Setting up Demeter & New Farms

All food and drinks in supermarkets,hypermakets,off licences,small food retail outlets including butchers,fishmarkets,convenience stores including petrol stations and specialty shops(ie muffin,chocolate,sweets,off licenses,street markets,bakeries,cake shops)as well as online retail sites would be cleared by the public on a first come first serve basis without paying for them in a series of waves using second vehicles,vans and trailers thus allowing the locale especially the poor to stock up on food and store them in spare rooms as well as in fridges and freezers in these buildings also taken in by the public in private homes as well as the storerooms and private rooms of communal homes,ordered in online or from retail stores,stored in community centres in fridges and freezers and ordered in with community centres also aiding in this with food shared by the community again on first come first serve basis.Even pet food and pet products will be dispensed this way with locales filming the shops before,during and after clearances for those working on Restoration Nation.Pet food and accessories will also taken with owners stocking up on their pets food for at least a years supply and future pet food created and grown at home with education from the internet on what to and not feed them.Pet food,snacks and baby food and formula will continue to be bought online or dumped in convenience stores until homeowners become self sufficient via homemade versions and those in Deipneus with in time the factories that produce these and toys for them etc turned into homes.People will travel to towns and cities across their country or indeed the world to stock up on food and even seeds dumped into them to make them self sufficient with these clearences starting in 2020/2021 taking place around the world with shops placing signs to denote this.People may have to go to multiple stores and travel to other towns and cities to get food others didnt in waves and food tours with them also stocking up on manufactured goods.Those in abandoned buildings and towns such as those surrounding Chernobyl and Fukushima will be pyrolysised once packaging is removed and recycled done by workers engineered to be resistant to radiation using recombinant DNA from T.gammatolerans etc.Fridges and freezers from these super and hypermarkets as well as those in retail stores not taken in by the public and old ones not wanted by the public will also be in these community centres to store food,with extra ones in private and communal homes used to store extra food until the areas become self sufficient at which point they will be sent to communal homes and private homes by picking them in person or Euthenia,distribution centres or recycled with them scanned in Antiklythera.The same would go for stands in super and hyper markets scanned into Epeius.People could also take in excess fridges and freezers from retail outlets and then keep them until their area is self sufficient at which point they can be traded on Euthenia,recycled,put into community centres to store food,be picked up by others in person or sent to distribution centres.Those moving into hotels will store food in the freezers and storerooms etc in hotels etc.They would use their own bags,boxes and luggage bags or even rubbish bags with for life bags still dispensed by the shops for free with them even using vans and second vehicles to stock up.The same can be done for those in airports,train stations and hotels with online retail sites delivery food by humans paid by their employers and the government but not their customers or autonomous vehicles until defunct.Those extra ones in homes and community centres can remain their indefinitely or in time will be recycled once communities are self sufficient.Large cities will choose which skyscrapers will become community centres from the get go with small towns having community halls have extensions and new buildings set up for these from the get go with these storing excess manufactured goods as well as miniaturised automated machinery for creating food products such as bread,cereals to cut down on human labour in making them and will eventually by 2029 will be set up and formed as normal layouts.Food in storerooms will be stocked onto emptying shelves and on extra stands etc until emptied with the fridges,freezers sent to local community centres,traded on Euthenia or sent to local communal homes and kept in storerooms for those that will move into them.Those in airports,seaports,amenities of all types,corporate headquarters etc will be open to people coming from their destination off a planes,entering a plane etc as well as from local people in the local towns,cities in that country with excess sent to community centres,convenience stores used to dump goods and factories or pyrolysised.All of these buildings – airports,amenities,supermarkets,hypermarkets would remain open 24/7 to allow anyone to get the food inside with excess not taken in by the public in major supermarkets sent to community centres stored in freezers,fridges and shelves,boxes as well as smaller retail outlets used to order in food from factories and farms in the surrounding area for storage while the larger super and hypermarkets are converted into communal homes and allow them to be taken in person by anyone who didnt get it the first time around.These will given to the public for free on a first come first serve basis and will be continually stocked from new orders and bulk orders from farms etc and factories.Even waste food left over will be deposited.Ideally food in these will be sent to the nearest community centre.Once emptied those in airports and amenities and also train stations etc will be turned into luxury lounges with those in hotels,skyscrapers etc will be turned into extra suites and also amenities.Those on cruise ships will be also turned into extra cabins.Having excess stored in community centres should cater primarily to the poor especially if these are in poor slums and neighbourhoods and the homelessness prior and during to them moving to luxury homes in their country with them also picking up food in supermarkets and street markets etc.Those who are homeless and also live in slums will be notified by this by people that work with them.This first come first serve policy will allow even the very poor who live in slums,ghettos and poor neighbourhood as well as the homeless to get food and essential products with them residing in headquarters of groups who work with the poor and homeless shelters while using electronics to book homes across the world with them also getting electronics and also other manufactured products.Signs denoting this will be placed around the town or city and store with the only remaining staff being shelve stackers removing excess in storerooms as cashiers will become defunct and simply stacking shelves and maintaining orders of food until the communities become self sufficient.Storerooms for storing stock will be open to the public with this applying to petrol station convenience stores renovated into automated Amazon Go style Phaeton stores.Alerts can be put on their official websites on which major chain stores will carry this out with this happening during typical sales times such as during Christmas,summer etc with forums and other relevant websites also doing this.The same will apply to online retail with excess would be stored in distribution centres to be again collected by the public with any out of date food pyrolysised and packaging recycled.Several small food retail stores outside of supermarkets including butchers,fishmarkets,convenience stores including those that are part of petrol stations should remain open and store food ordered in from farms and factories across the region until communities especially urban ones become fully self sufficient in terms of vertical,rooftop and community farms,recirculating aquaculture systems etc at which point they can both then be converted into homes with the fridges and freezers kept there until last minute with them also open 24/7.These freezers and fridges can be sent to communal homes,traded on Euthenia or stored and used by community centres and distribution centres when the retail outlets are converted into homes with large towns and cities having multiple small stores open like this to meet the demands of the locale until self sufficient with all convenience stores as part of petrol stations also used as they are sizeable and can be converted into automated petrol stations or homes depending on then size of a town or city with these automatically stocked with petrol and diesel including those made from bacteria until they can be converted into automated electric or dual charging stations providing people with gas and electric charging stations until they are fully automated.Barrels,clean trashcans,fridges,freezers and boxes can be used to store this food as they can be easily refilled rather than stands which can be recycled once scanned into Hephaestus or stored in community centres with all offices,storerooms and cafeterias also used to store food with these open to the public during this phase.Street markets in public streets,next to public buildings like schools including universities and churches,sectioned off streets and parks would also remain functioning or be set up to allow extra crops and manufactured food products to be sold off for free until again urbanised communities become fully self sufficient with community centres also catering to this.Ideally all obsolete buildings to be converted into homes such as schools,banks,office, and particularly hotels and apartment blocks can stock up on food that is stored in fridges and freezers within their storerooms from supermarkets,hypermarkets etc All petrol stations,convenience stores as well as small food retail outlets would be used in small towns and villages alongside street markets etc with large cities using supermarkets that sell only food and their distribution centres to cater to this depending on their population alongside all available petrol stations,convenience stores alongside street markets,community centres and schools with these retail outlets and schools etc eventually turned into homes once communities become self sufficient.Factories for producing essentials such as bread,breakfast cereals,fertilisers,flour,coal,eco logs,toilet paper and other toiletries,meat,shellfish and fish,coffee,tea,tobacco,milk and dairy products such as yoghurts and ice cream etc,pre-prepared meals,breakfast cereals,squash,snacks and sweets,fizzy drinks and even alcoholic drinks etc would also produce these and ship them to these convenience stores,community centres,community halls,street markets etc in each town,city and village with fruit and vegetables as well as shellfish and fish from farms across the country and even from international suppliers will be sent here again until communities become self sufficient via community and vertical farms etc and can make these by hand at home alongside miniaturised machinery in community centres and then these factories alongside shops can also be turned into homes.Essentials like toothpaste,mouthwash,cosmetics,toilet paper laundry detergent and other cleaning products,tampons,condoms etc will also be dumped here until people can create their own toothpaste,mouthwash,cosmetics and when toilet paper,tampons,condoms are made in local Oxylus and Hippocrates factories with laundry detergent and cleaning products being homemade or replaced by homemade versions and also liquid glass sprayed on surfaces and clothing.Toothbrushes will be made in Hippocrates factories.Thus all convenience stores,supermarkets will continue to dispense food for free with staff paid reserves to stack shelves with the public stocking up on food until all towns,cities and villages worldwide can become self sufficient through home,community,forest and vertical farms.Shops both convenience stores and even large supermarkets that single floored and even Wallmart,Costco,Lidl,Aldi and other chains outside of multistorey super and hypermarkets that sell only food will continue to take in orders with staff paid reserves and money from loans until money becomes obsolete with goods stacked on shelves and customers given access to the storeroom with deli continuing to function or have food stacked there with food etc also simply dumped in community centres and street markets managed and stacked by locales.These would be single floor ones and may even have street markets outside them through taking in extra orders normally sent to other larger multistorey shops or those in super and hypermarkets with all food given away for free.Hypermarkets etc will possibly be stacked with food and sell it for free until they too will become homes through renovations.This will continue until communities are self sufficient thus allowing them to become homes covered in episodes of Restoration Nation.Speciality shops as part of retail shops such as bakeries,muffin,sweet and off licences will continue to intake their normal food and then orders of aforementioned essentials with shops that sell weightlifting supplements and supplements of vitamin also taking in their own materials and also other essentials.These will continue to produce these until communities become self sufficient with recipes of all products released online via YouTube with the staff paid money until then.Shellfish and fish as well as eggs and meat would also be sent here and stored in fridges and freezers until communities set up recirculating aquaculture and in vitro meat systems in vertical farms etc and fish farms with extra taken in from the sea for these allowing trawlers etc to be recycled,turned into cruise ships or traded on Euthenia to be remodelled into yachts etc.Other essentials like toilet paper and also contraceptives,soap,deodarants,sunscreen,shampoo,tampons,baby diapers would be shipped here until they are made in localised factories or in the case of diapers and soap,shampoo,toothpaste etc being homemade ones that last forever with paper based magazines and newspapers also shipped here until they are streamed by smart pads and e-newspapers from Pheme with a single copy of each issue sent to community centres to be scanned into these networks.Rubbish bags of varying size will also be dispensed here until their rubbish bins are coated in liquid glass with the rubbish bags also used to bring food and manufactured goods home.These factories once all towns and cities are self sufficient will be converted into homes ideally communal ones.Fruit and vegetables of all types will also be sent here again from farms and distributors until communities are able to create these by themselves in community,vertical and home farms.Supplements of vitamins and also whey protein will be sent to the same areas as these namely community centres so as to allow them to be used by the public until genetic engineering by at least 2025-2029 will allow humans to synthesise essential amino acids and other nutrients by themselves making all supplements obsolete.Supplements will also be created by bacteria that produce all types of vitamins,amino acids,essential fatty acids etc at home in photobioreactors that can be added to drinks,milk and meals as a powder or liquid.Off licenses will continue to dispense free alcohol to the public until nanobreweries and nanowineries are set up in homes with only adults aged 18 able to take alcoholic drinks prior to the development of progeria mylienisation allows for the age of majority to be 14.Speciality stores that sell muffins,sweets and also bakeries,butchers,fishmongers,coffee stores and chains etc will continue to dispense goods with those that create smoothies,ice cream etc will continue to do so for free or may still charge for goods etc.Restaurants before becoming fully automated as well as or oboslete will possibly charge for food since it requires large amounts of human labour and consumers would spend money saved on not buying food etc at them.Ideally community centres and halls as well as small convenience stores with petrol pumps if they already exist housing fridges and freezers from supermarkets and also those ordered in from retail outlets will house and order in these items from factories,suppliers and farmers until self sufficient allowing these retail outlets as part of streets,large hypermarkets and supermarkets renovated to instantly become communal homes through roof extensions with if not possible all small retail outlets used to store these products.The community will decide which of their towns and cities convenience stores will be converted into homes and which will be converted into Phaeton stores and fuel/charging stations modelled on Amazon Go with them remodelled once the town an city becomes self sufficient.The stores that sell gasoline renovated into Phaeton stores that house wireless charging,hydrogen and gasoline will continue to receive food until self sufficient.These community centres will have fridges and freezers to house perishable food for extended periods of time that are also dumped here with them housing not only vegetables and fruit but also pre prepared meals and also milk,dairy products etc with again citizens housing extra fridges and freezers from retail outlets and from supermarkets to house extra food they have stocked up on.Street markets will also be set up in all towns,cities and villages to give locals fresh vegetables,fruit and also manufactured products like cosmetics,sweets,snacks,toilet paper,toothpaste,premade meals,bread,fizzy drinks,alcohol drinks,dairy products etc with them even using portable storerooms and crates shipped in from factories and farms.All towns and cities with no street markets will have new ones set up in public squares and streets,suburbs,on major streets,by schools and universities,seaports,airports and even parks with local newspapers,news stations notified alongside churchgoers as to this etc with them ordering in food from farms in the state or from the same suppliers of manufactured products as supermarkets.Existing street markets,farmers markets,butchers and fishmarkets will continue to function taking in these food products until they will be converted into homes when no longer needed with these selling goods for free.Both existing and new street markets will be taking in extra orders normally sent to large multistorey shops or those in super and hypermarkets with large cities having large amounts of large ones set up to cater to this.Homeless shelters and community halls and centres will also have food dumped in them that are extra orders normally sent to retail outlets on super and hypermarkets in the area with them also having street markets by them with these serving primarily the homeless and poor until they can move into better accommodation.Universities will have extra orders also stored in lobbies of the main building and as stated have street markets set up outside with train stations and seaports have them set up as well with Costco,Lidl have them set up outside catering to extra orders.These street markets and community centres will serve all residents including the poorest with large amounts dumped there and with excess normally thrown away taken in by the poor to stock up on them with people from slums getting enough until they move into better accommodation.Rural villages in Africa,India and Asia will also have some dumped in street markets and community centres until they too will become self sufficient via vertical and community farms.All of the food and goods gained here will be for free.Petrol stations that will become fully automated will also have these sent in though these stations will provide fish,shellfish,bacteria based commodities and vegetables grown onsite with these as stated taking orders of essential product until communities are self sufficient.Town halls and government buildings will also take in extra food with primarily convenience stores having food dumped there with if possible some people who have large homes and even those in the suburbs or in apartment blocks taking in large orders and then friends and neighbours can take away excess they have with roofs of apartment blocks housing these.Apartment block roofs and suburban homes and other homes taking in extra stocks can advertise in churches,newsletters websites etc that they are trading away excess food etc with them acting as mini street markets.Hotels,restaurants etc will also stock up on food with people in all towns,villages and cities stocking up on food given to them for free by going on multiple shopping trips a week via visiting stores across their home and neighbouring city,state and country and ordering food online from online stores,sites of major chains and those that deal with exotic foods for free with them buying extra fridges and freezers stored in basements to house extra food with all food and fridges gained for free with this of note to those on the lowest socio-economic ladder.Considering large amounts of food and food products end up being disposed of an wasted into waste bins especially in the western world this would seem reasonable.Farmers will not throw away food that is not within cosmetic standards to ensure it is not wasted with those who have intaken too much donating food to neighbours or the very poor and homeless via shelters and even to programmes and charities set up in these period that donate the food to the very poor in not only their country but also other ones nearby with wealthy consumers in Africa,Asia etc donating them to programmes that can distribute them to poor villages in rural areas ensuring starvation is cut down.Shops will continually intake orders when emptied until communities become self sufficient with people going to different stores in different towns to stock up.Excess can be traded with neighbours who may be low on essentials via trading in person or sending excess back to stores and street markets and community centres with it even donated to charities who work with the poor in developing countries.Charities and groups who work with the poor may also take in large orders and then dispense them with those who live in slums,on the street and ghettos.These will be maintained by staff or just members of the public.These convenience stores managers would arrange these orders and allow them to be stacked into barrels,boxes and fridges etc.Areas currently facing food shortages due to natural disasters,droughts,economic inflation etc can have existing surpluses,international aid,food from farms and shops from adjoining towns,cities or even countries shipped in order to feed them until again they become self sufficient through community and vertical farms with groups of these communities collecting and stocking up on food from nearby town and countries community centres,monoculture farms using trucks.People can travel to other cities and towns to stock up on food if their nearby shops are emptied.Otherwise they can order food online from other countries and region for free to their homes or local community centres again for free in large bulk orders for a wide variety of food to keep them going alongside other methods.Slums,villages that are facing starvation due to poverty especially those in developing countries such as Africa,Asia and even South America can have community centres set up where excess food from farms,shops and those left off from the continual distribution to remaining stores will be sent to as well,can take in large orders of food from shops etc in their area or country for free considering as stated large amounts of food will be normally sent to waste or have foreign aid sent there until they can themselves become self sufficient through primarily vertical farms until they move into better accommodation with if possible those in villages in rural areas of countries that suffer droughts moving to cities in their own country set up communities by the coast where desalinisation plants can be set up,be connected to desalinisation plants or even in other countries to seek better accommodation and be close to where these shops are that distribute food as well as allow the land that there poor villages take up be reforested if they are of no historical value.Eventually those living in slums will move into better accommodation with rural towns and villages in India,Africa upgraded to 21st century standards.Thus small rural villages in Africa,India etc will have excess food not taken in by the public in cities in their countries dumped to them by charities with excess food including tinned food not eaten donated by the public to charities who will then distribute them to poor ghettos and rural villages and even sums worldwide with AI aiding in ensuring it reaches those in corrupt countries.They will also have essentials like high protein and high carbohydrate food such as O.sativa,vegetables and meat as well as even G.max or algae protein etc dropped off here by international aid groups as well as local groups until self sufficient again through home,community and vertical farms.They will have excess food created by farms from around the world both from the same country,continent and even even other countries from around the world dumped by charities and governments around the world.Bacteria that create flour,sugars,carbohydrates,proteins and essential vitamins can be used to create large amounts of food for them until they become self suffcient.They can have sewage treatment plants set up alongside other vital infrastructure such as roads,hospitals to bring them up to 21st century standards with the sewage treatment plants providing algae for vegetable oils as well as human and livestock feed and fertiliser with excess algae shipped and dispensed to them before this to allow them to become self sufficient through sewage treatment plants to act as fertiliser,livestock and human feed rich in nitrogen,carbohydrates and proteins with them ideally given at first trashcans and compost to grow carbohydrate dense foods such as S.tuberosum and western crops such as B.oleracea,B.rapa,S.oleracea,Mangifera,D.c.sativus that are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients such as beta carotene which they will continue to grow alongside other native crops and algae with the algae sufficing until and even after the first harvests of these aforementioned western crops with them also until the first harvests given supplements of all essential nutrients until the algae and other crops they grow provide these.Soy,Algae and excess crops and food from the west will be dumped as well to sustain them until they become self sufficient with vertical farms etc.NGOs that deal with the poor will arrange orders of food and also setting up their own farms,sewage treatment plants.Homes will be refurbished with luxury fittings or luxury communal homes will be built and the outskirts that they move into and them connected to the grid via geothermal,solar thermal power etc alongside underground pipes connected to desalinisation plants.This will be at the same time that all desertified land will be converted into arable land as detailed earlier on in China with at first community and home farms set up in all villages with vertical farms also set up in all villages and cities.Ideally all villages and cities in developing countries across the world should grow a mixture of both native and exotic western crops in home,community and vertical farms in order to given them more variety especially with them growing those that provide essential nutrients missing in their native staple diet.For example China and Africa etc should include these and bacteria based flour to replace Oryza and other environmentally destructive crops with them also growing exotic native crops locally in vertical,community and home farms engineered to tolerate the soils,climate etc to negate the need for them to import them with the western countries doing the same for crops native to the developing world for the same reasons.They will at the same time be fitted with geothermal power plants,community centres,water treatment plants and connected to desalinisation plants,wifi and wire access,porous pavement roads and all homes upgraded to luxury standards or demolished and replaced with luxury private and communal homes while they stay in motorhomes.Slums will also have this done ie have food from international aid dumped and also given trashcans etc to grow carbohydrate and nutrient dense food to grow until they move into luxurious hotels and other buildings renovated from abandoned and obsolete buildings in there area,country or even other countries to allow slums be demolished and the land have new luxury communal homes built in their place.NGOs that work with the poor ie Trocaire,Saint Vincent De Paul will ensure that those who live in the lowest of the low worldwide in developing countries in slums,ghettos and villages in Africa etc with no electricity or basic sanitation etc will book motorhomes,use headquarters and vacant accommodation ie vacant homes in the area and use them to house as many people from these areas as temporary shelter and have large amounts of food from supermarkets,online stores and companies and excess left over secured for free then given to them to ensure they are are able to survive with the same done for the homeless with these groups given subsidised healthcare to treat infections etc.This should allow slums to be demolished as they are in this temporary accommodation and then move into permanent accommodation in obsolete and abandoned homes and buildings around the world with  also attended to by mobile hospitals and also visiting them to set up patient files.As a result by the middle of the century by at least 2030-2045 a combination of setting up vertical and community farms,turning deserts into arable land for farming/reforestion/grassland/forest/meadow permaculture farms,upgrading villages and cities to 21st century standards in terms of infrastructures etc will eliminate poverty worldwide especially in areas such as Africa,India,China etc indefinitely.Ghettos and poor neighbourhoods in cities in more developed countries like America can also stock up on food from supermarkets and convenience stores as well as have excess food dumped in their local convenience stores.Thus street markets,community centres,community halls and also convenience stores especially those with petrol pumps and even small large chain supermarkets and hypermarkets like Wallmart,Costco,Tesco,Aldo etc will take in all of the manufactured food products from factories and crops from farms etc until all communities become self sufficient through vertical,community and home farms between 2025-2029 with convenience stores becoming automated like Amazon Go stores,street markets will disappear with the community centres have any fridges taken in by the public with the factories then becoming communal homes.These will be taken in by members of the public without paying for them as money will become obsolete by this point with them housing fridges and large freezers to house them which will be kept or traded away once communities are self sufficient.All retail outlets will continue to dispense food until communities become self sufficient with international aid sending food to villages in developing countries while they are upgraded to 21st century standards.Fridges and freezers as stated from retail outlets can be taken in to store excess food for each homeowner with them then traded on Euthenia or recycled once scanned into Antikyhtera with those in supermarketes etc kept there until the last minute and then scanned in as well and then recycled or traded away to be stored in basements of private and communal homes.Once communities become self sufficient all retail outlets will become communal homes as detailed later on.All corporations will release the recipes of all types of manufactured food products to be made availible for everyone when created in Deipneus factories around the world thus making those created in only specific countries availible to everyone with even those of independent speciality shops created here.Community,vertical,home and forest farms will be initiated by at least 2020 and set up fully between 2025-29029 in each town,city and village as described earlier.Local councils and governments will set up vertical farms and will work with locales to set up community farms in backlots,empty spaces as well as open fields with small local farms continuing to grow food for the area with large ones reforested into hybrid forest farms.At this time locales will also grow their own food at home with root and tuber vegetables in trashcans and others in plots with seeds gained from online as well as nurseries and also nurseries with the Phanes method availible and perfected alongside 3D DNA printers for all types of farms availible by 2025-2029.By this point open meadows will grow crops using permaculture methods with some factorises that produce essentials and some automated farms paid money from the government still growing crops for the nearby towns and villages they normally do until about 2025-2029 by which time hybrid crops and trees should be availible to make all towns and villages self sufficient.Thus farmers and companies that make manufactured food products around the world will be paid subsidies to grow food and make products for the locale and international markets to be dumped into shops of all types from convenience stores to supermarkets and hypermarkets until money becomes obsolete and towns cities and villages worldwide become self sufficient through vertical,community,forest and home farms with people ordering in seeds of exotic crops online from farmers until 3D DNA printing becomes advanced enough.These farms will trade seeds with each other on local to national levels by AI until the Phanes method is perfected by 2029.Recirculating aquaculture systems and aquponics systems in home,community and vertical farms will be available and up and running between 2025-2029 with home farmers and community farms in towns and villages as well as cities worldwide will be rearing their own livestock of all types by 2029 at which point in vitro meat will be perfected with cattle ranches paid by the government supplying beef,lamb and other livestock and supplying their local and national markets with fishmongers paid money form the government to to continue to catch fish while all landlocked and coastal towns set up recirculating aquaculture systems as well as river and coastal fish farms with traditional fishing becoming obsolete by 2029-2040 with recirculating aquaculture systems set up in conservation areas next to the towns and cities where each species of fish and shellfish is caught using the Phanes method will carry out conservation measures wherein large numbers of genetically distinct individuals of each species of overexploited fish and shellfish will be created to be then dumped into the oceans by their wildstocks in trawlers to increase numbers with DNA taken from large samples of caught species and added to Physis to allow AI to create new strands of fresh DNA with this also done for all types of shellfish and fish and even crops to make the Phanes method to be applied to home,community and vertical farms.Insects of all types will have their DNA added to Physis and have eggs bought from where they are traditionally eaten to allow them to be reared around the world.Companies that create manufactured food products will continue to produce their catalogue of products and dump them in street markets and shops until again communities become self sufficient and they will upload all of their products including defunct ones into the Deipneus database.This will include essentials like cereals,milk,bread,pizzas,preprepared meals and so on that can be dumped here as well.Those that produce essentials such as cosmetics and contraceptives ie toothpaste,mouthwash,condoms etc that are sold in stores will be dumped here as well until manufacturing hubs are set up.By at least 2029 – 2035 all major cities,towns and villages around the world will be self sufficient and all land that is used for agriculture can be reforested and used for biochar programmes.Factories will be by this time in all villages and cities in a country will be converted into homes ideally communal ones with farmer markets also turned into homes by at least 2025-2029 and will continue to dump food in community halls alongside fish and shellfish and fruits and vegetables from international suppliers until communities become fully sufficient with this also a way for them to get seeds for exotic crops.Also at this point seeds with engineering detailed later on from extremophiles etc will increase yields with all seeds being able to be printed out from Demeter and Physis which should be fully functioning by 2029 giving homeowners and community and vertical farms access to any crops with even hybrid crops and fish etc availible at this point.At this point both sewage and water treatment plants world wide including those set up in the developing world such as Africa,India and China will have algae growing in them engineered to taste better like meat or even that will be given genome capsids to allow them to survive drying and radiation treatments that kill off pathogens and not the algae with immunisations against coliforms and all food borne pathogens availible at this point.Settting up these algae production systems in sewage and water treatment plants can start as early as 2020 with a proto network allowing one to order them in that will eventually be integrated into Demeter.Composting and fertiliser systems will also be set up in community centres by at least 2029 with remaining compost and fertilisers continued to be produced in factories until this point and ordered online by gardeners though this could end by 2020-2025.Ideally large farms should continue to grow their crops and others and still supply their local and even international markets until they can become fully sufficient with them also sending excess seeds to these and all communities around the world for all major crops including fruit and nut trees to community centres so home farmers and community farms can stock up on them with them given subsidies and using fully automated measures.Farmers will be paid by the government in all countries to grow crops solely for collecting large amounts of seeds for each major crop including exotic ones to be shipped to community farms on local to global levels allowing vertical,home and community farms to grow them with the trading of seeds done until the Phanes method is perfected by 2029 by 3D DNA printers in home,community and vertical farms around the world with hybrids also being availible at this point and created by AI using Panora,Phanes and Physis by the public with universities creating crops of all types with the later mentioned engineering that would allow them to grow in all soils,conditions and also increase growth rates by 2020 with them by 2029 widely availible after going through studies and availible to download from Demeter by having their genome added to Physis or the genotypes available to be integrated into any crop downloaded from there.Fishermen will also continue to be paid money to catch shellfish and fish and dump them in their existing shops etc with a certain amount collected to be reared for recirculating aquaculture systems set up in home,community and vertical farms with community centres housing them to rear them at first until they are set up in home,community and vertical farms with overexploited species undergoing conservation efforts using these systems next to where they are caught with this also applying to those for ornamental fish with the excess fish dumped into the ocean.All crops and ornamental plants will have their DNA added to Physis with even wild plants not normally eaten also have this done with DNA of a all livestock,wild animals,pets and their breeds,fish and shellfish,truffles,mushrooms,yeasts,moulds etc will be added to Physis for creating pets in artificial wombs,downloading crops and ornamental plants,downloading truffles and moulds etc as animal cells for invitro meat etc.Thus by 2029 the DNA of all plants,crops,livestock,insects,micro-organisms,fish and shellfish,wildlife and even pets from around the world and all their strains,varieties,cultivars and breeds etc will be uploaded to Physis or transferred there from existing databanks and seed banks with poisonous ones have genotypes for poisons removed by AI.This would allow for them to be recreated at home,vertical etc farms and restaurants on demand but also as part of hybrid crops and stem cells for invitro meat and bacteria based commodities.The DNA for extremophiles and those to increase growth rates from bacteria etc will have been scanned and isolated and thus be crossreferenced with them added only to varieties and strains of crops etc ordered in by the consumer for downloading and growing in vertical and other farms for each order and not in their file in Physis with the various strains of bacteria that produce commodities from all plants and animals will be created and added to Physis.Otherwise each crop and variety will be further divided into strains with all of the relevant DNA to increase growth rates,accellerated healing and that of extremophiles to allow purebreed non GMO versions to be downloaded and ordered in for those skeptical of GMO crops.People growing crops at home and even consuming those dumped at the begging of 2020 will collect seeds from tubers,fruits of all types to use in home hydroponic and garden soil systems.Collecting large amounts of seeds from crops like Vitis,Cucurbita,Cucurbitaceae,S.tuberosum,Malus,Citrus fruits,Hylocereus undatus,Prunus persica,P.americana etc eaten by them that are dumped in shops will allow them to start growing them in home gardens and hydroponic systems as well as community and vertical farms as early as 2020 with them getting large amounts of each type of fruit and tubers for diversity with tubers grown in trashcans instantly and seeds collected out of plants and stored in jars etc for when one gets hydroponic systems and pots.People should also collect livestock of all types from online,from local farms and even big farms to be sent to home and community farms with farmers paid reserves from the government to rear extra livestock of all types that can solely reared for to be taken in by the public for home and community farms including all types of non Phasianidae and Phasianidae birds and Mammalia.These can be collected in person or shipped to rural and urban home and community farms around the world or in ones country.Farmers will also be paid to rear crops to produce large amounts of genetically diverse seeds that can be shipped to community centres and shops around the country and if need be the world with them also deposited in universities and agricultural labs where researchers will create not just large amounts of genetically diverse seeds using the Phanes methods but also those that are extremophiles and can grow in all types of soils and climates to be then dispersed to the public with intensive research into 3D DNA printing and bacteria that can produce all types of plant and animal textiles,fats,honeys,syrups etc also done to make them widely availible by 2029.The DNA of all species of crops,ornamental plants,livestock and pets etc and all 2,391,000 wild plants and animals around the world will be added to Physis arranged as a phylogenetic tree divided by taxonomic ranks by collecting samples from farms etc around the world with even the DNA of all wild plants and animals and all edible types of plants to be availible for downloading at home and for orders by 2029 with existing DNA databases merged into it with several samples taken from wild and captive specimens to allow Phanes to extrapolate minute or vast differences to create genetically distinct individuals.Hybrid crops will be added to here as separate species with strains,varieties,breeds of crops and livestock with recombinant DNA to improve growth rates etc as sub strains,breeds and varieties and since housing the DNA of all extremophiles and plants can be used by AI to scan for DNA to create these.This can be used to create commodities for bacteria that will also be added.This will be used to print their DNA out into blank cells,spermatazoa,eggs,embryos,seeds,in vitro meat cultures etc onsite of farms of all types.Demeter may house altered versions that dont have the genotype for poisons etc or AI will automatically download without these.DNA from all plants etc from around the universe will be added here as well in their own version of Physis.The DNA of all augmentations and extremophile DNA from bacteria will be present and added to their file or in the file in Physis of the source animal and bacteria added there.All species of animals and plants and also micro-organisms worldwide will be added to Physis by this point including new ones created as pets,ornamental plants and even bacteria that produce commodities.This will be done to be made availible for downloading into blank seeds,eggs etc in universities and farms of all types and them linked to the second and third sections of Demeter.Several samples will be analysed by Phanes for each species to generate extrapolations for genetically distant specimens with existing DNA samples of all microorganisms,plants and animals worldwide added to Physis with new crops,livestock designed by Pandora added here and new bacteria for commodities added created in labs by AI etc here as well to allow them to be linked to Demeter and thus 3D DNA printers at home and in farms of all types and restauraants etc.By 2029 large farms will be reforested with hybrid trees that produce both fruits and nuts with the vast majority of land reforested and some land used as community farms with them also by this point fully automated to prevent the eliminate all human labour and thus ensure high productivity with zero human labour.Couple this with the upgrading of rural villages in Africa and Asia and the poor in ghettos and slums moving into abandoned and obsolete buildings renovated to luxury standards alongside the proliferation of geothermal energy should eliminate poverty worldwide by at least 2035-2045.This can start as early as 2020/2021 and end between 2025-2029 as the local councils of each town,village and city will set up community farms in backlots,vacant lots and vertical farms in spare or new skyscrapers.Any remaining stands,fridges,freezers to store them left when they are self sufficient they will be scanned into Antikyhtera,traded onto Euthenia to private and communal homes such as hotels and apartment blocks in the area for storing extra food with anything left recycled with the same applying to any stands.Both communal and private homes would have these to store extra food during the transition and also the extra left over from the first come first serve emptying of the markets with street markets on the street also set up in important streets and squares to allow others to just take them without paying for them.This collection of goods from all outlets without paying can start as early as 2020/2021 with the stores doing it advertising with a sign saying free clearout sale and/or conrnocopia.Once self sufficient these extra fridges and freezers in homes can be kept or traded away.Pharmacies in the street outside of ones in supermarkets will continue to serve customers with a second one if only one exists set up while the main one will be converted into automated ones with all drugs from other ones and those in supermarkets sent to these.Street markets can have the land dug up and reforested with those that house low quality buildings demolished and the land reforested or used to create communal homes.Corporate headquarters of all food and supermarket companies will be turned into communal homes.Supermarkets,hypermarkets etc will be once communities are self sufficient will be turned into communal homes with convenience stores with gas pumps remodelled into Phaeton stores that have electric chargers,gasoline and also hydrogen cells with excess and those without pumps turned into homes with locales filming the shops before,during and after clearances for those working on Restoration Nation dumped into networks.Tours of supermarkets,hypermarkets and all types of retail entirely internally and externally by locales in a professional manner as detailed later on for episodes and seasons of Restoration Nation.Retail outlets in airports,train stations etc will be turned into luxury lounges.
Restaurants at this point would be setting up automated kitchens and waiters while stocking up on goods themselves and also making extensions underground or on the roof to grow hydroponic crops,fish and shellfish in recirulatuing aquaculture systems and photobioreactors for bacteria based commodities.If no community centre or hall exists then one will be built.

Ideally their vertical,home and community farms should grow primarily exotic western crops such as potatoes,D.c.sativus,Citrus fruits alongside their native crops to give them variety and negate the need for them to import them from the west.If they decide to stay in the case of villages near rivers and in deserts then these villages will also receive orders of food such as bread,meat products and prepared meals until they themselves have set up sustainable vertical and community farms.Islands can also stock up on food with them eventually becoming self sufficient through home,community and vertical gardens but will also order in food from the mainland and will use fish farms etc.Those from slums and poor neighbourhoods including the homeless can collect any excess from nearby rich neighbourhoods supermarkets,community centres and farms again until they become self sufficient and until they move into hotels and other obsolete buildings with homeless shelters and also community centres providing the very poor especially those in slums with excess food also dumped there until they become self sufficient by getting their own homes and thus gardens etc to grow food.Hotels that house permanent residents ideally the poor will order in food from farms and also community centres,factories etc and stock up on those from supermarkets alongside fridges and freezers to this and also future food they produce themselves until they can grow most of their food onsite through garden farming,hydroponics,nanowineries and breweries and recirculating aquaculture systems.Restaurants will continue to charge for food untile they are made obsolete or fully automated very quickly with them possibly closed from the public until they are fully automated especially franchises with non franchise restaurants either converted into the universal branded ones of other types present in their locale or homes with employees paid money from their employers or reserves from the CEOs or universal income from the government until all are fully automated and renovated into universal brands and have the statue of Hebe on their grounds with offices and extensions added to add photobioreactors,hydro/aeroponic systems and recirculating aquaculture systems.Firstly they will be fully automated and then turned into universal brands.If possibly single ones of each type of restaurants they are will be arranged in a circular street in the town,city and village that house them all redesigned as multi floors with extensions in the centre of town in place of torn down merged islands left from tearing down small retail outlets to house them with a single statue of Hebe in front of them showing the way to all of them.Otherwise they could be on the street of any historical restaurants including those that are of historical relevance or familal value with them given in each case extension on the roof and underground to house more people and also photobioreactors,recirculating aquaculture systems,hydroponic systems to make them self sufficient.These new restaurants will be set up and be fully automated while existing ones still function which can be through extensions turned into communal or private homes based on their size with small one given roof extensions to make them communal apartment or hotel style communal homes with all kitchens utensils,machinery,furniture etc either kept for the homes their or traded on Euthenia as the new universal restaurant will have refurbishments such as marble,precious gem or kebonised wood flooring,luxury wood tables and seats,automated aquariums and also friezes and indoor wall fixtures to set a unique theme for each universal brand including each type of ethnic and fast food ones.Restaurants in shopping mall will be dismantled and turned into extra rooms or if big enough can be kept and refurbished as communal automated dining hall.Until then they will get food from localised farms if still open.Existing monoculture farms will grow food using automated machinery until town,villages and cities across the country and the world will grow them in vertical,forest,home and community farms allowing the monoculture farms to be then reforested by wilderness or even forest and community farms.The food produced by these will be dispersed for free to local communities and cities in the region or country in the aforementioned shops,street markets especially essentials to those suffering food shortages due to inflation,natural disasters with exotic food shipped to other countries in bulk until they are again grown in vertical,community,forest farms with communities also ordering in seeds for each crop and even flowers and other ornamental plants especially exotic ones from farms around the world to ensure genetic diversity and set up these localised farms with 3D DNA printers sufficiently advanced by then for the Phanes method to be applied.These will eventually be reforested into hybrid meadow,forest,grassland farms.Farms used to grow Tulipa,Rosa,Orchidaceae,ornamental trees etc will do so until vertical and community farms do so by importing seeds or whole plants and the old ones will in time be reforested with the same applying to nurseries functioning until automated versions are set up in vertical farms and seeds and whole plants from around the world ordered in by each one until they are fully function with the old nurseries,garden centres etc are converted into homes.Seeds in nurseries,garden centres etc will be sent to vertical farms when they are set up with them stored in community centres with people who grow these also holding onto seeds etc and then sending them to local vertical farms when they are set up.Fertilisers and seeds etc will be dumped into community centres until communities become self sufficient.The DNA of all ornamental species and crop will be added to Physis to allow them to be downloaded with all furniture and tools in both physical stores taken on a first come first serve basis with them scanned into Hephaestus.Fertilsers and compost from these and also convenience stores and garden centres will be taken home with the recipes ie their nutrient content and ratio analysed by labs to be added to Demeter with them also dumped in community centres until community centres start creating them themselves.Furniture,tools etc in garden centres will be taken in on a first come first basis or sent to community centres and then turned into homes.Online stores will also store seeds and send them to vertical farms with the public even able to stock up on them.Existing nurseries and garden centres particularly automated ones will continue to function and order in seeds and new plants and grow them and stock up on seeds of all species until they are integrated into vertical farms and then the originals converted into homes.The Phanes method will be used to increase genetic diversity.Once set up nurseries onsite of vertical farms will allow all land that grows ornamental plants such as trees,bushes,flowers to be reforested indefinitely.Pet stores will have all food taken in on a first come serve basis with the same done for pets,toys etc with excess animals sent to local breeders and also farms and even community farms and community centres to allow them to be advertised on proto Euthenia with locales taking care of them.If possible those who dont want to keep them will take them home an advertise them online on proto Euthenia or similar web platforms with them having to vaccinate them.Pet food of all types will be dumped in convenience stores or ordered online until self sufficient with the recipes of them released to the public.All supermarkets,hypermarkets and convenience stores and even street markets that sell food will continue to intake food from farmers and corporations until communities become self sufficient through home,community and vertical farms etc with rural communities and slums in Africa,India etc will have excess food,algae and international aid dumped their again until they are self sufficient.Farmers alongside fishermen would be paid income and subsidies from the government to compensate for the free food until they and the surrounding towns and cities they live and all landlocked ones become self sufficient through community farms and recirculating aquaculture systems and and fish farms.These farms will also use automation for planting,harvesting etc with the machinery then recycled.This continuous distribution of crops from farms to retail outlets and factories will be done to prevent disruption of food to the public to still cater to the normal feeding patterns of the public with as stated excess food or even algae from sewage treatment plants etc and international aid dumped into poor villages in Africa etc to allow them access to nutritious feed until they also  become self sufficient themselves via home,community and vertical farms.International aid groups will be provided with excess food and manufactured food products especially that from shopping centres that is not allowed instore due to cosmetic appearance and other food that is dumped away with this transported to ghettos,slums etc around the world by NGOs.Consumers may also donate excess unwanted food to local newly set up charities that allot the food to slums,ghettos etc in their local country,state and region while ghettos etc are renovated and replaced with luxury housing.This will continue until all towns,cities and villages become self sufficient through home,community and vertical farms and algae from sewage treatment plants.By this point all land used to rear crops,ornamental plants,meat,plant and animal textiles will be by this time reforested worldwide and converted to meadow and grassland permaculture farms.Ideally these trawlers should capture and store live fish from these areas in large amounts to be then sent to fish farms across the country with them eventually becoming defunct and recycled.This should take no more than 5-10 years meaning by at least 2029 most communities whether rural and urban in both developed and developing countries including villages in Africa should become self sufficient with home,community,vertical and fish farms by this time period by which time retail outlets should be converted into communal homes.By this time all work on all home,community,fish and vertical farms such as planting,harvesting,feeding,insemination and even the Phanes methods would be set up and be fully automated with all manufactured food products made obsolete by them being homemade thus allowing their factories to be converted into homes.At this point all land worldwide used for agriculture will be fully reforested managed by Pan doing so in randomised patterns.By the mid 2035-2045 biocmpatible microbes can be injected into existing woodlands via arthropod biosynths to create crop hybrids with the first trees planted by Pan in 2029 will be hybrids.Complete reforestation will be achieved by at least 2065-2075.
All robots and machinery used in the planting,harvesting,trading and distribution process like the secondary sector and soft/hard infrastructure sector will be coated internally and externally with a permanent layer liquid glass to make them acid,dirt and water proof with a layer of graphene paint under this prevent rust and degradation from external forces with sensors built in that are connected to computers present in factories that will routinely perform farm wide diagnostics or diagnostics on certain machinery at set times when they are not in use to alert any members of the community to check on them with any problems being sorted out by the community as a whole either in person or remotely through computers.Having them composed of self soldering and healing metals,circuits and polymers and graphene will also make them light and indestructible.In time more advanced machinery will be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots with in time biosythetic machinery used.All machinery in home,community and vertical farms as well as fish farms will be designed and stored on Talos by both the public and AI including Gaia herself with existing ones scanned in.This system of home farming,community farming and vertical farms will decentralise food production completely making individuals and communities self sufficient in this area and allow all large farms worldwide particularly monoculture farms to be reforested indefinitely and returned to wilderness or used as forest farms.Meadows and grasslands will be left as they are with Triptolemus and Pan deciding how much land in each area should be left as such with if possible the animals and plants engineered to survive in woodlands to allow the land to be reforested or crop trees can be dotted around them.As detailed earlier meadows and grasslands including existing ones will become hybrid meadow and grassland aquaculture farms that rear crops in them that doesnt affect wildlife but in fact aids them with any wildlife both flora and fauna engineered to be able to live there in these new grassland and meadow farms.These will primarily involve hybrid crops including those that produce native wildflowers as flowers and use seed pods to feed livestock returned there alongside the ability to regrow leaves and stubble that allows for photosynthesis and barbs used as defence against mammals.Pan will using historical data and have Mars curiosity robots transported by drones,people and automated vehicles analyse soil in all fields for fossil and pollen to see what trees and grass grew their allowing for native woodlands to be put in their original place alongside meadows with the forests being hybrid ones that use native trees that rear fruits and nuts with meadows being hybrid permaculture ones.Artificial hedges composed of plants and stone that create fields for livestock and crops will be torn down and the stone recycled and the hedges pyrolysised with the roots dug up to make them large open hybrid farms.This will also apply to land reforested with hybrid trees.They will also have in particular have vertical farms and adjoining nurseries play a role in rearing expensive and exotic fruits,trees,crops and flowers making them more widely available to the public with endangered species of crops,fruits,flowers,trees and plants reared in controlled environments where they are free from pollution,logging,pests and can be reintroduced into the wild when native habitats are reforested aiding in conservation efforts and used as ornamental plants in gardens,parks and streets provided trading of seeds are also done to improve genetic diversity.It will also ensure that all food and cosmetics products to be produce at home to ensure that they are made of fresh organic materials and allow retail outlets such as grocery stores,supermarkets,factories used to produce these specific products to be converted into homes and other uses cutting down in energy in transportation and production and allow for an almost infinite level of customization not possible from the state and corporations.All food and even pets will be ordered via platforms within Demeter with again the ID tag and then also their patient file ID code visible with the prospective owners able to view relevant information.Other platforms within the other sub networks of Demeter will allow pure wood,slabs of stones etc to be designed and ordered for homemade use.Thus as stated in our earlier introduction to minarcho technocratism the 1,000,000,000 people employed directly and indirectly in the primary sector including agriculture and mariculture will be made redundant indefinitely due to automation,localised farming and this open source network.Thus Aristraeus,Pontus ,Pan alongside Plutus and AI will cater to the communal ownership and operation of all parts of the primary sector.This will cater to the communal ownership of agriculture and mariculture and eliminate all private farmers and markets etc of all commodities,elimiate localised and international trade shutting down this sector of the economy and eliminate all 1,000,000,000 jobs in agriculture sector.The cornucopia horn full of olives,cheese,honeycomb,wheat of Triptolemus will be on all e-receipts,e-letters and consumption studies and even scientific studies old and new as well as on the signs of all vertical,fish and community farms and as its symbol on maps.Spermatozoa,stem cells,seeds and eggs will be traded automatically on local to global levels alongside the Phanes method as detailed later on that can be used to bring endangered species back from the brink of extinction to prevent genetic bottlenecking and increase diversity and this will be managed by software that interacting with the Ophion System will trade these two in mini battery powered freezers to different regions,countries and continents.If deemed more energy efficient the Phanes method using microbes applying alterations via horizontal gene transfer.If possible biocompatible microbes using horizontal gene transfer can do this while they are in the testes and ovaries prior to the spermatozoa and eggs are harvested by passing on specific alterations to create new individuals to each and every spermatozoa and eggs with females engineered to produce eggs that can be receptive to multiple spermatozoa with the resultant young when born their DNA can be uploaded to Phanes and Artemis to allow for the same gene alterations to be used in different combinations with each other involving different microbes in different males and females with breeding organised by Phanes with controlled alterations of DNA within microbes managed by Phanes signalling nanomachines to cause desirable mutations within microbes to be traded or when they are harvested and stored in a solution prior to freezing or even fertilisation and then implantation.The same can be applied to seeds.As a result traditional sites that allow one to order all types of food(meat,crops,fish,insects,livestock and even whole prepared food products and meals) and pets from around the world will be become defunct and replaced by Demeter with the servers for those sites recycled for other uses and the buildings that house their headquarters used as homes etc with the same applying to all existing pets stores and their headquarters as well as supermarkets and grocers.

All agricultural expo shows,events and contests worldwide since all work would be automated and food would be produced locally and conventional farming defunct.By growing food and livestock locally especially in cities and urban areas it will improve air quality,aesthetics and also give locals a connection to nature and the farming process now lost due to large monoculture farms in mainly rural areas and also globalisation especially in major cities.Furthermore it should drastically reduce the amount of injuries and deaths that would otherwise occur on farms and fishing trawlers and those associated with food poisoning.Large bulky machinery on all farms can thus be recycled for other uses with local agriculture events such as ploughing matches and agriculture expos becoming defunct and the land used to house them reforested alongside corporate and state entities related to agriculture turned into homes.All machinery used in conventional agriculture can be recycled since drones and biosynths and the permaculture method will replace all remaining work in home,community,forest,meadow etc farms and vertical farms accounting for the vast majority of agriculture.Slaughterhouses and meat processing plants made redundant by invitro meat,rotolactors made redundant by yeast and bacteria based milk and egg packing facilities made redundant by biosynth machinery will be turned into homes and those onsite of farms turned into guest houses.As a result of this all rural farms across the world including large breadbasket ones that supply the whole country and also foreign countries with a supply of vegetables will be reforested with native trees that are hybrids of crop and nut trees either through being created in a lab or via injection of microbes as far back as possible since the towns surrounding them and all cities in the country will be reliant on their own community farms,home farms,forest farms and vertical farms with these farms no longer farms with those that are not already part of homes will be turned into homes through renovations.Thus farms that are large and are not part of homes will be turned into communal homes by merging all buildings together into one building or a series of closely knit homes with all buildings such as rotolactors,sheds,barns etc turned into homes via renovations with luxury fitting and roof and underground extensions with the land reforested while those as part of homes will have these turned into guest houses advertised on Euthenia for tourists be reforested and may continue to produce food mainly for themselves etc and locales with them adopting hybrid crops,bacteria based commodities and also other engineering to increase growth rates alongside permaculture practices.This would include egg packing facilities,rotolactors etc with if them made as tall as skyscrapers or they may even be demolished and the land entirely reforested.They may have some demolished,some turned into homes and some kept as the building for the new forest,meadow etc farm or have all demolished and the land reforested.Large industrial scale farms that have all buildings turned into homes will have the land surrounding them used to grow hybrid crops as part of reforested hybrid forest,meadow and grassland farms with extensions in buildings housing photobioreactors for bacteria and also recirculating aquaculture systems and greenhouses.Small rural farms that are family ones that also house the family that operates them will still operate and serve themselves and the community as home or community farms or even become hybrid farms of any type.Buildings on farms will be used to house photobioreactors,recirculating aquaculture systems.Pan and Triptolemus will organise this effectively.Abandoned farms,slaughterhouses,egg packing buildings etc will be renovated into homes and the land surrounding them reforested.Thus large,small,rural and family run farms will be converted into home,meadow,forest etc farms with buildings housing places to grow invitro meat,recirculating aquaculture systems,photobioreactors for bacteria based commodities etc and the land around them reforested and turned into hybrid farms decided by the owners and AI when analysing the soil.Any of these farms that still function will grow crops through hydroponics,invitro meat in all buildings present including barns allowing the land around them to be reforested or turned into hybrid farms and serve mainly the local communities thus ensuring that all land will be reforested as all communities worldwide whether homes,towns,villages,cities will become self sufficient through home,meadow,forest,community and vertical farms alongside invitro meat and milk.Thus once all communities become self sufficient all the worlds fruit,vegetable,textile,meat and dairy farms worldwide will become homes while the land used for agriculture will be reforested into hybrid forest,meadow and grassland farms.Small family run farms where the farm is run entirely by the family and is in rural areas will continue to rear animals and also crops with them rearing food for themselves with excess dumped into community centres where locales can gain them alongside their own home farms,community farms and also vertical farms.These and large scale farmers will do this and also have all land around them reforested entirely with hybrid crops and trees.As a result of this markets on local to global levels within agriculture will disappear as communities worldwide will become self sufficient negating the need for small or large scale farmers of crops,textiles,milk and meat.Machinery for all sectors of agriculture will be recycled and made redundant before being scanned into Talos with them replaced with permaculture methods,picking by hand and eventually biosynths controlled by farm AI.Groups like the Amish and Tibeatan Monks may continue to farm using conventional methods to preserve their lifestyle for tourism and even Agoge trainees with them using 3D DNA printers and genetic engineering to increase seed production and even increase growth rates alongside hybrid crops.Since hydroponics itself dates back to ancient Egypt and other ancient civilisations prior to modern farming methods and machinery and indeed prior to the rise of the Amish and Tibetans Monks it can be used by Tibetans,The Amish and organic farmers as it is one of the earliest forms of agriculture as it require minimal technology and no genetic engineering and is thus purely organic and still creates large yields.

VR technology indistinguishable from reality could allow for farmers both home,community,forest and vertical farms researchers and farmers from around the world could meet in an convention to discuss methods of farming,new scientific advances,studies and projections and also carry out competitions such as ploughing matches and showcases of their produce replicated in the simulation with ploughing matches held here in simulations.Consumption of produce could be eaten in simulation or real world conventions can be held specifically for that.Ploughing matches will possibly become obsolete since all land used for them is going to be reforested with them only taken place in VR simulations with all machinery used by conventional agriculture recycled since drones that plant seeds,spray fertilisers will work in remaining outdoor farms.If possible they may only exist in small sections of the world set aside for them that during the entire year is primeval meadow lands but once every years is used for ploughing matches.County or state fairs such as farming competitions involving crops,fish,shellfish and livestock for the largest animal,eating contests and contests for homemade food products and ornamental plants could be held on the grounds of community farms and parks in villages,towns and cities across the world in the real world outside of VR simulations on local to global scales worldwide.Conventions on agriculture where farmers both home farmers and those that maintain community farms from around the world and researchers in vertical farms will take place in the real world and VR simulations.Television shows such as Ear to the Ground will likely focus on agricultural fairs,home and community farms in both urban and rural farms.Everything involving the rearing of crops/food and their transportation and treatment of food can be automated with areas of improvement to be made in fish farms and livestock farms.In vitro meat,algae,milk from yeast,genetically altered bacteria,bioprinted leather,eggs from biosynth machinery etc will leave the conventional methods of gaining these animal and plant commodities redundant thus allowing the amount of livestock to be raised left in the mere thousands rather than billions allowing any excess animals to be harvested with any remaining ones returned to the wild in local reforested grasslands,forests etc with them engineered to produce no methane.

By switching to in vitro meat and milk derived by yeast and bacteria this should allow all land used for reading them to be reforested forever especially in the tropics.animals reared for meat will be either released into the wild or slaughtered with some left reared on home and community farms with the amount of animals reared for them reduced to several thousand or even several hundred worldwide from several billion with the Phanes method using onsite 3D DNA printers,artificial wombs,in vitro fertilisation etc will maintain genetic diversity.Most excess animals made redundant from invitro meat,bacteria and yeast based milk,bioprjnted leather will be slaughtered with only a small number decided by Artemis and researchers released into reforested meadows,forests etc in the native habitats that they originate from to prevent them becoming an invasive species ie G.g.domesticus only released into reforested jungles of South East Asia,Bovidae released into reforested areas of Europe,Asia and Africa etc,O.aries and C.a.hircus released into reforested areas of Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe.Ruminants before being released into the wild will be engineered via CRISPR and advanced gene drive technology to be unable to produce methane and harbour methane producing bacteria to prevent them releasing extra methane into the atmosphere.Trawlers for mariculture will be recycled since recirculating aquaculture systems accounting for the majority of it.Before that these trawlers will be used to transport large amounts of endangered overexploited fish and shellfish species created using the Phanes method reared in recirculating aquaculture systems with the fish and shellfish transported in them housing large amounts of water and them dumped into the ocean in known spawning and migratory areas and also in large shoals of the fish and shellfish as adults during mating seasons.

All plants whose commodities are now gained from bacteria such as Hevea brasiliensis,T.cacao,Attalea maripa,Elaeis oleifera,Elaeis guineensis to be returned to reforested areas in reforestation projects in there native habitats with them engineered to be resistant to all diseases including viral,bacterial,fungal and genetic ones but with no repellence to pests so as to allow pests to survive on them without going extinct thus preventing imbalances in the ecosystem.Cereals,vegetables and fruits of all types including Vitis,Daucus carota sativus,B.oleracea,fruit bushes will be replanted in all reforested areas and meadows with these unlike hybrid trees have no repellance to ensure populations of pests remain stable with them replanted routinely to keep numbers stable.Crops will be replanted in reforested areas only in areas that they are native to prevent them becoming an invasive species.All farms worldwide will be reforested as far back as possible as hybrid forest farms or turned into hybrid meadow and grassland farms with soil samples collected by robots in all fields that determines what once grew there.They will do so up until existing jungles,forests etc including defunct ones used for forestry thus making existing wilderness worldwide much larger for wildlife,hiking and also Agoge training.Even large open spaces that house homes gardens will be reforested as these will house forest farms in front and behind homes especially mansions,palaces especially abandoned ones that will be renovated providing their gardens with hiking areas and also forest farms that house crops.Future homes would ideally be iceberg or underground homes and underground communities that can go underneath these reforested.At this point all communities worldwide will become self sufficient via home,community,forest and vertical farms meaning family run small and even large scale farms worldwide that rear all types of monoculture crops whether vegetables,fruits and cereals and even meat and dairy will be reforested as hybrid farms with those that have rotolactors,barns etc turned into homes or demolished with those that have the farmer living onsite become home farms to make the farmers self sufficient and also some may become permaculture community farms that rear hybrid crops rather than monoculture farms meeting the needs of only the local community with them also having buildings added to house recirculating aquaculture systems and photobioreactors for bacteria and invitro meat.If possible very large industrial farm can have all buildings demolished and the land reforested completely or they can have some buildings kept and have roof extensions to go higher as much as fifty to a hundred stories to become communal homes.This land will first be used as part of biochar sequestrian programmes using Bambusoideae before being reforested indefinitely.The Amazon and all of the rainforests worldwide will be reforested first as they will act as carbon sinks,are part of the global hydrological cycle and act as reservoirs of biodiversities and regulate the planets homeostasis.

Soil can be introduced to areas that have thin layers of soil or have been desertified and denuded by intensive agriculture can have it created via digging holes around the field and filling them with water and covering them with white wooden boards that reflect the light and force the water to seep sideways to encourage constant vegetation growth and prevent it evaporating until transpiration returns levels of cloud cover back to normal.These be left there indefinitely and reopened and then refilled with water from desalination plants,municipal water supply or large vehicles with cylindrical tanks that can collect water from water treatment plants or flooded areas and large city drains(see later)once treated and done so continually during the first years and also during droughts and heatwaves.These can be then be modified with a pipe bored in the middle to allow water to poured down with soil and grass allowed to grow over it.The area around it would be covered in many thick layers of a mixture of biochar,algae,sawdust and other material such as compost created and mixed together quickly in nearby factories,community farms or communities spread and compacted into the ground via automated machinery based on steamrollers with a layer of grass pressed onto it via machinery that can hold this organic matter in place with crop trees,cereals and vegetables planted inbetween..The soil will be created in factories in bulk by growing large amounts of plants including Bambusoidea in hydroponic systems,pyrolysising them and then mixing it with algae.Otherwise picotech fabricators ofcan create soil on a commercial scale.Organic matter similar that developed in China can be used and created in a commercial scale by bacteria with trees etc planted to keep the soil intact.Oligochaetes and other soil beneficial organisms such as insects and microbes created by 3D DNA printers can be introduced once grown in large amounts in a lab or building.Bambusoideae and C.juncea should be introduced in order to improve nitrogen fixation.Weeds,fungi,wild edible plants and herbs can be left to grow within the area alongside crop plants to be used for human and livestock consumption with poisonous ones made non toxic through CRISPR with these and other ones grown via hydroponics to increase yields for those who like them.If possible storms that collect alot of water could be pushed towards areas that are frequent sufferers of drought and heatwaves to allow the water to be collected and used in times of drought later that year.If possible heavy rain rich hurricanes that would normally hit the Gulf Coast and India could be sent to areas prone to heatwaves during these periods with if possible sent to the Sahara and Sahel more frequently to push it through an artificial wet period thus increasing the amount of grassland and forest cover with this making these areas more liveable and increase the amount of people able to live their with if possible the same applied to areas covered in large deserts such as the Middle East with any native flora and fauna engineered to adapt to the new climate and conditions with new plants created to thrive there.This new green Sahara and Sahel will be managed by Theoi Meteroi and the changes done to the change it causes to the rest of the planet with again other areas in South America,The Middle East etc have this replicated to make them able to house rainforests,human settlements and also agricultural belts primarily forest jungle farm belts.By 2045 the sentient Theoi Meteroi and Pan that manages this should be able to determine the effects this has on the global climate and create counteracting alterations to minimise the effect it has on the global climate with this greening of the worlds deserts can start as early as 2029 managed by Pan,Artemis ,Theoi Meteroi and Triptolemus.Xerophile,oligotophic and Firmicutes,Hydra,Planarians,Bacillus F,T.gammatolerans etc DNA added to these plants will ensure their ability to survive longterm and thus if possible all deserts worldwide such as The Austrailian Outback,Gobi,Arabian,Sahara,Sahel,Atacama,Great Basin Desert including Death Valley,Mojave Deserts could disappear indefinitely covered with forests,jungles or at least grasslands by the mid to late century mitigating and reversing desertification and climate change with land used for agriculture for home,community and forest farms in these areas be able to support intensive agriculture to feed those in the developing world such as Africa,Middle East and Asia having farming viability on par with the most fertile green agriculture belts of the developed first world and help reforestation efforts worldwide with the meadows,forests and grasslands created by them being permaculture hybrid farms that grow food and still allow native flora and fauna to grow there.These will be growing hybrid crops that have genetic engineering to improve yields growth rates and repellance etc and managed by seed planting,watering and fertlising drones and in time biosynths controlled by the farm AI.All desert flora and fauna would be engineered to adapt to these new conditions such as increased rainfall and more green cover with also new species created.Even live animals will be engineered via CRISPR to survive these new conditions.These would also be used as hybrid grassland and forest farms.If possible animals that are endangered in other parts of the world in their natural habitat can be moved to these new grasslands,meadows and jungles with this including Ailuropoda melanoleuca and Panthera tigris can be moved to these new areas as underground communities underneath them will mean they will be permanently reforested with these animals and their staple food sources engineered to adapt to these areas.This will not mean that reforestation efforts in their native habitats will be negated.This would aid in settling conflicts in areas in South Africa,The Middle East and also other parts of the world as food security would ensure that groups involved in extremism here would be less willing to resort to extremism or violence and with alongside upgrading towns and cities homes and infrastructure to luxury 21st century standards would ensure the citizens would be more likely to reject radicalism.It could also be replicated on planets in other parts of the universe.The reforested land would contain forest farms of hybrid trees like all wilderness land and would provide ample land for truffle and mushroom hybrids.Grasslands and meadows and forests,rainforests and jungles created by them can also be used to grow crops in permaculture hybrid meadow,grassland and forest farms as detailed earlier with this also applying to existing ones with them manged by the AI of the nearest farms and drones that plant seeds and monitor plant health.All native animals and plants would be engineered to survive the new conditions to prevent extinctions with even new species of plants and animals created that are suited to these conditions that are relatives of existing ones.This would be done in advancements in geoengineering,picotech fabricators creating water managed by Theoi Meteroi and current developments in China wherein plant material mixed with sand makes it on par with soil.Ideally this material will be created on a commercial scale by bacteria and spread by tractors over large areas or acre by acre and thoroughly mixed in with the soil and water to form this mixture in entire fields rather than in one or two spots where trees or crops are planted thus ensuring all of the sand is converted into soil.Organic matter to substitute for soil can be created via a combination of pyrolysised biochar,composted food waste created and mixed in large automated soil factories that can create this on an industrial scale in close proximity to the reforested area using animal skeletal remains,animal and human feces and urea as well as algae fertiliser that can be spread on the ground and compacted into the ground by automated steamroller machines with a layer of grass set into this by machine to keep the soil intact.In time picotech fabricators could create organic,inorganic matter and minerals etc to be mixed together alongside groundwater.All steps will be automated from start to finish and controlled by Pan.Rural villages in these areas especially landlocked will have underground piping connecting them to the nearest desalinisation plant by the coast that also with the used and treated water pumped into rivers to increase their volume allowing them to house more fish,fish farms and also alleviating strains on them as they would naturally be low with the water able to eventually return to the ocean and this will be replicated in all areas around the world that are in deserts.This will not just provide water for showers,taps etc but also agriculture and reforestation efforts and will not just do so during the entire year but also during any droughts ensuring sufficient or abundant crop yields in home,community and vertical farms during these with this possibly replicated in Europe and America with as stated sewage treatment plants providing large supplies of algae during these periods,having crops and livestock and even humans fitted with xerophile,oligotrophic and Firmicutes etc DNA as well as excess food stored and excess from other countries shipped in via interactions with mayor AIs will all combined alleviate the severity of local or even national droughts with desalination plant water shipped in via underground pipes alleviating water scarcity.In time both vertical and community farms will have onsite picotech fabricators to create water in large amounts for both crops and use as a drink.By having water shipped in underground from desalinisation plants will alleviate strains on local rivers and lakes with once it used for showers,taps etc and treated will in fact fill up these water bodies at the highest point of them will ensure they will return to the ocean ensuring the level of water is constant with the water also evaporating and forming more rainfall clouds.The salt will be released in controlled bursts to prevent it affecting sea fauna with phyoplantkton and algae released into the water as well or used as fertiliser.Water could also be shipped in from flood and tsunamai tunnels etc once treated.By the end of the century carbon sequestration efforts will have returned carbon dioxide levels back to pre industrial levels meaning rainfall patterns will stabilise with their poor soil on home and community farms will be made viable by being mixed with plant matter to make it on par with that in the developed world with this and water from underground piping from desalinisation plants feeding plants will improve transpiration and thus the formation of rain rich clouds with as detailed later on rain rich hurricanes from the Gulf of Mexico and monsoons from India prior to being powerful will be diverted here and thus ensure all parts of Africa,India and the Middle East will have an abundant sources of water.Picotech fabricators will allow soil to be spread over this once advanced enough and over reforested soil using the plant matter method.Desalinated water routed here via underground piping will also serve the water needs of local villages ie showers,taps etc and have the treated water pumped into lakes and rivers to increase their volume allowing them to harbour more fish and other wildlife that depend on them and return to the ocean or via evaporation create more rain rich clouds alongside transpiration with this pumped into them at the highest point and furthest point inland once they have been treated after being used in taps,showers etc.If need be extra water will be pumped into these lakes and rivers at the highest point of their source river to further increase evaporation and also increase their size.The reforestation of deserts with grasslands,forests etc will increase transpiration.The ancient lakes and seas of Africa such as the Quattera depression can be created by pipes pumping large amounts of desalinated water into them or boring machines creating canals connecting them to the ocean to create seas with local flora and fauna fitted with halophile DNA to tolerate the high levels of salt in the water.Both the Middle East and Africa will have improved infrastructure to prevent deaths during hurricanes and the monsoon floods hitting them.These would ideally be when the storms are at least category 3-4 holding enough rain and not too strong in terms of wind power with the Middle East have monsoons that normally hit and cause deadly floods in India be redirected here.If need be new tropical storms created by geoengineering can be pushed to these areas to exclusively feed these newly reforested areas and feed India and the Gulf of Mexico should they become negatively affected by being starved of heavy rains from the aforementioned systems with these being much less powerful storms and monsoons or even just rain rich systems spread out more evenly throughout the year during nighttime to prevent clouds overtaking sunny weather carrying and depositing the same amount of water over the year that is normally deposited by monsoons and hurricanes thus preventing deserts forming in these areas and ensure that jungles etc can still flourish but at the same time prevent severe floods that can damage human settlements and cost lives with Theoi Meteroi managing this.The rain could also be spaced out during the day as small showers and drizzle during all seasons allowing for both rain and sun to prevent plants and lakes etc drying up.Thus the rainwater would be applied all year round to be the normal amount they usually receive alongside from seasonal hurricanes,monsoons but through the entire year spaced out ideally nighttime,daytime drizzle or small showers and usual rainy seasons of the year with Theoi Meteroi once it analyses typical rainfall patterns all year long in all areas including in areas affected by storms,hurricanes and monsoons once carbon dioxide levels return to 280ppm will spread this out again at nighttime through the entire year.This will increase agricultural output as countries could have bountiful sunshine and rainfall all year long with some snow at winter which crops can be engineered to survive thus allowing for multiple harvests in all types of outdoor farms.If possible technology will be developed that actually sucks and extracts all of the energy present in a hurricane,storm and tornado causing it to not only dissipate but actually harvest all wind and other energy present in them to be directly harvested and stored with the same done for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions providing vast amounts of energy to be stored and alleviate strains on the grid for several years or a decade with the energy using Brontes being shared across the globe by Brontes and Steropes.Theoi Meteroi will once it gains control of the worlds weather can aid in this but also have affected areas still have the same amount of rain from these systems deposited but spread out over the year preventing them from starved of rain especially rainforests,India,Florida etc that rely on moonsoons and hurricanes for rain to maintain lush vegetation that act as carbon sinks will have the same rain spread out over the year including milder less intensive flooding with them ideally at night all year long to allow the water to stay in the ground longer to be soaked in vegetation and ensure days can be sunny and warm or within normal ranges with this applied this way during the entire year winter,autumn,summer and spring to prevent heatwaves and that levels of water groundwater and in a mains at ideal levels at all times.This will ensure bountiful snow in winter,sunny springs and summers with particular days of the year having certain weather such as Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays having snow and 4th of Jully,St.Patricks etc having sunny days.All patterns will be within normal pre industrial level 280ppm parameters and on a global scale with flooding,storms,monsoons more frequent but less intensive in their strength with rains as stated at night to allow the water to stay in the ground longer without drying up and since done all year long will prevent heatwaves,droughts as water levels in groundwater,lakes and rivers will be constantly at ideal levels all year long and ensure rainforests,jungles etc that rely on heavy rains will get the much needed they need to survive spaced out over the year.Flooding will be only minor in autumn and spring to space rainwater in areas where hurricannes,monsoons,flash floods occur to ensure they are not starved of rains vital to rainforests,agriculture and water used as drinking water and agriculture etc in the groundwater and rivers etc but not too severe as to cause damage to property and loss of human life ie floods,monsoons,tropical and hurricanes in areas where they are common will still occur more frequently but will be in less intensive forms spread out over the year that are weak enough not to cause loss of life or damage to infrastructure and crops but still provide the same levels of rain in pre-industrial conditions of 280ppm with them controlled by AI allowing homeowners to be able to have adequate preventive measures put in place,seek shelter in underground bunkers,higher floors of hotel style homes or leave the area temporarily with this controlled like all weather on a global scale weeks,months,years,decades and even centuries ahead visible to the public by 2045 onwards through geoengineering,marine cloud brightening,orbital mirrors,adding and removing carbon dioxide,water vapour and new technologies controlled the various AIs that are part of Theoi Meteroi.Hecate,Theoi Meteroi,Steropes,Brontes,Arges and Prometheus will spearhead research into this and would be possible 2060-2100.As detailed later it will interact with Triptolemus and Pan to provide stable levels of rain and sunshine for hybrid jungle,forest and grassland farms and also home and community ones and allow the sentient Theoi Meteroi to plan out the global climate and weather over decades and centuries.By 2045 Theoi Meteroi will perfect this ensuring an equilibrium without starving areas of rain and ensuring the Gulf of Mexico and India get the same amount of rainfall with less intensive monsoons and tropical storms.Reducing carbon dioxide levels to pre industrial levels of 280ppm as detailed later on will reduce the intensity of storms and frequency of powerful ones.The used of marine cloud brightening can be used to create clouds of rain that would be pushed towards deserts or anywhere for that matter by ocean currents and the atmosphere and also block heat from the sun controlling the intensity of storms and hurricannes and indeed all types of weather systems.Marine cloud brightening will be modified to have the salt removed and readded to the ocean so that the clouds formed only contain pure water that will eventually return to the ocean via the hydrological cycle once falling as rain.This can have rain and snow rich clouds pushed by currents and the atmosphere to any part of the world and also be used to lessen the intensity of monsoons,hurricanes etc by deflecting heat from thee sun that powers them with them powered by VAWTs and wave pistons and activated by satellites as part of Theoi Meteroi.The use of underground pipes feeding water from desalinisation plants to desert and non desert areas will also be used to control the weather as transpiration and evaporation form plants,crops and also rivers etc created by them will affect the climate.The other geoengineering techniques created by Urania,Hecate,Theoi Meteroi etc to control the weather on a local to global scale will be utilised by the sentient Theoi Meteroi.This would ensure stable food security in all parts of the developing world such as Asia,Africa and the Middle East indefinitely making them able to be self sufficient in food production without relying on international aid or be under threat of starvation due to crop failures caused by droughts and also extended the Congo and other forests in these areas to the entire country.This should be finished by the middle to late 22nd century if automated from start to finish by Triptolemus and Pan with them converting whole acres in different parts of the desert at once thus speeding the process up to eventually enclose them up using fleets of ploughs and drones and robotic tree planters.If done collectively at different parts of all deserts then all of the world deserts will be reforested by the mid to late 22nd century.As part of this desalisation plants can direct water via underground pipes to the parts of the Sahara etc being reforested bit by bit with all plants having xerophile,Firmicutes and oligotroph DNA.Islands should also have this done to make them self sufficient with these also having vertical farms.Water can come from underground pipes connected to them from desalinisation plants that once used will be pumped into rivers and lakes that connect to the source ocean refilling them with water for wildlife and other uses,alleviating strains on the rivers themselves as it can be used by home with in time picotech fabricators capable of creating large reservoirs of water for both agricultural use and house use in large amounts that can be then pumped into nearby rivers once cleaned to refill emptied and overexploited waterways or those that have dried up due to climate change with this also used to refill groundwater supplies where it will form part of the hydrological cycle and possibly through calculation this extra water if applied correctly would improve the level of rainfalls of drought stricken areas in Africa,India,Middle East controlled by Theoi Meteroi.By the time the desert is reforested the rainfall of the area should increase substantially by itself and the lakes filled up by this with the desalinisation plants supply water to the lakes and rivers to maintain or increase rainfall as it will eventually return to the ocean.Reducing levels of carbon dioxide back to pre industrial levels of 280ppm by the end of the century will alleviate strains on desalinisation plants and also stabilise rainfall patterns in these areas.By 2029-2045 AI namely Pan,Theoi Meteroi,Artemis and Tyche will do simulations as to organise these efficiently with all work being automated from start to finish with their effects on the global climate analysed and countermeasures created.By this point marine cloud brightening and other geonengineering would be used to control the weather on a global scale as detailed later on.If need be to cater to the extra plants in these jungles and grasslands extra carbon dioxide from bacteria based fossil fuels will be pumped into the atmosphere decided by AI to allow them to grow yet also maintain a carbon dioxide concentration of at least 280ppm as these new jungles etc in place of all deserts worldwide if left unchecked could bring the concentration of this gas below 280ppm which could cause problems worldwide with AI determining how much carbon dioxide to release into the atmosphere to ensure they can thrive in equilibrium yet still keep levels at 280ppm.This will be done once carbon sequestration technology has returned levels of the greenhouse gas back to 280ppm and will be outside of those to sequester carbon dioxide released by finite fossil fuel plants and geothermal power plants.The use of desalinated water in place of groundwater would also benefit Jakarta and other cities sitting on the coast that are sinking due to overuse of groundwater with AI such as Pan etc extrapolating ways to correct existing problems caused by them thus making them habitable again.This would include filling in depleted ground water supplies with treated seawater or those from picotech fabricators.Picotech fabricator may also be used to create large amounts of water for rivers,lakes etc.Simulations should be done to see what effect adding this extra water to the hydrological cycle and weather patterns would do with the excess water removed via collecting water and adding it to looped systems and even splitting it into hydrogen and oxygen for other uses should any of this water escape via leaks and also transpiration of crops etc with interactions between Tyche,Theoi Meteroi and Hecate being constant to ensure all excess water that escapes is collected and used for other purposes.Nephalai and Aurai will monitor the levels of water vapour globally to carry out automated measures to keep the level of water vapour in the hydrological cycle constant.By 2045 they can do simulations to control the weather over decades and centuries with water vapour,carbon dioxide etc added and removed from the global system over and over again to change the weather patterns globally with the effects of reforestation of the worlds deserts etc taken into account and it able to create measures and countermeasures to each addition and removal of gases and water vapour etc thus allowing newly reforested land in the worlds deserts and existing rainforests like the Amazon to continue to be reforested and receive the same amount of rainfall and fertiliser and the rest of the climate stabilised and controlled.Thus at this point the global weather will be controlled by these AI controlling the addition and removal of water vapour,greenhouse gases,marine cloud brightening and other geoengineering.