Setting up Hephaestus

Goods that already clog existing retail stores and warehouses for companies like Ebay,Ikea and Amazon as well as delivery companies like clothing,home textiles ,fashion accessories ,sports gear, bicycles, furniture, vehicles,electronics, toys, footwear, luggage bags etc. could be passed through a conveyor belt system within community centres with scanners at all sides wherein the 3D image of them scanned into their relevant folder in the cloud network with either an alphanumerical ID code or name after their actual names(brand name and description of actual product) with names derived from the code on their tags that would be connected to the stores tills and then upload them to the relevant sub networks,folders and sub folders of Hephaestus or this can be done at home with scanners attached to smart devices.Otherwise people will order for free all items present until they are gone with Ebay, have the owner scan in the item and recycle it with as detailed Amazon send most of its material to poor neighbours and slums especially clothing,electronics,furniture for when they move to better accommodation and also a few iterations of all products to all community centres in an area or country for the public to scan in and take home.Cashiers and tills will be recycled once scanned in Talus with books and magazines in newsagents,bookstores,libraries etc scanned into Dionysus and Pheme.Music and video game stores as well as any remaining blu ray ones will have all media and the extra features added to Dionysus.HP Sprout and scanners can be used for smaller items like toys,shoes,household items etc at home or in these stores.Otherwise they can be scanned in at home by cameras on smart devices and scanners attached to them.All goods of all types in all types of retail outlets and supermarkets,shopping malls,warehouses,relay centres,street markets etc including “dead malls” and the contents of storerooms will be allotted to the public through the universal basic income with all glass displays for jewellery,electronics etc unlocked and items in the storerooms placed in the emptying stands or on the ground floor until they are finally owned by someone and excess stored and inventoried in community centres and traded on Euthenia until they are eventually owned with all future iterations of each products then manufactured in a factory and sent directly to the consumers home once scanned in by the people that take them at home.As stated all items currently owned by consumers at home including furniture,glassware,electronics,clothing,toys,memrobillia,antiques,heirlooms and even vehicles and homes themselves using scanners attached to smart devices and other ones can be scanned into their relevant networks allowing items owned by people to be become more widely availible to everyone.Those renovating homes will scan in old furniture,glassware etc prior to being recycled or traded away and scan in new items.Even the most expensive items including designer labels of fashionwear and accessories and vehicles in high end shopping streets will be availible to even those on the lowest socioeconomic level through this free distribution in waves with people travelling to different cities across the country or even world to get luxury items and essentials with if need be people getting loans to buy items in cities that are not doing clearances.Persian and oriental rugs and similar expensive items will be scanned into this network to allow them to be replicated once AI and automation is sufficiently advanced.Toys and electronics etc in claw machines in arcades,shopping malls etc will be gained for free by them opened up and then gained for free with the machines then recycled once the contents are traded or sent to community centres.The same will apply to online retail entities and services like Ebay and Amazon as well as and their equivalents worldwide as well as online platforms for different companies and retail chains with it all being free with locales filming the shops before,during and after clearances for those working on Restoration Nation dumped into networks.Tours of supermarkets,hypermarkets and all types of retail entirely internally and externally by locales in a professional manner as detailed later on for episodes and seasons of Restoration Nation.Those in abandoned buildings,areas and towns will be done also provided secure measures are taken ie those in the towns surrounding Fukushima,Centrailia and Chernobyl will be done by those wearing biohazard suits or engineering using CRISPR and recombinant DNA from T.gammatolerans.Goods in abandoned towns and cities such as those surround Lake Las Vegas and Fukushima will also be dispensed to the public and scanned with those in the area of Fukushima and Chernobyl done by volunteers and government officials retrofitted with safety gear and engineered with recombinant DNA from T.gammatolerans CRISPR since this will allow humans to resettle in these areas indefinitely.Ideally these items in these areas notably Fukushima will be pyrolysised once scanned in to prevent them spreading radioactive material.All items in abandoned and obsolete buildings once cleared for renovations will be sent to community centres to be scanned into Hephaestus including magazines etc in Dionysus and Pheme with as stated those from radioactive sites and superfund sites done onsite.The contents of retail outlets in hotels,offices,corporate headquarters will be scanned in as well to relevant sub networks before being traded away or recycled with all desks,electronics in all types of obsolete and abandoned buildings being renovated will be scanned into relevant networks.Video game and any remaining DVD stores will emptied the same way with them scanned into Dionysus with the contents of newsagents,bookstores etc scanned into Dionysus and Pheme with the stands recycled with console and peripherals recycled or used once scanned into Talus alongside the contents of electronics stores.Orders from warehouses could be continued to be dispensed to their regular outlets or even shops could order stuff from corporate relay points and warehouses as a means empty corporate warehouses and relay station and get more products for the public especially those who miss the first wave especially the very poor from surrounding areas.The same distribution through the universal basic income will apply for pawn shops and those that trade gold for cash etc.Ideally cash for gold stores and pawn shops would have the original owners of the gold and items tracked down by the owners using paper and digital records and returned to them by calling them up or mailing them to them with displays like stands scanned into Hephaestus and traded on Euthenia,recycled or put into community centres.The owners can be contacted via email and number or have it mailed to them with notes and receipt of them donating them there.The same can apply for storage lockers with owners contacted who can scan them in and store them in home extensions or trade them away.Those left idle and auctioned off will have them scanned in and trade them away.If not wanted they can be traded on Euthenia or be stored in the main shop area for the public to take for free while those not tracked down and those who are being returned stored in offices away from the public.Display cases can be converted into aquariums or used as storage etc once traded.Book,comic and newsagent stores that sell magazines,books,comics and newspapers will have the contents to be sent to community centres and universities where book scanners will scan them into Dionysus and Pheme and will continue to be sent there until networks are set up to allow them to be sent there instantly with music books sent to Dionysus with gramaphone records,compact disc that still exist in shops scanned into Dionysus using peripherals.Off licenses would also follow suit.Warehouses used by corporations to store goods and even those used for retail such as Costco will continue to dispense goods ordered in as well as dispense essentials such as food ie milk,dairy products,breakfast cereals,bread,fizzy and alcoholic drinks and also contraceptives,cosmetics including shampoo,cigarettes,tobacco,tampons,sunscreen,non prescription medications,toilet paper,pre made meals etc until the communities become self sufficient with the excess sent to community centres and the warehouses and retail outlets converted into homes.Ideally community centres and halls as well as small conveince stores if they already exist will house and order in these items until self sufficient allowing these warehouses and retail outlets to become homes instantly with the aforementioned products cleared from retail outlets by people using the universal basic u]income stocking up on them.Otherwise people could directly order goods from corporations or through online retail sites such as Alibaba,Amazon,Ebay for free as a means of emptying them out filling in community centres etc.Cashiers would become defunct with them organising orders of remaining goods from corporations of important items such as electronics,jewellery,furniture,fridges,freezers and emptying storerooms of both their shops and storerooms.People could enter warehouses,relay stations in person to collect goods or even order directly from the building to their address without paying with excess and other orders sent to community centres.Thus all corporations of major electronics,toys,furniture etc will continue to dispense essential goods like smart televisions,smart devices,computers,laptops etc to community centres also housing excess goods from the cleared out retail outlets to allow the very poor to avail of them until regions become self sufficient with manufacturing hubs.These remaining staff would be paid by the government either,local or federal paying retail outlets the money from excess reserves with delivery truckers and construction workers renovating abandoning and obsolete buildings also paid by the government until their work becomes fully automated within the next 5-10 years.One will be able to order any products for free from the official websites of all corporations and retail outlets including Sony,Apple,Ikea,Ebay,Amazon,Argos etc to stock up on them with ideally corporations dumping them especially essentials like electronics,clothing and those that are base essentials for the very poor into community centres as they are moving into hotels,skyscrapers,abandoned buildings etc with once all items are scanned in they will be recycled.Excess goods from retail outlets of all types and also warehouses used by Amazon,Ebay and online retail stores would be reallocated to nearby community centres and halls with them put on shelves and hangers until properly set up to allow them to be scanned into Hephaestus with those not gotten through sales will be traded on Euthenia or recycled provided they are scanned in or taken in by the poor.Volunteers can scan in each products with all products taken home scanned in at home.

Electronics will be able to download the universal sentient software Hestia onto them to replace Microsoft 7/8,Android etc to make them compatible and be able to use the internet managed by Arke.Vehicles will be taken by the public with excess either recycled or ideally traded on Euthenia or stored onsite of the stores they are in or driven into community centres parking lots,public streets or areas by the side of the road,in fields on the outskirts of towns,villages and cities once they are scanned into Selene and have the keys left inside alongside a free or coin sign to denote they have not yet been taken with the same applying to yachts etc with the keys left in the vehicle in the glove compartment or where it is in during driving to allow for them to be taken in by anyone especially the very poor with this including luxury vehicles of all types.Excess can be taken in from far away towns and cities and then parked in community centre parking lots or at home.Those who have older vehicles already can leave their old vehicle their and take new ones rather than having too many.They can also be left in multistorey carparks or level side ones in cities and outskirts of cities or by abandoned buildings and supermarkets that will inevitably become homes with once all have been taken by the public and the residents there will have the land dug up and put into other uses such as forests,gardens or homes with signs by their entrance and also adverts put on Craigslist and Euthenia and its subsystem alongside the coin sign inside them to denote they can be taken by the public.These can be taken home by people who have vehicles already and then traded for free on Craigslist,Adverts,Ebay and the subsytem for free with them using post mainly to deliver goods with this applied to all types of manufactured goods such as electronics,toys,clothing etc.Those stored in their buildings can have the keys left inside them and unlocked for anyone to take with these then retrofitted with autonomous driving,onboard computer,electric or hybrid engines,self charging technology,digital keys etc by driving them into factories within about 5-10 years with them scanned in using handheld scanners.Otherwise they like all types of goods can be taken by the public with a family or person taking in two or more or in bulk to home where they can be kept,scanned in or traded later on via Euthenia with ideally the homeless and very poor with old models taking in newer ones in retail outlets again two or more and then trading them on Euthenia while moving into abandoned and obsolete buildings.These vehicles of all types will also be scanned into Hephaestus.If possible the grounds of obsolete buildings and abandoned ones prior to having carparks dug up and multistorey carparks added will have these excess ones parked their to be taken in by the poor moving in especially luxury vehicles with them recycling their old vehicles if they have any.All vehicles will have one iteration of each model scanned in at home or in community centres using handheld scanners with photos taken of different coloured ones to have Aphrodite add these versions to the submenus.Buildings of all types like skyscrapers,hotels and private homes will be scanned using handheld scanners,smart devices and nanoquadrocopters etc both internally and externally and added to Daedalus.Electronics gotten this way and those already owned especially computers,laptops,consoles including handhelds and smart devices can have Hestia and Home AIs downloaded onto them to replace defunct operating softwares like iOs,Android,Windows 7/8 to make them functional with new ones and the wire.The contents of drink,cigarette,contraceptives,chocolate and food kiosks,vending machines,fridges and stands etc in hotels,restrooms,shops etc either in toilets,lobbies etc. will be dispensed by them being unlocked or hacked to allow them to be dispensed with them modified to become fridges or recycled with them deposited in community centres so the general public can get them.Thus the contents of all vending machines will be taken on a first come first serve basis once they are hacked with those in hotels,amenities etc sent to community centres with the machines themselves.The coins and paper notes inside will be recycled.Cashiers and checkout machines in supermarkets and hypermarkets will be scanned into Talus and traded away or recycled for other uses.Nurseries,florists and garden centres will be integrated into vertical and community farms with their contents gotten paid by the universal income and the furniture and tools etc scanned into Hephaestus with all future fertilisers etc being homemade or ordered in from vertical and community farms.Fertilisers and compost etc will be dumped into community centres until communities become self sufficient with their recipes added to the Hegemone network.All gardening equipment such as shovels,pots etc will be scanned into Hephaestus and dispensed to the public by being bought.Ideally plants and seeds will be stored in community centres and then transferred to nurseries onsite of vertical and community farms alongside seeds with seeds from centres and nurseries sent to these vertical farms to ensure genetic diversity with ideally all centres and nurseries staying open until vertical farms are set up and then turned into homes once the seeds and plants are transferred.Existing nurseries and garden centres particularly automated ones will continue to function and order in seeds and new plants and grow them and stock up on seeds of all species until they are integrated into vertical farms and then the originals converted into homes.Seeds in these will be sent to vertical farms with fertilisers homemade with them and all other contents of these such as furniture,tools,fertiliser etc will gotten through the universal basic income clear them out and allow them to be converted into private or communal homes depending on their size.During this period the genome of all 391,000 species of plants will be added to Physis so as to allow the genome of all future ornamental plants and crops to be downloaded into seeds.Pets in pets stores can be taken home or sent to the nearest community farm or in the case of exotic ones the nearest zoo or their native habitat organised by consumers,Artemis including its proto forms Greenpeace or AI.Other people may take them home and then sell them online for money.Pet stores will have all pets and pet food taken in through the universal basic income with the same done for pets,toys etc with excess animals sent to local breeders and also farms and even community farms and community centres to allow them to be advertised on proto Euthenia with locales taking care of them.If possible those who dont want to keep them will take them home an advertise them online on proto Euthenia or similar web platforms with them having to vaccinate them.Consumers will become professional pet minders where they will bring home one of more pets and look after them and advertise them on Euthenia.Biosynths and extensions will allow them to look after large amounts of them.Pet stores and other retail outlets will continue to dispense food until they can be homemade and ordered in from Deipneus factories with recipes uploaded to this network.Pet toys will be dispensed on a through the universal basic income and scanned into Hephaestus.All existing pets in pet stores will be taken in through the universal basic income by the public with pet food ordered online and dumped in stores until they can be produced in Deipneus factories or homemade.Left over pets will be advertised online includung proto and final Euthenia with again people acting as pet minders by in taking pets and then advertising them online as professional pet minders as part of Artemis .Artemis and even its proto forms Greenpeace will arrange for exotic animals to be sent back to their native habitats or local zoos.Excess pets in pet stores will be taken in by the public and then kept as pets or traded away with the lack of forced employment will allow people to have animals as pets and if need be large numbers especially large families and young children as well as those in communal homes with them returned to the community centres.This will be of note to those that live by themselves.This will be of note to those that live by themselves.People can take in large number of pets as much as two to ten of different types from pet stores,dog pounds and shelters and then trade them away in proto and final Euthenia with this clearing up of dog pounds of unwanted,neglected and stray pets with them all vaccinated and immunised as well as cured of all diseases and parasites etc and have patient files set up.Patient files will show that animals are vaccinated etc.This will be of note to large families.This will ensure the animals will be taken care of rather than being dumped into the wild and allow pet stores and dog pounds to be cleared up and emptied.Any untraded exotic species of pets such as snakes,spiders etc the people taking them home can contact Artemis and it’s proto forms in Greenpeace to have it sent to nearby zoos and even back to its native habitat.Having all pets in pet stores taken in by the public will prevent them being thrown outside,becoming invasive species and having the public taking in those from dog pounds and shelters will prevent them being euthanised.Dog pounds and shelters that take in unwanted and stray animals will have them vaccinated and have volunteers look after them and them advertised on proto and final Euthenia with them advertising bro the local public in radio,newspapers and online that the dogs etc present are can be taken home will prevent them being euthenised.Pets in dog pounds,animal shelter and strays in pet homes etc will have their original owners tracked down or them intaken by the public with them advertised on proto and final Euthenia with volunteers taking them home in large batches and then trading them away etc.Stray animals on the streets will be caught by biosynths modelled on animals patrolling areas relating the GPS location as well as humans setting traps and then vaccinated,immunised and cured of pathogens and diseases and then advertised online with the procurement of these animals catering to the elderly,those who live alone or those no longer burdened by careers.Measures will be made to prevent animals being either euthenised or left as strays.If possible dog pounds until all animals have homes will intake strays from the street and also excess from pet stores with them cared for by volunteers with automated feeders and automated cleaning systems to alleviate strains until they find a home with them advertised on proto and final Euthenia and online.Dog pounds and shelters for dogs that look after them when owners are on animals are on holidays will once the animals are taken home will be converted into homes with neighbours,friends and next of kin and in time biosynths controlled by the Home AI looking after them.The lack of forced employment and computer networks and VR technology,it’s time dilation effect and biosynths acting as per minders will allow most if not all pets in pet stores and dog pounds to be taken home and taken care of forever.Pet food will also be taken on this through the universal basic income with pet food dumped into pet stores until they can be made at home or in Deipneus factories.Pet toys will be ordered in from the same Paidia network of Hephaestus that human toys are ordered in from with existing ones scanned in here and new ones developed on Pandora.Pets can be traded away on Euthenia,sent to community and hybrid farms to retire with exotic ones returned to their native habitat via Oceanus,community centre/post offices that utilise transporter technologies etc arranged by Artemis and retrained to survive in the wild via VR and neural implants or zoos.VR technology and its time dilation effect will allow busy people to play with them for hours every day without interfering with schedules and also prevent neglect.VR technology and neural implants will allow pet owners to directly communicate with pets as if humans thus making it easier to train them into not carrying out bad behaviour and easier to train them into defecting and urinating outside and in animal litter,doing tricks and convincing them into going inside with biosynth implants allowing their GPS location to be ascertained 24/7,365 via their Home AI app with them also acting as shock collars that can generate minute levels of shocks suites to their size when they pass wireless biosynth markers etc which can be turned on and off instantly with them also creating sedatives suited to the individual animals breed and size etc to deal with them when they are disobedient,angry and wanted to be corned in a safe area when they have escaped.The lack of forced employment as well VR technology and its time dilation effect and computer networks will allow people to work from home and play with pets in VR simulations giving them large amounts of time to be attentive to pets especially cats,dogs,horses etc thus lowering the chances of them becoming unwanted,neglected or strays with biosynths taking care of them when their owners are on holiday or busy with anti-ageing treatments and microbes that fight off pathogens,parasites and immunise them as well as use CRISPR treatments to treat genetic diseases and add augmentations etc will grant pets immortality like humans with Paean acting as a universal vetenairian for all species of pets including dogs,cats,horses,spiders,reptiles,exotic animals and even new species created on Pandora and those from across the universe.To prevent inbreeding and genetic bottlenecks caused by current breeding method all future animals will be created via artificial wombs and 3D DNA printers using the Phanes method to create animals with unique genotypes while existing animals that are determined by patient files to be too closely related and inbreed can have the living Phanes method applied to living animals where the loci that determine each individual is altered to make them genetically distinct from themselves and living relatives with mutations resulting from inbreeding corrected by CRISPR treatments.CRISPR and also stem cell strains of microbes can cure conditions that lead to discomfort such as syringomyelia in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels,brachycephalia etc in other breeds and so on with this not only removing them but also altering the internal structure to eliminate all discomfort for them but retain them for cosmetic unposed or eliminating these characteristics altogether with all future ordered pets have this engineering to eliminate these from the gene pool.Thus deformities that are purely cosmetic will be dealt with stem cell strains and CRISPR either eliminating them from both living and future animals or the animals modified internally and externally to retain these features but be able to be free from discomfort,pain and death.Both extensions and biosynths will allow the public to own large amounts of pets including strays,unwanted ones and those from clearances etc.Pet food will be ordered in from Deipneus factories or homemade for cats,dogs,fish etc once existing recipes are uploaded to its networks and new recipes created by the public are added to it with that for reptiles etc involving ordering live or dead insects,rodents etc from vertical farms in batches or rearing them at home with that for horses involving grains and grass ordered in batches from vertical farms or grown at home.Fish,cats and dogs as well as horses can also fed algae ordered in from sewage treatment plants etc as slop,mince,pellets and TVP.Pet food will be mostly homemade with it consisting algae,invitro meat,rice and other vegetables with all pets using CRISPR treatments for live animals and genetic engineering for new ones be able to consume the same food as humans to prevent poisoning.All pet food products will have recipies uploaded to Deipneus with new ones made by the public.Cosmetics,contraceptives and possibly non prescription drugs will be cleared from pharmacies by the public through the universal basic income with excess non prescription sent to a towns or cities community centre with them dumped there until hospital pharmacies and microbes replace them with this applying to those in super and hypermarkets as well as airports,communal homes and all other excess pharmacies in towns and cities.Prescription drugs will also be dumped in hospitals with them sent there at the start of clearances.Ideally hospital pharmacies both makeshift and automated ones will be set up at 2020/2022 to dump and dispense medications to allow them in supermarkets and on streets and so on to become homes and suites.Those that sell supplements and those for losing weight will follow the same pattern until people can produce their own supplements via bacteria with condoms and over the counter medications sent to the same shops as bread etc.In time genetic engineering will allow humans to synthesise essential amino acids,fatty acids etc negating the need for supplements.The same will apply to online retail of all types whether its Amazon,Alibaba,Ebay and even ordering goods directly from a corporation on their website being ordered for free with these dispensing goods to people from poorer areas such as slums etc with the servers for these sites recycled once the site becomes defunct by Hephaestus with even the furniture in restaurants,coffee shops and their kitchen utensils and machinery as well as stands in the centre of shopping centres taken home,stored in community centres or recycled once scanned into relevant networks.Excess goods from corporate warehouses,retail outlets and relay stations will be shipped to local community centres or those around the country with them also used to restock retail outlets in waves.The community members can order in large orders of goods such as furniture,electronics etc in bulk for free to be stored in centres with this of note to poor cities and areas that suffering from inflation and scarcity.These taken in by the public would then be scanned into their relevant networks in Hephaestus at home for the rest of the public to replicate them with those in community centres scanned in using machinery and when taken in.Once Hephaestus is set up and these are scanned into their relevant networks they can be advertised on Euthenia or if they are there too long be recycled with a global sub system set up to house scanned in designs to store them prior to Hephaestus being set up with Metamind and Viv as part of proto and final Aphhrodite used to put them into their relevant departments with Aphrodite before and after becoming sentient will organise all goods into networks.These goods will be recycled only when scanned into the sub networks.Excess goods can also be collected and stored in community centres in adjoining towns,cities etc done by members of the public doing so using vans and trailers or by companies shipping goods to small community centres in towns from relay warehouses in equal amounts or with them contacted by members of these towns and cities to stock up on these with this including all types of electronics,clothing,furniture,vehicles etc.Craigslist, and similar trading sites as well as forums can be used to allow people to post where certain goods are stored in their community centres as well as to enquire where they are stored and where they can be found prior to community centres becoming automated and Euthenia is set up so as to allow the majority of goods to be cleared by people in the towns and also in nearby communities collect them in person when they travel to them with in time them logged into the buildings onboard computer and also Euthenia account.These and sites like Ebay and Craigslist can also be used to trade away any types of extra goods taken in by them ie electronics,vehicles,toys,clothing etc goods prior to Euthenia with a person bringing home and stocking up multiple iterations of a singular products or take products including electronics,vehicles etc out of community centres and then using these platforms to advertise them and trade them for free or even small amounts of money especially with regards to those booking accomadation in abandoned and obsolete buildings as detailed earlier on with posting also used since until they become defunct and Euthenia takes over this role with them meeting in person or sending by post with it also an option for the person who is giving away items to receive something else they need in return.Companies will dispense products to retail outlets until enough people can have them with this of note to vehicles and electronics with excess recycled,sent to community centres with the overabundance of some products such as smart devices,vehicles catering to needs until AI can create them in automated factories.These will be scanned in with excess recycled and they can be traded via meeting in person or using post.Products of all types of products from Amazon,Ebay,Ikea,major online corporations or those that have online stores will send one iteration of each product including different coloured versions to community centres in centres to allow them to be scanned into Hephaestus and the rest of the backlog have some dumped there for the populace to get for free with the rest recycled or dumped into community centres that dont have much stock especially in poor countries and communites ie slums and ghettos around the world thus allowing even the poor to clothing,electronics and other key items for when they move into better accommodation.Contents of charity shops will be deposited here after scanned in or these shops will be used for these with all goods here collected by the public through the universal basic income with the Amazon Go technology keeping track of what is left.Those advertised on Euthenia will be under the buildings address and in time legal name or the public could log into its building AI and see what is stocked and how much to allow one to order them for deliveries or collect them in person.After a certain length of time all excess scanned in items in community centres and also relay centres around the world not taken in will be recycled.This can allow the very poor access to goods if they didnt get them the first time around and also allow people access to goods in shops specific to different regions.Street markets can be set up with existing ones used to trade off extra excess goods alongside foods and in the case of existing ones the land covered in asphalt underneath will dug up and reforested,used for community gardens with this a good way of allowing more people access to extra goods.People can stock on their needs of clothing and electronics etc and store them in sparerooms or those moving to hotels stored in store rooms etc.All goods ordered via deliveries will have the delivery personnel either being humans by their companies and the government but not consumers until unnecessary or autonomous vehicles negate them.The vehicles used by delivery companies will be repainted and taken in by the public or even factories once autonomous features are retrofitted.Manufactured goods in tourist spots such as geological,historical and tourist centres retail outlets will be scanned in as well and acquired by the public through the universal basic income or sent to community centres to be scanned in with those in towns turned into homes,those as part of tourist sites such as geological features etc turned into automated restaurants,places to grow food or lounges.Excess goods not taken from the public including food will be in the case of all types of products jewellery,electronics,clothing etc will be stored in local community centres or those in surrounding towns and cities where they can be ordered via Euthenia or taken in by the local population in person especially those that are poor and didnt get them in the first try especially those from other towns and cities with these and those taken in directly from retail outlets scanned into their relevant networks at home,in community centres or on conveyor belt systems before being stored or recycled.Homeless shelters would have clothes,electronics like smart devices and laptops alongside food and vehicles that would allow the homeless notified by those who work with the poor to book homes in Euthenia.By logging each item there onto the buildings Euthenia account and also onboard computer or even forums,Ebay account can allow one to look for them and collect them in person or order them.These should be scanned in onsite by hand or machinery including conveyor belt systems to both Hephaestus and the buildings Euthenia account immediately especially before being recycled or traded.Retail outlets of all types will continue to receive orders of manufactured goods from companies and existing reserves and stock of all types of products from all companies including those in Amazon relay centres,company factories.Retail outlets of all types will be will be constantly restocked with goods of all types until manufacturing hubs are set up.Community centres that will store excess goods will be labelled by signs.Trolleys onsite or from other shops can allow for a person to get large amounts of them alongside their own Seacell bags with them recycled once the shops are emptied with people coming back for more in waves with people in nearby towns,cities and even slums and poor neighbourhoods also coming to collect items and not just the town or city they are in with online retail providing goods for those in poorer neighbourhoods.People would ideally use their own Seacell bags including luggage bags used in aeroplanes and even using vans,trailers and their second cars to bring home as much as possible in mass shopping spree to stock up on all essentials such as cosmetics,soap,toilet paper,batteries etc.Seacell bags will be either homemade or designed on Arachne with them having other fibres and even graphene in their matrix for strength and will render plastic bags obsolete with plastic rubbish bags of all sizes made obsolete by liquid glass sprayed on organic waste bins and other bins using no bags allowing factories that produce plastic bags including rubbish one to become homes.People will travel to towns and cities around their home country and indeed the world to collect items for free from shops during clearances when they occur.The universal basic income will allow even the very poor who live in slums,ghettos and poor neighbourhood to get luxury items like expensive designer bags and clothing and also electronics,sports cars etc for free with even the homeless getting these especially smart devices and laptops to allow them to get internet access to then book better accommodation as part of the renovation of abandoned and obsolete homes worldwide as detailed earlier on in the automation of home construction and renovation with them and those who live in slums staying in motorhomes and also homeless shelters and the headquarters of groups who work with the poor with them also collecting food dumped in supermarkets etc.Euthenia can be used to trade them away them as well with any excess recycled.Manufactured goods from all gift shops and retail outlets present in tourist spots,visitor centres,hotels,casinos as well as cruise ships,tourist information centres,train stations and airports,corporate headquarters,public amenities of all types,geological features as well as national parks will also be sent to community centres if not taken by the public onsite for free and well as excess from retail stores and buildings renovated into homes to be traded way via Euthenia and collected from the public once scanned in.These will be scanned in at home or in community centres.All manufactured goods in the retail centres of airports,seaports and on cruise ships,hotels,hospitals,tourist information buildings and centres,museums and other amenities of all types,theme parks and train stations will be scanned into Hephaestus either onsite,in community centres or at home,with food taken again by the public for free or sent to community centres,or pyrolysised if out of date with packaging recycled.These would be taken by people going onto planes,coming from planes arriving at their destinations or even by members of the public who can come their in waves from the local area with shopping trolleys and personal bags and even luggage bags to collect them and take them home.This would allow all gift shops and retail centres in airports,public amenities,train stations etc to become luxury lounges.Retail outlets in hotels,casinos etc will be once the items are scanned in will be turned into extra suites and amenities.The same will apply to those on cruise ships and also at seaports with those on cruise ships turned into extra cabins and those on seaports turned into lounges.At least one iteration of each one will be sent to local community centres to be scanned into Hephaestus especially those from public amenities and also airports etc.Food in supermarkets and retail outlets can also be taken by the general public through the universal basic income before they are turned into homes with trolleys recycled or taken home for using in collecting food from vertical farms where they can be transferred to once modified with them scanned into Agathodaemon.Trolleys and ones own bags can allow one to come back in waves to collect as much food and manufactured goods with them going to shops not just in their own town or city but neighbouring ones.Trolleys will be scanned into Agathodaemon and then modified to have wheels removed and KIVA systems added to allow them to be used in distribution centres with stands also scanned in and traded on Euthenia,recycled or used in distribution centres and community centres with the same applying to freezers and fridges in supermarkets.This collection of goods from all retail outlets worldwide without paying can start as early as 2020/2021.All products taken home will be scanned into their relevant netwoks by those that take them in.As stated earlier excess manufactured goods will be sent to local community centres where they will scanned into their networks and either recycled or traded via Euthenia or in person with excess food stored in distribution centres or pyrolysised and packaging recycled with all retail shops for all types of manufactured goods including supermarkets,hypermarkets and shops turned into homes as detailed earlier when emptied and the goods and even stands scanned into relevant networks.These hypermarkets,supermarkets,retail outlets of all types will be open 24/7 to allow anyone to enter them at anytime with the same applying to those in airports,public amenities etc.The first iteration of each product would be uploaded into their file and each folder/sub folder etc. in the cloud network and each consecutive one stocked into community centres if not taken by the public from retail stores and stored in Euthenia showing as how many of these physical left over items are left in which of the community centres around the world and how much globally with the consumer given the choice to order them from the nearest community centre by connecting to Oshbots or the community centres network where they can be connected to all community centre.These can be then taken by members of that community in person or ordered online via the cloud network on Euthenia.For clothing and footwear that comes in different sizes the consumer will input or scan in their sizes via computers and smart mirrors and they will be able to choose the one that fits them the closest.Vehicles can be scanned at home (both the interior and exterior) with the consumer driving to vehicle factories or vehicle where by interacting with the AI can have it streamlined into the factory via a conveyor belt and start the belt via this interaction once they have exited the vehicle(or pushed it onto the belt)and then order a new iteration of it(or modified version) with autonomous abilities made by adding cameras,sensors,onboard computer as well as even electric batteries with them using public transport and uber taxis to get home and travel until it arrives at their home address or recycle the vehicle once the new vehicle has been produced and delivered to their home and have the autonomous vehicle lock and follow the normal vehicle to the factory or plant allowing them to return home in the autonomous vehicle.Stuff in warehouse from companies such as Amazon can have all the products ordered in person or via online until the stocks are out from the comfort of ones home with Ebay used to trade all existing products with none added until all items are traded or kept by the users.In short excess goods in retail outlets not taken in by the public will be sent to community centres where the public can get them with any remaining there logged into the buildings AI,Euthenia account or prior to this on sites like,Ebay arranged by members of the public with them scanned into the subsystem and eventually Hephaestus with any remaining there too long being recycled with ideally them scanned in prior to recycling.All manufactured products at home,in retail outlets and also community centres should be scanned into this subsystem which will be sent to the networks of Hephaestus by at least 2029.By this point money itself will be obsolete since all products will be designed by the public as well as the fact that all manufacturing hubs will be set up in each region or country and will be fully controlled by both AI and automated machinery.Other new products designed on the proto Pandora can be stored in this subsystem as well.To make things more efficient if more iterations of a product exist than all but one can be recycled with the last remaining one kept in these centres and scanned into to ensure their is at least one copy to be availible.Electronics and jewellery would be stored in stands or boxes with clothing on the same hanging structures they were on with the stands scanned into Agathodaemon or Epeius with furniture stacked onto various rooms ontop of each other.With regards to homes those on websites will be sold for free with any remaining sent to Euthenia with low quality ones merged with nearby homes to form miniature mansions alongside extensions as the people nearby move out with any remaining ones demolished and other luxury communal homes built in their place and advertised on Euthenia.Abandoned buildings and apartments will be gotten through being bought especially if they are still in good shape and require little repair with those that are in disrepair booked on Euthenia and then renovated by a mixture of volunteers and also robots with as detailed earlier on all of their renovations charted in episodes of the new universal renovation programmes with their locations and bookings as also detailed earlier added by AI.