Ceramonial Services

Comus will be the sentient subnetwork of Hephaestus that will house all scanned in and newly created paraphenalia and decorations for all types of events – birthdays,St.Patricks Day,Halloween,Weddings,communions,confirmations and bar mitzvah’s etc.This will include lights,trees,cards including e-cards and all types of decorations.The sentient Comus will also be the universal planner for all types of festivities for all people worldwide acting as bar mitzvah’s,confirmation,birthday,hen and stag party,funeral and wedding planners etc availible to everyone at a whims notice via his universal app designing all aspects of them.He will also be the universal food catering service and also being the universal filming and photography service and also clown,musician,mime,stripper and magician etc services for all celebrations with his own fleets of biosynths,robots etc.All of these bar mitzvah’s,confirmation,birthday,hen and stag party,weddings can take place in either world using drones and biosynth humans and animals or in VR simulations in any environments of their choice.In real world celebrations all human workers such as musicians,mines,caterers,waiters,mimes,clowns,photographers etc decided by the family he serves except priests will be biosynths controlled by him with all animals present such as doves,swans,horses etc will also be biosynths controlled by him to be docile and manageable to perform tricks and save the need to order in real world ones since they will be recycled with all aspects such as flowers,furniture,clothing,food etc fully customised and organised by him using designs from Deipneus,Arachne,Daedalus etc.He will have a database of biosynth musicians,clowns,magicians and mines designed by him that will perform any desired trick,act and song of any type with musicians being sopranos,mezzo,baritone singers that will be able to sing and perform any song the person wants and be skilled in all musical instruments and genres.Strippers for hen and stag nights will be biosynths ordered in from Pothos and be AI designed by the public with all biosynth animals being any of the worlds 2,000,000 species of animals including those from other planets chosen from Physis.He will through his biosynth modelled on him or through fragmentation in the body of the biosynth housing the Home AI alongside drones act as a professional photographer and recorder using hi tech digital cameras and cameras similar to those used to film movies to make them as professional as possible with this done for weddings,birthdays and all celebrations.Catering services can be done using fleets of biosynths controlled by Comus,Deipneus or even ones Home AI creating all food at home or in the place the event is held with some items ordered in from Deipneus factories and vertical farms with cakes,tarts,desserts and other food etc customised designed on Pandora while other food will be made onsite of the venue by biosynths.The use of biosynths will allow for the mimes,clowns and animals to be grown in factories and then once used they can either go into storage for the next event or destroyed and the microbes they are composed of to be recycled for other biosynths.Vehicles can be either rented from others via the sharing platform in Euthenia or he having his own fleet at his disposal stored in a private residence etc.Clothing worn by brides,grooms,bridesmaids and all other important people present will be exiting ones or newly designed ones designed by the wearer and customised to their size al la haute couture on Pandora and stored in Arachne giving one any wedding dress etc from around the world.Flowers will be ordered in from nurseries in vertical farms with furniture ordered in from Daedalus factories and so on with Comus arranging the booking of places at restaurants,accomadation for honeymoons,banquets etc as part of them.VR technology will allow all or parts of these to be set in any environment of ones choice and save resources in setting up and recycling material.He will also organise all 4th of July,St Patrick’s Day,Halloween celebrations etc  both in terms of city wide parades,group events by interacting with mayor AIs and parties in homes etc around the world by interacting with homeowners and the AIs of bars and nightclubs.He will arrange the movement of floats in parades for 4th of July,St Patrick’s Day,Mardi Gras,weddings and funerals with Ophion by choosing a select path and blocking it off to the rest of traffic thus meaning only the floats,hearse,limos and other vehicles can travel that route with New Years Eve parties arranged by him setting up fireworks etc.Parties for these held by groups of people will be arranged by him booking venues,drinks,food and also costumes for each individual.Comus since sentient will have his own phone number and app to arrange all aspects and even contacted in VR simulations where he can plan each party,wedding etc in person with people where he can go through virtual catalogues of furniture,flowers,clowns,animals etc arranging each and every aspect of them to the needs of each event with Hephaestus and Demeter housing a wide variety of goods with VR technology used to create a simulation of the venue ie banquet,party prior to it taking place to allow one to see it in real time.Dining halls in hotels style homes and castles owned by the public and housing permenant residents can be booked for a set night with dimensional transcendamentalism housing extra dining halls in particularly historical ones that can be busy to ensure residents will always be able to use the original one with underground extensions catering until it is perfected with home sharing communal and private homes and even booking them when the residents are on holiday will cater to accomadation during honeymoons with Comus arranging this.He will have a YouTube channel with records at the behest of people videos of their weddings and parades etc

To prepare for weddings all aspects can be done without the need for human wedding planners replaced by Comus.Firstly the dress and grooms suit can be either hand sewn or be gotten from the Hephaestus catalogue visible on smart mirrors where the consumer can make alterations and virtually try on them at home.These can include those made by others or famous wedding dresses from celebrity weddings via scanning in the original and product recognition software.The same will go for the grooms tuxedo,bridesmaids dresses and even the clothing worn by ring bearers as well as those of guests as well as textiles that cover tables and other furniture.This will allow complete customisation for them.

Invitations will designed on computer with a robot scribe making each copy of the invitation or more efficiently invitations can be sent via email.In the case of the robot scribe a person can write the invitation once,scan it into their computer and the scribe can repeat it many times over either on physical paper or ideally on e-mails and messages sent to smart devices such as e-newspapers.Otherwise Adonit pens can allow a person to write the invitation in their own handwriting in emails and other e-notes sent online using smart devices such as e-newspapers and smartpads with the person saving the main body once and then reusing the same template over and over again for each invitation sent to the different people coming to the event using a different name on each invite.These emails or e-letters can once sent to ones email account or be sent to ones Hestia account be have a special alert sent to the person at multiple times of the day when the person is awake and when the person opens it they can press a button to accept or decline with if accepted their name will be added to the list at the front of the door alongside their face from webcams on their smartphone and laptop allowing cameras at the door to recognise them as their face and name will be added to the Home AI and that of the church the wedding is taking place.Facial recognition software on nanocameras at the lobby of where it is held can check and take stock of who has come ensuring no one who is isn’t invited has come with these e-invites stored on ones devices sent wirelessly to the building AI.

Engagement and wedding rings for both bride and groom can be made from synthetic diamonds with the carbon used sourced from the hair of their spouse with them made from large amounts of hair collected over time and from allowing ones hair to grow and then cut it to give it more intrinsic value.They too can be designed by the groom and wife and stored on Hephaestus with existing wedding rings including those used by famous people in the past scanned into Hephaestus or by Aphrodite.

Furniture and ceramics can either 3D printed or milled, designed on software with custom made designs and stored on Hephaestus.The same goes for any ice or marble sculptures and scanners and smartphone pictures such as selfies can allow these to have same features of the bride and groom.A snapshot of both individuals from their virtual trying on their gown in smart mirrors by themselves merged together by software can allow for one to be made with them in their gowns without breaking traditions that prevent the bride and groom seeing each other before the event.

Cutlery can be 3D printed into intricate designs with glasses and ceramics such as teapots,candlesticks,vases and plates also 3D printed.Computational hydrographic printing can be used to paint these or they can be done by hand or machine.These would be in their relevant sub networks of the Hephaestus network and can stored in community centres for other weddings or traded on Euthenia.

With regards to the ornaments such as flowers an animals they can hydroponically grown in ones own rooftop greenhouse or community garden beforehand or ordered in from vertical farms,grown on hybrid crops indoors and outdoors and be harvested instantly with them grown at least several weeks or months beforehand and ordered in from vertical farms with them engineered to stay fresh and alive in vases.Any birds like doves and swans can rented from community gardens or reared at home with platforms within Demeter allowing them to be ordered and rented in from any community farm around the world eliminating florists.Otherwise they can be ordered in as pets and either eaten or released into the wild when finished.In time bio-synth versions of swans and doves will be utilised as they will be more maneagable and easier to get and disposed of and controlled by ones Home AI.Biosynth animals such as birds,mammals etc and even horses as part of carriages will be ideal over real animals as the bodies can be recycled,controlled by Home AI and Comus and can allow any of the worlds 2,000,000 species of animals to be used and perform stunts and tricks etc.

Cooking for guests can be done by automated kitchens in hotels converted into community housing rented from Euthenia with the cakes either 3D printed or homemade(with custom made designs like a photo of the married couple printed on the cake in both cases) and entertainment held in the ballroom.Comus can control all aspects of this acting as caterer.The building AI will allow guests to order food and drink from robotic waiters and helper,tug and botlr robots acting as waiters.In time bio-synth waiters will exist.Ballrooms and dining halls in communal buildings such as community centres and communal homes derived from new and existing hotels can be booked by contacting the holographic receptionists through Euthenia for the day with the work in preparing the done by the parents of the groom and bride and any relations etc alongside residents and in time biosynths that reside there managed by the macro AI in setting up tables in relevant garb.Community town halls may also be used with work organised by locales.Dining halls in communal homes from new and existing hotels will involve the entire dining hall booked and robot chefs creating programmed meals and buffet food with residents also in attendance,them ordering in food from restaurants or ordering in meals to their rooms from the kitchen beforehand with the fact that most cities and towns will have many of these and the fact that the summer months seem to be popular will mean that they will be spread out over the year with large homes rented via Euthenia also alleviating strains on them.In the case of mansions and villas and even palaces owned by the wealthy for the day these will have the cooking done by the groom and brides parents and relatives.Having all food like cakes for weddings and birthdays etc homemade will negate discrimination issues and also have it mean more due to the effort put into it with them made at at least a few days or even week beforehand prior to adding the frosting and icing and can allow for unlimited customisation.They can also be ordered in from Deipnus factories.Small or even large private homes can host the dinner by modifying rooms and also adding tables outside with even remaining fancy restaurants as part of hubs or macro buildings being booked for the day.Catering companies can be replaced by ordering in food including customised meals and ingredients from restaurants or automated chefs in communal homes or oneself creating all the food ordered in from Demeter with machinery used borrowed from community centres that serve the entire the community.Gardens can be used to house meals and outdoor kitchens with roof,side and underground extensions dimensional transcendamentalism allowing most people to house large areas to house dining halls and living rooms etc

Scanning a photo of the bride and groom separately and joining them via software can allow for either custom photos on the top of the cake and or custom 3D printed cake topper using the same clothing and faces worn by the couple.A snapshot of both individuals from their virtual trying on their gown in smart mirrors by themselves can allow for one to be made with them in their gowns with Pandora merging them together used to arrange them in their pose by relatives with the same applying to ice,metal or stone statues prepared before hand for the wedding thus preventing the tradition of neither bride or groom seeing each other before the wedding in their wedding clothes being broken.

This entertainment can consist of robotic and biosynth musicians whose playlist can be decided by the bride and groom to play at set times or initiated by smart devices interacting with the robots and karaoke machines with the Orpheus software.Otherwise real life human musicians including new and budding and even well established ones can be booked via their website with them playing any song including their own material.Comus can act as a clown,magician etc for children especially while in disguise.

Transportation can be done by either self driving vehicles such as limos or horse drawn carriages rented from community gardens which can be rented with limos stored in a community centre or other buildings accessible through the single car renting platform within Euthenia or booking a vehicle from Helios with even private jets shared for the day to transport them to their honeymoon.Limos etc will be rented from Euthenia or Helios.Otherwise robotic and biosynth horses can be used.These can be programmed to drive in town in a pre determined route with the route drawn in using adonit pens on linked smart devices or the onboard computer using Artemis linked to Hermes.This would interact with the traffic network and clear the road of all other traffic by diverting other vehicles until it has finished its track.

Automatic cameras and drones controlled by ones home AI can replace photographers and camera men with multiple drones recording the event both focusing on specific individuals and vehicles when recording and taking photos and the resulting video feeds edited by the groom and brides family.The wedding itself and dinner can be recorded by these and cameras on tripods.Relatives will be educated on how to film these via YouTube how to videos with this also teaching them how to take photos.They can also be used to record the vehicle containing the bride and groom as they pass down the street from above the vehicle with cameras inside the vehicle recording the event from there.These can be saved on ones Home AI cloud where they are livestreamed to and posted on YouTube and social media sites accounts.Relatives will suffice from 2020-2029 with them using normal and timed cameras with by 2029 drones etc managed by AI will replace humans with by 2045 AI in fragmented biosynth bodies will replace humans entirely.In time AI namely the home AI or that of the building where it takes place will replace human photographers and even filmakers within biosynths.


All facets of weddings can be done through automation and with all aspects customized and designed on software negating the need for wedding planners and any humans except the bride,groom and close friends and family members who will replace.Biosynths controlled by Comus,building and Home AI can replace catering,photography services and other laborious workers.This can also including musicians etc.Euthenia can allow one to travel to anywhere in the world for honeymoons for a set amount of time after the wedding with this including any of the worlds communal homes from hotels,mansions,villas and even islands currently owned by celebrities and members of the current 1% through it with the wedding even taking place there.Home sharing will be used to go to anyone location around the world and can be used for the weeding itself and honeymoon.This can also be applied to other religious and cultural ceremonial events such as confirmations,bar mitzvahs,communions,birthdays etc with all food including cakes made by the people involved or automated kitchens with them taking place in private homes or in booked dining halls of communal homes derived from new and existing hotels with even community halls used.Large private homes of relatives and also of the people directly involved will also be used provided tables are put out on the lawn and even people may rent large mansions and villas of the very wealthy for the day that would also be used for holidays with the parents creating the food.Birthday,Christmas and religious event cards will be in the form of graphene versions that are folded in the same way with them sent to ones e-cards wirelessly that will last a lifetime and allow one to stream multiple ones on the same devices and delete old ones with them housing biological harddrives.Adonit pens will allow one to write personal messages with these designs being designed on Pandora and stored in the Comus network with existing ones scanned into this network.Other wise they will be sent to social media accounts,emails and ones Hestia account with all existing ceramonial cards ie birthday,christmas,wedding etc both in physical form and online can be scanned into Lotis.Hen and stag nights as well as the dinner can be organised by booking ballrooms in hotels now used as communal homes through Euthenia and also restaurants and nightclubs through Hebe while Pothos can be used to book strippers for hen and stag nights.Home AI can in the form of biosynths control clowns,magicians,strippers and other entertainers for children and adult.VR technology indistinguishable from reality can allow one to attend ceremonies of all kinds such as birthdays,weddings,hen and stag parties etc from the comfort of home in a variety of simulations saving on time in travel,setting them up etc with the same applying to stag nights etc.In these food,environments and entertainment of any type can be conjured up instantly with them allowing friends to attend them from home with these environments including trips to wilderness areas,palaces,mansions,villas,mythological areas,theme parks all designed by the participants with it also negating the need to hire real life magicians,clowns,musicians etc which will become obsolete.This would allow people to attend from the comfort of home and would save on the need for hiring entertainers that have limited time such as musicians,clowns,magicians,strippers and singers with AI taking the form of any famous musician etc at these.It would also alleviate stress for the organisers ie parents and newlyweds both for the event as well as side events such as honeymoons allowing one to conjure up the environment etc almost instantly and as stated allow them to occur in any environment they want.

Posters and placards for protests and cultural celebrations and ceremonial events such as birthdays,St.Patricks Days celebrations,weddings etc can be composed of graphene and have moving words and designs playing in a loop,controlled by neural implants,drawn in by Adonit pens or streamed from the wire and internet removing the need for paper.Floats and vehicles for parades can be autonomous and drive a pre set path marked path set by the community by programming the path into the traffic networks and maps from Artemis for that town,city or village through Hermes interacting and linking with Artemis using Adonit pens once with all vehicles streaming this with the streets locked off to non float vehicles and visible to the public via maps streamed from the city AI to smart devices.

Fireworks in all cities can be set up by volunteers and in time robotics with volunteers guided by AI namely the mayor AI to place them in the proper are and perform diagnostics to prevent accidents with the shows programmed by the mayor AI.Biosynths managed by the mayor AI will manage the setting up of these shows in all towns for New Years Day,St.Patricks day and will design the type and events of the show with if possible communal homes macro AI doing this for these events and honeymoons and weddings with the fireworks designed and ordered in from Comus factories.

Even though the automated milling of custom made caskets and headstones as well as the removal and application of clothes capable of being done by machine is possible there needs to be advancements in the embalming process(phlebotomy robots can be used to remove bodily fluids which can be pyrloysised and replace it with embalming fluids) as well as the cremation process.All of these areas and robots would be ideally onsite of funeral homes with conveyor belts and robots used as palletizers employed.Headstones in existing graveyards both old and new can be cleaned and then covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass to make them dirt and acid proof with damaged and dirty ones replaced by new ones designed in Comus with the writing scanned in and reused.These new ones can be covered in a layer of liquid glass to make them dirt,water and acid proof and can be made of any stone type and also precious gems with existing ones shape scanned into Comus removing any dirt and the writing.All headstones shapes can be scanned in by robots or drones and then recreated in the same shape and writing by Gaia or the church AI and replaced in the case of long dead individuals with those of the recently deceased done by relatives.In time biosynths will replace all human staff.This and automation will allow them to operate 247,365 days a year.

Both of these traditional methods are energy intensive in the production of resources such as wood and steel as well as requiring land for use of cemeteries.New methods include the urban death project wherein the body is wrapped in a cloth and covered in soil in specially made building increasing the rate of decomposition.The dead body then forms a mulch which can be placed in a potted plant,garden,park or community garden to create a looped circle as nutrients for ornamental or crop trees.Alternatively the body could be pyrolysised in specialised pyrolysis plants within a community in close proximity to a church or hospital(sprayed internally with liquid glass to allow all carbon to be collected and the process altered to produce only biochar) for this and used as fertilizer for an an ornamental commemorative tree for indoors or in a garden or park that can be transplanted from one home or area to another using U-Haul trucks rented from Euthenia.This pyrolysis process would be modified to produce mainly biochar.When the plant dies sue to old age or disease or is damaged severely by accident,vandalism or by natural disasters it can be pyrolysised again and then used to fertilise another plant making the deceased persons remains last indefinitely with this process carried out over and over again.Another method is the creation of diamonds created using cremated or pyrolysized remains with the diamonds and the jewellery they are on designed on and stored in Hephaestus.This can be replicated for pets and even aborted fetuses and babies lost to miscarriages,stillbirths or premature deaths during their early years allowing loved one to be kept in close contact at home or in jewellery/clothing all the time to help with their counselling over a loss.Thus these would be the only diamonds that would have important value to be stored in home vaults in secure areas of the home(especially in the case of those in areas prone to natural disasters)or private banks devoted to these.Existing cremated remains in jars etc can be used to create diamonds with existing bodies also dug up and cremated to create these.Family or dynasty jewellery can be created this way with necklaces and other jewellery that has new diamonds added from each member of a family added over time as they each pass away including pets and stored in family vaults or in the case of royalty in museums.Those of members who die together like siblings and married couples can be merged together symbolically in one jewel.Pets can also be converted into diamonds.The machinery used to create diamonds and pyrolysise remains for fertiliser would be onsite of funeral homes allowing them to be done after wakes and funerals similar to cremation with them in close proximity to nearby churches in all towns,villages and cities with the funeral buildings AI and receptionists having its own independent personality,name and avatar with the receptionists also having an unique uniform.These will be all be linked to each other and churches etc by the software Thantos and have a universal statue in their grounds with more advanced robots and in time biosynths carrying out all work in them with the deities symbol on them.They will all worldwide be renamed Isles of the Blessed after the legendary location within Elysium or Elysium.They will be linked together by the operating software Thantos with a statue in the lobby.Caskets may also be made here in microfactories for each order with them reused since diamond created from cremation will replace normal burial.Both methods save on resources especially land used for cemeteries.Factories for creating headstones and caskets would ideally be in the same building with the diamond and pyrolysis making machinery.Existing graveyards including crypts,military ones will have the bodies dug up pyrolysised to create diamonds and sent to next of kin or museums and local churches if no living next of kin exist,gravestones and mausoleums demolished and recycled with the land reforested especially in the military graveyards that take up large areas of land etc can be be turned into memorial gardens that are hybrids of trees and flowers.This will improve aesthetics of them and also allow the relatives have their loved ones close at hand.Those as part of churches can also be done this way and the land taken up by graveyards next to churches will turned into memorial gardens as well with celebrity and pet crypts also done this way with future dead humans and pets converted into diamonds with them designed by Pan and Hegemone consisting of native trees,bushes and wildflowers to allow for native fauna to rest and also bees to thrive.This will allow the land to be reforested with trees,wildflowers and bushes to improve scenery and air quality and allow cool air to rush into cities to negate the urban island heat effect.They would provide an area for wildlife to flourish,areas to walk with them remodelled with ponds,lakes,native trees,wildflowers and will possibly contain a stone pillar to house the names of all people who resided there with them used to have annual memorial masses with all future pets and humans turned into diamonds.An universal statue of Thantos will be put in place of them next to the pillar.Abandoned mausoleums and graveyards in decay will be renovated to survive the coming centuries or like other ones demolished and turned into memorial gardens.Ideally all future dead humans and pets will be turned into diamonds after the wake and mass with the body transported back to automated funeral homes with masses in graveyards done inside churches to save on land and energy.These would be linked together by Thantos with a statue of him in all graveyards,crypts etc of all types worldwide converted into memorial gardens.


Hearses can travel pre-determined paths set by relatives down a street or through a city by marking the path on maps within smart devices or within the onboard computer with the driving initiated by smart devices.This can be done on smart devices wherein the relatives can plot a course around the town,city,village using their fingers or Adonit on maps which will divert traffic except those of vehicles behind them which will follow them away from that path until the vehicle has passed through it.These hearses would be rented from the nearby funeral home with them controlled by the church AI and stored in nearby buildings with funeral homes also linked to them by the same Thantos software with a statue of him in the lobby of all funeral homes worldwide.If the option of creating diamonds is chosen then these would drive in a circle back to the funeral home where the relatives would meet back at and the body would be pyrolysised or cremated to create the diamonds onsite.Booklets used to write condolences at memorial sites and also at funerals can be replaced by a sheet of graphene or e-newspaper and Adonit pen owned by the relatives of the deceased will allow for an infinite amount of condolences of any length to be written down and saved on personal clouds of the owner and the church AI.These can be linked to other e-newspapers and smart devices around the world that link to this cloud allowing people around the world to write down their condolences from the comfort of their home or at numerous memorials around the world allowing for countless condolences to be sent in from people around the world.These will be stored in a single cloud with the family members and those who are writing them able to view them in real time and scroll back towards digital pages.This will be also stored indefinatly on ones official webpage or Facebook page.