Postal Services

For the Euthenia platform post offices may still work and be fully automated including loading all packages with their own fleet of autonomous vehicles,botlr/starship robots possibly acting as relay stations between factories with wireless charging plates onsite to charge them.These post offices will be integrated into community centres managed by Euthenia.An universal statue of her will be in there lobby of them with the AI of them having independent personality,legal name,avatar with the same applying to receptionists who will wear an universal uniform who can receive packages from people especially those that have the address it is to be sent to handwritten allowing for this name and the box size and colour to be relayed to the system network ensuring it is sent to the right address alongside software on cameras that can read this and send it to the correct address with the person sending it speaking it out to the receptionist.The box(es) will stamped with an ink printed on barcode with the postal code of the consumers address with a postal code system consisting of numbers first denoting continent,then country,then state/region,town/village/city,then exact home address with both the numerical postal code and written address printed on the sticker programmed into the vehicles on board computer sent to it from either scanners in the postal office or from the building AI of the factory or farm etc.with each on board computer of vehicles used in long journeys interacting with each other and sending the address/postal code to the next vehicle.The postal address can be determined on the stickers both from the hadwritten writing or ideally then getting the stickers by terminals where one types in the address and the sticker will be printed from here.Stickers can be replaced by graphene/silicene or biosynth microchips containing this details which can be changed for reuse or pyrolysised with organic waste or even ink barcodes.Boxes and sacks composed entirely of layers of graphene can also have these chips and hold larger weights with these details read by machinery with them determined by the consumer typing in the address on terminals by close proximity and also by filling this out via the wire through the Angelia network with these not actually owned by anyone.In any case the kiosk that houses human receptionists will be removed and the consumer will be guided to where they will deposit their package on an automated convener belt where the microchip or sticker will be read and then guided to its correct vehicle alongside other with delivery and collection the same for receiving goods from factories.For local deliveries this can allow drones and other small vehicles to quickly deliver them one on one.Software on cameras attached to postal office AI can read handwritten words such as addresses and receivers of the mail to ensure it is sent to proper address.Otherwise the person can input the receivers,name and address into a computer that would print the address and consumers name in a nearby computer once a confirmation button is pressed as an ink barcode and/or wirelessly transmit this into chips present negating the need for stickers etc with boxes of all sizes created onsite using red algae and other fibres made by bacteria including cellulosic pulp with them having microchips including biosynth ones punctured into them.The chip could accessing the wire,namely Euthenia and using this data send an alert to the receiver who confirms it and the address and also GPS location of the receivers home is stored.This would make it easier for the computer to read via scanners with the link within ones Euthenia account gained wirelessly via wire access will automatically receive the receivers address from confirmation buttons in the trading and also confirming the trade on linked smart devices will negate the need for the person to type in the receivers address and name with the link sending the postal code onto the ink as well to make things easier to the software.Once the parcels are put onto a conveyor belt and read by scanners then out into the vehicle at which point the receiver will be notified as to the estimated time of delivery in days,hours and seconds as well as its distance to them in kilometres,seconds and centimetres as well as the GPS location of the vehicle instantly to allow it to be tracked.Larger deliveries involving multiple packages etc that drop off at numerous stops will have each name,address and postal code put into the computer allowing it to go to the nearest one first and then so forth with either a robot developed to sort through the various boxes that can be seated in the front seat or the boxes arranged with the first address nearest to the trucks back opening or a mixture of both.Those that require moving from vehicle to vehicle say for national or even international will still have the vehicles time and distance as well as GPS relayed to the receiver in real time and the type of vehicle they are in as well.They receiver through Euthenia will see these alerts and information and will confirm receiving it in Euthenia.If the person does not pick it up in a certain period of time it will be dropped off at their local post office for them to pick it up which they will be notified to.Since open 24/7 these post offices will keep them in spare rooms that the receiver will be directed to via their smart devices and the building AI with these kept indefinitely.Thus post offices will remain open to allow people to trade items globally over Euthenia.All towns,cities,villages and even islands should have their own community centre/post offices with as stated small ones moved to areas where vehicles can be stored.These will double as post centres and U-haul services with multiple in a large city or region have excess ones turned into homes ideally the smaller ones with the buildings linked together by the Angelia software and also have receptionists,personalities,avatars etc.Large U-Haul companies will be converted into these post office/U-haul services with them storing miniature sorting machinery,U-Haul trucks and also normal delivery turcks with their design and transporter technology with those in rural areas have them in underground extensions and iceberg buildings on the outskirts if not possible.They will contain all of these alongside a lobby and also statue of Angelia and also desk for receptionist with all of them linked together by this software and them also having an independant personality,avatar and name for both the receptionists and also AI in charge of them.Oceanus,Erebus and Eos can allow a person to traverse the world to pick up goods including pets in person with biosynth delivery men as part of these community centre/post offices can also utilise these.In time transporter technology similar to that on Star Trek onsite of all community centre/post offices in underground extentions will allow for traded goods to be sent from any one community centre post office to another around the world.The use of this transporter technology will allow one to receive packages from other consumers around the world via Euthenia with packages delivered to the nearest commjnity centre/post office in that town,village and city and then it transported to the commjnity centre/post office in the consumers town,village,city or island.Until they are perfected by 2100 cargo planes etc may be used with even proto transporter technology availible by 2050 via advances in AI and also fusion power.This would mean a person would deposit their packages in their local community centre/post offices,the address would be scanned and it would be sent to a transporter device that would send it to the community centre/post office in the state,country or even town and city on the address anywhere in world and it then picked up by robots and biosynths that would deliver to the address.This would not just include orders in different continents and countries but even the same country with it done to save time chosen by the receiver or sender.This should be possible by 2100-2200 with the advent of solar arrays,fusion power and even dyson swarms and singularities.When it arrives at the destination the consumer collects and simply presses a confirmation button on an app brought up by a alert and the vehicle returns to where it came from.If the consumer is not present at said location after a given amount of time or if the consumer presses a button stating they cannot receive it and then have the vehicle sent to their secondary address or tertiary address included in the order which is their nearest community centre or neighbour where the goods are distributed and the consumer is notified via alerts and have it unloaded automatically and sorted by KIVA bots and its location and number of the aisle it sent to sent to app organising the order.These addresses would be provided in the app as the consumer would have these written down and saved in their account alongside their actual address.This means that in their account for this delivery service they type in and save their written address and numerical postal code alongside those of neighbours and community centre.U-Haul services to transfer the contents of homes from one place to the next around the world will be absorbed by Euthenia and would be organised by connecting to this network with this also having the same features such as time and distance to arrival to both ones home and new home as well as GPS location relayed.These will be onsite of community centres.Existing U-Haul companies will be converted into extra community centre/post offices with extensions to to house these trucks,normal delivery trucks,transporter technology and also miniature package sorting machines and also lobby and statue with the old defunct post offices converted into private or communal homes or merged with mega hotels.Thus these community centre/post offices will deliver packages traded on Euthenia,food from restaurants to isolated areas of the world and and food from Demeter and also act as U-Haul services that transport the contents of homes via Ophion with even transporter technology used to transport ones furniture across the globe within seconds.When a person is moving home these U-Haul services will transport furniture etc with them transporting them directly to ones home for in country destinations with inter continent and inter country ones having ones furniture transported piece by piece by transporter technology in them and then put in piece by piece into another truck on the opposite side of the world and then delivered to the new residence by it with the Home or building AI unlocking to allow the furniture in.This will be possible by 2050-2100.These U-Haul trucks will be onsite of all community centres worldwide renovated into Euthenia community centres and post offices ones which will house them in roof or underground extensions with the lobby housing the statue of her,AI receptionist with the universal uniform,with each one controlled by an independent AI,areas to house unwanted items etc.miniature package sorting machines and transporter machine that is in the back or underground accessed by miniature elevator for the biosynths and also robots and the package itself with each one having at least two vehicles and biosynth drivers.Housed in them delivery vehicles,U-Haul services and through extensions to areas to house sorting areas,miniature factories,crop growing areas.All towns,cities,villages and even islands around the world should have their own community centre/post offices to cater to their needs.Islands should have them as the transporter technology will allow orders to be transported via those on the mainland from anywhere on the world thus by 2100 negating the need for seabreachers and delivery cargo boats and planes for orders from Demeter,Hephaestus and Euthenia.They should all have at least one with larger cities having multiple ones with them all having U-Haul services with existing post offices converted into them via roof,side and underground extensions addded later on with if possible existing community centres used and post offices turned into homes.There will be a global postal code system with a section of Hephaestus allowing one to determine their homes or even that of someone they are sending items to by typing in their address with existing homes retrofitted with new ones part of this system and new ones generated for new buildings.This universal postcode system will be like Eircode and national versions modified into a global system with ones address or GPS location of their home will be used to extrapolate it.Cleaning for post offices will be the same as other public buildings.

All post offices worldwide will be integrated into all community centres used to trade and store excess unwanted goods that has delivery vehicles and also even transporter technology to receive orders from restaurants,vertical farms and Aphrodite factories to manage orders to consumers especially those on islands for food deliveries to areas without restaurants and also from vertical farms and manufacturing hubs around the world if their local one is busy to cut down time on orders.U-haul services can be integrated into these and community centres managed by Euthenia with one contacting the centre AI to avail of these services.These will be managed by the sentient Euthenia with all work automated from start to finish by 2029 and focus primarily in delivering goods traded on Euthenia on local to global levels,transporting furniture etc when one is moving home and also from vertical farms and manufacturing hubs when local ones are busy with letters made redundant by e-mails and e-cards etc.One can deposit unwanted goods here to be collected by others later in person as they will replace thrift stores etc as all deposited goods will be logged into its AI visible to the public on the Euthenia centre and goods be traded on Euthenia can be delivered here in person and delivered to anyone across the world using delivery vehicles and transporter technology or be picked here in person.One can use these centres to share excess goods one does not use all the time or tools,camping gear,clothing,vehicles etc or a global scale using deposition and by being picked up in person and also delivery vehicles and transporter technology.Transporter technology will be present here to allow goods to be delivered as part of the sharing,delivery post office systems and U-haul systems present in Euthenia on local to global scales.People can trade items away via meeting at these centres or using transporter technology to transport it to another centre half away across the world with them also depositing goods at them and then have it picked up later by the other person.Post offices integrated into them will be used for delivering gifts and goods shared and traded away permanently where delivery vehicles will deliver them and transporter technology when perfected used for international deliveries after cargo planes etc used by biosynths etc.These post offices/community centre hybrids will have their own unique AI with its own personality,avatar and name linked together by the sentient operating software Euthenia and all community centres/post offices etc will be visible on maps with them in each town,village,city worldwide withat the number based on population.Excess unwanted goods at home and from clearances of retail outlets and unwanted items at home will be deposited here,scanned into Hepheastus and logged into the building AI visible online when on Euthenia where one can online see and filter through all community centres worldwide and sift through all goods through filters to then have it delivered to them if it is not in local centres or in local centres or pick it up in person with booking the item without using money.One will be able to see what products are stored inside since inventory ore by the centre AI and one will contact the centres AI to avail of post office and U-haul services.These will be linked together by the sentient operating software Euthenia.Euthenia will be the sentient platform within Hephaestus that allows one to share items on local to global scales as well as permenantly trade away any unwanted goods such as homes,vehicles,electronics,clothing,pets etc on local to global scales with it also used to rent out homes for tourists replacing couchsurfing,air bnb and also similar sites.Transporter technology could once availible will allow furniture from homes,pets and other traded goods to be transported to other post offices around the world.The home sharing and hosting services of Airbnb,hip housing and couchsurfing etc will be integrated into Euthenia where one will be able to arrange what day of the year one can rent our bedrooms of citizens.Home hosting as practise in Ancient Rome,Greece will replace hotels and motels and bnbs etc for tourists that will be turned into permenant homes.People who live in hotels etc will when on holiday rent out their rooms to tourists.Thus people living in private homes through extensions will have extra bedrooms added that are advertised to tourists,while those inapartment blocks will rent out spare bedrooms and those living in hotels etc will rent out rooms when they are on holiday.Crops and manufactured goods will have them delivered by vertical farms and manufacturing hubs own fleets of vehicles.The centres overtime can house miniature semi automated machinery and tools to create handmade manufactured goods and also house vats,aquaponicanf systems to grow extra food to alleviate farms and miniature automated machinery to produce manufactured goods of all types linked together by Aristeus and the sentient operating software of each factory type to alleviate strains on factories for orders.Their will be a global postcode system similar to eircode.Each of the worlds hospitals,vertical farms,public amenities and all public buildings and all communal and private homes will have their address,GPS location and postal code saved on their onboard computers to streamed by delivery vehicles from post offices,factories,vertical and community farms and even private autonomous vehicles so as to allow them to lock into it using Ophion and drive their with no human labour.There will be a universal postal code system with box(es) being stamped with a sticker with the postal code of the consumers address with a postal code system consisting of numbers first denoting continent,then country,then state/region,town/village/city,then exact home address with both the numerical postal code and written address printed on the sticker or graphene microchip or ink barcode.This universal postcode system will be like Eircode and national versions modified into a global system with ones address or GPS location of their home will be used to extrapolate it.AI namely Euthenia,Cronus,Aphrodite will create this global system and modify existing codes and codesystems worldwide into it.This global version of eircode will be saved onto the onboard computer of each building worldwide alongside its address and GPS location that can be streamed by delivery vehicles from farms,factories,restaurants saved in their Demeter,Hephaestus and Hebe account.This will be updated to all colonies across the universe.Euthenia will be used to trade away unwanted vehicles,electronics etc on local to global scales with homes also traded away here and used as a means to share homes,rent rooms etc for tourists.The Euthenia network in Hephaestus managed by the AI of the same name will be the universal means of sharing,renting out and trading away all manufactured goods such as vehicles,electronics and homes replacing and modelled on EBay,Craigslist,air bnb etc.This can be where one will advertise spaces in homes and suites etc for tourists once hotels etc become permanent homes with it used to permantly trade away homes,electronics,vehicles clothing and pets with them done by meeting up in person,dropping it at community centres and using community centre/post offices with in time transporter technological onsite if post offices and community centres to have traded and even rented items transported halfway across the world and universe.Euthenia as stated will have a section where one can rent out bedrooms in homes,apartments and even hotel suites both when the owner is present acting as a host or while the person is away on holidays themselves thus replacing Airbnb,couchsurfing and also similar entities to compensate for the fact that all hotels,motels,bnbs,inns etc will become permanent homes thus allowing homes such as private homes,apartments etc to be used for accommodation by tourists similar to the home hosting practice in Ancient Greece,Rome etc prior to the invention of hotels.The name of community centres and the operating software linking all community centre will be Euthenia with an universal statue of her in the lobby of all community centres around the world with the AIs of these buildings will have independent personalities,legal names avatars with the same applying to receptionists which will have universal uniforms.These will be where people can share items acting as a meeting place or have delivery vehicles present deliver goods to another centre for pickup or the receivers home with transporter technologies allowing items to be traded across the world and transport furniture to other community centres around the world and be transported to people by their fleet of U-haul vehicles.The symbol of her will be a coin with her head on it.They will have their own fleet of vehicles such as U-haul trucks and delivery vehicles stored on site where they will charge via wireless inductive plates and self charging technology with Euthenia sentient herself with her avatar based on her statue.One would contact the community centre AI to avail of these services to move furniture to other towns,cities and countries with their headquarters being community centres via roof extensions.Roof,side and underground extensions will house semi automated machinery to produce homemade products of all types alongside miniature factories for all products types and also growing rooms for in vitro meat,bacteria based commodities,aeroponic systems to alleviate strains on factories and farms.Thus community centres managed by Euthenia can act as a U-haul service that transports furniture around the world to new homes and alleviate strains on factories and farms.

Microfactories onsite will create carboard and fungi styorfoam use red algae,tree pulp from bacteria and microcellulose can be used to produce cardboard paper and bacteria produce methane or hydrocarbon based plastics and fungi styrofoam with the fungi styrofoam disposed of in organic waste bins and plastic recycled appropriately.Ideally this will be only for those being deposited for items traded on Euthenia as a pedastal will be present in community centre/post offices that measures the exact size and shape of items so the building AI will extrapolate the size of it and thus how much cardboard and styrofoam to be produced.People will place the item in a loading area or pen with a robot or biosynth that has cameras on it will look after it and then they will take a picture of the item within their Euthenia app linked to the building AI with the delivery address.The AI using scanners will scan its size and then extrapolate a cardboard box and fungi styrofoam,plastic etc.In time a biosynth or holographic receptionist will move it to a loading area and send it dimensions and the exact product to.a loading area for the AI in charge to create packaging for it.If possible smart devices using keypads and adonit pens can by opening up the intranet of the community centre/post offices can allow one to type in the delivery address including Eirecode and receivers name with one taking a photo of the items added to the e-form remembered by the community centre/post offices AI.This will then have a box and fungi prepared for it based on its size and then inserted into it,address,receivers name and postal code stamped on using ink and it delivered by the vehicles present or transporter technology.Otherwise the microfactories will create different boxes of different sizes and also stores of fungi styrofoam in bulk and store them in the storerooms next to the microfactories which will when the item is scanned the AI will take out a box that suits the items size and then give it to them with the address,postal code and receivers name then printed onto it at the area where it is scanned at the point where it is dropped off.Otherwise one can order in cardboard boxes beforehand from Lotis factories to store it.The AI will keep track of all cardboard etc used up and the size of each one used up and keep growing more when it reaches a certain amount to keep the levels of it at a certain point to prevent scarcity.For all options sticky tape will be composed of methane or biosynth plastics and bio based glue use since they can be recycled and pyrolysised.A biosynth lock can be created that seals in the tape etc at key points composed of tissues with it and the tape using magnetism from Magnetospirillum that holds itself and the tape etc using magnetism that can be disabled within ones Hephaestus account once scanners authorise it via biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth disable the genes in it to release it and open it up with if reuseable can be enable and disabled over and over again.If possible compostable and biodegradeable biosynth barcodes chips can be interwoven into the cardboard that can be read by biosynths and robots that pack it into the delivery vehicle and deliver to denote the order number,address and consumer name.Scanners in the smartphone etc will scan the barcode with the account open to authorize it as theirs to then add to their list of items to be authorized.This can allow one to confirm it has been delivered and add their signature.Stickers can be replaced with biosynth microchips which can have the details changed when reused or pyrolysised with organic waste with them and locks present controlled by the Home AI and digital key system when reused with it de-registered and the key sent via Hestia when sent to other consumers via Euthenia.This microchips will also be embedded into cardboard boxes ordered in by consumers for personal deliveries or use in transporting goods to other consumers when trading away goods and also luggage in aeroplanes,trains and to allow for its location to be ascertained by terrestrial based GPS with the address changed for trading goods on Euthenia.

Due to paper products like letters etc. being phased out by electronic alternatives written on smart devices using Adonit pens and sent via the internet letter sorting facilities will disappear and used as homes.E-cards can be made that are cards made of graphene that allow customised designs saved on Comus to be sent wirelessly to the e-cards alongside personal messages written with Adonit pens with them stored in internal biological harddrives.Letters,postcards will be replaced by emails and even those sent to e-cards as well as phone calls and postings on Facebook.As a result all letters,postcards,cards will be replaced by electronic versions sent via mail or e-cards.As movies will become widely available instantly via YouTube and Dionysus(replacing iTunes,Spotify and Netflix) within hours of production and extra content reserved for Blu-ray discs being uploaded too and booklets downloaded on smart devices and e-paper this will negate the need for production and distribution of discs to rental stores etc.The same will apply for video games which can be streamed or downloaded and stored on the console hard drive or external hard drives allowing for them to stored over long periods of time again downloaded off Dionysus(replacing services such as Steam and Origin).The localised production of food and manufactured goods will negate the need to send goods around the world via seaports and post offices with picotech fabricators that create any element,substitues for them in the form of biosynth technology and also the Phanes method used by 3D DNA printers onsite of farms of all type will negate the need to transport food and also seeds,eggs,spermatazoa etc around the world.The localised manufacture of all goods and even food will mean both farms and manufacturing hubs will have their own fleet of delivery vehicles will negate the need for post offices using them and also third party delivery companies like UPS,DHL whose headquarters and offices will be converted into homes.Seaports will also be converted into residential areas by this with all delivery ships,cargo boxes etc recycled.Since manufacture and distribution of all goods will be fully automated goods will be delivered much quicker since robots,drones and automated vehicles will work 24/7,365 days a year.This will also apply to food delivered to consumers from vertical farms and fish farms.Relay centres for Amazon,Ebay etc will be made redundant.Furthermore delivery of small orders from local and regional manufacturing hubs will be delivered by drones,automated flying cars or ground vehicles directly to the consumer or distribution,community centre.The local production of goods will negate the need for packages to be processed through postal offices and postal services as each factories will deliver goods using their own vehicles.Bulk orders delivered by a combination of trucks and ferry etc will bypass postal services with the vehicles dropping off at nearby factories to deliver them in one order.In essence goods will be delivered straight from the factory to the consumer or from community to community in the case of shared produce and seeds,livestock etc. or if possible picked up in person depending on the choice of the consumer.Thus letter and parcel sorting facilities,relay centres for Amazon,headquarters and relay centres for obsolete delivery companies will all be converted into communal homes with seaports converted into residential areas.Existing post offices will still exist but connected to community centres with the possibility of large parcel processing centres scaled down with extensions.When people want to trade away manufactured goods via Hephaestus they can go to their local community centre post office where they can get a cardboard box for the correct size and then using a touchscreen computer or by their smart devices interacting with the AI of the post office they can input the address before they send it onto a conveyor belt where the machinery will put on a ink barcode containing the exact postal code and address for the vehicle or any machinery and robots inside to read to send it off to their exact address.Ones own vehicle or vehicles called in from local factories can deal with local deliveries within a region or country with them driving to the exact address or dropping off at local factories that can use vehicles stored there to make the rest of the journey with the factory AI linking with the Hephaestus account of the person receiving it using the address to access the account name of the consumer receiving it..Biosynths will be present to carry out human labour.

Each community centre/postal building will have their own AI with
their own personality,name and avatar with Euthenia being the sentient operating software connected to other AIs of other forests and maintain the workings and interactions between all of robots.It will also carry out diagnostics of all machinery routinely alerting the community to any accidents or problems(following an universal colour coded systems) and also log these alongside all orders and operations of the machinery.Machinery,drones and robots will be covered in first a layer of graphene paint to prevent rust(and generate electricity) and then a film of liquid glass to make it hydrophobic,water proof,acid proof,dirt proof and they will be composed of self healing polymers and metals.Since they can work 24/7,365 days a year they will allow for orders to be filled out more efficiently.