New Programmes

Updates with fixes and new features for these programmes will be made on a regular basis with these fixes and new features made by the general public and in time Gaia or the apps themselves.This will be through alerts on smart devices and computers.Each app will connect to the software and thus intranet of all the buildings they are linked to within the relevant networks.All of these apps can be used not only on smart devices such as smartphones but also on computers and laptops and will be safeguarded by the latest cybersecurity Janus constantly updated from the wire.Eventually these in particular Helios,Paean,Heracles,Delphi(and the apps under its control),Mnemosyne(and its networks) etc and those connected sentient entities and operating softwares will become independent sentient individuals able to communicate to the billions of people they serve at once through updates with the user designing their avatar via Dionysus with the exception being Hestia who will have countless independent AIs serving the homes and communal homes they cater to.The interfaces and appearances of them can be changed via in app settings and these will be designed by both AI and the public but will keep the same symbol.These will be downloaded like software from Antikythera.Digital warrants can allow law enforcement access the data of specific accounts if shown to be necessary.Existing apps that perform specific features will be merged into these with these being the universal apps for these functions indefinitely with obsolete ones made redundant by them.New apps that perform specific functions of the wire will be developed and be universal apps for that function following the same naming pattern with others existing and new integrated in Gaia.

•Erato an amalgamation of Microsoft works,Powerpoint,Word,Presentation,Excel,Office etc and all similar software making it the universal writing software replacing all other ones.It will be named after the of lyric poetry, particularly erotic poetry, eroticism, and mimic imitation, and one of the Muses with all of their features and fonts with new fonts etc added by the public and itself.This can be used on all devices such as smart phones,televisions,pads and e-newspapers using Adonit pens replacing all types of notepads,writing pads etc with files save and streamed from a personal Hestia cloud.Adonit pen will allow one to highlight text and also write passages in their own text.It will contain all facets of Powerpoint,Works,illustration/map drawing/cover creating software and those to draw comics and similar software replacing them.This will also be used to create comics and graphic novels will be made using this and even smartpads that are used to create storyboards and pages and drawings with adonit pens used to colour in drawings.Erato will be the sentient universal programme for creating novels,comics and creating illustrations,maps etc that contains all of the features of Microsoft PowerPoint,Microsoft Word,Works,illustration/map drawing/cover/poster creators,Procreare etc and those to create comics.It will house Inkarnate map makers and sketching software.This will be used to create movie etc posters and covers of books etc by incorporating Photoshop into it.It will also contain software to create comic books etc and draw storyboards etc on smartpads etc using adonit pens.It will be used by novelists to write novels,plays etc and also by script writers to write scripts

•All existing programmes used in the production of all of these media(programming for video games,bookcovers/illustrations/maps etc for books,editing for music videos/television shows/movies/vlogs/home videos/live news/documentaries etc,music recording and generation for music albums and soundtracks etc) such as Blender,FL Studio,editing software etc can be integrated into a single universal sentient programme named Pentheus and have new ones developed added.Software such as Blender,Nividia,Janimations and VFX integrated into this universal editing Pentheus software will allow more members of the public to compete with both filmmakers and television writers and actors by allowing realistic movies,video games and shows to be made fully with CGI,2D animation or mixing with live actors or even make animated cartoons.This technology would allow a person to record a wide range of emotions,body movements and facial expressions using webcams and even those filmed using cameras which can be then converted into different animation and CGI styles by superimposing the recorded facial and body movements onto CGI or animated characters.Otherwise actors wearing motion suits and cameras reading their facial and body movements will in real time transfer this to recorded files if dealing with them playing aliens,monsters or dead people.The software can be used to read the motions of characters from existing movies,video games(both files within the game and even scans of them being played etc.),music videos,YouTube,video files(such as live ballet,ice skating etc.) and televisions shows and transfer them to ones networks.Traditional motion capture suits will be ordered in from Hephaestus in Arachne but in time cameras will be suffice enough to simply track the movements of multiple actors performing scenes without them and then superimpose them onto them with even recorded scenes in simulations used.Those that graphene and other nanomaterials in them that measure muscle movements to be used as controllers and to record scenes for video games and as controllers will be in Antikythera.Unused scenes acted out this way will be in the special features.Ideally all existing video editing,CGI,music,video game making software like Cyberlink video and photo editing software,Blender,Photoshop,VFX,Nividia,Sprout,Interactive Digital Photomontage,Premier Pro,greenscreening technology,Janimations,Ceraproc,Body scan software,voice/music/sound recording software,FL Studio, and many others will be amalgamated into this single universal sentient video and music editing software,video game making software,book,comic,graphic novel creation software named Pentheus that will contain all of their features and more with updates and extra features from him and the public added over time to create media with even the ability transform 2D images from sketches done by hand using Adonit pens and pictures from the internet and photos or even existing textures and graphics into 3D images and CGI of desired graphics levels for the development of animated media and video games.Music can be created using adonit pens to create notation,humming a tune that will be transformed into notation and also conventional means present in FL Studio.Voice actors for animated media,video games and voice overs will be done via speaking into miniature microphones with facial expressions read by cameras on computers read,recorded and superimposed onto CGI faces with motion sensor suits linked to her.Direct interaction with the Pentheus since sentient will make editing and programming of video games easier once he is are sentient with built in tutorials also present created by him.Pentheus will be used to record musical instruments and vice recordings from voice actors for video games and cartoons to be edited in terms of cutting them up and change acoustics,remove background noise.FL studio integrated into him will allow one to construct music in all styles such as dance,orchestral music.In the case of movies it would separate music present and also separate the vocals of all spoken/sung words by actors either collectively or individually capture motions of movements from all media like Terpischore with whom it will interact with.Futhermore it will have the ability to upgrade and downgrade any movie clip or even picture and audio file to any resolution one wanted to including the highest quality including 720/1080p with this including those on VHS and cassette tapes,discs,those downloaded from YouTube and other sites and those from camrecorders and the internet.Any video files present on ones computers,smartphones etc that are grainy and of low quality can be upgraded to 720/1080p and 4K etc with low quality grainy files on computers,from camrecorders etc upgraded into high quality media.If possible working with Thoas it can upgrade all existing videos on YouTube.It will be used to edit video clips as part of movies and television shows and trailers etc.It will also contain software to make video,picture etc files look like paintings of any kind(oil,cubism,crayon,watercolour,pastel,impressionist etc) and cartoonise characters and items and invert film and also convert film into any type of look ie black and white,different sepia tones of any type desired by the producer.He will be able to convert 2D sketches,scanned in items from scanners or from Hephaestus etc or pictures from the internet etc and those from cameras into 3D ones of any type of graphics level of any level of complexity.Existing video game files downloaded from Dionysus will be converted into any level of graphical textures using this and game engines downloaded from Antikythera will be integrated with this.This could be integrated into Dionysus.He will also be able to upgrade low quality videos on ones devices including those downloaded from YouTube and from old camrecorders to higher quality such as 720/1080p or downgrade them with the same done for pictures etc and media transferred to Dionysus and Pheme.This can also be done for videos from camrecorders,VHS,one old laptops etc.Media that is backwards can using this be flipped to normal and he will be able to remove watermarks etc from videos.Pictures and audio files will also be able to be downgraded or upgraded to higher or lower quality.Videos already on YouTube,Dionysus,Pheme,adult websites will be able to uploaded to these and higher resolutions without removing them ie it can be done while still on the site and wire.It will also be able to separate audio from video and also different layers of an audio file and video file such as movie,television show into separate tracks ie separate voices of all characters or specific characters as well as sound effects and music etc with greenscreening software integrated into it.In the case of music videos and files it would separate the music track and the vocals(individual or compiled).Watermarks can also be removed from both photos and videos on ones computer and even those on existing YouTube videos.All of this can be replicated with both audio and picture files downloaded onto ones computer and also on old devices.This universal sentient software Pentheus will contain all existing and new software to produce all types of media such as movies and television shows(both live action and CGI),music videos,music,videos for awards ceremonies,video games,books,comic books,newspapers and magazines,live news programs and documentaries and covers for albums/books/magazines and all documentaries,behind the scenes features,poster,trailers and other special features associated with them with it also used to create videos for YouTube and for ones computer including livestreams via links to YouTube within Dionysus accounts in one program.Game engines and software can be stored in Antikythera also and used in Pentheus where they will be merged into ones version of Pentheus to allow one to create any game they want of any graphical level.All existing game engines from generation 1-9 consoles and personal computers will be stored in Antikythera for using games with older graphic styles and to preserve them with all new game engines developed by humans,Pentheus,Gaia,Adriadne etc will be stored here as well with one downloading them onto their computers that are integrated into ones version of Pentheus for each project that can be then be deleted.All future game engines designed by humans and AI such as Pentheus,Antikythera,Daphne and Gaia etc will be stored in Antikyther to be downloaded for free by the general public giving all video game auteurs including Newbie amateur acces to the same high quality game engines as professional.Since sentient direct interaction with him when online or offline in a fragmented form will allow for video games and movies etc to be done very quickly such as design maps,textures,characters etc normally done by human programmers with even neural implants allowing thoughts to do complex time consuming work very quickly.This can include editing,converting 2D sketches into 3D images of desired textures,converting older generation graphics to newer ones and vice versa,programming etc.Direct interaction will allow the public to design and suggest new features to him to keep him relevant added to all versions of him on all computers worldwide to keep him relevant.If possible he and assistant AI could replace all human programmers for video games and animators for animated media and other personnel for live action media as he will be able to do the work of thousands,millions of billions of human programmers in a matter of months,weeks,days,hours etc while humans focus on creative aspects.Video game programming of various levels on all graphical levels can be done by him directly rendering humans ones obsolete by pure thought.He will be able to upgrade low level graphics into high resolution graphics in other words by pure thought he will be able to change one level of graphics and game engine into another using data files and source codes extracted from the video game source code which will make remakes of old generation 1-9 games and also convert graphically primitive hombrew games into graphically modern games simply by pure thought.All programming done by him will be done by pure thought.Thus by pure thought he can do complex programming that humans simply cannot 24/7,365 days a year with fragmentation and using system units,servers and onboard computers used as onboard computers for ones home linked together by computer networks will exponentially increase his computing power.One can download all past and future game engines in Antikythera onto their version of him and him using this as a baseline with him even playing a role in creating future game engines.Thus he and the assistant AI will aid both amateurs and well established video game producers and also movie and television show directors and producers do complex time consuming work much quicker through direct interaction and check for flaws such glitches,bugs etc.Thus he will replace all human programmers in the production of all new video games once sentient by 2029 with human artists,directors interacting with him via direct interaction and also thought using neural implants.This would drastically cut down the time taken to create movies,television shows,video games with in the case of video games him converting sketches into the desired graphics,upgrade and down grade graphics,create cutscenes,create whole levels etc based on voice or written commands.This software will be connected to all home studios for musicians and voice actors with it used to record all voice acting,imaging and played musical instruments fed into microphones with one able to edit voices such as remove layers of audio form new and existing recorded audio including those from music,YouTube videos and movies and also remove background noise from voice and music recordings and setting ideal acoustics with it also turning humming of tunes into music of any type.Voice actors and singers will use him to record their lines even in groups with also it use to alter voices and even transpose those of dead people into them and those from existing media such as movies,cartoons,video games etc.Musicians will record music from musical intstruments and create music from the feature of FL Studio integrated.Both voice and music recordings recorded into it will be able to be edited like audio/visual media.Pentheus will be the universal sentient programme for producing video games,movies,television shows etc and editing videos will be named after the king of Thebes in Greek mythology that angered the god Dionysus will become sentient by 2029 separate from Gaia with its avatar based his statue and descriptions from ancient literature,his symbol being a boar with him sentient allowing for direct interaction with him with fragmentation allowing this direct interaction to occur at once by countless people at once online and offline in a fragmented form will allow for media to be made mush easier since the producer will direct him in what specific actions to carry out and more updates such as fixes and new features will be made by him and the public as well as Gaia.Pandora will be used alongside him to design items in video games including vehicles,buildings,clothing worn by characters that can be uploaded to Pentheus while being stored in the networks used in them while being uploaded automatically to their relevant networks in Hephaestus.He will be able to be used on all types of device such as smart devices,mirrors,televisions,laptops,computers etc using adonit pens and also mouse and keyboards and will be using the VR simulations time dilation effect allow one to create large amounts of material in a short amount of time.Direct interaction once he is sentient will allow one to have certain actions carried out and him also able to make videos that are meshes of two or more media to be more realistic and have a more natural flow.He will be able to work both online and offline in fragmented form with him creating how to videos using animations to educate people through direct interaction to carry out different actions,functions and problems negating the need for the public to create them on YouTube thus allowing those for existing defunct programmes to be deleted.In short he will become the universal software for creating all of these media replacing all existing ones making them obsolete with to keep him relevant forever him designing new features added via updates by pure thought with the public interacting with him also aiding in this.Thus both Pentheus and the general public via direct interaction and VR simulations will design new features and abilities for him to keep him relevant forever.The software itself can be utilised not just on computers but also televisions and smart devices using Adonit pens and direct interaction with Pentheus but also using joysticks and linked mouse and keyboards etc with it also on smart devices with edited files transferred between all computers and devices it is used on to allow them to be uploaded to networks.With regard to handheld consoles,camcorders and smart televisions it can save the recorded file onto the device,their Dionysus account or stream it to nearby or remote computers and laptops via the wire where it will be saved.It symbol would be a wild boar.Like Pandora this can be downloaded onto computers from Hephaestus and thus used when access to the wire is not possible.Customised videos and animations created by Pentheus will give one tips on how to create all types of media using Pentheus with updates giving new features over time.Pentheus will be able to generate animated videos from scratch unique to each problem etc for each query thus allowing each step to be explained to the producer in laymen terms thus making able to educate users themselves on how to use him and him carrying out time consuming labour intensive steps like programming,animations,converting media to different qualities and also levels of graphical intensity and detail and even 2D to 3D and vice versa thus saving time and allow a single person to create media from scratch by themselves.Like Pandora he will have menus and submenus for each media type.Direct interaction due to him being sentient to will allow him to carry out desired functions by pure thought alone with this interaction allowing one to give him suggestions for new features that he can add to all versions of him stored in Antikythera and also those downloaded onto all devices across the world.Like Pandora he would be used on all devices like computers,laptops,handheld consoles,smartpads,smart phones,smart televisions using linked mouse,adonit pens and keyboards as well as e-newspapera.Thus he will become the universal video editing,video game programming,voice recording and music making software and will be used to create all types of media such as video games,music albums,movies and television shows including CGI and animated ones as well as documentaries,personal programmes,special features and also for editing both vlogs and YouTube videos and also music albums and soundtracks.Both Pandora and Pentheus should be fully commercially available and sentient by 2029 with proto versions available by 2025.New features to his software will be added overtime via updates created by him and the general public.He through fragmentation can work offline as well as online.All game engines used in all previous pc games and generation 1-9 consoles will alongside all new ones developed by him and members of the public and other AI such as Adriadne and Gaia will be stored in Antikythera in Hephaestus to be downloaded onto computer networks for him to use.

•This universal sentient software that teaches student reading,writing,languages and mathematics will be called Coeus after the greek Titan associated with rational wisdom and can also contain links to all of the worlds scientific studies within Apollo and train them in their own speed in the three r’s and also languages the individual wishes to learn.He we’ll be used on smart phones,smart pads,e-newspapers and laptops using stylus on touchscreen including touchscreens on laptops and computers and e-newspapers.Mathematics can be taught with this software in a similar manner to Brain Age Math where the student will be given tutorials on addition,subtraction,multiplication,percentages,fractions etc and asked to solve problems in these areas of increasing difficulty at their pace with other software or sections of the same software allowing for trigonometry,calculus,probability and other more advanced areas of math in primary,secondary,degree,masters and PhD levels and those used in for all fields of science from basic to the most advanced levels to be taught again at their rate with a stylus with an almost infinite number of problems and exercises generated including hypothetical real life scenarios explained in writing with it spoken and also explained in 3D animations and VR simulations at the behest of the student.Fields of mathematics relevant to all fields and sub fields of physics,engineering and chemistry will be taught by him.Sudoku and similar math puzzle games will be used and taught by him for students.Students will be able to decide what field of mathematics they want to study and at what intensity with Coeus able to create simple and short or long and complex problems for his students to solve.If a student gets a problem wrong the software can show them the correct answer and method to arrive at the answer via animations without the absurdity or schemes such as Common Core with the student also encouraged to find multiple solutions to a problem for creativity and critical thinking.Sample problems can be done by the software without input from the student to give them a feel for how each types of maths field and problem is carried out.Thus all all types of mathematics will be taught by the sentient Coeus such addition and subtraction,multiplication,long division and also more advanced areas such algebra,trigonometry,calculus,probability and all areas of mathematics up to PhD level and those releated to all fields of science such as stoichemetry and all fields and si fields of physics,biology and chemistry at the rate of the students.Similar to Brain Age Math he can test students on simple or complex math problems such as addition,subtraction,division including long division and multiplication and also all types of advanced calculus,algebra and other complex advanced areas of mathematics and measure their accuracy and speed at which they solve them and chart their progress over time over long periods of time such as days,weeks,months and years etc to chart how adept they are are at solving mathematical problems of all types of varying difficulty and their speed and by doing this on all students of all ages carry out studies based on demographics such as age,address and gender etc on local,country,continental,global,galactic and eventually universal scales.This will be done to test their mental acuity overtime.He will also do this for reading and writing in both their native language and languages they have learned from him measuring their accuracy and speed and carrying out studies on different demographics.Creativity tests for this can come in the from the software by asking the student to find as many possible uses or forms an object can be used for or come in and also new technologies including those that range from the normal to the outrageous as per Clarke’s Second Law.It will be taught in creative writing,maths,theory and theoretical situations and different ways to solve exercises to test different routes a solution in mathematics etc,use scant resources to a problem or situation and also encourage this in science in multiple routes to a solution of a problem and evaluate the effectiveness of each one for critical thinking with this also applying this to Clarkes Second Law wherein creativity grounded in hard science research up to that point in multiple fields such as biology,physics,chemistry and their sub fields used singularly and collectively to reach into the impossible areas of pseudoscience or science fiction science and then one can test means of reaching the possible fields of discovery that would be the most theoretically possible form of that pseudoscience or science fiction science that can be achieved in real life.Thus they will be asked to design existing and new technologies and areas of science and still using hard science find ways as per Clarkes Second Law to make that field or technology a reality to encourage creativity and critical thinking.This could be done using simulations and experiments and will be key for researchers on interstellar vehicles and space stations and those as part of the military and law enforcement teams and personnel as well as psychologists,lawyers to extrapolate different solutions to a problem and situation they face and evaluate the viability of each situation.Creativity will also be taught with them encouraged to use Pandora as early as possible to create manufactured products and Pentheus to create music etc as well as Branchus for creating fiction.Aptitude tests will have one given exercises on different areas to determine what their aptitude is ie logic,numeracy,finding patterns etc with intelligence quotient tests also given with these creativity,intelligence and aptitude tests considered the gold standard rendering all existing ones such as those used by Mensa,Triple Nine Society,Prometheus Society such as the Culture Fair Intelligence Test,Stanford–Binet Intelligence Scales defunct.Coeus will be able to generate an infinite amount of them.Writing can be taught the same way with them shown how to write their native languages alphabet in normal and cursive script and form words and sentences with grammar(verbs,adverbs,capitalisation etc.) and punctuation also taught with again exercises of varying levels of difficulty given again with a stylus.It may even have exercise where entire sections from existing books and magazines or paragraphs or random pages written up by software similar to wordsmith and have the student rewrite it in either normal or cursive in all 6,500 languages with grammar,punctuation and accuracy of how letters are formed with them also practising writing their own name with them asked to put one or multiple words in a sentence,paragraph or short story with it also teaching the spelling of words with British English taught both in terms of spelling,pronunciation and phrasing replacing American English worldwide.Writing will be taught in all 6,500 languages including Chinese and Japanes that rely on symbols.Reading can be taught in all 6,500 languages  with books,textbooks or magazines of the students choice downloaded(again iSample and Coeus itself will ensure material is appropriate) or again random pages generated by the software on smart devices such as e-newspapers(artihmetic and writing can also be practised with these) with nanomicrophones on smart devices recording the students speech and pronunciation in a method similar to karaoke with speakers can allow this software to help them pronounce certain words they have difficulty with and give them a percentage gradient and highlight areas for improvements and chart their progress over time which can be replicated with the other two subjects.Direct interaction with him will make him able to teach them to pronounce words and form sentences etc word for word.Ideally to spur early interest in the humanities and sciences while teaching them to read the kindergartener age students will be made to read college textbooks including mega textbooks created by AI on the sciences of their choice as well as high culture literature such as James Joyce,George Orwell,F.Scott Fitzgearld,William Shakespeare,Leo Tolstoy,Aeschylus,Homer and also political theory and philosophy especially complex philosophy such as Immanuel Kant,Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche,Karl Marx,Plato and Socrates.High brow newspapers and magazines from around the world like TIME,National Geographic and also broadsheet newspapers from around the world to introduce them to current affairs and politics etc at an early age ideally when they can start reading.In otherwards to teach them reading at the ages of 5-9 years old they will be referred to high culture philosophy and literature such as James Joyce,Karl Marx,Plato,George Orwell etc to teach them not only reading but also critical thinking and interest in these fields.They will at the same time through Dionysus be introduced to high culture movies and television shows suitable for their age mainly art house cinema and movies as well as high culture television shows considered the best in terms of those that critically acclaimed for the same reason but suitable for their age range.Furthermore at the same time they will be referred to live news reports and high brow newspapers and magazines in Pheme.Dionysus,Pheme and Apollo will allow easy universal access to these from around the world with Coeus,Aleitheia,Aadriadne and Daphne directing them to what is considered high quality material,cult classics and the best of the best with the time dilation effect of simulations allowing them to digest large volumes of this material.With regards to video games he will direct students to YouTube channels such as Aesir Aesthetics etc that discuss them in detail and also GamersLittlePlayground that house full movie cutscenes.They will also direct them to bloggers that analyse movies and television shows such as TwinPerfect,Lindsey Ellis etc.Students of this age will also be directed towards watching the news on live news channnels and reading high brow newspapers such as TIME and also major broadsheet newspapers that discuss politics and current affairs from across the world and universe to allow them to gain an early interest in politics.He will teach reading and writing to all students in any of the worlds 6,500 languages.Coeus can also teach reading,writing and speaking in all 6,500 types of languages that exist and all dialects including ancient extinct ones,rare ones from different tribes across the world to preserve in time those of alien races once interstellar travel becomes possible that can help people learn any language that translate their own phrases and conversation in any language to another and gives them exercises and have real time conversation with another student or mentor who is a native speaker from around or with Coeus himself and measures their ability to carry out long conversations.It may also download a book or magazine from Dionysus or a page generated by him and translate it into the language they wish to learn and measure their efficacy in speaking the language or translate the book or page from start to finish into their native language or vice versa via intaking their voice through nanomicrophones on smart devices similar to karaoke as they read out the passages and highlight areas they got wrong and mark them out of a percentage gradient with them aiding the student in proper pronunciation by speaking out areas they got wrong.The given text may also be written out using Adonit pens with them also given a piece in their native language and then have translate it into the new language and vice versa.The software will also read out these entire passages beforehand or phrases and words chosen by the student to aid in this.The same program may give them written exercises to write using adonit pens on smart devices and measure the depth,complexity and logic of the piece written in the foreign language,comprehension exercises where they are given a text and are asked questions in the language and them required to give answers in the language but more in a direct manner ie them discussing a book or movie they read directly as well as translate pages written in their native language into the language they are studying by writing it with the Adonit pen on the other page in the case e-newspapers again marking them on a percentage gradient and highlighting problem areas.It will teach them both all types of grammar and punctuation well as how to write letters or in the case of some languages symbols in these specified language to form words,sentences and paragraphs.Media such as books,video games,movies,television shows,newspapers and magazines,live news etc can be translated into the learnt language to test their ability to comprehend it and then discuss it later on especially media they have never seen before.Furthermore oral exams will be replaced where they must converse with him,other students and even AI in VR programmes where they are put in exercises and certain situations ie as a reporter,nanny or even living with an AI family that speaks it with foreign exchange programmes that last a year either in the real world or in simulations with even them going on road trips to countries that speak it.As stated earlier this program can be integrated into the reading and writing program detailed earlier on.Languages can be learned via  Coeus that teach phrases etc. similar to the tape programs that are currently available online.Also exchange programs where families switch places with other families for a extended holiday ie 6 months or a year in other countries will also allow for people to learn language with the aforementioned apps and software aiding them in their development and mastery of the language in where they can use the language in its habitat(see earlier).This could more easily replace ineffective student exchange programs where only one individual lives in a different country for a brief time.Both of these will also aid people moving permanently to a new country and learning a second language will not be mandatory but optional.Networks within Apollo managed by him can be set up for setting up group language classes involving students from around the world for each individual language.VR indistinguishable from reality using the time dilation will allow one to learn multiple languages using this outside of those who can learn them quickly allowing one to become a polygot very quickly by ones early teens.As stated VR exercises and even programmes where one lives in a country can be used alongside road trips in the real world with Phoroneus Babel Fish software translating all movies,video games,live news,magazines,newspapers and websites into ones language they are learning.With regards to teaching languages customised exercises can be arranged by him.The teaching of language would not be a prequisite to all students but as a pastime and to those seeking to move to another country.Coeus would ideally be a single universal software from within Apollo to teach all three subjects(as well as all possible languages in terms of reading,writing and speaking them as detailed later on) that charts their progress over time and can be updated over time with new features by the general public with emotional intelligence,intelligence quotient,creativity tests,aptitude tests as detailed later on also included in this software with him using this test perform studies on age groups and other demographics etc over a students lifetime including well into adulthood when one has finished their education.To teach very young kindergarten age children how to evaluate information as he would give them assignments how to determine if something is fake,conspiracy theories and is valid sources of information and how to write abstracts and scientific studies in terms of methodology,practice and be able to debunk junk science,conspiracies and also incorrect information and know how real science is done,how to interpret data as early as possible ideally at kindergarten and early primary school age ie ages 5 to 9.He and Aleithea and Daphne can direct them to YouTubers that debunk junk science,junk politics and conspiracies and thus not just to interpret science but also junk media ie Potholer54,Myles Power,Democratic Socialist01,Three Arrows,Empire Files,Jimmy Dore etc with Aleitheia and Coeus or Daphne making videos that debunk scientifically inaccurate videos,political myths and conspiracies to aid students in how to debunk junk science and conspiracies etc.Coeus will teach these young students how to not just interpret scientific studies but also how to write them ie give proper citations to other studies,write scientific names in script and also have the second and following references be written properly ie Escherichia coli for the first time it is written in a paper etc and then all following instances being E.coli with this applying to all scientific names and so on with this and the ability to interpret data and how proper science is done for even non science students to ensure from an early age all students and citizens are scientifically literate.He will thus teach kindergarten age students how to detect pseudoscience,quakery and be educated on how the scientific method is done and how one must approach scientific studies,how to interpret and write them and be able to debunk scientific myths and pseudoscience such as the link between autism and vaccines,9/11 conspiracies.Customised generated videos will be used by him including those from aforementioned YouTubers on each subjects with these created by him and Daphne.This will give them a strong foundation of critical thinking and be able to be discern fake news or information from real news at a young age.Students will be directed to videos on Daphnes channel and also even textbooks in Apollo for students to read relevant to their field of study.He will also teach them use of the internet through laptops and smart devices which should be nurtured as early as possible with him reaching young prepubescent students aged 4-7 from around the world teaching the etiquette of internet use,how to access and critically interpret information as well as sources and the validity of scientific studies and news reports,how use Pandora and similar software within Hephaestus for designing all types of manufactured products,how to form debates and use the internet responsibly and to avoid using online bullying to a wide audience of students across the world at home with guardians with Iris/Babel fish software allowing them to break language barrier.As well as this these classes can focus how to report unwarranted advances from strangers and bullying online and not to leave one open to sexual or emotional abuse similar to the basic “avoid strangers with candy” and “stand up to bullies” lesson they are taught by parents.The sentient Coeus will teach all three r’s and languages to all students of all ages on computers,smart devices etc using keyboards and adonit pens anywhere and at anytime in the world suited to each individual students speed and styles and perform studies on them on local to global studies.He will thus replace teachers in this areas and also able to teach how to use the internet responsibly and critically evaluate information with him carrying out studies on these areas on all demographics such as age,gender,ethnicity etc on local to global.This will this allow for billions of students to be taught by a single sentient software replacing human teachers in the education of critical thinking,reading,writing,arithmetic at the unique speed and style of every single student on the planet.Thus in short he will teach all students young and old of all ages these at their own speed and to their individual learning styles meaning that each student will learn at their own rate rather structured speeds set by the state or academic boards.Calculations for scientific studies will likely be done by AI with Coeus teaching all types of mathematics to students as a hobby meaning one will not need a proficiency or grade in maths to pursue scientific research as it will be taught to them in their spare time.Thus this sentient software will teach all students from kindergarten level onwards how to learn reading,writing,mathematics,languages,critical thinking etc at their own pace and replace teachers in this area to billions of students of all ages replacing the need for mandatory mathematics classes and test scores for science etc and carry out studies on a global scale over different demographics.As a result this should ensure a 100% literacy rate to all citizens worldwide,eliminate scientific illiteracy,conspiracy thinking and allow any individual to study any field of mathematics and language at their own rate.VR technology using the time dilation effect will allow one to master all fields and levels of mathematics very quickly alongside spelling and reading comprehension meaning by ones early teens they will have mastered these fields.Since sentient direct interaction can allow him to interact with billions of students at once via fragmentation on smart devices,laptops,smart televisions etc and teach these subjects reading,writing,languages,mathematics of all fields at the individual students individual pace and learning style in a one on one manner not possible in the current education system at zero cost and VR simulations can using the time dilation effect allow one to master these from a young age before reaching adulthood.This will alleviate strains on both parents and mentors on teaching them this.

•Universal music and teaching software named Euterpe that teaches all known musical instruments as well as singing with it intaking sound with internal metronome allowing them to change the speed or tempo with the software being adjusted for all types of music instruments including those from ancient times to new ones with e-sheet music on e-newspapers either complimenting this or replacing it with the notation changing colour to the tempo like in karaoke videos at the set tempo as they play and marking their performance with the universal colour code as the e-sheet music will first play the piece as normal and then play it back as normal marking where they went wrong as stated using the universal colour code as a marking scheme.During both normal blind testing without the notes they will measure pitch,tone,note recognition and speed or tempo and like lessons score them on a grading system based on percentage accuracy and show where mistakes were made using the universal code.These both can be used to test progress over a long period of time on a plotted graph with the music of each lesson and recital being recorded as the teacher can review each one of these either remotely by having the results sent to them wirelessly to laptops and smart devices by looking at these recordings containing the graph and percentage grade allowing them input feedback via Iris chats with snippets of recordings and visual aids on smart devices of both students and teachers allowing for each section to allow each section to be individually analysed or in person by scrolling through each lesson and blind testing done by the student.The same can be replicated with all musical instruments(with different files/books containing the same songs/pieces in different subfolders each for each instrument)as well as singing teachers with the same universal app that measure tone,volume,pitch,lyric pronunciation,speed set for tenors,concertos etc. similar to karaoke again recording practice and showing where mistakes were made similar to the sheet music for music exclusively .Sensors built into buttons and strings will also interact with these robotic teachers improving accuracy as well as in group practices for recitals and orchestras allow each individual member to be individually assessed.This can also be replicated with singing as the merging of karoke and the technology that can measure pitch and timing will also record lessons and practices.Merging of the two music,singing and voice teaching technology into one universal app will let singers and musicians to practice with both individuals marked individually using the same scheme and this would inevitably replace traditional music and singing schools integrated into Euterpe/Polyhymnia.This could stream all known music e-books in Dionysus.It could also be used on e-newspapers,laptops,computers,televisions and all smart devices.This will inevitably become sentient separate from the wire able to interact with billions of people at once with it performing studies on each type of musical instrument and piece taking into account demographics such as age,race,country of origin visible to students in sub menus.Its symbol will be an aulos.

•All designer software programmes such as Autocad,Solidworks,Formit360,Fusion 360,SimScale,Revit,Sim City home building software,Speedy Painter, Optitex,Photoshop,Pret à Template and Smartdesigner/Fashion CAD etc that would also allow sketches of clothing on smart devices to be then turned into models on it to be produced will be merged together and developed into a single sentient universal designer software named Pandora.Photoshop,autocad,speedy painter and other designing software can be merged together into this one software for ease of use with colour wheels,tiles etc from all of these and others selected via a submenu within the colour section with all colours from Artemis present alongside one able to decide the saturation percentage of the primary,secondary colours etc chosen on bars and direct interactions.Cosmetics and food products will have their shape and also ingredients and their ratio designed with neural implants used to create the flavour and texture of them from thought and Himeros and Deipneus extrapolating natural and synthetic ingredients via recombinant DNA and anabolic and catabolic reactions.This sentient universal designer software named Pandora will be the only designer software and will replace all existing ones merged into it with updates and additions made by Pandora herself and members of the public interacting with her made and added through updates.Thus to keep her relevant she will create new features with her interacting with the general public through direct action and VR simulations.It can be used online and offline through fragmentation and it being able to be used on all devices such as laptops,computers,handheld consoles,smart phones,smartpads,e-newspapers and smart televisions using linked mouse and keyboard with adonit pens also used for drawing and creating 3D objects.There would be a menu and submenus wherein one could choose the type and subtype of the products being created with Aphrodite and itself sorting out the products into their relevant departments and sub network.Once one would be finished designing them the consumer would press an upload button to upload it to the relevant page within Hephaestus organised by Aphrodite with if possible one able to create and store large numbers of products on their computer before adding them to an upload page on Hephaestus where they can all be uploaded at once by dragging the file to the page.All of ones designed products will be stored in their account page allowing them to be tracked instantly to be downloaded.Aphrodite through fragmentation will analyse each item for each upload an the send it to its relevant subnetwork.All items of all types created from scratch and those scanned in will follow and same evolutionary system where they can be used as a baseline for newer products through enough editing via pressing the edit button on the items page that will open up Pandora with the item leading to new items with its own page or create variations of new and existing products wherein different patterns,colours,flavours,scents etc are made and stored in a submenu that opens up a submenu and page to view it and decide whether to download it or not.Scanned in items will also follow this.Existing products of all types in all of the subnetworks of Hephaestus will be able to be downloaded and transferred into Pandora to be used as a baseline for modified versions or entirely new products thus saving on time to recreate them from scratch.The design/blueprint of a product can from here be downloaded onto computers and edited on Pandora offline at any time as a cad or other type of file,transferred to other devices and then uploaded later on.The name for all of these aforementioned softwares merged together would be Pandora after the first woman in greek mythology to whom Hephaestus and Aphrodite took part in creating.Certain items can be customised without being uploaded to have ones name or the name of receivers of them as gifts such as clothing,electronics etc without adding them in submenus.Pandora will become sentient separate from Gaia with her avatar based on her statue and descriptions from ancient greece making direct interactions possible to design products with her interacting with countless of people at once.This will be within each sub network as a button to open it up with it also being able to be downloaded onto computers and devices from the Antikythera sub network for when wire access is restricted with updates created by the public and herself.She will be able to work both online and offline in fragmented form with her creating customised how to videos using animations to educate people through direct interaction to carry out different actions,functions and problems for each query thus allowing each step to be explained to the consumer in laymen terms negating the need for the public to create them on YouTube thus allowing those for existing defunct programmes to be deleted.The created items will be stored on laptops etc or within Pandora itself and then uploaded to Hephaestus to their sub network via a an area in Hephaestus to allow them to happen or a button within Pandora with Pandora and Aphrodite arranging where it will go.Direct interaction with her will allow those inexperienced with her to design products etc with updates created by her by pure thought giving new features over time.She will be able to be used on all devices such as computers,laptops,mirrors,smart devices and televisions etc using adonit pens,linked mouse and keyboard and devices etc.VR simulations can be used to create large amounts of goods using the time dilation effect with this also used to browse through millions of them in a short time especially for birthdays and Christmas etc.Thus all types of manufactured products such as buildings,vehicles,clothing,jewellery,furniture,electronics,food products of all types will be designed by the public on Pandora and then uploaded to the various networks on Hephaestus to allow for them to be ordered in by the public and cater to the complete decentralised control of the means of production with the AI of each local factory as part of manufacturing hubs processing these customised orders when ordered.This will give the public an infinite catalogue of manufactured products of all types.Ornamental plants,crops and pets and livestock can be designed with desired tastes,textures,scents,coats,beaks,skeletons,plumages etc designed on Pandora and then stored on Demeter with the sentient Phanes interacting with her to extrapolate the required genotypes to be ordered in from the third section of Demeter via artificial wombs and nurseries onsite of all community,meadow,forest and vertical farms worldwide.It will also allow for an almost infinite catalogue of products.Pandora should become fully commercially availible and sentient by at least 2029 with proto versions by 2025.Eventually neural implants and other mind reading technology will allow entire items to be designed by thought alone or by interacting with Gaia with even all types of artificial intelligence producing its own manufactured products including Gaia and thus having their own accounts on Hephaestus.New features will be added to her by herself via her creating them via pure thought etc and the public through direct redactions.She through fragmentation can work offline as well as online.Its symbol will be a large ancient Grek jar/urn/Pithos.

Sketches of products and designs made on smartpads and e-newspapers of all manufactured products can be transferred to or be done within Pandora to be made into 2D or 3D image automatically and the other designer programs or have the programs running on ones smart devices to make the process easier with them linked to computers to view the product as it develops on a laptop or computer screen.Designs can be downloaded,and transferred into these programs alongside photos and selfies for products such as toys etc with designs originating from photos from the internet and also scanned in from paper drawings with those form internet and scanned in pictures(or from existing products in each sub network) encircled if one wants to have only a certain symbol etc used with them allotted to specific sub networks or all and can be too designed on Pandora with them also made into 3D objects at the behest of the consumer and transferred into specific sub networks.Aphrodite will transfer all symbols on the internet to her.Tattoes may even be used as designs(and vice versa) and Aphrodite will extract symbols from media such as movies,cartoons,music videos,YouTube videos and in magazines with 3D products from all networks can be allotted into the design sectors for all of them when converted int 2D images by Pandora and vice versa meaning 2D designs can be converted into 3D objects.Graffiti will also be added from photos and videos taken of it.Designs on existing products scanned into Hephaestus will be automatically transferred to folders for all sub networks with all designs in each sub network automatically transferred to all sub networks those scanned in present on boxes and paper will also be done by Aphrodite with a section in Pandora to allow one to draw new designs.These designs can be etched,printed or painted onto the manufactured products or consist of 3D objects or protrusions that will be printed or milled on etc and can be drawn smart devices and computers to be uploaded to them.Conversion of objects and designs into 2D to 3D and vice versa will be done via a button within it or direct interaction with Gaia,Home AI and Pandora itself when it becomes sentient.Patterns for all manufactured products will be created the same way.All of these designs,symbols,patterns will be stored into a subfolder or even its own sub network that within Pandora can be brought up and then copy and pasted onto a product of any type at any point and integrated into its design following contours.New patterns and symbols etc will be created within Pandora and all of them will be stored in folders and subfolders within Pandora which can be downloaded automatically when online after being offline for a while in packages or streamed from a sub network within Hephaestus.These all will be present in Narcissus for tattoes or ideally one could transfer ones they like to that network.

This Pandora software could include modified and easier to use versions of sketchup,solidworks,autodesk,autocad and all similar software(ideally a new program that is a mixture of them with better graphics and more features to accommodate designing manufactured goods)where scanned in items(from scanners or product recognition software) or new items made from scratch can be designed or altered with also the option adonit pens working on smart pads,e-newspapers and other devices linked to laptops and computers where the consumer can draw designs,objects,patterns,add colours via colouring them in and/or automatic colour fill of specific sections and designs via Pandora or in 2D or 3D form with software built into this software that turn them into 3D models or 2D designs(or both for different sub-networks) at the behest of the consumer.This could apply to objects scanned in via product recognition software.In otherwords a person who is not proficient at solidworks or autocad etc can draw a 2D sketch of an object say a piece of clothing,a toy,statue,painting,vehicle,glassware etc and Pandora will transform it into a 3D object ready to be created or in the case of paintings into any style they want either by choosing from a list or interacting with Pandora and Gaia directly.It must be simplified as possible for example when designing a table when they can select all legs in group(instead of individually) and have the same design replicated for all legs at the exact same equidistant spots on the furniture piece square or circle structure or by using a copy and paste feature with an option allowing them to put different decorations or inscriptions or additions to each individual legs if they wish.The individual legs or all legs could be saved on a separate file on their computer and then used for other furniture.They could also provide the person the option to get a generalised shape of each type of manufactured product that they could work as a baseline and work with and also scan in items using sprout and handheld and portable scanners using that as a baseline and then edit them from then onwards.Also present could be a list of generalised shapes that can be added together and modified to create a desired product.This could apply to different types of furniture and other manufactured products.Ideally this software should come with tutorials either within the program or on YouTube that can show a person the basics and advanced tools to create each type of manufactured product for beginners to ensure everyone can get to grips with the basics.In time these tutorials and those from interactions with Gaia and Pandora will make one proficient in developing products quickly