Salons & Coffehouses

The political salons and coffeehouses of Europe the 1600s and 1700s will be revitalised and held on VR simulations where they will be a place of discussion,debate and education in the humanities,politics etc.Forming debates on current events and issues as well as critical,emotional development and schooling of non legal,medical and science subjects such as film/Jewish,Christian,Islamic etc studies/political science/liberal arts/sociology/anthropology/mythology/humanities/history/philosophy/psychology/art theory/literature as well as gender/asian/latino/black/video game/LGBT studies will also form a major component of a persons education through both this mentorship method and the revitalisation of Enlightenment salons and coffehouses in communities within universities,a person own home,government buildings,community halls and centres for people of all ages from people as young as five to the elderly eliminating the artificial notion of generation gaps and ephebiphobia ensuring an individual gets a well rounded education in a group setting as well meaning people will no longer be restricted to socialising with only people their own age as these will start before they reach puberty ideally between the ages of 5 and 9 and thus their mentorship and will play a vital role in early development of critical thinking skills.The salons,book clubs and speeches will ideally take place in a VR simulation in any environment of the speakers or groups choice with them ideally being a large building that has an infinite amount of floors or even an entire city or planet full of university and town hall style buildings with all salons etc from around the world taking place at once with them designed by Hecate and Daedalus allowing one to attend those held by celebrities,former professors and mentors etc from around the world.These will act a means where discussion and debate can take place without threat of censorship or protests from the government and public.This can as stated can allow politicians,philosophers speak for free to an infinite amount of people without the need for them travelling around the world as they can speak to millions of people at once from around the world while all people are at home and allow areas that hold these conferences to be turned into homes.The can act as a vehicle to allow them to reach a global audience without censorship.This will also eliminate issues of speakers being banned from universities as the sentient Clio who manage these will allow any speaker to speak without censorship with extremism countered via Iaso deprogramming transphobia,homophobia,racism,religious and political extremism etc preventing political correctness and boycotts etc with Aleitheia then correcting falsehoods.Any instances where a person would be censored or protests occur then Iaso and Metis can be used as a means to settle disputes between both the protesters and speakers in a safe environment using VR simulations.The network for these salons,coffeehouses of all aforementioned subjects will be named and managed by the sentient Clio the muse of history.Speaking events can also be held in remaining large lecture halls of universities and technical colleges with AI namely Clio,Metis etc present in both network and biosynth form.Sites like Wikipedia,YouTube as well as textbooks in Apollo and literature in Dionysus will provide extra educational material to compliment the salons and discussions and education in theses areas.Webcams,video conferencing,Beam robots can allow large salon convergences to be organised involving people around the world with the sentient Coeus breaking the language barriers for global participation.A single global site can be set up that detail all the salons(as well as book clubs and religious study groups) that are taking place around the world during the week/month even year and their scheduled times alongside their subject matter allowing students to decide which one to attend either in person or through webcams with the sentient Coeus breaking language barrier.These can be uploaded onto YouTube on a channel named and run by Hecate in playlists and can be livestreamed here.VR technology indistinguishable from reality could allow one to attend these salons,study groups,lectures and book clubs in an environment of their choice with potentially millions of people with if possible them taking in a building that is the size of a skyscraper with each room devoted to a specific subject with one able to transported to a specific room from a list scheduled in Apollo.Otherwise they could be an entire city or planet of cities and towns with buildings that house them and accommodation in multilayered simulations with each event listed in Apollo.Introduction of a student into the salons as well as bible/book discussions should be as early as possible even before mentorship and replace conventional non science,law,medical subject courses with experts,film makers,writers,first hand witnesses,philosophers,psychologists,artists,diplomats and former politicians taking part in these meetings and speakings from the comfort of their home via Beam robots(allowing to attend numerous ones around the world during the week) and video conferencing and written material put on blogs or made in YouTube videos both of which will appear as references,quotes and analysis on Wikipedia articles and studies on the humanities within Apollo on these subjects written by Gaia and other blogs and videos.Existing studies and analyses on the humanities and these aforementioned areas on the internet such as Google Docs and in physical documents will be transferred to Apollo with all new ones written up on Erato and then uploaded to Apollo.Gaia and other AI will in time write her own studies on the humanities.

Furthermore book,bible,Vedas,Quaran,Torah,philosophy,art,history,film,video game discussion clubs will also play a role in the development of research into the humanities and history.In other words both mentors and online sites like YouTube will allow for the development of philosophical ideas,research into history,literature,art,video games and religion which can be shared with the rest of the world via YouTube and debates be done over recorded webcam and Iris conversations again shared online replacing the traditional forum of universities with commentators providing their own ideas etc. allowing for global participation from everyone.As stated earlier revitalisation of community and global based book clubs,salons and coffehouses will allow for these areas of education be developed with the help of internet and book and film clubs and induction to them will begin as early as possible(ideally ages 5-9 years old) replacing conventional non science,legal,medical subjects; degree,masters and PhD courses in universities such as film/Jewish,Christian,Islamic studies/political science/liberal arts/sociology/anthropology/humanities/ mythology/history/philosophy/ psychology/art theory/literature as well as gender/asian/latino/black/video game/LGBT studies degree,masters and PhD courses in universities with experts,film makers,writers,artists,first hand witnesses diplomats and former politicians taking part in these meetings and lectures both online and in person and online lectures also ensuring early development of critical thinking and debating skills as well as early introduction to the classics,humanities and politics.Religious education in Christianity,Judaism,Hinduism and Jainism and all religions will take place in salons,lectures etc for 5-9 year olds and teenagers and adults of all ages.The use of webcams,video conferencing will allow an individual to chose which salon or individual meeting to attend from a wide variety of topics being discussed around the globe.Since these salons will be monitored by all individuals taking part no inappropriate behaviour will occur such as racial abuse and bullying with the participants and/or the host being given the ability to remove abusive members using Iris to partake in it and childrens computers being monitored either in person by the smart devices or again software that allows guardians to monitor these sessions remotely.Along with salons these book and film clubs that take place around the world can be listed on the same site categorised by type of discussion with the next weeks or fortnights sessions listed allowing people to decide which ones to attend.The sentient Coeus can break the language barrier in these sessions.Group discussions and analysis alongside these salons and coffee houses can be recorded and uploaded onto YouTube on an channel managed by Clio devoted to an account again managed by there with playlists within that account devoted to each specific type (i.e playlists for book discussion,another for salons,another for art,and another for philosophy)where viewers can continue debates via the comments sections with those that take place in universities and a persons home or even group Iris debates and discussions can also be uploaded onto either the community account or personal accounts and stored in playlists devoted to salons,coffee houses and group debates and discussions.The network for these salons,coffeehouses of all aforementioned subjects and also that housing all textbooks will be named and managed by the sentient Clio the muse of history with Clio also setting up a YouTube account to hold all of these recorded discussions etc with Aleitheia moderating them.These YouTube account would be organised by the sentient Clio whom it will be named and be devoted solely to having these videos on all of these subjects.

Degree,masters and PhD courses and even secondary as well as high school level education in film/political science/liberal arts/sociology/law/economics/anthropology/humanities(poetry,novels,plays)/mythology/Jewish,Christian,Islamic,Hinduism etc studies/history/philosophy/art theory and also other fields such as gender/asian/latino/black/video game/film/LGBT studies which are normally relegated to universities will be now shifted to both mentors and online sites such as YouTube with salon and coffeehouse meetings and lectures in VR simulations,Wikipedia,and analysis videos on YouTube,documentaries on Dionysus,textbooks on Apollo,critiques and reviews shared with a global audience as this area will be part of a persons hobby and critical development from an early age rather than a full time academic career but will allow for new and emerging filmmakers,artists and writers to gain tools necessary for new forms of art.The network for these salons,coffeehouses of all aforementioned subjects will be named and managed by the sentient Clio the muse of history.Textbooks in Apollo will provide valuable information on these subjects with existing and new YouTube videos and Wikipedia articles housing in depth analysis on them as well.Dionysus will provide a source of first hand material such as movies,television shows,plays,novels,live performance art with Apollo providing source of first hand material such as documents,religious documents,textbooks,paintings that can be downloaded onto any device to watch and read at home.Video games can be played or their full movies that contains all cutscenes that houses some in game gameplay will be upload onto YouTube to be viewed at home or in groups in these simulations like regular movies.Students will not be expected to write up essays as assignments but they can create them on blogs on personal websites and Agora and vlogs on YouTube as a pastime that can in turn be further viewed and discussed and will engage in discussion in these clubs,salons and coffeehouses etc with discussions occurring on actual movies and television shows,video games,actual poems and poets,authors and literary genres and styles,genres of physical art and actual painters/sculptors etc and also this in regards to literature,mythology etc and also current affairs and also history with regards to different time periods and part of the world.Vlogs on YouTube will house extra material in the form of analysis of video games,movies,television shows,books and philosophy by existing vloggers with Clio and Coues directing students to where they are in order to encourage interest.Each attendees and host to salons etc can create their own individual blogs stored on personal websites,Agora and also vlogs stored on YouTube.

These salons and coffee houses will replace secondary school and university level courses on the humanities such as interpreting literature of all types such as novels,plays,operas etc,movies,video games and television shows.Since their will always be new video games,movies,books etc then their will always be new material to watch,lecture and discuss in groups including those releated to history,current affairs,LGBT,black,Asian,Christian,Jewish,Islamic themes and other themes and always be be new current affairs etc to discuss.Furthermore rather than being restricted to a single prescribed movie,play,novel etc all movies,television shows,video games,books etc present in Dionysus from around the world and universe can be viewed,read and played and then discussed in these VR salons and meetings thus giving those that set them up a wider almost infinite variety than what is allowed in secondary and tertiary education institutions.Induction to these will begin as early as possible ideally between the ages of 5-9 years old to encourage early development of critical thinking skills,emotional intelligence,debating skills and introduction to both politics and the humanities and give people a well rounded education in areas not part of their training such as law,science,forensics,agoge etc allowing for students to get expert level knowledge in multiple fields.The students aged 5-9 years old will be introduced to high brow literature such as George Orwell,James Joyce,Plato,Friderich Nietzsche etc and also high brow movies such as what is considered critically acclaimed material with them also introduced into discussions about current affairs and politics as well as history that is detailed.Coeus will at the same time in time introduce kindergartener aged children aged 5-9 years old to the works of Plato,James Joyce and other high brow literature as well as newspapers and magazines like TIME,National Geographic etc an those dealing with science,nature,politics while teaching them to read to stimulate interest in them at an early.These will be used for students aged 5-9 years old to discuss current affairs,history and social issues such as the legality of abortion,recreational drugs etc and these salons,lectures will detail current affairs and all types of new media from across the world,galaxy and universe and will be done for not just educational purposes but also the social aspect in order for friends from around the world,galaxy and universe to meet with each other and discuss politics and media such as video games,movies and television shows as well as literature that they have an taste for of different genres thus acting for fans of a genre of media ie horror,science fiction,drama,comedy orientated movies,television shows,video games and literature as a place to meet with other fans of these media and discuss them as fans and for their intellectual merit with VR technology allowing one to watch,read and play these media together in VR cinemas and mansions etc in large groups or small groups thus the social aspect will encourage the formation and maintainence of these salons and lectures.Thus fans of different genres and franchises of movies,television shows,video games,books,live performance art(musicals,plays,opera),comic books such as horror,romantic comedies,science fiction and specific franchises of these genres and media will utilise salons and lectures as a place to meet with other fans across the world and universe to discuss their intellectual merit and socialise with these possibly part of comic con and E3 events held in VR simulations every year.Large groups of fans of a television show,video games and movies of a specific genre and franchise can use VR cinemas to watch new episodes and new movies for the first time with them alerted by Adriadne as to their premiere and view them together in a VR cinema and then in a VR lecture hall or mansion then discuss the plot,characters and themes etc.The media will be viewed in a multilayered VR cinema or living room and then discussed not just by the person hosting them but also the people attending them in VR lecture halls or mansions etc to allow all people present to discuss the media and it’s themes and characters and plot similar to book clubs.The social aspect of meeting and discussing media with other fans across the world and universe will increase global participation of these salons and lectures.All types of media will be viewed and discussed such as movies,television shows,video games,literature,live performance art(plays,operas,musicals) in VR simulations of theatres,cinemas,mansions etc and them discussed in VR simulations of lecture halls,mansions etc. with them including all existing and future media present in Dionysus thus giving people an almost infinite amount of media to discuss that can be downloaded or streamed from Dionysus rather than being limited to a small finite amount of prescribed media to discuss as in current archaic education systems in both secondary and tertiary education thus giving people a wide variety of media to view,read and discuss.Thus for the discussion and education of literature,movies etc all media present in Dionysus such as movies,novels,comics,television shows,video games and even live performance art such as plays,operas and musicals etc from across Dionysus can be viewed in VR mansions and also VR theatres and VR cinemas and then it’s characters,plots and themes will be discussed in VR lecture halls and mansions in groups.For video games the cutscenes can be viewed on YouTube or as files on televisions and then discussed.Thus for education on the arts etc since all material both existing and new in Dionysus can be discussed leading to an almost infinite amount of material to be discussed rather than prescribed material.This can involve directors and authors of media such as movies,television shows etc not only appearing at salons of fans but also hosting them to as guests.The salons related to Asian,black,feminist,LGBT and Jewish,Christian,Islamic,Hinduism studies can involve people to view and read movies,television shows and books as well as live performance art that follow black,Christianity,Jewish,Islamic,LGBT and Asian etc themes to discuss them in depth alongside lectures on individuals etc.Those on political and current affairs discussion take into LGBT,Asian,black and Jewish,Christian,Islamic,Hinduism themes and the relevance to current affairs etc has on the LGBT,black,Asian and Jewish,Christian,Islamic etc community will merge with salons on these issues and themes.These salons and coffe houses can also be where fans of old and new books,video game series,televisions shows etc can meet,play and watch them in a VR cinema and discuss them as well as for people belonging to the LGBT,black,Asian etc community meet and discuss issues on them play,watch,read movies,books etc and act as a social meeting in them and discuss current affairs releated to their demographics.Thus VR simulations within home cinemas of mansions,palaces or VR IMAX cinemas can be used to watch movies,video game cutscenes,television shows and live performance art etc or read books in groups with them discussed in detail in VR lecture halls and also living rooms etc in any environment of the hostess choice.Famous and newbie authors,actors and directors of the media being discussed and viewed can appear as guests.People hosting the salons can hold conventional lectures where they give their analysis of the media such as political,sociological etc interpretations and have attendees give opinions and their analysis etc that is they will give lectures on the themes,subtext,relevance to politics etc and their personal interpretations and encourage discussion where attendees give their own opinions and analysis.The hosters can also create vlogs on YouTube that detail these as well with attendees encouraged on YouTube channels to create videos that allow them to express their views and analysis in them as well with attendees encouraged to bring forth their own opinions on the media within each salons to open up discussion.Existing vlogs on YouTube will act as educational material and a baseline in how to create these vlogs.The time dilation effect of VR technology will be used to allow students to gain a detailed understanding and knowledge of history and politics by the time they reach the age of 14.These will not be grouped by age and demographics meaning children as young as 5-9 years old will be grouped with teenagers and adults in their 30s etc and with people of all races,religious groups and genders to allow a mixture of ideas and viewpoints

Political discussion in VR simulations will involve discussion on current political events and involve them viewing live news,podcasts etc from Pheme and reading newspapers etc from Pheme using not only recent material but also on all political events in the distant past using all material in Pheme from far back as possible and also vlogs on YouTube.This can include salons held on current events but also historical events that occurred in the past and distant past meaning people can discuss and give lectures in specific time periods or specific individuals from all of human history and that of sentient races across the world.For these political and current affairs discussions they can be discussed from the perspective of the LGBT,Asian,Black and Christian,Islamic,Jewish etc community.Also for political discussion both of historical events from around the world and universe that have already and current events media such as magazines and newspapers as well as radio podcasts,radio programmes and live news reports stored in Pheme both old and new ones can be viewed and read for discussion on politics both current affairs and also discussion of politics.Inductees aged 5-9 years old will be encouraged to read high brow broadsheet newspapers,watch podcasts on politics on Pheme and watch live news stations to be kept up on current affairs and engage in college degree level discussions of politics and watch political pundits on YouTube on both sides of the political spectrum such as those similar to Rational National,TYT,Sam Seder etc and them introduced to videos by Aleitheia.Lectures and discussions can be done on mythology,LGBT/black/Asian/feminist etc history and themes,religion,politics,economics,art history and archaeology,anthropology,siciology and on any subject imaginable in any VR environment imaginable.Clio,Altheia and Hecate through fragmentation will be present to ensure everything is factual.Discussion and lecture classes in VR simulations in any environment can be held on mythology,history of Asian/LGBT/ethnic groups and individuals.Lectures within salons can provide extra material about historical events,certain time periods and people for each country,continent and world history including those of other races as time goes on by historians,anthropologists and economists.Conventional lectures on history of the world,other planets and each specific country can be done on ancient times up to modern times can be done by human lectures and include lectures of specific timespans,specific civilisations and also specific events and individuals especially of recent events with thus allowing for group discussion and allow for lecturers to be able to give their own unique spin on these outside of Clio as Clio will likely detail an unbiased view of historical events with lectures in VR simulations allowing individual lecturers to give their unique perspectives on these as well as use guest speakers in the form of first hand eyewitnesses as well as use VR programmed.All of these will allow for lecturers to encourage debate on historical events,individuals and eras with these lectures even including recent events on local to global and eventually universal scale to keep it relevant.Lectures and discussion classes can also be given on mythology,LGBT/Asian/Black/gender etc issues,topics and themes etc from across the world and eventually universe.Philosophy both from ancient times and modern philosophy and discuss philosophical concepts can be discussed.

VR simulations of lecture halls and mansions can be used to give conventional lectures on political science,philosophy,politics including current affairs,mythology,literature(books,plays,poetry etc),media studies such as films/television shows,different types of literary and art techniques,authors,painters etc as well as key events and individuals in LGBT,black,Asian,gender studies and also sociology,archaeology,political science,history etc with these class sizes being composed of a few dozen or few hundred people that can involve them answering questions and also the attendees giving insights and contributing their opinions etc on the area being discussed.The lecturer can be asked questions and the attendees can be asked questions and bring forth their own opinions and views.The time dilation effect can allow theses lectures,salons etc to be as long as possible and for the lecturers to be as creative as possible using holograms,adudio/visual clips and VR replicas of dead people and invited living people as well as conjure up any location,environment and object instantly allow the lecturer to ask individuals questions and encourage people to ask questions and be creative as possible in how they present their lectures in customised ways and bringing up existing and new media,popular culture and current affairs into the lectures.VR technology can conjure up any environment one wants to in an instant and conjure up any prop,painting,museum piece etc in an instant to further increase their educational value.History for example can be taught by having Clio snd historians etc create VR programmes whether solo or group simulations wherein students and attendees of history lectures spend time in any point of human,alien,geological or cosmological history in the recent or distant past.These simulations would with regards to human and alien history involve one spending time living every day to day live in any period of time involving them experiencing general every to day living with the fashion,clothing,technology and culture of the time with a replica of Earth complete with the exact location,layout and interior of buildings and towns,cities and wilderness etc in planet and galaxy or universe sized sets or involve them experiencing historical events such as wars,terrorist attacks and natural disasters etc as they occurred extrapolated from witness testimonies,historians,memories from neural implants from those who witnessed it partook in the events and historical records.This can also be used to explore “what if” situations of history.This can allow history teachers including members of the public and Clio to educate students in history from a first hand perspective.Geological history can involve students traversing Earth and other planets in any geological period ever with the terrain of Earth and all plants and animals etc including in VR simulations replicated precisely derived by geological and paleontological evidence allowing people especially geology and palaeontology students to examine Earth and other planets in different periods of history.Cosomological history can be taught by showing the hypothesised formation of the universe,galaxies and planets including the Milky Way and Earth etc.Textbooks created by Clio etc will create detailed accounts of historical events and time periods of each country,continent of all of Earth and all planets across te universe inhabited by alien races.VR lectures can be carried out where historians,philosophers etc can discuss specific issues,time periods and individuals.Groups can take trips and tours to archeological sites abd specific historical buildings across the world and universe with archaeological sites visited in their pristine state in VR technology.VR technology lecturers can teach concepts,historical events etc in virtually anyway possible that can’t be done in the real world thus giving them an almost infinite level of customisation in creative ways in teaching their subjects by conjuring up an item,person(alive or dead) and move the attendees to another building of setting thus increasing the educational value,enjoyment in both lecturers and attendees thus increasing the level of participation from members of the public.The sizes of these lectures can be small as much as a dozen or a hundred people with them also complimented with VR simulations using the time dilation effect allowing for one on one lectures and meetings that allow lecturers to explain and discuss concepts and ideas with a single student or a few students ranging from two to ten in greater detail and allow for better discussion and customised explanations with students that can be tailored made to each individual and their individual circumstances.The lecturer can using the time dilation effect to carry out the same lecture with a different twist with a different set of people with the mentor choosing how many people come to a lecture or salon with with them using multilayered simulations or single layered with a different group of people one after the other at their choosing.The time dilation effect will allow them to redo the same salon or lecturer with a desired set of people over and over again or they can have a single lecture and salon with a few hundred people and still encourage debate and questioning.The length of lectures and salons etc and question and discussion will through the time dilation effect last as long as possible that is days or weeks can occur debating,lecturing and discussing a subject while mere minutes pass in the real world.The hosted lecture and salon host can have control of how many classes etc are held and redone or how many people are present.People will be encouraged to attend lectures on various subjects for several reasons to gain insight into history and a subject they are in releation to,being spurred by Clio and Hecate to gain an interest in history,politics,art history,LGBT/Asian/black history relevant to their lives and hobbies and interests and interest in the media such as movies,video games,literature to pass the time if bored thus alleviating boredom and be intellectually stimulated and learn new things at the same time and to use it as a social forum whether one can meet new friends with similar interests and with existing friends.These will be attended for its social aspects to make new friends and keep in touch with those that live on opposite sides of the world.Thus people will attend salons and lectures not just for the intellectual aspect but also social aspect to converse and socialise with friends from around the world,galaxy and universe to ensure that they can stay in touch with their friends from around the world,galaxy and universe routinely and make new friends as well.Authors,actors,writers,directors etc releated to the media can hold guest discussions,speeches and salons as well as viewings as well.Existing YouTube users and channels and documentaries widely available online have shown that traditional humanities etc courses in universities are already obsolete and will again replace conventional degree,master and PhD courses in these areas and provide educational and critical material for students at an early age.Existing and new YouTube videos that analyse video games,television shows(episodes individually,the overall show and themes etc),movies,LGBT/ethnic and gender roles and themes in media and lectures on humanities etc can provide extra material that enhances ones education and are currently on par with PHD level analysis within easy reach to everyone especially when the sentient software can translate them.As a result the analysis of philosophy,media by students and all citizens of all ages in these areas on blogs and YouTube videos could end up on Wikipedia pages as well as in articles within Apollo and textbooks as references,quotes and other blogs and videos gaining the same credence as professors and professional analysers again allowing students to get a well rounded education in many non scientific fields allowing the general public to gain exposure as credible sources.Hecate and Clio interacting with each other in charge of Wikipedia will add quotes and references on all subjects such as analysis of video games,movies,television shows,books,philosophy made by vloggers on YouTube to the media’s pages and add written analysis that summarises the view of the YouTuber in depth and summerised form with this also applying to that of opinions and analysis of other subjects such as history,philosophy,ethnic and studies etc to enhance Wikipedia and give vloggers critical value in Wikipedia.These will house areas to allow for debate and education where free speech is not censored.Salons,book clubs,debates and other similar meetings can be done using VR technology indistinguishable from reality in any environment with them scheduled in Apollo and them able to house large numbers of people in large buildings.Thus Apollo,Wikipedia and YouTube managed by AI will become the gold standard for education replacing archaic secondary and tertiary tier systems.If possible existing analysis material across YouTube by the public on all subjects can be transferred to Clio’s YouTube channel managed into playlists with all future material sent here or she will in her channel and textbooks written will reference them with links in her channel to well known YouTubers that that analyse these subjects with in salons these referenced.If possible direct interaction with the sentient Clio and Hecate who can scour all of YouTube can refer students to specific videos and channels of merit and she can make playlists of existing videos made by the public by subject etc.These existing videos will be referred to people attending both salons and discussions to allow them to get a general gist of the material discussed.people can create their own videos on YouTube to analyse material they have discussed in salons and even use them in salons.People can set up salons etc on the same subject done by someone else but give their own unique spin and different angles on the subject especially in relation to current affairs.These classes and discussion groups especially VR ones can be set up by any member of the public and AI such as Hecate,Gaia,Clio etc and also former secondary school teachers and university professors of their field with them advertised in the Clio network in Apollo with the time of the event,subject etc with them via VR allowing anyone across the world and galaxy attending.Celebrities such as famous lecturer,politicians,Actors,authors etc can be present as guest speakers or hostels.These salons,YouTube,Wikipedia and Apollos database of textbooks and primary sources and media from Dionysus will replace education in the humanities and non science subjects and will be pursued by those education in law,forensics,Agoge and sciences to promote critical thinking.VR technology can allow people from around the world and galaxy to meet in a single place that is any environment that can be a traditional university lecture hall,book club,coffe house,salon,luxury hotel or mansion or outside wilderness such as park etc with this allowing one to gain access to them instantly from home thus eliminating energy expenditure and also eliminate time constraints since one can access them in an instant and meet with people from around the world and universe.VR technology will allow these salons,coffe houses and lectures on all subjects to held in any environment of the hosters choice that can be the size of a building or planet complete with accomadation.VR technology can give the hostels unrestricted creativity to teach their subjects.People can discuss the same subjects as others have but give their own unique perspectives and ideas on them and unique teaching methods.

Thus salons and coffeehouses,book clubs and classes with group viewing,playing,reading and discussion of first hand material will be done in VR simulations on existing and new movies,television shows,religious studies,political science,liberal arts,sociology,anthropology,humanities(poetry,novels,plays),mythology,history,philosophy,art theory and also other fields such as gender,asian,latino,black,video game,film,LGBT studies with them managed by Clio and hosted by any member of the public where university style lectures,discusions,viewings and even playing them in groups with textbooks in Apollo and Wikipedia and YouTube videos providing extra material.The salons,coffee houses and book clubs etc will involve those of all ages and allow people from across the galaxy to meet.Clio through fragmentation will be present at all of them as to ensure free speech,prevent bullying and censorship and partake in these as well with humans and her acting as host.Salons can be recorded and uploaded to YouTube to allow Aleitheia to correct all lies thus allowing free speech but preventing lies and propaganda to spread by correcting it..Any member of the public including both humans and AI can set these salons etc up and then scheduled and the number of people joining listed and the topic and type of the salon listed as well as particular speakers present.These salons and lectures and their VR programmes will be listed in Apollo with the name of the subject and class and also lecturer and hosters present,summary of the salon,time it is taken place etc and type of environments.The fact that one can attend these simulations at any time from home using neural implants thus negating time or energy costs in travel being an excuse as one will be able to attend any one of them instantly from home.Hecate and even Home AI will alert citizens of all ages as to when salons,lectures are being held that are relevant to their interests based on their browsing history on the internet and wire etc with Home AI analysing all of ones pastimes.viewing and browsing habits,likes and dislikes in Agora,Pothos,Eros,Demeter,Hepheastus and also YouTuber to build a psychological profile and will interacting with Clio assign lists for each of them to classes,lectures and salons etc being held in VR simulations that are of interest to them based on ones psychological profile that with one able to attend on demand from the comfort of home with the time dilation effect allowing for long lectures,salons etc to take place while only mere minutes pass in the real world thus giving people across the world and eventually Galaxy and universe an in incentive to attend these.Hestia will work alongside Home AI around the world to encourage friends with similar interests to engage in classes of shared interests together and even pair up new people they meet to become new friends with them with salons etc done for the social aspect to keep in touch with friends.Thus ones Home AI and Hestia will encourage people to attend salons and lectures on areas of their interests with Hecate and Clio interacting with Hestia and Home AI encouraging them to seek interest in areas outside of their range of interest especially history,science and high brow literature thus to increase ones field of education.One will bookmark the classes,lectures and salons that they are interested in that are upcoming.Thus all classes and areas of discussion will constantly have a substantial amount of people present in multilayered simulations with based on demand certain ones repeated later on to reduce the size of classes present to a manageable level.These classes can be done by human mentors,former professors and also any members of the public and AI thus giving a wide variety of lecturers,hosters etc.These will take place in VR simulations in any environment such as mansions,palaces,cinemas,university lecture halls that are building,country or planet sized ones complete with billions of Independant AI with in simulation accomadation.Textbooks written by AI will act as an introduction to these subjects while lectures will act as in depth exploration through encouraging critical thought and debate.For all subjects lectures will be given on these subjects and also discussion on aspects of these topics with no graded assignments with later vlogs and analysis videos etc being optional created by participants that can be done in simulations using the time dilation effect.VR technology can allow one to attend them from across the world in multilayered simulations in any environment imaginable that are planet or even galaxy sized sets with them housing mansions or hotel style buildings for accomadation and holding salons and also those that are to be held in lecture halls,mansions etc with these created by humans and AI via pure thought and stored in Apollo.These will involve people from across the world and galaxy with the sentient translating all voice spoken by hosters and attended into ones native language breaking the language barrier.These VR simulations will be part of the Apollo network where it is filled with hotel style homes,mansions and also universities with lecture halls.Furthermore one can utilise nested matryoshka doll structure for VR simulations that consists of a series of linked VR simulations that are linked together forming a matryoshka doll nested structure allowing ease of passage between these linked simulations where one can be inside a macro VR programme that uses the time dilation effect and while still in this macro VR programme be then sent to or enter another VR programme following a matryoshka doll nest structure that is simulations within simulations similar to the movie Inception with each one being completely different from each other having different looks,laws of physics and even rates of time dilation.The macro VR programmes will house accomadation and areas to carry out hobbies..The time dilation effect will allow one to attend countless ones every day.In simulation cameras etc can record lectures etc and them uploaded to Hecate YouTube channel.Discussions on current affairs will also take place.These will include people of all ages in age in each class and will be done not just for education but also for its social aspect to meet new people and keep in touch with friends from around the galaxy and also discuss literature,video games,literature and movies both new and old releated to LGBT,Asian,black,politics,mythology etc from across the galaxy for students of all fields and also Agoge trainees.It will also be done as a hobby to learn new subjects and broaden themselves intellectually and keep up to date to new developments on these subjects and their relevance to current affairs and media.All members of each salon etc can involve those in their pre teens,teens,twenties,thirties and older ages so on rather than grouped by age in batches to prevent inter generational conflict and increase ones interactions with people of all age ranges with the VR technology allowing people to meet people from all across the world and galaxy of different races,country of origin and genders as well as different fields of training such as forensics,law,medicine and even Agoge trainees for diversity.Participants will be encouraged to create their own analysis of subjects in blogs and vlogs on YouTube.Thus all participants in each individual salon will not be grouped by age etc but the salons individually will consist of people of different age groups ranging from pre teens as young as 5 years old to adults in their 30s and 40s mixed together of both genders and different demographics.All subjects can be taught in these salons and lectures including the theory and political relevance of fashion,cooking and all subjects taught the various AIs as part of Mnemosynes networks.To encourage students aged 5-12 years old to express their s on political issues and current affairs students aged 5-12 will be encouraged to start their own podcasts,live news stations,magazines,newspapers and radio programmes or join existing ones

New philosophers and social critics will use these salons etc in VR simulations to express new ideas and concepts to a global audience.New philosophers and social and media critics will use blogs,official websites,YouTube videos and also other new means to express their ideas to a global audience rather than just publishing books and their ideas and analysis added to Wikipedia underneath relevant new and existing articles by themselves and in time Home AI and the AI of Wikipedia scouring YouTube and internet blogs and official websites.Home AI,Hecate and Clio can advertise the work of new philosophers and social and media critics to people across the world and have it brought up in salons etc in VR simulations in order to gain international exposure.Hecate can be contacted by philosophers to add pages on their ideas that can be verified by academia through discussion in salons,references by historians,scholars and other philosophers.This would be done by the public and Gaia.Books for philosophy will be uploaded to the relevant section of Dionysus and can be summarised or expanded forms of vlogs and official websites.Individual commentators on these subjects can post these materials on their own account or channel and as stated earlier Wikipedia will provide extra material for these subjects with first hand sources in Apollo and Dionysus.Blogs on personal websites and books that are to be uploaded to Dionysus that express opinions on politics and social issues will house YouTube videos to get points across.Ones Home AI would advertise new philosophical concepts and criticisms of society as well as to billions of attendees of salons and Clio and add them to Wikipedia etc and to billions of vloggers on YouTube,bloggers and everyday people.Those on personal websites will use embedded YouTube videos to get their ideas across with them created as electronic books uploaded to Dionysus that can also use embedded YouTube videos.