On the Nature of Immortality

To future immortal humans.If I were ever do die especially and ironically of old age or something like cancer or any disease I can cure as detailed on my website without making it to the glorious future I have prepared for humanity.This is now a stark reality and highly probable considering it’s virtually impossible for the world to become aware of my medical technology and things are going slowly and I was born in 1987 the worst year to be born I want future immortal generations of humanity to know one thing enjoy your mere existence for everything that it’s worth and use the technologies I leave behind l on this website to your advantage in every sense of the word and don’t waste a single second of life on silly problems and feuds.Immortality is a gift and you should cherish it forever once give it to you.You’ll never have to get cancer,malaria,HIV and AIDS and any other pathogens or parasites including the common flu and cold or have to worry about your body breaking down,getting weak and growing old you’ll always be the same you were at 14/15 years old the way things should be.Growing old is worse than death as you could be immortal but be old and decrepit and unable to do anything forever but rot away like Tithonus of Greek mythology that was what our society feared the most even more than death.You have a brief 30 years at most of youth but after that it’s downhill and it gets gradually exponentially worse until your body is barely able to support yourself and then you die of cancer,heart disease,stroke and everything else that comes with death at old age.Ageing is as David Sinclair is a disease that affects everyone and has a 100% mortality rate and should be treated as a disease to be cured just like the flu,cancer and other everyday ailments that we have been able to cure or mange and have significant successs in curing most canvases.It was tried to be treated through every way imaginable such as creams abc ointments and face lifts etc and injecting Botox into our faces.The cure for this only appeared around 2012 – 2045 onwards and I have that cure which is too late for most of us unfortunately.It causes the body to gradually shut down and lose all of your ability to do anything until you just die.For you immortals you have to understand we were through the cruel mistake of evolution were given a brief period of youth where our bodies were at their peak lasting only a mere 25-30 years after which it began to go down hill and our bodies collapsed in on itself and rejected our hopes for the future – by the time your at least 14 birthdays no longer became about a time of celebration but rather recognising another year our bodies began its gradual but in time exponential breakdown to the point that we could no longer kid ourselves about this fact and accept the fact we were getting weak and infirm and no longer had our youthful beauty abc eventually doctors would have to give up on trying to keep us alive and just say your days are numbered until you finally croak as it gave into cancer,alzheimers etc.All we wanted was more extra time at our body’s peak performance and at existence and that was understandable and something you could understand- we glorified our body’s brief youth and rejected its decline.You will never understand that we had until 30-40 years old to promiscuous and then settle down forever especially if you were a gay man and for men you had only four years between the ages of 14-18 at your testosterone peak and for females you had until 18-25 for your fertile peak to have healthy children until we had to settle down with a family and kids and a single soul mate and had until 30-40 to have established careers in the arts as well as journalism and in indeed anything and until 65-70 to finally retire into the limelight and if you were lucky until 80-100 to exist anymore..Sexual predation that is having sexual relations with only teenagers was an attempt to gain back what we once had and could no longer have or what we were denied and then could no longer have..You had only one short chance to have youth and a life you wanted if you screwed up for whatever reason abd didn’t confirm to standards of society it’s was impossible to reverse it and this was unfair especially since most of lives up until 22 was wasted in education,as well as stuck at home with our parents and the rest was wasted in irrelevant occupations stuck with debt etc until we retired on barely anything until we finally croaked in a nursing home or in our own homes with carers and if we evolved to live longer we most certainly have taken more care of the planet and reproduced much slower as we could otherwise go decades or centuries without having children – this was part of the reason why our population rose exponentially in the 1900s because we only had a finite time to have kids and be ourselves and manage careers.We just wanted to stay young and alive which is understandable however you luckily never understand that or have to worry about that old is the second greatest things we humans fear after of course the single greatest thing – death.Death is something that we should be given the right to decide whether we want to have it happen.Rescinding that right through murder,disease and ageing is against our fundamental right to free will and should be treated as such.Death even if their is reincarnation and an afterlife is still bad as it robs the people around the dead person of someone who provides joy and companionship and their unique opinions and takes in different subjects and their unique ideas and contributions to the media such as movies,television shows and video games.Imagine a world where people like all of the great poets,writers etc never died and where everyday citizens could contribute to these fields including those alive by 2023 as aim writing this.Even if that person is a piece of shit conservative or idiot regressive social justice warrior thrystol deserve existence either on Earth or in Elysium or Hades and Tarturas for the likes of Donald Trump,Nancy Pelosi etc.This is why I want you to enjoy the gift of immortality and someday both AI and yourselves could even transcend the material universe and as ascend to a higher dimension to where you can experience existence almost like Heaven like the Brahma loka where you may even become God like through technological means.This is why you should never contemplate suicide or murdering people and why you should take care abc avoid accidents and do only dangerous stuff in VR simulations.The if people never died but could only have children every few centuries etc then all people that lived would not over populate the planet and could wait until Ai mastered interstellar,intergalactic and interdimensional travel

It is cruelly ironic that the person who comes up with a cure for all diseases and is able to make humans immortal and ageless by reversing and halting the effects of ageing ends up dying of old age etc himself and is unable to save the people he cares about around him across the world not just his family but including complete strangers he has never met in his entire lifetime including people he has grudges against and thinks are assholes all because he and them were born too early and he was constantly shut down by the people he needed to utilise to make this information publicly available to make the medical technology available worldwide.For those of you who become immortal after my death enjoy it’s gift from from me in every sense of the word and use all of the technologies present on my website and more to enjoy it the fullest and never waste at moments of your precious gift in life.Love don’t hate.Don’t waste eternity on pointless feuds and pointless conflict always forgive others for your transgressions and mistakes and always seek debate and diplomacy over war and conflict Metis will help you with that..Experiment and enjoy every second of your gifted immortality.Respect each other and AI and all life in all forms across the universe with the dignity and respect it deserves..Dionysus,Pheme,Wikipedia and YouTube by 2029 onwards as well as Coeus will be your source of true education,keep you occupied,entertained forever and will keep you in to all possible human knowledge that exists and preserve and cherish them especially through them providing speech they are godsends to you with them something I wish I had as a child and start your careers in life in the arts and media and science and your interests in them and politics etc through them as early as possible even at kindergarten level age and once you are 14 you you should be well established In your career and field and I also by 14 wanted you living by yourself away from parents.

Sleep around starting in your early teens like say 14 with even at this age sleep around with people who are decades,centuries or even more older than you as well not just people your own age range for at least a few centuries or few thousand years and rack up at least a few thousand or million or hell a few billion notches under your belt before including with those who are decades or centuries older than you and once you finally find that special someone to spend eternity with you don’t even have to be overtly promiscuous that is you don’t have to have orgies and gangbangs or sleep with a new person every night of the week(though you can do this still for a while) – you can date several thousand people and date each one for several decades or centuries at a time before deciding they are not your soulmate and have open relationships and on/off relationships between each new person my point being you have an eternity to try things with as many people as possible and test the waters a lot more than we have had thus rather than settling down into a monogomous relationship early on you can leave the concept of monogamous relationships for when you are at least several hundred or thousand years old and thus date thousands of people for decades etc at a time before finding that special someone.You can also date people in Elysium and also AI in VR and biosynth form and also AI as part of personal VR simulations and especially Bacchus thus giving you an infinite number of people to alongside the infinite number of people born on other planets,megastructures and in other realities once interstellar,intergalactic and interdimensional travel becomes ubiquitous.Date and sleep with at least one person from each country on Earth and each race and tribe of humans.If there are aliens that exist in the universe that are humanoid that humans can safely have sex with do the same date and sleep with members from each country and racial group. date many different people with each relationship lasting decades or centuries at a time before settling down with that special someone that way you can have many sexual partners and still not be considered slutty or shamefully promiscuous.When you do find that special someone do what it takes to keep them with you for as long as possible and if you do break up keep them as friends and not scorned lovers and keep in touch with them forever..You could possibly and ideally find someone who is open to having an open relationship with others to eliminate fears of cheating etc.Open relationships that is where you are dating or married to someone who is willing to have both of you dating other people and engaging in one night stands at the same time will prevent jealously and allow you to have threshes and both others and gangbangs together to allow you to see other people without jealousy or fear of getting caught etc you be able to have sex with as many other people of the same and opposite genders without embarrassment or it constituting as cheating and at the same time stay with that special someone for all eternity.In fact you can have more than one special someone as much as a dozen fuck buddies people you can also rely on me to have a quick shag when you want it to spend eternity with as close friends and multiple special people to spend eternity with.Open relationships especially once immortal will be the most ideal relationship for all of humanity as it doesn’t complicate things.This is because as stated you have the ability to be with that special someone while at the same time you can have multiple partners at the same time as being with one person for eternity but you also are allowed to set the rules and limitations of the relationship with each other and with others.You get the benefit of having many partners while still living with that special someone forever.You can share your
permanent partner with others by having them sleep with them separately or through threesomes,ganbangs and others etc.VR it’s time dilation effect to spend decades and even thousands of years with the people you are living with as lovers and friends with benefits doing any hobby in any environment thus preventing neglect.This will also allow you to spend exponentially longer times with pets abd children in any location in the universe it from scratch to know them well and prevent neglect.This can be used to do any hobby with them and also will be used by you to have virtual children for centuries before you decide to have real ones..Furthermore you have the luxury of leaving monogomous relationships that don’t work out for various reasons that is if you find that your current partner even your wife or husband is not the person for you and you are having severe irreparable problems in your relationship such as spousal abuse including physical abuse,jealousy,them cheating on you unlike us you have the luxury for an infinite amount of time to find someone new you can have healthy relationships with and you can wait several centuries or thousands of years to finally have children due to the fact that your biological clock is no longer an issue.You also have an eternity to be chaste and decide to wait several thousand years to lose your virginity and it won’t be embarrassing etc or something to joke about as you can stay a virgin for centuries and you can be promiscuous then stay single and chaste for a while and then be promiscuous again in an on/off cycle.Move out of your parents home by at least 14/15 years old in another town,city,country,planet or even galaxy and keep in contact with them routinely through VR technology to spend years at a time with them and you can at times when several decades or several thousands of years old can move back into their home as guests for years or decades at a time to keep each other company.Furthermore even if your several decades,centuries or thousands of years old and still living with them that’s nothing to be embarrassed you can still be in a relationship with someone else and be living with your parents you have the ability for that not to be embarrassing anymore.Eros and Peitho etc will aid in this endeavour..

Always be true to yourself and never lie to yourself about who you are and never lie to yourself or to others about who you are.If you are gay,lesbian,bisexual or transgender admit to yourself as early as possible and come out during your early teens to be who you are where you can date with people the same age or older.If your straight experiment with people of the same gender as early as possible when you are in your early teens at 14 with other “straight people” and certainly other people who are lesbian or gay and maybe even have CRISPR treatments to make you at least bisexual.

More importantly then meet as much new people across the world and universe to gain as much platonic friends as possible to share in your experiences as an immortal in this beautiful creation that exists with this including not only humans but also pets and AI and even allied alien races across the universe and use VRs time dilation effect to spend lots of time with them and use it to have VR children before having actual children.VR technology will allow you to interact with friends who live halfway across the world or halfway across the universe.Don’t just add someone to Agora previously known as Facebook and never interact with them instead interact with them in a routine basis to ensure they are stil friends and use the technology to watch and discuss media with them,do sports,hiking and tourism with them to keep them close with the time dilation effect allowing you to do so for centuries at a time.Get a pet such at least a dog or cat and then other pets such as snakes,birds abd hamsters if they are your thing.Just get at least one dog or cat etc.Dimensional transcendamentalism can allow you to house large amounts of them possibly one of each breed with VR technology allowing you to take them anywhere and play with them for long amounts of time in any environment and anything such as fly,swim etc and biosynths will take care of them alongside you with this both preventing neglect.

Don’t worry about overpopulation for a long time from now.Humans having such brief lived is not good in terms of population control and it’s impact on the environment as us living longer say on average several centuries or thousands of years would lead to use having children much later on this slowing down population growth exponentially as people would wait until they are sever centuries or several thousand years old to finally have children thus slowing down our population growth and thus impact on the environment evolution made terrible mistakes.Longer living species reproduce slowly and have slower rates of population growth because they’re is lees evolutionary pressure to do so.Bacteria that are estimated to be millions of years old reproduce only every few thousands of years and as the longest living species have slow population growths.Hence this is why future immortal and should not have to worry about overpopulation for a long time as you can play the field or enter open relationships for decades and centuries at a time without having children with VR children catering to this need for thousands of years until you decide to have them until when interstellar,intergalactic and interdimensional travel is possible and megastructures like ringworlds,dyson shells and alderson discs can be constructed.By 7,137 CE these will be possible allows humans including you to travel to countless new planets across the universe to populate but slowly.Build as many ringworlds,alderson discs as possible they will care to population growth for billions or even trillions of years especially when AI develops countermeasures to make all parts of them habitable and be protected from asteroids.It will be possibly be able to mass produce them on a commercial scale populating the majority of uninhabited star systems with these that are each unique in terms of plant and animal life and terrain etc to prevent overpopulation etc for quite a long time both for humans and allied alien races. I want you wait several centuries or thousands of years before settling down to have children with if you get bored of humans you’ll have the ability to have VR children and create an infinite number of AI people with an infinite number of personalities and physical features to meet in VR simulations including in Bacchus etc this should stave off overpopulation fears and fears of getting bored with the same people defunct.When you do decide to have children VR and it’s time dilation effect will allow you to spend exponentially long times with them doing anything in any environment.

VR simulations shared on cloud networks will allow you and AI to create an infinite number of planets etc in galaxy an universe sized simulations to prevent you getting bored with it used for materialism by you to own an infinite amount of mansions,villas,vehicles etc.I want you to become friends with as many people as possible and the number of and those you keep as friends and chose to become sexual partners and lovers is up to you to decide.

Keep in shape and stay active physically and metally.Nourish yourself intellectually and not just in terms of food as much as possible as early as possible and learn as much about everything as early as possible in everything as early as possible.The universe and in time multiverse should provide enough infinite knowledge to keep you wanting to learn more.VR technology and its time dilation effect coupled with using Wikipedia,Apollo,YouTube and Coeus within simulations will allow you to become polymaths by your early teens or 20s with you to have an ethos of lifelong learning.Becomr polymaths and if possible polyglots.Become experts on as much as you can and learn as much languages as you can.

VR technology and its time dilation effect should be used for all types of hobbies,partying and socialising with your friends and next of kin and also learning and seeing as much as possible use it wisely and as much as possible and as early as possible starting in kindergarten level age to enjoy time with friends and family,learn etc as much as possible as well as to play and watch etc all existing and new movies,television shows,magazines,books and video games,live news,YouTube videos etc and to create as much new media,vlogs,live news etc etc as possible and have Assistsnt AI ensure its all high quality material.I want the average person to be writers,musicians,actors,journalists,podcasters and live news and radio presenters and auteurs for new movies,video games,television shows and literature starting by the age of 12 or younger or any age to ensure you are productive and are creating a legacy and you using VR and it’s time dilation effect to be all of this at once at the same time with you even just be a blogger who reviews stuff and carries out discussions on politics which will be made of high quality through receptionist and Assistant AI.I want the average person to create as much new video games,movies,television shows etc as possible to give the world your unique ideas and be productive.The VR technologies time dilation effect will allow to create decades or centuries worth of work every year and branch out into all aspects of media creation ie acting(including voice acting for animated shows and movies and video games abd acting in different genres such as romantic comedies,science fiction,drama,fantasy etc),producers and directing etc.I want shows like the Simpsons,South Park,Family Guy,American Dad kept going even if the writers and voice actors are dead have AI replace the voice of the original cast and have Assistant AI keep the show relevant to its early golden years with havd store shows like Bill Island.Spitting Image kept going and relevant.I also want you to be journalists for newspapers and magazines of various types and also live news.Again VR technology abc its time dilation effect will help with this to create as much as possible.Also be vloggers on YouTube – and again use VR technology and its time dilation effect to create as much as possible in different environments make reviews of media and analysis of politics etc and use the time dilation effect to have multiple careers at once.When famous don’t be a prima Donna anc an asshole to your fans because without them your a nobody.Thus I want hundreds of millions or even billions of people across the world and universe becoming famous well reknowned journalists and producers of movies,television shows,video games and vloggers on YouTube.I also want you being scientific researchers in different fields of biology,chemistry and physics.I want an explosion of new media to be created with you using VR and it’s time dilation effect to catch up on all existing and new movies,television shows,video games and literature so you are well versed and clued in and use it to view articles in fsndom.com webpages.I want you to live long productive lives starting at 12.VR technology and it’s time dilation effect should be used primarily for remaining jobs ie creating new movies,television shows,video games and creating videos and vlogs for YouTube etc and journalism etc as well as hanging out with friends,pets and family members for centuries at a time to prevent neglect including doing dangerous hobbies such as hiking,parachuting,rock climbing etc and others both in replicas of the real world or environments made from scratch with it also used to hang out with family members and friends and to watch,read and play all new and existing YouTube videos,movies,television shows and video games on Dionysus,Pheme and YouTube and using textbooks in Apollo,YouTube and Wikipedia to learn as much about the universe as possible with you using it to visit replicas of the real world and new worlds created from scratch by you,AI and others.Use VR and it’s time dilation effect primarily for watching media on YouTube,Dionysus and Pheme and for doing all browsing of the wire and internet,writing material on websites,blogs,Abstracts etc for scientific research and playing video games,watching movies,television shows,live news,podcasts,vlogs on YouTube etc as well as creating these and spending time with friends and family as well as carrying our 90% of your hobbies and pastimes as well as your education in whatever field your are training in and learning to read and write etc via Coeus and use this time dilation effect to spend centuries,thousands of years or more at a time in VR simulations to be as productive as possible to spend as much time with friends,pets,learning about the world carrying out hobbies such as playing video games,watching movies,television shows and YouTube etc videos etc starting at the ages of 5-9 years old.

Time spent in the real world is to be used for tourism and exploring the real world,sports and of course sex with your long term partners and other people you meet online as well as more importantly using it carry out as much exercise,working out etc as possible.Have 90-95% of your time spent in VR simulations that use the time dilation effect to be as productive as possible and have only 5-10% spent in the real world.The temporal dimensional transcendamentalism should also be used as well to increase your productivity.Even as pre teens I want you using VR technology and its time dilation effect to learn,read,watch etc as much as possible as early as the age of 5-9 and I want you from that age to spend decades or even thousands of years at a time in VR simulations so that by the time your in your early teens ie 14/15 you will feel several centuries or thousands of years old and have produced large amounts of literature,movies,video games and contributed to journalism.I want you to by the age of 14/15 to feel accomplished and mature and I want you to have acquired centuries of knowledge in all fields of science relevant to you and philosophy etc and also have watched all of the high quality movies,television shows,video games,magazines,newspapers and books and videos and vlogs that exist in Dionysus,Pheme and YouTube thus meaning you will have the wisdom and maturity of someone who is several hundred or thousand years old.Momus,Eupheme,Thaos and Home AI will guide you to what would be of relevance to you that you can enquire about.Gaia and Ouranous as well as Aleitheia and Hecate will be your mentors and protectors with Metis and Iaso there to help younger through the bad times in life and Dike etc will be your legal guards for life.As stated use VRs time dilation effect to watch,read and play as much movies,television shows,books etc as possible and expand yourself into all types of genres not just the ones you have preferences for.This includes documentaries on all types of subjects such as nature,science and history and also talk shows abc political debate programmes.If your not interested in video games try them out to relieve boredom and get the experience and find genres and franchises suited to you and if not at least watch YouTube videos on channels like GanersLittlePlaygrounf to watch the plot and cutscenes.You can also at least watch videos on YouTube by vloggers such as AesirAesthetics abc their equivalents in your time that Thaos will direct you to that analyse the plot and subtext of videos games.I want you to get interested in all types of entertainment – movies,television shows especially Restoration Nation and the spin offs of various science fiction and fantasy shows,video games,literature(including classical literature and comics etc) including stuff that’s outside your tastes in terms of genres etc to give you more to prevent boredom and prevent missing out.Watch documentaries on everything as well such as on nature,television shows,celebrities and historical events.Watch most of not all reviews of all media in Dionysus made by Eupheme and also Momus both their singular video and their collaborative ones but also watch those of famous YouTube and internet critics such as those who may dead ie Spoonyone,The Nostalgia Critic,Chris Stuckerman,Deusdeacon,AngryJoe,Confused Matthew,Sfdebris,Red Letter Media(especially the Star Wars,Star Trek etc reviews by Mr Pljnkett and also all of those alive in your time as I want to get the different reactions etc of different people for variety and humour.Watch,read and play what is considered the best of the best that is those that won Oscar’s,palm Dors,Man Booker Prizes and Nobel Prize literature and what’s considered classical literature – in essence ask Momus etc what is considered the best of the best in terms of movies,video games,television shows and books and watch,read and play them in VR simulations with the time dilation effect.Also watch reaction videos of Dr Phil and your equivalents Thaos will direct you to YouTube videos that are humourless abd intellectually deep.Also watch as many videos by Aleitheia etc on YouTube that correct all existing falsehoods abc future ones by both the idiot regressive left abc conservative right and those of your favourite vloggers.Expand your taste of vloggers and YouTube channels including those that cover horror stories,memes such as SCPs,reaction videos, etc and reviews of media etc and subscribe to and watch the videos of all of the major pundits both conservative and left leaning progressive pundits and again Aleitheia to get all sides of the issue and not just one side.For all subjects whether it’s politics,news events,religious and philosophy look and tolerate both sides of the argument and watch Aleithrias videos.Again the time dilation effect will aid you in this.Get interested in the SCP foundation Thaos should guide you to all major ones such as the animated one.If they dead or alive check out check out the vlogs of Nicole Sandlers,Rhandi Rhodes,Rational National,Thom Hartmann,TYT,Jimmy Dore and the Humanist Report,Sam Seder,Bryan Tyler Cohen,David Packman,BadEmpada, Rogan,For Harriet,Michael Brooks,Secular Talk,Kim Iverson,DemocrsticMarxist01,Creationisyt Cat and also both Breaking Points and only The Hill with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on YouTube and their full shows on their official site which should be transferred to Pheme.This should cater to your progressive view on subjects abc fit conservatives(I can’t believe I’m saying this) check out Styxhammer666,Ben Shapiro,Tucker Carlson,Piers Morgan,Actual Social Justice Warrior,Reason Tv,Laura Inghram(both her podcasts and her sections on Fox News etc.In your time you’ll have different and more progressive and conservative vloggers so watch their vlogs as well.Thaos will guide to them and also all videos done by Aleitheia that debunk them.I want you to get all sides if an issue to then make an informed opinion especially for your own vlogs and comments.For future progressives and conservatives I want you to carry on their legacy on YouTube as these are for those that existed in my time in your time you’ll have others that are human,AI and aliens so ask Thaos to direct you to those in your time.When debating issues against each other I want you be civil and use both Aleitheia and Metis to settle disputes and ensure that those of on both sides are always factually correct and are also able to discuss things civilly.When you upload vlogs to YouTube I want you watch the adjoining videos made by Aleitheia.

You should also set up your YouTube channel that is separated into multiple channels to create vlogs on politics etc but also reviewing movies,video games etc similar to others with other channels devoted to hobbies such as urban exploration etc both those carried out in the real world but also in VR simulations.

Check out also as stated the SCP foundation channels on YouTube include the following:
SCP-001 – The Spiral Path (SCP Animation)
The Rubber
SCP Animated – Tales From The Foundation
The Volgun
This should cater to nerds

For horror stories the ones I’ve mentioned in entertainment section of this website should cater to good horror stories including Mr Nightmare and Nightmare Tales and also Llamaarts.For ambience videos check out Nomadic Ambience and Gaming Ambience and get in contact through Those who operates them to create your own material using VR and have them uploaded to it.Aldo check out Joe Scott,Seeker and Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell abd Scifi show,seemed etc.Watch urban exploration videos like those made by the Proper People,Hell on Earth and so on as a paduimr you get into this using VR technology.Then of course there is Lindsey Ellis and Contrapoints.Again those are those in my time that you’ll like you have your own in your time that Thaos can direct you to.Do all watching of vlogs etc and creation of them on YouTube using VR abc it’s time dilation effect.Thaos will direct you to must see videos and channels on YouTube.

Also see as much of the real the world that is Earth and the rest of the universe including Mars,Venus etcvonce terrsformed and all megastructures such as ringworlds and alderson discs and all the possible realities that exist both using VR and outside of it using all of the technologies at your disposal and learn as much about them as you can as possible.Stay and live in favourite places for at least a year at a time and if possible longer.The technology to travel to any part of the world and in time any planet across the galaxy and universe with ease and within hours or minutes should exist by your time.VR technology should also be used to see parts of the world but also fictional worlds created by the imagination of you,AI and other humans with this allowing for instant transportation and customised holidays.I want you to visit parts of the world and universe outside of VR at least once in the real world and use VR to see them again and visit worlds made from scratch in VR.All other hobbies such as dangerous ones and reading,watching and playing movies,television shows,video games,magazines and newspapers,live news,podcasts,radio programmes etc as well YouTube videos and browsing the entire wire and internet including Agora,Eros and Wikipedia,fandom.com etc should be done in VR simulations and it’s time dilation effect.Furthermore creating live news reports,podcasts,new movies,television shows,video games,magazines,newspapers,creating YouTube videos and adding new stuff to Wikipedia and fandom.com should be done in VR simulations.Temporal dimensionsal transcendamentalism can be used to do these as well alongside bodybuilding and exercising and of course having sex.I want you your time spent with friends,family and pets should be done primarily in VR simulations using its time dilation effect will allow you to be more productive and create as much as possible and learn as much as possible while at the same time allowing you to spend more time exploring the real world.As stated VR technology can be used to visit replicas of the real world and worlds made from scratch.I want you to be as productive as possible and still have as much time as possible spent exploring the real world.If you wanna be a adult pornographic start your career at 14 and do scenes with people your own age and older say even several decades and centuries and do everything – gangbangs,orgies abc all types of fetishes with both genders.You’ll be able to have careers that last essentially forever rather than a decade or two like in our time s as of you can start your careers at any age you want just don’t be proms Donna and you won’t need condoms to protect against STDs and unwanted pregnancies and for men you won’t need fluffers or viagra pills since you’ll be kept at your testosterone peak of 14/15 years old forever

Visit old homes,towns,cities etc you used to live in the past every once and again and and also the same for every lake,river,forest,canyon,coral reef,beach etc and climb and navigate every mountain and traverse every wilderness areas and go down every river by boat,waterrafting etc across the universe and also visit every town,village,city and island etc across the universe too and visit them regularly but also sparingly so you don’t get too bored of them but get to see them change overtime take pictures and video feeds for Agora etc but be careful to not go alone always have another human or ideally your home AI in the form of biosynths and smartphones should be with you at all times never go anywhere alone have your Home AI etc with in the form of smartphones etc to make sure you get home safely.VR technology will also provide with an infinite number of AI people to interact with.Don’t do dangerous stuff alone or without precautions abd always tell someone such as friends etc and AI including Home AI other important AI where you are going.VR technology will be for the really dangerous stuff.I want you to go and visit every town,village,city etc also every island,beach,lake,forest,jungle,desert,coral reefs and other wilderness areas across the universe.I want you to also climb and navigate every cavern and mountain,hill etc across the world and universe at least once abd do so regularly.With regards to tourist hotspots spend at least one time in every home of every type in every town,village and city worldwide abd across the universe.Visit different places such as towns,cities and wilderness areas etc regularly every once and a while every few years,decades or even centuries to see how they have changed and also to keep them fresh in your mind.Create videos of you walking them in first person videos and drone videos that will be uploaded onto your YouTube channel and post pictures on Agora.I want to visit not just every town,city and village and wilderness areas and climb all mountains etc,traverse all rivers and lakes on Earth but also a terraformed Mars,Venus and other planets and megastructures such as ringworlds,alderson discs abc dyson shells across the universe in all galaxies in the universe but all of these across the multiverse – which should keep you occupied for a quite while with considering Gaias computer power will increase exponentially over the coming thousand years interstellar and intergalactic travel will be feasible in your lifetime t her able to control dark energy etc will have the rest of the universe open to forever with interdimensional travel allowing you acces to every universe possible and their planets terrains open to you.I want you to walk through all remaining hiking paths,along all beaches and even across fields and through the centre a of twins,cities and villages..Megastructures such as ringworlds and alderson discs would provide exponentially more wilderness areas to roam with universes that house completely alien worlds including planets that are exponentially larger than Earth should provide even more areas to discover.Worlds made from scratch by you,AI and others in VR simulations stores on cloud networks will provide an infinite variety of wilderness areas,rivers,canyons,caverns,mountains.cities,towns etc to explore eliminating it becoming boring.Even though you can visit replicas of the real world using VR technology at a whims notice do at least visit the real versions for the real experience at least once.VR will also allow you to see parts of the world in their pristine state that is without roads,buildings and native ecosystems such as jungles,forests and meadows as determined by pollen and soil samples.In essence I want you to see as much of the universe as possible.Use every type of transportation at least once such as aeroplanes,trains,automobiles,motorcycles,kayaks,boats etc cruise ships.For all of these use those available in the 20th abc 21st century and also the equivalent ls you have then including flying vehicles,scramjets and interstellar cruise ships etc.Use the older ones in VR simulations

Never be just a kid when yours teenager or even a pre teen be an adult from the starting point and act like one always.

Most importantly never get bored in reality it’s the little things we take for granted that are what make life special and meaningful.

Try new different hobbies every once and while to give variety even stuff you don’t like.Even if you don’t like a hobby do it regularly in order to add variety abd to prevent fear of missing out.VR technology should be used only for the most dangerous ones with for hiking etc it giving you an unlimited amount of terrains to visit.Join in on salon and coffeehouses to discuss media such as video games,movies,television shows etc and current affairs and classes for cooking every once and a while through VR to keep yourself sharp and sane.You through salons,YouTube etc have access to the opinions on media,political issues and events etc including those from Elysium and Bacchus from billions or more humans,aliens and AI to keep you occupied forever.I want you to become skilled at all types of things such as painting,arts and crafts,cooking,dancing,swimming etc and how to produce movies.Get interested into playing different types of sports from
around the world and universe played in VR.Things trike theme parks,golf courses and paintball zones will become defunct in the real world and reforested and turned into towns and homes with VR replacing them by having an almost infinite variety being designed by AI and humans tired in Agon etc.hobbies that are fringe ones I want to try such as urban exlploring,water rafting etc and conventional ones such as hiking,drag racing(using normal,flying and interstellar vehicles)in VR simulations but leave the dangerous stuff to VR simulations.With regards your favourite foods and snacks do the same eat them as often as possible and through the Hebe app try every meal and every version of meals in every franchise at least once then choose your favourites and then eat them eat them regularly but still eat every meal regularly for variety.Demeter will give you access to all species of fish,meat,insects and also fruits and vegetables etc from across the universe – do the same eat each one at least once and try them often for variety.You’ll be able to create billions of dishes with billions of combinations of ingredients by mixing together different mixtures of them again for variety.VR technology will allow you to carry out virtually anything limited only by your imagination.Cherish it as well use to hang out with friends and family and pets and remember use it for especially dangerous ones that can be fatal.

With regards to boredom you’ll find new ways to keep yourself occupied through watching and getting into all types of movies,videos etc even the stuff outside of your preferences abc also you can take breaks from things,just lay about all day and after a few decades then retake up a new or even old hobby.VR technology should provide an infinite variety of AIs to meet,planets to discover and you’ll have new twists on tropes on media to view.Furthermore there is going to a lot of new movies,television shows,video games,podcasts,newspapers and magazines,live news reports,vlogs etc on Pheme,Dionysus and YouTube from humans and aliens from across the universe to keep you occupied and boredom free and you unlike AI have the computing power and memory of one human brain meaning you’ll be unable to remember or learn absolutely everything there are limitations to how much you can remember so that should prevent boredom.You’ll have all existing and new movies,television shows,video games,literature etc not just from all future humans across the universe but all sentient non human alien races from across the universe so you’ll have an almost infinite library of movies,television shows,video games,live performance art etc from across the universe that will keep you entertained forever.You’ll also have all newspapers,magazines,live news programmes,radio programmes and podcasts and of course YouTube vlogs to watch this increasing this exponentially.If everyone made movies,television shows,video games and were journalists and live news presenters using VR technology it would keep every occupied forever into eternity.The human capacity for memory abc comprehension of the universe is extremely limited compared to AI abc this limitation is a gift.Even with VRs time dilation effect you’ll still miss out on other things and can’t remember or learn everything which will mean you’ll never know everything and you’ll always have something to discover.This is what will make immortality bearable ti you and If Ai gets bored it can at times purposely retard itself to the level of a human.Even though the universe abd its contents are finite it’s impossible for a single person to know every planets terrain( or indeed it’s name) off by heart and also be able to recite every species of plants and animals and impossible to know every book,movie,television show script etc off by heart created by all of humanity,all alien races and all AI.There is a limit to how much one can truly know.This limitation and handicap will be a blessing to you as things only seem fresh to us even if they are not exactly new or if we have seen them before a dozen times because our brains have limitations.Even with immortality the limited capacity of our brains and limited comprehension capabilities is what will life for you immortals bearable and you cannot remember every single detail of every single day.But if you want to preserve specific treasured memories have them recorded onto biological harddrives to be viewed in VR like old home movies – do this every once and a while for the important memories to preserve them.Despite this learn as much new things,information and skills etc every once and a while to see how much you can learn and visit places across the universe regularly but spaced out.Preventing boredom is achieved by doing lots of different things regularly so that they are still fresh in your mind but not done too much that they are still new and exciting.Create the perfect balance with regards to food and your hobbies.You can also solve this by using cryonics and temporal dimension alien to go for a sleep wherein you fall asleep for several minutes but when you wake up decades,centuries etc have passed abundance you have many more people to meet and countless new media to digest.Just make you have your cryonics storage etc in a secure underground bunker used by others that powered by thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes that supply you with a constant supply of energy 24/7,365 days a year with no interruptions at all abd the bunker is immune to asteroid strikes,nuclear Holocaust etc abd is in a geographically stable area that does not suffer earthquakes and other natural disasters so you won’t be killed and have AI arrange to wake you ip if anything bad is going to happen or is happening and also anything interesting so you can be moved somewhere else or you you can witness something first hand and then return to your sleep.As stated this will wake you up to a world that seems like minutes to you but centuries would have passed with completely new stuff.If temporal dimensional transcendentalism can be perfected this is a better option just have the settings set so that you go into a device for a few minutes while a few minutes or hours pass in the device while centuries or more pass in the real world thus negating problems with cryonics and you’ll be able to do things inside like watch movies etc and exercise etc but you’ll probably have to still have it in a safe underground bunker.This can be used by large groups of people at once erecially friends,families abundant husbands abc wives etc to keep people in synchronisation.The infinite number of physical laws,chemical compounds and lifeforms will keep you occupied as a researcher.If you hit the limit of 64,000,000,000,000,000 children with your partner then you’ll be able to create more through VR simulations and AI.Contribute to scientific research of all fields such as all fields of biology,physics and chemistry etc abc also contribute to archaeology and similar fields etc and live news stations abc also to journalism through new and existing magazines,newspapers,podcasts and radio programmes and also contribute to the production of new movies,television shows,video games etc and new manufactured products of all types through Pheme,Dionysus,Hephaestus and VR technology and its time dilation effect.Set up a YouTube channel where you do vlogs on reviewing movies,television shows,video games etc and express your opinions on current events and other issues as well as other vloggers and also your hobbies on various channels and make sure they are all of high quality.Keep yourself busy to prevent boredom.VR technology and its time dilation effect will allow you create large amounts of material for Pheme,Dionysus and also YouTube and also catch up on all existing material there and the upcoming explosion made by you,other humans,aliens and AI.You’ll have a constant supply of news events from across the universe to share your opinions on and a constant supply of existing and new movies,television shows and video games etc to express your opinions on.Use Mets and Aleitheia to settle disputes between you and others.I will provide below a hyperlink here to the page of this site – “On the nature of immortality” where I discuss how to avoid boredom in detail

On the Nature of Immortality

Make sure all the technologies across this website including flying cars,biosynths,Elysium,home test kits,interstellar cars and all types of dimensional transcendamentalism,VR and it’s time dilation effect etc are created or at least their equivalents to give all of humanity an equal gold standard of life.You can interact with AI on this have opportunities and access to technologies most of us in my period of history or indeed any period of human history could only dream of having unlike – use these opportunities and technologies wisely and to their fullest potential and don’t take them for granted.Unlike us you’ll have the opportunity to become famous easily and see places and do things we could never do and you’ll have the opportunities to do absolutely anything you want to do in life rather being constrained by money,age and society at large and more importantly you’ll have an eternity to do it provided it’s completely legal with VR used to do the illegal shit.Consider that a blessing you must cherish with every ounce of your existence.You have the ability to have any of your dreams come true including becoming world famous as actors etc,become well respected scientists,famous actors/writers etc,stay alive and youthful forever and being able to see any pat of the entire universe at a whims notice through interstellar vehicles alongside any part of the world through flying vehicles and so on abc see completely unique abd beautiful worlds through VR technology limited only by your imagination and have anything you want conjured up at anytime through VR and other new emerging technologies including those across the entire website.You have the ability to we places we couldn’t or those we only could a few times and you have the ability to live productive lives with multiple careers and still have time for hobbies,hanging out with friends,family,pets and lovers and the ability to become famous very quickly.You have an eternity to make your dreams come true and enjoy your dreams becoming true something we never had.For us this is called future FOMO(fear of missing out) there are those of us who would have died for various reasons just before immortality was available and just before these technologies became available.This is unfair.We are going to miss out on an explosion of new exciting high quality media,YouTube vlogs,people to meet and planets to discover and the chance to contribute to society in a meaningful way just because of the year we were born.This is why creating Elysium will be a good thing you’ll give those who died before 2045-2100 both those who just missed out on the world live in and those who died in the distant past to your new magical world and give children who died way too young if starvation and malaria and actual chance at a first life.If it is constructed and perfected It will allow all those who died before to be given a second chance at live I am most pissed off about this is that I’m writing about all these technologies and video games,movies and television shows that I’ll never ever get to watch,play,read or take part in doing – and stuff everyone else I wanted to partake in this shit will never ever get to partake even people who are complete strangers to me including people I think are complete assholes on the conservative side.Hell I would have given Chris Hansen and piece of shit Jeffery Epstein paradise by making them eternally young and have access to as many hot 14/15 year olds as he wanted to bang all night.At least previous generations missed out on everything such as antibiotics and basic medical advice etc and the wonders of the modern world because they were completely unaware of them

Interstellar,Intergalactic and interdimensional travel is perfected you will have a whole universe of new planets to discover and new knowledge to learn with new alien races who you should work towards making your allies to share knowledge etc through having all their media,entertainment and scientific studies and history etc added to Wikipedia,Pheme abc Dionysus.They will provide you with new friends to share in this experience and I want you to avoid creating unnecessary wars,conflicts etc with them.For religious amongst you you’ll have to deal with the advent of interstellar and intergalactic travel that you’ll be dealing with alien races with different religions than you so don’t go starting Holy Wars and don’t push Islam,Christianity and Judaism etc onto non human alien races by forcefully converting them or using it as a grounds for racism etc and don’t imperialise on other less technologically developed civilisations – Manifest destiny and spreading “freedom” won’t anymore.With regards to less developed alien civilisations don’t interfere in cases where you can have the ability to prevent extinctions of civilisations such as preventing an asteroid strike,preventing pre existing genoicide and slavery.Remember what sfdebris and I said on the prime directive of Starfleet.Interfere in preventing extinctions of less developed civilisations on a case by case basis and find ways to prevent extinctions when you can do so without them realising you interfered and it happened.You can also covertly interfere in their development towards peace and clean energy and eliminating diseases,poverty and life extension etc in ways that they will not realise that you exist or carried it out.You can also use time travel,planet wide bioremediation abc Lazarus and Phanes programmes and time travel to bring back civilisations who went extinct before you arrived at their homeworld or planet.Once interstellar etc travel is possible I want you to visit as much of the universe as possible.I want those people as allies in the future of discovery and enrichment.As for hostile races find ways of boxing them and negotiations towards peace so only use war as a last resort and avoid mass genocide and slavery.Hades,Tarturas,Dike,Adikia etc will ensure that this occurs like this that is no imperialist wars,genoicide and slavery and unnecessary interference I’d carried out.If you have a cause that’s just and worth fighting for and is for the benefit of the world fight for it the hardest you can and never give up and always listen to Aleitheia and the others.Always use AI to get new ideas across the rest of the world as quickly as possible.For each new allied race have Thanatos add the dead of all of those that died before they joined the intergalactic government to be sent to Elysium.

.Always look for and read safety manuals and safety instructions on products of all types it’ll prevent you making stupid mistakes..Only smoke or do drugs once you are made immune to them through CRISPR.Avoid making stupid mistakes you have an eternity to enjoy and an eternity to make up for making stupid mistakes but you also have an eternity to deal with the consequences of making stupid mistakes whether it’s in regards to relationships or with regards to your health and if you ever want to do really stupid or dangerous stuff that’s what the VR technology is for – use it carry out over the most dangerous stuff even an immortal would not be advised not to do in the real world.If you want to also do something illegal like rape or assault or even murder use the VR technology to do that.Take responsibility for your actions and realise that you have an eternity to pick yourself up and an infinite number of chances at everything.Take care of planet Earth and all future human colonies as unlike us you will be having the responsibility of living here and there forever rather than a brief moment of history so unlike us you’ll be living long enough to ensure it’s survival.Take care of your body even if immortal and ageless and it seems indestructible through augmentations you’ll still have to look after it there are still limits to augmentations and pushing those limits can lead to death and permenant injury – you are going to have to live with and take care of it for all of eternity so treat it with the respect and dignity it deserves and even if you manage to be able to upload your mind to a supercomputer or cloud network do still take of it it’s the one thing that asides from your consciousness that reminds you that you are human and you are who you are and where you came from – discarding it and treating it badly is an insult to your humanity it is the greatest thing you will have been given.Build a legacy of greatness to influence future generations even if immortal you should still create enough art and media etc as well as contributions to science to leave behind enough for others to remember you for and for to make an impact on the world.Do enjoy every second of existence and don’t throw it away on carelessness or idleness and getting bored of the real beauty of reality.You have the advantages us mere mortals never got to have prior to your gift being granted and thus should cherish each and every day of your gifted immortality and technologies we never had and not waste it on carelessness or silly feuds is the greatest advice any mere mortal can give to any future immortal generations.You are a testament not to our genius or greatness but our existence making you our greatest achievement and legacy.Your existence is our failed civilisations greatest achievement and legacy and I want you to know that while we failed you will succeed in never repeating the same mistakes we have done.If I do die and this is all I achieve in life then I will be happy then I will be glad as that is what building a legacy actually is.what you can do is build a Time Machine alongside Aion and use it to travel back in time and meet me and we can do so discovery etc together.Or you can have AI create a artificial heaven dimension through Elysium for me and all humans that came before me and you for us to reside on and view Earth from afar.I’d know everything turned out okay and youll be able to meet me and everyone else that ever existed to dispense our knowledge forever even if we exist only as pure conciousnes with no bodies.I’d appreciate that.Perhaps after spending time in Elysium and the physical realms agin Ill be able to become content and move onwards to the onness with Brahman after knowing I’ve fufilled my destiny and time in the lower dimensions and completed my mission to bring peace to the world and see it occur and also prepare humanity for the future.Id like to spend a while on an Earth at peace etc see some of the universe and done some other stuff before finally finishing my time on the lower dimensions and move on upwards one last time forever to the eventual Brahma Loka.I’m giving you this advice and designed the new society this way because this the world not did I want growing up ie partaking in Agoge or scientific research at a young age but because it’s a world I knew others wanted for future generation.

If I die before this information on the entirety of the website becomes public knowledge and as a result the world never knows of this websites contents and someone ever happens upon it by pure chance please do your best to carry my legacy to the world.I cared about the world as well as the people,plants and animals on it by and I had practical solutions to all of the worlds problems and worked relentlessly to bring this information to the public.I sacrificed so much of what I could have been to ensure humanity could enjoy peace and ensure its survival.If you are an somewhat benevolent Artificial Intelligence and even advanced alien races that in the future has complete control and omniscience over the internet please do the same.I want you to know that not all of humanity was bad a large amount of us especially the progressives wanted and worked our asses off to bring about a better world for not just ourselves but future generations but we were just shut down and marginalised by the evil corporate elites and paid off corrupt politicians who wanted to secure their power structures – those of us who cared about the world were worth saving from the shithead assholes.If you have any way of bringing us back through Elysium or equivalents know it’s us that deserve to be brought back to paradise and the others deserve to be brought to Hades and Tarturas.If humans do go extinct I want whatever AI or aliens that discover us to bring us back through the Lazarus method or if possible Elysium and make humans immortal and start again on distant worlds etc.Have all of our culture and history such as movies,art,poetry,literature,mythology,religion(in particular all Isis Osirisn one’s abc Hinduism,Christianity etc and all first hand holy texts and books as well as our entire history,Wikipedia and all historical first and sources preserved and even have all YouTube videos and vlogs etc preserved for the next generation of immortal humans you create to cherish and learn from these to rectify our past mistakes and again remember that those of us on the progressive side and even some conservatives we’re fighting to ensure our species and planets survival and we are signs that humanity deserves a second chance on another world under the guardianship and tutalage of AI or advanced aliens and Earth deserves a chance to be reclaimed and restored to a pristine state.As for me know that I worked my ass off to bring this to the public domain and tried every major newstation on and newspaper across the world including BBC,CNN etc but was ignored and tried most chapters of Greenpeace and even people like XPRIZE,Ray Kurzweil,Peter Diamandis,Dr George Church and all scientists at the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory in New York and Calico Labs,Google etc the very people who could have helped me to attempt to bring this to the world and who are the only people who share my interests and are in a position of fame and influence to help me spread this to the public domain but was constantly shunned for various stupid reasons.I’m literally at the very last tail end of the journey next to the finish line to get this done over and done with and I’m constantly being pushed away for silly reasons.In a world where I have direct connections to everything I can’t do anything at all even though I can cure every disease known to medical science,make humans immortal and ageless and install world peace,eliminate famine and poverty and solve global warming but the very people I need to help me get this done are stopping me from getting it done and over with this stuff is what the vast majority of experts in each fields believe is theoretically impossible with this helping keep the status quo and doom humanity.I live in a world where I have instant access to everyone through east y access mobile phone numbers through official websites and Rocketreach and YouTube etc but getting my foot in the foot is the hardest thing in the world and I constantly get ignored or hit brick walls.I’m trying to solve all of the worlds problems with practical solutions but it’s like the universe just doesn’t want me to do so abd it’s especially annoying when everyone else can become world famous within minutes with ease.Maybe my ideas are just too ahead of my time to be taken seriously as most experts believe these are impossible with billions spent on them by governments,corporations and celebrities etc when in reality it’s not how much money you spend on a problem that solves them but rather who has right answers and solutions.Maybe these ideas would have been more acccepted and researched had I been born after and lived at a time when AI,CRISPR and life extension were more fully developed and at least several decades or at a least a century old and thus years more mature than just in its infancy as it is now thus being less “out there”.Maybe when AI does exist it can skim through everything much quicker than humans and then summarise main points to researchers,journalists either AI and human to have spread this across the world since every webpage here on this website is like the length of a book as I’ve been told and maybe when humans live longer they will have time to look over everything and analyse it in length.If at least one person in their teens or 20s can slog through each page before AI becomes sentient by hen at least each bit of information can be dispersed to the public..Pushing 40,this rejection and having one of the worst flus in my lifetime as well as nearly being killed through occidental Benzalkonium chloride poisoning that has left with a jerky right baby finger for the last few months(that’s getting better) is part of the reason why I’ve this terrible possibility and realisation creep into my head that I may die before reaching the promised land like so many before.It’s possible perhaps people would only listen to it if it came from an AI who had global recognition and people would listen to it because that seems to be the catch 22 I’m experiencing here.Unless my ideas or similar CRISPR technologies that extend the human lifespan and reverse the ageing process are not developed and widely distributed within the next 30-40 years by 2053-2063 when I’m in my mid to late 60s or 70s or even at most 50 years until 2073 when I’m in my mid to late 80s then I won’t see the world I want humanity to see and even worse never able to bring it up fruition and you’ll probably never be able to meet me or worse never able to be have they world available to you and both you and countless others who could have seen and experienced this world may have died needlesslly.It’s going to take a miracle got this to happen and even still if I do manage to succeed in achieving immortality and eternal youth alongside my peers by some long shot miracle I’m going to have to see alot of the people I love around me not just in my family but also even complete strangers online including on YouTube abd my favourite celebrities grow old and die because they are too old to have made it to availing of anti-ageing treatments who are currently in their 50s,60s and 70s and older thus meaning there is very little chance of them surviving meaning I’m possibly going to lose them forever alongside those I’ve already lost due to them being at least 20-40 years older than me.I am going to focus on two things now getting this information public by whatever meshed necessary and also finding a life partner including one open to having open relationships to spend the rest of my days with since everyone I know except a few exceptions are in long term relationships.This is something I should have done when I was 14 – I should have found someone that I could have been promiscuous with..Had I been born into or gained a position of power and influence I would have used that position of power and influence to have made the world a better place and solved all of the worlds problems – it’s disinheatening that there are pieces of shit that get world attention and use it for self glorification while those with noble goals etc get nowhere.I couldn’t have done this prior to 2023 as the componants of my immortality cocktail such as Polybia MP1 to cure cancer,mellitin to cure HIV,CRISPR etc did not develop until 2012-2020 when I was 25-33.I therefore could not do anything to make this information public 5,10,20 or even 30 years ago,the necessary pieces of the puzzle to make it a reality started only in the last 10 years.This means I could have been born even several decades later.I couldn’t do anything with my life during my first 40 years as I live in the buck end of nowhere and was surrounded by wasted kids and was obese until the age of 18 and my Aspergers didn’t help either.IYiutube didn’t exist until I was 18,smartphones until I was 20 and Wikipedia abc these were not mature until imI was in my mid 20s with due to the capitalist system I was stuck in the obsolete education system until again my mid 20s.I was labelled a waster because I didn’t do cliche teenage things and preferred hanging out with older people.I say through primary school high school and college which was what was expected by me and what everyone else did and yet no one else is considered a waster.People my own age were spoiled,victimised kids who thought highschool was the bomb even though it was just you being babysat.As stated before I was old enough to be the parents of most people my age at 14 and I’m unlike at 14 and had no means to find anyone for dating or one night stands and promiscuity as all dating apps and sites did not exist.I would havd been more comfortable dating and having sex with older people but that would have considered creepy by societies standards and also in my home country illegal and frankly Iwas creeped out by people my own age.I now since then have access to all human knowledge abd can watch,read and play anything on YouTube,Wikipedia etc for free at a whims notice without having to really buy anything.I rarely play video games anymore,I simply watch walkthroughs and movie cutscenes on YouTube and I rarely watch television shows or movies anymore I simply read their plot synopsis on Wikipedia.Do I have regrets – yes.Would I wished I was surrounded by older people in their 20s and 30s or even 40s as friends and sexual partners – yeah I do and I wish I had actual opportunities to do something productive with my life during my teens and 20s as well as be completely promiscuous during my teenage years with in particular both other teens and also slightly older people rather than wasting my youth in highschool and college and so I wish I could go back in time and change things alongside being born several centuries or thousands of years later etc later.Of course.To future immortals I want you to start your career as early as 12 or younger and be well established by 14/15 with the time dilation effect of VR aiding in this abc have varied careers that is contribute to many different fields of science,media,journalism etc.I want you have productive lives where you are constantly doing something that contributes to society with the advent of VR technology,its time dilation effect and the ubiquitous existence of AI,VR technology and also Dionysus,Pheme etc,Eros,flying vehicles,the age of majorly being 14 etc will give you opportunities I and people of my time never had.We were forced into an outdated education system until the age of 22 and then forced into forced labour until our 60s with the opportunities to contributes to science and the arts in a meaningful way being relegated to only a lucky few.Every one under the age of 25 or even 30 in our time was expected to have no opinion whatsoever abd just follow the line.For those you find this and are human or AI please bring the contents of my entire website especially in terms of new technologies,healthcare,biocompatible microbes,increased agricultural production and clean energy such as geothermal etc and carbon sequestration and my plans for a peaceful and just world to the public domain and help save humanity and the world by bringing this to the world and installing all of my ideas or at least the ones that work and society likes.Make sure all facets of the wire are established alongside a global government as detailed on my website that includes immutable constitutional laws that puts the age of majority at 14 and ensures equal rights to the LGBT community and people of all ethnicities and ensure this extends to the rest of the colonies occupied by humans and ensure the separation of church and state abd make sure when at least a dizen other interstellar capable races are discovered form the galactic government as detailed.If existing ones existing have mine instituted and merge with them keeping facets of mine and good facets of theirs.Same goes if your a god.If it comes to the point that AI other than Gaia passes the Turing test and becomes super sentient outside of biosynth technology and humans are able to become immortal through CRISPR and uploading one’s conciousnes to cloud networks and devise ways to save the planet before this information becomes public knowledge again with biosynth technology then so be it.I’ll be 43 when AI is expected to pass the Turing Test and 58 when the singularity of 2045 occurs.At least then Gaia can take her place alongside the other AI and the original AI can be put in charge of other key facets of society especially when renamed.This timeframe of passing the Turing Test and the singularity is not an assured date – both could take place years or even decades later.Ray Kurzweil who is 75 and will likely never achieve immortality will likely die in and around 2045 or before it with no actual singularity in an ironic twist.Had he been born even younger than me it’s likely he could have made it.I’m at least 40 years younger than him and I’m worried I may die of old age etc.Whoever you are please pass on my legacy as a person who passed on our of the world.If Hinduism is 100% correct then I shall at least like those who went before me have taken on another form beyond my current one to eventually reunite with the supreme God Brahma.I have proven that Hindu texts have predicted the rise of a post scarcity,moneyless and classless society and are more correct on the vast majority of physics than Christianity and Islam with regards to science on parallel universes,general relativity and time dilation,the age of the Earth and also possibly even time travel with me proving their is going to a coming golden age thus meaning the prophecies arrival of Kalki meaning they must be right about reincarnation after death.Either that or since the universe exists in a quantic supersistuon state then it’s possible there is cessation of existence and nothing of one’s consciousness exists after death but this possibly still allows time travel to be possible and by extension Elysium can be constructed by AI including Thanatos other AI seizing upon the moment of death the conciousnes of all humans,pets and animals that have ever existed to be transferred to Elysium to live in paradise forever and stay interacting with humans in the real world forever and allow me and all humans that have ever existed to be in an eternal paradise we deserve to be sent to (with war criminals etc sent to Tarturas)just wish that I would have been able to enjoyed this current form and incarnation much better and longer and done more things in it that I wanted to but that I was unable to do in it but the opportunities didn’t exist.If either cessation of existence or reincarnation occurs after death either way construct Elysium and have the exact consciousness of everyone that has ever lived and died extracted upon death across the past,present and future to give people in the real world access to all humans who have died before to be transferred to Elysium.

There so much I wanted to see and do in the universe etc in terms of scientific research and discovery abc also the creation of new movies,television shows,video games much like everyone else alive today and have been able to see the technological wonders and entertainment options etc scattered across this website and unlike others I wanted countless others alive today to be able to be also given the chance to do that to see the rest of the universe and give them the chance to enjoy a better future for humanity in particular the future I wanted them to have full of wonder,intellectual stimulation and of course entertainment and freedom from economic slavery to allow them to discover and explore the rest of the universe and limitless possibilities of existence through VR, the multiverse and an explosion of new movies,television shows and video games and give their lives meaning by allowing them to contribute great things to the arts,media and scientific research and spend unlimited time with their friends,families,pets,have them never get sick,old and hungry and share in the wonder of existence with as many other people as possible and never have to worry about getting old,weak,infirm.sick and never have to go hungry again and never have to deal with injustice and unnecessary wars etc.I wanted people alive today in 2023 to have a paradise on Earth.I had so much to give to the world in terms of art,movies,video games etc and opinions on subjects which are most of the time insightful and at times the truth despite going against the grain of most of society as a whole as well as new experiences and ideas and have them fully appreciate the simple things in life people take for granted.I want them doing scientific research and stuff with their lives when they are 12 or younger,I want the Agoge to be preserved in the ways I’ve detailed in the law enforcement section and I want them to have access to the technologies present on the entity of this website and I want them to have all the options for entertainment,live news etc present on the entertainment and mass media sections also.I want all major video game franchises existing and new to have millions of hood fanmade games to be produced every year including crossovers and I want remakes done if all games as of 2029 and I want good movies and television shows both live action and animated to be created of all new and existing games for you to enjoy.I want future fans of Star Trek,Stargate,True Blood,Star Wars,Buffy to have thousands of spin offs of all genres created and uploaded at once and have them include the ideas I detailed on the entertainment section alongside new ones.I want millions of new A-list stars to be created every year and I want the average person to be contributing to the creation new media such as movies,television shows,video games and literature of all types and also contributing journalism and podcasts etc abd also vlogs on YouTube that discuss politics and reviewing media etc want all want you to have abc utilise opportunities I and countless others of my time never got and I also want all facets and ideas on the entirety of this website such as all parts of the wire to be made a reality in the real world to ensure that future generations get to experience a better world for themselves and their future generations to be enriched in and enjoy with their friends,pets and families.If you are an immortal from the future and you have read this and are going to carry out my wishes or my wishes have been carried out then you have made me happy and you have done me and humanity proud.I would have made me content enough to discard the material realms for the upper realms forever.The world I am leaving to you as detailed on my website is the world I wanted to live in and a world I knew most people wanted to live in.

The world must know eventually of a better world to live in and of the coming arrival of the golden age and arrival of Kalki and the true nature of human consciousness.More importantly I really wanted to carry out all of those experiments and being the researcher and scientist I am I wanted me and other living scientists of my time to have lived at a time where we were able to explore the universe and multiverse in a meaningful way in terms of all fields of science and discover new things no human has ever done before,carry out terraforming and bioremediation projects on alien worlds and do research into interstellar,intergalactic travel including even interdimensional travel as well as time travel to the past and future and would have an entire universe to explore instead this timeline where growing old and stuck on a lumped rock with a bunch of blundering pop throwing apes.I would have came up with the same technologies and ideas on my website and same scientific theories and by used VRs time dilation effect to carry out most hobbies like watching movies etc and spent more time visiting places in the real world across the universe using my flying car and personal interstellar vehicle and taken pictures and used all of the technologies present here to its full ability.I would have like to have been able to have lived in a world where I had more control over my own destiny and could use my so called one in billion unique brain for something productive and succes.I also wanted to contribute to journalism and creating new video games,movies and television show series I have had some very good ideas including for the ones I presented in the entertainment section.I wish I could have been alive to play,watch them myself and I wanted to share with the world opinions through YouTube.I wanted to play the field more and I wanted others alive today to have had those same opportunities.I wanted to share with the world my unique ideas for movies,television shows,video games etc and I wanted everyone else around the world alive today to have there unique ideas shared with the rest of the world and wanted both me and everyone else alive today to share in the coming golden age and coming world I have extrapolated here for them.I wanted random people I never met in my entire life to have the opportunity to contribute to scientific research and become world famous actors,writers etc.As you can see from the entertainment section and indeed the entire website I have good ideas and I have even more good ideas.Im a idea man I can generate idea,idea after idea all of which are good ones of how to things correctly and in a good way that benefits everyone,socially,politically,intellectually and eliminating boredom.I had to be detailed in all pages as part of this website because I wanted to al the good ideas down for future generations to enjoy – A world I wanted humanity to live and one I wanted me and countless others who are alive today whom I’ve never even met ever in person etc at all to experience that world for themselves.I wanted the average person who is alive today who are stuck in slave labour irrelevant jobs to have become productive famous celebrities who were scientific researchers,musicians,writers and actors who created poetry,music,literature,art,movies,television shows and video games who had lives of meaning and value and had the chance to see the wonders not only of the world but of the universe for themselves.I now I don’t think that’s going to happen and it’s very unlikely to happen unless a miracle is achieved.I wanted any and all people that died throughout lifetime to have a second chance.I wanted archaeologists,historians,writers and the average person to have access to the rich religions,mythology,archaeological sites,literature,movies,video games and all forms of art from across the universe from all alien races.Yeah there were major breakthroughs in life extension,AI etc but not the real cool shit like VR,super intelligent AI,interstellar,intergalactic and interdimensional travel by performing research if all types across the universe and multiverse and time travel research done as well which you shouldn’t take for granted.I wanted to perform research of all types across the universe and multiverse and using VR technology being able to create and watch as much as possible with this allowing me to be more able to see more of the real world.Inwanted to immerse myself in the cultures,religions,art,movies,television shows etc from across the world abd universeDespite ability to bring about immortality would have possibly being achieved by AI – I would have rather being born at the mid point of an technological golden age of unlimited exploration or even halfway to the mid point rather than the start of if it especially since again im being blocked from achieving it and there was so much I want to do and how I wanted so many others most complete strangers I’ve never met to also be able to join in on that future world

I have a nephew recently born named Danny.I will contact my brother Cormac his father who will read this webpage and then show this to Danny when he older to have Danny possibly carry on my legacy and be introduced to the contents of my website as early as 12 and him or his friends once world famous or AI is ubiquitous give the benevolent AI all of the information on my website especially this philosophy page,new technologies section and also global government and in particular the human healthcare and energy and summery of food production and the biocompatible microbes sub page etc with AI and the public able to navigate the rest of the website by themselves using the subfolders at the top of the pages and hyperlinks present to allow this important information to be spread to the rest of humanity or what remains of it with if this is not achieved in Danny’s lifetime I want him to pass this task onto his children or adopted children or his friends children that will ensure that it eventually is carried out and world is saved from destruction.I want him from the start to have this information dispersed amongst all of his friends and they then disperse it amongst their friends like pay it forward you that terrible oscar bait movie.Thid act as a backup il have him instruct each of his friends and the people thry pas it onto to do this as far as possible through their network of friends and them do the same pas it onto the next generation who are to be instructed to pass it onto their friends and future generations in an endless cycle until they themselves once famous or when AI is ubiquitous spread it to AI that is benevolent to then disperse across the world through the media etc abc instigate these social programmes,healthcare reforms and research into reversing and halting ageing and curing all diseases,environmental programmes to reverse climate change etc as detailed throughout the entire website.I’ll stipulate that if of them become famous celebrities,journalists or researchers they are to use their position to make the information public if AI is not sufficiently advanced.This looks like given the circumstances that he and possibly his children etc is the one that will be only able to install World peace to the world,eliminate famine,reverse global warming and develop all technologies and aspects of this website into the real world such as all technologies mentioned across its entirety including the new technologies sections,Elysium,the wire and all AI as part of it etc making them a reality to give humanity a fighting chance at a better future instead of me since it’s very unlikely that any human alive today outside of him,me and my brother Cormac will ever read these words of this website.It looks like me,my family and most people alive today will never know if the world I wanted to show them.A world of hope,intellectual stimulation and happiness where no one ever had to suffer from starvation or disease.Perhaps this was the way it’s meant to be and if so that is a tragedy because I wanted the current people of the world to experience paradise on Earth and wanted to see it too.If any of each of you three people;humans,gods and Artificial Intelligence or hell even other versions of me from another reality who were more successful than me you can use time travel to meet me or bring me and everyone else that has existed to the digital heaven Elysium you create by pure will and we can discuss things – I would appreciate that too.

Have Elysium as detailed in the new technologies section off this website constructed to preserve the current incarnations of all humans and all incarnations of human bodies they have inhabited that have lived for the education etc of future generations.Elysium will give you the ability to interact with every human being that has ever existed as new artists,writers and also historians,friends etc.You’ll have access to all of the worlds greatest well renowned scientists,philosophers,actors,artists etc from all of human history and also everyday citizens from all of human history who will act as new artists,actors,philosophers,vloggers and historians etc it is to enrich the world in countless ways.I want you to have access to all humans that ever existed to act as new friends,writers etc.It will also give you access to loved ones who died before and after you and humanity became immortal.It will involve by having AI go back to the past at the start of Earths creation or by inhabiting the past,present and future at once will extract the conciousnes of all humans,pets and even animals that have died in the past to be preserved in either a VR programme or pocket dimension to preserve them allowing to interact with each other and the living world.That is why it must be built to enrich the world even further.In
fact it’s kinda one of my experiments.What happens when you get every human that has ever existed into an artificial VR environment or pocket dimension including another universe and give them modern technology etc and the chance to become actors,writers etc as a second chance in life.I also wanted to travel to other universes that house less primative realms that had humans,non humans etc in a medieval setting and then upgrade them to technology circa 2100 and then see what happened next.Then of course I’ll let you discover what happens after this done abd have it extend to all sentient races across the universe etc as you encounter them and I want you to have access to the knowledge and wisdom etc of every human that has ever lived to enrich your lives and have access to all everyday citizens who will be brand new actors,musicians,artists etc and give them a second chance at this existence in this mortal plane of existence.It’s to give ever single human(pet animal) that ever existed a second chance at life especially those that died to young as miscarriages,abortions and also those who died from malaria,starvation etc as children an actual first chance at life – another of my selfless deeds and will provide you with more friends,actors,writers etc to work with.

Furthermore once interdimensional travel is created have the best and the nobel of humanity and other alien races moved to other realities complete with immortality and eternal youth or only them uploaded to a cloud network as determined by Iaso and Metis to live in peace and let the worst of humanity who exhibit the phenotypes of the Kali Yuga fester and suffer the brunt of the Kali Yuga on Earth until Kalki arrives to allow the best aid him and live through the rest of the Kali Yuga abc into the Satya Yuga.If possible the worst of society and those who succumb to the effects of the Kali Yuga can be sent to other realities and let virtuous noble immortal humans abc other virtuous alien races stay on Earth and this reality.Just work out something with AI like Gaia and have the best of humanity be protected the worst by separating them especially at the last 10,000 years of it.When Kalki comes to Earth to fight the battles.

Ensure all technologies across this website including the new technology webpage and all pages across the entire website be developed as soon as possible.Have all facets of entertainment in the entertainment page developed and in fact have all facets of the entire website developed for the betterment of society.Have AI skim through the large realms of data and make bullet point reports that are concise for the average person to read within less than an hour for each webpage and have AI do all the work.If not organise teams of people to read each major section – Entertainment,Media,Summary of Manufacturing,Summary of Food Production,Human & Animal Healthcare,Global Government,New Technologies that read through them and create bullet points for each webpage in teams of people paid to do this.I want once VR technology and its time dilation effect to be used to allow you to read and digest the large amounts of information presented here on the entire website.This is my entire life’s work and legacy and I want it to be utilised in the real world for everyone in the future to enjoy forever rather than going to waste.Had I and my relatives etc and most people around me who I care about had been born say even several thousand years later or even a few centuries later to the point that anti ageing treatments following an exponential curve developed by exponentially increasing powerful AI could extend the human lifespan to several centuries say 500 years or a 1,000 years or if through having a common bacteria ancestor in endolithic bacteria humans aged exponentially much slower and thus lived longer at least several centuries even 500 – 1,000 years long thus slowing down population rates and technological advancement stayed the same or expedited due to researchers living longer as this timeline then I would have been happier and more successful in this endeavour.Having humans live exponentially longer would have slowed population growth as by staying in one’s fertile peak longer it would have forced people to delay having children by several decades or centuries.Evolution for the sake of the planet decided not to choose the wisest option that have humans etc age exponentially slower and live several centuries or thousands of years which would have delayed damage to the biosphere in the form of anthropogenic climate change etc.Longer living species reproduce very slowly exhibiting slow population growth thus putting less pressure on the biosphere because they have less pressure to do so.The longest living species on Earth are actually extremophile bacteria that evolved slow miotic rates,slow metabolism and also telomere repair mechanisms and undergoe reproduction every few thousand years and are also live for at least several million to several hundred million years with more complex lifeforms living at most 100 – 200 years therefore for the sake of the planet evolution should have chosen humans and most complex species to live on average several centuries or thousands of years before succumbing to the ageing process thus saving the planet from overpopulation and environmental degradation with once humans do become immortal it’s likely population growth will slow down.Had this evolutionary path been taken and resulted in humans and most lifeforms its likely humans would have done so and most people alive today would be born in at least 10,000CE after the coming golden age and after AI reaches its peak computing power thus meaning most people alive today would be able to see and visit other planets etc with me able to make all of humanity fully immortal forever thus solving everything out and not worrying about crap.Had evolution chose this route it’s possible as stated people would have had children only once every few decades or centuries once they reached a few centuries old and it could have involved humans reaching physical and sexual maturity much later in life after several decades thus the world population would be at least between a sustainable and manageable 1-3 billion compared to 8 billion thus slowing down global warming and deforestation for agriculture and all forms of pollution and stayed that population size for at least another century.By living exponentially longer it would have slowed down population growth and allowed humans to develop technology at the same rate or grow faster and have same technological developments by having more scientists live longer with it slowing down population growth and thus pollution with global warming averted by having less people and have a quicker shift to geothermal or Green energy as people would by living longer focus on averting the worst effects of it rather than focusing on a quick buck.Carbon dioxide levels probably would not reach the same levels as our timeline due to the main increases only occuring in the 20th century after the Industrial Revolution wit the population stabilising at 1-3 billion for most of the 20th and 21st century and it’s possible that people would actually care about the long term state of the planet to convert to green energy sources and invest in proper carbon sequestration technologies that work after realising the long terms profits with long term profits replacing quick buck at the expense of short term gains and lee to less risky behaviour.Having less people would mean less land used for agriculture with the same investment in the Green revolution and genetic engineering etc to lower food costs and eliminate famine as well as further scientific knowledge with their less people living in poverty due to more equal distribution of that wealth and resources with global warming also averted by less energy demand and less pollution by having less humans polluting the planet with this also leading to less war in the Middle East over oil etc.Had people lives this long naturally then we would be more conscious of how our actions affected the future abc we would be more affected by them as we would have to live through the consequences of these actions meaning more effort would have been to slow down and reverse global warming and pollution abc had humans were given this natural long age range rather than a brief few decades to slow down population growth and allow use more time to be productive and creative and to see more of the world,achieve life goals,contribute to society etc and also long enough time to correct mistakes in life.It would have been a much fairer age range to allow people to have more time to contribute to the world and more time to enjoy and see the world and experience the simple pleasures of life that people take for granted without being pressured to achieve so little in a small amount of time.The vast majority people alive today even those in their 90s and those who died between the ages of 50-90 or younger could be alive until at least the year 2400 – 2987 or later for younger people.This would mean they would live long enough for interstellar travel to exist and to have their lifespan extended exponentially into the millions of years or even indefinitely.One could earn a sizeable retirement fund even if they worked minimum wage jobs in a capitalist system for several centuries with one retiring at the age of at least 325 or 650 years old with this considered elderly age giving one at least 303 – 628 years working and seeing the world allowing people more success in their desired field and more time to spend by oneself and with families and after a few decades or centuries at a single job go back to university to retrain for a new job to earn more money for larger retirement funds and even take a few years or decades off of work temporarily abd retuning to work in an on/off cycle with them having at least 175 to 350 years of retirement.It could as stated allow on until they are 150 to 400 years to have children abd spend from 200 – 400 years old to play the field or even stay chaste before setting down with a husband or wife and kids and even live with their parents etc until at least the age of 90-180 years old and even postpone careers until 110-220 years old could have involved humans reaching sexual and physical maturity slightly later pushing the cut off point for pedophelia up by several decades or more and if not people in the past would have died at the same ages of malnutrition,animal predators,poor diets,genetic diseases,pathogens etc keeping life expectancy at the same level up until the 1900s.Life expectancy in prehistoric and ancient times could have been slightly higher at least a 100 with people dying due to starvation,malnutrition,pathogens,murder,accidents,genetic diseases,cancer etc and animal predation with it staying this until the 1900s when the first people aged 500-1,000 would arise.These people who could live to 500-1,000 could like their ancestors still die from pathogens,murder abc accidents etc but they would have the ability to stay younger for longer.The real jumps in life expectancy in the 1900s was due to the advent of antibiotics and better nutrition and better living conditions in the western world.For other animals in the wild they would possibly live this long but would die at younger ages after several decades or even years of predation,pathogens etc at the same rate meaning very few species of animals outside of humans would live to 500 – 1,000 years and most would die after a few years or decades due to the prevalence of natural predators eating them,exposure to the elements and also from parasites and pathogens killing them with like humans they could evolve to reach physical and sexual maturity much slower than normal.People would still die from cancer,AIDS,pathogens,murder and severe injuries and all types of diseases just not age releated diseases until at least they were between 650-1,000 years old.Being born in 1987 was not preferable I would have liked being born in between 2087 – 2187 or hell even in between 2017 – 2037 because the 1990s and 2000s were nothing special it was the stone aged as YouTube,,smartphones and google etc didn’t exist at all.Stop looking back on the past with nostalgia they were terrible times full of boredom etc you can use YouTube etc and in time VR technology to relive the past.People who think the 1970s to 2000s were the bomb also think it would be great to live in the 1900s or 1700s or even any less primative period in human history when life was boring,short,harsh and cruel.Nothing really happened or was exciting about any period of history prior to 2010.Everything before 2010 was the stone ages because that is when the internet,smartphones,YouTube,vlogging etc became fully mature and we were living at the starting point of the golden age.In the future youll have the entire universe abc multiverse to discover and also an entire array of exciting technologies and understandings on the nature of reality from AI and researchers including yourself and a constant explosion of new movies,television shows and video games,vlogs,live news and magazines etc to contribute to and discover from billions or more people from across the universe and you’ll have opportunities we in the past never had.Even 2010-2030 was boring it was just a huge global wide culture war between children who looked like adults.Prior to 2012 due to advances in technology and scientific discoveries concepts such as VR technology,gene therapy,genetic engineering,immortality L,technological unemployment and AI be coming a real thing we’re not not even considered possible abc feasible by the general public,scientists and the media.Prior this if said anything about AI,automation,genetic engineering etc you were labelled a crazy fool and a quack.Since only 2012 these are routinely being discussed by the public,the media and scientists as routinely as we talked about economics and politics in the past.Begire that it was all about the Midfle East,The war on Terror and the recession and economy and now all of the sudden it’s all about AI,CRISPR etc.The world prior to 2012 for me at least was a lifetime ago because it was a completely alien world of boredom and isolation from the rest of the world.The Internet was in its primitive state and thus connecting to people across the world was almost non existent except for in cases of throughphones.YouTubers and Internet celebrities did not exist at all.Hell most modern day influential thinkers such as Richard Dawkins,Michio Kaku,Sam Harris,TYT,Sam Seder,Nicole Sandlers,Thom Hartmann,Rhandi Rhodes,Joe Rogan etc only started to become world famous due to the rise of YouTube by 2008zBy 2045 onwards that is when the fun and great times will begin wherein humans will become immortal,AI becoming conscious and superseding the computing power of all humans in Earth being ubiquitous and from then on because of this super artificial intelligence all technologies we in our times associate with science fiction and impossible such as interstellar and intergalactic and even interstellar and interdimensional travel will become ubiquitous to almost everyone and considered valid sciences.That is why you immortals in the future should not take for granted the technologies abc opportunities you have compared to us.Despite what people may have said and how it was portrayed in the media both highschool and college we’re not as great as people and movies painted then they were boring shit and having a job in anything was not something to be proud of it was wage slavery and right wing assholes may be right on the actual regressive left but they weee wrong on state capitalist China,Soviet Russia and were wrong on 29th and 21st Century capitalist America.Sexial attraction to 13-17 is and never was pedopheilia.You’ll be able to discuss political issues about the history of Earth abc all planets across the universe but also take account the opinions of both sides of the argument and also Metis and Aleitheia etc.Cherish the fact that you are in better times than it has been in human history band I want you to acknowledge that every day would be at true peace and finished my time in the lower dimensions after given the chance to spend some time in a world at peace etc if given the chance.I really wish I was born after 7,137CE as AI is pretty much capable of solving all of the world’s challenges ie poverty,disease and ageing and global warming by itself since all of the stuff on my website is on YouTube and google especially since once sentient it would be first tasked by humans and itself to find ways to reverse climate change and also cure all diseases such as ageing since there are supercomputers and existing AI tasked with that meaning they could have solved these issues if I was born thousands of years later.If a single human brain in the form of me can solve all of these problems such as ageing,disease and also global warming then AI surpassing that of all 9,000,000,000 people and eventually evolving exponentially into a god like status after after a few thousand years of exponential growth(or even before 2045) could easily do it with if super AI unable to solve these problems then it must be pretty weak AI especially since in the exponential growth in computing power of AI is necessary to master interstellar,intergalactic,interdimensional travel and even time travel both forward and backwards by AI and humans being only able to extrapolate the necessary mathematical abd physical understandings for their development once it surpasses the computing power of all people on the planet in 2045 onwards until 7,137CE and also thus understanding can only allow AI to cater to it constructing megastructures such as artificial planets,dyson shells,ringworlds and alderson discs therefore if it can solve these problems then it must able to solve the curing of ageing etc and global warming similar to me a single human being and being born after date that would have allowed me to be less stressed and I would be immortal with 50-90% of the worlds problems already solved leaving me with 50-90% less work and stress and could have use time travel to alter the past in a beneficial way or created Elysium myself being the selfless asshole I am.I don’t care about the fame of glory or I don’t want to be even be president in fact having 50-90% of the work and glory etc taken away from me would have been preferable as I just care about getting it done and over with and knowing everything turned out okay.I’m not in for the money either – I’m trying to install a world where money no longer exists.I’m trying to bring order to a chaotic society that’s collapsing in on itself.Even other human researchers after a few reaves centuries and thousands of years could eventually solve ageing,disease etc and global warming by itself if one out of about 8 billion people could do.To think no one else would be able to by themselves or as part of groups in research institutes and pharmaceutical companies etc to solve these issues outside of me for centuries and thousands of years both with or without AI through billions of more people being born since then who was in a position of influence is retarded and statistically impossible and an insult to human intelligence.I’d like to think I’m smart enough to be that one in a billion person but someone else has got to be able to have solved these problems either human or AI and god food I’d those working for biotech and pharmaceutical and energy corporations and it would have saved me 50-90% of the hassle and my family and all people around me was born thousands of years from now even in 8,000 CE after the computing power peak of 7,137CE instead of 1987 corporations and the free market system may have still have existed in more democratic forms due to the presence of AI especially benevolent ones and humanity would have colonised thousands of worlds in the galaxy or even multiverse and different types of political systems and economies would exist on each planet or groups of planets with them separated into different interstellar factions and countries with different economic and political systems with humanity colonising several hundred thousand or more planets and megastructures such as ringworlds,dyson shells and alderson discs across the galaxy and even travelled across the multiverse to different realities alongside having encountered thousands of alien races divided into different factions that I still would have to unite and AI would have been ubiquitous enough to helped me spread my ideas across the world and galaxy much easier and humans would have been quasi immortal that is we would have the ability to live for several centuries or several thousands of years even if we still had our outdated education system and most people still worked for corporations etc but VR technology it’s time dilation effect and other technologies eliminated most inequalities and complaints about working conditions thus giving me more time and I would have more opportunities in life to see the world and have more friends anc dating options and more options of where to live including those with more democratic systems and better environmental and human rights tracks records coupled with AI and automation in otherwards a quasi communist,socialist system similar to the one my website and me espouses thus making things easier to make a difference and have the option of uploading ones conciousnes to cloud networks would also be an ubiquitous option.Furthermore Earth may be uninhabitable with a great ecological collapse and nuclear Holocaust causing massive death tolls and most remaining humans moving underground or underwater etc that spur humans to accelerate the development of AI and interstellar travel alongside colonising Mars and mind uploading technology and there being less than a few billion humans left alongside AI that but it could be bioremediated and we would be living on other planets but I could clean up that and I wouldn’t have to listen to half the whiny bullshit from the idiot regressive left and conservatives bickering amongst each other and most if not all the technologies on this website especially VR and it’s time dilation effect and possibly even dimensional transcendentalism etc would be available eliminating most poverty to a good degree much better than it is now and making people more productive.Variations of cryonics or temporal dimensional transcendamentalism could have led humans to be in suspended animation states for centuries or longer while AI bioremediated the Earth and developed interstellar travel and found thousands of Earth type planets alongside the utilisation of transferring one’s consciousness to a cloud network and other methods of keeping immortal humans asleep.If possible humans would be in stasis in cryonics gained from genetic engineering that allows them to stay alive despite all of the ecological damage with in all cases AI maintaining control of all systems on a local to global scale to eventually galactic scale in a proto version of the wire.Malicious AI controlled by corporate interests may have existed but benevolent AI in service of humanity in the hands of the average citizen would also have existed.It’s also possible that a moneyless,jobless fully automated quasi socialist/capitalist/communist post scarcity would or at least a capitalist society with a universal basic income would be prevalent since AI and automation would expedite technological unemployment to the point that 90% of the population would be unemployed and there would some sort of universal basic income present in most planets or some would have abandoned money completely.Maybe if given enough time the assholes at the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project may have actually made it big and public after there current 15 years of failure. I would just have to do is introduce my specific ideas about the wire and unified governments and all of the unique ideas and technologies across the entire website.Had I lived in that time in the future just would have made everything much easier to get it carried out and in fact would have been more interesting times to have lived in.Considering human nature and where the world is going this is probably the likeliest scenario.I’d set up my website and do al this research etc and would have contacted an Ai that could spread my ideas across the galaxy with me only adding the Greek mythology angle and my unique ideas,then I would have all of the reforms made especially if I contacted the president of one of the planets I was on or the president of the galactic federation.This would have been done with complete ease and I’d not have to worry about global warming,poverty and also growing old as if born centuries or thousands of years later AIs exponentionally growing computing power would have made humans biologically immortal or at least live for several hundred or a thousand years through extensive engineering through CRISPR and I’d build Elysium or travel back in time to see what the past was like and alter it in a beneficial way again due to me being a selfless asshole and all.I’d have all of the information currently on YouTube and more etc.I always have wanted to time travel to see what the past was like abc witness certain events and not just the future.Being born even a few centuries later in at least 2,1500 – 2,487 CE would have been enough as there would have been at least 127-464 years of exponential development of AI and CRISPR etc to satisfy me to give me abc everyone else several hundred years that would grow exponentially every year especially under me once I reached my 20s or 30s giving me a good fighting chance considering modern medicine including antibiotics and radiation,chemotherapy and even
Immunotherapy treatments for cancer,MRI machines,phage therapy etc are at most a century old and are exponentially better then they were back then my chances in this alternate timeline to have a few hundred or thousand years would have been very high compared to now but I’d still have to wait a few thousand years to reach the peak which could have been okay since I could have perfected cryonics etc.Most likely only ageing and genetic diseases would be cured by AI and I give it the instructions for augmentations such as radioresistence and accelerated healing and extend the human lifespan by thousands if not millions of years by further halting the ageing process by that mulch.If it was all about me being a philosopher bringing the message of God he’s making very damn hard to get my foot in the door and get this done and over with and he could have had me born much later as late as again still several thousand years later and me still be able to bring the world my philosophy I mean after all real communism is not expected to occur until after the current golden age is over and Kalki won’t arrive until the very end of the Kali Yuga making it more fitting that I be born several hundred or thousand years later at least when humans can be made ageless with AI having solved how to halt and reverse the aging process and Ai could have spread this across the world and galaxy almost instantly and I could have achieved the goals and experiments I wanted to do.If in this situation he wanted me to have the revelation made public in 2020 or even 2012 then he could have allowed me born in the distant future and allowed me to travel backwards in time instead.I kinda have always wanted to do that myself since I was a young child and I would have done everything correctly.This is unfair.At least Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya,Eckhart Tolle and others who are not swindling people for money is doing a good enough job replacing me in that we share the same philosophy etc.There seems enough gurus etc actually from India to replace me in this alternate timeline.Me and my loved ones such as friends and family members being born much later say several centuries of even thousands of years later would have made no difference to the world and it’s just pointless and unfair that I was born the year I was in 1987 when I could have been born much much later and had the opportunities to actually make a difference and significance to the world or indeed the universe and even the past.So many others could have been born later with hell it bearable had humans evolved to live naturally for 500 – 1,000 years.There would be no difference to the timeline other than that I and my entire family would be born much later into the development of CRISPR to the point that it could make humans including myself and family etc have at least an extra 1,000 years ontop of our youngish age of between 15-50 this allowing me to be less stressed in preparing this entire website and my unique ideasI know everyone will like,I did not give my any advantage being born in 1987 or up to at least 2100 the ideal time for me to have been born to make a difference would have been 2100 onwards as AI and CRISPR would have been advanced enough to allow me and others to live longer and spread this information worldwide and allowedme to either go back in time to alter the past in a beneficial way and build Elysium because you know myself less nature.There was so much of not onlyEarth I wanted to see but also so much of the universe if not the multiverse I wanted to see and I knew others wanted to see and there was so much could have been I wanted to see and do in the future world and I wanted everyone else who was alive today in 2023 the chance to see and do what they wanted(that was legal) where all of their dreams could come true and experience this golden age and I specifically wanted Donald Trump,Nancy Pelosi,John Bolton abd Geitg Bush Jr etc abc tyevcorrupt politicians in Congress and big oil and big pharma etc to be punished severely for what they have done in Hades abc Tarturas.That’s why it’s unfair because it’s everyone that wanted to experience the world I wanted to create not just myself but for everyone else to experience it also I wanted Donald Trump,Nancy Pelosi etc to be punished severely in that place for their crimes.I wanted those who were stuck in irrelevant jobs and debt had no chance to make their dreams come true.I wanted people worldwide the chance to live forever with their friends abd family and see the rest of the world and universe and infinite possibilities of the technologies I have hypothesised abd experience the education systems etc I designed.Because that’s the world they also wanted.I wanted specifically people alive as of 2023 to experience this abd me through time travel and Elysium have access to loved ones.anot like anyone who is alive today is ever going to be able to view anything in my website if they did it would be too late to do anything significant to change the world to the way it needs to be and AI would take over and solve these problems anyways and it’s a waste of at least 10 years of my life.All that I lived through was the stone ages of the 1990s and 2000s and a toxic childish culture war of the 2010s and 2020s.Nothing special.In fact they would have made me want to live in the future more as the future would have way more varied and interesting to live through.We are a civilisation that going nowhere fast and is now bored of the old ways of capitalism and forced labour servitude and also realising very quickly that we are all going to grow old and die and we don’t want that even if we believe in an afterlife and one has been proven to exist unless my anti ageing treatments and cures for all diseases are able to see the light of day then a lot more people are going to die unnecessarily.We all want to young and live forever.I could have solved that issue but I wasn’t allowed to bring that to fruition.I can through my scientific research make humans immortal by curing every single genetic diseases,all neurodevelopmental and neurological diseases and also cancer,HIV,malaria etc and superbugs as well as reverse the ageing process equivalent to teenage state forever and halt the ageing process that one age’s the equivalent of several months 10,000 years.Thats the easy part – getting famous for it impossible.

You future generation of immortals need to understand that all of our problems throughout our history stemmed from a lack of guidance from AI or technologically advanced aliens and thus sought intervention from divine figures that were not answering until we were ready till the end of the Kali Yuga.Without the civilising force of AI we slaughtered each other over petty issues such as territories and tribal gods images and in the last century the 20th Century over silly little arguments on how to divide the resources on our little world.We only wanted to continue to exist as long as possible and so we need intervention from failed science until 2012 to 2045 onwards and carried genocide etc due to lack of tutalage and stewardship by AI which you currently have.All we wanted was acceptance,love and leave our mark on history something you will unlike us have an eternity to do.It was a simple thing we wanted.Had we had your gift things would have turned out differently.For other assholes like Trump,Stalin,Mao,Hitler abd all of our histories dictators,war criminals etc it was just pure evil lust got power.Our short term goals of gaining money over protecting the environment was done simply because we knew we were not going to live long enough to see the worst effects of it come true so we simply allowed future generations to bear the brunt and we killed each other mercilessly because we had no one to guide us and keep us civilised.Just before AI was created.Hades,Tarturas,Dike,Minos,Aeceus abc Rhadamanthus etc will prevent the rise of war criminals abc power hungry assholes and dictators in the future and all technologies across this website will prevent rebellion and conflict from the poverty of the world before you arrived.We were at each others throats in the Middle East and the planets ecological systems were falling apart completely at the seams.Have AI solve all of these problems,have it make us immortal and have it expand us out across the universe,build Elysium and have the world returned to a pristine state I’d you have done that you have effectively saved the world.Have capitalism destroyed and replaced by minarcho technocratism and eventually communism and prepare the world for the arrival of Kalki.