die in these conditions.Thus gene protection theory explains the existence of all forms of mutations that lead to genetic diseases,developmental disorders,neurological disorders in not just humans but all animals of all taxonomic ranks as well as ageing and cancer that have no evolutionary purpose whatsoever.Theoretically this brief exposure to the glacial periods conditions may have led to certain populations of H.sapiens that exhibit naturally longer lifespans and immunity to diseases especially genetic diseases that do not occur in their lineages(thus it must be the reason why genetic diseases or passed from one generation to another) that are not inherent within other populations as the extended exposure to harsh conditions over thousands and millions of years would have prevented the rise of detrimental mutations by protecting the genes of a species and would only give rise to beneficial mutations that would lead to evolution into a new species with Homo ubermensch once perfected being an effort to correct this in H.sapiens as as separate species or as a baseline to add to populations of H.sapiens since their genome will consist of those from extremophile Archaea bacteria and those from species that do not exhibit diseases that serve no evolutionary purpose such as those mentioned earlier.Theoretically this may have lead to populations of humans that do not have these diseases who live in extreme conditions such as La Rinconada may exhibit immunity or at least less incidence of diseases caused by undesirable mutations with theoretically the brief stay of humans in the areas affected by the last glacial period mainly Europe,Russia and North America may have left some humans with genes that let them live longer naturally with also again less incidence of detrimental mutations happening in their geneline especially when conceiving children with those who did have detrimental mutations and thus were either protected or were carriers with no symptoms ie their gene protection was enough to prevent the undesirable mutations dominant.Homologous recombination and the ability to form any new tissues especially in the case of totipotent stem cells present in embryonic stem cells may be evolutionary leftovers in H.sapiens previous ancestral genetic holders of gene protection theory lost in more complex organisms that evolved in more spoiled conditions that are only present in embryos and not the fully mature organisms especially somatic stem cells due to the presence of ,mitochondria.This may explain why somatic cells as well as induced pluripotent and multipotent stem cells can only form certain limited cells due to a loss of genes rather than totipotent stem cells possibly to give rise to mitochondrial processes.

The ability of Planarians,T.dohrnii,A.mexicanum,Nephropidae to exhibit cellular regrowth,biological immortality,the ability to resist the ageing process,revert to a younger state and use stem cells including totipotent stem cells to repair damaged limbs etc may be a result of their evolutionary ancestors extremophile conditions in the past as a result of the previous mass extinctions or even in the recent geological past since they first evolved on Earth as their current environments are not extreme enough to induce this.Thus gene protection theory may play a role in how certain conditions mingle with each other not only in H.sapiens but in all organisms such as the relationship between dominant and recessive genes and how they are carried from one generation to another,epigenetics and the ability for external factors especially in more complex lifeforms due to the sheer number of genes they have in comparison to unicellular lifeforms and thus the ability for both desirable and undesirable mutations to occur.It does in short explain all known genetic diseases and also conditions that arises from mutations in humans and also all animals.This also bridges with the DNA damage theory of ageing and oxidation stress.If possible the lack of this protection may also lead to the problems associated with inbreeding,incest that allows genetic deformities to be dominant during these instances in humans and also other animals where genetic bottlenecking occurs with this tested on animals such as mice with extremophile DNA and scratch DNA used to cure those that occur in animals especially endangered ones.It could also be used to add genes such as extremophile ones that exhibit DNA self repair using advanced gene drive technology to animals and then encourage breeding between normal specimens and those affected by genetic diseases like cancers,alzheimers,neurological and developmental disorders and also deformities that are passed down from one generation to the next that are dominant conditions alongside those that are the result of inbreeding between closely related animals ie siblings,cousins and even parents and their children either by force or in vitro fertilisation to see if genetic diseases and deformities occur,compared with non treated animals who are forced into intercourse or where invitro fertilisation is used thus showing that adding genes to them will prevent the genes that express these deformities will be passed on thus protecting future generations from developing them to show that these cannot be passed onto the progeny.The genes used would be homogulous recombination present in embryonic stem cells as well as certain bacteria and the telomere self repair mechanisms from Archaea such as T.gammatolerans and Bacillus F and other genes utilising advanced gene drive technology.Thus sets of animals that have genetic based diseases such as cancers,alzheimers,parkinsons,neurological disorders and also developmental disorders that are their equivalents in humans in them innately,by creating them via creating embryos via 3D DNA printers,creating by adding genes associated with them to live animals via CRISPR would be made to interbreed with or have spermatazoa inseminated via invitro fertilisation with two sets of animals one that have the aforementioned DNA that exhibits telomere and DNA repair and those who dont to show that this DNA would prevent the genetic based conditions would pass onto the next generation with these being further divided into mice with and without human DNA.Furthermore sets of animals that are siblings ie brothers and sisters or closely related cousins and even parents with their children one that doesn’t have telomere repairing genes and those that do have telomere repairing genes as well as one individual of the set does and the other individual doesn’t can be made to interbreed with each other or females inseminated with spermatozoa from her male offspring or brothers to see if the telomere repairing genes can protect them from incest based deformitories etc or not.In all case the telomere repairing DNA would utilise advanced gene drive technology.This would also show that adding these and other genes including scratch DNA utilising advanced gene drive technology to all humans worldwide could prevent random mutations that would that lead to neurological,developmental disorders,cancer and genetic diseases,mutations from incest and would also preventing those in both cured and non cured patients being passed onto future generations thus proving gene protection theory.The trials could start as early as 2030 with humans have DNA created by scratch alongside those from extremophile Archaea that exhibit self repair mechanisms added to the patients worldwide.Those currently having genetic deformities as a result of inbreeding and incest could have their conditions corrected by CRISPR.However it could be postulated that these spoiled conditions lacking gene protection could have led to the large diversity of life arising in the Cambrian periods onwards due to undesirable mutations arising and bringing in the development of new species.VR simulations and using extremophiles as a base species for creating more complex lifeform as alongside Aion can be used to determiner this.However since undesirable mutations produce detrimental conditions in an organism that would normally be unable to pass on these to other offspring and perish in their conditions then it could also be postulated that much of the diversity of life on Earth arises from neutral and beneficial mutations then the spoiled conditions would have allowed for the proliferation of diversity thus allowing for undesirable mutations to continue to proliferate through random mutations and at the time unknown to both animals and H.sapiens to breed with sufferers of these conditions thus allowing them to pass on from one generation to the next.Thus too much gene protection could lead to a stagnation in evolutionary processes that would have otherwise have to Earth having a significantly smaller number of species of plants and animals possibly in the range of a few hundred or dozen with most being unicellular organisms.If possible their may be some shared genes between the organisms that do not express these diseases and biological immortality and extremophile Archaea bacteria and thus a direct lineage or if not possibly their may be a evolutionary means restarting of the immortality phenotypes a sort of reverse evolution due to the mainly immortal lifeforms evolving in unusual extreme environments such as deep underwater where the cold temperatures and pressure alongside other environmental conditions there and in other environments such as extreme cold,lack of nutrients can force lifeforms to adapt to combat senescence,and mutations that have no evolutionary purpose via evolving genetic rejuvenating techniques in this gene protection theory.In short gene protection theory states that prolonged exposure to extremely harsh environments over thousands or millions of years such as high pressure,cosmic radiation and that from radiaoctive elements,caloric and water as well as oxygen restriction,extremes in temperatures specifically low temperatures forces the development of genes within a species that allow them to exhibit biological immortality or extreme lifespans in comparison to their evolutionary cousins through slow metabolism,telomere repair,slow mitoic rate of cells and develop these and other evolutionary countermeasures that are immunities to certain non pathogenic diseases mainly cancer and genetic based conditions as well as ageing via these protection mechanisms created by these forced mutation caused by these pressures and cause only desirable and neutral mutations that lead to the evolution of a new species protecting them from undesireable mutations with this protection stripped either wholly or is left in remnants of select few species that are evolutionary successors or the same species itself when conditions become more stable and abundance of food,water and stable and less extreme environmental conditions and thus subject to the laws of natural selection that lead to species differentiation while others are devoid of it due to lack of exposure to this protection including H.sapiens are left with undesireable mutations that occur frequently that lead to conditions that have no evolutionary purpose such as developmental and neurological disorders,neuro-muscular degenerative diseases and cancer as well as senescence.These evolutionary countermeasures developed in response to a species exposed to harsh extreme environmental conditions thus protects them from the ageing process and also protects them from developing cancer,neurological and developmental disorders and genetic diseases throughout their entire species.Species that exhibit gene protection are extremophiles from primarily the Archaea taxonomic ranks and multi cellular lifeforms that have and continue to reside in extreme environments such as the deep ocean and are evolutionary successors to those that survived the five previous mass extinctions or are survivors of them themselves that was not lost as seen in Elephantidae and H.glaber and other long living and cancer and genetic disease free species.Thus it is possible that senescence as well as diseases such as cancer and neuro-muscular degenerative(alzheimers,motor neurone disease etc) and thus all genetic diseases and conditions that cause deformities and bothersome conditions,neurological(pedophelia,schizophernia,epilepsy) and development disabilities(cerebral palsy,Downs syndrome)in humans that are based on genetic mutations and even degradation that have no evolutionary purpose could be the result of being spoiled with an overabundance of nutrients,water and favourable conditions for life resulting in the earliest eukaryotic bacteria that developed mitochondria to begin to undergo senescence that would have otherwise killed off or stunted the development of biologically immortal lifeforms particularly Archaea from becoming more abundant and thus more complex multi cellular lifeforms evolving suitable mitochondria without senescence that would have allowed them to exhibit biological immortality and the benefits of sentience thus it may have possible for the Earth to have become home to an abundance of lifeforms with whole taxonomic ranks divided into and plants and animals that would have been biological immortal,immune to ageing,genetic diseases,cancer etc and developed natural countermeasures to create suitable mitochndria that would negate sensescence but only died due to pathogens,predators or trauma had the early conditions on Earth had remained in their extreme conditions(radiation,pressure,lack of water,nutrients etc) either all or some to facilitate this evolution of biologically immortal lifeforms.They would in short have exhibited the phenotypes of H.ubermensch and its variants which will essentially containing their genotypes once perfected.This could be proven with advances in artificial intelligence namely Phanes,Aion,Gaia on other colonies,in lab settings,simulations and if possible temporal manipulations.If the ancestors of humans or early humans were exposed to harsh environments it could have been possible for humans to have evolved to live between 300 – 1,000 years old with them reaching the equivalent of 65 for example in between 195 – 650 years old.Examining extremophiles and long living plants abc animals that live longer than usual and have immunities to cancer etc on other planets across the universe.If possible multi cellular lifeforms can be created using all extremophile bacteria individually as a baseline with then using a mixture of all Archaea bacteria and using further engineering to guide them towards sentience or at least more complex lifeforms to prove this.Base bacteria that are not extremophiles could be exposed to extreme conditions to encourage the development of extremophile phenotypes to increase their lifespans to extreme longevity or eternal life.Thus we can assume that recombinant DNA from extremophile Archaea bacteria and those that are multi cellular organisms being direct ancestors or at least undergone the same extreme environmental pressures in extreme environments directly or through their ancestors and thus being able to be genetically predisposed to be be free from diseases resulting from genetic disorders such as cancer,developmental disabilities and neuro-degenerative disorders as well as scratch DNA can be utilised as viable candidates to halt and reverse the ageing process and prevent these diseases ever appearing again in multi cellular organisms via advanced gene drive and germline therapy that do not exhibit these phenotypes including H.sapiens.Thus gene protection theory explains the root of all non pathogen based diseases and conditions primarily those related to genetics.