Airports & Aeroplanes

Normally buses provide transportation around airports but even though they can be automated the problem is they are slow and have to deal with other traffic such as taxis and cars.They are also very bulky and uncomfortable but new developments in personal pods in Heathrow Airport have allowed for more compact and comfortable transport around much of the city which are more efficient and can allow for smoother transport of taxis and other vehicles in the main area as they use their own personal track allowing for smoother transport to and from carparks to airport terminals than buses.These can be called by smart devices interacting with the Airport AI via Hermes or touchscreen pedestals at set points with their range of travel can extend to parts of the city they are based in allowing for carparks and other outskirts of the airport to be reforested with them utilizing mag lev technology to increase their speed and energy efficiency.They could go on above or underground tracks that can connect the airports underground gates or entrance to key points of the city such as train stations allowing one to park in the middle of a city and go into the airport with their luggage in hand.Ideally they should be coated internally and externally with graphene paint and then liquid glass to prevent rusting,fogging of windows,build up of dirt and negate the need for cleaning and generate electricity during daytime flights.Quantum dot technology can be integrated into them to power them with the tracks coated in both graphene paint and then liquid glass to render them rust free and last indefinitely.Also land and routes currently used by buses can be reforested.These can be replaced by underground hyperloop pods that can travel at fast speeds faster than these and would be underground accessed by stairs at key points of the airport including by the entrance and would even lead to the main area of the airport where queues are held.These would also connect to the airport to key parts of the city.These would make buses obsolete and allow the land they travel on reforested as detailed later on.

The carparks of all airports would be reforested into large luxury parks or botanical gardens with luxury seating,biolumescent plants,ponds,wildflowers,bushes,trees and flowers and soil with even gazebos and also areas to hide from the sun.These would be designed by both Pan and Antheia for each remaining airport.There would even be extra lounges used without booking that would be a small building containing stairs with heating and that leads to an underground extension spread across the entire reforested carpark,area by the entrance and rest of the airport such as runway etc to house at least a hundred people with luxury seating,televisions,wifi access,lighting powered by onsite geothermal pipes covered in thermo-piezoelectric materials with food served as well.It can be used by people as a lounge while waiting for their vehicle passing through to be picked up and will be alerted to its location with since vehicles will arrive once they arrive will form a line with one registering they are in the area and thus the vehicles via Ophion and their onboard computers will form an orderly line and each person will be alerted to their vehicles presence and it passing by the entrance.It can also be used to gain access to the airport and main city to be picked up by automated vehicles.Thus the entire land taken up by the reforested carpark,runways,the airport itself and adjoining fields can house underground lounges that can be used for those who arrive early with them going several floors down as much as five to ten floors down with this used as an extra resting lounge  for those that arrive early and house hallways to underground gates as part of Oceanus where one can use stairs to reach the area the airport that houses loading areas for aeroplanes.If possible they could since spread across the entire space of airports such as carparks,the airport itself and also runways and going as much as five to ten floors deep can also be able to house at least fifty to a hundred Venetian suites,communal kitchens etc that can be used by those who arrive the night before to sleep in and leave the next morning via booking them like hotels in fact replacing hotels onsite of airports.Hotels near airports can be used as permanent homes for people.These lounges can act as extra lounges complimenting those present in the actual airport that can cater to those who arrive early at the airport,those who are staying overnight allowing nearby hotels to become permanent homes and also cater to those waiting for their vehicle to arrive when they have returned from their destination and those who have arrived home from their destination and are ordering taxis.Venetian suites can be present where one can book spaces in them to stay overnight with biosynths managing them and one resting in meals from restaurants presents.Thus Venetian suites used for staying overnight the night before can be in underground extensions underneath reforested carparks etc present in lounges in the main airport that will replace hotels present turned into permenant homes.These will also house hallways in them that lead to underground gates and hallways in the airport that leads to the main areas of the airport allowing passengers to gain access to the main building by bypassing the carparks,main entrance etc.Entrances to these underground lounges etc can be by the entrance of the airport as a stairwell or elevator.Existing small buildings will act as access to these underground areas by adding stairs with new ones built in some airports with these having multiple stairs in them to allow for safe traffic with some even having elevators and be connected to the underground gates of the airport via hallways that are large.The iceberg style of these will allow all of the surrounding carpark area to be reforested with them on the surface even connected to the main road.A person will be dropped off at the entrance of these gardens on the surface and vehicles arrive at them with a small roundabout added to allow them to turn around with toll booths and barriers at the entrance to them demolished.Thus ones autonomous private vehicle will drop one off at the reforested carparks and drive home with the person walking through the garden or them entering the underground area via stairwells to then gain access to the airport rendering carparks obsolete.Otherwise mag lev pods in nearby train stations can be used to be brought to underground gates in the underground lounge and then to the airports via pods and hallways.In some cases of airports far away from cities the road leading to them will be underground allowing the overground one to be dug up and thus meaning an underground highway will be present making it easier to be picked up and again vehicles forming a line based on each flight that arrives at a specific time meaning lines wont be long and vehicles can be moved along to allow those that have entered their vehicle pass by those that have not with one alerted to the arrival of their vehicle.There will be an underground roundabout and to allow vehicles to return home etc and if possible this underground highway can lead to the network of underground roads connected to the rest of the country.Again underneath this highway will be underground mag lev pod tracks leading into the cities nearby train stations as part of Oceanus with this pod since only having to travel a short journey means it does not need to be hyperloop with this track as stated extending from in city train stations to the lounge and then Oceanus gates in the airport that have stairways up to where aeroplanes are loaded.One can use this mag lev pod and then arrive at the train stations in city and then be picked up by ones vehicle.Using underground roads can allow one to be dropped off and then go upstairs and use walkways in the park to get to the main entrance to alleviate strains with the park having multiple walkways or these walkways can be negated completely alongside the small building on the surface.The Oceanus network will stop at all remaining airports worldwide thus meaning one can enter local train stations and use the A to B network and make it to the desired airport.The parks and botanical gardens can also house walkways to travel on foot to the main entrance.The park will contain walkways to the main road,connected to the underground lounges entrance at the surface and also to the airport itself.Hallways present in them will be located in them that connect one directly to both underground gates for Oceanus and also luggage loading areas for aeroplanes via stairs as the lounges will be spread over the entire reforested areas of airport carparks and front entrance area that buses use and also runways.One will be directed via Helios as to where they will go with AI designing the layout of these hallways,underground and overground roads,mag lev systems and lounges for each airport.Underground hallways and stops for underground mag lev pods connected to underground gates and main luggage loading area via stairs will be present that connect to underground gates directly and areas in the airport near where luggage is loaded and stops in the city including train stations accessed by stairs with this also connected to the Oceanus gates that connect to train stations in the city to allow one to when they arrive at the airports outskirts reforested carpark get quick access to the airport and also travel to these lounges when they arrive and also be used to travel from the airport to the centres of the city to be also picked up by their vehicle alleviating strains on the road and also be able to be dropped off at the outskirts and travel to the airport.Areas by the entrance of airports can have stairs leading to the luggage loading areas can be leading to these underground lounges directly potentially allowing areas that buses stop at the entrance to be reforested as well.These lounges can be used to rest while waiting for ones vehicles to drive to the airport when they arrive at their destination with them resting at the entrance with the abundance of lounges allowing them to book places to wait for their vehicle to arrive.It can also be used when dropped off to via hallways gain access to the luggage loading area and Oceanus gates and also gain access from train stations via mag lev pods present that also connect to the luggage loading area.Since spread over the entire area it can house wide hallways,large lounges that serve food and Venetian suites.They will serve the same purpose as conventional lounges within the airport allowing to rest before loading the plane but also after arriving at their destination waiting to be picked up by their automated vehicle with the airport AI interacting with Hestia and Ophion to arrange who is picked up ie each persons vehicles will form a line and the current vehicle at the top of the line interacting with the airport AI and Helios will denote who it is allowing for people to board their vehicles in an organised fashion.These will be large enough to house at least several dozen or a hundred people sine spread out over the entire reforested carpark,runway,entrance and other parts of the airport and can go several levels underground to house dozens of Venetian suites and amenities that one as stated can book for the night before.Since the lounges are going to spaced out along the entirety of the airport underground then they can be separated into two parts.The first part by the entrance and carpark etc were one is dropped off by their autonomous vehicles will house hallways that lead to luggage loading areas and Oceanus gates and mag lev pods that lead to in city trains  that houses luxury lounges and also Venetian suites for people to stay overnight the night before if booked to counteract nearby hotels becoming permanent homes that can be accessed by one road and then on the other side of the airport where planes arrive and one exits them into the airport will be the second part accessed by stairs that lead to these,with hallways connected Oceanus as well that house more luxury lounges for one to wait for their vehicle to arrive in and has mag lev pods to nearby in city train stations.Both parts will have one underground road connected to them that go in opposite directions to each other for smooth traffic flow.Coaches and cars rented and booked via Helios to drive one to ones residence will be picking up passengers here as well.This will render buses as part of airports obsolete with as stated the main road by airports used by buses connected to the renovated carparks and the small building by it and the main road that forms a loop and since there will be fewer flights the traffic will be small at all times with one even having the option to take a rest at the lounges in the airport as well.Oceanus would also be connected to other towns and cities as well as airports meaning one could at the airport travel to another town or city or stops within the city and then be picked up by their vehicle at that train station with this also applying to arrivals.The A to B system of Oceanus will allow for mag lev system in airports to be connected to both train stations in the same city as the airport and and by extension other towns and cities around the world meaning one can use it to travel to the airport from a train station in their home town or village etc  or a nearby one wherein their own private autonomous vehicle drops them off,drives home and then drives back to the station and picks them up when they come back.Furthermore this can be used to travel from the airport in their destination country and then to the town,city and village they are staying in with hired taxis etc from Helios used.One will be alerted by their Home AI app of the arrival of their private vehicle who will drive from their home on the day they arrive home or in the case of arriving at their destination the arrival of their taxi and coach via Helios and its distance in kilometres,metres etc and hours,minutes and seconds.Both private vehicles owned by the passenger and coaches hired on the spot or beforehand will be visible on a map with Helios and Home AI app showing how far they are in kilometres,metres and centimetres and in hours,minutes and seconds with private vehicles arriving anything from a few minutes to few hours early to pick them up and forming a queue around a roundabout in the airport.If possible they can be parked parked on the side of the streets in town or roads on the way to the airport to prevent clogging with one able to us Oceanus etc to be brought into train stations in the nearby town and city and track down their vehicle via their Home AI app showing its location on a map.If possible underground automated carparks.Oceanus will render most flights obsolete their will be less traffic in the few remaining airports meaning traffic will be small between the airport,these areas and the main road.Thus all carparks and areas by the entrance used by buses can be turned into sizeable botanical gardens to improve aesthetics.All land as part of and surrounding airports can be converted into extra sections of these botanical gardens.All areas underground on the grounds of airports such as these and runways will house underground lounges.Multi-storey carparks present in them that are separate buildings or pa dry of the airports including attached into them can be demolished and the land reforested or they can be converted into extra lounges and Venetian suites.

Carparks can thus be bypassed with autonomous vehicles when they drop off passengers at the airport by where the pods and reforested carparks are that can then drive back to the owners home or a friends home in neighbouring towns and cities near the airport and can be programmed then and there or the day before they arrive back at the same or different airport in their home country and then drive to pick them up where the pods are or at the entrance of airports by reforested carparks and then transport them home when they arrive at the airport back from their holiday.Thus ones private autonomous vehicle will drive one to the airport and drop them off and return home and when one arrives back they will drive back to the airport and then pick them up to return them home.Coaches and taxis can work on the same principle once booked beforehand.The persons vehicle will interact with Eos and Helios to arrive at the exact time their aeroplane.Otherwise one can travel to the airport using taxis and coaches that can hold large amounts of luggage especially if one has a small vehicles and one buys lots of material on holiday allowing one to then call it again when they arrive back at the airport at their destination and return trip via booking them beforehand at the start of the holiday.This would be done via their vehicle and the taxi through Hestia and Helios interacting with Ophion,Eos and each other to know when the aeroplane arrives.Taxis,coaches through Helios can allow one to hold all or extra luggage in one vehicles and have it follow their vehicle at a set distance.People if they have extra luggage or bags from arriving back will be able to call for taxi using Helios to house the extra luggage to be sent home and follow their own vehicle home by linking with the onboard computer as well ass links through Helios and the Home AI app and house anyone one of the passengers if they want to be alone.When one arrives at their destination they can order taxis using Helios to drive them to their destination with the taxis arranged to meet at the airport entrance beforehand prior to even entering the plane which can be done when organising the trip with the taxis location visible in distance and time.One could travel to the town or city the airport is in via Oceanus or via driving there with the vehicle returning home and book residence for the night or few days before using Euthenias home sharing platform and be able to use taxis to drive to the airport or walk then and there.Otherwise they may use Oceanus that stop off at their town connected to the city the airport are in by driving to a hyperloop station in a nearby town from them with them driven to the train station and having their vehicle return home with them transported to the airport via Oceanus and go upstairs to then use Eos aeroplanes and when they arrive back from the holiday they will use the hyperloop to travel back to that same town and their vehicle will be programmed to return to that train station on the day and they then can travel home.Oceanus would also be connected to other towns and cities as well as airports meaning one could at the airport travel to another town or city or stops within the city and then be picked up by their vehicle at that train station with this also applying to arrivals.This would lessen traffic on the roads by airports and can be used for journeys done entirely by Oceanus.This would all render buses as part of airports obsolete as they will be dropped of at the reforested carpark and be collected by busses with the use of hallways and underground mag lev pods will be used instead of buses.This will allow land used for carparks and the entrance that buses stop at to be permanently reforested and ensure that the owners vehicle stays at home or at a friends house while they are gone for security reasons and to improve aesthetics and air quality with any remaining land surrounding airports also reforested as far back as possible.Underground mag lev pods will be used that connect train stations in the city,underground lounges on the grounds of airports and the underground gates and main entrance of it can be used to travel in between them to be collected and dropped off in train stations by their vehicle to negate the need to have their vehicle pick them up or drop them off at the airport.If need be tall automated carparks can be present and even have underground carparks underneath this underground lounge and in other areas with both being more compact and managed by the airport AI.Helios will arrange the most efficient means of travel to and from home town,city,village and the airport they are using and from their arrival airports to their destination.

For in continent and in country flights luggage including extra luggage can be sent from place to place via vehicles driving themselves to their destination with even the Home AI in a biosynth can drive there before they leave for their destination and after they leave for the return journey.This will make planes lighter and faster with this done for trips using Oceanus.Luggage may also be transported by the Home AI in biosynth form driving to the airport and using Erebus to be transported to the same continent and then arriving their by booked taxis or even Oceanus or both and then returning or staying thus again making planes lighter and will be used by those moving homes and will arrive at the destination the same day or earlier as the passenger by leaving earlier.Home AI and Helios will arrange the best method to do this to make planes lighter and save the need to load and pickup luggage.When one arrives at their destination they will order a taxi or coach using Helios.The sentient Helios app can manage the transport to and from the airport and ones home and destination using taxis,Oceanus and ones own vehicle for each individual journey for each person beforehand interacting with billions of people,Home AI and also Ophion using the aforementioned and other options that will ensure carparks can be reforested into parks and improve traffic.

All other land on the outside say the runways and concrete pavement surrounding the airport can be composed of porous concrete and asphalt step by step to return rain to the water table as well as prevent the build up of ice that would effect the functioning of both aeroplanes and also machinery that load luggage and also perform other work on the ground allow for proper functioning of flights to occur in bad weather such as blizzards and heavy rain.This application of porous bedrock can be applied step by step in existing airports.Since as detailed later on Oceanus and Erebus would make the vast majority of flights redundant then most airports will become much more smaller and compact with excess runways and concrete dug up and reforested with all land surrounding airports reforests with botanical gardens and forests designed by Pan and Antheia.All land as part of and surrounding airports can be converted into extra sections of these botanical gardens.

Helios will be the universal sentient app that manages all travel for everyone on public buses,taxis/coaches,cruise ships and also Oceanus and aeroplanes.He will arrange all aspects of travel for all passengers for each journey and since sentient and serving billions in a fragmented and online form will manage efficient flow for everyone.With regards to travel using Oceanus,Eos,Amphitrite and Erebus he will arrange the best combination of these and also any taxis and coaches for the passenger as well as booking of lounges.One will book flights,cruise ships,Oceanus trips and also taxis and coaches on it and in time interstellar travel of all types with it also showing timetables for all train and bus journeys worldwide and cruise ship and aeroplane journeys worldwide and eventually galaxy.He will detail what flight one is meant to get on,what time they will leave ideally,where to deposit luggage and when and the weight of it,what gates to travel to and also directions to it via a map,the time the flight leaves,what seat to get to,what hand luggage they can bring and where to put it,which belt their luggage will arrive at,bring up maps of the airport,arrange taxis and also coaches beforehand when they arrive at destination and also those used during the entirety of the holiday and also when the coach transporting them to the airport at the end of the holiday will arrive and arranging it to.Since aeroplanes will stream Ophion and be controlled by AI and interact with the AI in charge of airports the gate that one has to board and gate luggage is deposited in will be known hours before it departs the airports or even weeks ahead when one books a seat.Any alterations will be relayed instantly in real time due to interactions between Helios and aeroplanes and airport AIs.One on the plane can view maps of where the plane is on the world and also view its distance from the destination in kilometres and metres as well hours and minutes with this also relayed when ones plane they are to board is from arriving at the airport.The exact departure time of ones aeroplanes will be also relayed to them.The app will also be used to contact biosynth stewards.As stated it will house ones passport in electronic form using encryptions including those using ones DNA and quantum computing to ensure it is never lost with this read wirelessly by terminals at airports with it also storing boarding passes and tickets etc in electronic form read at terminals at airports.For cruise ships he will detail this and where ones cabin is and where ones suite and seat is in Oceanus and Eos etc.The same features for aeroplanes will be present with able y too view the shops location on a map. With regards to Oceanus he will arrange which trains to get one to travel to any location around the world by getting on and off them and also arrange journeys that involve both Oceanus and Eos as well as Erebus and even interstellar travel.In trains,aeroplanes and cruise ships and taxis etc he will allow one direct contact with the steward and pilot AI and stream safety videos etc via links to their onboard computers and stream the vehicles GPS location etc,stream menus on its onboard computer,call stewards and be able to stream any information the passenger requests.For buses he will detail which bus to get on,where the bus stop is on Brauron and any alterations to schedule due to the bus being delayed changed immediately with this applied to all schedules.In all vehicles not only will the vehicles GPS location will be relayed but also how far the vehicle is from arriving to them and also how long left in the journey is in distance and time kilometres and hours.All schedules for all buses and trains worldwide will be listed here with him linked to all bus and train stations due to him being their operating software with changes due to delays relayed instantly since it will be linked to the onboard computers of buses etc.One will be told the distance ones train is from their destination in hours and minutes and kilometres etc once they depart.For trains one is about to board it will relay also how far they are from arriving at the train station in kilometres and hours etc.The same will be relayed for buses.Any changes in the schedule and arrival time of buses and trains etc will be changed on demand.The schedules for all trains and buses worldwide for the next coming months,years etc will be detailed here with any changes due to traffic and weather.The app will also be used to contact biosynth stewards.Tickets for for trains and buses will be stored in electronic form and read wirelessly in them and terminals.This app will allow one to book automated taxis,coaches etc around the world on the spot or even days,weeks and months beforehand with one arranging the time to be picked up and destination with the address and GPS location of where to be picked up denoted in a map via linking with Brauron or during booking by being linked to taxi ranks due to him being their operating software.One can during booking etc be in direct interaction with Helios and the AI in charge of taxi ranks,bus stations etc.He will also be linked to and interact with their Home AI to arrange for their vehicle to pick them up at the time they arrive and interact with Euthenia to arrange accommodation with all tickets,boarding passes and more importantly ones passports will be stored here in electronic form in him to prevent them getting lost and allowing them to be read electronically and wirelessly via interactions with pedastals,onboard computers etc in airports,seaports etc.Thus ones passport will be stored in ones Helios account alongside their Polis account in electronic form forever with all paper in the form of boarding passes and tickets also stored in ones account in electronic form to be read wirelessly by machine scanners and Biosynths thus eliminating areas where one has to present their passport.Each citizen will have their own account to allow them to book each form of travel via interacting with Helios himself,store their e-passport,e-tickets,e-boarding pass and also allow them to track their travel patterns over the years,decades etc with him using this data to carry studies on local to global scales based on demographics such as age,gender etc.One will book taxis,buses,coaches,flights on aeroplanes,hyper loop and normal trains,cruise ships etc here and it will show schedules of all trains and buses worldwide with changes relayed in real time with this replacing all online sites that do this with booking done via interacting directly with the sentient Helios and AIs of taxis,cruise ships etc.The schedules for all trains,buses etc worldwide wil be present here..In short all aspects of holidays and travel will be arranged by him with each citizen having accounts for him.As stated all aspects of travel will be organised by him with him even for in city and intercity trips and inter country trips that requires one to use multiple modes of transport ie buses,taxis,Oceanus etc he will be able to plan out each persons journey days,weeks,months ahead with the exact time one must take or book each mode of transport and make alterations in real time due to delays with this even done on the spot with it linked to Brauron in the app or in linked smart devices can show where they need to go on a map of a city etc.He will log all of ones journeys on all types of vehicles on local to global scales over days to centuries and perform studies on this on all demographics.He will be the universal taxi,bus and train service and the sentient operating softwares of all taxi ranks,bus stations.He since sentient will be able to interact with people on computers and smartphones etc and will have his avatar based on his statues etc from ancient times and his symbol will be a chariot and the sun.Eos will be the universal luxury airline replacing all others worldwide with her the sentient operating software for all aeroplanes and airports worldwide,Amphirite will be the universal luxury cruise ship and ocean liner with Poseidon the sentient operating software of all seaports and cruise ships with Oceanus the universal train provider including mag lev and hyperloop trains and Tet the sentient operating software of all train stations and trains.Helios will be the universal luxury bus service,taxi service,car rental service worldwide with him the sentient operating software of all taxi ranks etc and like uber one able to book a taxi on demand or for days and weeks ahed to collect a person at a specific location.Taxis will be ordered like Uber through his app on demand and preordered days or weeks ahead with rented cars coming in different models booked beforehand.As stated scheduled for trains and buses will be present in his app with one able to see them on maps within the app and their exact location and when they will arrive at a bus stop and the destination they want to go to with for cruise ships and aeroplane flights etc thus booked on the official site of Eos and Amphirite or through Helios.Since sentient one will can interact with him directly through his app.All trains,aeroplanes,cruise ships,taxis,buses etc from 2029 onwards will be fully autonomous each controlled by individual AI captains,pilots,drivers etc or the AI in charge of airports,seaports,taxi ranks and bus stations.All work in aeroplanes and airports,airport traffic control,seaports and cruise ships and ,taxi ranks and on all trains and train station will be be automated from start to finish by 2029 managed by Amphrite,Eos,Oceanus,Helios etc anc the Ais in charge of all seaports,airports,bus stations etc allow them to operate 24/7 with zero human labour.All of these brands Amphirite,Oceanus,Helios,Eos etc for cruise ships,airlines,buses and taxis will universal luxury brands that have all seating composed of bioprinted leather and also synthetic woods etc ensuring all passengers will have access to the universal gold luxury standards of travel etc.All airports,train stations,taxi ranks,bus stations and seaports will undergo luxury renovations with extensions and retail outlets converted into and used to cater for luxury lounges.Helios will also be the universal driving teacher with one eligible to learn to drive at the age of 14 by taking classes in VR environments for NASCAR,Formula 1 drivers and also to learn to drive cesnas etc.In the case of motorcyclists i.e.Motor GP,formula 1 and NASCAR drivers cars they practice lessons and exams in could have the same software used in autonomous vehicles could be used to replace instructors as it would measure their success in navigating courses next to driving schools as well as those in the real roads interacting with other autonomous vehicles on the road and traffic networks to measure their accuracy via audio feedback and taking momentary control in the case where an accident may occur.Since NASCAR and formula 1 drivers will only be driving in their respective courses they could practice driving on F1 and NASCAR courses against a group of autonomous vehicles as well as VR simulations.VR simulations can allow cesnas etc to be practiced with driving lessons for all vehicles done by the sentient Helios.Helios will be the universal sentient vehicle driving learning software that will teach consumers how to drive all types of vehicles such as yachts,cruise ships,jetskis,normal vehicles,motorbikes,NASCAR and Formula 1 vehicles and so on for those that want use them as leisure in both the real world and VR simulations as players in both competitive NASCAR and Formula 1 racers,for in movies and television shows filmed in VR simulations.To apply for a e-licence one must be at least 14 years old must study and pass a theory test for each type of vehicle designed by Helios with one given a universal software program and theory e-book designed by her that contains all questions on theory about ones decided vehicle where one will study the e-book and the program will allow one to take mock exams of the theory test over and over again with one booking to take the test for real in a VR simulation on a computer.The theory test and mock exams will test on at least 100 randomised questions from the e-booklet that contains at least 500 or more questions with their being a time limit.They would also be graded using the universal scale and colour code A:81-100% B:65-80% blue,C:49-64% D:33-48% yellow,E:17-32%,F:0-16% red.One must reach a score of at least an A or B to pass with one able to repeat the test at anytime.The results of this will be stored in ones digital file in Helios databases.Then one will have had at least 20 driving lessons overseen by the sentient Helios himself within VR simulations with the first 10 being in a traditional driving schools where one makes turns through some obstacles ie bumps,sharp turns,cones marking the perimeter with terrestrial vehicles and motorbikes being on ground in these,NASCAR/Formula 1 classes being on any of the worlds racecourses by themselves,cesnas and private jets in a aerial course where one passes through VR rings,yachts and jetskis where one is in the ocean and passes through VR rings etc and buoys creating a perimeter and so on.The other 10 VR classes will be against other VR vehicles with terrestrial vehicles including motorbikes on any of the worlds roads that lasts at least three hours in simulation time alongside other automated vehicles,NASCAR/Formula 1 vehicles practiced against VR NASCAR/Formula 1 vehicles in a conventional race,cesnas and private jet involving one taking off and travelling flying from one airport in the world of ones choice and having to deal with other automated and non automated flying vehicle,yachts as well as jetskis will involve on driving in the ocean/rivers/lakes etc alongside other automated and non automated vehicles.These lessons must all be one hour long or more depending on the trainees choice with one required to take at least 10 of both types of lessons with them allowed to take more if they wanted with them assessed on only 10 classes of both types with them graded using the universal scale and colour code A:81-100% B:65-80% blue,C:49-64% D:33-48% yellow,E:17-32%,F:0-16% red both individually on each classes and overall for both types with one require to get an A or B grade for both types of classes overall.The grades for each individual 20 classes and both types overall will be logged into their digital file within Helios database.If they don’t get this grade for both types overall  then they must take the 20  classes again until they get this grade.One will also take 10 VR classes where they must compete against other human trainees and automated vehicles in a simulation of a VR setting.They would also be graded using the universal scale and colour code A:81-100% B:65-80% blue,C:49-64% D:33-48% yellow,E:17-32%,F:0-16% red.One must reach a score of at least an A or B to pass with one able to repeat the test at anytime.The results of this will be stored in ones digital file in Helios databases.Helios who will be in the vehicle at all times with one able to choose any customised model of each vehicle present in her subnetwork in Hephaestus.Then they must take out a driving exam without her in vehicle but still overlooking it following a VR simulation against other automated vehicles that takes place over the course of a year that takes place over a month in a traditional setting.They would also be graded using the universal scale and colour code A:81-100% B:65-80% blue,C:49-64% D:33-48% yellow,E:17-32%,F:0-16% red.One must reach a score of at least an A or B to pass with one able to repeat the test at anytime.The results of this will be stored in ones digital file in Helios databases.Then one will be given their e-drivers licence stored in their digital file in Helios database and Polis account.

Bookings for flight will be done via a singular platform within through the universal Helios app pertaining to public transport serving and detailing all aeroplane flights around the world and so rather than their being different travel and flight companies each plane will be given its own unique serial ID with its own digital file within Hermes that details this ID code as well as logging in subfolders date of manufacture,passenger manifests for all flights,all routine diagnostics over its lifetime and information such as audio,trajectory, altitude,manifest for each flight,GPS location,number of journeys,battery charge/fuel level,camera feeds of focusing on important machinery and the passenger seats,movements,path taken,interior and exterior environmental conditions etc.during each flight relayed here constantly(alongside this cumulative information over its lifetime in days,weeks,months,years etc.when it is decommissioned this will be logged alongside its current status ie.recycled and into what or stored in an hanger and the address of where it will be stored) in a folder of name of each the journeys it takes labelled under flight route and its date and time all logged here in the air traffic control centre visible to the public.Thus the traveller can go to the relevant subnetwork before booking the flight and type in its serial ID and view this information from its entire lifetime for transparency and personal security with number of faults or number of minor accidents colour coded (see later)also logged here with this also viewable upon tapping into the serial ID of the plane within their app.The name and symbol on all planes will be Eos and a sun and crocus flower with each individual plane and thus flight number denoted by their serial codes last few numbers visible in the Helios app giving travellers a clue as to what plane to board.Meals can be preordered and decided here including custom made ones with their native language using the sentient Coeus also chosen so all safety placards,newspapers and magazines streamed on e-newspapers will be in their native language alongside any warnings and safety videos sent and streamed to phone at the beginning of flights and emergencies to their universal travel app and smart devices.Also the traveller will denote that they are handicapped and use wheelchairs their as well so as to allow robots to deal with this(see later).When arriving at the airport many steps can be bypassed.For electronic boarding passes and tickets can be downloaded into peoples smartphone at home when they have ordered a flight alongside universal global electronic passports from their Polis account.Each of these would have a distinct code and electronic seal to prevent forgery and eliminate human workers as well as ticket kiosks saving on paper having to be produced and stocked.E-passports stored on an the same app account(and also their Themis account) will save paper in production and manual labour in preparing them as well as ensuring they will never be lost and force people to go through the lengthy process of getting another one.When one applies for and creates one online using state e-forms and selfies from smartphones,webcams and mirrors it will be sent to their app within hours or even minutes of it being produced and will use encryptions to prevent fraud.Police can block access,confiscate it or delete it with the specific warrant via Adikia,Perseus and Dike if they wish to block criminals from travelling via airports with this rather than being deleted will be marked blocked preventing one from ordering tickets,passing key points and even xray machines.They will also be both read in one swipe similar to the digital keys used at home or it be read wirelessly similar to e-boarding passes at the terminal prior to entering the plane.Thus by having boarding passes alongside tickets in electronic form stored in folders for each journey will prevent them getting lost with ones e-passport stored in the Helios app and Themis account permanently in relevant folders again to prevent them getting lost and allow all of these to be read wirelessly by close proximity by terminals that are thin and compact with their face read by cameras and compared to the flight manifest with this also removing any human labour.Both large and small luggage both handheld and loaded luggage similar to the Bluesmart will have microchipped ID tags on both sides laminated or even better and more ideally built in RFID biosynth micro-chips in badges containing the flight number and destination that can be read by sensors and scanners while entering the luggage rail system allowing them to be sent to correct aeroplane and picked up at and deposited at the correct place and belt in the airport the plane lands at.The chips details will be changed by Helios have the plane it is to be loaded to present and can be linked to the app allowing one to track it it in metres and cms when on the plane and when it arrives on the belt area.Details include flight number,flight serial number,pilot name,destination country/airport and origin country/airport and owner.The details will be changed automatically for every journey by Helios with this replicated for Oceanus and cruise ships.This will replace the need to have stickers created for them.Existing luggage bags can have new biosynth microchips ordered in and stitched in the inside of them or added to them as attachements if shown to work rather than buying new luggage bags and it registered to ones home AI with the same done for newly bought ones.Old ones will be recycled appropriately.Any instances wherein a person is late or unable to go for a flight they can through the app choose an option to cancel it with this allowing any one present to use the seat and if they miss a plane they can use the app to see the next flight to the destination airport or the nearest airport which can be relayed to cars that are picking them up as well as any flights with any free spaces,how many and what ones they want to use.Lounges may be used to stay overnight.This will eliminate issues such as overbooking and alerts can be sent to anyone else in the airport via their app to use this and then use another plane to get to their destination with the websites for all brands made defunct since all flights will be booked by Helios and the servers recycled.Helios and interacting with the airport AI will replace any staff prior to boarding and receiving tickets to prevent An universal car rental service integrated into Helios or Euthenia can be used to choose a wide array of vehicles to be used during their stay which can be organised during preparations and booking tickets as detailed later on.The sentient Helios app would contain a list of all journeys on aeroplanes,hyperloop systems and all public transport with each aeroplane journey divided into folders and menus,detailing departure and return flights they are on,their seat number,electronic boarding pass and tickets from each flight,loading area,gate and belt numbers,links to each registered luggage bags,meals ordered for each flight and journey in different folders and subfolders denoted by year,month and week etc logged as far back as possible and will permanently hold their electronic passport and other important documents in a main folder to be read wirelessly.

Ideally to prevent mistakes sensors should be placed at multiple points of this system and from start to finish with the chip interacting with both the airport AI and aeroplane onboard computer to ensure it arrives in the correct plane with robot palletizers or robotic hands at each point able to place it on the correct path should mistakes occur.This information can be deleted and uploaded with the details of the next trip or return trip automatically via the app with all flight details once picked up or when the next flight is booked.Areas devoted to the now defunct queues of attaching stickers,scanning passports and ensuing first queues can be converted into extra conveyor belts to deposit luggage into the conveyor belts leading to each aeroplane to be loaded onto vehicles or an area where passengers can call one of a series of specialized loading robots via smart devices interacting with the airport AI to drive outside a nearby door and by interacting with the microchip wirelessly guide towards the plane or a loading area where other robots will eventually load it onto the plane both of which will alleviate the amount of people queuing as well cutting down on waiting times significantly.Ideally the borders that criss cross each other will be removed from all sections of the airport.The passengers Helios account will tell them which loading areas to head to for their specific flight and if rather than have some loading areas not used due to a small amount of planes all loading areas will be open allowing extra loading areas for each plane to cut down queues with the bags weighed here.Borders that criss cross each other will be replaced by lines with machines that deal with boarding passes recycled and replaced by the app.This will also negate the need for bulky signs which can be replaced with thin graphene signs with the number of the loading area above the loading areas also showing the flight serial number and destination for clarity due to the universal brand name and Helios detailing this with even each loading area simply numbered alongside flight number and ones app directing them to their specific loading area.Other bulky ones dotted around will be recycled.All bulky signs and terminals that relay loading area,what plane to get onto,its departure time and gate number a will be recycled as the Helios app will be constantly updated with the information from the airport AI even without internet access via biosynth wifi and blueetooth and wireless interactions.The Helios app will tell them which numbered loading area to go to and the serial number of their plane and the times it will be open for that flight beforehand thus alerting to the traveller what time to get to the airport and by interacting with owns vehicle and Ophion give them right of way to the airport and set ones alarm clock.If ones luggage bag is put on the wrong line the microchip will redirect them to the proper route.These suitcases will contain digital locks able to weigh themselves using your hands and smartphone attached via attachments and be connected in the same Helios app with your e-passport,e-ticket and e-boarding pass so the destination can be changed for the return trip and future trips each time a e-ticket is ordered online and the digital key will also be in the app containing ones digital keys for homes etc.If the phone is lost then they can access the account via the account accessed through other smart devices and computers registered to their Home AI including those of next of kin with them even referring to the holographic receptionist who via the wire will contact their Home AI who will be able to locate it on a map of the building.Rather than disposing of existing and old suitcases padlocks with digital lock registered to a digital key in the owners app,a microchip that is registered to the owner and their Helios account can be ordered in and sewn in by hand in a compartment inside the bag,in the handle or ideally inside a personalized badge that can be sewn onto the exterior with the owners name,initials or personal seal with the actual chip being sewn into the interior.This badge can also be connected to the handle like stickers and even put inside the bag by itself for existing ones with new ones having them built into the persons bag and registered to their home AI with it containing the flight they are to be sent to,the belt number it is to arrive and the owner of the bag thus allowing sensors in the loading bays to detail where it is to go and will allow the owner to track its location when they arrive at their destination and even scan it to determine it is theirs even when closed.These details will be changed automatically prior to each flight by Helios.This will be present in all luggage bags old and new to be linked to ones Helios app and tell the airport AIs sensors what aeroplane it is to be sent to and the owners name and home address and address in the destination should a problem occur to allow it to be sent to the correct destination with the information altered automatically for return journeys and will since linked to the app allow one to automatically know which belt it arrives in and detail its distance in kilometres to centimetres both at arrival,while being loaded and even on the plane.Conventional bag weighs can be replaced with miniaturized versions that are dongles that connect to smart phones and other devices that relay weights via wifi and Bluetooth into Helios as digital numbers in kilograms or even possibly built into the luggage bag itself with one still booking the amount they will carry with as stated earlier ones own vehicles used to transport extra luggage.The Helios app will weigh each bag and make sure it is within the limits of what is booked using the universal colour code for each bag individually but also bags collectively allowing one to have extra in one bag while another will be below the booked weight.All future luggage bags will have this mandatorily to make it easier.Once the luggage is picked up details such as the next flight number and destination can be changed for the next trip through the app controlling all travel details or done automatically when they arrive with regards to return flights and also automatically when new flights are booked.The chip will through this app allow the owner to track when it is deposited in the boarding system,in the plane and then at the belt of the airport they arrive via a measurement radar that measures how far they are from the owners smartphone in metres and centimetres and it registers with both airport AIs and the planes onboard computer being logged in the owners app on smart devices via sensors interacting with the intranets.To further aid the traveller the app will show which belt it is on when arriving at the airport they are arriving at and again their distance from the persons smartphone in metres in centimetres constantly.This will eliminate the need for humans to wrap stickers onto them and pack them onto the proper area eliminating the creation of paper and difficulty in automating the process of scanning the paper and allow people to skip queues at this step and if all the luggage conveyor belts where the heavy luggage is deposited by the passenger boarded onto the plane operated in the same railroad switch systems used in train tracks then the reading of the chip by multiple sensors along this track will direct each individual set or luggage back to its plane with it informing the passenger that it is following the correct path and has entered the correct plane then this drastically reduce the amount of people waiting in line here to put their luggage onto the plane and ensure it is on the right plane.Should the luggage be on the wrong plane the passenger can send an alert to it that will make it interact with the aeroplanes AI which interacting with loading robots to then remove the luggage and then rectify the problem or this would be done automatically by interactions between the chip and onboard computer of the plane.The chip can also interact with the app controlling all travel details and thus be linked to the smartphone causing it follow the traveler with a motor built into them at a set distance and avoid obstacles using sonar.Robots used to pack and stack boxes in factories can be used to replace baggage handlers with autos fitted with automated loaders and unloaders putting luggage on the plane similar to those used by automated delivery trucks.Luggage can be stacked inside planes in a manner similar to automated carparks in order to ensure it is put inside the plane and removed efficiently with no human labour.Cameras at all key points of this system of loading from when the passengers loads it onto the conveyor system will be fed into the airport AI and scan the microchips to make this much smoother.Ideally ferries can be used and operated by Amphitrite or roads and highways on land or underwater can allow one to send their luggage in their own vehicle to destinations around the world both nationally and globally beforehand so as to allow them to use their own vehicle in their destination and allow these queues and areas to be skipped and also allow areas used to store luggage used as extra luxury suites with even the areas used to put luggage on the plane renovated into extra lounges,storerrooms,areas for growing food or demolished making the airport more compact.

Logiscan terminals can allow passengers to scan e-boarding passes,e-passports sent wirelessly via close proximity through the smart devices that hold them as well as check in hand luggage.Ideally these terminals will be replaced by gates where the e-passport and boarding passes etc through the smart devices are read while cameras read their face and interacting with Polis and plane manifest read them as the passenger passes through.This would apply to those entering planes and exiting them to their destination from the aeroplane to where the belts are negating any humans to check for passports.Versions of these can also replace any guards at the entrance to the plane or even when one arrives at their destination airport where they have to show their passport with the barriers and and offices containing human workers here removed and recycled with them replaced by sensors and cameras with the cameras reading the face of all incoming passengers and sensors reading their e-passport and also their electronic tickets etc with them compared with the flight manifest.Airport AIs will be able to read hundreds of passports and faces all at once wireless allowing all machinery,terminals,turnstiles,barriers etc to be cleared and recycled meaning people will be able to move in droves.The persons electronic passport and boarding pass would be read wirelessly by terminal sensors with cameras reading their face comparing to the photo on their passport and cross referencing Polis and the flight manifest with automated turnstiles letting them through.This would also be connected to the global surveillance systems.Interactions between Polis,Helios,papers in Helios and the flight manifest will allow hundreds of faces and readings from ones Helios app to be instantly read by the plane when boarding and airport AI when coming off the plane at once and logged.This can be at both where one enters the plane and also when one arrives at their destination where offices and barriers are usually with them as stated removed.Self charging technologies will ensure the devices are fully charged and will as stated allow all boarding passes,passports and ticket be in electronic form and be read wirelessly via close proximity.When one enters the plane and exits it on arrival and passes the checkpoint where the passport is read where this will be logged into the Helios app with the plane manifest stored in the onboard computer and its digital file for records and will log when a person enters the plane.This will also allow Helios and the airport AI to read and log it.Thus when boarding a plane and arriving at ones destination humans will be replaced by automated systems that in time will involve cameras reading the passengers face and wifi signals from ones Helios app to relay to the airport AI and onboard computer that one is arriving and boarding.The flight manifest will contain one identity and face derived from Polis with it shared with Eos and airport AI upon arrival and stored potentially forever for tracking persons of interest.Persons of interest can be barred from entering planes when linked to the global database constantly with them attempts to do so alerted to law enforcement.If one is permanently moving home from one country to another or wish to transport extra luggage above the limit set by the aeroplane then they can send extra luggage and furniture etc. via automated U-Haul trucks from Euthenia or their own vehicles that can travel to the destination via underwater intercontinental tunnels and ferries using the Ophion system.Since whole sections of the airport can be rendered obsolete these defunct parts can be demolished,tarmac etc dug up and reforested.Any left over wide open spaces can be restructured into lounges,indoor gardens or outside gardens accessible by an automated sliding door.Otherwise the roofing and walls can be torn down and recycled to allow the area be reforested making the airport more compact managed by the AI alongside any extensions or underground gates added based on simulations projecting the amount of traffic expected over the coming decades.These areas, carparks or any outside areas not in use by machinery,vehicles,aeroplanes and any surrounding areas covered in tarmac,grass and concrete can have the flooring dug up and reforested to improve air quality and aesthetics and increase the amount of reforested land that connect to surrounding forest aiding in combating climate change with again whole sections of land surrounding airports also reforested.To improve aesthetics and air quality hydroponic trees and bushes can be can be grown indoors giving colour and scents.These would be watered and fertilised by specialised robots interacting with microchips and sensors in the pot detailing when they were last fertilised and watered as well as measuring nutrient and water levels to ensure they don’t die.All areas reforested can be covered with meadows,native trees,ornamental plants or even extra crop gardens maintained by robots.These will improve the scenery and air quality of airports with even all grassland surrounding them reforested as far back as possible to improve scenary and air quality and sequester carbon dioxide released by aeroplanes.Ideally trees should be planted or them covered in meadows and also bushes and small plants depending on how close the land is to where the planes land to prevent accidents.AI namely Eos,Cybele,Pan and also airport AI will decide the areas to reforest.

The holographic receptionists as part of the airport AI can give directions to parts of the airport ie. toilets,restaurants and proper terminals via the same voice commands used in Siri and information on arrivals and departures of specific planes/trains.They can link to the travellers smart devices such as google lenses/glasses and e-newspapers that stream 2D or 3D maps that give them audio visual cues and a map to follow to each place such as gates,lounges and other areas within the airport with the e-newspapers touchscreens capabilities allowing them to select a place to be directed and linked with smart devices of other travellers will show them and the holder on a map.They will be a separate individual to the airport AI which will be a separate individual to all other airport AIs.These holographic receptionists/assistants will be at the main lobby with a landline wireless touchscreen phone and at key points of the airport with them wearing the same uniform(with the Eos logo and symbol) as all assistants in all airports all around the world with their own independent personality and legal name.These locations would include restaurants,gate numbers,terminals,belts,toilets etc with the user allowing to place multiple markers on the map with the map showing a route to all places starting with the most important decided by the user or the closest.They like all receptionists could be streamed by smart devices.These would be at the entrance and key points in the airport to allow for streaming of maps and also information from the airport AI including the ability to call for helper robots such as trash robots for specific types of trash.Furthermore these maps would also include the location of friends or net of kin and family members also in the airport by linking with smart devices and also using cameras in the airport(using Polis and e-passports on the app to detect them) to ensure they do not get lost.The airport and receptionist AI can interact with individual passengers via their Helios app.Alerts relavant to all people at the airport can use Helios to relay them with those specific to individual passengers and all passengers of a specific flight sent to them via Helios.Ideally computer terminals that hang from ceilings that detail arrival and departures as well as where to load ones luggage would be replaced by the same Helios app linking suitcases and e-passports so the individual would have easy access to only their information such as arrival/departure time and any changes to these,flight number,terminal number,loading belt number,gate number of their planes departure,belt number that their luggage will arrive on,any specific routes they need to take onto the plane with audio visual cues etc.alerting the traveller to when their flight is expected at all times anywhere in the airport grounds(or even before when they have booked their ticket) with any changes updated via interactions with the airport AI replacing any humans at desks or even intercoms and these bulky terminals can be recycled for other uses.These bulky terminals that hang from the ceiling that relay information regarding flights such as its arrival and gate number etc will be recycled since ones Helios app account will relay all relevant information to each passenger regarding their flight such as exact and changing time of their planes arrival and departure,gate number etc and any changes relayed instantly to the passenger with intercoms also being replaced by Helios relaying passenger specific information using biosynth wifi and interactions with the airport AI even when offline via the onboard computer linking to all smart devices.Any last minute changes can be relayed to each passenger instantly in real time with biosynth wifi linking Helios to the AI of the airport.Since onbard computer AIs of aeroplanes and airport AIs can organise all flights days,months,years ahead the departure gate,when the plane arrives at it and when one can enter it and it’s departure time will be relayed to each passenger when booking,the day before and when at the airport with any changes instantly relayed in real time with biosynth wifi meaning one will not need internet access as it can allow the sentient Helios to interact with each passenger at the airport via using this to link with Eos,the airport AI and that of each ones incoming aeroplanes in real time when at the airport and on the plane.Like buses and autonomous vehicles interactions between self driving aeroplanes,weather networks,air traffic control and computers in airports can allow for more accurate times to be available to passengers taking factors such as speed of the plane and weather,departure time,air resistance they will know when the plane they are going to board later on will arrive at the airport,where they are at and its time of arrival of the airport it will travel to and undergo and finish preparation,cleaning and diagnostics.This system of relevant information and alerts sent to their app containing their travel history with e-tickets,e-boarding passes and e-passports will alert them in their language on their smart devices with a ring or vibration will remove the need for humans to speak over the intercom or even AI that would speak over intercom in multiple languages.Any sudden changes in arrival and departure times as well as boarding areas of planes will be relayed instantly to a person to their Helios app with them linked wirlessly to the airport AI even when not online and wire access is possible thus if a persons aeroplane is suddenly starting to board and it has arrived at a different gate one will automatically be informed of this via alerts or the sentient Helios in fragmentation as stated receiving this as stated via being linked to the airport AI even when wire access is not possible with with all airports having ideally free wifi access requiring no passwords.All last minute and sudden changes to ones plane flight etc will be relayed to the Helios app instantly.It will also negate people to constantly look at them and miss any last minute changes that may leave them stranded.One will be directed towards the boarding area they need to go to and also the belt area where their specific luggage is being deposited via maps brought up by Helios on smart devices and lenses.These holographic assistants can in fact be replaced with the AI interacting with the person via their traveller app with and appearing as a unique avatar designed by the traveller via Dionysus for all airports.In short their traveller app would stream this data from the airport AI both remotely and in close proximity with the name of the airport and thus its intranet visible in a menu in the app present from when the flight is booked.All stairs should be replaced with slopes to allow cleaner,rubbish and other robots to move up and down and clean them much more easily with them also prevent accidents for humans and providing wheelchair access alongside elevators.An universal statue of Tithonus the sentient operating software of airports will be in the main lobby of all airports around the world with its symbol underneath.Tithonus will be the sentient operating software that links all airports around the world it and its appearance being that of her avatar.Each AI will have its own separate and independent personality,avatar as well as legal name with the same applying to the receptionists.All airports worldwide should be fully automated by 2029 and manges.Graphene paint can also be applied to the interior(such as flooring and walls) and exterior(walls and roofs) of the airport to generate even more electricity and quantum dot technology can be integrated into all of the windows to further improve this with concrete and metal roofs replaced by glass domes that utilise quantum dot technology and allow light to shine on graphene paint on the interior flooring,railings,machinery and walls to increase electricity generation from the sun and cut down on lighting costs during the day.It would also allow the rooms to be lit up by natural sunlight decreasing energy taken from the grid.Permanent layers of liquid glass can be all walls,floors,ceilings,roofs,machinery,robots and windows both internally and externally to prevent fogging and make them dirt proof over any layers of graphene paint with nano anti graffiti coatings over this to make cleaning much easier for hooverbots and other cleaning robots or the case of the exterior of the airport heavy rains.All parts of the airport outside of lounges will also undergoe luxury furnishes including toilets.Tiling on the floor,walls and ceilings will be replaced by synthetic precious gems,synthetic kebonised wood etc and seats have bioprinted leather etc.

Retails centres will be replaced by luxury lounges with biosynth wifi and wireless charging for smart devices and laptops.Since most airports have large retail centres at different points will ensure that there will be numerous lounges to meet the needs of large numbers of passengers going in and out for people arriving early.Retail outlets will be merged together and large hollow spaces in each hallways that contain retail outlets will be filled in by extending them outwards and allow the retail outlets borders to extend outwards and merge together to make them much bigger into a single lounge.Walls between each retail outlet will be broken down and then merged together.Those that form hallways that lead to gates will have hallways that go around them on the outside of the room or the side of the building.Those near loading areas can be merged together and spread forwards or these turned into seating areas.Escalators will be replaced by elevators or stairs by the side to allow for hallways on all floors containing these to be made smaller and thinner enough for three way traffic with side extensions making the space housing the lounges bigger.Excess restaurants and other retail centres would be converted into these to facilitate more people with retail centres that consist of walkways will be converted into these with them also in place of retail areas next to gates to allow for people to rest before boarding and save spaces on the seating their and not have to be in such long lines or even after leaving the plane and getting their suitcases.Retail outlets next to each other would be merged together by breaking down walls.Ideally a roof garden will be there for those who have missed flights and have to wait some time with extensions underground etc used to grow more food.Existing lounges will be refurbished into luxury ones with even surrounding retail centres or obsolete rooms including those above and below them merged into them to make them bigger for more people or add extra features.Roof and underground extensions may also be used to house them and if possible these new and existing hallways and stairs as well as internal elevators and hallways can connect two or even all of them into one large one.If they are separate ones then they will be each named after something related to the local region.These will be designed by AI such as the Airport AI,Daedalus and their construction done via paid contractors,automation,AI and biosynths.Thus all retail outlets once emptied will be merged together and to all existing lounges with each of them sizeable and have the same general layout with subtle differences and can be done by merging two or more retail outlets together with them each advertised with the airport AI when booking allowing one to see various pictures.If possible these could contain suites similar to the Venetian containing beds,couches and even terraces and balconies or mini spas and steam rooms.Lounges that would be booked via Helios for specific times with if possible one even able to book an overnight sleep over there if they wish to arrive there the night before their journey.These may even be booked for when one arrives in their destination to take a break especially if their vehicle containing their luggage is already there via Ophion or if one person in groups collects them and puts them into rented vehicles.It would also be used to allow passengers to relax with their luggage once their vehicle is arriving from being parked at home or even nearby streets in the same time and city.This would be of note to people arriving home from a long flight even at night allowing one to eat and drink gourmet food.People who arrive in their destination can also book time in these to organise taxis to pick them up and drive them to their destination with them serving full meals or snacks in automated kitchens with them having wifi and also smart televisions connected to Pheme showing local national and international news stations that can be changed via ones devices linked to and interacting with the airport AI and charging stations and automated cafeterias cooking small luxury meals including shellfish,caviar,delicacies and also Eos branded champagne and wines produced onsite in nearby vertical farms served in shatterproof glasses with automated bars also present again linked to all bars in the airport and the Eos network linked to ones plane to prevent overconsumption of alcohol would function 24/7,365 days a year and passengers would be greeted by the airport receptionists with each airport having multiple ones to cater to all passengers or as much as possible with them booked through Helios.All surfaces will be coated in a permanent layer of liquid glass.New and existing ones can be refurbished with luxury features such as aquariums,wheemee and masseuse robots,wifi access,smart televisions connected to Phemes network of news stations ideally ones from that country,bioprinted leather furniture,graphene infused windows projecting scenery from Brauron,marble and precious gem tables,beds,diamond chandeliers,garra ruffa pools,potted immortal ornamental plants such as orchids/roses/lilys etc watered and fertilised by robots or irrigation systems,luxury toilets etc to give them to the general public for free with cleaning of these done the same way as all public buildings and other parts of the airport.All surfaces will be covered in liquid glass and have narrow range UV lights on the ceiling that sterilise them at set times with robot cleaners and biosynths cleaning them at set times when they are not booked every day.The overabundance of retail outlets and also roof,underground and side extensions with bookings done through Helios with each lounge listed with pictures,video and list of features in each one and labelled a certain relevant to the airports country or city it is based.Airports could have at least five to ten roof extensions to house more lounges with as detailed earlier all carparks,runways have five floors of luxury lounges spread out over the entire grounds of the airport.Robotic waters and helper robots controlled by the airport AI serving these will inevitability be replaced by biosynths controlled by the airport AI both which can work 24/7,365 days a year of which all lounges will be open for.All work will be automated by 2029.Each lounge will be unique and they and the food served will ideally follow a theme of the country they are in including native fish,shellfish,drinks including water,coffee and fizzy drinks prepared onsite using bacteria with some being exotic.The food will be native delicasies.The look and theme of the lounges will also follow that of their country and city they are in with airports having multiple lounges that are slightly different from each and follow different themes.They will all be luxury ones.Other obsolete areas of airports made redundant by robotics ,AI and also Helios and microchips can be refurbished into lounges.AI will make modifications ie merging retail outlets,extensions etc while local architects will design each lounge alongside the refurbishments with them carried out by government paid teams,private contractors.

All manufactured goods in these retail centres converted into lounges will be sent to local community centres if these are not taken in on a first come first serve basis without paying with manufactured goods scanned into Hephaestus either onsite,in community centres or at home,food taken again by the public for free or excess sent to community centres,or pyrolysised if out of date with packaging recycled.These would be taken by people going onto planes,coming from planes arriving at their destinations or even by members of the public who can come their in waves from the local area with shopping trolleys and seacell and luggage bags to collect them and take them home.Food will be pyrolysised once separated from recycled packaging which will also be taken on a first come first basis.Food in shops of all types such as chocolates,sweets and alcohol will be taken on a first come first serve basis and excess dumped into community centres and also convenience stores that will be converted into Phaeoton stores.One iteration of each manufactured product will be sent to community centres to be scanned especially those from airports and amenities with excess also dumped here.Prescription and non prescription drugs in pharmacies can be sent to the cities automated pharmacies with cosmetics in pharmacies taken by the public.

Automated fast food,ethnic restaurants and bars can be in place alongside vending machines,3D food printers and kiosks to provide food.All of these can dispense custom made meals and drinks such as tea and coffee with these dispensed by robotic waiters or a rail system.Age recognition software can be used to order alcoholic drinks or as said earlier in bars with off licenses disappearing due to people growing alcohol at home.Cleaning of plates can be done by automated dishwashers or disposable cutlery can be used or via gravity if they are coated with a permanent layer of liquid glass.All ingredients will be grown on site or ordered in with an automated inventory taking in orders when stocks are low with micro breweries providing alcoholic drinks using bacteria.These can serve people 24/7.Each airport will have a wide variety of the universal restaurant franchises such as Zao Jun,Attis,Aetna,Brigid etc with one of each in the same way as normal restaurants(with the containing the database of all meals from all franchises)to give variety and dishes can be ordered via smart devices interacting with the via the universal restaurant AI app Hebe with them managed by the airport AI and will the universal franchises.These will all be controlled entirely by airport AI with these ideally in one area with a central eating area with all seating areas with the restaurants refurbished hub area containing all of them with those outside of this converted into lounges.Existing restaurants will be remodelled into them alongside adjoining retail outlets and will be fully automated and controlled by the airport AI.All ingredients will be grown by the vertical farm as part of the airports.Roof tops maintained by robots can also be used to grow crops.Areas that house several restaurants together and have nearby retail outlets and even bars have them remodelled into these hubs that contain one of each type of universal branded restaurant.Once a single hub has be created excess ones will be turned into lounges with larger airports having multiple hubs based on their size and traffic.If need be extensions on the side or roof will house these hubs created from scratch while remaining areas housing older restaurants can be turned into lounges.Bars will also be part of this area with those outside of them refurbished into lounges with new ones set up in these hubs with again them having independent personalities etc with them automated.iSample can ensure only adults gain access to alcoholic drinks and facial recognition software can take their face photo which can be shared with all airports and onboard computers on all aeroplanes and mag lev trains worldwide for a set period of time which will limit the number of alcoholic beverages they can obtain at airports,stations and during their journey.Contact lenses that measure alcohol levels in the blood will be also automatically linked with the bar and airport AI as well as the onboard computer of the aeroplane with smart devices used to order drinks having breathalyzers in them.Microbes will break down excess alcohol in the bloodstream and even engineering will prevent the parts of the brain responsible for judgement,behaviour etc to be immune to its effects.Bars present will grow all alcohol and alcoholic drinks on site using bacteria or order them from local breweries.Excess restaurants or retail centres in this hub can be used as space for automated bars and coffee/tea bars or places to grow and rear food.Coffee/tea rooms present will be the universal Hebe brand and will be part of this hub with again separate personalities.Open hollow spaces can be covered in flooring with in time escalators and stairs replaced by elevators and the spaces used by them covered by floors by robotics to allow for extra seating.Each airport should have at least one type of restaurant fast food,sushi etc and one coffee/tea rooms for variety with excess ones turned into areas for growing food.

All airports will house areas to grow food for all restaurants making them self sufficient from vertical farms.Excess retail areas would be sealed off from the public and used to grow food for the lounges,bars,coffee stands and restaurants that serve food with alcohol and commodities grown via bacteria as well as invitro meat,recirculating aquaculture systems and hydro/aeroponic crops onsite.Other food can be grown on the roof or if possible the roofs accessed by elevators and stairwells can be an extra luxury lounge garden but with furniture,sundials and other luxury features with them map brought up on smart devices.If need be land taken up by obsolete areas can have vertical farms devoted growing crops and fish etc for these restaurants and also lounges managed by the airport AI will grow all food in the form of crops,fish/shellfish and bacteria etc with them having onsite 3D DNA printers to utilise the Phanes method and also print out any species of crop,bacteria,invitro meat stocks and also fish etc on demand with them also having areas to manufacture breads,cheese etc and other condiments via miniature automated machinery.These will be controlled by the airport AI and connected directly to the airport via doors that are on the same floors as lounges and restaurants.As stated vertical farms controlled by the airport AI could be built in place of obsolete areas that is connected directly to the airport with them separated by doors and able to transport food to all restaurants and lounges via specific hallways and will grow all food including condiments from bacteria,fish etc with them having areas where automated machinery will prepare cheese etc and will house areas where truffles will be grown in liquid media.They will rear fish and shellfish via recirculating aquaculture systems with fish and algae engineered to produce the same meat as Bovidae,Suidae etc with also algae grown via intaking a set amount of sewage from the airport and then this engineered to produce the same meat and texture as any type of livestock with large amounts created of each type in batches or in different systems with the algae using toilet paper and intaking some sewage from the main grid and also radiation treatments applied to kill off pathogens.In vitro meat will also be grown here.All crops grown through hydroponics/aeroponics will be hybrid ones to increase productivity.Hybrid fish and crops will allow large crops and fish to be grown here as more compact hybrids with algae grown using a set amount of sewage intake from the main sewage line and the toilets onsite of airports and also those from the aeroplanes with the algae degrading toilet paper into nutrition.Macro algae namely Laminariales and other Phaeophyceae can be grown here in aquaponic systems and even on hybrid crops.Eggs will be gained via textured vegetable protein and also biosynth machinery.Phorobioreactors for bacteria that will be growing commodities will be present with large amounts of each commodity will be grown and then stored for another one to be grown and then stored to cut down on the number of phorobioreactors present with microwineries and microbreweries present that are directly connected by piping to all bars and restaurants present for both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks or to portable and reusable barrels transported by robots.If possible DNA of specific crops could not be present but rather base DNA,that from Thermus aquaticus,Streptococcus pyogenes,Francisella novicida with biosynth WiFi,Cas-9,taq polymerase used to initiate the genotypes of any species of 80,000-300,000 crops and their hybrids into full crops by cross referencing Physis via expediated growth on demand in spores or stem cells.The spores would undergo mass replication via DNA from embryonic,induced pluripotent stem cells as well as from Planarians,Amboysta mexicanum,Closteridium perfringens,Escherichea coli etc and scratch DNA present until a full version of the crop is produced.These spores or stem cells once perfected can be printed out,grown via undergoing mitosis using bacterial DNA and stored in phorobioreactors onsite could provide an unlimited supply of food with zero energy cost and zero land use.All of the spores or stem cells can be stored in trashcans,phorobioreactors and other storage media which can store thousands,billions or nonillion of them at home etc with Firmicutes,xerophile,oligotrophic and scratch DNA etc allowing them to survive for millions of years and when needed only a small amount will be taken out at a time and then exposed to the environmental conditions,biosynth WiFi and eaten allowing for centuries or thousands of years worth of food to be stored with this possibly replicated with meat and entire meals to be stored at airports.The commodities from bacteria and all types of food ie fish and shellfish and invitro meat etc will be shipped to each restaurants with the AI of them interacting with this farm constantly.The vertical farms will be controlled by the airport AI and built into it and could be an entire floor above the restaurants etc or underground and on the side with hallways and elevators used and accessible only to robots and biosynths managed by the airport AI directly connecting it to all restaurants and lounges present ensuring food can be delivered quickly and not allow humans to interfere and them interacting with the restaurants and lounges present managed by the airport AI.This will ensure all food is fresh and can be delivered to restaurants instantly with them extending from the ground floor to the roof but with the entrance to the airport on the same floor as restaurants and lounges with the food delivered to each one via secret passage ways and elevators connected to them.Extensions on the roof or underneath airports can also be used for this should lounges take up too much space or to allow for more lounges in smaller airports.This will make airports self sufficient to their food needs and will alleviate strains on vertical farms that serve all cities around them.

All cafeteria,restaurants on-site of airports will be fully automated alongside the planting and harvesting etc of crops.Even the cleaning of dishes will be automated

Recirculating aquaculture and aquaponic systems can be used to rear crops,fish and shellfish in roofs or in spare rooms as well as gardens,sheds and greenhouses.Aquaponics will be used since it rears both vegetable and fruit crops abd fish abd shellfish at once

Photobioreactors will be present in the basement and also rooftops that grow bacteria that create plant and animal commodities as well as algae and in vitro meat.Photobioreactors will be present in the basement and also rooftops that grow bacteria that create plant and animal commodities alongside in vitro meat and also algae using sewage collected from the building.To grow algae on-site of universities can have their building programmed to have a certain amount of their sewage in the form of feces and urine fed into photobioreactors at universities that will grow algae in them and using interior radiation machines irradiate the desecration etc sterilising it with the algae engineered to be resistant to radiation thus allowing it to be sterilised.The university can also import a set amount of feces and urine in the form of sewage from other public buildings and homes etc that is by interacting with the AIs of sewage treatment plants the farms can import sewage from sewage treatment plants at set times when toilets are not used that will be deposited into photobioreactors.The AI will stop intaking sewage once they are full and will intake more once the photobioreactors are emptied.Since universities will be empty of people most of the time their toilets will be idle thus meaning that sewage can be imported into the photobioreactors vis the sewage line with this done by adding a new series of pipes connected to the sewage treatment plants by robots etc or the existing pipes dug up,have a section removed and it connected to the photobioreactors.The algae will undergoe the same level of engineering as those grown in sewage treatment plants and will be engineered to break down toilet paper.This will make universities self sufficient in algae for fertiliser,feedstock for fish etc with it alleviating strains on sewage treatment plants if adopted by all home,community and vertical farms.

3D DNA printers will be on site of all restaurant farms worldwide to make them self sufficient in terms of seeds,bacteria cells and eggs if fish and shelfish

Metal detectors detecting metal in the body will be followed by X-ray body scanners(as usual all metal belts and items will have to be put into baskets for scanning alongside carry on luggage).With advances in artificial intelligence X-ray machines for testing both humans and luggage have become more automated with software determining the shape of weapons such as knives and guns allowing it to determine the difference between them and metal implants in the body which could become improved possibly combining a large glass sheet,graphene sheets and miniature wafer thin x ray machines with built in sensors to read microchips in weapons to read if they belong to law enforcement officials.Further advancements will allow for a 3D body image to be created allowing for better accuracy for software to determine between internal and external metal objects as well as radar that can automatically detect weapons and explosives with the luggage also passing through air suction apparatus that can detect leaking explosive gases and powders.If a luggage bag is found to contain explosives it will be redirected on the conveyor belt system using the readings from the RFID chip and direct the bag to an area where it can be isolated and allow bomb disposal robots to work on them it will also allow for quick identification of the owner of the bag.Automatic turnstile gates can bar those who have weapons from passing while drones approach them.These will also bar those with metal on their body passing with them required to remove them and go through again with them also taken x-rays of their body with them airport AI and Helios informing them of infractions via their smart devices.Scanners that are part of xray scanners that can move up and down the metal detector and scanner can be used to detect metal at key points of the body with this and cameras on them determining if it was buttons on jeans or belts with ideally the metal detectors and xray machines merged into one to allow.New technology has been developed that can allow explosives in glass and plastic to be detected via lasers which can be placed through it on a conveyor belt with cameras equipped with recognition software that tracks the individuals and all objects making sure all items are placed on the system and pressure plates weigh the bag to ensure it is emptied or the bag could pass through a separate looped track that has xray vision that ensure its emptied with bags that contain no items that could hold explosives returned to the passenger and automated turnstiles used to ensure that the passenger stays in place until items are scanned with positive results sending an alarm and a picture of the passenger via facial recognition software on cameras.Scanners as part of those that can detect explosives in glass will be part of xray machines that luggage is sent through.Improvements in xray machines can increase the ability to detect bombs,explosives and weapons with hyperspectral imaging also present.Bottles of liquid detected by xray machines will be required to be put onto conveyor belts to have samples taken in and then tested for liquid or dissolved explosive with these using biosynth nanosensors that can relay results instantly with bottles of liquids ideally barred from being brought onboard.If possible explosive scanners that can detect explosives and liquids in bottles will be integrated into those that scan luggage.Automated turnstile gates will prevent a person from passing until they are cleared with law enforcement personnell onsite to be called to infractions.Biosynths will by 2045 replace all TSA agents at all airports.Cameras can soon be fitted with both these T-rays and radar to spot threats in the form of weapons and also explosive residue at airports via hyperspectral imaging with facial recognition software being mandatory in these cameras monitored by the Airport AI,Perseus.Nanomaterials of all 92 elements and biosynth technologies can make these scanners,sensors and cameras more compact,accurate,efficient and faster.All readings from these will be read by the airport AI negating human labour with all cameras In time fleets of biosynths and robots controlled by the airport will be in place of human TSA agents,security bag checkers and security guards with before that robots equipped with x ray vision and also other features modelled on chef robots and palletisers.Persons of interest can be barred from entering planes when linked to the global database constantly.All security measures at all airports would be the most stringent to prevent bombings,shootings etc and transportation of drugs with all other past instances from around the world analysed by Eos.

Robotic and in time biosynth drones designed after dogs and spiders will be patrolling all areas can be also fitted with these nano wires,T-ray,x,ray,gun radar,biosynth an osensors,hyperspectral imaging and facial recognition software.Non lethal methods of incapacitate them can be employed such as tasers,sedatives(either grenades,injections,rounds or releasing a sedative gas in closer in close proximity),net guns,lasers that cause minor injuries,releases a 6 + ft long wire that forms a coil surrounding the target and runs electrical current through it or those that working in groups can surround a target in groups and lock together thus preventing escape.Those based on dogs can have sedative rounds of varying strength so when recognition software detects their height,body size etc of criminals/terrorists it can decide what strength of sedative to use to prevent death.These robots especially those based on dogs will house silicon nanowires to allow them detect explosives and can patrol all parts of the airport and check passengers in lines and t all parts of the airport.These and all security robots can allow human law enforcement personell and AI patrol airports around the world via cameras until biosynths are advanced.Microchips in weapons such as guns and mamorigatana sword owned and registered to both law enforcement and investigative personnel will bypass these as once scanned the chip will interact with the airport terminals and interact with police networks and scan the library of known registered individuals thus giving them right of way on airport scanners.Microchips embedded in badges will provide extra authorization.Those of civilians will be restricted with one shipping their weapons by mail with the seal registered as being authorised by law to be sent by mail.

Furthermore silicon nano wires built into these same scanning devices for people and luggage (making them 2 in 1 devices) or built into robotic guard dogs that patrol the grounds of the airport alongside police drones.These nano wires can detect individual explosives and illegal narcotics and bar escape of the individual through turnstiles gates similar to those used in train stations which can apprehend any suspicious individuals with robots and any remaining human police workers taking over control of the drones and robots.Remote controlled robots and drones with with non-lethal weapons can allow law enforcement to patrol multiple airports across the world with the police HQ around the world alerting police officers around the world to any threats to all airports by being linked to the airport AI and allow them to control them remotely from the filed,police HQ or home when a personnel choses to do so.These would be autonomous but when explosives,unauthorized weapons,contraband weapons or criminal and terrorist suspects would be found by cameras,sensor terminals,these robots or machines in any airport they will sound an alert to all law enforcement personnel instantly with readings from sensor terminals,surveillance cameras,machinery(x-ray,explosive detectors,facial recognition etc.) given to them and explained by automated insights to give them an idea of what the problem is,identification of the suspect,photo of their face instantly in order for immediate actions to be taken.All drones operations controlled by officers would of course be recorded and logged in Athena in their digital file and the airport AI to deter abuse of citizens and criminals and be used to suspend officers that do abuse citizens.All recordings by drones both done autonomously and also when controlled by officers will be logged in the airport AI for the public to see with the initials and ID code of the personnel controlling them logged and visible in the bottom of the recording for traceability with a hyperlink linking to that personnel digital file present in the folder where that recording is logged.These drones can also include bomb disposal robots.New developments have allowed for doors which sucks in air from each person that passes through it and detects any explosives or contraband narcotics in their body again fitted with turnstiles these alongside sensor terminals fitted with silicon nanowires can integrated into the front door of the airports to prevent explosives entering the airport in the first place and at these gates entering the various sections of the airports.These doors can have biosynth technology,nanomaterials and hyperspectral imaging cameras integrated to instantly detect explosives and drugs etc and thus allow turnstiles to be initiated.Existing technology can be found on sensors built for smartphones which can be built into patrol bots and machines that passengers and luggage pass through with the silicon nano wires,facial recognition software,t-ray and gun radar.At the same time bomb disposal robots can deal with explosives by moving them to an isolated area while citizens are evacuated with them fitted with x-ray and radar themselves.To get a more accurate reading the robot can take samples and then carry them to automated spectroscopy machines which can carry out readings automatically similar to automated water quality control and sound alarms to positive results.The microchip will allow the identity of the person who packed the bomb to be instantly ascertained.Biosynth nanosensors combined with nanomaterials of all 94 elements can improve the speed,compactness and accuracy of sensors etc integrated into machines making them compact and even able to be integrated in biosynth dogs that patrol the area and sensors by turnstiles and entrances etc.Sensor terminals that detect explosives and weapons will be placed at the entrance and key areas of airports.

All surveillance cameras inside and around the grounds of an airport as well as on aeroplanes and robots will have liquid glass on them to prevent fog,dirt and water affecting their visibility and will be fitted with normal/IR illuminator/thermal vision which it will switch to at night automatically,facial recognition software and automated border control computers and those responsible for scanning in passports will be linked to the global database within Athena international police databases of known terrorists,felons and suspects sought by police and law agencies.Once a person of interest or terrorist is spotted it will instantly restrict access to the aeroplane and blocking them via bar gate turnstiles similar to those in train stations and alert both robotic and human law enforcers to their location and identity.They will be part of the global public surveillance system like those in streets and carparks and other stations and airports but will also be fed into the airport AI and onboard computer and will switch to IR illuminator at night with lighting controlled by the airport AI and again these cameras will be linked to the criminal and missing persons database in Athena.These will be covered in liquid glass to negate cleaning.Otherwise they could block off the room/area they are currently in and allow for security personnel to arrive or use remote controlled drones while also allow escape access to only civilians via facial recognition software recognizing that they are not the criminals to prevent a hostage situation with onsite drones and robots tagging them with GPS marker chips injected via darts that will release sedative nanoparticles to subdue them temporarily activated remotely via law enforcement personnel.All of these steps can be replicated in train stations and seaports for city,inter city and inter-continental travel.Sensors terminals can be placed at the entrance and perimeter surrounding the exterior along where vehicles are parked that can detect explosives and gun microchips that may be hidden in a persons body or luggage with T-Ray/x-ray cameras monitoring all routes into the airport.These sensor terminals may work by sucking in air with nanowire sensors detecting for levels of chemical synonymous for explosives.If the sensor terminals combined with cameras fitted with T-ray,x-ray and facial recognition detect an individual who has a weapon(especially with no microchip) or has hidden explosives they will alert all smartphones in citizens other than the the wrongdoers in the airport of the presence and face of terrorists with a silent alarm(and distinct vibration) giving them time to carry out evasive manuevers via a link to the wire/Athena and also alert police robots and security guards both on site and in police HQ to take defensive action with a photo the criminal also sent.The same will also apply if know terrorists are found via facial recognition software.Research can be done it creating cameras that detect the distinctive gases or residues emitted by hidden explosives.Criminals and those that have drugs and weapons etc detected even in vehicles and the airport AI cross referencing people arriving will block their electronic passport authorized by law enforcement and Perseus.

To ensures safety with regards to the transportation of plants and seeds their transportation will be automated with irradiation,UV and chemical treatment of food,seeds and plants occurring in either vertical farms after dispatch or at airports preventing the spread of pathogenic and invasive microbes and insects.Having animals,plants etc have recombinant DNA from Thermococcus gammatolerans to protect them from these treatments.These would ideally be sent to the persons home address beforehand and growing them in vertical farms and home greenhouse should lower the amount needed to be transported across the globe.The same should apply to exotic and native animals.Globally there will need to be a single unanimous consensus to what animals and seeds,plants can be transported as well as same preparation procedures.This should eliminate human labour involved in inspection.To deal with contraband substances machines that detect explosives can be modified to detect specific types of drugs.Live animals should be collected in person or in pens/cages that have ample supplies of food and water in little bottle feeders inside to ensure they do not starve or become thirsty while being transported via cargo ship and terrestrial vehicles.Inter continental deliveries and those that require them to be transported across large distances within a continent should involve cargo ships with them ideally dropped at the nearest community farm in the region or country to the person who made the order or nearest farm located by the airport so as to be picked up in person by the consumer.Tagging exotic species with tags can allow them to be found quickly if they escape via smart devices linking them to the farm or home AI with plants that escape found by and dealt with drones that continuously patrol forests and other wilderness to automatically carry out contamination control procedures decided by the community.These tags and implants such as RFID chips can be used to allow the consumer to remotely monitor vital signs and levels of water and nutrients in their bloodstream and GPS location while they are being transported and if they get lost.Transporter technology onsite of airports and train satations as well as Angelia post offices can allow live animals and spermatozoa etc transported safely and legally with the Phanes method also allowing this to occur since they can be replicated anywhere in the world.Cybele will authorise the safe return of animals to their native habitat.All of these automated security operations will be operated by the airport AI interacting with the airport AI.

Each airport to alleviate strains on the grid will have VAWTs,solar panels on their roof and also geothermal heating systems that go deep into the crust and with graphene in their structure will increase thermoconductivity to allow them to go as deep as possible to go as high as possible to heat all main rooms on all floors.The runways will have these geothermal systems in place to prevent them freezing over and being affected by snow and blizzards.Thermo-piezoelectric covered pipes will be used and added to all remaining airports to power them outside of the grid with this also powering chargers for planes.All parts of airports can with advances in robotics be refurbished especially toilets(with flooring,seats and cubicles,toilets seats and lids made of different igneous,metamorphic rocks or gems or),seats along all parts of the airport including the gates could be composed of bio-printed leather,with floors even fitted with and as stated earlier lounges step by step with all cheap flooring and walling replaced with slabs of marble,ornamental rocks,precious gems etc over sheets of graphene to hold them.Kebonised wood may even be on flooring and also bioprinted leather used for seats with some areas torn down.Those remaining after Oceanus and Erebus is set will be the only ones refurbished with AI by this point deciding which ones will be kept.These should be set up in all airports all over the world by 2029.All parts of the airport outside of lounges will also undergo luxury furnishes including toilets with vertical farms also created and other modifications such as the creation of luxury lounges will be charted in seasons
of Restoration Nation.All remaining airports will have luxury refurbishments to all remaining areas with cheap tiling on walls,ceilings and floors replaced with kebonised synthetic wood,ornamental rocks and gems with toilets also refurbished and seating being luxury bioprinted ones.

Eos the Titaness of the Dawn from Greek mythology will be the universal brand name replacing existing corporate names with a crocus flower and sun as its symbol present on all robots at airports and planes,signs,on e-boarding passes,e-tickets and e-reports.She will be the sentient operating software of the universal luxury brand.Existing and new aeroplanes will have this symbol and name on them with the headquarters for all aeroplane corporations and state bodies turned into homes.Carbon composites like graphene,buckypaper and especially graphene/carbyne matrices can be used to construct scramjet and seaplanes making them more lighter,fuel efficient and resistant to lightening,rain,snow and ice as well as more likely to survive both sea and land collisions intact that would otherwise destroy planes today composed of much weaker materials limiting or eliminating causalities altogether in any theoretical accidents that could occur.Ideally a matrix of graphene/carbyne which is the strongest known material that can also heal itself over and over again indefinitely,thus surviving crashes and preventing fatalities much better(and surviving the stress of high speeds) and buckypaper which prevents damage from lightening strikes is ideal.Ideally it should be a mixture of both buckypaper and also graphene with carbyne nanotubes because of graphene and carbynes strength and buckypapers ability to receive and transmit data to and from the wire via wifi.Since only one atom thick and extremely light multiple layers of these materials can be on the structure to improve strength with layers of graphene paint also present with all windows including passenger ones and cockpit have several layers as well to prevent birdstrikes and also protect it from impacts.Engines,fuselages and luggage areas should be coated in graphene paint or have layers of graphene in it to contain any explosions with this in the internal layers of each cabin etc to contain any explosions of any kind that would be in any chance passed through security though should only be a backup since these would be stringent.Copper wiring and coils can be replaced by graphene to make them lighter and all internal components of the plane such as wiring,Most of the plane should be composed of graphene,buckypaper,biosynth technology etc to make them lighter and protect them from lightening strikes(even using some as energy to charge batteries,Batteries would be biosynth ones using scwarzites of graphene,other nanomaterial,storedot technology,gel nanowires,bicompatible microbes that express neural tissues and that from Electrophorus electricus etc that can store large amounts of energy,are extremely light and charge within minutes.Eventually artificial intelligence will become sufficiently advanced to allow for air traffic controlling and driving to be done entirely by Ophion with Eos and all airport AIs by 2029 working with it controlling all vehicles to alleviate strains similar to how linked traffic networks will interact with autonomous vehicles interact with each other ensuring all flying vehicles such as drones,flying cars and scramjets do not crash into each other and can land safely at airports especially when detours must be made due to bad weather with atmospheric readings(weather readings) from Theoi Meteroi.Interactions between the airport AI,aeroplane AI and Eos as well as Ophion will be constant with regards to take off,journey and also landing.Ideally this area of transport will be separate from the sectors of Ophion for managing terrestrial and ocean travel with Eos itself working alongside Ophion and all airport AIs air traffic towers to alleviate strains on Ophion for the other two sectors.Thus all air traffic control towers worldwide will be linked and communicate to each other as well as all aeroplanes and them filled with the servers of the Ophion system and onboard computers of the airport(replaced with more advanced computers overtime)and emptied of all furniture and computers that can be recycled once scanned into Hephaestus with them replaced with servers and computers connected to Ophion and cleaned and powered in the same way as the airport.This would be streamed from Artemis and Ophion with air controller towers also aiding in this with them like terrestrial based traffic networks and will interact with all planes in the skies onboard computer via the wire and link them to all aerial vehicles in the sky by being be linked to all air traffic control towers world as well as weather networks within Hermes to communicate any changes to the flight path they all may need to take with regards to any weather conditions that may inhibit flight and would again by interacting with weather networks prevent cancel or delay flights.Thus the alterations of one planes journey will be relayed to all autonomous air traffic including helicopters,scramjets,dual air and land based vehicles and in the case of cesnas and small planes controlled manually it will relay this information and suggest maneuvers to take to avoid collisions with the entire Ophion system and Theoi Meteroi streamed by them.This may include premature landings(with the onboard plane AI alerting passengers to these).These airport AIs and aeroplane AIs will stream Ophion showing all air traffic with changes due to weather etc relayed to all other vehicles with GPS satellites including existing ones.These satellites will stream Ophion,Iris,Hestia and Brauron so as to allow them to be relayed to vehicles that are unable to stream the wire allowing their and the location of all vehicles to be streamed alongside phone calls to be made and stream all of the wire through Astraea.All aeroplanes AIs will use the Ophion system and the same technologies as autonomous cruise ships and terrestrial vehicles and thus will be able to see the location of all aerial vehicles in the air as blips and their distance to them relayed constantly preventing mid air collisions with alterations relayed to each one instantly with them able to visualise weather systems across the globe from Theoi Meteroi to make suitable alterations again relayed to all planes and then interact with all airport AIs to make safe and secure landings with ideally runways having marker microchips laid down on them to allow planes to land safely in cloudy weather.All onboard computers on all aeroplanes will be linked to the wire through satellites and biosynth wifi and will also be linked to the servers and onboard computers of the worlds airport AIs and Ophion in air traffic control towers.Thus the sentient Eos will work with Ophion and all airport AIs to alleviate the strains on Ophion that will manage the flow of traffic of terrestrial and air traffic.Thus all aeroplanes will be linked constantly to both Theoi Meteroi and Ophion allowing them to know the location of all other aeroplanes and also know of any weather systems constantly allowing for journeys to be planned ahead and also allow any alterations to be relayed to each other.It will cancel flights due to bad weather with this possible days or weeks ahead.It may at time interact with terrestrial based traffic networks for dual terrestrial and air vehicles and all traffic will be visible to the public via Hermes on local,regional,national,continental and global levels.The entire global air traffic network will function like the terrestrial based network and will also be visible to the global public but not controlled by them for safety reasons allowing them to see the location of all planes and flying vehicles on a map of the world at once in real time or lock onto a individual vehicle to track it journey by typing its serial ID into a search bar(this will also apply to mag lev trains).These would be visible as coloured blips that one can click on for its ID and enter its digital file to see all readings in real time.Each air traffic tower will be managed by the airport AI that is is part of ensuring instant communication between each airport continuously with Storedot Arges wall batteries in the basement to ensure all parts of the airport have reserves of power for at least a month should natural disasters and blackouts occur.The servers that manage air traffic will have their own Storedot.All buildings used by government agencies to do this except flight towers in airports will be converted into homes but until then networks within Ophion could allow registered plane pilots to sign in with biometrics,passwords etc to take control from the comfort of their own home with these VR and computer training starting at 12 or younger with them and robotic and biosynths also acting as a backup for compromised planes that they would raise alerts and allow them to take control.Robots,networks,operating software and other AI since connected to the wire could control these remotely without computers since connected to the wire passively or consciously thus taking control instantly once alerted to it through being connected to the wire with even Eos itself and any airport AI around the world taking control of compromised planes.If need be a compromised plane could have the doors to the cockpit opened only in these emergencies with a passenger checked against the worlds database of criminals and aided by fragmented AI and any other AI present or accessed through smartphones to give tips in order to make a safe landing and avoid other planes.Ideally though the wire streamed by the plane AI of any type including Gaia,Eos etc will be able to take control via fragmentation or livestreaming from anywhere in the world to continue the rest of the journey and perform emergency landing.This would eliminate hijackings as well as suicidal pilots crashing the plane with passengers onboard as seen with 9/11,Indian Airlines IC 814 the crash of Greenwings Flight A9525 amongst many others if the toughest and latest cybersecurity would be uploaded to all planes,airports and the global air traffic control network automatically when they are available and diagnostics and malware and viruses scans are done routinely and started automatically with these scans logged in their file and would be done before and after each flight.As stated the latest firewalls and cybersecurity will be constantly installed and updated automatically to this network.Doors into the cockpit would have graphene doors.All accidents and terrorist attcks involving eiroplanes in the 20th and 21st century can be analysed by Eos to prevent them occurring in the future with all possible simulations run and automated measures and contingency plans put in place as well as designs of planes taken into account and made on how to prevent them and future accidents and all possible types of accidents involving autonomous airplanes and scramjet technology to occur run to create quick countermeasures.VR indistinguishable from reality can allow for the planes to be put through the situations to determine their scale of impact,ability to avoid it,and potential causulaties in comparisons and also using Theoi Meteroi use weather readings expected during the run of the flight(s) ahead of it to run a simulation of the expecting flight and thus be able to prepare using the time dilation effect for any challenges including having all present and expected other plane flights figured in with multiple flight currently in the air and expected to be their also doing this passively linked by Eos to prepare forward as a precaution.For example all planes would be composed of the toughest,durable material that would stay intact over its lifetime.Engine blades should be composed of graphene to survive any bird strikes with graphene integrated into cockpit window for the same reason with all windows having it in its matrix to make them shatterproof.Bird repellent technology on large poles that emits sound frequencies should be dotted around the perimeter of all airports on poles to prevent birds from entering the grounds and causing accidents related to bird strikes.Ideally these repellents should be audio/visual ones that are outside the human range of comprehension on towers but also work only the range of birds that are local to the area such as geese so as to prevent only them and not pet birds being transported on cargo planes to be affected.The entire planet body will be composed of Graphene sheets and composites alongside Bucky paper and other carbon composites as it is 200 times stronger than steel and only one atom thick with multiple layers forming its structure will exponentially increase its strength thus making planes more likely to survive impacts into the ocean and ground preventing deaths and injuries.Furthermore it will increase the carrying capacity of them by being able to house exponentially more people and luggage and it being lighter than steps will improve fuel consumption and battery charge efficiency.This should be coated with a layer or graphene paint and have graphene integrated into its matrix alongside being composed of self healing rubber to prevent ruptures and wear and tear making them last theoretically indefinitely since the graphene and graphene paint is roughly 200 times stronger than steel and will also allow sensor readings to be made to allow their integrity to be measured by the onboard computer.They too will be coated internally and externally with liquid glass.If a plane is going to crash in a densely populated neighbourhood it would determine its likelist trajectory and alert all vehicles and home AIs on the ground as to their likeliest trajectory to alert people in them to safety and divert traffic as soon as possible with this giving people anything from 30-60 minutes to escape its path with the aeroplane taking the route to limit casualties both on the ground and in the ocean.Accelerated healing will improve survival rates for passengers.Should crashes occur Medusa can be used to determine the identity of any dead passengers with the manifest stored in its digital file used to determine which passengers have died and survived.Ideally homeowners who live near airports who have the problem of noise pollution could have insulation built into their interior to cut down on noise or be demolished,tarmac etc dug up and land reforested while the residents move to other more spacious homes in the form of supermarkets,hotels etc far away from them to avoid this with future homes being underground the area they were originally built.Hotels near airports can be used as permanent homes for people.Further advances in engine technology particular electric engines should make them silent or at least quieter.Existing brands will be phased out gradually by each plane recycled for scrap once a new luxury Eos aeroplane has been created one by one with them of course fitted with autonomous capabilities until all planes worldwide are replaced with these by at least 2029-2035 and all airports worldwide remodelled with extra lounges and luxury furnishes and automated measure by this time also.Onboard computers can be replaced by more advanced versions without recycling the vehicle by machine and updated by updates of the Eos software.By about 2045 a laptop or computer system unit will have the same computing power as all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet allowing them to store large amounts of data as well as be able to stream Ophion from satellites,house their AI and the airport AIs fragmented forms and also be able to interact with adjoining vehicles wirelessly and also be able to make split decisions instantly better than a human can with this built into the vehicle as a series of sheets or computer system unit in the cockpit spread out or in separate components there and in other parts of the vehicle connected to each other.In time they will be replaced by newer models with the AI of the captain and stewardess transferred.These can be the size of a system unit or server.Taq polymerase and Cas-9 can induce the evolutionary path of microbes in the computers to give them upgrades to increase processing power. Biosynth wifi integrated into all parts of the plane will stream Ophion and interact constantly with it,all aeroplanes and Theoi Meteroi.By 2045 satellites with this and better computing power will also allow a single satellite to be able manage millions or billions of vehicles at once with one satellite for terrestrial vehicles,one for aeroplanes and one for cruise ships with the sentient Ophion managing satellites that manage terrestrial vehicles as well as those for cruise ships and aeroplanes alongside and Amphrite respectively.Satellites will have computers as powerful as these allowing a single one to control all traffic worldwide consisting of billions.These may be part of solar arrays in time with quantum compassing etc possibly making them defunct.Upgrades will be given to these satellites to deal with more vehicles and also have more computing power overtime by robots sent to space to add new extra more powerful computers and in time replace them with better satellites with the old ones recycled by forcing them to fall into Earth to deserts etc.Each aeroplanes will have onboard computers that house the conciousnes of the pilot AI that will use biosynth technology.By 2029 a square inch of bicomapatible microbes will house roughly 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB RAM and 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors making normal consoles,computers and laptops extremely powerful and even making handhelds and smart devices as powerful as them especially when stacked ontop of each other and when combined with nanomaterials and neural tissue formed by the microbes etc.Theoretically each square inch could contain as much as 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors alongside the 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB of data storage and RAM.Tianhe-2 the worlds most powerful supercomputer by comparison has a processing RAM 1024TB or 0.000000001024YB with all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined containing with all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined containing roughly 6,635TB or 0.000000006635YB of RAM.Thus one square inch will contain about 11,303,692,539,563 – 226,073,850,791,258 times more RAM,processing power and storage space than all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined.Since this is only the amount on one square inch as thick as a sheet of glass or atom thick graphene layer it can allow dozens,hundreds,thousands,millions or billions of these to be present exponentially increasing its computing power thus making it possible for 2029-2035 for all aeroplanes as part of the universal airline Eos to be controlled by AI pilots.Each individual aeroplanes will have its own separate AI pilot with its own independent personality,avatar and legal name etc that will pilot them converse with passengers and stream radio station from Pheme and media from Dionysus.When a plane is decommissioned the AI and stewards will be transferred to a new aeroplane and the plane recycled with them simultaneously inhabiting the wire namely the Eos network in the case of accidents.Its AI will also be able to be transferred to new planes or to the Eos network during and after accidents to be then transferred to a new vehicle and more advanced onboard computers.They will all have a unique avatar,legal name and the same pilot uniform as all aeroplanes worldwide with the Eos logo and symbol.Each plane will have the same pilot for all flights with them and stewards housed within the onboard computer.

Black boxes will be complimented or replaced with onboard computers both of which constantly relay information such as audio,trajectory, altitude,GPS location and track travelled by it, movements,charge or fuel left,path taken,interior and exterior environmental conditions etc. to a Eos network containing the vehicles digital file and also air traffic control centre to record all of this information which will be backed up for analysis and recording of journeys can be later analysed for studies or if accidents occur with the aforementioned readings logged in the air traffic control tower for each journey.Thus each plane in the world will have its own digital file with folders and subfolders containing all of these logged reports of each flight during its lifetime constantly updated and visible in Hermes alongside diagnostics and each journey it takes will be logged by year,month,week,day in folders and subfolders with these factors visible relayed constantly with the path it has taken and its height as well as trajectory visible on a map.If an accident does occur the cause of it will be known instantly and its location in the ocean and ground known.If black boxes are still used then they will also relay this information(especially GPS location) during flights and also even after an accident if it occurs for at least two months longer(even indefinitely if it has long lasting batteries present) giving a clue to its location to allow the wreckage to be recovered and automatically alert emergency services to its location immediately or ideally have GPS chips inside it so this can be tracked at any time after an accident has occurred.Ideally it will be composed of a graphene/buckypaper/carbyne matrix to prevent damage to it and survive impacts in the ocean and ground to limit casualties as well as the high pressure of the ocean floor and have it alert emergency services instantly of its GPS location and have its own internal battery to last as long as possible,run on chemosynthesis using salts and nutrients of the ocean if this runs out with the AI carrying out the best maneuvers to limit casualties with the manifest of each flight stored in its digital file.It alongside biological harddrives will also allow them to hold heavier passenger and luggage loads due to its lightness with if possible them having built in flotation armbands that activate once it reaches the ocean floor to allow it to rise to the surface with again it relaying its GPS location to Eos and Prometheus.Having the windows composed of a matrix of pyrex and graphene will make them shatterproof and survive the high pressures of the ocean with the graphene body possibly allowing them to float to the surface in an ocean impact.It will also be coated internally and externally in a layer of liquid glass on all parts.The graphene/buckypaper/carbyne will also allow it to hold more passengers and luggage than conventional planes.Cameras on board in the cabins that are facing the passengers will allow the AI pilot monitor passenger behaviour and on in the cockpit allowing a view of anything occurring in front of the planes for records as well as letting ground authorized based pilots take control of a plane should it become compromised with cameras and data streamed from the black box such as GPS location,altitude allowing multiple other individuals to observe and prevent intentional accidents.These will be fitted with facial,T-ray,gun and explosive detection software and will be linked to the database within Athena but fed into the digital file and onboard computer.Cameras will also be placed on the exterior to monitor key systems such as both engines,wings facing them on both sides(back and front) and also one on the very front to record the view which can be fed into the aeroplanes digital file,Eos livestream YouTube account ordered in playlists for each vehicles daily journies and even Brauron for each flight with those on the outside automatically changing to IR illuminator at night or when dark with them having liquid glass on them to prevent fogging,rainwater and dirt affecting visibility.Cameras will also be placed at engine rooms and also luggage rooms and all key points of the planes interior and exterior giving the AI pilot This human backup system will suffice until AI becomes comparable to or better than humans with extra backup automated sub routines existing under primary AI to take over with remote controlling human operates being a last resort.To prevent accidents diagnostics on onboard computers and black boxes will be done by robots at the airport before they depart the airport and the onboard computer will be constantly be connected to weather networks and nanosensors on the outside detecting temperature,wind speeds and directions and humidity and the amount of electric static on the outside allowing course correction to be done which will be relayed back to air traffic control and thus all other aeroplanes.If accidents occur then the plane will be able to slow down and take the proper trajectory to prevent the most amount of damage and fatalities with the warning that it is entering this state alerted to the traffic networks and thus the public and accident investigatory authorities immediately.To prevent lighting strikes research must be done in the creation of a lightweight see-through spray on coating that repels electricity preventing them from being hit.As stated earlier buckypaper could be what planes are made of or act as a stepping stone to this film.Buckypaper will also allow for data to be wirelessly sent back and forth between the plane and airport and the weather networks more efficiently as well as improving fuel efficiency to it being more lightweight than carbon fibres and the link with weather networks will allow changes in routes and emergency landings at nearby airports to be made before and during flights with these changes relayed to all aircraft to prevent collisions.The airport will also be linked to weather networks in order to prevent flights in extreme weather.Also a permanent layer of liquid glass can be sprayed onto the exterior and interior of wings and engines to prevent damage from rain,sleet and ice as well as cutting out the resistance caused by them as rain puts weight on the wings and liquid glass will prevent water building up inside and outside thus preventing this and ice from forming in cold weather negating the need for heavy copper heaters and wiring.It will also prevent the build up of dirt on the body and the windows(which should be treated internally as well) for passengers negating the need for requiring water to clean them.Graphene paint under this coating of liquid glass will also prevent rust and generate electricity and give extra strength.The runways can be replaced with porous asphalt/concrete and/or have underground geothermal heaters to melt any ice during snowy periods and allow water to seep through with the heaters started and prewarmed before cold snaps and snowstorms etc are forecast via interacting with weather networks.A mixture of the two could provide extra security since the geothermal heating would melt ice in cold weather while porous paving would prevent it getting slippery due to rainy periods which could pose a threat.These heaters can be added by underground small automated rock tunnelling machines and other robotics with each runway dug up by diggers and replaced by self healing porous concrete and tarmac that would also remove water that could increase the ability for tyres to slip and lose grip with existing automated technology making these take at most one to two days as opposed to thirty days for each runway done one at a time during the airports least busiest times of the year.Specially designed robots could scrape along any metal pieces or other debris that could damage a landing plane before each plane arrives and after each one leaves to prevent disasters like the Air France Flight 4590 crash using ploughs and/or magnets.Furthermore as stated earlier all planes would be composed of the toughest,durable material that would stay intact over its lifetime primarily graphene with graphene paint covering them including the wheels to prevent punctures(or have graphene in its matrix) and any pieces falling off with its high heat tolerance also protecting it.

Conventional aeroplanes will be replaced by scramjet aeroplanes that will greatly reduce the amount of time for journeys to take.Obviously scramjets and seaplanes would fly in high altitudes while flying cars would fly at lower altitudes closer to ground allowing them a larger amount of space to fly.Scramjets can potentially travel of speeds of up to 14,000kmph to 25,000 kmph compared to commercial jet engines that can go only 878–926kmph thus drastically reducing the length of journeys making research into this area important.The longest journey route in terms of both time and length by any airline is roughly 14,534km taking roughly 17 hours by current technology with this reduced to thirty minutes to one hour with scramjets or two to twelve hours by hyperloop.Research can be done to integrate scramjets into both small and large cargo aeroplanes.Graphenes melting point of 3,652 – 4,626.85 degrees celcius in windows,cockpit and its internal and external structure will allow it to survive the high temperatures created by the speeds of these planes alongside layers of titanium and thus allow it to go at higher speeds over its lifetime with this of note when in higher altitudes.Being 86% lighter than steel could allow thousands or millions of layers of graphene and carbyne to be applied to the plane to increase its resistance to heat and also its strength against wear and tear and exposure to heat and also its strength to hold at least 500-800 or even more passengers.Its tensile strength of 130 gigapascals and compression strength of 361 GPa will allow it survive the extreme pressures of impacts as well as that created by the speeds with carbyne also integrated into its matrix as its tensile strength is 270 gigapascals with its lightness allowing for speeds to be more easily reached using less fuel and charge.Having thousands or millions of this atom thick allotrope of carbon will exponentially increase its resistance to heat and its strength with research into other atom thick allotropes of all other elements done to see if they can enhance this and give it other properties.This would also theoretically apply to hyperloops.Ideally their should be sheets of graphene and tubules of carbyne in the structure to increase strength and also temperature resistance as well as allow for wifi with the composites in layers.Journeys that take between four to twelve hours using existing technology would not require the scramjet to travel at its top speeds but more suitably between 1,000-11,760kmph to make them last anywhere between two to five hours making them safe and able to react to changes and cut down on travel times significantly with its top speeds used primarily for the longest journeys which at these speeds/most already long flights could be reduced to at least a half or third of what they were using normal aeroplanes ie a twelve hour flight could take three to six hours with those that currently take six hours take two to three hours and so on.The g-force limit of humans is 46g but CRISPR using DNA from Paracoccus denitrificans could allow humans to survive 403,627g.These flights of all planes could be organised by Eos interacting with Ophion and Theoi Meteroi beforehand for each day to be in different heights and layers of the tropopause,stratosphere and mesophere allowing for more planes to be the sky yet be significantly spaced away from each other with if possible flights taking place at all heights between 8-30 km with ideally scramjets modelled to be like concordes that would fly higher,at higher speeds due to its height and shape.Vehicles currently in development that can go Mach 6(7,408.8kmph)should suffice until scramjet technology can be developed or even suffice entirely with the highest ideal being at Mach 10(12,348kmph).The speed for each journey will be decided by the aeroplane and Ophion based on its distance with the speed of each aeroplane relayed to each other and Ophion alongside its current location for safety reasons with new advances in this and other technology to allow them to go higher.Ramjet technology could be used for planes doing  most journeys as it top speeds are between 3,700 – 7,400 kmph could reduce flightimes considerably as well with them also used by 2029-2035 until scramjet aeroplanes can be perfected with if need be even be a replacement.Eos,Daphne etc will carry out intensive research into developing ram/scramjet technology.Oceanus would alleviate strains as it would be competitive with in country,inter country,in continent and inter continent journeys thus making certain flights obsolete thus clearing up the skies of traffic thus making them safer and also more space for these fast moving planes to move around and would reduce carbon dioxide emissions.The remaining carbon dioxide emissions will be carbon neutral by artificial trees onsite of airports that feed bacteria that produce gasoline.As a result only long distance one stop flights between different continents that would be troublesome via getting on and off different hyperloops etc and would have go around the contours of continents to avoid underwater fault lines and huge stretches of oceans would be done via ramjet/scramjet aeroplanes ie from Dublin to Sydney that normally takes 23 hours could be cut down to at least 2-4 hours by going 4,000-8,000kmph.This could thus allow one to quickly move from one city and town to the next across a country,continent and indeed the globe without using commercial aeroplanes in time comparable or even faster than normal with ramjet/scramjet flights only used for single stop long flights too troublesome for Oceanus that are at least 9-23 hours long by conventional aeroplanes cut down to at least 2-4 hours.Ramjet and scramjet technology could cut the vast majority of long distance flights to a third or half of current ones.Scramjet technology top theoretical speeds is 25,000kmph and will be able to go at most 2,000-10,000kmph and still make alterations with the use of Oceanus will make 90-95% of flights redundant thus clearing up the skies and allow for such speeds to be done without little chance of collision as they would be more widely spaced out than they are now.They should be available by at least 2029-2045 with AI spearheading research into make them viable for commercial aeroplanes.Eos will decide which of these flights will remain functioning.

Energy can come from newly developed fast charging Storedot electric batteries docking at chargers at the airport and also self charging technologies;graphene paint on the structure,quantum dot technology and graphene as well as see through thermo-piezoelectric materials in the glass,thermo-piezoelectric materials on the body and glass as well as tyres,motors in the wheels,microturbines present at key point that produce energy from the wind passing through them while it flies with traditional engines using bio-fuel,bio-oil from genetically altered bacteria running on sugar from other bacteria using industrial waste grown at airports so fuel can be pumped into them straight from where they are grown onsite of the airport cutting down on energy costs.Thermo-piezoelectric materials and graphene paint and sheets on the body and glass can generate energy from the both the suns light heat and the immense temperatures generated from its immense speeds during flights with quantum dot technology and graphene as well as see through thermo-piezoelectric materials in the glass can generate energy from suns light and heat during flights.The.batteries used would be used in a rotary system spread across the planes body where once one is used it is recharged and switches to another one with used batteries charged while another one is used.Fuel engines would be sprayed internally with a permanent layer of liquid glass to ensure they last indefinitely and never have to be cleaned.These planes can be hybrids that use both gasoline or vegetable oils as well as electric batteries with the electric battery providing backup to the gasoline should it run low with the storedot electric battery quickly charged by solar power while in flight above the clouds and when the plane is being refuelled,loaded and cleaned.The battery will also alleviate the amount of fuel used with them alternating between both and one or the other with the gasoline powering the vehicle while the batteries are charged by self charging technologies again during flight and while it is parked during cleaning etc.It would also negate the need for having heavy batteries with the batteries used having as stated composed primarily of both graphene and other carbon composites and also lithium and plastics that can store electricity with them in time in separate areas of the plane and even spread in thin layers all over the plane to lighten the load they have and increase surface area.Fuel engines would also be be composed of graphene for lightenss but also sprayed internally in liquid glass.The fuel would also compensate for nightime journeys with each plane not just alternating between the two but also the gasoline engine having enough for each journey plus extra if they need to make alterations with the batteries supplying extra power and them also charged for more than the journey with both charged and fuelled for the journey plus extra.The fuel will be refilled onsite of airports and battery charged via wireless electric inductive chargers and self charging technologies while refuelling with them using fast charging Storedot batteries.The electricity would come from the grid and also solar panels and VAWTs charging onsite Storedot Arges batteries to alleviate strains on them.Ideally the fuel would be grown onsite of airports via bacteria using recombinant DNA from plant or animals that produce specific oils or anabolic and catabolic reactions to cut down on transportation costs and make airports self sufficient in their oil needs that can be grown over and over again.Artificial trees that intake one to a hundred tonnes of carbon a day can be ontop of where the bacteria is grown to make them carbon neutral and aid in them growing fast with the same level of engineering and machinery as mentioned before in the case of algae and those used to grow commodity bacteria to increase growth rates with them using both sugar and also organic waste from restaurants etc to grow the gasoline and vegetable oils with the bacteria containing recombinant DNA from Saccrophagus degradens to break the organic waste into sugars and relevant DNA to use the sugar to produce the oils with the oil stored in extensions to be pumped directly.Thus synthetic gasoline and biodiesel will be grown onsite of airports making them self sufficient.Ideally though dry ice created by artificial trees onsite of airports will be stored onsite to feed these bacteria.The amount of carbon dioxide intaken globally will be equal to what is released by ships to ensure there is an equilibrium and if too much carbon dioxide is intaken then excess fuel will be burned with the AI of the airports worldwide ensuring an overabundance of gasoline is made while still keeping this equilibrium by all airports AIs interacting with Eos,Theoi Meteroi and Ophion.Sugar for airports gasoline will be grown next to them to feed the oil producing bacteria with this created by bacteria.Having the battery using biosynth technology including human neural tissues,DNA from E.electricus,electroconductive bacteria and also electroconductive pilli will increase the storage capacity and lifespan.This and Storedot technology and also nanomaterials such as graphene especially graphene schwarzites and those of other atom thick allotropes of other elements will make them lighter,hold large amounts of energy and charge within minutes thus making them able to charge the plane for the entire journey with self charging technology recharging the vehicle if their is several batteries along the body of the vehicle used in rotation with the vehicle composed of graphene etc will make the planes lighter and easier to lift alleviating strains on the batteries.Thus by combining improved Storedot technology,schwarzites of graphene and other nanomaterials,supercapacitators,gel nanowires,biosynth technology in particular biocompatible microbes that express both human neural tissue and that from Electricus electricus,Shewanella oneidensis and Geobactor metillreducins,scratch DNA etc will create batteries for aeroplanes that charge in a few minutes,are lighter than normal ones,last decades and can store vast amounts of energy thus making electric powered aeroplanes and cruise ships feasible by 2029-2035 making them competitive with gasoline powered vehicle engines that can be powered by geothermal,renewables and also self charging technologies.Those in aeroplanes would be dispersed across the vehicles body with the vehicle using self charging technologies and may be hybrid vehicle with planes composed of graphene would be 86% lighter and thus more likely be able to be fully electric due to them and the batteries themselves being lighter.As stated these lighter but more efficient batteries could be placed at different key points of the plane to lighten the load they have and using self charging technology utilise a rotary system where used up batteries would then switch to full ones with the empty one recharged during flight.Self charging technologies would include graphene,see through thermo-piezoelectric materials and quantum dot technology in windows with the entire body having graphene and thermo-piezoelectric materials in the body with this making the plane and ship lighter and able to survive impacts better with the batteries used in a rotary system wherein on that is used up is charged while another is being used managed by the plane onboard computer.Theoretically between 2030-2045 all aeroplanes will be fully electric due to batteries becoming lighter and faster charging.This would be because planes being composed of graphene would be lighter and the batteries also becoming lighter and them dispersed at different points of the vehicle to evenly disperse the weight and used in a rotary system while self charging technologies are used to charge the plane during the daytime.To deal with energy needed at night solar arrays could interacting with Eos and onboard computers of aeroplanes use machinery on them and orbiting satellites,device or the moon have energy directed to planes in mid flight who would relay their battery levels and location or if possible cities they are travelling over could have receivers that beam energy in the form of radiation to them again by interacting with Eos and the onboard computer of aeroplanes.The energy would be directed from the array by a splitter device that could move around by itself and direct energy to multiple planes at night.Wave piston and miniature VAWT farms in the ocean in the path of remaining flights connected to a central receiver charged by fast charging batteries could also send energy to them with these also connected to underwater communities with them again using splitters that radiate energy to multiple planes at once into the sky.These can be on the ground at key points of Earth on the ground or in airports that the flights pass through in major cities and also even within cities on skyscrapers that radiate excess energy from wind,solar,geothermal etc out into the sky in the path of the remaining flights to charge them inflight instantly as they pass through with interactions between the onboard computer and also Eos as well as Steropes.The arrays and ground systems could radiate both energy and wifi over the path these.If need be since 90-95% of the worlds flights will be made redundant by Oceanus very few if any flights will take place at night with those that do being usually ones where the majority of the flight will be during the day with Eos planning them based on supply and demand trends with the faster times of ram/scramjet planes reducing them to a few hours rather than twenty hours and also meaning more of these flights can take place during the day going back and forth using one or three planes.The vast majority of the remaining fights by aeroplanes will done during the day and reduced from 9-23 hours to 2-4 hours and if not will be those that cross time zones wherein it will transition from day to night or vice versa.The onboard computers will use a minute level of energy to use biosynth wifi.These aeroplanes will use synthetic gasoline to take off and for most of the journey alongside biosynth batteries in different parts of the body used in a rotary system that will use self charging technologies to recharge from the sunlight,the suns heat within the graphene in the matrix of windows and the aeroplanes body and also thermo-piezoelectric materials in all parts of the body and see through versions in all windows.Machinery that use the Fischer–Tropsch process can be present to create this in carbon neutral processes again using artificial trees but prevent explosions with those that grow oils will have the area some distance from the airport or underground ideally as a building on the outskirts of them connected to pumps via pipes with the building composed of self healing graphene infused foamcrete and also have graphene watertight doors and graphene in the phorobioreactors and growing areas to contain explosions and fires with them having their own FirIce sprinkler systems and fleet of firefighter robots.Extensions to an airport can allow for them to be grown onsite and them pumped directly into aeroplanes with energy for the battery coming from the grid via automated chargers either as automated pumps that connect to the plane when parked directly or as robotic pumps that can drive up to them connected to the gasoline areas or wireless inductive chargers and also self charging technologies.This would cut down on transport costs and make them self sufficient.Charging may also come from thermo-piezolectric geothermal pipes,solar panels and VAWTs etc charging batteries charged and used in rotation.Copper wiring and coils can be replaced by graphene to make them lighter and all internal components of the plane such as wiring,engines(both electric and fuel) will be coated in liquid glass to negate the need for cleaning and prevent water affecting them and ice forming with them also composed of graphene if possible.The graphene can also be used to run diagnostics on the wings and will prevent damage by ice.As stated earlier having the plane composed of graphene will make it lighter.Ideally for each journey the plane should have at least twice as much energy required for the journey should detours occur etc to prevent them running out of fuel/electricity and filled or charged to the top for each journey beforehand

Onboard computers on the plane will interact with robots that test and repair tyres etc,clean engines as well as carrying out diagnostics on onboard computers either wirelessly or attaching to a port on the side of the plane and cameras in the cabin which take readings and ensure everything is working properly with digital instruments replacing normal analogue dial ones.Furthermore the plane when attached to diagnostic robots will carry out the same diagnostics that are carried out with its wings that were carried out in the manufacturing plant to ensure it is still stable though these particular tests will occur at set intervals ie.once every month or after a set number of flights and will be logged into its file.A permanent layer of liquid glass that repels dirt and rain water during flights will be sprayed on the plane and into jet engines the same way water is spread in the cleaning process limiting the need for it to be cleaned routinely saving on water and time in cleaning  and preventing as well as repelling rainwater during flight and thus the build up of ice which can add weight to it and damage it via freeze thaw actions over time.All interior components should also be coated in a this layer too with this of note to onboard computers in the cockpit externally and internally.Charging of electric planes connected to the grid will also be automated via automated charging machines or wireless energy and it will always have more than at least double enough electrical power for its longest possible journey to deal with unexpected detours and having to charge the cleaner robots all the time.Hoover and cleaner bots will clean the carpets floors with all other surfaces such as seats,retractable tables,windows,ceilings and walls alongside all aspects of toilets will be treated with a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent stains building up and prevent the need for cleaning.These hooverbots will be stored in compartments with biosynth stewards controlled by the steward AI will replace human cleaners.Seats can made of bio printed leather and a shape memory material which can adapt itself to the curvature of the spine for each individual in the plane sprayed again with a hydrophobic coating and during cleaning times the bottom of the seat moves inwards so that any stains or spills fall onto the ground with carpeting being replaced with laminate flooring or even bacteria based wood coated in graphene paint for extra durability so it can be more efficiently cleaned by bots which can more easily have liquid glass applied to them like in how trains in cities are cleaned as detailed earlier on.This will again protect leather from UV damage.Water will be treated to miniature UV treatments inside the storage treatment facilities(with all surfaces coated in liquid glass) with the vehicles transporting it also coated internally in liquid glass and the storage area in planes treated with liquid glass and have miniature UV treatment lights to further sterilise it again.Robots or automated sewage collector systems interacting with the aeroplane and automated systems present will also remove human waste on the plane for inclusion into the cities sewage system by docking into the area where sewage is collected and transporting it directly to the sewage system on the airport and thus to the local sewage plants or by collecting waste from several planes at a time and then depositing it in the airports sewage system via docking at a tank connected to it.The use of extensions that can stick to the door to the sewage and open it and sensor that allow the two pieces of piping to connect to the sewage pipe and make sure it is securely in place before the second pipe to initiate the flushing of sewage into the first pipe.The piping within the plane connecting the toilet to the storage tank and thus where the piping leads to the collector robot will have to be cleaned out with chemicals once into the collector robot and the sprayed internally with a permanent layer of liquid glass to allow all waste to flow straight through the planes internal piping into the collector robot everytime after that so as to ensure all sewage is collected for recycling phosphorous etc by converting it into algae.When finished with an estimated time for waste to be removed or sensors and pressure plates detect that the planes tanks are emptied the process can be reversed with the both pipes on the robot which will have to be covered internally and externally in liquid glass alongside any sewage storage compartments for the same reason with a carbyne or grpahene exoskeleton giving it the ability to stretch like a living worm.The same appendage that opened the hatch can close it again with cameras attached to it or streaming the onboard computer(that tells if the hatch is open) can allow the robot to move onto the next plane or transport the sewage to the municipal sewage system.Newer plane models especially the newer scramjets will be better in having the hatch on the side at an angle where planes after landing can slowly drive to an docking extension that can protrude the piping and appendages to open them similar to automated vehicle chargers and petrol pumps where the hatch opens and closes itself and thus attach to the plane as detailed above and then allow sewage to be removed by gravity with the sewage storage tank shaped at an angle and when its done transporting sewage directly into the municipal sewage system via piping on the machinery coated internally in liquid glass connected the airports sewage system and the hatch closes automatically the plane moves away from the docking station to where passenger board it while another plane docks there to remove its waste.Otherwise the robots and vehicle coated internally with liquid glass will store sewage from multiple planes and them transport it to the municipal sewage system by connecting to the building through the storage tank.All surfaces in the toilets will be coated with liquid glass and the room will also have a UV light that will bake the room in bacteria killing light for a set time after each use.Narrow wavelength UV can be used so it can bake the to humans are there.To save the need for toilet paper toilets that clean the anal cavities with jets of water will be developed activated by a button and towels replaced with dry air hand dryers and UV hand sanitizers that again use narrow wavelength UV that doesnt damage human skin when they bake the persons hands and even face in it.The toilet will be covered in liquid glass and have it baked in narraw range UV light from it placed underneath the seat.The main cabins ceilings can also have a series of narrow wavelength UV lights that bake the cabins in it to kill microbes while it is cleaned by other robots negating the need for bulky robots to be onboard and allow it to be done very quickly and for all cabins and toilets to be done at once.The bioprinted leather will be protected by liquid glass.Like trains in cities these robots will be stored in a compartment at the back of the vehicle and will use small amounts of energy through wireless charging plates or docking into the plane.Any large versions of these and also cleaner robots that serve multiple planes would be part of a fleet that clean all planes stored in the gates and clean them before they leave though ideally all of these hoverbots,germ zapper robots and cleaner robots would be miniaturised versions that would be in compartments in the plane that clean once all passengers have left as denoted by the cameras in each cabin.These would ideally be made of graphene to make them extra light.Ideally only cleaner robots that pick up rubbish and hoverbots should be used with UV lights built into the cabin roofs that turn on when their are no passengers so as to save space and resources used for germ killing UV robots.All cleaning and Tug robots would ideally be composed of carbon fibres.After each flight while diagnostics will be done sewage will be collected from the plane and and delivered to the cities/regions sewage treatment plant by connecting directly to the sewage system of the airport by a robot to allow for the recycling of nitrogen and phosphorous with any deodorizing agents(like the blue liquid) used being non toxic and also degradable in sewage treatment plants by the process used there.AI will devise ways to have all urine and feces deposited in toilets on planes collected so as to allow for it to be connected to the main sewage line at airports.While aeroplanes are being charged,have routine diagnostics and or have sewage removed,specialised robots and aerial drones equipped with cameras and software to recognise any dents or damage can scan the entire plane quickly and this will be uploaded to the planes digital file in the same folders,subfolders as diagnostics visible to the public.

Aeroplanes will have holographic stewards and stewardesses independent from the aeroplane AI detailing safety information etc. or they can be replaced with videoscreens at the front of the cabin or on the back of seats which detail such information.Ideally though they can even have this steward automatically streamed onto the travellers smartdevices saving on resources.These stewards will appear in smart devices such as e-newspapers,smart glasses/contact lenses,smartphones,wireless earphones linked to Helios interacting with the onboard computer and will detail the usual safety information alongside any extra ones relating to the actions of specific passengers solely to them when they carry out specific actions with them giving them instructions in the travellers language with safety placards and magazines functioning in the same way.They can be brought by a menu in Helios in ones Helios app interacting with the aeroplane AI and will speak in the passenger individual language.Ones settings in Helios will mean all interactions the steward and AI pilot has will be in that passengers language including alerts,warnings etc.Furthermore they will appear during emergencies directing them on what to do.Thus the AI stewards will interact with each person through their Helios app even when offline via wireless interactions with the onboard computers for introductory and leaving messages,emergencies and also any other ones with the app having a button to call them in place of those present above ones seat with them able to indirectly contact any other passenger in the plane via this AI with contact made via texts and spoken word or phone calls.They will all wear the same uniform with the Eos logo and symbol have independent personalities and legal names with each plane having a permanent single AI that works 24/7 for all flights and will have independent personalities,avatars and legal names.In time biosynth stewards and stewardesses will be onboard 24/7,365 days a year and will be controlled by the steward AI and be able to more directly serve passengers.Smartphones and other smart devices via Helios again interacting with the onboard computer will automatically switch to aeroplane mode when they enter a plane and also switch to normal mode when they exit with menus on Helios allowing them to choose a variety of snacks or ideally meals that can be delivered via robots similar to the Botlr,Asimo(with caterpillar tracks instead of legs) and Tugs used in hospitals with them collecting waste as well which can be deposited into onboard washing machines.Food will be either 3D printed or grown in airports with meals prepared in restaurants or cafeterias devoted to the manufacture of meals for aeroplanes and delivered into the plane between each flight with computers keeping a log of how much food is consumed during each flight and each meal having a barcode wherein they are routinely scanned while transferred into the plane and while onboard to test for date of manufacture and thus determine freshness and best before date allowing for out of date meals to be disposed of and new ones created.Miniature onboard automated restaurants could also be implemented to prepare meals and drinks in miniaturised phorobioreactors with all machinery and phorobioreactors composed of graphene due to its lightness with the bacteria and vegetables etc to produce these grown in the airport and ordered in between flights though ideally food and drinks would be prepared and ordered in from the airport in between flights to save space.In both cases meals can be prepared before flights via Helios with them selected alongside booking wherein the ingredients can be chosen or omitted due to ones dietary limitations ie. sugar substitutes,gluten free substitutes etc. and ingredients arranged in the way they choose with this stored in their app containing all travel details and documents with the meals even custom made from the ingredients present from all other meals available so they are freshly prepared before they even enter the plane or airport and arranged in a custom fashion.Due to the increased speeds of scramjets meals and snacks may become obsolete due to flights becoming shorter and also the larger amounts lounges and restaurants providing meals beforehand or even after thus negating the need for robots that deliver these.With regards to alcoholic beverages there will have to a unanimous consensus between countries to their serving and can work by having iSample installed on touchscreens or smart devices to take a photo and determine age with facial recognition software keeping a record of how many times a person orders alcohol shared between all aeroplanes and mag lev trains/hyperloop systems and lounges/bars at airports at all airports for a set period i.e. 24 hours to limit the amount of alcohol they order to prevent them ordering too much when taking multiple journeys during that time period as well as them abusing it to get alcohol for minors with a mini breathalyzer present on the waiter bots that can hook up to smart devices or the robots themselves and transmit results to prevent intoxication.A picture of the individual will be taken and stored on the planes hard drive linked to those on the AI hard drive of restaurants and bars at airports transmitted to the airport AI and thus all aeroplanes or the onboard computer of the plane used by the passenger via its AI interacting with Helios both the one they depart and arrive link via Eos for a set amount of time making sure the person could only order a finite amount of alcoholic drinks until they arrive at their destination and cannot use loopholes to get alcohol to minors.Contact lenses that measure blood alcohol can also be used by interacting with the onboard computers and ones Paean account linked to this to measure level of toxicity and again with breathlyzers in smart devices.Microbes in the passenger could detect and break down excess alcohol.Again alcohol would be gained beforehand in restaurants in airports with non alcoholic beer and wine available..Wirelessly automatically transmitting details on their e-passport or Polis account could also be used as a measure of ones correct age.Bottles holding these will be collected by the same Botlr robots on demand.Menus within their Helios travel app can allow for them to view where the planes GPS location on map is,the remaining length of the journey in days,hours,minutes and seconds and arrival time as well as preorder meals from restaurants at the airport where they are going to arrive at and view estimated time and distance of arrival and arrange Uber taxis and other forms of transport such as their own car then and there.One will be able to view how long is left in the journey in kilometres,metres,centimetres and also hours,minutes and seconds with any changes relayed in real time.The app will interact with the AI of the onboard computer to stream this and other information even when offline.To save on resources,space and energy these monitors at the front of cabins also small screens on the back of seats or those that pop up can be replaced with the passengers Helios app on smart devices streaming all of these menus to order meals and snacks from a central computer on the aeroplane with wireless earphones allowing them to pursue their own independent entertainment such as magazines,newspapers,books,movies,televisions shows and documentaries saved on the passenger smart devices and access the same menus and zoom in and out of the map and move it around with access to the internet wire in particular Dionysus and Pheme through the buckypaper,biosynth wifi present in the vehicles structure as well as other advances of technology including the satellites present in the Ophion system using light to transmit data with advances in quantum entanglement,compassing,floating buyos connected to underwater cities and also fibre optic cables and even solar planes encircling oceans and also rural areas etc indefinitely can improve wire access for passengers as well as the transfer of data from the onboard computer to airports and its digital file.Devices that generates biosynth wifi for all passengers will be dotted around the ship that is powered by graphene and buckypaper and other power sources while the electric batteries move the vehicles with biosynth wifi generated by ones own devices combined to amplify them.Solar arrays could also convert solar energy into wifi.This could also be spread over a large part of the worlds oceans and areas frequented by remaining flights using satellites and the moon as a relay point.E-newspapers will have magazines,newspapers will have stored on them replacing safety manuals and other magazines stored on the planes.This can be replicated for mag lev/hyperloop routes.Self charging technologies ensuring they can recharge from lights in the planes with these also replicated for mag/lev and hyperloop routes as well as cruise ships.This save on resources,energy that would be drained from the aeroplanes limited battery and noise from them and since most flight would be least than four hours ones devices would store enough entertainment to last the short time.Most smart devices and laptops would be able to store at least 75,000,000,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000,000,000GB thus being able to store well enough entertainment and since advances in battery technology allow a single charge to last as long as 24 hours and charge using self charging technologies within seconds using lights on the cabin.Thus instead aeroplanes having screens at the front of the cabin or on the back of seats and also negating the need for the aeroplane to hold magazines made of paper that need to be replaced including those that detail what drinks and food are available one would ideally have movies,television shows,music even games as well as novels,magazines and newspapers saved on ones smartphones,laptops and e-newspapers that would be charged via self charging technology using lights present or battery backs that store excess stored energy.This Helios app would also stream the maps and other menus from the onboard computers such as safety placards and also food/drink menus with the stewardess called on the devices to interact solely with them in their own language.This would allow anyone to bring their own personal preferred entertainment downloaded from both Pheme and Dionysus and also save on the need for screens that can be recycled.Neural implants can stream simulations saved on ones smartphones or streamed from onboard computers and servers halfway across the world allowing one to do anything the passenger wants thus providing even more entertainment.CSYS lights on the plane can charge these devices or if possible planes can have the roof composed of a pryrex covering infused with layers of graphene for strength and augmented reality controlled by the users to point out key celestial bodies to allow one to see the night and day sky(the former charging devices during the day and CSYS lights charging them at nights) with the bottom floor if it exists will have all windows as a single strip of pyrex graphene infused glass.The graphene and quantum dot technology in these will also charge the vehicle during flight.Conventional windows will like these have quantum dot technology and also graphene again for charging and also strength.It will also allow them to stream menus to call Botlr and Tug Robots to get meals and snacks.By interacting with the onboard computers e-newspapers and other smart devices can stream safety placards and sheets as well as read newspapers and magazines stored on their device in only the passengers language with safety placards having animations or looped videos for each notice.To deal with wheelchair users they would denote that wheelchair access would be needed when booking so as to allow each gate of an airport(or already present on the plane that also acts as stewardess and will exit the plane once it is docked with considerable time before passengers board it)will be equipped with a robot that can be called to the passenger when they call for it when close to boarding it using their travel app.These robots can be combination of both Asimo and Robonurse with the ability to carry them onto suitable aisle seats with ideally caterpillar tracks until artificial musculature systems become advanced enough to allow leg based robots to become dexterous enough with them helping them into their seat and storing the wheelchair in the back of the plane with other similar robots present that (or as stated earlier this could be the same robot that is already on the plane) that can then help them out of the seat onto their wheelchair when the flight is over.Ideally it will interact with the onboard computer on motorised wheelchair so as to be able to locate it with again the use of wheelchairs logged onto each flight.As stated earlier e-boarding passes,e-passports and e-tickets will be automatically scanned into the onboard computer as they board the plane through wireless interactions with Helios with cameras reading them as the passenger on the manifest with the passenger logged as entering them plane on the mainfest.This will negate all human work in checking them.All airports worldwide will be linked together and managed by Eos software with its symbol on all machinery,robots,automated vehicles,maps,signs,buildings and even aeroplanes/scramjets etc worldwide and any studies and e-reports,e-boarding passes and e-receipts etc.

Luxury refurbishments normally relegated to the extremely wealthy will through improved technology and in time pico fabricators will make Eos the universal airline a luxury airline accessible to all with even economy class having luxury features with economy class disappearing with only high quality business and first class availible to all members of the public.If large scramjets are composed of layers of graphene and other carbon composites it could allow for all planes to hold the average of 500-800 people in larger planes in luxury first class level with the majority being first class with the scramjets being either wider,longer or taller heights with two floors accessed by stairs.These furnishes can include diamond plating and bio-printed leather seats.Even if only 500 people can be carried they should be at least business and first class seats.The faster speeds that cut most flights even the longest ones by conventional aeroplanes to at least four hours should mean that a plane of 200-500 business and first class seats should suffice as the faster times would allow more flights to be done back and forth as much as three times as many flights with Oceanus catering to in country,inter country,in continental and inter continental flights meaning the vast majority of flights will be redundant.Graphenes strength and lightness in layers could allow for this if applied in sheets.There would be in aeroplanes devices spread along the sides of the main body of the aeroplane in place seats each device leading to rows of luxury seating and each one having amenities such as an automated drinks and snacks bar with all seating being recliners that allow one to lie back and composed of luxury bioprinted leather with them spaced far apart enough to give each passenger ample space to even hold hand on luggage that can be connected to the seat by magnets and slideable straps etc replacing overhead holders with toilets in each device  larger than normal with smart devices used to contact biosynth stewards etc.If possible there could be 500-800 Pallazo suitesrs that house couches,recliners and beds with if possible 80-100 4,131-5,000 square metre cabin suites that houses enough space to house king sized beds and space to walk around,leave and store both hand as well as normal luggage lying around or stored in miniature storerooms and even miniature living rooms with these larger ones housing multiple king sized beds to alongside storerooms and living rooms all with recliner luxury suites and if possible en suite with this larger size of 4,131-5,000 square metres or more rather than housing just one person housing several people at least five to ten people each both friends,families and strangers all of them each having access to the same amount and same sized luxury recliners,beds,storerooms for each person and still have enough space to move around.This means that luggage normally loaded onto the plane in separate areas and at the airport could be brought into these suites and stored in closets etc with this also negating carry on luggage holding areas above seats making spacious room to be availible to everyone with each suite large enough to house at least ten people or more and still have spacious room to move around with en suites if present shared by everyone.Pets if legal could be transported onboard of planes this way with transporter technology also used.Married couples could share beds with areas next to them to house babies in holders etc.The space used to house luggage would thus be used for other purposes such as extra devices and even space to hold sewage.Toilets could be in suites,in extra space in the main body or an separate device or within hallways within devices and in all options them much larger than normal with sewage also stored in devices and extra space in the main body.Automated drinks and snack bars will be present in suites or other areas with biosynth stewards called by smart devices to deliver drinks etc and their being at least the same amount of these as there is suites to attend to each suites needs with them stored in them before,during and after flights with them providing drinks etc and cleaning up each suite after each journey.If need be there be five to ten biosynth stewards to clean up after and attend to each passenger as a personal butler,masseuse and cleaner etc.Having all surfaces and textiles covered in liquid glass to prevent them being stained and narrow range UV lights on the ceilings that bake the room in its sterilising light with textiles infused with deodorisers keep them constantly fresh will be used with them using normal and robotic hoovers.All material will be luxury ones such as bio printed leather,silk bedding and ornamental rock and diamond and synthetic wood fittings on the flooring will be present.Micro-gas turbines that reuse carbon dioxide in looped systems will provide heating,air conditioning and electricity to power lighting,wireless chargers for electronics and also feed electricity directly into the vehicle and also recharge batteries when they get low alongside other self charging technologies can be stored in devices in the vehicle with the technology also allowing for larger amounts of biosynth batteries used in rotation to be stored in aeroplanes.Entertainment will come in the form of magazines,newspapers,movies,television shows  already downloaded onto smart devices etc that use self charging technologies to save the need for televisions and energy from the aeroplane charging them and allow each person to have their own personal entertainment.Each of the macro suites would be larger than 5,000 square metres to hold biosynth stewards and king sized beds connected to a mini living room with luxury recliners as well as housing a storeroom for luggage etc for each of the five to ten people present alongside other communal features.These suites,biosynth stewards etc can be present in Oceanus,cruise ships and even private aeroplanes.With regards to aeroplanes seating can take different forms outside of cramped seats with all options – recliners,Pallazo cabins and larger suites that house beds can allow for the aeroplane go at any speed including both normal speeds of normal aeroplanes and scramjet speeds making journeys both normal and long ones to last anywhere between 2-23 hours.Once this technology is perfected these options can allow for both normal and scram jet speeds to be used and allow remaining long journeys to last  2-23 hours since one can have spacious luxury accommodation during long flights in the vehicles thus allowing for speeds of aircraft to be between both 926-10,000kmph meaning scramjets don’t have to go as fast with it even allowing conventional commercial jet engine aeroplanes to be able to utilise the technology if scramjet technology is not feasible at all or prior to it being perfected.As a result existing conventional jet engine aeroplanes can be used prior to scramjets developed or if they cant be used thus allowing one to rest for long journeys that last 2-24 hours.This can also be used to house larger areas for luggage and also batteries thus negating the concept of batteries not providing enough energy.Thus aeroplanes could house large amounts of biosynth batteries that will be used in rotation and recharged constantly by internal micro-gas turbines,Graphene and thermo-piezoelectric materials etc thus allow scram jet or commercial jet engine aeroplanes to travel long distances.Each cabin as well as suite etc would house biosynth routers to provide constant WiFi,cellular and Bluetooth access during all flights to all passengers with the size of a system unit etc providing signals of at least 1,000-10,000Mbps.Microbes creating acetylsalicylic acid created by microbes will be done to prevent blood clots.Furniture can be composed of thin slabs diamonds and other precious gems held by layers of graphene under them or bioprinted leather with all toilets also being luxury ones with sinks etc composed of gems or stones with sheets of graphene under them and or other refurbishments with them ideally larger than conventional ones at least the size of two put together.Since flights will be significantly shorter than normal there will be less demand on toilets.Meals chosen on Helios interacting with the onboard computer delivered by Botlr and Tug robots can be of high quality being caviar and lobster etc.Bars and other unnecessary space taking areas would be replaced by more beds and suites with alcohol stored/grown in phorobioreactors and delivered by robots.Having ones luggage sent via Ophion beforehand in personal vehicles could allow all space used to house luggage to be used as extra first class and business class cabins.All old aeroplanes and machinery worldwide will be recycled for scrap.The Ophion system can be brought up by the general public and allow them to see all aeroplanes currently in the air around the world with them denoted unique blips and codes that are short versions of their serial ID.Using search bars or clicking on them the public can lock onto one and see where a specific plane(s) currently is negating the need for air traffic controllers.Sheets of graphene will allow for thin slabs of heavy materials like precious gems to be used provided the sheets are under them due to its strength in comparison to steel and other materials.All aeroplanes and their maintenance will be fully automated by 2029 with this also the year that all non automated planes will be replaced by the universal automated luxury airline.

VR indistinguishable from reality can allow one to experience holidays from the comfort of their home using less energy and utilising the time dilation effect allowing one to travel to any place real,mythological or fictional and interact with other people either real or AI from the comfort of their own home negating the need to travel using Erebus,aeroplanes and Oceanus alleviating strains on them making airports less busy with this negating the need to pack clothes and other essentials saving on stress in this with the person able to conjure up instantly any manufactured product during these when needed without the need to use up resources in the real world.This could allow one to go on dangerous trips.Dozens of people who are friends or complete strangers could engage in these linked simulations from the comfort of their home with AI people with multiple simulations for each resort that can be accessed with each other using portal keys allowing people to visit different versions of a resort if they are overbooked in simulations and can allow people to visit simulated versions of real life buildings including private and communal hotel and apartment homes that are occupied in the real world by permanent residents with news feeds and material present in Dionysus and Pheme viewable while in these.Automated personal vehicles like cars,underwater highways and even ground based will allow people to be driven to their destination in the same country,continent by vehicle alleviating strains on airports as the person can sleep in their vehicle,take stops at restaurants and areas to eat and walk to prevent deep vein thrombosis as well as even stop at tourist stops on the way.

The Ophion system can be brought up by the general public and allow them to see all mag lev/hyperloop trains and bathyspheres currently in the air around the world with them denoted unique blips and codes that are short versions of their serial ID.Using search bars or clicking on them the public can lock onto one and see where a specific train(s) currently is negating the need for air traffic controllers.The same will apply in time to the Erebus system which one can view within Ophion.In time new versions of the Channel Tunnel connecting Ireland to Britain and possibly Scandinavia or Ireland to Greenland and more ferry routes will make airports smaller.This and hypothetical developments in flying vehicles such as cars which can match speeds of jet engines and scramjets while in the air and normal terrestrial speeds while on the ground using battery engine technology with technological developments possibly integrating these engines or equivalents safely into them alongside normal electric engines to allow for terrestrial based driving alongside flying will eventually mean airports and even private jets will disappear altogether allowing for the entirety of airports to be decommissioned and dismantled with the land reforested and the wiring and building materials to be recycled.These and future more advanced versions would be for in country journeys especially when they could hypothetically match those of jet and scramjet engines if miniature jet,ramjet and scramjet engines could be integrated into private terrestrial vehicles stopping at charging stations on land and at sea for journeys across small seas ie The Irish Sea,English channel,Bering Strait etc with them also having all selfcharging technology and hybrid engines.Other wise they could have the ability to land and float safely in the water to charge during the day with them also doing so onland with being able to act as motor boats using the engine or retractable sea engine with even miniature retractable legs like seaplanes.These could also complimented by private scramjets that could be traded on Euthenia for most of the year to others on local to global levels to alleviate strains on airports.

Airports and their lounges will be open 24/7,365 days a year to serve passengers.Floating airports can be developed that are held to the ground by graphene struts and draw energy from the mainland or offshore wind and wave farms or have these three forms of energy generation on site and be composed of graphene held up by graphene trusses similar to oil rigs.These would also allow flying cars to land recharge for long overseas journeys and can be connected by elevators to underwater cities.

Cleaning of airports and train stations will be the same as cities and public buildings(see earlier) and also public amenities(see later).All surfaces of the building on the interior and exterior will be covered in a permanent layer of liquid glass to make it easier for hooverbots to clean floors and surfaces with cleaning times taking place at set hours of the day ideally at night or during times that human traffic is lowest as determined by the amount of bookings.Rainwater will clean exteriors.All surfaces such as floors,walls,machinery,robots and belts etc in airports and mag lev/hyperloop stations would be covered internally and externally in liquid glass to make them easier to clean via gravity and hooverboots.This would include UV robots that clean rooms by using UV radiation to kill all germs as well as poop scooping robots that collect rubbish into bins that can all be stored in compartments with them all having the Eos symbol on them.Cleaning robots that wash and dry the floor in one go will also be used.The UV robots in airports should use narrow length UV as it kills off microbes but does not damage human skin allowing cleaning to be done at any time with ideally the ceilings of each room in the airport and train stations having these lights on them to bake all rooms at once so as to negate the need for having the bulky robots their with hooverbots stored in compartments on aeroplanes.All cleaning robots will be controlled by the AI with them visible on maps and will be be stored and charged in storerooms.The narrow wavelength UV lights can be on the roof of both aeroplane and train cabins and bake them in narrow range wavelengths when empty and do so at once and negate the need for them to have robots onboard.Leather will be protected by liquid glass.

Waste can be collected by mobile robotic garbage collectors on each floor of the airport with each one collecting each individual type of waste i.e. food waste,plastic etc.or fitted with multiple compartments and sensor weight that alert it to being full and make it travel down slopes and lifts to where it can be deposited into proper bin for that waste type to be collected by garbage trucks.At the restaurants a menu on intranet accessed via smart device can allow a person to call for a waste collecting garbage bot that collects a chosen type of waste.They could also then deposit them in boxes for each type in the basement that contain pneumatic pipes negating the need for garbage trucks.This can also be done on an app on the persons smart devices that interacts with the airport AI via the wire that once called the distance between the person and the mobile trashcan and thus the current location of the trashcan viewed on a map of the airport.If possible pneumatic pipe waste bins can be in key points of the airport and also in the kitchens of restaurants with people using maps directed to the location of these.Food waste on plates will be deposited into food bins via robots using gravity since the plates will be covered in liquid glass.Thus all waste will be sent to relevant recycling plants via pneumatic pipes or even automated rubbish skips etc controlled by the airport AI.Waste food from vertical farms and restaurants will be sent to internal pneumatic pipes connected to organic waste plants.Hooverbots and janitor robots that wash the floor and instantly dry it with drying scrubbers built in the back will clean the halls at routine times every week.If a permanent layer of liquid glass is on the floor then it will allow hooverbots to clean them without the need for janitor robots since all dirt and stains will be sucked up.Graphene can also be as stated be placed on all floors and interior walls with a layer of permanent layer of liquid glass on them to prevent the build up of dirt and the former to generate electricity from sunlight.Any metallic or concrete roofs can be replaced with glass domes with all glass windows and domes covered internally with a permanent layer of liquid glass to prevent them being cleaned or fogging with quantum dot technology integrated into them to generate electricity for the building.Any seats and benches will also be coated in both graphene paint and then liquid glass to make them dirt,acid,water and rust proof.Bio-printed leather can be used to make leather seats and benches here more comfortable than metal ones.Liquid glass on the seats will protect the leather from UV damage from sterilising sweeps.

All airports/train stations will have artificial intelligence that interact with emergency services in emergencies and also measure and log energy and water use over days,weeks,months,years on local to global levels for studies etc.It will also control all robots,machinery,restaurants etc. at these buildings and on transport vehicles and interact with all airports and aircraft/trains,traffic networks worldwide via the Ophion System to ensure accurate departure and arrival times as well interacting with police networks via security machines and cameras that will be linked to Athena.All cameras on the grounds of airports will be linked to each other and fed into the airport AI and also the global surveillance network.It will also be linked to Hephaestus and Demeter for deliveries of orders.Eos will manage and link all airports around the world together with Oceanus managing and linking all train stations around the world possibly including those also managed by Tyche.Camera feeds of key machinery and in key rooms and places in the aeroplanes and airports and routine diagnostics of all machinery and planes will be visible alongside the above information allowing all members of the public worldwide allowing them to monitor each airport and airplane from anywhere around the world via Hermes.Routine diagnostics done automatically on all systems such as lighting,robots and machinery will follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger making it easy for the layperson to recognize the level of severity of the problem.If a problem occurs automated measures within the AI system will isolate severely compromised machinery ie. from cyber attacks will be cut off from the AI and other machines until it is solved with AI of compromised buildings from other similar airports and the rest of the wire until rectified to prevent problems spreading.The AI and thus all robots under its control will have the latest cyber security installed and constantly updated.Automated corrective measures or those that can be done remotely via the wire for all possible problems will be built into the seaport AI again view able to the public.This should prevent the problems associated with the tragedy of the commons.Machinery and robots can also be composed of self healing metals,electronics and polymers to prevent them breaking down.Miniaturized versions of repair robots can be integrated to repair damaged machinery.