Cruise ships & Seaports

The functioning of all aspects of a port for the transportation of goods over sea can be fully automated with zero human labour by 2029.This includes transporting goods onto ferries and boats but also unloading and transporting those goods to consumers once they arrive at the destination with trucks and mag lev or drones.For loading boxes robotic hands can replace humans in removing boxes to trucks.Sensors built into cars and smartphones boarding ferries will replace paper tickets.If countries and cities become self sufficient in terms of primary and secondary sectors of the economy as well as picotech fabricators then seaports may become much smaller and compact with land freed up converted into either manufacturing hubs,vertical farms,community farms,reforested land or even housing estates at the behest of the community.Prior to the advent of picotech fabricators that renders international trade of elements all work can be automated by 2029.Car ferries can be made obsolete by underwater roads.Ideally they will become reforested land with all concrete and tarmac dug up and all of it reforested with trees,shrubs or just natural rocks.Those used to transport both manufactured products and food may in time become fully reforested with only those that are used by ferries and cruise ships remaining.If possible seaports that are used for international trade can house large communal homes becoming residential homes or become seaports for cruise ships or both.Interactions between Ophion,Tyche and Amphririte,Plutus,Aphrodite etc will ensure all operations are smooth with microchips in all shipping crates will signify the contents of them ie order number of boxes etc from Hephaestus and Demeter etc which will be changed for each delivery and will interact with automated trucks,machinery and ferries.If possible all seaports would become residential areas with underground carparks that use elevators or underground roads to the main roads with them also having underground roads and walkways to a retractable bridge and stairwell to the actual cruise ships.This will apply to all seaports used by cruise ships with those used only by ferries for manufactured goods turned into residential areas with none of these retractable bridge.Cruise ships could serve these seaports turned into residential areas including those that are used to transport manufactured goods with passengers entering underground gates that lead to retractable stairwells that allow them to board the ship for privacy and carparks negated by the passengers vehicles dropping them off and then returning to collect them later with residents using existing carparks alongside extra piers built over the water composed of graphene infused concrete or just carbon composites itself that goes over the water rather than encroaching onto it with these areas also housing underwater highways and hyperloop systems to underwater cities also connected to these underground gates..If possible one could stay in these extra rooms in devices for a few days or even week before and after their cruise as part of a road trip.Thus when passengers are dropped off at these seaports by their vehicles at the outskirts of the pier and port they will get off and their vehicle which will drive back home etc and they will traverse the underground or even overground walkways that leads to the cruise ship with them then leaving and when they arrive back they will then use the walkway and be collected by their vehicle anywhere in the nearby town with in both cases of arrival and leaving the persons vehicle parking somewhere in the town or city next to the pier.The entire seaport and carparks will contain large communal homes and underground walkways for passengers.Ones vehicle or taxis can pick them up at their destination and when they arrive back.This will negate the need for carparks with the entire pier turned into residential areas and have all buildings torn down to make room for these in the form of communal homes and residents using public transport and also Oceanus and buses etc and even rented vehicles and cruise ships themselves as existing carparks dug up.Even those used for transporting manufactured goods and trawling vessels for obsolete mariculture will not only have residential areas but also have cruise ships stop at them as extra stops to alleviate strains on others and also house areas for extra cruise ships with those too small for these residential areas housing luxury lounges for passengers who arrive early with carparks dug up to house more of these.The fact that cruise ships would normally be arriving during the day will negate issues such as sound affecting residents and homes here ideally communal ones will have soundproofing.These homes will be powered by thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes digging into the crust and ocean crust and even surrounding areas with them also using wave power to alleviate strains on the grid.All parts of the port will be covered in knee high rails to prevent people falling in.All seaports worldwide will be linked together by the sentient operating software Poseidon with their being a statue of him onsite of them.If possible all existing seaports worldwide will house an new artificial pier that houses a new lighthouse that houses the servers necessary for housing their AI and Ophion and Poseidon.

Lighthouses can also be automated with them also containing the same technology used in automated air traffic controller towers and traffic networks guiding incoming boats and emergency vehicles and any non automated vehicles controlled by humans with interactions between all of them being constant to avoid collisions alert nearby boats to the location of lifeboats stranded from sinking ships or guide nearby ships to sinking ones etc and relay all changes made in the journey of others.They will in effect manage all sea traffic across the world as part of Ophion similar to automated land vehicle traffic and air traffic acting as automated sea traffic controllers by being linked together around the world,GPS satellites(or terrestrial based GPS via ocean buyos and even solar powered planes above clouds) and onboard computers and black boxes on all ships including boathomes and yachts which will also be automated.Large servers will be inside them to link them to the wire namely Ophion and Theoi Meteroi on a global scale that controls all cruise ships and all remaining ships of other types including yachts and even jetskis via satellites and biosynth WiFi.It would be done by them managed by their seaport AI and also interacting with all seaport AIs around the world with all seaport AIs working with it and Amphirite to manage the flow of all traffic.This will not only manage the flow of ship traffic in the ocean but also docking and preventing collisions in rugged coastlines via WiFi.Amphrite will be the sentient operating software that links them worldwide.Lighthouses not near seaports will be operated by independent seaport AIs with independant legal names and avatars managed by the sentient operating software Poseidon.Ophion will be present on ships and lighthouses in a fragmented form.They would manage all sea traffic worldwide include automated yachts,jetskis etc which can also have their own onboard touchscreen computers that stream this from Hermes and show menus activated by touch and Siri to stream all aspects of the wire such as Dionysus,Demeter,Artemis,the internet,skype video chats and even GPS maps.These seaport AIs and ship AIs will stream Ophion showing all sea traffic with changes due to weather etc relayed to all other vehicles with GPS satellites including existing ones.On cloudy nights the seaport AI and lighthouse will guide the AI of the vehicle to where to dock with marker microchips on them with if possible retractable fans can rise out of the port to blow away any clouds or fog with the sports having geothermal heaters underneath them to melt any ice and snow that occur via instructions from Theoi Meteroi.The AI of all ships will via links to the wire be able to see where all other ships are,visualise all weather systems,locations of seaports and docking areas and communicate changes with all other ships as well as seaports.All onboard computers on all cruise ships will be linked to the wire through satellites and biosynth wifi and will also be linked to the servers and onboard computers of the worlds seaport AIs and Ophion in air traffic control towers and lighthouses at ports.Thus the sentient Amphirite will work with Ophion and all seaport AIs to alleviate the strains on Ophion that will manage the flow of traffic of terrestrial and sea traffic.Thus all ships will be linked constantly to both Theoi Meteroi and Ophion allowing them to know the location of all other ships and also know of any weather systems constantly allowing for journeys to be planned ahead and also allow any alterations to be relayed to each other.These satellites will stream Ophion,Iris,Hestia and Brauron so as to allow them to be relayed to vehicles that are unable to stream the wire and allow phone calls to be made alongside Dionysus and the rest of the wire through Astraea with light sent via this allowing for more efficient streaming of this data.Ideally though to alleviate strains people may use cellular data on smart devices etc and have all types of media such as books,movies,video games and television shows stored on devices prior to getting onboard to provide enough entertainment for the trip.It may also at times interact with terrestrial land as well as air traffic systems when dealing with vehicles that can drive on land and underwater and/or in the air with miniature runways to allow cargo planes as well as private aeroplanes and also dual air and land vehicles to land.Cleaning of them will be the same as other public buildings.The public can bring up a global map of the world within Ophion to view all ocean traffic world wide on oceans,rivers and waterways etc in real time and see them as blips they can click on to view there readings in real time.Bathyspheres and networks to underwater cities can be integrated into seaports with lighthouses intergrated into the deep ocean above underwater cities.They may be fitted with large clusters of LED or CSYS LED light bulbs ideally the latter which can for 37 years with them sprayed with a permanent layer liquid glass alongside the interior and exterior of glass covering the lighthouse (which can be fitted with quantum dot technology to generate electricity) to prevent dirt and fog affecting the light.Graphene infused glass will be present on the lightbulbs and glass protecting it to prevent them shattering and it coated with liquid glass to negate cleaning and make it fog,dirt and water proof.Graphene paint can again be painted on the exterior and interior of the lighthouse with a permanent layer of liquid glass over this layer and then nano anti graffiti coatings to negate the need for cleaning as both wind and rain may indeed be enough to clean it with the same applying to the pier,and surrounding buildings any roads and walkways around them and even crates internally and externally used by them to again generate electricity,prevent rust making them last indefinitely and increase its strength by a factor of 200,protect them acidity of the ocean and rain as well as negating human labour in cleaning them with again the elements may suffice in doing this.It will also protect them in particular lighthouses from wind,rain and waves during storms and possibly even tsunamais.Making ferries,cruise ships and icebreakers composed of strong carbon composites and have a layer of graphene paint could allow routes for both of these ships navigate both Antarctica and the Arctic circle more easily and help them survive collisions with icebergs.All other lighting on seaports should also be CSYS so they are energy efficient and don’t have to replaced by humans or robots for at least these 37 years until specialised robots can be produced that can replace them with the seaport AI keeping tracking of how much time is left in their functioning via diagnostics run routinely.New technology can be integrated into the lights here and in the lighthouse to send measurements of how much time measured in years,months,weeks,days,hours and minutes of power is left in the lights fed into Hermes to alert these robots.These lighting systems will interact with cameras there and weather networks to only turn on when it gets dark and turn off at dawn controlled by the AI.There will be thermo-piezoelectric geothermal pipes as well as storedot batteries that charge the lighthouse 24/7 and outside of blackout.Biosynths will be present to replace lights with living spaces via a Venetian suite,kitchen etc to house living spaces for the public with biosynth WiFi present.Existing computers present will be replaced with servers for Amphirite connected Theoi Meteroi and those that house the AI of the lighthouse and the seaport.The AI that manages both at all remaining seaports will the same with separate ones managing all seaports/airports around the world having unique personalities,avatars and names.Even lighthouses by themselves away from seaports will be managed by separate AIs.All remaining seaports will have new lighthouses built on their grounds either on where carparks where,in pier extensions by the ocean that are built to accomadation them that extend our to the ocean or inland with the same features and will be managed by the same AI that manages the seaport.They will act as guidance via WiFi for AI cruise ship captains and also human operators of yachts,jetskis etc.Piers can be sprayed with liquid glass on their surface and also on the side effected by waves with any under water sections covered with a sealant consisting of a liquid glass sealant that pushes air and water out when it is applied to prevent erosion.This will be done after they are cleaned and possibly have a layer of graphene paint below the liquid glass.Since all work will be automated seaports can function 24/7,365 days a year making them more efficient than human workers with ships docking and leaving at any time.All machinery,robots,crates,ferries and even cruise ships and also e-receipts,reports etc will have the symbol of Amphirite on them with surveillance camera at key points connected to the global network visible to the public and will switch to IR illuminator when it is dark with them also in the lighthouse and ontop of it.Amphirite will the name of software linking all seaports worldwide together and an universal statue of her will be on the grounds of each one ideally in the entrance of the main building and also in lighthouses with her symbol underneath her.Amphrite the operating software of all seaports and ships will be once sentient have her appearance based on her statue.The lighthouse will contain in the very top of the tower or even ground floor a computer system unit and other computers replaced by newer ones over time with new advances and will house the AI of the seaport with by 2045 them having more computing power than all 9,000,000,000 people with them coated internally and externally in liquid glass to protect them from seawater,acid and mist.All seaports worldwide will ideally have a lighthouse built next to them by creating if possible building a new artificial pier next to them and they and existing lighthouses with them housing the servers that house the AI of the seaport and that of Ophion that manages all sea traffic in the area will all be linked together by the sentient operating software Poseidon with their being a statue of him inside of them.

Carparks can be bypassed with autonomous vehicles when when they drop off passengers at the seaport,can drive back to the owners home and can be programmed then and there or the day before they arrive back at the same or different seaport in their home country when they arrive,stop at nearby streets,multistorey carparks,as well as by the sides of roads and can drive to pick them up and then transport them home allowing them to be reforested to improve aesthetics and air quality.The same can apply to taxis and coaches called to destinations with the vehicles distance and time of arrival relayed to ones Helios and Home AI app.These would interact with Helios to arrive at the port when the ship is expected to arrive with Helios and the Home AI app relaying the vehicles GPS location,its distance in kilometres to centimetres and also hours to centimetres.The ship AI will only leave when all people have boarded and it has read its e-ticket and they confirm they will be there meaning noone will be left behind and will not have to be too worried with them given right of way above other vehicles.Oceanus can be used to travel from ones own native town,city or village to the same town and city with the port and then dropped off and either stay overnight in lounges/Venetian suites,booked homes for a few days or even week or two as part of a road trip and use public transport,taxis or walking there.If the passenger is on the ship and it stops at multiple ports during the year or length of their stay they can program the car to pick them up at the different port using the Ophion system interacting with Ophion,Helios and Amphirite or arrange a rental car to do so.The passenger can be dropped at their leaving port by their own vehicle with a roundabout or looped underground road used that can drop people off and then continue on and turn back with it and booked taxis,rented vehicles arriving at the destination port doing the same to pick them up with if it is the same port then the taxi can drive them into town where their vehicle can be parked in automated carparks and then drive the way home home.When they return their autonomous vehicles will be programmed to drive to the seaport and pick them up.As stared Oceanus can be used to get from ones hometown or neighbouring town to the same city as the port and them using taxis or walking the rest of the way with overground roads replaced with hiking paths used solely for walking etc with ones vehicle back forth between home and the train stations when travelling to and from home.If possible one can book a stay at a home in the town,city or village the seaport is in before and after their cruise ship and after the cruise be returned to that booked home with someone else staying their while they are on the cruise ship if they are returning back to the same place after the cruise.If possible one can book a stay at neighbouring towns,cities for a week or two beforehand as part of road trips and again after their time on cruise ships and use public transport or ones vehicle to be deposited at the seaport with their private vehicle returning to the home they booked in.In the case of the cruise depositing them at a different location after the cruise they can use Oceanus,taxis,buses and have their private vehicle arrange to arrive their to drive them back home or they can book a week or more stay at homes in their destination.Helios will arrange all accomadation and transportation options.The passenger using apps and computers will be able to monitor any scientific studies they are remotely carrying out and the security of their home and the vehicle in the carpark by interacting with carpark computers and computers and cameras in their car.Otherwise large multistorey carparks with underground extensions can be built to allow outside ones to be reforested..The same options for airports can be applied here.The vehicle may park in town along the road with Ophion managing the flow of all passengers vehicles.Lounges present in airports can be in seaports again booked through Helios with them in place of old carparks and also any retail outlets and any other obsolete areas with these in small buildings by the entrance with them having roof and underground extensions with luxury refurbishments as a place to rest before entering a cruise ship or even after coming off them to rest.Underground lounges that can allow one to wait for vehicles that pick one up can be present that can be accessed by mag lev pods in nearby train stations similar to those in airports allowing one access via train stations and a stairwell when dropped off by autonomous vehicles that drive home and underground carpark next to residential areas by seaports.There would even be extra lounges used without booking that would be a small building containing stairs with heating and that leads to an underground extension spread across the entire reforested carpark,area by the entrance and rest of the seaport to house at least a hundred people with luxury seating,televisions,wifi access,lighting powered by onsite geothermal pipes covered in thermo-piezoelectric materials with food served as well.It can be used by people as a lounge while waiting for their vehicle passing through to be picked up and wait for the cruise ship to arrive and will be alerted to its location with since vehicles will arrive once they arrive will form a line with one registering they are in the area and thus the vehicles via Ophion and their onboard computers will form an orderly line and each person will be alerted to their vehicles presence and it passing by the entrance.It can also be used to gain access to the seaport,ship and main city to be picked up by automated vehicles.The ship itself can be connected to these via hallways with one entering the ship in multiple parts on the side of the ship with the ship having corridors in the bottom floors that lead to all floors including the top of the ship via stairs.These underground areas can also be accessed via a small building or elevator or stairwell that is built into a hill or part of town etc that is nearby and one can easily walk into them when dropped off beforehand in town some distance from them.Mag lev pods connected to train stations nearby can also be present.Since underground this can be spread over a large area and house large amounts of luxury lounges and Venetian suites that go deep down several floors.Dimensional transcendentalism can be added as well to house exponentionally more larger lounges and Venetian suites to stay overnight one can book.This can provide at lest a few thousand suites.All of these would be powered by thermo-piezoelectric geothermal pipes and wave pistons.Thus once perfected one could book suites in seaports the night before they board the ship with at at least a few hundred suites present this would render hotels obselete with existing ones turned into communal homes.This would lead to underground hallways to lead to stairs that lead to the ship with the ship accessed by the bottom of it a small hallway that then leads to the cabins in various levels.AI will design these lounges layout.This can allow carparks present in seaports and near them to be dug up and reforested and allow the entire seaport to be turned into residential areas and house vertical farms which can also be underneath the underground carparks and then when dimensional transcendentalism is perfected the vertical farms can be part of the lounge area allowing previous ones on the surface etc to be turned into communal homes.If need be tall automated carparks can be present and even have underground carparks underneath this underground lounge and in other areas with both being more compact and managed by the seaport AI.

Vertical farms will take up space in obsolete areas ie carparks and also lay fields etc as part of the surrounding area with them even have parts underground,under water and floating on the water with them controlled by the seaport AI.Waste food will be sent to organic pyrolysis plants or even sent to local community centres and other nearby vertical farms so as to provide food for the public and livestock etc and not go to waste with as stated fridges holding excess food with them constantly interacting with Amphrite and the onbaord computers of ships to ensure there is enough when they arrive with only what is needed created here with ships growing their own food alleviating strains and also the size of the vertical farms.Ideally these will grow larger hybrids crops and fish,algae engineered to produce the same texture and taste as meat etc while condiments from bacteria,in vitro meat,smaller crops will be grown on ships with the farms controlled by the seaport AI this and work on ships being automatedVertical farms onsite of seaports will intake water from the sea using miniature desalinisation plants and would be powered by the grid,biosynth Storedot batteries and solar panels etc with them interacting with the cruise ship constantly as to what ingredients have been used and what needs to be stocked when they arrive thus allowing them to prepare fish,meat,crops weeks beforehand.Micro algae will be ordered in from sewage treatment plants with miniature systems onsite that intake faeces and urine from both the toilets onsite or the main sewage line in set amounts as well as from cruise ships etc complete with radiation and temperature systems that grow algae either normal or those that are engineered to produce the same texture as specific meats to be produced into cutlets,mince and steak onsite.Phorobioreactors for growing bacteria based condiments will be present with them growing large amounts of one condiment,storing it and then growing another one that can be stored to cut down on the number of phorobioreactors with there also microwinereies and breweries with recirculating aquaculture systems that grow fish and shellfish and also fish that produce the same meat as larger livestock.Fridges and freezers will store excess food with even prepared condiments stored here with excess sent to pyrolysis plants and them ordering in fertilisers when needed.

The same security measures in airports will be present here.New developments have allowed for doors which sucks in air from each person that passes through it and detects any explosives or contraband narcotics in their body again fitted with turnstiles these alongside sensor terminals fitted with silicon nanowires can integrated into the front door of the airports to prevent explosives entering the airport in the first place and at these gates entering the various sections of the airports.These doors can have biosynth technology and hyperspectral imaging cameras integrated to instantly detect explosives and drugs etc and thus allow turnstiles to be initiated.Sensor terminals composed of biosynth nanosensors snd nanomaterial of all 94 elements including silicon nanowires and fitted with microchips to detect microchips in weapons will be by the entrance and key parts of the ship itself and seaport.

Existing ferries,cruise ships and all other ships will be coated in a layer of first graphene paint then liquid glass to prevent rust as well as the build up of dirt and effects of the oceans acidity and salinity.This will be done on both their hull as well as on all exteriors of the ships and all parts in the interior.It may also lessen the effect of the oceans drag on the ship improving speed and energy efficiency with new ships and ferries composed of graphene and other carbon composites will allow them to carry heavier loads,passengers and improving speeds and fuel efficiency.Having the hull coated in this paint composed of layers of graphene and other carbon composites will protect them from collisions with rocks,icebergs and possibly other ships with areas prone to flooding protected by automatic watertight doors to limit the spread of water.Other parts of the seaport such as robots,building exteriors and interiors as well as on all parts of the ground and even piers and concrete walkways to generate electricity for charging the boats,robots,lights,buildings and also with liquid glass sprayed on this to ensure dirt can be easily cleaned to prevent it interfering with the paint.Quantum dot technology can be integrated into all windows present to generate extra electricity.Sensors terminals can be placed at the entrance and perimeter surrounding the exterior that can detect explosives and gun microchips that may be hidden in a persons body or luggage with T-Ray/x-ray cameras monitoring all routes into the seaport.These sensor terminals may work sucking in air with nanowire sensors detecting for levels of chemical synonymous for explosives.If the sensor terminals combined with cameras fitted with T-ray,x-ray and facial recognition detect an individual who has a weapon(especially with no microchip) or has hidden explosives they will alert all smartphones in citizens other than the the wrongdoers in the seaport of the presence and face of terrorists with a silent alarm giving them time to carry out evasive manuvers via a link to the wire/Athena and also alert police robots and security guards both on site and in police HQ to take defensive action.The same will also apply if know terrorists are found via facial recognition software.Research can be done it creating cameras that detect the distinctive gases or residues emitted by hidden explosives.Each seaport AI will be distinct individual AIs that have individual personalities and legal name with their avatar designed on Dionysus by the local communities and themselves with holographic receptionist and landline wireless touchscreen phones will be present replacing conventional phones with the same phone number will be present to allow people to make calls when needed.All cameras on cruise ships and ferries will be linked to the global database of missing persons and criminals in Athena but fed into the ship AI with drones and robots modelled on dogs with silica nanowires,normal,T-ray and xray vision patrolling the seaport and at the foot of all stairs leading into cruise ships to sniff out explosive and illegal guns with a small fleet of them also on the ship its self patrolling the decks,halls and main room.All rooms including restaurants,ballrooms,decks,engine rooms etc but not bedrooms will have cameras at key points with the same facial recognition software,IR illuminator,tray and xray as other security cameras fed into the onboard computer,digital file,Amphrite livestream YouTube account for each journey and also the global surveillance systems.These cameras will also allow parents to keep track of children and next of kin and vice versa through directly interacting with them with smart clothing and electronics being used to locate the exact location as well.Cameras will also be focusing on engines and other key systems to monitor their health fed into their digital file and also one on the very front and back which can be fed into Brauron and the Amphrite YouTube account and check out for obstacles like other boats including lifeboats and also icebergs etc.They will automatically switch to IR illuminator when dark at night or when lights are off and will be coated with liquid glass to prevent fogging and rainwater affecting visibility.Old ferries,battlecruisers,submarines and cruise ships can be recycled or in the case of battlecruisers, large trawlers and submarine converted into cruise ships and underwater cruise ships.In time it may be possible for interstellar cruise ships to be developed.

Bookings for cruise ships and ferries will be done via a singular platform within Helios app pertaining to public transport serving and detailing all cruise ship and ferry journeys serving and detailing all ships and so rather than their being companies all cruise ship,ferry etc.around the world will be each be given its own unique serial ID with its own digital file within Hermes that details this ID code as well as logging in subfolders all routine diagnostics and information such as audio,trajectory,number of all journeys which would be logged by date,GPS location,black box recordings movements,path taken,charge or fuel left,interior and exterior environmental conditions,manifest,camera feeds of focusing on important machinery etc.during each journey relayed here constantly in a folder of name of the flight route and date all logged here in the lighthouse traffic control centre visible to the public.Thus the traveller can go to the relevant network before booking the journey and type in its serial ID and view this information from its entire lifetime for transparency and personal security with number of faults or number of minor accidents colour coded (see later)also logged here.The traveller will book specific and for how long or for the length of specific journeys from one port to another or indeed in looped cruises which may last as long as several months or even a year with them also extending their booking time.Helios will show tours of the boats and also,pictures of each rooms booked.This platform will allow even the most luxurious ships availible to the public with the dates that each room is availible with them making websites for booking them defunct allowing the servers to be recycled.This app will store ones e-tickets and e-passports that will read by close proximity when reaches the seaport and boards the ship with cameras reading ones face cross referencing the manifest and also Polis with this done at any points that the person has to pass through and show passports etc with any buildings and boxes recycled with all criss crossing lines removed at all parts.Like for airports ones Helios account will have folders for ones cruise ship and ferry journeys containing their e-tickets and also linked suitcases that will have microchips that contain details such as its distance from the passenger,what are it is to be put onto during boarding,what is the destination etc to be read by machinery.Amphirite will also be the sentient software linking all ferries and cruise ships etc around the world both to each other.

Casinos and retail outlets on any cruise ships can be renovated into extra bedrooms or ballrooms etc with the machines and tables scanned into Hephaestus then recycled or traded away with goods sent to community centres once scanned into Hephaestus or taken in by those onboard on a first come first serve basis with renovations done for a set period of time once temporarily decommissioned with the same applying to those near ports.Luxury furnishes like aquariums,leather couches and high class furniture will be in all of them with even friezes and diamond,marble fittings in all furniture and bathrooms with these even having luxury showers with mirrors present being smart mirrors with this added to existing ones.Rooms in ships can be merged together to form large luxury suites with future ships being larger and composed of graphene etc to hold more luxury suites with casinos and any retail stands etc as stated merged with existing rooms to make small normal sized rooms larger.Large garish suites could be divided into two or more with VR managed by the onboard computer allowing each resident to use simulations to have large rooms while staying in normal ones.If possible new boats could be built consisting entirely of the larger suites for all people onboard with graphene allowing for them to be larger ships to hold all of these with these modelled like sizeable luxury hotel suites complete with beds,closets,smart televisions and even mini kitchens or at least the size of the standard suite in the Venetian or standard suites in lower end hotels and those by the side have large graphene infused pyrex glass windows.This could be done to existing boats by remodelling them by merging two or more cabins together making them more spacious and adding large graphene infused pyrex windows in place of portholes and by converting retail outlets,casinos and other obsolete rooms into these larger suites thus allowing all small rooms to be sizeable suites with if possible adding rood extensions made of graphene infused kebonised wood onto the roof to house more of these to compensate for the cabins lost through merging provided graphene sheets are laid on the ground of these extensions and graphene paint is put on the exterior and interior hull alongside replacing key internal structures with carbon composite fibres to improve strength or even have additions on the side or end of the ship with this done to also replace the name of the ship with its new name and also add onboard computer.Digital windows will give cabins not on the side of the ship views and can give those on the sides any view they want of any environment either live or looped with the option of those not on the side having views from any window via cameras facing the port,bow on the front of the ship or above the windows on the side.Cruise ships using dimensional transcendentalism would give each cabin a large amount of space and amenities on par with presidential suites in most top end hotel ensuring everyone has a large amount of space.Dimensional transcendentalism can allow each cabin that is 4,131 square metre mansion the same as the largest suite in the world the Royal Suite at the Grand Hills Hotel and Spa in Lebanon with suite,en suite,living room,dining room and kitchen,amenities etc on multiple floors for one person or a complex of mini mansions that is 83,085.125 square meters enough for twenty of these mansion sized cabins each 4,131 square meters that combined is 82,620 square meters leaves 465 square meters for sizeable amenities such as saunas,recrational rooms etc big enough for each person their designed by AI thus making large cabins availible to all passengers.Each cabin suite can have one biosynth steward for each passenger to attend to their needs that resides in storerooms or extra space not used by the guest at any given time for privacy thus allowing passengers have the one private butler,au pair,pet minder,masseuse etc during their stay.The cabins can be of larger or smaller sizes with the space availible outside of suites inside proportional and equal to the amount of passengers in them.This technology will allow the same uniform large cabins decided upon be available to all with their being only one cabin or mini mansion complex size decided for each ship ensuring everyone gets access to the same universally large sized cabins.This same uniform size will be present in all space stations,intersteller vehicles,bases on all extrasolar planets,research stations,army barracks,government buildings etc for each crew members for researchers and personnel.These might also have biosynths present in them that act as personal butler etc for each person.It can be used to house larger spaces for luggage and house larger amenities such as bars,dancing halls and house large areas for growing food and also batteries and trigeneration systems.The maps of cruise ships will be scanned into the onboard computer allowing one to find their way to their room and also restaurants,decks etc.Routers for biosynth WiFi,cellular and Bluetooth will be set up in each cabin,amenity etc within each cabin housing a system unit or server sized router to provide speeds in all areas of at least 1,000-10,000Mpbs with the outer areas housing devices hanging from ceilings or built into the ships frame dotted around it and spaced apart to provide strong signals everywhere.These server or system unit sized systems will provide biosynth WiFi,Bluetooth,cellular access to all passengers as well as VR simulations with them not acting as separate AIs for each suite.All suites will be controlled and managed by the captain AI.Ones Home AI could during the journey manage all actions of the suite in place of or alongside the captain AI via fragmentation thus alleviating strains on the captain AI.

Amphirite from Greek mythology will be the universal brand name replacing all existing corporate names with a trident as its symbol and headquarters for all existing brands and shipping companies turned into communal homes.New autonomous Amphrite liners can be set up by a new one with autonomous driving technology and onboard computers replacing an old one recycled for parts for new ocean liners or these being retrofitted with the names of new ships,symbol of Amphritie and also autonomous driving and also onboard computers step by step will ensure all cruise ships world wide will be replaced newer models,retrofitted ones and onboard computers and symbols etc by at least 2029.The symbol will be on new and existing cruise ships and ferries around the world with them painted and fitted with autonomous technology with these replaced overtime with more advanced onboard computers and software updates.By about 2045 a laptop or computer system unit will have the same computing power as all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet allowing them to store large amounts of data as well as be able to stream Ophion from satellites,house their AI and the seaport AIs fragmented forms and also be able to interact with adjoining vehicles wirelessly and also be able to make split decisions instantly better than a human can with this built into the vehicle as a series of sheets or computer system unit in the captains cabin spread out or in separate components there and in other parts of the vehicles connected to each other.These will be replaced by newer models over time.These can be the size of a system unit or server.Taq polymerase and Cas-9 can induce the evolutionary path of microbes in the computers to give them upgrades to increase processing power.Biosynth tissues can be spread across the entire body of the vehicles internal surface area to provide extra areas for nanoprocessors,RAM,digital DNA storage and biosynth WiFi and energy storage with tweaks making them express all of these at once.By 2045 satellites with this and better computing power will also allow a single satellite to be able manage millions or billions of vehicles at once with one satellite for terrestrial vehicles,one for aeroplanes and one for cruise ships with the sentient Ophion managing satellites that manage terrestrial vehicles as well as those for cruise ships and aeroplanes alongside and Amphrite respectively.These may be part of solar arrays in time with quantum compassing etc possibly making them defunct.Upgrades will be given to these satellites to deal with more vehicles and also have more computing power overtime by robots sent to space to add new extra more powerful computers and in time replace them with better satellites with the old ones recycled by forcing them to fall into Earth to deserts etc..Amphirite will be the sentient operating software of all cruise ships.

Cruise ships and remodelled decommissioned navy ships and battle cruisers can also be fully automated with no human workers or drivers.Crusie ships can also be modelled on submarines with decommissioned submarines converted into them that can go underwater at times with those modelled on submarines composed of graphene,graphene infused pyrex and also having nanomaterials that separate oxygen from carbon dioxide.Cameras on the front of the ship will scout ahead for ice and ice bergs when in cold waters and readings from sensors from ocean buoys inside Hermes will also relay atmospheric(and thus weather) and water temperatures to the traffic network with these cameras also equipped with these and those in key rooms switching to IR illuminator and thermal and night vision alongside the normal vision.Ideally ships will be directed away from the path of hurricanes and storms via Theoi Meteroi.The GPS location will be constantly relayed to the Ophion network managing the automated sea traffic in case an accident or emergency occurs by onboard computers to instantly alert emergency services of their location with the signal being relayed constantly by onboard black boxes composed of a pyrex and carbyne matrix to survive accidents and also deep pressure of the ocean floor.These black boxes will contain the same information as those on aeroplanes and will be used to locate them if an accident occurs and the ship sinks or capsizes with those that do sink or capsize will have their AIs conciseness sent to new ships after they are transferred to the Amphirite network with them simultaneously inhabiting the wire and the network of seaport networks in the case of accidents.The onboard computer and the software Amphirite will analyse all past boat accidents from the 16th to 21st century to prevent them occurring again as well as simulations on all possible disasters and accidents run and automated measures and contingency plans put in place to prevent them occurring them again.For example interactions with Theoi Meteroi weather networks and even Prometheus will tell them to make changes in their route to avoid stormy weather.VR indistinguishable from reality can allow for the ships to be put through the situations to determine their scale of impact,ability to avoid it,and potential causalities in comparisons and also using Theoi Meteroi use weather readings expected during the run of the ships journey ahead of it to run a simulation of the expecting ships journey and thus be able to prepare using the time dilation effect for any challenges including having all present and expected other ships journeys figured in with multiple ships currently in the air and expected to be their also doing this passively linked by Amphirite to prepare forward as a precaution.If the hull of icebreakers is made of graphene or has a layer of graphene paint on it they may be able to more effectively break ice for cruise ships circling the Antarctic and the Arctic Pole provided the cruise ships also have this protection with it even possibly surviving a direct hit or scrape along the side from an iceberg..Otherwise yachts and cruise ships with hulls composed of graphene and graphene paint will be able to survive direct hits from icebergs and cut through ice sheets with ease as well as hold bigger loads and passengers.Having ferries and cruise ships composed of graphene and other carbon composites will allow them to hold more people,luggage and features.The names of each cruise ships and cruise submarines and thus the name of the onboard computer captain AI will be those of all remaining sea,river,lake and ocean deities,giants,creatures and monsters and their children in Greek mythology including the Nereids,Furies,Pleiades,Naiades(of all types),Hyades,Sirens and Oceanids ie.Aganippe,Bolbe,Sterope, Achelous,Cetus,Adrasteia, Dione,Electra, Pleione Ceto,Thetis,Proteus,Stheno, Anapos,Tisiphone,Megaera, Alecto,Thelxinoe,Himerope,Molpe, Aglaophonos,Thelxiepeia,Peisinoe,Ligeia,Teles,Raidne, Molpe,Thelxiope,Aglaopheme,Parthenope, Ligeia,Leucosia Aglaope,Peisithoe,Raidne,Teles,Tethys,Oceanus,Trioton,Pontus, etc.Any mortal figures in Greek mythology associated with the sea,rivers etc and who were the children of deities,Nereids,Naiades,Oceanids and demi gods associated with waterways and oceans will also form the basis of names such such as Odysseus,Penelope,Telemachus,Aegeus,Theseus,Circe.Important mythical rivers,lakes,oceans,seas,islands and also boats will also be used.Other river,sea,lake and ocean deities and mortals from mythology around the world will be used once all Greek ones are used up including those on other sentient races across the universe and even new names that are derived from species of fish and animals including birds and mammals etc that live in oceans,lakes,rivers from across the world and universe.This naming system will be applied to new ones with all existing ones also renamed them with even names already taken within the wire such as Medusa,Amphrite,Aphrodite and Poseidon also being used.The trident symbol of Amphirite will be on all of them with them designed and existing ones scanned and stored in Selene within Hephaestus with the scanning done by robots and nanoquardocopters and using blueprints.Existing ones can be scanned into it and upgraded with refurbishments.The AI will be able to transfer to more advanced onboard computers and when a cruise ship is decommissioned and then used for scrap metal the AI will be transferred to a new ship of the same name but different serial ID within its file with other boats if a names run out also used alongside an number going from one,two,three onwards in greek numerals alpha,beta,gamma etc with higher number such as eleven and one hundred and twenty two using higher and lowercase numeral symbols with the first number using highercase and the following using lower case ie iotaalpha,rhokappabeta similar to fraternities.Recreations of famous long gone cruise ships would retain the name of the original ie Titanic,SS Andrea Doria if possible from blueprints.If interstellar cruise ships become possible they can be named after deities,nymps,demi gods,monsters,mortals associated with the sky.VR technology could allow one to go on cruises on specific ones are overbooked allowing one to go one cruises in multilayered simulations on large massive cruise ships that have large apartment sized cabins without these being built in the real world.

Onboard computers that house the consciousness of the Captain AI will be Biosynth ones.By 2029 a square inch of bicomapatible microbes will house roughly 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB RAM and 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors making normal consoles,computers and laptops extremely powerful and even making handhelds and smart devices as powerful as them especially when stacked ontop of each other and when combined with nanomaterials and neural tissue formed by the microbes etc.Theoretically each square inch could contain as much as 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors alongside the 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB of data storage and RAM.Tianhe-2 the worlds most powerful supercomputer by comparison has a processing RAM 1024TB or 0.000000001024YB with all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined containing with all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined containing roughly 6,635TB or 0.000000006635YB of RAM.Thus one square inch will contain about 11,303,692,539,563 – 226,073,850,791,258 times more RAM,processing power and storage space than all of the worlds top 10 supercomputers as of 2016 combined.Since this is only the amount on one square inch as thick as a sheet of glass or atom thick graphene layer it can allow dozens,hundreds,thousands,millions or billions of these to be present exponentially increasing its computing power thus making it possible for 2029-2035 for all cruise ships as part of the universal cruise ship Amphrite to be controlled by AI pilots.Each individual cruise ship will have its own separate AI captain with its own independent personality,avatar and legal name etc that will pilot them converse with passengers and stream radio station from Pheme and media from Dionysus.When a ship is decommissioned the AI and stewards will be transferred to a new cruise ship and the ship recycled with them simultaneously inhabiting the wire namely the Amphrite network in the case of accidents.Its AI will also be able to be transferred to new ships or to the Amphirite network during and after accidents to be then transferred to a new vehicle and more advanced onboard computers.They will all have a unique avatar,legal name and the same captain uniform as all cruise ships worldwide with the Amphrite logo and symbol.Each cruise ship will have the same captain for all journeys with them and stewards housed within the onboard computer.By 2029 onwards all cruise ships will be autonomous ones with them streaming Ophipn and Theoi Meteroi that allows them to avoid bad weather and other ships.Cruise ships can be used not only as holidays but as permanent residence for citizens and also temporary shelter for refugees and homeless as they are given new ones onland.In the case of permanent residents they would book an rooms digital key indefinitely and send it to a new person moving into the room the same way as trading keys in new homes should they decided to leave or trade the room for brief periods of time.Each cruise ship,ferry and even cargo ship will have their own individual personality,being separate entities and their appearance will be designed by either themselves and the communities that maintain them with them able to communicate and interact with all passengers.All cruise ships will have their own attendant similar to flight attendants with their own distinct personality and legal name that will be separate from the AI of the ship and will all wear an universal uniform for Amphirite and will relay safety signals to passengers as well as directions to specific rooms via holograms and smart devices through Helios and all robots with in time bio-synths.Like aeroplanes AI stewardess they will have their own independent personality,legal name and avatar and can converse with passengers via smart devices in their language and stream media from Dionysus and radio stations from Pheme wearing a universal uniform for Amphrite.Furthermore they will appear during emergencies directing them on what to do.Thus the AI stewards will interact with each person through their Helios app even when offline via wireless interactions with the onboard computers for introductory and leaving messages,emergencies and also any other ones with the app having a button to call them in place of those present above ones seat with them able to indirectly contact any other passenger in the plane via this AI with contact made via texts and spoken word or phone calls.They will all wear the same uniform with the Amphrite logo and symbol have independent personalities and legal names with each ship having a permanent single AI that works 24/7 for all flights.The onboard AI of each ship that will act as the captain will have its own avatar,personality and universal Amphirite uniform and with their name ideally being their ships name with them simultaneously inhabiting multiple vehicles they control if they need to.Their avatar will be modelled on a human or their character from Greek mythology.Ferry ships will remain used to transport vehicles over long journeys ie across the Atlantic and Pacific as vehicles will be able to travel along roads across the world on each continent with in time underwater highways making ferries redundant.

To save resources on televisions in each cabin start devices and laptops that have connection to Dionysus and Pheme can allow for all media from around the world to be viewed.Wifi will allow people to access the internet through televisions and smart devices with improvements in satellite internet and also possibly using buckypaper,biosynth wifi or even using cellular on smart devices can be used.Neural implants can allow one to enter VR simulations of any type generated by ones smartphone or by onboard computers and servers in ones home halway across the world with one able to do anything in these.Devices that generates biosynth wifi for all passengers will be dotted around the ship that is powered by VAWTs and other power sources while the electric batteries move the vehicles with biosynth wifi generated by ones own devices combined to amplify them.Satellites specific to Ophion and/or Amprite that manage the control and traffic of ships could use light to stream the internet and thus the wire with the possibility of it being streamed in the future by underwater cities and buyos as part of Theoi Meteroi emitting wifi.These satellites would thus stream Ophion to the whole network of vehicles with the AI of each vehicles able to see where all other ones are on a map of the world.Quantum compassing and entanglement will further improve this.Solar planes that encircle huge patches of the ocean indefinitely will also provide wifi to ships with even floating switchboxes or wifi buoys in key points of oceans connected to the ocean floor network will provide wifi since graphene is 200 time stronger than steel.These could also pick up light signals from Ophion satellites and relay wifi.Having parts or transmitters present composed of buckypapaer and biosynth wifi will improve this with solar arrays using satellites or the moon as a relay point will allow wifi converted from solar radiation to reach ships over a wide range of the worlds ocean also serving aeroplanes and underwater communities.Arke,Daphne and Astraea will undergo intensive research into this.Ideally though televisions will be negated by one saving large amounts of personal entertainment such as movies,television shows,novels,magazines,newspapers,video games on them.This save on resources,energy that would be drained from the ships limited battery and noise from them and ones devices would store enough entertainment to last the short time.Most smart devices and laptops would be able to store at least 75,000,000,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000,000,000GB thus being able to store well enough entertainment and since advances in battery technology allow a single charge to last as long as 24 hours and charge using self charging technologies within seconds using lights on the cabin.It will also alleviate strains on wifi with one using this for viewing YouTube,live news on ones devices etc.Routers for biosynth WiFi,cellular and Bluetooth will be set up in each cabin,amenity etc within each to provide speeds in all areas of at least 1,000-10,000Mpbs with the outer areas housing devices hanging from ceilings or built into the ships frame dotted around it and spaced apart to provide strong signals everywhere.These server or system unit sized systems will provide biosynth WiFi,Bluetooth,cellular access to all passengers as well as VR simulations with them not acting as separate AIs for each suite.All suites will be controlled and managed by the captain AI.Ones Home AI could during the journey manage all actions of the suite in place of or alongside the captain AI via fragmentation thus alleviating strains on the captain AI..Menus within their Helios travel app can allow for them to view where the ships GPS location on map is as well as preorder meals from restaurants at the airport where they are going to arrive at and view estimated time and distance of arrival and arrange Uber taxis and other forms of transport such as their own car then and there.One will be able to view how long is left in the journey in kilometres,metres,centimetres and also hours,minutes and seconds with any changes relayed in real time.Videos streamed via the onboard computer to Helios will be how to videos for emergencies like how to perform emergency CPR,first aid,the recovery position use watertight doors as well as the location of and how to use both CPR machines and defibrillators,lifeboats and other important features etc.Also included will be information on the various rooms,entertainment,scheduled events and stops,what to do in all types emergencies,how to use lifeboats and how to contact emergency services and features of each room can by streamed via the onboard computer.The app will interact with the AI of the onboard computer to stream this and other information even when offline.The Helios app can connect them via smartphones allowing passengers to access all videos,catalogues(such as safety information and location of lifeboats),GPS location on a map of the globe.The passenger can with this map zoom in and out and other information such as time left on journey and weather including temperature,wind speed/direction,environmental conditions of the ocean etc.,point of departure,time and length of arrival in kilometres,metres,centimetres as well as months,weeks,days,hours,minutes and seconds changing in real time and where the ship is currently located with regards to charging stations and seaborne emergency stations/hospitals.Also there in other menus will be a map of the actual ship and its rooms(with the passenger location denoted as a dot) with each room named and location of CPR machines,defibrillators,lifeboats etc.Changes in routes due to bad weather will be will be relayed to the lighthouses and thus all ships in the network.Alerts and what to do in emergencies from the captain AI will be relayed in the persons language with one shown where to go in the event of an emergency with the captain AI and stewards being contacted and interacting with person in their language for each new piece of information and also developments with the person enquiring about anything at anytime.Menus and thus material and videos streamed onto smart devices and computers will be automatically translated to the owners language.Thus by having ones language set in their Helios app all interactions with the passenger from the boats AI including warnings,alerts,menus etc will be done to each passenger in their language.Televisions can be bypassed by having all movies,television shows etc downloaded onto ones registered devices prior to them arriving on the boat to provide entertainment with the aforementioned data ie promotional videos and even the map of the current location of the vehicle etc streamed from the onboard computer via Helios.New data can be streamed from the wire through the ship wifi.

Automated bars and restaurants both open 24/7 will allow passengers to choose drinks and meals via the Helios/Hebe app interacting with the onboard computer and bars and restaurants onboard and in the case of bars cameras attached to the computer detailing available drinks using age recognition software to determine age and gender with the computer also recording their face.This can be used to prevent minors acquiring alcohol as well as keeping track of how many drink orders a person has made over the night to prevent them going over the limit with the records deleted after a period of time to ensure privacy to prevent them getting too much and abusing the system to get alcohol for minors with smart contact lenses that measure alcohol also linked to these.It will also be connected to the global surveillance systems.This will also apply to orders made at the persons room with ones smart devices with Botlr or Tug robots delivering alcohol and also meals to ones room.Mini-breathalysers built into the computers could also be integrated to prevent alcohol poisoning by limiting the amount of alcohol a person can order based on these factors.Smart contact lenses that measure blood alcohol will also interact with the bar AI to prevent overdrinking with ones Paean account that measure their susceptibility to alcohol will interact with this.Menus on Hebe/Helios streaming directly to the ship AI via the wire present will also allow individual to order drinks and food from the bar and restaurants(with iSample restricting access of alcohol drinks to minors) delivered by Botlr and Tug robots.These robots should be composed of graphene and coated in a layer of liquid grass internally and externally to make them light and resistant to water and dirt.Restaurants can allow meals to be custom made the same way as land based ones and they bars can serve food and drink 24/7 with the automated restaurants making meals not only on the menu but also custom made meals from ingredients from all available ingredients arranged in a custom fashion with them converted into the universal restaurant brands or just those specific to the boat itself.Ideally the food should consist of delicacies,caviar,meat,fish and shellfish as well as vegetables and fruit with champagne,wine and beer served alongside water and homemade soft drinks.Tug and botlr robots and in time biosynths can deliver meals to each passengers cabin.An universal Amphirite brand champagne can be served on all liners.All bars,restaurants and even fish washing machines will be fully automated with zero human labour

The Helios apps that manages their travel on ships,ferries,mag lev and aeroplanes Helios will provide a digital key to each room registered to the passenger and main rooms with digital keys of families and friends assigned to all persons or shared with consent of person for the duration of the passenger(s) stay which is deleted from the app once they leave the ship with a sensor terminal on the seaport by the ships entrance detecting this and ending their access to the key by picking it up for it to be sent to the next passenger using that room.These terminals would also send the key to the app when they arrive at the port/ship or in close proximity to smart devices e-ticket or when scanned in at the terminal.Thus a person would have the digital key to their cabin could get daughter keys to other peoples cabins during their stay managed by Helios by interacting with them and Helios and the AI in charge of the ship with them given keys to all amenities,toilets restaurants etc.

CSYS lighting should ideally be used everywhere at both seaports and on ships to cut down on energy consumption and limit there replacement to every 37 years.Biolumescent plants can be in rooms,hallways and key rooms like kitchens,lounges,restaurants and other ones that are fed water via internal irrigation systems and work when lights are turned off or when the sun goes down and these would reduce strains on the batteries significantly.Any water heated for coffee and teas by passengers and/or robots should be done with MIITO technology again to save energy.Also gas and electric cookers should be replaced by steamers,solar grills and halogen bulb ovens again cut down on energy use and prevent accidental explosions etc when used by robotic chefs.

Entertainment can come in the form of hologram shows as well as robotic or human musicians(or both) as well as robotic dancers providing entertainment for people of all age groups.Human bands can book places using Amphrite.Robotic musicians can play any music from Dionysus with karoke machines and jukeboxes found in menus in on onboard touchscreen computers on walls that can be accessed by the passengers who can arrange playlists.The same will apply to the music played by robotic musicians.The cruise ships can stop at the middle of the ocean and a retractable ladder can be dropped to allow people to get and swim in the deep ocean around the boat for set periods of time.Otherwise miniature pools and jacuzziis can be placed onside/inside the ships.Rambling houses that involve music,story telling etc can also be organised by passengers.Karaoke can be done via Orpheus.

To ensure abundance of water onboard shipboard desalination plants using graphene,super blasts of super high intensity UV lights and biosynth technology to cut down on energy use and make them compact can take in water from the sea and convert it to water for use in taps,showers,toilets,sprinkler systems as well as in the production of crops and bacteria based commodities used in restaurants and onboard microbreweries with the brine used for food additives when heated or pumped back into the ocean.This water once used can be then treated onsite and reused with any extra taken in when needed or pumped back into the ocean once treated,ideally the former as it requires less energy in continuously getting water from the sea with miniature water treatment plants using again UV lights and graphene cleaning it recycling waste with the brine used in food production.Ideally water will be reused with cosmetics since non toxic will be easily cleaned or dumped in ocean.The water will be dumped into the ocean alongside the salt to keep the level of salt and water in the ocean constant when treated onsite.Nanaomaterials and biosynth technology and UV light systems that remove the salt from the water and removes dirt,kills bacteria can make them more compact with them also having miniature radiation machines that sterilise incoming water.Salt will be stored and even used for meals and most of it will be dumped into the ocean as part of treated wastewater to keep the salinity of the ocean constant with that from treated sewage captured and released back as well.Rainwater from the atmosphere can also be collected from the roof into the treatment plants via pipes on the roof or on the side of the ship that collects all water on the deck.Sewage in the form of urine and feces can be collected and treated onboard on miniature sewage treatment plants with micro algae farms that utilise biosynth technology,and radiation treatments can be used to recycle the minerals and treat them for use as food and water with excess algae either stored in food rooms,fed to ornamental fish in lounges or in aquaponic and recirculating aquaculture systems or dumped into the ocean once nanosensors deem it safe to provide food for wildlife alongside any gas produced burned as extra energy.The algae will have the same engineering as those in sewage treatment plants to grow fast,require less nutrients,be immune to radiation and high temperatures and be able to consume toilet paper,plastic etc.Built in heaters that heat it past the the threshold of the pathogens alongside the addition of materials to increase or lower pH,moisture ie dry it as well as miniature irradiation machinery that expose them to levels of a least 500-1,000Gy beyond the threshold of the pathogens once the materials and feces etc been broken down by the algae.This algae can be engineered to produce the same texture and taste as any type of meat and cereal thus allowing them to create textured vegetable protein and meat steaks.These can use miniature radiation and drier machines to kill off pathogens and will undergo the same engineering to improve growth rates as in sewage treatment plants.The same machinery used on sewage treatment plants such as biostimulation system used by AglaStar.Inc that integrates two types of electromagnetic energy — a millitesla generator and a millimetre microwave generator — which radiate spontaneous growth energy into large volumes of algae biomass to be economically viable(increasing yields by as much as 300%) can be utilised alongside LED and CSYS LED lights that can allow for continuous growth.Existing measures on luxury liners such as UV lights and also graphene sheets can be used.Any methane or gas produced will be collected and burned onsite as energy with carbon dioxide collected and fed to the algae in a looped cycle.Otherwise the algae will be collected by autonomous sewage trucks on land or at charging stations for deposition at sewage treatment plants.The algae will be used as fertiliser,human and fish feed with gas produced captured onsite and burned for electricity fed into the battery.Wastewater from sinks etc can be used to feed bacteria as well as treated on miniature onsite plants that treat it before is released back into the ocean with brine collected as part of onboard desalinisation plants stored onsite and released back into the water alongside wastewater..All of these sewage,wastewater and desalinisation treatment plant onboard both miniature ones and with UV lights,nanomaterials,biosynth technologies making them compact and can house miniature radiation machines to sterilise the waste and incoming water.

All rubbish will be recycled or reused with glass bottles reused once cleaned and paper,plastic etc kept to a minimum with them recycled when sent onland via helicopters and also stops at the mainland.The onboard AI will ensure that all of these parameters are followed with passengers educated on how to deal with waste.Biosynth and methane based plastics will be able to biodegrade in the ocean and onsite rubbish plants.

Spare room in onboard sewage systems on the ship can be used to grow food by miniature hydroponics/aeroponics systems,nano breweries and wineries as well as onboard aquaponic and recirculating aquaculture systems with 3D DNA printers onsite that will utilise the Phanes method.Commodity producing bacteria that grow oils,sugar,coffee,spices,juices and wines etc can also be grown onsite within phorobioreactors with piping allowing for all commodities and even alcoholic drinks to be transported to restaurants and bars with there even compact in vitro meat machinery.All of these would be composed of graphene to make them extra light if possible or plastics and thermoplastics infused with graphene.The crops and bacteria would have halophile DNA to survive on saltwater or onsite desalinisation plants could remove salt and return salt to the ocean with sugar used to fed bacteria grown onsite with them also using wastewater from the ship.If the ship runs low on food and drinks they can order in more from the mainland through Demeter via automated helicopters and boats that through Ophion will track their expected GPS locations or stopping at nearby cities and towns by the coast with them delivered by trucks with this managed by the onboard computer and done when picking up passengers with food stored on onboard storerooms and large fridges with robots collecting them and transporting them to the kitchen.Ideally all ships should grow the majority of their food and thus make themselves self sufficient limiting the amount of food they need to order with seaports having obsolete areas used to grow even more in vertical farms controlled by the seaport AI on site of seaports specifically for all ships that dock that can arrange orders when they are loading passengers with both these – the ship itself and seaport vertical farms housing 3D DNA printers to maintain genetic diversity via the Phanes method and also get any crop,meat cells,bacteria and fish species created onsite via blank eggs,seeds and also cells and also having areas to manufacture breads,cheese etc and other condiments via miniature automated machinery.Eggs will be gained via textured vegetable protein and also biosynth machinery.These will grow hybrid fish and crops to make them easier to rear for ships and will be controlled by the seaport AI.Macro algae namely Laminariales and other Phaeophyceae can be grown here in aquaponic systems and even on hybrid crops.If possible DNA of specific crops could not be present but rather base DNA,that from Thermus aquaticus,Streptococcus pyogenes,Francisella novicida with biosynth WiFi,Cas-9,taq polymerase used to initiate the genotypes of any species of 80,000-300,000 crops and their hybrids into full crops by cross referencing Physis via expediated growth on demand in spores or stem cells.The spores would undergo mass replication via DNA from embryonic,induced pluripotent stem cells as well as from Planarians,Amboysta mexicanum,Closteridium perfringens,Escherichea coli etc and scratch DNA present until a full version of the crop is produced.These spores or stem cells once perfected can be printed out,grown via undergoing mitosis using bacterial DNA and stored in phorobioreactors onsite could provide an unlimited supply of food with zero energy cost and zero land use.All of the spores or stem cells can be stored in trashcans,phorobioreactors and other storage media which can store thousands,billions or nonillion of them at home etc with Firmicutes,xerophile,oligotrophic and scratch DNA etc allowing them to survive for millions of years and when needed only a small amount will be taken out at a time and then exposed to the environmental conditions,biosynth WiFi and eaten allowing for centuries or thousands of years worth of food to be stored with this possibly replicated with meat and entire meals to be stored on cruise ships..Cosmetics such as shampoo,soap etc would be created onsite of seaports as part of microfactories in vertical farms or they would be brought onboard by the guests.Micro algae will be grown in photobioreactors that use feces abd urine as nutrients.

Recirculating aquaculture and aquaponic systems can be used to rear crops,fish and shellfish in roofs or in spare rooms as well as gardens,sheds and greenhouses.Aquaponics will be used since it rears both vegetable and fruit crops and fish abd shellfish at once.aeroponics and hydroponics can also be used.

Photobioreactors will be present in the basement and also rooftops that grow bacteria that create plant and animal commodities as well as algae and in vitro meat.Photobioreactors will be present in the basement and also rooftops that grow bacteria that create plant and animal commodities alongside in vitro meat and also algae using sewage collected from the building.To grow algae on-site of universities can have their building programmed to have a certain amount of their sewage in the form of feces and urine fed into photobioreactors at universities that will grow algae in them and using interior radiation machines irradiate the desecration etc sterilising it with the algae engineered to be resistant to radiation thus allowing it to be sterilised.The university can also import a set amount of feces and urine in the form of sewage from other public buildings and homes etc that is by interacting with the AIs of sewage treatment plants the farms can import sewage from sewage treatment plants at set times when toilets are not used that will be deposited into photobioreactors.The AI will stop intaking sewage once they are full and will intake more once the photobioreactors are emptied.Since universities will be empty of people most of the time their toilets will be idle thus meaning that sewage can be imported into the photobioreactors vis the sewage line with this done by adding a new series of pipes connected to the sewage treatment plants by robots etc or the existing pipes dug up,have a section removed and it connected to the photobioreactors.The algae will undergoe the same level of engineering as those grown in sewage treatment plants and will be engineered to break down toilet paper.This will make universities self sufficient in algae for fertiliser,feedstock for fish etc with it alleviating strains on sewage treatment plants if adopted by all home,community and vertical farms.

3D DNA printers will be on site of all restaurant farms worldwide to make them self sufficient in terms of seeds,bacteria cells and eggs if fish and shelfish

Energy for all ships can come from fast charging electric biosynth Storedot battery motors and/or biodiesel from genetically engineered bacteria grown at seaports  to be carbon neutral with the engines also sprayed internally with liquid glass in fuel engines to preventing damage and last indefinitely and never have to be cleaned.Gasoline from bacteria would be created on an unlimited scale for all ships passing through with the AI of each seaport interacting with Amphirite and the AIs of all ships passing through to ensure there is enough fuels.The areas for growing them at seaports would have artificial trees that intake one or more tonnes of carbon dioxide to make them carbon neutral in a looped cycle.The amount of carbon dioxide intaken globally will be equal to what is released by ships to ensure there is an equilibrium and if too much carbon dioxide is intaken then excess fuel will be burned with the AI of the seaports worldwide ensuring an overabundance of gasoline is made while still keeping this equilibrium by all seaport AIs worldwide interacting with Amphrite,Theoi Metori and Ophion.The bacteria would be engineered to survive in seawater using halophile DNA.Machinery that use the Fischer–Tropsch process can be present to create this in carbon neutral processes again using artificial trees but prevent explosions with those that grow oils will have the area some distance from the seaport or underground ideally as a building on the outskirts of them connected to pumps via pipes with the building composed of self healing graphene infused foamcrete and also have graphene watertight doors and graphene in the phorobioreactors and growing areas to contain explosions and fires with them having their own FirIce sprinkler systems and fleet of firefighter robots.Extensions to a seaport can allow for these oil and gasoline and vegetable oil producing bacteria to be grown onsite and them pumped directly into ships via automated pumps with energy for the battery coming from the grid via automated chargers either as automated pumps that connect to the ship when parked directly or as robotic pumps that can drive up to them connected to the gasoline areas or wireless inductive chargers and also self charging technologies.This would cut down on transport costs and make them self sufficient.These bacteria would be engineered to grow in seawater using halophile DNA or even used water from mainland or onsite desalinisation.If possible the exhaust of the ship can house pipes that lead them back to the ship to an areas where bacteria that grow gasoline and vegetable oils are present using a looped cycle with the same material present artificial trees that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will be present to make it efficient with AI designing systems to make this efficient.Automated electric pumps that connected to cruise ships will be present with energy coming from the grid or if possible a series of battery packs onsite of seaports charged by solar panels and VAWTs etc to alleviate strains on the grid with artificial trees that intake one to a hundred tonnes a day of carbon dioxide next to where the gasoline is grown can be used to create dry ice to feed them to make them carbon neutral.Sugar for seaports and those grown onsite of ships will be grown next to them to feed the oil producing bacteria with this created by bacteria.These bacteria can also be grown on site of ships in phorobioreactors of large ones and transported into engines when low using wastewater and seawater pumped up and sugars grown on site solely for them with gasoline and vegetable oils providing heating,supplementary energy for gasoline engines onboard that can move the ship and/or just heat it while the batteries recharge from self charging technologies with these generators in rooms with graphene paint on all walls and watertight doors.The gasoline and vegetable oils from bacteria will power the ship when the self charging technologies are charging batteries with as stated them engineered to grow on saltwater,wastewater and sugar grown onsite solely for it will be used to grow the bacteria that produces the oils and gasoline with carbon dioxide kept in a looped system to feed the bacteria and also algae.Phorobioreactors onsite of the ship can also grow gasoline or vegetable oils with them using lopped systems where carbon dioxide from burning them will be rerouted to these phorobioreactors or stored in areas where they will be converted into dry ice to be reused.Gasoline grown onsite will also power the vehicles movement with them using carbon dioxide from the air collected via the same nanomaterials in artificial trees and also using looped systems where the carbon dioxide from burned fuel will be rerouted to where the bacteria is grown or the nanomaterials will collect any carbon dioxide released by them making them carbon neutral.The carbon dioxide can be collected from the exhaust in order to reuse it with this done via the pipes rerouted to areas where it can be collected,cooled into dry ice and fed to bacteria that create the gasoline etc,nanomaterial biosynth catalytic converters that store the carbon dioxide and allow it to be reused or them separating it into oxygen released alongside water vapour and the carbon used as nutrition.Large sails composed of graphene that can fold into the hull of the ship can be used to allow the wind to push the ship and alleviate strains if the ship is composed entirely of graphene and winds are strong enough with simulations done to assess this with extremely light boats sailing on the ocean currents with this done to allow the ship to go at a purposeful slow speed for some cruises.Extra energy can also come through solar panels,graphene paint on the hull and other parts of the ship,graphene sheets and quantum dot technology in windows and other glass structures,micro VAWT wind turbines on the top of the ship,piezoelectric materials that gain energy from noise,see through thermo-piezoelectric materials in windows etc and other parts of the ship to get energy from the suns heat and micro hydro turbines and wave power pistons under the hull or on the side of the ship which generate power form the sun,wind and water as the ship moves and is stationary or charging stations at land or at strategically located ocean charging stations powered by wind,solar and wave power which the ship can dock and charge at if it is low similar to how cars and planes refuel.These self charging technologies will charge the biosynth Storedot batteries when they are low in a system managed by the onboard computer.Trigeneration micro-gas turbine generators that use synthetic gasoline,methane and plant and animal oils to generate electricity,heating and air conditioning can be present.These will use a looped system wherein carbon dioxide released by pipes is captured and it fed to bacteria to prevent the carbon dioxide polluting the atmosphere and it allowing an infinite amount of oils etc to be grown over and over again.There should be enough biosynth Storedot batteries to power the ship with other batteries charged and used solely for electronics and lighting systems which will charge when low via graphene and quantum dot technology in glass and also VAWTs etc while the ship is moving.Thus cruise ships should be hybrid vehicles with in time improved battery technology allowing them to be fully electric using a series of powerful batteries charged at the seaport and using self charging technology while at sea used in rotation.Having the battery using biosynth technology including human neural tissues,DNA from Electrophorous electricus,electroconductive bacteria and also electroconductive pilli will increase the storage capacity and lifespan.This,biosynth Storedot technology and also nanomaterials such as graphene especially graphene schwarzites and those of other atom thick allotropes of other elements will make them lighter and charge instantly thus making them able to charge the ship for the entire journey with self charging technology recharging the vehicle if their is several batteries along the body of the vehicle used in rotation with the vehicle composed of graphene etc will make the ships lighter and easier to lift alleviating strains on the batteries.As stated these lighter but more efficient batteries could be placed at different key points of the ship to lighten the load they have and using self charging technology utilise a rotary system where used up batteries would then switch to full ones with the empty one recharged during journeys with the micro turbines and VAWTs charged by the motion of the vehicles through wind and waves.They will charge both the vehicle and also electronics onsite with them alternating between the two and if need be can stay stationary in a sunny spot during the day with sufficient wind with the sun,wind and waves below charging them very quickly.Theoretically between 2030-2045 all cruise ships will be fully electric due to batteries becoming lighter and faster charging.Wireless energy furniture powered form the ships internal power battery or from external panels/turbines can power smartphones,laptops and other electronics or internal plugs and circuitry.Self charging laptops and smart devices owned by the passengers would alleviate strains with televisions present gaining some of their energy from artificial and natural sunlight stored internal batteries that would charge them for several hours or even a week to alleviate strains from the grid with them switching to the the mains and battery instantly.Those in cruise ships would be dispersed across the vehicles body with the vehicle using self charging technologies and may be hybrid vehicle with ships composed of graphene would be 86% lighter and thus more likely be able to be fully electric due to them and the batteries themselves being lighter.Self charging technologies would include graphene,see through thermo-piezoelectric materials and quantum dot technology in windows with the entire body having graphene and thermo-piezoelectric materials in the body with this making the ship lighter and able to survive impacts better with cruise ships having VAWTS and wave pistons underneath them with the batteries used in a rotary system wherein on that is used up is charged while another is being used managed by the ship onboard computer.Ideally lights should be the most energy efficient ie CSYS lights to allow them to be replaced by advances in robots and bio-synths managed by the stewards and stewardess.Biolumenscent plants with their own sheet to cover them or even storage space can be also present on the outside and in hallways and restaurants with the ceilings and walls of hallways and restaurant covered in biolumescent moss etc charged from sunlight.The amount of petrol or charge left in the ship will be visible to passengers in the menus of the ship.Any other resources can be flown in by drones onboard autonomous solar planes or helicopters via onboard computers automatically signal a shortage if one or more ingredients or other supplies become scarce or needs to be replaced.To deal with energy needed at night solar arrays could interacting with Amphrite and onboard computers of cruise ships use machinery on them and orbiting satellites,device or the moon have energy directed to ships in mid flight who would relay their battery levels and location or if possible cities they are travelling over could have receivers that beam energy in the form of radiation to them again by interacting with Amphrite and onboard computers of cruise ships.The energy would be directed from the array by a splitter device that could move around by itself and direct energy to multiple ships at night.Wave piston and miniature VAWT farms in the ocean in the path of remaining flights connected to a central receiver charged by fast charging batteries could also send energy to them with these also connected to underwater communities with them again using splitters that radiate energy to ships as they pass by or the ship even docking at the charging station.Thus cruise ship could house large amounts of biosynth batteries that will be used in rotation and recharged constantly by internal micro-gas turbines,Graphene and thermo-piezoelectric materials etc thus allow cruise ships  to travel long distances.Dimensional transcendentalism can allow for larger spaces for batteries,phorobioreactors for gasoline and trigeneration generators that use synthetic gasoline,methane and plant and animal oils to generate electricity,heating and air conditioning can be present.These will use a looped system wherein carbon dioxide released by pipes is captured and it fed to bacteria to prevent the carbon dioxide polluting the atmosphere and it allowing an infinite amount of oils etc to be grown over and over again.

To help patients suffering ailments such as a heart attacks etc.there will be ambulance drones,automated CPR machines and mobile miniature defibrillators.Onboard computers will have menus showing where the nearest fire extinguishers and CPR and miniature defibrillator machines are located located and how to instructional videos for novice users also available through apps on smartdevices linked to the computers.These computers and Paean would also show how to perform basic and advanced first aid and as stated above use watertight doors and CPR machines/defibrillators.First aid kits containing Seacell bandages,X stat sponges,vertigel,LifeVac,ointments and other key materials will be present with each component of them ordered when docked to ensure abundance.Onboard automated pharmacies and 3D printers can provide over the counter antibiotics and med-kits with again how to videos dealing with every imaginable situation such as falls or concussions,stabbings in every part of the body etc.Artificial universal O blood will be also created onsite to deal with any stabbings or trauma with them having materials to inject this into the blood the body.Smart clothing will also begin to interact with the onboard computer system and in the case of their vital signs reaching a level associated with a heart attack,death or coma alerting people around the ship to where they are located instantly and also directing them to the nearest CPR and defibrillator machines and deploy ambulance drones to their locations.Graphene in the matrix of windows composed of pyrex will make them shatterproof from debris and ocean pressure with the body and hull being composed of graphene or have graphene paint on them will make them strong to survive direct hits with icebergs,float to the surface possibly if made of graphene and watertight doors cutting off compromised areas affected by fire or water allowing for emergency services and escape to be done with minimal casualties.Each main hallway would have both FireIce and oxygen tanks to supply oxygen to anyone caught in compromised areas to survive until emergency services arrive.

To ensure security, onboard robotic/biosynth firefighters can be deployed and/or fire extinguishers containing FireIce(which is quicker at extinguishing fires)and gas masks provided. Carbon dioxide scrubbers can be used to collect carbon dioxide for internal carbon dioxide scrubbers pumps to deal with fires in prone areas.In the case of fires nanosensors that detect methane,carbon dioxide and even carbon monoxide can detect smoke and location of fires via thermal imaging cameras that guide robots to the fire and automated doors can seal them shut in an area when it has been determined that no humans are present and reopened when the fire is out to contain the fire and cut off oxygen supplies to the fire.These would be in key rooms of the ship such as kitchen,hallways etc.Ideally these nanosensors similar to ones in homes would be in small casings that are connected to the ships onboard energy systems extracting minute levels of energy 24/7 to prevent problems over faults and the need to replace batteries and will alert passengers as to when they need to be replaced or are faulty via alerts in the onboard computer linked to smart devices with new ones ordered into them and delivered by drones etc when they land at stops or delivered by solar powered drones deployed by solar powered planes that fly above the clouds while at sea.These robots would use carbon dioxide,foam or FireIce to put out fires(see later).Onboard FireIce canisters can be shown to all smart devices on the ship when a fire is detected with new canisters ordered in by the ship AI when empty.Until they become sufficiently automated and controlled by the onboard computer volunteers from around the world can use mech suits and VR headgear to remotely control these robots from the mainland from anywhere around the world with them interacting with the ship AI and using the same camera types to locate fires and passengers.Once advanced by 2029-2045 robotic and biosynth firefighters will be stored in specific human sized storerooms.All ships will alongside biosynth stewards house a roster of biosynth firefighters that will fight off fires stored in storerooms spread out in all areas of the ship to ensure that once a fire idle detected in an area they can be activated and deal with it instantly.Alternatively when a fire is detected in a room the AI will guide humans out the room and when they room is devoid of human life via cameras detecting blood pumping through the body etc the room will be sealed off automatically and carbon dioxide and FireIce pumped into the room which are stored in a series of networks or blood vessel systems built into the walls and ceilings of the ship with pumping systems built into each room and the room affected by the fire having the nozzle on that system opened and others closed ensuring the material is only sprayed in the room that has a fire and not others.Thus all rooms that have fires will be instantly cleared of humans with the ship AI directing them out of the room to the open air and watertight doors will seal the room shut preventing the fire spreading with carbon dioxide,or FireIce stored in areas will using sprinkler systems be pumped into the room.The watertight doors will prevent the spread of the fire and also prevent the spread of smoke with them also cutting off the fires supply of oxygen.Sprinkler systems will be connected directly to onsite desalinisation plants and also if possible to the sea itself to allow large amounts of water to be pumped onto fires with if possible areas sealed off that the area that the fire is in will be flooded with sea water to engulf and put out the fire completely and then the water drained out later on.Thus watertight doors will once passengers are moved out of affected areas will be sealed shut to prevent the fire and smoke spreading but also starve it of oxygen and allow it to be flooded by sprinkler systems to put it out.These sprinkler systems will be using a lock and nozzle system meaning the water etc will only be dispersed into quarantined areas affected that has the fire in them determined by the ship AI and not areas that contain the fire to prevent waste and prevent other areas getting wet.Fire Ice can be ordered onboard when docked or created using phorobioreactors and bacteria carrying out anabolic and catabolic reactions.This would inevitably be replicated by interstellar ships.Fire retardant fungi or hemp based insulation should be used for each room especially in floors and ceilings to prevent fires spreading from one room to another and from floor to floor.Graphene paint will be on all watertight doors,walls and ceilings to make it fireproof due to its high melting point with liquid glass on all surfaces for the same reason.

An alarm can be sent to emergency services using Pemphredo if patient condition is more severe and requires hospitalisation or if the fire cannot be contained or a serious crime has occurred again using onboard computers or smartphones using GPS to find the ship.These can include automated planes,medical helicopters,boats,seabreachers,seaplanes,flying ambulances that can land in the water next to the ship or on helipads with life boats that can also be automated that can lead them to the nearest hospital on land or at sea on charging stations and can be chosen on a the computers menu depending on the severity of the incident or the number of people that need to be rescued and brought to hospitals on land or sea.The computer will relay via interactions with the vehicle(s) when the emergency vehicles will arrive and how long their journey to hospitals will take as well as relaying what to do to keep the patient conscious and alive with the type of accident or medical condition they have suffered typed into the onboard computer or through linked smart devices(and/or chosen from a list of possible conditions) in a subfolder for the option to call emergency services with Watson linking the ship AI to the nearest hospitals to relay this to medical staff.The ship AI will also guide automated planes,seabreachers and helicopters to its location and onto the helipad or to the ocean nearby alerts can be sent to the onboard computers and thus in turn smartphones onboard from the mainland regarding natural disasters such as storms,hurricanes etc.that may develop or in the case of cold waters satellites can show the location of ice and its thickness etc.

The onboard computer of the ship will constantly relay its location to Ophion and during emergencies such as medical emergency as well as hull breaches and fires will transmit its location to hospitals and also Prometheus.

Watertight doors will be located around the ship that blocks off any comprimised areas that are filling with water and affected by fires.These will seal off areas filling in with water to prevent the rest of the ship becoming flooded.With regards to fires they will corner off areas of the ship that are experiencing fires.Air conditioning systems will also be sealed.This in the case of fires will prevent the fire spreading and cut off the inflow of oxygen into the area on fire thus starving them of oxygen putting them out or at least preventing slowing their spread by preventing oxygen from the interior of the ship feeding it with firefighter robots and biosynths enter the area and also preventing them spreading to the rest of the vehicle and prevent smoke spreading to the rest of the vehicle.The operation of watertight doors will be managed by the ship AI.When fires occur sprinkler systems will be activated only in the affected areas with other non affected areas not have sprinklers used.These watertight doors will be spread across the entire ship at strategic points such as to each area that houses cabins and suites and amenities and also key areas that house kitchens,batteries,micro-gas turbines etc including as stated only affected areas locked and closed areas with passengers in affected areas directed out of them to allow them to be closed with smart devices,implants and cameras denoting their location during emergencies with if one is locked in an area one can contact the ship AI via Helios or through thought via implants and by using cameras in the ship and computer terminals fitted in each each area also to directly contact the ship AI and tell it to let them out and the watertight doors will close behind them.When an emergency occurs the ship AI will instantly interact with all smart devices,smart clothing,implants that utilise biosynth WiFi to locate people and even pets and their location in the ship and direct them out of the affected area to allow it to be closed off as soon as possible.By having these spread out along the ship it can allow for people to escape each area with them spread out of each other meaning only each small comprimised will be sealed off rather than all areas meaning once a hull breach or fire occurs and is detected only the affected area will be sealed off once passengers are directed to safe zones.

If the AI believes that passengers must abandon ships it will alert passengers via linked smart devices to the location of lifeboats in their language via audio visual cues first to lifeboats on lower floors and then those on higher floors and alert the mainland emergency services to their GPS location once they have stopped.The ship AI will locate all passengers including pets via instantly linking with their implants,smart devices and smart clothing that utilise biosynth WiFi and will be able to determine their location on the ship.Each lifeboat will have onboard computers that details to the ship AI who can exist on these via fragmentation to detail how much free space is availible in them and will move away once full.Automated lifeboats will be present and will connected to the ship on the sides and will be disconnected manually with the locks ensuring those on lower floors be released by a full load before those on higher floors and all will be covered internally and externally with graphene paint to increase their strength as well as generate electricity for miniaturised touchscreen computers and liquid glass to prevent water damage and may even have motors to travel to the nearest coastal city,oil rig home or entrance to the nearest underwater and floating cities.They would ideally have other self charging technologies.They can be composed of carbon composites such as graphene to be extra light and extra buoyancy,survive impacts as well as to hold a much higher load of passengers than normal ones with the number of people and/or weight they can carry detailed in information videos on the ship AI,on them and the touchscreen computers which can relay information such as what emergency services are coming and how long they will arrive with the onboard computer on the lifeboats showing how many people are on each lifeboat,the weight held by it compared to its limit and its exact GPS location via the wire.The touchscreen computers will also relay how much weigh its holding and whether it is over its limit.Ideally all ships should have enough lifeboats to hold more that the entire passengers on the ship ie more than all the rooms and beds combined.These computers should also have the ability to call emergency services such as Prometheus via Prometheus to collect extra people etc.They will house powerful biosynth storedot batteries and use self charging technologies.Otherwise they can be redesigned to be pods like larger versions of Seabreachers holding several people say at least ten to twenty people(collectively enough to hold more than onboard at once) stored in the bottom floors of the ship accessed by tunnels and emergency rooms specifically for this as well on the side where lifeboats are that can be released and with them having motors to drive directly to the nearest port.This would allow them to work should the boat capsizes(where they themselves would turn 180 degrees) or can be there alongside lifeboats.If the room holding them floods they can be automatically released and drive to the side of the ship to collect people that jump off or use slides present.By being operated by machinery that lays them on tracks on the roof and ceiling of the room it would release them one at a time on a conveyor system and pumped out with all surfaces and machinery coated in liquid glass.The ship AI would direct people into both types of lifeboats in an organised fashion to ensure that each one is full and filled and released in a set order one after the other.These would too be composed of graphene to hold as much people as possible,allow them to float to the surface if they run out of energy,increase speeds and contain a nanomaterial that would separate oxygen from carbon dioxide and their GPS location would be relayed to emergency vehicles to ensure they are found with the powered by self charging technologies to recharge when their engine charge is low while they travel to the nearest island,coastal city or oil rig used as hospitals with ideally all of them heading towards the same destination.These pods would have the nanomaterials to separate oxygen from carbon dioxide if they are stuck inside the boat if it capsizes and would have retractable visor that could open up at the surface while charging or travelling with this having graphene in its matrix to allow for maps to brought up and also alongside pyrex in its matrix help it survive the depths of the ocean if it sinks or is struck with again its GPS location related constantly to Prometheus and if it sinks to the bottom of the ocean and is stuck in the ship it will relay an alarm to emergency services.The onboard computer would keep track of all people escaping in these and lifeboats via cameras to ensure everyone escapes with all passengers logging themselves to the onboard computers of life boats and pods via smart devices and direct interaction with the ship AI that controls them with this then relayed to Prometheus and Aletheia to allow the amount of people who survived and GPS location to be estimated instantly.If any people are still on the lifeboat they can call in specific emergency vehicles to their exact location via the touchscreen computers and/or smart devices that relay their GPS location via emergency services apps and platforms within Hermes with them interacting with the onboard computer of emergency vehicles to start and leave.The propellers of both lifeboats and the ship themselves should be covered in a grating to prevent them pulling in and killing anyone.In time they will be biosynth pods that have DNA from plants and lung tissue and scracth DNA to automatically convert oxygen from carbon dioxide without the need for light and can have not just propellors and engines but biosynth Cephalopoda tentacles thus not only giving them propulsion to compliment engines but also should energy run out and allow them to move around wrekages,be strong enough to open up doors and rip through walls and use biosynth wifi to send its GPS location of eah pod to Prometheus constantly with biosynth technology able to separate oxygen in the water into useable oxygen for passengers.All pods,lifeboats etc will be controlled by the captain AI in charge of the ship.The pods can utilise dimensional transcendentalism to house enough space for all passengers and also make them spacious and each one comfortably house at least twenty to fifty or more people each with it also limiting the amount of pods there needs to be and thus amount of space they take up with the ship AI determine how much people can fit in each one based on the total number of passengers.Any shipwrecks including older ones with the exception of historical ones such as the Titanic will be salvaged and harvested for scrap by autonomous robots similar to those used by researchers that observe the lower depths of the oceans.Security robots and in time bio-synth security guards controlled by the onboard computer will patrol the ship all day long.

Graphene paint will prevent rust on the hull and other structures of the ship while liquid glass sprayed onto the interior and exterior of windows and mirrors will prevent them from being cleaned at all and prevent build of of fog and condensation.Furthermore spraying this onto other surfaces will prevent the build up of stains and make cleaning easier and protect furniture from UV damage.Hoover bots and floor washing robots can periodically patrol and hoover hallways and rooms during the day with schedules present in the ship AI to ensure no accidents occur including tripping over them.Having the floor covered by a layer of liquid glass will prevent the growth of microbes as well as make it stain proof meaning only a vacuum may be required to remove all stains since they cannot stick to the floor preventing accidents as well as saving time.They will enter rooms by interacting with sensors on the doors using smartdevices the person in the room can set to have their room cleaned or not via interacting with the AI.Tug bots and Botlr robots can be called using the smart devices and then have used cutlery and eating boards delivered back to the kitchens and also collect clothing for washing.These will be sprayed with liquid glass to allow stains to be removed via gravity or cleaned by robots.Hoover and other robots will be coated internally and externally with liquid glass to make them waterproof with them also composed of graphene to make them light.Laundry folding robots will clean up beds and other aspects with in time these replaced by bio-synths controlled by the stewards with onsite washing machines.These robots including hooverbots,tug and botlr ones will be composed of graphene due to its lightness.

Toilets will have liquid glass spread on them on the exterior and interior piping to prevent the build up of dirt and prevent clogging in the pipes.They will have narrow range wavelength UV lights that bake the room in benign light that doesn’t damage skin with narrow range wavelength UV hand sanitisers and automated hand dryers that would negate the need for soap and towels.Soap contanin lactic acid and even toilet paper also be made in microfactories at seaports to be stacked by biosynths with if need be it made onsite of the ship and connected to all toilets that comes out in the water or is stacked by robots and biosynths.These will contain Polybia MP-1 and other new antimicrobial compounds mixed together to prevent them gaining an adaptation.The UV hand sanitisers would allow ones hands to be baked in the light to kill off all pathogens .Hi tech plungers will be present.The toilets will have UV light under the bowl to bake it when not used at set times with them also covered in liquid glass.These narrow range wavelength UV bakes will be done in all major rooms.cabins,toilets and all bedrooms when empty and at night or upon request with regards to bedrooms.Ideally ceilings will have narrow range wavelength UV lights on the ceiling in all rooms including bedrooms to do this when cameras detect no one in the room or when the passenger is detected outside of their room or allows the onboard AI to do so via interacting with the intranet with lights controlled by the onboard computer and for all rooms to be done at once and allow these to be done at anytime of the day even when passengers are asleep or in specific rooms.Ideally these sweeps in all rooms would be done at once.All cleaning robots will be housed in rooms that have inductive chargers to keep then charged with them coated internally and externally in liquid glass to make them waterproof.All surfaces in the ships in all rooms will be coated in liquid glass to allow hooverbots to clean them when again no people are in them or when asked by passengers.Dishes will be cleaned the same way in restaurants.

Excess food will be stored onsite where it can then sent to pyrolysis plants on the mainland when collected by rubbish trucks called by the onboard computer beforehand so the trucks will be at the stop to collect them or they can be sent to those at the seaport that are then collected by rubbish trucks routinely.The same will apply to all types of wastes with all ships have different bins for each type of rubbish that will be transported by robots or KIVA systems on them that will be deposited onto larger bins on site of seaports with microchips assigning the correct waste to each bin with these bins at seaports collected routinely.If possible biodigesters can be present that turn the organic waste into sugars via bacteria that contain recombinant DNA from Saccharophagus degradans that can be used in food or used to create fuel and commodities from bacteria.Excess oils from food can be burned onsite in generators to provide heat or added to the fuel engines when they become low.

Helios will be the universal sentient app that manages all travel for everyone on public buses,taxis/coaches,cruise ships and also Oceanus and aeroplanes.He will arrange all aspects of travel for all passengers for each journey and since sentient and serving billions in a fragmented and online form will manage efficient flow for everyone.With regards to travel using Oceanus,Eos,Amphitrite and Erebus he will arrange the best combination of these and also any taxis and coaches for the passenger as well as booking of lounges.One will book flights,cruise ships,Oceanus trips and also taxis and coaches on it and in time interstellar travel of all types with it also showing timetables for all train and bus journeys worldwide and cruise ship and aeroplane journeys worldwide and eventually galaxy.He will detail what flight one is meant to get on,what time they will leave ideally,where to deposit luggage and when and the weight of it,what gates to travel to and also directions to it via a map,the time the flight leaves,what seat to get to,what hand luggage they can bring and where to put it,which belt their luggage will arrive at,bring up maps of the airport,arrange taxis and also coaches beforehand when they arrive at destination and also those used during the entirety of the holiday and also when the coach transporting them to the airport at the end of the holiday will arrive and arranging it to.For cruise ships he will detail this and where ones cabin is and where ones suite and seat is in Oceanus and Eos etc.With regards to Oceanus he will arrange which trains to get one to travel to any location around the world by getting on and off them and also arrange journeys that involve both Oceanus and Eos as well as Erebus and even interstellar travel.In trains,aeroplanes and cruise ships and taxis etc he will allow one direct contact with the steward and pilot AI and stream safety videos etc via links to their onboard computers and stream the vehicles GPS location etc,stream menus on its onboard computer,call stewards and be able to stream any information the passenger requests.For buses he will detail which bus to get on,where the bus stop is on Brauron and any alterations to schedule due to the bus being delayed changed immediately with this applied to all schedules.In all vehicles not only will the vehicles GPS location will be relayed but also how far the vehicle is from arriving to them and also how long left in the journey is in distance and time kilometres and hours.All schedules for all buses and trains worldwide will be listed here with him linked to all bus and train stations due to him being their operating software with changes due to delays relayed instantly since it will be linked to the onboard computers of buses etc.This app will allow one to book automated taxis,coaches etc around the world on the spot or even days,weeks and months beforehand with one arranging the time to be picked up and destination with the address and GPS location of where to be picked up denoted in a map via linking with Brauron or during booking by being linked to taxi ranks due to him being their operating software.One can during booking etc be in direct interaction with Helios and the AI in charge of taxi ranks,bus stations etc.He will also be linked to and interact with their Home AI to arrange for their vehicle to pick them up at the time they arrive and interact with Euthenia to arrange accommodation with all tickets,boarding passes and more importantly ones passports will be stored here in electronic form in him to prevent them getting lost and allowing them to be read electronically and wirelessly via interactions with pedastals,onboard computers etc.One will book taxis,aeroplanes,trains,cruise ships etc here and it will show schedules of all trains and buses worldwide with changes related in real time with this replacing all online sites that do this with booking done via interacting directly with Helios and AIs of taxis,cruise ships etc.In short all aspects of holidays and travel will be arranged by him with each citizen having accounts for him.As stared all aspects of travel will be organised by him with him even for in city and intercity trips and inter country trips that requires one to use multiple modes of transport ie buses,taxis,Oceanus etc he will be able to plan out each persons journey days,weeks,months ahead with the exact time one must take or book each mode of transport and make alterations in real time due to delays with this even done on the spot with it linked to Brauron in the app or in linked smart devices can show where they need to go on a map of a city etc.He will log all of ones journeys on all types of vehicles on local to global scales over days to centuries and perform studies on this on all demographics.

All seaports will have artificial intelligence that interact with emergency services in emergencies and also measure and log energy and water use over days,weeks,months,years etc on local to global levels for studies etc.Named Amphirite the operating software maintaining these AI will link all seaports and cruise ships etc around the world together.It will also control all robots,machinery,restaurants etc. at these buildings and on transport vehicles and interact with all airports,seaports and aircraft/trains/ships/ferries,traffic networks worldwide via the Ophion System to ensure accurate departure and arrival times as well interacting with police networks via security machines and cameras that will be linked to Athena.Amphirite will manage and link all seaports around the world together.Cameras will monitor specific machinery there and diagnostics of machinery will be logged here as well allowing all members of the public worldwide to monitor all seaports worldwide.It will also be linked to Hephaestus and Demeter for deliveries of orders and allow members of the public to monitor each seaport around the world from anywhere via the wire.Like airports all lighting in seaports,ferries and cruise ships should be CSYS lighting everywhere to cut down on energy consumption and limit there replacement to every 37 years by robots.Routine diagnostics done automatically on all systems such as lighting,robots and machinery will be logged here and follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger making it easy for the layperson to recognise the level of severity of the problem.If a problem occurs automated measures within the AI system will isolate severely compromised machinery ie. from cyber attacks will be cut off from the AI and other machines until it is solved with AI of compromised seaports from other similar seaports and the rest of the wire until rectified to prevent problems spreading.The AI and thus all robots under its control will have the latest cyber security installed and constantly updated.Automated corrective measures or those that can be done remotely via the wire for all possible problems will be built into the seaport AI again view able to the public.This should prevent the problems associated with the tragedy of the commons.Machinery and robots can also be composed of self healing metals,electronics and polymers to prevent them breaking down.Miniaturised versions of repair robots can be integrated to repair damaged machinery.