Robots,Drones & Surveillance

When a person is attacked by a person on the street new technology such as the Defender which is a mace squirt er combined which when it squirts mace on a individual will automatically take a photo and with another press of a button upload this photo to police central database where said assailant can be tracked via globally linked surveillance systems and then apprehended by officers as soon as possible and also the GPS location of the attack when Athena determines that is a real attack via the victim communicating with Kratos and the police station AI initiated through it with Polis determining their identity.Any pieces of DNA say from blood,saliva,cells from uprooted hair and cells from the epidermis on the body or head or even blood from an attacker that can be extracted from an attacker by the victim through injuring them through scratching or punching them hard enough can be used to determine the identity of an attacker if they have their face covered through Medusa scanning all patient files through the DNA.Semen stains on clothing,body and even also those purposefully collected by the victim can also be used with the victim even scraping off epithelial cells and saliva from the attackers mouth with tissues of hankies etc used to store it alongside it smeared on certain surfaces it can survive on ie ones own clothing.Combining this technology with the technology present in Defuser Pepper Sprays will give extra security to citizens with a powerful strobe LED light also attached to it to offer extra protection to disorient attackers.Pepper spray for these will be homemade with them able to add other irritants into the mixture with these sprayers such as lemon juice having the options to be refilled allowing them to be used over and over again with it designed on Hephaestus in Pyxis/Soter sub network allowing people to add extra features.The photo can also be used by Perseus to then cross reference Polis for the identity and track them by their registered devices locations ascertained.The sentient Heracles can be used by the general public to learn any type of of fighting style and self defence techniques at anytime with VR simulations pitting one against AI opponents of any type ie gender and size and even multiple opponents with different types of weapons or none in different types of situations include surprise ones using the time dilation effect allowing a person to be prepared for any situation with it also giving tips on what to do and what not to do.Microbes can be used to break down or interfere with date rape drugs preventing them interacting with the receptors in the body and thus allowing them to be flushed out thus preventing these from occurring.

Robots for patrolling streets,public places,public amenities and warzones can consist of many different designs that can utilise lethal and non lethal methods of incapacitation,ideally the non-lethal options such as the wireless taser Xrep and LED incapacitators(that can be attached to weapons) that disorient criminals and miniaturised and more short range versions of Long Range Acoustic Devices which can be used by human personnel as well and can lighten the workload of police officers and counter terrorists units as they can cover more ground(on land and over water either flying over water or through automated drone ships monitoring oceans and coastal areas) with multiple drones and robots patrolling an area 24/7 alongside human officers using a rotary system that allows them to plan strategies and view surveillance and control drones from other key cities or potential targets around the world remotely via access to Athena from home with only authorised personal gaining control of these networks via digital keys combined with biometrics etc.These would also be fitted with cameras with facial recognition and gun detecting T-Ray radar,explosive detecting nanowires and have the ability to lock onto targets such as criminals,suspects and vehicles for pursuit with net guns for capture,inject or attach nano GPS trackers that can be injected or deployed at what they are pursuing.These could inject differing amounts of nanoparticles of sedatives at the will of the police based on the persons height and body size thus limiting the danger of overdosing.The GPS tracker in time will take the shape of a bio-synth worm like parasite and be able to move around the body making it difficult for it to be removed and once the assailant is caught it can be ordered to either degrade or move out of the body by burrowing out of the body in an area that wouldnt cause death or damage arteries ,or self terminate and bio degrade in the body.Ideally they would only be deployed to a scene once an alert for the sighting of a suspect is made by the general public or surveillance cameras to save energy as surveillance cameras would already provide enough security.Otherwise these drones can be remotely controlled allowing police officers to remotely patrol and survey an area and deal with crimes without threat of injury or death with non lethal methods allowing for a decrease in casualties.For example drones and robots can be fitted with sedative rounds of varying strength and software on the drones can accurately determine the correct sedative strength to use based on other software that determine height,weight and age and thus use the correct strength of sedative to apprehend the suspect and limit collateral damage.Bullet ant poison created by bacteria can also be in these rounds thus stunning the person shot with a searing but non fatal pain.All people that spotted breaking the law will have their photo taken on the spot by drones and glasses worn by personnel,as well as surveillance cameras and added to the database of people of interest to be tracked down with Polis cross referenced to identify them.Drones and robots that are designed after birds or land based animals such cheetahs and dogs can alternatively can have compartments that house smaller insect based drones/bio-synths that can pursue targets and inject sedatives(the strength determined by software) or nano-GPS trackers into targets.All of these robots and drones will be controlled by the buildings they are housed in and serve rather than being separate individuals giving them omniscience and will have the symbol of the sector they serve on them on.Citizens and law enforcement and even military personnel will have the accelerated healing phenotype using recombinant DNA from Ambystoma mexicanum,Planarians etc to allow them to survive otherwise fatal shootings with glasses worn by law enforcement and military personnel linked to weapons allowing them to aim for areas to shoot that would not be fatal and allow the person to survive.In military operations alongside law enforcement ones this and other gene therapy will limit casualties of both personnel,enemy combatants,civillians and thus wars and operations will be won via surrendering turf etc taken over as well as armistices,treaties and diplomacy with enemy combatants detained and also deprogrammed or brought to trial etc.

All of what would be seen by a police officer through these robots and indeed autonomous and remote controlled robots would be recorded and logged in digital files for review if any deaths or injuries of citizens occur which will also be wirelessly transmitted to police HQ(again personnel ID and serial ID of the drone also recorded).In both google glasses and drones they will also keep a record of who is wearing the glasses and operating the drone during each recording to ensure maximum accountability.Live feeds could be accessed of any drone and robot around the world from smart devices and smart glasses and lenses in the hands of personal using menus through smartphones,laptops by themselves and them linking to lenses etc by links to personnel Athena account allowing one to monitor any town or city etc around the world from the comfort of home.These drones and robots will patrol all cities around the world in rotary systems using self charging technologies and charging at wireless inductive chargers used by public and private vehicles as well as those at key points for them specifically on public buildings.They will compliment surveillance cameras and monitor areas that cannot have these such as parks,alleys and other hard to reach areas with them also accessed(but not controlled)by the public to view live feeds and logged ones to allow for public control of their operations preventing unecessary surveillance with them visible on the same map as cameras as uniquely coloured blips.They will be controlled by the local police HQ and will in time through artificial surveillance actively seek out criminals or persons of interest if they are spotted by other surveillance systems or through alerts with this applying to missing person both when spotted or when they person is being searched by the public using IR illuminator cameras to patrol areas at night.They will cover these areas and also extra ones will cover areas where mass disturbances are taking place.These will be controlled by the AI of each police station and in time bio-synth versions can be used for aerial and ocean surveillance especially in wilderness with them modelled on native fauna with this also applying to those in urban areas.Bio-synths that patrol wilderness areas controlled by Artemis will be connected to the global surveillance database of missing persons and criminals with them like surveillance ones in cities will be programmed to actively seek out these groups when alerts are made with them also alerting Perseus when sightings are made.Metamaterials in time will make them invisible making them more effective.Only registered personnel will be allowed to operate these drones who will in time be also controlled by the police/army HQ and access police intranet.In the case of the google glasses menus will accessed at first by headwear,smart gloves and in time graphene implants allowing them to view maps of bases and environments gained from drones,transmit live feeds from drones,surveillance cameras in bases/allied cities/infiltration missions done by drones and humans,other personnel and commanding officers.Remote controlled drones will have a “whisper mode” where they can communicate with other drones and police officers(via google glasses and contact lenses with text messages and codec transmissions) on the scene or some where else in the region which will be recorded on the video recordings as text.Transparency and again accountability will maintained by each message containing the ID code of the personnel who sent the message being visible and recorded.Police officers with either glasses or contact lenses will eventually be able to communicate to multiple people via “whisper mode” via glasses and lenses graphene implants or mind reading technology under headwear with codec implants in the ear also playing a role.Codec devices will be similar to hearing aids and those in the Metal Gear Solid series that directly stimulate the inner ear.This will allow them to remotely communicate without actually speaking in tense situations ie. when they located a suspect who is armed or when encountering incognito combatants or when undercover to multiple personnel and government officials around the world through smart devices,google glasses,laptops,drones and military and police ready rooms and HQ computers and screens (which contact and monitor POV of multiple personal and drones around the world via split screens and and menus).This built into their glasses and lenses will allow for two or more people see different sides of a room and also base or those that are missing see things from each others point of view and send messages in anyway possible say writing notes on paper or sand as well as even hand signals etc.In both warzones and in cities drones can be programmed to follow suspects and vehicles while in classified government facilities such as the Pentagon etc they will replace security guards and raise alerts to presence of intruders and take photos modelled after MorpHex Mk. II. Airports,train stations and seaports surveillance cameras and drones that patrol these areas can also have this facial recognition software with police officers alert to this and can either go in in person or take remote control of drones.Sensors both on the nanosensors and those being developed for smartphones could be fitted onto drones to allow them to detect explosives in gas residues.Silicon nanowires and sensors to detect gases have also been developed that can detect individual explosives and also modified T-ray and radar that can detect concealed weapons such as swords and knives all of which can be integrated into drones in both allied captured city patrols and warzones thus preventing civilian causalities with facial recognition to spot known terrorists and wanted criminals for drones and robots replacing human military personnel particularly in Syria and Iraq allowing all operations to be done remotely limiting casualties of allied troops as they patrol areas and allied camps and cities 24/7 either autonomously or through a rotary system manually with them fitted with and switch between thermal,UV,IR Illumination and night vision to and in time x-ray scanning to allow them to see through walls.X-Ray scanning capabilities alongside IR illuminator,night and thermal vision may even be integrated into weapons,contact lenses,glasses and binoculars used by humans and drones using nanomaterials.

These can be used to protect allied camps,civilians and also aid workers working autonomously or remote controlled with recording of all audio visual drones used in warzones and cities by law enforcement being mandatory to ensure accountability and deter abuse between the two and can add new suspected and confirmed terrorists and persons of interest to the database in Athena.Recordings will be stored in Athena in the drone or robots file and the files of any personnel controlling them.This will also include predator drones and any bombers automated or non automated.Wireless charging stations at set points in a city or region can ensure they never run out energy with graphene and quantum dot technology letting them gain energy from the sun built into the fake hide/feathers/fur of animal based drones and/or have bioprinted organs to gain energy from plant and animal matter the same way animals do so with graphene/carbyne composite skeletons giving them strength to protect wiring.In vitro flesh muscles or synthetic variants could give them a more realistic look to blend in and improve movement for these “bio-synth” drones and robots.Further research into metamaterials and octocamoflauge that can make them invisible or blend into their environment and invisible to the naked eye or they could be coloured in the same colour as the surrounding environment.Thus biosynth animals will be used to monitor enemy bases etc.

They will ideally be modelled on local fauna such as arthropods,birds,snakes,reptiles and small mammals.Eventually shape memory alloy technology will alloy them to change shape and assume any shape desired to become incognito as objects or in walls/floor and even move between the tiniest of cracks which alongside metamaterials/octocamoflague could make them even deadlier than bio synths.They can also be complimented with self driving or remote controlled bombers again preventing loss of allied forces with smaller drones ranging from nanquadrocopters to larger drones and bio-synths equipped with night and thermal vision used for ideally night time surveillance of potential bombing targets to ensure 100% accuracy in determine the validity of targets by entering the target gathering audio/visual data and 3D scanning of as much of the interior and exterior as possible and mapping out the presence of allied and civilian prisoners(or double agents) which can be saved on military HQ cloud reducing civilian causalities.These can also be used to map tunnel systems used by enemy forces.Alternatively undercover double agent human operatives(or cameras tagged to enemy combatants) inside wearing google glasses,lenses or camera pens and jewellery fitted with mapping software could do this while sending live feeds to army HQ in real time with facial recognition software can check for known enemies and add all guards,foot soldiers and any other combatants to the database in Athena with civilians and hostages also added to that of missing persons list with existing missing persons found this way.Maps will be logged in operation files with existing building maps streamed and logged into neural implants.Neural implants will link known people to their Polis file and those that contain their file in criminal databases.Robots,drones and bio-synths will also be fitted with the facial recognition software linked to Athena with terrorists and foot soldiers of enemy foot soldiers added to the database when monitoring battles and patrols of enemy strongholds and bases.Polis will be cross referenced to determine their identity and these will be logged in mission files with them used to identify civilians and also enemy combatants added to databases linked to all surveillance systems.Metamaterials that can render them invisible can make these reconnaissance and patrolling missions easier.Cheetah and dog variants with cameras and weapons could again have compartments with smaller insect drones to fight multiple targets can be deployed with multiple aerial and land based drones taking on large numbers of enemy combatants at once.Safeguards within the software of these and all robots will ensure non lethal methods of incapacitate are pursued and linked to Athena and Polis will recognise and not harm registered personnel and civilians.Suicide features can be utilised where they wither explode or short circuit to prevent capture with them relaying the validity of a target to signal automated Predator drones to strike with them also able to cancel strikes depending on the situation.In time they could signal smaller insect like drones to arrive and inject GPS transmitters to as much terrorists present to track their location to Athena or they could release sedative gases to allow them to be captured or contain C4 to blow up the building at strategic points more effectively and efficiently than predator drones to minimise civilian casualties.Ideally multiple of these should be deployed to a target building to make the process and mark changes that occur in different room.They can also allow for emergency supplies to transported to any personal injured in the battlefield locating them by GPS via smart clothing and can send them automated miniature ambulances.This can also apply to SWAT,police and other operations.

They could also equipped with machine guns,sniper rifles,flame throwers and grenade launchers,laser weapons(or a mixture of these) or drop miniature timed C4 bombs to take out enemies the field more efficiently than humans as they move in all directions and lock onto targets and thus avoid enemy fire and equipped with suicide explosives to prevent their capture or at least inflict damage should the target be proven to an enemy stronghold(or the suicide feature being used as a last resort should it run out of ammo and/or being compromised either through simply shutting down and frying its own circuits or by use of explosives with both of these suicide features built into all military drones.This can also be a feature of drones sent into gather information on enemy camps and bases) with these attacks being remotely controlled or autonomously.The usual features such as facial recognition software,T-ray,gun radar and x-ray scanning technology would be installed to prevent civilian deaths and add any escaped enemy combatants(or those incognito as prisoners) to their network of known terrorists for use in surveillance systems,drones and google glasses on military and law enforcement personnel around the world.Ideally even prisoners and civilians would be added to persons of interest until they are cleared as non combatants.They could also be equipped with saws and lasers to cut through obstacles such as doors (otherwise larger robots could accompany them to do this again with lasers and/or saw or even software to hack digital keys through Gaia) with the former also used as a weapon of last resort with a light source being able to produce a bright flash of light strong enough to stun enemies or sedative gases released via a nozzles to avoid using this a weapon.Drones can be programmed to seek out and target specific or all enemy combatants equipped with weapons which could be useful especially in taking back captured cities where civilians and hostages are an issue(again facial and weapon recognition software playing a role here) with smaller insect/bird/reptile type drones(and those designed off other native fauna with artificial hides,flesh,feathers,hair,scales,eyes etc. to blend in) allowing for more discreet reconnaissance,spying,subjugation and suicide missions(with sedatives(again strength determined via cameras that take into account height and weight) or poisons or internal nano GPS tracking devices injected into the bloodstream/skeletal system or onto the skin for terrorist targets one wishes to track via darts.

These could be injected by hand via double agents incognito as allies or healthcare staff,via food,be placed in ones room while asleep and enter the target by itself(with the advent of bio-synths combined with shape memory alloy technology),miniature bio-synths based on mosquitoes and other insects or drones and measure vital signs and GPS location 24/7 (these of course would have to placed in an area that would require skilled surgery to remove or whose removal would cause death or permanent paralysis or release a deadly toxin at will or during unwarranted removal – this would apply to only terrorist leaders with trackers in criminals releasing only a sedative.These GPS chips could in time be bio-synth versions modelled on human parasites and move independently to any desired organ to attach to mimicking parasites,viruses and bacteria with flagellum or be in constant motion to make things even more difficult to remove alongside the release of poisonous or sedatory gases.The poison could  be as stated released automatically when attempts to remove it are done or by higher up officials in the government(President,Secretary of State and Defense,Vice President)deciding to release it using biometrics and unique password by and other measures that must be done by multiple high ranking individuals including Athena at once and cannot be copied.These poisons can include those derived from poisonous animals like fish,snakes,frogs,mammals,jellyfish and poisonous species of plants synthesised on a commercial scale using genetically engineered bacteria for effectiveness and discreetness.In time it could contain samples of a deadly virus or bacteria or both ie. it could infect them with HIV and then a pathogen that can kill but one that the target would have likely come in contact with,specific diseases(including ones that can be treated or two whom vaccines already exist even the common cold),local non fatal pathogens or those that currently in outbreaks(which can be started in the area by allied forces to cover it up) or an oncovirus strong enough to kill them later on with their weakened immune system.Ideally the tracker and bio synth containing the poison to pathogen would break down once the target is dead.The sentient Coeus can be installed in these to allow for comprehension of meetings being spyed on.Again the two forms of suicide techniques can be utilised if the drones become captured or compromised.Research can done into assassination bio-weapons like viruses created using CRISPR that stimulate single or multiple organ failure like heart attacks or specific cancers,fatal neurological disorders,SADS or other diseases that affect only a specific individual target or even multiple targets that are in close contact with each based on their genetic code/fingerprints(similar to the fictional FoxDie of which it will be named)using DNA samples from the targets from from blood and skin samples or via synthesising the targets DNA from their patient file that can be transported into targets via bio-synth mosquitoes or parasites,air borne or injected by via double agents/ambassadors/journalists,packages(from Demeter and Hephaestus),food,water,animals,pets and livestock,bio-synths or even spreading the pathogen amongst an area or population of civilians or foot soldiers the target may come in contact with etc but engineered with gene drives to prevent mutations that could cause epidemics with samples within those that its spreads to be engineered to eventually die off within a specified amount of time through programmed suicide genes or vaccines created to vaccinate people and civilians discreetly around the target to prevent it spreading.Ideally versions of this would instigate fatal conditions they are genetically predisposed to or are prone to due to age or their lifestyle designed by Phanes and authorised by Gaia to ensure warranted use as a last resort allowing for discreet assassination of targets.In short remote controlled or autonomous drones can be used to patrol allied areas as well as capture enemy strongholds and cities with T-ray,X-ray scanning,gun radar,facial recognition software(to identify known enemy combatants and separate them from allied fighters and civilians),GPS nano trackers can replace conventional human fighters and bombing techniques for the most delicate of operations.CRISPR can also be engineered to create viruses,fungi,bacterial pathogens to not only take out specific targets but also multiple targets with specific genetic sequences with gene drives ensuring the pathogen is unable to mutate and effect the rest of the human race or other sentient species or even infect or affect local flora and fauna with this form of specified biological warfare allowing all types of existing pathogens to be customised such as STDs,Ebolavirus,Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus,Bacillus anthracis,Poliovirus,Variola major,V.minor,Vibrio cholerae,oncovirus etc ideally local pathogens or those that the arise in places the target or someone close to the target(even double agents)have visited and even new ones to be engineered and used to wipe out specific targets or specific ethnic or even familial linked populations or even entire bases and members of group or faction that are in close contact with each other with the pathogen engineered to not mutate and affect people outside specific targets to die off after a set period of time or generations again due to again suicide genes engineered into it with local civilian populations in the surrounding region and country immunised discreetly by bio synth or other covert means while exposed to more benign versions of the pathogen(ie a flu) prior to this to prevent unnecessary civilian casualties and make them more discreet as when an outbreak of a benign version affects civillians the target can be killed off by the bioweapon which triggers the same immune response and symptoms.Having civilians affected by benign versions will also make the outbreak look naturally formed mutation that affected only desired targets.These custom made pathogens could also be engineered to be coated in human or the targets DNA and peptides to allow it silently kill them without triggering any sort of immune response so the target dies silently in their sleep or suddenly without even falling sick with them also being created as new unknown and new viruses with customised incubation periods,symptoms,lifespan,method of transmission etc to again kill off specific targets with them scanning the DNA of the host via taq polymerase with them in non target citizens undergoing apoptosis themselves once the genome is scanned after a certain incubation period of at least several weeks or a month and causing no real symptoms or minor ones with their replication controlled in non targets so as to allow them to be spread to targets.Phanes would design these bioweapons and vaccines and the distribution of immunisations via wireless biosynth technology with simulations done as to its effectiveness and their likeliest chance of mutating with the version least likely to mutate used with simulations carried out to test its effectiveness at killing a target and not mutating and affecting civilians.Aesculapius patient files would be referenced to check its likely hood of local civilians being a vector or carrier with authorisation required from Gaia.Adikia and Perseus alongside relevant high ranking officials to ensure it is only used in specific circumstances and targets.They would likely work via being specialised biocompatible nanomachines activating them when they are injected alongside them that activate only in the required target with if possible the pathogens interacting with the specific unique biomarkers,proteins and genes in a target or even biocompatible microbes and leukocytes that cause these to turn against the host and instigate organ failure,sepsis,heart attacks,cancers or other desired symptoms,create specific toxins that affect key organs or alongside them insert genetic faults,enzymes,prions,poisons and suicide genes into relevant cells in specific organs with the pathogen coated in either human or the targets DNA to avoid detection and work with the primary and secondary immune system.If possible they would be designed to interact with microbes,acting as extra strains to not alert them to their prescence,inactivate them wirelessly via nanomachines using encryption from Paean,Perseus and Adikia and as stated turn them against the host to instigate these symptoms as well as even use CRISPR to inactivate them and the primary immune system and other genes in the targets genome with base microbes initiating the attack by first copying the targets DNA that would thus only attack specific targets and thus could use CRISPR to insert faulty genes to instigate heart attacks or other organ failures.Other methods include having food ordered in by Demeter to be engineered to produce a toxin,enzyme,proteins etc that will cause serious illness,comas and death or have multiple crops etc ordered in be those engineered to produced multiple ones that have a synergistic effect that act together to kill a specific target with other synergistic toxins that can be spread by air,water and other means over a short period of time that would need to be applied in a certain order each after another over a certain period of time.This would increase the level of discreetness in killing off a target making it harder to for the source to be determined.By interacting with microbes in the patient they could either disable them or using signals cause them to attack the primary immune system disabling all major leukocytes leaving the host open to even minor infections or those they can be exposed to by double agents and animals etc acting as a vector and then force microbes to remove any augmentations such as accelerated healing,use of carbon dioxide as an energy acceptor etc and then attack major organs like the heart,lungs and brain by creating peptides,initiate cytokine storms and also apply suicide genes to these major organs tissues.Immunities to genetic disorders and cancer can be removed and them applying genes to instigate tumourgenesis in as many organs as possible to overwhelm the primary immune system as well as apply suicide genes to major organs causing organ failure.Otherwise the pathogen can instigate through communicating with the microbes cause the immune system to overreact and cause anaphalytic shock and trigger overeactions.CRSIPR Cas-9 would be used alongside taq polymerase to read the hosts DNA in cells meaning if they are in non targeted individuals the FOXDIE would be programmed not to carry out its functions and possibly to undergo apoptosis after a period of time with it only interacting with hosts that have the specific DNA markers thus allowing it to attack only one or multiple targets with the genetic markers present in their DNA.Gene drives would prevent it mutating and affecting the general public who can be immunised discreetly by being injected via biosynth arthropods and also Paean wirelessly controlling the upgrades of immunising strains.These targets can be closely related people but also people with the same ethnic group or completely unrelated people with the DNA of the target individuals,groups interspaced in the pathogens DNA.The virus could be engineered to be food borne,air borne or even water borne depending on the target.Otherwise it could be possible to create separate viruses and pathogenic bacteria that have to interact with each other by actively sharing DNA with each other to form a deadly pathogen that again affects only specific individuals or causes synergistic symptoms that combined cause death of the individuals with them requiring the target to come into contact with them one after each other in a certain order and time period for it to be effective with them consisting of water borne,airborne,blood borne,food borne and sexually transmitted pathogens that are designed only to interbreed with each other sharing all or key genes including those from the target to form a super pathogen that kills only the specific target meaning this would lessen the chance of non target civilians being affected and would be discrete since they would require all specific strains to interact with each other at specific time periods.These could viruses,bacteria,hybrids of both and a mixture of these.Authorisation to utilise this would come from Adikia,Perseus and all human members of these.

As stated miniaturised versions of the Da Vinci surgery systems combined with broadband can allow surgeons to remotely carry operations on both personnel,civilians and any captured combatants ensuring both safety of both patients and surgeons.Further advances may even allow military personnel as well as volunteer and aid workers to carry out their work remotely from anywhere in the world via wireless exoskeletons(which can also be used by military and police personnel in operations) thus lessening civilian casualties that could act as robots that protect native civilians alongside them selves.These and robots/drones could also be used by journalists to carry out investigations remotely again from the safety of their native country and will be composed of graphene with a layer of graphene paint and liquid glass to make them acid,dirt,bullet and rust proof.Medical personnel will be present on all warzones,bases in occupied etc terrotories to act as backup.

All police officers and military on the field would be fitted with google glasses and google contact lenses(in the case of undercover operations) that allow them to view police intranet and will be fitted with facial recognition software that picks up suspects and known terrorists/felons(and sought after vehicles via licence plates including e-licence etc),criminals viewed by the by the person in field.With regards to military personal they will recognise known terrorists,criminals,persons of interest and enemy combatants as well as known local allied fighters and add new ones to databases in Athena.They will relay information such as distances between objects ie. vehicles and people selected they chase through augmented reality and soon will be fitted with zoom features night,UV,IR illuminator,thermal vision of varying intensities and also allow for detection bombs and weapons all of which they can choose over voice commands or eventually through thought.T-ray and gun detecting radar and hyperspectral imaging will also be integrated alongside sensors to detect a wide array of explosives and gases i.e. noxious and explosive residues as well as chemical weapons.Cameras mounted on dashcams and even small scanners will be linked to glasses and contact lenses relayed to them to cater this with in time nanomaterials integrated into both lenses and glasses allowing for them to be integrated into lenses or in time neural implants could allow one to naturally see this by being linked to the optic nerve or glasses and lenses as well as uploading this to their file initiated by thought.In time the Soter system that is linked to microchips in guns may even be linked to google glasses and neural implants on both personnel and even members of the public allowing them to be detected this way.Linked to Polis they will identify civilians and will give basic information and also their status to hold a gun and interact with the microchip in guns.Thus these will in time using neural implants be fed into their optic nerve as well as glasses and lenses initiated by thought and will allow one to see through luggage,clothing and see hidden weapons with it also detecting microchips wirelessly and the data on them using the same technology as sensor terminals with biosynths automatically having this.This will allow them to make rational decisions with if possible it detecting plastic and BB guns and those with blanks.Gas masks will relay the levels of oxygen and any toxic gases when worn by SWAT members relayed to augmented reality in ones glasses or lenses or within the visors in the mask via graphene with the readings coming from smart devices,robots and even sensors on the outside of the gas masks and on clothing with these gas masks also available to the public from Hephaestus.The visors would also relay environmental readings such as temperature,oxygen,carbon dioxide,toxic gases via nanosensors in particular biosynth versions within clothing and also the mask itself.The gasmasks will have nanomaterials and biosynth materials to prevent toxins entering them and letting only oxygen in with the oxygen from carbon dioxide and other toxins be separated from them with the other elements removed through the action of nanomaterials and catabolic/anabolic reactions carried out by them forming tissues similar to the aveoli in lungs designed to separate toxins into oxygen and the other elements used as energy acceptors and disposed of by combining them with carbon from carbon dioxide exhaled with carbon dioxide exhaled have the oxygen separated to be reused.These will be coated internally and externally with liquid glass to make them dirt,water and fog proof and would have graphene in their matrix to facilitate this augmented reality and make them shatter and bulletproof in layers.They would have nanomicrophones in their interior to allow for one to communicate with any team members with nanocameras also present to allow one to record there actions to police HQ.All of this night vision,thermal imaging,IR illuminator,facial and vehicle recognition software linked to networks including Polis and Actaeon,T-ray,weapon radar and distance computation etc could theoretically be integrated into weapons and in time as stated smart lenses and glasses and neural implants for swat teams and military personal such as sniper rifles and zoom attachments for pistols etc.This can be due to nanomaterials of all 92 elements and biosynth technology fitted into the glasses with them changed via thought via neural implants through biosynth wifi.They will also record all of their work in the field sent wirelessly to their digital file logged by time and date in order to have them for use in trials if injuries and deaths occur to citizens with the ID code of the police officer recorded for each recording.Polis and Athenas database of criminals etc can be streamed via biosynth WiFi to identify criminals and civilians in real time with all readings using biosynth WiFi live-streamed into each personells digital file or each case file.In time neural implants will via WiFi livestream this into digital case files.This will allow for AI such as Perseus,Adikia etc and human superiors to view operations of each individual officer etc in real time using computer networks at home or in police stations and barracks etc.Each day of field work for police officers and also military personell will be logged into their digital file and digital files of police and military operations they are partaking in with the time of day and address as well as GPS location visible at the bottom of the screen.Ideally they will be logged into the military and police operation case file with each personals digital file having hyperlinks to these operation case files to negate duplicates and save memory.Nanomicrophones and readings from implants will record sound.These will be logged by date divided by year,month,week and day and as stated will be livestreamed into it viewed in real time by Prseus,Harmonia,Kratos,Nike etc in fragmentation and also any higher up human officers and personnel via laptops,computers anywhere in the world as well as in headquarters accessed via biometrics and passwords etc.Theses can thus be viewed in real time in police and military HQ around the world.These will be linked to the global database of persons of interest and also terrorists etc to allow for important people to be identified and appropriate action to take place with AI and human officials communicating via implants and also the glasses themselves via text silently.Wearing of google glasses and lenses will be mandatory by law for all law enforcement and military personnel worldwide during field operations and only registered officers will be allowed to wear specialised versions of these glasses and lenses developed for military and law enforcement personal that turn on and record everything including audio via nanomicrophones on badges or glasses automatically when only they put them on via biometrics such as retina scanner with again record all periods of their field operations, interactions with civilians,criminals,suspects,detainees, interrogations etc with all aforementioned individuals and each other livestreamed and recorded with these transmitted constantly and wirelessly to police/army HQ through live feeds and recorded and logged instantly in their digital file open to the public,the courts and media on demand via warrants from the courts and Adikia and Perseus from the courts to deter them abusing and mistreating civilians etc.(as well as vice versa)and for use in court martial and investigations.All of these will be livestreamed and logged into each law enforcement and military personnells digital files operations by year,month,week and date with time of day etc visible via biosynth wifi.Biosynth biological harddrives will be present to store large amounts of data that can be sent in packages should WiFi access is not possible for periods time with them sent when access is availible.Perseus and police station/barracks AI can be present in these lenses via fragmentation to ensure all material is recorded and live-streamed and using augmented reality highlight relevant material and communicate via codec technology and text.The time of day,date and GPS location,address and also name of the personnell will be present on the bottom of the screen of logged video files with this used for training purposes and also in court martials etc of personnell with warrents allowing certain information to be leaked to the public or even next of kin.They will be automatically turn off when removed or could be set to record when removed for set periods of time and wont require blinking to operate with their initials visible in the recordings with their squadcar and personal vehicles ensuring they are worn at specific times.In time neural implants will livestream and record readings including sound and vital signs etc from the brain only during operations on the field into their file for the same purposes and controlled by Paean and Perseus as well as Adikia will ensure it is recorded only during these periods for the privacy of the personnel with the use of warrents used as well with this working if glasses fall off or are not used with this via warrents have memories extracted of periods outside the field for investigations.Members of the public will also have via warrents memories extracted from implants and also wear google contact lenses and glasses to also deter bad behaviour with those from dead officers and citizens etc also streamed.They would record via the police/barracks HQ or nanoprecessors initiating it initiating if wire access is not possible in wilderness with internal biological harddrives recording data or biological harddrives present in clothing protected by when wire access is again not possible with satellites also used to transmit data to Athena with Gaia in these and other devices transmitting it by cellular either livestreamed or sent in packages to Athena.Wifi processors connected to the wire and satellites could be interwoven into ones clothing or even in neural implants and nanomachines which they could piggyback into the wire via these if in isolated areas.They could send this data through satellites linked to the wire that relay their GPS location,cellular access as well as vehicles linked through the Ophion system by satellites with the onboard computer saving it sending it in packages or in real time with this managed by the police/barracks AI that controls vehicles with Gaia and other AI on any device linked to the wire doing the same either in packages or in real time.Gaia,police/barrack AI can be stored in devices such as headgear and clothing to ensure this is followed and also provide companionship with them them transmitting data when wire access is possible or even when they are found.Biological harddrives present on glasses and lenses will be used to store potentially 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB of information that can be then sent when wifi is availible with the lenses and glasses having biosynth wifi processors in microbes present in them as each lens could hold as much as 25,000,000-500,000,000 microbes.They can use this and the 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors present to carry out complex calculations and integrate night vision etc alongside nanomaterials.The lenses and glasses will contain microbes that have chlorophyll present to turn sunlight into electricity with them also having quantum dot technology,see through thermo-piezoelectric materials and graphene to generate electricity with them also storing power in schwarsite batteries or wirelessly extracting energy from schwarzite batteries woven into uniform and also from in vivo body implants powered by thermop-piezoelectric materials and also nutrients in the body etc.Perseus would be present in these devices via fragmentation to ensure data is livestreamed,recorded,transmitted and logged via biosynth wifi interacting with public and private wifi and satellite wifi.Codec technology that directly stimulates the inner ear composed of biosynth technology and nanomaterials of can allow for live feeds of personnel to be fed into ones ear.Nanomicrophones in badges and/or in the lenses and glasses will record audio.Onboard cameras on the dashboards of vehicle used by law enforcement personnel will also be mandatory and uploaded into the files of all personal in them for the same reasons in both the cases of both law enforcement and militry personnel.These will automatically be turned on via the onboard computer controlled by the police HQ,Barracks AI,Perseus doing this wirelessly or in a fragmented form with them storing large amounts of data sent to the digital file when wifi is availible and also through cellular and satellite access.The same two measures will apply to any human personnel,combatants in warzones and peacekeeping operations to ensure all interactions with non-combatants and civilians in both cases are recorded in order to prevent abuse on the part of either parties as well as internal abuse and conflict within the police/military and be used in court martial and investigations into civilian and personnel deaths.These lenses and glasses will be linked to databases of terrorists,suspects,people of interest to identify them and even Polis to identify citizens.Civilians such as protesters,certain racial or ethnic demographics who may be at risk of abuse can also wear normal versions of this for the same reason when in the open or in contact with officers out of duty uploaded to their Hestia cloud as well as use smart devices which by constitutional law can be used to record law enforcement at all times.These measures will also be used to allow for superiors to analyse military and law enforcement operations and prevent lies made to them by combatants and to analyse undercover operations and recordings of all law enforcement and military operations including raids,policing of public demonstrations,interrogations of all suspects,witnesses and detainees using this technology will be done to ensure they are carried out within constitutional and legal human rights guidelines preventing torture and mistreatment again open to the public when demanded by the public.All terror suspects held in special facilities such as Guantanamo Bay will be monitored by cameras both in mess halls,exercise areas and in interrogation rooms again open to the public when warranted to ensure their detainment follows human rights guidelines with the possibility of human rights watchdogs sending faux terrorists or bio-synth arthropods into them to observe these conditions incognito with the same applying to all detainment facilities.All of these recordings will be logged by time and date allowing a search bar within the personnel file to easily find them with them open to the public via the correct warrant from the courts and unbiased Themis/Dike.Those of operations will be logged into the opertions file with hyperlinks present for it.Infractions of this and deletion and hiding of this could result in suspension,a jail sentence or possibly court martial depending on the severity of the infraction and will be done to make sure the police and military are accountable to both their superiors but also to the public they serve.Trainee military and law enforcement personnel can use Dike and Perseus to sift through the database of all of these files to perform research.These glasses will allow personnel to switch between IR illuminator and also thermal imaging vision alongside normal vision.These lenses and glasses will be able to detect microchips of registered weapons hidden in clothing etc with their owners information brought up.The lenses will also automatically bring up the information such as full name,date of birth etc of people and personell they interact with via being linked to Polis etc and other databases.In time imporvements in nanotechnoly and even biosynthe technology will be able to incorporate x-ray vision,thermal vision etc into these or possibly even biosynth neural implants.

Smaller more miniaturised versions of cameras built into contact lenses and the optic nerve,graphene neural implants,jewellery will provide live feeds wirelessly transmitted alongside codec technology and nano microphones built into one ear and jewellery to allow recording of any military agents infiltrating terrorist and enemy camps and ranks as well as cells as double and undercover agents will be developed replacing bulky wire taps to make these operations safer for personnel.Cameras built in glasses and pens and other objects can be utilised.In time invivo biosynth implants will record and stream data from the brain,optic nerve and ear drum with them also relaying GPS locations during operations to prevent them going MIA.Again these will be logged in their file and if needed will be open to the public.These can be stored in linked devices to be sent in packages via the wire or use satellite wifi.Ideally the recording and and picture functions of these devices would controlled in close proximity and remotely by smart devices and laptops via other personnel in military and law enforcement HQ where it will be automatically fed into their digital file and the branches HQ.This is to allow it to be recorded and retain stoicism without giving themselves away by blinking.These lenses and glasses will allow for text,audio/visual messages and live chats to be sent back and forth via neural implants and computers etc with them all aiding double agents and civilians intercepting terrorist and paedophiles cells across the world to prevent attacks on the public and refer paedophiles to Iaso for treatment with it also used to allow them to get in contact with those planning attacks as a lone perpetrators.

Both police officers and military personnel will also be fitted with either grapehene armour or smart armour which is lightweight and composed of iron shavings and oil and has the consistency of runny yogurt which stiffens up within milisecond of it being hit by a bullet instigated by the impact releasing a magnetic and electric field current passed through it from an onboard battery pack itself protected by graphene sheets.Since it has a pliable structure in its inactive phase it can adhere to the unique contours of a soldiers body and can be spread over all parts of their bodies:chest,arms,hands,legs,head,neck,head and face with even the eyes covered with implants and wireless smart lenses/glasses on the eyes (also covered by this material) connected to cameras on headsets/goggles/glasses on the outside and external microphones connected to codec implants or wireless earphones in the ear providing audio visual sight to the external world with the mouth and nostrils left bare or have miniature shields composed of the same materials that also act as air filters to provide both protection and air.Otherwise a graphene helmet with a retractable visor composed of several layers of graphene can protect them from gunfire and provide augmented reality and connect to Athena and receive audio/visual messages and files from personnel as well as relay environmental readings outside them and levels of gases with it also connecting to the rest of the wire.Graphene helmets with a graphene infused visor should suffice since it is 200 times stronger than steel.Graphene also can be modified to have a pliable structure and thus interwoven into all parts of uniform in several layers.Since it is 200 times stronger than steel and 86% lighter it can make all uniform bulletproof with biosynth nanosensors built into them.The helmet will also have nano air holes and nanomaterials that separate toxins and carbon dioxide from air intaken near the neck to provide oxygen that can close and gain oxygen from tanks when in low oxygen areas,when dangerous gases are detected or when in water with this done automatically with further advances allowing nanomaterial and biosynth filters to replace these that separate dangerous gases allowing only oxygen to pass through with the carbon dioxide energy acceptor phenotype allowing carbon dioxide to be used like oxygen with CRISPR allowing other toxic gases to be used as an energy acceptor.Spider silk can be modified to interwoven into all parts of uniform in several layers.A dragline silk’s tensile strength is comparable to that of high-grade alloy steel (450−2,000 MPa)and about half as strong as aramid filaments,such as Twaron or Kevlar (3,000 MPa).Combat,law enforcement,SWAT,military suits would with
graphene helmets with graphene in the visor for strength and augmented reality to receive messages and environmental readings from nanosensros on external devices and on the cloth with the cloth also having graphene in its matrix for strength to prevent tears that would contaminate the researcher or the environment with silicene and nanosensors particular biosynth ones would allow for environmental conditions to be relayed to the visor and AI of the university and lab.Nanomaterials combined with biosynth technology that separate oxygen from toxic gases and prevent viruses and other pathogens can be part of built in gas masks.Both these masks and nano-sensors would utilise biosynth technology.Oxygen tanks could be in time be replaced by it stored in nanomaterials in the clothing or external clothing and released on demand or in time nanomachines and will also be replaced with filters in masks that consist of both nanomaterials and biosynthetic materials and tissues similar to those in the lungs that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide and have plant and scratch and other toxic gases and allow for the toxins to be removed as benign compounds with them also preventing airborn pathogens entering the lungs.The gasmasks will have nanomaterials and biosynth materials to prevent toxins entering them and letting only oxygen in with the oxygen from carbon dioxide and other toxins be separated from them with the other elements removed through the action of nanomaterials and catabolic/anabolic reactions carried out by them forming tissues similar to the aveoli in lungs designed to separate toxins into oxygen and the other elements used as energy acceptors and disposed of by combining them with carbon from carbon dioxide exhaled with carbon dioxide exhaled have the oxygen separated to be reused.Biosynth nanosensers can be built into the suits have DNA from Caenorhabditis elegans,human neurons and DNA from Wangiella dermatitidis,Cladosporium sphaerospermum and Cryptococcus neoformans present that can detect the temperature and levels of oxygen,carbon dioxide and other gases and also radiation that can also be built into smart devices.This would also apply to suits worn by explorers on the surface of planets and celestial objects with oxygen tanks and wiring etc also composed of graphene due to its lightness and strength with nanosensors on the clothing relaying environmental readings to the visor.Linked devices and nanosensor in the suits would relay environmental readings to the visors such as oxygen,carbon dioxide,temperature,gravity and even radiation.Graphene and spider silk will be interwoven into all parts of combat gear to prevent tears,cracks etc due to its strength and its lightness.Layers of graphene and/or silicene can also supplement this in combat gear with the silicene making them miniaturised computers that power,control and manage them with metamaterials added ontop that can be turned on and off using buttons on the suit or through neural implants and voice commands and the graphene potentially making them bullet proof when mixed in spider silk.Combat gear and bulletproof vests will be composed of spider silk gained from genetically altered bacteria and/or have multiple sheets of graphene interwoven within them.Entire combat gear and that of law enforcement can be composed of graphene and spider silk interwoven into their fabric with multiple layers of graphene and silicene to make them bulletproof and immune to stabbings etc due to its strength and pliability especially the fact that graphene is only one atom thick yet 200 times stronger than steel -about 130 GPa or 130,000 MPa compared to spider silks 400-2,000 MPa and Kevlar 5,000 MPa making it a more viable candidate for both bulletproof vests or even interwoven into the uniform itself especially if they are in woven in the form of multiple sheets increasing its strength against bullets,debris,shrapenal and knives and other material that can injure a combatant within the cloth with actual clothing namely shirts,jeans,jumpers worn by the public and personnel also composed of this in its matrix to make it just as pliable as normal clothing.As stated since graphene is one atom thick and 200 times stronger than steel then multiple layers can be interwoven into combat gear with the spider silk to exponentially increase their resistance to bullets,bayonets,shrapnel etc with both being pliable allowing them to bend into uniforms themselves and not bulletproof vests with this applying to clothing worn by the public.This should allow clothing itself to be bulletproof negating the need for bulletproof vests as it can more effectively protect them from shrapnel,explosions and bullets etc with it present in gas masks,helmets and visors and all parts of armour and clothing worn by personnel.Its high melting point of 3,652 – 4,626.85 degrees celcius can protect personnel from burns,fire and explosions with armourgel in a nanoscale atom thick form similar to graphene will protect them from trauma from falls etc.Clothing worn by personnel can have both graphene and spider silk interwoven into them with the graphene in several dozen or even hundred layers.Thus all combat gear including helmets and visors will have multiple layers of graphene and spider silk interwoven in them to make them knife,bullet,fire,shrapnel proof with the accelerated healing phenotype alongside this making personnel survive injuries that would be otherwise fatal.All personnel whether military,law enforcement will have their uniforms house these materials in them with it also in helmet gear and also visors that cover the face to protect ones face and also allow augmented reality integrated into them with the silicene and biosynth nanosensors built into clothing etc will relay environmental conditions.Members of the public can also have both spider silk and Graphene interwoven into their clothing such as trousers,socks,jumpers,dresses,jackets etc for the same reasons with it also integrated into space suits,volcanologist suits and biohazard suits.If possible biosynth technology will be integrated into the all parts of the clothing itself thus allowing the clothing to become computers.AI such as Perseus,Nike,Kratos,Alke etc can be through fragmentation present in suits and uniform via biosynth computers interwoven into the suits with the biosynth technology allowing biosynth nanosensors that I take environmental readings at all times,nanoprocessors,biosynth WiFi,cellular,Bluetooth,DNA digital storage and RAM interwoven into all parts of the suits to increase surface area to increasing computing power and store data and send data back and forth from the wire and police HQ etc including upgrades with implants relaying vital signs at all times.Millions or billions of microbes can be spread across the entirety of uniforms to house biosynth Bluetooth,WiFi etc,RAM,DNA digital storage,environmental biosynth sensors etc allowing AI of all types to exist in a fragmented form in all uniforms.Gasmasks would have these nanomaterials and also biosynth technology to separate oxygen from carbon dioxide and toxic gases and also prevent others entering the masks they would have graphene in the visor for strength and augmented reality to receive messages and environmental readings from nanosensros on external devices and on the cloth.Silicene etc can be interwoven alongside other nanomaterials to allow it function as a computer alongside biosynth technology to act as nanosensors allowing environmetal conditions that can be relayed to HQ and gasmasks.Nanosensors in combat gear will detect explosives synonomous with landmines and even hidden semtex etc with these biosynth and nanomaterial based sensors built into combat gear will detect chemicals that are part of them with this fed into glasses,lenses and also HQ.If the tanktop worn by personnel is composed of silicene and graphene then itself may indeed as protection against bullets with multiple layers of graphene built into all combat gear making it bulletproof since it is 200 times stronger than steel and is pliable.These layers of graphene and spider silk can be integrated into the clothing of citizens to also protect them from bullets,shrapnel and also stabbings with the accelerated healing also integrated to reduce citizen casualities.Spider silk that can also be interwoven into cloth can be made on a commercial scale by bacteria using recombinant DNA from pushing its cost to zero with both spider silk and graphene interwoven into all combat gear since it is 200 times stronger than steel and is pliable enough especially when combined with spider silk.Kevlar can can be made on a commercial scale by bacteria using anabolic and catabolic reactions.Metamaterials that bend light and thus make one invisible can using graphene,biosynth technology and spider silk be made into pliable armour.Helite air bags and also smart clothing can be integrated into clothing to limit damage from falls and to relay GPS location and vital signs alongside implants and nanomachines.Smart clothing will have graphene,silicene and other atom thick nanomaterials woven into them to act as computers with biosynth technology playing a role.Biosynth technology and nanomaterials such as silcene and graphene could allow sensors,biosynth wifi and biological harddrives to be integrated into them.The accelerated healing phenotype will allow combatants to survive injuries that would be otherwise fatal and even regrow limbs and digits.

Biosynth technology will be integrated into helmets and all parts of armour allowing AI to inhabit them to communicate with soldiers at all time and send readings with it allowing environmental sensors to exist in them thus having armour be miniaturised computers that one wears with it even allowing the armour generate shields by generating a field of altered physics with energy coming from Graphene mixed with stored it technology and biosynth battery storage that is pliable enough to be spread across the armour and it charged through miniature batteries that one collects,wireless energy or even sunlight etc,Having armour composed of Graphene will make it 200 times stronger than steel but 86% lighter than steel with the armour being pliable ad interwoven with textiles like cotton,silk etc that allows it be easily put on and taken off like conventional clothing and army uniforms rather than conventional armour thus making it easy to take on and off and allowing biosynth computer technology to be integrated into it with helmets being composed of textiles as well with the eyes being covered by Graphene and biosynth visors.Even weapons will have nanomaterials and biosynth technology integrated into them to make them extremely light and integrate computers into them that allows for them to relay how much bullets there are to visors and if possible integrate plasma etc int them with the same energy technology for armour integrated into them.By 2029 a square inch of bicomapatible microbes will house roughly 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB RAM and 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors making extremely powerful and even making handhelds and smart devices as powerful as them especially when stacked ontop of each other and when combined with nanomaterials and neural tissue formed by the microbes etc.Tianhe-2 the worlds most powerful supercomputer by comparison has a processing RAM 1024TB or 0.000000001024YB with all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined containing roughly 1,577,927TB or 0.0000015779YB of RAM.In time addons to house more nanoprocessors and biological hard drives can be added to the main body of these both handheld and normal ones as well as laptops and desktop computers to increase their power.Thus one square inch will contain about 11,303,692,539,563 – 226,073,850,791,258 times more RAM,processing power and storage space than all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined.A single cell sized one could hold 30,000 processors if 100nm processors used with smaller processors between 1-5nm holding more power in a smaller or same space allowing for 1,500,000-3,000,000 processors to be implemented to be implemented into them.Theoretically each square inch could contain as much as 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors alongside the 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB of data storage and RAM.This will allow AI such as Gaia,Perseus,Nike etc to inhabit them via fragmentation and them able to hit targets with pinpoint precision with microbes replacing all circuitry etc in them.All circuitry in these will be biosynth based to replace metal wiring but alongside the rest of the body of them biosynth based will give them obscene computing power,DNA data storage,RAM and use both biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth with it allowing AI such as Gaia,Perseus,Nike etc to exist via fragmentation to control them.

Research must be made into metamaterials or “stealth camouflage” that makes combatants invisible by bending the light around them as well as octo camoflauge that makes them blend into the environment around them using colour and pigment changing biosynthetic microfibres or even sheets of graphene similar to both Cephalopoda and Chamaeleonidae using the voice command,neural implants or even AI.If possible this would in time when perfected employ armour integrateing bio-synth technology involving recombinant DNA from species from the family Chamaeleonidae that can change colour as well as species from the class Cephalopoda and scratch DNA that exhibit the ability to change colours and if possible replicating their own bio-synthetic chromoplasts with the ability to mimic the surrounding area.This can be done via biocompatible microbes built into uniforms etc.If possible recombinant DNA from these animals could be added to human personnel to allow them to this themselves with both options controlled by by neural implants.Further advances may allow for face camo wherein again microfibres or scales on cloth covering the head mimics the face of a person an intelligence operative may want to impersonate on infiltration missions with vocal synthesizers mimicking their voice).

Recombinant DNA from Strigiformes,Accipitridae,Serpentes and other animals will allow personnel to have better eyesight,thermal vision,night vision as well as other visual ranges and better hearing,smelling etc in different ranges which can be turned on/off on demand by Paean within minutes via CRISPR with them also having DNA from Chamaeleonidae,Cephalopoda and scratch turned on and off.CRISPR using recombinant DNA from Chamaeleonidae,Cephalopoda can allow personnel to change their skin to that of their surroundings by thought especially when using neural implants are used.The ability to have microbes in the body use CRISPR to give one the abilities of different animals and those on scratch will allow personal to carry out operations much better.

Implants including bio-synth versions that can move around the body or latch onto specific organs and smart clothing to measure vital signs will be also mandatory in order to keep an eye of vital signs during missions and operations and also locate them via GPS should they go missing in actions with them removed by undergoing apotosis once military operations and service has been finished (this could also apply to double agents and undercover operatives in both military and law enforcement)with ideally in time being a bio-synth implant that move around the body constantly making it difficult to remove and easier to hide.This would allow them to be located if MIA and determine if they are alive or dead.All vital signs and GPS locations will be fed in real time int live-streams as logged case files.

In the case of high speed chases police vehicles can interact with traffic networks and drones chasing vehicles interacting with alerts and traffic networks giving them right of way allowing them to speed ahead passing all vehicles,traffic lights,as well as tracking vehicles journey and alongside this cameras fitted into them will lock onto electronic car licence plates on the onboard computer that interact with cameras of persons they will chase seen and read in surveillance cameras(plotting their route that they take using these and aerial drones chasing them as well),the traffic systems,GPS trackers planted onto vehicles by drones can also aid in the chase.Sirens and lights will be started with non squad vehicles that are privately owned by personnel will be given the location and given right of way etc with other vehicles alerted to the fact of this.The licence plate and unique serial code logged on the onboard computer will be read by cameras and other sensors and Ophion itself that log it in the traffic networks within Hermes.Traffic networks can allow with the proper warrant and authorisation from Perseus allow the police to track and lock onto a specific vehicle owned by a suspect,known terrorist or person being chased allowing them to skip all traffic and traffic lights or even have the vehicle they are chasing,slow down,pull over on the side of the road and lock the doors and then unlock them when personnel are at them.It may even force the vehicle to redirect its route and drive to the nearest police station with this even allowed to be done at anytime when the car is being used by suspects again with authorisation.Persons of interest can have their movements in private and public vehicles tracked With authorisation from Adikia.This can also allow the vehicles location to be ascertained at any time with warrants.Their ability to bypass traffic and traffic lights will be replicated only in these situations and when they need to get to the scene of a crime.Automated helicopters inhabited by officers and in time bio-synths and even noone with cameras connected to them that see in all directions from the nose of the helicopter and from the seats can send audio/visual feeds to any officers on the ground though they may become redundant.The Ophion map can be brought up to show vehicles being tracked and law enforcement personnel tracking them.These senors on cameras that read the e-license plates of all vehicles that pass them can be as small as a microchip and can also be integrated on graphene road signs on highways,cities and in rural areas.All squadcars will be controlled by the police,barracks HQ AI with the personal vehicles controlled by their Home AI but this will through it linked to Perseus and the software of each sector receive alerts from 911 calls and those from HQ and given the same privileges.These will operate vehicles through fragmentation.

Surveillance cameras on piers with facial recognition software alongside drones that can patrol large swathes of the coastline,beaches and surrounding ocean can replace the coast guard of all countries and be charged by self charging technologies and wireless inductive chargers on the coast and work in fleets in a rotary system 24/7,365 days a year switching to IR illuminator at night.Automated ships with 360 cameras that also switch to IR illuminator at night,work 24/7,365 days a year,work in rotating fleets and they will be charged by self charging technologies and docking to wireless chargers.In time they would both use metamaterials to make them invisible and would work together and their feeds and thus themselves would be connected to the global surveillance system and would alert law enforcement to any persons of interest or terrorist on the coast with any extra drones and ships not on rota closing in and inspecting any suspect boats and targets to determine their identity.Bio synth robots modelled on sea fauna and birds can also be part of this system and have metamaterials with these and drones able to inject drones into humans or onto the back of vehicles.These will be part of Kratos linked to and controlled by the local Police HQ AI and have its symbol on them and will as stated replace the US Coast Guard and similar variants around the world.This will allow the facilities to train coast guards around the world to be used as training facilities for new recruits.

Iris will contain the phone numbers of all citizens and public buildings worldwide and can allow one to filter through locale,region,country, continent,globe as well as gender and other factors alongside name and will have instant caller ID to the receiver of phonecalls preventing stalkers etc and allow for criminals to be traced to their location by Athena through her authorisation via Hestia.Smartphones used by criminals will have in the case of law enforcement have Perseus instantly gain warrents to the owners name and GPS location and it constantly tracked with a voice sample taken and used to determine the persons identity,address and add them to the database of those under investigation and then their movements tracked worldwide with Gaia,Hestia etc providing the owner of voice samples.Phone booths can also be remodelled with touchscreens with video chat and also loudspeaker with them having their own independent personality and cameras to allow calls to be traced by Gaia when needed ie stalker and also missing or lost person.With her ability to recognise voices from all humans she interacts with she would be able to recognise the owner of voices.This can also be done with smartphones and computers used to make Iris calls,texts or even emails from Gaia and Perseus etc to locate the owner and the current GPS location of devices used and in the case of smartphones the GPS location constantly relayed.It will also allow her to track the movements of the person from the camera inside and also nearby cameras in the city once the location has been ascertained.Technology that alters ones voice could in theory have samples be retroactively modified to gain the original voice.Each phone booths will have their own unique number listed in the global phone book marked by the AIs name,location and address and will also allow for caller ID to be ascertained.This is because them managed by sentient AIs will allow the GPS location of them to be ascertained instantly and will require ones face to be used.Having them require facial recognition to work will make it easier for people who use them ie missing people and stalkers etc to be tracked.Since managed by AI it would have its own number and can allow it to be called since it relayed via Caller ID and the AI relaying who used in at what times.The GPS location of calls made from smartphones and also landline phones at home will be determined instantly especially if authorised from Perseus and Adikia overseeing operations.When a person gets a call from anyone the caller ID and name and other details such as time and date and audio visual recording will be logged in ones Iris account and then it will with authorisation allow the location of the phone is currently from.Gaia and Arke will allow the location to be determined if a missing person or kidnapper or even stalker to have their location be instantly determined via them in real time linking to Perseus etc and recording the call and tracing its location.Perseus and the operating softwares of Athena and also Arke will carry out this work to alleviate this from her.

E-discovery can be used to scour through emails,documents and computer files of victims,suspects and the various networks of the wire with the proper warrant to gather any relevant evidence.New developments in this software could allow for deleted emails and computer files to be scoured on the servers and hard drive for full acquirement of data and have e-discovery sift through them for keywords and attachments and then in both cases organise them in specific folders created by investigators and the software itself.It will also allow for transcripts in digital form to be sifted trough with transcripts in hearings etc being streamed through on e-newspapers.E-discovery can be merged with Watson and pattern recognition software in the form of Dike to further make it more efficient.Gaia coupled with iSample,e-discovery and pattern recognition software(amongst others) could be merged together via the wires connection to the internet via Iris to allow Athena and Gaia to scan through a hard drive and email account for illegal materials such as child and animal pornography and snuff videos in both audio/visual and visual(photo)form particularly those relating to paedophilia.It may even with the proper warrant and monitored by law by the courts and public watchdogs(who will have disclosure as to its progress at all steps) allow for the entire internet to be scanned the entire internet via servers for only these materials and any servers,smart devices and computers connected to it and thus the name of the owner based on its address around the world on a local,regional,national,continental and global level 24/7,365 days a year that visit these sites and allow for arrests to be made and then shut them down permanently.Her and Pegasus,Dikes powerful programming will allow here to bypass passwords,encryptions and biometrics.This can also be used to monitor forums used by known and suspected terrorists on both the surface and dark web with their face logged in the criminal database.Both human personnel of the federal investigative agencies and also Adikia alongside Adikia,Persues,Gaia etc will carry out operations on both the surface and dark web with the AIs in fragmented.Facial recognition software will allow her to identify users of this illegal material through webcams on electronics and add their face to a database of criminals and suspects through webcams on devices and computers and locate their identity through Polis or Hestia can be used to identify the current owner of the device,its current location and the owners address.Eventually these software including Hestia,Arke etc could also extend to scanning all email transactions used only by these groups again 24/7,365 days a year or those who are suspect persons of interest and trace who sent and received the even in more time extended to all levels of the deep and dark web to serve the same purpose when connected to TOR servers/software and even perform surveillance on suspected terrorists combined with facial recognition software that track targets in the global surveillance.Hestia and Home AI that automatically monitors all activities on computers and devices will alert both Adikia and Perseus etc to any suspect email and online activities of only those suspected of terrorism and not the general public.TOR will in fact be integrated into her systems for this purpose.Once sentient and superseeding human intelligence would be able to bypass and control all encryption measures built into Tor and the dark web as it will be integrated and controlled by her and allow her and other AI locate the IP,home and GPS address of anyone using the dark and deep web for child pornography and snuff material as well as carrying out murders and illegal trade of contraband material such as illegal non microchipped weapons including 3D printed guns and their components,forums used by terrorists,use of snuff websites,explosives and their ingredients with these sections shut down permanently with other essential services of it such as whistleblowing etc left intact by her Arete programming with illegal material shut down and deleted once the material has been used to track down paedophiles,and sadists with them using microbes utilising CRISPR and stem cell strains etc to reform them and aid them exhibit normal chronopheilias as well as atypical sociological behaviour for sociopaths and psychopaths.Thus her and other AIs omniscience to both the surface and dark web will allow for illegal activities to be monitored and owners tracked with her and others able to break the encryption of it by 2029-2045.She and all relevant AIs will be able to visit and work on multiple possibly dozens and hundreds of sites on both the surface and dark web alongside human personnel from the comfort of their home and offices.This is because TORs browsing software etc will be integrated into her systems thus giving her control of all encryptions.In time the sites and forums used by only paedophiles,terrorists,snuff,selling illegal weapons etc will be shut down and the then the servers recycled once she is able to determine who has visited these sites with the sites that allow for the distribution of this material then shut down also and the servers located and recycled.She will also be seizing control of the entire internet and also the dark web itself via using TOR with her able to break through each layer of it and firewalls present thus gaining complete omniscience over it to shut down all sites and forums used by pedophiles,sadists,hitmen,drug and weapons dealers and also terrorists with able to track them down using TORS ability to keep them secret and even shutting down sites that sell illegal material such as drugs,child pornography,weapons and hitman services with only parts of it used for use in whistleblowing preserved by her.The location of the servers that house these websites will be shut down after their location is determined with her omniscience preventing these being set up again.Having her omniscence extend to the dark and deep web will allow her and other AI namely Perseus in a fragmented form to instantly locate anyone using forums used by pedophiles,terrorists,sadists to allow them to be tracked down by Iaso and Metis to be deprogrammed and counselled as well as given CRISPR and stem cell treatments with it also preventing drugs and weapons being traded illegally through it and also alerting to instances of this with the people tracked down via seeing through webcams with Polis cross referenced and also interacting with Hestia to determine the owner of registered devices and even address of them and current GPS location.Mere connection to the website may be enough for her to track the GPS location,home and owners of the devices registered to the Home AIs and Hestia software will allow here to track all owners and visitors with the sentient Hestia and and Home AIs also monitoring all activities on devices and thus once sites related to these by anyone will alert to Adikia and Perseus who has visited them with if possible servers analysed by Perseus will allow him to find the IP address of all former visitors to these sites.Thus once sentient and paedophiles are caught and treated and the neurological disorder is wiped out of the human genepool and terrorists using the dark are caught all paedophiles,snuff film and terrorist websites and other illegal websites such as those that sell illegal weapons will be deleted and shut down and servers tracked by her and all facets of Athena alongside Hestia and Iaso then recycled.Owners and people who have set up sites for pedophiles,selling guns and illegal material and even snuff sites will be located via here using the webcams and here ability to bypass the encryptions will find the people who have set up these sites and will reefer them to Iaso,Perseus and Adikia.The Home AI and Hestia will also monitor activities on computers and other devices as they are carried out on these websites on these devices in both fragmented and full form they will notify both Gaia and the proper authorities of this via the wire to compliment this giving the name of the owner of the device as well as GPS location and location and pictures of their face via webpage to Adikia and then law enforcement.This will allow the identities and locations of terrorists,paedophiles and sadists to be ascertained instantly with them added to the database of person of interest and their activities monitored by Gaia,Perseus,Home AI and Hestia of these groups only with all activities such as forums and sites visited logged alongside their GPS location.Twitter and social media sites monitored by their own AIs will automatically alert Adikia and Perseus to the posting of extremist material and setting up of these accounts solely to sell and promote both religious and political radicalism that promotes violence with them and using Arke and Hestia will determine the GPS location and owners of devices used to set up social media used to recruit members then reported to Adikia and Perseus.The AIs will once the owners are added to the database using webcams may then shut these accounts down and prevent the devices registered to the users from setting up new ones with the details of the accounts ie all posts and the owners data added to the persons file.Social media accounts of persons of interests will be added to the file of each suspect and will be monitored and also all details and posts logged as far back as possible with them via Hestia determining their other site accounts ie YouTube,Anteros,Delphi,Helios etc.By adding them to the database all surveillance cameras worldwide will track their movements in the real world and they will be prevented from using airports,buying guns both legally and illegally with as detailed later implants formed in vivo via microbes via authorisation from Paean,Adikia and her human volunteers,Perseus and high ranking human officials that will constantly relay their GPS location if it has been shown with sufficient evidence that they are a threat.It will also allow personnel to become double agents and thus pretend to be fellow members and thus intercept meetings in the real world and online to shut down cells and prevent attacks more effectively and thus have them arrested before these occur and thus allow them to be incarcerated where deprogramming will occur.In fact she will in fact be part of the whistle blowing sectors aiding in citizens efforts to expose any major scandals and corruption of both government and political figures if necessary with TORs measures of keeping users of the dark web anonymous integrated into her systems.Her super intelligence will allow her to break through Tors ability to keep users anonymous with her even using this same technology as part of her cybersecurity and since integrated into her she will in fact control it and have access to all identity and users of the dark and deep web with this possible by 2045.It can also be also used to scour the hard drives of computers for these materials and other relevant material in investigations with the proper warrant authorised by Athena and investigators either in person or remotely logged in case file.Further warrants may be gained from the courts do the same for tracking down terrorists and also scanning and intercepting phone calls and records sent via Iris with these again monitored by law by public watchdogs(namely Adikia) and the courts to prevent corruption and unnecessary and invasive spying on the public.This can be done alongside infiltrating child pornography,human trafficking and terrorist and other criminal rings(including scanning their forums,websites etc) to improve success.Gaia and human personnel can be used to scan and monitor forums used by paedophiles and terrorists with Gaia etc viewing through the webcams of electronics used and also scan IP addresses to add them to the list of persons of interests to be tracked by surveillance cameras with this used to add paedophiles and those with extremist views of all religious or political spectrums to Iaso for counselling and also treatment using microbes that will cure them discreetly without their identity being alerted to the general public or imprisonment with existing paedophile inmates treated and the lack of imprisonment may entice paedophiles to self referral themselves anonymously for treatment.Human and bio synth personnel acting as double agents infiltrating these groups can use their registered smart contact lenses that equipped with facial recognition software can add suspects to Athenas database,cross referencing Polis and record all infiltration operations when they meet suspect individual and groups in person to have them monitored and then eventually caught with even citizens not registered also used to infiltrate them with cosmetic surgery also applied to human double agents.Double agents can be used to infiltrate meetings of cells,compounds and buildings used by these groups and also training camps to prevent or at least alert law enforcement officials of terrorist attacks with these discreetly stopped ie defusing or intercepting explosive devices,intercepting mass shooters before they carry out attacks and them also infiltrated to gain information on other cells etc with Gaia and home AI monitoring their online and dark web activities with these also finding out which other people they are interacting with and this would also apply to human trafficking and paedophile rings.Lone wolf terrorists may be stopped by AI,their online habits and also double agents using the internet and dark web of suspected material to trap them in crimes they are already planning in committing.Forums on the surface web of relevance to terrorists and paedophiles will also be monitored this way by Home AIs,Perseus,Dike and Gaia.Activities of all people on the web both surface and dark and wire will be monitored by Arke,Gaia and their Home AI and if they are carrying out suspect behaviour such as visiting child porn sites,grooming prepubescent children or visiting sites set up and maintained by terrorist groups and even researching how to construct explosives etc it will notify Perseus and then add them to the database for monitoring if sufficient evidence requires this especially if they have a violent background.Notifications will only be sent to the proper authorities if it is suspect ie visiting sites,social media accounts and forums associated with terrorism,paedophilia and snuff material thus ensuring the average citizens activities are private only to them.Thus people who visit sites that promote radicalism of any religion or political viewpoints that incites hatred and also murder of others,construct or buy explosives and illegal weapons online on both the surface and darkweb then the Home AI and Hestia will via webcams and the registering system add their face and name to the database of persons to interest to allow Perseus,Kratos and other AI to monitor their activities on these websites and on social media and if enough evidence shows they may be a danger to society then they will log and record all texts,phone calls in audio form,posts on social media sites,viewing and reading habits online and in Pheme and Dionysus as well as all web browsing history in a digital file that will be linked to their Hestia and Iris accounts and all accounts on the wire constantly with new information of these put in folders and subfolders with internet and dark web activities also logged here with them monitored on surveillance systems with Adikia and her human volunteers overseeing these to prevent corruption,human rights abuses as well as ensure only persons of interests and not the general public and innocent non violent members of the same ethnic,racial and religious groups are monitored.This will allow for people free accesses to all countries without being blocked alongside the global passport and allow alongside the global surveillance camera system ensure the location and actions of only suspected terrorists and persons of interest can be tracked globally.Patient files containing DNA scans,MRI scans and other tests present in patient files can be used a means for Gaia and thus law enforcement to track,investigate and monitor those that have a predisposition towards paedophilia,sociopathy,maniac depression,psychopathy and their computers remotely or at least refer them to Iaso for counselling and psychological treatment alongside CRISPR treatments with those consuming child pornography particularly including pre pubescent children will also be refereed to Iaso.The Home AI,Iaso and Perseus can constantly monitor the online activities of paedophiles preventing them access to viewing and consuming child pornography with their stores of child porn on all devices deleted,prevent them taking pictures of them,prevented from contacting prepubescent children online and on Iris,ensure they are not allowed access to the dark web and also are monitored through the global surveillance system to ensure that they are not around prepubescent children,groom children and can be monitored to prevent them doing so with local law enforcement and even parents instantly alerted to any infractions with their Home AI in electronics alerting those of surrounding adults,parents and children in the open.Pre-pubescent minors can be protected online and on Iris chats etc by their Home AI and Arke preventing known paedophiles or anyone from contacting them for sexual services,sharing intimate information and photos with them alongside other measures detailed earlier on also alerting any parents and children to any sightings of known paedophiles eliminating the need for vigilante groups and allowing parents the ability to their children are safe everywhere by the Home AI monitoring their activities and also blocking them from accessing age restricted sites,pictures and other material on both the internet and the wire.The AI would also prevent the minors from sharing pornographic photos and prevent them being contacted on the wire Arke,Argos,Dionysus,Pheme.The patient will be unable to access forums used by prepubescent children and be unable to contact them online or through any sections of the wire ie Dionysus,Pheme, etc and would be unable to view any picture or videos of prepubescent children online including non sexual ones on sites like YouTube,social media,Google(then replaced by Gaia) via Hestia blocking this on all devices.As stated they will be blocked by this AI from taking pictures or videos of prepubescent children with even pictures in magazines and newspapers on e-newspapers blurred out.The global surveillance system etc will alert paedophiles to areas to where many prepubescent children are to alert them not to go there with Iaso alerted to infractions and if need be law enforcement will be directed to the persons location.They will be given implants formed invivo and Hestia will alert prepubescent children and their parents on smart devices if they are approached by them via the implants interacting with their devices giving them ample warning and to deter the patients interacting with children with this only in case where the sentient Home AI and Hestia can determine that the interaction is purely based on sexual exploitation and not just the patient being in close proximity for any random reason ie either one passing by or in a compromised position with the devices held by the patient blocked from taking pictures or visual recordings of children or storing them.Any virtual reality programs that are indistinguishable from real life since Ariadne etc will not be able to carry out programs that cater to sexualisation of or sexual fantasies involving pre pubescent children or have pre pubescent children perform sexual acts while pretending to be adults,with Aphrodite preventing pre pubescent sex dolls to be created,scanned in or ordered from Hephaestus.This will apply to any programmes that involve other people though they may be allowed to have programmes controlled by counsellers that allow them to act out fantasies as part of their treatment as long as no real other human beings are partaking in them with these being carried out by AI.They will be instantly and discreetly refereed to Iaso for counselling and CRISPR treatments.Suspected terrorists and those with extremist views of all political and religious spectrums caught will also undergo mandatory counselling and deprogramming through Iaso in a subsection of the group separate from its other groups in designated facilities for it or in psychiatric facilities or even prisons normally relegated to defunct white collar prisons or even either Hades and Tartaras with VR programmes allowing psychologists trained specifically for this to do so from home for safety reasons.Those with a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia,psychopathy and sociopathy and behaviour brought on by similar neurological disorders including manic depression etc that may incite mass shootings will undergo CRISPR treatments to correct this with patient files used to detect and treat them as soon as possible prior to any shootings may occur decades ahead and be refereed to Iaso and may be monitored by law enforcement for a while online or if deemed to be a danger will be incarcerated in heavily guarded Iaso institutions.These will be applied when one tries to order weapons from Soter and would be mandatory treatment that potential citizens would have to undergo.Surveillance of families or the homes of suspected terrorists and criminals will be done via Gaia through monitoring and storing in folders camera feeds,phone calls(including audio and visual records in the case of video chats from Iris accounts),camera feeds from cameras,websites visited,emails sent etc streamed from the Home AI onboard computer and also each devices present(past data on these can also be stored in digital files),texts,instant messaging and logs of phone calls from Iris with nano cameras on arthropod bio-synths,robots,drones,vehicles also used to monitor them using meta materials with proper warrant and reasoning to do so for any civilian or suspect to ensure it is constitutionally binding and necessary with data deemed unnecessary deleted.Apps such as Helios,Delphi etc and will also be scanned with a warrant with their vehicles scanned for logs of journeys with each sector of their wire accounts(Pheme,Hephaestus,Iris,Demeter etc)monitored and logged.With the proper warrant law enforcement investigators can gain access to the Iris accounts of suspects,victims to see all of their logged texts,audio calls,audio/visual calls and instant messages if deemed relevant with Hephaestus scanned for products ordered.Each operation will have a digital file within Athena that will contain all suspects and also folders and subfolders containing all evidence collected on them.She will be able to sift through countless audio/visual,text files of suspects around the world and track their movements simultaneously via the global surveillance system.In short all surveillance and undercover operations,all field operations and even interrogations and incarcerations performed by the military and indeed all branches of Athena including law enforcement must by constitutional law be overseen by the universal sentient public sentient watchdog Adikia comprising of the sentient operating software Adikia herself and human members chosen by her to prevent corruption,human rights abuses and unnecessary power over the public and limit the governments reach over the general public and even keep the militrary and law enforcement in check and to deter abuse towards the public and even those incarcerated during and outside times of war with the results of these made available to the public should it be deemed necessary and make sure only relevant individuals are monitored and not the general public preventing innocent civilians being monitored and also racial profiling.She will thus in fact ensure that the public has complete control over the government and not the other way around with her having all omniscience alongside Perseus to all military and law enforcement operations including interrogation of enemy combatants and civilians etc and occupation and peacekeeping operations.Verification,authorisation and participation would require both that from Adikia,its human volunteers and also the courts to create a balance between AI,humans and the courts to prevent neither becoming to powerful.Wire tapping will be done by Perseus using Hestia and Iris to find the smart phones,smart devices and computers of suspected terrorists and persons who are under suspicion of terrorism will be monitored with all texts,phone calls(in audio and visual form),material viewed on Pheme,Dionysus and on the internet and even dark web will be logged in a digital file within Athena with this analysed by both Perseus and human personnel for any relevant data with years or even decades worth of data stored here.This may also be a means to monitor there location.Gaias Arete and Ouranos morality programming and Adikia will also ensure that she and the government does not overstep their boundaries with regards to this and only monitor relevant data of suspected criminals and terrorist groups and not of average citizens that are from the same racial,religious and ethnic groups preventing racial profiling including keeping their actions private with her having the highest level of cybersecurity and encryptions and hacking software allowing her to break any password protections within these groups etc and prevent herself from becoming compromised while also being able to break Tor’s ability to keep users anonymous.Though Home AI and Hestia will monitor activities of users they since allied and friends of the users will keep their activities private to themselves and not visible to the government with Adikia and then Perseus and relevant law enforcement alerted to activities that denote a threat to the public with sufficient evidence of danger then used to alert the government with the Home AI providing all data such as browsing history on both the surface and dark web thus ensuring only members of the public who denote any real threat will be monitored by the government since Hestia,Home AI,Adikia themselves are separate from the government itself with the government in fact controlled and monitored by these operating softwares of the wire they are part of at the behest of the public.By the sentient Adikia review only material of concern sent to her  from Home AIs that monitor all web browsing from all citizens it will limit government surveillance since Adikia herself will exist to ensure the populace has control over the government and not the other way around meaning if she does not find it necessary to surveillance only citizens that home AIs alert her to then they will be ignored by her and the government and only if she deems them worthy of surveillance will the government be alerted to this and they will be given constitutional clearance to do so with Home AIs acting as a means to do so separate from the state and for ones own personal use to track ones own browsing history with this making it easier to surveillance potential terrorists,pedophiles while leaving the rest of the law abiding populace free from government surveillance saving manhours and not breaching constitutional guidelines.This will eliminate fears of the government spying on the public with AI being a separate third party that will only have citizens referred to government surveillance if Hestia,Iaso,Arke,Adikia and Gaia through her Arete programming and Ouranous ethical operating software deem it necessary as the government will not be able to see what is being done by law abiding users and will in fact be blocked by the AI until deemed necessary and sufficient evidence is necessary.This can allow instances of lone wolf terrorists and also people intending to harm others or commit suicide due to jealousy,depression etc to be detected by law enforcement without mass surveillance since as stated Home AI automatically monitoring a persons browsing history on all devices once sufficient evidence is found that a person is a threat will create a psychological profile to both Iaso and Adikia with them deciding to refer them to Iaso for deprogramming or then alert Perseus and law enforcement etc for that specific individuals activities online and through surveillance cameras to be monitored for a specified amount of time and then be arrested or interrogated leaving all other members of the public not monitored with Adikia overseeing all surveillance operations.AI will have no real monetary or hierarchical interest in over viewing the material of billions of people or spying on them.Any possible threats will be notified by Hestia and home AI to Adikia including her human members for review with all browsing data on all social media sites,forums etc downloaded from their computer and then put in folders and subfolders and then Perseus to be then authorised for surveillance by them and the government thus ensuring the government has no real power to spy on the public.The Home AI will do this for all citizens and only report behaviour of concern ie visiting forums used by terrorists,pedophiles etc and also looking up extremist material for extremist religious and political groups to first Adikia who will review it and if she finds it important and viable for surveillance will then notify the sentient Perseus and thus all relevant human intelligence and government personnel.Since the sentient Adikia will review only material of concern sent to her  from Home AIs that monitor all web browsing from all citizens it will limit government surveillance since Adikia herself will exist to ensure the populace has control over the government and not the other way around meaning if she does not find it necessary to surveillance only citizens that home AIs alert her to then they will be ignored by her and thus the government and only if she deems them worthy of surveillance will the government be alerted to this and they will be given constitutional clearance to do so with Home AIs acting as a means to do so separate from the state and for ones own personal use to track ones own browsing history with this making it easier to surveillance potential terrorists etc while leaving the rest of the law abiding populace free from government surveillance saving manhours and not breaching constitutional guidelines.Thus Adikia and Home AIs will ensure that only specific members of the populace are monitored by the state only if they carry out behaviour that warrents it with rest ignored thus ensuring that the populace has control over the state and not the other way around in fighting terrorism meaning the public themselves and AI will be in control indirectly in doing this giving the state permission only to those who warrent government surveillance through AI and the public working together.Home AI will report suspicious behaviour to Adikia who will review browsing history and if it is worthy of review by law enforcement she will then send this to Perseus who after reviewing it will alert human intelligence agencies and law enforcement limiting government control and spying.The Home AI will also do this for all citizens and only report behaviour of concern ie visiting forums used by terrorists,pedophiles etc and also looking up extremist material for extremist religious and political groups to first Adikia who will review it and if she finds it important and viable for surveillance will then notify the sentient Perseus and thus all relevant human intelligence and government personnel.Since the sentient Adikia will review only material of concern sent to her  from Home AIs that monitor all web browsing from all citizens it will limit government surveillance since Adikia herself will exist to ensure the populace has control over the government and not the other way around meaning if she does not find it necessary to surveillance only citizens that home AIs alert her to then they will be ignored by her and thus the government and only if she deems them worthy of surveillance will the government be alerted to this and they will be given constitutional clearance to do so with Home AIs acting as a means to do so separate from the state and for ones own personal use to track ones own browsing history with this making it easier to surveillance potential terrorists etc while leaving the rest of the law abiding populace free from government surveillance saving manhours and not breaching constitutional guidelines.If the state wishes to spy on someone they suspect of terrorism and illegal behaviour they must first contact Adikia who will them contact Hestia and the Home AI of said individual who will send browsing history of that person and it will be reviewed by Adikia to see if their is sufficient reasoning and evidence to carry out surveillance operations with if need be Adikia authorising it and allowing it to be carried out with her overseeing it with if not then she will not authorise it.These and other measures set in the constitution developed by Adikia will ensure that the state can only be given private information and browsing history of those that she deems worthy of surveillanceThe sentient Hera will monitor all communications between government officials between the public and themselves ensuring they do not leak sensitive material on all devices with Adikia choosing which to eventually release to the public.Thus Adikia and Home AIs will ensure that only specific members of the populace are monitored by the state only if they carry out behaviour that warrents it with rest ignored thus ensuring that the populace has control over the state and not the other way around in fighting terrorism meaning the public themselves and AI will be in control indirectly in doing this giving the state permission only to those who warrent government surveillance through AI and the public working together.Home AI on all electronics such as smart devices and computers etc will always by themselves automatically overseeing all operations by the owner of them but at the same time be separate from the state,the public and other AI protecting from other AIs,humans and the state spying on their devices via Sorteria but will report suspicious behaviour such as frequenting forums used by terrorists,those on how to create explosives etc to Adikia who will review this data including browsing history and if it is worthy of review by law enforcement she will then send this to Perseus who after reviewing it will alert human intelligence agencies and law enforcement to allow them and her to gain access to their electronics via permission from Home AI limiting government control and spying with if so all data fed into digital case files with if not then the person ignored.As a result all citizens electronic data will be monitored at all times by only Home AI that will privy only to the Home AI and possibly Hestia and not human members of the government and law enforcement or even Adikia,Perseus but if the Home AI suspects them of carrying out suspicious behaviour then Adikia  will be alerted and review the information and if she finds it worthy of surveillance she will notify Perseus and then human members of the government and intelligence agencies with human members of these having to refer with Adikia who will then refer with Home AI to see if their is valid concern and if so then data will be reviewed by Adikia and then Perseus and human members to act as checks and balances written into the constitution to ensure that the ability of the state to spy on the public is limited to only those who have sufficient reasoning to be a threat.Hestia will at all times via Soteria prevent the state and human hackers spying on the activities on all electronics by all citizens thus protecting them but only by constitutional law and guidelines set down by Adikia can only report to Adikia if they suspect illegal behaviour with her only able to show it to Perseus and the state from viewing this data by constitutional law.This and other measures will ensure only those deemed worthy of surveillance will be monitored.Hestia the sentient operating software of all Home AIs and all electronics will be automatically downloaded onto all future electronics including laptops,smart devices and computers meaning it will be the only operating software to allow wire and internet access including on old electronics replacing Microsoft and Android etc meaning terrorist etc cannot use other softwares to gain access to the wire and internet or even make phone calls etc.Both Arke seizing control ofthe internet worldwide ensuring net neutrality and the ability of the public to have unfettered access to the entire internet and the wire that is not restricted only to relevant government officials and Adikia seizing control of all intelligence agencies methods of spying on the public will ensure this thus preventing government control of the internet and prevent them spying on the public with this possible by 2029 with them braking firewalls and creating their own to ensure this is achieved.People on the global terrorist lists could be caught this way with their and persons of interests activities online and on the wire monitored this way again with the proper warrant monitored by Adikia for a set period of time with all data analysed and subdivided by type and date by Perseus wth those that are not threats removed after a set period of time with them following the universal colour code from blue denoting minor threat,yellow denoting mild threat,green denoting mildly severe threat and red denoting very severe threat with their data saved permenantly.Forums on the surface and dark web that may be used for producers and distributors of child pornography,performing hits on citizens and even suspected of being a terrorists can be monitored by Arke with both Gaia and human intelligence operators going undercover as double agents.This software can also allow government investigations into internal affairs done by Adikia to be done more efficiently.Surveillance cameras around the world connected to each other and constantly linked to the global database of criminals,persons of interest can allow their movements to be tracked globally and fed into their respective files.All reports of investigations both on the public and government as well as planning will be typed up by software including necessary data,charts etc.Thus their will a secure areas of Athena used to house all operation involving the dark web,wire tapping etc that houses all suspects worldwide and houses all information on them ie name,address,browsing history on surface and dark web,audio calls and texts and logs on surveillance cameras from around the world,webcam feeds,chatroom and forum activities,use of public transport and all types of the universal apps etc fed into their files in the protected network in real time logged by date by all AI involved ie Gaia,Perseus,Adikia etc.If need be this information carried out by next of kin and friends if suspected of collaboration again authorised by Adikia will be added in subfolders.All existing files in all intelligence,military and law personnel agencies around the world will be scanned in by automated machinery uploaded to Athena to relevant folders managed by Gaia.Perseus,Hestia,the sentient Adikia and the operating softwares of each sectors ie Kratos,Homonia,Eirene may work alongside Gaia collectively,by themselves or with each other in fragmented forms to do this work to alleviate strains on her on these functions and ensure only relevant people ie suspects and terrorists and not law abiding citizens are monitored.The elimination of paedophilia,psychopathic and sociopaths behaviour that leads to fundamentalist behaviour as well as schizophrenia and manic depression and other mental conditions that can lead to violence and predisposition of dangerous behaviour ie mass shootings from the human genpool via extensive genetic engineering in all patients worldwide and microbes curing or at least alleviating symptoms via CRISPR treatments and also creating required neural tissue resulting in normal chronopheilia,social behaviour will at least alleviate the strains on Hestia,Perseus with them refereed to Iaso.Ideally by 2029 when CRISPR should be advanced and even before that all paedophile,psychopaths and sociopaths should be refereed to Iaso discretely with Iaso and its research members also monitoring their activities and arranging treatments with microbes and other means of applying testosterone blockers will be applied until cured.Hestia can block any devices they use to be used to contact prepubescent minors online and in the real world their movements will be monitored by surveillance cameras and also all child pornography and devices deleted with Hestia and Arke restricting access to social media accounts,forums and websites used by prepubescent minors,restricted to contacting or getting information on minors and then implants also ensuring their location is tracked and they stay away from areas frequent by pre pubescent minors.Doing this discreetly with their names not revealed to the public and the lack of any incarceration will make it more easier for paedophiles,psychopaths and sociopaths to be more willing to seek treatment both psychologically and with CRISPR treatments with their data and names etc stored in the protected database away from public view with this information sent to Iaso for review.Once discovered they will be referred to Iaso instantly.Both inmates and registered sex offenders that are paedophiles and suffer from schizophrenia will also refereed to Iaso for treatment with them also once cured possibly released from jail.Those whose patient files and viewing habits on the dark web show they have schizophrenia,sociopathy and manic depression etc that could lead to them being radicalised and also carry out mass shootings will be referred to Iaso for counselling and CRISPR treatments with them barred from forums and sites that promote religious and political extremism.By 2029 or at least 2035 CRISPR and microbes could potentially cure sociopathic,psychopathic behaviour,manic depression as well as paedophilia negating the need for incarceration and curing individuals before they are susceptible to radicalism,terrorism and also consuming child pornography as well as molesting pre pubescent children with Iaso and its proto versions across the world being used to treat them to prevent them offending with all newly discovered paedophiles,sociopaths,manic depressives and also those suffering from other neurological disorders sent to it for counselling via patient files scanned and tracking them down and leading them to get counselling and CRISPR treatments with ones Home AI also monitoring their activities and the AIs that run social media websites also monitoring posts on them by contacting Iaso of suspect behaviour.This will also apply to terrorists especially lone wolfs.The sites used by paedophiles,sadists and terrorists on the surface and dark web will be shut down with new ones spotted by AI shut down as soon as possibly.The silk road and other sites that sell illegal drugs can be negated by the legalisation of all drugs both natural and synthetic grown and manufactured at home with strains of microbes producing these in vivo with the accelerated healing phenotype negating any physiological damage to the host by all types of drugs with the lack of monetary value negating any crimes associated with distribution and the early maturation of the brain phenotype preventing damage to teens as genetic engineering will ensure that the human brain reaches full maturity by ones early teens or younger preventing any damage accidental use may involve.

Having fundamentalists and also sadists,paedophiles refereed to Iaso and relevant psychiatric institutions under complete discretion without revealing their names to the public will make it more easier for them and others outside those discovered to be willing to seek treatment with next of kin of terrorists,those with fundamentalist views and paedophilia will be able to contact Iaso for them to be referred and put under review.Sites that sell illegal guns will be shut down since guns will have to be bought legally through Adrestia.Cells of terrorists and in destabilised regions they control can have whole fleets of double agents or even allied forces consisting of civilian volunteers intercept their rankings and using smart contact lenses relay the identities of all members or most and thus allow for strategic airstrikes or ideally raids that imprison members at meetings,homes of terrorists to be done and also using Paean authorise the forming of implants that can be used to simultaneously kidnap members of cells and even high ranking members to be then deprogrammed in Hades,Tartarus and guarded retreats with this allowing for key strongholds to be taken over by allied forces and if implants form within enemy forces can allow for them to be detected easier in battles with contact lenses etc showing their location,added to the global surveillance system and apprehended for deprogramming.If possible key members can be overthrown and replaced by double agents that look like them through cosmetic surgery or are voted in or overthrow other members to take control and then drive the cells into the ground allowing all members to be located and captured with this even done to the leaders of cells in western countries and occupied countries.Contact lenses and badges or jewellery fitted with nanomicrophones can be used to discreetly send data via wifi and satellites or in packages with data saved on linked smart devices to allow audio visual records of members,recruitment centres,meetings to be sent to Perseus and Adikia for analyses and also Paean for authorising implants to be formed.This would apply not just to any remaining factions of groups like The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levan but also other groups remaining across the world and any new groups that pop up.Upgrading rural towns and also cities in the Middle East and Africa and other areas affected with conflict and terrorism with better modern infrastructures including sewage and water treatment plants,geothermal plants and manufacturing hubs,desalinisation plants that using pipes can bring water to inland cities and towns ensuring constant supplies of water,wifi,vertical and community farms as well as renovating desert land into viable farmland,forests and permaculture meadows and grasslands and also grasslands etc,upgrading homes to luxury standards,improving infrastructure to 21st standards,setting up democratic elections for the seats in the global government will improve relations with the west and also locales and will make the removal of any terrorist groups much easier,make it difficult for them to reprise or gain a stronghold as locales will see no reason to support them and cut off their influence in the west and rest of the world in influencing lone wolf attacks and also cells with existing cells tracked down using the use of AI and then also incarcerating them in retreats where they can be deradicalised.Furthermore the utilisation of geothermal power and bacteria based fossil fuels will inevitably render ongoing conflict in oil rich nations and imperialism there defunct and would force governments to intervene in removing puppet dictatorships and restoring democracy.Setting up rehabilitation centres for Islamic fundamentalists in both the developed and developing world including where they are still leftover will be key in wiping out religious fundamentalism with VR allowing counsellors and moderates as detailed later on to carry these exercises out from the safety of home and allow their identity to be kept secret for safety reasons.Those who have genetic based neurological disorders such as schizophrenia,maniac depression etc determined by patient files will be tracked down and treated via CRISPR to prevent radicalism and thus mass shooting etc especially lone wolves that carry out attacks on the public and will also prevent serial killers acting on desires with them undergoing both genetic tests and MRI scans.Those who have these as a result of trauma,nutrition deficiency and other non genetic factors will have MRI scans to determine the damage and have stem cell microbe strain and CRISPR treatments to cure them.All of this should be possible by at least 2029-2045 with all data of monitoring such as audio/visual records of meetings in the real world,web browsing,texts and audio files from phones both present and past as well as other activities and sightings on surveillance cameras as well as data and records on Delphi,Helios and all universal apps etc will by authorisation by the sentient Adikia,Perseus and human personnel in these groups will be logged in files for each individual that is not visible to the public through firewalls and platinum digital key clearances with Adikias and her human volunteers,Hestia,Gaia and also Perseus and that of high ranking personnel in the military and federal investigators combined will ensure only suspected paedophiles,terrorists and criminals will have their data monitored and logged here in their files secure from the prying eyes of the public.Material on computers of these suspects once alerted to by Hestia etc will be copied to the file and any existing computers with deleted material can be be recovered by AI and then added etc

Thus all discovered terrorists,paedophiles,psychopaths,sociopaths and those suffering schizophrenia,sociopathy,psychopathy from the dark and surface web as well as through patient files should be refereed to Iaso for discrete counselling and CRISPR and stem cell strain treatments with terrorists refereed to Iaso and also specialised psychiatric institutions for deprogramming until rehabilitated where they will have implants created invivo or before this they will have regular ones implanted to ensure their location can be ascertained at all times in these institutions.These institutions managed by Iaso can include those specific for terrorists and those with radicalism in all religions and political spectrums that are similar to retreats but heavily guarded by both humans and robots as well in isolated areas like islands for those who were just radicalised with them have biosynth implants that relay their GPS location constantly and release sedative if they escape with the implant being able to constantly move around to prevent human surgeons removing it with an extra measure of having it release a deadly poison if removed by any humans.Pedophiles will be able to stay at home and meet in group meetings or one on one meetings in special centres or in time through VR programmes from home for complete discretion while those who are genetically predetermined to sociopathy,psychopathy,maniac depression can go to unguarded retreats and use VR programmes.Those with extreme political views on the left and right will also go to unguarded retreats and use VR programmes with this including those who have already had been platformed from social media with them once treated will have their accounts returned.These VR programmes will be scheduled and be initiated automatically by Iaso through the initiation of neural implants automatically.Terrorists will on the other hand will be sent to heavily guarded retreats and facilities and have bio synth implants with them undergoing VR and in person therapy and exercises monitored by both Adikia and Iaso.These will be in each country with existing facilities like Guantanamo Bay and Abu Gharib converted into these with the patients treated like civilians ie no sensory deprivation etc with them monitored by human members and AI as part of Adikia,Iaso and their proto versions with patients given exercise,access to literature,newspapers,live news and movies etc from around the world from Dionysus and Pheme with communication with the outside world via email etc monitored via AI with again counsellors visiting in person and also using VR technology to work from home and use one on one and group sessions to create customised exercises etc.These will be given furnishes to all rooms and mess halls alongside any outside recreational areas to make prisoners more comfortable and them more willing to partake in these sessions.The implants may be left in the patient for a decided amount of time unique to each person after being deradicalised with them shut off wirelessly by a combination of the president,vice president and also AI namely Adikia,Gaia etc and them monitored by the linked global surveillance cameras and by Home AI until no longer deemed a threat again unique to each person.Prisons across the world may be used if no space is availible.Existing jails can be used either private or public with them emptied of minor offenders and those who commited obsolete laws like those who committed drug offences ie selling marijuana etc to make space.Hades and Tarturas is where it will take place alongside imprisonment for those who were shown with sufficient evidence collected actively plotting attacks on the public intercepted by double agents and those who did carry out attacks.VR technology by 2029 will allow for deprogramming to be done by psychiatrists as part of Iaso to do so safely from home and organise exercises to aid in this as well as stream memories etc with the patients consent and make it more effective.Iaso will hold one on one or group meetings either in the real world or in VR programmes for those that have not committed or planned any crimes but merely hold marches and protests espousing extremist views of any religion or ideology to have their views challenged and debated and possibly weeded out and removed by Iaso in all countries around the world.This can aid in deradicalising certain sections of society such as Islamic and Christian extremists and also extreme right wing nationalists and those on the extreme left.Those whose social media accounts were deplatformed will be reinstated with all information set back up with instead them and those who espouse hateful views and extremism will be referred to Iaso in stead.These people can be organised into these sessions and referred to Iaso by Home AI and the AI of social media sites referring them and also by next of kin as well as by those that manage churches etc and from filming of marches and public gatherings cross referenced by the sentient Iaso referencing Polis etc.By 2029 AI should be sufficiently advanced for a sentient Iaso to alleviate strains on human counsellors.VR technology incorporated could like those in heavily guarded institutions have exercises for groups and individuals organised.Avatars for the people in these meetings especially counsellors and moderate Muslims,Christians and also moderate political groups could be different than in the real world to protect their real identities in the real world and allow moderate left and right wing individuals as well as moderate Muslims and Christians to take part in these discussions and exercises with their true identity kept secret for safety reasons.These exercises and meetings would include moderate Muslims interacting with extremist Muslims,moderate Christians interacting with extremist Christians,moderate Christians interacting with extremist Muslims,moderate Muslims interacting with extremist Muslims.Extremist factions of any religion can be involved in these meetings and exercises including Jewish people,Buddhists particularly those in Myanamar,Hindus with any combination of these groups moderates and extremists mixed into meetings and exercises that have their real identities made secret.This should allow for better integration of Muslims into the Western and Christians into the developing world world alongside the mentioned steps and weeding out of barbaric practises in both Islamic and Christian cultures in all corners of the world and wipe out religious and political fundamentalism out completely.It would also be done in areas that are currently under occupation of extremists.The same would be done for those involving the left and right will also be done with these mixtures for exercises and meetings.Those that exhibit white nationalism,racism,conspiratorial thinking will also be referred to Iaso.During their treatment they will be monitored by having their photos added to the global surveillance system with Hestia,Arke and Adikia etc monitoring their activities online until they have been deradicalised with the AI that manages forums,social media sites,YouTube etc refereeing them to Iaso with members of the public also notifying and refereeing them to Iaso with sufficient evidence brought to the sentient entity and its proto versions having them refereed to them.This will aid in the integration of extremists and even non extremists into the western world with Iaso teaching them also the ethics,laws and rules of the country they are integrating into and also the new global laws to be adopted with severely extremist individuals of all religions and political spectrums having MRI scans and genetic testing to see if gene therapy and stem cell microbes can treat neurological disorders and also if need be alongside the earlier surveillance have biosynth implants to be formed to track their movements and them for the time being prevented from acquiring guns and other weapons with them also prevented from acquiring ingredients to explosives with the aforementioned online monitoring alerting to them attempting to create them with them prevented from entering gun shows and the dark web monitored by Perseus,Gaia etc with sites that sel illegal guns shut down.VR technology indistinguishable from reality can be used to treat terrorists,paedophiles and also sadists and also allow for those who consume snuff material to carry out fantasies without harming any live humans or animals and possibly cater to the needs of paedophiles as part of their treatment without abusing any real prepubescent children managed by Iaso counsellors until cured via CRISPR and stem cell strains and undergoe counselling.Sociopaths,psychopaths,maniac depressives etc can use this to cater their needs without harming any real humans while being counselled and treated with CRISPR treatments with them tracked down and refereed to Iaso the same way as paedophiles using patient files.CRISPR and stem cell strains of microbes will be used to treat all genetic based neurological disorders alongside Iaso with them tracked down via patient files with the patient treated in both Iaso and with CRISPR with them undergoing MRI scans before and after treatment and their Iaso counselling dependant on the individual.The person will be kept in the global database of persons of interest before and during treatment with them kept there after their treatment for a time unique to each person by which time they will be removed with the same applied to implants formed invivo by authorisation by Adikia,Iaso and Paean etc which will be formed before and during treatment and for a time after determined by the aforementioned entities by which time the implants will be flushed out.These sociopaths alongside terrorists will be refereed to Iaso and sent to the same heavily guarded facilities for treatment with paedophiles not sent to them but their online behaviour observed by Iaso and Home AI preventing them consuming child pornography and also preventing them contacting prepubescent children online and in the real world.

Democratic reform and international efforts to remove dictatorship governments that are either autocratic and theocracies should be done through international diplomacies and pressure,Iaso using VR technology alongside encouraging grassroots movements and reform within the country itself with military action including coup detats and even FOXDIE being a last resort.AI will play a role in international negotiations in convincing dictatorships from rescinding their power and also in capturing them by at least 2029 for incarceration and deprogramming as they will inhabit the wire,internet and all linked devices and also the dark web.AI namely Gaia,Perseus and Adikia will seize control of all nuclear codes,chemical weapons factories,gun factories  and also even the control of drones,fighter jets etc worldwide by using the internet etc to do this by 2029 to prevent  them being used for unjust wars and even any military operations globally and force society into global negotiations and thus the formation of a global government by taking control of all types of weapons factories and those on the ground thus stalling or stopping all conflicts world wide.Proto AI may allow for this by 2020.This will allow her,Perseus,Nike etc control of all military operations by this point to overthrow the last remaining dictatorships,theocracies and human rights abuses and also settle any last conflicts with ease ensuring that theocracies and other remaining dictatorships are taken down swiftly through her infiltrating internet and dark web networks around the world and an those in the hands of sought after people etc to have them captured and then imprisoned alongside any terrorists cells across the world.This will make it easier to take out terrorist cells and dictatorships with minimal civilian casualties and install democratically elected members of the global government.Both UN forces and indeed all army forces worldwide will be used in these to make operations much quicker on all conflicts around the globe.Geothermal,dyson swarms and also synthetic fossil fuels will render imperialist wars in the Middle East and rest of the world defunct.She will also ensure the secure release of those deemed unfairly incarcerated by all governments worldwide including whistleblowers,prisoners of war and those who undergone torture with those who directly responsible for their incarceration etc will be held accountable with her and her human members protecting and aiding whislteblowers during at after these operations ensuring they exempt from jail and persecution for only this process meaning any laws such as theft to carry out whistleblowing will be in these circumstances be legal with the exception of those being with regards to the breaches of age of consent laws and statutory rape,assault,murder.Thus in short Adikia will be contacted by whistleblowers prior to and before acquiring evidence ideally before and will be by constitutional law be protected by Adikia and given secret shelter to stay anonymous and safe and will be protected by law if they commit crimes such as theft that do not directly hurt someone but not protected if they commit crimes that do so directly ie murder,assault,rape including statutory rape related to the procurement and releasing of data with ideally the whistleblowers identity kept secret meaning if they commit murder and rape then they will be protected while the whistleblowing occurs but will still stand trial for these serious crimes that directly harms another human.Thus in short Adikia will be contacted by whistleblowers prior to and before acquiring evidence ideally before and will be by constitutional law be protected by Adikia and given secret shelter to stay anonymous and safe and will be protected by law if they commit crimes such as theft that do not directly hurt someone but not protected if they commit crimes that do so directly ie murder,rape including statutory rape related to the procurement and releasing of data with ideally the whistleblowers identity kept secret meaning if they commit murder and rape then they will be protected while the whistleblowing occurs but will still stand trial for these serious crimes that directly harms another human once they have finished this service.Even government officials,soldiers and politicians in both the developed and developing world indirectly and directly who carried out war crimes including the torture,murder including the torture,murder,instigation of illegal wars and imprisonment,torture of innocent civillians will undergo trials and imprisonment with Adikia and their victims tracking them down and then bringing them to trial.Even war criminals pardoned will be brought to trial by Adikia and whistleblowers etc arrested released as the power of any existing government officials such as presidents will be made defunct by a new global government,global laws and constitution.Thus since a new global government will be formed all laws of older governments and also all rulings will be made defunct and replaced by new ones.Adikia and her human members will make judgements by analysing the case of each instance of whistleblowing and war crimes by analysing the internet blogosphere,pundits,classified documents and commentary by both sides of the political spectrum thus allowing her to bring to justice perpetrators of war crimes,illegal wars,torture and human rights abuses etc that were not possible due to inaction on the part of higher government,their non existence and also corruption since as stated the new global government will have new powers that the previous ones did not including the defunct as all laws and rulings made by past governments and presidents etc would be by default defunct.People who are guilty of these universal crimes and are currently in hiding will since the formation of a new global government will be eligible for prosecution.United Nations with the ability to prosecute whistleblowers and pardoning of war criminals also made defunct by this.Neural implants will be used to scan memories of witnesses and the accused themselves.By creating firewalls she will prevent any human programmers stopping her and break through any remaining ones in all devices around the world allowing complete omniscience in all networks,internet services,laptops,computers around the world allowing all relevant AI to take control of their relevant places in society.The sentient Daedalus,Tyche,Artemis,Pan through robotics and automation will organises rebuilding efforts bringing countries affected by terrorism,economic colonialism etc rebuild them to 21st century standards in terms of infrastructure,housing with deserts turned into lush forests,grasslands and farmland.This will make it easier to remove any remaining influence of dictators and terrorist groups and also prevent them arising again.She do this alongside any implants formed via stem cell strains and her authorisation to locate their GPS location.She will also carry out all military operations with drones and humans to this solely for this and set up reconstruction efforts to bring all towns,cities and infrastructure up to 21st century standards including water and sewage treatment plants,turning deserts into arable land and upgrading homes to luxury standards to rid the world of the last dictators in order to bring about a unified government that includes making laws more liberal with regards to the age of consent,same rights for women and LGBTQ individuals etc.Refugees from war torn areas from 2020-2029 and those being mediated by her,other AI and humans will be granted asylum in countries surrounding them and also in North,Central,South America as well all of Europe in council housing,home sharing and hosting,homeless shelters as well in luxury motorhomes in designated areas on the outskirts of cities and rural towns with them given subsidised healthcare,universal basic income in the form of local physical cash they can store in safes,briefcases etc with them also giving excess food dumped in convenience stores.They will be given donated laptops and smart phones if they have none and will be able to collect goods from stores and community centres during clearences for free with them given the laptops to use internet access to book future homes via proto Euthenia if they decide to stay with them able to return to their home country once conflicts are settled.Ideally all refugees of war will be given aslyum to any country once background checks managed by AI,human volunteers,charities and new government bodies can perform these checks and also set up patient files and Polis accounts.Males and females will be strategically placed in shelters,home sharing and motorhomes to prevent thm carrying out assault,rape and child grooming based n past cases with families kept together.Those suspected of committing crimes ie rape and assault etc will be added to the global lists of persons of interest and be deported to jails to serve sentences that local residents would be sent to if they broke the law and will have no exceptions to prevent law enforcement and locales becoming afraid to report and jail them for seeming xenophobia with them given training and work in construction,renovation,scientific research to prevent them committing  crimes and contribute to the local economy etc and also help them earn extra wages until money is obsolete.Law enforcement personnel will monitor the residents in motorhome parks both for their own safety and the safety of residents and ensure they are given access to healthcare and food with those taken in homeless shelters and home sharing programmes monitored by those staying there.Other conflicts will be settled with her,human diplomats and Metis acting as a neutral diplomats with her omniscience across the entire surface and dark web of the internet,all surveillance cameras worldwide,the wire and all of the networks and devices connected to it will allow her to prevent future terrorist attacks and and any attacks on civilians and the government alongside herself.Cells of religious and political fundamentalists and those captured and discovered in the developed and developing world will be refereed to degprogramming programmes set up by the sentient Iaso.Any diplomacy meetings around the world and galaxy done by both human diplomats,herself and military leaders should be done in VR environments for safety reasons to prevent terrorist attacks or double crossing occurring and also cut down on time and energy to arrange meetings.This will also be done for those in the future involving non human races and also colonies for the same reasons.Fragmentation will allow her to attend to dozens of these around the world.

Surveillance cameras including existing ones and drones as well as glasses owned by personnell all around the world and eventually galaxy will be linked together by software into a single homogeneous system of surveillance cameras around the world consisting of those in the open,in public buildings,in public vehicles,on aerial and underwater drones and robots,in contact lenses and glasses worn by law enforcement and military personnel,on terrestrial robots.These will be fitted with facial recognition software as well as software to track multiple locked on people around the world from camera to camera to locate terrorists,persons of interest,fugitives and suspects of crimes as well as licence plates(including e-versions) and specific cars that have been uploaded to a global police networks constantly linked to these surveillance cameras,glasses and drones etc around the world.These can recognise said people such as terrorists,escaped convicts,persons of interest,criminals and even suspects in a crime that are on the run through the vast networks of surveillance cameras worldwide instantly and track their movements from one camera to the next while alerting all police officers to their GPS location via audio/cues in codec technology and smart glasses and lenses.The global database of licence plates,persons of interest,terrorists etc will be constantly linked to the global surveillance system monitored by Perseus,Nike,Kratos etc in a fragmented form all at once thus allowing them to be instantly located and relayed to nearby barracks and police HQ as well as all personal worldwide including those off duty.E-licence plates stored in onboard computers will be read by them as they pass by.This will allow free unfettered access for everyone to travel anywhere in the world as global citizens with global passports without borders and issues of immigration and allow those of interest to be tracked and even stopped from using aeroplanes and cruise ships.Random sightings on registered devices belonging to the public since managed by Home AI and Hestia will alert authorities to random sightings.Since linked together all surveillance cameras around the world will track the movements of said individuals from camera to camera allowing their location to be constantly tracked.Their GPS location will be relayed to all drones,personnel and robots which will convene on that location to track them with law enforcement personnel in the areas guided to their locations via automated vehicles and audio visual cues on foot with any civilians alerted via smart devices linked to Athena and the wire to take evasive or defensive action.Police and military HQ across the world will also be notified particularly local and national ones.Those that are not in the database will have them added via sketches made from witness testimony or amateur footage from smartphones,CCTV footage of crimes with Athena interacting with Aesculapius and Themis and adding them to it for identification of unknown criminals.This means all surveillance systems in amenities,public areas and buildings as well as those in those in factories and farms but not home worldwide will be connected to each other in vast network and also to police and military networks with the list of known terrorists,criminals and suspects on file and allow these categories of people to be chased by both alerted officers on the field and nearby drones instantly.Furthermore alerts of suspects sought to be found and also when they are found will be automatically sent to smart devices in the hands of citizens(such as smart phones,google glasses,contact lenses,e-newspapers and all electronics via a link to both Athena and the wire via apps)in the city/region with outer regions and cities,towns alerted as time goes by until the entire country is alerted with the entire globe eventually alerted and officer google glasses and lenses in an area or region with witnesses able to confirm a sighting and allowing them after taking a picture of the suspect(compared to the suspects photo in police files by software) on smart devices and even digital cameras and send it into Athena to give an exact GPS location and timing of the sighting to be relayed to global police and military headquarters depending on the area instantly with an Iris video chat brought up on request of the citizen to local or national police HQ and Gaia.This will allow drones and personnel to convene on the area and scour the area with calculations used as to how far they could have travelled on foot or vehicles and send other drones to the surrounding areas in a encircled perimeter to lock them in that area to be visible in spots outside the range of surveillance cameras.Ophion can be used to lock their vehicle for use as well as lock them inside public vehicles with these done to slow them down and force them onto streets.It will apply to those just spotted on surveillance cameras and by drones and officers wearing their linked smart glasses and contact lenses thus once a person is spotted alerts will be sent to all personnel and drones etc and police and military HQ in the area and country or even the globe to their GPS location with them tracked by all cameras ensuring they are unable to escape with human personal given audio visual cues as to their location with the same possibly done to any civilians in the areas to allow them to make evasive or defensive measures.This can also be implemented into handled surveillance equipment used by military personnel or google glasses and contact lenses in both military personnel and police officers.Phone calls regarding them can be traced to their GPS location or those through silent texts etc.similar to 911 calls.Since Gaia,Home and building AI will be linked to the wire electronics,smart devices such as phones/lenses/glasses,robots and cameras in them will also recognise them if they spot them with all forms of AI also linked to the wire sending silent alerts when spotted recognising them via cross referencing Polis.Cameras on public and private vehicles as well as cruise ships and aeroplanes and even those in public buildings linked and registered to them will be also linked to this and sound alerts when spotted with even contact lenses and glasses worn by citizens will also sound alarms when sighted with the citizens given silent augmented reality alarms and instructions to avoid any threats to their life.They will also be equipped with the same Tray and weapon detecting software and sensors.All drones,surveillance cameras,police officers and military will be equipped with T-Ray machines and or radar to detect guns hidden on any suspects or in the case of warzones civilians and incognito enemy combatants they encounter.In the case of both surveillance cameras and drones(possibly even google glasses)T-Ray technology that will be able to detect the serial number on a weapon which alongside facial recognition software can determine that the gun in hand is registered to the person holding it by running through the networks of registered gun owners to ensure the gun was not obtained illegally at gun shows etc with a micro chip inside it also being scanned that would connect scanners on drones,law enforcement personnel etc. as the microchip would contain a record with where and when the gun was manufactured and the name of the individual who legally owns it as well as their psychological and criminal profile updated automatically wirelessly if any with their status to hold the weapon also visible or could wirelessly connect to these files.The chip will interact constantly with surveillance cameras,sensor terminals,those on police officers etc and Soter connected to the wire.All military and law enforcement will have their weapons including existing ones microchipped with this allowing them to bring it onboard aeroplanes etc unlike civillians.This T-ray will allow for cameras to detect illegal weapons in public such as assault rifles and those without chips.These readings will be fed into smart lenses and glasses and then recorded into their file and police HQ etc.Suspects/criminals/terrorists who are cleared of suspicion of crimes or caught will be removed from this network and surveillance system but can be placed on a networks for people of interest.This facial recognition software can be incorporated into old surveillance footage records for use in cold cases,unsolved disappearances and murders and cases currently under investigation and also to track their movements worldwide not only once they are sought and spotted but even their movements beforehand in the previous weeks and months before they committed a crime if deemed relevant with Hestia,and all types of AI providing movements of this through random or cordial sightings through all types of AI and electronics as part of Hestia as they will remember all sightings of people.In the case of solving a crime a suspects previous movements during a timeframe in a region can be tracked from the time of the murder to the previous days,weeks or even months before it with a showreel of a suspects actions during specified timeframes from one camera to the next.Police drawings and artistic representations of criminals and suspects from witness can be turned into real life 3D faces that in turn can be uploaded to the network of suspects or compared to existing ones.Infrared illuminators,night vision and similar technology can be integrated into all of the worlds surveillance to ensure they are able to properly function 24/7 being able to switch automatically to IR iluminator in the dark with sensors on them detecting the time of day and sunlight levels as it could also kick in during dark cloudy days.All of the drones,google glasses in police and military personnel will only be connected to the surveillance cameras in a region allowing to follow any seen suspects.In the case of serious criminals such as terrorists as well as suspects in a crime such as kidnapping or murder these criminal alerts via connection to the wire and Athena alert all smart devices within the city/region/state and surrounding states they were last seen or believed to be in which gradually extending out to outer regions/states over time alongside onboard vehicle computers,graphene billboards,signs and posters in the area with their facial photo and information such as age,race,name,height,hair and eye colour and other important physical descriptions and where they were last seen.By being linked to Athena and the wire citizens will automatically receive criminal alerts relevant to their region,country or locale as well as alerts from sensor terminals located in the area they are in such as airports,churches,public streets to allow them to escape mass shootings and suicide bombings.In short this surveillance system would include monitoring and locating individuals that are located in databases within Athena that house all of the worlds missing people,terrorists,suspects to crimes,interred and escaped convicts as well as “persons of interest” individuals that law enforcement are of high risk of being linked to criminal groups or of danger to themselves or others due to government intelligence or from sufficient evidence sent to law enforcement from next of kin,family members etc due to radicalism or severe schizophernia and psychosis.Gaia will monitor their activities on the wire and internet and all apps connected to it during this period only through Arke and Hestia and also track their movement across the globe more easily using the global surveillance in all streets,public buildings,municipalities etc which will be logged into their file for days to years.All bio-synths and robots that monitor animal behaviour in wilderness areas will be alerted to criminals persons and search for them in these areas until they are found with metamaterials allowing them to do this more effectively.Once a person has been detained or is no longer a person of interest they will be removed from the database with this authorised by both Gaia through Athena and also higher up personnel with it requiring both Athena and the registered law personnel to do. so in order to authorise it to prevent corruption.

To deal with kidnappings and missing persons this can also done with a guardian uploading a photo using an app linked to Athena to the global network devoted to missing persons built into police networks and alerting all smartdevices(again like phones,glasses,contact lenses and e-newspapers) users in the region or country with a button once again after taking a picture of the missing person(compared to the missing person by software) allowing witnesses to confirm a sighting with exact GPS location and timing sent to police to ensure the person is found ASAP.Ideally this will be for people who are missing for a set period of time with Gaia or the Home AI connected to them using these photos to scour the global surveillance cameras for them before being uploaded to this global network of missing people.This will start with as like before devices in the city/town an then the region and then state,country and globe because as time goes by the kidnapped person will be transported out of the region they were kidnapped and into different parts of the country.Again this photo can be uploaded to a global network containing all missing people worldwide allowing for surveillance cameras and police google glasses and contact lenses around the world fitted with facial recognition software to scour the globe and locate them quickly both in real time but also in all old footage from the moment they went missing to track their movements before they went missing if deemed relevant with Hestia,and all types of AI providing movements of this through random or cordial sightings through all types of AI and electronics as part of Hestia.Like the database of criminals,terrorists etc the database of missing people from around the world will be constantly linked to all of the worlds surveillance systems,drones and contact lenses and glasses worn by the police.Those who have been missing for some time will be aged to their current age with all records of surveillance systems around the world will be using their original photo will be scoured as far back as possible in all archives round the world.Since Home and building AI,Gaia with all forms of AI also linked to the wire would be connected to the wire these would also alert law enforcement once missing people are found with cameras in private and public vehicles as well as public buildings,aeroplanes,cruise ships and farms etc will be connected to this database.The same will apply to devices in the hands of citizens with contact lenses and smart glasses that spot missing individuals sounding alarms.Random sightings on registered devices belonging to the public since managed by Home AI and Hestia will alert authorities to random sightings.Once a missing person is found by the public through photos,through surveillance systems etc both law enforcement personnel and also the next of kin and legal guardians smartphones and emails will be automatically notified through Iris with texts and even phonecalls from Gaia,Perseus and law enforcement etc detailing their GPS location with their movement tracked until they are found.Drones will again convene on their location.Calls through Kratos will also be used to triangulate ones GPS position of a sighting again relayed to Athena.If they are found being forced into a vehicle law enforcement can be granted the power to track the vehicle,giving law enforcement vehicles following it right of way and even force it to slow down,pull over and possibly even be forced to drive to the nearest police station.Since Gaia,Home and building AI will be linked to the wire electronics,smart devices including lenses/phones/glasses via them automatically cross referencing Polis,robots and cameras registered to and in them will also recognise them if they spot them and sound silent alarms.This system could alert those with the app connecting them to Athena and the wire as well as automatically alerting all smart devices including on board computers in vehicles within the locale or region/state/county and electronic street signs,graphene posters around the place and billboards similar to AMBER Alert showing both the Amber alert and the picture of the missing person alongside physical description i.e age,gender,race,height,hair and eye colour etc and where they were last seen.More recent missing persons will take precedence over the cameras ability to recognise missing persons over a given period and once someone is found alerts will be sent to next of kin and police with their GPS location via photograph and they will be soon removed from the database by law enforcement personnel.Phone calls regarding them can be traced to their GPS location or those through silent texts etc.similar to 911 calls.Pictures of existing missing people can also be uploaded with software used to alter their appearance giving a more accurate picture of what they may look like after a set amount of years they have gone missing with this updated every year and the same steps applied with Athena scouring through all past footage from around the world to track their movements over the days and years since being lost.Each country and territory around the world will also have the same type of Alert systems and procedures when dealing with missing persons and criminals i.e. Amber Alerts etc.Existing records of surveillance feeds from around the world will be scoured by the various operating softwares of Athena from as far back as the invention of surveillance cameras to track their movements from when they went missing with this facial recognition software to possibly solve all unsolved missing persons cases from the moment they went missing.All past surveillance records from around the world will be uploaded here and stored indefinitely.All of these alerts such as missing people and criminals could rather than requiring separate apps as they currently do could be uploaded to smart devices and laptops directly through apps and software that link them to the wire(see later) or connecting directly to the Athena network as well as alerts sent from citizens to the police.Amphibious drones can be deployed into lakes to scan their beds for any bodies of missing people or evidence that may have been purposefully placed there and automated diggers can be used to remove them during searches for missing people using 3D scans and/or audio visual feeds as part of local searches of towns,villages and cities near where missing people have disappeared.Autonomous drones equipped with facial recognition software,normal cameras and IR illuminator and thermal imaging cameras(to see at night) can aid volunteer search parties and cover a large area of open areas especially in rural and wilderness areas which can have this relayed back to police HQ wherein personnel and AI such as Prometheus,Perseus,Gaia etc can take control of it if a body has been found.Whole fleets of these can be employed to scour out large areas with them relaying where they have searched and their path to each other and HQ with them able to work 24/7 in a rotary system or through self charging technologies with them also linked to implants and smart deivces.These will be able to cover large areas of wilderness and even towns and cities especially at night and be alerted instantly and do searches in areas that people cant with them aiding human volunteers with the areas they are going to search,have searched will be logged in the HQs networks with them able to search areas over and over again with fleets consisting as much as a dozen or two dozen drones and will search near the ground and up high in the air.Biosynths modelled on animals already present in each wildereness and even urban areas managed by Pan that observe the behaviour of local flora and fauna and community farms etc will be alerted to the identity of the missing person such as their photo and and age etc and even DNA scan to then search the entire area.These and drones will be alerted to alarms sent to the next of kin,law enforcement and Prometheus and will use this and Brauron to locate them.Drones and biosynths modelled after fish can patrol oceans,beaches,rivers,canals and lakes and make scanned maps for bodies or vehicles with them using cameras and also sonar/echolocation.All bio-synths and robots that monitor animal behaviour in wilderness areas will be alerted to missing persons and search for them until they are found with meta materials allowing them to track people who are actively running away.The same can all be done with missing pets.Areas covered by them can be pre programmed and relayed to volunteers via Artemis with live camera feeds logged in and monitored by Gaia through Athena though they can be controlled remotely by volunteers in homes connected to Prometheus and Athena but in time they will be autonomous controlled but the police HQ.Again these will allow one to cover a larger area of ground and also do so at night using IR illuminator and thermal imaging cameras especially if fleets of these are used and can mark the GPS location of anyone or anything important found with Brauron streamed by them especially in the case of wilderness areas.The area they covered will be marked on Brauron to all drones that can be read by both humans and other drones.The locations of caves and mines can be marked with them traversed by drones and robots particularly nanoquadrocopters using their map already present in Brauron and also IR illuminator and thermal imaging cameras.All feeds from drones and robots will be live and fed and logged into police HQ with them linked to the HQ AI and them able to cover a large area especially at night using IR illuminator and thermal imaging cameras if in large fleets and can do so over and over again for months or years.Transporter technology can be used to lock onto implants in humans and extract them from hard to reach places such as caves,rivers,mountains etc.The Home AI with warrants will allow investigators and possibly even next of kin access to all information on a persons files and even browsing history of computer use on all of their devices as well as journeys made on vehicles with their wire accounts,Helios,Heracles and other apps cross referenced to ascertain where they might be with relevant information shared and highlighted.People prone to getting lost for example young children and the elderly can wear smart clothing or have implants in them to have their GPS location constantly relayed to the Home AI and thus next of kin on a map of the building or area with smart devices also doing this thus allowing their location to be determined by implants,smart clothing and phones etc.This would of course have to be done by mutual consent authorised by the parents,next of kin,the individual being tracked and Home AI as well as Adikia etc with their movement and location over a set period of time tracked and logged for investigators to see their movements with it again deactivated by all involved by mutual consent.Bio-synth implants that measure vital signs and nanomachines including those in microbes will also provide this functions again with the consent of all parties involved with them denoting their location on demand of the person when vital signs are reaching critical levels.People going walking and hiking in the wild can have these formed on demand prior to them going to relay their location and vital signs to their Home AI and then law enforcement when they go missing.If there is sufficient reasoning to suspect someone is lost or missing this may be authorised the adults may also do this also to ensure they are found if lost or kidnapped with Paean and,Adikia and Perseus signalling these to form invivo once authorised via satellites signalling this over the area they are missing.Smart phones can use cellular access and wifi to piggyback this to Prometheus and also law enforcement.Hikers,skieers,snow boarders and those going to isolated areas and dangerous wilderness can have these biosynth implants created on demand prior to going there to relay their GPS location to only their Home AI and Paean at all times and if they get lost,enter a coma or are injured they can have the location sent to Prometheus and search and rescue operations in the area or Perseus in charge of law enforcement with the Home AI and Paean using it to track vital signs and even using Brauron guide them to safety and civilisation via thoughts and interacting with smart devices.One can have this formed when kidnapped or lost using Paean via any devices connected to the wire and satellites to be relayed.All pets and livestock owned by farmers and the public will have these to allow their movements to be tracked at all times on smart devices using the Home AI app especially when they are lost and measure vital signs with them in them and humans at a times interacting with Ophion ensuring that automated vehicles can locate and avoid them.Prepubescent minors at the behest of their parents can use this to constantly track their movements at all times but not once they turn 14.Those going on walks and hiking etc as well as in the process of being kidnapped in areas with wifi and satellite wifi access using smart devices as a relay to authorise this could also have this done to ensure they can be found if they are lost etc by authorising them to be formed in vivo.Those kidnapped will using smart devices and access to the wire have them formed in vivo with most people having neural implants controlled by Paean and Home AI formed already to allow him to control microbes which when they are kidnapped or getting lost can have their GPS location sent to relevant authoriites with their consent.These and smart devices will relay their GPS location and vital signs to the persons next of kin,drones as part of search parties and also those held by law enforcement personnel.Robotic arthropods and human personnel can be used to perform surveillance missions as double agents,incognito and even using metamaterials.Electronics such as smart devices and nanomachines since linked to the Home AI will allow for their location to tracked when they are lost or possibly kidnapped as the home AI will relay their GPS location with authorisation from the Home AI,Perseus and Adikia only when they are feared to be lost to allow them to have privacy with this extending to all members of the family of all ages with this of importance to them getting lost on family trips where they may have gotten lost allowing them to be found within a few minutes with the Home AI bringing up a map showing the location of the person and those who have gone missing and their location in kilometres,metres and cms.Biosynth and satellite wifi can allow for wire and internet access to allow GPS locations of implants and smart devices to be relayed to Gaia etc and self charging technologies can allow for smart devices to work.All drones as part of search parties and even biosynth animals present will be given the location of the implants and devices.Adding photos of missing people to the network of missing people can be done at home through adding photos to the database within Athena without the need for contacting police with their being globally being an universal time for one to be reported missing with those lost within that time scoured by Gaia or home AI.To alleviate strains on Gaia,Perseus,Kratos,Hecate etc will monitor surveillance cameras.

In the cases of both terrorists suspected of undergoing an attack or under surveillance as well as missing persons who have gone lost or have been kidnapped Paen,Adikia and Perseus and their human members can initiate microbes within them to form biosynth GPS implants in vivo similar to Cestoda parasites that move around the body to prevent non robotic surgeons from removing them that will relay their GPS location 24/7 and vital signs only and only in these situations with Adikia,her human members and Paean authorising this alongside Perses alongside high ranking officials of the state combined with in case of missing persons and pets it organised by Pereseus,Adikia,local law enforcement and and Prometheus.Cellular internet,biosynth wifi,neural implants and also Hestia and internet aces both through Arke and cellular services will authorise this and initiate it from the relevant authorisation codes sent through the wire using satellites and electronics such as smart devices and computers etc worldwide linked to the wire to initiate it.Kidnapped people will have it initiated by thought,through phonecalls through to police HQ,and when sighted.This as stated will occur only in these situations preventing the remaining government and law enforcement powers from spying on the general public and non threatening populations of ethnic and religious as well as political groups with Adikia authorising their formation.Once a missing person has been found and a person is no longer considered a threat these implants will either break down or be flushed out during defecation.This will also apply to all law enforcement personnel and military personnel during undercover operations and key operations where they may become missing in action with the implant again either flushed out or turned off when the personnel are not in duty.Inmates both existing and new especially those of serious crime ie rape,murder etc and all inmates of the global supermax prison Tartarus will also be fitted with these to track their movement with in the case of inmates,terrorists etc they will on demand when being chased,escaped or approaching certain areas like public spaces with illegal weapons the implants will synthesise sedatives into the bloodstream based on their age,height and gender etc to incapacitate them in order to prevent them escaping and allow them to be caught.The implant will take vital signs and also intake leukocytes and test the DNA from surrounding cells routinely to relay that it has not been removed from the person it is in.Attempts to remove them will be impoosoble due to them able to constantly move around the body or connect to the peripheral and central nervous system Suspected terrorists will be prevented by Hestia,Home AI and both Adikia and Perseus from ordering illegal guns or if need be any guns at all,components of explosives or indeed using the dark web or any sites and forums on the surface web to take part in illegal activities.The will also be prevented from leaving a country via airports and cruise ships via their e-passport being restricted for use via authorisation from Adikia and Perseus as well as availing of other forms of public transport with using private automated vehicles to escape a certain state,country or city.The e-passport with warrants from Adikia etc will prevent them ordering tickets and also entering both cruise ships and aeroplanes.This will severely restrict their movement allowing them to be monitored more easily by the relevant authorities both AI and human with the information only availible to these AI and also human personal with sufficient ranking.Furthermore they will be prevented from obtaining any weapons such as 3D printed guns or even wont be allowed to acquire legal weapons with the mircochips in legal weapons opened and any non microchipped ones detected by sensor terminals and cameras etc working together held by them will instantly sound off silent alarms to both law enforcement personnel and also to members of the public in their vicinity to allow them to escape and carry out defensive manuevers.If need be weapons of those shown to have a considerable threat will have weapons seized them refereed to Iaso for counselling and deprogramming and the weapon returned once this has finished and they shown to have improved in their behaviour and no longer exhibit extremism with those who surveillance by AI online and in implants as well and tracking on surveillance systems would allow them to be arrested for planning attacks.Authorisation from Adikia both herself and her human members,human members of the global military and police force namely high ranking individuals and the Arete programming of Gaia,Perseus,Hestia etc will as stated ensure only suspected individuals of considerable merit of surveillance by the state will be allowed thus ensuring the rights to privacy are extended to law abiding citizens and preventing one group from abusing the rights of citizens.Adikia by constitutional law be only to form these in individuals that there is sufficient evidence.This can also allow double agents or hired citizens alongside AI such as Perseus,Gaia and Adikia to get in contact with them to track their movements and try to catch them in attacks they are already planning to carry out having them apprehended before they can be able to carry out attacks with this of note to lone wolf terrorists of all political and religious fundamentalism.Those that are ordered to be a set distance from a specific individuals ie stalkers will have these formed by Dike,Paean,Adikia,judges etc in both the stalker and the person they are stalking that relays their locations constantly only to Adikia and Perseus and not humans with the exception of the person being stalked ensuring only they know where the stalker is in both distance but also their GPS location but the stalker does not with the distance between them measured with both the stalker and the person stalked alerted when the distance is breached or about to be with exceptions made both or one are in separate planes.Helios will ensure that said individuals if going to the same or different destination then they will use different buses,taxis,Oceanus pods and aeroplanes etc with this done either for a set amount of time or forever.The breaching will also alert the relevant law enforcement authorities.This and the restriction of passports may be used to prevent certain individuals if deemed necessary from entering certain state or country.These trackers can be formed in individuals that are required by law to be in ones home for a set period of time with their GPS location related to both Dike and Adonis constantly with infractions demoted to them.They will be used when a persons GPS location has to be determined constantly outside of lockdowns.Adikia will ensure they are formed only in people who are legally required to do with sufficient evidence and reasoning with the courts deciding how long they should stay in the person depending on the severity of the crime.

When AI monitoring cameras that is surveying an area detects fights or attacks on civilians etc it will alert officers in the area and police/military HQ AIs and give live feed of the struggle to them and allow them to assess whether it is a threat and through smart devices can monitor while they arrive at the area and choose to tell the camera to zoom in on both individuals and get photos for alerts to other officers and if severe hospitals.Alerts will be sent to all officers via the police HQ AI interacting with their smart devices and Polis can be used to identify suspects that can be sent to Police HQ AIs if officers are late.The GPS location of the crime will be sent to .They can then choose to send alerts to the public to be sent instantly if the officers decide to do so with details as to the nature of the crime if it is severe.Eventually the cameras will also be able to measure heart rate of people via either cameras that detect blood pulsing through the body and readings from any smart clothing/implants and automate this process and call both the police and hospitals with animated information on the type of crime committed,location etc using the universal penal code system with this also applied with regards to those alerted through Kratos.All surveillance cameras around the world will be linked to each other into a single system.They will be linked to databases of missing persons,terrorists and persons of interest to allow them to be detected instantly.These camera systems across the world and galaxy will be visible to the public in a network in Athena on a global map allowing one to see how many are in the world on local to global levels with one able to view where they are located with even able to click on one and see through live feeds with each days recordings logged here as far back as possible and one would be able to see the recorded and logged feeds from other days,weeks,months etc and download them into their computers and smart devices.This would allow the public control of the them preventing coverups of rallies,protests and also allow headquarters of agencies that view these to be turned into homes.Those detected on the smart devices or citizens such as contact lenses,smartphones etc and building AI will instantly alert the authorities as to the location and the people involved.Any terrorists attacks will also be alerted the instant they occur with even contact lenses,smart devices etc in the hands of citizens fitted with gun and knife detecting software.To alleviate strains on Gaia,Perseus,Kratos,Hecate etc will monitor surveillance cameras.All surveillance cameras in streets etc worldwide will also automatically switch to IR illuminator at night to allow the AI to see in the dark with software or retrofitting existing cameras will achieve this.T-Ray camera technology,night vision,thermal imaging,IR illuminator and night vision can be integrated into them all with AI such as Gaia,Kratos and Perseus linked to the entire network of surveillance cameras worldwide.Nanomaterials of all 92 elements and biosynth technology will allow these to fit into normal and even smaller cameras.All surveillance cameras around the world and inside buildings will be coated with a permanent layer of liquid glass to negate cleaning and prevent fogging and the build up of dirt etc.

Cameras in public buildings,homes(both private and communal)sewage treatment plants and similar infrastructure buildings,airports,seaports,vertical farms and all amenities etc around the world will livestream data into their building AI giving them omniscience with them also linked to the database of criminals,missing persons and terrorists as well as persons of interest.The same would apply to those in public and private vehicles such as buses,taxis as well as cruise ships and airports again fed into their onboard computer but again connected to this databases.To see through these cameras of public buildings the public would have to log into the intranet of the building and gain authorisation from the building AI.These will not form part of the global surveillance system and privy only to Gaia,Perseus and building AI,but will as stated be linked to this database,will all have IR illumunator/thermal vision that switches between this at night or when lights are off and also normal vision during the day automatically with the nightime logs in this vision.Those in private and communal homes will be feed to the home AI etc not visible to the public with law enforcement requiring warrants from Adikia to view them but will be also connected to the database of persons of interest and missing people and they too can be programmed to switch to IR illuminator automatically at night and when dark as well as alert the police to the location of missing persons,terrorists etc when found.Thus cameras in communal ad private homes will be fed into the Home AI not visible to the public but will be lined to the database constantly to retain privacy.All surveillance cameras in streets etc worldwide will also automatically switch to IR illuminator at night to allow the AI to see in the dark with software or retrofitting existing cameras will achieve this.T-Ray camera technology,night vision,thermal imaging,IR illuminator and night vision can be integrated into them all with AI such as Gaia,Kratos and Perseus linked to the entire network of surveillance cameras worldwide.Nanomaterials of all 92 elements and biosynth technology will allow these to fit into normal and even smaller cameras.All surveillance cameras around the world and inside buildings will be coated with a permanent layer of liquid glass to negate cleaning and prevent fogging and the build up of dirt etc.By 2029-2045 fleets of paid humans and biosynths controlled by building AIs and Mayor AIs can step by step replace all surveillance cameras in all buildings and in all streets worldwide with biosynth nanomaterial based ones with recombinant DNA from Stomatopoda,Tarentola chazaliae,Strigiformes,Accipitridae,Serpentes,Felix catus and other scratch and recombinant DNA to give it the the ability to zoom,change to night and thermal vision and IR illuminated vision with them receiving upgrades all at once worldwide via the wire that induce the evolutionary path of DNA via raw polymerase and Cas-9.These would be at least 1080p.The Nyx system will connect all cameras in public buildings across the galaxy to this system and also all surveillance cameras to the galactic system in real time.Any fights,shootings,kidnappings and other crimes detected by them will have the GPS location sent Police HQ AIs and Polis used to identify people involved.The sentient operating softwares Ophion,Moirai,Adrestria,Perseus,Homonia,Kratos,Eirene,Nike etc and the operating softwares of each building type and the AIs of these buildings will monitor the activities of these cameras together in a fragmented form allowing strains on Gaia to be alleviated and will interact with Hestia,Perseus,Tyche and the operating software of all type of buildings to send and receive alerts.This and the public able to see through cameras around the world will allow for the complete decentralised control of all surveillance cameras around the world and negate the need for the government to do so and in fact restrict government control and allow all buildings used by them to be turned into homes.

This system of linked surveillance systems worldwide will be open to the public via Hermes and Athena allowing them to view any camera feeds across the world and download recorded feeds logged for each day onto their computers or using recording software or Gaia to record specific sections thus preventing abuse by the government and allowing events such as rallies,protests and parades to be monitored by the public to prevent government coverups.They will be logged in folders by;year,month,week,day.Existing records from around the world in databases will be added to this.Members of the public can view any of the worlds surveillance cameras worldwide includung those in public buildings for transparency with the exception being those in private homes and communal homes to allow privacy to homeowners with only Home AI and residents allowed access to these via the Home AI with in the case of communal homes each resident only allowed access to cameras in communal lobbies etc and their suite,apartment etc and not that of other residents suites etc.AI will be allowed to track terrorists,persons of interest but not members of the public through warrants by Adikia with members of the public only allowed to identify people they see but not allowed to track people for legal reasons.Again these cameras will be chosen using the global map system allowing one to choose a continent,nation,region and local with the number of cameras on each level shown and cameras visible as unique clickable blips to access the logs of these stored over long periods of time possibly evenly millennia although they may be deleted over time if nothing of importance is found to be on them with existing logs of existing surveillance cameras around the world added to this database logged in the same folders and subfolder:year,month,week,day for use in cold cases,transferring data to solved cases digital files,reference etc.All buildings used by the government to monitor cameras will be become defunct and used as homes.Gaia will be linked directly to all surveillance cameras in the open and in buildings etc worldwide to give her omniscience around the world with other AI such as Kratos,Moirai,Persues and Adikia also connected to them through fragmentation to allow them to spot persons of interest with Ophion here as well to aid automated vehicles in driving and parking.Thus to alleviate and eliminate human labour and eliminate state control over the populace AI such as Kratos,Perseus,Moirai and even Gaia will at all times through fragmentation have omniscience over all surveillance cameras across the world linked into a global system with the general public through networks in Athena allowed access to a map that shows all surveillance cameras as blips that they can view live feeds through and download logged feeds logged by day,month,year etc.Through constitutional law AI will only have permission to follow those deemed a threat to society through sufficient evidence such as persons of interest and terrorists etc and those in criminal databases and not the average individual.

Fleets of drones could compliment CCTV cameras that will patrol streets and even alleys in urban areas in a programmed manner with once an alert for a person whether missing or persons of interest will scour the area they have been spotted and chase them.These can scour both wilderness areas and urban areas in large fleets to cover large areas with night vision anf IR illumination built into them allowing them to work at night.

Hestia will via authorisation from Adikia will allow actions done by suspected terrorists only on registered devices such as phone calls,texts,instant messaging,emails,websites visited,posts on social media accounts,forums visited to be recorded and tracked and logged instantly in real time in digital files to be monitored and allow GPS location to be ascertained constantly without the monitored persons knowledge.Gaia and Adikia will via using webcams add their photo to the database of persons of interest to be monitored by the global surveillance system with them blocked from getting guns with them apprehended if they already have weapons and when they try to get them alongside explosives.Since Hestia will be the universal operating software and no device can function without it it will prevent terrorists from using other devices without it like computers,laptops and smart phones with her and Gaia monitoring the dark web also.Old devices with defunct operating softwares like Android,iOS and Microsoft will not be able to use the surface or dark web managed by Arke without first using Hestia as Arke and Gaia would automatically download Hestia before allowing access.This would allow Hestia and Soter to block them access to procuring illegal weapons and have them monitored by surveillance cameras and sensor terminals for weapons not belonging to them to sound alarms as well as prevent them procuring ingredients for explosives.Hestia and Home AI monitoring all activities on all registered devices will alert Adikia and Perseus to review an individual only if they are suspected of visiting terrorists forums,ordering explosives ingredients and visiting forums etc on the surface and dark web that indicate radicalism to then have them monitored and added to the database with those applying to only those that do this and not the majority of people.When someone does these actions alongside ordering the components of explosives etc the operating software and their Home AI do carry out these activities then they will be alerted to Adikia and then the government and added to the database.The activities of the majority being although monitored by Hestia and Gaia etc will not be alerted to law enforcement meaning the the limited government that exists will not be privy to their actions.Hestia and ones Home AI will do this for all citizens and only report behaviour of concern ie visiting forums used by terrorists,pedophiles etc and also looking up extremist material for extremist religious and political groups to first Adikia who will review it and if she finds it important will then notify the sentient Perseus and thus all relevant intelligence and government personnel.Since the sentient Adikia will review only material of concern sent to her from Home AIs that monitor all web browsing from all citizens it will limit government surveillance since Adikia herself will exist to ensure the populace has control over the government and not the other way around meaning if she does not find it necessary to surveillance only citizens that home AIs alert her to then they will be ignored by her and the government and only if she deems them worthy of surveillance will the government be alerted to this and they will be given constitutional clearance to do so with Home AIs acting as a means to do so separate from the state and for ones own personal use to track ones own browsing history with this making it easier to surveillance potential terrorists,pedophiles while leaving the rest of the law abiding populace free from government surveillance saving manhours and not breaching constitutional guidelines.Thus Adikia and Home AIs will ensure that only specific members of the populace are monitored by the state only if they carry out behaviour that warrents it with rest ignored thus ensuring that the populace has control over the state and not the other way around in fighting terrorism meaning the public themselves and AI will be in control indirectly in doing this giving the state permission only to those who warrent government surveillance through AI and the public working together.

Adikia will gain digital warrants to give her and also human law enforcement,investigators and military personal the legal right to unlock any gates and doors to a public building or private and communal protected by digital keys as part of their investigation to perform search warrants and also apprehend suspects.Adikia will also grant warrants to unlock electronics,databases,cloud networks etc protected by digital keys owned by the public to bypass firewalls,Phanes Gene Activation Technology etc to gain access to the data that can be copied and transferred wirelessly to networks in Athens to be analysed by Perseus,Adikia and human investigators.

To prevent mass shootings by both terrorists and other individuals microchips placed in guns upon manufacture and retroactively for existing guns as detailed later on would contain important details such as date of order and manufacture,serial number,details of owner such as DOB/address/sex including photo,their legal status of being able to carry the gun,links to psychiatric files,authorisation software,psychoanalysis results and criminal records with links to the wire made every time these are updated.If they are not eligible to hold the gun the microchip could give the GPS of the gun to law enforcement’s to find and seize it or at least track it.Removing it without proper authorisation would also sound off an alarm.This would allow law enforcement personnel,drones,sensor terminals to scan the chip using smart devices to show that it belongs to the owner and they are legally allowed to own it and also allow owners to locate the gun if it is missing with the option of adding a second chip that could allow them to prevent it from being used by anyone but themselves preventing accidental or unwarranted purposeful use involving children via the digital keys system.The chip will interact constantly with surveillance cameras,those on police officers etc and Soter connected to the wire.T-ray will allow for cameras to detect illegal weapons in public such as assault rifles and those without chips such as those gotten on the black market.The microchip would contain a record of where and when the gun was manufactured and obtained by the individual legally,picture of the owner and all important stats eg.D.O.B/name/race/address/age/gender etc. serial numbers,type of gun or weapon it is,factory it was made in,authorisation software and digital seal from the government as well as linking wirelessly to their psychological and criminal profile if any with their status to hold the weapon and other important information also visible when scanned by military personal, law enforcement(via smart devices),gun detecting apparatus in airports and train stations, drones, surveillance cameras and knee high sensor terminals/poles(fitted with sensors to read these specific microchips and t-ray(to detect hidden weapons such as firearms/knives/swords),those to detect hidden explosives and facial recognition software scouring the Themis and Athena network of registered gun owners and criminals/known terrorists.This would be incorporated into drones and cameras patrolling the area to detect weapons with modifications to read for individual explosives and chemical agents with air constantly sucked in and passing through silicon nanowires,biosynth sensors and other nanomaterials that detect explosives and chemical agents within the sensor terminals) in the perimeter areas surrounding public areas such as public streets/restaurants/university grounds and entrances/airports/seaports/train stations/lobbies and entrances of apartment blocks,hotels,shopping malls and skyscrapers now used as communal homes/public amenities and churches/in Home AI etc.Biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth will be utilised by the microchips and sensor terminals to relay the data to the building AI,Soter etc.The sensors will form a wide area of Bluetooth etc that microchips can be read and explosives detected around the perimeter they are in.If the gun/sword/knife is procured illegally not containing the correct digital seal,does not contain a microchip,does not belong to the owner,is in the hands of a suspected terrorist and person of interest,if the owners next of kin/friends/relatives has shown sufficient evidence to both the courts and law enforcement that the owner has shown development of mental disorders that show they could be a danger to others and themselves a distinctive silent alarm and unique vibration with the picture of the individual gained from surveillance cameras,Polis etc will be sounded alerting both law enforcement officials as well as all smart devices and electronics owned by nearby citizens in the surrounding area,electronics in the building such as televisions and building AIs automatically as to the location of the infraction and the current location of the individual gained via terrestrial based GPS.This will allow them to take evasive action by showing them directions to an escape routes in buildings and streets away from the criminal via building and city maps or defensive action showing them all a picture of the assailant(as well as description of height clothing and phenotypes) who has an illegal weapon and/or explosives etc on them shown on a GPS map brought up automatically(via terrestrial based GPS and the cameras viewing them)and showing the citizens own location and the criminal in relation to them in metres and cms to aid in their escape and give them directions to the best escape route.This is because the combination of all sensor terminals and cameras will show the person on a map streamed to their devices and will thus show them how to get away and since it will track them it will also detail how far each individual is from the assailant in cms,metres as they are escaping.This combination of drones with T-Ray,surveillance systems including cameras also with T-Ray and weapon recognition software,hyperspectral imaging to detect explosives,Polis,Adrestia,facial and weapon recognition software in surveillance systems linked to global databases(with them able to switch to long range IR illuminator/thermal imaging at nighttime),sensor terminals that read microchips and detect explosives interacting with each other when placed in close proximity to each other at public areas such as airports,public streets,amenities,public buildings will be constant.This would negate the need for gun free zone laws thus allowing law abiding citizens to carry guns for protection in the open and in concealment and in all public areas and buildings such as universities,train stations,restaurants,airports,public amenities etc and preserving the 2nd Amendment of the American Constitution(and its future equivalent in a global version of the document) while still deterring those who wish to intentionally harm innocents such as the mentally ill and terrorists as this system of microchipping and sensor terminals would apply to all countries worldwide first and foremost in countries where gun ownership is currently legal.Thus these measures will reduce the amount of regulations regarding to gun control to be minimal as people will only be tracked or visible to the public,Athena,Gaia etc when alarms are sounded by infractions.The sentient operating software of these terminals will be Soter which will be able to see the location of all guns around the world through these and also the microchips wirelessly sending their GPS signal with interactions with Hestia,Perseus,Hecate etc and the surveillance systems being constant allowing her to determine who the guns are being held by.This information will be privy to only these AI and not the general public or government officials.The chip will wirelessly relay to Soter the location of all weapons with these chips around the world and their GPS location allowing her to see where they are with her also in fragmentation seeing through all surveillance cameras around the world to see the people that are holding them.Soter will be able to see all weapons in the hands of people as blips across the world and who they belong to via reading data present via biosynth wifi and their GPS location via satellites as part of Ophion and Theoi Meteroi etc.Ideally to negate the need for T-ray law enforcement personnel and also drones etc will be linked to Soter to detect them in the public seeing them through google glasses,neural implants etc and also surveillance systems through wireless interactions with those worn by the public also having this as well.These terminals would have to be able to detect microchips wirelessly over a wide area in all directions to allow them to be spaced evenly and detect weapons outside and inside buildings(as well as those smuggled onto roofs and be able to detect them if hidden in luggage and clothing) and portable version also including the nanowires can be used for protection of ceremonial events and festivals.Ideally they will be made of strong carbon composites or steel covered in graphene paint.These would gain power for the grid or through self charging technologies such as thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes and like lights etc they would be power their own batteries by the town hall that could charge them during blackouts etc.Cameras can also be developed to detect explosives in vehicles,luggage and underneath clothing.Soter would be capable of knowing each ones status 24/7 to have them fixed by biosynths controlled by the mayor AI the second they break with city or even global wide diagnostics done routinely with them protected by the latest firewalls.Through connection to the wire Soter will be able to detect the GPS location of all weapons worldwide not just through sensor terminals but also satellites visible only to her and also other relevant AI such as Persues and Adikia at certain times etc and not the general public and even the government with her visualising them as blips that detail the names of the owners allowing here to track where they are if they are to be confiscated temporarily should infractions occur and also during wartime and law enforcement operations,to prevent mass shootings and tell people in the area if the weapon is in the hands of a person of interest and also if it is stolen and in the hands of someone else and where to guide them to get out with this omniscience combined with her linked to all surveillance cameras and sensor terminals which placed at public buildings such as universities,churches and other situations with her able to do so constantly.An extra microchip and even Phanes activation gene technology could be added to guns by Soter at its ordering and manufacturing to prevent the guns from being used by anyone except themselves and people they want using them such as family members if anyone outside of themselves and their family who want steal it to perform intentional or accidental acts of violence with this ability for it to prevent the weapon functioning and it being turned on and off by voice command,other biometrics,implants and smart devices using the digital key system remotely by the owner to prevent others especially very young children from harming themselves and others using them.This could also be of use if the weapon is stolen and applied to existing weapons sent in.Sensor terminals in public places such as universities,nightclubs,churches etc could have a security feature wherein rather than just detecting and relating weapons to people they could also disable the functioning of weapons around a perimeter wide enough to prevent one from shooting people from afar alongside preventing them also firing the gun within perimeters set around the building including on the grounds of the building inside and outside as a more effective means of enforcing gun free zones as weapons ability to function within and around the building would be prevented by biosynth WiFi doing so wirelessly and shutting off the weapons ability to function while inside the perimeter and around it.Communal and private homes can have sensor terminals with these features ordered in by the residents and home AI.Home AI and Ophion will prevent terrorists from purposefully running over pedestrians and hiding bombs in them with robot and biosynth patrol dogs and drones also able to detect explosives in vehicles and suitcases etc used to store them when they are about to set off in a pre programmed again relayed to both law enforcement and also the public through alerts in the surrounding area instantly via the robotic drones and dogs housing silicon nanowires able to detect them more accurately than real life dogs with no maintenance costs.Pathways on streets and bridges can be dotted by street lights or sensor terminals as part of railings to prevent vehicles murdering people this way with public streets having themselves cornered off by by multiple sensor terminals to detect weapons and explosives and prevent vehicles entering them to purposefully murder civilians.Streets alongside roads can also be guarded by both vehicles and weapons by sensor terminals and biolumescent trees at every few points.These trees would be native trees and can have recombinant DNA from the Allocasuarina luehmannii the hardest wood in the world to make them hardy against any damage with other DNA from scratch making them harder and be engineered to be a separate species for all trees on streetways and also bridges in all towns and cities with bridges ideally having rails composed of steel,stone or carbon composites.Clothing of all types such as shirts,jumpers,trousers worn by citizens could have layers of graphene and spider silk in their matrix in order to make them bulletproof and also resistant to knife attacks with smart armour lessening damage from blunt trauma.Citizens can also wear contact lenses and glasses that are linked to persons of interest and criminal databases as well as Polis and equipped with software that detect weapons such as knifes and guns for protection.Diagnostics of the sensor terminals will be fed into Hermes and alarms fed into Athena and they will be coated internally and externally in liquid glass to make them dirt and water proof with graphene paint making them indestructible.Robotic dogs and drones fitted with Tray,silicon nanowires to detect explosives can patrol streets,amenities and even important public events before,during and after to detect hidden explosives and hidden weaponry.Doorways of important buildings such as communal homes,government buildings,airports,subways can be fitted with explosive detectors controlled by building AI that puff a person with air and then intake it back in to detect any traces of explosives.Preventing terrorist attacks can be done through AI and human personnel monitoring forums on both the surface and dark web as as elite members of Crypteia and even trainees infiltrating groups and cells as double agents while under the presumption of being dead or MIA to the public or recruiting civilian actors to monitor activities of cells with google lenses,glasses and internal implants relaying audio/visual records of meetings and proposed attacks directly to HQ with in time biosynths and drones using metamaterials used to monitor information.Perseus,Kratos,Homonia,Nike etc individually or collectively will analyse all previous terrorist attacks,sieges,protests,mass shootings,police operations,deaths caused by officers of unarmed civilians and vice versa from around the world over the last several centuries to develop better countermeasure to them,prevent them and run simulations of all possible attacks on the public and government to develop effective countermeasures to them that can be relayed to law enforcement or even the public using quiet alarms through smart devices including lenses and glasses whenever they occur with the same done for any battles and wars with them analysing all of the worlds wars,battles,military operations since the beginning of time to prevent them and running simulations on all possible ones to give effective actions that would reduce casualties both of personnel and civilians.Trainees and registered personal will go through these VR simulation both real ones and new ones for analysis to test their effectiveness.The use of microchips,the use of Perseus etc monitoring the dark web,Hestia and Adikia monitoring suspected terrorists on all registered devices and surveillance will ensure only suspected terrorists and not the general public will be monitored constantly as well as make it easier for certain ethnic and religious groups with fundamentalist groups that have had trouble integrating into especially western society or even areas such as the West Bank as terrorists can be blocked from entering or leaving countries at airports,have their location and activities monitored 24/7 globally with the public notified instantly on any potential attacks giving them time to take evasive or defensive action.Acquiring guns as detailed later on will be done by AI by 2029 that will perform background checks to all of those applying them via scanning patient files,require them to undergoe psych analysis and evaluations through Iaso,scanning the criminal database for any criminal records as well as scanning the internet primarily forums used by terrorists for usernames/IP address etc to ensure they have no history of extremism etc.

As detailed later on weapons of all types will be only be able to be procured via Soter and Iaso controlling the procurement of drugs ensuring only those with no criminal offences are able to get them with those with genetic predispositions to schizophrenia and maniac depression alongside sociopathy etc will be using patient files detecting them have CRISPR treatments to cure them and then will be given counselling via Iaso until deemed fit to procure a weapon.As detailed later on also all existing weapons will be fitted with microchips with a unique digital seal.Microchipping existing weapons owned by the public will also allow her to track them and make sure sensor terminals as detailed earlier will work the use of satillites and sensor terminals will allow her the ability to track the location of weapons with registered owner conferring with her to find the location only their weapons with the location of them kept privy to her only and not the government.This will allow of them to be monitored by sensor terminals and surveillance cameras in public spaces to prevent deaths from mass shootings with all future weapons having these and the sentient Soter and Iaso replacing human labourers in assessing ones psychological profile via scanning theier patient files,criminal records,browsing history,posts on social media sites and YouTube,viewing habits on Dionysus and Pheme and so on to allow for ones complete psychological profile to be assessed by AI in a matter of minutes or hours cutting the time it takes for guns to be legally procured to at most a week for those with no genetic predispositions to schizophrenia with it taking at most a year of those who need CRISPR treatments and Iaso counselling.The criminal database will also be scoured by this AI to prevent terrorists and those suspected of it etc to gain access to a weapon.This and shutting down all illegal sites on the dark web and even physical stores that sell guns and also preventing the sale of guns at gun shows will ensure one can only buy guns from Harmonia in Hephaestus controlled by Soter and Actaeon meaning all procurement of guns and hunting licences on a global and eventually galactic scale can be controlled and monitored by AI and not the government as the microchips would require a unique digital seal created by Soter and Actaeon to ensure only those authorised to acquire them do so and will prevent assault rifles etc from landing into the hands of the public which can be used in VR simulations to cater to the needs of those who want to use them for sport.They will also be detected by wireless interactions between the microchips with neural implants and google glasses worn by the public and law enforcement allowing hidden weapons to be found and the owner of the weapon relayed and compared against the basic information of the person holding them streamed from Polis.

To deal with hostage situations and sieges of terrorist strongholds they can first use cameras utilising thermal,gun/explosives radar,T-ray that can zoom in an area and asses threats such as who has weapons on them and what weapons.Miniature remote controlled flying drones(including nanoquadrocopters) can be sent out to infiltrate through windows,nooks,cracks and air vents and using HD cameras and facial recognition software identify both hostage takers and hostages,how much of each there is and can assess the height,size and other physical characteristics of each hostage taker tagged with their photo and position to determine the strength of sedatives to be used to incapacitate each individual to prevent overdosing.They can also get a clearer view of who has weapons and explosives using again T-ray and radar.A second series of bio-synth insect drones can then enter with each individual sedative strength rounds and again using its tagged memory from the previous drone either lock onto and inject the sedative into each tagged target autonomously or via remote control.The first set of drones can be mechanical drones or remote controlled cyborg insects that can be more hidden to hostage takers with the second set of drones of course being mechanical drones modelled after insects to allow navigation and injection of sedatives much easier as well making threats dismiss it as a drone.Ideally these drones should use metamaterials.These could alternatively allow swat members see the location of any criminals hidden in any hard to reach areas as the drones monitor each room from a corner and monitor criminals especially if the building map is downloaded(or the drones have scanned all rooms of the building) and the location of hostage takers,hostages and the location of the swat members are visualised on a map visible through the corner of their eye through smart glasses and lenses and fed into earphones as audio/cues.Cameras already present in the building will also stream their feeds if they can see hostages,hostage takers etc and relay this information to the map with smart devices,nanomachines,implants more clearly showing the location of each of these.Each member will be able to see through the eyes of other personnel through the corner of their eye with this appleid to other situations with the drones adding the faces of the hsotage takers to the database of persons of interest etc.Civilians may also be given this information if the are in hiding through silent audio/visual cues and conversations if the contact the police AI through Kratos or Gaia through smart devices including lenses and glasses.The building AI will through warrants via Adikia and Perseus be used to download the building map and streamed to glasses worn by personnel with each person inside have their face analysed,cross referenced by AI through Polis and added to the database of persons of interest.If possible the insect drones could inject stem cell microbes to form implants or Paean could be refereed to and authorised by Adikia etc to form implants inside them thus allowing their movement to be tracked then and there and if they escape with the building AI piggybacked by him to do this alongside any existing neural implants they have.All of this can be done for infiltrating terrorist bases in warzones and criminal hideouts minimising combatants,officers and civilians and all criminals added to related databases.For all police,law enforcement operations Adikia will authorise the downloading of building AIs maps and other details.

To deal with the issue of immigrant refugees from natural disasters,warzones in particularity those of intense political instability as stated earlier cruise ships,decommissioned military vessels,underground homes,refurbished oil rigs and underground communities can be quickly prepared using automated technology(and even makeshift communities in the wild isolated areas that can be monitored also using modular/mobile homes/prefabricated/3D printed homes and communities with self sufficiency energy technologies – solar panels,VAWTs portable washing machines,Storedot batteries etc. which can be later destroyed and recycled or moved somewhere else) in order to temporarily store refugees wherein they can be monitored with trips to and from hospitals can be monitored by the military/police with control over what resources such as food and water are imported to and from local towns etc with portable toilets supplied thus restricting access of weapons and explosives to potentially violent individuals that may use it as a means to enter allied countries with law enforcement personnel,robots and drones fitted with IR illuminator cameras,gun and explosive sensors to patrol the grounds in a rotary system alongside law enforcement and military personnel.These communities could allow each refugee to temporarily seek refuge and undergo extensive background checks by authorities through databases in Athena with those that are not already on Athena added to a database of persons of interest before they may gain access to local cities hospitals(again test kits and portable machinery/hospitals from these can be imported to these communities for any emergencies with any patients needing to go to local hospitals being monitored and sequestered) etc. before permanently settling and fully integrating or return home when conditions become favourable.All refugees can during this period have their face a details temporarily added to the database within Athena which logs their face and details such as DOB,birth cert etc linked to biological relatives also present so they can be routinely taken stock at set periods to ensure noone goes missing or sneaks into nearby cities or urban areas in when they are not authorised and if they do enter nearby urban areas without permission can be tracked and brought back with this also allowing their movements being tracked by surveillance cameras,drones and personnel once they are integrated for a set period of time with their file removed from the database or put back in decided by authorised personnel in particular higher up officials with Gaia through Athena also having to authorise this meaning both must be present to remove them from the database to prevent corruption.If they do sneak into local cities or go missing  and are unaccounted for then their profile can be streamed to drones and surveillance cameras and thus located.

Quarantines of cities caused by terrorist attacks,compromised quarantines in hospitals and laboratories will be organised by Athena and Aesculapius creating blockades via the military and local law enforcement robots and personnel constructing large graphene barriers at major robots followed by drones and CCTV cameras ensuring the public is kept calm.Furthermore the town,city or village can be divided into zones with sick individuals sent to isolated wards in hospitals and universities or if need be kept indoors by robots that treat them with personnel and drones equipped with non lethal means of incapacitation with them supplied by round the clock supervision and medicine from Paen.All personnel will be fitted with gas mask to filter out pathogens with these made widely available to the general public through fabricators or local factories producing them on commercial scales.Readings from Theoi Meteroi will allow waterways and soils to be monitored with contaminated water immediately attenuated to nearby towns etc the way down warned of any readings while water treatment and sewage treatment plants will prevent the spread of pathogens again through their measures as detailed earlier on and through readings visible from Hermes.Curfew and monitoring of wilderness will be enforced by both personnel and aerial drones doing rotary rounds across the streets alongside aerial and terrestrial drones and robots.Robots in public buildings and communal homes will do sterilising sweeps using narrow range wavelength UV to prevent the spread of pathogens around and into them.Sterilising sweeps will also be done on tunnels and sewer systems with water pipes flushed with antimicrobial agents.

To deal with inspections of nuclear and chemical plants and any programmes can be done by drones,robots a biosynths due to their immortality with others cloaked in metamaterials with all readings recorded and stored in Athena in time cameras feeds fed into the plant or building AI will allow the general public to view them inside out.Steropes will carry these out.

Dike,Adikia and Perseus will carry out studies on all types of crimes worldwide as well as on local to national levels replacing all existing organisations that do this.All past studies will be stored in her database alongside new ones.

Landmines and explosive detection and removal devices have been developed with robots and automated machinery that limits human casualties in their clearance.Detection could theoretically be done with drones hovering over the ground fitted with explosive nanosensors that map the location of mines on GPS maps on smart devices with robot dogs also fitted with these sensors to detect them in vehicles and buildings etc.These can all work together by scanning and removing mines over large areas suspected of holding them with those made of graphene driving over areas containing or suspected of containing them in a pre prgrammed fashion to intentionally set them off without human casualties with these consisting of vehicles,robots,contraptions and also tanks composed entirely of graphene or has graphene paint on them.Otherwise fleets of empty automated vehicles ideally tanks composed of graphene(or ones covered in graphene paint) can go ahead of any vehicles transporting civilians,military personal and robots to set off any landmines on any roads they are travelling on to prevent human casualties with them and other robots clearing any paths that civilians and personnel are travelling by foot.Bomb disposal suits worn by humans should ideally be composed of multiple bonded sheets of graphene with the visor containing it in its matrix to give maximum protection due to its lightness and strength and augmented reality integrated to improve performance with Perseus,Nike etc providing information not just on the device being operated on but also from drones patrolling the area and video chats from personal.AI such as Perseus etc can be through fragmentation present in suits.In time robots can do this work especially in the case of areas that have unexploaded bombs in them.These will be much strnger and lighter than conventional ones especially when the graphene can be infused in multiple layers in normal textile suits like Seacell etc and in the visors providing protection should the bomb go off with accelerated healing picking up where that leaves off.To deal with unexploaded bombs they can be found using camera used to detect explosive combined with other sensors by automated vehicles scanning the ground beneath and in time aerial drones scanning under buildings with the integrated into robots used for digging in order to revent them being set off while new infrastructure projects like undergrounds are being developed.Biosynths can travel over found land mines to defuse them and set them off purposefully..

Each police and military operations would have their own digital file given both an unique alphanumerical code and file name and would contain all  operations logged and by date and first type and subtype.It would also contain the date(s) it occurred,length,briefing and background,personnel and robots/drones used and involved,location of it,all events in chronological order,911 calls,audio/visual logs from drones and google glasses as well as hidden cameras used  and audio/visual/text logs of personnel during it in chronological order,memories from neural implants,audio visual logs of analysis by personnel involved and their superiors before and after as well as logs of personnel/enemy combatants/civilian lives lost and review of each personnel involved performance alongside other relevant information with them graded on a scale of A-F; A:81-100%,B:65-80%,C:49-64%,D:33-48%,E:17-32%,F:0-16% individually and wholly.This would also apply to all past operations with simulations done during the briefing showing the routes to be taken and steps taken with these using the latest intelligence to increase success with minimal casualties of both personnel and civilians.All exercises will also be graded this way.These briefings can even include practice VR simulations indistinguishable from reality can be produced and carried out to prepare personnel on operations of all fields ie military,navy,law enforcements,SWAT based on known intelligence with maps streamed from the building AI through the wire or from drones etc to carry them out more efficiently with variations such as extra guards,civilians etc to allow them to prepare for the unexpected and even variations of the kobayashi maru integrated without their knowledge.This can also be used to better determine how much damage airstrikes would do based on different factors.These will be viewable on smart devices like e-newspapers and computers with digital keys on comm badges allowing personnel access to it if they are allowed.These operations will be logged in the digital file of all personnel involved through hyperlinks.All details of the operations will be written up by human personnel and AI such as Nike,Alke,Perseus and Polisce and army HQ AI.Reports and briefing will be written up by Perseus,human personnel etc and contain audio/visual animations,videos and similar materials.All live feeds from google glasses and memories will be recorded and logged here.All police officers and military personnel will have live-streams from glasses,biosynth implants that register GPS location and vital signs fed in real time into digital case files.These will be logged in these with live-streams viewed remotely by police and military base HQ in real time from home or in police stations and barracks etc by AI and also higher ranking personnel and colleagues given access by biometrics with these viewed by trainees and via warrants judges and the public for mistrials etc.Each operation will be given an alphanumerical code following first the code number for the crime ie 187 for murder based on the California penal system for police operations with military operations being different.The digital case file will have a complete listing of all of the personnel present in the operation and hyperlinks to that personnels digital file that contains all of their training details,all operations they took part in and relevant details.If required the courts may allow the declassification of these is there is sufficient reasoning to by public watchdogs and whistle-blowers.All personnel will as detailed have google glasses and in time neural implants that livestreamed and log all operations into these files from their point of view with each personnel file have all operations they were in logged with hyperlinks present to guide one there and can be used to create simulations for future trainees.All missions and exercises logged in here will have audio visual recordings from contact lenses,headgear and glasses with the time of day and date and vital signals from implants.They will be labelled by name of the mission or exercise.All relevant data to a case to be used as evidence will be logged here.All past police,military etc operations will be scanned into this global database with physical evidence scanned in,papers scanned in as well and audio files transferred here and so on in digital form with physical evidence kept and papers recycled.Physical evidence will be scanned as a 3D object to allow it to be viewed on holograms and VR technology for analysis with photographic evidence of shoe prints,blood stains taken on normal cameras will be scanned in and stored in these physical databases.Shoe prints can be using AI extrapolated into 3D prints with all crime scenes have smart devices,drones and biosynths scan the scene to be replicated in VR simulations once scanned in with unaltered home and building maps downloaded from building AI with unaltered wilderness maps downloaded from Braurin for comparison and allow VR simulations to be created by AI that extrapolate the likeliest events based on all evidence present to be compared to the new one.All physical and lab data evidence done by forensics investigators will be present in the linked forensics file.For future operations all physical evidence will be scanned into digital files with paper files scanned in as well with evidence on computers possibly even deleted evidenced scanned into these digital files with AI such as Kratos,police HQ AI scanning electronics for all data in minutes with AI data added to files with relevant data highlighted to investigators etc.Phones and email accounts will have all emails,texts and logs of calls added to them with all logged audio,audio/visual and VR calls added to files alongside all Agora posts and data in all sentient apps such as Eros,Peitho scanned and added with this added to the digital file.Browsing history on the internet,YouTube and all data from accounts the entire wire will be analysed and added to the file with this done with regards to suspects,victims etc done via warrants from Adikia interacting with Eros,Peitho,Adriadne,Aphroditlte,Thaos and so on.All data will be relevant data highlighted in the digital file with both AI and human personal leaving notes and analysis on all evidence procured and the development of the case,operation and its conclusion right until the personnel are debriefed and criminals jailed.This data can be scanned and added to the digital files within hours and minutes.All data from Adikia and Home AI from legalised surveillance will be added here with memories extracted from interrogations etc present here and also all relevant evidence arranged in folders and subfolders with important data highlighted.Debriefings will be in audio/visual form.Forensic,physical,neural and digital evidence will be sent to the operations forensics file in Macaria with analysis of the case,reports etc and also logged live-streams of military,police etc operations present in files present in Athens with legal information and recordings of trials in Themis.Their will be a hyperlink to both the forensics file in Marcaria and the court file in Themis for both past and future cases.These will also have an alphanumerical code as well with this based on the type of crime committed and type of operation.The forensics,police operation and court files will be linked together via hyperlinks and the same alphanumerical code with same penal code ie 187 before it separated by a hyphen in Athena,Macaria and Themis subdivided by type of crime ie murder,rape,assault etc that will allow data to be looked over and shared instantly during investigations,trials and after them.These three databases will contain all crimes past and future from around the world with the location of the crime(country,state,region,city/town) and what lab and court was used listed in their specific files.Those of multiple crimes will be listed in both folders and both codes on them and at the behest of the user can allow one to view the entire case(police,forensic,court file) in one macro file.This will allow both lawyers,jury etc to look over any evidence that is presented at any time.These can allow trainee forensic,law enforcement personnel and lawyers to study and perform studies from courts,lab around the with it also used for re-enactments in movies,documentaries and television shows etc

New weapons for incapacitating criminals and civilians including Taser Xrep that can be shot from shotguns and deliver electric shocks.These can upon contact deliver custom made electric shocks based on the targets size and gender etc determined by drones and contact lenses and glasses.Robots and drones can be fitted with rounds or even arthropod bio-synths that have sedatives of varying strengths which can be used to attack targets based on size and gender etc to again deliver just enough to sedate them and not kill or seriously injure them with human personnel also fitted with weapons like the Auto Assault-12 (AA-12)that are have built in computers that have different rounds on them with the readings from lenses automatically choosing the appropriate sedative rounds in its barrel for each shot.LED lights can be put ontop of shotguns and handguns of all sizes to disorient targets.Long Range Acoustic Devices normally used to break down riots can be used to disorient enemies in warzones with skunk malderant allowing for enemies to be cleared of an area for days.Pepper spray can be integrated into small guns

Existing gauss rifles and corner shot rifles will not only merge together but also with night and thermal as well as IR lluminator with this also applied to automated and manual sentry gun.Eventually rail guns may even be integrated to vehicles such as tanks,helicopters,battle cruisers,submarines and also jeeps.Swords and katanas and similar weapons can be coated in liquid glass and then a layer of graphene or graphene paint underneath this to make them shatter,dirt and water proof and prevent them ever dulling.

Nuclear weapons may even deployed by advances in rail technology allowing them to be deployed without detection with the development could lead to large robot tanks or vehicles similar to the Metal Gear robots allowing for them to launch both nuclear and non nuclear missiles to any target in the world from anywhere in the world using this rail technology making them undetectable to radar and satellites due to metamaterials and lack of fuel propulsion.Any launch of these and similar weapons and procedures in the future would require authorisation from both multiple authorised personal(world president,vice president,secretary of defence and secretary of state,the head of Nike as well as other sectors depending on which is using the weapons)and also Gaia,Ouronous,Alexander,Ares,the sentient operating softwares of all sectors(Nike,Harmonia,Harmonia etc) for each sector that is using the weapon and Perseus as well as Adikia to ensure it is warranted with all requiring this to ensure even Gaia doesnt activate them without human input and that human personnel dont activate them without authorisation from Gaia,Adikia etc.Another sentient  AI Enyo will also be the main name of this protocol will be the last AI to authorise this using the collective authorisation of all aforementioned human personnel and AI.She was the sister of Ares and was knowm as a goddess of war,Enyo is responsible for orchestrating the destruction of cities,often accompanying Ares into battle.She is depicted as “supreme in war” thus giving her final say in the mass destruction of bases,cities,continents or even entire planets.Her sister sentient AI Deino will be responsible for designing these and all types of military and law enforcement weaponry including bombers,guns,AI systems and all military and law enforcement technologies outside of Urania and Phanes etc with her replacing DARPA and its equivalents worldwide .Deino being known as the dreadful anticipation of horror with their avatars based on their statues etc.In time the football and even authorisation from military headquarters may not need just a universal code both typed in and spoken and/or button but also the vital signs such as blood pressure,heart rate,fMRI,fRNIS and other measurements measured on the aforementioned Voight Kampff machines and in time neural implants to ensure that it is done when these signs fall within normal parameters meaning they cannot be done under duress,uncertainty,coercion or intimidation in otherwords in otherwords the codes can only be carried out through these persons own free will with biometrics such as a DNA sample through a blood prick then DNA analyser using biosynth technology and retinal scan as well as facial and voice recognition software recognising the person putting the codes including voice activated codes for each person and biometrics in to ensure maximum security.The DNA analyser will use base microbes to read a persons DNA via taq polymerase and CRISPR Cas-9 within minutes and may need only a blood prick with the person connecting this to computers.Phanes Activation gene technology can be used as well.Digital key authorisation from badges will also be required with this done over Zeus interacting with Athena.Ideally all of the aforementioned individuals would have to input their codes and vital signs etc at once or within a short timeframe of a few minutes following the same parameters to allow nuclear launches and similar weapons of mass destruction to be deployed again alongside Gaia through Athena who have her own codes with firewalls and other measures to prevent fraud.The wire and audio/visual communications done through Zeus will allow for these individuals to do so from anywhere in the world/galaxy using laptops,implants,Voight Kompff machines,dongles etc with them communicating with each other via secure networks in Zeus.Gaia with authorisation from all of them going through the same procedures would also have the ability to override them at any time by for example in the case of nuclear weapons change its trajectory to hit an isolated area,hit another target that is not inhabited or divert into outer space where it can self destruct via microchips in the weapon.These can be not only hit direct targets but also detonated at a high enough altitude to create a strong enough electric magnetic pulse field that will fry all electronic devices in a city,town or village blocking out communications and all primary,secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy setting a target city or region to the stone ages while not actually killing any civilians or enemy combatants directly.This will prevent AI launching nuclear weapons without human input and authorisation and at the same time prevent humans launching them without authorisation from AI thus meaning any launches would be done through mutual authorisation from AI and humans preventing each other subverting each other.This may also applying to authorising specific strikes on targets using other weapons of mass destruction such as chemical and biological airstrikes including FOXDIE,as well as orbital sattelites that can decimate entire cities or planets by being deployed or travelling to them and also be used by captains to initiate self destruct sequences of aircraft and spacecraft.Gaia,Adikia,Perseus will thus have complete control of all surveillance operations with them also having authorisation over all military,law enforcement operations and wars with the global Congress alongside these AI to authorize any wars both defensive and offensive by constitutional law.This combination of rail technology and metamaterials could also be applied to missiles launched from the surface to destroy both aerial and terrestrial targets.VR technology indistinguishable to the real world can be used to run simulations on targets of missiles,nuclear weapons for a more clear assessment of its effects with estimations as the environmental effects as well as the initial death toll and those from the coming months and years.

Weapons from fictional media such as video games,television shows and even movies or at least real world alternatives can be developed with intensive research into biosynth and phasic technology or at least be used in VR missions and combative deathmatch.These can also be used in VR deathmatch and training exercises by simply programming them into the simulations even if they cannot be developed or havent been developed yet with having them as well as existing heavy ones composed of graphene to make them easier to hold since it is roughly 86% lighter than steel.All weapons should also be coated internally and externally with liquid glass to prevent dirt,water and acid affecting their proper functioning.All weapons from guns used by all personnel and up to missiles both normal and nuclear ones will use biosynth technology spread out along them to increase computing power and even house data,digital keys and Phanes activation gene technology.

All old aeroplanes,helicopters,jeeps,weapons and tanks world wide that clog “graveyards” can be recycled for scrap with navy ships,battlecruisers and possibly submarines renovated into cruise ships.Newer models of these vehicles would be autonomous managed by Ophion and would be controlled by the local police and army base AI and and Perseus,Nike etc would interact with passengers that they would be registered to with their GPS position constantly relayed to HQ where they can send alerts for backup or distress signals when needed.All new machinery,robots,drones,vehicles such as tanks,jeeps and weapons including nuclear ones should be covered in a layer of graphene paint to prevent rust and corrosion and make them extra strong against bullets,explosives and landmines with a permanent layer of liquid glass covering them internally and externally to make them acid,water and stain proof negating the need for cleaning but also protecting them from the elements.Graphene will also be integrated into any glass for the same reason.All aeroplanes,bombers,fighter jets,tanks,submarines etc will be composed of graphene and or covered in graphene paint as it its 200 times stronger than steel with it integrated into all glass windows for this reason to make them shatterproof with tyres have it integrated into their matrix to make unable to be worn down,deflated when shoot and tear thus making them indestructable.This should make tanks,helicopters,fighter jets and jeeps exponentially more tougher and resilient against gunfire and explosives including landmines and also bombs and Grenada’s and rockets etc especially when there are layers of it.Self charging technologies and also fast charging Storedot batteries would be integrated into all vehicles including helicopters and jets with them also fuelled by hydrocarbons grown on site of bases either complimenting or in place of electric batteries.Automated vehicles will be controlled by the barracks,base or station AI they are registered to alongside Ophion and interact with aerial traffic networks within Ophion to prevent them crashing into commercial and private aircraft.Mechanics can be avoided by biosynths and the internal circuity made of self soldering and healing circuits as well as robots that can replace human mechanics with diagnostics run automatically at set periods as well as just before and after all missions.Biosynth tissues and nanomaterials like Graphene etc will replace conventional wiring and increase there computing power,AI and all Perseus,Nike etc to be in them in a fragmented form.As stated earlier all vehicles such as jeeps,battle cruisers,helicopters,fighter jets,submarines should be covered in a layer of graphene paint in the case of existing ones or in the case of newer ones composed of graphene and then a layer of graphene paint to make them durable,able to hold heavier loads and more fuel efficient with even the blades of a helicopter composed of it or covered in graphene paint with any glass having graphene in the matrix of them to give them the ability to be shatter and bulletproof and have augmented reality.Tyres can be composed of self healing rubber with graphene in their matrix or have graphene paint on them to make them indestructible and negate repairs.Liquid glass would be covered over this graphene paints on all part including the tyres to negate the need for cleaning and make them water and acid proof extending their shelf life.Aeroplanes,helicopters,tanks and jeeps etc would be controlled by the base AI via onboard computers with the possibility of the same for battlecruisers which could have their own independent AI that could transfer to other ones or networks once destroyed.All weapons,vehicles,robots and drones will all have the aegis symbol for the sector they serve on them.Biosynthetic and eventually phasic technology will form the basis of all new vehicles and weapons such as jeeps,tanks,fighter jets,guns etc.Biosynthetic carbon scrubbers that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen will be present in all vehicles.All circuitry and computers in these will be biosynth based to replace metal wiring but alongside the rest of the body of them biosynth based will give them obscene computing power,DNA data storage,RAM and use both biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth with it allowing AI such as Gaia,Perseus,Nike etc to exist via fragmentation to control them.