Arts,crafts,film,cooking etc

Arts & Craft
Focus on the arts education will once again be allowed to be done in group(not restricted by age) during the onset adolescence or earlier as possible again textbooks on movies,arts and the rest of humanities will become widely available as well the proliferation of movies,poetry books,novels etc through both smart devices,the wire and the internet.These can be ideally done from the comfort of the mentor and students homes via networks allowing students from around the world to partake from their homes with lectures available online where movies and other material can be shared online etc shared via smart devices for group critique and learning together allowing any student of any age to join in even when doing their mentorship phase of education in different fields such as the sciences and law etc.from again as early as 12 or younger with existing older students also partaking in this method and no perquisites qualifications needed.Lectures on art in the traditional sense will not exist because as we shall see later YouTube already provides a platform for students and mentors of these fields to share their views and analysis of styles and techniques as well as view those created by others.Smartpads and other smart devices can act as alternative mediums to draw sketches and paintings of different styles using Adonit pens negating the energy and other resources like tie used to produce paintings etc with the added benefit of it being easier to send material to Apollo and Hephaestus networks.Art students can send their material to both Apollo and Hephaestus once scanned in.Live models of humans like nudes and objects will in time be replaced by holoprojections on home devices or have the individual or object scanned into the network using scanners allowing students to turn the 3D model in their computer 360 degrees to copy it or have it 3D printed and then copy the model.Otherwise the model or object could be in the persons home with cameras encircling them at set points which stream live to the network or take a photo or looped video that can allow students around the world to choose which camera to view from and draw from that angle.In time VR classes will allow people from around the world will be used to this end.Ceramics like pottery will be done on a pottery wheel,painted and then scanned into the network.

Grading of arts and crafts which will no longer be graded in the same way it currently is using a percentage and letter grade allowing for students to express themselves artistically in a wide variety of ways and will be assessed more in a group with both the “teacher” and other students providing input,critiquing it and providing analysis rather than the teacher just giving a grade with student given complete control over production rather than limited by being given structured assignments that limit control and creativity but rather being guided in how to perform certain styles,use certain types of materials and techniques with again YouTube providing the bulk of this and the classes being their for guidance and group analysis and co-operation of work done by the students and mentors with the same applying to movie making classes.Students will be given a wide breadth of scope for creativity and scope with the limit of assignments being with in regards to being taught how to confront,use and incorporate specific styles,use of specific materials and specific techniques for assignments.Meaning they will be guided and taught how to use them and also given assignments that require them to use these techniques,styles,materials.but still have a wide breadth and scope of creativity to carry out these assignments with them critiqued not graded on them on how said styles,materials and techniques are utilised and the quality of the material produced.These classes will be set up by anyone using networks and allow one to reach students across the world where materials can be critiqued and reviewed with grading and structured assignments no longer given but rather one taught different styles and constructive criticism given by both mentors and other students on the work produced as students will be given a wide area for creativity and control over the content produced with again them taught and given assignments on different styles with movies,books,movies,physical art etc uploaded to either Apollo or Dionysus with VR technology allowing them to be held in any environment and students work together from home.The use of internet and wire will allow these to be shared online with the wider world allowing for further criticism and discussion and can be viewed in art galleries the world over and by movie critics around the world and thus exposure to budding filmakers via the networks in Dionysus and budding artists via Apollo where they can be uploaded.The advent of the internet and other technologies will inevitably lead to most art and movies produced at home with networks within Apollo and allowing for students to form groups online with other students in the class and their mentor(or even multiple mentors) from any place in the world allowing for huge classes involving students from around the world from again the comfort of their home to be formed and any work to be shared and stored via photos,holographic representations of 3D structures shared via holoprojecters within these networks or through scanning into Pandora and uploading to Hephaestus from the comfort of their own home.Software usually relegated to the production of CGI video games and movies will also be utilised in the production of holographic art and photogrammetry art that can again be downloaded into holographic projecters and shared via Apollo.In essence with regards to the arts the teacher will not be an authoritative person but rather an equal in terms of learning in critical and artistic development with Apollo giving art students access to all existing art from budding new artists as well as well established artists both living and dead while the same applying to movie students this time Dionysus giving a the students access to work by budding filmakers and well established film makers alive and dead for analysis and education.The internet will allow people to share work online allowing for “class groups” to extend to the rest of the world and Dionysus can allow one to post films online.This again can be optional to an individual and should occur as early as possible with people grouped not by age but by capability,proficiency and artistic level with in case of those exhibiting an early talent in this area in their pre teen years can be grouped with much older students with the networks within Apollo allowing them to join at any age.This should remove academic perquisites that normally hinder ones access to these classes meaning students as young as stated earlier 5-12 years old partaking in both art and movie classes with students of all ages.VR technology will allow classes to be held in any environment possible.Material produced in the real world can be scanned into networks to be viewed by all present and uploaded to relevant sub networks in Apollo and Hephaestus.All art produced in VR simulations can be uploaded to Pygmalion and Apollo replicated precisely by robots to be ordered in to ones home etc and biosynths precisely to be ordered into ones home and replicated for the general public.

Film Studies
The same applying with movie,television show etc making classes with work uploaded on these networks and Dionysus.They should also familiarise themselves with software like Pandora and Ampelos as young as possible that can allow them to design 3D printed art models in an infinite number of shapes and design manufactured goods to allow them to develop creative and critical tools necessary later on as well as start their careers in designing goods.YouTube can provide a means for newbie film and television show makers alongside networks in Apollo that house film school networks to learn how to make them like the pros.Documentaries on YouTube and Dionysus and also having all original movies from cult classics,arthouse cinema,novels from around the world from all directors present in Dionysus will allow newbie filmakers access to them for analysis.Education in photography will also follow this.VR technology will allow for classes to take place in any environment and also all material produced uploaded to Dionysus.

Creative Writing
Creative writing,poetry,singing and drama classes will follow the same pattern with computers and their keyboards as well as smart devices combined with adonit pens being used to connect with mentors and fellow students from around the world.Poems,novels and short stories can be sent to sections of these networks where mentors and fellow students can share critiques.This would allow students to have a choice of famous authors, directors,artists, singing,drama teachers and actors from around the world as their teacher from again the comfort of their own home with classes set at times involving groups or one on one classes at times decided by them with work scanned in,recorded and shared on these networks to allow other student and the mentor to review it around their schedules with comments left in there or even through Iris chats.Again students of all ages can join these networks without perquisite qualifications with work uploaded to Dionysus..VR technology will allow for classes to take place in any environment and also all material produced uploaded to Dionysus.

Drama & Singing
.In the case of singing,drama and acting classes e-newspapers and adonit pens can be used to wirelessly share notes on scripts(which can be also visible on smart lenses) and webcams on computers and Iris chats can be used to transmit live recordings of performances and critiques from the comfort of each persons homes and have them recorded.This method may even allow to drama students on opposite side of the world to play out scenes together in real time alongside the mentor and have them recorded for analysis or via live video assist.VR indistinguishable from reality can allow for these singing,acting and drama classes to take place in any environment of their choice.Auditions and renditions of scenes by students can be recorded using smart devices and video cameras at home with friends and then uploaded to networks where audio visual critiques can be left as video files or written notes with it discussed using Iris chats.Acting classes can involve actors taking part in media made in film schools merged together.They can also involve acting out actors portfolios created for auditions in Dionysus that includes homemade material and existing material

Skills such as those of culinary,homemade manufacturing of goods and crafts can also be passed directly this way either one on one or in group classes in community centres with webcams and robots allowing teachers such as celebrity chefs to teach students in multiple classrooms around the world though how to videos on sites like YouTube or through Iris classes with multiple(possibly dozens or hundreds) students around the world cooking in their own kitchens at once using Beam robots,videoscreens on helper robots or smart devices.In time neural implants will allow for tasting of a students work to be shared remotely or VR simulations allowing famous chefs to teach students across the world in a short period of time.These VR simulations will have people be able to taste their finished products as if in the real world with them managed by the sentient Matton.This may even allow even new and emerging celebrity chefs within YouTube to become teachers within the same networks in Apollo.Again these should not be either age or qualification prequisite restricted.Community centres,ones own home and also cooking schools can be used by any member of the public to set up classes for locales with classess and the schedule and address of them advertised within the Matton network of Apollo.Existing real world cooking schools can be used with them functioning all year round with underground and roof extensions to house more classrooms and accomadation with theory being on the spot oral testing with this allowing for more mebers of the public such as Home Economics teachers becoming teachers here.Home sharing programmes through homes in the local area can also be used.

Furthermore with regards to dance teachers this too can be done by human and AI teachers in any environment possible through VR technology with Terpsichore being the sentient AI and networks that teaches humans any dancing style.Karate and all types of fighting styles will be practiced in any environment possible with AI,human etc teachers and also students pitted against human combatants and also AI ones consisting only aliens,monsters and humans.Terpischore and humans will teach all dancing styles,fighting styles and Heracles will teach acrobatics,gymnastics and swimming and ice skating etc in any environment of their choice

Gymnastics,acrobatics,cheerleading,synchronised swimming,swimming & Ice Skating etc
Gymnastics including acrobatics and cheerleading techniques used by highschools and colleges will be taught by AI and humans including Terpsichore.These will also be done and held for Agoge trainees with classes done in any environment.

Sports of all types both solo and group such as boxing,American footballl,soccer,rugby etc will be taught by the sentient Heracles in any environment with them involving students playing and competing against other human students and AI including Heracles.This includes all types of fighting stylesCQC,CQB,fighting styles such as Karate,Judo,jujitsu,Kendo,Mixed Martial Arts,Kai Men Baji Quan,Muay Thai,Koppojutsu,Hapkido,Arnis,Kalaripayattu(and other indian martial arts styles),Baguazhang,Taijiquan, Xingyiquan,ValeTudo,Pankration,Zui Quan,Jeet Kune Do,Capoeira, athletics, pentathlon(discus,javelin,long jump,running,wrestling.)

Music teachers will be complimented by an universal sentient software and app named Euterpe on smartdevices or in the case of pianos onboard computers that take show the notes in the same format as Guitar Hero and the ONE Smart Piano and intake sound with internal metronome allowing them to change the speed or tempo with the software being adjusted for all types of musical instruments with e-sheet music on e-newspapers either complimenting this or replacing it with the notation changing colour to the tempo like in karoke videos at the set tempo as they play and marking their performance with the universal colour code as the e-sheet music will first play the piece as normal and then play it back as normal marking where they went wrong as stated using the universal colour code as a marking scheme.During both normal blind testing without the notes Euterpe and human teachers at once will measure pitch,tone,note recognition and speed or tempo and like lessons score them on a grading system based on percentage accuracy and show where mistakes were made using the universal code.These both can be used to test progress over a long period of time on a plotted graph with the music of each lesson and recital being recorded as the teacher can review each one of these either remotely by having the results sent to them wirelessly to laptops and smart devices by looking at these recordings containing the graph and percentage grade allowing them input feedback with snippets of recordings and visual aids on smart devices of both students and teachers allowing for each section to allow each section to be individually analysed or in person by scrolling through each lesson and blind testing done by the student.Metronomes will be replaced with digital ones.The same can be replicated with all musical instruments(with different files/books containing the same songs/pieces in different subfolders each for each instrument)as well as singing with the same universal app that measure tone,volume,pitch,lyric pronunciation,speed set for tenors,concertos etc. similar to karaoke again recording practice and showing where mistakes were made similar to the sheet music for music exclusively.All existing music and singing education books can be scanned into Apollo and new ones constructed by the sentient Euterpe using all music of all genres including pop,rock and other music in Dionysus and YouTube.All types of musical instruments including new ones,those of alien races and those from ancient times will be taught with sheet music for them for all songs in existence.Sensors built into buttons and strings will also interact with these robotic teachers improving accuracy as well as in group practices for recitals and orchestras allow each individual member to be individually assessed by themselves and as they interact with each other.This can also be replicated with singing as the merging of karoke and the technology that can measure pitch and timing will also record lessons and practices.Merging of the two music,singing and voice teaching technology together will let singers and musicians to practice with both individuals marked individually using the same scheme and this would inevitably replace traditional music and singing schools integrated into Euterpe and merging it with Polyhymnia with it present in both networks.Euterpe and Polyhymnia since sentient will be able to replace human teachers.These would allow one to practice any piece of music and song from Dionysus and thus any song in existence.Music books from Dionysus can be extracted or streamed into Euterpe for practice.Musicians could practice by themselves as well as with others the same room or through Iris chats that measures their synchronicity and individual progress and that of any singers.VR indistinguishable from reality will allow one to practice in a setting of their choice including in concert halls and other venues by themselves,with other human students or AI in solo or group settings using the time dilation effect allowing one to practice and master any musical instrument they want in a short period of time.

In the case of motorcyclists i.e.Motor GP,formula 1 and NASCAR drivers cars they practice lessons and exams in could have the same software used in autonomous vehicles could be used to replace instructors as it would measure their success in navigating courses next to driving schools as well as those in the real roads interacting with other autonomous vehicles on the road and traffic networks to measure their accuracy via audio feedback and taking momentary control in the case where an accident may occur.Since NASCAR and formula 1 drivers will only be driving in their respective courses they could practice driving on F1 and NASCAR courses against a group of autonomous vehicles as well as VR simulations.VR simulations can allow cesnas etc to be practiced with driving lessons for all vehicles done by the sentient Helios.Helios will be the universal sentient vehicle driving learning software that will teach consumers how to drive all types of vehicles such as yachts,cruise ships,jetskis,normal vehicles,motorbikes,NASCAR and Formula 1 vehicles and so on for those that want use them as leisure in both the real world and VR simulations as players in both competitive NASCAR and Formula 1 racers,for in movies and television shows filmed in VR simulations.To apply for a e-licence one must be at least 14 years old must study and pass a theory test for each type of vehicle designed by Helios with one given a universal software program and theory e-book designed by her that contains all questions on theory about ones decided vehicle where one will study the e-book and the program will allow one to take mock exams of the theory test over and over again with one booking to take the test for real in a VR simulation on a computer.The theory test and mock exams will test on at least 100 randomised questions from the e-booklet that contains at least 500 or more questions with their being a time limit.They would also be graded using the universal scale and colour code A:81-100% B:65-80% blue,C:49-64% D:33-48% yellow,E:17-32%,F:0-16% red.One must reach a score of at least an A or B to pass with one able to repeat the test at anytime.The results of this will be stored in ones digital file in Helios databases.Then one will have had at least 20 driving lessons overseen by the sentient Helios himself within VR simulations with the first 10 being in a traditional driving schools where one makes turns through some obstacles ie bumps,sharp turns,cones marking the perimeter with terrestrial vehicles and motorbikes being on ground in these,NASCAR/Formula 1 classes being on any of the worlds racecourses by themselves,cesnas and private jets in a aerial course where one passes through VR rings,yachts and jetskis where one is in the ocean and passes through VR rings etc and buoys creating a perimeter and so on.The other 10 VR classes will be against other VR vehicles with terrestrial vehicles including motorbikes on any of the worlds roads that lasts at least three hours in simulation time alongside other automated vehicles,NASCAR/Formula 1 vehicles practiced against VR NASCAR/Formula 1 vehicles in a conventional race,cesnas and private jet involving one taking off and travelling flying from one airport in the world of ones choice and having to deal with other automated and non automated flying vehicle,yachts as well as jetskis will involve on driving in the ocean/rivers/lakes etc alongside other automated and non automated vehicles.These lessons must all be one hour long or more depending on the trainees choice with one required to take at least 10 of both types of lessons with them allowed to take more if they wanted with them assessed on only 10 classes of both types with them graded using the universal scale and colour code A:81-100% B:65-80% blue,C:49-64% D:33-48% yellow,E:17-32%,F:0-16% red both individually on each classes and overall for both types with one require to get an A or B grade for both types of classes overall.The grades for each individual 20 classes and both types overall will be logged into their digital file within Helios database.If they don’t get this grade for both types overall  then they must take the 20  classes again until they get this grade.One will also take 10 VR classes where they must compete against other human trainees and automated vehicles in a simulation of a VR setting.They would also be graded using the universal scale and colour code A:81-100% B:65-80% blue,C:49-64% D:33-48% yellow,E:17-32%,F:0-16% red.One must reach a score of at least an A or B to pass with one able to repeat the test at anytime.The results of this will be stored in ones digital file in Helios databases.Helios who will be in the vehicle at all times with one able to choose any customised model of each vehicle present in her subnetwork in Hephaestus.Then they must take out a driving exam without her in vehicle but still overlooking it following a VR simulation against other automated vehicles that takes place over the course of a year that takes place over a month in a traditional setting.They would also be graded using the universal scale and colour code A:81-100% B:65-80% blue,C:49-64% D:33-48% yellow,E:17-32%,F:0-16% red.One must reach a score of at least an A or B to pass with one able to repeat the test at anytime.The results of this will be stored in ones digital file in Helios databases.Then one will be given their e-drivers licence stored in their digital file in Helios database

Science,law,psychology etc :
Scientists,lawyers,psychologist will carry out lectures on theory and also historical cases and these subjects relevant to current affairs in VR lecture halls for the general public to attend thus giving non science teachers the ability to educate people from around the world with VR technology giving them unlimited creativity to teach these subjects.This can be started by mentors in the field and registered researchers and lawyers listed in Apollo in a specific network to allow them to educate the general public on these subjects and give the general public an interest in these subjects.These VR lectures can thus be those on the sciences with regards to recent scientific breakthroughs and discoveries or a researchers current scientific studies and research as well as just general theory and for psychology,law etc mentors it can involve them doing lectures on various areas of these fields such as their relevance to current affairs,media such as video games/movies/television shows etc as well as historical cases in these fields.These for the sciences,law,psychology will be for not just trainees of these fields but also the general public.The general public will attend these alongside reading textbooks in Apollo to expand their knowledge base.These will be done primarily by scientific researchers and will focus on not just theory but also recent scientific breakthroughs and scientific research they are doing.They will give lecture me in VR lecture halls and use VR technology to show experiments and chemical,physical and biological process and explain to people scientific concepts in any way possible and in any environment possible.

Lawyers,psychologists etc can carry out classes on theory of their subjects and include analysis on modern day society such as major legal cases,major past legal cases pyschological analysis of individuals in real life and in movies,television shows and so on.That is they can give theory classes to the general public on their fields and also they can give classes detailing important legal cases in the present and the past and their relevance to society etc.

Computer classes :
Computer classes on how to use computers and software such as Word Document,Xcel etc and how to use computers,smartphones etc will be replaced by ones own sentient Home AI and sentient software such as Ampelos,Pandora,Erato etc directing users on how to use them via direct interaction eliminating both tutorials on both YouTube and also human run classes.All software on computers such as Erato,Pandora.Ampelos etc will be sentient and thus can teach people how to utilise all functions at their own rate and in what are they want to be educated in by direct interaction and them creating customised videos on demand to each problem and area.This will render how to videos on YouTube as well as render classes run by humans and AI obsolete as the software itself will be able to direct users on what to do.

The universal sentient networks and software for dance,music,cooking,creative writing etc. will be organised as follows alongside the same features and other ones when one enters the network/sector the list of all networks will be present with them marked by a still of the AI and universal name of the section and symbols for all of them.Networks within Apollo managed by sentient AI named after them will be Matton(bread)for cooking,Terpiscore(lyre and plecturm)for dancing and fighting styles of all types and gymnastics and swimming and ice skating etc Calliope/Erato(Cithara,writing tablet and stylus) for poetry/languages/film/creative writing,Myron of Eleutherae(Discus)for art, Thalia/Melpolieme(comic and tragedy mask) for drama,Euterpe(Aulos) for music,Polyhymnia(Veil) for singing,Soter for gun weapons training,Clio for history/salons/archaeology/anthropology etc,Urania for all fields of science,Arachne for fashion,Pandora for creating manufactured products,Chiron for horseriding,Helios for driving,Heracles(Nemean Lion) for sports including fighting sports/team sports/solo sports/racing sports and also swimming and synchronised swimming and ice skating,Coeus for languages,Helios for learning to drive all types of vehicles.Other networks for other new emerging skills and classes can be set up by AI managed by the same or different relevant AI of the wire relevant to the skill.In otherwards if needed skills and classes can be created by humans then they will added to the networks relevant to them here or new networks that are named after and managed by other relevant AI as part of other sectors and networks of the wire ie Orion for classes on hunting,Soter for classes on gun training,Arachne for fashion education,Daedalus for building construction clases,Epeius for carpentry classes,Hegemone for gardening classes,Artemis for animal training classes and so on etc.Each network will be managed by sentient AI of the same name ie Matton managed by the sentient Matton and so on.The AI in charge of these networks will be the foremost experts in their fields.Their avatar of each sentient operating software will be universal and based on their description and statues of ancient times.Mnemosyne will be the sentient macro sentient operating software that macro manages all of these networks separate from each other with its avatar modelled in that of its paintings etc.Human teachers will still exist and compliment AI giving variety to students with students using both when needed with human mentors working with the sentient AI in charge of each networks for each classes set up.Both can reach students in groups with AI reaching specific students when they need personal attention 24/7,365 days a year through fragmentation in simulations and on smart devices when human mentors are unavailable such as on holidays,with families or asleep.Thus classes for all students can be of the AI in charge of the network who can attend to them at anytime via fragmentation and human mentors skilled in the field for variety with this applying to VR classes with biosynths allowing these AI to appear in real world classes.These classes within these network will be set up by any member of the public using computer networks and allow both mentors and AI in charge of these to reach students across the world where materials can be critiqued and reviewed with grading and structured assignments and grades are no longer given but rather one taught different styles and constructive criticism given by both mentors,AI and other students on the work produced as students will be given a wide area for creativity and control over the content produced with again them taught and given assignments on different styles or just general styles with movies,books,movies,physical art etc uploaded to either Apollo or Dionysus with VR technology allowing them to be held in any environment and students work together from home in any environment of their choice with them doing both one on one or group classes with the time dilation effect negating artificial costs that arise from time constraints as the effect will allow to teach students over the course of years or decades while mere minutes pass in the real world.The students rather than given an assignment will instead be taught different styles and then given unrestricted creativity as to what to produce and how to produce it..Classes may also be discussion classes where participants discusses authors,directors,work created by the students present,existing work and their themes,ideas and so on.These can also discuss the field such as culinary arts,dancing,music etc and specific styles of them,their role in current affairs as well as even classes and discussions on each subjects theory and history of the subject and various subfields with no testing or grading but rather education through lectures,discussion and videos analysing the subject created by people present in the group uploaded to Hecate channel.Dionysus,YouTube and Apollo will house primary sources of existing and new work including that created by participants such as textbooks,primary sources of data,movies,literature,television shows and physical art.Classes in theory etc can be taught in VR lecture halls with VR technology allowing AI and humans explain concepts to students through planet sized sets and holographic technology with these being one on one or group classes.The classes on theory can include the relevance they have to current affairs and also material discussed in salons such as history,mythology,LGBT/Asian etc themes and issues with those that have relevance to politics etc carried in the same network as salons etc.These classes and lessons etc will include people of all ages in age in each class and will be done not just for education but also for its social aspect to meet new people and keep in touch with friends from around the galaxy.Ones Home AI will analyse ones viewing habits on Dionysus,Pheme,YouTube,Agora and the entire internet and wire and thus build a psychological profile of their owner and thus use this to suggest to them which classes to attend based on their interests.Hestia will work alongside Home AIs around encourage friends with similar interests to engage in classes of shared interests and even pair up new people they meet to become new friends with them.People will be encouraged to join these classes to keep themselves busy,have fun,learn and keep sharp at new skills and become better and keep sharp at existing ones and also make new friends and stay close to existing friends acting as ones hobby.Thus Home AI and Hestia will encourage people to attend classes on fields of their interest and partake in tournaments to keep them busy and also encourage them to attend other classes to increase their field of education.These classes will set up by any members of the public,AI,former teachers in secondary and tertiary institutions in their fields as well as even well established celebrities in their field ie famous celebrity chefs,famous actors,acting coaches,famous writers and directors and artists etc.Celebrity chefs,actors,writers and athletes can be present for certain classes.Since their will always be new music,new books to write,new movies etc to make and can be used for competitions for sports and new meals to make from crops and animals across the universe these classes will always exist.Grading will no longer exist but rather be replaced by critical analysis.Networks will store all material created by students with this and VR technology will allow AI and human mentors to reach students across the world from home with buildings in these schools still functioning accommodating for local students with extensions to all universities and technical colleges housing these.They will also be the sentient operating softwares linking all of these physical school buildings worldwide and across the universe as well as networks within Apollo and their symbols on their buildings,robots and maps etc. with each one having an AI with independent personality,legal names,avatar with receptionists present having the same and unique uniform with a statue of each muse(s) and deity associated with them in the lobby.The operating softwares will be based on their statues and descriptions in ancient Greece and will not replace all human teachers but aid them being able to carry out classes with students in one on one or group sessions from the comfort of home with them interacting and working with students outside of class times and will be integrated into these networks.Departments in existing universities will be named these with them managed by the university AI but in time the networks will replace them with the exception of drama schools with even these departments branching off into separate schools on the university grounds that are in roof,side or underground extensions that serve the locale with each university having these with independent AIs and relevant statues alongside receptionists(with universal uniforms for each departments) in the lobby with the old classrooms and offices in existing universities renovated into labs and living spaces.These will replace traditional education in these fields and will allow people to partake in these from the comfort of their own home.In time VR technology indistinguishable from reality will allow for classes on all fields to take place in any environments of their choice from home with the same time dilation effect with them being solo,with the sentient AI operating software,mentor and also with other human students.This could allow guest speakers to appear as well again from home and also allow for mentors to reach students from across the world as well as do so in an environment relevant to each class and subject.Each networks will have multiple classes in them managed by current teachers of these areas and also any member of the public with each student able to take part in multiple classes in the same network or in different networks with them being scheduled for different times of the day,week,month and year both in VR and normal sections with classes teaching them different styles of each area and them allowing students from around the world to work with each other with computer networks also.The time dilation effect of VR technology can allow decades of training both one on one and group training to be done in mutilayered simulations of traditional drama,music,cooking etc schools with students from around the world with accommodation present.Any member of the public can set up classes in these networks via a set up button with students of all ages switching between different ones in the same or different network with grading no longer done in the same rigid manner as traditional education but rather it being more constructive criticism and showing their strengths and weakness and also areas of improvement with student for the majority of them having complete control of work done as they will involve being taught different styles and techniques and to work on that area using their creativity to create their own work rather than rigid assignments with the mentor giving ideas and areas with a wide range of creativity where they will have a wide area for creating their own personal work.Students will rather than be given structured assignments will be taught different styles and given projects to practice on these styles.There can also be classes on theory and famous chefs,authors,painters etc.The time dilation effect will also allow for students to meet deadlines as they will have extended periods of time to create physical art,stories and assignments within this environment that can be through wifi sent into their networks in finished forms within a short amount of time and as stated before also learn skills within this short period.Real world physical items can have students use VR technology to carry out hobbies while time in the real world is spent on them.If possible the time dilation effect can allow one to spend years learning a skill such as dancing,fighting styles,gymnastics etc against AI,other trainees and mentors from home and even practice sports both team and solo and ones against AI and other trainees for long periods of times in classes in any environment with accommodation conjured up with access to the wire and amenities and wilderness providing entertainment and mere minutes pass in the real world with this allowing one to master any skill quickly and do so in any environment ie in a theatre,classroom,gym etc by themselves or with other students,mentors and AI.It would also allow one to do so without fear of injury.The sentient operating softwares and Mnemosyne will oversee these simulations preventing bullying and sexual abuse and injury and death will not be possible with them even used by Agoge trainees.These science networks will be in a macro network named Urania after the muse of sciences with its symbol being the globe and compass.Erato whose symbol is the Cithara will house all non science networks such as drama,creative writing,music,singing etc detailed above.As stated these operating softwares and the networks will all be sentient and their avatars based on their statues.The sentient software and meta network that will manage and house all of these networks as whole will be Mnemosyne named after the titaness that was the mother of the Muses and is the personification of memory.Mnemosyne and each one of its operating softwares and networks it manages will become sentient separate individuals.Material visible to the public in each network will not require a password but private stuff worked on by the individuals in there will be gained by their own password.These classes especially VR classes can be set up by any member of the public and AI such as Hecate,Gaia,Matton,Terpsichore,Heracles etc and all sentient operating softwares of each network with them advertised in their networks in Apollo with the time of the event,subject etc with them via VR allowing anyone across the world and galaxy attending.These classes will compromise of people across the galaxy from different demographics through VR simulation.These will involve people from across the world and galaxy with the sentient Coeus translating all voice spoken by hosters and attended into ones native language breaking the language barrier.Artificial Intelligence of all types through fragmentation attend to and teach billions of people at once.Human teachers will compliment AI ones giving students variety with AI appearing as their avatar.AI will use VR technology to teach them in any environment possible with Biosynths allowing them to teach in the real world.Both AI and human teachers can organise classes that are one on one or group ones with students.Thus members of each classes and network can involve those in their pre teens,teens,twenties,thirties and so on rather than grouped by age in batches to prevent inter generational conflict and increase ones interactions with people of all ranges with the VR technology allowing people to meet people from all across the world and galaxy of different races,country of origin and genders as well as different fields of training such as forensics,law,medicine and even Agoge trainees for diversity.Competitions and tournaments for each class type such as synchronised swimming and diving,cooking,all dancing styles and all fighting styles,all sports,driving,all types of weapons etc will take place on local to global and in time galactic etc scale every year for members of the public.These will primarily not be grouped by age meaning those aged 5-9,teens to adults will compete with other with the exception of sports and fighting styles and possibly dancing that will be grouped by age range for safety reasons.These competitions will be held in VR simulations like the actual classes themselves with judges for them consisting of human teachers,celebrities releated to the field ie athletes,singers,dancers,celebrity chefs and of course the AI in charge of the classes ie Heracles,Matton,Terpsichore,Artemis,Soter,Calliope/Erato,Euterpe,Myron etc to provide a competitive outlet for the public with them replacing all major ones for the public worldwide.Each AI in charge will manage and hold all tournaments and competitions on local and global scales and eventually across the universe.Artemis will hold all dog etc show competitions of all types.All of these will take place in VR simulations in any environment and will include people of all ages and can allow people from the entire galaxy to meet.As a result of being held in VR simulations this will allow all buildings across the world that hold these competitions will allow all buildings to be converted into communal homes.They like salons will be listed but in the relevant networks managed by the AI of each field with them present to prevent bullying and censorship via fragmentation with human mentors present who can consist of any member of the public and former teachers from high schools and colleges who teach these fields and those who have proficiency in this field.Home Economics teachers in secondary education institutions such as high schools and universities can teach cooking alongside members of the public who have experience in this field including YouTube chefs,chefs of family run restaurants and those of expensive white table cloth restaurants alongside well known celebrity chefs.Creative writing can be taught by English teachers in high schools and also universities and also world famous authors.Film schools can be taught by professors and famous Bollywood,Hollywod and European directors and script writers for movies and television shows with drama and acting taught by world famous drama coaches and even famous actors of television shows,movies,live performance art including those that were nominated or won prestigious awards such as Goya’s,Oscars,Tonys,Emmys.Celebrities such as authors,actors,directors,writers,famous chefs etc from across the world etc can be present as guests or hosts.This will give them extra work to be bust and give the general public access to celebrity chefs,actors,writers etc as mentors.These classes,groups and exercises will be held in VR simulations of any environment such as conventional university lecture halls,communal kitchens,art halls,drama halls and theatres,opera houses etc.These classes of all types will be held in VR simulations allowing them to be held i any environment of the hosters choice and their VR programmes will be listed in Apollo with the name of the subject and class and also lecturer and hosters present,summary of the salon,time it is taken place etc and type of environments.These simulations can be multilayered planet sized simulations complete with amenities,accomadation for millions of students and using the time dilation effect can allow for decades of education with mentors and students from around the world.The simulations can be a planet with different university campuses of each network ie different universities for each type ie film schools,dancing schools,culinary schools etc alongside hotel style accomadation.VR technology can allow dancing,cooking,music,swimming,horse riding and indeed all types of classes managed by Mnemosyne and the AIs in charge of each ones networks and humans to be held in any environment.All simulations will be complimented with computer networks where forums,brainstorming areas etc with people using them to edit movies,scan in and upload finished arts etc for uploading them to Hephaestus and Dionysus with the computer networks used within and outside simulations.All finished real world art,cooking,drama,dancing etc schools in universities and even independant ones around the world will remain open in the real world with them housing accomadation as luxury Venetian suites via underground extensions with this applying to those on campuses of existing universities and stand alone schools of this types.All universities and technical colleges worldwide to deal with local real world students will house these via extensions while those on the grounds of liberal arts colleges can have other obsolete parts turned into accomadation with computer networks and VR simulationsallowing classes etc to occur in any environment and allow people to meet with other across the world and universe.Film schools and other types of schools made obsolete via networks,VR technology will be turned into homes and accomadation.Networks will be able store all material produced by students in digital form and also audio/visual recordings from simulations as well as organise classes in the real world and simulations and house forums,internal VR chat/instant messaging/skype areas,brain storm areas,name of all students and mentors their basic information etc and link to Polis account allowing students around the world to be reached by each mentor with each student having an account that lists all of their classes and folders and subfolders for all work produced with mentors having this that contains this and other information.Networks,VR schools and accomadation onsite of real world ones will be able to cater to all types students and their customised education in these fields and allow mentors to reach students in all types of ways suited to them.

Once VR becomes indistinguishable from reality this will allow one to practice dancing,swimming,fighting styles,gymnastics etc in any environment of their choice including in theatres,pools,beaches,dance schools,boxing rings,stadiums alongside other students from the comfort of their home with fighting styles practised on realistic opponents with the time dilation effect with the operating software overseeing them.These VR classes can allow people from around the world to practice with each other,AI or by themselves from the comfort of home and will allow one to master swimming,fighting and dancing styles,gymnastics etc in a very short time period without injury.AI that one competes against can come the form of the AI in charge of each sector and also newly generated AI separate from them with them training against human teachers and other students.This would negate the need for practising in real world buildings with sports fields in schools to be used as crop and ornamental gardens with those in universities used as the same and reforested.Horseriding schools may exist and will linked together by the sentient operating software Chiron after the centaur with a statue of him on their grounds or lobby with them managed by receptionists and AIs with independent avatars,personalities etc with all feeding etc automated and in time managed by biosynths.Though in time these will become obsolete by VR and turned into homes and the land reforested allowing one to practice on AI horses of different temperaments and personalities without injury.VR would allow students to practice horseriding,swimming,gymnastics to especially very young children to practice and master these without fear of serious injury and death with these taught by the AI Terpischore parents and human teachers in simulations in beaches,pools wilderness courses.This would also allow anyone to own horses without the need to own real horses in first place including those that live in cities where horses cant be reared and also cut down on maintenance costs.

These VR simulations can be multilayered planet sized simulations complete with amenities,accomadation for millions of students and using the time dilation effect can allow for decades of education with mentors and students from around the world.VR technology can allow dancing,cooking,music,swimming,horse riding and indeed all types of classes managed by the AI Mnemosyne to be held in any environment.Film schools and other types of schools made obsolete via networks,VR technology will be turned into homes and accomadation.Networks will be able store all material produced by students in digital form and also audio/visual recordings from simulations as well as organise classes in the real world and simulations and house forums,internal VR chat/instant messaging/skype areas,brain storm areas,name of all students and mentors their basic information etc and link to Polis account allowing students around the world to be reached by each mentor with each student having an account that lists all of their classes and folders and subfolders for all work produced with mentors having this that contains this and other information.Networks,VR schools and accomadation onsite of real world ones will be able to cater to all types students and their customised education in these fields and allow mentors to reach students in all types of ways suited to them.Grading will no longer exist but rather be replaced by critical analysis.All papers and digital data on computers of all staff will be uploaded into the university AI with this in their own network of Apollo to accommodate the moving from one university to another.Any member of the public can set up networks within them to reach students around the world with students of all ages taking in multiple networks for the same or different subject to increase works to keep them busy and learn more and more variety in assignments,classes and mentors etc.Students in these networks will not be grouped by age with them consisting of people aged 5-9,those in their teens and those in their 20s,30s and so on.Apollo will replace all intranet services in universities around the world used by researchers including trainees accessible from any device around the world with all computers in libraries and computer rooms recycled replaced by those used by trainees and researchers with the computers in offices of staff replaced by the latest custom made models but ideally their own personal laptop allowing computers there to be recycled.These VR simulations will be planet or even galaxy sized ones and house specific schools of each type but also accomadation in the form of suites in their grounds it mansions and apartments etc.Ream world school for horse riding and audio/visual arts etc will continue to exist but will cater to local students and also those from around the world using home sharing programmes etc and accomadation onsite if them via roof and underground extensions..Furthermore one can utilise nested matryoshka doll structure for VR simulations that consists of a series of linked VR simulations that are linked together forming a matryoshka doll nested structure allowing ease of passage between these linked simulations where one can be inside a macro VR programme that uses the time dilation effect and while still in this macro VR programme be then sent to or enter another VR programme following a matryoshka doll nest structure that is simulations within simulations similar to the movie Inception with each one being completely different from each other having different looks,laws of physics and even rates of time dilation..The macro VR simulation will house areas for accomadation and carrying out pastimes.The time dilation effect will allow one to attend countless ones every day.In simulation cameras etc can record lectures etc and them uploaded to each sentient operating software of each classes YouTube channel