Summary of Information systems

All companies that provide internet services,broadband etc,tellocomunications,web hosting,email abd various websites will have their headquarters turned into communal homes since they will be replaced by Arke run by the AI Arke or be replaced by Eros,Peitho etc or in the case of YouTune run by AI.To stay relevant they will create updates by themselves and through interactions with the public

With Hestia becoming the universal operating software of electronics the offices and headquarters of all companies that produce these and other software such as Microsoft,Apple,Samsung and with electronic companies going defunct from the rise of custom made electronics will also mean those of Dell,IBM,Hewlett Packard and social media sites,search engines etc will become communal homes.Thus Silicon Valley and its equivalents worldwide will become residential rather than corporate hegemony with each building for all major companies headquarters their being residential areas with the servers of these corporations and indeed that of all corporations recycled.Thus all webhosting sites,electronics companies,search engines,social media sites,filesharing sites,webhosting,software companies and any related to the internet,electronics etc will be converted into communal homes making Silicon Valley and its equivalents residential areas as at first human volunteers will work with colleagues around the world using networks in Iris with them eventually replaced by more advanced AIs unique to each site that consist of a macro AI and separate AIs that carry out specific functions interacting with billions of people at once by the late 2020s and early 2030s.About this time sentient programs such as Pandora,Ampelos,Janus etc will make all of their ancestor programs obsolete and thus allow for their headquarters of these ancestor programmes to be converted into homes.The buildings will be having the relevant statues and operating softwares present with them having building AIs with unique personalities with carparks dug up and multistorey carparks put in place with the carparks turned into gardens.This will apply to all of Silicon Valley and its equivalents worldwide as well as regional headquarters of these companies scattered across the world.Other software and apps and updates will be made via networks within Talus to allow one to produce them form the comfort of there home with people around the world with new hardware made in laboratories owned by universities and again networks can allow members from around the world to work on them.Like all buildings headquarters of internet,webhosting,social media sites etc these can have extensions underground or on the roof over time.

All facets of Iris such ;webhosting,email, messaging,browsing,broadband, telecommunications etc will be managed by Arke.Iris since sentient will become the senetient universal tellocomunications,webhosting,Internet browser,email provider with Arke as the AI thar managed them completely with Iris managing the operations of all government and obsolete corporate organisations that manage it regulations and distribution etc and other functions outside of Arke.deally as stated earlier each site such as YouTube,Wikipedia and Facebook will be managed by one or multiple AIs carrying out customer services and also moderation etc.Ampelos,Pandora etc will become sentient allowing for direct interaction for help in operation and also sugesstion.Ampelos and Pandora and other sentient apps and programmes will create their own videos for each problem faced by users.Those for manufactured goods will be done by Gaia,factory AI and the Home AI with those of transport managed by Helios,Pegasus,Amphirite etc.The buildings housing call centres will be used as homes.In short all corporations dealing with internet websites will be managed at first volunteers using networks to work from home and then by Arke and Ouranos through Gaia and Iris allowing for all headquarters for them to be used as homes.Arke will become sentient.

Passwords for all forms of tellocommunications such as mobile phones,internet access from routers,websites,email accounts can be removed from them entirely to negate labour and forgetting them with them replaced by biometrics such as looking through webcams on devices and interacting directly with AI in charge of them ie interacting with Hedone,Thaos, Tenerus,Hecate,Arke.Phanes Activation Gene Technology will also be used by the general public If possible ones DNA can be used as ones patient ID in encryption form alongside both biometrics etc managed by Paean with Paean and Epione managing a way to develop new ways to develop new patient ID system that is secure and can deal with the limited amount of numbers and permutations that can replace old systems overtime.

When one orders an electronic device from Talus it and the factory AI will cross reference Paean for ones patient file for their unique DNA to be used as the template for all DNA present in all digital DNA storage and all tissues present with this changed automatically by WiFi whenever one gets augmentation upgrades added to their genome via CRISPR.When one is trading away devices during the deregistration process when trades away a device to someone else then the DNA will be changed to that persons DNA.This could allow better biometrics such as the Phanes Activation Gene Technology to be used on personal electronics and clouds with it even replacing numerical phone numbers from now on for smartphones and also VR and internet calls especially when the new permutations for new phone numbers will become impossible due to the growing population.Ones unique DNA sequence will be thus be used as phone numbers from now on with ones profile in the global phone book linked to ones patient file in Aesculapius with this linked to Polis since every time one changes their DNA via augmentations it will be related to their patient file and thus phone number in Arke that is linked to Polis,Thus this system would involve this and pre existing hyperlinks to ones patient files,phone book and Polis account that only the patient will have access to data on their patient files.When one adds a person to their phone book it will be done by them cross referencing their Polis page by using search bars as their Polis page will house their photo,voice sample,address etc with one using Polis to add one to their phone book or they could have the friend send encrypted data file via text messages,emails or data files or kik instant messsging via Eros,Agora etc that will contain their name,DNA profile etc to be added to the users phone book.Existing numbers in ones phone book will be transmuted ending complexities to the users.In the phone book of smart phones and computers it will contain the name of people and an encrypted form of their DNA used as their phone number with one able to send this further on to others from then on via texts etcwith existing phone numbers in ones phone book prior to this introduced can be by Arke and Phanes transmuted into these with this being the digital DNA key for ones own Home AI.Thus phone numbers will be replaced by ones DNA with existing phone numbers transmuted into ones DNA with in phone books,instant messsging,text and websites etc ones name will be present which when clicked on will refer one to their Polis page linked to their patient file containing their DNA with one adding ones name to contact lists in their phones and Iris audio/visual calls through Polis and instant messaging and texts etc which when one wants to phone someone their genetic sequence phone number will be phoned and referenced.Phanes,Arke and Dike will create an efficient system that is secure and less hassle with direct interaction with them managing the addition of people to contact lists on smartphones etc.Since ones DNA is unique to another persons then their DNA will replace the finite numerical permutations for phone numbers with quntum computing and other measures integrated for extra security and complexity.This may also include encryptions and extra genetic sequences outside of their own,their RNA(in its entirety or traces)and include traces of uracil and bases from scratch DNA and traces of DNA from all 2,391,000 species of plants both on Earth and those from across the universe including specific individuals of plants,animals and bacteria etc to add further complexity and individuality decided by Phanes for each individual.Scratch DNA will exponentionally increase possible combinations.The phone numbers for receptionist,assistant AI and other AI such as Paean etc can be encryptions in their file in the phone book and also even their own DNA sequence consisting of all four bases including uracil and those made from scratch and traces of DNA from all 2,391,000 species of plants including specific individuals of plants,animals and bacteria etc including those from across the universe to add further complexity and individuality designed by Phanes.Emails and other method of communication could follow this with again it linked to their phone DNA number and Polis account etc to deal with the limitations in email address with one when they set up an account will use just their name etc and Phanes modifying and transmuting their DNA to it that would allow one to use the same email address as countless others but have different DNA sequence encryptions different than others that use the same email address.Thus ones genome will be integrated into their emails as an encryption allowing the same email address to be reused by countless people at once with like phone numbers everytime person uses it on the universal email provider,place it on their official website and Vogue,Eros,Peitho,Agora,Dionysus,a Pheme,Adikia etc accounts they will authorise it is their specific one and Phanes through fragmentation encrypt their DNA into it with again his source code etc integrated into Vogue,Arke,Agora,Peitho etc to automatically integrate it into the address with it also linked to their phone book,patient files and Polis account when the email is traded to others through instant messaging,forums,direct messages,texts etc with quantum computing integrated into it to further add complexity and security.The choosing of a specific persons email will be managed in the same way as phone numbers where one will send their email with their genetic encryptions as well as those on their website,those sent via instant messaging,texts,emails etc and refering to ones Polis page.Again Phanes and Arke will develop the most efficient system that is secure and the least amount of hassle.Ones phone number,email address etc for new people will be present in Polis that one will refer to it with emails and phone numbers sent ghrough texts,instant messaging and emails will House their genetic encryption.Quantum computing,entanglement and compassing may be integrated into emails and phone numbers that use genetics for more security and ease.If possible genetics could form the basis of website URL especially those for those that are Filesharing and those used by the public such a as YouTube,Eros,Peitho and Agora etc that have to generate large volumes of new URLs every day due to exponentially increasing pages addded with URLs including existing ones transmuted into genotypes individually designed by Phanes.Each new URL for YouTube,Peitho,Eros etc as for 2029 will have unique base letterings or genetic encryptions designed by Phanes interacting constantly Thaos, Tenerus,Eros etc through fragmentation to create unique genetic encryptions for each new webpage generated by users.This will create an almost infinite amount of URLs etc since In humans every two humans that breed with each other can create up to at least 64,000,000,000,000 genetically distinct individuals with each one of those in turn when breeding with any other progeny created by another couple of whose number of progeny numbers at 64,000,000,000,000 can create another 64,000,000,000,000 genetically distinct individuals and so on stretching into infinity.This principle can be also used by Phanes to generate an almost infinite amount of genotypes for the same phone number,@arke emails and not just URLs for Eros,YouTube,Peitho etc.The genetic sequences can be similar to encryptions that manifest as either combinations of the letters of A,T,G,C,U or other symbols on the URLs with the encryptions consisting of the same amount of genes in humans.Using extra base pairs can further exponentially increase complexity to infinity especially when using the base genetic encryption quivalents to P.japonica.Thus genetics will form the basis of URLs of specific websites such as Eros,Peitho,Agora etc that need to generate exponentialy larger amounts URLs every day due to increasing user traffic.Quantum computing,entanglement and compassing can be utilised alongside this computing genetics managed by Phanes including using genes from all species of planets and animals and scratch DNA to further add complexity,security and also the increase the possible number of permutations for emails,phone numbers and URLs exponentionally.This will apply to all other websites etc managed by sentient AI and those who random numbers and letters for URLs.Existing YouTube URLs and on websites as hyperlinks can have this fitted into him across all YouTube videos on YouTube and also texts,blogs,vlogs etc with the URLs changed to genetic sequences with hyperlinks and embedded videos across the entire internet still functioning and viewable but have the URL modified into this genetic sequences with in these and future videos only the last few dozen or less letters representing bases or symbols visible on URLs with the entire genomic encryption read by Arke when clicking on a link and copying it into the search bar etc and son on.Thus the URLs of these sites links including existing ones will be given encryptions of genetic bases consisting of billions of base pairs and sequences of adenosine,guanine,cytosine,thyamine and uracil similar to the amount found in humans that consist of sequnces of A,T,G,C,U etc integrated into the URL with only the last few letters visible on search bars and hyperlinks.Phanes will develop the most efficient means for all of these systems such as URLs,emails,phone numbers by 2029-2045 onwards especially developing subroutines as part of him and parts of his software integrated into source code of the sentient Eros,Peitho, Tenerus,Arke,Thaos etc in order to allow these features to be integrated into Eros,Peitho etc automatically to negate the need for him to present on these sites and apps at all times through fragmentation alleviating strains on him with updates sent to Hestia and Arke etc overtime to improve upon them through system wide updates all at once.Quantum computing,entanglement and compassing will be integrated into them to improve security and complexity with one able to interact with Dike,Phanes and Arke etc to deal with any problems they have and create customised solutions and variations to each individual.The same will apply with existing and new emails and phone numbers.This can be adapted to other sectors of the internet,tellocomunications and security features across the wire and internet.Any new more secure developments can be applied to all websites URLs,emails,phone numbers etc all at once in system wide updates managed by Phanes,Arke,Thaos etc.

The sentient Hera will monitor all communications between government officials between the public and themselves ensuring they do not leak sensitive material on all devices with Adikia choosing which to eventually release to the public.The sentient Arke will become the universal internet provider,hosting entity.The sentient Arke will become the universal internet provider managing the creation of and management of datacentres,switchboxes,webhosting,developing research into improved internet access of all types and managing the internets systems alleviating strains on Gaia with her also managing telecommunications and research into it worldwide and being the universal telecommunications providers as well as universal webhosting and internet provider.She will replace all existing state and government bodies that manage these thus allowing their headquarters to be converted into communal homes.All existing cybersecurity,antispyware and antivirus software worldwide will be replaced by the universal sentient protection software Soteria named after the spirit of protection with this having all features of all existing ones and new features added overtime and will be used on all smart devices,laptops,networks etc worldwide.Since sentient she will be able to upgrade itself over time and will be able to interact directly with people on all devices it is on.The epitome of this cybersecurity and encryption software will be named Soteria after the deity of safety, preservation and deliverance from harm which will updated regularly both by programmers and Gaia itself with it being able to be downloaded by users onto computers,laptops and smart devices.Again Tors ability to keep the dark web anonymous would be part of Soteria on the wire and could even be downloaded computers and devices to maintain privacy from hackers and other citizens but not Gaia herself would be used to allow people to maintain privacy.Tors software and abilities etc will be absorbed by Gaia via Soteria to allow her to break firewalls not just on the dark web and also all government databases thus allowing her unrestricted access to all existing and new government networks,those as part of power plants,factories,hospitals etc worldwide to arrange data into relevant networks as part of the wire and allow her and Adikia access to arrest war criminals and free and aid whistleblowers and prisoners etc and also seize control of all operations.To prevent loss of data backup sectors and sub routines will also be present.Soteria will become the universal sentient VPN,cybersecurity,firewall and virus protection software and will be availible and present for all electronics and buildings,systems and networks worldwide connected to the wire and will be able to run countless simulated attacks on these systems to create countermeasures against viruses,trojan horses,worms hacking etc both new and old ones from the past with updates overtime acting as Gaias and all electronics and AIs connected to her adapting to new threats overtime and be able to create new adaptions to hypothetical ones she simulates preventing rouge AI,alins,terrorist hackers from breaching her and other AIs and electronics defenses with her even able to repair damaged and corrupted data.She will be modelled on both the human primary immune system and also biocompatible microbes in how it protects Gaia,personal electronics and all buildings and networks part of the wire and internet.Again the corporate headquarters of Google,Yahoo,Mozilla etc will be turned into homes since Arkes web browser and email service will be maintained by volunteers making fixes,transferring data and adding new features from home via networks which will in time be done by Gaia herself via Ouranos.Arke,Gaia and Aleitheia will manage all websites around the internet especially those that are maintained by human volunteers with sites like Wikipedia updated constantly by them and them fact checked and have vandalism and trolling removed with infractions noted and the IP address of vandals and trolls location and their owner checked via Arke and Hestia.The control of all websites and social networks,websites,search engines by AI should be possible by 2029 and the use of networks by volunteers should be possible by 2020 the latest thus allowing their headquarters to be converted to be converted into homes instantly.By at least 2020 a mixture of both humans and the most advanced AI such as Alpha Go and Watson as well as all of the worlds supercomputers should be controlling all major websites,webhosting entities,social media sites etc using networks with AI taking over all of them by 2029.Networks can be set up as early as 2020 thus allowing them to be renovated into homes etc by then.

If possible DNA from the family Apidea,Hymenoptera,Chiroptera,Magnetospirillum and other unicellular and multicellular animals affected by wifi,magnetism and also those that use electrical signals even those from E.electricus,the mechanotransduction or reverse mechanotransduction of C.elegans or wifi like means of communication and scratch DNA could be used to create biosynth wifi alongside graphene,borophene and stanene nanoprocessors sythesised via tweaked Geobacter and Shewanella DNA and neural synapses created by them.It could also include recombinant DNA from E.electricus and electrically conductive bacteria like G.metallireducens,G.sulfurreducens,S.oneidensis to express magnetisim and also electroconductive pilli,electroconductive protein and silicon nanowires to aid in the generation of wifi.This could alongside DNA from arthropods and even Chiroptera that allow them to utilise echolocation or similar techniques techniques to see their way around alongside chemothaxis and thermothaxis be integrated into it.Scratch DNA may be used to amplify these sources of DNA and will play a role in allowing them to convert electicity into WiFi,cellular signals and Bluetooth.These phenotypes can allow it form the basis of biosynth WiFi,cellular,Bluetooth when compacted together in electronics and also in routers.Nanomaterials of all 94 elements including,borophene,Graphene etc can be integrated into router devices to enhance this with the biosynth tissues enveloping nanotube coils and sheets with routers consisting of nothing but nanomaterials and biocompatible microbes.This biosynth wifi and echolocation will become the basis of all wifi as well as bluetooth and cellular access in all devices such as biosynths,smart lenses and glasses,smart clothing,electronics of all types.robots,smart devices,home test kits,implants of all types including neural ones,computers,servers,public wifi and those on cruise ships and aeroplanes,routers in homes,vehicles both private and public and satellites etc and also microbes in the body,plants etc.Put simply any electronic,material,Graphene or other nanomaterial based product etc that has these microbes in them will be able to generate their own biosynth WiFi/cellular access/Bluetooth that can be utilised by themselves and other devices ensuring constant access to both the internet and wire and to other router devices anywhere in the world and allow data to be livesteamed,sent,copied etc back and forth with the biological hard drives allowing obscene amount of data to be stored with the obscene amount of RAM and nanoprocessors to increase computing power with it allowing these capabilities and more through upgrades to be integrated into devices that normally can’t do so using existing technology.Upgrades to the DNA can be downloaded by inducing the evolution of DNA in all cells in routers and electronics that utilise it.In simulations the scanned in body can be visited by patients,Paean and staff etc to any part of the body and stored in their digital file.The wifi will allow for microbes to download instructions,structures of antibodies etc onto their DNA digital storage,have Paean control them and by extension the primary immune system via chemical signals,send data back and forth to him and communicate with each other.Biosynths will be able to transmit data back and forth to networks and even transmit their conciousness to the wire etc and other bodies on demand and at death thus ensuring fragmentation and immortality.Nanomaterials of all 94 elements will be used with the 75,000,000,000,000 – 1,500,000,000,000,000 nanoprocessors alongside the 75,000 YB – 1,500,000 YB of data storage and RAM will increase output and also ability to generate the wifi with electricity being converted directly into wifi.This biosynth wifi and echolocation will become the basis of all wifi as well as bluetooth and cellular access in all devices such as biosynths,robots,smartphones and all smart devices and home test kits,implants of all types including neural ones,computers,servers,public wifi and those on cruise ships and aeroplanes,routers in homes,vehicles both private and public and satellites etc and also microbes in the body,plants etc.As detailed later and earlier on routers and electronics fitted with this could generate their own wifi to be used by them and other devices when plugged in and using electricity from the grid and batteries without conventional internet wiring in homes and internet cables with the amount of microbes and also electricity used determining the amount of the signal strength etc allowing them to be also used in the wild.Having trillions or even more of microbes together per square inch stacked ontop of each other would amplify the biosynth wifi and could allow it to be integrated into smart clothing,google lenses and glasses and devices with integrated into the same microbes used for biological hard drives.As detailed later on it could allow routers,smart devices,laptops etc to generate their own wifi from electricity when plugged in and using battery without connection to the conventional internet and amplify it.All electronics including those that dont normally use wifi such as smart televisions,smart clothing,smart jewellery,onboard computers,building AIs,laptops,computers,consoles,external hard drive,data centres,interstellar vehicles and satellites,robots,bio-synths,implants,external hard drives,digital cameras,USB keys,smart glasses/smart lenses,smart televisions can generate and utilise biosynth wifi.Smart clothing will have the wifi present via microbes interwoven into them with implants having it present due to them formed by microbes as biocompatible microbes will have this themselves in order to receive and send data to Paean and each other.Google lenses and glasess will be able to utilise this due to millions of microbes packed in the glass can work together and amplify each others signals.The wifi will work by biocompatible microbes on graphene sheets packed together.In the case of smart devices,laptops these microbes will contain nanoprocessors and biological harddrives while in routers and in clothing etc it may only consist of just them having the biosynth wifi present in a more amplified form with the more microbes present in a device the more powerful the wifi with a square inch holding 25,000,000-500,000,000 microbes held on graphene sheet that can be stacked ontop of each other that merge signals together with them also hold nanoprocessers and biological harddrives.Having millions of microbes together per square inch would amplify the biosynth wifi and could allow it to be integrated into clothing,google lenses and glasses with integrated into the same microbes used for biological hard drives.Routers in buildings will be able to send wifi much farther away with satellites also using this to not only send wifi signals better but also to send and receive other data as part of the wire.Laptops and smart devices with this inside of them will not only be better at receiving wifi from distant parts of a building and also from Lifi with if possible them even being the source of fast wifi via them being plugged into the wall.If possible routers could consist of a device that doesnt need to connect to the phone line or conventional spaces where broadband enters the house with if possible them consisting of routers that are filled with nothing but microbes that use this wifi and once plugged into anywhere in the home will turn electrical energy directly into wifi energy whose strength is dependant on the amount of microbes,size of the router and amount of electricity they get with these devices simply using electricity to generate its own biosynth wifi signals.Laptops and smart devices and televisions can house this in the same square inches that house RAM and biological harddrives that allow them to be better at receiving the wifi created by standalone routers and as stated them even creating their own wifi from electricity from being plugged in and the battery they run on thus allowing them to work by themselves by using the wifi they generate including in the wilderness areas,have other electronics use this wifi as well as even amplify wifi from routers and other devices combined for itself or other devices chosen by the user.As a result all types of electronics,lab equipment and robots in the home and in power plants as well as hospitals and all types of public buildings will be able to have wifi present and generate their own wifi without being connected to the wall and also be better at receiving that from the grid.Electronics of all types will be able to generate and use their own WiFi in wilderness areas and also alleviate strains on public WiFi and that at home in public buildingsIt would also allow nanosensors as part of Theoi Meteroi etc to generate and use their own wifi that can be used to send and receive data from the wire with the same done for biosynths in the wild and this applying to vehicles of all types such as cars,public buses etc,aeroplanes,cruise ships etc and also implants of all types and smart clothing.This means that routers could generate powerful signals if they get large amounts of electricity either from the grid or technologies charging the home ie VAWTs,geothermal pipes covered in thermo-piezoelectric materials and even batteries and the grid with one choosing the strength and thus the amount of electricity used with this applied to plugged in or charged smart devices and laptops as well with routers also composed of nothing but billions or trillions etc of microbes with large routers the size of a system unit containing large amounts of microbes and then the strength of the signal dependant on how much electricity they use with one changing this on their Home AI app and then choosing to have home electricity generation systems combined with batteries and also with the grid or them separately etc and how much electricity is used to increase or decrease strength with again Lifi and those created by electronics combined together to deal with increases in bandwidth.A single device this size could meet the needs of a private home as well as communal home suite with in the case of both Lifi also used and merged together with Lifi used for in the case of large private homes these having extra routers large or small in areas with poor or no service ie basements and them combining wifi.The wifi itself will wirelessly merge bandwidth and signals or ideally devices and computers will merge them to amplify them.Wifi from traditional routers connected cables will also utilise this technology using both electricity and wifi from graphene etc cables and can also be merged with this type of wifi.Measures such as downloading material from Dionysus and Pheme and offline mode will cut down on bandwidth with one able through their Home AI app control how much bandwidth each function and device connected to the internet uses with the Home AI also controlling this.If possible a person would have either a large router of this type or multiple of them in a house in each room or several strategically placed rooms and them combining their combined strength together and those created by electronics with them since being not required to be plugged into the main line can be plugged into any room ensuring that the entire building will have adequate wifi strength.This could be of benefit to isolated homes especially in dead zones and both underwater and underground communities and homes that get bad wifi or none especially if they are powered by thermo-piezoelectric geothermal piping,solar panels,VAWTs,batteries.Essential wifi services and systems in buildings such as homes,hospitals,sewage treatment plants etc would use this to download and upload data and alleviate strains on existing wifi such as onboard computers with even the wires complex using this.Communal homes would also do it and those that dont have good wifi with even underwater and underground communities using it and would be done as well as to alleviate strains on the global systems as it would not require new cables to be laid down and switchboxes set up with the wifi created by devices and routers combined with not just each other but also that coming in from the global system and even Lifi to amplify signals and qualities.This is as stated because the microbes would directly convert electricity into wifi signals thus making it wifi that does not need internet cables to be used allowing it be used in wilderness areas and also in internet dead zones and also in public areas.It could merge existing internet coming in from the global internet system to amplify it.Lifi will be improved in time with chips containing microbes etc in lightbulbs converting electricity directly into wifi again alongside the light converted into wifi combined with that created by routers and devices.Cellular access could accommodate wifi for both smart phones and even laptops etc in buildings where it is slow.Nanosensors as part of Theoi Meteroi,all parts of the wire and even those in clothing will utilise this.All devices,laptops,sensors and even biosynths will utilise biosynth wifi.If possible a normal sized router device or one the same size of a system unit or server computer composed of nothing but biocompaible microbes that doubles as ones home or suite onboard computer that houses their Home AI and building AI for public buildings could generate from electricity from the grid and self charging technologies such as thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes etc their own wifi to provide each home,building and suite with at least 1,000-2,000Mbps per room which is the current top end of most high end internet providers that should meet the needs of everyone to quickly download or stream large amounts of data with improvements happening overtime,with this allowing homes and suites to have these fast speeds without connection to the main internet grid 24/7,negate issues with regards to ones distance from switchboxes as well as masts,bandwidth overloads and strains that are an issue based on population of the area as one would be the only using their own devices in their home or suite,save energy as one can turn it off when one is not online or needing the internet compared to switchboxes etc that are using energy 24/7,can allow it to work anywhere in the world even in space stations and interstellar vehicles as well as on cruise ships as they can be moved around,using companion batteries that use self charging batteries can work outside in private vehicles or on cruise ships and aeroplanes,save resources on having to lay down cables and even allow existing cables and switchboxes to be recycled and buildings for internet provision to be turned into homes,even amplify that from the grid and ensure high speed internet and wire access to all areas including internet dead zones – areas with poor or even no internet with high speed gold quality wifi as one will plug in a router device in ones bedroom,suite,living room etc and electricity will be converted directly into wifi from the microbes and may negate the need for laying down internet cables with energy from power plants turned directly into this wifi as well.By comparisonthe highest speeds availible from most internet providers is between 100-1,000Mbps and out of this most people due to distance from mast etc can usually get at most anything between 7-100Mb.Thus this router when plugged into a socket will provide these top end speeds for each individual home,each suite,apartment and for extensions by plugging in ordered in router devices into a the grid via a plug and it directly converting electricity into fast wifi broadband providing each of them with high speeds for that individual home,suite and apartment etc negating issues of distance from masts etc and population has on the signal and provide high speed internet access to internet dead zones and areas with poor access with ground floors of communal homes having routers to supply all rooms such as lobbies,kitchens etc with high speeds with each individual cabin in cruise ships housing these and devices in each major amenities such as restaurants etc with aeroplanes and Oceanus etc having these devices in them or biosynth WiFi generates by them.Public buildings of all types can utilise this to ensure access at all times with power plants and hospitals and other key ones of note.It will since directly converting electricity into WiFi with no extra wires outside of a plug can allow continuous WiFi access with no threat of the signal dropping for any reason such as faults etc of any kind provided there is a continuous supply of electricity from the grid with thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes and batteries charged by them and the grid in case of blackouts.As stated each private home,apartment,flat,suite,areas within extensions and communal areas in communal homes and each ward,communal area etc in public buildings will have a plugged in device with in communal homes etc ensuring that each suite has these top speeds without losing bandwidth by having to compete with devices in other suites,wards and apartments and also not having to affected by distances from masts and switch boxes.It will not need masts,internet cables,satillites or phone lines as electricity will be converted directly into WiFi whose strength is proportional to the amount of electricity,size of routers and amount of microbes thus allowing multiple devices to be spread out in each room of public buildings,cruise ships,aeroplanes and both private and communal homes.Thus all public buildings such as hospitals,museums,restaurants and other amenities etc and also power plants,sewage treatment plants,vertical farms that maintain infrastructure as well as communal homes and even private homes and even all forms of transport such as cruise ships,Oceanus,aeroplanes and interstellar vehicles and cruise ships will have the onboard computer that houses their building AI present in the lobby,cockpit,basement or other secure rooms the size of a server or system unit will provide fast WiFi to all rooms with it not requiring the need to lay down internet cables,masts etc with instead them converting electricity directly into biosynth WiFi.Thus since each router will directly convert electricity into biosynth WiFi this ensure each suite,apartment,home,cabin in cruise ships as also interstellar vehicles and space stations etc will have these top speeds regardless of where they are in the world especially internet dead zones that have poor or even no internet acces due to distance from masts or the geography of the area they are in with it in fact negate the need for building masts and switch boxe,negate the need for Ethernet cables or connecting to phone lines and laying down internet cables and can even allow existing masts and switch boxes and internet cables to be demolished,dug up and recycled for other uses.It wil prevent ones signal being affected by distances to obsolete masts and switch boxes and also being affected by its use by others using the same WiFi that live in other homes in ones neighbourhood meaning ones neighbours will not drain signal strength from ones device and can allow top speeds in areas that are internet dead zones that cannot avail of either mast,satillite etc based WiFi due to their geographic location with it also allowing cruise ships,aeroplanes,space stations and interstellar vehicles etc to generate these speeds using energy batteries and self charging technologies.Thus each building,home,suite etc will have these top end speeds without having to compete with traffic from neighbours,worry about their distance from masts and switch boxes etc as stated one can just simply plug in a device anywhere in their home or suite in any plug without connecting to the phone or internet line or Ethernet cables and have electricity converted directly into WiFi signals.The strength of the Wifi signal will be proportional to the size of the router,number of microbes and amount of electronics used with one able to control the amount of electricity used thus controlling the signal strength and save energy by lowering energy intake when one does not require these top speeds with the top speeds used primarily for downloading large amounts of material to watch and play offline to save bandwidth and energy as well as playing MMOs and other online games and even plugging it out when not needed with micro-gas turbines,thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipes alleviating strains on the grid with larger routers the size of a system unit or the size of a server creating more powerful signals.Routers can be the size of normal WiFi routers or computer system units and also the size of internet computer servers in ones basement etc.Thus one can control the signal strength to alleviate energy use with different speeds need for different uses with them able to be present in any room of the home or building especially in rooms where one uses internet dependant devices the most such as bedrooms,living rooms with one able to order in multiple devices for each home or building that can be plugged into multiple rooms at once ensuring that each persons devices in each personal room ie bedrooms has access to the same consistently top speeds without each person draining bandwidth and traffic from everyone else.The ability to order in multiple devices means each suite,penthouse and apartment in each hotel style home and each room in these as well as each room in each private home can have their own device thus meaning these top speeds can be generated for each suite,apartment,penthouse and room in private homes to prevent each persons devices in each of these draining bandwidth from each other with this also preventing ones signal in each home not affected by traffic from other homes and distance from masts etc.To deal with the issue of bandwidth issues and issues of signals being depleted by distance in each room of these buildings such as each ward in each hospital,each plot of vertical farms,each floor and franchise of restaurants and each bedroom and living room etc of private homes and suite of communal homes and so on normal sized routers or again those the size of system units will be plugged in them.These secondary routers can be ordered in for each bedroom and room etc that will not only generate their own biosynth WiFi themselves to provide strong signals to them if they are far away from the main onboard computer but will also pick up all signals produced by the original large router and all other secondary routers in the buildings including faint signals and merge,boost and amplify them so that they are boosted throughout the buildin.This will increase the signals range and strength throughout a building especially large ones.This would work on the same principles as mesh networks but better but they will not only extend signals across the area but also merge and amplify signals boosting them with them first creating their own strong signals with them merging,boost and amplifying signals from all other routers and the main server router in the building and vehicle.As a result rather than extending a signals range they will exponentially boost the strength of the signal from the primary router and all routers while at the same time creating their own signals thus a series of normal size routers in one building that each produce 1,000-2,000Mbps when combined creating a strong signal strength of at least 2,000-10,000Mbps or more throught the entire building or vehicle.The main router of a home,public building or vehicle such as cruise ships,aeroplanes etc will depending on its size will generate speeds of at least 500-10,000Mbps with each secondary router in rooms spread throughout all rooms in a home,public building and a vehicle such as will generate speeds between 1,000-2,000Mbps each with them spaced out equidistantly and strategically across a vehicle,public building or home will not only provide these speeds in the room the signals extend and by extension all rooms in the building and vehicle but also merge with the signals of all other secondary routers and the primary router and amplify them exponentially to the point that exponentially more powerful signals of at least 2,000-10,000Mbps or even much more(two to ten or even a hundred times more powerful than this between 20,000 -1,000,000Mbps) are created and spread around the entire home,building and vehicle depending the number of devices and the size of the routers etc.The merging of signals will not only amplify the strength of signals increasing them exponentially but also extending the range of a signal to all parts of a building or vehicles acting as all in one amplifiers,mesh networks and extenders in one device ensuring no internet dead zones in each building and vehicles with the same high consistent speeds.These amplified signals and strength can also include cellular anc bluetooth signals.Thus they will merge,extend and amplify a WiFi signal as well as bluetooth and cellular signals generated by each device exponentionally across a building to ensure exponentially top speeds at all times with the merging of signals by each device from each and also electronics using them will exponentially increase and amplify the signal strength of wifi,cellular and bluetooth across the building.This would ensure consistent high speeds in all rooms,cabins etc and eliminate issues of bandwidth loss experience due to the amount of devices being used with building AI etc changing the level of WiFi generation,amplification etc via settings via changing the levels of electricity used.The onboard computer and also the routers in all buildings and vehicles will also be able to generate not only biosynth WiFi but also both biosynth cellular and Bluetooth at the same time that again can be created by secondary routers that then merge and amplify the signals of each other exponentially increasing the strength across a building and vehicle with the ability of electronics,vehicles,robots,machinery and biosynths to generate their own biosynth WiFi,Bluetooth and cellular access that they can use themselves will also compliment this with them again acting as mesh networks etc themselves that merge,amplify and extend these signals from each other and also primary onboard computer routers and secondary ones in each room.One could order in and plug in as many secondary routers as one wanted with one able to order in a secondary routers for every room in the building.The primary and secondary routers will also produce biosynth bluetooth and cellular signals to allow one to make phonecalls etc.This system of secondary routers merging,amplifying and extending a WiFi signal can not only be with regards to WiFi but also extend to both exponentially increasing the strength and range of cellular signals and Bluetooth created by them by amplifying and extending cellular and Bluetooth signals across a vehicle and building.This amplification and extension of signals can apply to WiFi etc created by routers in all types of homes,public buildings such as factories/vertical farms/hospitals etc and also vehicles such as aeroplanes,cruise ships,navy vessels,submarines,space stations and interstellar vehicles using energy from batteries and self charging technologies ensuring they have consistently high WiFi,cellular and Bluetooth signals negating any dead spots or zones.As stated since one will plug in a device that converts electricity directly into WiFi,cellular signals and bluetooth it will provide this uniform top speeds to factories,hospitals and homes in internet dead zones.This will ensure large homes,large public buildings such as vertical farms,hospitals and factories and also cruise ships,interstellar vehicles,space stations have consistently high speeds throughout all rooms and sections present at all times.It can also extend to public WiFi with all biosynth plants and devices on poles spread out equidistantly across an entire village,town and city merging,amplifying and extending signals exponentionally over large areas ensuring fast speeds to all areas.This system of primary and secondary routers can apply not just to private and communal homes but also public buildings of all types such as amenities,hospitals,vertical farms and also vehicles of all types such as cruise ships,aeroplanes,Oceanus pods and also space stations and interstellar vehicles etc.Electronics such as automated vehicles,smartphones,laptops and robots and biosynths that generate their own signals can act on the same principle by merging,amplifying and extending the signal strength from primary and secondary routers in both homes and public buildings and from public WiFi possibly negating any drain on the WiFi they have if possible allowing an almost infinite number of devices that can be used in a vehicle or building.Thus electronics that will use the WiFi etc will generate their own WiFi themselves and also act as mesh networks,extenders and amplifiers themselves thus in taking the amplified signals,amplifying them,extending them and using them themselves thus meaning each electronics such as laptops,smartphones and automated vehicles that utilises the WiFi and cellular signals will in fact not drain on the WiFi created by primary and secondary routers with them merely in taking them and amplifying themselves and then using the amplified WiFi signals they themselves create and amplify thus meaning they will have access to the high speeds generated by primary and secondary routers without using them up or draining them of their bandwidth strength with this of note not only to that in homes and public buildings but also public WiFi and autonomous vehicles where hundreds of thousands of autonomous vehicles need constant WiFi access alongside that of smartphones etc.If possible WiFi generated by all routers in homes,public buildings,electronics,public WiFi can merge together to form large WiFi,cellular and bluetooth hotspots that can depending on the strength of all wifi etc generated by all devices and routers extend across an entire building,street,neighbourhood,village,town,city or entire state or country or even continent.As a result all masts,switch boxes,cellular towers and internet cables can be recycled if perfected or at least most of them.The device will not need to be connected to the phone line,will not need Ethernet cables or any cables whatsoever and one will not need internet cables laid down,masts set up or satillites to be able to avail of these top speeds as one will simply plug in a device into a socket and electricity will be converted directly into fast WiFi signals and also cellular signals and Bluetooth.Upgrades can be sent to routers via WiFi inducing the evolutionary path of the genes present via induction of Cas-9 and taq polymerase.Public wifi in all villages,towns and cities can use this by having them in boxes similar to phone booths or in high tech phone booths that also house charging kiosks,touchscreen audio/visual phones and are charged by thermo-piezoelectric materials and biosynth trees with them again working on the same mesh network system in homes that will merge and amplify signals from devices dotted around town in hi tech public phones and also dotted on poles or biosynth trees etc around them strategically and equidistantly with this also applying to underground,underwater and floating communities.Thus by having dozens or hundreds of tech phone booths,devices on poles dotted equidistantly across each town city,town and village worldwide will allow them to generate biosynth WiFi,bluetooth and cellular access using electricity from the grid or a single thermo-piezoelectric material covered geothermal pipe to generate speeds as much as 2,000-10,000Mbps or even more throughout the entire area of the town,village and city when merged together in a single mesh network.The ability to amplify signals will generate consistent speeds as much as 100,000-100,000,000Mbps or even more in all public areas of all towns,towns and cities including alleys,dead ends etc that normally experience dead zones in public WiFi depending on the size of the town,village and city and number of devices disoersed among them and their size with them even merging and amplifying with WiFi signals generated by devices in each public building and private and communal home that amplifies signals not only in the public WiFi but also that in each home and public home exponentially.These will be powered from the grid or geothermal pipes covered in thermo-piezoelectric materials that dig deep into the crust that generated large amounts of electricity for stronger signals with these also charging other key systems of the town and city etc such as biosynth batterie in community packs that power key buildings during blackouts or in peak times with the batteries and pipes alleviating strains on the grid.These devices in all public areas will also generate not just biosynth wifi but also biosyntb cellular access and bluetooth of these strengths to negate the need for cellular towers,satillites etc.These hi tech phone booths that generate biosynth WiFi,bluetooth and cellular access will be in place of existing ones and new places and will act routers for towns,villages and cities as well as contain wireless chargers for smartphones,laptops and other electronics and will be used to carry out phone calls especially for emergencies such as when one does not have their phone with it using touchscreens and wireless phone holders allowing one to carry out normal phone calls and audio/visual phone calls.Other devices on poles will be dotted around each town and city etc with Arke arranging this to ensure coverage over the entire village,town and city with each town,village and city having separate public WiFi,bluetooth abd cellular access signals from each other one will select in their devices.The ability of electronics to generate their own WiFi etc can be merged with that of the public WiFi to negate the strain they have on it allowing an almost infinite amount of devices to be connected to the public WiFi of each town,village and city without draining that of each other.These devices and routers will be able to produce not just Biosynth WiFi but also biosynth cellular signals and biosynth bluetooth thus negating the need for cellular towers etc.It will allow alongside buckypaper have cruise ships and aeroplanes and possibly even Oceanus have these top speeds with cruise ships,aeroplanes and Oceanus having primary routers and then secondary routers dotted around them to amplify signals and ensure top speeds.In all cases these will also generate their own cellular signals and Bluetooth that will be merged and amplified exponentially.One could have two or more devices ordered in and connect them together directly or wirelessly and further amplify the wifi exponentially with the wifi generated by a devices merged with that generated by others.Large devices the size of a system unit that doubles as one main console and onboard computer for ones home or buildings AI and that for aeroplanes and cruise ships and even terrestrial vehicles could generate faster speeds utilised that allows them to house more space for biocompatble microbes or server sized routers that again doubles as home and building AI could generate speeds as high 2,000-10,000Mbs or more.Ideally routers will be the size of a system unit or even larger that using tweaks in DNA and quantum computing will allow it to double as onboard computers of all above mentioned applications,main console and biosynth WiFi router to save space thus allowing all homes,buildings and vehicles to have these obscene WiFi speeds at all times.To prevent ones internet being affected by the use of others and that each person has top speeds in private homes either large routers the size of a server that generates large speeds between 2,000-10,000Mbps can be in ones basement or garage etc and/or normal sized routers or those that are the size of a system unit placed in multiple rooms on the ground or top floors and other areas to ensure that the entire home especially large homes has consistently high speeds throughout the house that amplify signals by merging the together and that ones persons devices does not drain that of others by one using all merged signals to amplify signals exponentially,that each single device extracts signals from different devices at once managed by Arke automatically and constantly or that each person can have in each bedroom their own private router separate from others that only they can use ensuring that each router provides WiFi to only one member of families or groups of people living together in private homes.In communal homes either the basement could house a server sized unit that doubles as their onboard computer that provides this to all communal amenities,lobbies etc for all residents and visitors while each suite,apartment,penthouse etc for each resident house a router for their own private internet access ranging on the size of a system unit or server that doubles as that suite,apartments etc onboard computer.Public buildings will have a server or system unit sized router in their basement or other area to provide it to all communal areas such as lobbies and main rooms with smaller routers in each kitchen or other rooms spread out with in the case of hospitals routers present in each ward and office as well as suites for visitors and staff etc to ensure each area has high quality access with restaurants especially multi-storey ones have them on each floor in each franchise etc alongside the server sized one basement.This pattern will apply to all public buildings that maintain infrastructure such as vertical/community/fish farms,deep sea ocean fish farms and research stations,universities,sewage and water treatment plants,factories etc of having a system unit or server sized router that doubles as onboard computer and each main room both communal areas and wards etc have secondary routers the size of a system unit or normal router to ensure that all of these have constant access to high quality internet access without the bandwidth being overloaded by one device and without masts,switch boxes and internet cables set up which can all be recycled.The signal produced by the primary router and each secondary router can be merged together to amplify the signal.All underground and underwater communities,floating cities could have public areas have a large router for public WiFi dotted around with each home and buildings having routers including system unit and server sized ones that double as onboard computers with interstellar vehicles and space stations using this technology since they would be composed of countless microbes.Cruise ships would have their onboard computer generate WiFi and have routers present in amenities,each cabin and along the outside with aeroplanes using this.All forms of transportation such as aeroplanes,cruise ships,space stations,interstellar vehicles,navy vessels,submarines can house routers the size of system units etc in each suite,cabin,crew quarters etc and communal areas to provide constant biosynth WiFi,cellular and Bluetooth access of up to 1,000-10,000Mbps.Routers in homes and suites and primary routers in public buildings would double as their onboard computer that houses the building AI and be the size of a system unit or server with them also generating Bluetooth and biosynth cellular signals.Each home,public building,space station,cruise ships can have as many routers plugged in as possible in all rooms ensuring consistently high.The ability for laptops,computers and smart devices to generate their own WiFi and use it themselves would allow for internet acccess in the outside part of cruise ships and in wilderness areas and in public streets.This would allow all electronics to have access to the internet and wire in any wilderness area with if possible through wire access them able to link and merge with other electronics at home and their onboard computers and routers at home to merge and amplify the WiFi generation through the wire meaning that electronics in the wilderness can generate the same speeds as routers in homes even if halfway across the world with it also able to do this with cellular signals they produce.All biosynths and electronics of all types will generate their own wifi in all environments such as underwater and in wilderness areas with space stations,satellites and interstellar vehicles that eventually become bio-organic ones composed of countless biocompatible microbes be able to utilise powerful biosynth wifi allowing signals and information to be sent back and forth across vast distances especially when using Nyx including versions of it generated by themselves that would be subspace nanowormholes.In aeroplanes,cruise ships,Oceanus devices can be dotted along them that emits the WiFi alongside buckypaper and microbes built into all of the vehicles body etc that can allow for fast speeds for passengers and also for the vehicles to use it for transport and stream Ophion and Theoi Meteroi etc.The biosynth WiFi would allow laptops,vehicles,smart devices and robots and all forms of electronics including biosynts to generate their own wifi using minute levels of energy both in the wilderness and at home both when plugged in and not with energy coming from the battery or from self charging technologies directly powering them with self charging technologies ensuring a constant flow and can be merged with that from routers and other devices to amplify the signal with the devices themselves using the wifi they generate themselves.These electronics will allow create their own biosynth cellular and Bluetooth signals.Thus energy for electronics including vehicles and routers can come from four sources – firstly energy when plugged onto an energy source,energy from the battery,energy from.self charging technologies in real time directly as well as indirectly by charging batteries and any combination of these.Biocompatible microbes can be integrated in smart lenses,glasses,clothing and all machinery,electronics,autonomous vehicles etc to generate their own wifi that they themselves and other devices can use to send and receive data with it allowing all electronics to utilise biosynth wifi such as smart lenses,clothing,televisions and also lamps.Thus any technology that utilises biosynth wifi can generate its own wifi that it can use itself and that other devices can use also and through settings one choosing which source to use and also choose to merge and amplify biosynth wifi created by all devices to increase the signal strength.The ability to merge and amplify signals will come from scratch DNA from Phanes and that from animals that use or affected by WiFi and similar methods to communicate or travel with the microbes and the receivers they comprise of in routers and electronics will be engineered to intake biosynth WiFi,cellular and bluetooth signals then merge them and amplify them exponentially if possibly passively.All routers and electronics of all types such as robots,smartphones,laptops and biosynths will be able using minute levels of energy will be able to generate their own signals and then merge and amplify signals and use the same signals they create.Bicomaptible microbes in the human body will use this themselves.The signals strength will be directly proportional to the amount of microbes and amount of electricity intaken with one able to control the amount of electricity intaken from the grid etc and thus the strength at any time and also control the amount that smart devices,vehicles generate and thus amount of battery energy and that from self charging technologies used when not plugged in and that from the grid when plugged in through settings.Biosynth WiFi from home,building routers and biosynth trees could provide fast enough speeds that internet phone calls and phone calls using VR technology via smartphones,neural implants and computers could render conventional phone calls obsolete but these trees will still provide this with if possible routers in homes and buildings creating biosynth cellular signals as well thus allowing for them to replace towers and satillites alongside biosynth trees.Internet and Iris phone calls can be done in areas with poor cellular access thus ensuring one can get a good signals anywhere in the world including wilderness areas and would negate the need for cellular towers to be in public areas and wilderness to exist that can be recycled.In aeroplanes,cruise shipsand buildings routers would also provide cellular signals thus allowing phone calls to be made in them with as stated those in homes and public buildings providing cellular signals that coupled with biosynth trees that do this for homes and also public areas in towns,cities etc and wilderness would render satillites and towers used for making phone calls obsolete.All routers in homes,suites,aeroplanes,cruise ships,public buildings etc could as stated generate not just biosynth WiFi but also biosynth cellular signals thus allowing them to be used to make phone calls allowing cellular phone calls to be made through them rendering cellular towers obsolete.Thus routers in homes etc and buildings as well as aeroplanes and cruise ships can like biosynth trees create biosynth cellular signals to allow one to make phonecalls to anyone in the world without cellular towers and satillites thus allowing them to be recycled.In time electronics that generate WiFi that can be utilised by them could also generate their own cellular signals that can be used by them in the wilderness.Thus all electronics such as laptops and smartphones will be able to generate their own biosynth cellular signals that they can use themselves thus allowing them to make phone calls in vehicles and wilderness areas.This will render satillites and cellular towers for phone calls obsolete allowing them to be recycled forever.VR technology will use biosynth wifi via Iris to make phone calls using these home based devices and even biosynth implants in the neural system that can make VR calls anywhere in the world even in wilderness since they can generate their own wifi and use companion devices as well as biosynth trees etc thus rendering smartphones and cellular calls and cellular towers obsolete.Smartphones will still exist and use internet phone calls using biosynth wifi at home via routers and that created by the smartphones themselves and act as terrestrial based GPS and satellites with its ability to generate wifi allowing this to work in wilderness areas and can act as a companion device to neural implants to generate wifi for them that use VR technology with their self charging technologies ensuring it can work all the time with this allowing cellular towers to be recycled.Thus internet and VR phone calls on implants,smartphones and laptops etc due to this technology will render cellular calls and towers obsolete and can allow cellular towers and wires be recycled but will likely compliment rather than replace cellular signals from routers and trees.Although VR technology and internet phone calls could replace phone calls all routers that generate WiFi in homes,public buildings and all means of transportation could also generate biosynth cellular signals as well thus allowing them to replace cellular towers allowing them to be utilised for making phone calls with all electronics like smartphones,laptops etc that generate their own WiFi also generate their own biosynths cellular signals that they can use in wilderness areas etc.Public WiFi can come in the form of devices inside hi tech public phones and routers dotted around the entire town,city and village etc.The routers will only need to be plugged into a normal plug socket in a building to directly convert electricity into WiFi,Bluetooth and cellular signals thus rendering the need for phone lines,masts,cellular towers,switchboxes and internet cables obsolete meaning they can be plugged into any plug in any building and have multiple devices plugged in each building with this fact rendering the concept of needing masts,switch boxes,cellular towers and fibre optic cables to be laid down or constructed ever again and thus even allow existing masts,fibre optic cables,cellular towers and switchboxes to be demolished,dug up and recycled by advances in AI and automation and the land reforested.The biosynth WiFi in normal,system unit and server sized routers would have all internal componants including all metals especially rare,expensive and environmentally destructive ones composed of nothing but biocompatible microbes grown in Talus factories using sugar and proteins etc created by bacteria thus eliminating all metals completely and eliminating energy costs in extraction etc with all wiring etc composed of biosynth tissues composed of electroconductive bacteria and neural tissues.Casings for them will be composed of biosynth or methane plastic and petroleum plastics created by bacteria ideally biosynth plastics that generate even more WiFi with this thus pushing manufacturing costs to zero that in turn would push the cost of it to zero and since Arke and Phanes would hold patents on the technology it would thus thus make high speed internet WiFi access availible to everyone at zero cost.Sensors on buoys in ocean,lakes,rivers and atmospheric and soil poles in the wilderness areas that measure environmental conditions in them using this powered by self charging technologies.Autonomous vehicles including public buses,taxis,private vehicles and aeroplanes and cruise ships would have this to ensure constant connection to Ophion,Pheme and Dionysus to allow them to be controlled anywhere in the world and have access to all of the wire and internet at all times using minute amounts of energy and self charging technologies ensuring a constant flow with it also used for public wifi.This would thus allow high speed internet,wifi,wire access and internet phone calls to be availible to everyone around the world at zero cost and could ensure net neutrality.Having millions of microbes together per square inch would amplify the biosynth wifi and could allow it to be integrated into clothing,google lenses and glasses with integrated into the same microbes used for biological hard drives.This biosynth wifi can also be used by these and other electronics to utilise wireless energy where energy can be extracted by them ie headphones can extract energy wirelessly from smart devices and televisions and all electronics can wirelessly extract energy from plugged in wifi generators or graphene biosynth coils only when turned on or when needed negating the need for plug and chargers for electronics.Cellular phone calls could be done through this in wilderness areas with cellular towers etc being replaced by equivalents that utilise biosynth technology with 5G and future equivalents using this with AI namely Arke,Hecate etc developing biosynth wifi and biosynth cellular technology that replaces cellular towers etc making them redundant or smaller but more efficient or even use satellites as part of Arke that also control wifi that is more powerful and allows for reception in all parts of the world such as on cruise ships and aeroplanes and wilderness areas across the world.If possible the routers in homes and buildings could be able to generate cellular signals allowing phone calls to be made outside of cellular towers and satillites with even electronics able to generate their own cellular signals they and other devices can utilise in the wild etc with advances from 2045 onwards allowing for quantum compassing and entanglement to be miniaturised into smartphones etc to be able to make phone calls to anyone other device around the world and universe without satillites and towers.Satellite wifi will utilise this with even bluetooth used by all electronics based on this thus being biosynth bluetooth.This biosynth Bluetooth will allow for data to be transferred between electronics in close proximity,allow wireless earphones and headphones interact with electronics and also allow different electronics interact and be linked to each other ie wireless controllers,wireless mouse,wireless keyboards interact with each other and computers and also consoles and smart televisions and so on.This will allow smart televisions to stream media downloaded onto computers and smart devices and so on allowing all registered devices to stream and transfer data from each other with it even allow desktop computers being separate parts with no wires that interact with each other without wires ie the system unit interact wirelessly with the screen and also mouse and keyboards and speakers wirelessly without wires cutting down on wires with this ability allow them each to interact with other electronics such as external hard drives,laptops,smart televisions etc without wires and one using their Home AI app and direct interaction with their Home AI to do so and choose which devices interact with which for all registered devices. Data can be transferred to and from all registered devices again via Home AI app and direct interaction without software such as iTunes,Wondershare and again without wires in close proximity with even data between devices of friends done via this Bluetooth.Data will be send to and from devices registered to one self and also to and from that of friends and from ones own devices half way across the world via Hestia via biosynth WiFi and accces to the wire.Biosynth trees can allow this to be done in the wild.Biocompatible microbes would use this bluetooth to communicate with each other,implants and also smart devices etc to be in contact with Paean sending data and instructions back and forth offline and outside WiFi when he is in smart devices in fragmentation and then able to send data to patient files and receive upgrades etc via devices that are connected to the wire via biosynth WiFi.Otherwise biosynth WiFi used by them to transfer data to and from him and patient files through smart devices that are connected to the wire via WiFi with them able to send and receive data in public and in wilderness area using biosynth WiFi and bluetooth from trees.Cellular internet access etc would utilise this biosynth technology with this and biosynth Bluetooth done outside of the biosynth WiFi to save bandwidth and do so offline.This biosynth WiFi,Bluetooth and cellular access can be in all electronics such as smart devices,computers,laptops,onboard computers of vehicles(cars,cesnas,cruise ships,aeroplanes)and even biosynths.Biosynth WiFi can allow for upgrades to be sent to routers,smartphones and all electronics etc that utilise and generate this WiFi,Bluetooth and cellular accees and signals by inducing the evolutionary path of the microbes present to have stronger signals,compression etc with again one able to choose where the biosynth WiFi and cellular access etc comes from and merge them togther to amplify signals.Cellular towers and even public wifi would even be biosynth trees that are hybrids between normal trees and biosynth technology that radiate wifi and also cellular transmissions over a wide area with them dotted at key points in streets,wilderness areas of all types and them charged via photosynthesis and the suns heat that uses sunlight and heat to do this by turning the suns heat and light into electrical or chemical energy and WiFi and cellular signals or directly into these and use stored electrical energy at night to radiate this and can using biological thermo-piezoelectric materials in the actual tree themselves use and store energy from the sun during day and nighttime and the warmer and sunnier the day the more heat and light is converted into electricity and thus stronger signals with these dotted around all wilderness areas such as jungles,forests,deserts etc that have anti-ageing treatments and augmentations to survive any environment and weather conditions as well as require less water and nutrients to function and acellerated healing in the leaves to repair damage from pests or the leaves releasing repellants to deter pests and will also convert carbon dioxide into oxygen even engineered to use both oxygen,carbon dioxide,water and elements in the soil that plants use for nutrition and other ones they don’t to power them directly via electrical generation with them engineered to create and store energy from the suns heat and light using biosynthetic thermo-piezoelectric materials and DNA from electroconductive bacteria and animals found in biosynth batteries to convert sunlight and heat into electrical and chemical energy that can be converted into biosynth WiFi,cellular signals and Bluetooth etc radiated outwards in real time constantly with biosynthetic piezoelectric materials converting ambient noise into electrical currents.Biosynth piezoelectric materials can generate electricity from ambient and animal noises.The same DNA in biosynth batteries will be used to store excess energy for nighttime and poor weather thus allowing it to supply signals 24/7,365 days a year.The warmer and sunnier the day and more water etc the stronger the signal during the day and more and quicker energy can be stored at night and thus stronger signals.Since they would carry out the same functions of trees and would be edible to animals and produce flowers and fruits etc these trees could not only interbreed with other normal trees of the same species but also swarms of insect biosynths could inject all trees in all jungles,forests etc cities and towns etc with the microbes to apply CRISPR treatments to all cells to give them their ability to generate WiFi,Bluetooth,GPS and cellular signals thus increasing the strength of these signals exponentionally when signals are merged together and also give them acelleratered healing and extremophile DNA.This would mean even if trees die new trees with these abilities will take their place with at first trials done prior to them replacing satillites etc in labs,VR simulations and also in small pockets of wilderness and public areas such as cities on both forms – singular trees capable of only breeding with each other planted in a preprogrammed manner and entire reforested areas of nothing but biosynth trees with the best solution with the least amount of environmental impact and best strength for cellular signals,WiFi,Bluetooth and GPS chosen.Trees not used anymore can via biosynth WiFi allow for all augmentations and ability to generate this WiFi etc removed via inducing the evolutionary path of DNA in all cells.If perfected this means that all trees in all forests,jungles etc and in all villages,cities etc around the world both existing and new would be injected with microbes via biosynth Anopheles to exhibit acellerated healing etc and the ability to create biosynth WiFi,bluetooth and cellular signals that could be merged together automatically it would mean jungles,forests and parks and heavily forested areas would have the best WiFi strength with meadows involving all plants including grass,bushes and flowers etc have this ability added with deserts having trees with extremophile DNA added that are planted equally apart with these areas requiring GPS,cellular and WiFi generated by devices themselves.All plants in deserts will have all plants such as trees,bushes,grasses and Cataceae fitted with biosynth WiFi via biosynth Arthropoda would increase signal strength.Using swarms of biosynth Anopheles can have all plants worldwide to be injected with microbes that apply the genes to exhibit these signals will expediate it with this supplying all urban areas and wilderness with WiFi,wire,Bluetooth and cellular signal access with the ability to merge signal strength with those generated by other plants etc and electronics using it and routers.In all cases the WiFi,Bluetooth and cellular signals generated with all plants will be merged with each other but also that created by devices such as smart devices via scratch DNA thus increasing signal strength exponentionally in each area with advanced gene drive technology passing this onto all future generations with upgrades for better signal strength etc sent to all plants globally within days or hours via using a web chain system.This can be used as a terrestrial based GPS where they triangulate the location of electronics,vehicles etc and thus allow GPS satillites to be recycled.Thus every single specimen of all 391,000 species of trees and all plants such as grasses,flowers,bushes etc worldwide can be made to exhibit biosynth WiFi,cellular signals and Bluetooth to allow for all wilderness areas to provide this and allow for it to be used for biosynth based terrestrial based GPS where the plants triangulate the location of implants,electronics,vehicles etc that use these biosynth technologies negating the need for masts,cellular towers and satillites that can be recycled.As detailed in environmental management genetically engineered algae,phytoplankton etc introduced into the worlds oceans that breaks down plastic that overtakes wild populations can act as a source of biosynth WiFi and biosynth Bluetooth and cellular access for cruise ships and aeroplanes especially when amplified with the also acting as terrestrial GPS for both ships and aeroplanes.Once they have spread across the ocean they can supply the worlds oceans with strong biosynth WiFi and cellular signals and terrestrial based GPS especially when combined for both cruise ships and aeroplanes that will be always present via passing from one generation to the next with upgrades sent to all phytoplankton instantly via passing throughout the entire oceans within days or hours with this also passing upgrades to all animals in the ocean and any humans on cruise ships.They would have all of the same extremophile DNA including mild acidophilus to survive pH of 5-6 by the end of the century but still be consumed by sea fauna with them also generating energy from the suns heat and light and store energy at night and automatically merge all signal strength with each other.If biosynth nansensors can be integrated into the genome and structure of all biosynth trees,flowers,phytoplankton it will measure the levels of pollutants,pH,gas concentration such as carbon dioxide,oxygen,minerals etc in the air,soil and water in lakes,rivers,soils,oceans across the world constantly in real time 24/7,365 days a year allowing large amounts of data to be fed into Theoi Meteroi that can be used to monitor the health of ecosystems,the planet and also monitor weather and its predictions and even when weather is manipulated by AI simulations and effects each weather system has on local to global levels.All plants and animals including humans,pets and livestock and even wild animals can be given the ability to produce biosynth WiFi,cellular and Bluetooth signals meaning humans themselves could produce biosynth WiFi and cellular signals to be used by smart devices etc in the wilderness,on aeroplanes and cruise ships with animals themselves as part of terrestrial bases GPS.In all biosynth plants,trees and phytoplankton and in animals this WiFi will relay the populations of each species and GPS location but not in humans.These biosynth trees can supply biosynth wifi,cellular and bluetooth access to all wilderness areas if planted in preprgrammed areas with them even having biosynth nanosensors that measure pollutants etc in the air and soil and can relay data from one biosynth plant to the next to gain access to the wire and internet.This can provide public wifi in all towns,cities and villages and also wilderness areas worldwide at zero cost and need to set up towers with AI planting the seeds of these trees in pre programmed with it taking the form of masses of phytoplankton in the oceans.This can allow for upgrades that come in the form of the induction of the evolutionary path of microbes to be done to all crops,animals,humans and plants in wilderness areas to be done easily and all at once with data being sent and relayed through all plants from one to another in a web chain manner within seconds constantly.These biosynth trees would also provide cellular access to make phone calls on landline phones and smart phones etc and if possible act as a terrestrial based GPS system allowing satillites and towers that supply this to be recycled until and including quantum compassing and entanglement can be perfected to compliment or replace them to allow billions of phone calls to be made at once.They would at the same time as providing WiFi also provide biosynth cellular signals similar to but better to that generated by cellular towers and satellites that can be recycled thus providing this to all wilderness and urbanised areas.This will provide high speed cellular and internet phone calls access to all people worldwide at zero cost.These biosynth trees could since planted across the world act as a form of biosynth terrestrial based GPS for implants,vehicles,smart devices etc via interactions between the trees and all electronics linked to them being constantly 24/7,365 and since terrestrial based could be more accurate since the signals don’t have to go into space and would be more nearer to each tree with potentially trillions of of these trees worldwide allowing for faster times between signals to and from devices and the trees allowing for ones location to be determined to the nearest centimetre or less with this also making phone calls better allowing satillites to be recycled.This would allow for autonomous vehicles of all types to not only stream Ophion and the rest of the wire anywhere in the world but also have their GPS location relayed to Ophion and other important parts of the wire 24/7 without satilites and allow phone calls to be made anywhere without towers and satillites.With regards to aeroplanes and cruise ships this could be again better since the distance between trees and any point in the ocean would be shorter than the height that satillites are in with devices within aeroplanes,cruise ships and private yachts etc that provide WiFi and cellular signals can also be emitting signals that can allow them to be part of this terrestrial based GPS and also picked up easily by those across the globe thus negating the need for biosynth macro algae to be created.As detailed later biosynth phytoplankton could be utilised.All electronics such as smart devices,televisions computers and vehicles,implants and nanosensors etc as well as onboard computers and also aeroplanes and cruise ships can via biosynth GPS signals generated by them making them alongside biosynth trees etc as part of a global terrestrial GPS system via constant interactions between each other negating the need for satillite based GPS with selected AI and thus relevant humans able to discern the exact GPS location of a specific device and vehicle via it linked to Ophion,Hestia,Artemis,Theoi Meteroi etc and in certain situations via authorisation by Adikia to Perseus and Prometheus within the nearest centimetre allowing satellites to be recycled.Thus by having devices on or it built into private boats,jetskis,boats as well as Oceanus,cruise ships and aeroplanes and electronics that create biosynth WiFi,cellular signals and GPS can allow them to be connected to the wire and internet and the terrestrial based GPS systems and allow satellites etc to be recycled.Arke will plan out a global network of these trees across all wilderness and urban areas across the globe even oceans via biosynth macro algae allowing for uniform high speed public WiFi,cellular and Bluetooth access worldwide rendering current endeavours such as Space Xs Starlink completely defunct and obsolete between 2045-2100.Cellular access will be integrated into laptops and computers to use internet access to make home calls when with no WiFi present.In time quantum entanglement and compassing could be miniaturised into both smartphones and also both computers and laptops to allow for ones GPS location to be ascertained without Saltillites and apart from trees and to make phone calls between two different devices on opposite sides of the planet or galaxy without cellular towers and satillites this will involve both advanced biosynth technologies,nanomaterials and if possible quantum computing integrated into laptops and smartphones possible due to advances in AI from 2045 onwards with these complimenting these trees.Potentially this public WiFi in all urbanised and wilderness areas could be as high as 1,000-2,000Mbps that is top speeds of most providers especially when the signals are combined which is the top speeds as most providers with using the web chain like structure can transmit phone calls across the world for billions of people around the world at once rendering Saltillites and cellular towers that are made obsolete by this will be recycled with in time them and other technologies utilising quantum compassing and even entanglement to improve this with Nyx allowing for phone calls to made with people around the galaxy and allow for data to be sent and back and forth across the galaxy.This WiFi,cellular signals and GPS can allow satellites and cellular towers used to transmit cellular calls,GPS and satellite WiFi worldwide to be recycled.Arke will design them alongside Phanes with her deciding where in urban areas and wilderness areas they will be planted and how many and how close with regards to the weather etc.This will allow high speed internet and wire access in urbanised and wilderness areas and all information from nsnosensors that measure environmental conditions in them to be sent in real time and also for feeds,data,upgrades etc from biosynths and microbes in patients can be sent to the wire instantly with note to those hiking,The Amish and tribes in jungles etc.Neural implants can use this to generate VR simulations and implants that measure vital signs will use it to send and receive data anywhere in the world alongside home test kits and even miniaturised labs connected to smart devices etc for onsite forensics.This would allow cellular and internet calls to be made anywhere in the world with VR phone calls using biosynth wifi generated by neural implants and smart devices in close proximity and these trees can replace normal phone calls negating the need for cellular towers and satellites used in the provision of cellular access to the internet and to make phone calls worldwide defunct which can be recycled.Microbes in the body will use this biosynth WiFi and Bluetooth to send data back and forth from analysing compounds and pathogens structure and species sent to Paean and then instructions from him sent back to them from implants,smart devices and any source of wifi anywhere in the world including wilderness areas instantly allowing reactions to infections to tumours,injuries and toxins in the body to be instantly responded to without delay.These trees will have the same functions and abilities as normal trees and will be in fact indistinguishable from them but also providing biosynth WiFi,Bluetooth and cellular signals with them using energy from the sun and amount of energy turned into and stored as energy turned into biosynth WiFi,Bluetooth and cellular signals.They will be planted strategically evenly across the globe in all types of wilderness such as meadows,jungles,forests,deserts,mountainous areas etc around the world and also all cities,towns and villages around the world decided by Arke to ensure even distribution of public WiFi,cellular calls etc around the world with oceans housing masses of macro algae or biosynth WiFi generated by computers and smart devices as well as routers onboard of yachts,cruise ships and aeroplanes allowing for both wifi and cellular signals to be done over the ocean.There GPS location would be logged within Arkes database on a map of the world one can open and zoom on that will be open to the public that will also allow one to click on each tree and detail signal strength of WiFi and cellular signals in the area surrounding them.The web chain structure decided by her would allow for information to spread to and from all trees instantly such as upgrades and allow information to be sent to and from all electronics linked to them such as that from the wire and internet with even microbes and biosynth implants such as neural ones in humans,plants and animals connected to the wire,internet and Paean etc allowing VR calls,internet calls through Arke to be done anywhere in the world and allow upgrades to be sent to all animals,plants and humans in the vicinity or select ones as Paean,Artemis and Aristeus will be able to interact with these via fragmentation and remotely.These trees via the chain structure could allow data to be sent back and forth between all devices within these areas and allowing smooth high speed internet and wire access in public areas and in wilderness areas worldwide with one able to.Upgrades to the biosynth trees such as different phenotypes ie better signals,bioluminescence,ability to survive harsher conditions and even grow larger and wider outwards and upwards via adding genes and signals to grow larger to improve signal strength and range outwards and upwards including to Oceanus,scramjets and cruise within their range can be sent to all trees globally within minutes once sent through the Arke network via inducing the evolutionary path of all DNA in all tissues and cells using the web chain structure.One will be able to choose where WiFi and cellular signals as well as Bluetooth come from either routers at home,that generated from electronic devices and also from trees in the surrounding area and merge them together to amplify them with all trees worldwide merging WiFi,Bluetooth and cellular signals together to amplify them providing a strong uniform signal worldwide.The ability to test the speed and strength of all frequencies etc of WiFi signals in widerness areas,vehicles and buildings of all types can be integrated into either Arke or ideally Hestia or even both with it integrated into Arke and used when online with it visible in real time when online in folders of the browsers with it also intergrated into Hestia since these signals are used by electronics with again fed in real time and also one able to initiate a search for signals and their strength with this being able to be done while offline with one not only able to search for signals that gives a report and result but also a real time search option where one can detect WiFi speeds as one moves around that changes in real time and visible as changing bars similar to an oscilloscope with this feature in both Hestia and Arke replacing all existing apps that detect signal strength but like other features in Arke and Hestia can be updated with new features by both the sentient Hestia and Arke but also members of the public interacting with them.Apidea and other animals that may be affected by wifi can be engineered to be immune to this with if possible them utilising wifi manged by Aristreus and Cyble etc via their own internal microbes that pass from generation to generation to form implants that controls microbes in them to fight infections and add augmentations,track migrations and also foraging patterns and it used by implants connected to their nervous system to influence them,direct them to where flowers and crops are located and thus control foraging patterns to increase honey production of wild and commercial hives and be better at pollinating wildflowers and also all crops in forest,meadow etc as well as community and home farms.All biosynth cellular access/signals and Bluetooth and of course WiFi in all biosynth routers,electronics,public cellular/Bluetooth/WiFi,biosynth WiFi plants in the wilderness worldwide and across the universe will be designed by and owned by through patents making it free the sentient AI Arke that will also be the operating software of the internet all routers and also forms of Wifi,tellocomunications and bluetooth and the global universal sentient internet browser,email and tellocomunications provider of which it will the sentient operating software.This will ensure uniform compatibility with each other especially with regards with updates and upgrades managed by her with it also ensuring compatibility with all electronics managed by the universal sentient operating software of all electronics such as laptops,smartphones,computers etc Hestia.Thus the sentient operating software Arke will be the universal sentient operating software for all routers,plants etc that generate all biosynth WiFi/bluetooth/cellular signals for uniformity worldwide when interacting with each other,the internet also managed by her and wire managed by Ouranos and all electronics managed by Hestia.