Fish farms

Fish farms will consist of not just recirculating aquaculture systems onsite of vertical,community and other farms including home ones but also buildings that are multistorey ones housing nothing but recirculating aquaculture systems used to grow soley fish and shellfish in all towns and cities that can allow one to order in customised orders of fish and shellfish in large batches as well as whats grown their with them as stated in each town,village and city around the world with them growing primarily exotic species.These will use aquaponics to cut down on energy costs and allow for desired hybrid crops to be ordered in at the same time as the crops will use feces from fish as fertiliser thus negating the need for filters.All towns and village and cities around the world will house lake,river and coastal fish farms that rear only native species to ensure that if they do escape they wont affect the native populations as exotic ones will be reared in recirculating aquaculture systems in fish,home,community,forest and vertical farms on land with these growing macro and micro algea and hybrid crops using aquaponics.Deep sea fish farms can be on oil rigs converted into homes.These will be managed by the sentient operating software Pontus and will each have a statue of him on the lobby grounds and them managed by individual AIs with their own avatar,personality and name and also receptionist AI.Recirculating aquaculture systems will be in vertical,home and community farms and also in buildings devoted to them managed by Pontus with this again dependant on the town or cities size.Each one will utilise thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes and batteries to charge them during blackout.All work will be automated from start to finish by robots including Tug and Botlr robots and chef robots,biosynths including biosynth bees and so on with the roof housing beehives,nests for biological controls and and can house underground and roof extensions as the population grows.All fish farms worldwide will be linked together by the sentient operating software Pontus with a statue of him in their lobby.To ensure abundance all lakes,rivers,coastlines and coasts next to all towns,villages and major cities around the world including the likes of New York,Los Angelas,Miami,Sydney,Hong Kong,Beijing,London,Paris,Bhopal,Ganvie etc. should have these farms in the wild on their rivers,lakes,estruies and coasts providing native fish and shellfish with recirculating aquaculture systems in homes and in the basement of vertical farms providing a wide selection of exotic fish and shellfish to prevent them becoming invasive species.Traditional fish farms will rear native fish and shellfish in enclosed structures with recirculating aquaculture systems will rear exotic fish indoors.

Lakes,rivers and coastal areas across the world can have fish farms built into them.These will be located within walking distance of all nearby towns,villages and cities with them housing a building that houses the AI that manages them

Farms in deep oceans can be fully automated and algae and in vitro meat can be grown on site using fish waste as a growth medium with solid algae pellets imported from inland with remote monitoring done with drones or cameras attached at key points or in robotic fish or floating algae farms which pump algae into pens at set intervals.In the case of coastal farms fish waste can once again be used to grow algae extracting harmful fish waste in the process with pellets produced onsite with graphene sheets embedded in a inner ring surrounded by two layers of nets used to collect this waste which then can be extracted and used on algae farms.Soy and corn based feed should be replaced with algae based food either in pellet form or microbial form to feed all fish stocks both in the oceans/rivers/lakes and in land based recirculating aquaculture as it increases omega 3 fatty acid content of fish with in vitro meat and algae TVP used to feed predatory fish such as Selachimorpha.Otherwise soy and corn flour produced by bacteria will be produced on site.Fish farming should be avoided in areas where water pollution poses a significant threat to both fish and human health.In these cases recirculating aquaculture systems should be utilised until conditions become more favourable.Coastal and ocean farms can be mixed with macro and micro algae farms to treat water,removing toxins such as fish waste and allowing for two crops to be grown at the same time like aquaponic systems to provide local communities with them for foodstock and feed for the fish.These can involve waste pumped into the micro algae farms or macro algae growing on the sides of the pens underwater or even have miniature algae pods or scrubbers on the side of the netting that collect and intake wastes and automatically release the finished algae when full or when feeding times initiate to feed the fish creating a looped system.Macro algae can be reared on the sides and seafloor of the pen to also scrub up the fish waste for recycling where it can be compressed into macro algae pellets by an on site pelleting machine thus making it easier to be consumed by fish entering a looped system with underwater harvesting robots developed to collect seaweed.Otherwise it will be harvested for human consumption.This will be grown using LED lights along the nets and on the floor with the possibility of artificial scrubbers that collect the fish waste as pump systems that direct it to pods growing micro algae or in nets that are raised by machinery and the waste separated.Energy will be coming from wave piston pumps,floating solar panels,micro-turbines and miniature VAWTs built on site.

Deep ocean fish and algae farms should ideally have oil rig like structures built around them or be built next to old oil rigs which can act as charging stations for ferries,undersea drones,cruise ships and house deep sea research facilities with underwater rooms through pyrex and carbon composites.Ideally the rig would house the main building housing the statue of Poseidon,the farm AI and also the receptionist alongside toilets and all machinery with as stated power coming from VAWTs,solar and wave pistons as well as geothermal systems from nearby cities.Automated boats and helicopters could dock here from ports and helipads with the structure coated in liquid glass to prevent rusting with this allying to existing oil rigs that can also have graphene paint underneath this with ocean communities composed of interlinked oil rigs detailed earlier on will have these farms managed by their own separate AI and Poseidon.Onsite miniature desalination plants using graphene and also rainwater collection systems can provide water with hydroponics/aeroponics and bacteria providing food with food and manufactured goods ordered in from Hephaestus and Demeter via seabreachers,boats and helicopters.This could house researchers with lounges,bedrooms and automated cafeterias and kitchens during any time of the year with the structure and any buildings composed of graphene with extensions made over time on the roof,to the side on the water,underwater or extensions to the rig structure with the toilets directing human waste onto onsite algae farms or a septic tank coated internally with liquid glass to be collected by automated boats also coated internally in liquid glass that will be part of the farm and empty it when pressure plates and nanosensores detect it is full and transport it to the mainland where automated vehicles controlled by the local sewage treatment plants that also collect sewage from onland septic tanks will collect or the place where it docks will have pipes that can connect to it using flexible pipes also coated internally in liquid glass and then extract all of the sewage into the local sewage treatment plant.Compact onsite sewage and water treatment plants can be used to clean waste water and sewage in looped systems as well as dump it into the ocean.Deep sea ocean farms ordering in algae from them via other boats in the farms fleet with them in drums and used in a rotary system as the drums coated internally and externally in liquid glass with robots that can can collect them and them emptied into storage tanks for automated feeding either in liquid form or when pelleted onsite via piping with them then sent back to the sewage treatment plant AI.The fish pens can form interlocking jigsaw pieces with the fish being constantly monitored by autonomous bio-synth robots modelled after each fish species that will monitor the progress of the fishes growth and numbers through HD cameras and via sensors as well as monitor environmental factors such as pH,temperature,levels of waste etc 24/7.The warning system for these readings will follow an universal colour coded system will follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger.They will also be equipped with micro radar alongside robotic fish equipped with cameras that will determine how much fish are in each pen,determine their growth and measure environmental conditions and then allow inland communities to send an automated boat(s) that can connect to the pens they wish to harvest and then disconnect them from other pens and then drive them to the inland area when they have determined they have matured.Alternatively the central rig/hospital/research centre can be a hexagonal structure with the fish pens arranged as hexagonal struts surrounding it connected to each other and the central core through connecting walkways that connect to each other using interlocking magnets to the central core walkway and then to each other via a gate system that can allow boats in and out when harvesting and transporting goods and people in and out and when it decided that the pen must be transported via boat these walkways and gates would open up and then close when returned.Feeding can be done by robots that dive and releases a set amount of food into the pen,cranes that dump it in or irrigation systems that extend from the algae farms or storage units connecting to the exterior of the pens encircle it and then pump algae liquid or pellets into the pen via nozzles at a high pressure.These irrigation systems could also meet in the centre of the pen extend to the sea floor in a single horizontal pipe and have holes or tubules where the the algae liquid or pellets is pumped out of in very high pressure.All surfaces and robots of deep ocean fish farms can be coated in a layer of liquid glass and grpahene paint internally and externally to negate the need for cleaning,prevent erosion and corrosion of the structure and robots from the oceans acid and salty air and prevent clogging of vital components.All netting should ideally be composed of graphene to prevent it breaking.In time biosynths with them wearing an universal uniform for this sector controlled by the farm AI will do any work no human could do.One study suggested that if seaweed farms covered 9% of the worlds oceans they could produce enough biomethane to supply Earth’s equivalent demand for fossil fuel energy via Cogeneration/CHP or as a replacement for natural gas, remove 53 gigatonnes of CO2 per year from the atmosphere and sustainable produce 200 kg per year of fish, per person, for 10,000,000,000 people with it also serving as a food source for humans and can also be a means of taking phosphorous from the oceans and recycling it for human use thus alleviating strains on mining phosphorous rock.Photobioreactors

One new method of ocean farming is the aqua pod a large geodesic dome equipped with GPS that contains a large number of young fish that guided by either currents like the Gulf Stream,built in motors to keep them on track or allow for custom made directions or automated ships and arrive at coastal areas when the fish are fully maturated for collection.Cameras can be faced inside to allow their maturation progress to be monitored remotely and can contain multiple native species in each pod and dock at coastal farms or town piers.Macro algae can be attached to the sides/surface of these domes to again recover nitrogen from fish waste and other minerals in the ocean providing a second crop while the domes caging itself is sprayed with liquid glass to prevent the build up of dirt on the meshing.These can be dropped off at one community at one end of the world while the coastal town receiving it will also drop off a pod for the community that dropped off the original.

Other fish farms can be located inland within towns,villages and cities with them being at least several stories high with them housing only recirculating aquaculture systems that rear crops alongside fish using aquaponics.These will be separate from community and vertical farms with algae,bacteria based commodities and in vitro meat created here used only to feed the fish abd shellfish and fish.Like fish farms by lakes and rivers they will process orders for fish etc that vertical and community farms are too busy to do.These will also be on-site of lake,river,coastal and deep sea fish farms to produce extra fish and shellfish

River,lake,coastal and deep ocean farms should apply to all types of communities such as towns,villages and even cities including major ones to make them self sufficient.To ensure abundance all all towns,villages and major cities around the world next to lakes,rivers and coasts including the likes of New York,Los Angelas,Miami,Sydney,Hong Kong,Beijing,London,Paris,Bhopal,Ganvie etc. should have these farms in the wild providing native fish and shellfish with recirculating aquaculture systems in homes and in the basement of vertical farms providing a wide selection of exotic fish and shellfish.Machinery can be developed in order to collect,harvest fish from aquaponic systems,river,lake,coastal and recirculating aquaculture systems and then transport them automatically to freezers in community centres or distribution centres within the grounds of vertical farms or to vehicles to transport them to consumers with even feeding and creation of feed being automated and done on site.Bioremediation techniques as detailed later on can aid in improving the quality of the water and thus the safety for human consumption.Rivers and lakes in towns and cities should have river fish farms at different points with stable stone piers built along the edges to reach the fish with them being native ones with coastal farms also have stable piers made of stone.Fish farms and recirculating aquaculture systems should alleviate strains on wild populations of fish allowing for populations to recover even aiding in conservation efforts and allow trawling boats currently used to capture to be converted into boat houses,boats for transport or be recycled and negate the need to automate these vehicles as fish farms and recirculating aquaculture systems will replace conventional fishing methods once a sizeable population of each species of shellfish and fish have been caught as they can allow native and exotic fish and shellfish species to reared locally.It will also provide towns,villages and cities both by the sea and in landlocked areas especially deserts to have a continuous supply of fresh fish and shellfish while cutting down on energy making them self sufficient all year round and alleviate wild stocks when combined with conservation efforts.All surfaces,robots,machinery,vehicles etc in river,lake,coastal,deep ocean and recirculating aquaculture farms can be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning and prevent clogging.

In short fish farms in rivers,lakes,oceans, and coastal areas should rear only native fish with exotic non-native fish being reared in recirculating aquaculture systems inland away from rivers/lakes and oceans to prevent contamination and provide variety.Fish farms near the sea should a mixture of small scale coastal farms and large scale deep ocean farms.Farms in rivers upstream from the sea should ideally be located near cities and villages based there with tidal flats providing shellfish and fish.This can be also be connected to artificial piers built on the banks of any part of rivers.Macro algae can also be grown in these on lakes,rivers and coasts surrounding the pens to provide human and animal feed stocks with them collecting wastes from faeces with micro algae also collecting this when in floating pods around the pens.Fish farms in rivers and lakes can be fed by boats that deposit the feed at set times or miniature nanotunnels coated in liquid glass to prevent clogging that pump the feed directly from the building housing the AI,receptionist,statue etc where algae is stored into the pens at set times either as liquid form or in compressed solid pellets.All surfaces of lake and river fish farms can be coated in a layer of liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning and prevent clogging of vital components.These farms will order in algae from sewage treatment plants or produce it onsite as stated by collecting it in pods.Excess energy from nearby geothermal plants can be used to heat them or even nearby miniature ones close to rivers and lakes allowing for them to reared during winter months especially in areas prone to the rivers or lakes freeze or where the fish migrate.In time biosynths with them wearing an universal uniform for this sector managed by the farm AI will maintain them all year round but until then advanced robotics and nearby human citizens will do this.Each of these will have 3D DNA printers to create any species of fish they want.All work will be automated by 2029 onwards including biosynths.

Each fish farm(deep sea,coastal,lake,river and recirculating aquaculture farm) will have separate individual personalities,legal names and avatars to other fish farms.Holographic receptionists in the lobby will have the separate individual personalities,legal names and avatars as well as universal uniform.Pontus which will be the sentient operating software linking them all together worldwide will make all government and corporate entities redundant with their headquarters turned into homes as it will manage all farms worldwide.An universal statue of Pontus will be on the grounds of all coastal,river,lake and even deep coastal farms and his symbol underneath it with this being the sentient software that links all of these and all types of fish farms worldwide together except those in vertical and community.All farms including deep ocean ones on oil rigs will have a small building for toilets and a small building with a lobby to house the statue,the AI and a receptionist with a landline phone and also toilets with them cleaned like public buildings with deep ocean farms and these buildings composed of graphene and other carbon fibres.All types of these buildings will house recirculating aquaculture systems that rear fish,shellfish and also crops.These buildings will house 3D DNA printers that will create all seeds for crops,all eggs of fish and shellfish as well as bacteria for aquaponic systems alongside all algae,in vitro meat stem cells,bacteria for creating commodities thus making all fish farms self sufficient in these.

The building will house photobioreactors to rear algae,bacteria that produce commodites especially flour,feddkind as well as in vitro meat to feed to fish.Also present will be 3D DNA printers to create bacteria used for creating feedstuff,nitrosomas and nitrobactor bacteria and also invitro meat and more importantly also fish and shellfish eggs to be hatched into fish abd shellfish making them completely self sufficient.The algae will be reared using feces and urine from fish collected from pens with for recirculating aquaculture systems that utilise aquaponics these can act as fertilisers for crops as well with the algae killed to prevent algae blooms that will kill the fish or they can be engineeed to use carbon dioxide created by fish to prevent them dying.


Fish and shellfish will be fed algae created by photobioreactors that is made into pellets and textured vegetable protein using automated machinery on-site and this added to pens with this the best solution as to prevent waste as liquid algae pumped into pens would escape into rivers,lakes putting it to waste.They will also be fed in vitro meat and also FeedKind and Agriprotein reared on-site in the buildings with the Agriprotein created using larvae created by their eggs created by 3D DNA printers and them engineered to consume blood,algae,flour from bacteria and cereals etc created by Aquaponics etc with the in vitro meat,bacteria,algae
,synthetic blood reared in photobioreactors with the creation of feedstuff and feeding it to fish and shellfish fully automated.

Genetically altered fish and shellfish can also be reared in deep ocean,lake,river and coastal fish farms provided they are engineered to the point that they are no longer able to mate with their parent species to pollute the genepool and have unique coats or colours to distinguish them from their parent species.Furthermore this should only be pursued once 3D DNA printers are sufficiently advanced to be able to create the eggs of all species of fish and shellfish with them creating small eggs that hatch all species.This is because these fish can be engineered to be completely strand of only one gender with this allowing them to be reared without the threat of them interbreeding with native species or them reproducing with each other so if any fish escape they will die off after a few years without ever creating offspring or passing their genes to native stocks with them also have sexual reproduction etc removed completely to prevent them becoming an invasive species.Fish farms in lakes,rivers,coastal areas and the deep ocean that use conventional netted pens will rear only native species of fish and shellfish to prevent them becoming an invasive species however exotic species could be reared provided they may undergo the same precautions as genetically engineered fish and shellfish contain only sterile fish and shellfish to prevent them becoming an invasive species.Indoir fish farms that use recirculating aquaculture systems can through this indoor farming rear any species of native and exotic species of fish and shellfish including genetically engineered ones and can be allowed to lay eggs.By the middle of the century conventional fishing will be replaced by recirculating aquaculture systems combined with river and coastal fish farms with overexploited species reared onsite of landlocked fish farms in recirculating aquaculture fish farms using the Phanes method to bring them back from the brink of extinction.The combination of fish farms on rivers,by coast and also recirculating aquaculture systems will negate the need for conventional fishing trawlers and techniques removing any human labour in it.

Environmental factors in ocean,coastal,lake and river fish farms such as pH,salinity,temperature etc can be monitored and in the case of feeding controlled on site or remotely through smart devices and computers(by researchers and community members through accounts in Demeter/the wire) with cameras built into robotic fish inside the systems or in or above the systems themselves to monitor their growth and numbers.These will switch to IR illuminator/thermal at night.Surveillance cameras at key points on all of them and those on robots,drones etc will be linked to the global database of criminals and missing persons in Athena but fed into the farm AI and will switch to IR illuminator at night with CSYS lights used to light up the area at night controlled by the AI.Cleaning will be the same as all public buildings as detailed later on.Readings from all cameras on the farm as well as drones and in pens etc,nanosensors etc will give the AI a form of omniscience.All work in all types of fish farms such as creation of eggs,seeds etc as well as planting of crops,fish etc and harvesting of them alongside loading of delivery vehicles and also transportation of goods to consumers will be automated from start to finish with zero human labour by 2035 onwards.

The community will log what crops,shellfish and fish are reared in each of their fish farms(coastal,ocean,lake and river) as well as recirculating aquaculture system pens and this will allow them to receive alerts onto the latest scientific studies on them from Apollo.Pens and their netting will also be composed of this with them having covers that cover the pens during storms to prevent fish escaping.The symbol of the trident will be on all pens,structures,pools,structures,machinery,vehicles,robots etc and all e-receipts,reports etc worldwide.

The software that manages all fish farms of all types within Demeter will be Pontus with the symbol being the trident and fish.This will eliminate all private corporations that deal with this.Trading between farmed stock in farms and recirculating aquaculture systems,wild fish stocks and non GM stocks in recirculating aquaculture systems on a local,regional,national,continental and global scale of will be done again in a randomised fashion by software and fully automated and tracked over weeks,months,years,decades,centuries and millenia.The levels of resources such as water,energy,feed etc.used in all three methods of fish rearing can be monitored by software networks.These networks can also house records of the temperature,pH and camera recordings from drones over long periods of time from river/coastal/deep ocean farms and recirculating aquaculture systems from around the world for use in scientific studies etc.All cameras inside all indoor,river,lake,coastal,deep ocean,pod pens and on bio-synth fish and shellfish and drones monitoring them and environmental readings and diagnostics of machinery present in can be viewed by any member of the public from anywhere in the world via Demeter with researchers given access to control these.Also included here will be the types and amount of fish reared in each farm and yields of each species.This would apply to recirculating aquaculture systems farms,river farms,coastal and deep ocean farms.Routine diagnostics on all systems such as lighting,robots and machinery will be carried out automatically and follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger making it easy for the layperson to recognise the level of severity of the problem.If a problem occurs automated measures within the AI system will isolate severely compromised machinery ie. from cyber attacks will be cut off from the AI and other machines until it is solved with AI of compromised buildings from other similar buildings and the rest of the wire until rectified to prevent problems spreading.The AI and thus all robots under its control will have the latest cyber security installed and constantly updated.Automated corrective measures or those that can be done remotely via the wire for all possible problems will be built into the building AI again view able to the public.This should prevent the problems associated with the tragedy of the commons.Machinery and robots can also be composed of self healing metals,electronics and polymers to prevent them breaking down.Miniaturized versions of repair robots can be integrated to repair damaged machinery.