Summary of Global Government

Thus the formation of the global government will allow all citizens old and new to be given global citizenship and thus free passage around the world to any country around the world without the current issues of bureaucracy or immigration as seen in mainly America and Europe putting an end to all complexities and issues regarding to immigration as global citizenship would allow anyone free travel and asylum to any country without bureaucracies,visas,dual citizenship or having to get that of other countries around the world and eliminate the waste of resources in border patrol,detention centres,dealing with illegal immigration and render entities such the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement defunct and issues such as welfare would be eliminated by money becoming obsolete.Existing citizens will have to apply for global citizenship via interacting with Dike and this will last forever with her updating this citizenship to that of the galactic government.This open border policy would led to complete free passage across the world to any country around the world especially when seeking asylum from war,conflicts and natural disasters due to global citizenship will render problems with regards to immigration obsolete meaning anyone will be able to travel,seek asylum when their safety is under threat due to civi war,natural disasters,terrorism or from next of kin as well as when seeking new permanent residence in any country around the world whenever they want and without any bueracracy,detention or incarceration.Detention and incarceration will occur in ideally normal jails including those onsite of military and law enforcement stations and will only be carried out when sufficient reasoning and authorisation exists for investigation into crimes such as murder,assault and rape as well as terrorism and those worthy of Hades and Tarturas authorised by Adikia.This means one will be able to seek residence and asylum in any other country without gaining dual citizenship and without restrictions and bureaucracy of any kind when on is fleeing their home country due to natural disasters,terrorism or persecution of any kind including religious,ethnic persecution or just that from any next of kin,children,parents etc wherein their rights are infringed upon and their safety are danger.All artificial borders and border walls across the world will be demolished completely.It will also allow free passage between Mars,Venus and other colonies across the universe.All living citizens worldwide by 2029 will be required to fill out forms in Polis managed by Dike to gain global citizenship with them scanning in birth certs,marriage papers and setting up their global e-passport.Photos will be done on webcams etc at home it in government buildings.All future citizens will have their account and thus citizenship initiated upon birth from 2029 onwards with e-birth certs created upon birth with all legal documents such as marriage,divorce,passports,gun ownership etc and hunting licences and certs being in electronic form stored in their Polis account and given encryptions by relevant AI such as Dike,Paean,Soter anc Actaeon etc to ensure they are real and can be authenticated with them read wirelessly on pedestals etc and via making links to ones Polis account by AI and law enforcement personnel etc.This formation of a world government will also eliminate issues of one country not taking part or pulling out of any legal plan or agreement or treaty ie America pulling out of the Paris Climate agreement and make countermeasures towards combating and alleviating the effects of natural disasters,epidemics,conflicts,healthcare,infrastructure,environmental issues,eliminating terrorism etc easier to carry out since there would be a single global entities in charge of each of them rather than a haphazard means where different countries pull in different directions with different plans.Since controlled by singular entities managed by AI and humans it would allow for swift action to be carried globally meaning even if an outbreak,conflict,terrorist attack,natural disaster etc occurs in one country it will be swiftly dealt with by all countries,the global government and the resources at their disposal almost immediately without corruption and mismanagement by conflicting methods of ineffective single governments pulling in different directions or being not interested at all and bureaucracy allowing for terrorist cells,conflicts and outbreaks to be effectively managed by all of the worlds resources instantly and prevent new terrorist cells and cases of pathogens appearing anywhere else as all resources of these global entities will be used worldwide.Remaining racial,political,ethnic conflicts that pop up will be settled more effectively through diplomacy or globally managed military operations prevent all out war and human casualities by using all global law enforcement and military resources.It will also ensure that the rule of law applies to everyone with regards to corruption,war crimes and all crimes and that basic human rights and the laws of the constitution apply to everyone everywhere and prevent one being able to seek immunity in another country or carry out illegal activities in international waters or allow any one country subvert these human rights.Natural disasters will be managed more effectively by Prometheus and its biosynth and human employees.Thus Climate agreement,Costitutional and publicly laws,Human Rights conventions meaning any new law,agreement etc would have to be by law abided by all member countries making all countries under their jurisdiction unable break these conventions and agreements and allow for breaches to be more effectively dealt with.This means all countries would have to by law follow any international agreement with regards to environmental conservation and protection and human rights with no country able to pull out.They will be furthermore legally binding and thus not guidelines meaning human rights,environmental initiatives etc will be by law abided by all member countries.Furthermore criminals could not be able to use loopholes,nepotism,technicalities,moving to another country and statute of limitations to escape prosecution due to the global military,law enforcement etc having global jurisdiction.By having all sectors of the law enforcement and military being universal ones across all countries,ststes and cities etc being universal it will eliminate red tape,buercrat and complexities that currently exist allow in data to be shared globally within minutes especially if computer networks and databases are linked together into global ones.This will allow for criminals to be prosecuted in any country without using loopholes such as leaving for another country with the statue of limitations abolished completely etc..Resources such as raw elements,oil,gas etc could be more effectively managed and shared across the world by AI allocating it to where it is needed negating countries having ownership and thus using laws and sanctions of any type to prevent them being allocated to where they are needed with picotech fabricators,biosynth technologies as well as  localised manufacturing and localised food production eliminating international trade completely.It would also lead to the formation of global boards,entities for all sectors of society ie healthcare,law enforcement,military,intelligence,law and courts,environmental regulations etc.In terms of energy it will ensure that the distribution of energy and the energy grid will ensure abundance and that they are within desired parameters.Natural disaster and terrorist attacks damage will be efficiently repaired as global resources will be pooled towards to combating them..With regards to healthcare it will mean that there will be a single universal gold standard of healthcare with outbreaks dealt more effectively as research will be shared globally and measures to contain outbreaks will be effective through universal procedures and the distribution of medicine,vaccines and medical supplies,enforcement of quarantines,lockdowns and other procedures will be managed on a global scale without corruption and mismanagemen or their being a disparity in distribution between different countries.Patients who require surgeries etc will if their local hospital is booked can be transferred to any other hospital worldwide to ensure they can get treatment the next day or a week cutting down waiting times with low priority patients transferred to other hospitals across the world to ensure hospitals are not crowded.Outbreaks will be contained quickly to prevent pandemics or lessen them with lockdowns and other federal measures enforced and controlled on a global scale and supplies such as food,tests,medicine,vaccines and supplies such as beds,ventilators etc will be managed and distributed on a global levels by AI.AI and global healthcare bodies will share research in creating cures,containment procedures and also distributing them and medical supplies to where it is needed.It will prevent coverups,inefficient and unequal distribution of medical supplies,vaccines and prevent corruption etc as seen specifically with the Coronavirus,Human immunodeficiency Virus pandemic meaning the instant a new pathogen is discovered with the potential to cause a pandemic it will be contained on a global level with the global healthcare body consisting of Epione,Panacea etc managing quarantines,lockdowns and distribution of medical supplies,vaccines,cures etc and even food via working with Telesphorus and Cronus on a global scale ensuring equal access to these to all patients worldwide in the most efficient means decided by Epione,Paean etc.All containment procedures and lockdowns for pathogens etc will be uniform worldwide and abided by each country and will be managed by AI with all medical supplies and medicine etc shared globally managed by AI to where it needed based on importance.Technologies such as 3D DNA printers,bacteria synthesising natural and synthetic compounds and machinery onsite of localised Talos,Telesphorus factories and hospitals and universities will decentralise manufacture of them of allowing each country,state and hospitals produce their own supply cutting down on distribution times to mere days and ensure that each country and state can produce their own supply making them self sufficient.Thus containment procesdures such as quarintines of infected patients and areas and federal lockdowns and enforcement of social distancing as well as the distribution of food and medical supplies will be controlled on a global scale by AI such as Paean and Epione as well as Aceso,Panacea etc rather than each country going in different directions.There will be an universal global homogenisation and enforcement of all environmental,infrastructure,healthcare standards and regulations worldwide to prevent inequality and complexities as seen today to eliminate corruption,poverty etc.The concept of different countries,states,terrorities,counties,cities,towns and villages having the ability to have their own separate laws and procedures as seen in the United States of America and as seen by the differing legality of certain issues in different countries will become defunct.This uniformity of all laws will be global rescinding the ability of any town,village,city,county,state or country setting their own laws different from each other thus eliminating the current complexities in this area that are already as seen in the differing legality of same-sex marriage,abortion,death penalty,different ages of consent,different laws regarding the rights of women and homosexuals,abortion,death penalty,recreational drugs and the different punishment sentences for different crimes as all countries,states,counties,cities,towns,villages worldwide will have the same universal international laws worldwide with regards to those immutable set in the constitution and the legality of abortion,death penalty,recreational drugs etc by popular initiative preventing people using loopholes to escape justice and thus meaning they cannot use corruption,nepotism,statute of limitations and moving to another country and even planet to use immunity to crimes mean the divine reach of the law will extend to all corners of the world,galaxy and universe.With regards to all laws it will consist of three things.Firstly there is the global constitution will outline universal immutable human rights and laws that are immutable and cannot be changed in any way possible ie the new age of majority,granting of equal rights to the LGBT community and also AI etc as well as the limitations of the state and term limits of heads of state.Then there is mandatory public refferendums which allows the global citizenery to initiate the formation of new laws with regards to social issues outside of the constitution such as the legality of abortion,recreational drugs,gene therapy and augmentaions,euthenasia and other new emerging social issues which will be initiated by popular initiative and mandatory public refferendums with issues with regrading gun ownership and distribution managed by Soter with Congress initiating and voting on laws and bills with regards to the instigation of war,surveillance operations,impeachment proceedings and handing of emergency power thus making the global government a constitutional democracy wherein certain unalienable rights are ranted to all citizens that cannot be changed since immutable while other social issues are democratically decided upon and the actions of Congress are carried out by Congress with the executive branch in the form of the World President by constitutional law signing all new laws and bills into law alongside Adikia,Hera and Hera.This will be upscale into the galactic government.Concepts such as international waters used as a loophole will be obsolete with them as part of the global governments jurisdiction alongside Greenland both the Arctic and Antarctica.What is legal and illegal in one country will be legal and illegal every where else in every town,village,city,state,country worldwide.The global military and law enforcement bodies will allow for criminals to be apprehended more easily since the crimes they committed would be universal and the resources of this bodies would have a global reach and they would not have to deal with the complexities of dealing with different laws,jurisdictions and intelligence agencies of other countries and states and this would negate the need of having to collebarate with other countries governments and loopholes,technicalities as the global law enforcement etc would have jurisdiction over all countries and it would make it almost impossible for a criminal or terrorist to hide from the law by seeking asylum in another country and using loopholes.This will be relevant to serious crimes committed by the public,law enforcement,military,rapists etc as the global legal system will have a global reach preventing people getting away from crimes by seeking immunity from loopholes,different laws and technicalities in other countries Law enforcement,military,navy and intelligence personnel as part of Kratos,Homonia,Nike,Alke etc will be although stationed in different cities and towns etc around the world will have global jurisdiction to apprehend suspects etc negating issues of dealing with different police entities and government agencies of different towns,cities and countries etc with them able to transfer to any town,city etc around the world with ease.All entities Kratos,Alke,Nike,Homonia etc since global and replacing all armies,law enforcement,navy etc entities of each country around the world will have all information relevant to their sector shared with all personnel as part of them globally based on importance and classification via intranets etc with them at times collaborating with each other and sharing information etc when needed.The jurisdiction of each sector will be global since replacing each countries law enforcement,navy,military and intelligence agencies and this will eliminate red tape and complexities currently experienced with dealing with crimes and operations that occur in one or two towns,cities,states,continents and countries with each sector able to carry out their operations in a global and galactic scale swiftly with each sector interacting with each other when necessary.Thus military actions and law enforcement actions will be carried out by global entities and all databases and intelligence gathering done globally by the same global entities replacing all existing ones.Each sector will as stated have universal uniforms,badges and decorations with awards.Put simply all complexities experienced by our current world divided into different continental groups,nations and states would be eliminated forever by adopting a global government with uniform laws,regulations etc.Thus if a crime is committed anywhere the global law enforcement,military and intelligence agencies will be able to apprehend suspects and criminals without having to refer to the heads of state and heads of law enforcement of other countries and will eliminate criminals seeking sanctuary in other countries for serious crimes with the exception being whistleblowers able to seek universal protection from prosecution through the sentient Adikia and its members providing sanctuary provided sufficient reasoning exists.Single global law enforcement,military and intelligence agencies will exist all information in existing information databases etc will be added to a global databases for each sector and all future data collected here thus meaning all persons worldwide will have access to relevant information they are allowed to on all operations and criminals worldwide rather than having to refer to other governments for this and negate any country restricting information.This global government will also mean that a person registered to practice law,medicine,psychology,law enforcement and in the military would be able to do so for the entire world and eventually universe with them disbarred also meaning they would be disbarred globally as well.With regards to lawyers,mentors,medical staff,psychologists,law enforcement and military personnel etc one will be registered to the state in the form of AI run databases and entities such as Dike,Epione as well as Iaso,Metis etc and registered to practice worldwide and the galaxy etc with all registered lawyers,psychologists,law enforcement and military personnel,scientific researchers advertised in networks within Themis,Apollo,Iaso,Metis,Athena etc that houses their reviews from clients and trainees and also all scientific studies they are involved in and contact with the state having non control over them except being global boards that deal with training,registration,investigating malpratice,court martial etc and bring them to trial to disbarr them from practice etc with these managed by both AI and humans with experience in these fields.All people registered as lawyers,psychologists and law enforcement and military personell will be registered to practice worldwide with them registers in global boards managed by Perseus,Iaso, Hecate etc.All existing medical staff,lawyers,psychologists will be added to global databases and entities and thus like futures trained staff,lawyers etc will be allowed to practice everywhere and be able to transfer to anywhere across the world with ease.Once disbarred and court martialed this will apply globally.All of a countries ocean boundaries will be dissolved and made obsolete allowing safe passage between all oceans etc and all resources such as oil and gas shared between by Steropes with the concept of international waters and the boundaries of them around oceans having different laws made obsolete by the global government meaning the law of the global governmemts jurisdiction and constitution will extend to all oceans and seas worldwide.Futhermore no fly zones will be eliminated for commercial and military aircraft due to the formation of global militaries and also dissolution of political boundaries and the same applying to both navy vessels and cruise ships with the abolishment of international waters and earth boundaries will allow AI such as Steropes and Theia complete access of reserves all raw elements especially rare Earths as well as all remaining reserves of oil,gas and coal in the crust and oceans worldwide thus allowing them to access them via automation to be extracted and shared across the globe to where they are needed based on demand eliminating trade disputes etc.All reserves of oil,coal ,gas and raw elements in the worlds oceans and crust will not belong to any one country implying communal ownership thus allowing Steropes,Persephone to extract them and allocate them to where they are needed globally based in supply and demand thus eliminating trade wars and internstional disputes meaning AI will have sole decision over their extraction and distribution based on where it is needed.This will also extend to raw elements extracted from asteroids,comets,oort clouds etc.Since all of the worlds oceans will fall under the global governments reach will mean all remaining oil,gas etc will be shared equally between all countries with it also negating the notion of one able to use loopholes such as commit crimes in the ocean and be exempt meaning crimes committed in the worlds oceans will be under the jurisdiction of the global government and global law enforcement.The Paris Climate Agreement and Kyoto Protocol failures,the different haphazard conflicting methods of dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak in different countries and states,the poor initial response in dealing with Coronavirus outbreak and the haphazard conflicting methods of dealing with climate change,different laws allowing criminals to seek immunity from crimes and also it leading to bureaucracy problems and cultural shocks,the disparity between rich and poor between the developed and developing world,ongoing conflict in Israel and conflicting solutions,perpetual warfare over ideologies/territories etc are evidence of this.

The reach of this government and uniform laws would extend to all colonies within and outside the Sol system such as Mars,Venus,any artificial planets,alderson discs and ringworlds created across the galaxy and all discovered planets both terraformed and colonised across the galaxy prior to the formation of the galactic government.This global government and all extra terrestrial and solar colonies will have to be named such as the Greater Terran Union,United Federation Of Earth Nations,United Terran Protectorates,Systems Alliance,United Earth Confederation etc.All colonies within and outside the Sol system such as Mars,Venus,any artificial planets,alderson discs and ringworlds created across the galaxy and all discovered planets both terraformed and colonised across the galaxy colonised by humans prior to the formation of the galactic government will fall under this governments jurisdiction and have the same laws and same economic system minarcho technocratism allowing all citizens free passage between each colony since they would be citizens of this union with all sentient operating softwares controlling each sector ie Aristeaus agriculture,Aphrodite manufacturing,Ophion traffic.,Eos aeroplanes and so on with a pubic buildings having status of the operating softwares in lobbies and so on as AI as pat of the wire will use Nyx to extend control of the wire across the galaxy.All space stations,interstellar vehicles,bases etc will fall under its jurisdiction.The homogeneousation of infrastructure etc standards etc will be applied to all colonies as well.YouTube and Wikipedia the internet and wire will extend to all colonies in the galaxy.Astraeus the sentient space exploration body would have its body within it that manages the colonisation of new planets with Pan managing terraforming of planets with Iphigenia managing the designing and construction of megastructures such as artificial planets,ringworlds,dyson shells and alderson discs.All building types will be managed by the same sentient operating softwares on Earth with statues of them in the lobby and managed by separate AIs and receptionist AIs with their own avatars and legal names etc.Each planet will have their own versions of Oceanus,Theoi Meteroi,Brauron and Physis.Having Mars,Venus and colonies across the galaxy fall under this governments reach will eliminate the same complexities as currently experienced on Earth as to allow them to have separate laws and economic systems will undermine the whole purpose of a global government.If possible once at least a dozen or hundred colonies are established each colony and planet including Mars,Venus etc are achieved the structure and elected members of both Senate anf House of Representatives would be modified to instead of electing members from each country members of these houses and also the executive branch will have representatives elected from each colony from around the Galaxy following the same numbering system with Earth being the capitol planet of this alliance of planets with the global government building still used alongside an orbiting space station orbiting the sun or the Earth or an empty star.The President and Congress will have to deal with establishing colonies across the galaxy and ensuring they abide by its reach and at the same time deal with any attempts at secession and terrorism involving separatist human factions and ensure peace and stability and cohesion across Earth,Mars,Venus and all human colonies across the galaxy as well as dealing with non human sentient races across the galaxy both those that are threats to humanity or those that are potential allies.In otherwards they will be given the task to ensure that all colonies inhabited by humans are homogenised and are kept as part of the global government’s reach to eliminate threats such as terrorism,racism and any attempts of planets or groups of humans to break out of the alliance and eliminate its reach across the galaxy with the global government using diplomacy and only use military actions a last resort with Adikia,Hera etc ensuring that the government does not become tyrannical,does not carry out unjustified military action against all human citizens across the galaxy including on Earth and that the rule of law is applied and that it does not abuse its power.The elected members of Congress and Executive branch will be also be the public face and representation of Earth across the galaxy when dealing with non human alien races both allies and threats prior to the formation of the galactic UN both in terms of military action and diplomatic efforts with again Adikia etc ensuring that it carried out only justified military action.Any acts of human rights abuses,genocide,war crimes and illegal coups and wars carried out by human politicians in the executive branch and global Congress against both humans and non human alien races etc will be met with said individuals facing trial in front of Minos,Aeacus,Rhadamanthus for sentences in Hades and Tarturas as a deterrence for them commiting said crimes.Thus all planets across the galaxy colonised by humans will fall under the jurisdiction of this government to prevent conflict and maintain cohesion.Thus even when interstellar travel is achieved and humans colonise other planets across the galaxy including Mars and Venus and even megastructures such as artificial planets,ringworlds,dyson shells and alderson discs they too will still fall under the jurisdiction of the new global government with them still must abide by its laws,post scarcity moneyless economic system and also same sentient operating softwares.As a result Mars,Venus and other colonies will not be able to form their own independent planet wide government or governments consisting of different collections of planets separate from Earth ensuring cohesion.Global citizenship will allow all humans free passage between Earth,Mars,Venus all colonised planets and all megastructures such as artificial planets,ringworlds,dyson shells and Alderson discs.All facets of the global government will be upscaled to all human colonies across the galaxy.All facets of this global government will be up scaled upon the formation of the galactic government.