Public Services & Public transport

Public services will in the near future will take the form of updated versions of existing services.For example any existing phone booths can be replaces with wifi stations that also act as wireless smart device and computer charging kiosks with solar panels and graphene paint to alleviate strains on the grid.They could also act as wifi hotspots providing powerful wifi via biosynth wifi and cables to the surrounding area that if multiple ones are in place of where normal phones are would provide the entire town or city with wifi.These could also be placed in the same place as where payphones were previously placed to provide wifi to citizens as well a place to charge smartphones and other electronics and they would also have a layer of graphene paint to generate electricity and prevent rust with a permanent layer of liquid glass making them dirt and acid proof indefinitely.All public amenities,vertical farms,factories,seaports,airports,hospitals,police stations,government buildings and public buildings etc managed by AI will have touchscreen landline smartphones with automatic loudspeaker or wireless headphones with microphone next to their holographic receptionists in the lobby allowing access to citizens who do not have smartphones on them as these will be open 24/7,365 days a year.These landline phones would replace existing conventional landline phones allowing for Iris video chats in all government buildings as well.Phone booths may even be replaced with hi tech versions that have touchscreens built into them with automatic loudspeaker with them having their own personality,legal name and avatar that manage all of them in a town,city and village to allow for calls made to them to be traced by the police and if need be Home AI depending on the situation with them also could be instantly determined via the AI interacting with Perseus,Home AI etc with the touchscreen having menus containing the global phone book,menu for keypads and also have audio/visual phone calls made.These will be managed by Arke and will allow for the phone call to be traced by her and officers with warrents.Having the option to close and lock them from the inside and also shatterproof graphene infused glass would allow for them to protect the person inside.They would be listed in the global phone book with the AIs name and also address,location listed.The GPS location of them and will allow one to send ones GPS location during phone calls with law enforcement triangulating this.Since managed by AI it would have its own number and can allow it to be called since it relayed via Caller ID and the AI relaying who used in at what times.They will be linked together by Arke itself sentient with them in place of existing ones.These will also be public wifi places with seats outside and also provide chargers for phones and laptops and them charged via the grid or thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes etc.These hi tech phone booths will also have wifi stations using biosynth wifi and and also smart device and computer charging services.

Wifi in both rural areas and cities can be now be gained via both solar powered drones and floating wind turbines.Biosynth wifi generate their own wifi in the open rendering satilite and public wifi obsolete and recycled.Lifi in street lamps and public buildings could also provide wifi as part of this singular system managed by the city AI.

Charging stations:
As convenience stores and petrol stations become obsolete as well as the need for car washers,charging stations can be placed in open carparks in their conventional form (manual or automated)or through inductive plates similar to wireless chargers or replace fuel based stations.Vehicles including delivery and public ones would stop at them when low automatically altering and then returning to their original course when finished.All Phaeton stations both new and those from existing ones renovated from existing petrol stations will contain both charger pumps and also wireless inductive chargers.Wireless charging roads can be integrated by advanced robots road by road into towns,villages and cities for both public and private vehicles using SMFIR technology to charge their vehicles while driving which alongside self charging technologies will alleviate the strain on charging stations which can be expensive to convert fuel stations to electric charging meaning there will shorter queues.These can be small diversions that bypass roads and can be underground and can also integrated onto the far sides of highways and major roads and also roads by apartment blocks.These will be charged by the grid or by geothermal piping coated in thermo-piezoeletric materials nearby VAWTs,solar panels,batteries and also graphene integrated into them with the graphene in the SMFIR systems preventing it breaking.Underground roads would have these with roads out in the wilderness in between major cities and towns will have sections of these roads.Logged into Artemis these would be followed by vehicles streaming this network to follow them as much when on journeys.Private homes and communal homes in both rural and urban areas can have charger pumps or wall chargers built on the exterior with the wiring rather than on the ground will in fact be going through the wall by boring a hole with this also applied to apartments in urban areas with apartments also have the entire street have several tall chargers on them whose noise can be removed via soundproofing and them only turned on and thus only making noise when used.Apartment blocks would ideally have chargers built into the wall.Storedot batteries will charge much quicker than conventional batteries especially when combine with more advanced models that charge faster and also self charging technologies.These self charging technologies include Thermo-piezoelectric in wheels,see through versions in glass,graphene paint,motors in wheels,graphene sheets in windows and piezoelectric materials that gain energy from the suns heat and light and ambient noise and will be integrated into both private and communal vehicles.Petrol,vegetable oil and diesel pumps for traditional vehicles will be replaced entirely by wireless inductive chargers and also electric charging pumps in place of charger pumps.In short the the stations would including existing ones house wireless chargers and electric charging pumps with petrol and diesel pumps in existing petrol stations worldwide replaced with chargers and electric charger pumps since most people by 2040-2090 will be using electric vehicles with those with large forecourts and areas at the back of the station will house extra chargers and pumps especially in large towns and cities.Automated vehicle chargers and petrol pumps will aid delivery vehicles and even vehicles owned by the physically handicapped at these automated petrol stations.Aerial drones and delivery robots may even use these with the roofs of charging stations covered in wireless inductive chargers.

All brands of petrol and electric vehicle charger stations would be replaced by a universal brand named Phaethon after the son of Helios with its symbol being a group of horses on all robots and the sign etc and a universal statue of him in grounds of them ideally in the back with the symbol underneath it or if not they can be outside by the entrance once the forecourt awning housing forecourt lights are removed with pole signs also removed and replaced with that of the universal brand.Conveince store stations will once roof and underground extensions added for lounges and more repair shops house charging pumps for electric vehicles,those for gasoline and hydrogen fuel cells with each one having predominantly electric chargers but also one petrol,diesel and hydrogen fuel cell charger.Phaeton will interact with Selene to see how many vehicles are electric and gasoline and modify the amount etc per station with once biosynth graphene shcwarzite ones become widely availible will mean that all remaining gasoline pumps converted into electric chargers which will be wireless inductive ones and ones that connect to the vehicle.Thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes will be part of all of these stations to provide energy,heating etc to the building etc and also charge the chargers 24/7,365 days a year thus alleviating strains on the grid meaning any electricity sent to vehicles will be outside that of the grid both geothermal and fossil fuels.Car washes will possibly disappear and be recycled due to the fact that vehicles will be coated in liquid glass but any that do exist will be open for free via pressing a button to start and finish it or the building AI through cameras or pressure plates turning it on when needed with all water collected in the grating underneath it sent to water treatment plants to be treated or used by onsite bacteria to be used to grow gasoline,oils and gas.Foam used should be non toxic and refilled when low and can be created by bacteria onsite.These carwashes will be modified by removing the need for money and have existing money recycled.Those that are self service will remain and have biosynths do the work or have automated drive in ones added via removing old ones and putting automated drive through ones on the surface or underground extensions accessed by vehicle elevator with all water and foam etc collected and added to the grid to be sent to water treatment plants to remove toxins.Repair machines for vehicles can also be here through extensions(including underground)into new and existing ones or be next to them with repair shops away from petrol stations will be converted into homes with ones created onsite of existing petrol/electric stations through underground extensions or even building them next to them.Existing ones can have underground extensions to serve extra vehicles accessible via vehicle elevators.This is is because large ones in existing town will be still used and have repair shops added to them.These repair shops onsite would also house automonous pick up trucks or they would be parked outside that can be called either by the Phaethon app or automatically by broken down vehicles to their GPS location with the Home AI relaying the vehicles shape,colour and specifications and GPS location instantly with sensors and cameras allowing them to dock with their vehicle.These petrol stations and the automated repair shops will be functioning 24/7,365 days a year open all day and year long with the drivers also having the option of having their vehicle sent to their home via links to their Home AI.The Phaeton app will allow Phaeton to exist in a fragmented form on smart devices allowing people to interact with him and thus the station AI directly thus allowing one to get a repair vehicle to their GPS location via Brauron.The Phaeton app or his universal phone number will allow one to interact directly with him and he will interact with the nearest repair shop and the smart devices used and onboard computer interacting with the app to determine the GPS location of a broken down vehicle,it’s models,shape and specifications etc and the person choose whether to send it to a repair shop or to ones home and thus send a automated pick up truck to the location and the vehicles connected automatically lock systems or via the hand of the person their with a countdown relaying the arrival time and distance the repair vehicle is from the vehicle and how long it will take for them to arrive at the repair shop or home address with the person choosing to repair it at home using videos generated by the home AI.The app will allow one to track in real time the GPS location of the incoming pick up vehicle in comparison to them and their arrival time in kilometres and hours and minutes.In time biosynths will be part of these fleet and the repair shops.At first automated machinery will repair them via interacting with the onboard computer but in time biosynths controlled by the AI will do this.Permeable interlocking asphalt can be integrated there on the forecourt.They would have the symbol of Phaeton on the bumper with this symbol underneath his statue and on all robots and signs.All petrol stations would be re branded Phaeton and made bigger through extensions with extra petrol/diesel and electric charging stations added with them serving all types of vehicles and new ones set up by the AI mayor and AI of each one present through interacting with Hestia,Polis and Ophion to determine the need to set them based on the amount of vehicles on the road,traffic flow through the area and population of the area.If a town or city has too many of these then excess ones can be converted into homes to make sure there isn’t too many with new ones set up by the AI mayor of the city.Ideally each town and village should have one or two large ones and cities several large ones strategically placed with all features with existing ones given extensions underneath,above or beside them.Thus the largest ones in each town and village or one that house a statue and other material through extensions will be used.Small ones with large forecourts surrounding them could be used to house both repair shops and also the statue provided extensions are made.Small ones and excess ones can be demolished and the land reforested into small parks with seats and ornamental plants or through extensions on the roof and over forecourts etc converted into homes.Underground and roof extensions could theoretically be done for repair shops with underground extensions of the forecourt or surrounding area housing wireless inductive chargers and petrol pumps with vehicle elevators indoors or outside repair shop allowing access for these extensions.These would work using vehicle elevators that could allow vehicles to be parked under them with ideally repair shops merged into the convenience store and also extending over forecourts.All awnings above the petrol stations and conveinince stores that extend over forecouts will be demolished and recycled to allow roof extensions alongside underground ones to be added with conveince stores once emptied can be turned into extra areas for the repair shop.Extensions on the roof etc can house extra areas for repairing vehicles accessed by vehicle elevators and even luxurry lounges with areas to grow brake fluid and oils and and synthtic gasoline.These repair shops would be automated by robots and in time biosynths by 2029-2045.Those that have repair shops attached to convenience stores will have the store demolished and replaced by more chargers and pumps with them having electric chargers,petrol and diesel pumps and also hydrogen fuel cell pump with gasoline and hydrogen created onsite.Those without repair sheds can house vehicle elevators to an underground repair shops or have as stated roof and underground stations and the old conveinience stores turned into extra areas.The entrance to repair shops will be made larger and open 24/7 with them have all surfaces cleaned routinely and covered in a permenant layer of liquid glass to prevent them getting dirty again and them cleaned by hoover and cleaner bots with all forecourts replaced by permeable pavement with the repair shops overtime have roof and underground extensions and them accessed by vehicle elevators with the onboard computer stored in the back storerooms and offices with offices also housing phorobioreactors to grow gasoline and also oil for breaking fluid where one could fill up 3D printed containers.Rooms up above that store tyres could keep them or house more phorobioreactors for gasoline and machinery to produce hydrogen etc decided by the AI that controls it.Convenience stores connected to petrol stations can via roof and underground extensions once awnings above forecourts are removed,car elevators are added and merging with existing repair shops can thus make repair shops be made bigger since convenience stores will become obsolete.All stations will have repair shops through the main building having roof and underground extensions accessed by car vehicles.Thus floors added on the roof and underground will house more repair shops and also chargers for vehicles accessed via elevators with each one having at the entrance to the conveinence store have luxury lounges for people that house the universal statue of Phaeton with him the sentient operating sofware.The number or these and extensions will be decided by the AI of the shop interacting with Polis and also amount of traffic used by each of them.It can also be used to house indoor drive through washers with these accessed via surface devices,those built into the side of the building and devices accessed by elevators.All chargers and even petrol pumps as well as tyre pressure machinery will be automated.Chargers and pumps will be automated with one driving up to the pump and ones Home AI in the vehicle onboard computer interacting with the station AI and detailing the level of fuel and charge and then the station AI inputting the exact amount.Electric chargers can be inductive wireless chargers or be similar to petrol pumps that are input into the vehicle that are automated.Chargers in the open in carparks including Tesla superchargers will also be renamed and operated by Phaeton with the information energy used etc fed into the city AI,Steropes and ones vehicle.Padlocks that blocked the entrance to the station will be removed allowing them to open 24/7.The universal statue of Phaeton will be in a new small lobby in the ground floor of where the conveince store was with excess areas dug up and reforested with roof extensions on the repair shop also accessed by vehicle elevators.Areas to store tyres will be made redundant by having graphene in the matrix of tyres and ordering in customised replacement tyres from Selene factories with brake fluid and motor oil ordered in an stocked in storerooms or created onsite or both.In some cases convenience stores will be demolished and more chargers and pumps added with the onboard computer in a sealed waterproof liquid glass covered compartment and the statue in the back with if possible vehicle elevators present that leads to underground repair shops with phorobioreactors for growing gasoline etc also underground housing the onboard computer.The onboard computer will relay to the vehicles how much electricity is used and they will determine how much gasoline is used each time allowing it to plan when to grow new gasoline with this housing the AI of them with each station having an unique avatar,personality and name with the hydrogen systems and electric chargers powered by thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes.Tyres for automated vehicles will have graphene in its matrix to prevent ruptures and contain nanosensors to measure air pressure etc relayed constantly to the onboard computer.All wiring and piping in all parts will be infused with graphene with them also covered in liquid glass that negates the need for cleaining.All windshields,windows,cameras and also lights will contain graphene to prevent them shattering with the entire body have graphene paint or have graphene in its matrix to prevent damage from accidents with the onboard computer and all its parts covered in sheets of this to ensure it is not damaged.This should reduce or eliminate damage from accidents.Vehicles when low on charge and gasoline will stream from Ophion the location of the nearest wireless charging stations and Phaeton station determined at the start of journeys or in the case of electric vehicles will pull over and charge using self charging technologies if they are present and return to their original journey.At the start of a journey all Phaeton stations will have their location be streamed and logged so as to determine id they need to go to them based on the length of the journey etc.Self charging technologies would not negate the need for chargers but would alleviate the strain and traffic of them with them even using artificial lights on at night.Mayors will determine how many stations will be present in each town,village and cities based on population and traffic with them dividing them up into those that house only electric chargers,gasoline pumps,hydrogen cells or a mixture of all of these based on traffic with as stated having the stores demolished will allow for extra ones of these and also elevators leading to underground repair shops.Excess will be converted into homes or demolished and forecourt etc dug up and turned into parks or community gardens.Each station will be managed by an AI with their own independant personality,avatar and name with Phaeton will be the universal sentient operating software and statue of him present on its grounds.These will have petrol,gasoline,electric and hydrogen fuel cell chargers with ideally it mostly being electric chargers and at least one petrol,gasoline and hydrogen fuel cell pump in each one to accommodate everyone with underground extensions accessed by vehicle elevators or a building housing automated repair shops.

These automated repair shops robots and building AI would interact wirelessly with the onboard computers of vehicles,run diagnostics and would be able to detect and repair faults via these interactions with oils and fluids for vehicles created onsite via bacteria which consumers can stock up on using reusable 3D printed containers with them connected to pipes that can inject them into vehicles on site.Air pressure refillers for tyres can also be inside and can be automated in time with the onboard computer interacting with these and all machinery in time.These could also have oils for vehicles and brake fluid grown onsite by bacteria in phorobioreactors with taps allowing people to collect in reusable 3D printed canisters.All operations in these will be automated with specialised humanoid robots and in time bio-synths doing work that only a human could do with other steps controlled by the onboard computers of each device managed by the building AI.Robot chefs with cameras on them can car out most labour in repair.Robots that are found in vehicle factories,humanoid robots,chef robots and other robotic hands on rail systems can be utilised to repair them with them all having cameras covered in liquid glass including on their body.Biosynths will replace all robots by 2045.By 2029-2045 all work will be fully automated by robots,automated systems and in time biosynths with the results and diagnostics of afterwork fed into the onboard computer of the vehicle.All robots,air pressure systems and piping for oils can consist of a pedastal where the vehicle drives onto.The amount of electricity and petrol gained and used by vehicles on local to global levels over days to millenia can be logged into each individual Phaeton station and then read by him and the public on local to global levels over large timescales for studies with Phaethon being the sentient operating software connecting them all around the world which will become sentient and its avatar being that of the statue.Gas as stated would be grown at home with people designing canister on Talos.The stations can have solar panels,VAWTs and other self charging technologies present that can charge Storedot batteries to alleviate strains on the grid and provide charging when blackouts occur with even thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes.Thus these filling stations will provide food grown onsite and charging for electric vehicles with electric charging coming in the form or inductive chargers and also pumps with the amount of fuel and electricity used fed into the building AI and the counters on pumps being digital touchscreens and visible in the vehicles menu as volts and percentage with them detailing how much is added to the consumer in the same way as normal ones.This data using the wire and communicating with ones Hestia account on their vehicles will be fed into there account to be used for personal to global studies on energy use for vehicles both in terms of electricity not just the AI of the station itself managed by interactions between Steropes,Hestia and Pheaton.If homeowners using biodigesters and their own gas canisters and drums can grow their own gas,gasoline and oil would thus negating the need for petrol stations to do this allowing for time and labour to be saved and make homeowners self sufficient from gas and oil companies indefinitely by 2029 with them using their own pumps,drums,canisters,jerry cans etc and would negate the need for petrol stations to grow these and have the space used for other purposes.This would be ideal as this option would cut down on the chance of explosions at these stations alongside the fact that they would thus use only electric chargers.Thus these stations would only provide wireless inductive chargers and also even traditional electric chargers that connect to the vehicle as both gasoline and methane gas will be created at home in phorobioreactors for those who drive gasoline driven cars and need gas for their cookers.A combination of traditional chargers and wireless chargers would be utilised as public vehicles would utilise inductive chargers.If possible hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles and also synthetic gasoline for gasoline vehicles may be grown here for hybrids and also those that use gasoline as decided by the mayor AI interacting with Steropes and Selene.Toilets would be open 24/7,365 with them locked by the person inside via the handle with them and the interior of the shop cleaned the same way as public buildings with them coated in liquid glass and have narrow wavelength UV lights.Round handles that utilise digital locks controlled by the AI of the shop or the locks being turnable will provide privacy.All surfaces inside and outside including the forecourt,shop,repair shop and the toilets will be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass with the ceilings fitted with narrow wavelength UV lights in toilets,repair shops and the shop that sterilse them at set times when not used ie when the toilet is open and when cameras inside the shop show no one is around but these can be used at any time since it does not damage human skin with hooverbots collecting dirt from the ground.Having the exterior,forecourt and also chargers and pumps covered in liquid glass will allow them to be cleaned by both the rain and wind with gutters in a v shaped downturn collecting this and transporting them to water treatment plants.Cameras on the outside and inside will be fed into the building AI with them connected to the criminal database in Athena.Roofs can have wireless inductive chargers for drones and light aircraft.By 2040-2100 all cities and towns worldwide will have changed into these universal Phaeton all electric charging stations that are fully automated with excess ones turned into homes.By this point most of the worlds private and public vehicles will be fully electric with remaining gasoline ones fuelled by gasoline grown at home and also retrofitted with electric batteries.All forecourts will be dug up and replaced with porous pavement technology.

All shelves in convenience stores that are petrol stations will be be removed alongside checkout areas and cashiers to free up space to house luxury seating and dining areas to eat food.Roof,side and underground extensions in petrol stations will allow luxury lounges to exist with these housing public WiFi and cellular routers,charging kiosks for laptops and smartphones etc.Instrad housing manufactured food products they could house Ambrosia franchises that provide tea,coffee and wraps,rolls etc.All work will be automated by robots and biosynths by 2029-2045 controlled by the building AI.All toilets will be luxury ones with sinks,toilets,cubicles etc made of synthetic kebonised wood and ornamental rocks etc with flooring being luxury tiling etc including ornamental rocks.Both seating in the actual building and also outside will be luxury ones composed of synthetic kebonised wood and even ornamental rocks with bioprinted leather.Liquid glass will be sprayed on all surfaces including flooring,seating and toilet cubicles etc with hooverbots and robot janitors cleaning the floor at set times.Narrow range UV lights on ceilings will bake all surfaces and the air either 247 or during set periods during cleaning times to sterilise them of all pathogens.The forecourt of all petrol stations will be dug up and replaced with porous asphalt to allow rain through.All convenience stores will through renovations house luxury lounge areas for people to rest while their car is repaired etc.The universal statue of Phaeton can be placed in an area on the forecourt that does not block traffic with if possible it placed inside the back of petrol station visible when one enters it.Underground extensions accessed by vehicle elevators will allow automated repair shops to be integrated into all petrol stations even small ones.If possible excess petrol stations will through self charging technologies etc will be allowed to be converted into private homes through roof and underground extensions with awnings removed from them and then have the forecourts etc dug up and turned into gardens.

All existing Tesla public chargers and public wireless inductive chargers in streets etc not connected to petrol stations will be converted into Phaeton chargers with them like those onsite of Phaeton stations by 2029 converted into more efficient versions overtime by biosynths and robots that are quicker to charge and more energy efficient and if possible them charged by thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes located in the surrounding area.

Public toilets:
Any public portable toilets in existence would be strategically placed in key areas in cities that can be brought up on maps by interacting with the city AI.They will be fitted with self cleaning apparatuses that remove the need for human labour and would be periodically clean themselves with water gained from the grid with toilet roll replaced by toilets that spray jets of water and air activated by a button to clean the user removing the need for them to be stocked with paper.In time advanced robots can routinely replace them with toilets.Also automated hand dryers will be included to negate the need for towels that can spread bacteria.The specific tanks that provide water to these toilets and sinks will require to be filled automatically with anti-bacterial tablets to keep them clean and fresh for all cleaning purposes from cleaning the bowl,the ground,the walls and user.Soap can be dispensed by a system of pipes connected to all public toilets to all toilets from a miniature factory in town where it is manufactured and refilled by robots.Otherwise the soap will be created onsite in a small basement factory area underneath the city connected to all toilets in the city or each part of the city with pumps refilling them or ideally connected to the pipes where water in these sinks enter meaning it will be automatically mixed into the water using material created by bacteria that have human DNA to make them hybrids that are immune to the compounds they create with them fed sugars and proteins from other bacteria onsite.Lactic acid,Polypia MP-1,TsAP-1,TsAP-2,peptides and other antimicrobial compounds from phytoplankton and even Russian Brown frogs will be created in these areas by bacteria and human cell hybrids with portable toilets connected to their own system that creates these.All of these will be in the soap to prevent superbugs gaining resistance.This will alleviate strains on ordering in soap from Hippocrates factories.The toilet will also be connected to this to sterilise them with each flush alongside seats having narrow range wavelength UV light.This can also be complimented by UV machines similar to automated hand dryers that activate and cover the entire hands and face in narrow wavelength UV lights to not negate the need for soap but also compliment soap by killing off any left over pathogens such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus while not damaging the skin with these and automated hand dryers.Versions of this that bake the face and hands will also be present.All surfaces such as all parts of the toilet,sink,piping, walls,doors and floor will be coated entirely with a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent dirt sticking to it making cleaning easier by robots that can periodically come in and spray water around with the water and dirt falling into a grated floor to be collected or seep into permeable pavement below.It will also prevent the spread of pathogens.Alternatively it could have a shower head on the roof spraying water downwards and both the water and dirt will fall to the ground and cleaned up or sucked into a grated floor or round or square grating on slanted floor in the ground where it can seep into permeable pavement below or collected in a compartment and sucked up by cleaner robots – the liquid glass since hydrophobic will prevent water from sticking to surfaces.Both of these would prevent the growth of micro-organisms from spreading with it fitted with a narrow wavelength UV light that can bake all of the surfaces inside with light to kill any bacteria not killed by liquid glass etc for a set amount of time when not used and not locked again these will be narrow wavelength UV to prevent skin damage.They will have small CSYS lights inside that can be activated automatically when the toilet is locked.The exterior can also be coated in liquid glass to allow the rain to wash it.To collect the waste they can be connected directly to the sewage system or have robots collect waste from toilets at set intervals with sensors and pressure plates indicate when they are full in the case portable toilets used in music festivals which will be sent to the sewage plants with the machinery collecting this sprayed internally and externally with liquid glass.Anti graffiti coatings will be put on the walls as well as the doors of toilets and their interior to prevent graffiti and marker marks to be put there with existing graffiti and marks covered in graphene paint that are then covered in liquid glass and then the anti-graffiti coating to allow robots or even heavy rainwater clean them.Clogs can be dealt with by a button present that can be pressed by users which alerts a robotic plunger robot(equipped with cameras and itself covered in liquid glass) or one that flushes acid down the piping with those affected marked by a signal on the touchscreens on the door that also signal whether it is locked/occupied or not or if the sewage plate is full.Alternatively the interior of toilets(cistern and all components)that collects water from the grid,bowls,seats and piping can be coated into a permanent layer of liquid glass with this connected to the same system that that flushes weak acids into sewers which can be activated by a button on side of the toilet or within touchscreen computers inside the toilet.Hi tech plungers would be within marked compartment for use when clogs occurs with these covered in liquid glass as well and would be designed to be used over and over again.All toilets will have an onboard computer that details water and energy use over days to millenia fed into Hermes alongside how many times the toilet is used and amount of sewage collected and cleanings made over days to millenia fed into Hermes.They would have a menu or button to flush weak acids that would alert users to its location in the menus when asked or when a clog is detected.One could send alerts to the AI in charge of it to refill it with toilet paper etc.An outside touchscreen computer would indicate when it is locked/unlocked and thus occupied/unoccupied as well as when it is faulty and needs maintenance with maintenance done by the computers or people inside alerting automated repair robots to fix them.These features would added to existing as well as new public toilets with diagnostics done and visible in Hermes with each one having its own independent personality,name and avatar to carry out these automated operations connected to Tyche with them visible on a map within Hermes or city maps.Ideally though all public toilets in a town or city will be managed by the same AI that links all public toilets together and will remember each person and carry out conversations with all people at once separately.Tyche will be the sentient operating software of all public toilets in the middle of cities and by beaches etc.These will given luxury refurbishments and since maintainsed by AI that is sentient they will be able to converse with patrons,play desired music from Dionysus and even through piping release scents created by bacteria in nearby public buildings and underneath them to specific toilets of patrons and through biosynths stored in buildings owned by the mayor etc AI attend to emergencies including cleaning up messes and repairing them with all surfaces covered in liquid glass and cleaned by automate water systems etc.These would have microchips that would test the presence of cancer biomarkers,STDs and nutrients present in the person using them by interacting with Paean via close proximity to send results to their specific patient files.Rennovations could turn public portable toilets into luxury ones using ornamental rocks,precious gems,synthetic kebonised wood and be similar to the ensuites in hotels.Ideally portable toilets will be replaced by permenant toilets located at key points in every village,town and city around the world with the amount of them in each village,town,city determined by the population and size of them,whose location will be decided by mayor AI at strategic points and evenly spaced apart to ensure people will have access should they need to need to use the toilet.They will also be placed in underwater and underground communities and even in the outskirts of wilderness areas such as forests,jungles etc by walking paths again connected to the mains through underground pipes.These permenant toilets will rather than be portable ones be ones connected to the sides of buildings and also to the ground with them all connected to the main sewage line that has urine and feces transported to all local sewage treatment plants and connected to the water mains to extract water from the mains and wastewater transported to wastewater treatment plants.Public bathrooms in self contained building such as by beaches,parks,streets will undergo rennovations to be fitted with the aforementioned self cleaning features and luxury fittings and fitted with an AI in charge of it.Automated hand dryers will be present to dry hands with narrow range UV lights baking the interior to sterilise them

Mini defibrillators and automated CPR machines can be dotted around cities with ambulance drones and ambulance robots with these machines and first aid kits also dotted around cities in miniature sheds and be released in the case of an emergency by interacting with smart clothing and emergency apps as well as the city AI terrestrial based GPS as detailed later on.By interacting with these the nearest robot and drones will be drawn to their GPS location in the case of robots.In the case of machines the clothing and apps will interact with all nearby smart devices belonging to citizens in the area alerting them to the presence of both location of the patient and the nearest defibrillator and CPR machines as well as alerting emergency services.How people can be rescued by these and other citizens will be detailed later on in the analysis of the city AI system.These can also be within all public buildings such as universities,public amenities etc.These drones and defibrillators etc would be charged from the grid through wireless energy induction plates and also self charging technology.

The cleaning of streets and will be done by poop scooping robots and in time biosynths.These poop scooping robots will collect animal waste left on the streets and add them to the sewage system to recycle nitrogen and phosphorous and will also clean up any rubbish lying around both on streets and in parks as well is in public amenities and train stations with several of these serving a city and doing rounds in these areas 24/7,365 days a year using object recognition and NIR hyperspectral camera software and IR illuminator cameras.They could in time be fitted with seacell bags one coated in liquid glass internally and externally in order to house feces that can be deposited into sewage tanks and one for each type of rubbish..Animal feces can be prevented from falling by Piqapoo bags of varying sizes coated internally with liquid glass to allow them to be disposed into toilets at home or public toilets and reused over and over again with them having graphene in their matrix.An anti stick nano coating similar to or even possibly the same as liquid glass can be applied to footpaths,streets,walls and other parts of the city to prevent chewing gum sticking to it which can again be collected by these robots for organic waste bins or deposited in organic waste bins in person with this also preventing the build up of dirt and protecting it from acids.These robots can be stored when not used in small buildings that house other robots that maintain the city to charge and can be equipped with headlights,IR illuminator vision alongside normal vision to allow them to work at night when streets are less busy.Piqapoo bags added to all pets will negate the need for poop scooping robots and allow the feces and urine to be put into toilets at home allowing it to be recycled as algae. Drones will patrol streets and parks in fleets to detect rubbish 24/7 except in bad weather to signal these and other robots to collect them with these also fed into Ophion.In time biosynths will do this.Though in time mobile trashcans that patrol streets for each type of waste that can be called via smart devices interacting with the city AI the installation of pneumatic waste tubes for each type of waste as detailed later will negate these.All of these pneumatic waste disposal systems will be integrated into the interior of buildings such as amenities,airports,universities,hospitals as well as all public buildings and also in subways etc and can allow for waste to be instantly sent to waste recycling plants.

Automated snow ploughs,street cleaners and salt spreaders(if used) will do their work by interacting with weather networks while poop scooping robots and street and road cleaners will do so at set times.Also to prevent the build up of snow and ice on public streets,plazas and squares ie.Grafton Street,Oxford Street and Times Square geothermal heaters can be placed under them to prevent accidents by pedestrians and prevent the need for salting streets with toxic sodium chloride with the heaters interacting with weather networks to work during cold snaps and during winter.This will greatly reduce the number of accidents and can be be done by robots especially miniature underground borers step by step when sufficiently advanced with them cornered of to the public through markers and relaying progress to the city and nearby home AI with all public squares,plazas and streets replaced by the porous concrete,asphalt or other porous tile flooring to prevent flooding,too much ice forming and return rainwater to the groundwater alongside these geothermal piping.If possible public streets can be replaced by porous interlocking pavement,asphalt and concrete etc with covered in liquid glass to make them dirt and water proof with sizeable small gratings inbetween of permeable flooring to allow rainwater and dirt to fall through and also storm drains on the sides and as part of them with geothermal pipes under them to prevent ice forming.Alternatively liquid glass can be sprayed onto them to repel water and dirt which will flow into storm drains though this may have to be applied in a permanent coating once the streets and walkways have been washed thoroughly or in time permeable interlocking pavements can be integrated with improvements in automation and robotics to do so step by step over time in existing public streets allowing water to return to the water table without building up before ice forms and alleviating storm drains preventing these areas becoming flooded during heavy rains and storms.All of these robots and operations will be managed by the mayor AI of each town city and village and governor AI in terms of those on the outside of towns etc.

Busses will again be automated and ideally be electric with each bus stop provided with a charging station via inductive chargers above or below them and even a touchscreen graphene map and timetables at the stop which can be zoomed in and out by fingers showing the entire town,city map also giving them directions to a location/street of the citizens choice.The buses will utilise these chargers only when low and will utilise quick charging Storedot batteries and even self charging technologies.These can be designed on Selene can come in variety of sizes ranging from pods to full buses.All bus stops including these touchscreen maps should be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass with any paper on bustops such as timetables recycled and replaced with touchscreens and posters replaced by graphene posters that can wirelessly stream the latest advertisements of plays/musicals/events in the area,movies/video games/television shows premiering on Dionysus and missing pets and persons from the wire.The maps and posters will be charged by self charging technology and the Helios app can also bring this up.Each bus route and bus number can be individually selected on these two allowing citizens to see the route taken by each bus and each stop plotted on a map with Helios denoting which one to get onto for specific destinations.This information regarding each bus route and the stops they serve in each town,village and city will be visible on the fourth sub network of Hermes or within Helios with Helios used to purchase e-tickets or the Helios app.Onboard computers on the buses interacting with each bus stop will show how many people are onboard(out of the possible maximum)to allow potential passengers to determine the feasibility of getting on via sensors on the buses that measure the amount of vital signs and readings such as heart rate it detects via nano cameras that look inwards to the passengers fed into the network for managing buses placed in there keeping track of the number of passengers via facial and object recognition software,the exact location on a map where the bus is,as well as how far it is from the stop in kilometres,metres,cms and also its exact time of arrival with a more accurate time that it will arrive based on factors such as traffic relaying this to the citizens smart devices as well as alerting the emergency services as to when passengers suffers heart attacks or health conditions that require medical attention as detailed earlier with the bus calling an ambulance to its location or even driving to the nearest hospital if this occurs the bus will stop at the nearest stop,at the nearest pavement stop or even make change its schedule to stop at the nearest hospital and once the person is off it will resume its schedule possibly bypassing the original stop to maintain a uniform schedule with this being relayed to the network and all connected smart device or even see if it can use traffic networks to give it right of way to resume normal schedules if is possible with the changes in arrival and departure times relayed instantly to networks and thus smart devices and Helios in all instances of the arrival and departures requires to be changed.Onscreen menus will allow this information to accessed in a wide variety of languages.These maps can also interact with and be streamed onto e-newspapers and other smart devices which relay them the same information such as location and arrival time of each bus individual bus but also it can act as a town,village and city map that can work in the same way a google maps allowing a person to choose a location via touch and get directions via voice commands and visual aids.These smart devices linked to the onboard computer and Helios can also show them on the map and their estimated time of arrival,distance to their chosen/required bus stop destination while on the bus and any other buses or forms of public transport they need to get on streamed from the onboard computer and the wire.The onboard computer will also using an automated intercom alerting passengers to the when they have arrived at each stop and the name of the next stop via alerts in smart devices including glasses and lenses and through a voice.In time when the onboard computers reach and surpass human intelligence they will be able to stream their own personal radio stations and programs with cameras again facing backwards to passengers and in the front of the bus will record live feeds fed into its digital file and Brauron and Helios YouTube account.These maps can also be adapted into airports,train stations and other public transport stations and all would be charged by quantum dot technology and graphene and again streamed.Furthermore wheelchair access should be provided for all buses.Self charging technology ie.graphene sheets and paint,micro motors,solar panels,quantum dot technology,thermo-piezoelectric materials can be integrated to alleviate the need for charging with them having the same features of private vehicles as detailed earlier on.Self healing rubber tyres with graphene integrated into its matrix and graphene paint on the exterior should also be used to prevent ruptures alongside graphene paint and self healing metals in the frame to prevent damage from external forces with graphene also integrated into the windows and windshield for there same reason.Each bus stop will have sensors logging their location into the network managing bus stops with existing bus stops fitted with these in the form of microchips integrated into the bus stop maps or the overhead chargers with bus stop routes,locations and times in all towns,cities and villages decided by community boards with inter city stop times also programmed into the bus network within Hermes by communities and in time managed by Moirai through the mayor AI across a region and country interacting with each other via video conferencing.These buses(and in fact all public vehicles such as taxis etc) will also have the same features of automated private vehicles including nanocameras in the front equipped with the ability to change to IR illuminator,sensors etc as detailed earlier on to ensure safety and also the ability to interact with bicycles and motorbikes.They will also use CSYS lights( and newer technology when they are used up) both in the interior and in headlights which can be replaced by advances in robotics and will only be put on when it is dark using cameras and interacting with weather networks.The amount of time left in the lights in years,months,weeks and days will be relayed and visible within Hermes.When deciding to go somewhere Helios will show on a map what platform to go to to get on a specific bus what the number of the stop and train is and also when on the bus what stop to get off via alerts on the map interacting with Helios or through Helios.All buses can have bioprinted leather and luxury fittings and covered in liquid glass to negate cleaning with the ceiling lights during cleaning times emit narrow range wavelength UV with the liquid glass protecting leather from from UV damage.

SMFIR technology can also be implemented road by road or sections of major roads by advances in automation in major cities ideally in cities,towns and villages though is not ideal for inter city routes with other electric vehicles also using this technology once fitted with the same batteries.Ideally all electric buses like other vehicles both public and private should be fitted with the same quick charging technology under development that as little as 30-90 seconds to charge to make them as speedy as possible with overhead chargers at each stop that could also charge other vehicles.To improve efficiency and prevent traffic problems it is ideal that straddling buses currently being developed in China to be utilised will allow a bus to travel over traffic and also allow them to travel in any direction with and against traffic and carry up to 1,000 passengers at a time.To deal with the drawbacks of the current models of straddling buses it could be composed of graphene to make it more flexible,have it entrenched in its rails using mag lev rail technology as well as its sensors and the Ophion system preventing large vehicles using the same lanes as it.The interior,exterior,seats and glass windows and windshields(both inside and out) can be sprayed with a permanent liquid glass to prevent fogging up and build up of dirt(and the need for washing the exterior with water) with a miniature hoover,cleaner and rubbish bots that enter via wheelchair access ramps servicing it at set periods during the night or week when it is docked for an hour or two at the bus station to also charge meaning most if not all bus routes both inter an in city can all day serve the public 24/7,365 days a year with the exception during storms and other natural disasters with weather networks interacting with them preventing this.Narrow wavelength UV lights on the ceiling of each bus will sterilise them during cleaning time with the possibility of hooverbots in miniature compartments in the bus that is charged by self charging technologies or extracts energy from wireless inductive plates alongside the vehicle with the leather seats covered in liquid glass bend downwards to allow stains to fall to the floor with the liquid glass protecting leather from from UV damage.Ideally each bus both within towns and cities and those that go in between different cities and even countries will be controlled by a single AI that controls all incity and intercity buses that is linked to all bus stations in the country by itself in a fragmented form.If possible buses that serve all in city an in town stops ie only stop at stop within cities will be be controlled by the same AI of the bus station it originated in with cities that have multiple bus stations each have fleets that are controlled by each one.Buses that travel in between different towns,cities etc within a state,county,country or different country will however be controlled by Helios himself.This will remember all passengers.Alternatively the same cleaning methods for public toilets could be applied here when they dock to speed up the process for interior cleaning with the buses roof connecting a water pipe in the station with it then passing through permeable materials that the flooring of the bus is composed of(like carbon composites or those similar to in permeable pavements) or have the floor dented inwards in a slight v-shape to allow gravity to let it pass through a circular grating  and have a grated mesh in the station to allow so it can be collected in the bus station and then treated and reused again again).Otherwise the flooring of the bus station could also be composed of permeable pavement to allow the water to re enter the water table.All of this would apply to inter city buses as well as well as all other public vehicles such as taxis,public vehicles and public human drones.If anything such as traffic,storms or hospital visits started by people onboard interacting with the onboard computer to have it divert to the nearest hospital etc. that interfere with its normal schedule then the bus system will either adjust all future route times accordingly visible in real time within the networks and Helios or it will carry out automated procedures to rectify it such as stopping at certain stops for an extended period of time,skipping stops,sending out another spare bus to carry out the route using a backup bus or one that has not yet been cleaned fully until it has been rectified and normal patterns return with this relayed to the wire and smart devices of passengers with the bus resuming the preset bus routes starting at the earliest route possible.If medical emergencies occur then the bus resume its schedule possibly bypassing the original stop and skip to the next one to maintain a uniform schedule with this being relayed to the network and all connected smart device or even see if it can use traffic networks to give it right of way to resume normal schedules starting with the earliest route if is possible with the changes in arrival time relayed to networks and thus smart devices through Helios instantly.This will be done once a patient has been dropped off at the nearest hospital with it alerting staff and robots as to its shape,colour and size as well as location and once the patient is in the hospital it will continue its renewed schedule.If roads are damaged or cannot be used by floods,natural disasters then they will not function but will be started via audio visual readings from aerial drones or other automated features within Hermes with the general public or the AI mayor that have specific digital keys and biometrics to initiate this within the city AI with this inevitably done by Moirai through the city AI mayor.Any changes in the time of arrival and departure will be constantly relayed both on linked smart devices via Helios and online platforms or ideally a global platform within the sub network that manages all buses world wide with this inevitably managed by the mayor AI when sentient.The bus stations will have their own independent AI personality In charge of it that controls all buses and also receptionist with universal uniforms and touchscreen landline phone with them linked together by the sentient AI Rhodos operating software who was the goddess and personification of the island of Rhodes and wife of Helios with an universal statue of Rhodos in the lobby and the building having his symbol and universal colour with the same on all buses.They will be cleaned by the same method as other buildings with the vehicles repaired in Phaeton repair stations.They will all have luxury fittings especially existing ones such as luxury tiling,bioprinted leather benches and have potted plants and aquariums with the ceiling lights during cleaning times emit narrow range wavelength UV.Roof extensions and in time will be added to allow for luxury lounges to be present where retail outlets are not present.In time to cater to a growing population these will have underground extensions to house underground carparks  for them allowing for more buses to serve the city,town as well as underground and underwater communities.Buses for inter city travel will still exist and will be set up in each state,county,region and country with each major city and town connected by these.The location of bus stations will be visible within a map on Helios and also other ones.

Automated taxis will be run by a system that connects all taxi tanks in a city with each town,city and possibly village worldwide having their own taxi tanks managed by the universal Helios all named after him using a wide range of car designs and colours ranging from coaches for multiple passengers to small one or two seater cars or those that are suited for handicapped individuals as well as flying drones and vehicles chosen by the passenger on the universal sentient app named Helios which can be booked before hand for a set date and time days,weeks or even months ahead by first inputting the city they are in.These will be designed on Selene by the public ordered in by the building they are housed in even before sentient.Coaches like they normally are can be used for inter city travel,travelling to and from airports and they will return to the city they originate from and can be housed in a building for them alongside limos for use in weddings.Versions will exist to house wheelchair users.These destinations on public cars can also be chosen using an onboard system or the universal Helios app(detailed later on)that manages all of their transport on public vehicles and aeroplanes,cruise ships etc.on the devices allowing them to choose a starting point from their current location or in the case of setting up a taxi to arrive at a set point in the near future at a set time with the destination also chosen beforehand in all cases especially pre booked ie. GPS location from where the person is standing with their smart device,location marked on a map using touchscreens,typed in address or again a symbol on a map with the app linking with the chosen car and press a mandatory confirmation button on the app when they have exited the car upon arrival.The app will put one in contact directly with the AI drivers and also AI in charge of the storage buildings.The app will detail where the vehicle is on a map and how far from them in cms,metres,kilometres as well as seconds to hours etc with the taxi deciding to park to the nearest available spot using the Ophion systems and surveillance cameras with the person alerted to its parking location on a map.When a destination is chosen the distance they are from their destination in kilometres,metres,cm and in hours,minutes,seconds will be detailed with their location visible on a GPS map contain the route.The person may choose to rent the vehicle for multiple trips over the course of a day and when they arrive at their destination or when finished with the vehicle they will press a confirm button.They could also rent  it for the day when they need to make numerous stops within the region.They may even be able to rent it for a few days or week or more during the entirety of breaks in each stop as part of road trips while on holiday or visiting friends in nearby towns and as part of road trips with it driving back to its rank when finished with one able to book it beforehand for a couple of days with one selecting the dates they need it for.The passenger using the sentient Helios app will be allowed to select from a wide range of vehicle designs designed and chosen by the city central AI.Direct interaction with the sentient Helios will be able to arrange this more efficiently who can interact directly with the AI of taxi ranks and buildings.These can function 24/7,365 days a year and be used to travel to other cities any where in the country.By allowing one to travel anywhere in city or inter city these would negate the need for most people to use private vehicles especially those in communal homes negating the need for automated multistoriey carparks.All of these will have the Helios symbol on them ideally on bumper or head ornament with them stored in large buildings with underground extensions and multiple floors like automated multistorey indoor carparks devoted entirely to them with these again having the Helios symbol and name on them and will not have a universal colour with these dotted around major cities and at least one in smaller towns.These will have their own independent AI personality and receptionist with universal uniform related to Helios and landline touchscreen phone.All parts of them will have luxury furnishes with roof extensions housing luxury lounges added overtime.These can be in place of existing taxi rank buildings with the outdoor carpark reforested and the building renovated into these multi storey carparks with underground and roof extensions that serve a growing population as well as underground communities.These carparks that could be underground automated ones would serve only these taxis with them having a lobby for people visiting them.The lobby will have seating areas with luxury furnishes.In time to cater to a growing population these will have underground extensions for them allowing for more taxis to serve the city,town as well as underground and underwater communities.Thus taxi rank buildings and those that lend vehicles will have underground carparks to house at least a dozen or hundred vehicles depending on the size of the town and city with these not being conventional taxis but rather working on the same principle of uber where one could rent a vehicle for a single journey,day,week during holidays depending on their needs with them booked beforehand,called to ones location on the spot and also them allowing for travel between in city stops and also nearby towns and cities with them when finished with will drive back to their ranks with all of the taxis,coaches controlled by the AI of the taxi rank they come from.One can arrange to be lent any of the vehicles for short periods of time for in city and inter city journeys for visiting relatives and also for use by tourists visiting the city.For car rental one can book a vehicle beforehand for the time they are in the area,choose from different models such as sports cars and coaches and have arrive at the airport/train station to pick them up and drive to their destination with them stored in underground in extensions to taxi ranks.One would have the digital key for the vehicle for the booked time period.The AI that manages the rank will manages all vehicles in its fleet as the AI on the onboard computer through fragmentation.This AI will have its number linked to the taxi rank and building within Helios and will remember passengers as it will engage in conversations,play songs on stored playlists and from Dionysus and have any radio station etc streamed from Pheme and will be stored in fragmented form on each vehicles onboard computer with the details of each journey sent to its computer in buildings and back to each vehicle to do so with it having its own personality and avatar with the details of each journey sent to its computer in buildings and back to each vehicle to do so with it having its own personality and avatar.An universal statue of Rhodos who was the goddess who was the personification of the island of Rhodes and the wife of Helios the sentient operating software of taxi ranks will be on the lobby of these or outside them with cleaning of these the same as public buildings with the vehicles repaired by using Phaeton repair shops.All taxis can have bioprinted leather and luxury fittings and covered in liquid glass to negate cleaning with the ceiling lights during cleaning times emit narrow range wavelength UV with the liquid glass protecting leather from from UV damage.Existing taxi offices will be refurbished into these Helios stations with luxury fittings in all rooms including the toilets,lobbies and storage areas for vehicles cleaned and covered entirely by liquid glass with the ceiling lights during cleaning times emit narrow range wavelength UV.Excess ones will be turned into homes.The sentient Helios software with all government bodies and corporations for taxis and car renting services will be made defunct by this and their headquarters turned into communal homes.Helios will become the universal luxury taxi//car rental service.

Car sharing:
This can be complimented with public car sharing systems in the form of stackable cars or those that drop off at pre-set charging points in a city decided by a menu of areas chosen via the persons smartphones or e-newspapers interacting with the vehicles onboard computer via Helios visible on a map of the city which can allow for individuals to travel to a collection of set points around the city such as public buildings,historical sites,airports and other amenities.These stackable cars will stop and charge at these set points that have where people can then choose another set point or developments in self charging technologies as detailed earlier on.These would also have the same features as described earlier on as automated private vehicles such as being treated internally with a permanent layer of liquid glass,self healing rubber in tyres and the body having graphene paint on the tyres and body under them to keep them clean and presentable etc.In the case of both Uber-type and public cars information such as estimated of arrival and the cars location on a city map will be relayed to the occupants smart devices.Other small public transport can be suited for wheelchair users or a combination of both wheelchair users and non-users.Each city will have one AI that controls all of these in each city.These will be managed by Helios with one driven to any of the other set points in a city etc.Each city will have at least a dozen set points at key streets that will house them in underground automated carparks that are marked by a pedestal with touchscreen abilities that one calls for a vehicle with them having menus to show where other points are and also how many vehicles are present with the Helios app showing all points in a city they stop at and how many vehicles are present.One when in the vehicle could through Helios stop at any point in them or be driven to a set point and then dropped off and the vehicle stopping at its various points.These will use self charging technologies,Phaeton chargers and chargers at the set points to charge.Since autonomous these vehicles will be called to a persons location

Alongside this are platforms within Euthenia and the digital keys system that will allow people to lend their cars and bicycle to friends and other members of the community when they are not used like say when on holiday with a single global platform within Hephaestus namely Euthenia facilitating this with all vehicles subdivided by type and subtype.This could also apply to yacht,boat and private jet sharing programs that can be integrated into the same global site or platform within Hephaestus.The internet allow people to share these vehicles at certain times of the year they are not using them with the vehicles driving to the person who wishes to uses it either to their home or local pier/boatyard/airport and temporary digital keys given.Motorhomes can also be rented and shared between the global community again via this platform and allow an individual to travel across a country for a set period of time.

Public bikes:
The same can be applied with public bike programs that allow people to travel to key points in the city with google lenses and bikes directing the rider to the location of the nearest bike stop to drop it off when they are finished with their riding that day.Even if they take the bike home with them it will still be beneficial as they can use the bike permanently replacing the need for cars and other vehicles with the stops used to drop off the bicycles when they no longer wish to use it.The bikes can be borrowed for set periods of time.In time if there are no bikes present then the bike stop managed by the city AI will order in new ones as the onboard computer of bikes will log when they are there with the onboard computer reminding the user when to return them.Adoption of walking bicycles for use for in city journeys with google glasses/lenses and Zackees gloves interacting with automated vehicles surrounding the biker using microchips embedded in small touchscreen between the handle bar(acting as an onboard computer) that can allow for access to the internet and wire with voice control features and interact with traffic systems and thus all automated vehicles will greatly improve safety.The availability of bikes at each stop in a city or town can be viewed in Helios to allow people to plan ahead with each bike when docked the stop sending the amount of bikes docked at each spot.Audio visual cues in smart lenses,glasses,devices and wireless earphones will guide them to the destination they have chosen.Bicycles can be made locally from bamboo and hempcrete alleviating strains on mining sourced from local vertical farms and have graphene paint and then liquid glass on them to make them unbreakable and permanently clean.All public bikes and their stops will have the Helios symbol on them and will be visible in map within Helios and also other ones.Having more cycling paths and even aerial ones will improve the amount of space for cyclists to go on with these even on all roads.

The exterior and interior of trains will be covered in a layer of graphene paint and liquid glass to prevent rust,corrosion and allow rainwater and wind as it moves remove stains with these applied once they have been cleaned with the graphene paint also making it more resistant to damage if any accidents occur.Seats should ideally be made of bioprinted leather not only for comfort but also ease of cleaning with liquid glass protecting them from UV treatments.All trains can have bioprinted leather and luxury fittings and covered in liquid glass to negate cleaning with the ceiling lights during cleaning times emit narrow range wavelength UV with the liquid glass protecting leather from from UV damage.Like buses one can use Helios to determine what train to get on,the platform and then the estimated time in arrival and its distance in real time in seconds to hours as well as metres to kilometres with this applying to ones destination with this also applying to subways and also what stop to get off via messages with ones location on the map relayed on a map of the train station system.Cleaning will follow the same pattern as aeroplanes.Biosynth routers the size of system units etc will be present in each pod,suite etc to provide constant wifi,Bluetooth and cellular access of at least 1,000-10,000Mbps.

Carparks for hyperloop train stations will be dug up and reforested with automated multistorey ones next to them used instead managed by the train AI or the carparks can be covered up with permeable pavement.Ideally since vehicles will become automated carparks will be negated by the fact that one could once they drive their for long journeys they will have their vehicle return home and when they return have their vehicle return by itself using the Home AI app locate them or they could have the vehicle park in in city carparks and also by the side of the street or even use Uber taxis both of which can allow one to travel back and forth with other means of public transport used alongside walking which can allow for carparks to be reforested and covered in grass or flowers.Any buildings used for retail and obsolete functions in outside train stations will be torn down and reforested with the ticket booth remaining for the station AI and receptionists.Ticket booths will also be removed eventually as one would preorder tickets beforehand via Helios app.The train station including existing ones will have inside the receptionists,servers and also a stairwell and elevators leading to underground sections to enter the mag lev trains trains with two tracked stations have new or existing bridges used to reach the other side to enter the second train with the building having luxury refurbishments while bridges at train stations recycled since the overground track will be moved underground and covered with asphalt or grass.The underground sections will contain sizeable gates and also luxury lounges including those in small towns that will also house stairwells or passages that lead to underground communities thus allowing each train stop and thus hyperloop system to serve underground stops and overground ones at the same point.Each A to B line or loop will have a statue of Oceanus the sentient operating software in the underground gates.Each train station will be managed by its own AI with its own avatar,personality and name with them having their own receptionists.Each individual train or pod will have their own Ai in charge of them with if possible Oceanus himself in charge of them.The estimated and changed time of arrival and distance of ones chosen train will be relayed to ones Helios app.The old trains and train tracks made obsolete by these technologies will be recycled and the land taken up by them reforested.Retail centres whose items will be sent to community centres or taken in by the public for free etc here will be replaced with luxury lounges with televisions etc when merged together.These lounges will house luxury furniture,serve luxury food 24/7,365 days a year via automated kitchens with biosynth WiFi and cellular devices dotted around the train station.All tiling in all stations including underground ones will have luxury fittings with bioprinted leather chairs,benches and even ornamental or precious gem tables and tiling or those made of synthetic woods undergoing kebonisation with the lounges and fittings being unique to each station.Cheap tiling on walls,ceilings and floors can be replaced with synthetic precious gems,ornamental rocks or even kebonised synthetic woods and have lounges that have luxury furniture covered in liquid glass with the ceiling lights during cleaning times emit narrow range wavelength UV with the liquid glass protecting leather from from UV damage.Toilets can also have luxury furnishes too.Seats in lounges and all parts of the train stations will be composed of bioprinted leather.All furniture and tiling etc will be coated in a permenant layer of liquid glass to make it easier for hooberbots to clean them.Turnstiles that require card payment will removed entirely alongside the machines,ticket booths,information booths,those that sell tickets,bureau du change machines and booths etc and to provide security sensor terminals that will detect chips in weapons and also detect gases and residues synonymous of explosives and would be placed in place of turnstiles or at the entrance of train stations.New developments have allowed for doors which sucks in air from each person that passes through it and detects any explosives or contraband narcotics in their body again fitted with turnstiles these alongside sensor terminals fitted with silicon nanowires can integrated into the front door of the airports to prevent explosives entering the airport in the first place and at these gates entering the various sections of the airports.These doors can have biosynth technology and hyperspectral imaging cameras integrated to instantly detect explosives and drugs etc and thus allow turnstiles to be initiated.Sensor terminals composed of biosynth nanosensors snd nanomaterial of all 94 elements including silicon nanowires and fitted with microchips to detect microchips in weapons will be by the entrance and key parts of the ship itself and seaport.Cameras linked to the global surveillance systems will be at key points.All walls,ceilings and flooring in the subways/train stations will also be coated with a permanent layer of liquid glass with a layer of anti-graffiti nano coating ontop of that to prevent vandalism and damage as well as to make robotic cleaning easier and require little to no water with cleaning by hooverbots made easier.Even the walls and ceilings of the tunnels as well as the flooring of these and the train tracks can be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass once cleaned by miniature robots with other variants of these used to apply the nano covering to prevent them getting dirty.This would be of note of the train tracks that can also be treated by graphene paint prior to having liquid glass applied to make them rust free and indestructible with any bridges in outdoor trains covered in graphene paint and then liquid glass to prevent corrosion and build up of dirt.Pneumatic waste bins can also be put here to replace bins allowing rubbish to be sent directly to relevant waste plants or even skips outside theat will be collected routinely when full.Steps should be complimented with elevators to make it easier for them to travel to the surface and prevent humans including the elderly and those that are drunk from falling and injuring themselves with them also giving those in wheelchairs access to the lower levels with wheelchairs will be given access to newer models of trains.They be incorporated for the same reasons and alleviate traffic of humans in the station.Toilets will be cleaned the same as detailed earlier on.Cheap tiling on walls and floors can be replaced step by step by slabs of synthetic diamond,rubies,minerals,synthetic kebonised wood etc to make them more luxurious with toilets also undergoing luxury refurbishments with these covered in liquid glass to prevent graffiti and dirt building up and water building up.Even toilets will be given luxury refurbishments with cheap doors made of kebonised wood,lids and seats and toilets and urinals themselves made of this or luxury materials with sinks and tiling here the same with all surfaces covered in liquid glass to make it easier for robots to clean them routinely.Biosynths and robots will be managed by the AI of the train stations and will clean them at regular times.Booths that are used to buy tickets etc can have holographic receptionists each with their own independent AI to provide information 24/7,365 days a year.E-newspapers will work and interact with train stations and trains in the same way as buses and bus stops with the same information and features meaning tickets will not be used with the city AI relaying to the users smart devices with maps how many people are onboard via sensors and cameras onboard on both ends of each carriage similar to buses with any structures that houses timetables or protect people from the rain will have the same features and protections as bus stops.Timetables and also bulky terminals that relay schedules will be recycled and then replaced by ones Helios app.Stations will be dotted hydroponic trees that house exotic flowers or even native ones dotted around that provide scent,colour that are maintained by specialised robots that would water and fertilise them by interacting with microchips and sensors in the pot detailing when they were last fertilised and watered as well as measuring nutrient and water levels to ensure they don’t die.These and all robots can reside in compartments within walls where wireless induction plates will routinely charge them.Any buildings in outdoor train stations where one would buy tickets can be demolished and reforested with ornamental plants/flowers or trees with seats covered in liquid glass.Buildings and retail outlets in surface outside train stations can be torn down and reforested alongside carparks.E-tickets can be ordered via Helios remotely or in site with also apply to trams and systems similar to the Luas moved underground.Interactions between the onboard computer on the train and smart devices will alert people as to their exact location on town,village,city maps as well as updating them on the estimated time of arrival alongside timetables.Diagnostics of the train and all robots inside will take place periodically at set times and will relay these results to the trains station AI during its brief periods of stopping.Their speed and the fact that they will rarely if ever break down will allow for more routes and trains to these routes to take place 24/7,365 days a year except due to blackouts and natural with the same time and route corrective steps taken as with buses managed by Tyche visible in Hermes and Helios.Robots can be designed that are alerted to any breakdowns signalled by alerts and distress beacons sent to the train stations where these robots are held(also alerting the train network to postpone other trains).Interactions between the train station AI,the city AI and all trains in the system will control speeds or stop trains to prevent accidents like two trains colliding into one another from behind should breakdowns o premature stops occur or sewage needs to be removed.These robots may be able to get on the track and move to the location of a breakdown.These trains will have onboard computers allowing passengers to stream the internet and wire especially for long journeys and all new and existing trains will be automated with them alerting passengers to each stop.Dionysus will be streamed by them to play music or Pheme for radio streams of the city or countries main stations.The trains interior an exterior will coated with graphene paint then a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent rust,corrosion and also make then resistant to damage should accidents occur.Sterilising sweeps using narrow range wavelength wavelengths of UV light will be done in subways with the tunnels ceilings fitted with these to kill microbes but not damage human skin with them also in the ceilings of stations to sterilise them instantly at once negating the need to use robots that can be slowed down by human traffic.Underground cities will be connected to them via elevators and stairwells with in time as stated above subway hyperloop systems built underneath them to cater to a growing population as well as underground communities beneath and connected to them.Train stations will undergo the same refurbishment.As detailed earlier on fully functioning train stations and subway system through having underground gates to underground hyperloop systems accessed by stairs and elevators,internal hallways within the tunnels and mag lev pods can act as communal hotel style homes with jacquizzis and pools etc in the main stations while the underground gates serve as as commercial stations once renovated with luxury fittings.Train stations both abandoned and fully functioning ones would also undergo this with the communal lobby acting as a lobby with stairs to the underground gates and the rooms on the upper floors renovated into hotel style suites as detailed earlier.New train stations and subways will follow this pattern with existing subways and train stations ones remodelled to this with stairwells inside and outside the main building with the statue inside and those that have bridges going over the tracks to where one would have to gain access to trains on the other side will have the bridge removed,recycled and the area of track on the grounds of the station reforested alongside the rest of the track once the track is recycled to allow for stairs going downstairs on the other side and thus on both sides.Mag lev cable cars pods consisting of a mixture of Skytrans and Smart Mass Transit can be integrated into cities to serve streets near the ground as well as up higher connecting the roofs of buildings containing gardens and other features.They would also stop at key points of the city.These would stop at terminals with two stairs one for passengers going down and another for passengers entering and would allow a person in them to travel to a stop decided by them via smart devices interacting via the wire or touchscreen pedestals.Smart devices using Helios would also call them when at the top of the stairs of the terminals.A separate track in the sky can connect the roofs or upper floors of high rise buildings.These mag lev cable cars will in time with enhanced automation and robotics replace older conventional cable cars that connect small islands to the mainland ie.Dursey Island etc. as well cable cars and ski lifts in ski resorts since they will be much more secure,safer and faster.Further advances may also facilitate inter city travel and tracks that travel across steel bridges underneath or at the side.Exterior mag lev elevators will allow easy access from the ground to the roof or different floors of large high rise buildings.They will be incorporated into future buildings and in time in the case of exterior and interior elevators with advances in robotics and automation replace conventional elevators in the inside of existing buildings allowing access to the upper floors and this upper level mag lev pod system with existing buildings also having these incorporated on the exterior with doors built into window facades of skyscrapers.Exterior mag lev elevators will also be added to all buildings for extra passage with these also alleviating strains on stairwells and replace interior elevators with the space taken up by them turned into other spaces.In time transporter technology can replace mag lev elevators.These and the rails will be coated internally by liquid glass to prevent dirt and ice affecting with more advanced versions overtime.Each track or even train station will have its own AI and receptionists both with their own personality,avatar and legal name with them managed by Oceanus with an universal statue of Oceanus present in all of them.In tightly packed districts walkways can be added to smaller buildings connected to each other with rails for safety.These skytrans pods will be added to closely linked buildings as well allowing them to be used to connect closely knit buildings.They will have the maximum weight limit detailed on the pedestals and screens that call them with the weight of all passengers detailed and measured using the universal colour coded system in relation to their maximum carrying capacity on smart devices and onboard computer and if it is exceeding its maximum carrying capacity will alert people to take another ride later on.Onboard computers will also show them on a map and how long in hours or minutes and seconds it will take to arrive at the destination and the length in kilometre and metres and centimetres with this also detailed in pedestals and devices that call them to when they arrive at that pedestal.Windshields will have graphene in its matrix to prevent birdstrikes and also allow augmented reality.

The Urban Light Transit systems developed at Heathrow airport can be integrated into cities going above and underground and serve many areas primarily creating a loop connecting key areas of the cities with hospitals and airports and can be called to an area via touchscreens and can utilise mag lev technology to allow for higher speeds and better energy efficiency.All of these would have the interior and exterior including the exterior and interior of windows covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning with graphene paint on the exterior under liquid glass to generate extra electricity and prevent rust and corrosion as well as increase its strength against external damage with graphene integrated into the window for the same reason with a coating of nano anti graffiti material also present.The tracks for all of these will also be coated in permanent layers of both graphene paint and then liquid glass to again increase its strength against external forces,make it rust free,free from wear and tear as well to prevent dirt and ice getting lodged in the tracks that could damage it and the vehicle they support.They would have the same lane switching systems as seen in terrestrial trains to get to numerous stops.They train track and even pods themselves can be covered with metamaterials to make them invisible should they become an eyesore with pods also having this features turn this feature off when they are arriving at stations.Ideally the pedestal to call these will be ontop of a slopped platform to prevent collisions with passengers as it will turn off the metamaterials when it approaches the stop.They will have the maximum weight limit detailed on the pedestals and screens that call them with the weight of all passengers detailed and measured using the universal colour coded system in relation to their maximum carrying capacity on smart devices and onboard computer and if it is exceeding its maximum carrying capacity will alert people to take another ride later on.Onboard computers will also show them on a map and how long in hours or minutes and seconds it will take to arrive at the destination and the length in kilometre and metres and centimetres with this also detailed in pedestals and devices that call them to when they arrive at that pedestal.Windshields will have graphene integrated into them to allow for extra strength against debris and they will have sensors that repel birds similar to those on VAWTs,HAWTs and at airports to prevent birdstrikes.If a person has an emergency they will be directed to the nearest stop to hospital similar to how it will be automatically done in both public and private vehicles as mentioned earlier with them also calling an ambulance to that stop.It will also apply to mag lev and subway trains which will stop at the nearest stop and then automatically call an ambulance when said individual is off the vehicle with onboard touchscreen computers on them to allow passengers to initiate this if no smart clothing is available.If someone initiates an alarm for ambulances using emergency app with while on the train the onboard computer will then initiate the aforementioned procedure.

Electric,hybrid or gasoline powered ferry systems for in city,inter city and even intercontinental travel can be developed for all towns,cities by the ocean and even rivers that can allow one to travel to different points in the city,other cities nearby as well as nearby islands.These can be small or large ones for just people as well as even those large enough to hold at least several dozen vehicles.Those carrying vehicles would interact with the onboard computer of the passengers vehicles.These would stop at key points with a building with a Helios statue,receptionist and AI each with an independent personality and avatar etc with each ferry having the Helios symbol on them and also individual personality etc

Roads in wilderness areas and protected areas like by Stonehenge,Nazca lines etc will be replaced with underground ones and reforested with as detailed earlier and later on them even in place outside of towns,villages and cities with them popping up on the outskirts to allow them to be reforested.They could also go underneath lakes,rivers and bypass existing roads with these underground roads going underneath wilderness,rivers,mountains,towns,cities etc making the journey shorter by skipping large portions of the original route couldnt go and allowing roads to be dug up and reforested on the outskirts of towns,villages and cities to be reforested and some left as walking dirt paths for hikers and cyclists considering land surrounding cities etc will be reforested as well.It will allow dangerous roads on mountain and hillsides and those in rural areas that can only house one vehicle to be reforested and bypassed again going in a straight line.Most if the original roads will be reforested completely after being dug up with some as decided by AI turned into hiking paths for humans and cyclists especially those in reforested land.This pattern will apply to other colonies across the galaxy and will also allow them to serve underground communities.Highways that involve roads above other roads will be demolished once these are moved underground.Most roads and roundabouts will be reforested with main roads decided by AI made into dirt hiking tracks to prevent islandisation with underground automated carparks by homes both private and communal,public areas and hiking areas allowing one access to the surface by stairwells that lead to small buildings that house lounges.Access to these to these underground roads for people in cars that have accidents to and from the surface will be via stairwells dotted around the place in small buildings housing lounges with them having possibly walking and cycling lanes separated by a border to allow people to use them underground without fear of being hit by a vehicle with them serving underground communities that also have stairwells leading down to them.Watertight doors can also be present that can be closed during flash floods and tsunamais with porous tarmac present that allows rainwater etc pass through to groundwater,preventing floods and them also self healing variants.Storm drains and pipes that lead to flood tunnels can be present.Buildings in towns and cities whether private and communal homes,public buildings etc will have underground carparks for them that lead to the home via doors to basements and stairwells and even to underground communities again via stairwells with public underground carparks underneath parks,communal homes and public multistorey carparks and underground communities.With regards to small towns and if possible cities this system of underground carparks and garages used with the possibility of all roads on the surface within the city limits reforested with grass,porous pavements or lined trees improving the safety of pedestrians with them acting as dirt tracks similar to those in forests and cater to only pedestrians and cyclists.Having roads outside cities,towns and villages and wilderness dug up and reforested worldwide and some left into dirt tracks and replaced by underground roads will allow hikers and cyclists to use them in a safe manner as only they will be present on them and retain natural beauty,not encroach on nature and allow vehicles to bypass current overground roads and then make journeys shorter as they will go under wilderness and also lakes,rivers,mountains etc with since underground the majority of the journey would be a straight line limiting turns making it easier for satellite,wifi and sensor controlled autonomous vehicles to navigate them with graphene in the windows or VR simulations in neural implants or google glasses projecting the original view to passengers.Power to them can come from via carbon neutral thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes and trigeneration systems powering biosynth wifi,coolant systems,lights and energy to wireless chargers and Phaeton charging stations dotted around them with lights even negated by either biolumescent moss that is given sunlight via it extending to the entrance and even Ophion controlling via satellite saving on wiring.The moss would also separate carbon dioxide into oxygen alongside biosynth nanomaterials that do so passively in the presence of carbon dioxide.Pipes dotted around at the surface that face downwards at a slant that prevent rainwater,floodwater and snow entering can provide oxygen and cool air with these at the buildings dotted around containing stairs and lounges.This will also allow them to serve underground communities that are built around them at the same time with borers creating new roads with areas shut off during flash floods,storms and tsunamais.This will negate countermeasures to deal with snowy and rainy weather and vehicles avoiding animals,cyclists and pedestrians with them having permeable pavement and storm drains to drain water that seeps in with them cut off during flash floods via watertight doors and the water redirected into groundwater via automated and passive processes.The roads on the surface can be dug up,most reforested and others replaced with dirt tracks for hikers especially since the land surrounding and within cities and towns is going to be reforested.Access to these to this from the surface will be via stairwells dotted around the place.The digging up of roads,moving them underground that go in a straight line and bypass the original route making it shorter and replacing them with hiking footpaths will be done to prevent the newly reforested areas suffering from islandisation and roadkill with homes dotted along the roads will have underground carparks added that allow one to enter these underground roads directly or through a separate underground road that leads to other undergrounds roads with the hedges that separate fields with roads torn down as well.All surface roads replaced by underground roads will have the tarmac etc dug up and most will be reforested with some turned into hiking paths in reforested areas with these hiking paths composed of dirt tracks that are like normal dirt tracks in forests,national parks opened to the public for hiking that not only go through reforested areas turned into woods,forests and meadows etc but also connect different towns,villages and cities together like the normal original roads for both walking pedestrians and cyclists rather than autonomous vehicles to prevent islandisation,roadkill,urban heat effect and water to enter the groundwater.Pan etc will plan the layout of these new hiking paths that pass through reforested wilderness but also connect towns,cities and villages with him and Tyche and governor AIs planning the location and journey of underground roads.Remaining roads worldwide in cities,towns etc will be step by step replaced with self healing porous asphalt by automation which will repair themselves limiting potholes while they will allow rainwater to pass through preventing flooding and replenish groundwater with future potholes detected by drones routinely circumnavigating them and marking their GPS location with cameras on automated vehicles doing this as well and repaired by existing robots designed to do this.This will be done only when AI can determine if it is feasible by 2045 onwards and a advanced enough to have all work done worldwide by robots etc.AI and biosynths with it planning out the layout of underground roads and hiking paths worldwide with it ensuring it doesn’t interfere with Oceanus with it developing countermeasures to all possible problems.These flying private vehicles,flying buses and flying taxis etc with once ubiquitous flying vehicles will allow all underground roads and highways to have tarmac dug up and filled in with soil and rock with all roads and highways outside of villages,towns and cities dug up and reforested with a few going through wilderness areas,national parks and even those connecting different cities,towns and villages together will be turned into hiking dirt tracks and paths.Thus even major roads that connect villages,towns and cities around the world will be dug up the tarmac recycled and turned into dirt hiking paths as only pedestrians,hikers and cyclists will be using them with them turned into hiking paths since no vehicles will be using them to allow water to return to them and them maintained by drones routinely scanning them to ensure they stay safe.Only major roads will be converted into hiking paths with minor roads,bypasses etc dug up and reforested with those with roundabouts and dual highways and those with multiple levels above other roads demolished completely and reforested with their being singular hiking paths in between each major city,town,village etc.Roads within cities,towns and villages will no longer be used for parking and driving with flying vehicles parking at home on the homes ground and with regards to communal homes and mega hotels in city and town centres will utilise automated public multi-storey carparks.Communal homes and mega hotels can house through roof extensions one floor on them or a small area on the side or even an elevator on the kerb of the building that existing conventional vehicles park that leads to the entrance of a device large enough for flying vehicles to pass through.When one drives into town to visit public amenities,restaurants,bars and nightclubs one can be dropped off and their flying vehicles returning home and for return journeys one can through their Home AI on smartphones call their flying vehicle to their location to be driven back with this also availible with terrestrial based automated vehicles by 2029 prior to the development of flying vehicles.One can have their vehicle pick them up on the grounds of the public building in nearby fields and wilderness areas,public streets and plazas,on the roofs of public buildings and communal homes etc and on roads turned into hiking paths etc.Since all roads within cities,villages and towns may no longer be used by terrestrial vehicles they can be replaced with dirt tracks or porous permeable tarmac or pavement that allows rainwater to pass through to groundwater with them used for pedrestrians and cyclists that will allow for people to walk from one place in a city to another with them similar to public streets and plazas allowing hundreds of people to walk in any direction or in organised rows in both directions without traffic lights,without the need to look for traffic in both directions since all vehicles will be flying ones.The use of flying private vehicles and public transport will mean most of not all in city,in town and in village journeys will be done by walking with journeys to homes on the outskirts and also nearby villages,towns and cities also done on foot.This will be done to reduce energy expenditure and use for 90% of ones journeys,for health reasons for more exercise etc.Between 2045-2100 flying cars and flying taxis,buses etc that use devices that generate a field of altered physics for lift off will render all roads obsolete including underground ones and those within towns and cities that can be dug up,reforested and filled in.Thus once flying vehicles are perfected all underground roads will be refilled with soil and rocks with it eliminating the use of terrestrial roads on the surface.At the same time 90-95% of all roads worldwide will have the tarmac dug up and reforested with hedges and stone walls separating them from reforested land broken down as well to connect them back with the reforested meadows,grasslands and forests to prevent islandisation.These will be primarily highways,bypasses and excess roads.The remaining roads that connect homes in suburbs and outskirts of towns,villages and cities that connect them to both their neighbours homes and also to neighbouring towns,villages and cities and connect all towns,villages and cities together will have tarmac dug up and turned it dirt track hiking roads present in wilderness areas to allow rainwater in and prevent islandisation and flooding.These will be used by only hikers,pedestrians,motorbikes and cyclists and will be much narrower enough to house two way traffic and will be used for hiking and travelling to and between towns,villages and cities in ones country by foot,motorbikes and by cycling and possibly motorbikes.AI will decide which roads to reforest and which to turn into dirt tracks and if need be add extra dirt track roads to ensure all cities,towns and villages in a county,state and country are connected to each other by these dirt track roads giving people the option to travel to any city,town and village on foot,motorbikes or by bicycles.All speed signs and traffic lights will be recycled with signs giving directions replaced with graphene ones that show proper direction based on the remaining and newly added roads.If possible all stone walls and hedges will be removed to allow ease of passage into reforested meadows,grasslands and forests etc.Roads within all towns,villages and cities will be again have tarmac dug up and made narrower if possible but replaced by porous self healing tarmac,concrete and asphalt allowing rainwater through to groundwater and prevent flooding and provide strength with these used by again only pedrestrians,motorbikes and cyclists with traffic lights and speeds signs removed and recycled since no terrestrial vehicles will exist with them used in the same way as pedestrian streets,pedrestrians zones,pedrestrian malls within cities that are streets and roads as well as public squares and plazas where vehicles are prohibited and where the public can walk freely in any direction alongside cyclists and motorbikes.AI,robotics and biosynths by 2045 onwards will be advanced enough to dig up all roads,reforested them,turn them into dirt tracks and replace in city ones with porous concrete and tarmac with zero human labour bringing costs to zero.All future colonies across the universe including Mars,Venus and other terraformed planets,uninhabited planets,those inhabited by alien races including their homeworld and also artificial planets,ring worlds,alderson discs etc will utilise this system of having neighbouring homes etc connected to each other and neighbouring towns,villages and cities and all towns,villages and cities connected to each other by dirt track roads used for hiking,walking,cycling and motorbikes and roads within towns,villages and cities using porous asphalt,tarmac and concrete covered roads used by pedrestrians,cyclists and motorbikes rather than having too many roads or even having underground roads once flying and interstellar vehicles become ubiquitous.Once perfected it could allow billions or even trillions of vehicles to fly in the air anywhere between 1-10km above ground leaving kilometres of open sky between vehicles with Ophion managing traffic in an efficient way to prevent accidents and still leave skies open with highways formed in the sky for the majority of journeys other them bypassed for shortcuts with all vehicles still travelling at speeds between 200-500kmh sky highways with this allow vehicles to bypass routes taken by normal vehicles over wilderness,cities and even oceans with the fast speeds compared to terrestrial vehicles that can legally only go between 30-100kmph depending on the road cutting down on journey times even further.These highways in the sky can be orderly ones that are in multiple layers going in opposite directions as stated go over wilderness,urban areas and even oceans with them going at level just above trees,mountains and buildings up to 10km with them allowing speeds of up to 200-500km with in emergencies and for ambulances vehicles can bypass them skipping entire sections of them.Ophion will manage the structure of these and all traffic of flying vehicles on a global scale.Existing models of flying cars such as the Aeromobil series 3.0 and 4.0 etc are proto hybrid versions that use rotor blades and retractable aeroplane wings that can go in between 200-300kmph that can although need roads to land on can bypass large amounts of roads outside of and in urban areas as they fly above ground high enough as cesnas etc thus allowing them to reduce traffic in normal and underground roads by bypassing them.Fully formed versions should not require wings,rotor blades but rather use dimensional fields of altered physics created by devices in them to lift off and levitate etc.Public transport versions such as buses and taxis and rented coaches etc as well as ambulances,police vehicles variations can be developed.Flying versions of ambulances,delivery vehicles for restaurants,vertical farms and factories etc will exist and will park on the grounds of private homes and roofs etc of communal homes etc.In time flying vehicles will be replaced by those that are capable of interstellar travel and travel between colonies within a solar system with their being versions of these that are private vehicles,taxis and buses alongside scramjets,cruise ships will use ship generated wormholes,Erebus and hyoerspace to travel between colonies and solar systems and eventually between galaxies with these interstellar vehicles capable or re entry into the atmosphere of Earth,Venus and other planets without burning up by slowing down or being composed of graphene to allow them withstand the immense speeds of reentry.Their will be highways for these in between colonies in a solar system and in hyperspace,wormholes and Erebus with these used for both interstellar journeys but also double as flying vehicles on Earth and other planets.All traffic for all flying and interstellar vehicles on Earth,Mars,Venus,all colonies including alderson discs,ring worlds and terra formed and colonised planets across the universe and in between them will be controlled by Ophion.

Helios will be the universal sentient app that manages all travel for everyone on public buses,taxis/coaches,cruise ships and also Oceanus and aeroplanes.He will arrange all aspects of travel for all passengers for each journey and since sentient and serving billions in a fragmented and online form will manage efficient flow for everyone.With regards to travel using Oceanus,Eos,Amphitrite and Erebus he will arrange the best combination of these and also any taxis and coaches for the passenger as well as booking of lounges.One will book flights,cruise ships,Oceanus trips and also taxis and coaches on it and in time interstellar travel of all types with it also showing timetables for all train and bus journeys worldwide and cruise ship and aeroplane journeys worldwide and eventually galaxy.He will detail what flight one is meant to get on,what time they will leave ideally,where to deposit luggage and when and the weight of it,what gates to travel to and also directions to it via a map,the time the flight leaves,what seat to get to,what hand luggage they can bring and where to put it,which belt their luggage will arrive at,bring up maps of the airport,arrange taxis and also coaches beforehand when they arrive at destination and also those used during the entirety of the holiday and also when the coach transporting them to the airport at the end of the holiday will arrive and arranging it to.For cruise ships he will detail this and where ones cabin is and where ones suite and seat is in Oceanus and Eos etc.With regards to Oceanus he will arrange which trains to get one to travel to any location around the world by getting on and off them and also arrange journeys that involve both Oceanus and Eos as well as Erebus and even interstellar travel.In trains,aeroplanes and cruise ships and taxis etc he will allow one direct contact with the steward and pilot AI and stream safety videos etc via links to their onboard computers and stream the vehicles GPS location etc,stream menus on its onboard computer,call stewards and be able to stream any information the passenger requests.For buses he will detail which bus to get on,where the bus stop is on Brauron and any alterations to schedule due to the bus being delayed changed immediately with this applied to all schedules.In all vehicles not only will the vehicles GPS location will be relayed but also how far the vehicle is from arriving to them and also how long left in the journey is in distance and time kilometres and hours.All schedules for all buses and trains worldwide will be listed here with him linked to all bus and train stations due to him being their operating software with changes due to delays relayed instantly since it will be linked to the onboard computers of buses etc.This app will allow one to book automated taxis,coaches etc around the world on the spot or even days,weeks and months beforehand with one arranging the time to be picked up and destination with the address and GPS location of where to be picked up denoted in a map via linking with Brauron or during booking by being linked to taxi ranks due to him being their operating software.One can during booking etc be in direct interaction with Helios and the AI in charge of taxi ranks,bus stations etc.He will also be linked to and interact with their Home AI to arrange for their vehicle to pick them up at the time they arrive and interact with Euthenia to arrange accommodation with all tickets,boarding passes and more importantly ones passports will be stored here in electronic form in him to prevent them getting lost and allowing them to be read electronically and wirelessly via interactions with pedastals,onboard computers etc.One will book taxis,aeroplanes,trains,cruise ships etc here and it will show schedules of all trains and buses worldwide with changes related in real time with this replacing all online sites that do this with booking done via interacting directly with Helios and AIs of taxis,cruise ships etc.In short all aspects of holidays and travel will be arranged by him with each citizen having accounts for him.As stared all aspects of travel will be organised by him with him even for in city and intercity trips and inter country trips that requires one to use multiple modes of transport ie buses,taxis,Oceanus etc he will be able to plan out each persons journey days,weeks,months ahead with the exact time one must take or book each mode of transport and make alterations in real time due to delays with this even done on the spot with it linked to Brauron in the app or in linked smart devices can show where they need to go on a map of a city etc.He will log all of ones journeys on all types of vehicles on local to global scales over days to centuries and perform studies on this on all demographics.

City maps and google maps will be replaced by Brauron that will show one an entire map of the city or town they are in with this requiring only momentarily cellular access to the wire to have ones location set and then can work offline using satellites or even public wifi or that generated by the devices themselves.This will show ones location and one will be able to plan a journey to one or multiple stops along the way and ones location and route constantly relayed even when offline or using wifi generated by ones device.This will show all areas of a town or city as legends such as famous places,public phones,bus stops and one can view it as a photogrammetric map,satellite one etc with all traffic of vehicles also present due to it being linked to Helios and Ophion and even state of traffic lights and their countdown with one alerted to where safe crossways are and when the best time to cross the road is.Ones direction will be altered in real time and ones location will be relayed and also interacting with Helios told what bus stop,train station,train number and line etc to reach and when with buses,trains,taxis etc location,distance in time and kilometres etc in real time with alterations relayed instantly.This will replace traditional maps and even google maps and can be viewed on smartphones,google glasses and contact lenses and e-newspapers.This will be the universal app Brauron manged by the sentient Iphigenia and will be streamed by ones Helios app for certain situations.