Cleaning Products & Household Items

Homemade variants of these can be made in bulk allowing people to customise their choice and the advent of 3D printing will soon allow for them to be created on a community scale.A 3D printed plastic holder can be created once and used to apply the detergents and softners forever.Plastic containers for all types of detergents and cleaning products can also be printed once and reused over and over again over ones lifetime cutting down on waste.Further developments in technology as detailed later on will show how clothing and dishwasher detergents will become obsolete.These can have compounds like MP-1,peptides from Russian Brown frogs and also from phytoplankton added to increase it antimicrobial properties alongside lactic acid.

Homemade toilet cleaners can be created at home as well

For cleaning products for the home and bathroom ideally alcohol,bleach or virkon can be be used as it kills all bacteria,fungi and viruses.These can have compounds like MP-1,alcohol,peptides from Russian Brown frogs and also from phytoplankton added to increase it antimicrobial properties alongside lactic acid.Alcohol can be produced in community centres via GM bacteria and Virkon can be created by ordering in powder from factories and hospitals.With regards to this the instruction booklet can be downloaded once in electronic form and stored on apps(to prevent the need for creating paper),scoopers and measuring beakers and any other plastic components can be printed out at home and reused again and again meaning any plastic containers from the factory would contain only the Virkon powder and the plastic bag holding it or no bag at all.These containers could then be screwed back on and returned to the factory where the tops would be screwed of,the containers refilled and thus returned to the consumer for refills with a laminated barcode or serial number etched on the top of the container allowing the same container to be returned to the consumer reducing the amount of plastic needed to be produced for the same person.By having two containers at a time this refill system can work efficiently wherein when one is emptied it can be returned.Eventually both 3D printers and nanotech fabricators will inevitably allow for these to be produced in community centres or at home with it also made in bulk at home and in community centres.This can kill a wide spectrum of bacteria,fungi and viruses(including HIV) which can be used to disinfect surfaces and first aid kit syringes and other utensils as well as in a gaseous form clean clothes and home textiles in steamers that iron them out.

Car cleaning products such as car wax can also be homemade.De-icer will decline in use as liquid glass a hydrophobic coating can be applied to glass,preventing water or morning dew apply to the glass and thus preventing the formation of ice and graphene paint preventing rust and the need for chemicals to deal with that.

Liquid glass that goes under the names of liqupel,silica dioxide,liquid glass,NeverWet,nano-ceramic glass,ultra everdry and many more will render any surface it is applied to hydrophobic and thus unable to absorb or hold water and in effect repelling it,oleophobic making it repel oils,dirt and stain repellent,immune to the effects of UV light,unable to support micro-organisms such as fungi and bacteria as well as viruses,acid and base proof,chemical proof,graffiti proof while at the same time allows the surface to breath and allow air to pass through.Applying liquid glass to surfaces such as furniture,flooring,tabletops as well as utensils will prevent the build up of stains making them much easier to clean with both alcohol and Virkon to completely sterilize.Liquid glass will also prevent the build up of water vapour and dirt on windows preventing fogging and meaning windowlene and other window cleaners and window cleaning robots will become obsolete(especially if applied to both sides) and having it on surfaces will make cleaning on cruise ships,public amenities,Mag Lev trains and aeroplanes easily done by cleaner and hoover robots.When applied to buildings,bridges and other structures it will allow heavy or even gentle rains to clean them negating human labour in doing this especially in the case of graffiti.It will also protect graphene paint under this layer when it covering metallic and stone structures to prevent corrosion and generating electricity.Ideally permanent applications of liquid glass rather than temporary ones should be investigated and only applied to surfaces in public buildings,vehicles,homes and hospitals etc as well as manufactured good so as to prevent the need for reapplication every 5-20 years.UV lights may have to be applied to rooms by nanoquadrocopters might have to be used to kill of bacteria not killed by liquid glass which only inhibits growth with bleach and or virkon applied by cleaner robots.The temperature ranges for most types of coatings that they can withstand is between -90 to 1,600oC.Research can be done into methods of removing permanent layers liquid glass from surfaces and objects or from biochar if they are pyrolysised or in the case of electronics extracting from metals and circuits as they are being recycled.Manufactured goods should ideally be spayed internally and externally with a permanent layer of  liquid glass in order to make them dust,dirt and water proof especially relevant electronics which can be damaged easily by both water and food with this application done ideally in the factory it was made in or at home.Factories to produce this would be located in next to or ideally in the centre of hubs surrounded by factories that produce all manufactured products such as textiles,vehicles,electronics so that these factories can automatically order them in from a short distance via links in Hermes and Hephaestus to apply it all new manufactured goods with existing manufactured goods including textiles,clothing,vehicles,toys,cutlery etc. and even surfaces in homes and public buildings and amenities can be coated at home in person using sprayers designed on Hephaestus,using non treated cloth wipes or by robots can be done with ordering in batches of it similar to Virkon using specialised spraying tools designed and stored on Hephaestus under household items.Existing machinery,robots and drones in forests,mines,factories vertical and community farms can be treated with it under a layer of graphene paint to make them dirt and water repellent indefinitely with this done by robotic sprayers or by hand by community members.This would negate the need for people to clean their homes as well as manufactured goods including clothes saving on time and energy both in producing homemade cleaning products and also cleaning them and making laundry washing and drying machines obsolete and recycled both in private and communal homes.Narrow length UV light in public buildings and vehicles as well as homes can be used to sterilise surfaces while the liquid glass prevents the build up of dirt.This will inevtibly make dishwashers and clothes washers obsolete as coating new and existing clothes and cutlery in this will make them hydrophobic and resistant to dirt.

Branded versions and full versions of both cleaning products and detergents will be made in Pyxis factories once the recipes are uploaded there with sterlising products stored and made in Hippocrates factories.Liquid glass will be ordered in from here as well with each factory having their own micro factory to produce it for all orders thus alleviating strains on Pyxis.

All general household items should ideally be printed out for those that can be composed of plastics and glass but again be developed in the same method of other products on Hephaestus.These include containers for medicines,cosmetics,food,cleaning products,fertilisers,pesticides etc with the caps,spray mechanisms and pump in folders and subfolders or sub pages to be printed separately.Metal components of spray and pump dispensers for these will be made of stretchy plastic with them printed out in one go or assembled by hand with new better designs than current models being made to make this possible.Food containers even jars for jams can be composed of plastics or glass and the screw on cap in both cases made of plastic.Caps for cleaning products can be designed to be baby safe preventing children from opening them by scanning in them and also the containers whose size can be modified.Containers and caps can be scanned into Hephaestus and modified.Caps can be modified to suited for any type of container chosen and those for toxic materials can be modified to make them baby proof.Metal components of other household items usually composed primarily of plastic say clothes pegs and clothes hangers can be made of plastic especially flexible variants and can be attached by hand or printed whole.Also designed and stored here will be pill cases,lampshades,tangle teezers,tools,models of products,clothes hangers.Other items such as candles,smart device cases etc can be homemade while other components in their construction such as moulds and holders for the candles will be 3D printed.Moulds for sweets,food and ice cube holders can also be designed here.Smart device cases can be 3D printed,make of textiles on a 3D printed skeleton made from scratch or even made of graphene where they can stream an infinite number of designs stationary or mobile on them from the electronics sub networks folders of Hephaestus.Candles can use plant oils,essences and scents derived from bacteria with waxes used also gained from bacteria allowing for an infinite variety of combinations as 448,416 different types of fats,oils and waxes can be used.DIY tools can be made of carbon composites or even be either 3D printed or homemade with items like Faberge and porcelain eggs also made by hand.Fibres and bristles used in brushes etc can be composed from fibres gained from genetically engineered bacteria.Cutlery such as plates,bowls and cups can have graphene mixed into the martix of the materials used in it or graphene paint on the exterior to strengthen it making them indestructible as well as allowing video calls to be made,connect to the wire and internet and stream moving illustrations and video files on them while cookware,scissors,utensils and also metal cutlery such as knives,forks,spoons etc and even plates,cups,glasses and bowls can be composed entirely of graphene/carbyne to reduce energy costs in manufacture and make the indestructible and atom thin and light meaning exiting metal cookware can be recycled.Bongs and similar items can be 3D printed from plastic resins,carbon composites,metals or made from hand using wood or made from glass and ceramics but stored in this sub network.Designs of these will be in the cloud network named Pyxis after the name for ancient Greek household vessels.Ideally all of these will be printed at home in pieces that can be assembled.Watering cans and gardening utensils/tools,spades,wrenches,hammers,plant containers and fertiliser containers would be ideally 3D printed at home and shared on Pyxis.As result of these being printed at home or in community centres sections in garden centres and nurseries that house these and other interior and exterior decorations such as candles etc can be used to house a larger variety of plants.

Garden lights consisting of solar charged lights,patio lights,oil lamps and torches can be handmade.Newly developed CSYS LED lights are more efficient than normal LED lights and last 37 years.