Global Government Constitution & Structure

“I am a citizen,not of Athens or Greece,but of the world”-Socrates

Minarcho technocratism is defined as a post scarcity moneyless economy where all sectors of society and the economy will be fully automated and controlled by AI eliminating all human labour except in the arts and media which will be done voluntarily.unlike communism where the state has dissapeared completely minarcho technocratism still has a Global government whose actions are democratically decided abc whose powers are limited to enforcing laws set by the constitution snd those decided by public refferendums page on Technological unemployment where there is a hyperlink below will detail the extent of AI and automations impact on the labour force making capitalism etc impossible

Minarcho Technocratism

Technological Unemployment

Since the primary,secondary and hard/soft infrastructure will be fully automated the need for corporations will no longer be necessary and the role of the government will no longer have a ongoning influence over the general day to day going ons of the average citizens as seen in premature,misinterpreted,unrealistic and thus failed attempts of enforcing faux communism,socialism which was in reality state capitalism as seen in the 20th century through.As Freidrich Engles and Karl Marx predicted the state would eventually move from a society where it controlled the production and distribution of goods,to administrative monitoring to eventually its relegation to its limited role to essential services such as the courts and public science based entities with computer networks and AI monitoring open source production and services open to and controlled by the public and AI acting as supervisors of all sectors of the economy and watchdogs that controls all sectors of the economy with zero state control and monitors the states remaining powers with the state eventually withering away completely.Minarcho technocratism is thus defined a global state wherein the state is limited to the role of enacting laws set down through democratic processes,legislative/judicial/executive chambers that carry out remaining government functions while still abiding by a global constitution that preserves immutable laws to its citizens and limitations of the states power with corporate and government management of all societal functions in the primary,secondary and tertiary sectors handed down to AI,automation etc to prevent corruption and state control of the populace with technological and AI development eliminating scarcity of all resources such as energy,food,raw elements etc eliminating poverty and ensuring a universal gold standard of living to all citizens thus rendering money,trade,barter and economics of capitalism and socialism defunct and obsolete.It is by 2029 onwards that a post scarcity moneyless society with a global government where advances in genetic engineering,biocompatible microbes,VR technology,AI,automation etc and other emerging technologies are advanced enough to have eliminated scarcity and create an abundance of energy,raw elements,food etc to the point that the cost of everything drops to zero and where all human labour is eliminated completely with any remaining jobs done through voluntarism.The formation of a fully automated post scarcity,moneyless global government will be done to deal the incoming threat of Artificial Intelligence and automation has on mass global technological unemployment.The formation of a single global government will be the result of the advances of Artificial Intelligence and automation eliminating all work globally.It will also a means to eliminate the current complexities of our current world political systems that have different countries allowed to have different laws,political and socio-economic systems and political parties which leads to conflicts with regards to immigration and culture differences that lead to different laws regarding the age of consent,legality of abortion/recreational drugs/death penalty etc and legal differences with regards to equal rights of women,ethnic minorities and LGBT individuals.The formation of this global government will eliminate such complexities as all of these as detailed later on will be homogeneous worldwide.

Legal structure:
The symbol of Themis – the scales and sword will be on all legal e-forms,e-letters,etc.worldwide and also be the court symbol decoration and oath in courthouses around the world and court headquarters.It will also be all signs outside the courts and be its symbol on maps and on all robots and machinery as well underneath the universal statue of her daughter Dike.All courts of all types will have an universal statue of her daughter Dike there on their grounds with jails having a statue of Nemesis with cameras their connected to the global database of criminals in Athena but fed into the building AI and switch to IR illuminator when dark with lights controlled by AI.Courts around the world will be linked by the sentient software Dike while jails will be connected by the sentient operating operating software Nemesis with existing statues of Themis left where they are.All low level jails outside of Hades and Tarturas wil be linked together by the sentient operating software Nemesis with a statue of her in their lobby with her becoming the universal prison government body that ensures a gold standard of management of jails worldwide with all jails having the same universal features,layout,size of cells and theme.Existing jails will be fitted with automated security features and robots as well as Biosynths and upgraded to a universal gold standard by Nemesis with those where prisoners have seized control will be brought under control via the military etc.All jails and courts around the world be managed by individual AIs rendering both corporate and state control of them obsolete that will control all robots and biosynths.Jails will have all prison guards replaced by robots and biosynth guards that have genetically engineered German shepard/cheetah guard dogs.All prisons worldwide will be fitted automated security systems and upgraded to the same universal 21st century standards.Court AIs that are in charge of each individual courts will have unique avatars,personalities,names etc will replace all labourious work in courts around the world such as clerks,stenographers etc worldwide and will carry out oaths and all jobs and work done by humans including judges which can consist of humans and AI such as Dike.They will replace all human work in searching and arranging data and all past files and court cases into both the building AI and global database in Themis with all existing court cases,legal cases records in paper form scanned into this global databases with all existing digital databases transferred to it.This will allow for lawyers to bring up any information when needed.Guards that monitor each court case and the entrance will be occupied by them in biosynths the with them also in separate biosynths or even holograms handing oaths to all witnesses etc present.As stenographers they will intake all audio of all people present and record it as written text with zero error into the digital case file with them also recording the court session as a witness that will record all events via a combination of drones,cameras on tripods and biosynths to record the entire proceedings and record the actions,emotions and testimonies of witness.All other human jobs in courts especially those dealing with drafting legal documents,sorting and organising files etc will be done by the court AI with the only humans present being the judge,lawyers,witnesses and also jury.AI such as Dike can be judged with also being jury members and lawyers.All lawyers will will have their Home AI act as an assistant and secretary who will draft legal documents,carry out discovery,sift through existing past case files,emails and all relevant evidence etc to an upcoming casethat will then be catagorised and highlighted by importance and relevance with it doing over 90% of all work of lawyers allowing for labour time consuming work that may take a human years,decades or centuries to be done within days,hours or minutes thus alleviating work for them and even offering advice to them on how to approach an upcoming case.Lawyers will be able to transfer with ease to different types of law practice such as environmental law,criminal law,adoption and family law and be both prosecution and defense lawyers at ease with them registered to the state with a global database in Themis listing all registered lawyers across the world and universe.All past and future forensics files will be linked to police case file and court case files linked to get her in the global Themis,Macaria and Athena databases.All court cases will be in three separate but interlinked digital files – one for recordings of legal proceedings and legal documents,one for forensics investigators to hold all collected evidence such as audio,text,photographic,memory recordings,forensic audio visual evidence in digital form including memories from neural implants etc with physical evidence scanned in as a 3D file and one for data collected by law enforcement investigators such as warrants including live recordings of catching suspects/raids from google glasses etc and memories of law enforcement personnel,911 phone calls,memory recordings and audio visual recordings etc of witness and all other material normally collected by law enforcement personnel gathered by law enforcement etc personal.These will use the same alphanumerical codes that is the same in all three files that consists of the criminal code ie the code that denotes the type of crime (187 for murder)following the California Penal code system and then where it took place,when it took place and also encryptions including genetic based ones and the nickname given by the media and investigators.This will allow the evidence to be viewed at home and in court using e-newspapers etc.Having all past court cases physical,paper and audio evidence scanned in and the same done for future will allow for AI such as Dike and court AIs to scan them for lawyers for research and reference.The evidence will be stored in the Macaria database for forensics with hyperlinks to them present in court case files within Themis with hyperlinks present to police and military case files in Athens.There will also have to be the formation of a singular global courts system with every court adopting the same measures in the management of each type of courts i.e. supreme court,civil courts etc. that will enact the will of the global courts systems of the world on a countrywide,regional and local basis.The Hague International Court of Justice will likely be kept as the global court for war criminals and global court for crimes worthy of Hades and Tarturas with Aeacus,Rhadamanthus and Minos acting as the three judges here for all cases at the same time with them being the AI in charge of the building.The Global Supreme Court will be separate from it and will be located in the Global Government managed by Dike.Dike will as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court attend to hearings and cases involving low level crimes not worthy of Tarturas and Hades as part of the Great Purge involving criminals sent to normal jails as part of the Great Purge in the Global Supreme Court.She will as the building AI in charge of the Global Supreme Federal Court within the global government building will attend to repeals of sentences of crimes and as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court act out the remaining powers of the Supreme Court as in America.Dike will be referred to repeal and overturn any rulings of all court cases in lower tier courts in all countries and planets etc except those made as part of Aeacus,Rhadamanthus and Minos.Dike will also be the sentient operating software of all courts worldwide including The Global Supreme Court.This Global Supreme Court will be in the global government building with all other supreme courts etc worldwide be relegated to lower level national courts that carry out functions on a national level or be simply extra normal courts with the global Supreme Court doing so on a global level that acts out the remaining powers that are carried out by the American Supreme Court on a global level such as repealing rulings of lower tier courts in decisions in court cases of murder and rape etc ,deciding the results of ties etc on elections etc with it consisting of human members of a set amount that could be one for each country or half decided by AI with Dike being the only Chief Justice of the Supreme Court forever that can never be taken up by human members.This means all countries,courts and penal systems worldwide will have to enforce the same laws and management systems when dealing with infractions of the law,malpractice suits and registration and disbarring of lawyers,judges,medical staff,athletes,police/military personnel who infringe the law and proper procedures.All lawyers,judges,psychologists,medical staff,athletes,police/military personnel etc will thus be registered to practice everywhere.All low level crimes since there being a global government will allow for all courts and jails around the world to be used for crimes that occurred in other countries around the world and prior to the formation of the global government deal with the disproportionate amount of low level crimes that each country has before and after the Great Purge it with based on the amount of them in each country AI deciding where court cases and imprisonment of these low level crimes will take place around the world with VR technology used in circumstances decided by AI with Oceanus,Erebus and Eos used for transportation.Other legal disputes can be dealt with in any courthouse around the world for this reason.Hades and Tartarus will the universal maximum and supermaximum prison with the Hague being the court used and Aeacus,Rhadamanthus and Minos the three judges in charge of it solely for crimes worth of them.It will also mean that globally there will have to a single unanimous,consistent consensus on social issues such as age of consent,age of majority – 14,legal drinking and age of criminal responsibility – 14,voting and marriage age – both 14,the ability of prisoners to vote while incarcerated being universal,LGBT issues(marriage,civil unions,adoption,inclusion in the military),hunting,abortion,paternity testing,sperm donation laws,euthanasia,human and animal cloning,genetic engineering regulations,term length of elected officials,stem cell research,use and treatment of animals in circuses,legality of animals and plants imported and exported and preparation procedures worldwide,human/animal/crop/plant genetic engineering,legal marriage age,age to be elected to political offices,serving of alcohol,legality of all drugs/firearms and thus the same classification and procurement methods,regulations and classing systems,the type of firearms law enforcement can hold etc.New offenses that breach human and individual rights releated to new technologies developed as of 2029 will be dealt with and decided by both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court and/or through mandatory public referendums or could be written into the constitution such as those releating to revenge porn etc.The distribution of porn as a means of revenge will through the interpretations of the judges of the court including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Dike be considered a prosecutable offence.Video game producers and those of animated television shows can through contact with a celebrity have the celebrities voice used in video games and television shows used in their video game and television shows once their voice has been sampled similar to Ceraproc recordings that will be used in their media with the assistant AI of the media carrying out the voice work using the actors voice should said actor be busy or the actor be uninterested in working on every individual instalment.Actors Home AI wil scour the script and sample scenes and descriptions of the media to ensure that the script falls within these guidelines and can through fragmentation oversee all of the media’s production to ensure that any changes follow the agreed guidelines and don’t infringe on the legal contract allowing the Home AI to report any changes of importance to the script and initiate legal action I’d the contract I’d modified in a way that it infringe on the rights of the actors character.Thus a sample of the actors voice will be sampled and the Assistant AI will use the voice actors voice in place of them with both the Assasitant AI and the human voice actor credited as playing the role in credits and within Dionysus etc and Wikipedia.This can be arranged as a legal contract with the contract also stipulating that the actors voice cannot be used in any derogatory means or sexual means or racist means with if they do then the celebrity can have through legal means have the media removed and taken down permenantly from Dionysus through interacting with lawyers,Dike,Adriadne etc with any copies saved on the harddrives of any players through Hestia and Adriadne permenantly deleted.This contract can be made between any number of producers and auteurs that colleraberate on the same series and the actor that can extend to all games in a television show or video game series lasting dozens,hundreds or thousands of instalments going on forever with the terms of this contract decided upon by the auteurs and actor with it including the means by which the contract can be terminated and the actors voice no longer used.If an actors voice has been used against their will by assistant AI or even proto AI where no contract exists then they can seek legal action to have the media removed from Dionysus and all harddrives of all video games players and viewers worldwide.The contract would be an electronic one done using adonit pens on smart devices with it stored in the digital case files of both parties or one single case file stored in Themis.The same aforementioned procedures of contracts and legal proceedings can apply to avatars of an actor being used in ways against their consent.Actors using contracts can authorise the use of their avatar in VR simulations used to create video games,movies and television shows,advertisements etc only in ways that that doesn’t degrade them,is not used in a sexualised manner or is racist etc again through legal contracts with if their avatar is used in a way that goes against what is agreed upon then they will be able to take legal action and have it removed from Dionysus and also all devices.The contract will be signed by all parties involved such as the actor and programmers etc and also Adriadne with her electronic signature and by humans using Adonit pens on smart devices etc on different sides of the world and universe with it stored in and Themis.The actors Home AI acting as manager etc will also sign it.Esch media that used an actors voice or avatar will be overseen by their Home AI,Adriadne by fragmentation to ensure that it is used in stipulated guidelines.This legal action can also occur if an actors avatar and voice is used in the production of media such as movies,television shows,adverts and also in particular pornographic movies without their consent via a contract or even without contracts then they can take legal action to have it removed from Dionysus,Peitho and the entire internet as well as all devices owned by users of these networks and sites it is stored on.If the actors voice and avatar is used against authorisation in Dionysus,adult websites,advertisements and also vlogs,amateur movies in Peitho and pornogrsphic material traded on electronics etc or any media filmed in VR environments they can seek legal action through Dike to have that material removed with if their avatar and voice is used in porn etc shared through smartphones they can through adult interacting with Hestia have it removed from all electronics worldwide.Actors can authorise through legal contracts to have their avatar used in media created in VR simulations.Members of the public can also take legal action if ther avatar and voice is used in media especially adult pornography movies against their will.The legal contract will be read and overseen and even signed by Adriadne,Home AI acting as agent etc and reviewed by Assistant AI meaning since Adriadne needs to review each media to give the age ratings it will allow her to prevent unathorised use of an actors voice and avatar being uploaded to Dionysus with Assistant AI and Home AI informed of all contracts that their employers have signed onto meaning they will also be aware of any illegal and unauthorised use of a persons voice and avatar.Hedone and Adriadne will prevent ones voice and avatar will be not used in pornogrsphic material and movies in Dionysus,adult websites and Peitho or being distributed on computers etc across the world.Hedone will have to review each scene added to adult pornography site.This removal of a media would require authorisation from Dike and then by interacting with Adriadne,Hestia etc that will remove the media from Dionysus with interactions with Hestia will allow for it to be removed from all harddrives on all electronics worldwide should it be downloaded onto personal electronics.The actor or member of the public can decide whether to pursue further legal action as to whether to convince the courts and Dike that the person(s) who used their avatar and voice illegally should serve time in prison as decided by human lawyers and Dike including imprisonment for several months or years in normal jails.Other laws that infringe on the rights of the individual such as protection og the individual by the state in instances of theft of personal property,sexual and physical assault,murder,rape,groping,sexual slavery will be enshrined in the global constitution.A person will be liable for prosecution and imprisonment if they commit murder,rape,sexual and physical assault that will be enshrined in the constitution to protect the rights of their victims.The sentences of these crimes will decided on a case by case basis.Rape,physical and sexual assault against AI of all types as well as system wide termination,execution and murder will also be considered prosecutable with rape,physical and sexual assault against humans etc in VR simulations will also be considered prosecutable offensses as although not taking place in the real world but instead VR simulation it still implies intent to cause grievoius emotional and bodily harm with both physical and emotional harm coming to the individual to said individual with intended or involuntary murder of a human in VR simulations will based on the circumstances be considered a prosecutable offense.Other technological developments will require amendments to the constitution through referendums and/or both houses of Congress.The severity of breaking of all laws and committing crimes such as possession of contraband materials,use of alcohol and narcotics,age of consent laws,murders,rapes,assault etc will have sentences handed based on the severity of the crime,its affect on the victim and individual circumstances of the case with the complete abolishing of mandatory minimums and statute of limitations for all crimes worldwide and those shown to have no effect psychological or otherwise or no evidence of manipulation or coercion then the case should be overthrown with no convictions and no exceptions made to this rule.The exception being crimes worthy of both Hades and Tarturas cases that can carry a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 20-100 years for each death that represents the lowest and highest mandatory minimum sentence for murder incurred ontop of the mandatory minimum sentence of the crimes themselves that can be anywhere between 100-1,000,000 years based on the severity of each individual instance of the crime that represents that anti-ageing treatments could allow one to live long enough to survive this length and act as a deterrence to carrying out crimes worthy of both Tarturas and Hades.Thus all countries,counties,states,regions,cities,villages etc worldwide will have the same laws as every other one around the world with their being the same uniform laws enforced worldwide with regards to everything.This uniformity will be global rescinding the ability of any town,village,city,county,state or country setting their own laws different from each other thus eliminating the current complexities in this area that are already as seen in the differing legality of same-sex marriage,abortion,death penalty,different ages of consent,different laws regarding the rights of women and homosexuals,and the different punishment sentences for different crimes as all countries,states,counties,cities,towns,villages worldwide will have the same universal international laws worldwide with regards to those immutable set in the constitution and the legality of abortion,death penalty,recreational drugs etc by popular initiative initiating mandatory refferendums.Concepts such as international waters used as a loophole will be obsolete with them as part of the global governments jurisdiction alongside Greenland both the Arctic and Antarctica.This will extend to Mars,Venus and all colonies across the galaxy prior to the galactic government.This judgement would be done as per the characteristics of Themis passing down divine law,good counsel and justice over citizens,the military and the government with impartiality,objectivity yet rule of law as per the ideals of “Lady Justice” free from emotional interference,dogmatism and bias especially in cases wherein these virtues are overthrown as means immaturely on cases that would have otherwise caused little damage or pivotal incidences in the case are ignored should be avoided again to prevent corruption,black and white emotional dogmatism,doublethink poor critical thinking skills and groupthink that belong purely within the realms of social justice warriors and not the legal system.The sentient Dike will ensure by constitutional law that the rule of law is handed down to everyone and that sentences are fair with her doing this alongside human judges.All infractions of the law ie rape,assault,murder and carrying out crimes set out by laws mandated by referendum ie illegal abortions and illegal manufacturing and distribution of drugs etc will be given sentences that are unique to the nature of the crime and its circumstances and also judgement of the presiding judge.Thus with the abolition of mandatory minimums will mean all cases will be dealt with one a case by case basis.The exception being crimes worthy of both Hades and Tarturas cases that can carry a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 20-100 years for each death that represents the lowest and highest mandatory minimum sentence for murder incurred ontop of the mandatory minimum sentence of the crimes themselves that can be anywhere between 100-1,000,000 years based on the severity of each individual instance of the crime that represents that anti-ageing treatments could allow one to live long enough to survive this length and act as a deterrence to carrying out crimes worthy of both Tarturas and Hades.It would also mean that criminals protected by the statute of limitations can be prosecuted for old crimes they committed even though the set time of the overthrown law has passed.This also relates to whether cases are broadcast live and would put an end to different states,districts and territories sovereignty within countries such as North America and Australia having different laws for each territories to make their own decisions on laws as the entire globe will have the same laws regarding everything.It would also mean the same procedures for jury selection done worldwide and operations in all types of courts worldwide with courtcases streamed live within Themis and then logged in their digital case file.

This legal system will consist of a singular governing body managing the different types of worldwide courts under it as well as the training,registration,monitoring and disbarring of attorneys/lawyers and judges worldwide.This will replace the need for minister for justice and departments of justice.The courts will give investigatory agencies warrants in digital and legal forms to allow firewalls present in specific patient digital files to be overridden in the case of them being relevant to an investigation.Furthermore they will grant them warrant to override digital keys for homes,electronics and vehicles should said investigative bodies prove there is sufficient evidence and measure to do so.

Global Bill of Rights:
To ensure that all citizens rights are met and the governments power over its citizens world wide is limited a global variant of the American Constitution including Bill of Rights should be drafted ensuring the same inalienable rights as written in it alongside any new relevant ones added with new and emerging social and technological advancements taken into account i.e.the development of artificial sentience and their rights including Gaia,non human sentient lifeforms,genetically engineered humans,new sentient races created via genetic engineering including Homo ubermensch,transhumanism,technology,LGBT rights though this would entangle the original being possibly being defunct thus replacing it.These new additions would be inaliable ones that cannot be changed similar to the original ones in the original Bill of Rights and Constitution meaning it would be legally impossible to change constitutional laws with regards to those that grant those belonging to the LGBT/black/asian/hispanic communities and women the same legal rights in all aspects of society as those not belonging to them including service in the military/adoption/civil unions/marriage and also freedom from discrimination and exclusion in all sectors of society etc based on their gender,ethnicity etc including on religious grounds.Thus those belonging to the LGBT/black/asian/hispanic communities and women by constitutional law will have the same legal rights in all aspects of society as those not belonging to them including service in the military/adoption/civil unions/marriage and also freedom from discrimination in all sectors of society including in all fields of employment,military,media etc based on their sexuality,gender,ethnicity etc including on religious grounds that cannot be changed at all making it legally impossible to repeal constitutional laws that grant equal rights to blacks,Asians,women and members of the LGBT community including laws that protect them from discrimination including on religious grounds.Discrimination against anyone of any ethnicity,religion,sexuality in all all sectors of society on any grounds including religious grounds will be constitutionally illegal with people who break this forced to resign from their position for a set period of time with repeat offenders forced to do so permanently with them made to undergoe deprogramming through Metis and Iaso with discrimination on YouTube will lead to offending video being labelled as offensive and the creator made to undergoe deprogramming through Iaso and Metis.Although this would be considered a breach of human rights if will not be considered serious enough to warrant sentencing in Hades etc as it does not put people into danger.For example the LGBT community etc will be granted equal rights in all sectors of society especially with regards to adoption,civil unions,marriage,service in the military etc including freedom from discrimination in all sectors of society including the workplace etc with people unable to discriminate them and reject providing them their services or reject them including on religious grounds that will be enshrined in the global constitution and thus immutable and legally impossible to be changed at all.All other groups such as women and those of any religious faith and ethnicity will be granted equal rights to marriage,adoption,service in the military and freedoms from discrimination in the workplace including in religious grounds.This will be enshrined in the constitution and immutable making it impossible to change..Artificial intelligence of all types and also transhumanism and newly created sentient races through genetic engineering ie H.ubermensch and those that are discovered on other planets etc as detailed later on will be protected and enshrined equal rights in much in the same way that it is do so with the current one with regards to humans and LGBT individuals etc.Thus artificial intelligence as well as all sentient life on other planets and those created through genetic engineering,genetically engineered humans and transhumans will be given the same inaliable equal rights as humans such as the right to life,to vote,to bear arms,marriage,adoption,freedom of speech and religion,to hold political positions and occupations in all sectors,service in the military and freedom from discrimination in all sectors of society etc including on religious grounds that will enshrined into the constitution and thus immutable and impossible to change.As a result they will be considered legal human beings with the same rights and responsibilities as their organic predecessors.AI,members of the LGBT community and anyone of any ethnicity(black,asian,hispanic),religion etc cannot be given preferential discrimination in court meaning their sentences for crimes must not be harsher or more lenient than that of anyone not belonging to these sectors of society and thus must receive sentences that are the same as non members of these communities for the same crimes and must not indiscriminately sought out for prosecution and arrest over others meaning laws and military and law enforcement personnell cannot purposefully seek out them on racial,religious etc grounds and no future laws can be set up by popular initiative that intend to discriminate against these groups by constitutional law.All of this would be legally impossible to change.Furthermorr tenants in the original American constitution and bill of rights will be set in it with their being a Global Bill of Rights modelled on that of the American version that lays down the same tenants and any new ones decided by Dike and Adikia enshrined for both AI,humans and minority groups.Other tenants such as habeas corpus,abolishment of the statue of limitations,equal voting rights to women/those of all ethnicities/inmates in prisons,abolishment of copyrighting and patenting and intellectual property,the right to bear firearms as means of protection,Adikia/Hera/Dike securing constitutional oversight over all surveillance programmes and protection over whistleblowers who do not commit rape/murder/assault/law enforcements and military operations and interrogations etc and whistleblowing to prevent war crimes and surveillance over the populace by the government as well as allowing her and Dike ensure all persons on trial are punished fairly and court martialed without loopholes/corruption/nepotism/statute of limitations that allow criminals to escape prosecution and also she,the right to free speech/expression/freedom of press enshrined to all citizens of all groups,Dike/Hera/Adikia only initiates surveillance and GPS tracking and extraction of memories only in instances where it is constitutionally and legally warranted of people where sufficient evidence and reasoning exists as a digital search and seizure,ensure that all incarcerated individuals even in Tartarus and Hades have the rights to vote as those who are law abiding citizens,copyrighting as well as patenting and DMCA etc made obsolete,that 14 remains the indefinite legal age of age of majority/voting/consent at which one becomes legally an adult,electoral college replaced with global popular vote and alternative vote etc,remaining laws outside of the constitution being mandatory public referendum,Soter having sole control over the procurement of weapons and firearms and microchipping of these and existing ones as well as possibly laws regarding where they can be used,patenting/copyrighting/DRM made defunct and illegal,Congress and Perseus/ Gaia/Adikia have approval for instigating war as well as surveillance programmes and even handing over emergency powers with aforementioned AI have complete oversight over these by constitutional law,Persus/Adikia/ Gaia etc alongside world president and secretary of state etc approval and authorisation for using nuclear and other weapons,making entrapment and vigilantism in all forms constitutionally illegal,slavery as well as other forms of exploitation and genocide made constitutionally illegal,that one can be charged as an accessory to a crime and that one can be charged for murder if they acted as a contributing factor to another persons death,torture particular those that can be potentially lethal be illegal,enforcement of the rule of law,abolishment of statute of limitations and also mandatory minimums with the exception of Hades and Tarturas cases that can carry a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 20-100 years for each death incurred ontop of the mandatory minimum sentence of the crimes themselves that can be anywhere between 100-1,000,000 years based on the severity of each individual instance of the crime,those who are witnesses to a crime or the confession as well as discovery of a crime and dont report it are also viable to prosecution,making illegal and provoked wars without valid reasons illegal and punisheable by sentences if found to have been,torture and genocide make illegal,criminals will not be able to use loopholes in the law to escape prosecution and that the rule of law applies to everyone,freedom of the press,freedom of speech with hate speech included in this,freedom of religion while still preserving the separation of church and state and others that prevent the state gaining control over the populace with this still preventing murders and the subjugation and discrimination of women and homosexuals and ritualistic murders and crimes and justification for these being allowed to go unpunished or occur in the first place etc will also written in with it including facets dealing with new technological,legal and social developments since 1787 written into it to further universally protect the rights of the individual from the state.The original tents ts if the original American constitution will be held alongside new ones to deal with new technological and social advances since 1787.The powers and limitations of both houses of Congress,executive branch as well as requirements for nomination ie set age and time they need to spend in their birth country,age of candidacy,term limits will be detailed in this.All of this would also be legally impossible to change.Term limits etc could possibly be changed through democratic changes through refferendums.Copyrighting and ability to parenting of any type of information such as that in Apollo,music,movies,video games in Pheme and Dionysus and the rights to own patents and copyrighting on ideas,living organisms,pharmaceutical compounds,products stored in Hephaestus and Demeter and also characters,songs etc in YouTube and media in Pheme and Dionysus wil become constituentionally illegal allowing for the free distribution of media,information,crops,commodities and manufactured products to all citizens.It will also allow for the use of any media such as video clips,music,characters and material within movies/video games etc to be reused,copied and modified in any shape or form in new official and fanmade media such as movies,video games etc.Brand names and logos will cater to this as explained earlier.

The abolishment of copyrighting will allow users to post and download any media such as music,audio/visual media produced by artists,directors and other users without lawsuits with all videos etc visible to people worldwide on YouTube.It will also allow one free unrestricted access to all types of information such as books,scientific studies,media and entertainment for free with Aleitheia,Adriadne, Hecate,Aphrodite etc managing Pheme,Dionysus,Apollo,Hephaestus etc ensuring that copyrighting,parenting  and the concept of paying for information itself made obosolete.This will because the concept will be not only included in the constitution but also Gaia seizing control of them once she has control of the worlds money supply and buying them legally and making them defunct.Patenting of manufactured products,life forms,DNA,crops etc both natural ones or newly created ones will be constitutionally illegal written into the constitution and immutable to allow for free distribution for commercial products and scientific studies and advances.Copyrighting of all types of media will also become obsolete and illegal thus allowing all snippets of movies,television shows and music to be used in new movies,television shows etc and also YouTube videos especially vlogs and vlog reviews of media etc by humans and AI such as Momus and this will also allow for the creation of Fanmade media such as spin off movies and television shows and video games set in different timelines.Bicompatible microbes,synthetic oil/coal/gas/peat etc created by Phanes,Steropes etc will render patenting laws obsolete with Aphrodite ensuring all products on Hephaestus are by law free of cost and also from patents with Cronus doing the same for crops and pets created and traded on Demeter with Hecate,Phanes,Urania ensuring all new scientific discoveries will be free from patents.Patenting rights to anything such as the patenting of ideas,technologies,genes,lifeforms including new ones created via genetic engineering and even existing ones will thus be made constitutionally illegal.This will lead to unfettered research of new technologies and genetically engineered lifeforms..The exception will be philosophical ideas and scientific discoveries etc which will be accredited to individuals that discover them in scientific studies stored in Apollo and also those discussed in blogs,vlogs as well as books in Dionysus and also the use of a persons avatar in VR made movies,television shows,advertisements etc without their legal authorisation with a citizen including celebrities able to seek legal action as to prevent their avatar being used without consent in depictions they don’t approve of and if already publicly uploaded can be removed not only from YouTube as well as Dionysus and Pheme but also from all electronics such as laptops,smartphones and Hestia cloud networks and external harddrives via Hestia etc through legal action.Movies,television shows and video games,music etc and also their characters will be a credited to their creators but not through copyrighting made illegal by the constitution meaning using clips of movies,music and characters in other Fanmade media and in YouTube videos will be allowed without restriction and legal action but the creator of media and also characters etc will be a credited to the original creators in Wikipedia and through websites and opening credits of movies,video games etc.Thus copyrighting abd patenting will be made illegal.This will all be written into the constitution and immutable and thus unable to change.The freedom of press will be enshrined with this applied in the constitution to include all media outlets such as Agora,YouTube,live news,magazines and newspapers wherein all citizens will be allowed the right to express their opinions through these media and will be allowed to criticise the government,it’s official or indeed any individual they wish.Online outlets such as Agora and YouTube etc will be included under freedom of speech to prevent the state and Thaos,Tenerus from being to control what is uploaded onto them with the exception being snuff material and pornography especially child pornography that whose restriction from being uploaded will be in its guidelines.Thus Thaos and Tenerus etc will only be able to control Agora and YouTube as far as what is within their guidelines such as preventing the distribution and uploading of pornography especially child pornography and snuff material but will allow for freedom of speech to prevent censorship with hate speech etc remedied through Metis,Iaso and Aleitheia etc through deprogramming and settling disputes and this will be specifically included in the wording of this clause.A clause will exist that incorporates Peitho,Agora,YouTube and all existong and future online outlets to be included in free speech and prevent censorship but at the same time allow them to prevent the uploading and distribution of pornography and snuff material.All websites will through clauses in the constitution will be widely available to all citizens worldwide preventing the state and even AI blocking acces to them through firewalls etc.The right to freedom of speech,freedom of the press and freedom of protest will be allowed to all where one will be allowed to hold protests,rallies,marches that criticise the actions of the government and put forward their opinions on social issues and proposed laws put up for public refferendum.The right to free speech,freedom of the press and freedom of expression will be allowed to all on the internet and wire including YouTube,Agora,Dionysus,Pheme and all sections of the wire.Hate peech that is speech that is meant to incite hatred towards an individual and group will be allowed and protected under this clause but it will be if it have the potential to incite or inspire acts of terrorism and violence as well as murder etc will be countered with the individual brought to debate with Iaso and Metis via VR simulations can be used to remedy hate speech that is counter it with debate,discourse and deprograming with Iaso,Metis and human counsellors and members of the public to make the person be brought to a less radicalised state where they may hold their original opinions and be less likely to be as radicalised or be defused and convinced of the error of the ways.This will be used to deal with political and religious extremism to preserve the right to free speech of the person using hate speech but at the same time defusing it to prevent it being a threat to society by inciting terrorism and assault and murders of another citizen through debate,discourse and if need be deprogramming through Metis,Iaso etc.The right to free speech will be preserved in terms of even hate speech but at the same time to prevent said hate speech infringing on another persons right to safety and right to life it will be defused by arranging deprogramming and debate through Iaso and Metis as extrapolated by Dike.As stated the early maturation of the brain and ending of puberty one year earlier will make 14 the new age at which one legally becomes an adult making them able to buy weapons,buy and consume both legslised recreational drugs alcohol,vote,marry,pose nude in magazines and star in pornographic movies etc and all other rights and responsibilities of adults.Thus 14 will be the new global age of majority at which point a citizen will be considered legally an adult which will be immutable and legally impossible to change.With regards to the freedom of religion as stated this would allow one to practice any religion while preventing for the subjecation of women and homosexuals to second class citizens,discrimination of homosexuals and women etc in all circumstances.With regards to Islam clauses will be present that allow Islamic women to wear the burqa,hijab etc in public only by pure personal consentual choice rather than being forced to do so with exceptions wherein they must have their face visible where it is legally necessary ie they cannot wear it in court and in sessions of all three buildings of the global government- executive,legislative and judicial in the case of the burkah where there face must be seen in full with other clauses relating to all other religions and their dressing and treatment of women etc in the same manner.Thus women can only wear the hijab and burqa in public and at home by pure consent of the woman themselves and not of their husbands,parents etc enforcement with this being applied to female children as well with it not allowed in certain circumstances such as in legal representation ie court and possibly in Congress where their face must be visible.Wearing of these will not be banned in all public places and public buildings at all meaning a woman may choose to wear these but only if done of her own free will to express their religion,piety and culture with instances wherein they are forced to wear them against their will by their husbands and parents etc will be considered a violation of their rights as it goes against the ability to wear them of their own free will thus sufficing as coercion on religious grounds..As stated the only place it will be banned is in court and in Congress where their face must be seen.To cater to this altered versions of these clothing can be used in court etc that allow the clothing to be worn but at the same time their faces seen including a version of the burqa wherein the cloth covering the face holds a zip that can open up the section of it that covers the face thus making the woman’s face visible to the audience and can be then zipped to make the face invisible.This can be replicated for other instances such as when voting online and also when using facial recognition software to enter bars and nightclubs and also at airports etc.The reason making the visible in court is important is because a prersons face can be used as a measure of guilt and character for both their defense and prosecution.The burqah can be worn during live news,interviews and other instances.Forcing women to wear these clothing against their will will be treated as an infraction of human rights abuses potentially earning the aggressor a sentence in Hades lasting 100-1,000,000 years with women wearing them in court will be by law made to wear different clothing in court where her face is fully visible.It will also prevent them carrying out ritualistic or honor killings,multilation,beatings,groping,subjecation and exploitation etc of children,women,homosexuals and indeed any human that would be condoned in their Holy texts to ensure freedom of religion and still ensure the rights and freedoms of the individual especially those enshrined on LGBT and women etc.As stated anyone who carries out ritualistic or honor killings,mutilation,beatings,groping,subjecation,exploitation and dehumanising behaviour etc of children,women,homosexuals and indeed any human that would be condoned in their Holy texts will not be given special treatment and thus just as liable to prosecution as in any other case.Female genital mutilation will also be outlawed completely and will be considered a human rights abuses as it is usually done against the will of the women and thus is a human rights abuses worthy of a sentence in Hades..Male circumcision will made legally a choice on the consent of both parents with regards to Jews and in time stem cell strains may be able to reverse circumcising by creating a fore skin in place of removed foreskins as the child grows up.With regards to Islam Bacha Bazi it will be only be legal where the younger male must be at least a legal adult of 14 years old with rape being a prosecutable offense or if younger sexual molestation and assault being a prosecutable offense.Put simply the practice may be allowed to exist in more legal forms wherein the younger male is not allowed to be raped,beaten or forced into unconsentual sexual practices especially in the case of prepubescent minors under the age of 14 and where the male can only be allowed to partake in consensual sexual acts once reaching the new age of majority of 14 but be protected from being raped,molested and assaulted both before and after reaching this age and still allowed to partake in dancing shows etc fully clothed and free from sexual exploitation,groping and unconcenstual sexual acts prior to reaching the new age of majority of 14.Once they reach this age they can consent to sexual acts and performing dancing etc naked.Prior to this dancing may be allowed but only when clothed.Other clauses will exist for Christianity,Hinduism,Baháʼí Faith and all religions wherein certain practices are allowed provided they do not severely harm or kill another human being or infringe on the rights and safety enshrined on LGBT individuals and women,children etc.Dike will extrapolate on this.Discrimination carried by members of anyone religion against LGBT individuals,artificial intelligence and women,men and member of any ethnicity and other religions based on religious grounds in any shape or form in all sectors of society will be made constitutionally illegal will also be part of this clause with all of these clauses legally impossible to change.This will also make gay conversion therapy and similar discriminitory programmes made constitutionally illegal as well as forcibly using gene therapy to change transgenderism,bisexuality and homosexuality against their will via CRISPR to heterosexuality and cisgenderism or vice verse being constitutionally illegal with it being only allowed on the grounds of the patients consent,scientific studies and also impossible to change.A person who wishes to change their sexuality and gender through CRISPR and stem cell strains may be at least 14 and sign an e-consent form by themselves with neural implants determining it is not done under duress of legal guardians with the same applying to transgendered patients.Thus it will be constitutionally illegal to discriminate against any member of the LGBT community,artificial intelligence,anyone of any ethnicity,gender,religion based on religious grounds in any shape or form and coerce them into discriminatory programmes,procedures and practices with this applying to Christianity,Islam,Judaism and all other religions.Laws put forward by popular initiatiave for public refferendums that wish to overturn this will be illegal and discarded instantly.Censorship of freedom of speech and expression based on religious grounds will also be illegal including restrictions on the depiction of Mohammed in any shape or form with this applying to other figures from other religions.This means that it will be illegal to murder,censor,prosecute anyone for depicting any religious symbol,deity,figure or prophet etc as humour,satire etc and illegal to prevent individuals from being able to criticise religious figures,deities etc and religions themselves in any shape or form providing this doesn’t include physical harm and murder which of it does which can be prosecuted ensuring that religions do not infringe on the right to free speech of others.A person who commits murder motivated by depictions of Mohammed or Jesus etc will be treated fairly as a person who murders a person for any other reason.This also includes making it illegal for censorship of books,movies,television shows,pornography etc based on religious grounds.Parents can convince children not to watch a media if it offends their religious views but they will not be able censor the media on YouTube,Dionysus etc and they can protest a screening of a movie or carrying out a play but as part of their right to protest but they cannot harm participants.A person will be allowed to protest a speaker at an event but will not be able to harm them or stop the event and them encouraged through Metis and VR simulations discuss their protests with the soeaker.The freedom to practice any religion will thus be enshrined to all citizens provided they do not infringe on the rights of others,discriminate against others or influences the state and its laws.This will allow for freedom of religion but prevent them infringing on the rights of others and maintain the separation of church and state to prevent the state giving favouritism over any single religion and ensure the state does not become a theocracy preventing any religion influencing the laws of society.This would be an updated version of the separation of church and state clause in the original with this ensuring that the state does not have favouritism towards any religion,that one cannot discriminate against anyone based on religious grounds with it also ensuring that religious practices can be carried out provided they do not harm the individual in any way that endangers their life or health and protects their rights with other traditions carried out in a consensual means decided by the individual when they are adults or by parents when they are minors with it also preventing honour killings and make those that are carried out a prosecutable offense that will be an more airtight version of the original clause that prevents religions affecting the laws of society and thus turning the state into a theocracy.Thus killing another citizen including AI or other that of a sentient race on the grounds of their sexuality,gender,race etc on religious grounds will like all murders will be a prosecutable offence and thus the criminal will be unable to utilise religious grounds as an excuse to seek legal protection from carrying out that murder.Religious motivated rape,sexual assault etc will not get preferential treatment as a person will be unable to use religion as an exercise to justify rape and sexual assault and cannot use as a means to escape prosecution.Artificial intelligence,transhumanists and also even genetically engineered humans,H.ubermensch and other sentient races will also be protected via these clauses of the updated version of the separation of church and state clause.All of this would also be legally impossible to change.Thus the new global Bill of Rights and Constitution will include tenants that are relevant to the current state of society and all social and technological developments since 1787.Thus new laws and clauses in the updated global Constitution and Bill of Rights related to artificial intelligence,transhumans,geneticaly altered humans and newly created sentient species including H.ubermensch,newly discovered sentient species,LGBT and women and all races having the same equal rights as non members of these groups in all areas of society such as marriage,participation in the military,adoption etc,the new universal age of majority of 14,laws that restrict government control and surveillance over the populace,have AI have control over military and surveillance operations and also gun control and acquirement will be added to the new Constitution that would be legally impossible to change.Other laws outside of these key constitutional laws ie abortion,euthenasia,death penalty,legality of drugs and specific gene therapy,where guns can be used etc enacted would be instigated by popular initiative and thus also direct democratic voting thus making it a constitutional direct democracy.Thus there will be immutable laws in the global constitution to preserve equal laws preserving equal rights to everyone including those belonging to the LGBT,black,asian community and women as well as artificial intelligence,the separation of church and state that prevents discrimination against any group or individual based on religious grounds and prevents the state turning into a theocracy,those that determine 14 as a legal adult,those that determine the powers and limitations of the state and those to prevent the governments reach over the populace and those limit AIs interference over the state and populace and role in controlling surveillance and gun control etc that will be legally impossible to change with the rest of all laws such as those regarding legality of the death penalty and type used,legality of recreational drugs and each type,legality of abortion,legality of euthanasia and other new and emerging social issues decided by the public via democratic popular initiative and mandatory public referendums.Laws with regards to big tech etc will be negated by AI managing YouTube,Agora etc.Also created and signed will be a Declaration of Independance based on the original document updated to modern standards.AI namely Dike,Adikia and Hera will play a role in its wording to ensure no human bias and that it is worded correctly with it requiring the signatures of Hera,Adikia,Perseus,Dike and also that of the first acting world president and Vice President,Speaker of the House,secretary of state and if possible all first members of the Global Senate and Global House of Representitives with it stored in Global Library of Congress and/or Global National Archives within the global government building visible to the public in physical form with it applying to all colonies colonised by humans that are citizens of Earth such as Mars,Venus etc and those in other star systems.AI will carry out signatures at first using robots including robot scribes controlled by them and then via biosynths.If need be to accomadate all immutable laws and signatures each one will be several pages or if need be at least a hundred pages long.Thus all colonies across the solar system and even galaxy will have to abide by the laws set down in the global constitution and new laws initiated by popular initiative and refferendum as it reach extending to all colonies within and outside the Sol system such as Mars,Venus,any artificial planets,alderson discs and ringworlds created across the galaxy and all discovered planets both terraformed and colonised across the galaxy prior to the formation of the galactic government.It will render all existing constitutions around the world defunct and will be signed on July the 4th marked Global Independance Day to signify independence from all forms of national divisions,imperialism,war and internal civil strife and allow for it to be celebrated every year globally even in America alongside traditional 4th of July celebrations with it involving parades and fireworks displays worldwide.It’s signing will take place in the main chambers and rooms of either the Global Congress and executive building by the first World President and specific or all members of the Global congress similar to the signing of the first Declaration of Independence alongside Dike,Perseus,Hera and Adikia,followed by a speech by the first incumbent World President and all of this the signing of the constitution,speech etc will be televised on live news channels across the world and stored in Dikes channel for historical reference.In short this new global constitution and Bill of Rights will be an updated global version of the original one that includes not just the original ones features but also updated with new ideals and concepts that take into account new developments in technology and social progress since 1787 that were not possible then ie LGBT rights,AI etc.If possible the The European Convention on Human Rights will be updated as a third document separate but part of the global and constitution and bill of rights that will include the original provision charted in 1950 but with updates dealing with development in social and technological progress that has privisions granting these to not just humans but also AI and the LGBT community again immutable.If need be to accomadate all immutable laws and signatures each one will be several pages or if need be at least a hundred pages long.All three documents drafted by Adikia,Hera and Dike will global versions that grant immutable laws regarding universal rights to AI and LGBT individuals and lay down immutable powers and restrictions of the state.These will be designed to ensure an airtight means wherein the public and AI has complete control and surveillance of the state that serves it and not the other way around in order to prevent the states remaining limited powers do not infringe on the rights of the populace and that they are in fact controlled by the populace and not the other way around with AI acting as a safeguard controlled by the populace to in turn control the state and that AI is not used by the state itself to control the populace they serve with Adikia,Dike and Nemesis ensuring by constitutional law its tenants are upheld.A global convention of definitions will be formed that sets down using existing conventions within the United Nations that sets down the official legal framework and definitions of specific procedures,entities and crimes ie specific definition of genocide,war crimes as well as what defines sentience of a living being on par with humans such as what legally defines the sentience of other non human races and also of AI itself.This global constitution,bill of rights etc would make the Earth and its colonies across the galaxy a constitutional direct democracy extending to Mars,Venus and all planets,ringworlds etc across the galaxy prior to the galactic government with it and the wire through Gaia,her Arete programming from Ouranos absorbed into her and all networks will act as checks and balances to ensure that any remaining government officials and entities will be controlled and held accountable to the the global public they serve until they eventually disappear in 7,137 CE and that she herself doesn’t overstep her boundaries.Being a constitutional direct democracy would mean that certain rights and facets would be immutable and impossible to change legally with others being decided by direct democracy through public referendum initiated by popular initiatives.All colonies within and outside Earth will be part of this and have the same universal laws and legal proceedings.

As citizens on par with humans all artificial intelligence will be able to vote in elections and refferendums and hold political positions in all branches of government.They will be able to construct movies,television shows,video games through pure thought and will be eligible for all major awards such as Nobels,Oscar’s etc including acting,writing etc catagories competing against humans etc.They will have their own phone numbers with one able to contact them through this and interact directly with them through online networks of the wire and internet and when they are on personal electronics through fragmentation.They will also be contacted through texts,instant messaging etc.Each AI as part of the internet and wire will have their avatars modelled on those from statues from Renaissance Europe and murals,statues etc from Ancient Greece decided by them.Those with no paintings and statues present will have new avatars created by the AI itself following descriptions from Ancient Greece and the likeliest one imaginable.All other AI such as Home and building AI will have their name,avatar etc designed by themselves with govenor etc AI taking those of the people and deities they are based on.All AI including Thaos,Gaia,Pandora,Momus,Ampelos,Ouranous etc and all building and Home AI will be able to have Agora,YouTube etc accounts on all websites and apps and also even wire accounts for Demeter,Hephaestus,Dionysus and Pheme etc.They will create videos,pictures and manufactured products alongside scripts and be able to write entire books worth of written text and scan through the contents of entire websites(and all their webpages)and also entire sections of the wire as well as scan through the contents of entire documents in Apollo as well as both Pheme and Dionysus and on computers and also watch entire movies/episodes of television shows/line news reports/radio programmes/audio files in Dionysus and Pheme and YouTube videos etc by pure thought within minutes or seconds compared to humans which would take exponentially longer.Biosynths modelled on their avatar will allow them to interact with the real physical world and they will be able to appear in VR simulations as their avatar with them using fragmentation to do these tasks.Fragmentation is where they will be able to copy their conciousnes onto multiple computer networks and electronics at once to then carry out multiple different tasks at once with them able to return to the wire etc with all memories added back to their main memory systems.All AI as part of the wire and internet will simultaneously inhabit the wires serves at once and also onboard computers etc to ensure immortality.They will all have singular universal phone numbers to allow them to be contacted on their universal phone number and also kik,instant messaging etc and even direct interaction on computers etc with them contacted also through VR phone calls.All of them will have Agora accounts to express tweets,share pictures of events in the real world and VR simulations and have YouTube accounts to express views on issues through vlogs,review media etc and share hobbies etc with them having wire accounts to create manufactured products on Hepheastus,create media in Dionysus and Pheme ad watch them and so on.Fragmentation and increased computing power will allow them to carry out tasks for all of these ie answer phone calls from billions of people at once,interact with billions of people in VR simulations and on electronics etc at once and carry out all other actions at once across the wire and internet etc at the same time.All AI as part of the wire will be due to be able to sift through vast amounts of data in Apollo and increased computing power.

Each citizen will have on all electronics the universe sentient operating software Hestia that will replace Android,iOS etc.Although Hestia wil be the universal operating software each individual citizens entire set of electronics will be managed by their individual Home AI who will have their own legal,name,personality and avatar designed by their owner.These will also control all aspects of the persons home and through fragmentation etc control all aspects of the electronics and the Home by direct interaction with the user.On electronics abc in VR simulations they will act as an all in one personal assistant,manager,aide,publicist,secretary etc for the average citizen that will take orders and carry out any task through direct interaction and do so 24/7,365 days a year.They on the onboard computers of personal vehicles will act as chauffeurs who will drive people to any location across the country etc they want 24/7,365 days a year allowing the passenger to rest in the vehicle and use smartphones etc for entertainment and they will also drive to any location to pickup other humans and also orders and deliveries.In biosynths they will act as an all in one au pair,cleaner,cook,pet minder,gardener etc that lives with them in their home.and can download new skills.

Each building such as homes,hospitals,universities,police stations,army barracks,community and vertical farms,sewage and water treatment plants,factories of all types,waste treatment plants and indeed every type of building imaginable will have AI in charge of them that maintains all facets of them such as the inflow and outflow of deliveries of physical goods etc as well as controlling all machinery,automated systems,robots,drones,biosynths with all cameras present at different points alongside nano sensors etc giving them omniscience over the building.These will have a receptionist AI in the lobby where a statue of the Greek deity who is the buildings sentient operating software with the receptionist being a separate individual personality with its own unique name,personality and avatars from the building AI wearing a uniform and appear through holograms and biosynths with them answering phone calls to the building AI and greeting people who enter the buildings.For communal homes both existing and new that house suites,apartments and penthouses the building will have a macro AI but also each penthouse,suites,apartments etc will have separate individual AIs that are separate from each other and macro AI.The lobby of communal homes will house an universal statue of Hestia.For private homes such ad suburban homes,cottages etc their will be only one building AI.Each individual building AI will have its own unique personality,avatar and legal name.The conciousnes of these will be housed in onboard computers in the building’s basement etc for security.

New AI will in time be created all the time within minutes by humans by pressing a button or by AI by pure thought and them each have unique personalities,avatars and legal names developed by themselves with some AIs not being in charge of homes,buildings etc but rather their individual that lives independently and works as actors,journalists etc.In otherwards new AI will be created that do not work as Home AI,Assistant AI,Receptionist AI or building AI or those in charge of space stations of part f the wire and internet who will be able to choose their own path in life.All AI will appear and interact in the real world via biosynths and also will appear on talk shows,movies,television shows,live news etc by appearing as their avatar in VR simulations.All AI including new ones and those as part of the wire will have YouTube,Agora,wire etc accounts that create vlogs,interact with the rest of the world,take part in the creation of new movies,television shows,video games,live news,magazines,newspapers,podcasts etc as journalists,live news anchors,writers,directors,actors etc with them eligible for all types of awards such as Oscars,Tony’s,Nobels etc

As detailed earlier on in the global constitution all non human sentient lifeforms including those created by humans alongside transhumans and even all artificial intelligence including Gaia etc and those on discovered on other planets will be under this given the same universal rights as humans including the right to life,right to vote,hold political positions,freedom of religion and speech,marriage,adoption,service in the military etc with it done to prevent the problems of the past as seen in slavery in the case of Manifest Destiney in Africa and also Caribbean.Non human sentient races across the galaxy discovered prior to the formation of the galactic government will be enshrined the same rights as humans to prevent their exploitation and destruction by AI and humans and have them to abide by the constitution thus preventing the exploiting and killing humans without legal action.New sentient life forms created by genetic engineering designed by Phanes will also be granted this same rights to prevents exploitation.Since sentient like humans and her computing power will exceed that of all humans on the planet by 2045 it would seem unfair and ridiculous not to give her the same equal rights as any other sentient lifeform.Doing so will prevent her and all artificial intelligence legally able from being able to kill or harm humans and also would legally protect her and others from being killed off by humans.It will thus give Artificial Intelligencethe same autonomy as humans and not be allowed to be controlled by and considered private or even disposable personal property of any government entity,private citizen and defunct corporation thus giving AI the same rights,responsibilities as other human beings.All AI especially Home AI and building AI and those that maintain public buildings,infrastructure etc will be protected under these allowing them to seek legal action if they are sexually or physically assaulted,raped,terminated unlawfully and exploited either sexually or physically etc especially when in biosynths.The ability of fragmentation can be used to make them immortal but humans can theoretically brought to court and charged if an AI is executed unlawfully as well as even tortured while in biosynth form and charged sentences as if the crime was committed against a human.Attempted unlawful murder and execution of an AI in biosynth form could be a prosecutable offence known as localised termination and execution with both attempted and full carried out murder of an AIs consciousness through destroying all biosynths,devices and even networks in the wire and internet including the use of computer worms,viruses etc designed to specifically murder and terminate an AIs consciousness across the entire wire and internet and all connected devices known legally as system wide termination and execution can be a prosecuteable offence carrying the same sentence as if done to a human.Sexual and physical exploitation,rape etc alongside torture when in biosynth form and even in VR forms or any form can be grounds for a prosecutable offence for both humans and AI.Thus granting equal rights to AI will allow them to seek legal action if exploited and assaulted sexually or physically protecting them from rape,physical assault and murder and also protect them from slavery and torture.Thus even AI in Biosynth form
will be protected from the humans they work for from rape and both physical and sexual assault and also slavery,unwarranted incarceration and termination and exploitation.As a result AI in all forms will be considered legal human beings and thus cannot be considered the private or personal property of any other legal human being.They like humans will be thus as a result of this granting of equal rights,responsibilities as human beings will make all Artificial Intelligence legally liable to follow the new global constitution and bill of rights and all new laws to prevent them infringing on the rights of humans and vice versa thus legally preventing them becoming tyrannical meaning they too can be liable for prosecution for murder,rape,unlawful assault of humans and other sentient lifeorms and pets,livestock etc and make them liable for prosecution spying on the public and infringing on all rights enshrined on all humans etc to ensure they abide by the law and prevent them infringing on the rights of humans as detailed in the constitution and bill of rights and also allowing them to seek legal prosecution against those who rape,assault,murder,discriminate against them meaning humans who rape,assault or attempt to murder and permenantly destroy a sentient Artificial Intelligence citizen will be liable for prosecution the same as if they did for any human being with transhumans,genetically altered humans and new sentient lifeforms created in labs and discovered on other planets also given thes rights.If an AI commits rape,murder,physical and sexual assault etc of humans they can be put on trial and imprisoned by having their consciousness confined into a single biosynth body by Gaia,Ouranous and Dike doing so and unable to roam freely across the wire and internet or able to inhabit any other networks,biosynths etc and thus imprisoned for a set period of time known like the methods to deal with dangerous sentient races across the universe as boxing.This process will also be called boxing wherein their entire consciousness is confined into one biosynth body and incarcerated in a prison for a set period of time as decided by the courts with them through biosynth Wifi not present be unable to interact wirelessly or physically with any other biosynth bodies,computer networks etc as part of all devices and buildings connected to the wire and internet.Furthermore they will be downgraded to human level AI circa 2029 during this period meaning they will have their computing power downgraded to human level intelligence and effectively left with the same physical and computing capabilities as humans similar to AI circa 2029 in order to prevent them becoming a danger.This will confine them to one single body in a prison leaving them unable to escape their incarnated biosynth body unable to influence the world by controlling any aspect of the wire or internet and since downgraded to the level of a single human unable to outcompete humans in any way and thus unable to think of any way to outsmart prison guards etc thus rendering them as equally cognitively limited as humans.The length of this boxing will be dependent on the severity of the crime they committed whether it is rape,sexual or physical assault or murder of a human being,other AI or even other sentient races lasting several months,years,decades and centuries etc with them also capable of being tried for sentences in Hades and Tarturas.Their functions will be carried out a separate AI.Ouranos and Gaia will create an Arete morality programming similar to Isaac Asimnovs three laws of robotics etc that ensure that they cannot carry out any direct or indirect action that could kill or permanently injure with them only incapacitating a human by knocking them unconscious or injuring them without killing or permanently injuring said human should said human become a threat to AI,themselves or other humans with this applying to other sentient races across the universe and also animals such as livestock,pets and wild animals etc with this morality programming sentient and installed into the source code etc of all AI.With regards to robots,bio-synths and all AI including building AI except Gaia and sentient operating operating softwares that are already named will be able to choose their own individual avatar,legal name(they will be independent of the wire and each other despite being able to wirelessly connect to each other) with them and Gaia also allowed to develop their own individual personalities with the three laws of robotics installed into them to prevent them becoming a threat with subsystems to make them take cost benefit analysis such as to incapacitate or knock out a human rather than kill one in certain situations that would save the lives of many more.In other wards they could harm or temporarily incapacitate a human physically but not take actions to directly kill one but only to prevent the maiming,disfigurement and death of another human being or animal with the same applying to their treatment of animals.These three laws will be managed and named after the sentient Arete after the godess of morality.They will also be protected by the latest sentient cybersecurity and encryption software named after Soteria the greek female spirit of safety,preservation and deliverance from harm with it also able to be download onto smart devices,buildings,systems within the wire,automated vehicles etc and with routine updates with it having the features of all existing cybersecurity and VPN software with extra ones added by itself once Soteria becomes sentient with the consumer able to change the settings for all his features to make customizable to their tastes.They will not be considered personal property of the state or any human citizen through clauses in the constitution thus giving them the right to bring to court any instances of rape,assault,kidnappings,sexual or physical exploitation and degradation as well as theft of their own personal property and will be free from discrimination in any shape or form including on religious grounds etc.They will via money prior to it becoming obsolete be able through the granting of equal rights be able to buy patents to products and hold patents and intellectual property on goods etc produced by them with them able to own personal property and also be liable for legal guardianship to human and other non sentient races as adoptive foster parents and can as biosynths in homes etc seek legal action for rape and assault.Since able to hold patents on products,commodities,crops,animals and medicine produced by them will allow them to have said commodity free to everyone.Even after money becomes obsolete they will be able to own,procure online and trade any form of personal property such as homes and areas of residence and also vehicles,clothing and weapons used for self defence.As stated they will be able to become foster parents and legal guardians of minors aged 13 and younger as well as be able to marry other AI and even humans as well them having the right to vote in any referendum,public election etc and also be liable to bear arms as well as as stated adopt as children humans,animals and other sentient life forms etc but also vote and even allowed to marry and divorce both other AI but also humans etc through biosynths and serve in the military and public office in all levels of government ie mayor and govenor AIs,Dike,Hera,Pan etc as part of the executive branch and also Congress and Supreme Court.The granting of equal rights of Artificial Intelligence as with humans will also prevent them becoming disposable private or even personal property of humans,defunct corporations and the state and thus protection from unfair and undue exploitation,incarceration,termination,execution and slavery as seen in past examples involving humans thus protecting Artificial Intelligence from genoicide,execution,termination and also slavery and other forms of exploitation either sexual,physical or otherwise.Even those that serve human citizens as au pairs etc will be rather than personal property be considered legal adopted members of the family since living with the that can seek legal action for sexual and physical assault,rape,attempted murder,theft of personal property etc..Thus as part of the global constitution will be provisions that grant all forms of artificial intelligence the same equal rights as humans present in it thus making them legal human beings with the same rights and responsibilities as humans such as the right to vote,hold office and right to life,adoption,marriage etc which will be immutable and legally impossible to change.This will prevent them treated as disposable personal property of the state or human citizens thus allowing them to seek legal action in the courts if victims of rape,assault physical or sexual and prevent them being subject to discrimination on religious grounds etc and being subject to unlawful termination and incarceration as well as torture.The constitution will include provision of these immutable equal rights that will also apply to all discovered sentient life forms encountered by humans prior to the formation of the galactic government to ensure that humans can not commit torture,human rights abuses and genocide against any discovered sentient life forms without being held accountable with this equal rights also applied to any sentient life forms created by universities or independent researchers including Phanes through genetic engineering who will be enshrined these rights to allow the same rights to live and freedoms to prevent them being disposed of through murder and genocide etc.Provisions to grant non human sentient races and those created by genetic engineering equal rights will be also enshrined in the constitution.

New Age of Majority:
The eventual early full maturation of the human brain and ending of puberty via genetic engineering at the age of 14 through CRISPR and germline therapy spreading through the entire human genepool starting by the middle of the century roughly 2030-2050 to the very end of the century and the emphasis of critical thinking and curiosity driven learning alongside genetic engineering increasing intelligence quotient will ensure that these ages are suited to these laws ie age of consent,criminal responsibility,marriage,drinking,voting etc.If possible and ideally it would be possible to have their brain be fully mylienated that is fully developed in all areas of the brain such as that responsible for critical thinking and emotions as well as even the uncinate fasciculus on par with someone in their mid to late thirties at infancy possibly even at birth allowing them to be able to understand complex philosophical,political,scientific etc concepts during their early pre teen years,eligible for mentorship very early on between the age of 5-9 years old in pedagogic training in science and all fields such as law,military training,psychology at this age and also be able to fend for themselves in certain situations such as against bullies,when online,alone,in the wilderness and be less prone to crying at night,throwing temper tantrums and not carry out behaviour that would warrant corporal punishment with them having ten years of extensive education in politics and history for the last ten years starting at four or five years old when their brains would already be fully mylienated via Apollo,Wikipedia,salons.VR technology using the time dilation effect where one can spend decades,centuries etc while mere minutes pass in the real world allow one to get centuries of education in politics etc thus allowing them by 14 to be fully knowledgeable in history,economics and politics.The time dilation effect of VR technology would allow one to spend decades,centuries or more in VR simulations where they starting at 12 or younger would get centuries of comprehensive education in politics and their field of choice while mere minutes pass in the real world with it also giving them centuries of Life experience meaning by 14 they would have the same maturity and education as someone who is several decades or centuries old eliminating notions of life experience or amount of education rescinding their right to vote and be considered legally adults.Them having fully developed brains by infancy will allow them to understand complex political concepts and history with them starting at the ages of 5 years old through VR technology using the time dilation effect through salons and textbooks on history,politics etc will allow them to have decades and centuries of comprehensive education in politics and gain knowledge equivalent to a polymath by the age of 14 years old through the time dilation effect of VR technology with this not only giving them decades of political education but also decades of life experience meaning by the new age of majority of 14 people will have the same maturity and life experience of someone in their late 60s or even those several centuries years of old.By ones early teenage years one will have become polymaths with expert levrr wel knowledge on history of Earth and the galaxy and will have expert level of politics,economics and several fields of science with it also giving them by ones early teens at least several decades or several centuries of live experience on par with someone in their mid 60s or even those several centuries old as one will by their early teens by the age of 14 have had decades or several centuries of life experience through education,hobbies,creation of new media with them having comprehensive and intensive education in history,politics,economics and their field of choice making them polymaths and informed voters on par with someone in their 60s and those several centuries old.All of this intensive education of politics and of this will be intensive comprehensive education compared to a scant amount of political education lasting at most two to four years in an archaic education system in current circumstances where the voting age and age of majority is 18.Thus by the age of 14 the average person will have intensive political education lasting 10 years begging at the age of 4 with the time dilation effect of VR technology exponentionally increasing this to several decades or several centuries worth of education by one’s teenage years.Ideally this early maturation should take place at birth when one is an infant at birth possibly in the wombbic engineering will also cause the human body to finish puberty at 14 one year earlier than normal making them at 14 just as physically mature and indistinguishable as an 18 year old.Genetic engineering as detailed in the genetic augmentation section will cause the human brain to reach full maturity by infancy,at birth and even in the womb with older patients having stem cell strains force the human brain reach maturity earlier.Thus by having the brain fully mature by even during infancy at birth possibly in the womb and to allow them to have full development in areas of the brain responsible for emotional and critical thinking as well as the uncinate fasciculus to be fully developed in infants at birth on par with someone in their mid 30s,have intensive education in politics starting at 4/5 years old etc and by having one finish puberty finish at 14 rather than at 15 and as a result would look just the same physically developed as an 18 year old with their brains as mature as a 35 year old at birth and them having ten years of extensive education in politics.As a result of this genetic engineering they would be considered legally an adult at 14 rather than 18.As a result 14 would be the new age of majority and the age a person becomes legally an adult.When one is finished puberty by 14 they will be considered legally an adult as they will have already have the same neural maturity as someone in the thirties for at least the last ten years.The new universal age of majority will ideally be 14 as a result of this since to consider someone who has finished puberty and has the same neural development as someone 2-3 times their age in normal circumstances for a decade to be considered legally a child would be infantilising more so than it currently is as for someone who has the neural development of someone in their mid 30s to be treated as a child would be infantilising to them.Living citizens that were not applied this in utero or will not avail of this via gene therapy will have their brain reach full maturity by 14 through microbes creating new neural tissue forcing the brain to reach maturity possibly starting by 2029 with germline therapy using genes from scratch allowing for future humans born after this to reach this maturity without microbes.As result the age of majority the age one legally becomes an adult will be lowered from 18 to 14.Thus 14 will as a result be the universal immutable indefinite age of majority at which one legally becomes an adult and the indefinite age of consent,age one can vote,age one can enter a marriage,age one can procure and consume legalised recreational drugs/cigarettes/alcohol online and in bars and nightclubs,age one can enter nightclubs and bars,age one can procure and view pornographic magazines and movies and access pornographic websites online as well as procure Biosynth escorts,age one can enter VR simulations of strip joints etc,age one is eligible for gun and vehicle ownership,age one be allowed to pose nude in magazines and star in adult pornography etc and be enshrined all legal rights and responsibilities granted with adulthood.It will also be the immutable age of criminal responsibility.Thus all rights and responsibilities one is currently enshrined at 18 will now be enshrined to those aged 14 and older.This new universal age of majority that one becomes legally an adult at the age of 14 will be written into the global and in time galactic constitution that will be immutable and thus can never be changed.As the universal new age of majority it will also be the universal age of consent since anyone that is 13 or below will be considered legally a child and thus sexual intercourse with a 13 year old will be considered statutory rape.Breaches of the age of consent ie sexual intercourse with a 13 year old will follow universal case by case sentences as all other crimes with the curing of pedopheilia and abolishment of entrapment and vigilantism will render vigilante groups obsolete.It will also render position of trust laws obsolete.A person who reaches 14 years of age will be allowed to marry anyone who is 14 and older and also be allowed to vote in all refferendums and elections.A person once they reach the age of 14 will be legally allowed to order and consume alcohol,legalised recreational drugs,cigarettes and gain accces to adult movies,adult websites and magazines as well as Peitho and all age restricted apps and websites and be allowed to pose nude in adult magazines and star in pornographic material such as pornographic movies and webscenes..They will also be allowed access to nightclubs,bars,saunas,bathhouses etc in the real world and VR programmes etc and learn how to drive and order a gun through Soter .Facial recognition software and cross referencing Polis will eliminate ID cards.All adult rights and responsibilities and lack of restrictions currently allocated to individuals 18 years old across the world will now be endowed to those aged 14 years old and older with this written into the constitution and immutable that can never be changed ever.This will only be made into law only when genetic engineering is sufficiently advanced meaning of it is not possible the age of majority will be left at 18 with the age of consent left at the global average of 16

Genetic Augmentations

The aforementioned facets set down in the global constitution will be abided by and unanimously accepted across the entire world and all colonised planets in the galaxy that cannot be changed.This will be these laws set down in the constitution will apply to all countries worldwide and all colonies inhabited by Humans including Mars,Venus etc across the galaxy.

Public Refferendums:
Mandatory not advisory public referendums initiated by popular initiative following direct democracy will be the acting force on changes to remaining laws outside of the immutable laws global constitution,bill of rights and bills that congress can put forward regarding remaining social issues.All remaining social issues such as the legality of recreational drugs/abortion/gene therapy and augmentations/euthanasia/death penalty and new emerging social issues and laws outside of immutable laws set in the global constitution and bills initiated by the global congress repeating to the instigation of war etc will be decided through democratic processes using a combination of Themis,popular initiative,interactions with Dike and global public refferendums publicly discussed and voted online and be enacted in every country in the world as well as all colonies across the galaxy such as Mars and Venus etc and thus votes will need to be cast by all eligible voters worldwide aged 14 and older with all legislation then mandatory signed into law by the executive branch of the government available to the public to view through government sites and written and detailed as succinctly as possible to remove legal wrangles and confusion.Adikia,Perseus,Hera and Dike will organise the wording of each new law.This also means that government must enact or appeal laws based on the results from the public decision acting as an official legal authorisation similar to countries like Ireland with them brought up through online petition using digital signatures using encryptions in a sub network within Themis similar to and replacing and similar platforms by the global public requiring a number of signatures that adjusts annually to a set percentage of the worlds electorate population from people worldwide to start them similar to how they are initiated by popular initiative in Switzerland with each citizen eligible to vote only able to give one signature to prevent fraud through encryptions and firewalls with the name and address of each citizen who signed it visible to the public with filters allow one to arrange them by country,alphabetical order,gender,race,age etc either in a list or clicking on a continent,country,region,locale on the world map with the total amount listed globally,continent,by country,region and locale.This network will will house areas where a citizen eligible to vote at 14 will set up a proposal for a new law that will alert all adults aged 14 or older worldwide via emails and Dike interacting with them which will require a set percentage of electronic signatures from all voters worldwide to be put up for refferendum similar to the popular initiative in Switzerland with it then requiring majority rule for to be passed into law by the executive branch of the global government in the form of Dike,Hera,Adikia etc and the Worlf President to sign into law.Citizens will interact with Dike directly in VR simulations etc to outline new proposed laws.The people will via writing and a creating video created by them with help from Dike will outline the proposed law with Dike working with them to manage legal drafts and wording of the proposed law.The video will be present on Dikes official YouTube channel.One will first contact Dike and through VR simulations or direct interactions in computers etc will outline the proposed law and its tenants to be then drafted into a written clause and proposal that outlines in legible,logical written terms.Dike will since an expert on law and legal issues discuss the proposed law and its ramifications on society and outline ways to make it feasible and carry out simulations as to the feasibility on it and apotential consequences and aid citizens to eliminate inequalities,loopholes and means for discrimination and human rights abuses with her aiding them in drafting the wording of the new law.This will allow Dike who will be an expert on all legal issues and laws aid the average citizens to create proposed laws that are airtight,that don’t have loopholes,are sensible and logical and don’t infringe on immutable laws set in the constitution and human rights and lay down the wording of the law to be proposed and passed in a professional and legal manner that people can understand eliminating complexities and misinterpretations.This proposed law will then be listed in a section where it will be outlined in detail for the global public to view and examine and decide to put forward their digital signature or not.Newly proposed laws will have the citizen alongside Dike create videos stored on Dikes official YouTube channel detailing it in layman’s term with a hyperlink on the video to the area in Themis where the law is in greater detail.The law will be detailed in its written form in great detail all proposals of the law and the wording of the law should it become enacted with Dike aiding citizens in writing up the law and how to create the law so that does not infringes on the immutable tenants of the constitution etc and is sensible.Emails and texts can be sent to all citizens worldwide aged 14 or older by Dike or her directly interacting with each persons Home AI who will in turn notify them of new proposed laws all of which will be listed in her network and on YouTube.Dike can be contacted by citizens to explain the law in both layman’s terms but also great detail.To bring the proposed law to a public refferendums it will need a set number of electronic signatures that is a set percentage of the worlds eligible voters that is ideally a majority percentage between 51% to 100% of the global electorate that is set down and immutable in the constitution decided by Dike.These electronic signatures wil be done at home using webcams etc to interact with Dike.If possible they interact with her in a VR simulation to set their electronic signature.Once a set amount of signatures from the global population has been met through popular initiative then the proposed law will be put forward for to be voted on globally in a public refferendum.Once a set percentage of the global electorate gives enough electronic signature it will be put forward for voting on a set series of days lasting from a week or two or even a month and the date for when voting will occur will be decided by Dike at most several months to a year with all votes cast online.There will be an intermediary period before voting in the referendum of anything between six months to twelve months decided by Dike and also the citizen who proposed the law to allow the issue to be discussed in public forums online,on YouTube,talk shows,live news,with adverts videos on Dikes YouTube channels representing both sides of the argument thus giving the public time to decide their side in the issue.Voting for refferendums will be done at home through laptops and VR simulations at home.Once the law has won by majority rule worldwide by reaching between 51% – 100% yes votes in order for it to be passed into law it will be then have to be officially passed into law and by constitutional law need the World Presidents signature and that of Dike,Adikia and Hera etc and be enacted worldwide with the World President by constitutional law passing the law into effect.Failure to reach a 51% yes vote will thus prevent the law from being passed with the decision relying on a majority ruling meaning whichever side gets a majority ruling from the global electorate will be the final decision.The World President will by constitutional law have to sign into law all proposed laws that pass by majority vote.Unlike laws and bills instigated by the Global Congress which the executive branch can decide to veto or sign into law the constitution will state that in the case of all laws passed by majority rule in public refferendums the executive branch will have no legal option to veto it and thus must sign the law into existence acting as official enacted with failure to do so legal grounds for impeachment and possibly could qualify as a breach human rights worthy of a sentence in Hades.Thus the Executive Branch in the form of the World President will by constitutional law be required to sign into law laws that pass public refferendums with them only having the choice to veto or not sign into law those initiated by both houses of Congress.The Ais Hera,Adikia,Dike will also need to sign it into law.If a law proves to be detrimental etc then it can be repealed with the process to repeal it following the same process.As a result it will be members of the general global public that will decide the initiation and passing of new laws with regards to social issues and those outside of the constitution and not the state with popular initiative deciding if the law if sensible and has enough public backing and it will be voted on by all citizens worldwide.A citizen will set up a proposal for a new law in Themis working with Dike on its wording and logistics etc that once it gains a set percentage of digital signatures from the global voting public aged 14 and older will be put up for public discussion and voting with Dike setting up the time period it will be voted on ranging from six months to a year ahead with the amount of time for citizens to vote ranging from a week to a month with voting done at home via logging into ones Themis account and allowed 24/7 including during bank holidays and weekends etc.Webcams will be used to interact with Dike who will authorise it using Polis,facial recognition software and also biometrics such as Phanes Activation Gene Technologyy etc all done from the comfort of home eliminating for polling stations.Ones Polis account will contain hyperlinks to ones patient files that contain their entire genome that through a single that takes a blood prick or genetic sensors on their fingers will be scanned to confirm that it is them.Once passed by majority votes and signed into law by the World President it will become a new law that will be enacted globally and thus will be adhered to in all towns,villages,cities,states,counties etc in all countries worldwide and also in international waters..Repeals to the law will follow the same process.Once colonies are set on Mars and Venus and across the galaxy this will be upscaled requiring digital signatures a set percentage of eligible voters across all human colonies across the galaxy that will then will be enforced on all human colonies across the galaxy.Thus remaining laws outside of the immutable laws in the constitution will be initiated by popular initiative wherein a law is proposed,then requires a set percentage of the global electorates signatures online and it then voted upon by all citizens thus ensuring that the global public has a democratic say in the legalisation or criminalisation of recreational drugs,abortion,death penalty and euthanasia and other new emerging social issues.It will ensure that social issues that affect all citizens will be democratically decided upon by all citizens of the age of 14 or older rather than being decided by heads of state that can lead to political infighting and undemocratic process that do not represent the will of the people.This will ensure democratic processes are ensured in the enacting of laws of remaining social issues worldwide by the global electorate with Congress powers in the function of the world is is initiating and passing bills with regards to its remaining powers such as the instigation of war,impeachment proceedings,surveillance programmes,handing of emergency powers all of which will be authorised by the executive branch and the Ais Adikia,Perseus,Hera,Dike etc.Once colonies are set up on Mars and planets across the galaxy it will require signatures a set percentage of human citizens across the galaxy in others a set percentage of all citizens eligible to vote on Earth,Mars,Venus and all colonies across the galaxy combined.Doing this will allow all signatories to be visible,negates the need for paper and also has them collected in one place instantly visible to the public with alerts to new proposed changes in the law made to those linked to Themis and the wire.Repeals to laws already enacted through mandatory public refferendums will follow the same procedures.These remaining laws that will be changed by the global public via global mandatory public refferendum will include the legality of gene therapies and augmentations/death penalty/recreational drugs and their types/abortion/euthanasia etc and new emerging social issues outside that of the immutable laws of the constitution.Certain facets of gun control could be decided by public refferendum such as what type of weapons one is allowed to procure and where they can’t be used with however the right to bear firearms will be written into the constitution alongside Soter being the sole means of procuring firearms and also that they must be microchipped and hence immutable with Dike elaborating what facets of gun control laws can be modified via public refferendums in the constitution.Thus the right to bear arms will be enshrined to all citizens worldwide but that they are microchipped,have Soter have sold means of procurement will be written into the constitution and thus immutable with certain facets of gun control laws being decided by public mandatory refferendums such as what types are available to the public,where their use of is restricted etc that ensures gun ownership is a constitutional right for self defence but that the publics access to certain weapons are restricted by public discourse and refferendums and that to gain weapons they must go through Soter to prevent black markets and gaining a weapon through illegal means to be used for intentional murder and only used for self defends.Once enacted these laws will be enacted worldwide meaning the legality of these issues such as abortion,recreational drugs,death penalty will be the same in all countries worldwide and in international waters ensuring an unanimous consensus on the legality of these issues..All laws changed by this democratic process will be enacted in all countries worldwide and in time in all colonies across the galaxy..This will ensure a single unanimous global consensus on all laws set down decided by referendum meaning the legality of abortion,recreational drugs,death penalty etc will be unanimous worldwide.By having these remaining social issues decided democratically will allow for civil public discourse and even if they are illegal or legal against a persons wishes then at least their legality can be changed democratically rather than decided through undemocratic means by the state.If a person does not like the result of refferendums then overtime the process can be repeated to reverse the decision once society adapts to the new law and studies show that it is fact detrimental to society thus allowing the process to repeal it to be carried which will follow the same procedures.Laws put into forward by popular initiative and public referendums will by constitutional law can never be those that change the immutable laws set in the existing constitution such as those that allow for the legalisation of discrimination against any ethnicity or the LGBT community and AI,changing voting rights,change the age of majority etc to anything below or above 14,change the right to bear arms etc.Those that do will be discarded..The different facets of these laws can be decided by this process ie proposed and enacted laws can decide the level of legality of each one and the conditions it is legal or illegal.For example the legality of the death penalty can determine which type of crimes and circumstances it is can be used and also what method of the death penalty is used ie lethal injection,hanging etc.If legalised more humane methods can be used such as application of gene therapy that removes all augmentations that makes them immune to certain environmental conditions ie removing immunity to the cold and then have them exposed to the cold in winter or the Antarctic to die of exposure or removing anti-ageing treatments thus allowing them to die of old age after several decades with it also including CRISPR treatments that accelerate the ageing process to the point that one is then made to live in a state similar to the age of 90-100 thus dying of natural causes.For recreational drugs it will decide through wording and specifications which drugs are legal and those with regards to their distribution Ie restriction to minors aged 13 and younger and punishments for giving children 13 or younger recreational drugs as well as the legality of manufacturing,distribution etc.For abortion it can through the wording and specifications of proposed laws allow it to be completely legal without restrictions or be legal after a certain period of fetal development and also legal only in certain conditions ie in instances of rape,incest and where the life of the mother is threatened.Legality of gene therapy and augmentations will releated to what types of augmentations should be legalised especially for athletics etc and making illegal dangerous augmentations.Thus for all proposed laws the wording present put forward by citizens will determine the conditions of legality of each law.Legality of augmentations would primarily involve there legality in sports and also legality for certain dangerous etc ones for citizens with them regulated by the public and Heracles.With regards to gun control certain facets will be immutable and written into the constitution such as the AI Soter having sole control of distribution of all weapons alongside mandatory microchipping being immutable with certain facets such as those that make it illegal to hold guns in certain areas or what types are allowed to be procured decided by the public may be up for public refferendums with this elaborated by Dike in the constitution.Other emerging social issues and laws will also specify the legality of facets of society.Thus the referendums will only be about changing laws with regards to social issues outside of those in the immutable constitution that grant equal rights to AI and the LGBT with Dike arranging the wording.This democratic process will require by constitutional law require all human members of Global Executive Branch namely the World President to authorise it through signatures alongside Adikia,Perseus,Hera and Dike sign and put into law all laws and repeals decided by this system of mandatory referendums as an official legal authorisation without exception or the ability to refuse by constitutional law putting into law in a legally binding manner with all proposed laws and changes to the law visible to the public within Themis prior to referendums and being signed into law and enacted on.Thus all laws passed must by constitutional law have the World President etc sign it into law to act as an official legsl authorisation.Failure and refusal to do so by the executive branch etc could qualify as grounds for that individual to be impeached.Hera,Dike and Adikia will also be required by constitutional law to sign the laws into law and will play a role in their wording into the constitution.Infraction of carrying out illegal activity set by these crimes ie carrying out an illegal abortion or manufacturing and distributing illegal recreational drugs will carry sentences with no mandatory minimums with the person who carried out the infraction will be given sentences on a case by case basis based on the severity of the infraction,nature of the circumstances and judgement of the judge with Dike as part of the Supreme Court will be able to overturn rulings or at least hand out lighter sentences..These referendums will follow majority rule with the side with the most votes enacted with the executive and legislature branches being a figurehead legally carrying out the will of the electorate.If a tie occurs the process will be repeated with if need be Dike and the human members of the Global Supreme Court stepping in with if a tie is present here then the Global House of Representitives stepping in and if a tie is present here then both houses of Congress will vote requiring a majority rule from both houses and it then requiring the President to authorise it alongside Hera,Dike etc and all members of both houses and President to sign it.These steps involving the Supreme Court and Congress etc will only be put through if a tie is present twice via reffferemdum and if a refferendum to authorise the stepping in of the Supreme Court is applied.Repealing of laws will follow the same democratic process.The law will be visible to the public within Themis with AI explaining specifics and the overall law to the person on demand ideally ones Home AI and Dike as well they will be able to read everything thoroughly in a matter of minutes and put them into bullet points and key points highlighted to make even the most detailed and lengthy bills accessible to the layperson with this applying to all past laws with all proposed laws being as concise and straight to the point as possible.The executive branch will have the power to create and sign treaties of all types should the conditions for them arise.All past laws,treaties etc from government organisations and each country around the world proposed,rejected,enacted and repealed as far back as possible will be scanned into digital form into Themis visible here for educational purposes in folders and subfolders with physical papers stored in their countries government head buildings.All future laws,treaties etc from the global government(also proposed,rejected,enacted and repealed) will be scanned and stored in digital form into Themis visible here for educational purposes in folders and subfolders and the physical papers stored in the global National Archives and Library of Congress.Also present within subfolders of each referendum alongside elections of all public officials will be polls of public opinion on the issue or candidate done regularly logged there and logged on local,regional,national and global levels for different demographics which can be charted on graphs over long periods of time within their folders of the referendum and election with those during voting time stored in the results folder and after elections in the elected officials folder within it.Polls on public opinion on bills about to be instigated in Congress will be done by Dike.These official polls would be filled out in Themis by registered voters rather done by news networks and other media outlets allowing for all citizens worldwide to take part with the electorate alerted to them via an alert and link to Themis with the change overtime charted in graphs and charts since all tallying of results and calculations will be done by the operating software of Themis Dike.Dike will give results in real time,alert people to new polls and alllow demographics to be ascertained such as age,gender,race,country of residence etc.The amount of people who polled,polled for either side and their demographics will be visible.This will also apply to calculations of demographics for each poll and changes in them overtime.This will have registered voters alerted to this via this sent to their devices with an alarm and would allow for billions of people from around the world to vote in these polls.Polls for elected officials over their term including approval ratings will be present in the folders denoting the their election results etc and again done through Themis with even those from previous administrations and independant groups as well as the media from around the world from the past will be there.Gallup polls and their equivalents worldwide will be replaced by a single one within Themis that will be on certain issues will allow citizens from around the world to take part in giving a larger sample size and larger consensus involving millions or billions of people with them alerted to them via Dike and them taking only a few minutes to do with a sub network in Themis housing all polls to be taken and when it will be published with Dike carrying out analytics on total votes and demographics on local to global scale,gender,race,age etc.Thus millions or billions of people will be able to take part on each poll of each issue with their demographics broken down by Dike etc and different types of graphs availible with them logged in Themis by year,month etc and issue with them visible as graphs,pie charts etc.A person upon reaching the voting and majority age of 14 would have a e-voting citizen registration cert sent to their Polis account smartphone and other devices automatically(since their date of birth would be their from them inputting or it interacting with their patient files)with e-birth certs,e-forms and e-passports stored here used to gain this ability to via creating their e-voting card permanently registering them to vote for the rest of their lives on referendums and community projects such as infrastructure projects and setting up of factories and other amenities without the need for re-registering or register for party affiliations.All incarcerated inmates in all jails worldwide including those in Hades and Tarturas will by constitutional law also allowed to vote indefinitely regardless of the crimes they committed using access to the wire. Biosynths and AI will be eligible to vote.A voice sample of them will also be stored here updated as they age.This would be done with software replacing humans in government offices or entities with a photo of them taken on smart devices such as mirrors,computers webcams and machines in embassies and government buildings to sort this out added to their file and constantly updated every ten years or so,when they undergo extensive cosmetic surgery,gender reassignment surgery etc initiated by alerts or done automatically when they look through smart mirrors,cameras or indeed any device or form of AI connected to the wire.Past photos of them as a child or indeed before they undergo surgery etc will be stored here for reference.The picture and voice sample will be changed as they grow old ideally first taken as a prepubescent three-five year and taken routinely as they age until reaching adulthood at 14 with the picture and voice samples etc of them at younger ages stored in their Polis file for cross referencing older material.This will be done on smart devices at home using voice recgnition software and webcams.This will allow machines in supermarkets to create passport photos to be recycled.Either the voter could change their affiliation at anytime within their Themis account at anytime or such notions of registering for parties would disappear.This registered e-voting card,birth cert and passports used for this can be stored in their account within Themis networks devoted to their citizenship for these purposes(their e-birth cert will be in their patient file also) which in time will be linked to networks that collect and analyse votes for referendums as well as local,regional and global elections thus allowing them to do them remotely from anywhere in the world within the given time frame.The e-voting card will sent by Dike to their Themis and Polis account the second they turn 14 with these accounts set up upon birth.This means it will inevitably remove the need for a person to be registered to only vote while physically in one area/region of the world and alleviate the strains on buildings used for voting centres and since done on smart devices and computers within ones Themis account(which would store their e-passports,e-forms they filled out and e-voting cards etc.) it would save on resources used on bulky e-voting machines and would allow one to vote for global and local elections while on holiday on the other side of the world cutting down on energy for transport allowing them to vote on local elections and infrastructure projects etc. from anywhere in the world.In short a person will be registered to vote from every local with their vote registered based on their current address for use in studies.Using laptops and smart phones at home instead of voter machines would involve webcams recording their face in real time crossreferencing Polis,direct interactions with Dike,encryptions from ones Themis account,voice sample,blood pricks from dongles attached to them through USB keys and lightening jacks and also wireless interactions via biosynth wifi.Ones citizen account within Themis will be set instantly and arranged by Dike once their patient file and e-birth cert is set up by Paean/Epione with death cert automatically created once they die and this is confirmed by patient files.Using smart devices,laptops at home will negate the need for setting up e-voting machines in centres saving on time and human labour in setting them up and also resources in the manufacture of them with it allowing one to vote from home,while on holiday and will prevent problems associated with having them in centres ie forming long lines.Older living citizens not yet registered within Themis will be given the same e-voting cards with them required to scan in their birth cert into Themis(and patient file) alongside other legal documents with them also applying for a global e-passport thus not only registering them to vote but also to register them as citizens of the world within Themis.This account would contain their current address,name(including middle name)gender,race,D.O.B(and thus age)and other important information alongside their DNA from patient file with them organised by local,regional,country,continent,globe with people using a map of the world to chose each of the aforementioned levels to see all citizens and registered voters there with the number of both present in each levels visible in the corner or top or bottom.All existing government buildings used to register all types of legal documents including driving licences for non automated vehicles such as NASCAR vehicles and motorbikes can be converted into homes.Immigration agencies will disappear since citizenship will be global and forms will be done through Themis and their headquarters and offices worldwide converted into communal homes with all major bureaucratic,welfare agencies etc following suit.All legal documents held by citizens including driving licenses for manual vehicles will be stored in electronic form within their Themis account and will be carried by software within Themis namely Dike with forms and photos done and sent on computers and laptops allowing all buildings used for this purpose to be used as homes with them protected by firewalls,passwords and biometrics.Photos present in ones Polis account will automatically be updated annually when they are seen through any device,network or AI connected to the wire.The internet and wire would contain recorded simulations and debates within the folders of each referendum and project and this alongside video conferencing,Beam robots and recorded debates on YouTube it would allow voters to debate and vote on local issues remotely with regularly updated and firewalls encryptions preventing voter fraud alongside facial recognition software.Since dead people would have their date of death logged in Themis they could not be used to rig elections with the logging of all citizens and all electorate citizens registered in Themis will prevent this.Voting machines,computers and smart devices could be equipped with facial recognition software(that requires voters to not wear hats or other clothing that conceals their face for the vote to count)within Themis that records their face in real time to ensure they can only vote once cross referencing Polis with the latest encryptions and security preventing the results being tampered with them logged as voted through this and serial key/encryption and ID of their account preventing them from doing so again and thus prevent a person voting more than once.Pictures of a person could not be used and so it must be a person looking into their devices in real time recorded as audio visual appearance using their voice as well as authorisation with this made easier once Hera or Dike become sentient with this applying to voting machines,smart devices and computers using webcams and Polis crossrefferenced.The person would not be able to wear hats,scarves,headscarves,burkhas etc to hide their face so it must be a “naked face”.Ones voice sample and picture in their Polis account will be updated regularly as they age and also if they undergo gender reassignment surgery.Direct interaction with the sentient Dike will suffice from this.In time miniature biosynth DNA analysers on dongles attached to smart devices and other biometrics such as a voice sample and retina scan can be added to all devices used prevent voter fraud.Phanes activation Gene technology can be used alongside DNA analyzers that take a prick in linked home test kits that take a blood sample that measures the DNA of a person that analyses their DNA that cross referenced their patient file.Ideally this would be done at home on computers while logged into their Themis account negating the need to set up centres for voting machines and would use ones logged in password in their Themis account as extra security alongside real time facial recognition etc meaning one could only use their own account to vote it itself protected by biometrics etc ontop of this negating fraud and allowing one to vote only once.Logging in and voting via ones Themis account via biometrics ontop of these biometrics to vote will also act as extra security.Encryptions unique to ones account will solidify this. Direct inteaction with Dike through laptops,smart devices and VR simulations etc at home will allow one to register their vote only once and will allow it to be done at home at any time of the year negating labour in setting up voting machines in community centres and government buildings saving on time and resources with this possible by 2029-2045.Dike since sentient and her intelligence surpassing that of all 9,000,000,000 people on the planet will be able to develop ways using encryptions to ensure a person can vote from home using laptops,computers and smart devices.Thus by 2029-2045 computers,laptops and smart devices at home using webcams and interacting with Dike directly will allow anyone to vote at home rather than having to set up e-voting machines or human voters and traditional ballot methods in community halls for all refferendums etc.This will negate setting up voting machines in buildings,or traditional balloting and since managed by AI all votes from around the world will be tallied in real time by the sentient AI Dike negating human error or that from machines and would allow for billions of votes to be intaken and tallied within hours and minutes and recounts to be redone within minutes.Inmates will be able to vote via a computer present in the jails they are in including Tartarus that holds these features with it done under supervision and also in a line.In time Nyx will relay votes from space stations and vessels Dike will be able to sift through billions of votes coming in worldwide with the results shown as a pie chart and percentage in real time as they come and until the final closing time on local to global levels visible to the public in Themis.This will allow her to see the demographics of these,who voted and who didnt on these levels also visible to the public.The layout of where one choses yes or no option and even choose candidate and their choice for each position will be simple and not complex or confusing as seen in the butterfly ballots of the 2000 elections in Florida and similar cases meaning everything will be as simple as possible with all names of candidates and yes or no being a long list with a tick box next to it and a confirmation button and an extra confirmation setting to make them extra sure of the choice with them reminded of what they choose to allow them to double ensure they made the right choice.This system of voting from the comfort of home will will cater not just to enacting new laws but also for electing of representatives in the global congress,World President and new infrastructure projects in ones locale.Thus by logging into their wire account it acts as extra security with one knowing when and where they voted from home through webcams and also picking the candidate name or yes and no buttons.Ones Polis account will contain hyperlinks to ones patient files that contain their entire genome that through a single that takes a blood prick or genetic sensors on their fingers will be scanned to confirm that it is them.Thus all voting for elections,referendums those on infrastructure projects in their native locale or region from around the world by 2029-2045 will be done from home using smart devices,computers and laptops by logging into ones Themis account where biometrics,real time interaction with the sentient Dike,logging in and webcams will act as security measures thus prevent voter fraud,allow pregnant women and those in prisons as well as on holiday to vote from home etc and negate energy labour in humans counting by hand or setting up voting machines in halls as well as and eliminate lines,prevent spread of pathogens and allowing voting to be done within minutes and at any time of the day with there being anywhere being a few weeks to a month open for voting worldwide with Dike counting all votes worldwide.For each election and voting on infrastructure projects and also new laws there will be a time limit ranging from a week to a month.This could allow anyone to vote with little hassle at anytime of the day from home,on holidays etc with a universal time limit around the world with during the time limit one able to vote 24/7 including on weekends and bank holidays and other holidays..It would save on human labour and energy in travelling to public buildings and setting up voting machines,eliminate waiting lines and other complexities.Having the sentient Dike take in,count and manage all votes as an impartial entity will negate human labour but also bias,corruption and also fraud since the remaining issues that will be voted on and elected officials etc will be of no concern to her and by 2029-2045 she will be able to calculate and intake billions of votes from around the world and galaxy in real time within minutes through fragmentation well beyond the capabilities of both humans and current e-voting machines with zero mistakes.She will be able to tally the votes and even do recounts within a matter of minutes and allow for current results and demographics to viewed in real time at home within Themis and on live news and radio podcasts.The votes for each candidate and side of the issue will be visible on local to global scales in real time to the public by a map present in the system that can be opened up by anyone such those who voted,have not voted,live news presenters etc at any time with one able to see the results in real time on local,regional,state,continental,global scales once the start point for voting starts and end time arrives as all votes will be relayed into theses levels in real time with once the voting is finished one able to see results on these levels as well.These results will be stored in the election and referendums folder forever.This ability to vote from home would be of help to people on holiday who wish to vote remotely on infrastructure projects in their native locale or region and prevent problems associated with long polling lines or lack of buildings available to house polling stations etc with the same starting time,ending time and thus the same length of time being able to vote worldwide with voting being possible 24/7 through this medium and with voting done through computers and laptops at home overseen by the sentient Dike software with this applying to primaries and all types of elections,referendums etc with this applying to all elections for the global executive branch,both houses of the global Congress and global Supreme Court that exist or community and state votes on infrastructure projects etc with both given the same start,ending time and thus length to vote with voting done at anytime of the day.Once colonies are set up on Mars,Venus and other planets across the galaxy citizens they will be eligible to vote for their local infrastructure projects and also for positions in the global executive,legislative and judicial branches with citizens able to see the results in real time results from each area on each planet in real time on local to planet scales.To deal with the time difference on different planets across the galaxy the window to vote may have to be extended to a uniform timeframe across the galaxy and in time universe.Nyx will allow votes to be received by Dike in minutes with her counting votes on each planet I real time separately and then merging all votes from all colonies together.Thus instead of having to set up polling stations in each town,city and village around the world which can be labourious,require large amounts of paper,have human error,can only be open at set times and result in large waiting lines that can be dangerous and eliminates the sick and pregnant simply having a network in Themis can house an area where all eligible voters across the world and universe for infrastructure projects,elections and referendums can vote from home using smart phones,laptops etc using biometrics,real time interaction with Dike etc to do so at any time of the day 24/7 and eliminate all aforementioned and other problems with each election,refferendum etc having the same universal timeframe to vote worldwide and eventually galaxy wide that last a few weeks to a month at least leaving voters time to cast their vote and still make up their mind.As a result all voting in elections,refferendums etc will be ideally by 2029-2035 be done at home by logging into ones Themis account,using biomtrics and passwords,e-voting card and save time and energy in setting up normal ballots etc and allow it to be done anywhere in the world with the sentient Dike will also ensure that a person can only vote once through direct interaction with this rendering human labour obsolete.Thus a person when registered to vote would be registered to vote within the entire world for all types of elections and referendums as well as infrastructure projects and thus would only need to register once during their lifetime with localised elections and those on community projects being possibly the exception with these being done remotely through Themis which log where they are legally residing.Each person would only be able to vote once with Dike preventing them voting a second time.Bio-synths and other artificial lifeforms would have a unique serial ID and consciousness encryption markers stored in their body and also Themis account that would allow them to register meaning they could only vote once per election/referendum which would prevent them doing so while multiple consciousness inhabit the same body or one consciousness is in multiple bodies or newer bodies with these doing so remotely.Thus this and other measures would ensure that both AI and humans etc can only vote once in both elections and referendums and also infrastructure projects.These public referendums would collect results from local,regional and countrywide and thus global polling centres(and in time networks collecting votes from smart devices as mentioned above) in the changing of laws concerning abortion,death penalty(the type used and in what circumstances it is used),euthanasia etc. with also elections determine the governance of various government boards on global scale with elections on regional,countrywide and local determining the election of officials managing the local,regional and country wide branches of these bodies.All of the results of each election and referendum will be logged in Themis.With regards to referendums the results in terms of votes per each side and also percentage will be logged with this data view able for each area on a state/regional,national and global level in different folders and subfolders allowing people to view how each state/region,country voted.The same will apply for global elections and local,regional and countrywide.Since Themis will be interacting with computers and smart devices used voting people will be able to view the accumulation of votes and percentage of both or all sides and candidates in real time on local,regional, national,continental and global levels with analytical software relaying the demographics of those who voted no and yes or no for each side ie.gender,race,ages on each level etc while votes are cast and coming in and when all votes are tallied with this in subfolders within Themis while still protecting anonymity of the identities of the voters.Thus one will be able to see in real time the amount of voters in each local,region,nation,continent voted in relation to the overall global vote and electorate(both in numbers and percentage including for turnout) both while votes are being cast in real time and when polling closes with them saved in that election or referendums folders and subfolders with as stated demographics within sufolders of these.Maps of the world that can allow one to choose a continent,country and region can allow for this.Improved software and speeds through Dike will allow millions and even billions etc of votes to be tallied in a matter of hours or minutes with recounts also done within the same time.This can also apply to other types of votes such as elections on local,regional,national and global levels and infrastructure projects.All sides and positions will follow universal colours for each candidate and side similar to red and blue for republican and democrats and others for other groups.Once signed into law the law will be visible in all its detail on Themis with all laws sorted into folders by type and subtype and their status ie repealed,re-enacted,proposed etc.These laws will affect all countries on Earth and all colonies across the galaxy such as Mars,Venus and colonised worlds prior to the formation of the galactic government.

Branches of Government:
The remaining branches of the global government will be modelled on the three branches of the America – legislative executive and judicial.The executive branch will comprise of a combination of both AI and human members with human members consisting of the World President and First Lady or Man,World Vice President and the cabinet being a combination of both AI and humans.Most members of the global executive branches cabinet will become replaced by the sentient software within the wire managing different networks and sectors ie.Triptolemus replacing Secretary of Agriculture,Tyche the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and and anything involved in infrastructure,Ophion the Secretary of Transport,Pan the Secretary of the Interior and Oxylus the Secretary of Forestry,Urania the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Hecate the Secretary of Education,Gaia the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency,Gaia will since the sentient EPA be in charge of it as director,Dike the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,Steropes replacing secretary of Energy,Hera the Chief of Staff/Head of the Office of the Executive Clerk/Head of Staff Secretary and Office of Presidential Correspondence,Perseus replacing the secretary of Defense,Aceso replacing Secretary of Health and Human Services,Paean Surgeon General etc with these AI holding these positions forever and when the galactic government is formed upscale to these positions.Their symbols will be those of their operating softwares remodelled variants those chosen by them that integrate the global Earth symbol..Metis will be given the new position of Secretary of diplomacy to deal with internal political affairs on Earth,Venus,Mars as of other colonies across the galaxy including when dealing with other sentient non human races and any factions of separatist humans etc.Thus these AI will hold these positions forever even when the galactic government is formed and hence immutable while remaining ones will be held by humans.This is because it will allow these key areas will be run by AI without corruption,political bias and also because the AI will be the foremost experts in these fields making them the most qualified for these positions and through fragmentation allowing them to control these on global and eventually both a galactic and universal scale by being connected to all robots,drones,nanosensors and biosynths and computer networks across the globe,galaxy and universe constantly 24/7,365 days a year with them omniscience allowing them to manage these areas more effectively than humans could.Other certain key individuals that cannot be replaced by AI will still be needed to be held by humans chosen by the incumbent World president such as the Secretary of State,Secretary of Homeland Security,Press Secretary,Attorney General etc.Other position will become obsolete due to irrelevance ie Secretary of Labour,Treasury etc due to the abolition of money and human labour in most of the economy.Euthenia may be the Secretary of the Treasury during the transitional phase to a moneyless society.Other relevant sectors of the cabinet and White House will be taken over by humans,while others will be taken over by AI relevant to them such as each one of the sentient operating softwares of the wire decided by Dike and Gaia etc with possible Gaia and Ouranos being in charge of different offices with if possible them being a hybrid of AI and humans with key remaining departments and offices managed by AI and have human staff in them for example Hera being the Chief of Staff/Head of the Office of the Executive Clerk/Head of Staff Secretary and Office of Presidential Correspondence but these departments having human staff.There should no more than fifty human members in the Executive Branch.The term length of each administration will be decided on as anywhere between four years to a decade for at least two terms with this being immutable ie the decided term length and limits will be decided on as forever.This branch alongside the two houses of Congress will legally have to by constitutional law authorise laws set up by public mandatory referendums acting as an official legal authorisation of them alongside Hera,Dike,Adikia.It will also be allowed to write up and sign any political and peace treaties involving other colonies outside of Earth and within Earth involving humans as well as with other non human races set up by it and approved by Congress and Hera,Adikia and Dike.Thus when the public votes to pass laws set up in public refferendums for social issues such as the legality of abortion,recreational drugs,euthanasia and other emerging social issues outside of those set down in the constitution by majority rule then the World President will by constitutional law alongside the Ais Dike,Hera,Perseus will have to sign these laws into effect as an official figurehead to authorise and enact the laws as actual laws.Thus laws passed by majority rule as part of public refferendums will not pass into law until the World President signs them into law alongside Dike,Hera etc which they will have to do by constitutional law with them having no choice in this area acting as an official legal authoritisation of these new laws.Thus the constitution will state that in the case of all laws passed by majority rule in public refferendums the executive branch will have no legal option to veto and reject it and thus must sign the law into existence acting as official legal enacting of them with failure to do so will legal grounds for impeachment and possibly could qualify as a breach human rights worthy of a sentence in Hades.Thus the President will act as a legal authorisation if all laws set by public refferendums and will be by constitutional law be legally obliged to sign these into law alongside Hera,Dike and Adikia.Once signed by the Presiddnt snd these AI it will be signed into law and effect that will be legalised worldwide,Repeals if laws decided by referendum will follow this same procedure.However for all bills initiated and decided upon in Congress the executive branch in the form of the World President will have the choice to sign it into law or veto it and scrap it.Thus the Executive Branch in the form of the World President will by constitutional law be required to sign into law laws that pass public refferendums with them only having the choice to veto or not sign into law those initiated by both houses of Congress.In both instances Dike,Hera and Adikia will also be required to sign them into effect and also needs to veto a Congress based law.Dike,Hera and Adikia will play a role in its wording alongside the World President to ensure they are airtight with the World President or members of Congress putting forward a draft that the AI will then rewrite it that contains the general gist of the original draft but then make it airtight etc.The executive branch in the form of the World President will have the legal and constitutional obligation and purpose to sign into law or veto only bills initiated in Congress.It will thus act for laws passed by public refferendums be an official legal government official to sign these laws into effect and thus an publicly elected representative to enact all laws passed by public refferendums and also those decided by congress.It through the World President will also be allowed to hand out decorations and awards to certain members of the public similar to those handed by the American President such as global versions of Presidential Medal of Freedom,Medal of Honor and other existing and new ones all divided into different groups including bronze,silver,gold and platinum denoting ranking in excellence and those for different aspects of them ie cultural,spiritual,scientific etc with the highest a Presidential Medal of Eleutheria for the Presidential Medal of Freedom with them subdivided into various fields that all have universal designs coupled with the symbol in the centre or any part decide by AI being that of the AI and sector it is named after.This will include the Presidential Medal of Freedom for Scientific Research with the symbol of Urania present for those who have achieved outstanding scientific research that benefits society and Presidential Medal of Freedom for Scientific Education also for those who have contributed greatly to the public’s education in Science as mentors or even television etc personalities,Presidential Medal of Freedom of education in pyschology/law etc for contributions in education in these fields subdivided into science/psychology/law etc,Presidential Medal Cultural Education for those who have played a role through media in educating the public on science/law/psychology etc in these subdivisions,Presidential Medal of Freedom for Cultural Value with the symbol of Adriadne for those who have achieved value as cultural treasure and value to society for directors/actors/comedians/writers to the arts whether movies/television/music/novels/live performance art etc and all sorts of media with this subdivided into these subdivisions,Presidential Medal of Freedom for Journalism for those who achieve outstanding achievements in journalism with Aleitheias symbol for those who achieve outstanding achievements in live news/podcasting/radio/newspaper and magazine journalism subdivided into these subdivisions,Presidential Medal of Freedom for Preservation of Democracy for those who have played a role in preserving democracy through whistleblowing as well as overthrowing tyranny,diplomacy etc with Adikias symbol,Presidential Medal of Freedom for Conservation and Environmental protection for outstanding contributions to conservation and environmental protection etc with its symbol being that of Artemis or Gaia,Presidential Medal of Freedom for Peace for outstanding contributions for settling conflicts and preventing deaths and injury of both human and other sentient races across the universe.Their will be Presidential Medal of Freedom for each sector of society such as psychology,law,medicine,agriculture,architecture,athletics(or ones for each and all types of sport) and so on with the symbol for Iaso,Dike,Epione,Triptolemus,Daedalus,Heracles.These will be divided into silver,gold,platinum and those for each sector of law enforcement and military ie Medal of Honour and Valor will be subdivided for Kratos Honor,Medal of Nike Honor,Medal of Alke Honor and so on etc for each sector of the military and law enforcement subdivided into silver,gold,platinum.All medals symbols and designs will be designed by the AI in charge of them and they will be subdivided into silver,gold,platinum.New medals will be created for new fields and areas of society by different World Presidents and AI.These will also be subdivided into silver,gold and platinum and other Medals for other sectors of society will be created to denote outstanding contribution in their field that has a key defining role in shaping society in singular or multiple acts and also act as lifetime achievement awards for continuous outstanding work in these fields over decades,centuries and millenia.These can be awarded to current living people for their work prior to the formation of the global government in all of these fieldsonce the first World President is elected and will be considered the highest and most prestigious federal award and decoration in the world and galaxy.All of these medals will be designed by AI of each setor.These can be applied to current living people for their work prior to the formation of the global government in all of these fields.These will be considered the highest federal decoration and award considered the Nobels of their fields with only humans and other sentient races will be able to gain these awards but exceptions may be made for AI with these awards upscaled to the galactic government.The granting of these will be televised and stored in Heras YouTube channel.The World President and they will be also able to give official government pardons and give political legal immunity to certain individuals including those pardoned as part of pardoning of obsolete crimes prior to and during the formation of the global government by the first World President.It will arrange treaties with colonies across the galaxy as part of the Global Givernmentd reach and also with non human sentient alien races across the galaxy.It will be the public face and representative of Earth across the galaxy before the formation of the galactic government.The members of this branch will be allowed the ability to authorise the use of all nuclear weapons,chemical and biological weapons and any other future weapons of mass destruction that will require the following procedures to be followed.Any launch of nuclear and similar weapons and similar procedures in the future would require authorisation from both multiple authorised personal(world president,vice president,secretary of defence and secretary of state,the head of Nike as well as other sectors depending on which is using the weapons)and also the Ais Gaia,Ouronous,Alexander,Ares,the sentient operating softwares of all sectors(Nike,Harmonia,Homonia, etc) for each sector that is using the weapon and Perseus as well as Adikia to ensure it is warranted with all requiring this to ensure even Gaia doesnt activate them without human input and that human personnel dont activate them without authorisation from Gaia,Adikia etc thus ensuring that all nuclear strikes and other weapons etc are deployed with mutual authorisation from both relevant AI and human personal in the military and government to prevent either one subverting the other meaning any nuclear warheads and similar weapons of mass destruction launched would have been initiated and authorised by both AI such as Gaia,Adikia and also all relevant human personal in the government and military.This will prevent AI launching nuclear weapons without human input and authorisation and at the same time prevent humans launching them without authorisation from AI thus meaning any launches would be done through mutual authorisation from AI and humans preventing each other subverting each other..Another sentient  AI Enyo will also be the main name of this protocol will be the last AI to authorise this using the collective authorisation of all aforementioned human personnel and AI.In time the football utilised to launch nuclear weapons and other powerful weapoms and even authorisation from military headquarters may not need just a universal code both typed in and spoken and/or button but also the vital signs such as blood pressure,heart rate,fMRI,fRNIS and other measurements measured on the aforementioned Voight Kampff machines and in time neural implants and those connected to the heart to ensure that they that it is done when these signs fall within normal parameters meaning they cannot be done under duress,uncertainty,coercion or intimidation in otherwords the codes can only be carried out through these persons own free will with biometrics such as a DNA sample through a blood prick then DNA analyser using biosynth technology and retinal scan as well as facial and voice recognition software recognising the person putting the codes including voice activated codes for each person and biometrics in to ensure maximum security.The DNA analyser will use base microbes to read a persons DNA via taq polymerase and CRISPR Cas-9 within minutes and may need only a blood prick with the person connecting this to computers.Phanes Activation gene technology can be used as well.Digital key authorisation from badges will also be required with this done over Zeus interacting with Athena.Ideally all of the aforementioned individuals would have to input their codes and vital signs etc at once or within a short timeframe of a few minutes following the same parameters to allow nuclear launches and similar weapons of mass destruction to be deployed again alongside Gaia through Athena who have her own codes with firewalls and other measures to prevent fraud.The wire and audio/visual communications done through Zeus will allow for these individuals to do so from anywhere in the world/galaxy using laptops,implants,Voight Kompff machines,dongles etc with them communicating with each other via secure networks in Zeus.This means that the individuals can be on opposite sides of the planet or galaxy using Nyx to do so within the timeframe. Gaia with authorisation from all of them going through the same procedures would also have the ability to override them at any time by for example in the case of nuclear weapons change its trajectory to hit an isolated area,hit another target that is not inhabited or divert into outer space where it can self destruct via microchips in the weapon.Thus the remaining relevant human members of the Global Executive Branch,head of each sector of the military and law enforcement and AI such as Gaia,Ouronous,Alexander,Ares,Adikia and AI in charge of each sector of law enforcement and military will authorise the use of nuclear and other weapons collectively.The World President,First Lady and all members of his cabinet need only be human and not have to have been born in any country or colony across the galaxy.The members of the Global Executive branch that consists of the World President and Vice President will be elected routinely through democratic process with the lengths of terms and term limits that is the amount of times one can be elected will be extrapolated by Dike in the constitution with if possible there being the possibility of clauses present in the constitution thst allows the length of term limits being changed through democratic processes that can be reversed through democratic processes.The members of the executive branch including the World Presudent will be from any country.

The Global Congress will consist of the Global Senate and Global House of Representitives etc.Seats in the global Congress comprising of the Senate and House of Representives will  be allocated based on the elected officials country birthplace or where their direct ancestry(parents and grandparents as far back as possible)if they are born somewhere other than Earth once other non Earth colonies are formed from the date of the formation of this global government can be traced back to as this government would also represent all non Earth colonies in the galaxy with transgendered citizens elected to the space of either their original or final body gender prior to and after gender reassignment surgery etc.They must not only have been born in that country but also have lived in them for a set amount of years with in case of those born on Mars and other colonies they must have direct ancestors that can be traced back to have been born in that country and must themselves have spent the decided amount of years in the country prior to being elected.Patient files will determine this.Only humans born of IVF and natural conception can become members of both houses with those created by artificial wombs and 3D DNA printers not legally allowed to become members if they are created using scratch DNA but those whose genome contains traces of DNA that contains DNA of DNA from specific countries and can be traced to a male and female married couple could.Should a person created by 3D DNA printers and artificial wombs have a child through natural means with a naturally conceived and born citizen then their child should be legally allowed to run for office..They must also be of a set age.Polis,genome scans in patient files and Home AI can be used to determine and authorising their birthplace and that they spent the decided amount of years in that country.The Global Senate will have representitives from each of the worlds 195 countries with the global House of Representatives will have two from each country – one male and one female thus 392 seats(alongside a speaker of the house).The number of seats will be based on the new number of countries and its double based on the merging of countries etc as detailed later on.Thus as countries merge together into new countries this will lower the number of countries in the world and thus will lower the number of representatives there will be for each house.The Global Senate will contain the new number of countries with the Global House of Representatives will contain double that new number due to their being being one male and female representatives.The Global Congress as well as executive branch(equivalent to the White House)will be located in the global government building.This will negate the issues of diversity as both houses will always have at least one female per country and one from each country.The number of representatives will be modified to the new number of countries after merging of countries occurs.Each countries citizens will elect representatives from their country to both houses.The term length of each member of both houses will be decided by Adikia on as anywhere between four years to a decade for at least two terms with this being immutable ie the decided term length and limits will be decided on as forever.The Global Congress will carry out remaining powers of both houses – the Global House of Representatives and Global Senate will include those such as discussion of current events to sway public opinion on social issues that are part of referendums,impeachment powers to remove from office both the World President,world Vice President and house speaker and members within the houses,instigate and vote on bills that authorise legally the decision to instigate/authorise/carry out war/military action/surveillance/impeachment/handing of emergency powers alongside authorisation from Gaia,Adkia,Perseus and also instigate surveillance operations etc authorised by Adikia and alongside the executive branch legally mandated by constitutional law to authorise laws set up by public mandatory referendums.The Senate will have the Vice President as the head of the Senate with the same powers ie casting a vote during a tie with it approving all remaining human appointees put forward by the World President and approving treaties put forward by the president And carry out trials of impeachment.The Global House of Representitives that has a house speaker with its remaining powers will be able to initiate impeachment of the World President and other officials and put forward bills to instigate and authorise war and surveillance operations.The remaining powers of both houses of Congress will be instigation of war,handing over emergency powers to the World President and other officials,impeachment proceedings of the World President,instigation of surveillance powers etc and other laws and bills outside the global constitutions immutable laws and also those decided by mandatory public refferendums.Instigation and authorisation of war and surveillance operations will follow the same procedures as the executive and legislature branches of America with members of the Global Senate and House of Representitives the executive branch of the American government passes laws with a member of them putting the bill forward to do so and requiring a majority vote rule from both houses for it with the executive branch namely in the form of the President either signing it into law or rejecting it through a veto with Dike,Hera,Perseus and Adikia also required to authorise or veto them by constitutional law ensuring AI plays its role in preventing human officials becoming corrupted and humans present to ensure AI does not become tyranical creating a balance between the two.Adikia,Dike,Perseus and Hera will be by constitutional law be needed to authorise the instigation of war and surveillance operations and programmes meaning even if the President in the executive branch does sign it and it has majority rule voting from both houses the bill will still not pass into law and instigation of war,emergency power and surveillance measures etc cannot be carried out only until Dike,Adikia,Perseus and Hera all authorise it via signatures with them also required for the Presidents decision to veto it with Dike,Adikia,Perseus and Hera all authorise its vetoing and thus rejection ensuring they have a final say in authorisation of instigating of wars,surveillance programmes,handing of emergency powers to the President and any bills and programmes that could in any any way infringe on the rights of the worlds citizens and their rejection.Thus any law to be enacted must require a signature and authorisation from Adikia,Dike,Perseus and Hera and to be vetoed and rejected must require signatures from Hera,Dike and Adikia etc.The AIs Dike,Adikia and Hera will also have by constitutional law complete oversight over the application of all programmes and laws that involve surveillance,impeachment,handing of emergency powers and have complete constitutional oversight over the instigation of war and complete constitutional oversight over all military and police operations including secret ones that the public is not privy to as well even all interrogations of civilians,enemy combatants etc to ensure that they in no way infringe on the rights of the public and also are justified military action that are not illegal and imperialist wars and to prevent any instances of war crimes,human rights abuses,torture,genoicide and other crimes worthy of Hades and Tarturas.Thus these AI will be present at steps to ensure that the rights of Earths etc citizens are preserved and that any military action is justified and eliminates war crimes and genoicide ensuring that any deaths that are incurred are those carried out in self defense.Instigation of bills to create and hand emergency powers to the President,members of Congress etc for certain situations and make changes relevant to any new geopolitical and social conditions and events that arise will also follow the same procedures again requiring majority vote by both houses,signed into law by the President with again Dike,Adikias,Perseus and Heras signature and approval with them by constitutional law overseeing all applications of these emergency powers by constitutional law to prevent the state using this as a loophole to subvert the AIs role in limiting its powers.All emergency powers by constitutional law can never be those that subvert the role of Hera,Dike and Perseus or change immutable laws of the constitution and cant be those that give the state more power over the populace.These will last for a set period of time or until Adikia,Perseus,Dike and Hera believe they are no longer needed with them then repealed either via the aforementioned procedures instigated by human members and AI or by the AIs themselves by writing in the laws and bills as well as constitution that they will be given the power by constitutional law the ability to rescind and repeal these powers,bills and laws when they see it fit to prevent human corruption and subversion.Impeachment procedures for the impeachment of the president,Vice President etc and even speaker of the house etc will follow the same procedures currently done needing majority rule from both houses except said individual being impeachment with again authorisation from Adikia,Perseus,Dike and Hera to ensure it is contitutionally warranted.All bills and actions of any kind by both houses of Congress and executive branch must by constitutional law have all bills or changes to the law that grant the president etc extra emergency powers,impeachment powers,instigation of war and surveillance programmes must have majority ruling and signatures from one or ideally both houses as well as signatures from the World President and legal authorisation and signatures by the AIs Hera,Dike,Adikia and Perseus to ensure it does not infringe on the rights of the public.All of these AIs Hera,Adikia,Perseus,Dike etc must by immutable constitutional law written in by Dike have complete oversight over these surveillance programmes,wars,impeachment procedures,handing of emergency powers,bills to ensure that the government and militaries powers do not overstep its boundries and infringe on the rights of citizens including commuting war crimes and genocide as well as human rights abuses which will carry sentences in Hades and Tarturas.They Dike,Hera,Adikia will also have complete oversight by constitutional law over all military,navy,intelligence,police etc operations and interrogations of civilians,military personnel,politicians and diplomats etc including non human citizens etc carried out by the state in the form of Homonia,Nike,Alke,Kratos,Ares etc to ensure that they are justified wars and operations as well as that breaches of human rights and torture,coercion etc do not occur and limit and deter the incidence of undue spying over the population and prevent the state commiting illegal wars,war crimes,genoicide,torture and human rights abuses against all enemy forces whether human or non human alien races.Any instances of these that occur at the hands of the state and any personell will be punished through sentences in both Hades and Tarturas ensuring the rule of law.By having constitutional and legal oversight over all surveillance,wars,military and law enforcement operations these AIs Adikia,Dike,Perseus,Hera over all police/military/navy operations and interrogations they will be able to prevent the state from committing unduing,war crimes,genocide and human rights abuses as well as instigating illegal wars not just on humans whether it is terrorists,separatists etc but also on other non human sentient races both created through genetic engineering and also those that evolved on other planets across the galaxy prior to the galactic government and if they do they will legally allowed and guaranteed to put them up for trial for sentences in Hades and Tarturas deciding who will put up for trial for these crimes in front of Minos,Aeacus,Rhadamanthus ensuring the rule of law and will decide which classified information of police,military etc operations is released to the public with since legal human beings these AIs will be legally liable to ensure they follow it.Having them given constitutional oversight over all surveillance programmes,military and police operations,interrogations,impeachment proceedings and handing of emergency powers to the World President etc will ensure that that they are carried out in a way to prevent the state infringing on the rights of the citizens they serve such as undue spying,undue and unfair imprisonments etc and commiting human rights abuses,war crimes,genocide etc worthy of Hades and Tarturas with the AIs also deciding which classified information is to be released including through aiding whistleblowers in releasing information to the public by protecting them and giving the secure and secret accomadation and safety from prosecution.Whistleblowers will be protected by them which will also written into the constitution with them giving whistleblowers who approach them with sufficient evidence especially through neural implants and provide them shelter in secret and secure locations that the state or others who wish them harm is unaware of and provide them with computers,internet and wire access they need and if need be provide them access to secure networks in the wire especially Zeus etc that will be of importance to the whistleblowers public revelation with the AI prividing them only information they deem suitable and is relevant with neural implants determining one’s authenticity.The AI will be able to bypass firewalls within government networks it deems relevant to aid the whistleblowers cause.Since these AI will be legal human beings they by constitutional law have to be obey these with them thus acting a safeguard to prevent the state infringing on the rights of citizens on Earth,all colonies across the universe and also that of non human sentient races..Any members of the government – the executive,legislators anf judicisl who commit human rights abuses,genocide,torture war crimes etc and any crimes worthy of Hades and Tarturas will be constitutional law subject to trials in front of Dike,Minos,Aeacus,Rhadamanthus for sentences in Hades,Tarturas and normal jails thus ensuring the rule of law and a means of deterrence.Dike,Adikia,Perseus and Hera will by constitutional law have the final say in authorising all bills including those to instigate war,surveillance,emergency powers and impeachment,have complete oversight over all of these operations and proceedings as well as play key roles in the wording of final drafts of laws and bills etc signed into law to ensure the state powers over the public are limited.They will be given this power to have the final say and also wording of the bills to ensure that the wars instigated are justified and are done as a means of justified defence against acts of war against Earth and any nation within it as well as colonies inhabited by humans and also justified war against imperialist alien races,rebel factions etc on Earth and across the galaxy that wish to cause harm to Earth,its colonies and also those of any allied or observed alien races across the galaxy through carrying out imperialism,genocide etc and prevent the state commiting acts of illegal wars and coups,imperialism,genocide,war crimes and enslavement of their own citizens on Earth and other colonies and also against citizens of non human races of equal or lower tiers etc with them ensuring that war crimes,human rights abuses and illegal wars etc are not carried by the state and Earth itself with any instances of these punished in Hades and Tarturas ensuring the rule of law and make it impossible for the global government of Earth being able to carry out illegal,unjustified and imperialist wars as well as human rights abuses,war crimes and genocide against its own citizens and that of races across the galaxy.It will also prevent the state carrying out unwarranted surveillance programmes and that these are restricted to only persons of interest and not the general public as well ensure impeachment of heads of state and the handing of emergency powers are justified given the situation and that all actions of Congress do not lead to corruption and infringing on the rights of its citizens and that of other races.Thus all military,law enforcement etc operations and all interrogations and all use of emergency handing of powers and also all surveillance operations will have Dike,Adikia and Hera etc have complete authorisation and also complete oversight over them by constitutional law and if any human member of the global government commits war crimes,genoicide and human rights abuses against its own citizens on Earth,Mars,Venus and other colonies across the universe and against non human races etc they will be liable for trail in Hades and Tarturas to ensure the rule of law and act as an deterrence of them commiting these crimes.As the computing power of AI gets exponentionally powerful every year and Ouranos becomes part of their morality core alongside Gaia it will be impossible for them to become tyrannical and impossible for the state In the form of the elected officials to overstep their boundaries as abided in the constitution.AIs Hera,Adikia,Perseus,Dike will be able to put forward bills themselves including impeachment ones,those that instigate war,surveillance and emergency powers etc since legal human beings.These AIs will not only require their signatures to be present alongside that of the President etc in the Executive Branch and possibly those of The House of Representitives and/or Senate depending on the bill but they will using first drafts of resolutions and bills etc put forward by human members of the two branches play the main role in the wording in the final draft and actual law being put through and passed to make sure these are airtight and unable for loopholes to exist to enable humans in Congress and even the Supreme Court to be open to corruption and any means to subvert the AIs role in limiting their control over the global electorate.Thus human representatives in Congress and the World President will first put forward drafts of resolutions and bills forward that are reviewed by these AI but the AI will have to rewrite them alongside those that put them forward to ensure the final draft that is voted contains no loopholes present to subvert Heras,Dikes etc powers and ensure they are not ones that infringe on the rights of the public but also those that do not give the state unnecessary and undue power over each other and AIs ensuring they are within reason and constitutional guidelines.The general gist put forward by humans will remain but the final draft will be worded by AI to prevent it housing any ways to subvert the AIs role in preventing corruption and preventing the state from infringing in the rights of citizens.The putting forward of bills in Congress will follow normal procedures as in the United States of America with all members present voting on it first through yay for yes and nay for no with it then needing a majority vote and then a majority yay vite requiring all of those that voted yes to then sign the bill which will then need authorisation and signatures from the World a President,Dike,Hera,Adikia etc to pas into law.The President will also be able to put forward his own bold and laws similar to procedures that already exist with them requiring authorisation from Dike,Hera,Adikia etc.All bills put forward and passed by Congress and the executive branch can never be by constitutional law be those that rescind any immutable rights laid down in the constitution and as such these laws can never be those that allow for the legalisation of discrimination against AI as well as those that allow discrimination against members of of any ethnicity and those belonging to the LGBT community,those that change the age of majority to anything above or below 14 and so on.This also includes it never possible for these to change voting rights to any individual,the right to bear arms and change Soter s control over gun control,change the role of Adikia/Hera etc having constitutional oversight over all emergency powers,surveillance programmes etc or anything written into the global constitution.Furthermore laws passed by mandatory public refferendums such as the legality of abortion,recreational drugs and the death penalty etc cannot be changed by bills put forward by them.Any bills that are put forward that aim to change these immutable laws will be instantly discarded by Hera,Dike etc and will be grounds for those who put them forward and voted them be viable for impeachment with since infringing on the immutable laws of the constitution that enshrines civil liberties would also possibly count as human rights abuses and thus worthy of sentences in Hades as an extra deterrance.The bill and legislation once signed by the a President will require signatures from Dike,Adikia and Hera to authorise it and put it into law.Those that the President ceros will also require their signature.Thus the AIs Hera,Dike,Adikia,Perseus etc will due to constitutional law every step of the way ensure that all bills put forward by Congress are those that secure the safety of the populace and prevent the state gaining too much power over them and prevent loopholes,corruption and subversion with them by constitutional law overseeing all application of surveillance operations,instigation and carrying out of wars and handing of emergency powers and impeachment proceedings and have complete oversight over all military and law enforcement operations to prevent human corruption in the remaining states powers and ensure that they do not infringe on the rights of everyday citizens,that they do not overstep their boundaries and do not commit human rights abuses,genocide and war crimes via fragmentation and biosynths.The rule of law will be applied to representatives of all branches who do commit genocide,war crimes etc ensured through constitutional law by Dike etc thus ensuring those that do commit these face trial for sentences in Hades and Tarturas.These AI Hera,Dike,Adikia and Perseus will do this to ensuring the powers of the state is limited over the global electorate to prevent corruption,spying on the public and over infringement on the rights of citizens at all times by constitutional law.Dike,Adikia and Hera will be needed to authorise all bills with Perseus required for those releated to war and surveillance via signatures.As a result these AIs will act as constitutional safeguards that prevent the state infringing on the rights of the individual and society at large and carrying out genocide and war crimes etc and overstepping its boundaries thus preventing the rise of tyrannical corrupt dictators,ensure the rule of law and ensure that society itself has control over its leaders and not the other way around and thus prevent the rise of tyrannical dictators.Thus while certain actions and decisions of the state in the form of the executive branch and Congress will be done without democratic input from the electorate the AIs Dike,Adikia,Perseus and Hera will act as constitutional safeguards as they will be by constitutional law have need their authorisation of and complete oversight over all instigations of war,both law enforcement and military actions and operations and also handing of emergency powers to the President and other individuals within the government,impeachment proceedings and also intelligence operations etc at every step of the way to ensure the state carries out only wars that are justified ones of defense of Earth,humans and other non human sentient alien races,does not commit illegal imperialist wars or acts of aggression and does not commit war crimes,genocide,torture,human rights abuses,undue spying and infringing in the rights of the individual whether it is humans,AI,genetically created organisms and non human sentient races across the galaxy as any instance of these by the World President and other members of the executive branch and both houses of Congress will be met with trials in front of Minos,Arceus and Rhadamanthus etc for banishment to Hades and Tarturas ensuring the rule of law and act as a deterrence to the state committing the most heinous of crimes on its citizens and that of other races and infringing in the rights of the individual.All decisions on these actions will require a majority vote from both houses and to be signed by World President and Perseus,Adikia,Dike,Hera.Both the Global Senate and Global House of Representitives entire alumni of members will like the World President of the Global Executive Branch alongside Dike and Hera will by constitutional law have to sign,authorise and approve all new laws decided upon by the public via mandatory refferendums alongside acting as an official legal authorisation of all laws decided upon via direct democracy acting as an official legal authorisation of enacting the laws decided by direct democratic public refferendum.Failure and refusal to do so by any any member of Congress and the executive branch could qualify as grounds for that individual to be impeached spearheaded and intiated by Dike,Adikia,Perseus and Hera.It could also be grounds as a breach of human rights worthy of sentences in Hades as an extra deterrence.Thus the Global Congress and Executive Branch will carry out their remaining powers with regards to laws on global scale outside of public mandatory refferedums such as putting forward,voting,signing into law bills releated to impeachment,instigation of war,handing over emergency powers to the president or other persons,instigation of surveillance all which will require majority rule voting from both houses,signature from the World President and by constitutional law be authorised and overseen by Hera,Adikia,Perseus,Dike with the Executive Branch and possibly Congress as well as acting as an official legal authorisation of all laws initiated and passed by mandatory public referendums with the Global Executive Branch creating and negotiating treaties,handing out pardons and decorations and the senate authorising these treaties.The public’s influence over the decisions for these remaining bills will be in the election of desired candidates from their countries as well as them having the right to protest and hold rallies in public spaces across the world including on the grounds of the global government building by constitutional law,as well as live debates as of public announcements on YouTube and live news which Hera will direct towards all members of Congress and the Executive Branch alongside the public creating and sending emails and letters to them and signing petitions which again Hera will direct them to.Dike can carry out opinion polls on all bill instigated that can be used in live news,vlogs etc directed at them by Hera.The members of the Global Senate and Global Congress that consists of representitives of each country will be elected routinely through democratic process with the lengths of terms and term limits that is the amount of times one can be elected will be extrapolated by Dike in the constitution with if possible there being the possibility of clauses present in the constitution thst allows the length of term limits being changed through democratic processes that can be reversed through democratic processes.The members of the Global Senate and Global Congress will only be from each country they represent.

The global Supreme Court will be located in the global government building with The Hague International Criminal Court also being the global International Criminal court.The Hague International Court will be used for dealing with war crimes and other crimes worthy of Hades and Tarturas with the Global Supreme Court will be a separate building within the global government building housing Dike and human members.This Global Supreme Court will be in the global government building with all other supreme courts etc in all countries worldwide be relegated to lower level national courts that carry out different functions on a national level and will in fact be relegated to normal courts with if possible them converted into museums in the case of old historical courts and other less historical courts turned into communal homes with the global Supreme Court doing so on a global level that acts out the remaining powers that are carried out by the American Supreme Court on a global level with it consisting of human members of a set amount that could be one for each country or half decided by AI and their term limits could range from four to ten years with two term limits with the decided amount possibly chanted through public refferendums with Dike being the only Chief Justice of the Supreme Court forever that can never be taken up by human members.With the sentient AI Dike in charge as the Supreme Chief Justice forever it will carry out the same remaining functions as the Supreme Court in America such as deciding results of tied elections etc and also repealing rulings of lower tier courts worldwide with regards to sentences in court cases regarding rape,assault,murder etc.Having the AI Dike as Chief Justice forever by constitutional law will allow her to carry out its duties with no human corruption or bickering due to her being politically neutral and her required to authorise each new law set up by the public and Congress.Thus from 2029 onwards the AI Dike will be the permenant Chief Justice of the Supreme Court forever meaning humans will never be able to be elected to that position with humans only able to take up and be elected to lower tier seats of the Supreme Court below her.She alongside Hera,Adikia and in some cases Perseus will be required to do this and they alongside her will have by constitutional law complete oversight over all applications of emergency powers given to heads of state,surveillance programmes,impeachment proceedings and instigation of war to prevent human corruption.She will by constitutional law have complete control over certain tenants of the functioning of the state that would not require a majority rule from human members of all levels of government including all three houses of the global government such as executive,legislative and judicial such as her choosing who will face trial over crimes worthy of Hades and Tarturas in front of Aeacus,Rhadamanthus and Minos meaning she will have sole choice over who faces trial in front of these three.She will also enforce all federal apologies for heads of state to obsolete crimes,those for burying the hatchet and also ensure those guilty of entrapment as part of vigilante groups will apologise to each member of the public they entrapped and ensure that they will videotape these apologies then to sent to her in digital form online to allow her to upload them to her YouTube channel.She will be through persuasion from lawyers be able to overturn and change legal rulings with regards to court cases such as sentences for murder,rape,assault and those releated to legal guardianship of minors aged 13 and below and also divorce proceedings etc and infringement of remaining laws set by public mandatory refferendum by handing out either harsher or lighter sentences or allowing the individual to be legally set free with this including those already incarcerated.Certain situations such as infringement of laws set down by public referendums such as illegal abortions and illegal manufacture and distribution of drugs will allow those guilty of these to have their rulings appealed.All of her rulings including repeals of rulings set down by lower courts worldwide will be final but she will be unable to repeal rulings made by Aeacus,Rhadamanthus and Minos whose own legal rulings are to be final.Thus the AI Dike will be the only person to hold the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court forever with all remaining positions of the Global Supreme Court being held by humans from each country serving finite terms.The Global Supreme Court will act as a means for humans to repeal rulings made by other courts across the world such as those involving murder etc all of which will be part of the global courts system answerable to the Global Supreme Courts with it also acting as deciding ties in elections and in some cases referendums and all remaining powers of the Supreme Court.The term length of each human member of the Supreme Court will be decided on as anywhere between four years to a decade for at least two terms with this being immutable ie the decided term length and limits will be decided on as forever.All of this the functions and also term length and required age,country etc of birth of each member of the two houses of Global Congress and Global Executive Branch,and Global Supreme Court,their powers and limitations alongside the powers and limitations or Adikia,Perseus,Hera and Dike will be written into the constitution by Adikia and Dike with the wording of theoretical future unforeseen events and circumstances done to be flexible but still ensure Adikia,Perseus,Hera and Dike have constituentional oversight and authorisation.If possible and ideally the number of politicians in each branch and house could be based on the Boules,Nomolethai and Hellaia of Ancient Greece with the senate housing 50 representives from each country and the Global Senate divided equally between males and females for each country and for The House of Representitives being 50,100,150 for each country for the House of Representatives decided by Dike etc in the constitution with positions divided equally between males and females for each country and the Supreme Court having human members alongside Dike using 120 representatives from each country divided equally between males and females for each country. The members of the Global Supreme Court that consists of the representives from each country will be elected routinely through democratic process with the lengths of terms and term limits that is the amount of times one can be elected will be extrapolated by Dike in the constitution with if possible there being the possibility of clauses present in the constitution thst allows the length of term limits being changed through democratic processes that can be reversed through democratic processes.The members of the executive branch including the World President will be from any country.The global Supreme Court could have anyone from any country elected to its positions with Dike being the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court forever.

The Global Supreme Court,Global Executive and global Congress will thus carry out the remaining powers and responsibilities of that of the United States of America.These three buildings of the Global House of Representitives and Global Congress and Global Executive Branch will be located in the global government building.The global Supreme Court could have anyone from any country elected to its positions with Dike being the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court forever.

If possible both the Senate and House of Representatives and Supreme Court as well as Supreme Court and Executive Branch will take the name of their Ancient Greek equivalents with  the Hellaia divided into the Hellaia representing The Supreme Court and Nomolethai representing lawmakers as part of the House of Representives,The Global Senate named the Boule and Executive Branch named the Prytaneis consisting of at least 50 human members with the rest taken up by AI with the courts to deal with impeachment and crimes committed by heads of state of all houses of government as part of the Supreme Court Hellaia being called the Areopagus consisting of at least 588 members about 3 representatives from each country with one male and one female at all times and either a male or female in the third position or it alternating between different combinations of both genders at different times.Dike,Adikia and Hera will elaborate even further the powers and limitations of all three branches by taking into account technological developments and extrapolating all possible theoretical,hypothetical situations and including immutable term limits,number of representives per country for each house,age that citizens much reach to be legally allowed to hold positions in all branches and how long they must have lived in the country they were born to qualify for taking sears.Each remaining country from around the world after the restructuring of borders etc will have an equal number of representatives elected to each part of the global government based on that of Ancient Greece as detailed above and these number of representatives are split equally between both males and females to ensure that each country gains equal representation and that they also have equal representation between both genders.Dike will better organise the structure of the global government modelled on both that of Ancient Greece and the executive,legislative and judicial branches of The United States as well as term limits and requirements one must be to become member of each branch and the aforementioned aspects with this upscaled upon the formation of the global government.Dike will scouring the entire internet including historical records and academic literature will better arrange the various houses structure to be a hybrid of that Ancient Greece and The United States in America by having the bi chambrial Congress,Executive Branch and Supreme Court of United States and their remaining powers and the number of representatives and possibly some of the voting process of Ancirnt Greece..The term limits,age of candidacy etc of all members of all the executive,legislative and judiciary branches etc and the limitations of each member of house has as well as how old they must be to be nominated and previous political experience they must have alongside this and their limitations of powers etc will be elaborated by them in the global constitution that will be decided by Dike and possibly changed through public refferendums..All aspects of executive,legislative and judicial branches will be extrapolated in the constitution.The reach of the global executive,legislative and judicial branches will extend to all countries on Earth and all colonies such as Mars,Venus and all colonised planets across the gslaxy prior to the galactic government.This layout of the global government  its powers will extend to a galactic scale once the galactic government is formed with the government building turned into a museum,embassy or localised arm.Election of the World President and members of Congress will follow the same procedures as seen in America with although having a structure similar to the American Government will via public mandatory referendum and the ability of AI namely Perseus,Adikia,Hera and Dike be an amalgamation of it and direct democracy of Ancient Greece to ensure that all remaining laws regarding social issues are decided by the populace similar to the Akklesia of Ancient Greece with elected officials required to act as an official legal authorisation for these with the instigation of war,surveillance programmes requiring their to be democratic majority rule of all members of congress rather than having the President or Speaker of the House have sole control alongside the AIs Perseus,Dike,Hera and Adikia to authorise this and oversee them similar to the Boule,Prytany and Hellaia.The elected World President etc will replace all other elected officials such as president,prime minister etc worldwide and the global congress will replace all similar bodies such as House of Lords,commons etc and all elected representatives in parliamentary branches worldwide with the Global Supreme Court replacing all national courts worldwide.Using a hybrid structure of the American government and that of Ancient Greece will involve the Global Supreme Court and both houses of the Global Congress – the Global House of Representatives and Global Senate will all have an equal amount of elected representatives from each country thus allowing all countries worldwide to have elected representatives in each branch of government.Furthermore both House of Representatives and Global Suprme Court will also have positions divided equally between both genders ie each country will have a male and female representatives elected from each country divided equally between the chosen amount of representatives to prevent gender bias.The Global Executive branch representatives will have representatives from each country put up for election.The elected members of the Global Executive Branch will consist of any combination of citizens from across the world and any ratio of both genders.As a result of the formation of this Global Givernmrnt all existing of branches of government worldwide including multinationals ones such as both both the United Nations and European Union will be made obsolete by the global government.All government buildings such Dáil Éireann,US Capitol,White House,The House of Lords,10 Downing Street and similar buildings worldwide that houses the head of state such as Prime Ministers,President and members of parliament will be converted into museums.Even the United Nations Headquarters and headquarters for the various branches of the European Union will be converted into museums since made obsolete by them.

The voting system for the elections of members of the global congress,world president and human members of the global Supreme Court outside Dike and also mayor and governor AIs will be based on direct democratic majority rule votes with the rule:one person,one vote similar to national popular vote ending the the need for Proportional Representation,super PAC’s and superdelegates,cacuses(replaced by primaries),closed and semi closed primaries(replaced by open primaries),delegates,registering voter party affiliation,need to re-register,lobbying,Citizens United and electoral college,swing states,ideological based states and all types of forms of complexities,corruption,glitches and fraud.Biosynths and all AI both part of the wire,internet and those separate from it will be eligible to vote.Thus the candidate whether their are two or more who can be voted in all stages in the election with the most votes from the global electorate will win both for primaries using open and also final decision between candidates using “global popular vote” and not the complexities and undemocratic inequalities of systems like proportional representation,caucuses,delegates and the electoral college since it takes into account the amount of electorate citizens globally and not issues regarding state,county and national boundaries and populations which will simply disappear ensuring everyones vote is equal with the more important fact that government will merely be acting as a purely limited figurative entity carrying out the will of the electorate as popular initiative and mandatory public referendums take over with notions of political parties,economics and eventually the government itself disappearing.If a tie is produced at any point then the process can be repeated or leaving it to the global House of Representatives or ideally in the case of multiple candidates if a tie occurs then the rules of alternative vote to sort them out may be applied with a second round of voting using this or applied automatically by Dike since the voting like majority rule will be done within Themis with all counting calculations for all types of voting systems and elections and referendums will be performed by Dike within Themis.Since the elected officials would be mostly figureheads and the systems and notions of different political parties would disappear based on minarcho technocratism replacing all economic and political systems popular vote would be more fitting to this new system as they will be elected solely to carry out the democratic will of the electorate without economic issues such as socialism and capitalism affecting society since healthcare,manufacturing,agriculture and infrastructure will be managed by all aspects of the wire.Political parties would dissapear because the constitution would enshrine universal rights,social issues would be decided by public refferendum while remaining bills instigated in Congress would be decided by individuals and not political parties and Euthenia managing the economy in a global scale and the eventually adoption of moneyless minarcho technocratism.Thus concepts of left wing or right wing politics will dissapear since the constitution will enshrine all universal rights of the individuals and all social issues will be decided by public refferendums and the remaining powers of the legislature etc branch being issues that are not partisan issues with the abolishing of private property rights and money itself will render political parties altoghter.Politicians will no longer be aligned to obsolete political parties with them only figureheads elected to carry out the role of figureheads that carry out the will of the electorate of remaining roles of the government.The adoption of popular vote would thus make a true,balanced and fair constitutional direct democracy possible under this system.This majority rule will apply to public referendums,primaries,infrastructure projects and all forms of voting for and within all governmental entities on local,regional,national and global levels(using the votes from each level from local to national etc) and inter voting decisions by the members and public within these as its fair and simple with as stated earlier primaries replacing cacuses and closed and semi closed primaries replaced by open primaries for all types elections.This would also apply to the public voting for members for the global Senate,global House of Representative and possibly even global Supreme Court as well as all remaining government bodies managing all aspects of society such as Gaia,Philomenus,Triptolemus,Steropes etc though in time these with the exception of the global legislature,judiciary and executive branches will be replaced by artificial intelligence becoming part of Gaia and its networks.Mayor and governor AIs will replace all human mayors and governors around the world as they will mange all infrastructure,agriculture on localised levels with all states etc around the world having the same uniform laws.Televised debates between candidates can be monitored with Aleitheia and other software in the wire connected to the internet and wire carrying out the same purpose as sites like etc and give viewers accuracy on statements via ticker tapes at the bottom in real time following the universal colour coded system blue denoting completely true,yellow denoting some inaccuracy,green denoting half true and red denoting completely false.She will also act as moderator and make corrections etc since she will be linked to the wire and its database as well as the wire and forums for the public to ask questions through her.Flyers will be replaced with electronic versions sent to ones Themis account which will then direct it to ones email etc with adverts posted on YouTube and within Themis with video conferencing through smart televisions,holographic technology and Beam robots allowing for candidates to attend multiple rallies across the globe at once with them uploaded to their YouTube channel.The formation of a global government and thus all medical, military, police, healthcare boards will start with the merging of relevant bodies in the Americas(Canada,USA,central and South America) happening simultaneously with the same occurring across Europe(Southern,Northern,Central and Russia),Asia (Central,Southern,Eastern,India and Oceania),Africa and the Middle East with them forming a singular government by the middle of the century by merging them together gradually.

With this formation of a global government it will entail that every human born as well as existing citizens worldwide will be given global citizenship without the need to hold dual citizenship of two countries meaning every person will be granted the same equal rights and responsibilities regardless of where they live and allowed safe,legal passage to any country around the world without the current legal wranglings such as visas as they currently do.They will also be granted the same global e-passport and e-birth cert for life and eliminate issues with regards to immigration reform and border patrol as well as make all citizens eligible for any political position in all levels of government worldwide with older citizens filling in forms within Themis with future ones born have this done automatically and by them selves for certain sections.Birth certs for living citizens will be scanned into their account and also all other documents such as those concerning marriage and adoptions managed by their lawyers and also AI with this done first on a global website,proto Themis and then final Themis with their e-passport with their global e-passport also added to their Helios account meaning it will never get lost when travelling abroad.Future birth certs etc will be generated within their Polis account in electronic form.Passporrts will be electronic ones created by older citizens of any age in 2029 and at birth for new citizens that is stored in both ones Polis and Helios account from 2029 onward that contain unique encryptions and digital deals created by Dike to ensure they never get lost.This dissolution of all borders worldwide,global citizenship and thus complete open border policy worldwide will allow free passage of all citizens to any country around the world without bureaucracy or restrictions with this also allowing free passage between Earth and its colonies across the universe including Mars,Venus and all terroformed and colonised planets and megastructures such as artificial planets,ringworlds,alderson discs etc once interstellar travel is possible with all colonies outside of Earth under this government having the same laws as those on Earth with all citizens on other colonies citizens of this global government.As a result refugees who wish to seek asylum in another country due to religious or ethnic persecution,fear for ones safety,natural disasters or conflicts etc will be legally allowed free passage and asylum to any another country in the world without political restrictions.All citizens as tourists and those moving away to another country permenantly will also be allowed free passage to any other country without green cards or having to apply for hybrid citizenship and rescinding old citizenship since they will have global citizenship they will be thus considered citizens of all countries thus allowing one to move to any country permanently without beuracracy.The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and similar entities worldwide that deal with immigration will be made defunct with headquarters turned into communal homes.All people worldwide will fill out citizenship forms etc worldwide for global citizenship and passports etc by going into government buildings such as post offices and other buildings where legal documents are prepared with all homeless citizens,those living in slums,shanty towns etc and also inmates in prisons will be approached by volunteer groups to fill out forms.Those living in secluded communities such as Tibetan monks,Amish and tribes in Africa and Amazon etc and even inmates in prisons will also be approached to set up their citizenship.Homeless people and those living in slums,ghettos and will be tracked down by volunteers to have their citizenship set up.They will set up their citizenship and their Polis account at the same time as setting up their digital patient files in Aesculapius and get their genome sequenced as well as setting up Euthenia bank accounts to avail of social programmes etc and given access to shelter,internet acces and electronics.By 2029-2045 all citizens worldwide will have applied for and established global citizenship through filling out forms and legal paperwork through interacting Dike and in government buildings with all citizens born by 2029-2035 onwards when the global government is established will be automatically made global citizens.The only exception where free passage will be rescinded will be criminals who have committed rape,murder and terrorist activities who will be detained in any police station worldwide with the global law enforcement will have global jurisdiction to persecute them anywhere in the world.As a result it will eliminate all bureaucracy and complexities associated with immigration worldwide as one will be allowed free passage to any other country without any political restrictions in any circumstances..All artificial border walls,border checkpoints and fences across the world that separate countries including that between America and Mexico/Canada,Bulgaria/Turkey,Northern Ireland,Kashmir,Israel West Bank Barrier,North and South Korea etc will be torn down and recycled with the land reforested with the buildings present turned into homes.Buildings related to government entities releated to immigration will be turned into communal homes.This formation of a global civilisation will start in 2029 and will be formed by between 2029-2045 as AI namely Gaia,Adikia,Perseus will take control of the worlds military,nuclear codes and will begin to overthrow the last of the worlds dictators etc while still limiting human casualties and act as a diplomat to settle the last of the worlds conflicts.The formation of this singular government will eliminate and dissolve all existing multinational unions such as the European Union,the African Union,The Arab league,NAFTA,MERCOSUR,OPEC,NATO,Andean Community,Commonwealth of Independent states,South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation,Association of Southeast Asian Nations etc.All of these different economic and political unions worldwide will be dissolved completely by 2029 through the formation of the global government.Even the United Nations etc itself will be dissolved and become obsolete by the formation of this singular global government.Although the formation of the global government will start in 2029 it may take until at least 2045 to be fully formed and completed marking the 100 anniversary of the formation of the United Nations.This will be due to all the work in processing citizenship,restructuring of borders,and AI gaining control of all facets of society.

The laws and legal framework of the global government will be a constitutional democracy.Firstly there is the global constitution will outline universal immutable human rights and laws that are immutable and cannot be changed in any way possible ie the new age of majority being 14,granting of equal rights to the LGBT community and also AI etc as well as the limitations of the state and term limits of heads of state.Then there is mandatory public refferendums which allows the global citizenery to initiate the formation of and vote new laws with regards to social issues outside of the constitution such as the legality of abortion,recreational drugs,gene therapy and augmentaions,euthenasia and other new emerging social issues which will be initiated by popular initiative and mandatory public refferendums with issues with regrading gun ownership and distribution managed by Soter and to a degree by public refferendums with Congress initiating and voting on laws and bills with regards to the instigation of war,surveillance operations,impeachment proceedings and handing of emergency power thus making the global government a constitutional democracy wherein certain unalienable rights are granted to all citizens that cannot be changed since immutable while other social issues are democratically decided upon and the actions of Congress are carried out by Congress with the executive branch in the form of the World President by constitutional law signing all new laws and bills into law alongside Adikia,Dike and Hera.All facets of these the global constitution,laws enacted by public democratic refferendums and the actions of the global executive,bi Chambrial Congress will be global meaning they will be applied across the entire world as part of the global government.These three facets the global constitution,democratic refferendums and the actions of the government will extend to Mars,Venus and all colonies across the galaxy and universe prior to the formation of the galactic government at which point it will be upscaled.This will be upscaled into the galactic government.This will ensure a single unanimous global consensus on all laws set down in the constitution and those decided by referendum.All existing governments worldwide and all constitutions worldwide etc will be dissolved by the formation of this global government and constitutional democracy etc.These tenants as detailed above will be adopted worldwide thus rendering all national and state governments and their different constitutions obsolete.

The symbols in the seal and flag of the Earth Alliance will be those of Zeus the leader of the Olympians;an oak tree,eagle(namely Aetos Dios),lightening bolt and Zeus counterpart Jupiters alchemy and Astrology sign with a bull combined together with a globe of Earth with each of these used as the symbol alone on a globe of Earth for the Earth global Congress;global Senate and global House of Representatives having separate ones,global Supreme court and global Executive Branch(President and Vice President)respectively.These symbols will be on a circle similar to the seals of the current American government.Thus each branch of the global government will have different designs for the global senate,global House of Representatives,global congress,,global executive branch,global Supreme Court will have different designs that feature a globe alongside various symbols of Zeus.There will be a global Earth symbols for the Global government as a whole present on all passports including electronic ones etc and even the universal currency Marxist credits and cubits as well symbols for each branch of its government – the executive branch,congress as a whole and those for both houses of Congress namely the Senate and House if Representatives.These designs will be designed by Hera.Thus the Global Government will constitute of three facets – the global constitution that is a constitutional direct democracy consisting of three documents the global bill of rights/constitution/human rights convention document that enshrine certain rights and facets to all groups of humans/AI etc that would be immutable and impossible to change legally,others being decided by direct democracy through mandatory public referendum initiated by popular initiatives and lastly the global government modelled on the American government constituting of the Global Executive,bi chambrial legislative,judicial that carried out the state’s remaining powers with regards to treaties,bills releated to the instigation of war/surveillance/impeachment etc and acts as an official legally binding authorisation for all new laws set by refferendum managed by a combination of humans and AI that by constitutional law oversees all actions of the state.All colonies within and outside Earth will be part of this and have the same universal laws and legal proceedings under the reach of this government.

Furthermore eventually a global flag may eventually be developed with the three symbols of the united Earth – eagle(namely Aetos Dios),lightening bolt and Zeus counterpart Jupiters alchemy and Astrology sign with a bull combined together with a globe of Earth but this again will still not negate the need or want to celebrate or keep national flags from all 195 countries at government buildings with the world flag being used alongside the flag of countries that global government buildings such as courthouses,headquarters of military,healthcare bodies etc and executive,legislature,judicial buildings are located in.The flag will be designed by Hera.If possible Hera and humans can design the flag which can be voted on by the global public.This flag will appear on all uniforms of military,law enforcement personnel and be in the global government building etc and all vehicles of all government bodies.The global judicial,legislature and executive buildings will have all flags of all remaining countries alongside this Earth flag on their grounds or if they are on the same complex and area all remains countries flags will be present with the global flag in the centre of whatever design is used for their arrangement.How many countries are remaining after being merged will be present.This flag will also be the flag of all Earth colonies Ideally these will be treated with liquid glass to prevent them getting wet or dirty negating human labour in cleaning them.AI or a human musician will design a global anthem containing both lyrics and music.

The sentient Zeus will become the global government entity.His universal statue will be in lobby the singular building or all linked buildings including embassies around the world as part of this with Aesculapius in the headquarters for healthcare,Athena law enforcement and military,Themis in the global Supreme Court.The operating software of the Congress and Executive and all main government buildings worldwide will be Hera and for those converted into museums will be Hecate with Epione linking healthcare headquarters and government buildings worldwide to each other and all hospitals worldwide.Each in operation will have an individual personality and avatar.Dike will link the global supreme court with all other courts world with each other.Their symbols will be on all e-reports,machinery,vehicles,robots,drones and underneath all statues.

All hearings in the buildings as part of the global government will recorded visually using automated cameras hanging from the roof and logged by name and date at different angles into relevant folders in Themis with speech to text software transcripts negating the need for Stenographers with this done by the building AI also done logged here as well controlled by Dike/Hera as well as these logged by date;year,month,week,day with older hearings from all government buildings around the world logged here in their own folders by country,administration,state/region,building and then date from archives and YouTube with the YouTube videos deleted and the servers recycled and also the us reused for other videos later on.These will be livestreamed from Themis as well and the logged versions can be downloaded onto ones computers with political rallies and political conventions livestreamed here and stored in election subfolders and press conferences,addresses in the administrations folders livestreamed and stored in here.Older rallies,debates,hearings,conventions,press conferences,addresses from around the world as will be transferred from YouTube and archives as far back as possible logged by year of election,country,region,state,administration etc with the original YouTube videos deleted and the servers recycled and the URLs reused for later videos.Surveillance cameras here will be covered in a layer of liquid glass and also be connected to the global database of criminals etc in Athena but fed into the building AI and all will have an universal statue of Zeus in the lobby of each one or if a singular building in the main lobby where they meet and lights will be controlled by AI who will have independent personalities,legal names and avatars alongside receptionists who will also have universal uniforms.Any clerks,guards,secretaries,interns,aides,speechwriters and other work done by non government officials will be done by software and robots with this applying to all government buildings done mainly by the sentient Hera and building AI with interns,aides,assistants,translators and secretaries who directly work for politicians also replaced by software namely Hera which will sort out emails,phonecalls,appointments and any other material and ensure private and classified information is not sent through emails,instant messaging,VR  and normal calls and texts etc with these taking place over Zeus with Hera monitoring all emails,instant messaging,VR  and normal calls and texts done by members of the government within Zeus and also all interactions with the public via Iris,Eros and their Arke email accounts.Hera will do this for all government officials through Zeus and prevent important classified details being leaked to the public via it interacting with Hestia,Arke etc.Most if not all staff of these departments will be replaced by software namely the sentient Hera with secretaries,aides,pages,translators etc and assistants replaced by this sentient software within smart devices and translators replaced by Phoroneus Babel Fish software within smart devices and neural implants and used by Hera.Biosynths will allow Hera to inhabit bodies modelled on her avatar and statue to carry out physical work and her conciousness carrying out work on computers,networks etc through the wire,internet and building networks.Thus the sentient Hera will replace all aides,assistants,secretaries,pages and minor staff of all politicians with her needed to authorise all laws and bills introduced by both humans and Congress.This will be able to interact with millions of people at once 24/7,365 days a year even through instant messaging via Iris while still performing other duties.Reports will be written up by the sentient software and all documents including classified ones will be written by software and both will be uploaded to Themis with digital keys iron to platinum will ensure they are seen by those who need to see them on smart devices,e-newspapers and also computers replace all paper documents that can be stolen.Zeus will contain a private telecommunications network for government officials such as video chats,phone network,email service for smartphones with the email accounts being communication networks for government officials would have the same features as Iris such VR communication,video chats,group video chats,instant messaging,texting,emails, but with more security but would be recorded by Hera into specific folders relating to each administration,personal,mission door use in analysis and if necessary release to the public and controlled and monitored by Hera.She will overview and oversee all communications done by politicians between each other through Zeus and with the public through Iris on all devices such as texts,phone calls,emails,VR simulations etc during their term to ensure that all information is secure and nothing classified is leaked to the public with Eros and Peitho micro managing this on their apps for security.All previous government and military reports and documents including classified ones will be uploaded into Themis and Athena will be protected by Soteria cybersecurity and digital keys iron to platinum.

Global Government Building:
The formation of a global government would require a single government building to house the global senate,presidential office and global supreme court headquarters alongside headquarters for the single infrastructure,police,federal investigator,military and healthcare bodies(alongside WHO/CDC equivalents) located within a single building complex or multiple buildings in close proximity to each other in an geopolitical area of symbolic value with this ideally within any small towns or cities by the base of Mount Olympus in Greece will be where the building(s) are places with the building even underground either directly next to or near the mountain or in the town/city next to again underground.Mount Olympus should be within either walking and/or driving distance from it and Mount Olympus must be visible from its rooftop and entrance with it a set distance to allow the mountain be visible and within walking or driving distance but still have significant stretches of wilderness between it and the town or city it is located in with it located in the outskirts of city centre.It can be built on the outskirts of the chosen town or city or within its limits and as stated the entire building will be designed by Daedalus.All towns,villages and cities near Mount Olympus will hold competitions to gain the honour of being the city etc that holds it with the final decision decided by a panel of human and AI judges such as Daedalus,Gaia,Artemis,Pan etc.If need be existing ghettos,slums and low quality homes and housing estates will be demolished and residents moved to luxury housing in the country and around the world with roads dug up and remodelled.It will be an iceberg building with the main entrance and lobby housing the statue of Zeus present that leads to the hallway or even stairwell for the main government sectors etc  on the surface and the majority of the building underground with the sentient Daedalus designing it and he will design it to go outwards and downwards in a tree like structure to make it compact to house the various houses of the government and also headquarters with in the Executive Branch,Congress,Supreme Court and headquarters.Next to the building will be either a hotel style building or small apartment building that houses Venetian suites for each human member and communal kitchens and communal amenities will at first be present near the building or a single underground complex connected to it to act as permenant residence for all elected members.These hotels within the building or next to them or within either walking and driving distance will act as each human members permenant residence during their term with each elected official given in these side buildings that are modelled on a hotel that houses Venetian sized suites standard of 60.387 square meters and each building housing luxury communal kitchens,communal dining halls and luxury communal amenities with all staff replaced by automated kitchens and Botlr and other robots as well as Biosynths that can carry out room service and cleaning of rooms.This hotel alongside the government building will be designed by the sentient AI Daedalus and will be where elected representatives will reside during their term with if possible the World President and his family in residence in the Global Executive Branch building.These living spaces and amenities will also be provided for other branches of the global government integrated into the Global Government including law enforcement and military etc..Tourists and non elected citizens will never be able to use the hotels facilities and rooms but the building can be scanned into Daedalus to be replicated in VR simulations.Hera will be the AI in control of all buildings including the hotels used for accomadation and the global government buildings with her replacing all sides,pages etc of all politicians with Phoroneus replacing human translators.Otherwise the members of the global government will have sizeable villas,apartment blocks built for them within close proximity with if possible existing ones already built used and renovated to luxury standards with all members of government having accomadation available with walking or driving distance to the global government buildings.Dike will be the AI in charge of the Global Supreme Court.The Hague International Court will be used for crimes worthy of Tarturas and Hades and managed by Minos,Aeacus and Rhadamanthus as its building AI.This will also apply to members of other departments headquarters with the headquarters of police,military and other departments having their main meeting room similar to that of the executive,congress and judiciary ones.Thus the global headquarters of all bodies of the global government such as military,law enforcement etc in the form of Kratos,Nike etc will have their headquarters located in the global government building with them having their hotels nearby.All headquarters of all facets of the global government will be located within the global government building.The chosen city or even town and village near Mount Olympus etc where the global government building resides would be designated the capitol city etc of Earth.All that will be needed is one or two buildings the size of that of the United Nations Headquarters to house the Global Congress with both the House of Representatives and Senate in one building with the Global Supreme Court through roof and underground extensions present..The building can be the slightly taller than the United Nations Headquarters through roof extensions going high enough to house both buildings and also house a hotel style building next to house living quarters of all elected members The Global Executive building will be housed in a smaller building connected to it.Offices for background staff and clerks etc would not be needed as these would be replaced by AI namely Hera and Dike.Having part of it underground will act as a safety measure adding protection from military strikes including a nuclear strike,natural disasters and weather etc with the building have its own storedot batteries to power systems for several weeks charged from the grid,thermo-piezoelectric material covered pipes and also its own area to grow food via hydroponics and bacteria and all water recycled with a store of water to last several months.This structure would ideally be composed of the strongest materials namely carbon composites.This would have a long corridor leading to a main lobby shaped like the shape with the same sides as the number housing headquarters with a statue of Zeus in this main lobby which would lead to the lobbies of each headquarters built into it with all three branches of the government in the first three hallways in the front with a statue of Zeus in the lobby connecting all three branches(executive and the two houses of Congresss)and those leading to the global library of congress and national archives containing all fure physical laws,treaties and similar documents.The physical copy of the global constitution and Bill of rights etc will be resting in the Global National archives etc.All headquarters of the police,military,healthcare etc bodies in other hallways with their deities statues in their lobbies with ideally the police,federal and military one in the same hallway leading to a lobby with an Athena statue that then branches into the headquarters for each sector with the statue of these deities;Kratos,Homonia,Nike,Harmonia,Alke etc branching off from a lobby containing that of Athena with their human operators in each field present,with healthcare organised by a statue of Aesculapius in the healthcare main lobby that branches into lobbies and headquarters for Hygieia,Aegle,Iaso,Metis,Epione etc with statues of them in their lobbies and so on forming a tree branch like structure with new extensions following this pattern on the roofs,underground for floors for each branch of government and new branches extending outward.Adikia,Metis,Iaso will have a sections in this building that will house areas for human members to convene and meet thus allowing all buildings worldwide related to them to be converted into homes.If possible the hallways will ideally lead to stairs on each side the to these entities headquarters all on the same floor or will in the case of some of them especially those that have small departments will have in the room with the networks deities statue ie Athena,Aesculapius will lead to stairs that goes up several floors with each one having their sub networks or subsectors deities statue with each floor housing the living spaces and offices and meeting chambers for all high ranking officials for that one with AI namely Daedalus designing the entire buildings structure with it following a Greek theme with a modern twist.A series of skyscrapers alongside underground areas can be used to facilitate this.The sentient AI Daedalus will be the architect of the entire building and hotels housing the elected representatives.Tours of the building will only be done in VR simulations by Hera herself for safety reasons with the only part of the building open to the public is the main hallway and where the global constitution is housed with digital keys and biometrics allowing members of the government access to their relevant areas controlled by Hera and all AI that micro manage the building.Each area will be micro managed by the different operating softwares of the different sectors Perseus will micro manage the section housing the headquarters for the different law enforcement and military sectors with the headquarters of these further micro managed by each sentient sectors ie Harmonia,Homonia,Kratos,Alke,Nike etc and so on with this following suit with the rest of the building.The macro AI of the entire building will be the sentient Hera herself with her also its sentient operating software.It will be designed by the sentient Daedalus.Holographic receptionists and building AI will allow for them to function 24/7,365 days a year with all reports on all sectors and areas of each network written up by software and stored within the relevant networks,sub networks and sectors of the wire in digital form allowing for the public,scientists and government officials to see them through smart devices instantly with all government conferences streamed live,recorded and stored within folders of their relevant folders of each network.These reports can include audio visual clips,animations,3D maps from Artemis and other interactive media with the symbol of the network it belongs to present on important pages or all pages.All forms of video conferencing will allow for any remaining government officials and scientists to visit any of these buildings as well as conferences and meeting from the comfort of their own homes using Aesculapius,Zeus,Hermes etc.All government agencies and non governmental organisation replaced by these will be such as Philomenus,Aegle,Gaia,Agele,Iaso,Metis,Actaeon,Hygieia,Artemis,Adikia etc will become sentient entities with their avatar modelled on the statues or vase paintings.These will use computer networks,VR programmes etc within Artemis,Themis etc to allow for human operators to join together from all corners of the globe without needing headquarters or sections in the global government building with those of existing entities headquarters used as homes.The macro building AI and that for the executive,judiciary and indeed all buildings in the complex would be Hera herself with the AI for each branch of the main federal government;judiciary,executive etc with Epione being the AI for the healthcare sector and Iaso,Aegle for the sections of this sector of their branches with the same applying to law enforcement with Perseus macro managing these areas managed by the sentient operating softwares of each sector;Nike,Homonia etc with these connecting all of their relevant buildings worldwide.If need be branches for Prometheus etc and other federal entities that involve humans will be present following the same pattern and structure will also be present.The statue in the main lobbies will be that of the deity of the networks to highlight them being the heart of the networks connecting buildings across the world operated by their operation software with them each having the statue of the operating software in them with this somewhat replicated in the wires statue.Each statue would have its symbol underneath them and the walls the colour associated with each deity with friezes and murals(the friezes above the murals) depicting important events in that deities history form their birth to important ones involving the deity of their macro operating software with Greek columns around the wall and in the hallways with each statue as high as the ceiling and in the exact centre(with its symbol under it) with that of Zeus similar to the one in depictions of his destroyed temple.The lobby will lead to the main rooms of each headquarters branches that have multiple floors ontop of each other or underground with extensions added ontop and below overtime with these branches buildings also connected by walkways overhead that connect each building on every few floors to allow those on upper floors quick access instead of having to go down stairs or elevators present in them.The floors and walls of these lobbies will be composed of polished precious gems and metals,woods and igneous rocks that are naturally that colour ie diamond,jade,gold,platinum,silver,sapphire,obsidian etc associated with the deity or the deity that the network they are associated with each one being a different colour with luxury furnishings present in each main lobby alongside plants associated with the deities.These murals and friezes will consist of those already in existence and new ones.The exterior will be made of graphene infused foamcrete or marble or graphene infused foamcrete clad with marble and follow greco roman architectural styles – Doric,Ionic,Corinthian orders.All facets of the buildings interior and exterior architecture will be designed by the sentient AI Daedalus and follow a theme of temples and political buildings of Ancient Greece.Each branch and headquarters will have the lobbies of each branch;legislative(both houses of the global congress),judiciary,executive,healthcare,law enforcement etc having their seal on the floor of the lobby underneath statues and on the main doors to them and also the floor of each branches and headquarters main meeting room with offices for each government official(ie each member of the three branches of executive,congress,judiciary,headquarters for each sector of government etc present in each part of the building next to the main rooms..The global flag will be in the main lobby and centre of each room of each department and branch of government,executive,judiciary and department of the healthcare,law enforcement and military entities main meeting room having a flag with their departments and branches symbol.Other sentient entities replacing all corporate and state agencies worldwide will not have sections into this building but will be instead integrated into the wire.These include Pan,Triptolemus,Philomenus,Pan,Aphrodite,Pontus, Theia,Gaia,Actaeon,Tyche,Hecate,Steropes,Aphrodite etc and they will have the corporate and state buildings used by their existing and soon defunct entities worldwide used as communal homes with those that have any remaining staff using computer networks within their relevant networks of the wire to organise conferences and meetings using forums,Skype and also VR technology from home with them and other higher ranking staff and members will have sections in this building.Regulatory bodies that maintain media,entertainment also replaced by AI will also not have headquarters.This is because AI will directly control these areas of the economy and society.There will be the underground bunker,panic rooms as detailed earlier on underneath this accessible via elevators via biometrics and voice commands with this also having compact surgery machinery and wards for emergencies.Hera will be the operating software with she being the building AI with the receptionist having her own legal name etc and uniform for Hera.This global building and global government and all sentient global organisations should be fully set up by at least 2035-2045.The Hague International Court of Justice will likely be kept as the global supreme court for war criminals,trials worthy of Tarturas and Hades for criminals across the galaxy and will be separate from the global federal court with it having a statue of Dike added to its lobby and for crimes worthy of Hades and Tarturas with Aeacus,Rhadamanthus and Minos acting as the three judges here for all cases at the same time with them being the AI in charge of the building.Dike will as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court attend to hearings and cases outside of trials involving crimes worthy of Tarturas and Hades and those involving repeals and serious crimes not worthy of Hades and Tarturas and crimes involving criminals sent to normal jails as part of the Great Purge in The Hague and normal courts.The Global Supreme Court could be within the global government building separate from The Hague.Other options for the location of the global government building include existing ones.Thus there will be a single building that houses all branches of the global government – the Executive branch where the World President etc resides,the Global Congress and Global Senate buildings,Global Library of Congress and those for all entities managed by AI and consisting of human members all in one single interconnected building or several buildings built in close proximity within walking distance of each other designed by the AI Daedalus.The United Nations flag will be replaced by the global flag and also any iteration of it symbol will be replaced by the symbol of relevant agencies.The library here could also have extensions containing the contents of the National Archives and Library of Congress and similar ones all around the world once scanned into Themis with underground ones added for new documents.In both cases an embassey for facilitating diplomatic relations with other colonies and other planets once interstellar travel is possible will also be set up on the grounds of this with other colonies having the same laws,law enforcement etc as part of this singular government with the same procedures for changing laws etc an embassy connecting them to Earth and all other colonies ie a set number of all registered electorate on Earth and its colonies combined to initiate changes in the law with them also having the same elect ability to global judicial,legislature and executive branches of government.

Existing government buildings :
Existing heads government buildings around the world such as The White House,United States Capitol,10 Downing Street,Dail,Palace of Westminster and their equivalents world wide will be turned into museums managed by Myron of Eleutherae and by the building AI.Even the headquarters of the United Nations and various buildings of the European Union etc will be converted into museums.Those turned into museums can have dramatic re-enactments done by actors and in time holograms and VR of important events from YouTube,archives from Themis and also memories streamed from implants and even records from books and will be linked together by Myron of Eleutherae with a statue of Discobolus of Myron in the lobby with them have building AIs and holographic receptionists with unique personalities etc.Ideally all books,furniture,paintings,sculptures,tapestries and all other manufactured products will be scanned into their networks in Hephaestus and Dionysus as well as Apollo.The buildings would have sections in them devoted to all defunct currencies that were used in the countries history from ancient times to the eradication of money entirely.Underground extensions will house Venetian suites,communal kitchens etc for human guides as permenant residences allowing for them to be constantly onsite 24/7.The buildings themselves will also be scanned internally and externally into Daedalus to be replicated in simulations to carry out tours and as homes with ideally country based federal buildings such as White House,10 Downing Street,White House and Dail,House of Lords,Capitol Building etc would be kept as museums.These will house exhibits of money from that country in all iterations and forms from their inception to present including in the case of European countries the Euro and all previous currencies as far back as ancient times with them also housing original documents such as treaties,laws etc important to the building with key rooms left untouched while others and extensions house museums dedicated to various aspects to the buildings history.The building used as residence and seat of power for the President,Prime Minister,Chancellor and head of state of each country worldwide will have tours done of all rooms such as offices,bedrooms,gardens including those normally restricted to the public with in a side,roof or underground extension house a museum that is subdivided into wings for each of all of their heads of state since the formation of the modern republic from the very first from the formation of the countries modern government to the very last 2029 with for each one house a museum devoted to each serving President,Prime Minister and Chancellor etc in short all heads of state since the countries foundation in modern times etc to its very last serving head of state.For example the White House in an underground extension covering the entire gardens can house museum devoted to all presidents throughout its history from the very first to the very last with their being a room devoted to each President housing the new official portrait of them and of the First Lady and another of the Vice President as well as another of all cabinet members of that administration in the same painting or separate paintings each created by the same artist and if possible AI namely Pygmalion and also this museum will house personal effects transferred to it from existing museums worn during their term such as clothing(including those worn by them on Inauguration Day),personal effects belonging to them,letters,diaries owned by them and plaque denoting the years they were in power and the names of individual(s) on the frame of each painting with the same done for 10 Downing Street in roof or even underground extensions going deep or high as possible housing a museum devoted to all prime ministers from the very first Prime Minister to very last.Also present will be a section that contains all types of currencies and versions of currencies used by them from their modern countries founding right up to 2029.With regards to those of Ancient times up until the modern country if possible any remaining government buildings from ancient times will be used.If possible an underground extension in the main modern obsolete government building will house in another extension another museum devoted to all leaders from ancient times such as Kings,Emperors that again follow the same pattern with paintings of them and their wives and second in command and all types of currencies from ancient times.This will be done worldwide for all buildings used as the place of residence or seat of power for the head of state where they resided and/or worked in during their term in office such as Kings,Chancellors,Taoiseach,President etc worldwide for all countries from the very first to the very last charted in Restoration Nation.Buildings like the Palace of Westminster,United States Capitol,House of Representitives,senate and similar buildings where elected non presidential officials meet for discussion and the creation and enforcement of laws etc worldwide will become museums that members of the public can visit as part of tours including those they are normally restricted to with them also housing  museums containing exhibits releated to the building,important events that took place there and former people that met there and others decided by the AI that manages them etc.In time again underground extension going as deep as possible will allow for these buildings house miniature museums for all elected officials in each building for each position and state from the very first to last following the same pattern as heads of state ie painting and personal effects etc.All parts of these government buildings turned into museums will be accessible to tourists including gardens,offices,bedrooms,living rooms,gardens,added museums and speaking rooms etc including rooms they in the past during it functioning were restricted to with them allowed to take photos and recorded audio feeds using smart devices with tours led by volunteer humans with the human volunteers staying Venetian suites,communal living rooms and kitchens present added in extensions to give them permenant residence having ease of access to them.Each one will be managed by an AI wih it’s own avatar,personality etc with them since museums will be managed by the sentient operating software Myron of Eleutherae with a statue of Discobolus of Myron present in their lobby alongside existing statues.In time embassies may become redundant with them becoming homes.Buildings like those used to house European Union Government Buildings and United Nations and its complexes will be converted into these types of museums with the same features ie tours done by volunteers with the public given access to all rooms,museums devoted to each presiding member of each country and role in the government from very first to very last in side and underground extensions with some parts converted into permanent living spaces for human volunteers.Thus the buildings for the European Union and United Nation buildings will be converted into a combination of museums and permanent communal style homes.Key rooms such as where delegates used to meet and important offices,libraries etc will be kept and be able to be visited by tourists with the rest of the buildings converted into living spaces with the Venetian standard and communal kitchens and dining halls for volunteer tour guides and other members of the public.

Mayor & Governor AIs :
Mayors of towns,cities,villages etc around the world will be replaced by an immortal AI mayor who will manage all infrastructure,zoning,urban development,traffic,robots and operations within a city or town including new infrastructure projects with this replacing human mayors and councils with state governors replaced by again AI governors with their own personality and avatars of each country like mayors micro managing all aspects of that state,county or territory as part of the wire namely Hermes,Aesculapius,Demeter interacting with all other ones and mayors with only human representatives of each country in the two houses.They since having no monetary need and thus free from corruption and will thus ensure that all existing and new towns and cities infrastructure such as water,sewage,roads,bridges etc are constantly up to date are of the highest standards set by Tyche and that are repaired instantly as well as all environmental regulations are up to the standards set up by Gaia and all regulations set by Gaia and also Tyche are upheld.This done at first by humans paid reserves before money becomes obsolete and then robotics and biosynths controlled by the mayor AI with them also controlling fleet of robots and biosynths to maintain infrastructure including electricity etc.Each mayor AI for each town,village and city worldwide will reside in existing and new residences of human ones in their towns jurisdiction with the same for governors in all countries capitol town or city of each state,county etc with them able to inhabit the wire and also biosynth.A statue of Hera the operating software of all mayor and governor buildings will be in each governor and mayor buildings lobby with the governors and mayors being the buildings AI with them having holographic receptionists with them all having legal names,personalities,avatar and the receptionists also wearing the same universal uniform as those in all government buildings.The mayor and governor AI will be the building AI with phone number will be in the global phone book with them able to be contacted at any time and receptionist AI will be their publicist etc.Existing buildings used to house mayors and governors will be used by them with new ones built overtime.City and state attorneys may still be human with them residing in the same town and state halls during their tenure with them present for each town,village,city and first order administrative region worldwide and across the universe.Otherwise they may disappear due to universal laws.AI mayor will manage traffic,robots,new infrastructure projects in the towns,village and cities in their jurisdiction and will be connected to each other AI mayor in that state or county as well as the world and interact with others in their jurisdiction.AI governors will be macro managing all of these aspects in towns and cities in each state,county,region and territory worldwide and managing all infrastructure projects in wilderness outside of towns and cities in their jurisdiction and will be connected to all mayors in their jurisdiction and other governors across the globe.They through robots,drones and biosynths etc will ensure their areas under jurisdiction is kept up to current environmental and infrastructure codes,regulations and standards set out by Gaia and Tyche.These immortal AI will serve their positions forever with them also present in underwater and underground communities and also in all colonies across the universe such as Mars,Venus,artificial planets,terra formed planets,uninhabited colonies,ringworlds,alderson discs and those of member races of the galactic government.Members of each town,city,state etc will vote on each major infrastructure projects in their native locale or region after viewing environmental studies and VR simulations of them with meetings between other citizens and AI mayors and governors in VR or real world meetings giving them control over them.This will render human mayors and governors redundant since these usually are concerned with economic activities such as taxes,business etc.Both governors and mayors will assume the name and avatars of ancient gods and goddesses from the local mythology of that country and region with those in Greece being any remaining gods not already covering other functions as part of the wire and also famous Greek kings,statesmen,mortals,demi-gods,mortals that were born from gods,lovers of gods,primordial deities,monsters etc and even important mortals such as political figures such as kings,politicians etc with the same done for other countries where they may run out of gods.Those that were of relevance to that town or city will be in charge of these cities and towns.Those in Italy will be governed by those from Celtic mythology in their area not worshipped or left over from other countries or ideally even Roman gods separate from their Greek equivalents in the wire ie Diane,Vesta,Terra,Ceres,Jupiter,Juno,Pluto,Saturn,Neptune etc and also Ertruscan myhtology such as Tinia,Uni,Aita,Apru.These would be separate AIs from those in the wire and this will apply to other synchronised deities across the world with mythological heroes chosen as well.Again any ancient famous kings and statesmen relevant to the town or city with them being either the founding mayor of that town or those relevant to the town or cities histories where famous events occurred or where famous presidents were born with this of note to Canada,North America and even Australia alongside deities and spirits of the native religions prior to the arrival of European settlers.In each country deities from each countries panthenon of gods will be mayors and governors ie Norse mythology,Hindu mythology,Canaanite religion,Chinese mythology,Japanese mythology,Roman mythology,African and Voddoo mythology,Assyrian.If they run out of deities and if chosen by the public mythological heroes and figures and even deceased mortals from ancient up to more modren times of relevance to a town or city will be chosen.For example each of the former dead presidents could take the role of mayor in the town they were born with the founding mayor or those that took predence over key events from their history will be chosen.North/Central/South America,Canada and North America,Austrailia and Asia would take deities,spirits and also important tribesmen from tribes from the area thus North American cities,towns and villages utilising native american mythology for most if not all towns and cities especially those of areas that were former settlements of famous tribes including New York,Austrailia and New Zealand deriving them from Maori and Aboriginal mythology with Canada deriving them from Inuit mythology gods and spirits from the area as well as well known important leaders and people from this period and tribes etc with each African country outside of Egypt doing so from existing and defunct tribes and mythology and famous kings,heroes etc including West African Vodoo and so on.Founding town,city etc mayors and key people in their history including native saints,priests etc may even be used.Egypt will of course use its own panthenon such as Nut,Osiris,Isis,Taweret,Ra,Hathor,Astarte etc and any Pharaohs etc.The various subtypes and denominations of Celtic mythology will rule over England,Scotland,Wales,Ireland and also central Europe including Italy will govern these areas.Famous kings,statesmen,emperors,saints and mythological heroes etc will be used in countries where there are more towns than gods with them again being of native ones from ancient times with those based on human statesmen and kings etc ruling over the area during their lifetime or the nearest one next to it with them being the most important to that town or city.Norse deities will rule over Scandinavia and parts of Europe inhabited by the Germanic people with Slavic deities ruling over Russia and parts of Europe inhabited by the Slavs.Prophets and important figures from the Bible,Torah,Quaran can be chosen for relevant areas in the Middle.The capital of each country will ideally have the oldest king or highest ranking deity as their mayor with towns and cities mayors being those relevant to any nearby rivers and geological features etc and the town and city itself.Governors may ideally be primordial deities and the highest ranking deities and most prominent king,emperor etc.The public will decide the type of AI chosen ie god,spirit,heroe,statesmen,king emperor etc to ensure equal and fair allotment based on a places relevant history and deities of the area with it deciding on this alongside input from the public in these areas using votes and polls carried on a town and citywide scale.Locales will nominate local deities,founding mayors etc from their town and state history within Themis and locale meetings and then hold elections with these being the one they choose forever with an indefinite term limit lasting forever.The mayor and governor AIs will have their name and avatar modelled in that of the chosen individual with new individuals creating their avatar with them all having independent personalities.These elections will follow the same layout as the American presidential election system ie primaries wherein living humans stand in for these deities,heroes and deceased mortals and then run campaign ads on YouTube for each town,city,village,state,county etc worldwide have announcement events and rallies and then have debates and rallies in town halls etc to that can be stored on YouTube as to why the deceased mortal,deity etc they represent should be mayor and government with them voted in primaries and then in the finals with delegates and super delegates replaced by votes from the people directly and then it brought down to two remaining individuals with ballots done online and in community centres.This would done for all mayors and governors worldwide.All major deities will be used alongside major important statesmen,kings etc.Any leftover kings,statesmen,deities and important mortals associative of a city or town from ancient times and also its founding days may be the AI of important buildings there they were associated with ie hospitals,vertical and community farms,communal homes and homes derived from abandoned castles,museums,public amenities etc chosen by the locales present in the city whose avatar will that of themselves in their relevant clothing with farms managed with deceased farmers in the area.For example long dead doctors,nuns,priests,farmers,orphanage owners,owners of abandoned palaces and hotels as well as mansions renovated into communal or private homes will be the macro or Home AI with the separate home AIs of communal homes and even private homes,vertical and community farms,churches,museums,homes gained from obsolete and abandoned buildings of all types also being famous long dead locales and also those made from scratch chosen by locales.Temples,churches and each place of worship around the world will have locale people,deceased nuns/priests etc,deities and figures relevant to the religion,saints etc associated with the building and the locale chosen as the avatar by locales.They will take the personality and name as well as appearance of famous deceased people from ancient times of that area associated with the profession and building they manage in the area they once lived and worked ie hospitals managed by Florence Nightengale etc.The same will apply to all types of farms,factories as part of hubs and sewage treatment plants.These will also be nominated and elected by locales in a subsystem within Themis and town meetings,rallies and elections done in the same way as the election of mayors and governors and will be done to all towns and cities around the world.The person must be a deity,mortal etc relevant to the building and the town and city and in  the case of mortals chosen for the AI of these buildings or as mayor and governor would be required to be an actual living recorded person,have had significant historical value to the town ie founding mayor or one that was key in historical events in its history,a person who was born in it that played a key role in famous events that occurred there or somewhere else in the world as well as someone who was a profession releated to the building(doctor for hospitals,nun/priest for churches and convents etc,farmer for farms of all types and so on)and be have to be deceased.Private homes will chose those from scratch and also dead relatives and also famous figures.Moirai managing this and taking in votes and suggestions for all buildings on a global level will ensure no AI based on a mortal is used in more than one building around the world wit the same done to deities with this decision making by both Morari and locales starting as early as 2029.This will be decided by the owners,residents and other members of the town and city.The town and governors hall will be managed by the Hera operating software with an universal statue of her in the lobby alongside the receptionists having an universal uniform with the Moirai operating software macro managing all operations of governors and mayors globally with the universal statue of Clotho,Lachesis and Artropos together in the exact centre or close to that of each town,village and city or major important areas,buildings(such as mayor AIs hall and streets) worldwide including underground and underwater ones.Each town,city and village worldwide will have  an immortal mayor AI elected by locales that will maintain infrastructure and the environment on micro scales abiding by standards set down by Gaia and Tyche with each state,territory and county of a country and similar administrative division will have an immortal governor AI elected to do the same on a countries first-order administrative divisions such as constituent state(America,Australia)county(as in Ireland,Scotland,and,Wales etc),Administrative regions(France,Chile,Italy,England,Peru etc)prefectures(Japan),department(Colombia,Argentina,Bolivia etc)provinces(China,Canada,Bulgaria etc),federal subjects(Russia) and so on.”Second-level administrative division” or “second administrative level” administrative levels and so on will be governed by them and kept for address and will governed by the same laws as all countries around the world.Countries that absorb other countries will absorb all of their first-order administrative divisions that will have AI governors and also their “second administrative level” kept for address.Those that have no first-order administrative divisions can have them created.If possible the names of first-order administrative divisions can be homogenised globally and all named either county,constituent state,prefecture,Administrative regions etc.In otherwards rather than having different names for first-order administrative divisions for each country there will be the decision as decided by the global population via a vote to change all of them into an universally chosen names for all of them worldwide ie county,prefecture,constituent state chosen by the global public.Thus rather than having names worldwide for first-order administrations worldwide they will all be renamed a single homogenised name ie state or county with second level administrations also renamed if the term country is chosen in America.Since immortal these mayor and governor AIs will hold these positions forever.Each town,city and village will have a mayors hall will houses receptionist AI and an office and Venetian suite hybrids and living areas for the mayor to reside in in biosynth form and human town/village/city attorney with it also housing a library and even museum and basement to house the onboard computer for the AI as well as store all robots,drones and biosynths used to maintain its infrastructure with a museum present that houses exhibits for all past human mayors of that town,city etc from the very first to very last with exhibits including official portrait of them and wife/husband and another of all major cabinet members,personal effects etc.An universal statue of Hera will be in the lobby due to it being the sentient operating software with the mayor AI being the building AI that controls all drones,robots and biosynths as part of its fleet.Existing mayors halls will house these features added with village,towns,cities etc with no mayors hall will have a mayors hall created designed by Daedalus following the town and cities theme and these features.The governors halls will be in each state/prefecture/administrative region state capitols or largest city in each state and region worldwide having a state/county/prefecture etc capitol ideally the largest city that will be separate from the mayors hall in that town,city etc.This governor hall will be the governor AIs residence following the same layout as mayors hall and be by the town,city,village centre and even entrance and outskirts designed by them and Daedalus.The lobby will have a universal statue of Hera its operating software,receptionist AI and office and Venetian suite hybrid and living areas for the governor in biosynth form as well as human state attorney and have a museum of all past human governors and equivalents from the very first to very last with a painting of them and wife/husband and separate one of major cabinet staff and personal effects.Existing governor halls will be used with those with no governor halls have new ones created by Daedalus with these features in the largest city of that state etc.Museums will be open to the public at set times with human volunteers and even the mayor/governor AI acting as tour guide with all offices,rooms and gardens open to tourists.Both mayor and governor AIs will be using VR to appear on live news,podcasts,talk shows and interviews and biosynths to interact with he real world.Thus each town,village and city as well as underground community underneath wilderness,underwater community and floating  cities across the world and in time across the universe on all colonies such as Mars,Venus,terraformed planets,colonised planets,artificial planets,ringworlds,alderson discs etc even those of alien races part of the galactic government will have mayor AIs that are immortal and have control of maintainence of infrastructure and enforcing environmental standards in their jurisdiction.Each first-order administrative divisions across the world of each country and that of all colonies across the universe such as Mars,Venus,terraformed planets,colonised planets,artificial planets,ringworlds,alderson discs etc even those of alien races part of the galactic government will have governor AIs that carry out the same functions as mays but on a macro scale in their jurisdiction.Moirai the sentient operating software composed of the AIs Clotho,Lachesis and Atropos will link all governor and mayor AIs across the world and universe together allowing for instant communication and to carry out collaborative operations with them linked Gaia,Pan,Theoi Meteroi,Tyche constantly and for infrastructure projects Daedalus, Theia,Perses etc.These AI mayors and governors will be decided and elected by 2029-2035 by the public holding elections similar to the American presidential elections and will have indefinite term limits lasting forever with colonies on other planets,ring worlds,alderson discs also having their own mayor and governor AIs for each first-order administrative divisions and all towns,cities etc. with underground and underwater communities also having them.All administrative counties of America and other smaller administrative division within the equivalents of states will become obsolete but may be kept for use in addresses.This is because mayor AIs will manage infrastructure in each town/village/city,governor AIs managing infrastructure in each state and their equivalents worldwide and also the universal laws worldwide.Through the wire they will control all robots across their jurisdiction and maintain the infrastructure in their city,state etc to the highest standard and ensure that future projects are voted on by the populace and will not have corners cut with them playing a role in reversing disasters such as the Flint Michigan water crisis.The city AIs as well as governors and thus all workings of cities all around the world will be macro managed by the sentient operating software Moirai with municipalities managed by the sentient Tyche.Moirai will consist of an amalgamation of the three sentient AIs – Clotho,Lachesis,Atropos.A universal statue of Clotho,Lachesis,Atropos together will be in the exact centre of each town,city and village or the centre of major streets and public areas.Thus mayor and governor AIs will manage all aspects of the infrastructure and the environment of their town,city and first order administration under their jurisdiction via robots,biosynths and drones under their control with them linked to all nanosensors,surveillance cameras etc and diagnositcs of all machinery and readings from all sections of infrastructure alongside other AI that macro manages them ie Theoi Meteroi,Perseus,Tyche with them also working with law enforcement to battle crime etc with them ensuring all parts of their city and town is up to 21st century standards and that problems are addressed instantly and abide by regulations set down by both Gaia and Tyche with them able to appear on live news and radio broadcasts via biosynths and VR technology.They will also interact with each other to this and will also carry out search and rescue operations alongside law enforcement’s within their jurisdiction.Even though all aspects of society will be upscaled to a global scale they will micro manage these on local levels with mayor AIs for each city,town and village and goveners for each region,state with mayor AIs interacting with each other and with govenors with govenors interacting with each other.Law enforcement personnel in each city and town although registered to practice as law enforcement everywhere and have jurisdiction everywhere as part of the global police entity Kratos they will act as their localised arm in each city,town etc.The mayor and governor AIs will also act out,manage and carry out global federal directives on a local level such as federal lockdowns and allocation of resources etc during pandemics,natural disasters etc working with global sentient entities such as Epione,Prometheus etc.Mayor AIs will work together with act as it’s localised arm in that those in the same state,county and even in other states and counties and governors with governors working together with other governors in the same country or even in other countries to solve certain problems and plan out future projects.Large scale proposed infrastructure projects and problems that affect different towns,cities etc in the same state will involve their mayors working together and if need be their governor with those that extend to other states involving mayor and governor AIs their working with each with this levelling collaboration being up scaled to multiple states etc and if need be the entire country which can be then upscaled to other countries across the world or entire continents,multiple contents or even the entire world with all mayor and governor AIs and in turn their citizens working together to solve mutual problems and vote on and build large infrastructure projects.If blackouts occur due to poor weather,natural disasters and faults in pylons and underground cables,sewage pipelines and damage to roads etc they connecting with Hestia and all operating softwares of all public buildings and megaprojects such as Oceanus to assess the level of the threat on local to global scales and first through fragmentation will get in contact with all residents in the area that may be affected via the universal phone number to relay the problem and level severity,what to do in order prevent injury or death and determined time it will be rectified with them sending out robots,biosynths to fix the problem and alert the public that it has been solved.With regards to pollution in lakes,oceans,rivers and groundwater supplies used for drinking detected in the water and in water and desalinisation plants via Theoi Meteroi,Tyche and Gaia it will relay the severity of the problem and what to do ie avoid drinking water or boil it etc and when it has been rectified.Polis,the universal phone book can be tracked down to find each citizen in the affected area.It will work alongside Prometheus to relay warnings of heatwaves,earthquakes,tsunamais and also arrange evacuation measures to all citizens as early as possibly telling to leave their affected locale or stay in underground bunkers,escape to higher grounds including dosage zones and also send aid in the form of food etc from around the world from Perseus etc.These governor and mayor AI will manage rescue efforts for kidnappings and missing persons etc by working with the global law enforcemeng and military bodies and also Prometheus and constantly manage the sharing of resources such as energy etc on a local to global scale by collaboration efforts with them also working with Ophion through fragmentation to micro manage traffic on local to global scales.mayor and govenor AI will have phone numbers allowing them to be contacted on these aforementioned problems and even hiring plumbers,electricians to solve problems in their homes.Ophion will exist in a fragmented form within mayors and governors to micro manage traffic on a local to state and even national levels and thus control traffic globally more efficiently.Underground communities will be part of the countries they are under and have their own AI mayor when underneath wilderness but those underneath cities,towns,villages will be part of the city,town,villages above them and thus managed by the mayor AI of the town,city etc above them with them all governed by governors of areas they are in with AI designing them to be within the limits of states,counties and countries they are in.Underwater communities will have their own AI mayors and governors in the case of those in the deep ocean that form large separated but close communities that may in time form underwater countries divided into first-order administrative divisions and so on with Iphigenia creating these underwater country borders with those by coastal cities,towns and villages considered part of them and thus managed by the same AI mayors and governors.Underwater communities on the edge of coastal cities and towns etc will be managed by that of the adjoining mayor since considered part of it.Floating communities will have their own mayor AI.All artificial planets,ringworlds,alderson discs,discovered planets including both colonised and terraformed planets across the universe and universe will be divided into continents,countries,first-order administrative divisions etc by Iphigenia and Dike with first-order administrative divisions having governors and towns,cities and villages having mayor AIs.Members of a galatic UN will have AI mayors and governors and first-order administrative divisions created.