Waste Water Treatment

Treatment & Filtration:
To clean waste water first sheets of graphene should be used to separate materials such as pharmaceuticals,heavy metals and oils etc. or this can be done with use of solid resins and activated carbon which can then be disposed through bacteria or chemicals that break them down even further.Macro and micro algae can be used to recycle vital nutrients in the system and once again bio-remediating heavy metals with bacteria and robots can be used in order to deal with blockages with the same level of engineering and machinery used here as in sewage treatment plants.These can be pyrolysed or if safe and suitable through filtering out the algae and pollutants using Graphene sheets and super high intensity UV lights used for human consumption or fertiliser.Methods will be devised to recycle the nitrogen,phosphorous etc using algae and still remove pollutants to allow it to be used as fertiliser etc.This would be enginerered to break down plastics etc as well.Other genetically modified bacteria can also be created to clean up waste in water treatment plants that do not require nitrogen and phosphorous can be utilised and then killed by UV radiation,then collected in graphene sheets and then disposed of through pyrolysis or other methods.

Tree branch filters can be used to reduce the cost of filtering out any other contaminates such as bacteria/viruses when used in conjunction with graphene UV treatment and macro-algae.

Graphene sheets and sheets of atom thick nanomaterials of all 94 elements could separate all possible pollutants such as pharmaceuticals,micro beads of plastics and also oils.Microbeads could be dealt with super bacteria using the same recombinant DNA as the super phytoplankton that deal with ocean plastics.UV treatment can reduce need for using chlorine and other harsh chemicals by sterilising the pools of bacteria with super high intensity blasts breaking down any other pollutants.Atom thick nanomaterials derived from all 94 elements similar to graphene combined with biosynth technology will be researched as a means to purify waste water to acceptable environmental standards to remove pollutants much more cheaply using less energy and toxins

Once again sensors along all parts of this system can measure concentration of all metals,pollutants and other substances(as well as pH,salinity and other factors) present along all steps and measure how much of these is re-entering the environment and thus the efficacy of the plant alerting the community to any faults or contaminated water entering the hydrological system.Nanosensors will measure the levels of these at each step from the start to where the water returns to the environment.These levels of each pollutant,virus/bacteria,metals and pH can be measured in a universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger.Warnings based on these can be sent to the regions citizens smart devices via apps connected to the wire The same rotary system explained above can also be adopted to ensure water is 100% clean of all pollutants.Phosphates,nitrogen and potassium from algae detergents should be recaptured and recycled here for use in fertilisers for crops but also producing even more algae.In time phosphates will be replaced with more sustainable alternatives such as zeolites,sodium carbonate and citric acid but with the use of liquid glass on clothing detergents may become obsolete.All trace and heavy metals and other useful chemicals can be collected from the treated water to be recycled for commercial uses when sent to Aphrodite using graphene and other methods like porous inorganic materials that capture them creating looped systems.Micro fibres of plastics could be captured by graphene or by having the algae house DNA from plastic degrading species of bacteria as detailed later on with 3D DNA printers onsite of all sewage treatment plants.Environmental conditions in both systems can be altered in order to carry out scientific studies on the ability of micro and macro algae for bio remediation of certain toxins and at the same measure yields of different species.Snake like robots covered in liquid glass can patrol these pipes as well to alert the Hermes network of any blockages with a permanent layer liquid glass also sprayed on the interior of these pipes and also all machinery at each step of the water treatment plants to prevent weak acids flushed into the system to deal with clogs or acids from laboratories from damaging them.Until nanosensors are advanced enough robots that collect water at each point can be used to detect levels of bacteria and other contaminants with gram staining and cameras for identification also automated with advances in robotics allowing for samples of bacterium to be transferred to the gram stainer by machines.

The same super high intensity UV blasts and use of wetlands as used in sewage treatment plants can be used with waste water treatment plants to ensure all bacteria and pollutants are destroyed before reentering the environment and treating water also at the point where it enters the treatment plant.Sensors can once again be placed in and after these wetlands to monitor their efficacy.To deal with pharmaceuticals the same aforementioned methods described above can be utilised.Again any gas can be collected into gas micro-turbines to capture biogas from algae treating the water and turning it into commercial products such as fertilisers and food products while the gas collected is burned to power the plant and carbon dioxide released is used by the algae to grow creating a looped system which prevents methane returning to the atmosphere with excess energy shared with the locale community to alleviate strain on the grid.If possible treatment plants can be designed to have slopes where the water returns to the rivers and ocean with graphene turbines to generate electricity.This should also allow them to function should natural disasters strike the area and cut them off from the grid.Again the slingshot water purifier can be integrated into this system in order to remove any extra pollutants.Machinery must be developed for water treatment plants to separate the cellulose and fibres present in algae from the oil and other matter in order to allow the cellulose to be shipped to textile factories for use in clothing and allow the oil and other matter to be shipped to farms and community centres to be used as fertiliser and food products.Ideally though Seacell can be produced by non algae bacteria.Persephone will organise the allocation of the fibres and fertiliser etc based on interactions between sewage treatment plants,vertical and community farms and also factories AI.Otherwise they can be sent to factories where they are mixed into custom made fertilisers for consumers in the region with biochar from pyrolysis plants.Biocompatible microbes flushed out of the body into toilets etc will be collected here and used as electronics once sterilised of any pathogens using super blasts of high intensity UV light.All steps in water treatment plants from start to finish can be and should be automated from start to finish with automated corrective measures built into the AI of each facility.The avatar of each water treatment AI will be designed by those that maintain it with each AI having its own separate and independent personality and legal name.This will apply to receptionists who will wear an universal uniform.

Micro and macro algae used to clean water in sewage and water treatment plants will be shipped to either vertical farms,community centres or pyrolysis plants automatically with the places they are sent to programed by the public as detailed later on.Ideally they will be irradiated or sterilised to prevent pathogens contaminating them with them having artificial trees on the roof to pump in extra oxygen to intake carbon dioxide with this used to sequester carbon dioxide once pyrolysised.If an areas is experiencing cold snaps and cold winters than both desalinisation and water treatment plants will heat the water to a warm temperature to prevent ice forming in pipes in homes and under streets.Adopting these automated measures and efficiency ones to all existing water treatment plants can be achieved worldwide by 2029.All of these measures should be introduced to existing wastewater treatment plants to cut down on energy and improve efficiency with any new developments in filtration and treatment methods being also introduced by researchers.All trace and heavy metals and other useful chemicals such as lithium,zinc,sodium chloride and copper etc. excreted by the human body from food or pharmaceuticals can be collected from the treated water to be recycled using graphene and other methods like porous inorganic materials that capture them creating looped systems preventing them being lost to the oceans.The sodium chloride will be shipped to either vertical farms or Deipneus factories.Again until nanosensors are advanced enough robots that collect water at each point can be used to detect levels of bacteria and other contaminants.Extensions can be built underground or on roofs to accommodate a growing population managed by the plant AI based on increased inflow and cross referencing Polis.3D DNA printers to print out algae will be present in all sewage and waste water treatment plants.

Fertiliser Production:
.Seacell can be produced by non algae bacteria.The algae and fertiliser it will be made into will be transported in a rotary pony express system of steel or carbon composite drums treated internally and externally with a permanent layer of liquid glass ie the vehicle will have a drum that collects fertiliser from the sewage and water treatment plant that will then transfer it the pyrolysis plant(or vertical farm/community centre depending on the route explained earlier on)and then dumped into the mixture and or traded for empty drums(also coated internally and externally with liquid glass) that are then sent back to the water and sewage treatment plants to be refilled.The routes taken and interactions between vertical farms,community farms and sewage and water treatment plants can be programmed into the AI of each building linked together (and thus done once on one building AI) through interactions in the wire between Demeter and Hermes.The AIs of the all farms will interact with each other and also even that of all sewage treatment plants in the country or region to order in fertiliser in suitable amounts with people able to order in excess not used for human,pet,livestock feed and fertiliser.

Metering & Quality:
Nanosensors placed along each step of the process beginning at the source of the water to just when the water leaves the plant and enters the local water bodies to detect and report the level of contaminants such as micro-organisms,individual metals and pharmaceuticals present and all environmental conditions such as pH,salinity etc.which can be freely available to the public 24/7 on a local,regional,national,continental and global scale allowing for the prevention of metal poisoning and bacterial infection which can be instantly sent to the public via alerts connected to the networks controlling the AI of each water and sewage treatment plants interacting with the Home AI and its adjoining app.The amount of water each plant intakes and treats will be measured on local,regional,national,continental and global levels as well as levels of energy,chemicals etc used and yields of algae etc.Water treatment plants will appear as a light blue 3D pin while sewage treatment plants plants will appear as a green 3D pin on a world map with the number of both on local to global levels numbered with the viewer able to add/remove either one by ticking on boxes.All steps in each treatment plant can be visible to the public through cameras at key points(that switch to IR illuminator when dark),readings from nanosensors,and pictograms that detail each piece of machinery etc via logging into the intranet of each one with temperature and humidity reading of each room visible via nanosensors.Fires will be averted by the AI through nansensores in fire detectors hooked to the main grid detecting carbon dioxide,methane and temperature alert firehouses through Pemphredo and Prometheus that directs them to their address and GPS location.Automated measures will be put in place to deal with and prevent fires.

All waste water treatment plants worldwide will be managed and linked together by sentient operating software Tyche with the symbol of the wheel of fortune on all signs,maps as well as all machinery and robots present.This symbol will also appear on all e-reports,studies etc related to them alongside the caduces.A statue of Tyche will be present in the lobby with her symbol will be on the lobby floor underneath it where the holographic receptionist is with a landline phone.Ideally water extraction/treatment and sewage treatment plants will be be next to each other by building sewage treatment plants or water treatment ones next to existing ones allowing the former ones to be converted into communal homes then these two would be built next to each other with the statue in the cetnre of the outside or by the entrance to them.This will allow sewage and waste water treatment plants to be converted into communal homes making it ideal.All land around these hubs would be reforested.The layout these will be designed by Tyche and them covered in gardens full of trees,flowerbeds etc designed by Pan ad Hegemone.If possible they can be underground with underground communities served by there own treatment plants that have the algae used as fertilisers with underwater communities also for the same reason and if need be excess dumped in the water when the algae is killed off via high temperatures allowing fish in the ocean to consume it.Having them underground can allow the land above them reforested and a single statue next to them in an underground area.Islands would have either septic tanks or underground treatment plants with both underground and underwater communities having them.Power sources outside of the grid can be geothermal piping covered in thermo-piezoelectric materials that convert heat from the mantle into electricity to alleviate strains on the grid and ensure a constant supply of energy even when the grid is suffering a blackout.Once sentient her avatar will be based on that of her statue with this macro managing all of these buildings alongside the sentient Moirai.Studies will be done on water use and and also production of sewage by interacting with Hestia and the operating software of all public buildings with studies on each and every individual citizen and different demographics(age,race,size of families,gender etc) on local to global levels over days to millenia.Ideally sewage and water treatment plants should be located upstream of the water treatment plants that extract water from lakes and rivers to keep the levels of water constant with old ones converted into homes.

Cleaning of all types of water treatment facilities will be same as in public buildings as detailed earlier with all surfaces,pools,piping,vehicles and machinery sprayed internally and externally with a permanent layer of liquid glass making them acid,dirt and water proof making it easier for cleaner bots such as hooverbots to clean them and to protect all piping and machinery at each step of the plants from acid flushes.It will also prevent clogs form occuring.Nanoquadrocopters and robots equipped with narrow wavelength UV lights on their underside,top and sides can do carry out sterilising sweeps in each room including stairwells,hallways, lobbies and elevators at set times.These sterilising sweeps could be programmed to occur in rooms,hallways etc. at very late times when no visitors are present and when the patients are asleep with their curtains closed and last from an hour or two per room.Ideally all rooms will have these lights on their ceilings to prevent the need for robots and sterilise all rooms at once.These sterilising sweeps can be programmed in at set times of the night or be initiated by researchers remotely when the farms are closed and not inhabited by anyone.Cleaning robots including nanoquadrocoptors will be stored in compartments that charge them wirelessly or in the case of janitor robots refill them with both water and virkon/bleach.

Waste water treatment plants in areas prone to storms,floods and tsunamis should ideally be several feet above ground or have walls around them covered in graphene paint and liquid glass with floodbreakers and tsunami walls present with the windows having graphene in its matrix to prevent damage and any waste seeping into the environment.They should also have Storedot batteries inside that store enough electricity for at least a week or two to continue functioning if blackouts occur due to natural disasters etc with the amount of electricity stored left visible through the building AI and these charging up from the grid or even solar panels and other self charging technologies with these also powering the plant at other times of the year to alleviate strains on the grid.Surveillance cameras inside and outside will be linked to the global database of criminals in Athena but fed into the building AI and will be coated in liquid glass to keep them clean.

Artificial Intelligence:
Each waste water treatment plants will have an AI that will measure the amount of waste water and sewage coming in and reading from nanosensors at each step of the way will be logged here over days,weeks,months,years,centuries etc on local,regional,national and global scales.In the case of both plants the yields of micro algae will be logged for each procedure and the readings of the water after treatment also logged in both cases on local,regional,national and global scales.Also the amount of outgoing treated water in both cases will be logged and averaged every hour,day,week,month etc and charted on a graph for each one alongside environmental readings from nanosensors to give readings of metals etc going back the environment or measure how much is recycled alongside routine diagnostics from machinery and live camera feeds looking at each step.Routine diagnostics done automatically on all systems such as lighting,robots and machinery and will send alerts to problems which will follow an universal colour coded system – blue denoting safe,yellow denoting some concern,green denoting some danger and red denoting severe danger making it easy for the layperson to recognize the level of severity of the problem.All of this will be open to the public via the Hermes network allowing them to monitor any sewage and waste water plant around the world from anywhere in the world.If a problem occurs automated measures within the AI system will isolate severely compromised machinery ie. from cyber attacks will be cut off from the AI and other machines until it is solved with AI of compromised buildings from other similar buildings and the rest of the wire until rectified to prevent problems spreading.The AI and thus all robots under its control will have the latest cyber security installed and constantly updated.Automated corrective measures or those that can be done remotely via the wire for all possible problems will be built into the building AI again view able to the public.This should prevent the problems associated with the tragedy of the commons.A series of networks set up world wide will measure the amount of water and energy and other resources used(such as chemicals) in water and sewage treatment on a local,regional and global scale linked to each individual sewage and water treatment plants AI.Thus Tyche will link all sewage treatment plants with all other ones worldwide and all water treatment plants worldwide.The levels of pollutants such as microbes,pharmaceuticals and heavy metals will be measured on the same universal colour coded system at the point before it enters the environment.Sewage treatment plant AIs will manage the operations of the plant they are in control in,arrange orders of resources,log resources,deal with emergencies etc replacing supervisors and managers with cameras at key points of all plants and nanosensors and in time mobile holographic technology allowing it to oversee various operations all at once replacing all human workers,quality control and supervisors etc.Cameras on robots and biosynths on the sewage treatment line,cameras at key points of the line,key points of the plant overseeing the entire line and any blind spots and cameras on robots patrolling the plant will give the plant AI will give it complete omniscience over the entire plant with the AI deciding where to put cameras in order to prevent it having blind spots ensuring it can everything in all key rooms even lobbies with all feeds fed into the factory AI 24/7,365 days with biosynth nanosemsors detecting the level of carbon dioxide,oxygen and other gases,temperature etc in the plant and also levels of nutrients,pollutants,temperature of both sewage and algae.Robots and drones will do rounds to spot faults,spills,rubbish with diagnostics done once every day on all machienry.Cameras monitoring machinery etc will thus have the ability to switch between normal vision and IR illumination and or night vision in order to allow remote monitoring to be done when the lights are off with lights if needed will be long lasting efficient ones such as CSYS ones.This will give the plant AI omniscience over the entire line to see what is going on.Any remaining work that can only be done by humans will inevitably be done by humanoid robots and biosynths controlled by the plant AI with them having IR illuminator and normal cameras and zoom features with them wearing an universal uniform for each factory type.All lights used for growing both macro and micro algae in both plants should be LEDs to promote speedy growth with research to see if longer lasting CSYS LEDs can be used and modified to increase growth.CSYS lights should be used in lighting in hallways and other rooms so as not to be replaced so often by robots and limit energy use.New technology can be integrated into the lights to send measurements of how much time measured in years,months,weeks,days,hours and minutes of power is left in the lights fed into Hermes to alert these robots.Since they will have no humans there most of the time the lights will be out 24/7,365 days a year but will only turn on when recognition software present recognises humans entering it or through light switch present and turns of after a set amount of time to prevent waste.Ideally the former should be implemented.Cameras monitoring machinery etc will thus have the ability to switch between normal vision and IR illumination and or night vision in order to allow remote monitoring to be done when the lights are off.Furthermore these plants will fully automated they will only be turned on and off by researchers there rather then being on all the time.Since they will be heavily automated the plants will process waste 24/7,365 days a year.Any hydrogen and methane produced by wastewater and sewage treatment plants can be collected to be used as a self sufficient energy source.Machinery and robots can also be composed of self healing metals,electronics and polymers to prevent them breaking down.Miniaturized versions of repair robots can be integrated to repair damaged machinery.