Clothing & Fashion

Advances in machinery primarily digital knitting and automation will solve all of these problems associated with the fashion industry;removing the need for sweatshops in developing nations,allowing clothing to be developed more locally and making designer brand clothing normally relegated to the super rich more available to the general public.All clothing whether dresses,jeans,trousers,socks,shoes,home textiles,jewellery,accessories of all types will be stored in the Arachne sub network and will be customised and created by automation.

Digital knitting will also produce virtually any other piece of clothing and accessories such as socks ,gloves,wool hats,coats,jerseys,jackets,cardigans,towels,knitted belts,trousers,skirts,bathrobes and scarfs as well as those for furniture eg.pillow cases,duvet covers,toilet seat covers,rugs,carpets and curtains.DARPA and Softwear Automation since 2012 have been developing robots to remove people from the sewing process completely in particular for clothes made of rubber and latex which can be grown on site via genetically modified bacteria.Also automated are circular looms and conventional looms.Pyrolysis machinery and secure vats for ruber/latex degrading bacteria can be integrated into these textile factories to breaks down the rubber into a food source for genetically engineered bacteria that produce latex and rubber thus creating a looped system that is on site cutting down transportation costs.Otherwise bacteria that degrade the latex and rubber into its base components which again can be used for a food source for bacteria that create rubber and latex again creating a looped system on site.This can be replicated with all textiles.In short within the next 5-10 years all of the textile manufacturing process should be fully automated from start to finish including production of textiles,spinning of yarn,sewing and production of clothing with certain machinery having nanocameras to allow the factory AI perform operations more efficiently.Sequins and precious gems such as diamonds,sapphires,rubies can be sewn into clothing and accessories by miniaturized versions of the DaVinci surgery machine that can be move around the piece of clothing with them done by hand at home once delivered.In time robot hands modelled on robot chefs as well as humans on rails will be part of these factory lines especially for bags,purses,shoes,umbrellas etc and conveyor belt systems will also be present with in time biosynths doing more dexterous work.Looms,knitting machines will have colours changed on them by robots on rails with them all making as many types of clothes and accessories ie quilts,cushions,socks,gloves,scarves,pajimas.If possible miniaturised versions of these could be in homes managed by Arachne that can be fitted into ones private home or communal homes to create certain items at home.

Textiles such as bamboo,silk,hemp and Seacell should be grown in sewage and water treatment plants using waste produced by humans and harvested by machinery fully automating the process from start to finish with interactions within the wire sending the seacell automatically to textile factories.To save on transportation energy costs genetically engineered bacteria could produce the same fibres of the algae based textiles negating the need from them to be transported from the sewage treatment plants.This can be replicated with bacteria that produce all animal and afroementioned plant textiles and others such as rubber and latex on site saving on energy as well as resources like fertilizer and water as even hydroponically grown plants require too much space and resources.Earlier on we saw that wools,silk can be done this way with leather and reptile skin bioprinted with fake fur can also be done on site.This can also apply with any synthetic polymers used in the textile industry.They can be grown on industrial wastes onsite or imported from wastewater treatment plants as well with the factory AI interacting via the wire with nearby wastewater treatment plants or other growth media can be imported from other parts of the region.Clothes and shoes can be made dirt proof and also waterproof with liquid glass applied at home or in factories in a permanent layer to ensure that its stain,acid and water proof for ever with an infusion of deoderizer applied before hand negating the need for clothes washers and dryers and will make them resistant to UV damage.Graphene integrated into textiles such as curtains,clothes,cushions etc could theoretically make them fireproof due to graphenes melting point of 4,626.85 degrees celcius negating the need for toxic fireproofing chemicals.It may even make clothes bulletproof and able to fend off knife attacks if interwoven in multiple layers as well as having silicene and biosynth technology in it will integrate it as smart clothing that measures vital signs and sends alarms to Pemphredo.Spider silk interwoven into them can make clothes bulletproof and able to fend off knife attacks if interwoven in multiple layers.Liquid glass with a melting point of 1,600 degrees celsius over this could also add an extra layer of fireproofing for it with both it and graphene being non toxic and will make water,sweat and stain proof.This would apply to clothing,accessories and home textiles.Waste clothing can be sent back to textile factories where machinery present will shred it down where it can be added to new virgin textiles to produce new clothing or bacteria that break it down to create feed for bacteria that produce new fabrics creating a looped system.

Cloud open source networking in the form of Hephaestus will play a great role in the development of fashion and new fashion trends with clothing designed on software ideally software that is a combination of Autocad,Speedy Paint,Optitex, Photoshop,Pret à Template and Smartdesigner/Fashion CAD merged into Pandora that would also allow sketches of clothing on smart devices like smartpads or e-newspapers to be then turned into models on it to be produced.

New and existing clothing developed by fashion designers will be uploaded to a network including those of historical haute couture significance scanned in using scanners into Hephaestus i.e.the Travolta dress and others associated with Princess Diana and other royalty,public figures and celebrities, famous wedding dresses,those in museums relented to all media such as movies and television shows,clothing from the Oscars and other awards ceremonies(like the Emmys,Tonys,MTV music and television awards and their variants around the world) and annual public events,those that reside in museums,palaces,government buildings and castles,those designed by dead or alive famous fashion designers which will become widely available to the public.It could even involve clothing in museums,palaces and museums from different time periods from prehistory,ancient times(ancient Rome,Greece,Egypt etc.) to Renaissance Europe,Feudal Japan,16th,17th,18th century europe/america/asia all the way up to modern times including the 20th century divided by decades).This will make them more widely available to the general public

The originals will be left in museums and Aphrodite product recognition software can gain clothing from video games,paintings,photos,magazines,newspapers,video files,YouTube videos,music videos,older award ceremonies,fashion shows past and present,television shows/movies(live action and animated) as well as movies where the original is no longer available.All of YouTube,Dionysus and Pheme will be scanned by it even the proto form meaning by 2029 all clothing from all of these will all be widely available to the general public by then.Consumers using Hephaestus namely Arachne on computers/laptops or smart devices(using Adonit pens)linked to smart mirrors can either virtually try them on and have it made their size or then make their own alterations to these and then share them with others who can in turn alter them and so on.Thus these haute couture,designer brand and iconic clothes will be more readily available to the general public with originals left in museums with them suited to the sizes of a consumer when they order it.Existing clothes at home,community centres and in retail outlets can be scanned in using handheld scanners attached to smart devices used to scan in other manufactured goods.Furthermore this network will act as a platform for budding fashion designers of all ages from all around the world consisting of consumers themselves using Pandora software(see later)to expose their talent to both the general public but also celebrities and famous models making it easier for them to have their clothes appear on the red carpet,on the cover of famous fashion magazines,in movies,television shows and also at famous fashion shows thus competing with the well established designers negating traditional fashion schools,fashion corporations,internships at corporations of famous fashion designers,branding as well as fashion reality television competition shows such Project Runway,The Fashion Fund etc all of which will become obsolete.Ones Home AI could advertise or recommend their clothes not just to the general public but also emerging and famous celebrities,models,actors,directors,fashion designers and also musicians and the producers of fashion magazines to improve their ability to become famous.Thus corporate headquarters for these and the studios for fashion reality shows,fashion schools will be converted into homes.Fashion shows can be presented live on fashion channels within Dionysus and then viewable on YouTube while at the same time holographic technology using cameras and sensors within the clothing and the persons body can be used to stream live holoprojections of a fashion show on multiple catwalks around the world increasing its visibility around the world.Once VR technology becomes indistinguishable to reality it will allow millions of people to virtually attend them from the comfort of their own home in multi layered simulations with this making it easier for new designers to gain recognition and allow existing catwalks to be converted into homes.This may also apply to amateur fashion designers showcasing their work to the world done in local community centres,hotels and other communal homes or VR programs with local community members and have this uploaded to Dionysus and also to other venues world wide.Thus VR fashion shows will allow for one to attend them from home and also allow amateurs to breakout easier with them appearing in Dionysus.Alternatively virtual fashion shows including real world ones as detailed later on can be recorded and uploaded to YouTube and the designers account on Hephaestus with the highest rated virtual fashion shows appearing on fashion sites or within the fashion sector of Hephaestus.Otherwise community halls etc can be remodelled with catwalks for new budding designers in the area and again them uploaded to YouTube.Those of well established designers will also be done in VR simulations allowing buildings used for these to be converted into homes and amateur budding ones able to create there own shows visible to anyone based on the clothes they created.One could try on their own clothes created by them one after the other in this setting.Thus this cloud network that houses all clothing and accessories of all types named Arachne after the figure from Greek mythology will eliminate fashion companies any jobs related within them.

Using the advances of linked smart devices and laptops or voice control,motion capture cameras or touchscreens on smart mirrors via graphene at home all linked to Hephaestus via Hestia consumers can virtually try on clothes developed by themselves via Pandora of famous fashion designers at home and even make their own alterations using linked smart devices(with Adonit pens),touchscreens on mirrors and computers/laptops to existing and new clothes created for fashion shows,sports jerseys and clothes and the red carpet at the Oscars suited for their size.They can upload these and their own designs and alterations to the cloud network allowing it available to others to further alter its design if they wish and so on.These alterations can include colour of the clothing and specific patterns/designs present(via a colour wheel or typing in the saturation percentage of red,green and blue with them cross referenced with all know colours stored in Artemis transferred from Wikipedia)alongside the size and removal or addition of sections or adding sections composed of a different cloth or what fabric each piece is composed of

A handheld scanner,scanners built into smart devices and computers or a scanner/camera built into the mirror could also measure the exact height and shape and size of the consumer gained in the latter with the consumer turning around 360 degrees until they have their whole body scanned replacing any previous scans of their body for the perfect fit if they have gained or lost weight.Each person can have their own account and thus up to date body shape and size saved on their Hephaestus account allowing multiple people in a home to use the feature on smart mirror.If someone is visiting or sharing a home for a holiday or even just a day visit using the wire and their smart devices can link the devices to Hephaestus and thus access their accounts remotely from where they are currently residing.All clothing and accessories will be in adult size on Arachne which will then modified to child and infant size.Communal homes can share smart mirrors or a scan of ones body in Hephaestus can allow people to try on the clothes and accessories on virtual catwalks and fitting rooms on other smart devices such as smartphones and smartpads as well as computers and laptops(see later).This can also be uploaded to their patient file.Custom designs such as faces,symbols can be input through computer made designs, pictures such as images downloaded online and selfies and photos taken on smartphones and digital cameras.The consumer may then save the desired version and then order it having it produced in an automated factory and then delivered to their home.Famous dresses could be scanned in person using scanner or using Aphrodite product recognition software similar to facial recognition software merged with Snap Fashion that measures the size,shape,contours,colours and patterns of clothes from old stock footage of movies,music videos,photos,television shows,fashion shows,cartoons,awards ceremonies and even video games.In the case of video games these can be extracted from game files.All of this can also apply to home textiles such as pillow cases,rugs,tapestries,curtains etc with those from famous building such as palaces,museums and even castles can be scanned into their relevant folder in Hephaestus divided by the building it came from.Accessories such as scarves and gloves can also be designed this way and in the case of gloves,oven mits,and even rubber kitchen and lab gloves one may simply scan in their hand so they can design these on the programs on their own unique hand size.Scanning in ones hand saving it on their Hephaestus account will allow existing gloves in the network to be made into their exact shape size when editing or ordering with this automatic for all gloves they order even rubber or plastic gloves for working in labs and in sterile conditions.Rubber gloves can have graphene integrated into them to improve sketchiness as well as make them indestructible.Home textiles such as quilts,kitchen towels,towels,curtains,tapestries,cushions,bedsheets etc can be designed,scanned in and stored in Arachne.Carpets on the other hand may be phased out and replaced by wooden flooring as conventional and bacteria based wood can be installed much easier by robots in house construction with the fact that carpets are harder to clean(they cant be sprayed with liquid glass unlike wooden floors to prevent stains),gather dust that can affect the elderly and those with breathing problems,collect odours over time,use too much toxic chemicals in their creation with wooden floors complimented with underfloor geothermal heating in colder months.It may be possible to coat both clothes and home textiles internally and externally in a permanent layer of liquid glass which repels dirt,dust,stains,liquids like sweat from the body and rainwater as well as also micro-organisams that are responsible for bad smells negating the need for cleaning at all after being infused with a permanent scent to negate bad smells.This can be done mandatory in the factory and existing textiles at home can be done with sprayers designed on Hephaestus..These smart mirrors will record their height,waist size and other measurements including the body shape of the individual making all pieces of fashion fit to the individual which can also be input online(or they have their recent body shape scanned in with a portable scanner) as well recording a persons virtual fit of different combinations of clothing,jumpers,trousers etc.allowing a person to view all parts of their body during the fit front and behind all from the comfort of their bedroom as well as choose the type of textile it is composed of in these virtual try ons and its eventual manufacture.Smartpads,televisions and phones will also be used to determine ones height and size as well as record one virtually trying it and several dresses either on a tripod or in the hand of a friend with all virtual try ons recorded into ones Hephaestus or Hestia account or onto the hard drives of devices.These memory mirrors will be ideally at home in bedrooms with them on walls,within closets(existing ones that have mirrors can have their mirrors replaced by smart ones)in bathrooms and also on bedside lockers and in compact mirrors.In communal homes they can be in rooms with multiple closets if they can fit into them and the Home AI and friends via Iris can suggest different mix and matches as to the current event.One could save their general size,height etc in their account with microbes keeping their body fat percentage constant or if any changes occur one could have resaved over and over again.Ones shoe size/foot size,hand size,head size,body measurements will be saved in their account so that all clothes,shoes,socks,hats etc will be made to their customised specifications.As stated one could scan in their entire body naked allowing a digital mannequin can be made that is in their account privy only to them with the genitals covered up and each order of clothing made by a person or even by friends as a gift will have this be crossrefferenced instantly for the persons unique dimensions of their head,legs,chest,arm etc to ensure the clothing and even jewellery is made to their unique dimensions a la haute couture by the robots and AI present with gene therapy and bicompatible microbes allowing one to maintain an ideal body fat percentage with this done via smart devices,smart mirrors etc.Children will routinely do this until they finish puberty.All clothing and accessories will be in adult size on Arachne which will then modified to child and infant size.VR technology will invitably allow to try on different clothes.

Laptops and smart devices can alternatively allow a person once they have scanned their body on the mirror or using handheld scanners(or those built into smart devices and computer) to scan their body once and record their movements down a straight line and in 360 degree turns to try on different combinations of designed clothing remotely from anywhere in the world which can uploaded to social networks or to friends to give feedback before ordering the clothes.These virtual try ons on laptops,smart devices and smart mirrors can also allow one to try out different hairstyles,accessories,glasses and jewellery at once within Hephaestus before ordering them and can all be saved on these devices as video and photo files(with buttons on smart devices and laptops as well as the consumer voice activating the taking of pictures via the cameras in them and software taking a still)within their Hephaestus account with data streamed and transferred wirelessly from each other.Furthermore they can be streamed and transferred to multiple other similar aforementioned devices around the world linked by the by proxy system to allow multiple friends around the world to see these in real time while discussing it over the phone or Iris vid chats that take place on the corners of the mirror or on smart devices.Each person can transmit their try on onto the mirrors of others talking in the group via this remote streaming system with each person using their hands or smartphones to switch between the try ons of each individual in the group allowing each person to talk to each other while watching each others virtual try ons remotely.Again smart devices on tripods or linked computers can allow for this.Apps similar to Autodesk Homestyler and Virtual Stager on smart devices can allow one to virtually try on designed home textiles such as curtains,cushions,pillows and quilts around the home.All of this can be integrated into bedroom,living room,bathroom,furniture and even compact handheld mirrors all of which can have liquid glass sprayed on them to prevent fogging and build up of dirt.VR technology can allow for friends on opposite side of the world to be in an artificial environment within the wire namely Hephaestus in a large shopping mall or clothes store with countless rooms,departments of different clothing and changing rooms to try on clothes together in person to try on clothes on racks or those conjured up from in simulation smart devices including smart mirrors.As stated earlier laptops,computers and smart devices can be used to design clothes with a link to Hephaestus.With regards to washing instructions these will be stored in e-form on the person account on the Hephaestus network onto the order details which can be viewed on their smart devices or they could knitted into the back of the item by the neck.The clothing size all clothing and Arachne will utilise the UK version of number sizes in all cases with them also using both the UK measuring system alongside the lettering system ie S(small)to XXL and so on related to the number system.This will also apply to shoes.Ideally all textiles including clothes should be treated with a permanent infusion of scents or deodorizers alongside a permanent layer of liquid glass on the inside and outside and other treatments that prevent the growth of bacteria,smells and make them acid and dirt proof and thus the need for washing with existing clothes at home treated with these at home using sprayers to infuse the deoderizer/scent and then treat them inside and out to liquid glass.This can be mandatory in the factory and existing textiles at home can be done with sprayers designed on Hephaestus.Like other electronics these smart mirrors will be powered by wireless energy or quantum dot technology and graphene sheets(also giving touchscreen capabilities) on any extremities.All types of non clothing manufactured goods can be produced using the same smart devices.

Custom made buttons,zips and belt buckles can either done by machine or 3D printed and made ideally from rubber,plastic,textiles and materials other than metal.

For clothing produced via digital knitting and robots 3D printers exist that can allow images and designs designed on software,download online,taken from photos and pictures taken from the web,paintings, or software that can take still images from movies,taken via photos from digital cameras and smartphones to be added to a different sector to be added onto them.In these cases it can be printed like as if a photo or altered using software to take on different qualities for example to be shaded,inverted or then made to look like a cartoon or a oil/watercolour/crayon/pastel painting.It can then be uploaded onto the printers to be printed onto clothing allowing for more customization(again printed on as like it would look like a photo or altered on software as mentioned before).Images and designs made for these printers can also be created to apply onto bags,trousers, jeans,home textiles(pillows,cushions,quilts etc.)hand fans and insoles.These all too can be shared via cloud networks.Ideally they should all be located in the textile factory as part of the assembly line or in community centres where textiles are produced with button,buckle and zip designs with robots and conveyor belt systems including robot chefs aiding in putting them in the right way without creases.All of these designs will be stored in the Arachne network and will be designed by the public with alterations done automatically for fabrics of different sizes

With regards to shoes Nikes new flyknit and Nike Primknit shoes have meant that most of the shoes now made can be knitted automatically and other components such as the sole being done by 3D printing.Adidas is developing their own version and expect to fully automate the process.Entire shoes such as high heels can be 3D printed

This means that like clothing shoes can be custom made designed including the sole and shoe laces using computer software with foot scanners built into weighing scales or handheld scanners built into smart devices measuring shoe size as well as their foot shape etc and uploaded into their Hephaestus account so that all footwear they select to be constructed will adjust to suit an individuals foot shape,size and needs.A person can design footwear by using their 3D scanned foot in their account as a base to work around or again transfer sketches done on smart devices into Pandora.A consumer can permanently save their shoe size and foot contours to their Hephaestus account to make this automatic for all insoles and shoes they order.Neural implants will in time let one feel their feet in shoes as they virtually try them one taking into account their foot size and the shape of the shoe.Existing footwear in homes and retail outlets can be scanned in using handheld scanners to be added to Hephaestus.

Custom made insoles and orthotics can be produced with foot scanners either shared between the community or at podiatrists office which only has to be scanned once and saved onto laptops,smart mirrors and other devices or their patient file within Aesculapius and Hephaestus account for creating more insoles in the future.Otherwise existing footwear and insoles can be scanned into the network via scanners attached to smart devices.Although these are primarily made by automated machines the factories they are produced in require human labour to a certain degree.

Further robots should be developed to produce both boots and wellingtons on an industrial scale or they could be made of the same textiles and methods as flyknit and prime-knit with this replicated with both ice skates and roller blades.All shoes and sneakers can be designed on computers and shared on networks.A permanent layer of liquid glass can be applied to them internally and externally(with a permanent deoderizer or scent infusion for the interior)including the soles to prevent the build up of dirt(including chewing gum) and prevent them from getting dirty removing the need for cleaning them as well as prevent the soles from transferring dirt onto surface at home(negating the need for shoe cleaning mats at home and in public buildings) and prevent them transferring dirt to public buildings as well as private vehicles and also public and commercial ones like trains,buses,taxis,aeroplanes, skytrans pods and similar ones in cities.It will also prevent the spread of dirt and bacteria to buildings that must be sterile such as university labs and hospitals and can be used to prevent chewing gum,mud and also feces from sticking to them negating time and labour in cleaning them.This means also that prized shoes can be used in home and community farms or hiking,in floods,marshes,swamps and even on beaches without damaging them.

The consumer can design diamonds on autocad and choose the colour of them with the prospect of choosing the degree to which they are coloured by the onsite machinery adding the correct amounts of specific elements and minerals associated with those added in the correct ratio decided by the consumer choosing the colour and saturation within autocad by a colour wheel or typing in the saturation percentage of red,green and blue with them cross referenced with all known colours stored in Artemis transferred from Wikipedia.A reset button can reset it to the default colour of that gem.Thus the consumer can make diamonds that are multicoloured or have hues that do not naturally occur.Liquid glass can prevent them getting dirty and any toxic impurities needed for hues leaching into the skin.Diamonds can be made from a variety of carbon sources including those from ones own hair or the the hair of a loved one(with regards to wedding rings) with entire diamond encrusted necklaces made from large amounts of hair collected over time and from allowing ones hair to grow and then cut it and collected by hand from salons.All jewellery including those with precious gems can be treated with a permanent layer of liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning them with harsh chemicals.This can be mandatorily in the factory and existing jewellery at home can be done with sprayers designed on Hephaestus.

Jewellery making and tattooing have been recently automated in the form of jewellery cutting machines which applies custom made designs made on computers.All of these designs are uploaded onto cloud networks with famous jewellery such as the Hope Diamond, Heart of the Ocean or the infamous The Queens Necklace owned by Marie Antoinette can be replicated for the average consumer alongside other historical and expensive jewels in museums,palaces,castles,those from media such as video games/movies/music videos/cartoons/television shows and in private collections(including heirlooms) by scanning them into Hephaestus with originals and those in private collections sent to museums or product recognition software.

In the case of jewellery an human labour such as placing the metal into the machine can be done by the consumer with designs made at home emailed or uploaded into servers at community centres or the jewellery factories located within their own region or country with further advances in automation in the next 5-10 years eliminating all human labour.Diamonds and other precious gems can be set in with advances in automation which should be relatively easy and thus allow for historically important jewellery accessible to the general public.The process of creating artificial diamonds and other jewels(as detailed earlier on) and cutting them can both also be easily automated with custom made designs uploaded into machines and cloud networks with this done by hand using machinery at community centres with how to videos streamed from the machine onto smart devices.All jewellery will be customised to ones saved finger and neck dimensions saved on ones account.

Advances in 3D printing have allowed not only custom made insoles as stated earlier but also 3D printed clothing such as bikinis and dresses.Intricate designs can be designed on computers to design these clothes.

Furthermore 3D printed shoes,sneaker and possibly 3D boots such as wellingtons for those working in permaculture and forest farms are soon becoming a reality.This can also include high heels which could be difficult to make through automated machinery and localise production making them produced at home or in community centres and factories used for producing all of these footwear put to other uses.All 3D printed high heels,wellingtons and boots can printed in a skeletal structure with spray on fabrics or plant and animal textiles such as bamboo.hemp,seacell,bioprinted leather and reptile skin put on by hand at home

Handbags and duffle bags such as the Nike Rebento duffle bag and Voronoi handbag show that the production of bags while difficult to automate can be done via 3D printing with this replicated for all types of fashionwear.Although handbags have been only to been able to be produced in the form of a skeletal structure these can be covered by again spray on,plant or animal textile at home(alongside other types of bags like golf bags,sports bags etc.) but in the case of the Rebento we can at least see that at least with synthetic materials bags can be fully printed.As we can see later spray on cloth can be sprayed onto these skeletons or other textiles such as Seacell,leather,reptile skin etc. can be moulded onto them by hand.The skeleton can be composed of strong carbon fibres for added strength with the fabric placed on the inside.Any parts such as bag clips,and buttons for clothing(both machine made and 3D printed) can also be printed if lost or broken.

Jewellery can also be 3D printed using materials such as plastics and metals such as gold and silver into either simple or intricate designs otherwise impossible in conventional methods creating bracelets,rings,brass knuckles and reading/sunglasses/ski and swimming goggles.In the case of ski and swimming goggles the plastic or graphene can be cut at home with liquid glass or other anti moisture/UV fogging chemicals sprayed on to make them fog and water proof with low toxicity nd placed onto 3D printed skeletons.With prescription glasses,sunglasses and fashion glasses frames can be printed out to suit the shape of the glass which can be ordered in from and put in by hand or the glass can be 3D printed.Again cloud networking will allow for designs to be traded online.All 3D printed accessories can be treated with a permanent layer of liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning them.

Another option is the use of spray on clothing which consists of a solvent,plastics and plant fibres i.e. mixture of algae and other textiles which are stretchable enough to be worn and reworn with designs printed on.This could be used to produce any piece of clothing such as shirts,underwear,swimwear(if mixed with a hydrophobic coating like liquid glass),bras,dresses,bathrobes,scarves,gloves,trousers,bikini and socks etc.It could even produce accessories such hats,shoes,boots,baseball gloves,hand fans,handbags and many other items when sprayed internally and externally onto a 3D printed skeletons of items mentioned above or onto body parts such as ones hand,arms and chest.It can be machine washed and broken down back into its base materials to produce more clothing.Mixed with graphene,miniature solar and quantum dot technology it can have its strength and elasticity improved,theoretically make it project video messages and files,play skype chats and stream feeds from Dionysus and monitor vital signals with microchips built in to measure vital signs and active the release of medicines when vital signs change or through voice commands.The material could also be mixed with drugs,anti venom and antibiotics to produce bandages and gauzes or clothes that release drugs during the day i.e.replacing the nicotine patch and the contraceptive pill or conventional means of applying chemotherapy.All accessories can be treated with a permanent layer of liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning them.

If something cannot be automated or done through 3D printing then homemade fashion and accessories can be done at home or in a community factory devoted to it.Blueprints of designs can be downloaded onto computers from cloud networks and used a guideline to reproduce it by hand.Everything from clothing,bags,jewellery,glass frames and shoes can be done at home or in community/regional factories.3D printing and machinery can be integrated to improve efficiency and reduce accidents with with round looms of all shapes and sizes acquired through 3D printing.Furnishings such as mattresses,quilts and cushions can be homemade.These can be scanned into Hephaestus.Strips of textiles of any type and length can be designed on Pandora and ordered in from Arachne.

Footwear can be made from home prepared or bioprinted textiles such as leather(natural or synthetic) and reptile skin with homemade shoe polish being prepared at home with shoes repaired via DIY kits.These too can be scanned into Hephaestus.

In the case of jewellery metals can cast in 3D printed moulds design on a computer with beads printed.Chains for necklaces and laser cut can be made by automated machines and ordered in with gems also cut and input by hand.These too can be scanned into Hephaestus.

Umbrellas for both outdoor travel and outdoor furniture can also be homemade or have the components designed on Pandora and 3D printed and assembled by hand with 3D printed screws and then textiles of the consumers choice sewn on or have the canopy consisting of a 3D flexible skeleton with spray on seacell or strips of other animals and plant textiles sewn on by hand and treated with liquid glass.Fabric will be ordered in from Arachne.In time advances in robots and AI will allow these to be done in factories.

Home made bags and handbags can be made with a wide range of hydroponically grown plant textiles and home prepared animal textiles(ie home raised and tanned reptiles,and home made or sythetic leather/fur from mammals).These bags would last a lifetime as they would serve a variety of purposes i.e. transporting goods from distribution centres, phones and jewellery.Straw baskets can also be homemade for the same purpose.This can also extend to those made specifically to house and transport electronics with smartphone holders made via 3D printing.Umbrellas and hand fans also be homemade with spray on cloth and 3D printing playing a role in their construction with a flexible skeleton for the canopy also used.These too can be scanned into Hephaestus.In time advances in robots and AI will allow these to be done in factories.