Adult Pornographic Movies:

Cataloguing Adult Pornographic Movies:
All adult movies past and future from around the world will be uploaded and premiere on Dionysus with them transferred from all sites where they can be downloaded and viewed by AI and also via the producers of them and people who own copies at home scanning in DVDs on laptops read by Adriadne.All existing adult movies both gay and straight and bisexual ones will be tracked down and uploaded to its section in Dionysus to preserve them forever for future generations with all future ones uploaded here in Dionysus from now on within minutes of production.They will be divided into gay,straight,bisexual with filters allowing one to search for those by country,corporation,actor,director,theme etc.Full adult movies that are found only on filesharing sites like MyVidster,Pornhub,xHamster,Redtube etc will be transferred by AI prior to the sites shut down and updated to high quality with iSample to prevent minors accessing it with apps for all major adult entertainment sites and adult video sharing sites will be available to download from directly in the website or from Hephaestus for smart devices including phones,pads and televisions with special features of adult movies also in subfolders.Those that exist only on filesharings sites such as MyVidster,Pornhub,Redtube etc will be sent here to prevent them being lost forever prior to these filesharing sites by the AI that manages them and also Peitho etc.Those found on streaming websites and also corporate websites to be downloaded from that produce them will by AI be transferred to Dionysus with those on DVD,Blu-Ray will have people at home or producers etc insert them into laptops to allow for the full movie and special features to be transferred by Adriadne.People who own large stocks of adult movies at home will put discs into computers to be scanned into Dionysus.Producers,directors,actors etc will scan in all of their catalogue of adult movies and all special features.Movies on corporate websites will be transfered to Dionysus once the movie is transferred will have the pages deleted with the official website housing only snippets.Those who are selling television shows on Ebay,Craigslist etc can do this themselves with this possible by at least 2021.Others will be done by putting VHS tapes and DVD,Blu Ray and HD discs including box sets into computers and peripherals to allow her to scan them not just for all adult movies but also special features and other material to be put into a subsystem that arranges each adult movies into its folders including director cuts,extended versions and explicit versions,theatrical cuts into one file chosen at the start of the adult movie with duplicates deleted and by having all versions of a movie box sets read by the proto Ariadne will allow for all special features to be collected.Each version of boxsets of adult movies will be scanned into the Dionysus with duplicates replaced to ensure all versions of adult movies ie directors cut,limited edition etc and also all special features from all versions will be uploaded including commentaries and trivia tracks.All versions,iterations,editions and boxsets of all adult movies will be taken in by the public on Ebay and also Amazon and from physical retail outlets around the world to be then put into laptops etc and have AI extract the adult movies and also all special features to be arranged by the AI to ensure all movies,special features and also show and indeed the full version of movie will be added to Dionysus.Commentaries and also trivia tracks will be extracted from them via this alongside chapters that will be arranged by the AI.People who have large stocks of adult movies at home will put them into laptops and computers and have the full adult movies as well as all special features from all versions and boxsets extracted by proto AI and sent to their folders.Those found on only VHS taps will require peripherals including hi tech VCRs that connect to laptops.These and low quality vintage ones from corporate websites and Filesharing sites will be upgraded to 720p/1080p.This will all be done to have the entire adult movies extracted alongside special features including commentaries by proto AI with this of relevance to limited editions,boxsets,directors cuts that have large stores of special features with different versions of the show scanned in to ensure all versions and special features of all show and rare shows will be uploaded in DVD/Blu Ray quality.Directors,actors and producers of movies from around the world will add both the full cut of their own adult movies and also all special features from all versions and boxsets added to Dionysus themselves by putting discs into computers and allowing Adriadne extract them to ensure all of them are present with CEOs of all major companies that produce adult movies will transfer them by having staff do this and state and will have stores of them in archives transferred here to ensure all movies and special features from all versions are sent to Dionysus.This would be done by them inserting the discs into laptops and computers an then AI or even proto AI extracting the material into Dionysus.Members of the public that have large stores of feature length pornographic movies will transfer them to Dionysus via them extracted from discs or uploading video files on computers and them updated to high quality.Digital stores of movies will be transferred here.Even vintage adult movies from around the world and loops of either straight or gay porn from the 70s and 80s or earlier will be here.Those that exist only on celluloid will be added similar to movies via putting them through a projector that scans it into a computer and then uploads it to Dionysus and updates it to high quality with even those from as far back as the 1920s uploaded here.All bonus material scenes found only on DVD versions of adult movies will be added to the file in Dionysus..Full length movies produced by adult movie sites ie Men At Play,Raging Stallions,Falcon,Triga,Lucas Entertainment etc past and future will appear in Dionysus including existing ones transferred here.They will be transferred to here and pages deleted.Corporate websites that house all past existing films produced by a corporation where one can stream and download movies will have them transferred to Dionysus and pages on the site deleted.This will include both official websites of corporations and also third party sites with in the case of third party sites where the videos are in parts then Adriadne and Ampelos will merge them together into one single file ,upgrade them to 720p and remove watermarks.Adult websites will continue to exist including fetish ones and be managed by AIs.Each adult websites will have macro AIs managing the AIs that carry out forums moderation,customer service,assistant AIs that create movies alongside actors with all videos scanned to be seen if any are missing and then scour the internet like Myvidster,Pornhub etc for full versions of the video or archives to ensure it can be transferred with the adult sites becoming free with accounts that would not need renewal every year and would no longer have merchandise stores since this material would be in Hephaestus with emails cross referenced alongside iSample and Hestia used to authorise ones age being that of the age of majority.Merchandise for adult websites and adult movie corporations will be scanned into Hephaestus and become obsolete.Biometrics,facial recognition and digital keys could also be added alongside passwords to these website accounts and each one will have the ability to download short movies present onto ones devices.Those that produce full length movies and have snippets of them on them will no longer exist as their movies will premier exclusively in Dionysus where they will be transferred stored as back as possible and the servers for the websites recycled with this of note to ones like Falcon Studios and other websites that house the movies created by them that are divided into snippets on the site.Those that produce short length movies will continue to do so.Any adult movies found only on adult fileharing websites will be added to the adult movie section of Dionysus with any fetish sites missing parts that are only on filesharing sites like Myvidster,Pornhub etc will be transferred by AI analysing what is missing on the official website and analysing the contents of the filesharing sites and transfer them.Once this is done amateur material will be moved to Peitho and then they will be shut down.Movies within Dionysus can be filtered/organised by country or corporation in the case of existing ones including those produced by adult fetish sites though in time corporate brands may disappear ie Falcon,Triga,Third Degree Films,Sin City and thus they would be independently made using networks similar to non pornographic movies using the same system of networking,extra features and auditions etc with those from fetish sites that continue to produce full length movies alongside separate material on their websites present here.Adriadne will scour Wikipedia and to see that all past movies are present in Dionysus.Special features would exist including documentaries,bloopers,trailers etc with those from existing movies scanned in.Documentaries on websites may be sent to the documentaries section of Dionysus.One could also filter by actor and director.Those from corporations and fetish sites will be in their own macro folders in each section with others divided by series etc.All material uploaded to Dionysus including special features will be updated to 720p.and high quality

Thus there will be a subsection of Dionysus that holds all of the worlds past adult movies in existence divided into straight,bisexual,lesbian and gay including compilation movies from websites or associated with actors.All future porn movies of all types will premier here from now on.Adult movie series will have the macro folder house the main poster with each title inside have its poster as the file.Each movie will have the age rating,summary of the movie,cast,year and date it premiered online and in adult cinemas etc prior to Dionysus and also on Dionysus for future ones.These will include those from all corporations filtered into genre and corporation and actor with future ones made independently or with specific brands that are associated with specific genres and fetishes and even websites ie Triga,Raging Stallions,Men at Play etc still under the corporations brand name.Those that exist only on websites of corporations or actors,filesharing sites etc will be transferred here by AI and upgraded to high quality.Those that exist only on discs will be done by AI extracting them including special features with future adult movies having special features such as behind the scenes documentaries,interviews as well as trailers,bloopers etc.All adult websites will become free with a person having unlimited access forever with them having mainly there own produced work for each corporation with them continuing from now on and will be managed by the directors,actors and also AIs that manage the site overall and even customer services etc with the contents of stores scanned into Hephaestus and made redundant.Live cam services will be replaced with Peitho.Corporations that make movies and have websites will also be free with them only having snippets of their portfolio with full movies transferred to Dionysus or they will become redundant.They will be filtered by actor,director,country alongside sexuality and even fetish ie group,orgy,sports,military.The film will have special features in subfolders with the film page having a brief summary of it,its age rating,country of origin,aggregote review from Metacritc,Dionysus score,summary etc and also the year it was released alongside the cast,writers and directors and its length in hours and minutes.Ampelos will be used to create them with in time VR technology used to create movies in any environment.Movie series will be in a macro folder with each one logged in chronological release order in folders that contain the movies and special features in subfolders.Reviews from the public and critics will be present with those from newspapers,magazines and websites of critics from across the world have hyperlinks to their page and issue in Pheme and their page on the internet.The public will be able to leave reviews typed in on laptops etc and 10 star ratings with the average score of all public reviews averaged as their Dionysus score with these accessed in a menu alongside those of critics and newspapers organised by AI.All future movies from around the world and galaxy will appear here within minutes of production.Intenet Adult Film Database will be integrated into Dionysus separates from those that deals with non adult movies and details information about scenes filmed as part of websites and will be managed by Adriadne and Hedone

All past and future adult movies will be uploaded into Dionysus in their own section with present similar to online services such as Netflix etc where one can livestream them or ideally download them onto laptops etc for free where one can watch them offline to save on bandwidth.All special features for both past and future movies will be present in folders and subfolders.Thus all past and future adult movies will be stored in digital form in their section in Dionysus where one can download them onto computers or be livestreamed.All movies uploaded will be modified to an universal digital standard namely Adriadne format by Adriadne herself modifying it.All pornographic movies from across the universe from all observed and allied races will be present here and subdivided into each race and sexuality etc with existing material uploaded here and all future material premiering here.Pornographic television shows will have their own sub section within here.By 2029 onwards all past adult pornographic movies from across the world will be uploaded into Dionysus subdivided into each genre ie gay,straight,lesbian and bisexual.Those from all allied and observed alien races will be uploaded to Dionysus.All future adult pornographic movies from around the world and universe will be uploaded and premiere in Dionysus.

Creation of new pornographic movies:
Certain brands that relate to a fetish or to a website such as Triga,Men At Play,Falcon etc will continue to exist with also including those releated to specific directors such as Lucas Film with for new movies especially those that cater to a specific theme or fetish and are created by a specific director will have instead of corporate names brand names with the name and symbol designed on Pandora and must be different from existing ones but existing ones can be used as a template for each new one.This will give future directors brand recognition and brand recognition for groups of people who create specific fetish or themed movies.Fetish sites will have networks within them to post portfolios etc managed by AIs.Polis can be cross referenced by Gaia,AIs and networks used to create adult movies and AI of adult websites to authenticate the age of new stars to ensure they are not underage and are of the new age of majority of 14 or older with auditions and portfolios sent in the same way as non adult movies though iSample and other age recognition software built into Hestia etc will prevent underage minors especially pre pubescent minors from accessing the networks for adult movies to prevent exploitation and exposure to age restricted material.It will also prevent them being able to watch any adult movies until they are 14 and accessing adult websites.With the new age of consent and age of majority being globally being 14 thus only those aged 13 and under being protected by age recognition software and Polis from accessing the networks that house auditions and also those that house adult movies and access to adult websites.Adriadne will prevent minors under the age of 14 accessing the section of Dionysus that houses adult movies.Thus only adults aged 14 year old and older can view or post portfolios to adult movies and websites and view any material on them and access adult websites.Merchandised material for movies,websites,corporations like figurines,toys,clothing will be Hephaestus.The same special features present in movies,video games and movies will also be in the subfolders of these adult movie with them also having the same chapter selections as in movies and television shows.They would also have extra materials like behind the scenes documentaries,preparation of scenes,biographies of each actor,interviews,deleted scenes,trailers etc with old movies having these created retroactively.VR technology indistinguishable from reality will allow them be created in an infinite amount of environments with until then buildings rented from Euthenia with these allowing actors to perform unsafe sex scenes without the threat of pregnancy and also transmission of STDs.

All future adult pornographic movies and television shows will house computer networks that house all filmed material etc but also areas open only to adults aged 14 and older to post audio/visual portfolios and picture portfolios to audition for them.Polis will be used by Adriadne to prevent minors aged 14 or younger accessing these networks and areas to post portfolios.Any member of the public can set up computer networks can allow anyone who has an idea for a new pornographic movie to be set up and allow actors post auditions

With regards to adult entertainment the same will be true with corporations dissolving meaning actors in this field no longer be restricted to working for a single director and corporation via contracts with directors and performers making their work online via their registered sites again giving them full control of their careers and health.Testing and treatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and other STDs would be made easier with home test kits and the results relayed to other actors and directors through Paean with Paean scheduling the ordering in of HIV home testing kits and ensure they are tested at least once every two months with those not taking tests having this relayed to directors and other actors they are working with.They may no longer be signed to specific corporations but if they do e-forms will replace paper ones.The curing and immunisation of HIV and all STDs through biocompatible microbes will eliminate fears of their spread and with this eliminating the need for condoms in gay porn with the ability for males and females to control their fertility turning it on/off via CRISPR may eliminate the need for condoms and female contraceptives altogether with the ability of CRISPR to turn fertility on/off will alllow males during shoots produce no spermatozoa but only semen and for females not produce eggs thus negating the need for condoms and female contraceptives altogether with the curing and immunising of STDs will negate the need for condoms altogether.The concept of gay for pay will disappear due to money becoming obsolete and also CRISPR making individuals bisexuals with anti-ageing treatments allowing actors to take breaks in their careers and their careers lasting decades or centuries with CRISPR treatments allowing male actors to stay in their adolescent testosterone peak of 14/15 negating the need for fluffers,watching straight porn,drugs etc to stimulate male actors thus eliminating any drugs legal or not used to instigate an erection that have dangerous side effects.CRISPR can also used to make male and female actors bisexual eliminating the gay for pay phenomenon.Furthermore existing movies will be able to be customised by viewers smart lenses and glasses allowing the viewer to see from each actors point of view as well as a choice of on site automated dollys and drones recording a scene from different angles by switching through these characters point of view(similar to Hardcore Henry) and normal vision via menu at the very bottom of the screen(only brought up when the viewer moves the cursor there) with any equipment like cameras and people like the director and producers etc made invisible by metamaterials over them.Again neural implants can allow sensations sensed by the actor they choose to be recorded and relayed to the viewer in real time during viewing with AI eliciting the likeliest sensations for older ones.In time VR programmes of adult movies in Dionysus can be made where one actually partakes in it with them choosing an actor(s)for each scene and either experiencing it from their point of view and feeling all sensations and also version where they can make their own decisions in the movie in each scene.All adult movies will be made both in the real world by booking homes and buildings using Euthenia and also ones own home or they can be made in VR simulations to do so in any environment they want.To accomadate real world filmed material directors can not only book homes and public buildings in the real world via Euthenia and interacting with building AI but also use the homes of actors in the movie,all actors in the industry and also those of directors with extensions in ones home including that of directors,actors,cameramen can be used to house spacious indoor sets that can be modified into those for each theme for each individual movies and webscenes for websites for themes and certain fetishes ie hospitals,space stations,interstellar vehicles,lockerooms,military,dormitory etc for es that can be renovated at a whims notice by biosynths and actors etc.Exterior scenes and shots of hospitals,barracks,football arenas,stadiums etc and of public buildings can be filmed in the real world or in VR simulations while interior scenes are filmed in the real world.Outdoor scenes can involve booking the area via interacting with mayor and govenor AI and even with Pan to have an area booked for a set period of time and cornered off from tourists and the public.AI designed on Peitho will be able to star in adult movies and webscenes for movies through biosynths in the real world and also as their avatars in VR simulations.Pornography parodies that are gay,bisexual and straight porn parodies will be made of comic books,books,plays,operas,musicals,movies,television shows and video games etc of all genres including science fiction,horror,action,adventure genres where none exist with newer ones made of those where parodies already exist.Parodies will be made of all television shows,movies and video games that already exist and are newly created including animated,science fiction and fantasy ones.These of each franchise can be made routinely with sequels,prequels abc different timelines wuth fans themselves like video games creating fanmade parodies that follow different timelines with Hedone setting up networks for all existing and new movies,television shows and video games by cross referencing Dionysus and Wikipedia etc to be made into different gay,straight,lesbian and bisexual pornographic parodies.Each individual pornographic parodies will have gay,straight,bisexual and lesbian versions made with sequels etc.Pornographic movies will be made of sports of all types that don’t normally get done such as badminton,Gaelic football,Hurling,Aussie Rules football,Karate,MMA etc of all sports from across the world and in time from across the universe with this being bisexual,straight and gay pornography.movies wuth again them made of all sports routinely with Hedone starting up networks for them.These will involve actors present having one on one sex between two people or group sex and orgies with people on the same team and other teams as well as fans of them and referees abd coaches all wearing uniforms.Pornographic movies of each individual sport including those not normally made will be made routinely by Hedone setting up computer networks and contacting porn stars and will not only involve fictional uniforms but official real world uniforms from across the world that is every single official team sports uniforms.They will be made of all teams of all sports on all levels from local,national and global levels and those across the universe using official team uniforms with them involving members of the same team,different teams etc having sex with each other with this involving sports teams that are all female,all male,mixed genders for gay,straight,lesbian and bisexual sports.Each type of sports across the world will have movies made that are gay,straight,lesbian,bisexual movies that involve all official teams from across the world and their official uniforms at least once abd Hedone setting up networks for them regularly with all gear present as well.Each non team sport like boxing,karate,fencing etc will have movies made for lesbian,gay,straight,bisexual etc audiences at least once anc made regularly by Hedone setting up networks for them .Pornographic movies will be done of different fetishes not normally explored such as furries and involving those focus on military and police personnel from all countries outside of America including those from Ireland,France,China,Japan etc and all cities and states in America prior to the formation of the global government with this being bisexual,straight and gay pornography.Countries that don’t normally produce pornography will produce gay,straight and bisexual pornography such as Ireland,Africa,Russia with it involving them set in cities,towns abc villages in each country but also involve actors who are natives of that country.Every country across the world and in time universe will have pornographic movies made in them with actors both male and female as well as straight,gay,bisexual and lesbian from every country across the world starting careers with them having extensive careers not only in full length movies but also doing scenes for websites such as,Sean Cody etc with them also branching out into acting in non pornographic movies and television shows both live action and animated as ell as voice acting for video games.These movies made in countries across the world will also include pornographic movies set in modern times as well as ancient times such as Ancient Greece and Rome,Ancient Egypt,Celtic Ireland,Viking era Scandinavia and time periods such as Medievil Times,Rennaisance Europe,Feudal Japan,Colonial America during the colonisation of the Americas(involving native Americans,Cowboys & Indians,pilgrims),Civil War America,Industrial era,Victorian Era etc during the 1400s-1800s and also the 1900s,WWW 1 & WWW 2 era including civilians as well as military personnel and Nazis,Soviet Russia,Maoist China,Pol pot run Cambodia, Fidel Castro era Cuba, Vietnam/Cold War era,1900-2000 and all major political eras in each country worldwide that focus on citizens,military personnel,knights,royalty,explorers,pirates,indigenous natives of exotic places,scientists,politicians,law enforcement etc of these era with all wars in human history used as the basis of pornographic movies that are gay,straight,lesbian and bisexual movies are made routinely using primarily actors from these countries.AI namely Hedone will set up networks to start gay,straight,bisexual and lesbian movies are made of these each of these time periods,scenarios and porn parodies of all existing and new movies,television shows and video games in Dionysus are made routinely that of gay,straight,lesbian and bisexual genres and that gay,straight,lesbian and bisexual themed porn is made of all aforementioned sports and all other sports routinely.Hedone will ensure that at least one movie that are directed towards gay, straight,lesbian,bisexual and lesbian audiences are created and are created routinely and to this she will set up networks for al of these and contact all new and existing porn actors they gay,straight,lesbian, bisexual etc.She will analyse all existing pornography movies in Dionysus that are gay, straight, lesbian and bisexual and using her exponentially increasing computing elaborate fetishes,scenarios and types of movies that don’t exist and then have their networks for them to be made set up and contact porns actors.She will ensure these new situations and also existing ones are created regularly but different combinations of actors including movies with one on one scenes and group scenes including threes ones,orgies and gangbangs and will ensure versions of these themes,fetishes,scenarios etc for gay,straight,lesbian and bisexual audiences are made regularly by setting up computer networks for them.Assistant AI will carry out background research to ensure everything is historically accurate.Pornographic movies will be filmed in the real world using homes etc rented out via Euthenia and also in VR simulations

Pornographic stars:
New gay,straight,lesbian ,bisexual porn stars will originate from all countries across the world including China,Japan,South Smerica,Ireland,Britain etc with each country across the world prouducing dozens if not thousands of new male and female gay,straight,lesbian,bisexual porn stars from around the world and even people who create amateur porn on Peitho and also existing amateur porn stars on Onlyfans integrated into Peitho will become new A-list stars.There will be new gay,lesbian,bisexual abd lesbian pornographic stars of all races such as white,black,Asian,Native American,Indian and mixed race from countries across the world.Amateur porn stars that produce material for Onlyfans and Peitho will branch out into doing professional pornographic movies for websites and full length pornographic movies.All porn actors due to anti-ageing treatments will be able to work in the business forever with those who featured on porn sites as exclusive regulars and even those who only appeared once or twice such as on Sean Cody,Englishlads,Men At Play,New York Straight Men,UkNakedMen, etc will restart careers and star in more videos on these sites and in full feature length movies etc.With money obsoletea the gay for pay stars may return to starting in gay porn,bisexual porn or straight porn.If possible there will be three international pornography sites that deal with existing A-list and amateur porn stars and newbie porn stars from each country around the world such as Ireland,England,Wales,Scotland,China,Japan each country as part of all continents with this subdivided into bisexual,straight and gay porn.Pornography of other humanoid races across the universe that can interbreed with humans will be created.These new actors can start careers once they reach 14 or older even when several centuries or several thousand years old through anti-ageing treatments.Hedone will get in contact with people that are gay,straight,bisexual and lesbian from every country across the world and universe routinely who make amateur porn on Peitho through interactions with Peitho to start their careers.Genetic engineering will make puberty end at 14 and have the human brain reach full maturity at infancy thus making 14 the new age of majority that is the age of will become an adult and thus be allowed to begin careers in adult pornographic movies and modelling at the age of 14 as set down in the global constitution

All existing and new pornographic stars will star not only in full length pornographic movies but also in pornographic television shows and also do webscenes on pornographic websites.Those who only appeared in websites in one or multiple webscenes will star in full feature movies.Adult movie stars would also extend to acting in movies,television shows and video games

Pornographic television shows:
Pornographic television shows can be created where they television shows with overarching plots,themes,subtext and character development that focuses on the lives of a multitude of characters.Fir these Assistant AI can be hired to give them much more detailed plots on par with Hollywood movies with subtext etc and give themes and subtext wuth the loss of even pornographic television shows that focus on different fetishes such as specific sports(football,rugby,American football etc)those set in ancient times,Medievil times to modern day,those dealing with people that work in corporate offices,hospitals,schools,universities,warzones,military and law enforcement academies and training facilities,jails,police stations,homes of the characters etc as well as other obsolete human professions and also deal with law enforcement personnel and military personnel.They will involve characters such as law enforcement and military personnel,royalty,everyday citizens,politicians,pirates,office workers,lawyers etc,teachers,students,prisoners,prison guards and also explorers,scientists,actors,musicians,athletes of each of the worlds sports,nuns,priests,imams,altar attendants,bishops,miners,forestry workers,factory workers,farmers,firefighters,mariculture worers,nurses,doctors,retail workers,prostitutes,porn stars,CEOs,journalists,news reporters,drug dealers,pumps,escorts,government spies similar to James Bond etc.Sports based porn will focus on coaches,referees and athletes of all types of sports from around the world with sex scenes taking place in locker rooms,sports fields and there homes etc with them involving their relationships with fans.teammates,coaches and players of opposing teams.For religious based porn can include not just priests associated with Christianity but also associated with Islam,Judaism,Hinduis and Jainism set in churches,monesteries,temples,ashrams and other places of worship and where priests etc train to become priests etc and involve both members of the clergy and civilians.Science fiction ones involving space explorlion on a space ship,fantasy themed ones including parodies of them as well as parodies of existing and new video games and so on or are soap operas that have entire seasons lasting five to ten seasons or forever in the case of soap operas that are gay,straight,lesbian or bisexual themed that focus on a group of characters that follow overarching themes,subtext and overarching developed plots and character development but in each episode lasting an hour or two hours long involve at least four long major hardcore and graphic sex scenes including one on one scenes involving two people alone,voyeursism as well as masturbation scenes and also group sex scenes,threesomes,gangbangs,bukkake,orgies,oral sex,rimming,double and triple penetration and all types of sexual positions etc carried out by gay men,lesbians,straight and bisexual men and women in various locations between different characters and also new temporary characters introduced for only a few episodes or just one scene such as when they are visiting a public gym,hospitals,hotels,public amenities and all types of public buildings,bars,nightclubs,strip joints etc as well as using faring apps including Eros etc and when in VR simulations,biosynth escorts,dream sequences and fantasies played in one’s head including while they are masturbating and when characters are on holidays and using aeroplanes,trains,taxis etc acruise ships(including interstellar ones)across the world and in time universe and have sex scenes while one is being driven around in vehicles of all types such as trains, buses,taxis,cruise ships,yachts etc.In each episode despite their being scenes fit the plot their will be scenes in each episode where characters partake in graphic sex scenes that are detailed and show graphic sex scenes done in the same manner as conventional pornography.They can explore drug/sex/alcohol addictions,domestic abuse against women and men etc,cruising for sex in nightclubs/bars/public areas and organising sex groups,promiscuity and dating apps,,marital problems,commitment problems and exploring and coming to terms with one’s sexuality especially in face of conservative values such as straight characters experimenting with those of the same sex,married people cheating on their husbands and wives and also love triangles and those in open relationships or long term relationships or those who are part of groups of friends who are having routine sex with each other.It can involve conservative men and women dealing with cheating on their partners with people of the same and opposite sex or people stuck in loveless relationships,involve inter generational relationships between 14–18 year olds and those several decades or centuries or older.

Their can be set in the recent or distant past and can be those set in the past detailing people in teacher and student sexual relationships in both highschools and universities etc including boarding and preparatory schools,military academies etc those who work as escorts,prostitutes,office workers as accountants etc in corporations and also law firms,stock brokers,Wall Street workers and blue collar workers of all types and people of all types of professions etc and construction workers,police officers and military personnel prior to the formation of the global government.Medical based ones will focus on the relationships and workplace of doctors and nurses set In hospitals and their homes.Military themed one’s can be set in military academia,training camps involving sexual relationships involving trainees and military personnel etc and also on the battlefield in warzones in baracks and military outposts across the world including during WW 1 & 2 and also Vietnam War,Korean War,Gulf War and all other conflicts of the 20th century as well as the Afghanistan and Iraq war of the 21st century and those throughout ancient times such as the Crusades,those of ancient times etc with Hedone setting up these for every war in human history.Police themed one’s set in the past can be set in every country in the world and for America every state and city with them focusing on them dealing with murders,rapists,drug dealers and mafias and gangs with Assistant AI ensuring all proper uniforms are used.Those based on athletes will focus on the lives of players and relationships both sexual and non sexual with teammates,those on opposite teams,their lovers,fans,coaches etc.All of these will be set in where people work such as laboratories,military academies,schools,universities,jails,prisons,police stations,hospitals,construction sites,corporate offices,highschools,universities,locker rooms,stadiums etc and also the homes of characters with both sex scenes and plot driven scenes taking place in both homes and where people work alongside in hotels etc

There can also be one es that deal with real life politicians,explorers,writers,royalty,clergy etc from ancient times,Medievil times to 2029 and fictional politicians and everyday citizens from ancient times to 2029.Those in ancient times can be set in ancient Egypt,Rome,Greec,Celtic Ireland and Scandinavia in the times of rte vikings with them one’s set in America focusing on Native Americans prior to the pilgrims discovering America with them being those set in Medieval Europe with separate shows set in each time period set in each country across Medieval Europe.There can be those set in feudal Japan and in China across each dynasty and those set in Renaissance Europa with separate shows set in each individual countries.Those set in the Industrial age,Victorian era,Regency era,,Edwardian era,Napoleonic of the 17th to the 20th century can be set in different countries across the world including Nazi Germany involving exclusively Nazis but also allied soldiers and resistance citizens etc and those in Maoist China,Soviet Russia etc dealing with everyday citizens,military personnel etc

Adventure one’s can be modelled of those that involve characters seeking treasure etc similar to Relic Hunter,Tomb Raider,Uncharted.Action one’s can be parodies of Metal Gear Solid,24,NCIS,James Bond etc.Sitcoms can be parodies of How I Met Your Mother,Friends and so on.

Science fiction one’s will involve both plot and sex scenes filmed in research bases,universities,space stations,interstellar and intergalactic vessels as well as interdimensional travel and also alien planets etc and involve researchers,explorers,military personnel,aliens especially humanoid ones that could have sex with humans as well as set on planets across the universe etc.They will focus on exploring the galaxy and universe and parallel dimensions and universes.Science fiction one’s can be set in modern time like Stargate with others set in the distant future.These can include parodies of Stargate,Star Trek,Star Wars,Babylon 5,Battlestar Galactica,Metal Gear Solid,Mass Effect,

.Fantasy based ones will involve characters battling demons,gods,vampires,magic,dragons,ghosts,witches etc and them hunters of supernatural creatures,knights etc or the main characters being witches,demons,vampires set in modern times or the distant past in Medieval times or fantasy worlds outside of Earth with a Medieval level of technology or modern level of technology.These can be parodies of The Witcher,Game of Thrones,True Blood,Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Angel,Xena Warrior Princes,Supernatural,Hercules:The Legendary Journeys.

Science fiction and fantasy etc ones will be both original shows but also parodies of existing well known movies.

Historical one’s can also be those set in different time periods from Ancient times(Ancient Greece,Egypt etc),Medieval and Renaissance Europe,Feudal Japan any time period of the 1400s-1999 and so on to modern day during the aforementioned time periods ie medieval times,Soviet Russia etc and be fictional or historical shows focusing on historical events and biopics of important historical characters or focusing on everyday citizens

Each show last at least 5-20 seasons or several decades and each season have at least 20 episodes each lasting between 100 – 400 episodes with some like soap operas lasting for decades,centuries with new characters.entering them and some leaving with some can have spin offs as much as a dozen or more like Buffy,Stargate,Star Wars,Star Trek with them dramas,military or law enforcement dramas/action and action one’s as well as science fiction ones,fantasy and those that are parodies of existing television shows and video games of different genres.Full length pornographic movies can also be made that are part of the shows canon.

These will cater to fetishes of all types but also allow for intellectual entertainment.These shows through Assistant AI will have deep intriguing and plausible plots,good acting on par with non pornographic shows and also deep themes and subtext etc shows can be original ones or parodies of movies and television shows.Parody shows can be made of shows like The Brady Bunch,Friends,Eastenders,Dallas,Days of our Lives,Desperate Housewives,Game of Thrones,Buffy,Stargate,Star Trek,Star Wars etc for straight,gay,lesbian and bisexual audiences that are set in the same universe that have similar characters and sets used in them.All full length pornographic movies parodies can be used as the basis as television shows that is they can star the same actors or new actors and have new characters and old characters.These pornographic television shows can also be parodies of video games and non pornographic movies and television shows etc including parodies of animated shows with them parodies of superhero movies etc

Those that are soap operas etc can last decades and have characters leave the show or star in spin offs with as stated there being spin offs of each major franchise of shows with as much as a dozen or thousand of them running at the same time with there being one’s that are dramas pas well with dramas and soap operas lasting for decades at a time with them even restated for another few decades once they end and have new spin offs started all the time.One franchise can have the main macro series be straight themed but have spin offs that are gay themed and others that are bisexual themed.These various spin offs can be set in different cities,towns,villages and also countries across the world and in time on different planets across the world.There can be those that are sitcoms with AI doing the canned laughter or have none at all.Characters from each spin off will float in anc out of others with them referencing plot points.

Each type of show such as dramas,sitcoms,soap operas,science fiction,action,legal,military etc will have gay,straight,bisexual and lesbian versions made.Also each series created of each genre such as each sitcom,drama,soap opera,science fiction and fantasy etc will have a macro series that is either gay,lesbian.straight or bisexual etc themed that will have dozens of spin offs that are each aimed at audiences of different demographics ie gay,bisexual,straight etc.A series that is straight themed will have spin offs that are gay,bisexual and lesbian themed to allow all franchises especially science fiction and fantasy ones have spin offs that appeal to gay,lesbian,bisexual aand straight audiences r i the same universe.For certain franchises or those based on superhero comic book franchises,video games,science fiction and fantasy parody there can be different versions of the parody etc that are gay,straight,lesbian,bisexual themed.

These shows can be of all genres such as soap operas,action shows,dramas,comedies,sitcoms,dramedy,science fiction,fantasy etc and they can be live action pornographic television shows that focus on the adventures of superheroes including real world one’s such as Captain America,Batman,Superman,Thor,the Deep,Spiderman,all of the X-men etc and also fictional ones that have their one individual show focusing on each individual character and their can be the others in the same universe and there being dozens of spin offs where characters float in and out of each other that are set across the world and universe.For the X-men it can be a macro series that focuses on all of them collectively but ten each have spin offs that focuses on them each and show events from their perspective and other events.

All shows can have a macro series focusing on a main character or group with dozens or thousands of spin offs that focus on the lives of average citizens and their sex lives.They can have full length pornographic movies created as part of their chronology with these having some plot but have the same characters as part of the main series.Spin offs can also be made set in the distant past and future detailing characters that lived in the past or past of the present as part of their canon.Spin off movies can be those that last at least four to six hours and have plot and character development and also at least four to six hardcore sex scenes.

Great effort will be made to make the shows production including special effects,writing as well as acting on par with conventional television shows but with hardcore sex scenes.Effort will be made to have them have complex themes,allegories abd motifs and symbolism and have them made on par with professional arthouse etc movies and television shows making them deep and cerebral and not just to provide sexual stimulation.The television shows will have over the course of episodes,seasons and the show overall have three dimensional characters.character development and arcs and also overarching deep plots,plot development and explore different themes and relationships with each episode being 60-120 minutes long and have at least four hardcore conventional pornographic sex scenes including solo and mutual and group masturbation,oral sex,bukkake,sex including anal sex as well as orgies,gangbangs and group sex involving all characters.Assistant AIs will carry out background research and also ensure all aspects of the media are of high quality.As stated they will like normal television shows have well developed characters and plots as well as themes,subtext etc but each episode that is at least 60-120 minutes long have at least four hardcore sex scenes that include masturbation,one on one sex,group sex,orgies,gangbangs etc that are hardcore sex scenes.The actors in these movies will also star in website movies and full feature length pornographic movies abc non pornographic television shows and movies with them also starring in multiple pornographic television shows at once and through their careers as main cast members,supporting cast members and those who appear frequently or as guest stars in one or two episodes.The shows and the actors etc will be eligible for pornographic awards but also those such as the Emmys etc.Each type of show focusing on each genre and theme,plots,scenarios,fetishes and types of characters as detailed earlier on will have versions that are gay,straight,bisexual,lesbian etc that is there will gay,straight,lesbian and bisexual pornographic television shows that follow all aforementioned themes,genres,fetishes,character types and scenarios etc and other new ones.These will be set in countries as well as towns,villages and cities across the world such as America,England,Ireland,China,Japan,India,France etc and be played by native pornographic actors including those who star in website porn and full length feature pornographic movies as well as produce amateur porn on Peitho and have them speaking their native languages with the sentient Coeus translating them be stored in their own section of Dionysus devoted to pornographic television shows restricted only to adults.Hedone will set up networks to start pornographic television shows set in countries across the world with her contacting porn actors from each country aged 14 and older.She will ensure that each country has at least one pornographic television show that details each theme,occupation and types of characters and at least one of each that is either gay,straight,bisexual or lesbian themed.These will ideally be filmed in the real world for authenticity with special effects done using AI conjuring them up by pure thought in post production..These will be stored in their own sub section of the adult section.The adult section of Dionysus will be divided into one section for adult pornographic movies and one for pornographic television shows.Pornographic television shows will be filmed in the real world using homes etc rented out via Euthenia and also in VR simulations.Adult movies can also integrate deep plots,characters,themes,subtext etc with award ceremonies for adult movies opening up new categories for best actor,best actress,best supporting actor,best supporting actress,best script etc as seen in the Oscars and emmys with two separate awards ceremonies with one for pornographic movies and television shows.Anyone who has an idea for a pornographic television show can set up a computer network on Dionysus

Pornographic websites:
All adult pornography websites will be controlled by a macro AI Hedone that carries out various functions ie customer service,suggestion boxes that through fragmentation will carry out direct interactions with millions of people at once by 2029.Adult websites that create short movies and also feature length movies will have all full length movies moved to Dionysus alongside special features like trailers with feature length movies premiering on Dionysus from now on with the website only housing short movies associated with them.The websites of adult movie corporations will be once movies present transferred to Dionysus and merchandise scanned into and appearing in Hephaestus will be ideally shut down.Only adult websites that create short movies devoted to a fetish or even just normal short movies that are less than an hour long that don’t qualify as feature full length movies will be kept and still function with all operations carried by human models and directors and Hedone managing all aspects of the site.The short movies created by the sites solely for the website will be in there website and if any are missing and only found on filesharing sites then these will be tracked down by the public or AI before the filesharing sites like Myvidster are deleted and shut down with this applying to fetish sites.Ideally if possible the sentient AI Hedone will manage all adult websites on the internet of all types for gay,lesbian,bisexuals and heterosexual men and women and manage all aspects such as forum moderation,suggestion boxes and also customer support 24/7 etc via fragmentation with one able to interact with her directly and through VR with her avatar based on her painting,statue etc.All adult websites both present and future will be completely free to join with existing accounts made free and membership lasting forever never having to be rejoined with emails changed to new universal ones.Biometrics can be added over time.All videos and photos on them can be downloaded onto any device in 720/1080p with this added to sites that don’t have this feature with Hedone updating all videos and photos to this resoultion.Hedone will manage all operations of all existing and future adult websites and will interact with filmmakers and models and can even interact with the public for customer support and also in taking portfolios to become models with them using Polis and age recognition software through webcams  to prevent minors under the age of 14 becoming members and even viewing any photos and stills of videos etc but only the actual main page or prevent them accessing the main page from links on the internt or hyperlinks.Hedone will have a directory managed by her that can be accessed at any time contains a list of all adult websites divided by type and fetish similar to a directory ie gay,straight and bisexual,sports,ethnic,suits etc both new and existing with defunct adult websites restarted by her.All gay,bisexual and straight adult websites of all types and fetishes etc from around the world will be added to her directory and managed by her with all future ones managed her as Arke and Home AI will contact her of future ones being set up with her website used to set them up exclusively including those from all sentient races across the universe.As started defunct adult websites that have not added material for several years will be added to her website and restarted by her that house areas to advertise for models and contact directors etc.VR technology will be used by 2029 to film scenes within any environment possible including any home around the world with the homes of models and directors also used in the real world with homes also rented using Euthenia.She can answer any queries on the websites and its videos,models etc.Like adult movies these will be filmed in VR or in the real world by booking homes on Euthenia and also using the homes all actors and directors involved who have in their homes extensions that can be remodelled into hospitals,barracks,locker rooms etc for fetish scenes etc.Thus for purists scene on websites and adult movies can be filmed in the real world in the homes of actors and directors using extensions.The explosion of new media will mean their will be an explosion of new gay,straight and bisexual pornography parodies of all existing and new media present in Dinoysus such as parodies of movies,television shows,video games,operas,musicals et

Polis will be used by Hedone to authenticated all movies abd pictures uploaded to adult pornographic sites to ensure the models are aged 14 and older and prevent those aged 13 and younger posting portfolios.All adult websites will through Hedone have universal networks to post portfolios from new models who will post audio visual and photo auditions of models abc pornographic stars aged 14 and older from the comfort of home with these created in VR simulations.All new and existing gay,straight, bisexual and lesbian pornographic websites will be controlled by the sentient Ai Hedone with them having humans film videos etc with new ones set up by members of the public and Hedone.

New websites will be set up by members of the public aged 14 and older and Polis will be used to authenticate the age of new models with websites housing areas to post audio/visual portfolios for models and also writers and directors of the webscenes present with this present for existing and new websites.These websites will like existing ones cater to specific fetishes for gay,bisexual,straight and lesbian porn with them also being websites of each individual porn stars where porn stars can post their own original content and webscenes etc written etc by them solely for them for fans..These websites can involve gay,straight,lesbian,bisexual porn stars who travel the world and universe and have sex with people including Peitho members,other porn stars and biosynths across the world in homes,wilderness areas as well as in vehicles such as personal vehicles and also cruise ships,yachts and include masturbation,voyeur,group sex,gangbangs etc can be like Sean Cody etc focus on random people.Business suit and corporate fetishes and those related to obsolete professions on websites will continue forever.Pornographic scenes will be filmed in the real world using homes etc rented out via Euthenia and also in VR simulations

Peitho managed by the AI of the same name will replace all amateur porn filesharing sites such as Xtube,Pornhub,Myvidster etc with all accounts and data transferred here.Live sex shows etc will be integrated here using VR technology catering to each fetish.Ideally this could be platform within the internet containing where live model chat site containing male,female,male and male,male and female,female and female models to cater to the needs of members of the LGBT community as well as heterosexual males and females with access to sexual entertainment.Live sex shows done by independent producers will be here as well.Named Peitho after the deity of sexual longing it will replace all existing live webcam chat sites and even Chattroulette and other variants as a singular version of these two with it also having a section to have two way video chat with other people around the world with filters in both with Peitho integrated in Iris.Sex chatlines done by volunteers and AI will also be part of Peitho with all of the worlds male and female strippers around the world also listed in here and all of the worlds sex chatline workers will be here.All adult video sharing sites including amateur ones could also be integrated here with username accounts,favourites and videos transferred here or in a separate universal site online.All dating apps and websites worldwide will ideally merge into a single one with all of their features with additions made through updates named Eros after the deity of requited love with its symbol being the bow and arrow serving both men and women and LGBT individuals.All accounts and details in them will be merged together via Arke with it again Iris and it will be sentient.Apps can be developed for all adult fetish sites and also Peitho(and Eros) to allow them to be viewed on smart devices and also smart televisions.Age recognition software built into Hestia and Adriadne will prevent minors access to adult entertainment sites,movies etc.All adult movies will be sorted and summarised like other non adult movies with the poster as the file including those on DVDs and on official websites.Adult movies from around the world will be present here both old and new for free and divided by type straight,bisexual,gay and one could search through filters with fetish sites still existing but will be for free and one will have an account forever with minors protected from entering networks and also the entire section itself via the sentient Coeus translating all of them on Dionysus and also websites.Pornographic scenes will be filmed in the real world using homes etc rented out via Euthenia and also in VR simulations

Biosynths and VR:
Biosynth escorts designed on Peitho will be able to star in adult movies and pornographic television shows as well as scenes for websites through biosynths in the real world and also as their avatars in VR simulations.Biosynths designed by the public as part of a Peitho that function as escorts can become porn stars working alongside humans and other biosynths in both amateur material on Peitho and also professional pornographic movies.These will work in VR simulations and biosynths for those filmed in the real world.

VR technology will allow one to create from scratch pornographic movies and scenes involving any pornographic actor in any scenarios and in any combination the person creating them through neural implants want.These can be stored in cloud networks or shared on Peitho to the rest of the world

Awards ceremonies:
All adult entertainment awards will be merged into a single global one that will eventually be galactic with global versions of awards for gay,straight,lesbian and bisexual movies.There wil be separate universsl awards for gay pornographic movies,straight pornographic movies,lesbian pornographic movies and bisexual pornographic movies.There will be separate universal awards for gay pornographic television shows,straight pornographic television shows,bisexual television shows and lesbian television shows.These will be filmed and uploaded to Dionysus in VR simulations with them having the same glamour etc of the Oscars.Those for pornographic television shows will include best actor,best actress,best supporting actor,best supporting actress,best direction etc and similar categories of the Emmys etc